What Every Small Business in America Needs to Know | BTV 154

What Every Small Business in America Needs to Know | BTV 154

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If you are a small business owner you, are trying to figure out how to use social media in a 2018, 2019 2020 world, figure, out the difference between branding, and sales this video is going to really really help you explode, your business. Guys I'm really really excited to be here I have spoken at a few of these dry, cleaning, conferences. First of all I wanted to thank Kermit thank Courtney thank methods for inviting. Me and thank, all of you for being here but before we start I do, want to say that, I get to speak at conferences all over the world. And it, is so. Much work. To put on an event so. I just wanted to publicly thank you, guys for doing this and we, can give them a round of applause for. People. Don't understand, how much work and event is and so the fact that everybody, is here and everybody looks happy. Means, that they probably did something right I live. In New York City I am very, very excited to be here in Boulder it's my first time in Boulder and I. I'm. Just thrilled it's not a bad place to be right you guys having fun so. So, a couple things I want to talk about before we jump into the actual presentation the, first is I just want you guys to all know that. I have. Immense, respect, for every, single one of you sitting in this room I get to speak to a lot of different audiences from. Fortune. 50 company. Executives. And, and sales teams to university. Students, and what, seems to always be most. Impressive, to me is that, everybody has an idea right. Everybody wants to start a business everybody wants to be an entrepreneur everybody, wants to be the boss of their, thing but, to actually do that is really, hard right, and every one of you knows how hard that is and so. I get to stand up in front of you today and share things, with you that I'm, actually see. That. Are actually working so, I'm. Hoping that I motivate. You in a certain way right people. People always say are you a motivational, speaker and I always say I think. I have motivational, tendencies, but what I'm most proud of is that I have, an actual business for the last six years that does really well we do branding communication. And marketing. Strategies, for some of the biggest brands in the world as well, as small, businesses around, the old and what, I want to most proud about as a speaker, you know there's a lot of speakers out there right, I'm sure you guys if, you've been to conferences you've heard a lot of speakers and they're. All kind of talking, to you but you're always wondering like I wonder, if this person, is actually, doing any of the things that, he's telling me to do so.

The Thing that I take the most pride in and mouths, on my team and he follows. Me everywhere and he sees this. Stuff first-person. Is that, everything. That I'm telling you is not, some rhetoric, BS, thing, that I read on forbes.com. It's. Something, that has either worked for my business or has worked for other people's businesses my, goal today is really simple my, goal today is to help you guys make more money. Okay. Oh someone's. Okay okay good now now it's like okay now that like that now everyone's, moving to the front how. Many people here want to make more money. We, all want to make more money right so. That's. The first thing I want to say first thing I want to say is like I have immense respect for you whether you have one or two person shop or, you have hundreds, of employees or thousands of them how many one here have between one and ten employees including. Yourselves how, many people are between, 10 and 50. 50. To 100. More. Than 100 how, many do you guys have. 150. 120. And is anyone having more than 150. Cool. So that's a lot of employees so whether, you have one or 150. I'm. Excited, about being here because I everything. That I'm about to say to you today everything, will work for you if you do it right. Now, here's, the problem, 99%. Of you will hear me and either think oh he's, young. He's. Young and he knows how to do this stuff and I don't know how to do it or you'll. Be really excited, about it and then, next week we'll come along and you'll, be like but. I gotta hire somebody else so I'd rather put the 75,000, there right. So I understand. The, dynamics, of the, small business industry I understand, the dynamics of the dry I'm getting to know a lot of the dry cleaners through last six seven eight months so, I understand, that there are a lot of demands what, I beg of you today is that, you. Approach. The subject with an open mind a lot of the stuff I'm going to tell you today is going, to be stuff that you've never heard for and, I know that that's scary and someone that runs, his own business I know that can be scary some, of this time I'm gonna tell you might sound obvious but you.

Haven't Done it yet and then some of the stuff I'm gonna tell you might, be like you're gonna be like there's just no way I'm gonna do that but no matter where we're at in the process I just beg, of you to keep a really open mind and to try, to implement, as much of this stuff as you, can I always say implementing. One of the, 10 tips that I give is better, than implementing zero of them right. So, before. We start I just want to go just, kind of like scream. It out of me right just raise your hand actually what. Are you hoping to learn today, there's. There's actually a couple different parts of the question you can answer whatever one you want what, are you hoping to learn today. What. Is your biggest frustration that. You're currently dealing with and if, you could overcome, that frustration, how, would it benefit, your business, so. I'm, hoping to learn this I'm really frustrated about this if I could figure this out it would help me. Hire. Quickly, or sell. More, open. Other plants or whatever the case may be so just. Raise, your hand real quickly the more interactive we can be during this the better trust me and if you have questions throughout please ask yes sir. In. What ways. Yep. So. So so I'm just gonna write this up so it's really kind of like how to track the ROI of Facebook, or of, social right. Yep. Yep. Totally. Yep. Yeah. What the hell is that Twitter thing yeah. Listen. Man you, got swagger, like what do you want. Sittin. What's. Your Twitter handle oh. Boy. We'll. Talk about it we'll talk about it. JB. And, I. Don't think there's an act but we'll, get there, everyone. Goes follow JB em right now ROI, of social that's, a great concern it's a great frustration, that happens to everyone don't feel bad everyone, is in this boat and if you're not just boat you're lying. Who. Else, yeah. Yeah. For. Social, media balance. Of time and energy. And are. Alive. Right. Good what else yes, sir. Just. Making a presentation, to us. Yep. Good. So you want to know like what are the best creative, choices. For. Your spat for your dollar spent. Yeah. What do they want to do with you okay what kinds of stuff they. Have another, cool. All right good what else yes brothers, what's. That key it. Was you, were 19 when, you did it. And your brother was also 19 because. You guys don't really look that much alike. Alright. Sorry. Yeah. So. You want to sell your business, to. Two employees, that you're hiring, so. You wanna you wanna you want to show them this is a cool place to work yeah. Cool, so this so it's it's sort of a brand image play. Right. And the. Company's story. Yes. Sir. So. Proactive social. Right. Not. Just reactive. Great. These are great yes sir. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Targeted, customers, good. Great. What else, what's. That. Great. What is your product. But. What don't tell me more about. Just. Theirs is that an issue of a knee short you is it, just dry-cleaning in general for your area. See. That's great so so that's really so uh. Huh. Good so we'll probably I'll probably use you as an example first. Of all cuz I'm with the butler, second. Of all because these, are these are good in each markets, that. Are different, customers, right so. What else I'd still similar hands. Yeah. For. Social yeah. That's good monthly. Budgets, um, what. Else these. Are great guys who else yes ma'am. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe. Else they're, great. Cool. So here's the fun thing Kermit, has given me three hours of you guys they're just amazing amazing so. The cool thing about that is that this can be very very very interactive so like when you're just talking about the the hotel I already have like 10 ideas for you right and so. Please please please share, as much as you can with me because, that will really help me trigger things. That will be specific, to you the cool thing about an intimate, group like this 50, people whatever 30 people and three, hours is that, this, can actually turn into like a hyper.

