What is OmiseGo (OMG) Should You INVEST??

What is OmiseGo (OMG) Should You INVEST??

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15:1. Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day this stuff both Bitcoin. The crease though of creep, though is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank you for joining me everybody Tuesday, October. 30th. Live. And direct back, for the first time if this is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto, traitor and I'm the boasts, of these charts, as you will soon find out every, day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result, today is no exception, I'm, trying to get this chat up real quick. Today. We will be talking about Oh me, see go. OMG. Did, a BTC, on the 343. So, stay tuned while we get that what's going on everybody in the chat right now Frank's. In looking good Chris Locke students. Of life ck what up MT coiner t blazer and Bobby Johnson yeah I'm saying it's good seen. Good, see everybody, what. I wanted to do on this video is really take a step back again just kind. Of reevaluate. The terrain I know it's a lot of people just getting set up and started on the blockchain and you, know people will come across these videos later but. The biggest thing I wanted to do is get, some live interaction. With. Our. Community. Members right, so, if we jump on over to. Twitter. You know I'm saying you boy is active on Twitter at BK crypto traitor you know I'm saying Abbi. This. Is something I put out a couple days ago what coins topics would, you like to see video for, next, week. My. Man said, masternodes. So, I'll do it I'll do one on that next. Talking. About masternodes, and different coins that are goodbyes, right, now in the market but, then two people back-to-back, said. Oh mexico OMG so that's what we're talking about that's what we're doing if you have another. Coin that. You want to see oh. We. Got somebody doing the money team what up what, up good, to see you then, I'll put out the exact same post on Instagram, later today so follow me on instagram at BK crypto trader and i'll. Do a chart to you guys out post, a post to post the. Post. A picture what do you want to see comment, on that picture and am from those comments i'll pick the next video and we'll just kind of run it back like that right. OMG. Oh me co the, title of this. Video, should. You, invest in, o me see go and here's. The short answer if you. Were gonna invest. In o mesa go the. Time to do it was. During the ICO when. You. Invest, you. Trade, your.

Time, For. Dollars. And, the. Biggest ROI you would have gotten, would. Have been to, invest in the. ICO, and, be. Have, your equity as a potted at two hundred or a twenty, five million dollars right. So say you put in a thousand dollars. 25. Million you know you got a thousand dollars in that whole bucket and right. Now that, whole bucket has grown, to. 436. Million dollars. Right. So, essentially your thousand, dollars went up. About. 15. Times. Somewhere. In there for. 36. Divided. By 25. Yeah. Seventeen seventeen, and a half times right. So. On every, thousand, dollars you would have invested. And the, ICO, you, would have increased, it seventeen, and a half times so you would have. $17,000. For every, thousand, dollars you, invested. In the, ICO. As. Far as blockchain, technologies, go that's the only time you should ever invest. After. That you. Lose due. To volatility. Inflation. And uncertainty. In the, market, and so, the. Answer is no you. Should not invest in Omi's ego because. You've already that window has already closed right, you, should it's no longer in your best interest, to trade, time, for dollars. On this, blockchain, asset, right. So. Again investing. Verse, trading. Investing. Here, take, my worthless Fiat paper my slave labor depth paper this, $5.00 take this take, it take it take it I'll, wait hands, off, and. I'll come back later. Duration. Time. Hopefully. To a larger. Amount now keep in mind keep. In mind, simple. Laws of economics, right. There, is no such thing as a free lunch so if you give somebody five dollars, and they, go, and invest. It for you you. Know flip it move it spin, it around and they. Give you back. Six. Dollars, right. That's, your profit, right here this. Is your principal, this is your profit. For. All you know this. Is what they gave you back you got 20%, profit that's great good job of. All you know. They're. Keeping this one off the table for, themselves they, turn around give you six bucks. 20%. Profit and. They. Keep a. 2,000. Percent for themselves that's. Uh that's. That's that's. What we have nowadays and in the age of cactus Patrick capitalism. But. Therein, lies the opportunity, with blockchain, decentralized. Transactions. You don't need to invest because number one you, don't need to value USD. Anymore, this thing this thing is backed by nothing does. Your willingness to accept, it so as long as you invest, as long as you trade your time for, these worthless. Private. Owned notes of slave labor debt paper you, will lose so. Don't invest anymore if you, wanted to invest the time to do it was 18, months ago not right now since, it's right now let's, look at oh em, gee see, what's going on with the charts the technology, and all that good stuff this is uh Oh Mesa go that Network does their website unbanked. The, bank, what. Does that mean. What, does that mean. Take. All the people we've. Got one of these little pieces of plastic with the with the 16 digit number, on it take, all those people, and move.

