What is a funnel and How to Make MORE Revenue from Sales Funnel w/ Peter Pru Ep3

What is a funnel and How to Make MORE Revenue from Sales Funnel w/ Peter Pru Ep3

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Are you ready to scale and outsource your business okay, let's go. Welcome. To the outsourcing and, scaling show I'm, your host Nathan, Hurst a show, where we talk about everything, Amazon shopify, ecommerce and, digital, marketing let's. Get started. Hey. Everyone Nathan here with free up I am really excited because, we have Peter Peru on Peter is an e-commerce expert, and an expert, at funnels, and you might be asking yourself hey, I sell, on Amazon I spend all day trying to maximize, my sales on Amazon optimize by listing join PPC, why, do I need funnels, well, Peters gonna tell us all about it, Peter, how are you I'm. Great Nathan, thank you so much for having me on here and I hope I can bring as much value as I can to, everybody here say. About how I'm, pretty excited so why don't you tell everyone about. Yourself, how'd you get into e-commerce and how did you get into the funnel wrap so. I always love to say I am the 10 year overnight success story okay. Because everybody, sees like Oh me, now and like oh yeah this is some success now. But. I. Don't see all harvest, that I've had, so, basically. I discovered. My first interaction with internet marketing was my freshman year in college which was 10 years ago and I, first, got started with affiliate marketing basically. You know manipulating, Google search algorithms, making a few commissions off selling, some stuff. From from, Google search and. It. Made me a little bit of money during college and it was truly eye-opening like, I'm some crap, like we're making some money off online, like this is crazy right and, during, college I was just like oh let's let's go out on the weekend now it's fun like whatever um so. It, really attributed potential to actually make this make, real money online but no graduation, came that, a full-time job but. I always had this like itch I was like man like thinking back to that moment and cantos like like, I was close like I feel like I was I was on to something like, and I don't feel like this is for me like being in this role every, single day sitting in a cubicle like. Just, like for 40 I don't know I just couldn't do it man like I remember like even thinking about even thinking about it now I'm like just being on the train and sitting in traffic getting. My boss if I'm about to do like it just wasn't for me and I was always like, ok let us go back well you had some success there but really like go a little bit deeper this time and that's when I, discovered. Ecommerce, and, this. Was I don't know how many this is a seven. Six years ago maybe and. I kind of jumped into Amazon, FBA and, make. A long story short Amazon, did really well with her first year crushed it but, then we had some some claims made against us by a competitor, we, ended up having our listing, suppressed and it was just a huge mess it took over a year to get the account back but the damage was already done like it was just it was terrible there's a dark place in my life at this time trying, to like figure, out like as I thought I was doing everything right like I was working on my business I was making money, but, it wasn't enough to like be able to put my job but I felt like I was close and. Then I started learning about Shopify. And. Again I put all this stuff I learned about in e-commerce, and affiliate marketing, in Amazon, into Shopify, and I, started making sense I look okay this is nice now I'm like I have my own customers, there off of Amazon, now I feel like I'm building, my own business, that I can like not get banned off of and I. Realized. Quickly I was like wait I'm making, a bunch of money but, I still have, to work full-time and, I, am working all night on my own my business I was like what is it like when, is it my turn to get like the Lamborghini like, everybody has Lamborghinis, but me like what is it my turn and like what am I gonna make enough of this business something like. My. Sustain. My life and I remember, I was in like a mastermind, group at this, time and I was traveling for work and it was like a frother. Zaire Friday night for. Work and I like a conference. With with, our mastermind, group it was just basically a bunch of e-commerce sellers, and a, company edge came to, showcase, a new software, those, click funnels right so I've never even heard of them nobody even knew who they were this was literally when they first started, the software and they demonstrate the software what, a sales funnel was nothing what is this like this is like I had, no idea how I can make this work and they kept going in depth oh this does work for e-commerce and they, started showing okay how this how to set this up for your ecommerce businesses.