Focused. Consulting, session for you guys right, and and these questions, are really good, questions how much should I spend how, should I hire how, can I tell companies story, how, do I even know if the right person is seeing it right that's kind of like what everybody so, I, want. To jump in really quickly want to tell you about Who I am why I'm here today what I was doing what, I do for a living and and why, I'm qualified to talk to you guys about these kinds of things I. Am. At the Butler University, Indianapolis. Love, Indianapolis, and. When. I graduated, I I moved, to San Francisco taught, for AmeriCorps for a year then, I moved to New York City I graduated. From the City University of New York School of Law during. My law school I started two different social entrepreneurship, projects, in Latin America, and. When I graduated from law school I worked, from the Mayor Mike, Bloomberg so Bloomberg was running for re-election for his third term he, hired me to run his recruitment, efforts in northern Manhattan talk. About trying, to get people to buy into the story we. My, job was to recruit volunteers, and. To train them and so, over the course of four months we actually recruited 600 volunteers, Bloomberg. Won the third term called, me into his office he said you, killed it what do you want I want to keep you the administration, I said I want to stay in the administration, as a speechwriter so, I was a speechwriter for Bloomberg administration for, the next two and a half years and what. I quickly, realized, was that no matter what you wanted to do whether you wanted to change an immigration, law whether you wanted to get re-elected as mayor whether, you wanted to raise, money for a non-profit you had to be able to tell a good story right. And then you had to make sure that that story got in front of the right people and then you had to make sure that you were trustworthy of those people, and you had to make sure those people actually took the action, that you wanted them to take whether it's voting or giving you money or whatever the case may be right and I, realized I was. Speechwriting from one of most powerful men in the world and I. Was good at it so, I but, then I started to think about well Brian you have a lot to say and it, felt but. You know my original reason for working for him was I wanted to become the mayor of New York City that was my reason for going to law school is my reason for working for Bloomberg so, I want to figure out how to do it I love. Bloomberg with all my heart, I definitely, don't to be the mayor of New York City I saw, too much up close and personal and he was a billionaire he, didn't have to cater to anyone I'm not a billionaire so you have to like make a lot of really shitty sacrifices. And I, just was like I don't want to do that but I did love the idea of helping people get what they wanted out of life and that's ultimately why I wanted to be a politician so, I said well what if I did that as a businessman, and six. Years ago I started a company where. We focused, initially. On helping. Executives, and, leaders, of companies figure. Out what is their story how to tell their story and then what happened, which always happens as all of you probably know is people. Would start to say hey can you start, to create some content for me hey can you help, our marketing. Department hey can you and six, years later we, now run. Campaigns, for some of the biggest brands in the world as well as some, of the most cutting-edge, that you know we work for the United Nations LinkedIn. Salesforce.com, Twitter. European. Union we work for biotech, companies publicly traded on mats like all kinds, of different companies and it, all comes down to one thing if someone says Brian what do you do I tell, you I help you tell stories and create, stories, that, sell. Right. Because, at the end of the day all of this no. Matter all this brand stuff is fun and we're gonna get into it in a second but unless, you're making money you, don't have a business, right.

And So, that's, that's what I focused in the last six years I've been asked to write for Forbes magazine I, write for Entrepreneur Magazine I write for I wrote for the Huffington Post which. Is now thrive global I've delivered a couple of TEDx talks I speak internationally. I've probably spoken at probably. 500, different conferences over the last six years and, it. Is really. Really really really fun what I do right. The. Most fun that I have is probably in groups like this which is like would Kermit's and I saw each other last time he. Was like dude this is this is great I love, prep. I. Just. Wanted to see if Kuro is listening. He's. Like Mike audience, is gonna love this and you. Have to make sure that you get them up on front of in front of people onstage, he. Did say that Cortney back, me up on this you. Told me Kermit wants interactive, exercises, during this uh-huh. And didn't. You say dude I want interactive and I. Love. Practical. Practitioners. I love all of you I have immense, I started this talk and I'll say eighteen more times throughout I have. Immense respect for what you do it is hard, to run, a business and the, fact that you are all here I really, literally, my, goal is to change completely. Completely, transform, one of your businesses it's. The same goal I have every time I talk and brother above, 30 couple. Months ago we were in front of 3,000, people it, every. Single time I talk I just want one of you I want one if I get all of you great but I want one because. I know that there's always one and every. Time I talk to dry cleaners I get two or three people that have emailed me two. Three four six months later and they say hey, dude, I did, the thing that you said and. It. Works, I can't, believe it but it works right. This, stuff works guys so, these, are all great things and, we're gonna we're gonna touch on them and if at any point you. Want me to revisit, it please please do but I wanted to give you a little bit of background about Who I am why. I'm here, and you, know I live in New York City we have a company. There I do a lot of work in Latin America I just started a small, seed fund in Latin America we just had a competition where, I brought to Latin American, entrepreneurs to, the Silicon Valley of California introduce. Them to angel investors venture capitalists. We toured, Facebook, we met with directors, of marketing at Facebook and uber and airbnb and so. What I'm trying to say to you is this I'm living. Eating. And breathing in this world of digital. Marketing and it. Is the. Best opportunity so, Before we jump into the actual practical tips I want you to all understand one thing right. Now right. Now in 2018. October. 2018. Is the, single, best time, in the, history, of business, to. Be in business. But. You have to understand something the landscape. Of, business. Is rapidly. Changing and the, biggest, change is that, everybody, and I, mean everybody from. 13, years old to. 72, years old is living. In their, mobile device. They. Are literally, all in, their, cell phones all the time and of. Every, 60, seconds people spend in their cell phones. 33. To 37, of those seconds, so well over 50% is, being, spent in one of seven different platforms. Right. And we're gonna get into those their Instagram, their Facebook, their YouTube there's snapchat, they're a podcast, right. There. LinkedIn they're a blog they're, living, in some 107 different places and if, you all are not, creating content, and putting. Up content about. Your business in as, many, of those seven places as you can you, literally don't exist. You. Just don't exist and the. Old-school, way of like knocking on the doors and sending out print and sending out mailers it. Still works, but. It's just more expensive and it's slower. Right. Facebook. And Instagram are, way way way way way way way cheaper, which. Is a lot of people understand, that so like when you're having your facebook meeting next week if they come to you and say we can run this print mailer for 20,000 right. And we can reach a thousand people or ten thousand people or we can run a twenty thousand dollar Facebook, ad and reach a thousand people as well, you can be like you're totally screwing, me over, you. Are completely, screwing me over because for ten thousand dollars if I can reach a thousand people with a print mailer I can, reach for, twenty, thousand dollars on Facebook you can literally reach millions of people right. But I'll be will know that. These. Marketing agencies are taking massive. Advantage of people, because, nobody, knows what they're doing. Including. Most of time the marketing company, honestly.

