What AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Can Teach Us About Self-Worth - Cartoon Therapy| Thomas Sanders

What AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Can Teach Us About Self-Worth - Cartoon Therapy| Thomas Sanders

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It This is one time. Thank. You, I'll. Be back in an hour, put. Your glasses on what are you doing but. That's not what I meant. No. Mmm, good, stop. Yeah. Okay, I know that. Yeah. I know, all. Right cool I'll see you guys this weekend. All. Right yeah. Nurse. No, my, name is Elliot oh my, mistake wrong room I, like, your new office oh thanks. The landscape flakes kicked me out for being too disruptive, or something I don't. Believe it believe it Naruto, yeah yeah oh. Good. Let me get material sugar spice. And. Everything nice, these, are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little, session, well I think we gave this a great second try Larrin old she, only made, things worse last time what'd I say I'll say what now sorry, doctor Larry's, in a bit of a sour mood the. Salmon bagel he had this morning is not agreeing with him I think. I might have salmonella. You. Don't get that from, salmon, we love the new location. We. Seldom leave, town or go on vacation so. We decided to dress, for the occasion and. It's, only 30 minutes from the last location but okay glad, you're back Elliot you are I thought. The point was for me not to come back I wouldn't, say that's the point lots of well-adjusted people, go to therapy Elliot, but regardless, we still, have a lot to work through so you know we, only had one real session right, um and, this. One's going to be my last well I'll say I'm sorry what. Nah. New. Patient, hello, do you help you, my. Name is dr., Becky Ani and you must be Chi. H. For, the Chi. In. Toys, 3000. Is it the entrance too, much nothing to do with you I think you're, great and I'm going to fully, commit today or whatever. It's. Almost non-committal. Way of saying that but. Yeah. Afterward. And. Done, great, googly, mooglies well okay if, you're sure then, it. Looks like we've got some ground to cover so we yeah real quickly review, of course Larry you're saying we may have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque, so we should discuss what happened in the last session oh well, sure well, we came in because I felt we weren't quite on. The same page in their relationship, then you compared, our relationship, to some cartoon, rocks yeah I did the crystal, gems good, recall, Larry we talked about how it's okay for me to need reassurance sometimes. And about how we aren't two halves of a whole in our relationship, or, two fully realize, separate, individuals, who chose to fuse. And that's, what our biggest strength is oh and then we stole your heart, with. Our charming, back-and-forth, hook that, you did I am a fan of witty, and high-energy. Conversation. Don'ts. Then it's the office you get it it's, new it's been throwing people off more than when Teen Titans became Teen Titans go but. Yeah I'm still settling in it, give me a process, to get things just the way you want, them alright go ahead and get to talk and gotta go fast previously. On, Elliot. You. Want me to, we. Talked, about my, relationship, with my boyfriend Mitchell and how it might not be the most stable thing on, the planet that's right and did you two have any progress oh yeah. Yeah, we talked about some of it it's, uh. It's. It's hard to bring it up at a good time you know leop, are plenty. Of good times peanut, butter jelly time. Adventure, Time, 248, that's, a particular, favorite of mine right but he's just sometimes, he's tired or, upset or he's. Just I don't. Know I did. Bring it up though oh good and what was discussed, exactly that I was seeing you alone now. And. That's. It Elliot. As we discussed, you have equal, weight and importance in your relationship. Right yeah, totally. Mm-hmm. Has. Anything, significant. Happened since our last meeting oh, nothing. Too significant. Larry. Did have an eensy. Teensy weensy. Bean, just say what you're going to say I tried, to throw Larry a nice evening and he threw me a little bit yes. I did. Because, it was an overly, extravagant. Beaver dream, there may have been a few rose petals, a candelabra, a rented, fire pit maybe, doves were released in the living room and I may have hired someone to play the harp I mean finding, someone in your living room is scary, I almost tackled her you didn't have any problem with the two masseuses, I rented, you, loose VIN and bled out of this there were Nordic angels.

Right. Last, what. Was that you said about being kicked out for being disruptive, Elliott if I've only got you for one more session let's try to treat Mitchell how Disney treats many of their questionable, racist animations of the past and pretend like they don't exist that seems, mean this. Is a solo therapy, session, after all I eat and journey not unlike a young. Char once had some ink and I'm, here to help you open up all your chakras. Naruto. Wrong. Show Eliott wrong. Show I, mean. I said the child okay so I may have gotten an eensy-teensy, tiddlywinks. A bit carried away working, with the children has ruined the way used to be man Larry wasn't the biggest fan of it, I just didn't need it it. Was sweet of you it was I'm. Sure it cost a fortune which I'm not thrilled about but, I don't need to be pampered I don't need to be taken care of all the time whoa looks. Like the blind bandit, stepped into the ring oh boy we're off to a rocky start, oh you have no idea all, right Elliott if memory serves you're part of a nice little modern, Stone Age family let's give them a little credit doc they at least made it to the Iron Age but yeah mother father sister brother hunts like you take notes or something it's like you've gotten more sarcastic or something it's like I'm in a better mood this time or something speaking of which last time I said that you were the jack jack in your family of Incredibles, but you said you weren't incredible, what, do you think you have that outlook on yourself, Wow. What, you get is real fast yep this session is the Mach 5 and I'm Speed Racer let's go I mean I don't know I'm I'm, not. Not. Special. And that's, where I'm gonna hit the brakes Elliot looks, like you're in need of your own quest, hey, Jonny. Quest, I appreciate. You trying to speak my language but know you.

Like So many people at some point in their lives must embark on a journey to discover your, own self-worth, and I know that's not the easiest thing in the Four Nations but. Some of the most arduous journeys. Make, the best stories, well mine is a neverending, story, I. Regret. Doing that no points for that one not, a cartoon, and me, your quest along with being expedited, has another similarity, to avatar hang neither of you believe you deserve that great, inner strength, I know you don't need constant care, it's. Just I'm just, I don't. Know trying to contribute. More to our relationship. You. Contribute, enough to our relationship, by being yourself, and. By being there for me, do. I though. See. You know he says these sweet things to me all the time so, why am I so confused. As to what to do it's, okay to be confused sometimes. Life, can be like a dark tunnel you can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel but if you keep moving you. Will come to a better place, mm-hmm. That sounds suspiciously, unoriginal, is, it from a cartoon come now Larry I am capable of coming up with my own original ideas. However. You are correct in this instance that is a quote from good ol uncle Iroh you know Kai whenever, you're ready my contact, is perfectly safe I mean, I know, cold the face dealer or anything, ah there, I go again with another random cartoon. Reverence it's, funny I brought this cartoon up in two other sessions, this week ko, is this really, cool malevolent. Spirit, from this animated series half a char The Last Airbender, not. That you care, about any of this or anything but you, do haven't seen avatar, have you no, I have, a, severe. Highly, specific phobia. In regards, to blue, aliens. Except. For the adorable, stuffed one we took a fancy. To, that. Disney World yeah well then you're in luck because I'm, not referring to the James Cameron movie we're, talking the excellent, an alien, fries Avatar, The Last Airbender oh you're talking about Avatar The Last Airbender ah you've seen it no but, it had really good music in the end credits I never got home from school and time oh you're kidding with me alligator you watched Naruto, but not Airbender come on I haven't much Naruto, I know where you got that so in the show there are primarily, four, nations that correlate, with the four elements, water, earth, fire and, air, certain, people are born with the gift to control, or bend, one. Of these elements long. Before the events of the show the Four Nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything, changed when the Fire Nation.

Anyway. The show's intro was already a perfectly, adequate synopsis. Of the story so I'm just gonna continue borrowing some of its language only, the avatar, one individual, who is reincarnated, in each generation and can master all four elements could stop the, Fire Nation but, when the world needed him most in, being hanging the twelve-year-old avatar of the time and soon to be only remaining Airbender in the world he vanished, a hundred years passed and two siblings from the Southern, Water Tribe two siblings from the Northern, Water Tribe Katara. And Sokka discover. Aang well you go penguin selling with me, and, although his, airbending skills, are great he has a lot to, learn before he's ready to save anyone let me tell you but, I believe not only Katara, that, Aang can, save the world. What. I say what no you. Were saying something. Katara. And Sokka from the Southern, Water Tribe not the northern, and Co doesn't take your face if you make eye contact. He takes it a few show. Emotion, you're right my mistake so you're familiar with the show so you think I'm like this super. Powerful, multi-element. Controlling. Kid on it's. Aang, um I'm, saying hey I'm hearing on how are you hearing on it's in, and. Don't you. Don't. You dare pronounce it like that but. Yes you are like you mean that you both doubt yourselves, in what you are capable of see, Aang disappeared. Because he ran away from the southern air temple where, he was raised, due to the war he had to start his training far, earlier, than most avatars giving. Up a lot of his childhood, it was a lot to bear and as the threat of change grew even more overwhelming namely, after overhearing that he would be separated, from his friend and mentor, monkey, on so he got scared and ran away. Then. He and his air bison opera were caught in a storm that plunged him into the ocean buried when it's the avatar statement case them both and an iceberg where he resided for the next hundred years. Okay. Got it when he was released he learned of how much his absence, had affected, the world and his training of the other three elements, would have to go at a dare, I say. Stupidly. Fast, pace, you pretty, mastered, airbending and that only took you 112 years, I'm, sure you can master 3 more elements by next summer the task was an overwhelming. Undertaking. He doubted, himself incredibly. But it didn't, stop him from trying, to bring balance back to the world quite frankly the only one disturbing, our balance is you Harry, you're the last person to criticize anyone about balance dot don't, start, I'm just saying those who trip in glass houses shouldn't, throw stones it's, live in glass houses I know what I said you're, OK you, remind me of a certain character from Avatar the, independent. Streak waiting. For all of this to be over and, dare, I say the. Attitude, I don't have an attitude I just. Don't need this I can solve my own problems. Plus I wouldn't even be here if I'd have been forced so if you don't mind or if you do I don't care I'm, gonna reclaim the hour that was stolen, from me. So. This is your first time in therapy nothing, between Donna has changed, or at least I haven't changed so I don't think we need the avatar, as much as you think we do CK. This behavior reminds me of a young Sokka as initial, impression, of egg Sokka. Lived his life preparing. For a war with the Fire Nation when. Aang showed up the supposed Avatar. Sokka, felt like Aang was ill-equipped, to, solve the modern, world's problems, we can't fight firebenders with, fun how could he solve something he didn't know the first, thing about, is.

That How you feel about me. No. No. I'm not if, anything I think I would be old waterbender, and I'm not Sokka Larry, you, and Sokka do have a lot in common let me tell you. Drive, not. If he's from a Water Tribe Larry's, not much of a swimmer you know what I like about Sokka what, King, nothing. Oh. Don't. Sokka, he's smart in that capable, warrior I've changed my mind let's hear him out done but unlike, everyone else in his group he can't bend an element, so whenever, he has the opportunity he, leaps, at the chance to prove, himself even, though he doesn't have their natural, bending talents he does actually make, a difference with his ingenuity, okay, I guess I am pretty good however when he feels useless, in any given, circumstance he, will lash out he can be a bit stubborn and set in his ways also he had a pretty good sense of humor. All. Agree, I'm, pretty funny. But. I'm not stubborn. See. Classics. Are classics, ah, I'd, say I'm more like king with a job booming these names mean nothing to me Bumi sake vodka, yeah. Larry, don't threaten violence. You can't fight us. Let's spin it's. Okay Larry no character, I can name would be a perfect, parallel to your life and your situation, there are many elements of many different characters, we can all relate to for, example, in the last session when you mentioned that dot was suffocating, you it reminded, me of my foot we're free babe I don't remember saying that at all I wouldn't say that did I say that. So. You don't remember, perhaps. That's an example of you lashing. Out as a defense mechanism I don't know soccer responds the same way when he feels that people, are pointing, out his inadequacies, maybe. Dot admitting, that she felt the disconnect, is making you feel like there is something wrong with you thus. Leading. To this behavior I don't know I. Really. Don't, cheat. You. Would have thought it would have caught on to something like this a while ago okay. But. What. I'm going through is a little bit more than self-doubt, you're probably right but like, Aang you have support right what. About your sister oh yeah. Oh she's. She's. Always been there for me yeah. She's. She's going, off to college soon. Is. That why you want these sessions to end what. Well the would stop to your Snoopy is leaving, so, do you feel that you, have to quickly become, independent. Before that time comes I don't. Know I didn't. Think about that, maybe. That'd. Be funny though because she's, the only one in my family that thought me going to therapy was a good thing, Oh what about the rest of your family well, uh I, know. I don't really talk about it with my brother but, um my mom, she. Doesn't love it it. Offends her I guess like she feels like this, is my way of telling, her. She did something wrong good, grief and, your dad. Do. You see that pecan me you, see this take. Note of that that's important I can't see your pupils that's not good it doesn't think I need it he thinks, I'm fine that I don't, have real, problems oh sure, and there, is no war in Ba Sing se you know what I mean I don't I don't know what you mean avatar reference about a conspiracy involving the denial of an unpleasant truth in an effort to keep the peace oh okay sure. Yeah. He's always pointing to my brother as an example, you know like your, brother wouldn't do that or your, brother one paint, his nails like, that that's, like okay you got me dad all I've ever wanted in my miserable life was to be more like Chad his. Name is Chad. It's. Funny like I I I. Was. The one who ended up with the legacy name even though I'm not the firstborn Oh your dad's name is the only good to know. Elliott. Is my preferred name it. Was my middle name, my. Parents, named me. Herbert. Jr., ah that's. Right that was in your paperwork I would. Have gone with Elliott - now. You two have been together for, 15, years correct that's right you, have a great, memory thank you, I also, have a handy-dandy notebook. Funny. Enough Sokka was 15 when his whole adventure began but tell. Me about your. Venture how, did you two lovebirds first, meet I don't know if I can recall I remember. It was a crisp autumn day, I was the director of a bold and, daring version, of Hamlet where no one dies no, one died in your version of Hamlet it was the family-friendly, version. Oh it, was a great show I had. Just moved to town and. Went immediately to, join the local theater community, I volunteered. To become Larry's, stage manager, because I admired. His drive to see this production through and just how much he had invested himself into the show not.