And At this time I was you know doing shop house doing Amazon I was like. This. Is like, this. Is a game changer like we're. Going to talk about why it's such a game changer but since that moment since I started using these sales funnels implementing. Like monthly continuity, programs our customers basically join, like a subscription, box or, you know a membership, site where they pay us on a monthly basis like was, I finally, able to leave my job I finally started making enough money to like you know do whatever I want buy myself a house like all those things if unfortunately Lamborghini, but like I was able to like really like live. Life on how I want I'm not gonna be a person that tells other people you know live their lifestyle but like I'm happy now I get the build my own businesses, live like on my own terms and. It's truly the most amazing, thing ever and then, we actually um we had our business and that's the one that looked that thing right there as I click funnels two comma Club and we. Got that for earning over a million dollars in sales in our business, and. They gave us that and, that. Was eight eight months ago we, sold that business and, had. A nice nice little payout, from their probably biggest check out forget in my life and. I. Started. Like you know posting, out content, on like, the YouTube channel and sharing like how these sales funnels have changed like the, game for me and then you know clients are reaching start working with a lot of Amazon. Sellers, that were like oh wait look I'm interested, in this I would want to hear more a lot of Shopify, sellers that we have working. With and. Showing them because like as you as like the people listening here like it's a whole different way of thinking now, like, it's, not like oh let's let's go put this product on Shopify, or go put this product on Amazon, and being. Like okay let's make sales now right like it truly. Is like a guided. Process step. By step by step telling your customer, ok here buy this okay, no you don't want that okay do. You want this yes or no yes or no every every. Step of the way is is extremely extremely, simple, but yeah that is the gist of it now we're here now you, know talking. But that is my basically. 10 years, in not in five minutes or 10 minutes I love, it and so let's. Back up there's pros and cons to doing Amazon, first shop if I'm right you got Amazon, you're using their, customers, but you have to follow their rules and it really depended, and you're not getting customers information you're not building your brand Shopify. You get to build your brand you get to do things your way but you have to you find your own customers, and you're saying that it doesn't matter which one or if you're doing both, you can maximise funnels, to increase your revenue there's, and this is the thing it's like everybody's. There's. Pros and cons I should sell ABS on fire I should do this this is no there's there's pros and cons to everything there's pros and cons to funnels I get nothing is perfect, and you should maximize all of these like I continue, to sell on Amazon you should be selling on Amazon it's it's free money right put your products on Amazon and I'm telling you as we talk, about this stuff I just encourage, people to um to start. Lured low risk because. When I start with Amazon, like it was a wild wild west man like it was awesome like. Throw. A spatula, on there make money like it was like the best right, there was it. What's. Going on there now Oh JA the only reason I don't like what's happening at Amazon now is a lot of people are like manipulating. Little things that aren't. Actually growing their business like they're like worrying, if they should use commas or spaces in, like their search terms or like you know like what kind of like giving away hundreds of products when in fact it's like why don't we why don't we build your audience first why don't we put. That product in a sales funnel right. Build, up your email list maybe you start getting some sales you start generating some revenue for your business and, then, when you build up some money right, then, you can source that product ship it to Amazon send. The blasts to your list and be like hey we just launched our new product Amazon we want to give you a great coupon code all we ask for is an exchange, or a review or whatever and that's how you, look the only factor.