Because They're like a 22 year old kid that's like just out of college there's no idea how to sell things on the Internet, I'm. Really interested in how do we use these social platforms, how, do we spend, as little, as we can and that doesn't mean we don't spend money right. But how can we use our money intelligently, we work hard, for our money how do we use every, single penny to get, what we want out of that thing and how do we trace it and track it and see if it's worth it cool. But. We have to understand, that. Everything. Is happening on the cellular phone everything. Everything. Everything everything, and if, you're not there you, don't exist and that's, scary when your business doesn't exist okay so, any quick, questions before we jump into the actual framework, of the talk quick. Questions quick questions quick questions good question yes there. Are no handouts but. You got it you can take notes. They. Gave you these really nice Hotel Colorado. Pads. Look. At that all. Right other. Questions yes sir yep. Yep. Google. Ads are very expensive, and, and. And there and there and there they're gonna get more expensive, here's. So remind. Me of that question when we get into the Facebook part of this talk because. I'm gonna walk you through how. To. Track ROI, on Facebook. Cool. If, I come, back to me on that yes ma'am. Yeah. If you can if, you can and I'm, gonna it's a good question you're actually reading my mind I'm gonna jump into that cool. Will. Come if and again if I don't answer something please don't be, scared to re-ask other, questions, before we jump in cool. All right so we're. Really gonna focus on three things in this in this talk number one is the, idea of what the heck is branding. The. Most overused, word, in America, right now Brande. Brande. Brande, Brande Brande Brande Brande right number, two. What. Is the difference between pull, and push. Marketing. Mark. Kidding, sorry about my handwriting guys and number, three, sales.

Right. And all of these we're. Gonna focus on what. Do these look, like mean, how. Do they how do you play with them in a. 2018. 2020. 2022. Business. World right. We're not injures I'm not I don't care what worked in 2012, I don't actually even care worked in 2017, for you right. I care about what's gonna work this year and what's, gonna work for the next five years you know and and and honestly, outside. Of that I don't, Eve I don't know everyone's. Like what's next Brian I'm like I don't know what's, next is for me all I focus on is what's next in the next 12 to 36 months I don't. Know what's coming in 10 years all, I know is like you got to feed your families for the next 12 to 36 months and here's, what's gonna work in the next 12 to 36 months right. I don't know can, are, you gonna be able to like you know artificially. Intelligently, dry clean your clothes probably, in, like. 2030. You know but I don't care about 2030 right now do you. Probably. Not right you probably care about 2019, and 2020, so. We. Focus on what do these three what, happens in these three worlds in the next 12 to 36 months cool. All. Right start, branding when I say the word branding. What. Do, you guys think just. Like throw, out some words just throw, them out. Image. Good what else. Logo. Recognition. Consistency. Good. What, else. Association. Good what else. Experience. Good what. Else. Feeling. Content, right. So. When. I think of the word brand and this, is what I tell all my clients the. Only word. That. Really. Really, resonates, with me and all, these are good words but, ultimately what, your brand is at the end of the day is what. Does somebody say about, you when, you're not around it's. Just your, reputation. Right. Brand, equals. Reputation. Right. So why don't you write down right, now in one. Sentence, what. Is your brand. What. Do people say about you at dinner when. You're not around in Indianapolis, where do they say when they're sitting around the Cheesecake Factory and then what's your nuts name your company. They. Say fat well you know what do you guys know about fabric, or cleaners what what would in your ideal, world. What. Is the one sentence, that people say about you. Take. A minute write it down and then underneath, that write down what do you think they actually say, about you and be. Honest. Here's. What I'd love them to say about me here's, what I actually think they say about me. Take. Him in and do that all, right so who wants to share it real quick and then we'll jump into it shares, thank. You so much. Great. Customer sir good customer, service excellent. What else and, what do you think that what do you what do you what do you want them to say. Good. / that's great that's great branding yep. Cool. Although, it's interest like the first part isn't a bad thing either right like that's a good piece to keep in mind when you're thinking through content creation so, that's helpful, yes. Yep. Great. Good. Good. And, it's helpful to eat. Yeah. Yeah, good good awesome, who else, yeah. Sir. Great. And what would you love them to say and. What, would you what's your ideal, thing same, thing, good. Alright cool let's. Do one more. One. More Yes Man. Okay. Cool. Yep. Great. Awesome. So. Super. Helpful, so. Just this is just really quickly did, you write them back did. You ask him how can we make that great great great, try. It but. Try it you. Can write it back again it's, your business right. You can do everyone so. That's, this, is a really fun point because. So. Many times and I love the shares that you said like they said that because I heard them. Again. Is why I love you guys I don't have I mention I love you but I love you because, you, are actually in the trenches. With the customer, you're, not like some fancy CEO, and like some big corporate office that never talks saying the clients, so. You can jump in there and you can be like how can we make everything great and you. Can be like oh I know what they exactly what they say cuz I'm there listening, to them so now the next thing is what do you do with that, yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Great. Perfect. So let's let's keep you two in mind for a second when we come into the thing now, those, are great examples I want, you to think about that as we move into this next exercise so. Let's. Talk about branding, if it's reputation, if it's what they say and what you want them to say well. Then we need to start to build that story, out more. Right, I, am. A hundred percent, convinced. That. The future of personal, branding. Happens. When. Every single one of you sitting in this conference. Room recognizes, one important, thing and I'm gonna say what I'm about to say probably. Four or five or six or seven different times throughout the day this. If you understand, what about to say and if you implement it will completely, 100%, change your business and it goes back to the, young, lady back in the back it.

