What are The Walten Files?

What are The Walten Files?

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(pleasant chime music) (heavy breath) (brooding electronic music) (TV hums and crackles) (dark electronic music) (static crackles) (static crackles) - [Nexpo] Oh, yeah. I missed analog horror. Old-school. Rough around the edges.

And by every account, disturbing. (brooding electronic music) What if I told you that there was a series out there that's recently stood out to me as one of the creepiest that I've ever covered on this channel? What if I told you that it's nearly neck-and-neck in quality with the revered Local 58 that we know all too well? And what if I told you that, tonight, we're going to be pressing through that very series while dissecting its secrets and piecing together it's grim lore? Well, as you can tell by the title and length of this video, that's because we are. Enter "The Walten Files", a show birthed on April 26th of 2020 by an online creator named Martin Walls. Inspired by the hit indie classic "Five Nights at Freddy's", combined with a clear love for analog horror storytelling, Walls has crafted an insanely engrossing narrative surrounding four animatronics that were assembled for a burger restaurant named Bon's Burgers. The place opened in 1974 and was known to host birthday parties, school events, and even animatronic concerts for the public. "Was" known to host these things, because due to a few specific incidents, Bon's Burgers is no longer open for business.

You see, The Walten Files is structured through just three videos at the time of writing that each contain numerous tapes, jumping back and forth between the day Bon's Burgers first opened in 1974, and eight years later in 1982. A mysterious person named Anthony seems to reside in each video's description and claims that these tapes were all made by an extinct company named Bunny Smiles. Now, Bunny Smiles is somewhat of the foundation here, the Fazbear Entertainment of this entire ordeal, and the root of nearly every event that takes place. Deception, curiosity, loss, trauma and regret have all found their home as cornerstones of this series, and ultimately leave us questioning what exactly is happening with the Bon's Burgers restaurant, and who had started this chain of events that ended up going so terribly wrong.

As you can tell by the length of this video, this series is gargantuan, with a disturbingly convoluted story that reflects that. It's something that's fascinated me for quite some time, so I'm incredibly eager to press through this side-by-side with all of you. So, without further ado, let's dig in, from the top.

The Walten Files. (faint upbeat jazz music) (electronic chirping) (electronic chirping) (triumphant jingle) (paper flicks) "This is a compilation of Tapes created by the already extinct Bunny Smiles Company. I tried to get as much info as I could about what these tapes are, but all I could find was that they were handed to new employees back in 1974 to 1979 and the rest of them seem to be recorded by a new "Facility Caretaker" in the year 1982. Hopefully, I can find more soon. Anthony." (cassette clacks) (VHS machine whines) (TV bleeps) Company Introductory Tape.

Archive One. 1974. (dark music) Serving as the pilot episode for The Walten Files, the first archive within this Company Introductory Tape understandably takes a more direct initial approach at introducing you to the main cast. And yeah, that's all it is. Just an ordinary employee training video. (faint upbeat jazz music) - [Announcer] Hi and welcome to the introductory tape to your new job at Bunny Smiles Incorporated.

You have applied to a job in Technical Support and Maintenance. What does this job particularly mean? It means that you, amongst other employees, are the one who will take care of creating a magical and fun experience for Bon's Burgers. (dark music) - [Nexpo] As we've established, this first Employee Training Video seems to have been created sometime in 1974. We're applying for a job in Technical Support and Maintenance and, so far, it seems legit.

After this brief introduction, the video goes forth to introduce us to Bon's Burger's main animatronic characters that make up a group called The Showstoppers, consisting of the eponymous Bon the Rabbit, Sha the Lamb, Boozoo the Ringleader, and Banny the other Rabbit. The four lovingly perform a couple songs for us before we get onto the nitty-gritty about what our new job actually entails. - [Announcer] Animated band made by BSI to entertain children. As a technician, you'll be given the role of the Facility Caretaker. Around this fun and magical journey wheel work on certain tasks such as cleaning protocols robot maintenance and repair and learning how to use BSI technology. But first, here's a message from Jack Walten and Felix Kranken, our beloved found...

Which reads, "in BSI the most important thing to us isn't the money or the rating, the most important thing to us is that you have a wonderful experience while working with us." That being said, with the Bon's Burgers restaurant getting opened in a few weeks, we're looking forward to achieving this dream with you. (pleasant jazz music) - [Nexpo] Alright, hold up. (music screeches) "1975. Closed for Good. Bon's Burgers Restaurant." Hm.

This video seems to have cut to an information catalog from a year later, giving us some insight into the fate of Bon's Burgers. Before we get into what's new, though, I wanted to back up and highlight something that stood out to me. That photo of the founders seems oddly uncanny.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but with Jack Walten especially, something definitely seems off. Anyway, that catalog houses a ton of information and context, and appears to read the following. "Save, restore, secure. The BSI Storage Facility, also known as K-9, is a company project to storage all valuable items from the closed-for-good Bon's Burgers restaurant. Given the situations about the incidents inside the 1974 Bon's Burgers location, any type of props, animatronics and arcade machines will be carefully moved, inspected, and secured inside a bunker located deep down in the St. Juana's Forest for good. A facility caretaker will take care of securing the facility and keeping it safe and working properly."

Hm. Considering the fact that the initial role of the facility caretaker was to keep the restaurant clean, maintain the animatronics, and to learn BSI technology, I find it strange that they're now in-charge of securing this top-secret facility in order to "keep it safe". Honestly seems like a pretty damn big job and it leaves me questioning what they're keeping it safe from. If that's what they're doing, that is. (TV bleeps) Archive two. 1979.

(dark music) Here, we're presented with a children's cartoon created by a Sarah Evelyn. It's titled "Bon's Super Sleepover" and appears to convey a night where little Bon the Rabbit had invited each animatronic's younger counterpart over for a night of movies and fun. Initially, everything seems fine. However, when the narrator begins running through the guest list, we're promptly informed that this cartoon is not what it seems. (pleasant chime music) - [Narrator] For this sleepover, he invited Sha, Boozoo and Billy.

Let's check again in case we don't forget any guests. Bon invited Sha, Boozoo and... (chuckles nervously) Hey, Jack. Is that you? (chuckles) How are you, buddy? Good to see ya. I didn't see you there, buddy.

(dark music) So, this definitely didn't help the initial uncanniness of the original Jack Walten photo. Clearly he or someone he knows has inserted his face into these tapes, leaving us to wonder why this was done. After this, we get back to the main story which involves little Bon eagerly preparing the movie for everyone to watch.