To Mention I, admired. His roguishly. Handsome, face, okay. All right and she was a perfect, stage manager. Attentive. Consistent. And. Stunningly. Attractive. Oh guys. Guys, I'm still over here. I, haven't, had a stage manager since that cared about a production, so much, strange. Not eating to have my hands in everything all the time I for. Once. Was. Able to trust him enough to do the job oh, that. Is cuter, than a saber-tooth, moose lion, cub, no. Larry, you had mentioned that dot was the first person you could trust to do the job were. There issues before, well no one else would treat the situation like she would she'd. Help and be. Attentive, not. Only to my needs but to those of the cast. Did. A much lighter hand than mine, normally. If there was a problem I wouldn't dwell on it I would solve it then and there no going around it no clever solutions, I face the problem head on and, get it solved, dad's methods, were admittedly more popular, than mine golly are you sure that you haven't watched this show before because you're you're. Practically quoting, it no. Animation. Makes me queasy. Pop. Up never let me watch cartoons, now I can. Barely stomach, them, oh. I'm. Sorry to hear that um but I recommend you give animation, another shot at. Least for this show if you deal with things the way you say you do then I believe you might really identify, with a certain, runway you know boy I might okay. No I'll tell, you who I'm like. Wow. Okay you're pretty tough on Sokka. Holy. Sh sorry. My apologies for the fun, let's talk Toph beifong what do you like about her who is top top, is an earthbending, master I, don't know. Take. Your pick she's vocal about her opinions and faces every problem, head-on, especially. If it's a problem people tell her she can't handle on her own people see me and think I'm weak they. Want to take care of me but I can take care of myself. By myself. Sound. Like you well and no one knows you better than your, BAE bong do kids still say oh. I've. Been a teacher for years and, I just stop trying to keep up, so. Can you tell me why I had of all the characters Toph takes the title belt like. When representing, you toss the top choice, maybe. It's because Toph trains over tough tasks and troubled some tragedy I'm getting carried away please go on Toph doesn't take anything lying down she, has her own disability. But she never lets it get in the way even though I was born blind I've, never had a problem seeing I, see. With earthbending it's, kind, of like seeing with my feet she, takes what people think is weakness and she turns it into strength oh that's. Right I remember seeing in your paperwork you deal with a disability, yourself yeah but you've probably never heard of it try me ehlers-danlos, syndrome you're right I have not heard of that one I am sorry yeah that's what I thought don't. Sweat it though you're not alone in your ignorance oh good it's a connective, tissue disorder, it creates a lot of joint pain among other things and, I was diagnosed officially about, two, years ago but. I've always known that something was up you know I wasn't. Normal. I can never really jump, or climb or, run like other people my age that, must have made things pretty difficult growing up yeah, I used to hang out with friends and just watch. Them doing stuff that normal, kids do like. Climbing. Trees or, climbing. Fences, whatever. Able-body, kids do and I would just know that I probably shouldn't do that you know alright, get hurt so, I just watch them have fun people. Often treated me like someone that needed to be taken care of and I did not care for that so, you often found yourself, in a position similar, to Toph right some might even say a position, similar to Sokka, as well what, he, felt out of place at, times because for most of the journey his group consisted. Entirely of benders, it made him feel less. Than each of you is so amazing, and so special, and, I'm, no.

I'm, Just the guy in the group who's regular. Is. That, something. You can relate to as, a matter of fact. More. Like uncle. Whoa. Coming, in hot there I've. Heard of Agni Kai but this is ridiculous. Been. Waiting to make that joke so. You don't, feel out of place among your friends nope they're great I'm great just a bunch of great people get around being great oh you skate well, I. Mean. They skate more than I you I mean I can, skate, it's just in, order to feel more comfortable, I have to wear protective gear, and stuff. And it all makes me look pretty dorky so I'd rather not which is fine I just, chill while they do their thing it's, no big deal do you feel like you might be, prioritizing. Appearances. Over having, a good time with your friends no. No no, we're not doing this. Lauren. Who. Is that person. Man. Hey. Guys hey welcome. This is Enrique's exquisite, eatery come, on down the food is delicious. Where. Is it I don't know you gotta find it, we. Got a swing. Who, is that person, man. Omegle. I'm, Lauren. She's. One who dragged me here she's, constantly in my face saying that's, stupid. And they don't like you the way you are then they don't deserve you, nobody. Can say like mmm. A sunshine. And rainbows, mm-hmm. Sounds. Like you don't like her I do I'm, just being, an out oh well, Elliot from what you've told me you, have even more in common with the little Airbender than I thought from what I told you while many of Aang's initial, struggles are in his fear that this life was, never meant for him I already told you how they forced his training years before he was ready and how, his disappearance. Led. To the Fire Nation taking. Over much of the world, circumstances. Like these would easily make someone, feel guilty. And unsuitable. For some sort of great. Destiny, I still don't see how when Katara and Sokka release, him Katara, asked sang about the Avatar Aang lies and, says I didn't know him I mean I knew, people that knew him you see any had developed, somewhat, of an impostor, syndrome saying. To the world look you. Got the wrong guy, Elli. Would it be fair to say that you, may not feel suited, to carry your father's name I. Yeah. I guess, I, mean that's not the only reason why I don't like the name but. The. Whole legacy thing is definitely uncomfortable. So. I have imposter, syndrome it may be part of the issue oh well great, that. Doesn't help me get any better well sure he does because, I can say see, that I told you I'm not a Herbert my therapist, say you don't approve of sets up no because you can't fix their problem if you don't know where to look one, of the things about impostor, syndrome is, not giving yourself credit, for the accomplishments.

And Progress, you've made in book, 1 episode, 12 the storm pain gets confronted, by a fisherman who calls, him out avatar, disappeared, for a hundred, years you, turn your back on the world and, chooses, to believe these words because they, are what he believes about himself he, neglects, the facts that he's already been journeying training. And waterbending, and helping, people along the way thank you, you. Are here trying to improve yourself you. Have a sister, who loves you for who you are and a supportive. Friend who advised you to come see me in the first place and I'm sure I'm only scratching, the surface like, an who eventually overcomes, his self-doubt to save that same fisherman, you owe this boy an apology you'll, overcome, yours and, progress, will become, apparent, a bit the day it's just hard. To believe that when other people don't doesn't, when I'm when other people don't see it that way I'm sorry I can't I don't but, I don't, I account with words dad you, strike me as having the true blue spirit of Katara. Isn't. That a Japanese sword, no but she's just as sharp. All. Right Katara, is kind, and compassionate when, she was very young she tragically. Lost her mother so she was forced to grow up fast she quickly took on a maternal, role in her village and in her relationships. She's a waterbender too the only one from her village, even though female, waterbenders were, considered, to be strictly, healers, in the Northern Water Tribe Katara. Displayed, her aptitude and proved, that she was worthy to be trained, to become an amazing, warrior and a waterbending. Master that, said she didn't give up on being a healer she just knew that she had the ability to become more than just. What was expected of her do. You think I'm like who, wouldn't you said yourself you were forced into a maternal, role but you took it all in stride and you're, clearly adaptable, to different situations, Allah, you're moving, to town and meeting Larry story you quickly put yourself out there and showed, how capable you were couldn't, agree more love. You're an amazing, woman, you're. Both taking. To the relationship, similarly, to how Toph, and Katara took. To teaching hang earthbending, and waterbending, respectively, when top first tried to teach aang earthbending, it proved to be pretty, difficult for. Tops rigid, and strict style of teaching was the opposite, of Katara's, positive, and nurturing approach both, needed. To learn from each other on how to teach hang in the best possible way because no, one way is correct although Katara's. Way is preferred by hang at first toss, sway is the one that leads Aang to face adversity and, stand, his ground Toph learns to soften up and Katara, learns the mother that group less as the story goes on both of you a need, to learn how to best teach your Aang, you. A with sokka's girlfriend, who. We lost. She. Turned into the moon that's. Rough Betty may, be Lauren's right but your friends won't judge you for how you look but how would she know she doesn't know my friends yeah I didn't claimed a believer, I mean if rocket, power taught me anything about skateboarders. It's that thing value friendship, above. All else I don't, know in, my experience it's, better to just blend in sometimes, I understand, Kai standing. Out can, be pretty, scary, why. Did Lauren force. You to come here there must be something, that she was concerned about she believes I need to open up more about. Myself, hmm and you disagree there's parts of myself that people don't need to know well it seems like Lauren.

Believes Their traits worth sharing I don't know I don't want anyone to think I'm like a geek, or something. Geeks. Are awesome, not, in my experience my, geeky. Interests, aren't really thought of as cool like what enjoying, cartoons, yeah. And. I play video games. Kind. Of a lot I don't think there's anything weird about that no, you don't, get it Gaming, is something I could actually do well so, I became very good. Mmm I learned to mane Fox and hang on what mane Fox are we talking about here Robin Hood Swiper Todd Nick Wilde the fantastic mr. Fox or the Fox is on my sax isn't. You. You. Are a lot, a lot to love foxes, from this game Super Smash Bros well not originally, but that's the game I'm talking about oh I got really good as him and it's, stupid, but I kind of studied. The best players I could find online to get even better and then, I started entering tournaments, and Wow. What me getting into other games like I now regularly, win prizes like Luke by placing first and overwatch tournaments, on battle fie boy. This. Must be how others feel when, I talk about cartoons they haven't seen and that's why I don't bring it up no one cares that my stupid boss no I didn't, say that just because I'm not familiar with your passions doesn't mean your passions are stupid they aren't stupid to Lauren and if your friends are truly friends your passions, won't be stupid to them either I don't know I can see why you were late to talk like her you didn't let your circumstances. Stop you you may not have snuck, out at night to learn the ancient earthbending, practices, of the badgermoles bots you learn tricks and techniques from, online sources to hone your craft, and have, become one of the most fearsome, competitors, and specialized, competitions. Yeah. I guess, you. Know there. Is another person who I think you may be able to relate to who we also learn about in that storm episode, perhaps, because Aang and this person, have similar. Journeys, with self-worth. Zuko. This. Isn't Danny Zuko from Greece no it's. Not, please. We're we're, talking about cartoons, this is serious, Zuko. Is one of the main antagonists. For a good portion of the show his sole mission right from episode, one being, to capture, the avatar for, the sake of the Fire Nation and, he. Is always, grumpy why don't you enjoy a cup, of calming, jasmine, tea. I don't need any calming tea, wow I'm feeling so good about myself with this comparison just hang on a mo mo over, the episodes, it becomes clear that Zuko, is after, the avatar for, more than just the sake of the Fire Nation there are moments where Zuko withholds. Information from, and even, sabotages. The efforts, of other, members of the Fire Nation also. He can be the one to hand the avatar over to his father Fire, Lord Ozai and regain. His honor regain, his honor yeah, he lost it after speaking out of turn in a meeting stating, that sacrificing, a whole Fire Nation troop as a simple distraction, and a battle plan was not a good idea what, an offense am i right his father punished, him by spoiler. Alert facing, off against him in combat burning. And permanently, scarring, his face and banishing. Him from the kingdom until he returned, home with the avatar that uh sounds. Like a bad dad that sounds like an understatement I haven't seen the show how.

Bad Did he burn bad from, then onwards Zuko, became this embittered. Soul leading, a crew in search of the avatar, and becoming. An enemy of Aang's and that doesn't sound very fair it doesn't, does it if only Zuko, realized, sooner that he's worth did not stem from what his father thought of him or wasn't, diminished, by his father's constant, praising of his sister Azula, if only he learned to trust the words of his loving mother who was no longer in his life and a support, of his wise uncle Iroh who always believed, in him it maybe. Could have saved him a lot of internal, struggle did, it get better for him oh it did though, he didn't get there alone as Iroh. Once said while it is always best to believe in oneself, a little. Help from others, can be a great blessing. Even. Though he had to fall even more in, his father's eyes he trusted, his uncle and started a new path for himself a decision, that was so revolutionary. He literally, experienced. A fever and a. Metamorphosis. Of sorts even, after this there were backward, steps for him but, he ultimately changed. For the better too Zuko. Times. He tried to snuff us out today he'd be our hero. So. He never, proved, himself to his dad well, never. Truly but I mean the, fire Lord's not a. Great. Guy so it's probably for the best I know, your father isn't the. Fire Lord but Zuko, had, to be good enough for himself, he, didn't need to prove himself to anyone, else and in the end the people who truly loved, him were, there through it all Wow people, who truly loved, him can't. Relate. Elliot. Why. Didn't you have a real talk with. Your boyfriend Mitchell. KY. As much. As I see Toph within you why. Do you have this aversion to identifying, with Sokka um cuz he's annoying and he can't do anything don't. I'm not good enough to kidnap Oh. Kai, you can't. Mean that you watch the show you know how he can't, even, bend like the others you know bending, the whole reason you watch the show he's. Known for his great ideas, but a a guitar and Topher needed to make his ideas work not, to mention the others have had great ideas -, better than sock is in some instances, he relies on others, he's not taken seriously and he's a whiny baby. Weak. But Connie its weak, well sake weak. Sokka. May not be able to bend like his friends but when, it came down to it he relied, on his instincts, like when jet came along and he knew that guy was sketchy so Sokka ended up saving an entire town his, lack of bending, ability forced, him to adapt.

And Develop a resourceful nature, that we don't see in a lot of bending characters, it's a strength, in its own right, so i'm sokka because i'm less than i didn't say that well that's what I'm hearing, look. In my group of friends I'm already pretty different, and I don't just mean the EDS I'm not enough to add on that I'm obsessed with, video games they've to wear finger. Braces to play which, mind you I used to get made fun of all the time for in school yeah, I'm a weirdo now you know. But. That doesn't need to be anyone, else's business. Kaien. Your. Feelings, are completely. Valid. I do. Want, to stress that there is an important, distinction between. Feeling. Less than and, actually. Being less. Than which you definitely aren't, your. Differences. Are what make you so. Spectacular. As an individual. Both Sokka and Toph, felt different, they, both had to begin somewhere and worked, to utilize, their best traits to, kick. Butt their own ways, although. Violence, is, never. The answer. Yeah. I guess I could did, have some fine moments, I mean, he did have that meteor sword whoo right, that thing was the coolest so, I need, to learn how to be more flexible and I need to learn to be more independent how. Can i how. Do I stop being such a, mom. Huh. It's, clear that my doting attitude, towards Larry paired. With worrying. About everything, all the time is not helping anyone. I'm. Just mothering. In them knowing, you know, my. Sweet Turtledove, you. Could never annoy me the, worst you could do is, make. Me need a nap turtle, duck you have seen the show I said turtle dove sure, Larry. Died. Mothers, don't have a monopoly on those traits and you don't necessarily need. To stop exhibiting, them there's, nothing wrong with showing that, you care about Larry, instead of focusing on getting rid of your nurturing, side you need to work on building, your independent. Side it's duality. Like with the Kyoshi warriors in, Episode four but, one book, one I thought this was a cartoon, show the Kyoshi Warriors, are a team of elite fighters and they're all women, Sokka, at one point apologizes. To Suki the leader of the Warriors for treating her like a girl when he should have been treating her like a warrior, Sookie's response I am a warrior. But. I'm a girl too she's, not one or the other she's both and you can learn to balance the different aspects of your personality too, you, just have to realize that there isn't any side of you that is lesser, than any other this, is actually something Larry appears to do quite well did. You just compliment my balance. Last session I gather that you weathered the murky dismal social and emotional pressure, your grandfather put on you and came, out of it fully embracing, your sexual identity and shining, for all to see, is. That right I. Guess. That's true I mean I guess, I was really just allowing.

