What is the FASTEST way To make $250/day with NO Job? (my ranking)

What is the FASTEST way To make $250/day with NO Job? (my ranking)

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Let's play a game, shall we? Now this game is called, who wants to make money online? So here's how the game's going to work. You're going to give me a business model and I'm going to rank it. I'm going to go over all the clever ways to make money online and to make a hundred, 200, 300 a thousand dollars a day and beyond, and give my opinion on the best strategies and the not so good strategies. All right. So here's how it works. We have diamond. Then we have gold. Then we have platinum. Then we have bronze and then we have cold diamond being the best strategy and highest potential for money now. And long-term in co-living. You just want to stay far away. So if you're excited to play this game,

go ahead and type in online hustle and let's get started. Now, the first business model that you want me to evaluate is Amazon FBA. Now this is where you start an Amazon FBA store. And the idea is that you create your own storefront on Amazon, which has billions of users every single day on the platform. And the idea is you rank with keyword research and when somebody types in, you know, Cannon M 50 or whatever it is that your store ranks and that somebody will buy the product from your store. And then it is fulfilled by Amazon and their warehouse on the backend.

Now you see many advertisements, many videos about this on YouTube, about people getting super rich with Amazon FBA. And although I do have to agree, it is a very great business model. It's hard. Some of the pros of Amazon FBA include that pate, your store is already on a platform that is getting billions of users in traffic all the time. So realistically, yes, your products do have a chance to rank on the first page of Amazon. However, some of the cons are that it is extremely hard and the upfront work, the upfront learning curve is extremely time consuming. And on top of that,

the profit margins that you're working with are just not that high. And here's the thing with Amazon FBA source. You could start one from scratch, which good luck, okay. Or you could buy one.

I've actually had friends that have bought prebuilt stores, which are expertly analyzed, I guess you could say. So expert Amazon FBA EHRs have built these stores from scratch cause they're experts at product research, they're experts at, you know, just finding the, the products that have very low competition, but are in high demand. And my friends actually paid 30 grand per Amazon FBA store. So you either buy it or you spend a whole lot of time and money up front with creating your Amazon FBA store. So with that being said, I'd have to rank it in B between, let me see, let's go with platinum.

I give this one a plus and I'm ranking the next business model we're going to evaluate on the topic of e-commerce is Shopify. So in this game of who wants to be an online millionaire? Okay. Shopify, let's talk about it. This was actually my first business model that I started. And let me tell you,

it's, it's hard. There's a ma you know, I've experienced it. I've lived it. My store back in the day was it was okay. You know, I was able to make profits, but the upfront learning curve for me was horrendous. They don't, if you just take a look around YouTube and really anywhere on the internet, you can find a good Shopify e-commerce store, but here's the biggest downfall.

You have no traffic, there's no one coming to your store, no matter how good it is, you can't just overnight rank your store. On the first page of Google, it's just impossible. So that's a huge risk. In my opinion is first of all, on top of learning e-commerce, if you're going to have to learn Facebook ads, you're going to have to learn how to build the store. You're going to have to be able to have a budget, in my opinion, of at least $10,000 to test out different products, to get your Facebook pixel seasoned on your Shopify store. It crazy.

You know? So in my opinion, I'm sorry, but I'm just going to have to rank this one. Cole, this one gets a, the bottom of the barrel. I don't advise anyone to do Shopify. That's like the last resort, in my opinion, when it comes to e-commerce do anything else in e-commerce, but Shopify dropshipping, and, you know, it's, it's just frustrating. It's confusing. And you know, it's possible. Anything is possible. But if you asked me, you know, this is the,

this path to making money online has the most resistance. Okay? Because you're also dealing with fulfillment, you're dealing with customers saying, where's my product. I ordered it for my son's birthday and it's not here. It's like, well, you know, you're thinking, man, as a business owner, if you're drop shipping from China, there's literally nothing you can do. So that's why I say stay far away. And by the way, if you guys agree or disagree with me, let me know in the comments. Because if,

if you're thinking about e-comm and Shopify and you think it's a diamond, let me know in the comments and tell me why. So moving on to the next business model that you guys want me to evaluate, and that is luxury picnics. Yes. Luxury picnics are a thing. They're a big thing. If you look up on YouTube about luxury picnics, there's all these business owners that are giving others advice on starting their luxury picnic business. This is fascinating. As a matter of fact, let's take a look at these girls video who have a very successful $15,000 per month, luxury picnic business. Let's get into it.