Really That Amazon cares about search is this sales bot right, and an organic, real sales on like they're gonna know if you're just giving away products, and you're getting fake reviews like they're not dumb and if. You do it kind of this way where you kind of start, building that audience um, first. Your. Life on Amazon it's gonna be so much easier right, because you, could see like there are terrible, Amazon, listings, out there but. Like, they. Sell like crazy and, it's because those. Are like they're those, people have brand loyal customers, that are loyal to that company, right and that's the same exact thing that I want for people that are watching now but you can, it's hard to start. There right, it's hard to just be like okay I'm gonna I'm gonna be like the best you know new coffee brand news and do it right away when I'm not saying it's not possible I just. Think, it's a little harder because you have a lot of there's. A lot of competition, on Amazon. And, there are a lot of people are just doing things that you know are two against two in terms of service, and and those kind of things I wouldn't, want somebody to, risk. Like ten twenty, thousand dollars in inventory ship. At Amazon, they break some Terms of Service and then they they might have lost their investment, you know but, I think there's a there's pros and cons to everything I continue to sell MEMS I encourage people to sell on Amazon I mean it's it's free sales for you but. You also want to realize that that you are building Amazon's, business, in, the process, right right. So, we view, the, word funnel let's say people are hearing it for the first time or they've heard it a lot they don't know what it is what, is a funnel. So. It's. Just funny uh like, there. Is no great explanation, for it but I that I have found yet but like what I love to look at a funnel it is literally a step-by-step guided. Process that you take a customer. Through right take your potential customer through that, is going to one make, you the most amount of money possible but. Then also give, your costs, are the best experience, possible, now, the. Reason funnels work and convert at the numbers that they do is because they're. Simple a lot of people come into this and they over complicate, their funnels they they they, do too much they convoluted, but the reason the funnels work as well as they do is because every. Step of a funnel is literally. Binary, it's literally, a yes or no question every. Step of the way so for. Example if somebody's, watching a Shopify, a Shopify. Seller right typically a customer that, comes to shopping my store there's a ton of products, on the page as upon the buttons everywhere, there's a lot of distractions, all right same thing when a customer goes to Amazon wait tons of distraction, you got your competitors, on the page good there's, all this stuff going on where with a funnel you send them to something called like a landing, page squeeze page opt-in, page sales page I mean every just everybody has a different name for this but, the poor whole purpose of this first page I land on is to immediately.

Qualify. That person as a subscriber. Right to get an asset for your business. Right the email messenger. By optin whatever, right you want to immediately, collect. Something where you're gonna make money off of right now your email is like, a lot of people's like email marketing is dead like it's not worth getting into or whatever like, it mean like I think email, your email list is is is, the most valuable, thing you have because it's literally like we're all relying on different software's, and Amazon, and programs but like your list you can literally put that on a USB Drive right and like that's like you can literally hold its tangible, umas where, everything else is like you're kind of reliant so we want to be able to like collect that lead right away and because. A lot of people when they come to you like your funnel like they never heard of you before they're skeptical they're like who are who are these people I'm not just gonna pull out my credit card in and buy from this this guy had no idea this is right, so, what. We want to do is like we can build that relationship with that email list right now there's, gonna be people that you know come in from like a Facebook ad or an influencer, or how are you adding traffic. To your oh and, they're. Gonna give you their email address they're gonna buy from your order form right and they're gonna be great customers are gonna go buy all your upsells right but the thing is we want to identify that. Kind of person immediately right, because you don't a lot of people like to assume that all their customers, are the same but, the thing is like all your customers, are indifferent, they. Have different buying, habits right, so when. They come in we get the email address on the landing page after they give us their email address they come to our order page and that's where we can I love to kind of like maximize, the revenue here. By offering quantity. Discounts, so this. Is going to just like totally, shift equals mind right here but, it, sounds crazy I know this is gonna sound crazy but like I love to and I'll test this with any product because I've been proven where, even like products that you wouldn't think would work well like people don't need more than one up it actually works or so tests it let the data tell you never assume anything I always, have to offer quantities. Of like one two four six eight so if I'm selling my fishing lures like I'll be like I do want one two four six or eight and I'll give them a better and better deal as they buy more than one, right. Now you, always want to push them to buying more the month your margin, gets better at that point we. Also have these things called order, bumps on these pages and what, an order bump is, is it's kind of like a creeper, it is a pre-purchase, upsell, so I love to use the example of like going to a grocery store and as. You're checking out, online. At a grocery store there's like the strategically, placed items to, be easy toss in items right it's like a pack of Altoids, you know some gum right like a bag of chips right, it's a great way to boost, the average cart value of the. Grocery. Store right that's why those have the, soy those are placed there okay, so, we, want to have those kind of pieces inside the funnel as well on our order form now, after, they purchase, on that order form they get taken to our upsell sequences, now upsells.

