What do you need to start a business? It's not what you think!

What do you need to start a business? It's not what you think!

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Business. Podcaster. We business. I'm super Joe Pardo and I'm joined by my two wonderful. Co-host. And. This. Week, we are discussing the. Topic of what. Do you need to start, a business it's, probably. Not, what, you are thinking, we. Also have a grind, my gears involving. A pool company, that hopefully, they get their act together and, and. Help, help help me out at, some point here, we. Also have us, an. Ice cream company that's getting applause for, applaud, applause. Yeah, they're getting applauded. For, their actions, that they're taking and, we have three new. American. Versus, Ozzy, business. Terms, that, we are, going to discuss, and. There's a one cool thing as well that I'm looking forward to jumping. Into at the end here. Jennifer. Crawford the co-founders, parentco, Jennifer. How. Are you, feeling, tonight. Well. I imagine I'm, feeling like a lot of people are feeling right, now. I'm. Feeling. Like this country is going through something. Something. Long causing, something, positive, ultimately, something, long overdue I think. It's fair to say I think I can speak for all of us and saying that we are in complete support of the black lives matter movement the. Black lives matter protestors. And we. Are. Definitely. Working. On ourselves towards. Our, own measures. To, be. Anti-racist. I. Know I've been educating, myself, a, lot this week oh my gosh I've been reading so much I've learned so. Much, that I'm so glad that I know and, I'm so upset that I didn't know sooner. So. Anyway but yeah I'm, good I'm I'm really. Proud of this. What's. Turned into the largest, civil rights movement, in history. Has happened in all of our backyards. You know worldwide, it's it's, pretty impressive. You. Know it's it's a shame though I had to come at the at the cost of another life. You. Know it, it, it's, it's I mean. It's it's ridiculous, like it's it's unfathomable that, it takes this I mean this. Is you, know I seen, one person with a sign that said, you. Know this isn't the wait like this isn't the wake-up call this is like you guys stop hitting the snooze button since. 1619. And. You. Know so it's it's been ringing we just keep, boop. Boop shutting, it down and, I'm. Glad that people are finally realizing and. Speaking, up and and it's because it's not just enough to not be racist anymore, you have to speak up and I. You know as, a look. At in my own right i I've come across these types of people and it sucks it sucks to be the only person that wants to say when, everybody else does like just kind of sits there and accepts, as the what they're you know it's okay to say things like this it's like it's. Not stop. And let's. Let's, you, know let's talk about it you don't want to talk about it and I don't really have much else to say to you like but it's hard sometimes right, yeah, I mean it's hard and I I've certainly been guilty, of it myself you, know particularly, with older, family, members right. And you kind of they. Say you know they're all lovable, and sweet and they belong in a Hallmark card and, then they say something right, they say something and you realize that it's a racist. Something, you. Know if you're 18 years old right and. It's. Always been kind of like they got a pass because. Of their aiming agen you're not gonna change them, and and, anecdotally. Speaking I, think you're.

Not And you. Know our efforts are better put probably towards, you, know voting people into office that. Are. Going to be much more effective than you know changing, and 80 year old relatives, you know mind trying. To you know I think our efforts can. Be better. Focused. But, yeah, but at the same time I'm like it. Happened, you know and it was wrong and, they shouldn't, necessarily get. A pass. Is. Right, it's it's it's puts, you in a difficult position even like you. Know when you're like you're dealing with business you know, relations. Right and it's like you're, like oh I'm hoping to sign this thing and then something comes out of their mouth and you're like, no. That, puts me in a weird position because I'm like I don't really want to thought this person anymore but like what am I supposed to do like ruin it for everybody, like. Everybody that's if that's involved, the chain reaction that that could cause if I just like, nah. Man now I ain't, dealing with this I'm out I. Think. Business, I think you, can't you know yeah I mean I no patience, for that in, business, at all I mean no patience anywhere, right. No I and I and I agree I'm saying as a young as a young man well you're not the person in charge you don't have the final, say like I've totally, been in those situations, where they just say. Things that I'm like I terrible. Like why why do you why do you think like that and I why do I have to keep interacting with this person but it's not my but it's not my call to just like walk. Away from it like. Yeah. But, as a business owner it's up to you to make that decision you just got to keep in mind like how many people are gonna be affected by by, my reaction, right here right it's not just about me like Kevin Hart like said that on, Joe Rogan the other day about how it's, not just me saying it, like saying, something or thinking something now I got a right where that CEO, hat and how many hundreds. Of people what I say, or what how I react, is going to affect. It's. A it's a deep burden, to have to you. Know it's a shoulder yourself with especially, as a comedian, that you're, supposed to say things that are do you know outlandish, and, ridiculous. So. But. Yeah so I I'm you know it makes me so happy, to turn when I turn on the TV and and I'm seeing all these peaceful protests, and and. All the amazing things that, that are that are coming out of this. Sure. Ratio I you, know it's a shame, and wish you know it's shameful, that. People's. Lives are on the back of that movement right so, other. People have. Perished. That. Is fantastic. I. Was just reiterating, the point that you made is that yeah. You know I you. Know change is coming I'm so happy about that I'm you know so proud of everybody that was involved in the black, lives matter movement what. What an impressive impressive. Effort. But. Yes, the. Sacrifices, that these other, people have made in order to get our attention. That's. Just, that's that's sad but. We. Are we're here we're here right now this is where rally, hi. Lou. Hey. Lou. Hey. What's going on Lou so. A -, right, -, Samantha. Reilly joins us as well Samantha, Reilly. Of Samantha, Reilly global. How are you feeling, this morning. I'm. Feeling good, I mean we did have a discussion. Before, we started, and I think that Joe, and Jane you've articulated it. Beautifully. Probably. You know articulated, my thoughts too in that you know, what's. Happening with. How we're moving forward, but. Personally, we've just had a long weekend here in Australia you don't call them long weekends they do you, call holidays, long. Weekend. Okay. That's, a good day okay. So we just had a long weekend for the Queen's birthday, and it wasn't even the Queen's birthday, and everyone in Australia is just going we don't get we, got a day off so. It's. Just me and we just go okay we'll take that day off. I. Think they're all gonna need to take 20 21 off personally, after this year yeah the whole yeah. 20:21. Could just be one big party, where we're just all like, happy. And kinder, to each other that, would be great, no I'll just leave you with a very funny tick-tock that I saw last night it really cracked me up there was a woman that she walks past her her, vision, board she's like I wanted 2020, to be amazing, you know I put this vision app that I want to cheaper fuel cheaper gas you call it and I, wanted some more time off I wanted to spend more time at home and then, she's like ah dang 2020, just hasn't delivered and then she goes back and goes oh i've. Manifested. This is my fault and i just thought it was extremely, funny. How. Are you this evening Joe.