Okay. So let's look at this 15 K a month side hustle. Hi, I'm Jacqueline, I'm 24 years old.

I'm 25 years old. And when it goes down, that's actually, this person just submitted a large group inquiry about age, gender reveal for 20 people. [inaudible]. So if we look at this pricing model, that's, that's legit yeah. And thinking, doing the math, those packages, they get about 60 picnics a month.

A lot of bigger parties. So we do take notes. I have all these really funny events and they'll pull out two albums too. So it's not just picnics. That's lit. I like that because it's kind of like, they're expanding the different sub niches within the whole luxury category, add on. Something, you know, special for her and technique. And oh,

and I do love, you know. So think about all the businesses that were born during the pandemic. That's pretty phenomenal because so many people had to think of alternatives that no longer worked like within the normal, like business realm of in-person activity. So they had to get creative and think about how to switch it, make it COVID friendly and make it a business model. That's stronger, you know, for, for the future to come. I was laid off and now [inaudible] my full time job.

After we went viral on top, I saw, you know, more followers, more bookie. I realized, you know, maybe I should take this time. And. So this is really cool because they're passionate about it.

And that's why, like, when I, when you think about what it is you want to get started, it's really important to be passionate about it because that's the real way to scale something. Because if, if you're just in it for the money, if there's really no point. And so these girls are smart because they're upfront doing the work hosting these luxury picnics, and they could teach other team members how to do it and start putting other employees on salary so that they could expand the business. So I love this. I hope you guys enjoy this business model. I think it's phenomenal. So with my rating, I give luxury picnics gold. Why? Although it is very time-consuming eventually you can outsource a lot of things doing it. It just seems like a really fun way to make money. I mean,

this is something you could be very passionate about. And as these chicks say, it's on the side, it doesn't have to be your full-time income. So that is why I ranked this one gold. All right. So let's continue the fun with this game and evaluate the next business model that is being a YouTuber, having a YouTube channel for content creator.

However you want to look at it. So YouTube overall is the, is the hardest way to create content, hands down. That's undeniable, right? There's several different types of content creators. You know,

we have the Instagram Tik TOK platform, Pinterest, I mean, technically is creating content. Linkedin, you can create content, but you tubing, it's hard. I'm not gonna lie. It is hard. There's a big, big upfront effort. It does take a lot of time. It is for you to get started. However, but this is literally yeah. Career now. I mean, if you look up on Google, how, how much YouTube is actually get paid. There's a lot of estimates,

a lot of misconceptions out there of what YouTube can realistically make. And so I've done several videos on this channel explaining how much YouTube has paid me for a million and views, how much YouTube paid me in 2020 and so on and so forth. And with that, I am referring to Google AdSense, the amount of money that YouTube is paying me for Google AdSense.

So allowing my channel to have advertisements on it, Google AdSense gives me a cut of the revenue that the advertisers bid on my channel, Google AdSense is the CPM or cost per mile. I don't know why that's a metric with social media, but that basically means the dollar amount that you are making as a YouTuber. That basically means the dollar amount that you are generating every thousand views. So it can be anywhere between a dollar to $3 or to the channels that have a very niche and high demand audience. They could get paid anywhere from $20 to $70 for the CPM. So Google AdSense is great and all, but it's just like one way of several ways. As a matter of fact,

10 ways to monetize a YouTube channel. And it is really incredible when you think of how strong or how think of YouTube as like a money-making magnet, okay? You have so many ways to monetize a channel. On the YouTube platform, they offer YouTube memberships where you can have a membership and get paid recurring revenue on the platform. You could earn money from live chat. You could earn money from Superchat donations when people applaud your channel.