Can Be you know complementary, products, it could be more of what they just bought just that a better discounted, rate, and. This is where we also put in our continuity. Program, or our monthly reoccurring, revenue and to, keep it simple it's kind of like barkbox Dollar. Shave Club right, where where every single month you pay mark bucks $20, and they send you a bunch of dog toys in the mail right is. Saying the Dollar Shave Club you want raises in the mother here's 20 bucks well we, need to do that in our e-commerce businesses. Now because, that. Right there the continuity, piece was the pivotal moment for me because, what I realized, is, that, is where I can actually pay myself for my business and the rest of the money in my funnel is can, just go be reinvested. Back into the business because. Right there that continuity, let's say you got a hundred customers in the door right and you have a ten percent conversion, rate where, 10, people, join your continuity program, well that's gonna compound, compound injures interest is like the most magical thing ever right now as you build those up that's gonna be free sales coming, in to your business every single month now you, might have like a crappy month of sales on your funnels, and whatnot but guess what. You're. Gonna have that rebuild so it's gonna keep your business afloat and those are literally, I love, to say it's free it's free sales because you're maximizing, the, the back end of your business where a lot of people they, like to just focus on like oh that first sale right that first sound Amazon that that's just a fraud that just that sale on their, product page on Shopify, when in fact like, there's, you're leaving so much money on the table and this is where it's like a lot of people that you know I give. A lot of it but you see, you're putting giving out advice ever I shouldn't be given advice but they always are focusing, on these front-end front-end, things and that that's like the. Least of our worries almost. Like we want to make sure our back and businesses, is set up in a way where we're, going to be making as much money as, possible from. Our customers, okay there, was like an amazing thing. Like one, of my mentors told me is like just because you're. Done selling it doesn't mean they're done buying and that's, like the most true thing ever right and that's what you missed out on like. When. You don't have a funnel, because every page right you have your opt-in page right they give you an email address immediately, you've, just created money for yourself right as you can launch different promotions, to these people you can build. A relationship with them right build a real audience for yourself right order, form right and strategically, give them quantity, discounts, order but to make gutters make us the most amount of money right, then we have our upsell so yeah and again you can have as many of these as you want but every one of them is like hey do you want this or not yes or no yes or no keeping it very simple, and even like the Thank You page even, on the thank you page where we show them what they just bought uh and.

You. Know you know tell them hey you're gonna get your order in X amount of days right, we try, and push them the different stuff maybe we'll send it to our amazon store we'll send them to you know, our Shopify, store whatever right, because that's also a great place to make money so the, whole goal of the funnel is to to, make your customer, give. Them the best best. Experience. Possible really, serve their needs and help them get the result that they want which, is what most people don't ever even try to do get results for the customers, through, physical products but then also make your business the. Most amount of money so I hope I hope that was along by a, thorough, explanation. Of what. A sales funnel is I, love. It so, for me I was a trafficking in conversion, last year and I'm not a marketer, I'm not a funnel person and I, one, of the best things. That someone said that really resonated, with me is if, you think of it as a date, and we'll keep it pg let's say the goal is to to get the girl home at the end of the day and, there's, a lot of steps along the way right, you invite, her out to dinner you you kiss her at the beginning, you meet her to begin with and you wouldn't just skip you would just go home you invite, a girl. Place it doesn't work that way so there's. A lot of steps across, the way and every. Single step matters that if you mess up one of the steps you're out and a lot of times you don't get a chance to redo it so for. Me that kind of resonated, it and I kind of want to jump into that what, are.what, just. Someone that's building a funnel the first time you mentioned a lot of cool stuff that you're doing and maximize sales - to get to that end goal which is the the reoccurring, customer, and you've, got all these lead madding negatives on the front end what comes after the lead magnet can you fill in kind of the blank in there so. What. We'll do is well as, far as physical, products, are. Concerned, so our kind of we run like two two angles, right there's the there's the free plug shipping which, works really really well and. Then there's the big discount, offer right. Which works really really well but there are some some, pros and cons to both okay. So as. Far as lead magnet. Like. A traditional, at lead magnet I'll go a free pdf, a free disk so we actually don't, even do anything like that like what I want is I just want to I want to see and find who those buyers are right. Away or and even get the people that are interested on my email list so that first page of the funnel that they land on that landing, page that, lead, page whatever, that's. Gonna be like giving them what we call like our offer right, so if it's like a free plus shipping an offer right, hey you're gonna get this free fishing lure plus these other awesome bonuses all we ask is that you, cover shipping to your door right entice, them you got it you gotta be a marketer here you got to entice them to give you that email address because that's gonna create, a micro. Commitment, in their mind right they just gave you their email address boom, now they hit the order page now this is where okay let's let's ease them into that buying environment, now. The big discount, offer is where, you can charge whatever you want like a free plus shipping like you can't charge you know $30, or $20 for shipping you look view of it what like, this doesn't make any sense right so if you have a product that is like more premium, or premium price product high ticket whatever I recommend.

