What Ever Happened to Ronald McDonald? (And the Bizarre Rules for Those Playing the Character)

What Ever Happened to Ronald McDonald? (And the Bizarre Rules for Those Playing the Character)

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This, video is brought to you by Skillshare, Skillshare is an online, learning community with more than 19, thousand. Courses right, now the first 500, people to click the link in the description can get two whole months of Skillshare for. Free. According. To official, company statements, Ronald McDonald is second, only to Santa, in terms, of recognition, while this may or may not have been true at one point in time you might have noticed that of late the formerly prominent, fast-food, mascot, has almost completely. Disappeared. From the limelight so how, did Ronald McDonald, come about in the first place and where, has he disappeared to. In recent years the, original idea, behind the character, of Ronald McDonald, was more, or less to just capitalize. On the popularity of, the iconic, Bozo. The Clown with, initial. Efforts on this front simply advertising. On that children's, show in the Washington DC area, when this succeeded, in getting kids to drag, their parents, to McDonald's, in 1963. McDonald's, decided, to create, their, own similar. Character, with the first, to portray V bozo knockoff, being none other than Willard Scott who would later go on to much more prominent fame for his decades of work on The Today Show wanting. To expand. The character McDonald's, hired the Ringling, Brothers clown Michael, Pollack hogs better known as Coco, the clown to redo, the look of Ronald, McDonald, you see at the time Ronald's, garb featured, a cardboard. Tray, for a hat and a paper, cup over, his nose not, exactly, primetime. Material, is it what Paula coughs came up with is the now iconic, look. Of the character with this Ronald, McDonald, well he was ready for the big time at which point Scott was promptly, fired, from the role in, 1966. And Bev Bergeron, was hired to take his place Marley I often read Scott was fired for being too fat which would be kind, of ironic if, true, this seems unlikely as, Bev Bergesen, had many, more tires in his trunk than Scott did at the time from. This it seems more likely that a Bergesen was probably hired as he was vastly, more qualified, for the role with an extremely. Impressive resume, as, entertainer magician, and of, course a clown in fact later in life he would actually receive, a Lifetime, Achievement fellowship, award from the Academy, of Magic Arts and Sciences. So, speaking, of VAS, which officially, McDonald's publicly, only recognizes. Nine men as having, played the character since, the 1960s. When he was created, oughta put it another way if McDonald's. Is to be believed more men have walked on the, moon than, played Ronald, McDonald, the reality, though is the hundreds, if not thousands. Of actors have portrayed Ronald, over the years with said actors usually being tasked, with being, ver Ronald for a specific area, or a set of specific McDonald's. Restaurants, save, for a few scant, references, to the handful, of men known to have portrayed Ronald in an official capacity, McDonald's. As a company, otherwise, insists. That Ronald, is real. And that there is indeed. Only one of him towards, this end the company has rules in place that prevent two or more Ronald's, from ever appearing. In costume, at the same place at, the same time that. Is saved, for a secret, conference the company holds for Ronald's, that it refuses. To admit actually, happens in, an attempt to capture, McDonald's. Out the Baltimore. Sun once reached out to the company and asked how Ronald seemingly appeared, in so many places at once if there was only one, of him in response, the company issued, a statement, they, claimed was from Ronald himself which read if I told you all my secrets they, wouldn't, be secrets, anymore let's just say that we knew knee and Santa, it's, magic, this, means it is the official, position, of McDonald's.

As A company, that not only is Ronald McDonald, real but, that he has magical. Powers so, as to not to break the carefully, crafted illusion that, Ronald is real, men, playing him are forbidden, from disclosing, their real identity, in costume. And even, from taking, the costume home with them as an idea of how seriously. The actors playing Ronald take this we're aware of at least one, example of a Ronald being detained, by police as, a direct, result of the no admitting, you're just an actor while playing Ronald's policy which was handed down by McDonald's, specifically, after an actor in his full Ronald, McDonald, costume, got into a minor, car crash in Michigan in 2000, they weren't temporarily, detained after, being asked to give their real name and hilariously. Refusing, to respond with any other name than Ronald McDonald. To the police in addition, to being expected, never, to disclose that they're just an actor playing a part while in costume out of costume actors, who play Ronald, similarly aren't supposed to acknowledge that fact instructed, to refer to themselves as, Ronald's. Helpers, when asked, what their job is understandably. Given the character's position, as the face of their brands McDonald's, takes the training, of prospective, Ronald's, incredibly. Seriously, putting, anyone wanting, to Don, his iconic, outfit through an extensive. And grueling, training, program, while this training program has evolved somewhat over the years to reflect the changing, climate surrounding. The brand and its products, more on that in a moment it is mostly, the same as it was back in the 1970s, and follows, the rules and guidelines set, out in a book which is titled Ronald, and how this, was penned by a former, Ronald named I J, with the help, of advertising, executive, Ryberg, alt at this point J was serving as the company's boss, found a role that mainly, involved overseeing the hiring, and training of, other Ronald's, as you might, have guessed from the title the book teaches actors everything, they need to know about being. Ronald. McDonald's. For example along, with containing, information about the characters, history roles, and how gives practical, advice on everything, from applying, makeup to walking, around in those ridiculous. Shoes the. Book also features Ronald's how to interact with children in a non-creepy way which let's be fair when playing a clown is kind of a difficult task, for, example given, the rampant. Stigma, against strange men interacting, with random, children the book carries a stark, warning never, to initiate, a hug instead, suggesting, Ronald's response to a child trying to hug them by it turning to the side and patting, the child on the back with, this in mind it's probably, not all that surprising that prospective Ronald's, are also subjected to extensive. Background, checks, ronald's are also constantly, tested, on their suitability for the role by official. Ronald trainers, who are given, the power to fire, a Ronald on the spot that any reason, if they don't measure up to the exacting, demands of the company amazingly. These trainers also have the power to put actors playing the character, on Ronald's. Probations. Let them know this they literally. Need to get their act together according. To Jeffrey de Leon o who played Ronald for about a year and a half in the late 1970s. One of the more unusual rules. They have to follow is never, eating McDonald's food, in costume, this is reportedly, because it might smudge their makeup Giuliano has also claims that he was forbidden, by McDonald's, brass from informing. Children how McDonald's hamburgers. Were made instead, if a child, asked, where these hamburgers. Came from he was instructed, to give a stock response about McDonald's, burgers being grown in patches where they, are picked whole, this, was presumably, done as to maintain, consistency, with a series, of McDonald's, ads from the early 1970s, aimed at children which claims that hamburgers, grew in a special patch in a place called McDonald.

Of Land in instead of being made by Soaring approximately, half a million cows every, single year, according. To Canon, established, by the ads McDole bland is a place, where McDonald's. Food grows naturally in a world being populated, with things like french, fry bushes, which we personally, think is a better name than potato. Plants there are also trees, that bear piping-hot, a McDonald's, apple pies and a volcano, is filled with milkshakes, in stead, of lava which would have made the whole historic, destruction, of Pompeii a lot more fun, one. Can only imagine how Pliny the elders, supposed, fortune, favors, the brave statement, might have morphed if that was the case as you might, have guessed Ronald McDonald hails from those magical lands and throughout, the 1970s. He seemed to be able to travel between it and our own world it will somehow, as time, went on though Ronald was shown visiting McDonald, lands last and last with modern, ads and promotional, material suggesting, that he had seemingly decided. To live in our world permanently. A fact that segues, nicely to. The training, of more, recent ronald's you see in recent, years McDonald's has been attempting, to rebrand. Ronald's, to distance, themselves from accusations. That the character exists, only to peddle. Junk, food to children with some even going so far as comparing Ronald McDonald's, to the old Joe Camel cigarette, ads which while not officially aimed at teens studies, showed that a full one-third, of teen smokers in the u.s. chose to smoke Camel, cigarettes, before the less comic-like version, of the character was phased out because of the public backlash in an attempt to get, around similar, negative PR, but still keep their iconic, mascot, McDonald's, has recently pushed, Ronald, as an advocate, for health instead. A thing worth noting, is that according to McDonald's, Ronald's, goal has never been to sell, McDonald's, food but to promote the values, that the company considers, integral. To its brands in fact officially, Ronald's, position within McDonald's, is that of a national, spokesman McDonald's. Maintains, them that Ronald is merely an ambassador, for goodwill and happiness. And that his main concern, has always been fun as well as educating, children about important. Subjects, such as fire safety exercise, health and hygiene, anti, bullying self-esteem. And literacy. Of, course many of these lessons, take place inside, McDonald's. Restaurants, not to mention all of the ads with Ronald, where he's clearly, trying to sell McDonald's, food children Bert's. Paragraph, the. First rumblings, that McDonald's were considering, ways to revamp, Ronald came about in, 2002. When rumors began circulating, that they were going to reduce the visibility, of the character in promotional, material, in the wake of sustained. Negative, coverage of the brands and accusations. That it was playing a role in childhood. Obesity, while McDonald's, did admit, that the character was going to play a reduced role in advertising, top, brass in the company stated that the reason for this was due to research suggesting. The character didn't, resonate with children, anymore with one executive noting, simply he reminds me of Mickey Mouse iconic. But, dated, the, kids have, moved on a year, later in, 2003. McDonald's, began trying, in earnest to revamp, Ronald's, image announcing, that the character had been promoted from mascots, to chief. Happiness officer a new position created, just, for him exactly. What if any duties, a chief, happiness officer has, aren't really clear with one McDonald's executive. Noting that Ronald doesn't even get paid and further noting, about the question of Ronald's salary Ronald, doesn't go out to work he goes out to have fun in truth it would appear from accounts. Of former Ronald McDonald's, that the gig pays anywhere from about forty thousand dollars per year up to nearly half a million dollars per year depending, on what district, one is assigned to how prominently, McDonald's, chooses to use you etc in, fact, the top Ronald's reportedly, even get their own fancy, office with secretaries. And bodyguards. To boot apparently, the latter up necessary, is older children sometimes like to throw things that mr. McDonald's, and some adults also behave badly towards, him in any event in 2005, McDonald's, pitched Ronald as a global, ambassador of, fun, fitness and children's, well-being releasing. A series of ads showing him tearing, it up on a snowboard and juggling, fruit these, ads coincided. With a fundamental, shift in how McDonald's trained, Ronald's, with the company making and known that anyone who wanted a play the character now had to be fit enough to sell the idea that, he could do anything that a Ronald did in the ads according.

To Insiders, McDonald's, went as far as to straight-up, fire long time Ronald's, that it felt were too out of shape at the same time the company also began training Ronald's, to give basic health and nutrition. Advice to children as well as to teach games that doubled, as exercise, however, to ensure uniformity. Amongst, Ronald's the advice, they are able to give is limited, to stock scripted, answers handed, down by McDonald's, and Ronald's, are under strict instructions to never, ever go off scripts being told to tell any curious, children are adults asking questions, they don't have a scripted answer for to ask someone, wearing normal shoes. Following. This and the somewhat, lackluster response. From the public to this change McDonald's. Once again slowly, began downplaying, the role of the character in advertising, occasionally. Responding, to comments and queries about Ronald's, continued, status, as the company's mascot by saying, that while Ronald, was still around he was focusing, his effort. Promoting, Ronald, McDonald, House Charities and, here we should note that while Ronald, was less visible in McDonald's, advertising, the company it still has hundreds. Of official Ronald's, on its payroll across, the globe to promote, the brand in person, and at various events unwilling. To let go of the character however in 2012, McDonald's, decided to revamp, rolls yet again quietly hiring, Tony award-winning, designer and hold, Ward to secretly, work on updating his look unveiled, to the world in, 2014. The new Ronald ditched his old yellow jumpsuit for a goofy-looking shirt. And bow tie combo accessorized. With a garish. Red blazer this, change in look coincided. With an announcement from McDonald's, that a Ronald would be taking an active role on social media and that, he was looking forward to hearing, feedback about his, new outfit now, a donald claims that his foray into social media was a huge, success but his outfit, was not, exactly, popular on, the day that it was announced the top trending phrase on twitter was not, loving, it commenters. Additionally, noted that the change came off as more desperate, than anything else and that it was clear that the company had attempted to make Ronald look wealth less, town, like in addition to giving Ronald a new look McDonald's, announced that he was setting out on a global, mission to rally, the public through inspiring, events, a fairly, nebulous. Goal the company declined to elaborate on Ronald however, did being quoted as saying selfies. Here icon it's a big world and now wherever I go and whatever I do I'm ready to show how fun can make great things happen since, then at least according to McDonald's, Ronald has basically, spent his time doing what they as a company claim he's always done touts, the benefits. Of an active, healthy lifestyle, to children worldwide in, fact if McDonald's, are to be believed along with not paying Ronald's, apparently mr. McDonald's has literally, never taken a day off since he joined the company in 1963. Save for a brief period in 2016. When all those creepy, clown sightings happens, in response to these events McDonald's. Released a statement noting, that Ronald would be limiting, the amount of public appearances he made due, to the current. Around clown sightings and communities, officially. As of 2018. Ronald is still very much apparently, a slave, labor employee, over the McDonald's Corporation and the company maintains that he's not only real, but have acknowledged, that he possesses both magical, powers and is presumably, immortal. Due to the fact that they've, noted he will likely continue to serve in his role as a brand ambassador spokesman. And advocate, for a healthy lifestyle, forever, and so, far he has never seemed to age and, so just to recap, rather than admit it's company mascot is just a series, of guys in a costume, McDonald's. Instead, maintains, that one of their employees is, actually, an ageless magical. Clown hailing, from another dimension that, can bend reality, space, and time to his will and tries, to attract children to, his abode a fact that would be hilarious.

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That Mean son off early. Inconsistencies, and records are what led to having both look and Mak prefixes, look it's just an abbreviation of, Mac and both can actually be abbreviated further, to the far less common m so. Someone with the last name of Mac, Donald is sort, of like someone with the last name of Johnson, likely, each had ancestors with the name of Donald or John respectively, from this you can probably see why look and Mac names typically contain a second, capital letter since, proper nouns are capitalized, you would write son of Donald capital D and not son of Donald little D in the same way you would usually write Mac, Donald rather than Mac Donald with the little D but there are obviously, some exceptions, surnames, have been around so long that sometimes they, get changed, and in some families the second, capital letter it was just gotten rid of there, was also a prefix for daughter, of but these mostly, fell out of favor the daughter prefix was Nick short for the gala and I can Nick surnames. For women like McDonald's. Were fairly popular in the 17th, and 18th centuries but, after that time there, only a few, secluded, mentions of them to a lesser extent book, was used to denote grandson. Of so that a person would have two surnames like, John MacDonald, Vic master, for John being the son of Donald who in turn was the son of a master, of some sort but this tradition, was never very popular, and is not prevalent at all today so I really hope you found that video interesting, just a reminder to go check out Skillshare there is a link in the description below and if you did like it do, subscribe to this channel for brand new videos every, day of the, week and check something else out just click a link on the screen now some other videos up there as well as link to in the description below, and as always thank. You for watching.

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Could you do a video on the punishment for poaching during the middle ages?