And that's just on the YouTube platform. That's not even talking about on the backside. When you build your audience. Even if you have a channel that's less than a thousand subscribers, you can monetize in so many ways with affiliate marketing, with creating your own digital products, with consulting, coaching, all of these things. And that's not even all of it. So if that's something you are more interested in, go ahead and download our subscribers to sales blueprint. I'll leave it up here. And the link in the description, which goes over the six steps that it really takes to make a wildly profitable channel. And so you might be thinking, Hmm Merissa how is she going to rank this? She's probably biased. Well, yeah,

I am biased because I've helped myself get out of a mountain of credit card debt. I've helped several students in our subscribers to sales program, create financial freedom, create a life that they deserve and a life that they're able to live on their own terms by leveraging the YouTube channel. So because of that, I have to give you tubing a diamond rating because it's free to get started. Building an audience is the most powerful thing you can do nowadays. There's over 10 ways to monetize a YouTube channel easily. And most importantly, you're getting paid in a passive recurring way from giving value to an audience who needs your knowledge. Right? So it all makes sense. That is why I give it a dime and boom. All right.

So the next business model that I'm evaluating today is with drop servicing. So it's kind of like drop shipping, but not really. The idea is you become a freelancer and you pick a certain type of thing or a service you want to provide for others, whether it be graphic, design, video, editing, creating, animations, creating lo-fi, whatever, whatever it is, you know, that you want to create.

And the idea is you charge a certain price for it. So you charge a fixed price, let's say maybe $50. And when someone pays you that $50 to create something, then what you do is you hire somebody else to do it.

So you outsource somebody to do it, maybe for $30, then you keep that $20 profit margin. So that's the whole idea behind drop servicing. But what I want to do right now is evaluate this chick. Who's making over $300,000 per year with Fiverr as a freelance writer. We need to check this out. So let's dive into.

It. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm ready for this one. You guys are gonna love it. Let's, let's check it out. I don't want my income overnight. And that was crazy to me at 24, 25, making 14 or 15 K per month is insane. You're not even emotionally prepared for it yet. My name is Alex [inaudible]. I'm 28 years old and I make

$378,000 per year as a freelance writer on fiverr.com. That's wild. Wow. I would have to New York city for the past six years. And I now live in Florida. My clients vary beyond what you can imagine from large. This is crazy because you know, she's gotten more refined as a writer.

Her background is in writing, but then once you get quicker and at something producing content, it's, it's crazy how like a thousand dollars to produce 10,000 words. I don't know how long that takes, but she can get it done in two days. That's phenomenal.

And no matter how much crap people talk bad about five or up, or, oh, like too saturated, you can't make money. I mean, it is a place to start. It's a luxury item that we have nowadays to be able to create a business where there's already people looking for you to fulfill their projects. This is so cool. Corporations that you've heard of down to entrepreneurs or influencers or people who manage their influencing dog on Instagram.

I've written eBooks for quite a few dogs. I've been able to take 60 hours worth of work and kind of squish it out 40 hours. Cause I kind of have my system down so well. It's all about processes. I accepted this PR job that paid $36,000 per year. So you guys can continue watching this video later, you know where to find it. Anyway, the point is freelancing is where it's at.

I love this business model. And so here's the thing you may be thinking, well, Morris drop servicing slash freelancing. They're a little bit different. But if you start off as a freelancer, you can easily expand your freelancing business by drop servicing or outsourcing people on your team that can help you fulfill the work. And so I definitely give this one, a gold rating and maybe even diamond, because if you're passionate about doing this work, then this could definitely be a business that you can scale, however big you want to. But if you're doing it for the wrong reasons,

if you know nothing about a specific topic and you're just doing it to make money, don't do that. I mean, that's, that's not cool. I'm going to put you like down there with the coal ranking or something like that. So to summarize, I do love it. Okay. I liked the whole idea of freelancing and drop servicing as the business grows, the next business model, getting thrown around the internet and something that you guys want me to rank is four X trading. I'm just going to say it and be real.

Cole, I give it a KOL ranking. Okay. yeah, it's possible to make money trading Forex. I have actually one friend who dedicated his entire time in the quarantine to learning how to trade. However, you definitely have to have capital and be in the mindset that you could never recuperate that capital. Okay.

So studies have shown that whether you're investing in holding into the stock market or actively trading over time, that person who's actively trading versus that person who's holding is going to have the same amount of profit. So trading, I just, I would stay far away. And that brings me to the next that's very, very popular on the internet in the entire world. And that is crypto there's crypto investing. There's crypto trading. The same idea works with investing and with trading and how I'd have to say, just from what I've learned from the crypto trader experts that you could probably right now make a lot more money, just holding or staking coins as opposed to investing.