Well. I've been very, busy, bolstering. Up the the, community. The, in d-pod community. Getting ready for our next virtual conference this Saturday. For, PG inner podcasters. So. It's eight hours of beginner. Podcasting. Goodness if you if you're just getting started you can come join us at in d-pod con-com. Slash. Virtual. Totally. Free just join up in the group and you can you, can come hang out and chat and learn and have, a great great time meet some new friends. Like. Being stuck at home so yeah, it's been it's been fun it's been a great time and. Yeah. Trying to plan for what the next one's gonna be in two weeks from then and just. Keep it keep it keep it rolling you know doing. Good doing good awesome. Should we jump into today's topic I, think yes what. Do you need to start a business it's, not, what, you think, and if you have any questions, please to chop. Them in the chat please cuz we we. Love having people like loose a hashtag take 21 20, 21 off. To, president. The. World. So. Who wants to break the news about what's the was the one, thing that you need to, start. Your business. Is there one thing no, this one thing I think I. Think. There's. A key ingredient, that you need to start your business right. I'll. Bring I don't usually get to break the news okay you break. The news you. Need clients, right. You need customers. That's, the key ingredient that's, the that's the lifeblood right yeah. Absolutely, as an idea that's, what I was thinking that you need an idea, yeah. The problem is that so many people sit, on that idea like how many people, do. You do, you both work with that have just like I've had this idea for 10. Years 20 years I was, on I, heard. Of a guy. That published. With the same publisher as me, for his book and I had this idea for a book for 18, years right, 80 are, you kidding me. Like. Lord of the Rings level or a. Really. Know. Well. Mary Sue says we need grit. The. Name of her summit was the small business crit, summit, and that's kind of what I was thinking too like this whole failure to launch I mean a lot of it a lot, of being a business owner is just, grit and guts, you. Know willing to put yourself out there take a little bit of a risk but, yeah. I think I think those might be the three key ingredients, yeah. Right yeah clients. And the great idea I, think, I think I think Joe sums it up beautifully, no clients, no business it's that simple but all the other things are part of it they're part of their part of the recipe, you know we're making this beautiful.

Meal. I guess with all of the different ingredients but, the number one ingredient if, we don't if we do have clients if we don't have money coming through the door there, is no business and I. Think when we came up with this idea, for today's episode it's. Because, I've heard so, many times over, the last. Forever. Forever. That. To, start a business you need a logo and a website. And. I'm calling, be. S on that you do not need a logo and a website to start a business they're nice to her but, you do not need them to start a business I worked, with a client quite a few years ago and. We're gonna dive deeper into how, how, this happens but we sat down and spent a day together we. Had a strategy session and, really. Pulled this idea out of her head and the next morning without, a website without flyers without. A logo, without anything, she walked into a networking event made, $30,000. And walked out without a, thing, so. Her, business, was. A proven, business model, she made her $30,000. And then, she. Could do all the nice things. So. That's what we're gonna talk about. Yeah. Because otherwise it's, a hobby right I mean you watch Shark Tank that's that's what a lot of the people that walk in there have they. Have a hobby and hobbies. Are great and everyone should have at least one I have probably. Too many of them myself. Like. I mean you're looking at some of them right behind. Home. Base right. And any hobbies. Can make money but that doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be your eyes should be your business it's, just what, you gotta go where the clients are where the tides are right we're like we're the tide is taking you at the time like. One of the things since. This whole you know Cove at 19 thing I've focused more on my, community, in the indie pod community. And growing that and bolstering that to drive. Dollars, through my business then, even, then you know hope. They optimize, businesses. Right now because not. Many small businesses, are operating, at. A capacity to or, able, to even operate at, a capacity to warrant. Me, coming in and helping them because, of the fact that they're like, I had, to like either lay off most of my people and I'm doing everything now or or me and like my son and my daughter and, my sister or, helping you, know keep keep the things like just keep it moving so we can at least pay the rent and and be, here when this is over so, yeah so is my, service is super warranted, at the moment yeah you. Know depending on the industry what we're talking about now so. So. Yeah and let's, just pre frame that, what, we're specifically. Talking about, here, is. Professional, services. Or service based businesses. Not even professional, service but service, based businesses, where we're providing a service we. Don't need to buy in products we don't need to have some. Sort of you, know we're not talking about SAS businesses, that's, not what we're talking about here right, and I, completely. Agree that, you need clients but, you also have to get off the starting block and I, know, part of my motivation, for wanting to talk about this is that I know so, many people that, have, great ideas for businesses, would, be perfectly. Great running them but. They are spending way too much time going, to conferences. Taking. Courses. Going. To seminars. Reading. I mean they're just. They're. Educating. Themselves but, like they're educating, themselves, instead. Of just starting. And and there's some things that you just learn, by doing, I think most things you. Learn by doing I, mean I'm not talking about jumping, into surgery or anything but. You. Know by. The time you get off that starting, blog you, know somebody else may have your idea or something else you may have more competition, the, market demand, has changed, I mean, there's something for just you know doing, it and you know what I've always loved about service, based businesses, it's, that there's a very low overhead. Most. Of them don't require any specialized.