@0:46 .........Pedophiles

I remember staying in a Ronald McDonald House as a kid in the early 80s. It was a big place so very far from home. The experience was no different that if you had taken your kid across the country and stayed in a large hotel near the hospital. Though cheerfully decorated, nothing about it made a kid feel like he was in his own home... Until that day Ronald the clown turned up. It was for a volunteer dinner (local celebrities donating their time). Ronald didn't walk in all goofy and "heya kids!" His demeanor seemed more thoughtful, pensive even, with the warmth found on his holiday TV ads. I guess the actor realized that families of kids with no hair and lots of pain don't want to be patronized or pitied, or treated like idiots. He had arrived early for setup (bad timing on the part of the event planners), so many of the families were still at the hospitals with their kids. There were three of us sequestered in a corner of the dining room. Only two of us were actual patients home early from treatment, and the third was an older sibling there to babysit us while their mother was busy in the laundry room. (Only the sickest kids had to remain at the hospital.) "Ronald's home," said the other cancer kid. I looked up to find Ronald sitting quietly in a nearby chair. His head was tilted as if trying to read our thoughts. For the first time in what felt like forever, I honestly did feel a sense of comfort brought on by something and someone familiar. Back then, visitors, staff, and Ronald himself weren't allowed to give us food or treats. His presence was good enough for us. After all, this was his house. We were his guests and he was kind enough to let our families stay with us. He moved one big red shoe to the side, then back, then to the side. It was a Simon Says game of sorts without any verbal interaction. We mimicked him and the routine became more complex each revolution. In the end, he let the other cancer kid win (I was laughing too hard to follow at that point). His laughed along with us, gave us a thumbs up, and then he went off to wherever he was supposed to be. We spotted him a few more times that night, always with a kind smile and gentle eyes as he interacted with others. I'll always hold a soft spot in my heart for the character, and the man portraying him. Very few people have ever been ill enough to know about this aspect of Ronald and McDonald's charities. Most will never realize what their spare change gives to families using the RMHC - it's hope, yes, but it's also comfort. Thanks for a good video, Simon.

The music! My God why!? It's like being trapped on the same level of an old Nintendo game and dying over and over and over and over ...

what's the noise in the background?


Woah. Suddenly, being a Ronald seems like a great gig. I mean, how many jobs have immortality and teleportation as perks?

Simple: Clowns are fuckin creepy!

As an actual clown, and as someone who knows many "people who work in the PR department" as we call them in the community, the company shut down the Ronalds. There are only 4 in the United States now as of 2017. The clown sightings in 2016 and the general public attitude (just look at the comments section) caused the company to pull the plug

Simon is one of the best presenters on YouTube. The way he delivers even the most oddball information with a sense of earnestness is really quite endearing. Keep up the good work, Mr. Whistler!

The greatest of the signature characters(including entourage)I give 2U:Ronald McDonald c.e.o,Hamburglar+Fry Guys (security)Grimace(secretary)Mayor McCheese(Mayor)Birdie (logistics and transport✨

I wonder if the 128 people who hit thumbs down were people like Dave from Wendy's or perhaps a salty employee for McDonald's, maybe even the Hamburglar himself.

That was really interesting, though I'm a bit disappointed you didn't talk about the disturbingly strange Japanese version of the character. If you haven't seen it yet just search YouTube for "japanese ronald mcdonald" and prepare yourself for the insanity.

Back in the Early 90's I remember Ronald McDonald teaching us about recycling while doing Magic Tricks at a school show. I wonder what that was about?

At that time in History, they were going big about recycling. Doubt it was fake. Just a short-lived program like many of my classes in school. Either deem for higher education or too expensive. By the time I left school, they had 'sponsors" for educational programs. (BULLSHIT COMPANIES, EDUCATION FOR THEIR OWN SHIT) Probably like McD's on overdrive.

He was probably a fake Ronald a rip off

Misspelled Convention

Bozo the Clown originated out of Chicago, not Washington, D.C.

You sure ?

Ronald died from aids and he deserved it for culturally appropriating the character from Bozo. Jared Fogel was set to replace him before he was hired by Subway. He would have done that gig for free for the Mckids. I never had any use for Ronald McDonald. The trope was creepy, gay, and unnecessary. Excuse the redundancy. That's when the culture started to go into the ditch.

Anal tearing ?¿

This is Fascinating and Frakking Wierd at the same time

the history of SPAM, the canned meat

What about the Ronald that was busted for kiddy porn way back in the 80s or 90s? It made all 3 news networks then poof, nothing more was ever heard of the story, wtf?

It was probably covered up by McDonald's and the government it's not unheard of

Fantastic video Simon, and I'm really excited to see the new format and the background. Congrats on tying up the knot!

Anal tearing be?¿

They used the cartoon characters to (unscrupulously) groom a couple of generations of child consumers. Now that they are parents, they are automatically indoctrinating their kids in the McCult.

As a kid I never understood the appeal of Ronald MacDonald. I liked Grimace and that moon guy that looked like Jay Leno.

Today I found out that the presenter makes me want to blow my brains out. He is a fucking snobbish bore and I couldn't listen to his douche bagish voice inflections for one second longer.

Yup agree but you get used to it and the info is mostly factual and informative

The face Simon is making on the video thumbnail is almost as scary looking as Ronald McDonald himself. Not selling any hamburgers with that pic

I like the new look. It looks more like we stumbled on on you during your research.

He was put in prison for banging Wendy

God your speech pattern is intolerable.

You got upside down head

Bev BERGERon, how could he not audition for the part of Ronald?

This was seriously way more in dept and interesting than I was prepared for.

this video was dry, me like

how come you never have a woman hosting your show

Please lose the lame, tortuous background noise. You're possibly experimenting for an unsubscribe response?

Ronald was trying to be god in multiple places at once lol.

Somebody had a double snarky pounder with cheese before writing this.

5 yr old me literally thought he owned McDonald’s

I kind of like the standing set up better because you seem more animated in that

I haven’t had WacDonald’s in over seven years and I’m proud of it

3:19 "convetion"?

Colonel Sanders killed him

McDonalds should be closed down for serving poison(their food)

Poor Ronald; died of an overdose of political correctness...

"I swear I'll never go to Wendy's let me go please" That got me, and wins the award for "others in the house are wondering what's so funny."

Those damm aussie youtubers ruining this clown:(

Anyone else hear that creepy background music?

Isn't it odd that I heard the quote about half a million cows annually being slaughtered by McDonald's and immediately thought "that's all?"


Where does the expression "rule of thumb" come from?

Wtf kinda deep state is this

he was arrested for being a pedophile.

The Ronald MacDonald clown doesn’t bother me but their food scares the hell out of me!

that's simple, he moved into the white house!!!

Convetion?? Spell check dude.

He was hamburgulared

There was a statue of him in Bulgaria, thing is it wasn’t attached to the bench he was sitting on... So anyone could literally pick up Ronald and run off with him... hehe

Hes a lost Oompa Loompa!

On the name prefix: Until current technology has made typing my last name virtually impossible. It was Mc, with the lower case c having two dash underlines. Similar to a lower case c with an equal = sign underneath. In my family, it was always explained to me as to indicate the pronunciation should be a hard mick. So instead of Mac or some people saying Ma, it would as MICK Kee or MICK Donald, or MICK Gee. Thanks to modern tech, my last name correct spelling is rapidly fading away. Even the tombstones in our family graveyards show this.

I miss Ronald. This new Happy Meal character is fucking Satanic.

I like the background. However, I found the background music to be sandpaper for the ears. Argh. No more please. Clowns are not child friendly. I have an idea that Heath Ledger's Joker would be less scary, due to a bit more realism in the design. Now that is scary. :)

Did they improve their hamburgers since the last time I had to eat that crap in 1986?

The prefixes thing was an awesome bonus fact!

because of RAN RAN RU

Pedophile clowns are no longer in fashion

I like the studio look. I could definitely do without do without the background music though.

the BEST Ronald McDonald is a sexually confused man-child who owns a bar in philadelphia with Danny DeVito

Why did I just notice Simon wearing a wedding ring tho... #heartbroken

Milk shake volcanoes I think I would prefer the flying spaghetti monsters beer volcanoes

Pretty disappointed that you didn’t do more than mention the Ronald McDonald Houses. It’s like you only wanted to mention the negative things about the brand and it’s mascot but miss out the good work they actually do and the important part the admittedly annoying clown plays in raising funds and awareness for the houses. Would also have been a nice shoutout for them. Just a thought.

Simon has a gift for delivering silliness as serious narrative. I laughed several times watching this.

He is still pretty active on Instagram

Bozo circus originated in Chicago!!!! Near where McDonald's started, DUH!!!!

No idea just how serious they took Ronald McDonald.

What the heck is a 'convetion' ? is that like 'covfefe'? bad editing will lose viewers. badly edited on pourpose is deferint

The McDonald's in my town has gone thru several reincarnation to keep the brand fresh, but seem to have failed dismally and looks tired only a few years later. Add uninspiring menus and uninterested staff and you have a resturant that in uninviting. But, 4 years ago, when a major refurbishment was ongoing, the statues of Ronald, one of him sitting smiling on a wooden bench, another with him standing in a somewhat surprised pose waving, were removed and placed in outside storage for disposal by McDonald's Australia. I was part of a drunken bucks night whom stumbled across these forlorn figures, and ,feeling sorry for their depressing future, decided to adopt them both. Long story short, both figures were somehow transported several kilometres to my property where they both now reside. The standing figure residing in my games room holding a neon ' bar open ' sign, the other now removed from the long disposed bench and sitting atop a 60 litre keg next to the outdoor bbq with a stainless steel tray mounted on his lap. Why? Just as a talking point. Did representives from McDonald's seek repossession ? No. Police intervention ? Never.

Today I found out it is actually possible for me to hate McDonald's more than I already did. Who would have guessed?

Get your facts straight; Polakovs helped conceptualize Ronald Mc Donald & Earl "Mister Clown" Chaney was Willard's replacement. http://www.circusesandsideshows.com/performers/michaelpolakovs.html http://www.samkc.org/earl-chaney.html Wall Street Journal discussing Earl's role as Ronald: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB105417428331974100 New York Times recognizes Earl as the orginial commercial Ronald too: https://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/05/nyregion/curator-whose-curiosity-paid-off.html

I really love how you changed your format a bit to include more humor. Your channel continues to improve

looks like a Pennywise comparison ha ha ha . . . . =)

“Boss Clown” sounds like a goofy mafia boss.

I like the NEW format Simon. You look more relaxed. By the way, not being critical - to show that I am watching - a sign showing the convention reads, " McDonalds Convetion" not your fault, of course. Thanks MUCHLY for the info.

Hmmm now I'm hungry. I'm not sure why tho...

This is an educated youtube video?!?!

Sounds like Disney and the people who play the characters. They have to say something like "when I was hanging out with Mickey" to maintain character integrity

A clown with magical powers who lives In a far away land. What drugs are Mc Donald’s higher brass on cause I want some of that.

The way Simon says McDonalds makes me happy

While I hate clowns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, clowns such as Ronald who talk and are more like people who happen to look like clowns get a pass. Although having grown up in the '80s aware of all the other characters in McDonaldland. I much preferred them. If your Kindergarten's playground is full of old McDonald's playground equipment (donated when they decided the restaurants should have safer stuff), you're going to get an affection for the likes of Officer Big Mac.

Love the new look to the show but please please please drop the music.

I was a highland dancer in a small town in Washington and our pipeband was sponsored by McDonald’s and for years when I was young I thought that not only was Ronald real but he was also my very real best friend because he was present at all of our large events like parades

Hold the fucking phone.... Pliny The Elder was an actual historical figure? I always thought it was just a beer.

If you don't suck Ronald's happy meal you're a socialist

Rapist Macanal

Why he's not cooking? Isn't this Binging with Babish?

No one likes clowns

Pay for premium but still sit through built in fucking adds. Brutal.

"more tires in his trunk" Nice. I've never heard that before.

This was funny

7:34 NoOOOoOOoooooOOOOOOO!!!! :.(

It's called kayfabe. Wrestling fans get it.

He's named "Donald McDonald" here in Japan.

I have a question why do people from all over the world generally laugh in the same way? I.e hahahahaha

Left no stone unturned with the research on this one.

It all makes sense now, he is the 'It' clown!

I always thought Michael Jackson was Ronald McDonald. :S

Died of anorexia, perhaps? I mean, he was too skinny for a mascot of FAsT FOOD anyway.

Ok who ever did the captions on the background pictures deserves a raise god damn they were hilarious

I wish you had mentioned Ronald McDonald House - the charity that uses the change you put into that slot under the pay window. Its purpose is to provide housing to needy families with sick children so that parents can spend time with their children while they're in a hospital far from home. It doesn't sound like much, but it's invaluable for those who are faced with the prospect of leaving their child alone for long periods in a hospital far from home.

Red Doggo is also a very real dog with human level intelligence and the ability to use a mouse and keyboard, and also has a great sense of humor.

It’s Hilarious that Simon can keep a straight face during the end.

Sure sure, blame the people who sell the high fat, high calorie food rather than the people who buy and consume it or feed it to their kids.

I remember in Japan, many men where cosplaying Ronald McDonald

tell us about Algeria

Bozo photo was WGN in Chicago's version, not Wash DC

Very interesting but now I want some McDonald French fries.

I just wanna point out about Skillshare. DO NOT forget to unsub from them BEFORE the end of the trial or you WILL be popped with 99 bucks for a year subscription.

Losing me after 10 min... this is a long one

Ronald and the McDonaldland characters were f ing great !!!! The world is so boring these days.

And garnish his wages...MR. MCDONELL

I saw your channel playing at my local McDonalds!

Can u do a freemasonry video?

Too bad Bozo aired in Chicago

This was a good episode. Thanks for the funny tidbits

Of course it's a corporations fault if kids eat junk or smoke how dare you insinuate parents bare any responsibility.

ronald is real ronald isreal ronald israel hmmm...

Riverdale tales I agree that the info is very interesting but I'm not sure I can get past his Douchebaggery. Because of your comment though, I'll give him another chance.

John Chalinder or youtuber aussies

I can't ignore his uncanny resemblance with Vsauce

Search the Eric Andre show McDonald’s on YouTube. It’s hilarious.

make mac donalds great again

why is ronald not in commercials anymore?

this video is waay too long! interesting topic but much too long! i didn't watch the whole thing

I was hoping he would mention the Japanese ad from a few years ago with the female Ronald McDonald, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr6Wwb6Std0 and this one with her and a guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u17QHDWU3YE

Ymca does not allow employees to initiate a hug & tells staff to also turn to side for side hug

Ronald McDonald is gay!

Man, and I thought that there were a lot of rules just working at McDonald's as a so-called "customer care specialist"...

I was taught that Mc meant it was an Irish surname and Mac was a Scottish one, but both meant son of.

I think it's a cool outfit. Much better than that ridiculous yellow suit.

So, he is basically just a very larger house elf, only creepier. If only all businesses had more strict hiring practices when dealing with children, maybe the catholic church should borrow McDonalds play book should be close enough with the whole magical male figure thing and no actual concern for general wellbeing.

didn't mention that they did successfully change his appearance at one point, going from narrow stripes to wide, and shortening his shoes so he could appear as more "active"

I heard he's in maximum security on charges for performing golden showers on his victims!

Actually Ronald is still around he does security at a bar in Philadelphia.

Ronald used the Stargate to get here!

I doubt Ronald was ever more popular than Mickie Mouse.

Living in a country that has no extradition treaties with the U.S . Known pedophile clown Pennywise has implicated other high profile clowns Bozo & Cedric the Entertainer as being members of the insane clown posse who are aligned with the juggalos cult movement.

I really enjoy your vids, especially when I can learn something new. Like today, I learned how and why Mc came about. And that there used to be a version for females. That I hadn't heard of. While in 4th grade (1958) I learned that "de la Cruz(e) meant "of the Cross" and was the last name of a girl from Spain. Thank you for being a GREAT teacher. ps, I am 69 now and still learning!