Goes Back to your question which, is. The. Future of branding, is the moment that you recognize, that you are the CEO and, the. Founder, of a dry cleaning establishment. ,. /, a, media. Company. Just. Stay with me here for a second. This. Is gonna be one of those parts that you're like wait what. You. All, you. All every. Single. One of you whether you live in Indianapolis or whether you live in Southern California or whether you live in Las Vegas or whether you live no matter where you live every. Single one of you has, an immense, opportunity and, this is where am I like I play college football Butler actually and this is where like my competitive, side comes in one. Of you can. Actually. Completely. And maybe it's methods like one, of you can actually completely, dominate, the industry, completely. Dominate, the industry if. You. Think of yourself as a media, company and. Then. A, small, business owner and then, a CEO, and then, a dry, cleaning establishment what. Does that mean that, means right now everybody's, thinking about creating, a brand that. Is. A. Reliable. Great. Customer, service, brick. And mortar, and that's. Fine and that's probably what's kept you in business and I'm not trying to hate on what kept you in business at all I respect. It but I don't want you to stay in business I want you to explode, right and, the way that you explode, is you, recognize, that it's, no longer enough to, just be a shop on a street. Because. Everybody's living now on the phone and now you have, a chance, to. Actually become. The place where, every, single person in your neighborhood in, your small, block. In your city in your state, wakes. Up in the morning check this out and thinks, to themselves I wonder what fabric hair is talking, about today. Because. It's not gonna be the two-for-one shirt, deal that we have, right. That's old-school branding, that's, old-school, marketing that's old-school business. The. New business is and let, me play this out for you what. Is a story, that you want to tell. About. Your company about your, employees. About. Your community, about, your neighborhood about, your family about the, leaders about whatever, the case may be what. Is the story, that. You want to tell, so. Let's do, you have a question. Exactly. And we're gonna get there we're gonna murder, the skin this this part is always, the best this, is the part that always like clicks for the fruit for you guys always. Because. No one's doing it and there is immense. Opportunity, and it actually doesn't cost anything, okay. Cost your time or, your, interns, time or someone's time but it doesn't cause anything here's, how this looks, if. I just told you guys that everybody is living in seven different platforms, right what. I want you to do is I want you to start to, think about how can I create, my. Content. In a. Way that, is different than I've ever done it before that is different than all my competition, all, right let's play with fabric here for a second. What. Makes you two are you two, business. Partners. It's. Your business and what, do you do what's your role. Okay. So you use. So you tell the stories and it's you you founded the business, your. Parents okay so so so this is good so.

Here's That the story is it's a family-run business, you're you second generation right. So. Your parents started it and then you okay, and now are you guys related no. Okay that's fine so I'm just trying to put the pieces together so the, story is Indianapolis. Family. Business right. And, how many people here have family businesses a lot, of you great and this is what, I'm fighting to be common, how. Many of you humming, how many if I go on to fabric you have a Facebook page if I, go on your Facebook page right now how, many stories, do I see on your Facebook, page about. The, family history behind the business. Yeah. So, it's time to resurrect it. You're. Thinking about it, it's. Happened perfect, so you're on the right page so, what I want you to think about is this let's just say well give me let's just do this this is dude for. Real what, is that video gonna look like, of. You. Talking about the family business. Not. Sure yet it's okay so, let's, just make it up right, let's, just say what's your name let's. Say Tom wants, to do a video, are your parents still alive, perfect. So let's say Tom, and mom, and dad you. Know I would sit down and, I. Would what, I would actually what I would do if I was Tom is I would sit down and I would interview my father. Cool. But do something new do something fresh so, tomorrow, when, you go back to Indianapolis you're gonna call your dad back you know dad guess what I'm interview, he'll. Love that right. Maybe maybe you'll hate it doesn't. Matter he's, gonna love it for the next 12 minutes you're gonna make him love it you're gonna bring him whatever he needs you're gonna bring him cheesecake, and wherever he needs. You're. Gonna sit him down and you're gonna ask him questions, that you've never ever asked, him before why'd. You start the business what was the biggest frustration, what does this mean to you what are the customers, mean to you how did it feel that these people in on, 86th, Street were the ones that put me through college like. To give a message to them okay. He's. Gonna do it you're gonna record it now, in the past. Maybe. You did that maybe you didn't but even if you did it you put that where on YouTube right. And Tom, calls, me and says Brian, guess what I did. A video it's. On YouTube I, did. Great right and I would say yes. But. You are, not thinking of yourself as a media company you. Are thinking of yourself as a single, producer. Of content, how. Does a media, company look right, here's. What he does Tom interviews his dad what's your dad's name, Tom. Interviews, interviews, Peter. Now. We, have that video and, we, put that video up on YouTube, right. So. Now we are in part we are in place number one, but. We want to be a media company we want to be everywhere, we want to be in every single one of the seven platforms, that.