Weirdly, the VHS has that same creepy Jack face on it, and when it actually starts to play, the TV merely shows the text "let me out of here." Interestingly, if we take a look around the TV set, we can notice something suspect. A pill bottle, with the name "Sophie Walten" written on it. This will be important later, so let's keep this in mind. Later on, everyone heads to bed.

We're able to observe each character snoozing away. However, little Bon seems to be awoken by something, making noise in the middle of the night. (faint clattering) (muffled rhythmic thumping) (distorted and garbled moaning) (piercing distorted tones) (suspenseful music) Alright, so it seems that little Bon glitches into a cartoon depiction of Sophie Walten, the girl whose pills we saw earlier by the TV. As we could see, when she lit the lighter, Bon appeared behind her, looking as if it had a massive hole in its chest. Furthermore, we can observe that Sophie's dressed up in some sort of work uniform with a name tag that seems to resemble the one we saw earlier.

This hints at the potential of Sophie being an employee of either Bon's Burgers or Bunny Smiles Inc. Considering the fact that she seems to be Jack Walten's daughter, then it would make sense. Another thing I'd like to highlight was that missing poster, which confirms two things. One: that the image from earlier during the guest list indeed was Jack Walten's distorted face. And two: that something happened to him, leading someone to litter his photo throughout these tapes. Also, while the missing poster date is illegible, the captions confirm that the date reads June 11th, 1974, meaning that his disappearance occurred during the same year that the Bon's Burgers restaurant opened.

Could this have been the incident that caused its closure? Considering that he was one of the two founders, it honestly wouldn't surprise me. (TV bleeps) Archive three. (dark music) Taking place just after midnight on October 10th, we're heading down a forest trail. It's hard to make out in the video itself, but the person filming this can be heard in the background saying the following.

"So, this is the brand new caretaker for the old Bunny Smiles Facility. I'm recording this because the company requires some type of archives for the work history. Something like that. I honestly have no clue because I just started working here. I'm going there right now, but they gave me this weird location that's somewhere in this forest to work at and I've been driving for 20 minutes and I can't find the place."

About a minute and a few video cuts later, they eventually make their way to that K-9 bunker. I'm not entirely sure why they have him working during the ass-crack of night, but hey, let's hope they're making some overtime. Anyway, upon their arrival, they venture inside and observe the following. - [Caretaker] Anyways, so, Chris told me this place hasn't been working since about '78, '79, somewhere around then, and that was four years ago, I think? So, chances are, it's gonna smell horrendous. (TV hums and crackles) (screeching) Oh, my god, the smell. Smells like a sewer down here. (groans)

So, uh, I found this thing and I think this is gonna be good for the Relocate Project for the company. Although that doll thing that I found, it most definitely has seen better days. But, fortunately for me, the diagnosis control is right here. So, we can go there and see how Bon is doing. Now, let's, uh...

Let's check out the head and mouth. And I will begin with the, uh... The head. (static crackles) Let's begin with the arm. Let's, um, let's check the left arm. Yeah, the left arm.

Um, the left arm's... (distorted screeching) (faint music) (distorted laughter) (pants) (coughs) What was that thing? (distorted clunk) (breathes heavily) (button clicks) (distorted buzzing tones) (eerie electronic music) (dark music) "I can't feel anything." "He thought I was her." Brian's... Paralyzed. He isn't dead.

Yet. "He thought I was her", though. Is he referring to Sophie? Considering that she seemed to be dressed up in a work uniform that resembled Brian's, it would make sense, but that then leaves us wondering why. Why would Bon seemingly awaken and react so violently, mistaking another employee for what we can assume to be Sophie Walten? Why was he programmed to do this? Backing up to the beginning of that scene, we can overhear Brian talking about how the facility wasn't open for three or four years. For that entire length of time, the bunker was derelict and abandoned, banished to mother nature and forgotten. Interestingly, once he made it inside, we can recall that he made a passing reference to something called a "Relocate Project", that he claimed Bon would be good for.

It seems that after this long hiatus, someone at Bunny Smiles made the call to open K-9 back up, which I find a bit strange considering that the information catalog had claimed that it would be closed "for good". For what reason they're reopening it, though? I couldn't tell you at this point. But what I do know is considering the fact that Bon had chased Brian out of the facility, eventually catching up to him, mangling his entire body, and leaving him for dead, this so-called "Relocate Project" just might be the worst idea that Bunny Smiles has ever had. At least, as far as I know. (faint upbeat jazz music) (electronic chirping) (electronic chirping) (triumphant jingle) (paper flicks) "This is another Compilation of Tapes from Bunny Smiles Incorporated. I was able to contact people via forums and threads that have some information on the company.

These tapes revolve around some "Relocation Project" that was being executed during the late 1970s. A BSI ex-employee mentioned that the tapes were really private and only a few people had copies of them. Once the company vanished in the early 80s, all tapes regarding the project were banned and destroyed. These are super rare and I'm really lucky to have them." (cassette clacks) (VHS machine whines) (TV bleeps) The Relocate Project.

Archive One. July 2nd, 1978. (pleasant jazz music) (dark music) The footage opens up with an informational segment about the closure of Bon's Burgers and the purpose of the Relocate Project. The same narrator that voiced the Company Introductory Tape is back, and seems to be eager about the future of Bunny Smiles Incorporated.

Oddly, though, if we look closely during this segment, we can notice bits and pieces of visuals that don't quite fit in. Have a look. - [Announcer] Hello, BSI members and employees, and welcome to the tape that will change the future of the Bon's Burgers brand and the Bunny Smiles company for the better.

That's right, after four long years of legal paperwork, we finally decided to use our backup plan, which we created after the tragic closure of Bon's Burgers back in July 20th, 1974. Ladies and gentlemen, we now present to you the Relocate Project. But before we go into detail, we want to greet all the new Bunny Smiles employees. With the company greeting out of the way, let's start analyzing the Relocate Project by checking what has happened ever since the closure of Bon's four years ago.

As many of you might have known from previous tapes, our beloved entertainers were safely secured in St. Juana storage facility some months after the restaurant's closure. (music distorts) Later on, a good amount of business opportunities appeared, such as books, merch, animated movies.

We even got a TV show. That's when Felix Kranken had the brilliant idea of Restore and reprogrammed the robots of Bon's Burgers with the purpose of relocating them in a new restaurant that would be opened in a not-so-distant future. A pretty smart plan, right? Making enough money to eventually reopen the Bon's Burgers restaurant was no doubt a brilliant idea. So let's give it up for Felix Kranken, a man with not only a giant brain, but also a giant heart.