Not sure how long you've been doing it, but I love the new format. Much better than the green screen

Fantastic video Simon, I'm really excited to see the new format and the background. Congrats on tying up the knot!

But what happened to Ronald's friends?

Fortune flavors the brave.

Ronald McDonald Secret CONVETION?

Great content, as usual...But OMG that music - absolutely awful.

I think if the police ask you questions it's okay to give them your real name

Sorry, but the background music was just too much. Couldn't get through the video.

If we believe McDonalds AND NASA, more people walked on the moon than played Ronald.

2nd only to Satan...I mean Santa.

I'll tell you what happened to Ronald...they found the corpses of 20 adolescent boys buried in his basement. He fled to the sewers and became Pennywise, and is in a group marriage with the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman and only emerge on moonless nights to attend cosplay conventions and the annual Running of the Juggalos. Face it people...clowns are SCARY!

I always wanted to see one as a kid but it never happened

This is an awesome video!

If they wanted to succeed with a new character or something new they should have introduced a wife/Girlfriend. Mrs. McDondald. yellow dress with red and such. then in about 3 to 9 years you can realease a Ronald Jr. and have him age slowly over the decades and eventually make him look like a bad ass goof clown instead of a standard goofy clown like his father. then you can have him meet other clown girls or friends. it really gets endless. making a show might help too. animated of course.

That was a great one. Super interesting.

I want an anime with all different OP anime styled Ronald's assembling, under the command of Boss Ronald, destroying all the other fast food mascots. I also want it to be called The Seven Deadly Ronalds.

never eat in costume i keep remembering the eric andre mcdonald skit

Ive been waiting for this Ronald McDonald lore video.

Boring as fuck Get another narrator or more interesting subjects

Going from Ronald to Arnald McDonald. Gonna PUMP your breakfast UP!

I found the background music distracting.


"selling McDonalds to children" it's just burgers and nuggets dude don't overthink it lol

Some of the subtitles are missing and a few were misplaced...

Frank Freda who played "Diver Dan" an NBC Affiliate show from the early 1960s. He was also one of the early Ronald characters. I miss the old 'Original McDonald's Stands. I thought I'd throw out my own found out for you.

The trick to smoking a Camel was ensuring that the correct end was lit.

Milkshake volcanoes. No wonder the machine is always down.

Nice segway, sneaky bastard ;) Lovin' the videos!

While living in Romania some years ago, I was amazed to find that in addition to his many magical abilities, Ronald speaks fluent Romanian.

Ronald McDonald still exists. He's on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Ah, Ronald McDonald, the only clown that kids were not afraid of...

Mmmm, french fry bushes *drools*

I’m dying laughing watching this video

Women play him too.....I still think he's creepy......they also have inflatables too .. they had one near St. Xaverian High School...I was shocked that the Xaverian boys didn't vandalize his ass off. Got an idea - get somebody to dress as Pennywise and walk around Mickey D's on Halloween...

@3:18 - "Secret Convetion" ???

3:23 "ronald mcdonald secret convetion"

8:30 in the early 60s I remember he had a flying hamburger he fueled with hamburgers (and milkshakes? not sure about that but maybe- reply if you remember...) Maybe thats how he got from McD to McD and to/from McD Land.??.

Great Segway to your last sponsor spot.

20 minutes of McDonalds. Wow this is the most time I’ve spent at McDonald’s since I was 11

Funny and informative - all the things I love about Today I found out, Biographics and Top Tens. And even when he pronounces a word differently (egad - I found out *I* have been mispronouncing words too!) Simon is engaging with a great voice.

Very informative. Of wonder the origen of Mc and Mac.

Wendy's is extra THICC 100% would bang.

Ronald is McDonald's fever dream fantasy employee. He doesn't take time off, is fit enough to do any work Mcdonald's demands, and presents himself exactly how the company wants. Moreover, he says exactly what the company wants him to say, even if its a lie. Best of all, he does all this without ever asking to be paid.

Obviously this guy did a little research but has a very negative agenda and has a lot of misinformation and such in this piece....ending in what actually turns into a commercial for his business. It is also painfully obvious that he did not take any time at all to look into Ronald's true role...and the positive impact Ronald has made on millions of lives over the years. Has this guy ever seen Ronald holding a dying child whose last wish was to see him? I have...

Kevin Spacey might not pass the background check, shame. He would have commanded that role.....and he needs the work.

New format sucks balls. What's with the lame music?

first video i couldnt finish with that cheesy music doing fills at inopportune moments....

That music loop you use is way too short, it makes it difficult to enjoy your show :(

Totally hypocritical to fire an out of shape Ronald. Apparently he doesn't eat McDonald's himself.

ran ran ruu

Why so many videos on McDonald's? Are they a sponsor?

He's president...duh.

Now let's get something straight. It is way more hilarious because it is the plot of It.

He showed up at the store I was working at, some time in the late 90s. Of course the store had promoted the hell out of this visit, so the whole place was rammed with screaming ankle-biters. He decided to start bouncing around in MY kitchen while we were going hell-for-leather just to keep up with the demand for Crappy Meals. So I kicked him out.

I am not able to watch these videos with the background "music"

and we also have Japanese Ronald McDonald that spawned trillions of memes.

in an alternative reality McDonalds is a cult in same standing as Scientology is in our reality. And all mentioned in the video above is hardline cannon, noone has ever admited to have portrayed the clown, save for handfull of people whom very promtply mysteriously dissapeared never to be seen again. How and why would company go this far to preserve mascott that they barely evne use annymore?

that suit looks like they found captain kangaroo's wardrobe at goodwill

I miss “Hamburglar”. That little stripped bastrich would fit right in today.

Or,.....maybe he just got tired of all the ghetto kids kicking him in the McNuggets, resulting in them being “Supersized”. [see “Grimace”]

All of the homosexuals, and childmolesters turned vegan so there was noone left McStupid enough to play the part, especially after all the snowflakes were scared of clowns.

Mayor McCheese

Like warm apple pie.

McDonald land was basically a rip off of HR Puffinstuff, McDonalds wanted to license their property to sell burgers. They were told no, and invented McDonald land which looked more than a little familiar to kids brought up on HR Puffinstuff. they even sued McDonalds.

I tried to go back to McDonalds twice last week, stomach pain and a strong sensation of burning followed both times.

Congratulations on the new “Studio Look”. In my opinion: The new studio looks professional, clean and not distracting. However, the music in the background is quite the opposite; cheap/tacky feeling, clunky and distracting.

That new outfit made me think of Bill Nye as a clown.

You only have to be a qualified Peadophile to be the face of Subway. You can study to be a Peadophile online.

Eat me at mc D

You should have used a picture of the actual Washington DC Bozo, who was also Willard Scott, instead of the group shot from Chicago's version of Bozo. Takes about 3 seconds of searching to find one.

He had a McHeartattack

He’s locked up as a sex offender

They went back to beef? When I worked there, it was 100%soy burgers.

McJohnson! No, wait...

Here's a good one for you! Erasmus of Rotterdam and the story behind "Praise of Folly."

He lives off children's souls oh wait that's Disney.

While Bozo's Circus would go national, it was a Chicago-based show!! Which makes sense since that's where McDonald's is also based.

After this video I'm experiencing a sudden and urgent desire for mcnuggets

Or if ur an Aussie like me you just call it Macca’s

I'm lovin' the Studio Look. Much better than the green-screen cutting off your eyeware.

what up with the random Val Kilmer pic? was he a previous Ronald?

You say "Bev Bergeron" correctly the first time, but every other time you say "Bergerson".

And you though pro wrestlers would go to absurd lengths to maintain kayfabe. I wonder what would happen if a child asked a Ronald McDonald if McDonaldland was fake.


Disobedient Ronalds endure waterboarding at the hand of other Ronalds at their secret convention, held at a dark spot called "McDonaldland" somewhere above the arctic circle that's not on any map.

I think Ronald just needs a better design. They gave him a new suit but not new make up or hair. Completely overhaul him, or change his gimmic. Characters need to evolve, Ronald shouldn't be stagnate.

Screw Politically CORRECTNESS . its for Babys

"You're a wizard, Ron!"

McDonald's MEAT IS PEOPLE! That's what he does with the bodies of the children that wander into McDonald's land

Seriously, guys, McDonald's is going health conscious! I think not. Not only their food is horrible tasting, last time I lost my insides over this crap, but the contents would survive a nuclear explosion. I bet you roaches wouldn't eat this junk, and they eat everything. Seriously, when did anyone saw a healthy, physically fit person coming out of McDonald's. They don't call them Big Mac's for nothing, wink wink:)

How has Hollywood not come up with a movie about someone going through all the training and tests to become the next mascot? It could be like Ender's game meets Kingsman.

@3:25 Convetion ?

It would be very cool if Ronald made a cameo in IT (Part 2) as a comedy reference in the film.

New production values.. But also a lot more sarcasm this time

I have to admit that I found the bonus fact of last names utterly fascinating!

Do you ship him with Wendy, or the Dairy Queen?

ooh a fun clown and local history cause the first McDonald's was in DesPlaines, IL and... "slaughtering half a million cows a year" man... why you gotta remind me of facts...

Thanks for the skillshare :) I love this channel

Wow the Ronald McDonald lore is pretty deep.

is this the mandela effect here? i thought it was hugh downs. that certainly would be funnier. willard scott already seems like a clown

4:32 McSkillet :'D

I don't remember the exact time as a child when I went from enjoying watching Clowns in general to getting kind of creeped out by them, it happened when my awareness of the world around me matured to the point where I realized they weren't some magical being but ordinary Men (and Woman, but women clowns for some reason doesn't creep me out as much), whose everyday job is to cake on make-up and pretend they're something else besides an ordinary human to an audience.

9:32 Why does the face of Ronald McDonald that keeps appearing onscreen, remind me of William Shatner?

Bozo's Circus is from Chicago not D.C.

you gotta turn down the bass ;-)

Wedding band?

Sadly they still have Ronald McDonald in Thailand ;-)

I thought you were Michael from Vsauce in the thumbnail for a second

Fact fiend is better

Not wasting 20mins of my life tks. Thus is disappointing considering your Politik Channel. Sry, this is thumbs down...


Wow, Willard Scott's Ronald McDonald is pure nightmare fuel. And although it would seemingly make Bev Bergeron the perfect fast-food mascot name, Bergeron is *not* pronounced "Burger-on". And dude, just seconds later you then say Bev "Berguson". I had already commented on a previous Today I Found Out video that despite the interesting topics, I was sick of the very shallow research and the obvious errors these videos contain, but thought I'd give you another try. 2 minutes into this one, I'm having to click off and go back to my resolution of watching no more of your videos.

For some reason, the idea of him traveling around the world giving rallies is really funny.

My friend's Dad was the "Ronald" for our area growing up. I had forgotten about that, but he was the regional manager over a number of restaurants.

hey Simon, is it true that the original actor who played Barney was a convicted pedophile?

I miss the whole McDonald's gallery of characters. grimace, hamburglar, etc.

When do we get to say "today I found out" about why Simon's shirts kept coming unbuttoned during recording videos only to misteriously end up appropriately buttoned?

Who else knows Karl Smallwood made this article

Do you think the Clown Phobias would lessen Ronald's popularity?

Anyone hear "Chief Happiness Officer" and immediately think of Paranoia?

Wendy's better, well at least it is in Canada

This organ music ....lol

Milkshakes and death....... yaaaaayyyyyyy

Is that... British vsause Michael?

In Professional Wrestling in the Olden Days...This whole way of thinking was Called "Kayfabe"

I was born in 1992 in Germany and have no Memory of him except him rarely beeing on posters. He became the arcetype of a sad clown to me.

Sounds like less rules and easier to get into the mafia

See, it's naturally grown food. Must be healthy.

With the 2016 Halloween Clown Incidents, I'd assume McDonald's decided to quietly retire their own clown!

I was just wondering where Vsauce went, thats why I came here

Is the camera man playing Mortal kombat?

And people talk about kayfabe in pro wrestling! Just to sell hamburgers...

LOL, some Ronalds get their own office and secretary? Please tell me they are required to remain in costume at the office and they have giant coffee mugs and other clown junk. I'm just picturing a Ronald at a desk on the phone or barking orders at his secretary while his secretary tries to take him seriously.

My question is "What the hell is a Grimace?" A name that should not really be associated with food I think.

I still think that the "creepy clown" sightings were started as a publicity stunt to promote the new It movie.

Poor background music choice.

He went into hibernation after a great feast.

Guessing he died of health issues related to obesity?

I think it's great that McDonalds insists that Ronald is real.

I was thinking the whole time "So he's basically IT?"

see can't even have mascots these days without someone getting offended. that clown is pushing my kid to get fat and have heart disease. yes blame the clown, not the person buying the food.

He gave me molesty vibes. As a kid I quickly ate my cheeseburger and fries, and got the hell out of his colorful dungeon.

I thought this was a Vsauce video

V sauce British Michael here

Ok so here’s the deal. Any kid that eats a happy meal is going to want another one sometime in their future. And that’s because the simplicity of McDonalds food caters to a child’s underdeveloped palate. Chicken nuggets and apple slices will always attract a child’s appetites more than goulash and broccoli. Both my children have never seen a McDonald’s commercial because they don’t have traditional tv. Yet they beg for McDonald’s every chance they get because they want the food and the toy that comes with it.

Ronald McDonald visits amarillo tx a lot

McDonald's kayfabe, lol!

IT certainly didn't help lol

McDonald’s controls the look, holding Ronald’s appearance to a high standard? Explain the Japanese Ronald? It’s a female super model in a red and yellow and long red hair.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCEVfIhBOIU McDonaldland Massacre

This video is far from the truth, as McDonald's in "certain left leaning areas" are telling you not to mention felonies/sexual predator charges.... Thus, Ronald could be a Pedo in Speedos in say "Seattle or San Francisco"... Take a look at McDonald's applications for proof that a place children go to eat and "play" hires CHILD MOLESTERS....

...I think IT grabbed ronald.. after all, ronald DId smell like chicken ;-) :-D (too many mcNuggets will land U in mcHospital) just fyi, fft, & diy ;-) ;-)

"Ronald McDonald Secret Convetion"....Convetion?

Ronald’s coming for that social media influencer money

Credit to Fact Fiend first lol

was expecting this video to be brought by McDonald's

I thank Ronald McDonald should where a red biker jacket with a red pompadour hairdo you know like a greaser.

what was Grimace that purple character supposed to be??

Taken by diabetes. Rip

There's more training and restrictions to become a goddamn clown mascot for Fatty McFatburger than there is to join the Secret Service ffs.

3 words: Operation Yew Tree

If Ronald McDonald can bend time and reality, does that make him to be Thanos?

Good video, the music was really intrusive and irritating though.

so fries grow on bushes and you can harvest burgers. no wonder american kids are stupid if they get fed such bs along with their happy meal

Ok i get Mc. But what about O' like O'Leary or O'Sullivan? And why does it have an apostrophe. Yes i know google is a thing but i just want to see a video lol.

Yeah. It's all the mascots fault that kids eat junk food or smoke cigarettes. It has nothing to do with parents at all. Parents aren't responsible for their kids bad behavior at all

When did Vsauce make another YouTube channel

Cheif Happiness Officer? So then he is a CHO.... Cho...cho mo... Omg i think i know why we dont see Ronald any more. He bacame a priest.

Yayyy, milkshake and death! Haha, I like the new text interjections. And the change in lighting and background and stuff.