The People are consuming content to. Your question to your back to your question right how many of them we do here's how many of them do all of them and here's how you do it in a way that, doesn't kill you, timewise. You. Take that same video, that you put up on YouTube and you drop, that raw, video, into. Facebook. Here's. What you don't do and this is a real, tactical, thing that will help a lot of you because, I'm actually living in this you. Don't put the youtube, link on, your Facebook page because. Facebook, and YouTube are in competition to become the best video platforms, Facebook will destroy, that, post no one will see it I. Was. Thinking myself why is no one watching, my youtube videos, that I'm putting up on Facebook and then, I my friend is the director of marketing at Facebook and I call her I get what's up with this and, she's like dude do, you think we're gonna promote YouTube. And. I was like oh. Good point, Yeah. Right. So so. You've got to drop that raw file, so, I uploaded, a video on Facebook same. Video that I put the youtube link on that I got one like on and my. Viewership on that YouTube video went up one, view literally, it, went from 12 to 13 I put that same video out the next week after I talked to her and that. Same video got about 1200. Views. Crazy. Right its, business Facebook. And youtuber competitors so don't put hey check out my latest video talking, to my dad as a, link in Facebook they'll squash it no one will see it put, up the raw. Footage in Facebook now we're in two places, cool. Great. What. We do next we. Take a clip, the best clip of Pete. And Tom, talking and maybe. We title it. Do. You know you, know father-son, laundry, father-son. Dry-cleaning father-son business whatever you want to say for all of you father's, out there that's. Actually probably what I would do for, all of you father's, out there, for. All of you fathers I would find the best 30, to 60 second clip of that, video and I put it up on Instagram. With. It and this is called a meme video guys and, these. Things are killing right now on Instagram right. And. You're, gonna see why when we get to the fit when we get to the paid ad stuff but. Like this stuff is just destroying, for, all the father's out there what we're gonna do with this by the way tom is we're, going to target. This, ad to.

Father's, That live within 13, miles of your dry cleaners. That. Make more than $100,000. What. Like, what we'll, get to that part that's the best part the ad platforms, are. Unbelievably. Good. Okay. What. Else we do with this guys now. We got we took care of the videos right did, a great job we did the YouTube video we have facebook video at the Instagram video now, maybe. Tom or maybe Tom's copywriter, or maybe Tom's intern or maybe Tom's son maybe, Tom's anything, wants, to take this 12 minute YouTube video that we talked about, father-son. Dynamic in, a small business and guess, what he does with it he writes an article, the. Five lessons I learned from my dad when, he handed me the business and. We. Put we write that article and, we put it up on LinkedIn, and. We put that same article, up on our blog on, our website and by. The way you can also put that same, article a day later as a Facebook. And Instagram. It's called long-form, blog post. Meaning. I'm literally gonna copy and paste what I wrote and I'm gonna copy, it into, Facebook it, works it's one, of the best, performing. Pieces of content right now on Facebook long-form. Blog posts I'm talking 500. 1000. 2000. Words long and. You. Just drop it in you put a picture up there it works. People. Read it and, and, and they really do because I test it all the time and I always think the same thing so I'll bury a little I'll put little weird, things like 3/4, of the way down that. I know the, audience will like respond, to if they actually get to it and then I'll read in the comments like what are people responding to then, respond to that weird thing that I put. Well. It, it. He'll it helped if they don't read the whole thing you mean. I. Understand. Okay. So, I understand, that point and this, is so there's two I have two answers to that the first thing is this number, one, it's. Not the sexiest industry for sure, but. There are so many industries that are not like, shoes. Are not sex either but, Nike has somehow made it very. Sexy right so. You are in control of, how, you mean like there are I could take so many businesses that are not sexy and turn them into a sexy I could I could actually take all of your businesses, and turn, into the thing that everyone in town is talking about did you hear about what your dragon ankle did, you hear about Martinizing did you see, what more like it would be the table talk, discussion. I'm serious, and it is within your it is within your power so. The first thing is the, fact that you know the fact that you have in your head that it's not a sexy industry I get it but, that's because none, of you have.

Taken The, initiative to make it sexy that's. What I mean one of you will dominate one. Of you will dominate this industry one of you will become the you, will start getting invited to speak at these conferences, because, no, one is doing it like you do and then all of a sudden you're making $100,000, you're speaking, at conferences because, you took a branding initiative to, make it sexy. That's. The first thing second, thing is even if they don't read the whole thing people. Buy from people today what. They. Like they, trust, but, more than that they, buy from people that they remember. Right. I have. Friends, that will call me good friends like my best friends, in life will call me be like bro what do you do. And. I'm a you're my best friend in life you don't know what I do he's. Like bro bit I'm busy I'm like a partner. At a big firm in Manhattan like I don't know what, you do, it's. It's not that he doesn't like me it's, not he doesn't trust me because he doesn't his best friend it's, remember. Me and that's. My fault, and if, people don't remember you it's your fault and even. If you put along for forum blog post up and three. People see the title but, don't take the time to read it you're already back on their mind and you do it again tomorrow and again, the next day persistence. Is one of the things that somebody said for the word for brand who said persistence, for. Brand what, brand means Smith, some persistence anyway consistency. Who's a consistency. Wait. Hearing things. Dude. Like you are you really making me sweat this much. You're. Messed up man. I'm. Like sweating up here you're like I did then while you're talking to. Thank. You Bryan it's cuz we're it's cuz we have the name brother thing I have. An idea of doing a name brother convention, we're, like everyone has the same first name you never have to ask anyone with their name is, so. Like you walk into the party and you're like what's up riding a Kia what's up right you know how's, everything good you good good it's like you never really watch your name you know and your honking remember anyway so. Anyway. What, do we swear we talking about oh, the. Blood so you got to get on people's radars, over, and over and over and if consistency, was the word that you said that. Is, true you have to be consistent, right, so. The question. Maybe upping margaret's down in San Diego I used to travel in that area where, you're you're charging, by yep. And. That's exactly. Right and. That's. Exactly that's. Exactly right, and then, that's what I mean by media company and we're gonna get into like what are some of these ideas that you get but but that is like an exact, example so you. Could start to interview, fashion. Icons in your in your neighborhood, you could get fashion. Icons, to post. A picture with, you at your dry cleaners, you could that's. Exactly right and that's what I want everyone to start thinking, like right. Because. That is now we are now we are now so far beyond like. Two for one right that's, exactly right so, the, last thing I would say about about. About. Tom's interview, with his father is and. This. Is a big one and, of. You know we'll. Get into the importance of it but I would then rip, the audio from. This YouTube video and then, upload it to up as a podcast. Right. And. Podcasts. Does, everyone know what a podcast is, does, anyone not know what Pacus is and that's fine if you don't. Know. Problem a podcast, is just a radio. Show it's, a modern-day radio show you can create, your own on iTunes you can create your own institure, and, create your own pot ematic create. Your own on on, all these different platforms and, there. There are a couple different advantages to a podcast now I want to just talk about podcast for just a second and then if there are more questions about it we can get into them but, I do think it's worth just taking a two minute pause here to talk about the. Reason that, I'm so, bullish on podcasts, and my company is actually building out an audio division, right now we're, producing, podcasts, for the city of New York for one, of their biggest agencies, as well as a. Couple, of big-time personal, brands in in the New York City area, the, reason that I think podcasting. Is so, so. Important, is because, it's, passive, consumption, you. Know you can cook your family, dinner and listen. To a podcast but, you can't cook your family dinner and watch the, YouTube video you. Can take a shower and listen to a podcast but you're probably not gonna want to be holding a phone. In the shower and watch a YouTube video right. You. Can drive your kids to school you can commute you can fly in a plane, what.