The Big discount, offer now the big discount offer similar, to similar from same pieces of the funnel but now, you really. Need to make sure your offer is, really really good here now an. Offer basically, what it is is a it's like bonus items strategically. Placed, bonus, items along. With like let's say for example the fishing war right to, help them get, the result that they want and it has to be like, a lot of perceived value here right, it can't just be like oh here's this fishing, lure for you know $24.99. And because they're gonna bid well I'll just go to Amazon and buy this like I'll just do it as Walmart down the street I don't have to wait for shipping right, no. Instead, we craft and off from where we're like you know what you're never you're not gonna get this what I'm giving you anywhere, else and this is like your own unique. Selling. Proposition. Right your offer, is like unique to you so the. With, the with, the big dis no offer you're definitely gonna have to make sure that's really good you might be charging you know fifty sixty dollars for something and for somebody to come in from a Facebook ad and, spend fifty sixty dollars from you right, that's that's kind of crazy I always if they ask this question have. You ever bought something from, a facebook ad before. Honestly. Be so hit for me personally I got into e-commerce in 2008, and I always had like great margins, and I saw people buying all this crazy stuff and I feel like for me I almost like stay away from now like alright I know how to find the best deal I know how to avoid that stuff but I know a lot of people that do. Like. A physical. Product on Amazon. Um on like. Facebook and clicked it and relate and actually bought you, have I know, I clicked, it but I've never actually bought but that's. A thing but another, buy right, but we expect their customers, to it makes no sense right, no you have to build, the relationship, yes there's gonna be those people that are their, buyers man they're like impulse, buyers they got their credit cards with them they're buying everything but we want to identify this, cuz I could love those customers, they're giving me a lot of money right but, we also want to get those people in from the lead magnet because, if they opt in and didn't buy that doesn't. That's not a bad thing they're just not ready to buy yet right we just have to we, have to build, a relationship with, them, first to make them comfortable because they just showed interest, we told them hey we have this amazing offer, we're. Running it at 45%, off today it's you know $49.99. And. They gave you their email that means they were there they in their mind they gave you a yes they gave you yes on that opt-in page right, but they didn't give us on that order page now you have to build that relationship with, them I personally, love email marketing, social, media, I forget what the exact, statistic, is but. It's like a person, needs to be see you in like 12 different places before, they even buy from you right, and especially. People that are just coming off the internet we've never even heard of your brand before or, or, trust you like, why would they trust you with their credit card information you don't really that's a precious, thing and, you have to learn to you. Know like, you have to learn to like build this relationship with. This audience right of, people and not, just be like oh I'm gonna forget about them never or whatever I don't really want know you build that relationship with your email list you do that through social media emailing.