Myself To be myself more than anything hmm. Self-acceptance. Is even more satisfying, than cactus, juice he'll, quench yeah. Tough. Also, experienced, dissonance, between who, she truly was and who, her caretakers, thought she was she, hated, the way she was constantly, coddled. Growing up and interpreted, it as people, believing, she was incapable. Of taking care of herself you aren't really coddled, quite. The opposite, but you each had a personal. Journey to track in order to arrive at the place where you could both be your authentic selves, your independence. And commitment. To self-reliance. Is admirable. Thank. You I, thought. We were pretending like Mitchell didn't exist yeah but, he does exist final. Session I'd like to work through as much as possible why not try to have an open discussion about, some of the anxiety, you feel in your relationship, and how, he might be able to help you. There's. No winning like. Like. He, doesn't want to go to therapy, because. He doesn't see the point, but. Then he turns around and gets mad at me for. Going without him look. And, no no he can't see you with me anymore, I've, tried. Bringing, things up and. He's. Never ready, there's. Never a good time. It. Doesn't. Do anyone any good. It doesn't do me any good mm-hmm. Well. Zuko. Had to learn to deal with his sister Azula, for a similar reason she. Had mastered, the art of lightning, generation. The, cold-blooded. Firebending. But lightning is hot that, it is Eliot yeah, yeah, yes, Zuko. Is taught that the only way to deal with lightning, was by redirecting. It away it, was still dangerous. To deal with such energy but it was the only way to take it head-on and potentially. Avoid getting hurt that may be something, you have to do with Mitchell or any, family member when dealing with important, things that must be discussed. Redirecting. Their negative, energy away from you and not, letting it hurt you in confrontation. I know. Easier, said than done but, you'll get there in, scooby-do-be-do. Time just. Remember, Larry that you don't need to be completely, self-sufficient in order to prove your independence, your. Personal, strength is not devalued, when you let someone else, do. Nice things for, you I know that I guess. It's just hard for me to understand the need for grand, gestures. You're. My best friend dot you. Don't need to do anything more than just. Be around me the way you always are. I wish. I knew why that wasn't enough for me hmm. Have. You two ever heard, of the five love, languages, I think so, what. Defines how different people express love right exactly. Everyone, communicates love, to others differently but the idea, of the love languages, is that all forms, expressions, of love can take can be summed up into these five languages, words of affirmation quality. Time gift-giving, acts of service and physical touch. We already use all of those. Maybe. So, but typically people have one primary language that they favored over the others or that they respond, to best well hello. Much. Like the Avatar, had to master all four elements maybe. It's time that YouTube learned to master, and utilize each other's, primary, languages, dad, you, really seem to enjoy doing, favors, for other people might, acts of service also be the language that speaks to you best I don't know maybe. It. Is nice to put effort into doing, something nice for someone you love and. Yeah. For. That someone. To. Show their appreciation. Through. More than just words. Hmm. And Larry you've, expressed several times that the method of support that you favor is quality, time yeah, I, mean. It when I say that that's all I need from doct you both need to find a middle ground when it comes to communicating. Your love you, need compromise, how do we do that well, it entails working on and practicing, the love language, that speaks to your partner best it, may take a while but you'll get there in yabba-dabba-doo. Timing, however if this still seems like a daunting task it may be best to look at that cave of two lovers. Is. That like a is. That like a vacation spot or I'm, saying that you and dot will only get over your mountain, of issues by working together to come, up with your solution, much like Katara and Aang did when faced with the cave of two lovers in Episode two of book two a lot, of the time there isn't going to be an obvious path, that, leads you to all the right answers sometimes.

It's Good to take the leap of faith let, the fire burn out and let, love lead, the way the, path will, reveal, itself to you trust. Yourselves, trust, in the idea that you two can work things out as long. As you're working together. Even. If you're lost you can't lose. The love because. It's, in your heart. Sorry. At the end of the day Kai whichever, character makes you feel like you can conquer the world is a great, role model except. Maybe your Zula or Ozai poor so listen or chin the Conqueror or, none of the people who actually tried, to conquer the world yeah if, you see yourself as tough I'm all for it just, don't forget that any similarities, to Sokka you may see in yourself aren't, as bad as you think it's, okay to have a little of both just. Keep in mind uncle Iroh is lesson two Zuko, about the different nations and the natures of their people each nation, had specific, strengths, endurance. Passion. Community. And inner, peace it was important, to draw wisdom from. Different, places if we take it from only one place it. Becomes rigid and, stale. Understanding. Others the, other elements. And the. Other nations, will. Help you become whole ah I, like that part too although, just, a bit of constructive criticism if, you're, gonna use the metaphor for embracing all parts of ourselves a cleaner example, it'd definitely be the Shockers the crew of Pathak teachers hang about in book 2 episode 19 ah yes, the seven chakras dealing. With survival pleasure willpower love truth insight and pure cosmic, energy each of them watch respectively, by fear guilt shame grief why the wish an earthly attachment, and if we worked on each of those issues within ourselves maybe, short of letting go of support of loved ones in our lives it absolutely could help us feel better with our self-worth well done Kai we'll. Give you that. Are. You doing rocket power no. Nevermind I see, for you focus, on that fear and shame you seem to be harboring take. Steps to embrace, your passions, your, friends, and Lauren, will, appreciate, it self-improvement, can be a difficult, journey but we can all get, there in, blue skidoo' we. Can do. Time. Sometimes. I try to switch things up in order to avoid repeating material yeah. They're not all winners look, Elliot uncle, Iroh who is a firebender. Was able to teach Zuko how to redirect, lightning only. Because he had previously studied water, benders and their techniques, think. Of the four elements as different, parts of yourself, perhaps, by working, on other elements within yourself you will hone the technique, of redirecting. Negative energy as well. As further, developing, yourself worth, of it's like you said no easier said than done I. Wouldn't. Even know where to start. Then. I'll leave you with this Elliot one. Of Aang's best, friends, an earthbender, king named Bumi, explains. To him the concept, of Jing, fighting. Is positive, Jing and retreating. Is negative, Jing but. Then Bumi reveals a third kind, neutral. Jing, this. Consists, of doing neither and waiting. For the opportune, moment to strike. Stay. With me you're, right Elliot if, you're feeling terrible, about yourself, I can't just tell you to start thinking you're amazing. Or beautiful, but. We. Can start working in the neutral, whenever. These doubts and insecurities. Pop up perhaps, you can try thinking, maybe. It's. Possible. That. I'm not as worthless as I think I am these. Bridge, thoughts are examples, of living, in the neutral, it's in the neutral that we're able to change and by, taking the time to be in that state perhaps. The healthiest, perspective, will, find you well, it. Looks like that's all the time we have for today thanks again for your help doctor hopefully. Larry and I can apply what we've learned today and, we're, gonna understand each other better I have the utmost confidence, you will you. Two are smart, motivated. People who, really seem to value each other as individuals and, in, your relationship. Remember. Love. Is brightest, in the dark it's, great that you two both came into the last session, this one not, only to work out your issues but. Also you're, both so darn funny I mean. You. Always have me in stitches. Do. And all your cartoon, references. I. Really. Appreciated, your openness today KY sincerely. Maybe. We can set. Up another time to talk yeah sure. Maybe. About. It no pressure, I hope, to hear from you, also. For the record I knew Katara and Sokka were from the Southern Water Tribe it was a ploy to get you to open up mm-hmm sure was it.

Was I. Definitely. Knew it I'm. A sly trickster, like that. Look. This is what I was writing when you were correcting me yeah. Okay. Well I went into a lot of detail about complicated. Plot lines but I don't know which pole the main characters, are from sure. That's. Believable I guess. I. Did. Know it. Thanks. Dr pecan me for. Everything of course Elliot and remember. Even though most people aren't, the avatar, the goal is to try to be more like the avatar, in that similar, to how the avatar, brings balance to the world, we, must work to bring balance to ourselves, okay. So. I guess, um yeah. Ba ba ba ba ba ba that's all folks. That. Was terrible, and. Also. Incorrect. I'll. See you at the next appointment. Really. But. I thought while it is always best to believe in himself a little. Help from others can be a great. Thing. It's. Uh. It's. Blessing. Right. Yeah. By. Go. With. My next client ty. Like. Agni, Kai, gotta. Make a joke about that Oh. I, just. Want to let you know that for this video we had the help of Kati, Morton hi everybody I am a licensed therapist and I have a mental health channel on YouTube where I talked about yes. Links. For her channel are in the description, they're awesome so thank you so much JD. Absolutely. Now Chuck. Hey. Let's. Leave. Drink. Cactus, juice it'll. Quench you nothin's quench, here it's not quench, it. Look. Like a beached whale.

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"That's rough buddy." "Foxes on my soxes. " "Hang on a Momo. " "Appalogy" "Scooby-Doo-Due time" "But lightning is hot" "Jappa-Dappa-Due time" "You always have me in stitches" I laughed so loud XD Elliot is a smol bean that needs to be protected. All these characters are amazing.

i actually wish i could have a therapy session with you thomas.

I might just have to start watching Avatar: The Last Airbender now :)

Oh look a subject I struggle with every day. Especially right because I just fucked up the best relationship I've ever had because I was a damn idiot

*Sees Joan in black, leather and eyeshadow* H O L Y S H I T *fans face*

Does anyone know where to find the emojis or are they coming out later



Hi Thomas! I see that ur going to go Australia! If I do go I hope to see you there and meet all my other favourite youtubers! I’m so happy that I get to you! Anyways see you there maybe!

I don’t have. A join button

love the content hate the accent

Indeed I have a question that thy will doubtfully ever see but idk Have you heard of the musical Falsettos?

React to steven universe reunited pls!!!

That was so greAt!!!!

I’m ok with the ads on this video I’m happy that your getting paid for making these vide

*Hasn’t watched any of the shows that Thomas has* Me in tears listening to him make references: “Wtf are u saying”

I wanna join this membership!!!

2:44-2:57 IF THAT AINT ME

I'm rewatching the series and I'm already in book 3 I rewatched the puppetmaster episode and I felt bad yet so terrified for the old lady

Hay your back

in the darkest of times hope is something you give yourself. rest in peace Mako Iwamatsu

When I saw this video I just exploded with excitement because I FRICKIN LOVE AVATAR Haters gonna die


You know what would be funny? A Sanders sides therapy session

0:10 I've missed that

Hey what if Deceit's name is "Damien", because "Damos" is the latin root for lies so... yeah

3 things I love your hair and 2 thxs for making these videos with your time and 1hope u have a wonderful day or night

The Joangle book?? That sounds like something that Roman would come up with. **roman bursts through my screen singing** A WHOLE NEW WORLDSDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! Also where am I and how did I get here?

Thomas hit 'em with a dab next vid

I’m only 9 minutes into this and the thought and creative and humor in it is just outstanding. You take something real and you put it in a form that many people who are your fans can relate to or at least grasp and you had your own flare to it, puns, and humor but when it comes to the core of it. It’s something that can be taken as a life lesson and that Thomas is something I’ve always admired about your content and many other great youtubers. Even though this is your job and our views and stuff make your money you haven’t change, you are still the same Thomas we all met on vine and that is something special. You make this content for you, and for us to enjoy and it’s just ground breaking that you use this platform(which needs a lot of fixing and needs to bring in some old features) as your voice and encourage others to use their voices and make themselves better for them and live a life for their selves and no one else. Thomas I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. But thank you.

Every thing could be gayer


I enjoyed watching this video the second through as much as the first time. I don't know what this accent is that Thomas is using, but it's quirky and I like it. The pacing is great; it doesn't feel like a 50-plus-minute video at all, and it was easy to follow the different conversations, so the editing was superb all-around. I think this could have been 10 minutes shorter and I still would have gotten everything you were going for with this video, but please don't take that complaint as anything worse than a minor one! There were so many things about this video I loved, and if the video had been shorter, you wouldn't have been able to fit them all in! I learned a lot about Avatar: The Last Airbender (I've never seen it...yet) and enjoyed seeing all the old Cartoon Therapy characters again, along with Kai [sic?]. I love Elliot's outfit and makeup this time -- not that I didn't like the original outfit, but I love this one even more. I loved when Kai broke her silence and every time she burst out with something at full volume; she was awesome! I found myself wondering more and more about the doctor. What's his personal story? He has an amazing amount of perseverance in the face of people who swing widely between hating him and liking him. Sure, in each case, they're lashing out and he just happens to be a handy target, and he realizes that, but still, he's made of some sturdy stuff!

Hey have you played roblox....it makes you OOF

I lived for this show when I was little



Great message and so. Many... References....... I love it..........

Avatar helping people become whole s it is was always made to do. Also,Elliot and the Dr... there a little somethin somethin there? Maybe?

Thomas sanders talking about avatar!! What more do I need in life!!

I feel like the more bold outfit of Elliott's shows that Elliott himself is bolder now. Still has issues, but more bold

Thomas can you do another voices of unreason

I want to be a member but my mom would never pay for it

Wow I really appreciate how much work went into this video

This is fantastic and now I have a strong desire to rewatch avatar, thanks

“But lightning is hot.” “THYAT IYT IYS.”

this deserves so many more views

Where are my sander sides :(

THIS. IS. THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST! Love everything about the video, keep up the AMAZING work Thomas ❤️

Can Thomas be my therapist? Like, he's actually really good and references to things I know, like Avatar could help me better

i want a voltron cartoon therapy tbh sjsbsn

im in tears watching this video. as a young person diagnosed with fibromyalgia, all of kais struggles are really freaking relatable. i feel alone because no one gets what it is, let alone pronounce it. things like eds and fibromyalgia is that its not visible. its not a cast on your arm, not a crutch under your shoulder, but its just as or even more painful. for three years i was diagonosed incorrectly and it took so much longer to get a fibromyalgia diagnosis. countless specialist visits, all multiple hours away, many times a week. thank you so much thomas (and every other creative who worked on this project) for showing your large audience what some of us go through on a daily basis, not matter how overlooked it usually is. i love you so much and thank you for existing in the age of clickbait and challenge videoa


You look me ex :v

I hate how people get extra stuff with the membership. It feels like I'm being punished for being poor.


OMG I love Joan's makeup it fits them so well


What about sanders sides

Avatar the last air bender was MY SHOW ZUKO IS STILL MY EMO BABY❤️❤️

I want a discount! I legit have no money.

the shade thrown at the movie i’m living

This is so funny!! *I love it!* Keep up the great work Thomas!

Argggh I have had no internet for the weekend so I’m late to the note squad awww. Great vid again Thomas xx just here fan girling over Another one of your vids can’t wait for the next one. Great job again Thomas from your 1# fan !!

i have ehlers danlos syndrome im crying



When is the next Sanders Sides... because I’m pretty sure in one week I have watched every single episode twice

Anyone else reminded of Korosensei? Just me? Ok.

I actually started watching avatar because of this video.

Can you pls subscribe to MonsterKillerGamerz, i need the subscribers

This was so nostalgic!! Avatar was my favorite childhood show, and I can't tell you how much this video had me smiling now I want to go re-watch the series! Thank you for making this Thomas, there's so many important lessons in Avatar that can sometimes be hard to find because of everything else that happens in the show but this video highlighted all of them. You're awesome Thomas!!