License, Licensing. And I know one of my early businesses, I was literally like early nineties recession, time I think I may have told the story before, but. I had a friend who had been laid off and she could literally wallpaper. Her living room with, job rejections. And she, was. About to lose her house and, so. We just I said well let's just offer to clean people's houses I wasn't. Passionate about cleaning people's houses I was passionate about you know getting money in my bank account and, hey oh we literally, walked out the door and, I walked to houses that were bigger than mine which. Wasn't hard to find. And. We didn't even have we didn't even talk about like what we were gonna charge and the, first house we knocked on they answered, and said come in and give us a quote and we, you know we were kind of like oh crap we didn't, even talk about this part. Like. Put that much forethought, into it but by the end of the day we had enough. Houses to, have to start a business like to keep us busy and that's what. We did until she found a job and I had another business that was taking off so it sort of sort. Of petered out naturally. But it literally, we had a business in a matter of hours, just by million, doors it, was a hard work yes was it fun no but. We. What we walked away with money, and she was able to pay her mortgage, absolutely. That was me that was we, were passionate about at the time I don't think there's anything right there. Is absolutely, nothing wrong with that and I'm really glad you shared that story Jen, because a lot, of people can also, get. Caught up you know you know want to build this freedom business, thing and and that, is what I hope people do I get that but sometimes, you. Know there's a season for everything and if you're about to lose your. House, then. Going, out and making some quick bucks to keep that house is much. Smarter, than. You, know trying, to work on the business model that's going to be the forever. Model and Lucy house along the way, yeah. Business. Model, where you live Sam. But. Joe, have you ever heard of a company called duty, calls. Oh. Ody. Well. They're I think you're a franchise they're definitely in our area, and I hired them as at one point way they, this is what they do they, come into your backyard and, they scoop up your dog poo so. I duty. Calls and, you. Know it's it's completely service. Based it's a convenience, business, but and you, know do you think the person that started, that business, loves. Picking, up dog poo no nobody, loves picking up dog poo but they saw and eat in on. You, know areas, you know cities and. You, know metropolitan, areas where people are working and, commuting, long hours, and don't, have time to pick up their yard. And so, now I now, I believe it's a franchise it wasn't initially but um but. Yeah it's, that's. Fantastic, hi good. So. I'm just like because I a lot of people like they want to do something they're passionate about and, that's great that's, great I mean I hope we all can do something that we're passionate about absolutely, um but I think sometimes you, know the money has to come first, and I would never talk about that everyone's always like can you find your find, your calling find your passion, well you know what like, I think. I'm just very passionate about paying my bills. Absolutely. Absolutely beeping. Yeah. I'm confused, Brent, Brent says it's my passion your passion is picking up duty. No. I I mean, I think there's there's, a lot you know there's a lot there to unpack. I mean I also want to go back to friends, comment about Facebook, being a hobby you know a hobby revenue, and. And not necessarily. Because if the it's where you set the goal right, I used this example I was doing, a podcast interview, earlier today and I use this example of Cole's right and do you don't have Cole's in Australia, do you I we, do but I've got a funny feeling it's, different, to your calls err Cole's is like, a supermarket. So. So our Cole's was a supermarket. That's. What that's how it yeah that's how Cole started it out was the supermarket, and. They. Transitioned. Into clothing, so it's a clothing store anyway. They they decided, that they. Wanted to change the goal the goal wasn't to just get. Rep money and revenue right they, would they they, wanted to change the goal so they set the goal to be, something. Like, get. People in the store so how do you get people in the store well they said hey you know what people do a lot of return. Things to Amazon so you know what we're gonna do we're gonna package that stuff, up for Amazon send, it back to them as a free service to our customers or, to people that are that come to the store and then when they're there BAM, we're slapping them in the, hand with 20% off on anything they want to buy so now we got foot traffic they got a coupon they have a reason to be there and they have you know they have basically.

Money In their pocket free money in their pocket so they changed the goal so, that they could try to survive, because that was their problems they were they were they were literally like strangling, themselves, under the weight of their business and not. Getting foot traffic was a way that they you, know somebody at the top decide to hey this, is this is a way to do it it's gonna cost us some money but we're gonna get people in the door and get them in the routine of coming, to Kohl's and buying, clothes here versus, going to Old Navy or, Sears, or LC doesn't exist anymore of it going, somewhere else and buying their clothes that's. Brilliant. Absolutely, absolutely. So Kohl's had to close because the covet night well they ain't close close but they've closed their stores at least around here, because, the code is 19 for the time being so, hopefully they can open up again cuz I'm tired of going to the UPS Store cuz it's like a long line, to get in there to, return my stuff I. Love. This question from, Brent and I'm. Wondering, if we're all gonna have the same answer to this you, wanna yeah I think he's talking it well he's talking about a conversation he had with you today Joe so do you want to tackle this one yeah. So he said rent us how you define. Clients. For example I talked with Joe today that's me today. About how hard coal initially. Is to grow the, network free, users are a big part of that, yeah. So yeah. It really, does come down to what you define the customer so like in Facebook's, case where if, you have a podcast and, that's what you're trying to like make, that thing or even a YouTube channel right the, client, isn't your listeners, the client, is the, advertisers. Is the sponsors, in most cases yeah, you might sell some things to the to the people that are watching and then you have a you know a duality, to it of who who you're trying to serve and who, you know from a hey, we have inventory. Of people that are watching -, all of a sudden we have an inventory a product that we're selling - that inventory of people and then that inventory people, is being sold off - that it that sponsor so it's it's, good because you have that duality of income, but, in a lot of cases it's you got to get people in the door right you got to get people there so that they are listening and then you could say hey look look how many people we have that are coming to our store and and, they call in the cold case like that's that's a Kate you know if right they're like that's a that's a example.