(dark music) - [Nexpo] So, clearly Jack Walten's sunk his little tendrils into this tape as well, interrupting what seems like a self-aggrandizing segment about Felix Kranken. Admittedly, this does appear to be symbolic, especially when we consider the fact that, earlier, Felix was labeled as the founder. Singular, with Jack cropped out of the original photo that the pair had taken together. To me, this notion combined with the aforementioned "four years of legal paperwork" makes it seem like there might've been some bad blood between the two after this so-called "incident" that occurred back in 1974.

Further supporting this is the fact that when the Bon's Burgers merchandise is being shown, we can spot a VHS about the disappearance of Jack Walten hidden behind the others, and if we head back even further to the file section, we can spot something a bit odd. You see it? It's cut off and hardly legible, but the words on the file box appear to read "Jack's still here." Seems a bit deliberate, doesn't it? Given that these were so-called "internal company tapes", that means that someone within Bunny Smiles knew something they probably shouldn't have when they were putting this footage together. So what actually happened to Jack? Considering the fact that the Relocate Project appears to have been in planning since sometime in 1975, merely a year after his long-time friend and business co-founder went missing, to me, Felix Kranken is beginning to seem more and more suspicious as time goes on. (TV bleeps) (peaceful electronic music) Jumping forward a month, we're greeted with what appears to be an internal company tape regarding animatronic reprogramming. Banny appears on screen and, for this example, is used for these tests.

The video initially shows their mouth opening and closing, with captions claiming that this is a so-called "Pre-Relocate feature" that "requires checking, since reprogramming could've affected this". Afterwards, they move on to a new "Relocate Project exclusive" which involves blinking. Ominously, the captions claim that employees would "always" need to keep their eye-sockets clean, which I find odd considering that they're mechanical.

With what we know so far about Bon and what he did to Brian Stells, I do wonder if Banny's alive, per-se, in the same way. Anyway, after this brief test sequence, a distorted face becomes overlaid onto Banny's head, implying that they're either representative of a human counterpart, or that someone's locked within her somehow. Once this brief section passes, the video cuts to a top-down view of what appears to be the inside of Bon's Burgers, showing Banny helplessly trying to escape. - [Woman] Must get out. The bunny rabbit needs to get out.

The bunny rabbit needs to get out. The bunny rabbit needs to get out. The bunny rabbit needs to get out. The rabbit is starving. The rabbit is starving. The rabbit is starving.

The rabbit is starving. (distorted buzzing) (dark music) - [Nexpo] "The bunny rabbit needs to get out. The bunny rabbit is starving."

Starving for what? At the end of that entire sequence, we were greeted with a shrouded missing persons poster. After brightening it, it doesn't appear to be Jack's, but that of a Susan Woodings. The missing date's hard to make out, but it appears to be on the 30th of June in 1974. So, two missing posters, and two animatronics that appear to be alive. (TV bleeps) (upbeat funk music) And so we make our way to the new, updated, and revised technical support tape made specifically for the K-9 Facility.

Sha the Lamb is our host in this one, and states that she'll be taking us through an orientation and area tour inside the bunker. - Welcome to Technical Support. Today we will focus on the area tour and orientation inside K-9, the Bunny Smiles storage facility. We recommend all Facility Caretakers to have all needed equipment at hand and to always wear the Bunny Smiles uniform. But most Importantly, all of you must always, under any circumstance, use your BSI ID card. Once you have all the necessary equipment at hand, we are ready to go.

(dark music) - [Nexpo] Barring how uncanny Sha's mouth movements are, this small section confirmed that the costume that Sophie was wearing back in the Introductory Tape was indeed a Facility Caretaker uniform. Let's keep that in mind. The next segment takes us outside of K-9. We make a quick check for all the necessary equipment for the job. A lantern, snacks, a key, and a camera, before we make our way inside.

Once we do, Sha begins to annoy us because... Wow, it's pretty dark here. - Wow, it's pretty dark here. You should turn on the light. Turn on the light. Turn on the light. Turn on the...

(peaceful piano music) It's important to keep track of which rooms you enter. This place can be really tricky and you could get lost very easily. This is the resting room. In this room, you can sit down, rest, talk with co-workers.

You name it. Remember to keep this room as clean and organized as possible. A clean environment helps to get tasks done faster. A dirty environment only makes your job harder to get done.

(peaceful piano music) Alright, this is the main hall of the place. In front of you, you will find three doors. These are storage areas. The first door is used to save any kind of cleaning items and supplies. The second door is used to save all kind of prizes and merch that was available in a Bon's Burgers restaurant.

The third door is used to hide... - [Nexpo] The third door is used to hide what, Sha? The bodies? (dark music) (laughs) Yeah, anyway, so that silhouette. You saw that too? At this point we have no context or clues about who that could be, but let's keep them in mind. (reversed chatter) - Welcome to the basement.

- [Nexpo] No, no, hold on a second. Run that back. Backwards. (reversed chatter) - Rosemary would go to the restaurant every night, hoping that her beloved husband would reappear, after being missing for weeks.

But no response, until one day she heard a voice saying, "I know where he is, Rosie" coming from the backstage. - [Nexpo] Interesting. Given the context, it's a no-brainer to assume that Rosemary is Jack's wife. The ending to that quote, though, implies that something lured her backstage.

But what? - Welcome to the basement. Right now, you are in the main storage area. As you can see, this is the room where we storage more important items such as stages, tables, arcade machines and birthday props. Now, please follow me to the next door. (static crackles) At Bon's Burgers restaurants, remember to avoid touching or shining lights at our robots, unless you are a Facility Technician. Now, let's move on to the next room.

(music skips) Hold on, I remember we visited this room already. (warped music) Sophie, where am I? (repeated garbled chatter) By the time the lady entered the backstage, as the voice told her to, missing husband wasn't there. Instead, she found a rab... You're broken.

Will fix you. You will beautiful. You will beautiful.

You will beautif... (high-pitched humming) (abrasive distorted music) When she woke up, she looked beautiful. But on the inside, it felt like every single part of her body was bleeding out.