Because with investing, I have a friend of mine who said, he's like, Hey, you know what? I was on track to having a million dollar crypto portfolio. But I was like, well, I think I can make more, let me trade it. And he actually lost a lot of money in with trading.

So I do think that crypto investing is a good thing. And that right now, because of the volatility, I'll rank it somewhere in the middle. I'll give it a platinum. I do think it is a good idea. And this is one of my strategies to creating passive income is with crypto investing in staking. So I would say that's definitely the safer way. So crypto trading coal, the bottom, don't do it. Crypto investing and holding and staking. Let's give it a platinum ranking.

It's a long-term game. You have to believe in the coins that you're actually buying. The next business that you guys want me to rank is Instagram theme pages. How realistic is it nowadays in 20 21, 20 22 to get started with an Instagram theme profiles.

So this is like starting an Instagram theme page, all about dogs, all about luxury, all about whatever is that you want to talk about. You don't have to this, the idea is you repurpose other people's content with their permission. Of course, and you take copyright stock footage and image and just go hard and build up this Instagram page. I say, this idea kind of sucks nowadays. Right?

It's in the dumps. It's cold. I rank it as cold because okay. And so I don't hate Instagram. Definitely don't love it. It's not my favorite social media. I am on it all the time. However, which you're like, what the hell, Mercer, you are making no sense, but just hear me out. Okay. So with Instagram nowadays, there's just no more component of, you know, going viral, organically anymore. There's no organic growth on Instagram. There is,

if you have a solid real strategy, if you're growing your Instagram with reels, that's really the only way to go viral nowadays. With Instagram is with reels, okay. With everything else. It's just kind of static. So with this, it's like,

how realistic is it for you to grow an Instagram page from scratch and to grow it so big that you can, you know, have people pay you for shout outs. So you could realistically make affiliate marketing income and paste your affiliate links in the one link that you have in the bile. Ah, it doesn't feel right. So I would just, just don't don't believe in that. Okay. Yes. Building up your own personal brand.

Instagram has a lot of value for sure, but Instagram three and pages. I don't, I don't give it a good ranking. So let's now talk about Tik Tok because a lot of creators are doing the same thing with Tik, Tok, theme pages or profiles, Tik Tok is viral. You can not ignore the reality of Tik Tok. I want to have a million followers on Tik Tok within the next year. I do think it is possible. And so with that being said there's a method to the madness with Tik Tok.

You got to make sure, you know, you're posting very frequently, at least one time per day, especially the first 30 days when you're getting your Tik Tok going. So I do believe in the virality and because of that, by reality means a lot of traffic, which means you can direct a lot of people, a lot of potential leads to your link in your Tik Tok profile. And if you have your link positioned, right? So let's say you have a link tree for your Tik Tok. So you have, you know, where you're sending them to affiliate links, a you know, whatever type of product or service you have.

That is an amazing idea because just with posting my first, I think it was 23 videos on Tik Tok. I promised 10,000 followers. That's crazy. You can't do that on any other platform right now besides Tik Tok. So I do love it. I do think if you want to have a Tik Tok theme page, go for it because there's definitely some high earning potential.

It'll take a while for your traffic to convert into sales, but that's okay. Your Tik Tok profile is definitely an asset. So I would give it, I would get in between let's see platinum and platinum and browse because you know, you really have to take it seriously. It is a lot of investment with, with me, monitor check with making sure you're going hard with being consistent on the content creation, but I do, I do believe it's worth it. Plus on top of that, you can make, if you're in the US and parts of Europe and I think Australia, they are setting aside a big pool of money for Tik Tok creators called the Tik Tok creator fund. No, it doesn't match up to Google AdSense, but Hey, $5 a month is better than nothing. Right. All right. So next up on the list is what is it? Etsy. Okay. So going back into the Etsy or no, not Etsy,

but e-commerce world. Let's talk about Etsy stores. I actually love the idea. I myself would love to have an Etsy store one day where I sell digital downloads. I have a couple of friends who do Etsy. I have a friend who does Etsy and she sells jewelry. I think this Nicholas right here is from her Etsy store. Okay. And I have another friend who just sells digital downloads on her Etsy digital download store. She sells like wedding invitations,

wedding banners all is really cool. Digital products that if it's in season like, you know, summer's generally wedding season that she could be making up to 13 sales a day, 20 sales a day on her Etsy store, which is incredible. And it's passive income. There's no fulfillment. There's just sending them the digital download. And that's it, as opposed to an se store where you have physical products like earrings, women's assessors a face mask, whatever it is that does require additional effort upfront effort from you as the business owner of your Etsy store, because you're going to need a team to help with the fulfillment, to help with customer service, to help with just things in that department.