Of Gotta get people in the store we can't we're, not gonna sell anything more if there's nobody get in the store in our physical American water stores out. There but the people that come through the door of Kohl's Joe, are visitors. Until. They buy something. And become, a customer. Unleashes. And so there's one word here, to, sum all of this up in his strategy. You need to know your end strategy, so. I was speaking with someone the other day and she's running a virtual conference, for speakers, to help, them to be able to set up their virtual, sets. And. One. Person, that she'd spoken to said well that's a really, valuable topic. For speakers, you, should charge for that. Without. Asking her well what's your strategy so when she came to me she said well Sam what do you think and the first thing I said is why. Are you running it what do you want to get out of it and her answer was that. She, wanted to position, herself as the authority, in the speaker market, as, someone that there, is a videographer for, business conferences, and that, she wanted to get this into the hands of as many, speakers as possible, then, I said well your strategy, should be to run a free, event, not, a paid event so that you can get more people so, and then you know what are you going to do off the back end of that so. You, can't just decide, I'm going to do this you must must understand, what, is the end goal and then reverse engineer, that and I think that too many people will would, answer that question without, asking, the other person what's. The end goal what is it that you're looking for because until you tell me that I can't, offer my. You. Know the solution or all. My opinion, in that solution. Yeah. I agree. With that. Well. I was gonna say it's the same with the free virtual conferences. That we've been doing in the you know in the in the pod community, right is the. Goal is to grow like the number one goal rate. You know raise awareness of the group increase, the membership, to the group increase. The amount of people that are on the mailing list like that's, the goal increase, increase, eyeballs so that's. That, was a way to do it and and okay, and if I make some money on the back end you know a thousand, here five hundred you know two thousand, dollars like that's all gravy to me at this point because like my, bills are covered right now and I'm just like how do I just I just want to increase increase. Increase the, amount of people because it's on the back end it's going to increase, the the value when we hope when we host these events well, actually I was just to say so your actual, end goal Joe is. Getting. More people to your conference that's actually, the end goal not the leads because. We also have to understand, that just, having leads without knowing, what we're gonna do with them is just a bigger problem and sorry, Jen I cut you off I.

Guess. I'm still I'm stuck a little bit on Brent's, initial, question was like how do you define clients, because it's me you, know having the strategy, is great it's a strategy you need it but, the, people that are not paying that are coming to free that, are joining your group or your community, they're. Not I mean I personally would not call them clients or customers until. They buy something, so uh-huh, no I think when Brett was like well are they I think he was asking well. When I'm growing my network, are, the free users, clients. I would, say no, they're, not playing you. Or. Leads or leads, or prospects. But. Yeah, I mean essentially, you're just having. A long tail funnel, right you're you know building the community and, drawing people in giving them some free stuff but essentially, you're selling to them eventually. And. Hopefully they become clients. Or customers, there. Is one. Different. Way to look at that in, that depending, on some business models those free people can bring money in a different way says, them there are people, in. Communities. I'm in, another. Community where, I'm a free member but, I bring a lot of leads into their business I do a lot of referrals, so that business owner understands. That my place in the business he's making more from, me being in that community for free then, he is from. Me. Paying and and. Not doing anything so you also need to understand, that there's different people for different reasons, this, is such, a huge, huge, topic right. That. You're a referral, partner, and you have value, but you're yes so not a customer, I'm sure not a client, correct, okay. So if we're just talking like we run really just digging into the semantics, here but I'm absolutely I, like to be very clear because I think business. Gets really muddy with these free models, and I think people think that just because they have a group they have a business and you don't have a business until, you're selling, something and nobody becomes a client or a customer until, they pay you, gibberish, because. To me like I don't know like I think sometimes, community, gets. A little I think, there's some weird area, there like. Community. Like go dig, dig deeper please well. I don't want it I run, the risk of insulting, people when I say this but I feel personally, I feel a little weird about monetizing. A community, like I would rather call it like a membership. Program or, something like that, like, I just enemy, me it's just I'm a word person I get hung up on semantics, I'm not even saying I'm right I could argue myself, out of this really easily. But. I but I love to bring in a little debatable. Topic every, once in a while don't mind me not. You I would never believe that. Deeper, in that because like what. Do you what, do you what do you define is monetizing, a community, I. Guess. Personally I've always never, felt. Personally. Like if I, if. I start, like a Facebook, community like, a group and call it a community, I feel, like it should just be a community, like people that have the same interests or you know want to support each other you, know have, some commonality. But. If I intend. To make, money off of those people, I feel, like I should be more straightforward, and, be like well this isn't a community this is a membership, and even if it's five bucks a month or something like that we. Know we know our relationship, is very transparent. Does. That make sense it, does and I think that's, because I've seen Brent's comment, that you know we need to understand, that initial, strategy, of monetizing, the group first I think, that with.