(suspenseful music) - [Nexpo] Alright, so what just happened there? Right after Sha finished showing us the basement, we briefly see a photo of Bon and Sha together, almost like they're a couple. Sha appears to enter the backstage area, notifying us that only Facility Caretakers should be shining lights on the robots, before leaving that room, only to make her way back to the basement. Afterward, she expresses confusion, claiming that we visited this room already, utters the words "Sophie, where am I?" and then walks southbound once more into what appears to be that silhouette figure from earlier. We then see a cartoon version of what we can assume to be Rosemary, with a strange voice giving more context into that reversed audio from earlier. Instead of finding her husband, they claim, she found a rabbit.

Bon the rabbit. After claiming over and over that "you will beautiful", and "you're broken, will fix you", Bon appears to dismember Rosemary before stuffing her corpse into Sha's body. Sha wakes up and expresses that she looked beautiful, before we see yet another shrouded missing persons flyer. After brightening this one up, we can clearly see that it's for Rosemary Walten. July 19th, 1974.

I'm beginning to see a pattern. Here, we have a poster for Rosemary who we know was killed and stuffed into Sha. Earlier, we witnessed one for a Susan Woodings, who appeared to possess Banny, and at the very beginning of the first episode, we saw one for Jack Walten. Considering that he's been missing this entire time, the fact that Bon was one of the first alive animatronics that we witnessed in this series, and the implications that came with that photo of Sha and Bon, I'm starting to get the impression that the Jack Walten corpse is, in actuality, stuffed inside of Bon the Rabbit.

This is, of course, just a theory, but it leaves me to wonder, if it's true, who exactly did that? Let's move on. (TV bleeps) (static crackles) - [Hilary] No, but um, the place itself was open during a short period of time, in which, um, a certain number of "cases" occurred around the area. Yeah. (dark music) So this fourth tape involves the experience the three facility technicians had during a three-day stay at K-9. For the first part of this tape, we can overhear them gossiping in the background while they're getting their work done. According to them, they're on a three-day timeline to get these animatronics reprogrammed for the Relocate Project and are hastily workin' to complete it before then.

During their conversation, they discuss the fact that they overheard "cases" that occurred back at Bon's Burgers. Allegedly, the place played music from midnight to two to three in the morning, and closed down after people reported screams from an adult woman inside. They go forth to explain that the place had to close down so the police could check it out, and on the very last day that the restaurant was open, they had only let two families in. That day, the animatronics were missing, and all the curtains were closed. The next scene takes place two days later. Going by their conversation, they weren't able to get the robots reprogrammed due to what they described as "highly damaged endoskeletons" and as a result, they declared their efforts a failure, before getting ready for their last night of rest in this facility.

But, Ashley wasn't quite ready to pack it up. She begins inquiring on the small key that they were told to bring with their other supplies, and how it doesn't seem to have a purpose. Everyone else discounts her curiosity, and they all head to bed. Well...

Except Ashley. She grabs the camera and sets out to explore, finding her way to a door labeled "backdoors". After realizing that her key fits the lock, she heads back there to ease her curiosity.

- [Ashley] Um, this place is bigger than I thought. I don't think I have enough time, so I'll just try and pick random doors and see what's inside. After a ton of empty rooms with boring stuff, I came across to this door, which, uh, which was open. Kinda weird.

Anyway, this room seems to have some spare endo pieces and from the looks of it, some unused animatronics, I guess? I won't go into detail about what I find since I'm in a rush of course and (chuckles) this... This is room number 26 or 27, I think? As you can see here, there are some spare heads. Nothing that interesting, to be honest.

This is the last door. I've never seen this clown thing before. There's absolutely no way I'm getting close to that thing. I'll probably wait till you guys see this video and come down here with me so we can take a close...

Um, I found this. I'm pretty sure that clown thing had a cassette player installed so I guess I'll have to be brave and, uh, try and see what this whole thing... I don't really know why this dude has a cassette player thing installed but my guess is that used for birthday parties, like, it would play a customized tape or something? I don't know, but we're about to find out. (garbled upbeat music) ♪ And a lot of fun ♪ ♪ Have a happy birthday ♪ ♪ Things are gonna be great, great, great, great ♪ (distorted whining) - Jack, Susan. Charles, Rosemary, Sophie. (distorted buzzing) (Ashley gasps) (Ashley breathes shakily) (Ashley screams) ("The Sun Has Got His Hat On") (distant screaming) - Hello, I'm Billy. B-B-B.

Performing movie clown. (distorted carnival music) (dark music) - [Nexpo] Alright, let's unpack this. Ashley ventures off into the backdoors area of the facility, something that, given the context, doesn't get explained to new facility caretakers that take on the role. This entire scene is the epitome of "curiosity kills the cat", since, when she went snooping, she encountered Billy the Clown who went forth to become her new eternal jail-cell.

What I find strange is that the tape she found had the word "discard" written on it, with Jack's disappearance date above it. Why would this tape need to be discarded? Could it potentially be activating the animatronics, making them kill people? Speaking of killing, the names that were read-off from the tape are definitely cause for concern. Jack, Susan, Charles, Rosemary, and Sophie. Now, we know that Jack, Susan, and Rosemary had all gone "missing", and we have a suspicion that their corpses have all been stuffed into these animatronics to make them "beautiful". Considering that Jack, Rosemary, and Sophie are all part of the Walten family, this leaves me to wonder who Charles and Susan are. What's their relation to Bunny Smiles, and why they included in this ominous list of names? Moving forward, right before the video ends, we get two quick bits of text.

Pausing on the latter text gives us a code, which we'll come back to in a second. And pausing on the former, reads the following. "They left the next day. They thought Ashley left early, but she was in the backdoors, screaming as much as she could, but no one heard the screams. The following days, the caretakers would complain about an awful smell coming from the backdoors.

Company decided to shut down the facility until new advice. The Relocate Project was unsuccessful. Ashley is still there, but she's not screaming anymore. She saw something she wasn't supposed to see, and now she's beautiful." Admittedly, this really drives home just how large the K-9 facility really is.

Ashley was left there, screaming for help, while Bon presumably injured her so badly that she couldn't fight back. And nobody heard her. Nobody noticed she was gone. At least, until the smell of her rotting corpse within Billy filled the air, days later.

And so it appears that we now have four victims. Jack, Susan, Rosemary, and now Ashley. Four victims. Four animatronics, and a whole bunch of talk about becoming "beautiful". Now, back to that code.

You know what it is. A YouTube link. So let's head there.

(merry jingle) (triumphant jingle) (paper flicks) "The story of Bon's Burgers goes back to 1958, where two college students Had the same idea of animated performers. Their names were Jack Walten and Felix Kranken. It took them 16 years to actually execute this concept, and by that time, Kranken and Walten had built their own families. Felix married a beautiful lady and Walten was not only a great husband, but also the happy father of three beautiful children."