Your Email list you know a couple times a week to show them that you're there and you, know eventually, that person, will, it'll buy from you you know so, a lot of people have short-term thinking whether so oh I just want that front-end sale and then whatever, life's, good but it's not like that's only the beginning yeah so. How do you build out this funnel I'm assuming the Facebook Ads come, last because if you don't the backend to support it so where, do you start you start with the lead page you start on the back end how do you normally go about building this funnel so, I I, use a software called click funnels because, it's the it's easiest it's it literally is the best software to, build these sales funnels, out, we. Personally don't really use Shopify, stores there's no real place for, them for us because, instead, of focusing on like, we we review a lot of Shopify, stores and, there's. A lot there's a methodology. Out there that, says oh test hundreds of products a day find. A trending product to ride the wave until and they'll basically. You don't make sales rent to me like that's not a business right so for me I always encourage people I'm like start with one good, offer, wrote one good product, and plug. It into this funnel now you, can't really do a lot of the things that that click falls can do inside of Shopify, we've kind of pieced it together before, but. It was ridiculously. Expensive it was about you, know three. Four hundred, dollars. Plus, the the apps you would need would actually be taking, all commissions. From the sales they made it to me like I I don't like when a business is taking my money from me right like you already paying monthly. Plus you want commissions it, just it's just crazy so, the. Nice thing with with clickfunnels, and I. Personally. Love them because like it's it's $97, a month or something oh my god so expensive but like you have the email marketing you have the one-click subscription, you have the author you have the email marketing all of that stuff in there so for. Me if I'm, a beginner I think that's the most cost-effective way to go personally, but you can custom, code these funnels if you have a development, team or whatnot but, without with click bundles and you, can share some templates with the audience if you want like some funnels to show them how these look like but, essentially, a lot of these funnel templates, like they're built out for you so you literally just have to go and be like okay put, my image here okay put my headline here okay it's a free push discount. Okay cool like it's it is as simple as that now the. Hard part is the, funnel, believe it or not is the least important, part of all of this right, the funnel is easy any one of us can go make a beautiful-looking funnel, and spend. Some time on it but usually the fun building the funnels the easy part I mean you can have a funnel built within a couple hours if that they're, so simple to build but. The hard, part of this and this is where people struggle is, what that offer is gonna be like what you're actually gonna be selling, in that thing and the. Reason this is the hardest part for people to grasp, that offer is. Because, people, a lot of people are in in niches and trying to serve customers that. They don't, even understand, the, first thing about these people they don't care about these people they're only just trying to make some money on the, front end and not, actually try and build that relationship so. I encourage, people like I always tell people like for me at least for me like I didn't actually find any success in business a real success, until I started a business that I actually was into, like a niche that I actually care about an issue where I. Own. Perfect customer, now. That. Might not be the case for everybody but I always encourage like if you're not passionate about your business if you're trying to like clock, out of your business everyday like it's probably, not a business, that you want to be like why would you not want a hat like us. As entrepreneurs like, I feel like we should we need businesses, that are integrated with our life like not trying to escape them, right, you know what I mean, so, that's, what I was encouraged before I look find that niche that group of people that you actually want to hell, and I know this is crazy like help people like what okay yeah it's like every product solves, problems.

For People believe it or not and all, niches, doesn't matter like for example fishing, all, of these niches they have a result they want to achieve right, and so that's, my pops know every, every product sales funnel every every niche has a results, that they want so for example fishing right they want to catch more fish they want to catch bigger fish they want to make sure when they go out with their with their kids they have a good time right. They have results, that they want to achieve using, these products, okay, now that's the hard part for people to grasp is when. You're in your niche and your niche. So, you might not care, about like. This, is gonna be like pulling teeth to. Be able to really understand, your niche is you gotta go and join Facebook groups that they're part of go to reddit communities go to youtube channels forums, online and join in on the conversation maybe. You don't have necessarily post, in there every day but every time you open your phone you should be seeing like conversations, happening, in your niche and like hey what's going on in this niche today like hey okay is there a new product going on, coming. Out in this niche and it's, just that is probably the most valuable, market. Research tool, ever like, I see people and this like makes me cringe it's. Like we're like with some of the ecommerce, people, is like there's apps that although scan, people's. Stores, to, go find the best sellers so they can just go sell those rightly how, does how, can you build any. Long-lasting. Business by just going and copying, and duplicating, what, somebody is already doing you know what I mean like this, is this, structure, makes, it easier because you don't again, you don't need a hundred products you need one offer we put some a little bit of time into caring, about the niche taking, that offer plugging. It into the funnel with all the pieces and then. You start driving the traffic bill which is literally, that first, part is the hardest part for people to grasp is is to be in a niche that you actually, actually. Care, about I totally. Agree I get, asked all the time why did you leave your Amazon business and I say well I wasn't, passionate about selling, baby products back then and I'm still not passed about sailing and selling baby products now and it wasn't that hard of it.