We Love is human beings more than basically. Anything other than family and faith and, having. Food is, what. Time. We. Value time more than basically, anything we've, think about this guys and gals. We, value time so, much, that. When we get an email that we really. Hate and you, all know the, people that somehow got you on their mailing list and you hate, them, you're. Never gonna buy from them ever and you, open their email and you're like oh another, email, from this jerk, right. Instead. Of scrolling, down to the bottom of that email and hitting. Unsubscribe. And then filling out the two or three questions as to why your one subscribed, which takes eight seconds. You're. Just gonna delete the email. You. Actually, value seven seconds, of your life so much that you're willing to put yourself through the stressful agony. Every. Week of being like I hate you, but. You don't want to take seven seconds, to unsubscribe. Right. It's. Unbelievable. And so, we. Value, time, we. Value time the reason that uber and lyft, are even. A thing right now I live in New York City I call, an uber I'm waiting for the uber and guess what I see I see. 13. Yellow, cabs pass by and they're all empty. But. The perception in my mind of saving, time knowing, that, uber is coming in two minutes is worth, it to me, right. So. The. Thing about a podcast, is you're giving your consumers, their time back. That's. Why I'm so bullish on every single one of you also having a podcast. Now. This makes sense at a. Concept. Does anyone have questions logistically. Or anything yes sir. Yeah. No. You you take that same video. You. Just drop it in Facebook exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Yep. You. Got it if, you have a if you have a blog on your website. It. Depend depends, it depends this so, so, but, here, here it's a lot of work and I always, hear that and I get that there's. A couple things number one you can hire it out and because, this is very, very. How. Do I say this nicely it. Doesn't require a whole lot of intellectual. Intelligence. Yes. For. Sure, here's, what's. That, here. The two places that your ad agency might not where, you'll have to be vigilant about watching, them number, one when, you start to get into the art to, the article, part right. It. Shouldn't, be that hard to transcribe. An interview like, it shouldn't be that hard but. If you're kind of if you take pride in being a great writer and your, ad agency is literally kind of like transcribing, things and it doesn't feel as sexy. To you then, maybe you want to just write the article or hire someone to write the article that's, number one number. Two is they have to spend a little bit of time figuring. Out like what. Kind, of memes, will, work so, the, most important, thing to go back to your ad agency and tell them is like I heard this guy in Colorado. He gave us these suggestions I want to start implementing them there, are a couple things that are really important, number one we're, dropping the facebook video as a raw video okay. Number two the. Top of the meme video that we're making and if you're if you're working with an ad agency and they don't know what a meme video is fire them tomorrow, seriously. Because a lot of you'll be like what's a meme video and that's Emmy Emmy m-e. II a. Meme video if, you're working with someone does not know what a meme video is they're not in 2018, marketing wrong. Yeah. I can I can actually actually show you what it is I have. It up here right here I. Could. Sure I could show you Oh. Kermit. What's the oh thanks. And. The dude. He's. Never gonna let me live that one down, hurt. So. Check this out guys. Can. We play this. So. Real so real quick while Kermit's firing up the projector, let. Me let me just finish what else is important, what's your name sir Jim. Jim let me just finish what else is important so the mean video is important, and then. Here's. Where most, people are, gonna make a mistake. Especially. If you're working with a marketing agency that basically only cares about you as a, you. Know monthly, $5,000, investment. Yeah. So. Well. Of, course you're not because nobody's doing this this is that this is like the cutting edge this is like the best stuff right so.

We'll Come to this and once again so. Every. Single platform is different, right. Like the 62, year old lady that's. In facebook, is there for a different reason than the 18 year old boy that's. An Instagram, okay. So. The. Copy has to change for, all of these and this, is like you, don't have to figure this stuff out today, this. This is stuff that you'll tweak you'll figure out but, if the ad agency, that you work with takes, the same video on. Facebook. And YouTube and puts, it up on Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and all of the copy meaning, the description, of what that says under that video is exactly, the same they're, lazy, and you, should either fire them or tell them to start to step it up because. Though I you. Know on the YouTube I'm gonna write a description and at, the bottom of the description it's gonna say follow me on Facebook, follow me on you too follow me on instagram follow me here I'm not gonna do the same thing on Facebook I'm. Gonna write so I'm gonna write a much, quicker clip on Facebook I'm gonna write a different clip on Instagram, right. Does, that make sense so these are the places that you have to really if you're outsourcing, this stuff I'm coming in a second. It's. Great and this is they can definitely do this for you the importance things are that the Facebook thing the instrument mean video and that every copy is different, okay. Now here's what a meme video looks like. So. Your, clients, deserve the best let's play you this one. Right. So, just so you know here's how I hack, my content, and I'm not saying that all of you have to do this although it's really, really really I mean I I. Committed. To this idea about 18 months ago my business has doubled in the last 18 like doubled, in the last 18 months and the, coolest part about it and this is the part part to will get to I don't even I don't, even I don't, even like ask, for business it all comes to me it's, pull marketing it all it's all coming to me so. Here's. An example of a meme video okay oh. Wait. This is in Spanish sorry. That, Konya, that. We have a but I have a complete but completely, bilingual brand, so. A, lot of this stuff is in is. In, Spanish, but um. Major. Clients. Oh. Hey. Real this. Was in English so, the moment I quit my job okay. I didn't. Run an ad on this this got 1,100, views and organically. If I ran an ad on this I would probably run, it against. 21. To 27, year olds who. Are. Following. Like, motivational. People, or digital, Nomad people, people that want to move out of their job right. So the, moment I quit my job people that you know people go what's it gonna say it's their list they're laying in bed with their partner they're at their desks where they're not supposed to be on Instagram they're, on the, toilet like they, don't want they don't want people to know they're watching Instagram. 68%. Of people are not listening, to the audio of your videos so, if you if you don't have those subtitles. Down there you're missing an opportunity, to. Communicate to people even if they're not watching right oh. No. On the Instagram videos on YouTube, they're really seen the audio I. Don't. I don't I don't want to lie to you I don't know but it's it's pretty it's probably a little bit lower but, not a lot Facebook, but my facebook videos are usually a little bit longer so people aren't gonna really invest like, eight, minutes of reading but. For a 35 second clip they will they'll read right. Question. I'm. Not familiar with I'm not familiar with how well flickers performing, I would. Say they're I don't, I don't want to say the wrong I would just say do them both, yeah. I'm, I mean when it when it's between doing less and doing more just do more always yes. No. Worries. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This. Is a great I'm, really happy I asked this question there's a couple of really important, things happening, in your question and and this is gonna help a lot of you so thank you for asking number. One you. Would be surprised, how. Much. The quality, of the video doesn't matter when, you're delivering great. Content. Number. One number. Two and, this is I'm so glad you asked, your. Opinion. Your. Opinion what's, your name Mike. Mike's, singular. Opinion, about. His opinion. On, video. Has. Nothing, to do with the market and. And. So many people, make, this mistake they, say I would, never watch an eight-minute video so I'm not gonna make one, I'm.