Ronald retired due to extreme jetlag

These videos seem to be getting longer and longer. That's not necessarily a good thing...

Twenty plus minutes to talk about this creepy looking clown? That much time is borderline documentary and the topic is not worthy

Pfft, what if Ronald really is Pennywise AFTER eating children? :D

The original clown looked like a serial killer. I would not want to meet him in a dark alley.

I never cared for the clown but I miss the FryGuys.

Looks like a friggin kiddy fiddler .

Ronald is still loved by his devoted McRoll community. His magic has transcended the negativivity and health issues. His love continues to live on in our hearts. May we all reach McDonaldland and be happy, and hopefully not get diabetes...

I am starting to think that McDonalds is a front to extra-dimensional clown worshippers. xS

@3:18 what is a Convetion? :P

Wow, your Gaelic accent sounds fantastic! What do people who actually speak Gaelic think of it?

The original Ronald looked like some homeless guy who dressed as a clown using stuff he found in the McDonald's trash dumpster.

Something I would love to see is if someone dressed up as the Burger King and went to McDonald's and started dancing with Ronald McDonald!

11:32 et cetera*

The sarcasm with this one, is thinly veiled. :P

I have been Ronald, and Joe Taco (Taco Bell). Yes there is rules and a NDA and one bad day can get you fired and worse, which includes getting a law suit against you. It's interesting to play such an icon, but playing Joe Taco was a bit more fun and free. Both companies have moved away from them.

Mc Rondals crab patty is the best double bread with meat

Speaking of a “person” that an institution insists actually exists, even though they really do not, Jakob Maria Mierscheid has been a sitting member of the German parliament for around 38 years so far. He has published some scientific papers even, one of them being on the stone louse. You should check him out, it’s pretty hilarious stuff.

I remember as a kid I used to love the cartoons McDonald's sold on VCR tapes. Never seen a RL Ronald but did see a statue of him sitting on a bench. I guess so people could next to it and take pictures.

When a fast food chain does more to weed out pedophiles than the church.

16:11: It's also the exact plot of Doctor Who. (We're all children compared to the Madman With A Box)

They can't beat KFC's making a Zomby joke out of their dead founder.

https://youtu.be/kRCjLw-FzhQ Proper Ronald McDonald etiquette as far as I can tell

who has time for 20 minutes about ronald mcdonald? bored to sleep with this one.

I'm not afraid of clowns, but I've always found Ronald McDonald creepy... just the vibe of him - he's always over-the-top happy, and smiling, etc. I dunno, it's just seems so fake, and thus creepy. Especially with the fact that he's always around kids... even as a kid I found him creepy.

About a year or two ago there was a weird trend of clowns terrorizing people everywhere. Ronald McDonald had to go into hiding because of that.

I am deathly afraid of clown, my dad knew this and would that me to McDonald’s whenever the fucking clown was there. He thought it was hilarious

Over time, Ronald has come to prefer the food preparation processes of the 'real' world over those naturally occurring in McDonaldland. A bloodthirst has gradually consumed him, his shriveling side-cast of characters a likely side effect of slaking it between visits to human children.

Kayfabe is real.

Why do you pause in the middle of sentences?? So annoying...

16:07 Ronald McDonald vs. It? My money's on Tim Curry. All day long.

“Chief Happiness Officer”? Sounds suspiciously much like Paranoia the RPG (look up Mandatory Bonus Duties) :)

My brother was one of the last professionals

the video should be cut to 10 minutes.

Now tell me what the hell Grimace is.

AND GRIMACE? Seriously tho cant believe Ronald was such a sellout.

What about Grimace? sigh... I miss that purple bastard. Another great video, thank you for posting!

Kids don't "move on" they grow up.

I am watching a documentary on McDonalds. Where did I go wrong?

Magic *snort snort*

Why did I watch this

I was hoping there'd be a bit about Macca's in the bonus facts.

That clown school episode of the Simpsons is probably about this exact thing.

I agree with AdventureSportFlashlights drop the annoying music.

I’m glad McDonald’s won’t admit the truth. I prefer the story about the immortal, magical clown. It’s whimsical, and teaches children that corporations lie to you.

6:20 we all know why and it hurts my heart that that’s what our world has become

This sounds like the Disney cast member rules for their characters.

This guy cracks me up.

I know what really happened.... ...RackaRacka happened... ...and company got bad rep

I like this look new look. But the music is just terrible and distracting. Another problem is we can’t see your face very well especially your eyes. Hey we get you half to change things up sometimes. But this needs a bit of refining

McDonald promotes junk food like an ad promotes smoking.... Yeah I really don't know.


Love the new setup! ;)

My high school drama teacher from 1972 to 74 eventually became THE Ronald McDonald on the TV ads. Squire Fridell ("Friddle" we kids called him behind his back), was a really terrific teacher and quite down to earth. Soon after I graduated he got a gig co-starring in an NBC show called "Rosseti and Ryan" with Tony Roberts, but it didn't last very long. After he was done with McDonalds and commercial work in general he moved up to Northern California and opened up a winery.

i found this out yesterday

What about that weird McDonalds box lol

So let me get this straight men dressed up in drag as a ugly women is accept in the world but a guy dressed up as a clown is creepy this world is so retarded

Not just men played Ronald. When I was a kid they had a live show at one of the locations in my town and the Ronald was actually a woman. She had a slender build so visually it wasn't very obvious, but her voice gave it away.

Volcano broke

J.P. Patches...... Washington State 58 - 81....way cooler!!!

1. Clowns are creepy. 2. Mascots were a 90s thing.

I had know idea.....

Why I will never follow this channel: the bad-faith betrayal at the end of every video. Surprise, suckers! You've been watching a long soft lead into an advertisement!

Secret conveNtion

I did not expect the It reference, but it totally got a laugh out of me

the background music is terribly annoying

When headcanon gets real

How was your brother when he was Ronald McDonald at McDonald's?


Ronald is a shifty mother f*cker who touched me

I don't find clowns creepy, never have, but that dancing Santa Claus, is another level of creepy.

this is way too creepy and shitty... IM LOVING IT!

I just had a new goal in life.

7:20 Isnt that fraud?

I remember reading about a Ronald Mc. who became vegan and and animal rights activist in the 90s.

this is slightly crazy. haha

Love the naming facts at the end.

As much as I like your channel, I think McDonald's should be teaching you about this subject, as they have nailed the coffin in it via being what they are, a global corp with much employees and earnings, Ronald, health & fiscal statistics or not they are winning as Charlie Sheen would say and they are not going anywhere, as for Ronald, he will reappear in 2019 or very early in 2020. Also the world will end in 2025 via a nuke war involving Kims young eel and Ronald Trump after Knighthood. Good day.

He was busted on that show To Catch A Predator and is currently serving time in prison. Upon release he will no longer be allowed around children.

Just bring back the Mc Rib!

what about grimace

He died from eating cheeseburger or Big Mac (or whatever I don't know) for breakfast every day, because they had Mc Breakfast on their place.

what about Coco?? "in 1966 he designed the outfit and make-up still in use today" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Polakovs

I've never seen a Ronald McDonald in real life

what about good ol' McMacDonaldson-McMacJohnson?

it's not that silly that they want to officially claim he's real... most companies would officially claim that santa is real... it's just publicity. I wonder what their official statement would be if someone asked ronald if he remembered them from another location that would have had another ronald. would he just say he didn't remember them? or just agree? what if it was a fake story? would he tell you to ask someone else if he remembered you?

Ok people, I'm only gonna say this once... CLOWNS. ARE. NOT. SCARY! Thank you

This sounds like the operation of a cult/

The clown is not gone. The customers are the clowns. Eat it McDonalds!

Take that vegans. My burgers are grown in McDonald-land. :)

Johnny Depp is the latest Ronald.

Those were the innocent ages of the 60', 70's and 80's.. Children nowadays arent so gullible to believe something like this anymore.. Even Santa has lost his magic with the kiddies. By the time I was 5 me and my friends knew Santa was a Crock!! Thank you Internet and Technology!!

He spoke at our elementary school. They let that happen.

When I was a kid, my family went to the circus and a clown raped my dad.

Bill Nye may have been a Ronald... saw an interview where Bill admitted to being a mascot "clown for a certain restaurant chain". It was on a late night talk show, but I can't remember which one. I tried to find the clip but can't seem to.

If Willard got fired for having too many tires in the trunk, does that mean he got the boot?

Ah I miss the times when a children's birthday party at McDonalds was actually fun, we'd go upstairs, watch a McDonald Land cartoon, then go into the kitchen and make our own burgers. Then we'd play in the McDonald land playground and get some Icecream. Nowadays youa re lucky if they can be arsed to put up some balloons over your table.

So hes a little bit like Harrold the Girraffe. Any other Australian child who was alive in the 2000s will remember going into that caravan and listening to that puppet talk about drugs, bullying, peer pressure and other stuff a 6 year old isn't expected to encounter.

im a regular viewer but i still feel like im on the weird​ side of youtube

According to the commercials, the hamburgers are alive even as you are eating them.

Well, its a good thing their clown god appears to be a benevolent one... For now.

Wow waaaaayyyy too much information about nothing. BORING.

As a social justice warrior, I demand there be an equal number of male, female, and other gender clowns portraying the brand.

Is it just me or is Simon becoming more surly and sarcastic in the videos. Today I found out that Simon can be kind of a passive aggressive wank. Maybe it comes from him finding out the Ronald MacDonald he had a love child with in the 80's was actually a MI5 undercover Agent trying to entrap Simon into buying 75 Sgt York anti-aircraft tanks.

And the one about IT

Lost it when you called him "Mr. McDonald" hahaha

Background is fine. But that background "music" is Chinese water torture. Over time it sounds like Muzak for serial killers. Please replace with something less repetitive or no background soundtrack at all... unless slowly creeping insanity by audio for the psychologically unhinged is what you're aiming for :D

This actually makes me want to go to a McDonald's. Not every restaurant employs an interdimensional wizard clown.

Such high standards to reach in order to play a clown. Such exacting standards to reach when portraying a clown. I wish McDonald's would do the same for their food, which has gone downhill since the 1970s. Their coffee's not bad though.

you know, your thumbnails text is blocked off by the automated timestamp? I see this all the time, which makes me wonder if people even care? not the best quality, you know...

*Ran ran ruuuuuuuu*

they shoved Ronald up grimaces ass. while grimace ate the fry guys, birdie and mayor MC Cheese while the hambulgular joined in.

If there was a McDonalds land I would never want to leave the fry bushes.

What is a "secret convetion"? (check spelling on sign)

So McDonalds went all Disney with their character depth.

The only clown to kill more people than Chucky!

He's probably going to disappear by the hands of the mcdonald's mofia

Don't put a light in the background right next to your head...

so im immagining ronald running into a 2016 clown and getting freaked out

He got locked up after the whole #metoo shebang....

What's with all the annoying organ music?

Whatever happened to the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese?

I want to see the whole video, but that background music is killing me

I like hamburgers. I ate a lot of them over the years. But I never thought of my namesake as somthing other than a clown that not really existed, just as a mascotte. So I learned a lot.

My son, and I, just last year picked up the cheapest flier, ever saw for a date of Ronald McDonald visiting the same McDonald's location we were in. We came back at the date, and we went inside and was directed back outside, to a back parking lot. I figured nothing much but a fun time for my son, especially after the lack of care in creating the fliers. I was shocked when there was a huge Ronald McDonald trailer, a full stage, security etc.... Ronald did magic, and comedy, and even gave away a ton of prizes so every kid walked away with something. It was a really cool event for parents and adults alike. It lasted a couple hours, and he never wore that ugly suit they showed here. He was dressed in the normal fashion. Thank God. That new design is god awful. Tacky....

Almost thought it was a Racka Racka episode

You want a Big Mac Georgie?

he got killed by krabby the clown

I'm really glad the IT reference came up.

I work at McDonald's and at least in Spokane WA we still bring Ronald McDonald into our stores twice a year for McTeachers night for the kids. He isn't used in advertising so much anymore but is very much still alive. And yes we have our own local Ronald and yes he is the ONLY guy that can play Ronald in our region...

Actually in the socialist Venexuela there is a Ministry of Hapiness with a whole building inCaravas and its own Minister of Happiness who sits on the government cabinet. Everyone knows that it is just a facade to wash corruption money but that exists.

You're not Michael

12:08 You can guess why his left arm is so much more muscular ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Woah woah woah. I came here for vsause. My bad. I guess.

No one is gonna mention the pic of the guy around 12:20, where his left arm is noticeably longer & larger than his right???

you love talking i nodded off three times listening to u

Seems like McDonalds has a tougher background check policy than the current US administration or Congress. Go figure.

Way too long and repetitive content. Thumbs down on this one.

Chief Happiness Officer. What a dream job that would be if you get paid :D.

I like the Racka Ronald.

Then comes Mac Tonight and the happy meal things...

*He isn't enough mixed race gay vegan transsexual ecologist organic sojabean vapist*

I really had no idea this much went into Ronald McDonald. good to know, I guess?

This is a good talk but you misspelled convention as “convetion “ I remember watching Bozo and never knew there was a connection.

Not breaking character even when being questioned by Police. Now that's a method actor.

i feel like if something happened to a ronald the manager would get a call telling him that the agency has responded and the clown is on the way

What about Mayor McCheese and the other mascots in the 80's?

They were related to the McDonaldLand concept, so when that fell out of favor the characters went with them. (Except Hamburglar briefly a few years ago, I STILL want to know WTF they were thinking with that...)

He is in jail , getting ass raped on a daily basis .. his cell has clown white smeared all over the walls !!!

ronald is the scariest of all clowns he kills you with obesity

Please... That close up picture... No more... Too creepy

Ronald McDonald is our new god and we should fear him

Ok, so what then happened to Mayor McCheese? Wasn't he indicted for soliciting Russian interference?

I do NOT miss Ronald McDonald at all.

Pogo the clown

Discount Michael Stevens... DING

"you never never go to Wendy's" 3:25 "Secret ConVETION" So this is some of the pathetic publicity issues happening in the U.S. Thank-god there's no Clowning around going on in the U.K..........(clearing throat) ... brexit. wow- 4,500 hamburgers from one cow ! Where do HALF A MILLION cows come from?

A Ronald McDonald "convetion"?

This was either too long or, boring.

Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is a real thing, and it's not as uncommon as some people think. In other words, a clown is a bad marketing choice. Older youtubers like me may remember when Jack In the Box featured a literal "Jack in the Box" clown that you spoke to for drive-through orders. The employees would speak "as" Jack, so they would say: "Hi, I'm Jack. Would like to try our JumboJack?" The old Jack was creepy. So was Ronald.

I don't want that clown around. He is many things you aforementioned, but the also the one thing you forgot/decided to not as well. That is, he is a character created to replace Richard McDonald, whom should have been the real face of the corporation as the foundation.

3:17 ... Secret Convetion

What's up with the boss-fight music?

Am i the only one who absolutely hated this fucking clown, if I found out he was coming to McDonald’s as a kid I would’ve stayed away from McDonald’s for a week


Grammar Police!! 'convetion' instead of 'convention' @ 3:18

if they care so much about the image, why don't they shave they're real eyebrows.

What is this, a cheap V sauce copycat

The background music you used for this video makes me physically ill, please don't use it again.

13:42 When you have a job as Ronald McDonald but you're also a Rudeboy/Mod/Skinhead who is going to a Ska concert when the shift ends.

Captain Birdseye next?