Any Model, there. It's, going to work for some and it's not going to work for others because, I've, also seen, someone, who has an extremely. Successful Facebook, group he's I think he's up to nearly 8,000, people when, he first started his group it was purely about, I. I. Really, like being around this type of person so I'm just going to build a community what. Started happening from that from him adding value to that community, people. Started saying hey I've got this problem, so. He put products, together that serves those people and help them solve their problem I don't see anything bad in that in actual fact I see that as being extremely good because, it's helping people, yeah, he's charging them but that's what we do as business owners we we charge people in. You. Know - in exchange for, helping, them solve their problem, so, I, think. What's. Coming up for me it's about the attention yeah I think in that example Sam I think a lot of paid. Groups have happened, that way in the sense that it started. As a. True, community, and then, needs, started, coming up and it, sort of organically, became into like the presentation, model I think that does happen but I think that's. Happened. And now people have now taken that, model and flipped, it and so they go in and they create a group with the hundred-percent. Intention, of, monetizing. It like that is why they started it they want to they want to grow an audience so, that they can sell something to them and I, don't think that I don't. Think it's wrong necessarily, I just I'm, having a problem with the word community, and and maybe a lack of transparency there. It's. Almost like I I made, this analogy and I don't know it's spot-on but it's. Almost it reminds me of a caged hunt. You, know like how they have in Africa it's like they bring in these you know people that, want to hunt big game but, the big game is in a caged area like a fenced in area so they can't really get away. So. Maybe they like they give you the hamburger for free but they're you, know you're eventually but, these are federal business I challenge, on that because, I think that's a business I never come I don't call my customers, a community, like I don't see. I've got a community to, a community, like, I'm literally gonna move to a town you're not starting a picture you're not starting a meat community, you're not going and starting, like a meat club. You're. Not doing that you're, you know you live, in a community so you're serving, that commute, but your commute you're serving the first servicing that can I'm, just saying I would rather pay a members. I'd rather pay a membership, like. I said their other payment should be like hey I want to be here because you're teaching stuff I want to know and we, have a very transparent. Upfront, relationship. I know you're selling something and I'm and you know I might buy because at least I'm willing to pay the membership fee that's. I'm just this, is just what I feel comfortable with I might be a hundred percent Ron I mean I'm not sitting in a mansion. No. It's not about being right or wrong I actually think these conversations, fantastic, because it, just proves that there's no black and white and that's, what it's about and I think it's super helpful for people to hear us having this conversation, because. It's not about us being the gurus either like we're. Just business geeks what do we know you know people. Hearing this conversation, I feel, like we're just totally geeking out right now. Other. People, can, can. Come up with their own ideas, and they could be like oh three. Of you you have got no idea oh, my. Gosh branches. Said I'm making some solid points that's a good night now because I'm like oh my god I'm like on my own out here nobody like. There. Are communities, that probably, I get. What you're saying I guess, my intention, is that I always. Want to build community, I am, I'm. A connector, that's that's my superpower, in business so I love to, create. Communities, of business of.

Business, People or entrepreneurs, or whoever they are so, that they can all come together does, that mean I'm not gonna sell no they, all know that I've got a product, they all know that I'm going to sell I'm not, going to force it on them but, I still want to I still want them to be part of the community because I feel. That they that, whether they choose to work with me further or not they're still gonna get value from being in that community. So. Okay, so two things, one, I. Mean. I I it's, been a long time and this all reminded, me of an interaction, I had with somebody probably like four or five years ago at this point where, they they were like so, dead set on this idea that they were gonna start this Facebook community, up, right and the whole idea was was bringing all these podcasters. Together have all have them people like me donating. My time to like answer other people's questions and, awesome and then his idea was he was gonna turn around charging, for people to get into that group at later and I'm like what. The heck am I gonna waste, my time building your community so, you can turn around and like, effectively, charge people to join it so you have access to my my, time resources, and knowledge like get the hell out of here. It's. Not a community it's, like it's no no community. I mean a community, is like really, bringing, together people of, similar interests, that want to share that, you know things about that interest, and. That. Have to have, to do with their you know shared goals values, and dreams just like Mary Sue just said so. But. If he just turned out and said this is gonna be a membership, it's a you know built on you, know Facebook platform, in, the group platform, then, that's fine because. I think a membership, is different than a community I think a lot of people are calling communities, communities. When they should be called memberships, so. Second. My second, example that kind of goes against, what, your what you've been saying Jen a little bit. Totally. Gone off topic I think it's fantastic, it. Is fantastic. So. What it like the local Facebook groups right so like I belong to a couple, of my local towns have, Facebook groups and one of them are the one I live in right is run, by a guy named Jason Lepore shout out the Jason he lives like right now it's true from me and. I've known Jason for a number of years because I actually used, to go to his underage night club and DJ there and all this other stuff but anyway point, being is is he's, a real owner so his whole point of setting up that local community, that he happens to live in is that he becomes like the unofficial, mayor and. Microphone. For, the community, and other, people are promoting, their businesses, in that group, and as, well as he is too so, I, think. That's. A community but they're not selling. Like, yes. They're advertising, their business, but it's a community business, ah I. Would challenge that Jenn because if he's a realtor the, reason, that he's positioning, himself as the authority, he said everyone. In the area goes, and sells their house through him, so, if we want to we're, talking about semantics. He's purely done that to monetize it does. That mean he's not evil agree with you and guess, what he's adding a ton of value so, we say actually anything wrong with that he, is true I think I think that's definitely a gray, area. Well. Just because you. Know being, a realtor he. Is like it is a community, based thing and he's like I. Don't. Know how how do I explain this I've got I like wrap my mind around it because they're just definitely a gray area because, obviously he, was it. Serves him to, have a local. Facebook community cuz it ups his disability. But, the chance of him like I mean, if posting. A house, listing, and selling it, there and, I. Don't know it's it's so great I don't have all the answers obviously. I just know that I've see some stuff that. Makes. Me uncomfortable. As, a business, owner when it comes to Facebook groups and Facebook communities, and how people run them and. They're. Not really there - they're not there for a community, in fact if you never bought anything from them ever that, community would go away because, they're. Not going to waste their time but, for so long thank you baby like, I mean I've I've known business, owners that shut down their Facebook groups because their. Facebook communities, because, they're not performing, suddenly. That's, if. It was a real community that wouldn't have any impact, on the you, know do. You think Jacob that that's to, do with the the person, that's running the group and the intention, or and, or the intention rather, than the actual model. Of what they're doing I think, it is the intention like you said I think if you go into it calling, it a community knowing you're gonna monetize, it from day one I.