Thomas will you ever open a p.o box

I'm wheezing "hang on just a momo"

I love Avater the last airbender and I just finished rewatching like a week ago. I'm so glad that you made a cartoon therapy on it! People who haven't watched it really should. It's amazing.


Joans Eyeshadow is awesome!


"It's aye-ng" "I'm hearing Ong" best part so far lmao fuggen live action avatar the last airbender movie.

I CHANGE MY MIND "Yue was Sokka's girlfriend. WHo he lost. She turned into the Moon" "That's rough buddy" I couldn't stop laughing at that part in the show XD I love Zuko so much

Can naruto be next

I LOVED IT! I also got membership and im so excited for everything!

I just watched an ad of a guy freezing himself to promote his book...


“She turned into the moon”

After watching this, I decided to marathon avatar. Watching this became so much funnier.

Avatar is literally my life.

OMG I love this. I recently started watching Naruto. It's almost the same . I love the connects with this.

Can you and your friends do the reverse game again


Omg I love Talyn in this

L A R R Y *T H E S A L M O N*


Imagine one of these sessions with Voltron~ uwu

I love this!!

You should totally do a Voltron version of cartoon therapy!!! It’s this really cool cartoon about team building and finding your place in the world and accepting who you are and letting people into your life. It’s about learning to trust and using your individual skills to discover different powers you never knew you had. It’s about family and feeling equal to your teammates. It’s about building a bond with others and using that bond to “form Voltron”. It’s a story with all completely different and complex characters all with their own individual set of abilities that help the whole team when in need. There are characters who have trouble letting people in, there are characters who get blinded by the mission and need their teams help to help them see. Other characters feel like they don’t belong on the team because they “aren’t a hero” and there are some characters who support the whole team yet feel unsupported themselves. It’s a show about discovering yourself while discovering a family bond with people you might dislike, idolize or friends you never knew you had. There are characters with mental illnesses such as PTSD who have a hard time sharing their feelings with others because they feel they have to be a “strong leader” and they don’t think emotions are in the job description. It’s a show with characters who think they have to manage every issue on their own. But they grow throughout the show and learn that they have a whole team of “paladins”, or friends that were there for them the whole time. It’s a show that teaches the characters as well as the viewing audience that it’s okay to have weaknesses. Because you have a team by your side who have their own sets weaknesses. And that team will be there for you whether you’re discovering parts of your past, feeling worthless compared to the rest of your teammates, or if you’re going through issues with mental illness. This show is about an unlikely bunch of kids (and one adult. Three of you count the princess and Coran) who find their place in the world as defenders of the universe. But they couldn’t have, and wouldn’t have done so if they hadn’t built the team that they did. It’s also a show about the characters using the strengths and weaknesses of the team to defeat Zarkon (or a common enemy). Maybe I should be a cartoon therapist.... Anyways I think you could do a lot with Voltron: Legendary Defender. There are so many themes that would work perfectly for one of these videos. This comment has been long enough don’t you think? You do! Mkay bye bye now

Steven universe. the last air bender. Ducktales?

*Toph, vetal as hell*

Joans dark look always sends me into giggles! I love them! Also, talyn as a kid is adorable!

Thomas should really be a therapist.... hed be really good at it.

I love this video so much

I hope Mitchell shows up at the next appointment.

this is the best thing! thank you!


I'm taking notes

...why did this help me so much?

I have a question. *How do I come out without being shamed by my homophobic family?*

who cares what they think! ?!?


I like how you mix cartoon geekiness and genuinely good mental health advice. This was awesome

I was finally able to watch thia and I just wanna say...thanks??? Because like you make these so great and honestly helpful??? But yeah thank you. I genuinely mean that, thank you.

Thomas: I lOOK LIKE a bEaCHED WhALE!!

Thomas make another making old vines and do the chocolate thunder

I'm gonna go watch Avatar the Last air bender now cause it seems really cool

Sander sides? (⑉꒦ິ^꒦ິ⑉)

I love the reenaction in the end


24:24 - 24:56 That's literally what happened to me growing up because I was born with VSD.

Elliot's life story reminded me of Helga Pataki... maybe you could do a cartoon therapy using Hey Arnold!, btw I love you and this is a marvelous video.


Joan looked amazing in this

I know this is late but can you be my therapist.

Rick and Morty themed session please!

But now I want to go to Enrique's Eatery. You gotta tell me where to go man

Hello, Thomas Sanders You’re so awesome

Thomas Sanders. Avatar. Uploaded on my Birthday. SUBBED!

That aang pronunciation thing, it hurt.


Can somebody please make English subtitles

This was beautiful! You should do one with Voltron.

I love videos like these❤ I hope Thomas and the gang do more in the future

the rocket power references gave me life, thank you lol

48:45 cue the sides

Of course, after watching an hour long video, if you make another two-part Sanders Sides, I’m gonna have an aneurysm. lol

You stewie voice actor

Hi Thomas . I am a big anime fan and I was hoping if you could do another real or fake video . also I want to thank you for making amazing vid's

I'm so sorry I can't help support you by joining

Hi i subed

Theory. The good doctor has been locked in an insane facility and that’s why we never seen him and his clients in the same room.

i see you made a react vid with John l

Just lying in bed watching this and the minute Ehler Danlos Syndrome was mentioned my head turned so fast! I just want to say thank you for talking about it and making more people aware of the condition that most of my doctors haven’t even heard of. It took me years to get diagnosed and to finally see it mentioned on mainstream media and my favourite channel no less I’m so happy right now!!!

This is the best video ever! I love avatar and you have now given me so many new puns. I love puns

when will another Sander Sides come out????

is it just me or could thomas actually be a therapist?


The day it was is was gonna happen was my birth day

Awesome and helpful video

that was amazing especially the bit where u sent to sing the song the no mads singers song u done that bit was the funniest and after watching that it made my heart fill up with so much happiness and joy!

Pls do a Sander Sides Vid next week!!! I love you Thomas!!❤️❤️❤️

I can't believe I scrolled through two 'pages' of comments and didn't see anyone bring up LARRENOLD. I mean. LARRENOLD.

Well done to you guys! This took so much effort, and it turned out so well. Props for mentioning the five love languages, and of course, all the hidden gems among the Avatar references. Really well done!

Wow...i need to rewatch this show.

20:28 blues clues anyone?



wait, why are the CC in Spanish? xD

Does anyone else see thet Stitch poster! I want it!

I love his vines


I love these therapy sessions

I love atla, and I love your cartoon therapy videos, but I miss the Sanders Sides (especially Virgil). Also I’m really proud of you for making a video almost an hour long!

Foxes on my sockses!

I just found out my sister hates Avatar last Airbender and Korra


Am I the only one who found every. single. pun absolutely hilarious?

I got a real ad after the fake one

Aksjkakska please take place of my actual therapist

Ok but like, I know I’m late but I relate ALOT to Elliott and thanks to this I realized that I may have imposter syndrome.


My Last name is Sanders too

He say this but now he does a video 1 times a month

Since Thomas likes Voltron (legendary defender), I want to know if he ships Klance, and shadam, I would also like to know if the sides ship them too.

i love Picani’s voice

I just found out that Fire Lord Ozai is fucking Luke Skywalker!

This was actually really therapeutic, thank you, Thomas!

What about " My cabbages"?


The only word that could describe Thomas Sanders : AMAZINCREDIBLEGIT like if you agree


Thomas, I’m a lgbtq kid in a falling apart family, I need help

Omg I LOVE this and I'm kinda freaking out 'cause at one point Picani called Elliot Ellie and I found it soooooo adorable!! ^U^


I loved this saucy secession with Dr. Picani


OH OH OOHHOHOHOHOH! First, it was prinxity colours, now its logicality colours! THOMAS IS SO CREATIVE! PRAISE TO OUR LORD!

(Larry and Dot)

This video is amazing oh my goodness. I'm definitely going to have to watch it again as there is just so much to learn. I loved every moment from the puns to the incredible life lessons I am sure to apply to my own life. I wish I had enough words in the english language to describe just how much I love you Thomas. You are the best youtuber on youtube today and that is just a fact. I love you with my whole heart and hope that after this you have been taking some time off. Thank you for this video and for all of your other videos. You probably wont even see this comment, but I am so glad that I found you all those years ago, and that I kept watching to see the content you produce now. Oodles and oodles of love from me.


I appreciate you trying to speak my language but no

I would really love to see a Voltron or a star vs the forces of evil version of this

I mean seriously, Joan has the most beautiful brown eyes I’ve ever seen


What are Kai's pronouns?

How do we sign up

In this moment If I only have money :'^]

As an AtLA fan with self-worth issues, I absolutely loved this video, HOWEVER the fourth video in the recommended list is Shyamalan's The Last Airbe--eugh, oh god, I'm gonna be sick.

Do more Sanders Sides videos

Hey Thomas I miss your vines like 1 like is 1 agree

I love Thomas sanders. Pls make new episodes

THIS WAS SO GOOD!!! I love this series so much!!!! Im hoping you can do more of this ❤️❤️❤️

I was watching my little pony today and I thought princess luna looks like virgil

I saw you in dad jokes

Zuko is my son, protect him

(Kataras voice) long ago the for nashins lived together in harmony. Than everything changed when the fire nashon attacked. Only the avatar master of all for elements could stop them. But when the world needed him most... Ha vanished, a hundred years past and my brother and discovered a new avatar. An air bender named ange. And although his airbending skils are great he has a lot to learn be for he can save anyone. But I believe. HE.CAN.SAVE.THE.WORLD DO DO DO DO DO DOOOO

Bruh Elliott can’t English. I relate.

Again... I wish therapy was more like this.

“You can’t fight, you’re a thespian.” M E

I really want to go to therapy. But I know exactly how it will go “hi. You are completely invalid. Everything you’re telling me is your fault. You’re not paying attention to others feelings and you’re selfish. You complain to much. You ruin things for others. You don’t fit in with anything or anyone; BUT you’re not special or different in anyway, everyone has had all of your experiences except something that no one cares about. And you’re a bad person because you blame others for things that are clearly your fault. Thank you. That will be $150. Thanks. Bye.



Update I’m like really wrong about all of these


Stand by for more of these

plz make more sanders sides!!!

Voices of unreasonable plz

-breaks lifesaving piggybank- Ok wheres my credit card

These episodes always make me cry in the best way possible ; ; looking forward to the next episode and what cartoon you apply to it.

I am on season 2 episode 10 on the avatar

Do you like rick and morty as I saw a mr meseeks (I can't spell it) in the background

I just started rewatching this show and now I see stuff about it everywhere. Still amazing

I don’t want to sound mean but do you think you could maybe tell us when the next sander sides vid is coming out sry I’m just a shy bean TvT

love it! now do the same with korra!

That moment when you reference your own series

Hey! I saw some of your "Narrating life of strangers" on Facebook, i really loved them! Keep going buddy, you're amazing!

Nordic Angels, hahaha

53 minutes and 46 seconds of trying to figure out wtf is going on with his accent.

Tell Joan I love their make up!!!!!

It’s bugging me that Zukos scar keeps switching sides in the clips

Talyn looks like young will Roland in this I love it they look so cooooooool

R u gay or straight

I hope Elliot comes back next time...


Fills me with oife

You don't realize how much I needed this. My friend have a lot of self-esteem problems, and they all like Cartoons, so this is a really good thing to help them with. I used some elements from the last one to help my friend get out of an abusive relationship, a Malachite if you will, but now he's unsure if love is ever for him. That he's undeserving. Thomas, you don't understand how much you help people, because I can't be the only one who uses what you teach me in these videos you make, not just the Cartoon Therapy ones. Sanders Sides is helping me keep my Anxiety at ease, and helped me re-evaluate my own life and values. You rock man.

Damn, I want him as my therapist.

Okay, I'm gonna end up being really shy about this, and I don't even know if Thomas is open to suggestions, but I had this idea recently... perhaps you and your friends could get together and have some Mind Palace talent show thing, and have the Sanders Sides be the judges? I would just love to see the four of them be the judges of something, that might give us a small extra look into their personalities and how they think. I know it might not ultimately have any kind of inspirational message, but I'm sure you could come up with something. Inspirational stuff is your (figurative) jam. And the only reason I'm putting this on the most recent video is because I really don't know where else to put it or where else he would have even a slight chance of seeing it.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

You called Shuri from avengers infinity war a Disney princess

Just happy to know that someone From Gainesville is successful

THOMAS Have you seen the Teen Titans Go movie yet? It's really good!

Im crying no

Ahh the fancy hair is back ^^

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“It’s A-ng! Not O-ng! Don’t say it like that!!!”

Dr. Picani, how are the sides doing?


I have made a Lego brick head of you because of these hilarious videos.

I love these episodes!!!! So comforting and funny!

I think the main reason so may people love you (Pt2) is because of your personality. He's incredibly funny, energetic, full of life, he's respectful, he is kind, the list goes on and on.

Dude. Are you canadian?

How much is it in england

Hello there! I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate you and every second of every minute of dedication into making all of us happy. Your channel has helped me get more in touch with my more theatrical side a side I never could have the confidence to share with anyone. You are helping to bring light back into my life by just being yourself. I am an introverted person and you remind me of my younger sister which is a good thing! when she started getting into high school as a freshman to sophomore and me starting my freshman year of college. I wish there were enough ways for me to express my love for you as a person as well as the community that has given me my second life back. Speaking of which I am becoming a Communication major in college soon. I am pursuing a career in sign language deaf studies and translating. I use ASL a LOT with music and I was wondering if you would have a couple songs that I could practice and I was also wondering if there would ever be some more Signing vids in the near future?

Hey Thomas. Since we are on the subject of older cartoons. What about Teen titans and the importance of accepting change? The whole show portrays each team member adjusting to their new life, new home and even in some cases, each other.


I don't even watch this show and I STILL enjoyed it and it didn't really spoil anything either!

An HOUR long Thomas!!! Wow

AAAA I NEED MORE OF THESE. as a clinically depressed animator seeing these is just very good for me ;w;

this literally came out after I binged both The Last Airbender and Korra. This is wonderful thank you Thomas!


I just subscribed to your channel, and I already love your videos. And I think it would be cool if you were to react to The Sanders Sides as vines. Thank you for all the good laughs I had when watching your videos.

I laughed way to hard at that "that's rough buddy"

The mispronunciation if Aangs name brought me back to the dark times of the live action movie *shudders* but this video was amazing!

I really thought this was Mr beasts second channel

I hate him Only because he's gay But I'm basically gay

I love and respect the amount of effort and creativity you put into all of your videos.

Wow. I was drifting through the Avatar review videos of YouTube when I lended here to be smacked in the face with this energetic fellow. :|


Oh btw that shoutout sunday really warmed my heart cause well you see my name

You should totally do a collab with TheOdd1sOut! You two are my dream team.

Can I go here for therapy I’d get a lot done..

3:51 hehe I get the reference

Ha at 4:37 it happened again bringing back foghorn leghorn

Will you do more vines?

