What Happened on my Qatar Airways A350-1000 Polar Flight?

What Happened on my Qatar Airways A350-1000 Polar Flight?

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- Good morning, Dubai airport 4:00 AM. I'm in trouble today. I'm actually going to the U S to continue my PPL. (upbeat music playing) - Very quiet at Doha.

- From the time of COVID we have changed the concept here. - [Sam] This place is too good. There's insane amount of food. - You know what this is? - Chinese new year.

- Yeah. (speaking in foreign language) - [Sam] This plane is really empty. I think there's probably less than a hundred passenger passenger on it. (upbeat music playing) - Qatar is quite a special airline. The management are extremely demanding.

How often do you fly now during COVID? I think many people think I'm short in the video. I don't think I'm that short, right? This is amazing. Looking reverse, looking at the engine, beautiful view. (upbeat music) The reality is the stalker carrier. When they emerge out of Covid, they will become stronger.

(count down) - [Sam} Am travelling to the U S but at the check-in I forgot to fill in the U S CDC declaration form. So the Qatar airways Omron here escorting me to the office to print out that form. Document is a passenger disclosure and attestation to the USA. I feel a bit like a zombie, but I'm also excited.

Today I'm flying on Qatar airways out of Dubai. Yeah, I know. It's been a while. (plane zooming) - Fine. welcome on board Mr Chui - It's Pleasure having you on board. We are all your fans.

- [Sam] Really it's have been a long time. - Yeah, I watch and we have (mumbling) - Welcome on board once again. - Welcome on board - Thank you, (mumbling) my name is Mohammed Abdullah.

I'm a captain on the seven eight seven. And with me first officer Abid Lash - Hi welcome on board - [Mohammed] Hello, we'll be going together to Hamad international airports in Doha Lets get the airways up, (computer trilling) and the flight time today will be 45 minutes. And we'll be cruising at 26,000 feet.

- So Sam, I heard you go to the US. How long are you going there for. - I'm actually going to the U S to continue my PPL, Because I did my solo and I left.

I took off back to Dubai for a couple of months. It's been too long before I remember how to fly the plane. So I have to go back continue...

before we depart, I just want to thank you for the ground staff at Qatar airways. It hasn't been easy. They set up the station just a couple of weeks ago started to fly to Dubai.

And these actually guys are from Oman. They come to Dubai to help out. So I want to thank you for getting your best service during the difficult challenge at COVID.

- I hope to see you soon. (mumbling) (speaking in foreign language) - This is it's full,and too bad, I have to seats without the window but it's only a short flight. I can do without. (upbeat music playing) - Tell us what's your name? - Mohammed sheffula, - Mohammed ,you watching my YouTube. - Yes bro.

- Yeah. What's your favourite aeroplane? - Emirate flight, the new economy premium one. - Oh, my video the premium economy on Emirates - yeah - you're flying the wrong airline now - Yeah because they burned it from UK to Manchester - You're going to UK.

Of course. All right, enjoy the Qatar airways. This is the way travel should be. I'm reclining my seats. Put my feet up. Just haven't been a relaxing moment on the short flights.

(upbeat music playing) - This is so funny. They kept us say we were stuck at the sun but now they're able to serve a meal. (mumbling) - How was the travel for today? Did you like it?, was it to your standards? - Very good. - Very good.

(upbeat music playing) See you. Bye. Bye. It's five 40 in the morning. Very quiet at Doha. The terminal is beautiful terminal. One of the best in the middle East.

Very, very quiet going through the transit and hopefully have a quick glimpse at a lounge. See what they're offering right now. (upbeat music playing) - Good morning. Welcome to Abuja Lounge. How are you today? - [Sam] I'm good,I'm good. - Let me explain your proof of concept here.

From the time of COVID We have changed the concept here. You can see, we have a flex glass placed in front of the buffet. Before, the chef never used to assist the customer in these cases. Now you can see chef assisting, customer cannot do self service from their side for everything, any food to be offered to the customer is assisted by the chefs - There's a glass here. (speaking in foreign language) Again, a bread behind from this little hole here.

This is. (speaking in foreign language) - This place is too good. There's insane amount of food. You know, this is incredible. You still have the cruel champagne like before? you still have, what kind of champagne do you have now? - This is what we are offering at the moment (speaking in foreign language) Laurent Perrier.