(cassette clacks) (VHS machine whines) (TV bleeps) Lucky You is a bit easier to follow than the others. It's one tape, with one archive. (dark music) The video opens by showing us various dates and highlights from Bon's Burgers short tenure. The opening day is shown to be on the 28th of June, with the first birthday party hosted just two days later.

Interestingly, this is the same day of the month that Susan Woodings went missing. Anyway, the video then shows us the dates of the final Bon's Burgers shows, followed by the actual duration that the restaurant was open. It was only 22 days.

Not even one month before it was shut down. Also, it seemed to open 17 days after Jack Walten went missing. A bit strange to open after your co-founder goes missing, isn't it? Moving forward, we can then see that the restaurant was boarded up and abandoned by Halloween, and by January, the K-9 facility was in full-force. I don't know about you, but the construction of a top-secret bunker in the middle of the woods seems like it would take longer than six months at maximum. Seems a bit like this move was pre-planned, but, hey, for all I know, Bunny Smiles could've had this facility in-place already for other purposes.

About mid-way into the video, we can observe it cut to the day that Jack went missing. A voice greets us, and states the following. - [Man] You must be so confused about what you saw.

Don't be scared, my little bunny. Answers will be given eventually, but don't try to solve this puzzle only with the pieces you have so far. This is only the beginning, for I am going to tell you a story of broken people. Beautiful people. He is so sorry about what he did to them, but there's nothing he can do.

Remember that. Safety in pills, Sophie. Safety in pills, Sophie. (Brian pants) Safety in pills, Sophie. (Brian coughs) - [Brian] What was that thing? - [Nexpo] "Safety in pills, Sophie." Strangely, this voice keeps repeating that exact phrase while the video cuts to prior death scenes.

On top of this, if we fast-forward to the very end, we can observe a message to Sophie herself. "They will see you soon." Given all these direct messages to her, it's beginning to seem like this tape might've been made for her. Considering that she was Jack's daughter and is confirmed to have worked for BSI at some point in her life, maybe she witnessed something she shouldn't have, like Bon gruesomely murdering someone. Because of this, we can assume that she may have obtained a prescription somehow to make her feel "safe".

Whether that "safety" is to help her cope or to forget it entirely, is to be seen, but perhaps we'll get some more context later on. I just wonder why they're so prevalent. (faint upbeat jazz music) (electronic chirping) (electronic chirping) (triumphant jingle) (paper flicks) "Hey. Long time no see. The following footage is about a 1980s video game created by the company. The reason it took me so long to get this footage was because the game never really released to the public, and all footage available was from the beta version. During October of 1982, a few test Bunnyfarm machines were distributed around Brighton, Michigan, and this footage was from the arcade machine sent to the Entfernt Hotel.

The two girls playing the game seem to have lived there, but the weird thing about these machines was that all footage from the game was recorded and then revised by BSI technicians to see if the game was ready to be published. This was one of them and quite possibly the only footage remaining of this game. The footage itself was extremely corrupted, however, and it took me weeks to be able to piece everything together with the help of a friend of mine, but I'm glad you've all been patient for this.

It seems to be a huge one, anyways." (cassette clacks) (VHS machine whines) (TV bleeps) Bunnyfarm. (low-pitched electronic music) (dark music) Being one of the more streamlined episodes in the series, you'd be surprised to know that it's also the longest. By far.

The video opens up with the Company Introductory Tape intro sequence, followed by numerous cuts to various points within the Walten Files series. Strangely, we can see a sad girl overlaid onto this footage, and if we look closely, we can also spot a brief news sequence from a "Local 57" about an incident that occurred in the St. Juana's Forest. The same forest in which Brian Stells was left for dead by Bon. After this, we're notified that the photo of this girl is Sophie, before we see that of another, named Jenny Letterson, and the date this footage was taken. Interestingly, this was merely five days after the Brian Stells incident, making it the most recent footage in this series thus far. The game launches.

Jenny explains to Sophie that the machine that they're playing on was recently installed in the basement of the building they're living in, the Entfernt Hotel, and that it was just one of a few units that Bunny Smiles created for testing. Curiously, if we head back to the title screen, we can see that development on this game started in 1975, a year after Bon's Burgers had shut it's doors. The exact reason why they closed is still mostly unclear, but I find it interesting that they proceeded with development nonetheless. Anyway, the two joke around a bit before Sophie makes a file and begins the game.

Before she can actually play, though, we can see a brief intro sequence that sets the premise for the Bunnyfarm storyline. Apparently, a fruit festival's occurring. However, none of the characters have any fruits around. Luckily, though, a Pete the Hippo has a barn full of "any fruits you need", and will grant you access to it, if you help out around the farm. Seems simple enough, eh? Let's see how it played out. (electronic chimes) - Pete the Hippo.

Hm, you know, something I like about the game is the, uh, the artwork? I don't know why but there's something about it that seems really familiar to me. - [Jenny] Huh. Right, I should show you the controls, so you don't have a hard time playing later on. - Mm-hm, alright. - Okay, okay. So you use this thing to move around.

- [Sophie] Mm-hm, okay. - [Jenny] And you use these buttons to interact with stuff. - [Sophie] Yeah. - [Pete] Apples. - [Jenny] Yeah, I played this game for a while, a few years ago and I...

(dark music) - [Nexpo] So here, Jenny explains to Sophie that the game's super unfinished, hammering home its potential for glitches. (distorted buzzing) And bugs. (distorted buzzing) Strangely, though, Sophie seems to be unaware of anything she's doing or who the characters even are in this game, which I find incredibly suspect, considering that she worked for BSI in some capacity, and is one of the founder's daughters. You would think that if her father were to go missing after having pretty substantial involvement with Bon's Burgers, that she'd at least acknowledge their existence.

It's like she doesn't even know them. Like she's forgotten everything and shut it out completely. I just wonder if something might've helped with that. Interestingly, a few moments later, Sophie puts these suspicions to bed, making passing references to the pills that we've seen throughout the previous tapes.

- [Sophia] Yeah. Thing is, the pills have been making me forget a lot of stuff from my teenage years and my childhood and like, I started taking them for a reason, but, I really don't wanna think about it. (dark music) - [Nexpo] So her memory's confirmed to be suppressed, but that opens an entirely new door of questions.