Don't. Think that's a great model I don't. Think it's a great model that's what I'm saying maybe, it works for some people it's, just me I'm. Sorry. So that's a no from Jane it's. A yes from Sam. And. We still friend. I'm not talking, about these things because, I don't know like, I don't. I could be I could be a hundred and ten percent wrong, about this, so. So we're we got a little bit off a. Little. Bit rerouted. Here I don't know how we ended up down this track. Yeah. Let's blame. Brent. Totally. Live. Events, other live events are based on my own time I don't know I love I love events. Live events love events either way I'm happy. Absolutely. I, think. The the the reason. I wanted, to bring. This topic up and we may need to move it to another week, first but I feel like I really want to save this before we close off the topic is. That I feel that too many people think that they need a logo in a website and really that's just as, a friend of mine Kyle Taylor said it's just pushing paper just, stop it just, stop it. That. To, get. Clients you. Need to be able to articulate, who you help and the outcome you help them achieve and, then you need to find the people with that problem and speak to them the, logo, can come later the, website can come later but if you don't have a proof of concept then, then, all you're doing is wasting a lot of money so there you go said my piece I got there you. You are so great, it doesn't have to be complicated I had, a friend that was selling things on Instagram before, Instagram, had the shopping. Post. That you could do and she, would like post a picture what, she was doing is she was going to thrift stores and she. Had a really good at I and she was buying like vintage clothing and, so. She would take a photo of it and she'd post on Instagram, and the first person, to say they wanted it she, would you, know they, would private, message their email and she would send them a PayPal invoice and they, went hey and that is how she conducted, her business and it was no website. There, was no logo. There, was. There, was nothing as she was getting hey it was super simple yeah, I've got a client that still does that inna da. Facebook. Group where. She. Posts a picture and, people. Just comment underneath and she just sends him a private message on facebook with, with, a PayPal link so, yeah and she's got a really. Really, profitable, business so, yeah don't cha don't, overcomplicate. It, yeah totes, uh Brent says I hope I don't kicked out oh you don't get kicked out though I like hanging out with you guys, she can always just ignore my con oh no, no we love you Brent we love it you totally. We'd. Love to think that we were in charge of today's conversation but, Brent totally owned er and we just played along like. Little puppets. And. We all made it through right we talked about I I still don't think I have because. You know now you got me wondering about, Mike, you know in d-pod community, and the, legitimacy. Of that and, she's, you, know you're nodding cuz you're like I got, you Joe I got you I just, like it when people think it's. Like. Well. I you know I've, always taken a hard stance of like not, giving out the email list not you know and protecting, the privacy of the people that are there and and not, making the events. Purely. About me selling to them right like I've done event. Like I've done thing I did something with Sam right we hosted. A. Pre-course. Together, like I like. And nobody seems to have any problem with that right now with that said I I would, say that. Let. Me take my words carefully. Here, I. Would. Say that the community. That I've built. Is. Is maybe, price conscious right. So, so like I'm not gonna be able to sell them ten thousand dollar packages. Or something to that effect cuz it's that's just not it's, not it's not who I am it's not who I attract, and that's okay maybe now that I got collared shirts like. It's. Okay I'm okay with that as well as long as you, know people are. Understanding. The genuineness, that comes from it and it's not just like a place of like hey I got you in the room and I, know you could you know you flew halfway around the world to be here and now I'm gonna I'm gonna hard sell you on this like twenty, thousand dollar package, that yeah I know you need cuz you have to have this if you want to be successful like, that's, not. That's, not now I think what we need to be really careful of is putting our.

Values. Or beliefs, on to other people because. I love being in your community Joe I absolutely love it and because I was in that community, and because. I could see how. People were, interacting I couldn't, wait to fly, around the other side of the world and Leon and I came to your conference now if you hadn't have sold your conference, in that Facebook, group we wouldn't have flown around the world to be there but, we were there because the community, was there first, I could, see that that's the kind of people that we want to hang around so. I think that we do need to be careful not to push our beliefs onto other people because, as, adults, we can make up our own minds I chose, to be part of that community and I wanted to to, spend money to be. Part, of that community at the next level so. And, it will see this Joe in terms of your community, in case you felt like I was like really coming at you. I. Will. Say that you're, different than the communities. And, quotes that I was referring to you in the, sense that you, have the, in d-pod conte conference. Right and that's sort of the that's, where the community sort of pulled from was that of that annual, event, so. It's, something more. Tangible more. Real than just like hey I'm starting a Facebook group today and you. Know it's gonna be about you, know how to you know make a million dollars and you. Know might be a lot of those. Want. To make a million dollars and we love each other and kumbaya and nobody's bought my program so I'm shutting this community down I. Mean, you're yours has a, lot more depth, this to it I I mean it it is, it is a community. But, I also think it's right for membership. And. It is right that's why we have the in d-pod University. And a separate, private, right that we're putting together so, it's, you know it's one of those things where it it, just takes time and, I feel like when. You get that certain level of trust and people knowing you and and as Brenton saying out the elephant is absolutely. Right. People. Get you have to get people to a point where they want you to win they're like literally. Pushing, you to the finish line I. Mean. I'm in there and you do have a community people interact with each other support, each other ask questions contribute. They. Behave, like a community, yes. And I. Want it to be that way you know I don't I don't like that's, where the second level that's where we have other Facebook groups for people that buy into master classes and masterminds and things like that's where those people will get funneled into and, and, that's fine like that's that's. To me how it should be like III. Can't, turn around to be like okay great we we hit 10,000, people in the indie pod community, now it's it's $20. A month to get in. That. Don't that don't feel kind of like that, kind of yeah. I. Think that's a little bit different and to, be honest I know, that the three of us wouldn't do that and i 100%, agree, there, anyone that is part, of this show that listens or watches isn't that either and the reason, is, that, we. Attract. People that are like us so, I think we're having a conversation that, almost doesn't apply to anyone that's, listening, or watching to. Be honest are we just wasted, your time. People. Aren't, here. We'll. Be back next week. No. No wait hey we're training people to see, through. Other people's, yeah, you know. So. Yeah that's what we're training them for right because that back has stuff exists, like I said like just a handful, years ago I ran the same thing I see it all the time and also it how it ties back into today's, topic but maybe a little more cleanly is you. Know you may be jumping into these communities, to learn, more before. You start your business and. You. Know it's it's more of you know it can be another delay tactic, for you. Absolutely. Start. And we, would love to know if you have a business that you're thinking about starting I just. Love to know. If. You've been putting one off if, you've, had. A good experience starting, a business statics do you know just thin when, you were talking Jane and Joe put the music on us like today mister did I miss the the practice. Round where there. Just went so well. Getting. Really good. Yeah. What, happens, when you you know don't was this our 14th, episode or, something. 16. Or 17, I think. Yeah. Oh, yeah. 18th. Episode, oh they, going, it, doesn't feel an episode over 17. Because. This wasn't a real episode, Jen it was it was just big men of our imagination. I.