To me, trying to be dank doesn't work for this channel. You already have fucking great material.

I'm surprised Ronald isn't a transgender, black life's matter, vegan, body pride, SJW by now.

Pompei would have been more horrid if it were milkshakes and the person was lactose intolerant . . .

“Ronald” is now transgender “Renee”. Do NOT ask for a “Happy Meal”.

What if I told you Ray Kroc was motivated by the name when he saw Richard & Maurice McDonald selling shakes next to his burgerstand? Wear crocs don't eat them. (BONUS: There aren't that many, but there are some Scottish Americans with the name MacJohnson/MacJohnston. In Québec, Canada there's a Montréal suburb called McMasterville.)

good job...way to destroy a clown,,,,full hero status

All I can think about is this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5OfU1vQFe4

One of the original Ronald MacDonalds actually runs a winery in Sonoma, California

Loved the bit about the car crash. Best TIFO yet!

"Second only to Santa", lol. Guess they have never heard of Mikey Mouse.

The real Ronald died of a heart attack in 1966 and it's been a global coverup ever since ;-)

Ronald got caught eating McNuget's at work and got fired from McDonald's. Now he washes lettuce, and removes the seeds from the buns at McDowell's.

“Secret........ Convetion”......... lmao

He was killed in a bar right after a heated argument you intensive fuck no fucking respect for the dead

Hello, my name is Ronald McDougal (for legal purposes)

I thought you were Vsauce

Am I the only one that remembers McDonald land cookies that came in boxes? They had pictures of McDonal land on it.

Although. I enjoy. These. Videos. Why does. This guy. Talk. Like. Christopher Walken?

Not only public clowns, but I used to see those public Santa Claus's creepy when I was a kid as well. Strange though, I never found Ronald McDonald creepy, then again I only saw him in commercials.

For the 2014 outfit remake, I see the Tony Award-winning costume designer raided "Captian Kangaroo's" closet and sewed a yellow "M" on it. The advantage of age- peddle barely changed old stuff to younger execs who think your work is fresh and new.

GREAT VIDEO...............

Funny thing this. Fuck knows why. But in the UK, Clown Ronnie is almost exclusively performed by a Muslim of Pakistani extraction. Well I guess they just love kids.

This is such a literal take on something obviously not real, of course there isn't a magical clown, they're just being cheeky, jeeze

I'll miss Ronald as a mascot.

We contracepted and aborted the children so there isn't a market for a Ronald McDonald.

So what your saying is the next time someone working at McDonalds complains they are only making minimum wage, we can say it could be worse, you could get the same pay Ronald McDonald, which is nothing :).

How do you make ANY subject insightful and amasing?

Ronald is a Mason and part of the IlluMcnati.

I was at a mcdonalds once with my family and there was a ronald there. My mother recognized them as someone they used to know but when my mother asked them the ronald actually pulled out a wallet with a bunch of ronald family pictures inside and pictures of a younger ronald.

this guy again lol. terrible "facts" guy. views on other civilizations were bad.

What happened to Mac Tonight

Wherever he is

I have noticed that the close-by McDonald's turned into a serious gray professional looking work type fast food joint, instead of a kids restaurant. they just reconstructed the whole place

imagine how many potatoes they would use if their fries were made of 100% potatoes! there wouldn't be any left in the world! probably a good thing that they are 80% cardboard

michael what happened to your voice?!?

McDonald's fries. Ingredients, polystyrene, sawdust, salt.

This music is terrible

Donald J. McDonald's

He started his own band and currently on tour - Mac Sabbath ....(seriously).

Skillshare sucks, 2 months free sure but, you still have to give them your credit card and then you have to remember to cancel or they steel your money automatically! this is an unfair and unethical business practice.

Would the plural not be "Ronalds McDonald"?

But what about the new mascots the little happy meal boxes with faces and arms and legs

Around the four minute mark, I have never seen a man try so hard to not laugh

You cannot be serious

Hey, Georgie, want a burger?

Vsauce, michael here.

I made it to 12 minutes and then had to bail. TOO LONG! too long.

This man is the British vsause

I don't like McDonald's. I don't like clowns, Was going for breakfasts a few years back when they improved the coffee, but have stopped because am aware of the additives in those sandwiches and now leave me feeling nearly sick in the morning after eating any. And the same situatuion with Dunkin keeps me from there most of the time. But since there are many alternative locally (NYC Manhattan) some at higher price, it's OK. McD's must evolve futher or 'die'.

I worked for Macs for 13 years. About 1990/91 1 of the 3 guys that played Ronald McDonald came to our store and he was telling dirty jokes to the young female staff. He creeped me the fuck out.

"Accusations that the character exists only to peddle junk food." Welcome to marketing. What other purpose would he have? Nobody has a bug up their ass about using toys to get kids to eat their food? They were definitely more of an incentive for me than a creepy clown lurking in the restaurant.

But I miss the Hamburglar & Grimace...

If you want to know a little about the hiring process...

hes laying in an ally bangin heroin the good brown kind hahaha

TIFO and McDonalds both share one thing in common. They both use clowns to shill stuff of dubious value (starting at 16:30).

As usual, people blame something besides their own lack self control.

There are chief diversity officers now, so chief happiness officer doesn’t actually sound that crazy by comparison.

If Ronald is real, there is only one of him, he's "chief happiness officer" but doesn't get any remuneration, surely McDonalds are in breach of the modern slavery act?

This is the first one I've heard with the background music. No, don't keep doing it...

hmm, i thought this was vsauce.

I've never seen Wendy but I like her better.

Sounds like Disney

Best way to avoid revealing your true identity while playing Ronald McDonald: legally change your name to Ronald McDonald.

Iv seen him working in five guys..

too long 20 min is too long for Ronald Mcdonalld.

Top 5 characters who can defeat Thanos in seconds

As a teen at the time of the "Joe Camel" campaign, I'll say that it wasn't the mascot, per se, that caused me to buy the tasty smokes but the fact that you could buy a few (usually 3, I think) packs and get a tee-shirt included!

I stayed in a Ronald McDonald house with my sick child for about 6 months and they treated us beautifully. They were so kind and supportive during the toughest time my children and I have ever been through. Thankfully my child made a full recovery.

Is it just me, or does the version of Ronald in the yellow sunglasses waving and smiling look a lot like Michael Jackson to anybody else?

"Convention, not Convetion" at 3:18 :)

He's on CNN as Rachel Madow.

Another bonus fact on the Mc and Mac surnames: They are popular in Scottland and Ireland because the English mage it illegal for them to have last names. So if there were to boys names Shamus, One would be Shamus McDonald (son of Donald) and Shamus MacCormack (son of Cormack) to differentiate the two from each other.

Is just me or did the latest Ronald McDonald look a little like one of the older DOCTOR WHO'S. Ah the fourth DOCTOR I think. Does he get a TARDIS and a MECHANICAL DOG ?

Ronald McDonald died of complications from diabetes.

I remember a shift in the 90's when McDonald's commercials with Ronald McDonald shifted from talking about the food to showing the "McDonald's Experience". They were obviously trying to show that it wasn't about the food but the fun and good times you could have there.

*SHORT ANSWER...* Clowns were once seen as 'jolly'... back in the days when 'gay' meant 'happy'. Clowns are now seen as child-molesting murderers and freakish psychos. _Yeah... I WONDER why McD is dumping his ass?_

What happened to 'only nine people have ever played Ronald McDonald'

Santa Kidnapped him, he is now slaving in the gift factory forever for being a threat to Santa's Popularity...

He’s hiding in a shorter video. He explains where he is in 30 seconds.

To add to the whole Mc, Nc, Vc, O' is the Irish version of "grandson of" alongside the Irish also using Mc. As a sidenote, nighean mhic is not even close to being pronounced that way. It's closer to "nee-han wik".

wow the old Mc Donald's clowns are creepy AF

Mcdonalds stopped due to the creepy clown thing that went viral. Also why is your video 20 min long?

White people not allowed on MSM advertising any more. Even if it's a black guy in white face, unless it's done in an insulting way. Goodbye Ronald.

You didn’t mention why McDonaldland and the Hamburglar disappeared. McDonalds ripped off the look and feel of H.R. Pufnstuf. The Krofft brothers, creators of Pufnstuf, sued the heck out of McDonalds, and won. Check out the book, “Pufnstuf and Other Stuff.”

Ronald McGoddamn Donald!

i thought u were vsauce

Funfact: when I was a little kid I wanted to marry Ronald McDonald

8:30 is that mike meyers?


How can you maintain a healthy lifestyle if you consume that poison?

Anton Lavey vibe..yikes.

Do i have to input my credit card information to get my 2 free months of skillshare

"Chief Happiness Officer???" is North Korea the major shareholder in McDonald's now?

He was retired when those clown attacks were happening

After being downsized, he started creeping around in forests scaring people. Hence the "creepy clown" phenomenon from a few years back.

Ronald utilizes magic to appear in multiple places at once. So he's using secret occult powers to promote fake food?

Now I will watch all those weird "ran ran ru" videos that I like so much

Of corse Ronald McDonald is magic, so is the tooth fairy, Santa, his elves, his reindeer, the Easter bunny, and Chuck Norris. It’s common knowledge.

"so we're clear on who the real mf burger king is right" anyone else see that

McDonald's has lore. what a country

Apparently one of them violated the rules, since he admitted to me (at the time a clerk at a hotel) that he was Ronald McDonald (this was some 38 years ago now). Since I was also working as a magician at the time, we had a great conversation. Later that day he taught me to juggle and gave me tips on my magic act. He was a great guy. I don't remember his real name, though I'm sure I knew it at the time, or whether he was registered as Ronald McDonald at the hotel (I don't think so). If it wasn't clear, he was not in costume when he checked in.

the world needs more clowns and less vegans

Not sure if fast food company or creepy cult.

I remember when he came out. Didn't like him any more than Bozo, and BOTH for the same reason. They portrayed redheads as "clowns". And this is degrading to real redheads because we are NOT "clowns". To this day, redheads are the only minority that has gotten no sympathy and continuous ridicule simply because we are different. But, since we are only 2% of the population, we have no voice or recognition of our right to be treated as equals.

now im no vegan weedeater but seems to me ronalds whole clothing getup is that of a "Slaughter house employee.. the yellow rubberised slicker designed to keep spraying blood off the worker and the arms covered in blood and feet covered in blood along with a blood covered face.. i actively hate mcdonalds and choose to not go there for anything id rather a mom and pop style restaurant not faceless CEO burger. made of the cheapest shit on the market. eat some wax here ya go mmmm mcWAX yum thats gotta be good for the system.

Want video on names now.

9 men have played Ronald in the commercials. Numerous others play him on a local level.


Jesus, man. It's Bergeron (Bear-jze-ron), not Bergusson!

The hamburgers that grew in the hamburger patch were also sentient and could also talk.

Goddamn skillshare

Ronald McDonald is a gobshite.

Just when I was wondering if I really wanted to keep watching a 20 minute video on Ronald McDonald, I saw the delve in to immortal magical Ronald and knew it was worth it.

Also, at .5 speed this video sounds extremely drunk, and I like it even more! Cheers!

Oddly, he always made me think of Bill Clinton. And I don't dislike Bill Clinton... It's just strange. Maybe because I was a 90's kid?

I didn't realize it's been a while since I've seen Ronald McDonald until I saw this video title

So this is no joke. (I'm 24 btw) but it must have been 10 to 15 years ago I was in a McDonald's with my dad and they had a statue of Ronald sitting on a bench or something, and this toddler was climing up on him and kissing him. I remember thinking "wtf" and just staring, it had made me realize what impact he, Ronald, had on kids. And to this day I remember that. McDonalds had their marketing shit down. (Drunk comment btw)

Great backdrop. Really weird music!

Don't know what he's talking about. Still see Rona McDonalds strutting sexily in her big shoes around here.

Ronnie now tours with his drive-thru metal band Mac Sabbath, great stuff

Just goes to show that the McDonald's Company is just full of clowns... All I see is hypocricy. All I smell is desperation. All I hear is, "cha-ching".... Pathetic...

It seems like he’s rushing to say things. I’m not sure if the thing behind him is animated or a real tv.

OMG at 19:32 there's "real" information

Ronald is dead Steven King murdered him but Bill Skarsgård was the one who held the gun.

Saw Ronald last year at a birthday party at a McDonalds. He was putting on a slideshow of all the adventures he did around the world. He'd been skydiving, surfing, ice climbing and a lot of other extreme sports (with photos to prove it all). And he's good friends with Spiderman. No kidding.

Bev BURGERon??

He's currently fronting a cover band called Mac Sabbath (for real)

Ronald McDonald Secret Convetion...


The halfway advert just popped up.. Subway!!! LOL..

Fortune favors the tasty. - Pliny the Elder, probably

Raka Raka

He traded jobs with Waldo

holy sh.... didn't even realize ronald disappeared until i saw this in suggestion stream

7 minutes into the video. Still not mentioning Whatever happened to Ronald. Keep padding those videos guys.

I've promoted plenty of women to "chief happiness office".

Branding. coming at you like the hot iron it is.

where do fry kids fit into the ecosystem of mcdonaldland?

"Yaaayyy milkshake and Death!"

The bonus facts were worth the whole video.

Why does it sound like you’re underwater?

My Ronald is the guy from the eighties commercials.

Havent finished the video, but the whole reason was the US Scary Clown phenomenon. McDonalds officials were worried people playing the character would be assaulted, shot at or arrested, so they tucked him away for a while

Secret convetion? 3:20

How the fuck do you sound so classy while talking about some of these topics?

What. In. The. Actual. FUCK... o.O

Ran ran ru

Man their food sucks and is extremely small.

I thought this was Vsauce

Morgan Spurlock killed him

Ronald travels throughout dimensions helping others and trying to spread happiness, while occasionally reinventing himself by changing personalities and outfits? Ronald McDonald is a Time Lord.

What's with that background music?


Ok..ok...But where is the FREAKIN CHEESE-BURGERLAR???

Boring at 5 minutes

He believes in magic. Of course, he disappeared.

Oh shit I thought you were vsauce

So Ronald McDonald could very well be a Time Lord from Gallifrey?

I caught him giving my daughter a balloon so I loaded them full of buckshot and threw him down a manhole.

3:18 “Convetion” Nice typo.

This video was funny!

I don't know how Simon said the "French Fried Bushes" line with the straight face, but the fact that he did absolutely made the video.

"Never Ever go to Wendy's" Something tell me he is still salty for all the roasting he gets from their Twitter account XD

McFreaking lose it.

Michael here?

McLean: In the mountains of Scotland's west coast and on the Hebrides islands, the ancestors of the McLean family were born. Their name comes from a devotion to St. John. The surname is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Gille Eathain, a patronymic name meaning "son of the servant of Saint John." Hrm... doesn't seem like I am a son of Lean.

And yet they think that creepy anthropomorphic Happy Meal box is worth keeping around...

In other countries. It is acceptable for a male or female to hug kids! If they stopped portraying men in a bad way, people would be ok with it!! If they wore a mask & that baggy costume you couldn't be sure with an average size body of they were male or female anyway! There is NOTHING weird about any human adult hugging a kid that reaches out to hug them!!!!!!!



McDonalds 'retired' the character, moving away from marketing to children, and attempting to become a more upscale 'adult' dining experience. Besides, clowns are scary.

I don't eat there. Worse food on the planet. Where's the real beef?