Like, remember that phrase Sha spit out in the Relocate Project tape? Remember how out of place it was? - Sophie, where am I? (repeated garbled chatter) - [Nexpo] Something lured her backstage, but what if it wasn't Bon, but Sophie? If we think back to the Company Introductory Tape, we can recall that one brief segment where little Bon lit the lighter and glitched into Sophie in a work uniform. What if this is what greeted Rosemary when she went backstage, meaning that Sophie had a direct hand in her death? If this is true, then that leaves us wondering if she did this willingly or was coerced into doing so. Just a few thoughts, but perhaps we'll gather some more answers later on. The two then discuss a bit more about the company and the events that recently happened involving them. Jenny explains that a person named Brian had recently gone missing and how the case is similar to that of this "other girl named Ashley" who met the same fate.

- I know you're into that- - BSI? - [Jenny] Bunny Smiles Incorporated. - [Sophie] Have I heard that name before? - [Jenny] I mean, that company has been pretty relevant these past few weeks, didn't you hear? - [Sophie] What? What happened? - [Jenny] Some weird rumors and shit. Apparently there was this one employee that drove to some forest a few days ago, not too far away from here, actually. He hasn't been seen around, ever since he drove to that place.

- [Sophie] Really? - [Jenny] Yeah. The word got out quickly. Some family members say it was his first day. - [Sophie] What's his name? - [Jenny] Brian, I think? - [Sophie] Well, I hope he's doing alright. - [Nexpo] Clearly, word's gotten around about these mysterious disappearances, and I find it strange that Sophie discounts it so heavily.

I don't know. If I were to be playing a game that were tied to so many peculiar incidents, I'd be a bit apprehensive. But, that's just me. After this, Jenny then claims that she needs to head out to finish a paper, leaving Sophie alone in the basement to play the game herself. - Alright, first we need to get the party hats.

They should be in the... Party. The track. Now we need... (distorted audio artifacts) (jaunty chip music) - [Sophie] Alright, how do I... (triumphant chip music) (jaunty chip music) - [Nexpo] And so, Sophie presses on, occasionally expressing confusion and apprehension at the glitches that appear on screen. It weirds her out, but it doesn't stop her.

Anyway, she eventually makes her way to the end of Billy the Clown's level and plays a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. After beating him at it, Jack's face appears before the game begins to glitch out, showing Ashley's mutilated face within the Billy character. (distorted chime music) (distorted audio artifacts) - [Sophie] Jenny? (distorted music) (muffled chatter) Restart the level. (droning electronic tone) Christ. Nevermind, never...

- [Nexpo] Sophie hangs it up for the night. She's seen enough. (TV bleeps) One night later. (suspenseful music) Sophie decides to play the game again, however, realizes that her save file has been corrupted by a "third party". This screen proceeds to warn us that if we continue, then the machine could suffer major changes and even a complete shutdown. A bit tense, she agrees, and begins to play again.

Her mood is almost a complete 180 from the previous night, and the game reflects that. Sophie goes forth to interact with a signpost that previously mentioned Pete the Hippo running the farm. However, this time, for a fraction of a second, we're able to read that it's been altered. "He promised to take care of the two kids during that day. He told the parents everything was okay. It's sad that we can't really remember you, Sophie, but soon we'll be together, forever and ever.

Rest in peace. The two lovely red children. May 11th, 1962 to May 2nd, 1974.

August 22nd, 1965 to May 2nd, 1974." It doesn't appear that Sophie actually read it because she carries on as usual, but let's keep this weird message in mind. A few moments later, she begins Banny's game called Hippo House. The premise of this one involves rallying up the pigs that Banny mistakenly let out.

(jaunty chip music) - [Banny] Wouldn't it be funny if I opened the cage? I think it'd be really funny. I think it'd be really, really funny. Yeah, I think I'm gonna open the cage now. Yeah. (pigs snort) - [Horse] Oh, no, Banny! What have you done? All the pigs have escaped to the Hippo House.

- [Bon] Banny, you dumb bunny. - [Banny] I, I'm, I'm sorry. I was just trying to help! - [Nexpo] And so we carry on to solve this problem. Thanks, Banny. You bunny. (dark music) So Sophie continues, making passing references to the glitches she's been encountering thus far.

She mentions how it seems like the faces she's seeing in the game are trying to talk to her somehow, before the game cuts out, playing the following recording from Susan Woodings. - [Susan] BSI Technical Support Audio Log number three. June 30th, 1974. Jeremy's birthday party finished an hour ago. I decided to stay and help the employees clean the place. This week has, uh, been, uh, strange.

Especially because of the opening. I find it weird that they opened the place, even though Mr. Walten disappeared a few weeks ago. I hope he's doing alright.

Rosemary came today and asked us if we'd seen him around. I'm pretty worried about it. Felix seems very concerned and worried, too. Anyway, the birthday. The birthday party, yes. Everything went according to plan. This was the first birthday party in the restaurant and I feel it turned out pretty well! I noticed a few irregularities in the stage and in the audio animatronics.

As the engineer and the person who basically built the animatronics to begin with, it was easier to notice these. Especially in Bon, (sighs) something, something felt off. The limbs weren't moving properly. They looked stiff and odd, mainly in his right arm.

Take a few more minutes to take him to the backstage, just to make sure everything's okay. I'm the only one left. Chris left some hours ago and Felix didn't even show up. I'll leave and close the restaurant when I'm finished. I'm sure that's not going to take long. (distorted humming) (distorted whining) (high-pitched buzzing) (high-pitched buzzing) (suspenseful music) - [Nexpo] Given what we just watched, we're able to establish the connection between Susan Woodings and the BSI animatronics.

She built them, and noticed irregularities in Bon. It seems that, as a result, soon after this was recorded, she set out to repair him, however, was mangled and paralyzed in the process. "I am still alive. But I can't move. And I'm having trouble breathing. And my stomach feels weird."

This drives home the point that Susan Woodings was placed inside of Banny, but that leaves us wondering if it were due to Bon always having irregularities, or if someone tampered with him. Considering that this was filmed on the 30th of June, 19 entire days after Jack Walten went missing, that notion wouldn't exactly be out of the realm of possibilities. Sophie continues.

She makes her way around the farm, expressing confusion and concern about what she just witnessed. Soon after, though, she makes her way to the mailbox, encountering a strange sequence of messages from a Linda Kranken, whose name was oddly scratched out and replaced with "Thompson". Unfortunately, most of the narrative on these pages are redacted, however, we can piece together bits of the story through the ones that aren't. - [Woman] October 30th, 1964.