Like You're, unbelievably. Naive to, the marketplace because. Just because you, would never watch an eight-minute video there. Are billions, of people watching, eight-minute videos so. Your own opinion. About what, you think is good or bad means, absolutely. Nothing to. Business. And. I'm not trying to be hard on you but like that's a really, really, really. Important, point you. Know because people like oh but this video is 18 minutes and I'm like okay when, was the last time that you went to a movie oh it last weekend okay did you stay for a little thing yeah how long was it two hours. So. So. You sat and watched a video for 120, minutes yeah so, why is 18 minutes too many oh I. Don't, know I guess it's not, right. It's more about the what, is it that you're delivering content. Wise, right. Questions. Yes. I. Completely. Agree with it and I actually think for what you guys do. The. Least produced, it is the better oh. Good. Question, that's. Where we gonna get to next that, is a great question and I love how many hands rep right now I'm like I'm like really. Pumped up right now like I'm really like I'm trying to play it cool but I'm like, fired up right now. Yeah. Can. We just all agree that this will be the best I love you man but like this will be the best, can. We like all agree, that this will be the best conference, that we've ever been to together like can we just like can. We try, to make sure that like, this is like this is the kawaii' of beaches like, know what you can never go to their Beach after this. Yeah. I know hey, what's up all right. Yeah. But you can't see how many views there are. YouTube. And. It's free sometimes. A beaut the paperboys Vimeo. Versus YouTube. You. To you, you can just like you there's literally just like an upload file, button yeah. Yeah. And. The Indies. You, have the same you have the Saint you so you have that so let's say you did on your phone yeah you can just upload it to Facebook from your phone or if, you saved it into a hard, disk or like if you, have anyone, that has any video, knowledge, they'll know how to do it okay unless, you want to do it yourself then just watch like a video on YouTube video about.

How To upload a video for and, and, and. You know what. Guys. I actually I, actually really, respect. Yeah. Yeah you. Can use the teenagers, you. What you don't want to use the teenagers for is part. 3. When, we get to the Facebook advertising stuff, and I'll explain why in a second um. Anything. Like I admire the fact you asked that question because everyone's like oh that's a basic question but like I admire the fact you asked it because. Anything. That you guys don't know like logistically, like how do I make a mean video I mean you're thinking about just. Going to YouTube or Google and like there are so, many videos. About how you can create how, do i how do i upload a raw video on to facebook there will be thousands of videos to show you yes. Because. It's just it's. The split-second, where someone just decides, if they want to watch it or not and. Then. We're, gonna talk about the, next part of this is going to be intent based marketing, and so. We're gonna talk about like deikun's like reap, deconstructing. And reverse engineering, who you want to watch and why you want them to watch it and that will also help with thinking. Through the title, thinking, through the copy thinking. Through all that cool. Yes I. Don't. I don't I would have, to see your Facebook post but I would say probably you do probably I like. To keep things as separate as possible because again people are on Twitter to, listen, like. Twitter, is the only social, platform, where people actually go, to like listen everything. Else they're going to like create or consume Twitter, is a great place to like hear what the market is saying so, you. Know give, me an example of like a recent, Facebook post that you put that got tweeted. So. You know you might want to you might your Facebook, thing might say like hey, check it out fifteen percent off for the month of October, come, see us in Southern California and, then, your Twitter thing which, is a little bit more snappy, might be like you know who wants to save some money to a questionmark bitly, like link to the thing. Right. Twitter. Is definitely, something that you can do I didn't mention it because it's not a, content. Creation place. But. You can definitely do Twitter I mean Twitter works. Especially for small markets and that's one of the seven as well.

Edit. I didn't mention it just because it didn't fit into like the thing but like you can take any of the content that you have. And then write a really, quick little post and then put that link on Twitter right. Good, question, yes. So. Like buffer be like HootSuite like, these it's. It's if you. Write the copy, differently. For every platform it's fine yeah. It's totally fine it's a time saver so for those of you that aren't familiar HootSuite. Buffer, these are all management. Tools that. Allow you to basically upload, stuff in one, place, schedule. When it gets sent out and then. You just hit program, and then at so so today tell, me your name so. Jamie is today gonna sit, and do all of her week's content, right. She's gonna spend four hours today sitting down and writing everything out and then she's gonna put this one gets scheduled for Monday at noon this one gets scheduled for Tuesday at 3:00 this one gets scheduled for Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and then program and then throughout the week she doesn't have to think about it she's, not like at the computer at noon typing. It in so. It's not it's a good it's a good tool as well yes, sir. Yeah. That's a great question. Yeah. You could hire you can hire our company. Connected. Brian recom. Why. Don't everyone just take a second think about that. Connect. At Brian Raschi comm criminy can you get that up there for me bro. Thanks. Brother see you guys heard the bro right he said bro that time I knew. It Courtney Courtney, you, hurry right. Yeah. It. Had like the same ad they did they ran this that's just that's pathetic. That's just negligent, that's, just I mean that I am so, I, don't. Wanna be started that, is pathetic. I mean. I can't I can't even, imagine that, people can sleep at night I mean that is just yeah. That's horrible sorry, to hear that. Sure. It was your company. Are. You the competitor. Are, you the competitor because I'm about to get really excited. This. Is amazing. Said. Again there what. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah but but I think. Damn. It. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I even what, even to your point like I don't care I don't care how little, or how much you're paying if you're literally recycling. The, same content, for paint, to paying clients, it's lazy and, negligent and it should not happen. Yeah. I. Totally. Understood and but all I'm saying is like use a different stock image you. Know that's. Crazy okay question, I. Love. Selfish, question yeah. You. Need a break are. We at 9:30 almost. All, right doing a break they, take a break. Thanks. Some, of the biggest brands in the world are, still, paying, for Facebook, for, TV commercials, guess. How much money last year was spent from. CPG, from consumer, packaged goods brands. In. TV. Commercials eighty. Billion. Dollars. Eighty. Billion, dollars so. You guys are thinking what does that to do with me here's, best to do with you, the. Second that Chase Bank and coca-cola, and, Pepsi. And all, the biggest brands in the world figure, out that. Facebook is the, only, way, to, sell things at this point they. Are gonna start to put their money into. The Facebook ad platform, so, what that means is, what. Costs, you $7, to get in front of a thousand people today in. 36. Months when, all these brands figured out is gonna cost you $75. And. So. We have a window, and it's small, it's, one two maybe three years because. Big companies are slow, and bureaucratic, and, clunky, and resistant, to change, the biggest difference that all of us have, against.