McDonald's, just like Wal-Mart and many other business giants don't care about values or communities or people at large. They only care about making money and their public image (even if their private image is the reflection of the devil himself). Given the simple fact that Ray Crock, the founder of all McValues, was a highly determined and very greedy scoundrel, it should suffice to say that McDonald's is built and run in his image to this day. Oh but I still shop at Wal-Mart and eat at Mickey D's, after all, it's the American thing to do, right? ☺

I remember the old McDonald's ads - with the Hamburglar, Birdie, and Grimmus. I'm not really a fan of the new Ronald - the way he's forgotten his friends - totally McCrap!

When I was a kid the local McDonald's had Ronald and Hamburgerler etc running around. That was the 80s for ya!

You can knock how McDonalds handles Ronald (and their other characters in general) as real... but that is a page straight out of Disney's book. Never break the magic!

Last summer Ronald came to our local library and my toddler loved seeing a little show he did. And we loved the Nostalgia of it.

_Today I found out_ ... that some people that otherwise seem intelligent still believes anyone ever walked on the moon. I thought that nonsense went out with Santa Claus.

British vsauce

A clown trying to brain wash you into thinking horrible fast food is "fun". hmm cant imagine why we would not like that.

When did he start making so many puns?

Can I sue if they a McDonald's employee doesn't smile? McDonald's menus say smiles are free

So Ronald went underground during the terror-clown sightings in 2016? Now we have a suspect...

Thank God they dhot canned that stupid clown. Chairman Kim will replace him

8:08 is The Last Day of Pompeii. Painting by Karl Brullov, 1830–1833

So Ronald McDonald used to drive a Mazda RX8 (red ofcause) before he wrote it off in a front end collision ? At least he enjoyed rotary power i guess !

Mcdonald works for the bogs nowadays. *GARNISH HIS WAGES*

Jack can kick Ronald's ass

Pewdiepie should match the Bonus Facts on this video

Sorry, but the exaggerated posh accent sounds too fake, and makes any sarcasm sound like you actually believe it.

So you're tellin me more people know ronald mc donald than jesus?


If Ronald wasn't a clown he'd be considered a timelord

Quite a contrast between Ronald's role as a family-friendly ambassador and Burger King deliberate creepiness.

Not liking the new format. It's sad the new YouTube algorithm is forcing YouTubers to fill their videos with fluff. Your older videos are full of interesting stuff throughout the whole video, now not so much.


This godlike depiction of Ronald sounds like the parody of Ronald from Lord Bung's video on vegans

you went and turned it into a spelling lesson? also, is Ronald McDonald a relative of the Pied Piper?

Ronald McDonald teaching kids about healthy eating and nutrition

There is no healthy food sold at McDonald's. If you say salads your insane cause there only slightly better for you than there burgers.

I remember in the late 1980's that they had one that was played by a black man. I believe he was the only one.

You didnt know Ronald McDonald was magical? The dude has talking chicken nuggets!

No man... hehe... he went here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI6ioPSKUgQ

A Burger King commercial before this vídeo plays, it seems that YouTube actually has sense of humor

Gwyneth Paltrow is a bigger threat than Ronald Mcdonald. Health nuts would do better to pull the jade eggs out of their vages and go bother Gwyneth.

Are you Australian

I find this endearing and awesome.

'Agless, magical clown, hailing from another dimension that can bend reality, space and time, to its will, and tries to attact children to its abode'... so.. scratch the attracting children.. and ronald MC'DOCTOR'?

HEY LOOK SJW macdonalds

there's an add you would want to watch. Ronald and his bodyguards :D

That Clown scare a few years back made everyone on edge for Halloween. I seriously thought I'd start hearing gunshots every few minutes, but I guess when the entire town adopted the mentality of I'll shot you to protect the kids no one was stupid enough to try a clown costume of any kind that Halloween.

they got sued in canada and can no longer call those things burgers

and you yanks want to also give us milk and your dairy via nafta ...no thanks

It used to be a very big deal for a McDonald's franchise to get a Ronald visit. All the employees got briefed on the rules and you had to schedule it way in advance

He ditched the tracksuit for a pimp suit and now looks more like a junk food peddler.

But you never actually said why they stopped using him and advertising. He's not on the bags or on the placemats or on anything anymore. Now all the Happy Meals have this weird box minion character.

VSAUCE! Michael here. ... Oops! Sorry, wrong channel and wrong accent!


Let me save you 20 minutes of your life: People stopped giving a shit so they removed him.


This sounds like a satanic cult.

A clown with magic powers? Sounds familiar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMspVKv56vQ I wonder where the meat comes from now.

Somehow, listening to an Englishman mispronouncing American-English words , didn't impress me as being knowledgeable. Sorry dude. JMO.

if mcdonalds wants to say he is real, its time for the IRS to claim taxes on him. i bet he becomes fake as fuck then!

+Caelin Baird I'm just saying he looks just like VSauce... XD

I find this better than vsauce

Can we go through this again, but this time, try NOT speaking in fragments?!?! Ugh...do you run out of breath every two words?? SMH...

I am the Ronald. The real truth is I retired years ago after I killed the Hamburgler and his vile gang in a ambush. Opened up on them with a GPMG M-60 and 500 rounds 1 in 5 tracer after they walked into the kill zone and let 'em have a bank of claymore's pretty much point blank to the face and the wild dropbears and platypusses eat up all the evidence by the next day. Macca's paid the police off with lifetime half price deals whilst in uniform and it was swept under the rug. For my part in the affair I was allowed to keep my big red boots and golden arches and quietly pushed out the back door.

That's what I thought. He was a Bozo rip off. Targeting children to eat food with very little if any good nutritional value. Shame on them. Good to hear comment stories of how Ronald McDonald House has helped them. Got to take the bad with the good when it comes to McDonald's.

Just proof that mcdonalds is pure evil. The lies they spun were as bad as advertising that eating their food will cure cancer or that eating enough of their food is the only way to get into heaven when you die. Mcdonaldland. Please. The truth is far less repulsive than the ostentatiousness of their lie.

"yaaayyy milkshake and death" LOL!

Wow, that's quite the waste of potatoes.

what acid was the mac donalds marketing team on when they came up with that lore

Hey look! It's Not-Vsauce

Ronald McDonald is fighting in secret wars with evil clowns from his dimension

Ronald McDonald promoting a healthy and active lifestyle makes as much sense as putting Charles Manson in charge of Neighborhood Watch.

Wow, what happened to your channel? I had to sit through three commercials. Time to leave.

Was I the only one that heard him say Sansa instead of Santa?

20:01 "Sorry, I hope you found that video interesting!"

Ronald McDonald. Delivering Coulrophobia since 1963.

He's still in ads where I live.. so.. wtf?

mid century america was nothing but fast food joints and everyones' parents as kids wearing onesies sprayed with "flame retardant" asbestos, that's why the weird ass shit this guy is talking about exists

Clowns scared me, I hated all adverts when I was a kid when Ronald was on TV!

Education is fun. This channel is goddamn excellent.

You ok bruh? You're taking a breath after every three words and it's making me feel like I'm about to begin a panic attack

Forget Ronald...whatever happened to Mayor McCheese?!

And when the world needed him most he vanished

My clown shoes are real. I'm 5'9 with size 11 feet. THAT'S THE DISTANCE FROM MY COLLAR BONE TO THE TOP OF MY HEAD! It's the first thing you see coming. And I clomp like a horse! On the plus side, I'm very hard to tip over. Aaaand, well, you know what they say. Big feet, big hands.

What's a "Convetion"?

This format sucks tbh

The frame in the corner looks cheap, the music doesn't fit and the video is way too long.

sausage links

So in short, McDon's management destroyed the Ronald McDonald image themselves and now they have to hide it. Not a surprise.

Are you michael's (vsauce) sibling?

So much info I never knew I wanted to know, thank you. I figured they just ditched it after super size me

I would prefer seeing Ronald McDonald that that scary creepy looking cardboard box!

Ronald McDonald is Pennywise in disguise. Lol. MUHAHAHA.

The money must have been really good for someone who was desperate to want to be Ronald McDonald.

"...contributing to childhood obesity..." Pure bullshit put forth by an entire generation refusing to take responsibility for their inability to raise their children outside of a victim mentality.

3:20 ''secret convetion''... nice.

Why did you laugh when saying adults were being mean to him?

i was a vegetarian all along

That akward moment when mcdonalds is more dedicated to kayfabe than WWE.

I cunt spel, so Gramberly is gud.

Ever since IT, clowns have become a character of horror, not humor. Also, McDonald's has been striving to project a more adult image. Between those two things, there's less need for Ronald.

I remember when Ronald came to my school in second grade and told us, "When you cross the street, look both ways, up in case of a plane crashing on you and down so a shark doesn't eat you." Fun times. :)

Vc? The V doesn't exist in Irish it must be Mhic The "Mh" can take the value of a V like the "bh".

I just figured he was in Arkham Asylum

Starving chidren deserve a break today. Torture camp for cows fake shakes to help it all go down.MACSABBATH!$!$!$

far as i know hes still around

I don't remember the last time I saw Ronald in a commercial. I thought he was shot and killed by Burger King while in a car at a Burger King drive through around 2008.

Why is the background music so bad?

Cool Video I Like It !

Donald- distant cousin from ronald. Makes so much sense now.

If a human being acted the way McDonalds does, we'd assume it was a serial killer.

I am now imagining a Ronald sitting in an office that looks like something Mabel from Gravity Falls would come up with looking very stern and serious.

Let’s mcfricken lose it

Maybe the powers that be behind McDonald's should focus on improving their gross ass food - instead of the sad old clown bullshit. No one likes fucking clowns,McDonald's. Tah dah! Saved you hundreds of million$!

McDonald’s , Disney, Nike, etc etc all creepy af

Probably molested a kid and ran to another country


Even if Ronald McDonald isn't technically a superhero, his powers are still better than Aquaman's.

This video seems all over the place, it was really difficult to watch

Only a half million cows a year? Gotta get those numbers off.

Well....maybe he is a dimension hopping magical clown...

This is why McDonalds is failing. When they took away their icon they shot themselves in the leg. That would be like Disney reducing Mickey Mouse or Christianity getting rid of Jesus.

Hey! Vsauce, Micheal here.

No mention of other McDonald characters such as Grimace and Mayor McCheese? My sister's favorite possession is her vintage Grimace glass from the 80s. My 2 cents: I find clowns to be creepy and even as a kid in the 70s Ronald McDonald never did anything for me. I cared about the taste of the food, not the silly characters. For an excellent movie check out The Founder, with Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc. Kroc is portrayed as a greedy a-hole who only cared about growth.

Another timeless icon killed by a marketing department.


You'd think Ronald would still show up in the occasional happy meal commercial but no instead McDonald's tries to copy the success of the minions with the sentient happy meal boxes. What they call the "Happys".

I haven’t seen this channel before so I thought it was a vsauce video

Such. Halting. Speech.

Does anyone remember the video tapes from the Kate 90's. I don't remember any of the stories.

for the record, you look like Michael Stevens

I remember having a nightmare where a giant wooden Ronald McDonald puppet came to life an started chasing me through the McDonald's while every one just watched and laughed as it happened. I think it was a combination of my fear of clowns and Slappy from Goosebumps

Yeah! Clowns associating Junk Food with Health, and aiming it at Kidz!

tld;r: he got fired for the lets mcfreakin lose it vine

McDonalds in the 1970s had a much more "cartoon" feel overall with Ronald, the Hamburglar, Grimace, later the Fry Guys, etc. It was kind of like being able to go to a real Sesame Street, with a playground and food. Like Chuck E. Cheese, I'm not sure that anyone worried whether or not the food was good for you; it was a fun place to go (and many families, at least in our area at that time, didn't eat out that often. ) Lucky kids had a birthday party at McDonalds and Ronald might show up. I never remember finding him a creepy or threatening clown at all. In fact, I'd say that Ronald was much less threatening than some circus clowns. In some ways, (this is weird), I don't know that I even thought of Ronald as a human-clown. He was like Grimace and the Hamburglar; a cartoon-like character who simply looked that way rather than a human in makeup.

He's in storm drains stealing paper boats and giving out balloons.

didnt he get done for molesting kids?

Ronalds have more rules and regulations on them, then most intelligence operations officers. Fuck the CIA mcdonalds makes better spies!

I love Ronald!

Picture at 7:28 shows the best way to eat McDonalds fries: with their barbecue sauce.

Maybe they thought with the clown craze they decided Ronald McDonald was creepy himself at times and had to go. Like a mob of people hunting down creepy clown people and terrorize them. You heard about people dressing up as clowns and being creepy or harassing people, doing pranks that border on threats.

Sex scandal

Ive never known about all this shit. I knew Ronald was a fake character as a kid so it didnt work. But if someone is willing to put up with all that bullshit for a clown character then more power to you

He always scared me I never liked him

Why does Vsauce Michael have a British accent oh wait it's just Today I Found Out.

Fuck minorities, thanks to them we can’t have no Ronald McDonald and McNight.

He is the CEO of McDonalds.

That Ronald McDonald need crest 3D whitening....bad kml

I live in a pretty small town in Colorado and in 3rd grade a guy dressed as Ronald McDonald showed up to teach us about fitness and bullying. I had a great time and go to be his volunteer when he did magic tricks but over half the school walked out cause the kids were crying about how scary the clown was

I feel like I'm watching vsauce


Although I appreciate how thorough this piece was, I was hoping that there would be more info about the actors who portrayed the character and what they looked like in the make-up and without. ...And the commercial break was a real bummer. Not enough to earn a thumbs down, but enough to cancel my thumbs up.

I clicked on this cus I thought it was v sauce

0:31 why does he have 4 eye brows?

WOW! Why didn't anyone tell me that VSAUCE was British?!

I'm just curious as to why one of Ronalds friends in McDonaldlands is a giant chicking. Is she aware of McNuggets? Is she the broodmare and her doomed offspring are just McNuggets in waiting?

Just when you thought Ronald McDonald couldn't be any more terrorizing of a figure, he puts sunglasses on.

I knew the Southwest's offical Ronald, and he was awesome at being Ronald at children's events. Now, he just does corporate events and there are less Ronalds in the wild.

The image that McDonald's tries to paint of Ronald legit makes him look like a bizarre parody of a Lovecraft-style eldritch abomination.

negative man At least he’s not malevolent (even if he is off-putting).

But What happened to the other characters?

Ronald McDonald actually decided to finish school and get his DDS. He's even better at scaring the crap out of children, but now even more underemployed.

Cut to the chase, Ronald is gone because clowns are now seen as scary and evil!!!

The background music is extremely repetitive and annoying.

T M Bot that weird. Tartar sauce on fries tastes surprisingly good.

nekad2000 You DO realize the only reason people think Aquaman sucks is because performed portrayals of the character had (for some Lovecraftianly unfathomable reason) an obsession with putting him in situations where he was out of his element, right?

Ronald McDonald, advertisement or propaganda, I can't tell anymore.

4:28 XD

Ronald McDonald has chola eyebrows

Good research! I was surprised that you correctly pegged the role of Willard Scott and his transition from the character of Bozo the Clown in the creation of this character. Although I was very young at the time, my recollection is that Willard Scott was a legitimate T.V. weatherman when he was also performing as Bozo and then eventually Ronald McDonald. (Back in those days, a lot of local on-screen T.V. talent wore multiple hats). Willard was, and still is, much beloved in the Washington DC area.

I have known two. It is even more secretive than this. Even knowing who they are, they won't acknowledge their other self. Never. If they did then another would get them terminated. I only know for other reasons.