Felix has been acting weird lately. He's been drinking more than usual. I'm very worried about him. I don't know what to do.

August 23rd, 1965. I know I haven't talked here as much as I used to. This month has been so, so, so, so crazy! I moved in with Felix last week. He was very happy about it. Yesterday, Jack and Rose had their third child.

A little girl. Her name is Molly. Molly Walten. Jack and Felix have been pitching up the restaurant idea with a company that's interested in the project. The name's Cyberfun Tech. December 26th, 1970. Christmas was nice.

They built a doll, a gray rabbit for Edd and Molly. Molly named it Rocket. Felix drank a lot yesterday. This has been a problem for a while. He's a good person but he doesn't want to address this.

It's getting worse and worse, but he doesn't notice. He feels bad about it, but doesn't try to change. January 3rd, 1973. It's getting worse. He's so submerged with their project that he doesn't realize how much damage he's doing to himself.

How much damage he's doing to me. He keeps going places only to drink. Sometimes he even stays at the warehouse for the sole purpose of drinking. He doesn't listen. He never listens. I don't know what to do.

May 2nd, 1974. Dear Felix, by the time you're reading this, I shouldn't be home. I know you're confused.

I'm confused, too. What you said to me last week hurt me a lot, but it opened my eyes. Hopefully this opens your eyes, too. Our relationship isn't healthy. It never was.

I'm leaving Brighton this morning. You're in the warehouse with Jack and the others as I'm writing this. By the time you're reading this, I'll already be in Hurricane.

I know you are busy today, doing Jack a favor. Something related to a school party. I can't remember, but please go there when you have the time. As for me, I'll try to build my own life while I still can, and you should do that, too. I love you.

Goodbye. Linda." - [Nexpo] Here, we gain our first bit of insight into the backstory of Felix Kranken, someone we've had our suspicions about from the very beginning. As it turns out, he struggled with alcoholism, ultimately leading to the separation between him and his now ex-wife, Linda Thompson.

On top of drinking, allegedly Felix was overworking himself, causing damage to not only himself, but to those around him. It seemed that, as an act of good-will, he built a rabbit doll named Rocket for Jack's youngest two kids, Edd and Molly. Keep these names in mind as they'll be important shortly. Moving onward, Sophie eventually makes her way to Boozoo the Ringleader's minigame, called Lily's Birthday.

The premise of this one involves winning matching mini games against Boozoo to test the entertainment for the upcoming party. Sophie obliges. However, things don't quite go as planned.

(jaunty chip music) (spring twangs) (spring twangs) - Congra... Gratulations! You're very good at this! Right, it's time for the... - [Nexpo] The next mini game after this is called "Spot the Difference", and is pretty self-explanatory.

After a few rounds, though, the game glitches, displaying the... Actually, I'll just let you experience it on your own. (chaotic distorted chatter) - Congratulations. You completed my game. (distorted and garbled chatter) (solemn organ music) - [Man] Missing 07-14. Missing 07-14.

Missing 07-14. Missing 07-14. Missing zero, se... (heavy breathing) (ominous music) (distorted chime) (dark music) - [Nexpo] "Missing 07-14."

It seems to me that the face in that game isn't actually Jack Walten, like I initially assumed. Since, for him, he went missing on the 11th of June. Not the 14th of July.

With this in mind, if we think back to the end of the Relocate Project video, the names on that list were... - Jack, Susan. (distorted chimes) Charles, Rosemary, Sophie. (distorted chimes) (distorted buzzing) (Ashley gasps) - [Nexpo] So we know that this isn't Jack or Sophie, and we also know that Susan and Rosemary's corpses are stuffed inside other animatronics.

The only name remaining is Charles, leaving me to wonder how they're related to BSI or anyone in this entire saga at all. Anyway, back to the farm. Sophie continues. Ominously quiet and littered with missing posters, she explores a bit while expressing concern that she just might know the people within the posters the game's been showing her. A short while later, she approaches Pete's barn before the game glitches, displaying one last mini game for her to complete. That of Sha the Lamb.

The same animatronic we know to represent her mother. The mini game this time is simply hide-and-seek, and initially has Sophie's character finding Sha. - [Sophie] I need to find that sheep. (game chimes) (game chimes) (dark music) - [Nexpo] After she eventually finds her, we can observe the game switch sides to where Sophie's the one hiding and, from here on, this is where things quickly turn dour. (game chimes) (game chimes) (sweeping orchestral music) (distorted operatic singing) - [Sha] Am I still beautiful to you, Sophie? (distorted audio artifacts) (Sophie gasps) - I know you. - Found you!

(donkey brays) (screeching) (sheep bleat) (sheep bleat) (dark music) - [Nexpo] As we could see, when Sha approached us, the screen cut to what I'm assuming to be the night that Rosemary went missing with the text reading, "I know where he is, Rosie. Follow me." Now, initially I'd assume that this were someone else, like the voice of Bon, since they're referring to her as "Rosie". However, thinking back on that scene from The Relocate Project tape...

- Sophie, where am I? (repeated garbled chatter) - [Nexpo] Perhaps this text could represent the voice of Sophie. After this, we're greeted by another countdown, and when it finishes, we observe the following. (game chimes) (distorted abrasive music) (distorted abrasive screaming) - Holy shit. (distorted humming) Holy shit.

(chaotic distorted music and screams) Holy shit. (dark music) - [Nexpo] It seems to me that that entire section represented the night that Rosemary Walten went missing through the eyes of Sophie. With the bloody Sha animatronic right up in our face, screaming and pleading for mercy, it really seems like we're experiencing things in first-person.

This scene is undisputedly traumatic, and witnessing something like this would undoubtedly leave someone scarred for life. With that being said, considering that Sophie's name was uttered by Sha earlier, that Sophie's actively taking pills that we know suppress her memory, and that in that Lucky You tape, the voice claims, "safety in pills", over and over, it's safe to assume at this point that Sophie must have been there. And so the question remains. Did she willingly lure her mother back there, or was she forced to? Jumping forward, we witness a gray Bear character emerging from their so-called "fountain of memories". Sophie goes forth to ask who they are, to which they respond by drawing the following picture. After this, the game glitches once more and the bear vanishes.

A few seconds later, though, we're greeted with the picture of a house, labeled May 2nd, 1974. And on the doorstep? Two children. Sophie claims to remember it. - [Sophie] Shit. That's my old house, I think. - [Rocket] Hello, there.