And I agree I mean you either have to be passionate and involved and know what's going on in your space or you have to be committed, to to. Figure it out even if it's painful and you just want to sell those products, and I mean, what's. Your thought on the content, do you have any strategies that work in terms of content you mentioned email, marketing you're gonna be sending these people weekly, emails bi-weekly, whatever it is how, do you engage how, do you relate how do you make those, people. On the other end feel like they're a part of your life at a part of your community and see, things like a lot of people make this difficult. Than it has to be like like, if you if you don't have content, and you have like let's say you're just sitting started and your email list maybe is like a couple hundred people like, and you come across a good article, online like. Just, send it to me okay I just came across this article guys I found, it super helpful and I know you guys would - oh it's a YouTube video okay it doesn't have to be yours, right I love to use like the framework, like like. Hook them with a hook, them with a headline, like what's a good headline right, that will that will get your people to open it up right then you tell a story in, your in your email, be like hey you know I was just traveling on business I was, doing blah blah blah blah and. I came across this article like it personalized, it but you don't always have to be like oh promotion promotion promotion 'el emails like a lot of people like to just spam right, make it make it a little bit more personal right you tell that lay a good story let them let them see the behind-the-scenes of your business like a lot of people like when, if you open up your business like our welcome series in our in our businesses we always love to show the, products, how they're made, so what. I'll do is I will go, to the. Supplier. Whenever I'm getting my product so I'm Ben hey can you take some pictures of like some pieces of your factory and you know some might not do it some will and we. Plug those in Ben hey I just want to give you guys a tour of our factory, we actually are making these products that you guys are buying people love, that they eat that up because they're like, look at this like this is cool like it's cool to them to see like, once the likes of you you ever like had a company show you the backend of how their business is made like I guarantee, people would love to see like love. To see those bad things oh how is this iPhone made like can you imagine like okay you know you can Google and now obviously but like to actually do that through like a welcome, series of emails, when, the person, first joins up with you super, powerful, recommend, anybody that has an email list as you. Get new subscribers put, them through like a welcome, indoctrination. Series, where it's like maybe like five or six days and every, other day you just send an email be like hey you, know it's. Basically indoctrinating. Them into your into your business into your life and just really sharing. Your your brand story if you have one and just being all-around, helpful and not just everybody's. Always going after that sale when in fact like believe, it or not like if you just send helpful, emails and don't expect anything returned people will find a way to give money like I'm telling you it works like if you're just genuinely, helpful, and care about your customers they, will want to buy from I love. It and yeah I found some best content, that people have shared or a read has, been Haiti inner workings of free up this is how I organized my penis I built the software people, love that stuff um I, want. To talk about Facebook, Ads before we go I know we could talk about this forever and I definitely want to have you back is there a different part of the funnel that we didn't talk about before we get to the ads I keep, it like I said I keep my funnel like super. Simple right opt-in. Page order, pager and put the credit card I do a, couple. Upsells, and then, our continuity, upsell, right so literally, this entire thing is one, product like you don't need under it's one product. If you want to put in some complimentary stuff in there you don't have to but, it's all it's very very simple the core pieces are that opt-in, page the order page one, or two upsells and then continuity.

Right Where you get that monthly reoccurring, revenue from your customers, Peter. How can people find out about you how can they join your group tell. Them more about it value yeah so if they just go to Peter Prue calm super, simple if, you go to the e-commerce Empire, builders calm, it also take you to the same place or just leave a search on YouTube ecommerce Empire builders we kind of put, out our all our content on YouTube and it's also put out on the podcast as well awesome. Well I really appreciate you having me on this was very informative I learned a lot hopefully our audiences, as well and we'll be sure to have you back yeah. Absolutely thanks again Nathan hey. Everyone thank you so much for watching did, you enjoy this content if so, click like leave us a comment and subscribe to our channel so we can continue bringing, you great content, all about, higher.

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