Big Companies is we're. The ones that make the decisions and we can decide tomorrow. To, do this and invest, tomorrow, and guess, what all and, I mean all of the financial, upside that, we benefit from is ours. The, reason that these big brands are reluctant to do this is because they're, waiting for their next raise they. Don't actually care, about coca-cola it's, not their company, they're the CEO of a company, and they, care about their profit, shares and they care about their next job and they care about their next raise and they care about the next board they're gonna sit on they don't actually care. About the revenues of the company. That's. Why they're slow because. If it was their company they, do it tomorrow because. They're spending way too much money and it's all getting wasted. We. All care a lot, because, it's our money and it's our company, right. So does that make sense about why I'm push that's, kind of a longer answer your question but everyone needs to understand, that if you don't figure this out in the next year or two or three you're, gonna call me in ten years and be like do I really wish I would have listened to you that same, ad is now a hundred and twenty it's to say it's the reason I don't do SEO. Because. Wine eight. Years ago was ten cents a click and now it's 15 bucks. Right. So. That's. That's, how that's that's, why I'm so passionate about telling you guys this. Is the chance for Facebook, and Instagram. Search. And search engine optimization so. You paying, for like every, time someone says one your thing. So. Good questions so now. Now. There's. Just so much to cover so now I know. It's crazy so, I. Just. Totally, told you guys about how amazing Facebook, and Instagram and YouTube and all these platforms are right but. What I'm nervous about is that. If you become too dependent. On those platforms you're, vulnerable, meaning, if tomorrow. You have 16, thousand followers and, you, put up a picture, a video, of you, with a sum it isn't copyrighted, that's copyrighted you need get permission for and Instagram, decides to kick you off their platform, you just worked really hard for. The last 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 years to. Get those 16,000. People and now they're gone. The. Reason I like websites and the reason I like any of these platforms and we should all be thinking about as we're creating this content and as we're starting to move people into funnels, is how.

Do I become, independent. Of all, of this meaning. How do I use Facebook and Instagram and, YouTube and, everything, to, get people to, a central, place. Like a website. Where. I can get what their name, their. Email and, their phone. Number because. This is what makes you unreplaceable. When. You build your own database, you, want to use I I want, to you I don't care at all about Facebook, I don't care at all about Instagram I use, them I use, them so. Hard for my own professional, benefit, I'm. Not on them to find chicks and hook up I'm on, them to, literally find. Customers. And make money, and, the. Best way to do that is to get on there to build the brand that we just spent the first two hours talking about so that people trust you. Because. I'm not gonna give you that my name and my email unless, I trust you unless you've added value, unless you've shown me that you can do something for me and then. When it comes time for me to make a very simple ask which is hey we'll. Send you amazing, deals just, give me your name and your email then, you start to build the, name and the email and a Facebook, or Instagram or YouTube or LinkedIn disappears, tomorrow I don't, care at all. Because. I've already used it for what I need which is to get more customers. Right. And the, other thing is don't, be don't depend, just on, the social platforms, to get the new customers you guys if I was running a dry cleaning establishment I would, be standing at the front of that establishment, and every, single person that walks in be, like hey did you have you seen our new YouTube show we're, bringing the best of Montgomery, we're bringing the best of India we're bringing the best of New York or, bring like it's mind-blowing, what we're doing I got, have you seen it have you if you haven't seen it please just put your name your email here I'm gonna send you the latest episode. And. They're like oh cool yeah did, you see it we just interviewed the mayor hey we just interviewed the pastor hey we just interviewed this have you been to the new restaurant up the street no I haven't you've got it you you've gotta see the interview it's, crazy. Name. Email. Send. Them what, you're doing you're, building brand you're. Adding them value. You. Were getting their name on their email, they're. Gonna come back in next, time they come in they like do the interview. With the mayor was awesome, what do you ask them. Who. Else should we interview. Who. Else do you know what, do you do, what. You wanna be in the show start. Entering your customers. Know. Me on the show I noticed. That you were you sit on the PTA the school like tell, me about your experience one, of the rest of the parents in this community needs to know maybe the ones that are too busy to sit on the PTA you could help them out what can you do for them and now all of a sudden what is happening it's like well, yeah I want to be on the show you. Think that he's ever gonna go anywhere, else after, he's on my show he's never going anywhere else and he's gonna tell everyone, at his kid's eighth birthday, party next week that he was on my show and then his wife's gonna show me the video and, I'm gonna show the video and now the sudden, you're in front of 32, new, people.

Do. You guys understand. How unbelievable. This opportunity, is. It's. Crazy. But. You can still sound like two for one shirt deals if you want. This. Is the future guys this, is the future yes ma'am. Yeah. No. No it all lives in the all lives in the existing Facebook page. Yep. Yep. Yep. Exactly whatever, you want to do frequently. Asked questions sponsored by. It. You know today in the neighborhood sponsored, by. CE, fabricair. She said

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