Today was a really rough day for me. I hit a very low point and I felt my worth as a person diminishing, but after watching this video I felt inspired. Keep making content like this. You’ve no idea how much of a positive impact they have on others.

I love Thomas’s voice in this

Post more videos

I have EDS and just hearing it mentioned made me want to cry because nobody around me even knows what it is

So is Kai a 15 year old with a 20 year old looking girlfriend? Or a really kid looking adult?

These videos are so awesome! I love learning about mental health, and you keep me invested with all the cartoon references and great character development.

Can you sing Mercedes for #shoutoutsunday



Why did your dye your hair? Keep it brown

Great video Thomas!


This was absolutely wonderful, and the acting out the scenes at the end was hilarious!!!

Dr Picani at 21:14 through 21:30 is such an ace moment

Yeees loved the video!!! Avatar is my top 3 favourite cartoons ever!!

I have a bestfriend with ehlers-danlos syndrome and I legitimately squeeled when Kai said she had EDS (and then proceeded to text said best friend for twenty minutes while she was trying to focus on school) This was great representation of something a lot of people don't know about and it totally made my day! also my boy elliott needs all of the hugs i love him ok bye

I don't need a therapist but I would like to have a session like this with Thomas..

I'm sorry I like your vines

The scene recreations were the absolute best I love them

Can I have your sockses?

Why is nobody talking about Enrique’s Exquisite Eatery? That place sounds incredible

I need the membership thing. I am going to do extra chores for it!!!!!!!!

joan is hot with that eye makeup

I'm surprised there was no reference or jokes about the awful remake.

Joan's outfit was FANTASTIC

Btw I need yo know but are you gay??


Thomas how does it feel to have people shipping your sander sides together??

An hour of Thomas? SIGN ME THE HECK UP MAN! (gay ones)

I cried more in this than in Avengers: Infinity War

That was a really good video. Thanks

This is awesome!! Can you do one on sexual assault please ❤️

Awwwhh Joan as a little adorable emo I love it!!! And that nail polish is perfect for him

Avatar literally helped me so much through my own issues and hearing you use the show to guide others helped me even more. Thank you, Thomas. :,)

I really appreciate the ehlers danlos mention! My roommate and his daughter have it, and seeing such a rare thing being mentioned! Much love! Edit, because I forgot: SECRET TUNNELLLLLL!!!!!!!!! SECRET TUNNELLLLLLLLLL

Helloooooo nurse!

I connected to Kia SO much I hqve allot of the same/similar problems and attitude

I need a therapist like this, but instead of Avatar, Voltron.

No joke but can you be my Therapist

This is so awesome on so many levels.

I love this video

Can I just say I really want a series of this It’s amazing


Picani calling Elliot "Elli" gives me life

So I just took a sorting hat quiz and I'm in Hufflepuff with you

Thomas u should make a video with Madi to the max. The sanders side with Madi! Like for example Roman !

Honestly watching this really helped me

Thomas I'm sorry I'm from England and have no money so I can't join but I love you so so so much and I have never missed a video

excuse my stupidity but does talyn really have the connective tissue disorder??

Its so nice to know all the references.. I just finished watching the whole Avatar series.. ❤❤

"Elliott" has dimples!!!! ^U^

i love the avatar

"You can't fight. You're a thespian." //Larry looks dramatically into the distance while epic music plays//

thomas' reaction to the retelling of when they met at hamlet was amazing hahaha "animation makes me queasy." i can't with the giggles this has brought me! truth: toph is metal as hell! "you are A LOT." Talyn's session was my favorite!


Where did you get Virgil's hoodie I want one

I need this

we are naming are cat virgil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I just have an entire cover of Thomas doing that song from book 2 ep 2


I really want to watch this now :D

I want Thomas to be my therapist

I loveyou . u like a real life cartoon character

Do a cartoon therapy with gravity falls


"hang on a Momo"

What's Joan's last name?

candyzombiee same yes!!

Nick DeMarco welcome!! Watch his videos he’s a clev-a fella

mathew rosario

Mercedes Cooper that’s an AWESOME name!!!! I have a very odd name it’s Saraphina (I also hate my name)

TigerLilly Afton me too

Thomas Sanders...more story time videos please! :D

Can we point out that thomas said to Joan "Think of the elements as four different parts of yourself." And the sides chose different elements? Like, Virgil was water (BECAUSE YOU'RE SO DEEP AND MYSTERIOUS), Patton was air (because you're an air head), Roman was fire (BECAUSE OF YOU'RE FIRE PASSION) and Logan was earth (BECAUSE YOU'RE SO GROUNDED) SANDERSIDES REFERENCE, PICANI?!?!?

"She turned into the moon."

Did Elliot steal Virgil's eyeshadow, or did Virgil steal Elliot's eyeshadow?

I literally freaked out with happiness when I saw Talyn xD

If anyone knows who Marisu is Thomas kinda looks like him

Hello, my lovely Thomas. I just wanted to let you know that I just found a 'list of men I trust' list on pinterest, and you're on a lot of women's lists in the comments. You are the definition of non-toxic masculinity for me, and I'm so glad that men like you have a presence on social media because it is so needed. Thanks, bud x

Elmo Joan



Anyone else start thinking of the secret tunnel song around 40:12

The next cartoon therapy should be voltron

I've been watching this dude's channel for a looong time and I'm *still* trying to figure out if i should subscribe to him or not

That countdown at the beginning gives me anxiety. Oh my goodness.

Is he gay?

9:04 omg I have the same book

This is the best thing I’ve ever watched, love you guys so much

How i am soooo related with Elliot scared me,,


I screamed at the "Aang" pronunciation bit. It's nice to see my movie rage mirrored so perfectly.

Love the accent, Thomas!

I've missed this

Goth Joan is the best

Joan looks amazing in this video (well they always do) like I'm in love with their outfit and makeup ^^

You should watch a Lesson In Practically. It’s really good.

Love this video thank you thomaaaas

I’m not even kidding I NEED you to be my therapist

YAY another one


@ThomasSanders you need to go to MKatwood's channel and look up the video titled "Thomas Sander & Gems edits!" its amazing!

Thank you.

Hes on cocain guys i swear

Hey can we still legally call ourselves your foster children (Cuz your old user name)

I love you but when is the next sander sides

Hi i need thomas to be my therapist.

Kye from Lego ninjago

This is incredibly well made. I know this took a lot of time and effort to script, film, and edit. You should be very proud of the results. You and your friends and teammates work wonderfully together, and I’m so glad to see all of the positivity and representation you strive to spread.

I'm sorry but Joan's charcter is LITERALLY just Adam from the bright sessions

What was that commercial break


Okay this was amazing and incredibly helpful. Thanks dude! Going to watch the Steven Universe one now.

Picani is like a slightly grown up, therapist version of me when it comes to puns, random cartoon references and metaphors.

Love this videos!

Any tips on starting a Channel (usually lego, reviews, theories, fake history lessons, and Nerds) I've got limited materials (as I bet it usually starts off). Anything helps.

Thomas why do all of the sander side hate Virgil

This is so amazing ♥️

I have the same phone case

“Oh you’ve seen the avatar last airbender?” “No, but it had really good music at the end. I never got home in time to ever watch.” Accurate

I RECOGNISED THE NAME OF THE DISABILITY! I have a similar genetic disability! That's so cool! (also thank you to the writers for including invisible physical disabilities!)

ReWatching and wondering if we're ever gonna actually see Mitchell

Thomas can you be my therapist

Great vid Thomas I luv u so much , I rlly want to be your friend

You have great foxes on your sockses! Amazing vid btw!

Can you make another real or fake anime part 7 like if you agree

Plz post a new Sanders Sides

I couldn’t really relate to any of those but I did recognise how they felt. I wish I could convince my parents to arrange a therapy session for me...

If Thomas gave me therapy I would fucking sob and never question my self worth again

Is Thomas left handed???

This show is so freaking precious. I love everything about this!!! It made me smile on a bad day, so thank you Thomas

would i procrastinate washing my clothes and sit for 54 minutes to watch this? DAMN I WILL

You should do how to train your dragon

Thomas, you are so good for my mental health. I love you.

I love this. I wonder what will come next. These videos make me so happy

This makes me want to bingewatch all of Avatar, for the 5th time


Love you man!!



Falco is way better than Fox

I used to raid Blockbuster for their Avatar: The Last Airbender collection

ohhhhh hate how much i can relate to elliot's family struggles


"We're talking about cartoons here, this is serious." ME

U could have warned me. U leaft me hangin Thomas...u left me hangin

I love elliot

this was really helpful thank you also, can you be my therapist ?

32:30 got me

Zuko s scar keeps changing sides SO MANY MISTAKES

I am LIVING for emo Joan.

can thomas be my therapist

oh my gosh! I remember the Avatar it was my favorite show ever.


hey neighbor

Joan was wearing a skirt!!!!!!

This is such a good video

I love Talyn’s tantrum

36:54 I relate to this on a spiritual level

32:26 That just made my day

I actually need Thomas as my therapist


Zuko looks like Deceit from the Sander Sides I have a new theory now OMG

I'd like to talk to Thomas about my problems he'd totally help me out (I have so many problems ) *trys not to cry or harm myself*

Need more

I love this video!! Great job as always Thomas!! ❤️


We're talking about cartoons, this is *serious*

U r so inspirational whenever im sad i watch ur vids amd they make me happy. Coz lifes been hard at the moment

I love your hair so much

You should do a tongue twister video with the sander sides

Vine or YouTube which do u like moar?

I click the description and wander the description desert for five years.

Are you able to join the membership at any time?

I'm really sorry tomas but I don't live in America so I can't sorry

I want Thomas to be my therapist.

Make more sander sides

I SUBSCRIBED! :D you're awesome!

I wish there was more sanders sides vids!!

What I say I say I say what now?


Everyone is so awesome. I love Larry and Dot to bits. But furthermore, thanks for this lovely video. I adore cartoons, and I looooved ATLA, but I I have this habit of not rewatching stuff a lot, so this was a great refresher. I've also been dealing with a condition becoming more apparent lately, so I needed it personally. Thanks.

>_< Why do I watch These!!!! >_< oh I Know Why >_< I Love THEM!!!!! >_

I FOUND THE STITCH!!!!!!....sowwy had too. Lelo and stich is my favorite Disney movie...

“You’re a theater kid stop trying to talk sports” That’s the most relatable line!!

15:06 *I said what I said*

Elliot is a precious bean that must be protected!!! And the banter between Elliot and the doctor is good!!!

Tfw you send a character the therapy but since your probably never gonna show the story to anyone you make Thomas Sanders the therapist from this series

My friend told me there are theorys that Dr.Picani was Logans and Pattons son... i cant stop thinking about it

Honestly this video helps so much. I didn't even know I needed some of these metaphors.


Omg! I have the same stitch poster!

43:00 I love the way he says it xD

“It’s throwing more people off than when Teen Titans became Teen Titans Go!” And now it’s going back

I'm a little late on commenting this, but given the fact that this uses quite a couple of Avatar clips, let's just pray that Viacom doesn't claim this.

Talyn’s fucking hilarious

YES HELLO 911 I'D LIKE TO REPORT KAI FOR BEING TOO *_adorable and precious and amazing_*

U might not want 2 use the word "dorky" if u dont no y, look up the definition.

Btw, when r u going 2 make a new Sanders Sides video, THOMAS?!?!

I relate 2 Joan in this video soooooo much.

Yup sounds like harry

Can I just... marry Talyn?

Joan is so sweet I'm dying

52:32 i d i e d

THIS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee! im sick in bed and this made my day

L A R R Y, T H E *S A L M O N*

Dr. Picani and Kai having a nerd-out battle over Avatar is a big mood

37:37 I live for this scene

Well that was just amazing!!

love you! but this is not that funny.

I would pay all my money to have Thomas as my therapist.

I love that show ;-;

God. I miss this show so much. I think I could rival Thomas in knowledge of the plot, side stories, quotes, and everything in between.

The amount of Naruto in this video is amazing.

Please do RWBY next!

*laughs at every pun* Okay, now pause 33:35 MUST WATCH AVATAR AGAIN

I really appreciate these videos. They help me deal with different problems in my life I have to go through. I thank you so much, Thomas. Really, thank you.

42:34 sorry i had to save my place lmao

I still havent gotten to see a whole lot of Avatar (though I plan to at some point). But, even without the knowledge of the characters themselves, this is really great information. I do love how you cover a lot of different issues with the same cartoon, it shows the depth of the cartoon and the characters youre working with.

50:41 HE KNOWS!!!!!

Honestly, I missed Sloan and Corbin, but Kai is so gosh darn cute! Excellent content!

Am I the only one that thinks that Dr. Picani is a fusion of Logan and Patton?

Okay I know this isn’t true but wouldn’t it be cool if Logan and Patton= picani(sorry if I spelt it wrong) and if Virgil and Roman=Sleep/remy

Therese 50 minutes went by so fast, that was a great video!!

If Thomas Sanders was my therapist i would be able to talk about the problems i have in my life.

I wish actual therapy sessions were like this.

you're so cute thomas we won't ever get tired of you

"Please. We're talking about cartoons. This is serious." - Thomas Sanders 2018

I'd be so open about my depression if I could have a therapist like Dr.Picani


pleeeeeaaaase make more of these

You should be a counselor

omg please be my therapist

These are so inspiring

Also that dang catdog pop is seriously creeping me tf out

I s2g if there was a therapist out there that actually talked like this and used so many cartoon references I would probably be in therapy again like I need to be.

I sobbed way too hard at Kai’s story. Disabilities are so difficult in more than the physical aspect of it. People baby me, or bend over backwards for me because I am a wheelchair user. But when my friends with less visible disabilities ask for help, suddenly everyone’s more bitter, even if they deserve the help more than me. I struggled with refusing help and how people viewed me for too long (and still do aaa lol) and I’m glad that it’s been represented for more people to think about. In conclusion, disabled people are as human as you, and please treat us with respect. (And try to be understanding if we snap at help offers. It’s nothing personal we get it a lot.) but don’t be afraid to offer help when the wheelchair access is like / that steep, I mean come on that’s not access that’s just cruelty.

I LOVE these videos and all the spunky/cool/fun characters in these sessions! I cant wait to be seeing more from Kai and learn more of their backstory and I really cannot wait to see more of the breakthroughs Picani has with Elliot. And maybe someday Larry will watch a cartoon

This is an awsome video im steeling so many catch phase lol


This is what made me watch avatar

I am sad I can't get it

Thomas u have made me not to be ashamed of making cartoon references​ that nobody will understand!! Thank u!!

OMG I HAVE EHLER’S DANLOS!!!!!!! It sucks ass I’m so sorry if you have to deal with it. Hyper mobility kills :(

The people who disliked should be air benders.... BECAUSE THEY’RE AIRHEADS I’m sorry. I owe you an appa-logy! hehe..hee...