Smoking is totally gross

Another tidbit is modern day clowns derived from racist depictions of the Irish, akin to black-face: red hair, pale skin, clumsy derived from drunk (also red nose and cheeks), patchwork clothing and ill fitting squeaky shoes highlighting the poor status of many Irish. And the Gaelic "clann", pronounced "clown", means children

Forbidden from revealing his identity, his faces are hidden by make-up, he goes through grueling harsh training, seems to appear everywhere? Ronald McDonald is a NINJA!


I was born in McDonald hospital . I’m a McBaby

Are you struggling with breathing? The way you talk is really weird. Practice breathing techniques, skinny nerd.

What's a Secret Convetion?

what if ronald mcdonald was a black slave who wears white makeup to appear white and travels around letting each of his masters fuck him in the ass

And he also gave us ronald mcdonald insanity

I only know Aquaman from the old cartoons. I have never watched any live action aquaman. No, I think aquaman sucks because intricate scenarios have to be created for his superpower (talking to fish) to be relevant. Aquaman never gets invited to Kansas.

100% I thought he was vsauce Michael

Hopefully that creepy clown died a slow death in a quicksand filled with fluoride.

"Ronald McDonald can't eat at McDonald's" ... well, sounds like he can't eat _at all_ including places like Burger King.

What happened to grimace or ham burglar?

In Welsh they use 'ap' to denote 'son of', which the English shortened, hence 'ap Richard' became the surname 'Prichard'.

Let's replace Ron with a box with a creepy face as a mascot...fucking brilliant McDonald's. *Golfclaps.*

This Minion Knockoff is too Scary & Not Iconic to the kids.

His name is pronounced "A.J.," not Eye-Jay. He's an incredibly wonderful and fascinating man.

if the kids have moved on from ronald why havent they moved on from santa claus

Bonus facts start at 17:28

I was molested my Ronald McDonald when I was a child. Took over 20 years of therapy so far to deal with the fallout.

Seeing Ronald makes me hungry. Also I miss clowns

0:26 I'm pretty sure that's actually Marilyn Manson....

Everytime someone tries to use a picture of a cow and persents stats about how many cows Macca's kills, I think 2 things. 1: Yum! 2: Thanks McDonalds for buying all that meat from Australia because you helped me keep food on the table for my kids.

I love the idea that more people have walked on the Moon than have been the 'Official' Ronald McDonald.

The job of Ronald McDonald is sexist. Only men can be hired and technically that’s illegal. XD just a thought but um can maybe the clown have a sister?

But the real question is, how many actors have official played Grimace and is there’s a “Grimace and How” book?

Even as a kid, I never liked that damn clown.

That is a lot of diabetes.

Ronald is probably in the same mascot retirement home as Jack (Jack In The Box) and Burger King

I feel he's being sour about a company being a bit silly. Reminds me of unsalted mashed potatoes.

7:43 yeah, cows... RIIIIIIIIGHT.

Ronald McDonald is a highlander so it makes sense that there is only one of him.

Damn, I want some McDonalds now.

Fun fact: McD's Fillet O'Fish and Hot Apple Pie are the exact same product.

Etcetera, not Eck-cetera.

He was accused during the #MeToo movement and then was let go by McDonald’s

This was way more hilarious than I ever thought it would be!!!!

I remember back in the 90s in Australia Ronald existed mainly as Laughing is Medicine - being the Spokesman of Ronald Charity House with donations going to Childrens Cancer and Medical charities! Dint know if that started here or there but heh!!

McDonalds is just evil

I find it funny how McDonald land is brought up but not the lawsuit lol

Rewatch this video but mentally replace all instances of _McDonalds_ with *Scientology* and all instances of _Ronald McDonald_ with *Scientologists*. Be amazed at the fascinating and entirely plausible story which unfolds. Not even kidding.

This is no longer a video but just a Skillshare ad. Don't like.

Is that you, Vsauce?

Maybe Ronald should appear in McDonalds and have kids sit in his lap and tell him what they would like to find in Happy Meals.

When did v sauce become British?

Does Ronald's new outfit include a flower that squirts water?

Hey it's VSauce!

I went to a McDonald yesterday and Ronald McDonald is still used where he promoted the first "Ronald McDonald house for children in hospitals" here in Belgium.

He criticizes Ronald as being a shill to sell hamburgers to children. Then turns around and shills Skillshare.

Hey parents worried about Ronald promoting childhood obesity, here's a novel thought: RAISE YOUR KIDS TO UNDERSTANDS NUTRITION. Christ, it's not this fucking clown's job to raise your damn kids. If your children have to look elsewhere for role models, then you're doing a shitty job as a parent. Children learning to live responsibly starts with YOU. If your kids are fat, that's YOUR fault. Just like the camels. Teach your kids tthe common sense god gave gravel and these cartoon characters selling fast food and cigs are irrelevent.

He got arrested for indecent exposure. They hauled his sesame seed buns off to jail.

Work at a McDonalds restaurant: earn minimum wage and live paycheck to paycheck Work as Ronald McDonald: make a 6-figure income


Speaking of creepy clowns, what about that Japanese girl clown, who was supposed to be Ronald's daughter?

$5 says those 9 men only speak english. I can think of at least 3 in Japan.

You can't just sum it up in less than 20 minutes? I've got shit to do and I want to find out about this stupid clown really fast.

Interesting fact about the Mc and Mac surname.

Like Pan Am even Ronald needs a break

An ageless magical trickster from a world near to but separate from ours, who cares for children and cares not for wealth, with a Gaelic surname... Is Ronald McDonald one of the Fair Folk?

this guy on so many channels

What a Mary sue smh

So if he is so Friggin' Magical.. Why can't he make the Damn BURGERS AND FRIES HEALTHY... ?? Low Carbs and Low Cals. that is sick they have the magical means and way to do this but refuse.. Ronald's a Real Dickhead..

Why am I watching a twenty minute video about Ronald McDonald??

Yea "our employees are really magical but trust us our burgers are real too! :/ I think not haha

I thought this was Vsauce. lol

> The character didn't resonate with children anymore What about JAPAN?

A formerly popular urban legend in Australia held that the Apple Pies were actually choko in apple jelly. Turns out it that - SPOILERS! - it wasn't true. Because chokos are bland, mushy, misshapen things which grow on vines and exist in a vaguely-defined grey area between "vegetable" and "fruit"... even though they are pale green in colour, the taste can only be described as "grey". Seems that it's quite impossible to fool people into believing they're actually apples, even if you're a Magical Hamburger Wizard Guy with a fetish for dressing up like a clown and hanging around small children.

Sounds like he actually can't do much of anything. Apart from "standing there, being Ronald McDonald".

They both ditched their agents and hired new ones when it became clear which way the "Ronald's Sidekick" gig was heading. Now they're both just waiting for a new break. Grimace has done some TV work, late night infomercials for weight-loss machines and that kind of thing, shitty pay but it covers the 7 cheeseburgers per day. Hamburglar tried to get onto Broadway for a while, but kept complaining that he was always being typecast in "bad guy" roles. He tried online dating for a while, but found that women were interpreting his style as being less "mysterious and dashing, like Zorro", and more "creepy and unnerving, like a weird stalker guy wearing a mask". So he had to give that up too. Honestly, I'd be worried for the guy if he wasn't such an asshole.

Ronald can never die, only the actors who play him.

They should bring him back as penny wise . To scare the shit out of everyone that walks into McDonald’s . That would be cool

TV commercial, German TV 1993: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpHg2X1ORIQ

I want an Apple Pie tree :'(

Are we sure McDonald's is not (ironically) actually from Japan? XD (going off the whole 'magic clown' thing)

He used to always be in the commercials but now its gone

My high school theatre teacher was a Ronald Mcdonald.  He had a photo portrait of himself putting on his makeup in his office.

Sill can't make me NOT be afraid of clowns... Yes I'm 20, yes I'm afraid of clowns

So in other words Ronald is a Corporate BOT. Just another Corporate puppet. They can keep that job.

Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like Micheal from Vsauce?

Camel cigarettes Joe Camel mascot is absolutely disgusting and uses subliminal advertising for the most nefarious and obnoxiously blatant display of prurience. turn his picture upside down then cover the lower half of his "face" with a piece of paper and you will realize just how far big companies will go to pique your interest with hidden innuendo

The music is awful. I couldn't focus on the subject matter because of the dreaded organ coming back every 15 seconds

Oh man this was a good one. A must watch.

Hey V-Sauce... Michael here!

I'm vegan and this triggered me! Because were all fucking cunts.

@ 8:07 - 8:15 "Volcanoes filled with milkshakes instead of lava, which would make the awful destruction of Pompeii a lot more fun."

So he’s a magical liar from another dimension....so Ronald is Pennywise

We take Ronald at face value since we grew up with him all over advertising. But, if you showed Ronald to a kid today who never heard of McDonalds, they would probably freak out and run in the other direction.

you couldn't pay me enough to eat at mcdonalds it is a dump with grease filled processed crap on a bun

The soy is strong with this host

Stephen King's "It" character probably didn't help any.

I remember when some French guys filled a statue of Ronald McDonald (made of plastic) with Gunpowder and blew it up. Some group named "La restistance pour la défense de la culture francaise" claimed to have done it to make a statement against Amercian fast-food. Really hilarious!

What’s with the fake accent VSAUCE?

Oh my god what is this, why is there so much about Ronald McDonald

I would never eat that rubbish.

What is it that makes Simon So damned Sexy?

I really like Ronald McDonald! He was never creepy to me.

i heard mctonight moon man its attractive with rightist white kids.

Secret Convetion? WTF is that?

If this video brings back this character I will castrate you with a spork.

that was realy a good video ^^

Reggie Benes it’s a secret

If Ronald dabs, even just once... I'm done.

Yep. And some British people got their last names from what they did....like Tyler, Baker, Carpenter, Handcock, Hitchcock, Shakespeare.

Five Ronald's die every year from hypertension and obesity.

This is

Stop looking like VSauce Micheal in the thumbnails

He's at five guys.

Wtf u can see his face?!

With the look of the studio you could go with some instrumental blues. It would fit the theme nicely and be easy on the ears.

Damn you creepypastas You ruined my childhood & now Ronald’s gone. The happy meal guy is worse

Boss clown sounds and looks like a badass anime gangster mob boss

What happened to Ronald is obvious; he mcfricken lost it

Yup, Ronald has a magical diabetic fat stick that he diddles the kiddies with.

Your videos have gone from awesome to repetitive and boring.

I like sambo better.that boy could run fast.

"Promotes children's health" the hotel I work at has a direct bill with the Ronald McDonald house so I firmly belive it.

Kayfabe, never break it, come cops, injury, or even your life.

I don't see how the "daughter of" prefix could ever have moved to a next generation when the father's name was the one that was passed on to the children in those times. Unless they did it differently in that specific region.

what happened to him? kids got scared of clowns; end of story

10:44 Alright, I think I'm missing something here. Mickey Mouse is dated, and children have moved on?! I'm not even 25 but if that statement is true then I feel really old.

“Yay, Milkshakes and death”

[breathes deep] Wow! The world is super fucking strange!

*ran ran ru*

I think it’s sad that everything unhealthy these days cannot be associated with anything nice. Soon cakes for kids will have the appearance of an obese man! However else will they know it’s unhealthy?!??! It’s just stupid. MD should just own it, own being a TREAT, leave parents to teach their own kids that MD is fun for once in a while, like going to Disneyland or having candy once a week ! Stop this health ambassador clown nonsense

I think Ronald is really the Stig.

As a Aussie kid growing up with Ronald McDonald I remember feeling something was very wrong in the world when I went to the USA and Ronald looked completely different.

SCP Ronald and his helpers

0:26 Now i know that Ronald McDonald has 4 eyebrows. O_O

Oh shit I thought it was... HEY Vsauce, Michael here lol

maybe ronald has a TARDIS

Yay! Milkshake and death! Hahahah nice one Simon.

This host is so phony with his overuse of dramatic pauses. Wouldnt this episode be more watchable if you had some text saying "mcdonalds wants to be taken more seriously so they are distancing themselves from the mascot". Happy meals vs frappes

His appearance makes me like to vomit, not to eat. Nut that matches to the whole McDonald'S brand as well... (...and all other fast food franchises).

Immortal clown that tries to get children to spend time around him using reality warping powers......Wait that sounds familiar........ "Would be hilarious if not wasn't also the exact plot of IT" Oh yeah........shudders.

What about Grimace?


Frustrated by all of McDonald's rules against him interacting with young, vulnerable children, he left the fast food industry to become a Catholic priest ...


I just imagine rackaracka's Ronald Macdonald

I met Ronald once...cool dude but he smells like ketchup

He always creeped me out and not to mention having my sir name i learned hate him.

Sounds legit

thumbnail made me think this was Vsauce


I think that Ronald is only well know in the States.....I think

Actually, I miss the skits that McDonald's did in the early 1970's, as interactions between Hamburgler, Grimmace, Ronald and other minor characters...sad McDonalds (the franchise) hasn't considered returning to 'advertising skits' using the 'more-complete ensemble'...then again, can't stop 'P(olitical) C(orrectness), no matter how hard you try...(it's a CLOWN, people...he can wear a red blazer with yellow piping, if he wants!!!)

I always find it funny how strange men are considered to be the most dangerous to children when the vast majority of child abuse and rape is committed by females. (LOOK IT UP I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING DADDY)

Ronald is out living with RackaRacka

I think the last time I heard the name Ronald McDonald, was at Ronald McDonald House. My cousin died at 11, and Ronald McDonald House helped housing the family, so that they could spend time in the hospital. The charity were an amazing support, and continue to be. It’s something more than just a mascot, to some folk.

How curios , this vid is interdicted by a Arbys ad.

16:20 - that red isn't make-up, that is his skin colour beneath :O

Hate him. Scanned when I met him as a toddler. Not bothered by clowns of any kind just don't like him.

the pics were hilarious "Oh yas, milkshakes and death!" and of course "please don't hurt me I'll never go to Wendy's"

Micky Mouse does almost exactly the same thing yet most people don't find him as creepy. Be ware the mouse and the clown!! Actually be ware the super-sized companies that employ them.

wait this isn’t vsauce

I seriously can’t ever make it through your videos, however interesting the topic. You need to edit down and only include the best information. Too long and rambly

Now we have those stupid happy meal minion looking things. they suck

Anyone else find the background music mildly soul crushing?

Ronald McDonald is a sith lord.

15:19 and onwards. Best series of sentences ever. Well played.

macdonald with the little D

I have always HATED clowns, except the ones from Cirque du Soleil. The purple Grimace what the hell was that thing supposed to be?

16:05 ONE of them is... ... the rest are actors

So... What happens when a Ronald encounters a Wendy or a Burger King out in the wild?

Forgive me for commenting before watching the full video, but about the ronald mcdonald being second only to santa in terms of recognition... assuming thats for mascots I guess? the statement is really vague and not telling, but anyway... I've heard the most recognizable mascot characters in recent years are mickey mouse (still), mario, the michelin man for some reason, hello kitty and pikachu.

Breaking News liberal retards have gotten Ronald McDonald fired!

Am I the only person who thinks the Ronald McDonald house would be terrifying bad enough to be hurt injured and very sick but hanging out with pennywises cousin I rather fall off a plane!

So, basically to explain the numerous Ronalds around the country/world, McDonald's went and pulled a Disney Parks? HAVING SEEN MCDONALD'S ON PROPERTY AT THE FLORIDA PARKS MADE PERFECT SENSE NOW!!!!

Ronald's new suit makes him look like a Batman villain.