Them To the. Blockchain. It's. Essentially, what you. Know I think, they want to do behind the scenes omus ago enables. Financial. Inclusion. Up. Until now you go to a bank you need birth certificate, driver's license, hundred dollars minimum two, forms of ID give, away your first kid signing your name in blood don't, read the Terms of Service we, own everything and. Thank. You have a nice day wham bam thank you ma'am they. Want to expand that to the rest of the world through. Public, decentralized, oMG, Network keep. In mind as a that's. A very, very high level you. Know, generalization. Of the financial, industry I don't think oMG. Is. Necessarily. As. Ill-intentions, you. Know but. Essentially. They want to, expand. The, status, quo to. An. Accessible. Populace. Right. Unbanked. Bank right. Complete. Beginners guide I can give you guys a link to this in the. Description. What, is Oh me see go it's, an etherium proof of stake platform. Strives, to decentralized. Payment networks and create, an open public financial, system. Its. Goal its provides solution, to a fundamental coordination, problem, along payment processors, financial. Institutions. Ie, banks. And, gateways. Ie payment. Processors, so think Wells, Fargo, plus paypal plus stripe, all. Rolled, up into one clean, blockchain. Protocol. Right. Again, not, bad. Definitely. Needed in some, areas but just understand, the technology. So. That you can better evaluate the. Opportunity, why is this attractive, again because you're bringing one, form of. Status. Quo. Into. A future. Utilization. Right, this is very very, very attractive. To, the. CJ B's and the puppets that they pay including. This. One. Vitalik. To advise aetherium, community, fun. Sponsoring. F. Infrastructure. O Mesa go is like one of the biggest platforms, built on top of the theorem right. I. Think, it's like the first platform, to. Cross over a billion, dollars the first aetherium, ICO at, bitcoins. Peak to reach over, a. Billion. Dollars somebody, said you should really look at gvt project, you can make a lot of money being an advisor have, them reach out to me you, know I'll do know my name we already talked we already did a video we already need business together you. Know I don't mind money, making money that's my that's, my game you know, so I have them reach out to me. So, uh. According. To the, website this is this this, is a big partner like this is the big dude is the big do biggest dude in aetherium you, know so they have some legitimate ties legitimate, connections, legitimate, liquidity, and money behind them let's, look at the. Chart right. We already said, do you want, to invest, you. Know me see go no, because. You've already missed that window that window is closed now you got fear uncertainty and doubt and, you better learn to trade like a boss so, for everybody that don't know now you know make sure you jump on over join the, money team subscribe right now hit the thumbs up button if you haven't done it already Before. We jump into charts I tell you what we got about fifty people live, on the air right now let's jump back over, into. The last videos cuz I just gotta I forgot I did a hundred likes on this last video so. I need to pick somebody, to, win some. Free. Bitcoin I was, supposed to do that in the beginning of the video got. My. Bad. This. Was the video you see they they hit me for the copyright, I don't even know how that's possible I'm, just sitting in my office talking. To y'all trying to freestyle on a Fibonacci getting. Copyright, strikes from Sophia but don't make no sense to me but, you know it, is what it is this, was the video right here we got more than 100 likes on this thing so I will, go ahead and pick, a winner. Only, nine people come in it, hmm. That's. Alright let's, pick somebody. And, it can't be me thanks. For watching everyone, I'll. Pick someone else. Lag. Rex. Mm-hmm. Do you send out signals yes I do I told you go to boss a Bitcoin calm. And. Our. Premium. Trading, group the boss, alert messages, that's where I send these signals out I actually responded. To your comment but BAM you the winner today it's just that easy to get paid so our aq, send. Me your Bitcoin wallet you could even respond to the message threat we got there on last video and I'll get you a couple bucks BTC, as a token of my appreciation everybody. Else if you're just now tuning in if you don't know now you know you, know hit the thumbs up button every, time I get a hundred likes I come back on the air and give away some free BTC. Right. So. 38 people watching right now that should be 38 thumbs up on this video now, let's go oh me, see go to BTC.