You just gained a new subscriber

Everyone says there is a sponsor button but my computer won't update or my youtube won't update so someone please help me.

this video really helped me

Yo this is amazing, I learned so much. He should watch Voltron legendary Defenders, . This helped me so much you know

Joan is so gorgeous... and such a great actor...

the only two things i need in life are thomas sanders and avatar the last airbender, thank u


Is that a Mr meesekes above thomas' head. P.s if you don't know what I'm on about DON'T Google it

Thomas, I love you so much

I can't believe EDS is in here! I have described to some many of my friends how much I relate to Toph because she didn't fight her disability, it was part of who she was and it made her the incredible hero she was. She never could have been as good at bending without her resourcefulness through her disability. I want to use my EDS build myself and others up. ❤️

Omg I didn't realize this video was an hour long until I finished it

Elliot: *Breathes* Me: Mood

tunnels....ok screams at the top of my lungs. Secret tunnel, secret tunnel.

I saw Talyn and I got really excited.

But I'm a college student... I can't afford to join even though I want to... -cry-

dudeee I see ATLA being mentioned AND I CLICK. END OF STORY

i need a loop of 46:28 to 46:38 ASAP

Aw I I loved avatar

Love the Might Guy accent at 8:20 :')

Oh my goodness I love this so much! Avatar the Last Airbender was/is the best cartoon ever! Thank you for this video Thomas and all the hard work it took to make it, thank you!

Personal story: Warning. Communication is something that I struggle with, and I don't know how to make it better. I don't know how to ask for help without seeming manipulative. Recently, I got in a big fight with a former friend. We had disagreed in the past and broke off our friendship, but she went on to say I did drugs (I don't), called me psycho, said I had multiple personalities, and so forth. I have a history of being called crazy. It was used by my family to deflect accusations I (And a dozen other women) made against a family member assaulting me. She knew that and used it to hurt me. I mentioned having bad blood with her the other day, and it all exploded again. Close friends took her side and literally no one even reached out to me. One person I thought was my friend even insinuated I was making it up, and even after I found the posts, I found that she had blocked me entirely. Even the one or two friends who thought she was in the wrong wouldn't say anything to her and still follow her account. I put a lot of value in our friendships and it hurt that no one seemed to care. I ended up in a really bad place. I needed help, but I didn't want to reach out to friends who might think I was just trying to make them feel guilty for not taking my side. So I decided to leave the platform. No one said goodbye to me. No one said anything. I deleted just about every post I've ever made, thousands of pages over the course of a couple days, so I wouldn't be tempted to go back. How should I have actually handled that? Does anyone know?

"Working with children has ruined the way you talk" *me talking to my sister who babysits a lot. Also was 29:12 intentional?! It seems like a blooper that was left in for being awesome

definitely worth an hour !!

I wish I could have a therapy session like this XD

"We're talking about cartoons this is serius" XD

Attack me if u want but i like the legend of korra better

Ok! At the beggining I thought this was gonna be cringy and lame but my love for avatar made me click on it and the great script, characters and everthing else made me enjoy it all, so congrats Thomas!!! This was a great video and I truely enjoyed it as an avatar fan and your fan, keep it going!!!

I wish I can join but my mom won't let me

Hello senpai

please can you be my theripist

I love all of your videos!!! They're always so amazing and supportful and make me feel better when I'm in a bad place. Say hi to Virg for me! (My sweet potato) And Talyn. she's so cool. Love the hair.

The power puff girls reference made me scream internally


How the HECK did Talyn DO that WitH ThEiR EYeBaLLs?!

Can Dr. Emile Picani be my psychiatrist. I'd probably have less trouble opening up with someone who talks so much about cartoons.

If I was Dr Picani and no one understood my cartoon references, I'd be therapissed

My fave line(s) " 'Sh-ts weak Picani. 'Sh-ts weak Picani.' 'Well-' 'Sh-ts Weeeeeeeeeeak' "

I want Thomas as my therapist he is so fun

Patton Picani

I literally just finished watched Avatar when this video came out and I watched this straight. It feels good

Better than a real therapist.

Yes yes I love your videos, vines, and that one musicaly if the cat one pulling in the drive able

"Put your glasses on what are you doin" Me when my friend takes her glasses off to try and sleep


The thearipist Reminds me of morality

Great video! Though I would say it was a bit long and I definitely liked the other cartoon therapy better...

Which avatar do you prefer the last air bender or the legend of kora

Do a vid like this about young justice or teen titans plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

46:29 I love his voice. Seriously!!!!

T: You know, there is another person who I think you may be able to relate to. Me: *biting my nails, thinking “is it him...?”* T: Perhaps because Aang and this person have similar journeys with self worth. Me: C’mon it’s him right? Right?!?!? T: ... Zuko. Me: YES!!!! OMG I WAS LITERALLY WAITING FOR YOU TO MENTION HIM FOR 30 MINUTES THANK YOU THOMAS!!!! Also I thought Elliot would be similar to Zuko since the beginning because we were talking about Avatar so... I can die happy now

Ah, although I love your Sanders sides cartoon therapy is also one of my favorite series. I love it's funny moments yet when needed there are serious moments. and these sessions especially this one have helped me. this one has helped me look better upon myself!! and it makes me happy. all of your videos do. picani is such a fun character and he's a favorite of mine! I'm excited for the next session! thanks for helping a famder out like many others.

Just subscribed

Ya wanna know what's sad? Kai is a cooler, more athletic, stronger version of me.

It took me a while to figure out that teenager was talyn

Misleading high fives??!!??


46:28 what song?

And i am back after a week of watching non stop this show To watch that wonderful cartoon session à second time with à better knowledge of thé references! I absolutely loved the show and i cant understand Why i didnt watch it earlier!! Damn when you know it you are able To better appreciate your work ;) (Its What motivated me yeah)

With love


These therapy videos are amazing keep them coming!

wow...did I just waste an hour watching this?

The nerd rant is here: 47:33

Im like momo the monkey thing anoing, pefetik, ugly, weak, stupid just a wors wosien of appa and suck at grama

Dude you suck

More more MORE

37:43 lol

Omg what if you made a video where the aspects of your personality talk about how much they each love mcr and what they each think makes they're music great!!!! :3

I love you and your videos so much, also when I click the link it takes me to your channel instead of somewhere to pay and sign up? help? please.........Still love you

I feel like there needs to be a season finale of some sort where Mitchell finally comes to a fucking session

I love Larry

Omg love the blues clues reference

i wish that i could join the YouTube Membership, but i don have any money

Yes i did because- we played that game in acting class :3

Woohoo Avatar references

*L A R R Y T H E S A L M O N*

Can Thomas be my therapist please!?

Why does Joan look like Ryan Ross in 2005


Thomas, I want everything you have on your self

Thomas you’ve never heard of smash mate do you live under a literal rock

Thats me evertime I hear “Ong” its so triggering


I look like a beached whale

50:42 Omg he knows

Was any one mad when they stopped avatar the last airbender the series cause I know I was


do one of Voltron

8:05 BRAIN BLAST!!!!

OK. I"m going to go binge this show now. THEN watch the video.

Watching these videos is like watching a Disney Pixar movie, you never know what moment is going to make you tear up. But in all seriousness, do you know how much these videos help people. Please never stop making them. I introduced my daughter to Steven Universe after the last one and it has helped both of us a lot. She is almost 6 and has recently been diagnosed as autistic. Many of the lessons taught in the show help her understand things in ways that I cannot explain. I cannot wait until she starts understanding your videos as well bc I think they will help. Thank you. Sending love to you guys.

The kid with the strange disease sounds like "jacky" from the arabic version of detective conan episode 341

Thomas said that the four elements represent four parts of a whole and only if you learn from all of them you can become a whole Those four elements could be as well the four sides that Thomas and everyone has Sanders sides are four elements and bad sides are bad things in bending those elements

I hate not finishing songs and videos but this is going on for too long.

love 2:48... xD

Thhhhaaaaaat was intelligent, funny, and actually helped a little bit

At the beginning of the video, Joan is me all the time to my siblings. REE

A Voltron Legendary Defender one on Teamwork and growing as a team would be cool. Love your work, Thomas!

Fun fact Thomas, if you were the avatar you would be an earth bender. Judging by your hand size you would be an air bender. I’m a water bender, which because of Korra, water is absolutely broken

"i love this guy" is what ive said in every video ive watched honestly how does one have such a beautiful soul like that

Does Joan have a last name? I know it used to be Stokes, but they're just credited as "Joan" with no surname at the beginning of this

I love these so much Thomas!

Elliot, BREAK UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND ALREADY! My pure baby... You’re only putting up with him because you’re desperate for love and attention, but someone can give you that in a health way!

“People who truly love him? Can’t relate,” But I *can* relate to that!

Omg I love emo joan

So we should all be ambassadors of understanding and adaptations of several life lessons among warring clans because they are all already in a conflict mindset where their projections of frustration and disharmony makes us feel inadequate if we fail to bridge the differences rather than run from them.

Was anyone else confused by that fake ad that popped up right before a real one?

he said Yue and I started to tear up. in school

Another cartoon therapy with Voltron teaching us about bringing people together.

This is so good Thomas, thank you ❤ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It's inspiring to see how much work you put into every video and how you believe in your crazy ideas and use them to create beauty. I admire you, sorry if I ever doubted you as a YouTuber!! Thank you ❤❤

All I have to say at this point is this: well done. This really is like a thg therapy session. And then of course the cartoon dad jokes.. its awesome


I still love this ❤❤

Aaaa this chocolate tastes funny. Eh it's dairy free white chocolate of course it tastes funny.

Why did I watch this Why was it so good

I love these episodes

This video makes sooo much more sense after watching avatar

41:05 to 41:08 at 0.25 speed, you're welcome


8:16 dude come on that's actually Virgil's tone and style and- dude it's f'ing Virgil

OMFG!! I was diagnosed with scoliosis 2 years ago out of nowhere (I never had any back problems prior) and my older sister keeps having her shoulders dislocate and it’s believed we have have Ehlers Danlos and seriously the way it’s described is spot on and no one has heard of it! Sadly it’s kinda hard to diagnose as we need to have genetic tests to be 100% sure but no one else in our family shows symptoms of it. My sister can have surgery to try tighten her joints to avoid more dislocations (not 100% effective, but better than nothing) but none of my drs are willing to try surgery on my spine (and I’m not excited to attempt it) so it’s painkillers and dealing with pain until there’s something else we can do.. Thank you Thomas and Talyn for bringing it to light.

I wonder what the next cartoon featured is gonna be


The entire phone conversation was so relatable. The whole "you don't need therapy and it's not proper to go to therapy and it's a waste of money and im going to pressure you into stopping because I think I know what's best for you despite the fact that I have spoken to you in weeks/months alright so bye I love you and I'm going to keep saying this and not actually having interest in your life or wellbeing, right bye." It's something I get completely and the reason I am only considering therapy now after being diagnosed with stress/anxiety disorders 5 years ago and pressured off my medication. Thanks for showing a huge part in a ton of people's lives and a lot of people's mental health issues and self confidence issues.

8:05 JIMMY NEUTRON 9:30 *But then who’s Spritle and Chim Chim?*

29:32 I will always love that cough sound. It always makes me laugh.

Joan and talyns outfits are sick like dang strunt your stuff

Sanders Sides emoji’s?

For anyone looking, The foxes on my soxes is around 32:20

This guy is more of a kid than an actual kid

I keep trying to see it a different way..but yea..I am less than ..its not a feeling its a fact

Hello is this Patton?

Next time we need to see Joan’s bf in the next one

“I mean you always have me in stitches”

I dig the new accent for the therapist

OMG PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE! Everything I love! Self love and care with puns and yes!

My spirit animal is Elliot.

Thismakes me like thomas even more

Elliot is me.

*Adds Avatar to list of anime’s to watch*

why do I feel like the next one is gonna be Voltron

Thomas, you're so good at this, i guess you could say that you're "skilled in the arts"

I watched this video, then went to watch Avatar, loved it, finished it in 2 days, and now I’m sad that I watched it so quickly.

I have that same Stitch poster in my room.

I just realized I have a huge crush on talyn


The Loner'z yesssss

Ooooh I want to see Dr. Picani do Pixar!! My counselor and I talk about the emotion balls all the time and conning to terms with the fact you can have conflicting emotions. :) LOVE what he does. So kind.

It seems that Elliot would be better off without Mitchel

You should do one on dragon ball

I've never cried and laugh at the same time so much LMAO

You joined two years after i was born


OMG! I have EDS!!!!!! It’s not as bad as what Talyn’s character had, but it’s still pretty hard to deal with sometimes. As a kid I just knew that I could do cool double jointed tricks. Then it became more of an issue later on. It’s so encouraging to see EDS represented!

"She Turned into the moon™"

Love you Thomas!!! This was soooo great

When will there be more sander sides

She turned into the moon That’s rough buddy Wasn’t that a tumblr post!


But there was a Never Ending story cartoon.

You're back!!!YAYYYYY!!!!!

this is the only video ever

Kai is my spirit animal

What a dramatic love story...

As someone that got EDS this video is hitting real hard. Good job

"I look like a beached whale." ME-

Naruto is not a Cartoon it's an Anime, which yes really is just japanese cartoons but you just can't call them cartoons, that would be like calling RWBY an Anime which is incorrect because it's american.

42:35 I'm not crying

Dang I take therapy and I wish this was what we talked about

This was great

All the references I could catch that were not explicitly stated or are Avatar related (because those are predictably expected): 3:15 Spongebob 3:38 Power Puff Girls 3:51, 4:35 Foghorn Leghorn 8:04 Jimmy Neutron 13:35 (not really a reference BUT) jab at the movie [which by the way DOES NOT EXIST AND WAS NEVER MADE, what movie??] 18:37 Peanuts/Charlie Brown 20:25, 48:21 Blue's Clues 26:17 Pokemon 32:25 Star Fox, Dora, Fox and the Hound, Zootopia 45:41 The Flintstones 52:02 Looney Tunes Various Avatar references that were not explained (that I remember at the top of my head, didn't take note of them during the video. sad face :( ) The Blind Bandit - Toph's name in an earthbending competition fight type thing Appa - Aang's flying bison Momo - A spider monkey that joins the crew in their travels Agni Kai - A firebending honor fight MY CABBAGES - in the show there's this cabbage vender whose cabbages keeps getting destroyed by the crew, best ongoing joke

I love avatar

13:44 is a mood


34:02 Was I the only one that noticed the scar is on the wrong side? 34:18 It's on the right side here, though.

I watched for the cartoon analogies but ended up skipping almost every part with Kai.

I subscribed please answer thomas

37:38 lol

I think i may have *SALMON* ella.. idk what salmonella even is... :/

Thomas Sanders is the best!! :>>

I didn’t think it would really be 53:47 minutes. It was really 53:47 minutes.