I think John Wayne Gacy, and later monsters based around him like Pennywise, pretty much ruined the image of clowns as 'fun'.

Took this guy 20 minutes to say, “He is outdated and people find clowns kind of creepy now.” There I saved you 20 boring minutes.

thumbs down for skillshare ad

And yet you still did it.

Not really. It's taken at least 20mins to scroll down to your comment.

fly girl left hamburgular and grimace and Ronald due to sexual harassment. ..sexual harassment panda was her lawyer but she settled outta court #birdietoo

I can hardly understand what you're saying because of the overly forced intonation... Not intuitive at all or necessary. Stop trying so hard to be the vsauce guy...

Sounds like how Disney treats their Characters

wait does this mean that mcnugget technically means 'son of nugget'

At every Mc d outlet in india

Microphone is trash B A S S B O O S T E D

Ronald McDonald doesn't make kids fat; irresponsible parents who feed their kids nothing but McDonald's do.

Stop cosplayinf Vsause!

Is Ronald McDonald a slave?

What the fuck are you on about?

Fantastic episode. Very informational. Bring back the Nc!!! Great fact there.

Still not as tyrannical as Disney.

I met a Ronald McDonald a few years ago :0 Kind of ironically, it was on my 16th birthday

He hides under a cave. He can't make friends with kids without parents thinking he is a peedofile

hes on vacation

That cow close-up had me dead

lol whoever came up with ronald macdonald is queer!

made me hungry watching this

What about Mickey Mouse? He's arguably more recognisable than Ronald McDonald. This is a brilliant video about the icon of soulless capitalism. Shame McDonalds "killed" Mac Tonight. He was great.

No, he's the Slave Master.

Ronald McDonald is what the Grim Reaper looks like to cows.

McDonalds is a machine for turning cows into shite.

A threat to potato varieties. Remember the Irish potato famine. Genetic diversity is our friend. Corporate hegemony is a threat to genetic diversity. The potato market is so distorted with one major buyer it can not truly be said to be a free market.

Body guards? To protect Ronald McDonald from bovine terrorists of the organisation the BLO, the Bovine Liberation Organisation.

Hey the rx8 came out in 2002!

Clowns are so creepy....

The new look looks like Captain Kangaroo.Loving the it IT idea.

What a waste of time and money. The clown, I mean. Also, these days, clowns are just spooky/creepy.

Love your videos! In this one it's hard to hear you... And focus with the background music

Who played Ronald McDonald in the super creepy live-action Ronald McDonald movies?

I feel like McDonald's

Hm a lot more jokes in this one. Not saying that’s bad, or that’s good. Just feels different.

V Sauce here

Secret convetion? Convetion ?

Bonus comments question... So if Nc is daughter of... ist the female name Nicole an extension of Daughter of Cole?

Damn, I wish they were as stringent about the people working behind the counter as they are about a stupid clown.

My only direct contact with Ronald McDonald is that he once came to our kindergarden in the early 2000s and left us each a yellow flimsy little comb which our teachers then used to rip out our baby hairs every day after our nap time for the next few years.

I use to terrorize my little sister by sending her pictures of Ronald McDonald and various creepy clowns because she is super scared of clowns. Lol

I just seen him at McDonald's sitting on a bench

3:20 What's a "convetion"

I remember when I was a kid Ronald showed up at a McDonald's near where I lived. Was amazing. Then, unfortunately for the workers there, I'd always ask them when he'd be back. LOL.

I broke my arm when I was 5, it was the first time in my life I seriously got hurt. My dad made some calls, and I got to meet (our local) Ronald. He came out to the local McDonalds, did some magic tricks, juggled bowling pins over my head, and signed my cast. Not much to some, but to a 5 year old kid who'd broken his arm? It was the best day ever

V sausue

Everything you ever wanted to know about being a cult leader - but were afraid to ask - now all in one, convenient video!

Why the hell do you take a breath after each word

Don't get mad at McDonald's marketing to children making them fat, get mad at the parents for constantly taking them to McDonald's.

the 1970 ads were ripped off from HR puffinstuff . or at least the character design was.

McDonald’s teaches hate against Wendy’s and Burger King.

If you french fry when you’re supposed to pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time.

He was replaced by a new mascot. who is a 3d animated happy meal called  Happy or something.

Japan killed him with their creepy ass commercials.

but what the heck is grimace?

Never cared for this clown even when I was a kid, McDonald's for me is a big mcchicken with extra mayo.

Who knows, maybe a CGI clown would do better these days

What happened to the rest of the characters from McDonald's land? They disappeared as well.They were cute in the old commercials.

The more people rebel against the character the less mc D will use him and eventually I recon we will no longer see him or he may be made to tell the truth.

I’m probably not the first person to say this.... British VSauce....

He was led into the backyard shed and never seen again

Yeah but what happened to the rest of the gang? Grimace? Ham-Burglar?

Making kids fat since the 1960s...now it all makes sense why he is so long with the company,

I don’t eat at McDonald’s often but I pass one every day which was recently torn down and rebuilt to new version. He may not be on television but Ronald McDonald is sitting on a bench in front of this brand new McDonald’s restaurant so we doesn’t seem to have vanished.

Since when is Mickey Mouse "iconic but dated"?

Dick Van Dyke murdered Ronald McDonald.

Kids have moved on? what kind of bullpuckery is that? Little kids, of the age to be enthralled by McDonaldland characters, are largely blank slates, having brains shaped by sesame street and little kid shows of that sort, of varying quality. To every new generation of wee ones, Ronald is new and magical.

It must involve super magic powers to make children like mcdonalds...

Nielsen means "son of Niel" but in some languages other than the Norwegian origin of my dad's step-father it is "son of Neil." Just sayin'.

I give a high five to anyone who can watch this whole video....

Lmao! "The exact plot of IT." The best thing I've heard in months.

I think it's unfair that Ronald was pushed into a health nut character. French Fries were never healthy but salty, greasy goodness. If the government cares about citizen do away with debt tied to the U.S.A. Dollar.

Omg, the burgers are not from cows. It's Cabbage Patch Kids!

Should have done an add where a Ronald McDonald started finding and beating the crap out of all the creepy clowns he could find. While wearing a Goofy Red and Yellow Gee.

I saw a Ronald McDonald in my local McDonald's once.

its obvious what happened he now fights old men and children on a different channel

My “ vegan “ senses are on high alert!! Lol

Pfft. The only thing that's magic about McDonalds is how they produce the tripe they call food and get people to actually buy it.


Michael why aren't you doing vsauce anymore.

Is this vsauce

Cheif of happiness sounds like what they call it if you cry at Disneyland so the mascots come to beat you down.

Ronald McDonald is Penny Wise. He leads kids to the milk shake river. We all float here! We all float here! Happy

Ronnie McD for president! (quite a stable personality with high public recognition, ain't he?)

Where can I find this book?

This sounds like a cult.

I hope Ronald gets payed well after going through all that crap.

When I was a kid I had a dream 3 times of Ronald chasing me in a ice cream van with an axe. It didn't put me off McDonald's though and I am not even scared of clowns really.

I was OK with Ronald McDonald being a clown. Being an immortal alien from a magical realm called McDonald land who slaves away for a fast food restuarant just unsettles me now.

Ronald McDonald got fired for sexual-harassment. He was caught trying to stick his big Mac into Wendy’s hot and juicy.

Thumb up if you searched Amazon right away for _"Ronald and How_ by Aye Jaye"

I never thought I would actually be able to physically interact with the very ethereal notion of sarcasm, but this video makes it so tangible that I found myself able to carve into it with a simple kitchen knife.

None sense! You can find him in the RackaRacka !

Technically, the official stance of the company, according to that statement, does not necessarily imply that Ronald himself has magical powers, it just means he uses the same teleportation service as Santa. =p

dear god this video takes forever...

i had never heard of him until i saw him on memes, certainly didn't grow up with him in marketing

He's now sexy and lives in Japan

Is Ronald a fucking SCP?

Great video and very informative but the music creeps me out!!!

When i was little i have Lemon stand and i had maskestcast name mr lemon With his story say i come form a macgi land

he's chilling with Drew Pickles.

Make fun great again!

Clowns make me sick just as McDonalds food does.. In fact, the smell of that garbage makes me gag.

So, is the new mascot a denizen of McDonald Land? I've stopped seeing the commercials long ago, so where and when did the boxes become sentient?

The people of pompeii would have survived because the icecream machine that fueled that volcano isnt working.

Haven't eaten McDonald's in maybe 4 years now and don't ever intend to. Let's face it you're more likely to be able to bend space time not eating their crap than you are getting to be happy eating it.

I wish he'd talk a little more choppily. He definitely doesn't talk choppy enough

I've never seen Donald Trump and Ronald McDonald together. Coincidence?

Good thing Jimmy Savile was never a Ronald

5:30 "Ayejaye" pronounced as AJ. He hailed from Oconomowoc, WI on Okauchee Lake. Yes, I lost a girl to Ronald McDonald.

ONLY THE FIRST 500 GET TWO MONTHS... REALLY... ??! So why is it STILL offering the 2 months...??! Sounds like you’re running a scam just to make people rush to buy for no reason at all...?? And FYI I LIKE your videos but I’m sick of YouTubers pushing kids into making rushed purchases... even if IT IS A GOOD PRODUCT!

The original Ronald was just straight nightmare fuel. Edit* btw there is a spelling error on the McDonald's arches @3:22.

Some one else noticed the similarities of Ronald and Penny

"Don't you want a free toy, Georgie? We have French fry bushes and burger patches.

Clowns are scary. Apparently?!

I've never laughed so hard at one of these videos. They need to let that character go, their is no place for him in the social media age. My generation (Xennials.. apparently) was the last to enjoy that character before we realized eating McDonald's was like eating warm garbage.

What have they done to the Hamburglar?

Now why am I watching this at one in the morning?

I honestly thought this was Vsauce dude I just assumed you were because you are bald and have a beard That's a cool starter pack

I remember years ago we had a Ronald McDonald show up at my grade school talking about fire safety of all things where he responded to a question with "Ask someone with normal shoes." I thought he was just being a smartass lol

Hey Vsauce, Michael here

OH. MY. GOD! WHAT A NIGHTMARE! To live every day of your life with this secret would destroy a weaker man. I think they're sick...and there is no cure

Now suddenly the term "McBitch" makes lots of sense.

We haven't seen much of him recently. So has Ronald decided to return to his home planet then?

I just figured he had a heart attack or was recovering from a double triple bypass heart transplant surgery.

Operation yewtree is what happend to Ronald MacDonald

Of course Ronald is exactly what McDonalds says he is, how else would they be able to sell that crappy food to the masses without magic?

Heeyyy, Vsauce here!

You look too much like vsauce

Or maybe Vsauce looks like me. Not actually sure who's older. ;-)

Hey vsauce

Glasses too?

He was arrested for burglary after being on the run for years

I’m a subscriber and normally enjoy listening to your webcasts. This one, however seemed to paint Ronald McDonald and McDonald’s as slightly shady or disingenuous when it comes to the character. What about Ronald McDonald Houses across the country, where the character represents comfort and a home away from home at a very stressful time? You failed to mention it. The car crash with Ronald driving in costume was apparently more valuable. What about Ronald’s appearances as ambassador to local restaurants who donate tens of thousands of dollars in free meals to residents who are displaced due to a tornado, wildfire, or other natural or man made disaster? I guess it fits your narrative to make fun of his shoes or to use your words, “he only exists to peddle junk food... and... he continues to be a slave labor employee. ” You spent most of your 20 minutes with oblique swipes against the character and the brand. So now I guess I have been educated on this "less than sterling" character.

Honestly the whimsical stance this multi-billion dollar corporation about their characters is pretty adorable.

spelled convention wrong on the signage LOL

So cool the way you say, "Hamburgler."

Ronald McDonald is an SCP I guess... time to call the Foundation.

I actually like Ronald McDonald's new suit.

Who knew McDonald's had such rich lore

Random kid: Mr Ronald what are Mc nuggets made of? Ronald: Ask someone with normal shoes! (laughs annoyingly and starts dancing away)...

Wasn't one of the actors who portrayed the famous mascot fired for being gay in the late 1970s?

Who else remembers the Ronald McDonald animated movies? Or were those some strange fever dream

This is what happened: https://youtu.be/mLRy_5U7rF8

I dunno about you guys but I'm hungry for some McDoubles


He Was shooting magic missiles!

I want them to bring back the hamburglar

The first 10 seconds you sound like a Ferrari

Ronald has soy face. Must have been sampling the sauce & shakes.

ronald mc donald comes in second place after santa??? well, outside USA i beg to differ... he is know as the junk food american clown.

It's honestly quite impressive. The cannon they've created about him and how well they've maintained it is incredibly impressive. I don't think he's very relevant anymore, and maybe it's nostalgia talking, but I think he's a good character and, as an actor, I admire the dedication of the actors who have portrayed him.

5:02, 6:10, 8:12, 9:39, 11:58, who's writing those cringeworthy captions, i mean: 9:48 - "you never go to Wendy's" ...what?

Was forced to watch a McDonalds ad in order to keep watching about Ronald McDonald's magical life. True Story

'Secret convetion'

this video is soooooo long.

@03min20sec "Secret Convetion". There is an N missing. *takescover*

I can see another reason why you don't see too many Ronald McDonalds these days... our political/racial diversity, and international locations, means that a white, middle-aged clown figure is no longer seen as an appropriate figurehead for all markets.

Fuck ronald, bring back the moon man!

Really only a half million cows every year? That sounds really really low for how many McDonalds's there are.

He's back. He just made an appearance at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

That explains why we have 6-8 prime ministers in the last ten years

I will just leave this here. This is what too many "Happy Meals" do to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q16KpquGsIc

Sounds like they're just copying Disney's model in the theme parks. If you portray a Disney Princess or character, you're never supposed to reveal the fact that you are an actor/actress, you can't talk about things outside of the Disney verse that your character shouldn't know about and even when you're not in costume you aren't supposed to tell anyone that you portray that character. Instead, you're supposed to say that you are "friends with" that character. It's a way to keep integrity and prevent anyone from spoiling the magic for kids, I suppose.

Ronald for prez! He would be an improvement.

Sounds like a cross between Santa and Disney princesses.

Ronald's are better trained then secret service agents.

I like ronald mcdonald's new outfit!!

I actualy never seen ronald in person... However I wish I did.

Ronald hasn’t left the house in years because he can’t stand by himself anymore.

What about the Irish O’prefix

You lazily mispronounced the names of two well respected members of the magic community who deserve better. It’s Bev Berger-RON, not Son. And AyeJay is pronounced A.J. Not Eye Jay. Both men have contributed numerous advancements in the business of magicians. Bev invented the single balloon animal sculpture. Before he created the long thin balloon, animals were made with several balloons. Bev was also the inventor of many Illusions seen on TV over the years. Aye Jay is a national treasure. His book, The Art of Schmoozing, is s Classic. Since you’re supposed to be teaching something we didn’t know... perhaps you can get the names right.

Ronald McDonald has never seemed to age. Well that would explain the amount of preservatives in their hamburgers.

You know it took me watching a 20 minute video about Ronald McDonald to come to a hilarious realization that never occured to me before. My grandpa is Ronald McDonald! I guess i never thought of it before because i never met him, and my grandma always referred to him as Ron for short.

He didn't die from a massive coronary from eating his own food???

Introducing… the McBrexit Hard Bun ¶:

What happened to the whole gang

wow i cant believe this video is 20 min long

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