Think. The better question is how do we how do we label this episode after the fact right correct, cuz I think we may need to change the title. This. Episode, we apologize, we apologize. So. With 10 minutes left to go do we want to move on to what Ben & Jerry's is doing together absolutely, yeah. Doing. Let's. Talk about ice cream, yeah. That's. My faith that's my kind of hobby. So. Most. People applaud Ben & Jerry's for, condemning, white, supremacy, in strongest. Corporate statement, yet. It, is funny that to, see like two hippies and the word corporate, in the in the same like, fanatic. Yeah. Not sure of sentence, paragraph. Yeah. So what, did they do. See. We. Must dismantle, white supremacy, the murder of Joyce Floyd was. The result of inhumane, police brutality, that is perpetuated. By, a culture, of white supremacy. Yes. They just they did not tiptoe, around the issue they came out as a big you, know corporate, entity. And they made a very strong, statement, but they also had, I think it was like a four point or a ten point action, plan to back it up which included, you, know money. Being, donated to the cause or, causes and, they. Also I didn't know this I should know more about the ice cream that I ate too much of the. Ben and Jerry's have been. Really. Into, the. Activist. Movement they're. Really strong active activists, so they've. Supported. Same-sex, marriage. They they're, really involved, in environmental. Activism. So. This was not their first foray into strong. You, know, statements. So, they just you, know we were talking about authenticity, earlier. This came across as very authentic, because it wasn't just a statement it was a statement, that, was backed, up by a plan, of action so. I saw like I had, my Ben and Jerry's this week and I felt a lot less guilty, about eating it. You. Know, Melissa. Melissa was trying to she's like you know you've, been buying all this Ben and Jerry's lately and I was like yeah I was like because I happen to be at the store and it happens to be like right then she's like but it's so expensive and I'm like yes, but it's well, it's higher quality ice.

Cream Than most ice creams it's thicker right so it's more big like it's more, well. Thicker thicker you. Know. Yeah. Well, it's made with more cream right it's not it's not as thinned out and then, to top that to top it off like if you really think about like, okay so it's like six what I don't know what Ben Jerry's is like six bucks or something 650. For our pint well, the point being is if you go out to a restaurant how much you paying for a dessert after you eat your dinner probably. A minimum of like six bucks so and and, I'm eating it over two or three nights, I'm. Alright with that I mean it is, pricier, than like other ice creams obviously, but, it's better and. It's better for the environment and, better for, for. Just. Look at the fun names and, figure out which one I'm gonna get. Okay. Are you a bright elf sorry I was just gonna talk about I'm still talking about ice cream. Go. Ahead Jim I was just gonna say my current favorite, flavor is a, flavor, called Americone. Dream I, highly. Recommended, it so yes have, you had it. I. Haven't no. Great. Saying that there's a flavor called half baked I want, to know what that flavor, is it's. Uh it's. Really good that's sort of Melissa's favorite so, it's it's like cookie dough and Brent at brownie and it's half bit like yeah. Half baked like. Doughy, yeah. Yeah. So. Half fake. If. I can get it to come up here so it's, chocolate vanilla ice cream mixed with gobs of chocolate, chip cookie dough and. Fudge. Brownies, there. You go I'm never gonna be skinny. Good. Food my, G I'm not we have Ben and Jerry's I just don't eat it. So. Okay, so speaking, of what you do have you have three words for us yeah. And that and the words that I've chosen and, not anything to do with business, but. We. Do, understand, that, that. We still are doing business, with people on the other side of the world so last time I gave you the three words I put them into context, which made them so easy for, you to guess they're this week no context, guys. So. The first word is. Ripa is. That, a fart. No. It's it's uh it's. A. Party isn't it. Are, you getting close Jo uh and, the second I'm gonna give you all three words and then put them in a sentence, so the second one is bottle. Oh except. Women and in Australia would pronounce it bottle, a. Vital. Oh I don't, think I've heard you use that word.