I loved this i REALLY look forward to the next this was amazing

what if you call this guy shrink and hes the fusion of logan patton

Please, just PLEASE make a video about Adventure Time, it`s such an amazing and rich show that tackles so much different issues of anything, really, I`m anxious to see what can you extract from that


Can make the next one about anime

Oh... another fox main

That giddy feeling when one of your favorite YouTubers says your name

oh that lovely movie reference that every fan had a problem with XD

I thought the title said therapyl like Benadryl

The new girl(or boy)is AMAZING

Aww where are the gay guys

*starts crying* this is so beautifullll


I’m a theater kid

Holy guacamole, hypermobility disorder rep!

Omg JOAN!!!!

*eyerolls so hard their pupils aren't showing* see this face? take note of this face

"Just because I'm not familiar with your passions doesn't mean your passions are stupid" I wish someone had told my mum this back when I was 14 and she was telling me how science was boring, and sci-fi and fantasy were pointless wastes of time

uhm tthis has nothing to do with the video but thomas sander did you start the shotgun meme i think you did if you did plz comment here

*That’s rough buddy*

Yo my gay ass always wanted Toph to be my girlfriend and also Zuko season 3 was cute

He mentioned Adventure Time!! That was my favorite show and still is... ps. I cried for the last episode


Why is Talyn literally me with super smash bros like wth

It's long, but definitely worth it! So funny! I'd love if you did one for Korra or The Dragon Prince!

I want thomas to be my therapist

Maybe a Voltron one? OuO

ALRIGHT, this series just seems so like Sanders sides with the Joan part! Like, for example, they're kinda' like Virgil with the self-depricating, and Dr. Picani is a fusion or something of Patton and Logan (And maybe Roman cuz' of Disney), and they're all helping Joan!! Like how when Joan said they weren't special, Picani was like "Aaaaaaaand that's where I'm gonna' hit the breaks!" Does that remind you of Patton? Since it's Roman and Logan joined with patton, Patton's reactions aren't super effective on the fusion thingy, so he has a mild reaction, and hit the breaks? Remind you of Pump the breaks? That's screaming Roman! Soo, those r my thoughts. BAI K later on I'll edit this is I can, since I have to go, so when I have 2 hours to spare I'll watch the rest and point out some things, unless I lose my comment or something..Then I'll make another and you probably won't find it..Sooooo don't get attatched XD Cya! :)

idk why but I'm really liking these Cartoon Therapy videos

I would hire Dr. Pconie


He was like: you too with a disability what is that And they were like: Ehler Danlos Syndrome. I was like BOY I HAVE THAT OMG

I want Picani as my therapist.

I love this so much. I grew up with the show and this is so so nice to see someone explaining why AVATAR IS SO AWESOME and is really deep and helpful and relatable. And god I love the references.

I know what the disclaimer said but he’s really good at this


ALRIGHT, this series just seems so like Sanders sides with the Joan part! Joan is like Virgil with the self-depricating (They definitely seem like Virge cuz' Virgil doesn't have a short temper, which I noticed very much) and Dr. Picani is a fusion or something of Patton and Logan (And maybe Roman cuz' of Disney), and they're all helping Joan!! Plus, there's a LOT of Sanders Sides phrases here!

Kai corrected dr picani for saying northern when they were from southern then at the end he said he knew. If you doubt that just before he says northern to kai he says southern to Larry and dot. WHAT A GENIUS PICANI

I love you

STOP! ...Wait a minute... ...FILL MY CUP, PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT!! (WOO!)

posted on my birthday! :D



*E V E R Y T H I N G* Changed with joan like this.

Elliot is a living mood

Thank you anonymous liker.

I laughed when he said "Handy dandy notebook". It's been over a decade since I've seen Blue's Clues.

gasp my name is kai

this is Patton mixed with Roman is this skit thing ..lol

"Shit's weak, Picani. Shit's weak!" I'm weak at that comment. Also, Kai is a boss.


Do more vines

Pls di more vines

Did anyone else notice that Dr. Piccani can sound like Coraline at times. I think that it's amazing that Thomas evens gives him a different voice from his own. It adds another aspect to the show, that I love.

I really want those socks though those are amazing

Honestly if I were Elliott, I would have broken up with Mitch by now. I mean honestly, he just doesn't seem good for them.

"I can't words" mooood

Woah that was a long one, but it was still worth it! Thank you for putting out such great content and inspiring me so much ❤

Why is Elliott attacking my name...

Joan's (/ Elliot's) Outfit is such a Look tho...

why did you get talin to play a boy

37:37 You know what we're here for.

Dr. Picani is probably one of my favorite character...other than Patton. THESE CHARACTERS ARE SO DARN RELATABLE! IT'S INCREDIBLE!!!

Why is there so much wisdom in this

Oh my gosh Joan is so prettyyy

I watched this vid and ended up rewatching the entire show!

16:30 turn on subtitles

Avatar The last airBender was my childhood


Do the next one on Adventure Time!


Lauren (Kai’s girlfriend) sounds a lot like Patton...

Wow I wish I could say that about my sister but I can’t she’s a diva where Jesus stop just stop k

Elliott needs to dump Mitchell

In the next one Elliott’s boy friend

Thomas is just amazing like omg. Thomas is gay jesus. Brandon urie is pan Jesus,hayley kiokyo (sorry if I spelt that wrong) is lesbian jesus, dodie is bisexual Jesus, talyn and joan are non binary jesus.......yes.....I'm sorry I'm too involved in the lgbt+ community.......Could be gayer tho...ill stop....

My name is ian

I have Elhers-Danlos Syndrome

please make more of these, THEY'RE AMAZING


Is Kai a boy or a girl *gasp like Pokémon now are you a boy or a girl

I know placing this here is useless because no one will see this, but I need some help. I’m always worried about everything. Even something as small as forgetting a pencil for class. I’m too afraid of talking to teachers if I need help with my work, just the thought of it makes me want to throw up. I’ve noticed a pattern like this with adults. My mom asked me a simple question about the details of a trip I had planned with my friend. She said it in a polite voice and everything, but after I answered I went into my room and cried for a bit. I’ve cried like this after teachers have asked me anything, or if my friends have seemed mad at me. I cry if anyone I love fight or yell at me. Hell, I’m crying right now. I just seem like a nuisance to everyone. It’s not like they listen to me. I hurt myself for attention. Not cutting myself but giving myself bloody noses, banging my head and hands on stuff, etc. etc. I need someone to hold me close and tell me they love me, because God knows I haven’t heard that phrase used sincerely in a long time. I just want to know what’s wrong with me. Can anyone tell me? Please? Thomas is one of the only reasons I can put on a smile to make sure no one worries about me. He’s one of the reasons I’m okay with my sexuality. His videos are one of the only reasons I’m still alive. I know no one will see this but... please tell me what’s wrong.

dose talyn actually have that condition

This is so cute!!

At 13:15 turn on captions!

Zuko best boi

You know ... I was watching and watching and then I realized it was a Hour long XD

"Why don't you think your incredible" Ohhhh Thomas where do I even begin with myself

My mind when Kai didn’t want to be compared to Sokka: Stop saying I look like chicken little! He’s ugly and he’s a coward aND I AM NoT a CoWaRd

this made me watch avatar: the last airbender

Joan in makeup is so cute. Joan in general is cute just saying

Taylon looks sooooo cute

XDDDDDD the best part of this was the outro

I would absolutely love to have Thomas sanders as a therapist!!

Did anyone else notice that Larry changed his hat?

Your awesome

Thank you so much Thomas for creating this. I truly wish therapy sessions did help out this much in one session, but these subjects and themes you talked about really helped me realize a lot of things and have gotten me through a very difficult and confusing time. I was lost and love watching what you create but stumbling upon this video and clicking play has really helped me see things and realize that would of otherwise taken much longer to do so. In a way it has given me the vision, the tools, to trust in myself, my actions and what i am doing right now. I was unsure of myself in how i was seeing the current situation i am in at the moment, since others i have told about it all seem to see it differently from me but they all see it in the same way(if that makes sense, kind of like all there advice and views on it are the same from each person to person but my viewpoint is very unique and i was starting to see it as bad or wrong.). I feel lighter after watching this video and weirdly impowered; i also have a few new ideas on how to move forward. I wish the other person i'm in this situation with could see this video and maybe it could help them get clarity. Anyways you might not get to see this but i just wanted to express how much you helped me out and probably many others. Thank you so much for enriching my life and others with your creations, passions and informational videos.

I feel like this is just an hour of patton lol


I wanna watch avatar now

I'm sad because I can't find a Todoroki reference...Thomas how dare you...


"I'm gonna commit today!...or whatever" XD




You must have done so much research for this! Also the thought that has gone in to this video is insane! Keep up the good work.

Kai or whatever the name was should have been zuko. They wanted to go off alone and be a single person. They also both came around in the end. Kai even quoted zuko a few Times in the beginning.

I need one of these I need to learn how to love myself and to stop having suicidal thoughts everyday

Got to 8:09 and tried to like the video but I already clicked the like button

Brb gotta go watch avatar

hey so thanks i guess you ki nda helped me witha few things i was dealing with and now im goonna watch avater

Joan is such an inspiration, such a great actor and writer

Finally getting around to watching these and just when Dr Picani mentioned 2:48 being a particular favourite my clock switched over.

Imange Sanders sides

I want him to be a sander's side!


20:10 I cannot relate to this more. Eli was nickname for my middle name but now it’s my preferred name

I miss that show. I'm hoping the reboot won't be crappy

Does that mean Talyn has EDS? If so -awesome! Repping is so needed.

OVERWATCH! Thomas you know Overwatch? Could you play it with Talyn and Joan for a video game video?

The live stream was on my b,day

Oh my gosh!!!!! I have ehlers danlos syndrome!!!!!! I relate to this so much I could cry you don’t see many people mentioning it! The thing is I have it bad enough that my knee cap pops in and out of place. Instead of getting good at video games like the person in the video I practiced writing I enjoy creative writing and that’s the skill I honed and that’s what I’m now going into in college. My struggle is that my eds affects parts of my brain and because of this i get migraines if I’m under stress.

Please make a third one if you can these are amazing!!!


Two things: One, please do one on SvTFOE (possibly concerning prejudice and bigotry) Two, what would happen if Thomas met Picani and he talked about the Sander Sides? (Answer: it would get super meta)

I love that I understand all the references!

Oh my god they used the "that's rough buddy"

Can I also have you as my therapist please?

"We're talking about cartoons, this is serious" Only the best with Thomas

I think I might have *S A L M O N I L L A*

I mean, better than my therapist

You should make one of these for gravity falls.

My Calender Went Ding When You Said Times Up

Joan is always my fave on these vids cause I relate so much.

This is giving him the most ad revenue

I’m sorry if I spell it wrong but I love iro

Wow nobody has ever brought up bridge thoughts to me before.

Omg there was actually a YouTube ad after the fake one lol

Thomas as Picani is my life support

I hope YouTube doesnt shut down.. How would i Watch my favorite YouTubers!

This is actually very helpful


I can't deal with all this Sokka bashing


Thomas, you're an Earth bender. Astrological signs are associated with the four elements. The water signs being; Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Taurus is an Earth sign. It does apply to you.

Wrong turn in Albuquerque... I get that reference

See? ATLA is more than just a 'kids show'



“Ok so then she says ‘my boyfriend.” Thomas: “Yeah, But what if...” Thomas: “we make it gayer.....”

I miss avatar! I wanna rewatch it for the millionth time because of you! Also I cried again because of your good references

joan´s makeup game strong


“There’s peanut butter jelly time, Adventure Time, 4:28 that’s a particular favorite of mine.”

ATLA and LOK are teachers for me!


Mee toooooo

I took a test 2 times and both times I got air bender both times. So yay?? Suko=Todoroki they both have craptastic dads


Wouldn't it be amazing if Thomas Sanders did a 'Fairy Tail' Cartoon Therapy. That would be amazing. Fairy Tail + Thomas Sanders = Perfection.

I love Joan with nailpolish

I just realised that Thomas's glasses,,aren't real bhssjjsksndns

*that's rough buddyyy*

Lol, can I switch my therapist for you?!?

Hey, can someone tell me what the disability was calles? english is not my native language and the subtitles weren't helpful. It sounds like it might be a better diagnosis to my issues than the one I have rn

Hey I love these videos because I have been going through therapy and it's nice to see others going through it and making progress

Is anyone else kind of shipping Dr Piccani and Elliott big-time because same


I freaking love avatar it's my childhood!! I'm a senior in highschool this year and I chose "it's a giant mushroom...maybe its friendly!" As my senior quote

*me at the end of this video* : I need to watch avatar the last Airbender again!!!!

can i just say Joan is just... i want to say beautiful but it's just not good enough a word. there's an aspect there, a light that just... ah me. i hope they understand what i'm trying to say. i mean the lot of you are beautiful people, you truly are. but Joan... there's just something there. so subtle. okay, i'll stop now. i'm already wandering into creepiville here and i don't have a big enough shovel to dig myself out. just know that i saw something that made me feel like Joan had something that needed to be pointed out... i know it's a play of sorts, but i felt like there was something /more/ there and that, even though i'm nobody, maybe what i saw should be shared... addressed... so that they could read that somebody, an impartial unbiased outsider saw something very much worth more than perhaps they were aware of. and to Thomas... i really aught to watch that show. i wasn't sure before but i think perhaps i'm missing something after all.

Can I have Picani as my therapist? Please? He speaks my language. And he watches Naruto. And avatar the last air bender. And Disney. And Steven Universe. And- Okay I’ll stop.

How you know Talyn is a good actor, I love Talyn but for most of the video I wanted to smack Kai.

I can’t finish watching this!!

*Naruto reference in beginning* Me: *wheezes*

Lmaoooo "That's rough, buddy"

I would kill to have him as a therapist

A newly discovered hour of picanni yes please


I'm honestly just AhHhHhHhHhHhHhHh I love these characters

"This isn't Danny Zuco from greese" "N-no. We're talking about cartoons here, this is serious."

I need some cartoon therapy

Thomas' accent in these videos is so amazing ♡♡♡

Does Talyn actually have that because my heart hurts for them and I need to know??!

Kai kinda remind me of me cause they have a physical disability and yet they Love to skate and I have adhd and yet I love learning from books and media


God Joan looks so good!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Can they do one on aphantasia? I just found out I had it and its kinda hard for me to act like I would like to....

I would honestly hire Thomas as my therapist

3:19 me when I enter every room

I should be studying for a test rn.....but I can’t stop watching this

Nurture your strength and DUMP HIS ASS, ELLIOTT!

LinguaPhiliax *mind blown* Though, I'm still sticking with everyone and their nonbinary sibling who claims that Picani is a fusion of Logan and Patton

29:06 my favorite pun in this video

I’ve re watched this so many times. It’s one of my childhood shows and it’s always been my favourite show even now by far!