77. Let's jump on to 343, just to see what it look like, it's not bad right, not, bad not bad not. Bad again, we said we're not trading, or we're, not investing. In Oh Mesa go because. We don't value trading, our time for dollars but we will. We. Will trade. Some exposure to the market, for some Bitcoin, do you see the difference, right, what, I'm doing right now I'm breaking this thing down like a fraction, freestyling. On a. Fibonacci that, looks like it wants to catch right there but, let's go back up to this one. One's gonna take us over here, boom, boom. And. That's that's that's where this is where this thing wants to close at right. All. That energy right. There, I'll. Tell you it's three parts to any cycle. Break. Out break. Down, flatline. See, that three parts break, out break. Down. Flatline. What. Comes next. When. Will it happen. BAM. Just. That easy to get paid right Oh miss ego is a pretty good pretty good pickup right here right and keep in mind this is a long-term chart, going back 12 months, right, but we can see we're ending the, end of, that cycle so what does that mean that means if you if you double that if you say okay 12 months from now what will happen well, we can say okay, well boom boom boom inside, the next four months you should be able to make some money this thing should be entering, a new. Cycle. Right. And. You can literally see that starting. To happen right there if, we spread, it out right there that's, it's literally like compressing. Bottoming out and getting ready for take off again, when will it happen it should happen, by. First. Week in December right, you might see a few sparks. Start to fly kick tires make, sure to engine working right, around the first first, week of November. But, if this is a cjb. Coin which, by all intents, and purposes it, appears, that it is, see. JB's like to put their money down and they'd like to put it down early, when. Nobody else is looking at it right so I'm telling you right now. As of November. What's. Today's date October, 30th. OMG. Is looking very good you, should be saying oMG this looks like a great trade. Not, a great investment. Remember when you invest, you, trade your time for worthless pieces. Of slave, labor debt, paper. Don't. Do it it's. Worthless, right, Bitcoin. Priceless. Get as much as you can right, now right. And this. One looks like it wants to do, it for, you so, there you go that. Is Oh me see go you, know. Not. A, great. Investment. But. If sure enough is a pretty good trade and for, everybody watching that, is, how you charm like. A boss Oh. So. Let's go ahead and do the thing if you want to chat right now shout, your country, out I'm coming right back to you guys in about, 30. Seconds. I told, you, once, that. We do have the. Website fully, functional, boss of Bitcoin. Comm, do you want financial freedom, use. The, boss method, to, change your. Life. Right. Works. Quite we'll scroll, down check, out the resources we got a free, crypto guide chart. Like a boss playlist, you know about 20 videos on there, free of charge. Number, one Bitcoin group in the world on Facebook. Trading, view Twitter. LinkedIn. Like I said I got the Instagram on. And poppin to so you. Know you're gonna. Respond. To the to the picture I put up on on Instagram in a second and then, also the. Profit package I just, put this together today, it's ready right now so, I'm gonna send that out to everybody tomorrow, morning, it.

Will Be updated. Brand. New coins top ten coins new format, and everything for. November, 2018 and then also. If. You want the new list every week you. Can get that for the weekly update for 75, bucks. VIP, trading, group boss alert messages, building some software on the way check. It out you know put down 2 and pick up 6 like, a boss, so, there you go guys that is the website, that's the resources, boss Bitcoin comm check it out let me know what you think and. Then everybody, else let's, see who we got, servive. A, good, CDD. Representing. You came meanwhiie. To new york and the building tea blazer boss. Walking, on the west coast DJ st. number one holding, it down for indie, h-town. Bobby Johnson. Its. Papa John's are still alive, what. Happened to Oh gob, og Bobby Johnson. Minting. Coins hey what's going on man good to see you can see when you in Georgia I'm, in Georgia so whenever you indoors I hit me up let me know what part two in LA. In the, building, t blazer. What's. Up. Um. Weekly. Profit, packages link it's not working. It. Should be this one that one, should work it's. Like a little pop out like a little shopping cart pop out mine is working right now it takes you to like a little check, out what credit card so if you're on your phone I don't know but, uh it's. Like a little jQuery. Java JavaScript, thing. Et. Cie don't, buy it yet not ready to make any money. Tee, blazer if you want to uh if. You want to paint crypto it should be working but if it doesn't work just shoot me a message on facebook. And. Then I can you, know we can we gonna we go we can settle up it's cool and, then Montana empty corner my time it's good to see everybody namaste. It's that time of the day sounding, out folks. Boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil debate California. All the way back out boob jerk, money, good, night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time, share. This video with somebody you care about tell, them to put some money on a blockchain, I. Don't. Value USD. As. USD, ain't none nothing for me all these freaky symbols and sigils and you, know which. Magic, amen amen amen good, about this right here just. Feels. Good free, yourself, do. That for me you, appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic go B's, like. A. Boss.

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