So that adds another element to it. And I would almost give this a diamond rating, but I would have to give this a gold rating because Etsy can shut you down at any moment. It's kinda like with Facebook ads, your ad account manager could get shut down at any moment. And that's kind of scary cause that's what happened to my friend who owns this store is she got her Etsy store shut down, which is a shame because in her first year she made over a million dollars that, that sort of gross over a million dollars, which is incredible for your first year as an e-com store owner. So obviously the revenue potential is there, but with Etsy involved, they shut her store down because apparently there was another there's another product out there with a lion head that was trademarked. And she's like, what? Trademark? This, this could be anywhere. This could be sold at Target.

It doesn't, you know, it's so common, but those things, you know, Etsy can shut it down overnight. So that's definitely that's that sucks. That's a risk for sure. But I like it. I love the whole Etsy world. I think it's phenomenal and I would give it a goal. All right. So the next thing we're talking about here is Print On Demand. I love print on demand. I actually used to do it.

It was the most enjoyable form of e-comm that I did. And there's two ways to go about it. So there's print on the man that you can start with Teespring with red bubble, with print, a fight, all these stores or websites that have a lot of traffic already on them and people looking for these products. So it's, it's cool in that sense because the traffic's already there. It's free to get started. You don't even need a credit card to get started.

You could have a store built today. I love that. I give that a diamond. I do it because that's very scalable. It makes sense. You don't have to risk paying for Facebook ads like you do with Shopify there's print on demand Shopify stores. But again, you have to deal with Facebook ads. So it's like pick your poison. This is, this is the route I would go. Like,

you know, starting on a website that already has traffic. If I were to start over again with print on demand, right? And the next business model that you guys want me to evaluate is social media marketing agency, or S M M A, or the idea is you would create an agency to help people with their social media. This, this is hard. This is really hard. I automatically, I think I would give it a platinum rating right there in the middle because it could be, it could be amazing, but it could just not be amazing. Okay.

There's pros to it where it's free to get started. Cause you realistically don't need any to up invest any money upfront to start your agency. However, the downfall is that you have to learn how to, how to pitch. I mean, I, I almost, I tried this out back in the day, back in 2016, I think, or 2017, I would go to a different cosmetic or what's the word, the plastic surgeons office. I would go to dentist office.

I would go to different local businesses and I would try to pitch myself and say, Hey, can I run your Facebook ads? And can I, you know, do social media for you? And they would just kind of look at me like, Hmm. I had no clue what I was doing. Okay. So I was trying to get clients. I didn't get one. I probably could have if I would've just pursued it, but it was kind of, you know, I, it didn't work right away from me. So I was like, oh, scratch that. Let's move on to the next thing. But you definitely need to have a strategy to get, to get clients that's the hardest part is getting clients.

So w once you get your first ones, that's the thing you're going to have to do well and perform well for them. Even if you have to work for free now, people are like, ah, I would never, ever, ever work for free. It's like, okay, well, I did. I didn't, I don't see anything wrong with it. Especially if you need to get results for somebody, I don't see anything wrong with giving them a free two week trial or something like that. So that's why with a SMMA I give it a platinum just right there in the middle, because it's, it's difficult. It's not as easy as some people make it out to be. And that's that. All right.

Y'all thank you for participating in this game. I hope you enjoyed it. Let's start a discussion in the comments. And now that you're here, why don't we continue learning continue growing. I have something coming up for you that you guys are going to love. It is 55 websites and apps that you could start today for free and generate an income online. That video starts right here right now.

Just click and I will see you there. No, I've been told by several of my friends, several other business owners and you guys, my viewers and my subscribers, that I'm really good at two things. That first thing is helping you.

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