- [Sam] Wow. You're Lauren Perrier real thing. Today is Chinese new year at Columbia beaten by this lounge. They've got so much cool little Red turn and all these nice things in here.

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Enter promote code, Sam. You will get 83% off. And three additional months for free. This video is sponsored by surfshark. (upbeat music) - I just love this feature chandelier and this mutual tranquil pool here. You've got this water pop up a little bit here and there.

And when you listen to these droplets very, very relaxing. I remember this lounge Well. It's good to see everywhere it's open. - This is a quiet area. We offer this service for the customers who had a long travel.

- These are our shower facilities of long time premium customers. You can see them they really give you a friendly shower facility. - A Really short time in the lounge. - Thank you very much.

- Thank you take care. Bye. (upbeat music playing) - Looks like We have a remote gate boarding, so I'm taking the bus to the plane. (upbeat music playing) (engine whir) - This is the challenge When you pulled a carry on, walking on a set of stairs if you have a lot of bags like me. - Hi, - [Sam] Hi,good morning. - Good to see you.

- [Sam] Good morning, yeah (laughing) - Can I help you with the bags - [Sam] Yeah,Thank you very much. Well, thank you. You're so kind. It's quite heavy.

- No it's okay. - You know what? - Chinese new year. - Yeah, call it fat coe (mumbling) - [Sam] Happy new year.

Happy new year, happy new year. - This your seat - [Sam] Yeah, very nice. (upbeat music) - My name is Lisa and I'll be one of the group under this flight. You're welcome Our signature fresh lemon limen, We also have our fresh orange juice. We have Lavanya, we have water. We have champagne - [Sam] Yeah, lemon limen sound good' - May I transfer your blankets? (paper crinkling) - [Sam] Transfer my blankets! - Hmm, do You have more space here.

- [Sam] yeah' (mumbling) - On a Skin care product I will translate here in your.. - [Sam] Okay. - For more space. And this is your protective kit, from Qatar airways with mask groves and sanitizer - My name sir captain Jamal Al Abi from Qatar. Nice to meet you. And with me on the flight deck, I, Hey my name is Kevin on the first off.

- [Jamal] flight time is 15 hours and five minutes and we shall be closing at the maximum cruise of 41,000 feet. We'll be flying on North pole today, under zero Eight five degrees expecting on two hours of north pole today. Expecting Smooth flight all the way and we hope you're enjoying the flight with us.

Thank you. - We'll be ready to close it all. L two standby. I'll let you know when it goes to the, all right.

Thank you. (laughing) - [Sam] Oh, you introduced the crew. Who are they today in the business class - starting with us is going to be Cath from Thailand. And we have Victoria from Ukraine - 15 hours to Los Angeles, very long flight literally a whole day flights. Sitting in a queue suite here lots of cubicles feeling like actually feeling quite enclosed in the bubble here with the panels and walls.

This plane is really empty. I think there's probably less than a hundred passenger on it. All the seats in the middle are empty. (plane zooming) (engine whirring) (upbeat music playing) - I'm here to open the panel off for you. Unlock the door so you can go ahead and close and open the door for your comfort. Also, I'd like to tell you that clots are open.

If you'd like to go ahead and we'll prepare it for you, for you to have a comfortable rest. - [Sam] What's the biggest size you have. - [Attendant] large I'll take large.

It's great to see business class having pyjamas, full suit but the large size I older was just too large for me. I think a medium will fit me. So don't over-order on the sizes.

Go easy. - Hey Sam, - [Sam] Hey, - this is the best seat in the economy class. - [Sam] I can tell you, - As you can see this way I could stretched out, - [Sam] there you go. - My name is Karl. - Where'd you fly from? I came in from Kathmandu, heading to US to Phoenix for a meeting and then fly back next Saturday next weekend - How's your experience on Qatar airways been? - Airways been one of my favourite airline. - It is, it is.

- The service is phenomenal. The people are so friendly. - They did a lot to rescue flight out of Kathmandu. - Yes it is. They were the airline during the COVID...

- They got me out. - They got you out, Wow. Wow. That's a great story. - A fantastic one. Yeah.

There just so many empty seats in this flight is insane. - Hi, welcome to Qatar airways economy. My name is Maxine I'm from Chile and Australia and the cabin Senior. And these lovely ladies are working with me today. Hi, my name is Gary from Philippines and my name is Uri I'm from Japan. (mumbling) - Hi, Tamara from Egypt, - Maria from Ukraine.