Okay. I know. This one do, you know this one I know, is. It. That when you have a ship inside, a bottle yeah. Not. Quite no and the third word is. The. Third word is Barbie. That's. Barbecue barbecue yeah. So. I thought. These are word. I. Know. We're but we've got a Barbie, on our balcony, like everyone, in Australia has a Barbie so. Because. It's just been a long weekend here in Australia, and because you guys are heading into summer it's like so. We're gonna have a Ripper weekend, we're just gonna head onto the bottle Oh before we head to the Barbie and it means we're gonna have a great weekend, so it's a ripper as like that's great, bottle, Oh is the, liquor, store and Barbie. Is the barbecue so, there you go there's my there's Australian. Versus. American I kind. Of got like one two half there yeah yeah I. Was way off I can't believe it's not a ship in a bottle. So. Many, crazy words I didn't realize that I don't pick up language, very easily. No. One in the world picks, up our language very easily. So. Good thanks for playing along guys. But. Joey may get to a different, a different place, you got to grow my keys. Yeah yeah, yeah so I call my, pool is. Not. Pumping. The water fast, enough like it's, not like filling up the like. Where the, where. The motor is, it's not filling up the basket fast enough or the pump where the pump is not filling up the basket fast enough and I don't want the basket to I don't want the basket and with the pump to, burn out so I called up my local. You. Know for people, that deal with the pool i buy pool stuff, from and all that and they, actually just put our liner in last year and I, call him up and like oh yeah okay well they're like oh well we, can come out maybe, we can come out today actually fireEye's get back early enough okay cool no problem this is on Saturday if not, it'll be Monday, okay, no problem they take they get an updated credit card over the phone so they can do you know don't have to do like all the contact, you know I guess. Contactless, payment, all that so do all that so it's like one o'clock today and I'm sitting around I'm like they. Still aren't here yet and I haven't heard from them at all so I call I I, get a voicemail. Thing. It's just like oh nobody's here to take your call and their voicemail box is all filled up and I'm like no, no. And. I. Was like so then it says press, like star, zero, eight or something like that I'm like okay so I pressed that somebody answers right away so I guess I just went into like a weird part, of their system by like literally just holding on the phone from calling. So. The, person has no idea, anything. About what's going on so she so she puts me on hold and I'm waiting on hold for a while somebody. Picks up and it's like I guess they picked up the wrong line cuz that I wasn't, the last name that they were talking to and they. Put me back on hold then the person comes I says what. Were we coming out to fix again and, I was like oh here we go like, like, it, would be like what. Are we doing here like what you took my credit card you took my credit card over the phone for cry you, know for crying out loud like how are, we not how. Are you not knowing what's, going on so she's, like okay hold on puts me back on hold comes back oh yeah, you're you're you're. In the the Tuesday folder and it's like well I wish someone would have called and communicated. That to me like I I wouldn't have been the wasn't running my pump because I was expecting you to show up and like tell, me that a line is busted, or something and I need it replaced. So I you, know I don't want my pump burning out so here. We are hopefully, tomorrow, they, will show up by having, lots, of tradie problems, lately I was gonna say they must be friends with your drywall. Yeah. Right they still never, got back to me, those drywall people rawa. You, know what maybe they, need a Facebook community. Maybe. If. You weren't if you were in the facebook pool community, maybe you would have gotten here your, service, I agree, I agree Mary.

Sue It is first of all problems and if I didn't have two kids I would not I couldn't care less but. They they want, to go it's getting, warm outside and they want to go in the pool they need something to do they guys they stimulated their you, don't have power in your neighborhood. Filling. It up. Anyway. Yeah so hopefully that, by next week by tomorrow, this thing will be blown. Over it's all. Supposed. To be, I. Don't. You're. Gone in your game I'm very judged II I mean. I. Was. Gonna say MJ, and I'll judge. Emic judgy and my, what's, that called when you have the letters alignment. Mies. Breaks the myers-briggs I, have the J in there oh I. Don't know I don't know what that is anyway. Want. To end on our. Okay. We clean, view project yeah. I came across this, plain view project. Well. You know that you know the Philadelphia, Police Department is, going, through some stuff and it's not all great, um. And. So. Anyway. This this, project is I've, just been so impressed with all the different activist, groups. That I've come. Across lately. So this is a group of lawyers that took it upon themselves to. Basically. Analyze. All, the social, of the public social media posts, by the Philadelphia, Police, Department and, they, catalogue, everything. That they find that is racist, and their. Efforts have now. Seems. That they've expanded beyond, Philadelphia. Anyway. I just thought this was a pretty. Ambitious, effort. And unfortunately. They. Found a lot so. And, it has. Their. Findings. Are now. Leading, to investigations. And, some, people are, have been suspended, because, of err racist. Posts, and these are not like gray area, like the stuff is really bad and. You should know better but, anyway. So this is this is what they do they, just catalog. And, their whole thing is they don't want to they, they're not trying to infringe on free speech but they are trying, to. Basically. Hold, the police, accountable, for. Their actions because. It erodes public, trust, when, they're out there on social media saying, things that are racist, and a long part, of the systemic, problem. Of. Racism that we're dealing with in this country they're just trying to you know chisel, away at one, corner. Of the problem, when piece of the problem but they're doing a pretty good job of what they're doing and it's all just volunteer, effort so I thought, it was worth mentioning them. Pretty. Awesome, anybody. That that is you. Know doing, what, they can to bring racism. Out in the public eye so, that we can. Identify and. Act and put. People in office. That, should be there and, people. In jobs that should be there that are you. Know in in, charge of. Upholding. The law I think this is all good stuff anyway. The, website will see the websites kind of scary when I got on there I was like I'm not sure about this it's it's. All very dark and I. Think. They could if there's. A web designer out there that's do it wants some charity, work you might want to help if you project because there their website it's very scary for me and, very hard to read. Good. Find a chin kind. Of white, text on black backer, it's no it's not good choice it's, very hard for everybody to read but that's it this is awesome and it's nice that they have a donation. Button. There yes donate. I'm. Gonna put them in the running to raise. Money for them this weekend on Saturday. Yeah. Right, yeah so, uh all, right well I I mean we have overstayed, our welcome thank. You so much Mary Sue for I'm bashing Lou. Ragnar. Who. Else is in here thank. You. Yeah, I did say. Yeah. But. Yeah so I you, know thank you everybody for watching and. Enjoying. It's, been it's finger it's been fun it's been it's been a fun hour it's been a fun episode. Absolutely. I don't think we tackled our alright, time we should make it a plan to do this once in a while. Yeah. If. You've enjoyed this episode of, the business Keys podcast, please, feel, free to share with the business geek in your life send, us your questions and suggestions to questions that business, geeks podcast.com.

You. Can catch us next Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time and Tuesday. 10 a.m., Australian. Eastern, Standard Time. Everybody. Have, a great week, stay safe and I, I hope that the protesting. Continues to still. Happen and continue. To stay positive, and. Not. Vine on nonviolent. Peaceful. That's what I was looking for peaceful. And. Now, the music.

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