I’d rather pay with a high five


Thomas:than she turned into the moon" Me:yah just says it in regular chat OK yah

I wonder what show he will cover next

I love this series so much. Elliot means a lot to me, but I'm glad you have other perspectives, especially Dot and Larry's, as well. It gives a good ebb and flow to the topic without us getting inundated in one plotline alone.

i need a new cartoon therapy episode yesterday

İ'm going to watch avatar. I watched it a lot when ı was little but never fully. soooo lets goooo

When he corrected the pronunciation of Ang, I automatically liked

Time for "Legend of Korra"

I wish you were my therapist

This kid must have been out late if he never got home on time for avatar because it was on Fridays at 7

44:42 I forgot about that part. XD I laughed so hard when I first saw that scene. 49:12 I'm a bit curious about what the other 82 jings are that Bumi mentions.

Any Water Benders? Cuz I am. YEET!

Please be my therapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13:43 Literally my reaction when I was babysitting and the movie came on. I was also never able to catch Avatar when it was on and even *I* felt personally attacked and offended by the movie's pronunciation of his name. "ÜŪÚHNG?" ~The movie, probably.

Why did I wait so long to watch this?? Its better than I thought it would be gosh I love these.

Could you maybe make voltron therapy

i want to join but i am underage for money and in british

That was unbelievably deep

I've never even watched Avatar the Last Airbender but I'mma watch this anyway.

my name is kae and it's pronounced like kai and i have a friend called lauren so i was basically dying for like majority of this episode

I honestly love the way Thomas has adjusted his voice for Picani.

Can Thomas be my therapist xD

The Last Airbender you say... Time For Some Sander Sides to get Involved... Logic Creativity Morality Anxiety Long ago...

24:06 "you've probably never heard of it" Me: i say that all the time about my condition 24:08 "Ehlors Danlos Syndrome" Me: OH MY GOD IT'S MY CONDITION!!! THIS PERSON IS ME

Eye contact is not safe, it's painful and annoying.

this is so good. Thomas can you do a part 3

Random thought- Patton. He's a Hufflepuff. His spirit animal would obviously be a turtleduck. And I bet he'd be an air bender, you need him to live

“That’s rough, buddy”

It could be gayer


Can you please do an episode about what Gravilty falls can teach you about families? That would make me really happy!


40:44 totally reminded me of Sander Sides bruh

i've watched avatar the last air bender i have the discs

At 41:23 my main thought... “IT’S THE QUENCHIEST!!!”

Four seasons fouuUUrrrr LLLOOOVVVVVvveesssSSS

Aye subscribed

Kay dok

He says it's coming next year.

Wheres mah badge?


9:05 that interaction was amazing. Elliot is my FAVORITE

I really love this Joan look

now i kinda wanna watch Avatar...

"2:48, that's a particular favorite of mine," It's 2:48 PM where I live right now,,

46:28 here TORTURE this time stamp :) you will thank me for it i think.. btw THIS SHOULD BE THE NEW SONG OR SONG IDEA FOR THOMAS X3 STARRING DR PICANI DOT AND LARRY! like if u agree and have torture the time stamp that i have provided for u X3

wait.. is the song that thomas sang is actually a real song? bcuz i would love to hear it!


I have ehlers danlos syndrome and it suck!

**adorkable laugh**

“think of the 4 nations as different parts of yourself” no! thomas sanders taking the idea of separating parts of yourself to work on to make the whole stronger in a metaphorical way?? who could imagine!?!

*Thomas makes a pun* *cough*


Do more please

"Sokya" "Sokka*" "I'll sock ya!"

7:50 and 11:40 Dot and Larinold are such Huge Dorks and I love them

id love to see one of these with the sides. Virgil needs therapy really badly



"My appalogies" Me: Noooo!!!

The wise old wisdom of uncle Iroh in a psychology session XD

okay so i clicked on the video watched it and then realised that it was an hour long when i watched most of it

OK this is all patton and the evers just standing there like patton clam down and the airbenders are from sander sides Q&A oh my god

God this channel is awsemoe


I wish my therapist was like this

+Nicholas Wilson i started today, watched the first two Episodes (i'm diggin' It so Far :) )

Do it!

Is Cartoon Therapy a real thing? Because it should be...

why does he call Sokka Sack-ah....its sock-ah right?

is it bad that at 33:52 when he said Zuko I screamed because nostalgia and also Zuko is an Avatar Icon he is the epitome of Finding yourself and we love him above all-except Toph we love Toph

We love Avatar. We stan for Avatar. We celebrate Avatar. Ugh must go rewatch all of avatar

You should do a voltron and a gravity falls version

I could not stop myself from freaking out every time thomas made a avatar joke or reference!!!! I LOVE AVATAR!!!!❤❤❤

I want a therapist like Thomas Scratch that, I want Thomas as my therapist

*Enrique's Eatery shows* *Actual ad plays* Woah. Was this planned??

you know the best tv shows, first Steven Universe, now Avatar the last air bender, although I think Aang is better than Korra

YaSssSsS QuEEn

lol this is throwing me off with one of the characters having the same name as me

God I feel this way too much

God i love the last air bender not the movie

I can relate to Kai and Elliot. With kai I like to do things on my own and I have a stutter disorder thing I was born with and people think I’m stupid and with elliot I feel like I don’t matter sometimes. But I’m working on it


can I say how cool Joan looks


My favorite character from avatar is toph and sokka

Please let the next cartoon therapy be on guilt

I very much enjoy Elliot, Joan does a wonderful job portraying the character.

Why isn't anyone talking about the fact Pikani SINGS in this one.


I am cheap so I not geting it but I still love the videos ✨

Ur the funniest u tuber

Air bender? Isn't that another word for FART? Oops, made them feel unworthy.

i want to give Kai a hug but i have a feeling they probably wouldn't like it, so id like to sit with them and talk about video games

Just look at the freeze frame at 0:00


hi yea can thomas be my therapist

Cartoon therapy: Hilda addition


no hate

me: whats a thespian *googles thespian* me: oh cool

This makes me so happy. I just finished binging avatar the last air bender

I actually have a recommendation for a cartoon therapy video. I think it would be really cool if you did one on My Little Pony. It's a great cartoon show, and you could talk about friendships and the challenges that friends face. Love your videos Thomas!



Thanks for making this vid it was really great it also made me remember what a great show and Avatar really is


omg the inuyasha reference

I'm not crying, my eyes are just sweating

Okay, I love this and it's great. But the video is reversed and looking at Zuko with the scar on the wrong side of his face is just so wrong. I want to shout like that kid in the play episode because the scar is on the wrong side. Sorry, I think i'm getting too into this

I like my therapist, but I would love to have a therapist who talked to me about my problems through cartoon references. Like, I would never be thinking about skipping or postponing. I think it would really help me open up more easily.

+Nicholas i started today, watched the first two Episodes (i'm diggin' It so Far :) )

joan is _actually_ my spirit animal. ..... but where do you _find_ people like elliot? do people like that really exist somewhere? i couldnt stop... _gazing._

After you’re fake add A real ad came on

Robin Hood, Swiper Tod (??), Nick Wilde (WILDEHOPPS FILTER ACTIVATED), Fantastic Mr. Fox, or the foxes on my sockes??

if you do another one of these then you should do teen titans that would be a cool therapy session


I signed up like a week ago lol

13:40 I hear a Romano

Joan looks amazing in this. That eye make up is on

Oh my lord i am not even five minutes in and the therapist is my new senpai

Rewatching this because I'm about to go to my therapy session

Freaking this is such a Patton Logan ship fusion thing....I love it


YES! EDS REPRESENTATION! THANK YOU SO MUCH THOMAS! no one knows about the struggles I live with because of EDS. no one even knows what EDS. I’m glad such a big platform like you can spread some awareness! Thank you! Does Talyn actually have EDS, btw?

Awwwww our fav therapist is bacckkkk Edit: holy shoot this was 4 months ago ooopppsss

Lol Talyn at the beginning

Lol i got an ad in an ad

Ca you do an episode about how MLP teaches us about friendship? -my god I'm 13 and still watch baby shows--


Everything changed when the fire nation attacked...

Me as a therapist


So Joan is Thomas best friend yea? Cuz he seems closets to him out of his friend group

I LOVE JOAN'S MESSY HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't Dr Picani basically just a fusion between Logan and Patton? Not to mention Steven Universe fusions are just metaphors for types of relationships and since Logicality is basically just Picani- the ship has practically SAILED! I'm sorry that was ridiculously philosophical....

I’M CRYING. I WAS NOT EXPECTING TO HEAR EHLERS-DANLOS SYNDROME IN A THOMAS SANDERS VIDEO. I was diagnosed with EDS when I was 18. I’m absolutely in shock.

No offense to Thomas, but the way that he pronounces his A’s as Picani really really bothers me


Fuc Zuko was so hot when I was a kid

"We still love you-" I'm very flattered, Thomas.

:cc: *adorkable laughter* da. da dadadadadadadadadadadaddadadaadaadadadaaaaaaaaa :> HELLLOOO how ya doin. :> seasion.... :>

1. OMIGOSH YES!!! Logicality n Prinxiety fo' life! 2. I can see the Roman thing- bit extra (XD), loves cartoons- so yea 3. Heck yea!! I can't pick between any of my darling babies! So I'm just gonna say they're ALL my favourites (British all the way XP)!!!!!!

Oh my gosh! YASS! Logicality is my life (besides Prinxiety, of course)! I have noticed the Patton, Logan but could there also be some Roman too? Awww! I immediately thought "Sanders Sides are all equal" when Thomas said that. To be honest, I can stand by that because I cannot pick any of the Sanders Sides to be my favourite soooo.

Just watching this now. And ohmygod ehlers danlos! I have that, and very few know it. And I am so thankful you mentioned it! I constantly pushed myself till I hurt my joints. Thank you for mentioning ehlers danlos


52:31 OMG they're wearing a skirt!!! They look AMAZING in it!! Joan is the best!

That a CatDog in the background on the shelf!?!

All of Dr Picani's jokes are underappreciated!

Hey Thomas, where did you get the Stitch poster? IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!

"I look like a beached whale!" *ME!!!*

I see Thomas struggles just as much with the movie as the rest of us.


Can you be my therapist?

I need this therapist in my life!!!

I have that same stitch poster in my room

Cactus juice it's the quenchiest it'll quench ya

Give me characters to guess from avatar tell me about the character then I guess

I was waiting until I'd finished it to watch this but I'm impatient

everytime he said “dot” I swear I thought he said “dad ”

I wish I had you as a therapist thomas sanders your the best

Did anyone else get the cactus

29:06 why did this kill me?

I relate so much to jonas character my brother is my only support and he is going to college soon

I love how Elliot tries to relate to Thomas

Does anyone know how to access the member emojis?I only just got it and I dont really know how it works...

Wait nevermind I just read through the instructions so... Hehe

I need more of these I love watching these

It also makes me see the world differently

Please do more cartoon therapy I love it a lot, please bring back kai I love her shes like me.

is it just me or did the commercial for Enrique’s Exquisite Eatery feel like it belonged on an episode of Rick and Morty?

Has anyone realized that most of Thomas's videos have a 'cc' next to them?

I have on subtitles and when Thomas laught at the bigging it said "adorable laughter" like YAAAAS

i want to join and be a member but i dont have money for it because im too' young

This is actually teaching me how to learn more about myself

I would totally go to therapy if this was my therapist

18:41 Poor Thomas. I can't imagine how old he must feel. Half his viewers won't even get this reference!! I feel really old watching this with my little sister and I had to explain the whole show to her!!


I love you guy

Iam gay how can I tell my mom and dad

The Never Ending Story thing really caught me off guard.

Am I the only one that noticed Dr. Picani's accent?

24:08 HOLY SHIZZ I'VE GOT THAT As soon as I heard that I frickin flipped

8:04 that face doh

My favorite character in Avatar is Zuko.

I love picani’s accent! It sounds so darn cute on Thomas

elliot is beautiful and lovely and WHY I EVEN CARE SO MUCH

*watching Dory fusion* oh, i get it, you two are extra

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked


The bad guy turned good (I can’t remember his name) looks like Deceit a little....

45:08 WE

addison braden awwww it is too!

Reana Gordon it’s like a lil patton!!

Thomas needs to be my new therapist

Joan is slaying those nail

Do musicals next

The Sander Sides Should Have A Therapy Session

WAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT! Picani said “You can learn to balance the *aspects of your personality* too. You just have to realize that no *side* of you is more or lesser than the other.” FORESHADOWING OF ANGST MAYBE?????????

Can you be my therapist, Thomas?

+Raidah Blossom 1, I know right? As I answer Pattons question "what is a ship?"... It's where you and Logan smile at each other or when Logan makes a dad joke and you are literally so proud and us viewers scream internally. That's a ship, Patton. 2, Amazing reference and also so gosh darn relatable. They are all perfect beans so how could you have a favourite?

The 237 people who disliked this video missed the like button, they must not have good aim

"Im sorry, i can't ...i don't ...i don't...i can't with words"  relatable

"I'm sorry, I can't... I don't... I don't... I can't with words" what a mood

Anybody else in love with that pineapple lamp?

Man I want more of this series.

“Shits weak, Picani. Shits weak,”

But that 5 dollars is 5 dollars less of junk food lol sorry I am fat

Aahng? Who is that? That does NOT exist.

We’re not going on a Johnny Quest, you still have a Johnny Test!


Joan in a skirt is such A Look™️

you have a nice smile

can you be my therapist? lols like seriously therapy would be so much more awesome

Could Thomas be my therapist

I looooove the cartoon therapy!!!

Where is episode three

“Wrong turn at Albuquerque” was also in accepting anxiety pt 1. And pt 2.

I want help

31:59 geeks are awsome thanks thomas you made me feel good about my self

is the therapist a fusion between Logan and Patton

Southern water tribe



could you make another one of these? i really like them :)

omg the end

“Shit’s weak, Picani” “Shit’s weak”

*Gasp* Larry the saLMON!

Please make the next episode about DEATH NOTE....

I love over watch

4:03 That line is my favorite

Me and my friends watch these videos together and I’ve been compared to Patton and Pacani so much!

Underlying minnesota accent is

I've watched it when it was 9, 14, and 16. I can't watch it again, I remember it too mutch

Sanders i love you..i was a fan of yours from the first vines...but as a psychologist..never become a therapist

Your intro scared me

I listen to these when I’m going to bed if I’m stressed out. It helps so much, thank you :)

technicaly there are like 76 jing

And now I’m a member


“That’s rough buddy” OMG THE MEME-

I know, the Cartoon Therapy series isn't meant to simulate real therapy, but watching them has actually helped me deal with a lot of my own personal issues. Is there anyone else who feels this way?

larry tryibg to talk sports sow me


can we get some more cartoon therapy please, you don't have to but if you ever have time for another one that would be amazing, also i fudging love you and you make me happy when i feel really depressed, so thanks Thomas you the best!!!

Nice video

Enrique is pan

This is the reason why Logicality has a possibility to exist Edit: I also ship Prinxiety, but if you find it weird shipping sides you don't have to if you don't want to

I love Joan's lil skirt/kilt thing it's adorable!!!!!

Who else needs Dr. Picani as their therapist?

Can you pls make more therapy vids Thomas

Watching with the captions on is the most entertaining thing I have ever seen.

10:04 me in a nutshell

These videos just make me feel all good inside


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