- Hello am Cosh from India. - So we're about to start our brunch service. Well, during the pandemic, we pretty much kept the service. Same as before we have a tea, coffee, hot beverages, juices and the tray with the yoghourt and the bread very composed, fruits one piece of bread and we have treatment.

So this one is fried rice with the parsley and chicken, the spinach tofu bougie with the croquette and the scrambled egg. - And it must be really hard on you guys. Cause I read articles yesterday and newspaper. You guys, literally after Landing, you go to hotel for quarantine Oh, you're not playing for fun anymore. You're going just on duty or one night layover and you have jet lag and fly back. And this is very tough flight to a US.

- So we're very committed to the job that we have. We're grateful. We know the whole industry has been very impacted and it's taught us to be resilient. It's taught us to be committed.

It's taught us to be creative and to just take it day by day. And I think a lot of us even if any of the ladies could add anything we're doing well - How often do you fly now during COVID. - In the beginning of the epidemic, I didn't fly much but now we have things getting back to normal. So I have regular flight. I fly like how I used to fight regularly. - Really? - Yes,It's the same for me now - Qatar is a special airline because the management are extremely demanding.

The crew, they recruited are very different background. They came from Humboldt background. I used to be a big flyer in Qatar airways.

I knew the airline unlocks until the blockade and max in here just told me her story. Can you just tell me on the camera again? - So when I applied to Qatar airways, I was in my early thirties. I was thirty one. and a lot of people were telling me, no you're too old to be having crew, forget about it's not going to happen. And Qatar airways took me, gave me the opportunity. Well, can be doing discriminate me because of my age.

And here I am for another nine years. So I'm very grateful for that. - Sometimes the customer are really demanding on Qatar Airways because they got pampered.

They got treated so well. And sometimes they even get abused by customer but you can see that the service of Qatar is very different and very customer oriented. Yeah. Do you like Qatar airways? - Yeah. - [Sam] Anything more to say in front of camera? - Subscribe.

- [Sam] Subscribe you? - To you - [Sam] Here. - So Basically I watched a video surviving the economy fraud, so coming to this I noted. - Yeah. And then he thot I will short in the video. I think many people think I'm short in the video.

I don't think I'm not that short you're tall as well. You're just as tall as me. These kids, these kids growing fast. Yes. - That's your son.

Yeah. - [Sam] Wow. - And my daughter - [Sam] Your daughter is beautiful Beautiful daughter.

Love it. We love you Really? Hello. How are you? Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you - [Sam] Yeah. Have some good rest. There's a long flight. - yea - [Sam] Take care your son's great. - [Sam] Yeah. As you can see, there are so many empty seats.

First of all, February is a low travel season traditionally and also California has introduced quarantine. So the travel numbers dropped drastically. And now this is the end result. When the regulation change and one day eased up I'm sure to travel bounce back quickly.

(mumbling) - it's time to take the mask off to eat. Okay. So they come with the bread with the suits in the Plastic, this cover on it. ( upbeat music playing) (engine whirring) - This is amazing looking reverse ,looking the engines, beautiful view while enjoying the dining here in private. (upbeat music playing) (mumbling) - So we prepared a double bed for you. - Everyone could have a double switch to themselves.

Because all the seats in the middle are empty. Yeah. I don't have a partner. Not sure why they set up an extra budgets for, a couple of nice picture, but really the privacy is amazing. ( upbeat music playing) - Enjoy your lunch sir, may I close the door? - Every time they served a meal, they close your suite. So you have like like a closure to herself and privacy, like private dining.

Talk about food. Really, really good. It's beyond business class lobster tail, sea bass ,chicken mumbles.

I ate so much on this flight. So we are About to come to the end for the 15 hour ultra long flight. during the whole flight, I have been observing to see what changed since the pandemic on Qatar airways And honestly there's not much has changed. I feel Qatar airways is a very lavish, very luxury.

Everybody has filmed the Q suites brave about it. There's no question about it. One of the best business class parts at the same time I felt that Qatar airways hasn't been about edge because they're actually staying on the airline. So they have access to state funding and they being flying everywhere during the pandemic. The reality is, the stronger carrier, When they emerge out of COVID, they will become stronger. ( upbeat music playing) - [Pilot] one hundred Fivety forty thirty twenty metres ten five

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