I'm so glad you're here to help me clean the (mumbles). All that's left to do is to... (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) - [Nexpo] That phone call is from Jack Walten, to Felix Kranken. Jack asks for a simple favor. To take his kids Edd and Molly to their school event, since he and Rosemary are caught up in other errands. - [Jack] School event tonight.

A school party and they have no one to pick them up. I need to stay at the workshop to finish the paperwork and Rose is, um, taking Sophie to the dentist. We were wondering if you could pick them up for the event and take them home later. - (sighs) Tonight? - Yeah. If it's possible, of course. (dark music) - [Nexpo] Admittedly, the task is simple.

Pick 'em up at five to take 'em there, and bring them back home at nine. Reluctant, Felix agrees, before the call ends. And so, the game leaves us back in the farm area once more. After poking around a bit, Sophie eventually encounters the two red children, and upon interacting with them, we gain a bit more context about the night of that favor.

(distorted buzzing) (brooding orchestral music) - [Sophie] That's Edd and Molly. That's Edd and Molly. (game chimes) (muffled chatter from radio) - [Nexpo] After this brief segment, we begin playing in the school at what appears to be 9:37 PM.

Rocket the rabbit approaches us and says to follow. After exploring a bit, we eventually glitch through a wall and become those two kids who, surprisingly, have not been picked up yet. Soon after, we encounter Rocket and are shown a scene involving the two kids expressing that they're ready to leave, since, "the school looks creepy at night." "Where's uncle Felix?" They claim. And so we set out to find him.

(muffled and distorted music) (distorted indistinct chatter) (eerie chime music) (dark music) Shortly after, the scene cuts to 9:53 PM and involves Felix and the two kids in the car. The kids inquire on getting home safely, before pressing Felix about drinking before this trip. The speed of the car picks up, with Felix becoming more and more erratic.

The children forgive him for his behavior. However, ominously, the text on screen states that "It's all your fault", before the following takes place. - [Molly] Okay! - [Felix] (chuckles) Thanks, Molly. (distorted country music) - [Radio Host] NYQ. The Q. (car horn blares) (tires screech) (distorted yells) (eerie chime music) (dark music) - [Nexpo] Now, I believe this, right here, marks the beginning of the end of the relationship between Jack and Felix.

Jack's children were killed. And it was due to his own irresponsibility in getting them home safely. Even more bizarrely, soon after this bad-ending sequence plays out, we can observe a scene with Rocket the rabbit in the woods, with the voice ominously claiming that "They didn't go home that night. He buried them here.

He was too scared, but they found a way out eventually." (distorted sobbing) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone bleeps) - [Machine] You have 25 new messages. (phone bleeps) - [Jack] Felix.

Pick up the phone. Now. I need you to pick up the phone. It's been three hours since I told you to get Edd and Molly home. What happened to my children? If anything happened, Felix, you must tell me.

You haven't called me in three hours. I need to know what's going on. I've tried to call you all night. What the hell is wrong with you? I...

I've been trying to contact you all night. I've been calling everyone for you. Just what the hell is wrong with you? Three hours, you didn't call. I asked you to do one simple favor for me.

I need to know, where are they? Where did you... (phone bleeps) - [Nexpo] And to cap off this last entry in the Walten Files saga, we're left with a message. - [Man] But that's not all, is it? There's still something you forgot to remember.

They've been waiting for you. - [Nexpo] Before we're greeted with four animatronics. Banny.

Boozoo. Sha. Bon. (chaotic distorted music and laughter) (dark music) Considering that this series is very much in-progress, this message could be hinting at the future. Is this little girl popping up around Bon, Sophie? Or is it someone else that we haven't seen yet? For all we know, this could even be some sort of warning, given that, so far, this game's done nothing but help Sophie remember the past that she's been forced to forget.

She's the last alive member of the Walten family and I'm not entirely sure if remembering and re-experiencing the deaths of her entire family are a good or a bad thing. It looks like we'll have to see. (triumphant jingle) (paper flicks) "In memory of Edward Walten and Molly Walten.

Ed and Molly died Thursday, May 2nd, 1974 in a fatal car accident. They were leaving a party made by their school to celebrate Spring. Jack Walten couldn't take the kids to the celebration because of work. A friend of Mr. Walten would take the kids instead. On the way back home, Jack's friend was driving in questionable conditions, thus crashing his car near the road next to St. Juana's forest.

Instantly, both Edward and Molly's lives were taken. You will be remembered, our little angels. Our little red children." (cassette clacks) (VHS machine whines) (TV bleeps) (ethereal electronic music) Now, you might be wondering where this hidden tape came from, and conveniently, the answer's simple. It was left in the Walten Files playlist on Martin Walls' channel, implying that it's canon. The premise of this one appears to be an audio archive of former events surrounding Felix Kranken, with the first segment taking place on April 15th of 1967.

In this one, we can hear Felix briefly and enthusiastically discussing Bunny Smiles and how he has a positive outlook for the company. Following this, we get one more from 1972, explaining how his company made a deal with Cyberfun Tech to continue on with the Bon's Burgers project, and after this one, we can observe one last audio log from May 2nd of 1974, the same day that Molly and Edd died in that fatal car accident. Within this one, Felix expresses his guilt, contemplating on what to do. (melancholy chime music) (Felix coughs) - [Felix] Alright, it's... Yeah. Messed up.

(chuckles) It's been so long since I last used one of these. Last time I used this, I was driving in the same conditions. I messed up. I have a problem. And...

And this has been a problem for so long that I can't even remember. Those times I got drunk, I don't remember most of it. (coughs) (muffled chatter) (dark music) - [Nexpo] And that, my friends, encompasses the entirely of the Walten Files. Dark. Complex. (distorted tones) Disturbing. (distorted tones)

(ominous music) So, in review. This entire series appears to revolve around Jack's eldest daughter, Sophie Walten. She's the core. The one that can maintain this ongoing status quo that Felix Kranken's established, or to burn it all down, if she so chooses.

She was born into a family of three, with her mother being Rosemary, and her father being the elusive Jack. A few years later, two more siblings named Edd and Molly would be born into their family. However, due to events that Felix Kranken had a hand in, they would never, ever, experience their coming-of-age. Felix was a family friend. Someone that the Walten family could trust with everything.

Yet, ironically, is also the main antagonist and the one that ended up killing all of them. On May 2nd of 1972, after being asked to do a simple favor by Jack Walten, Felix had become heavily intoxicated at that school party. As we know by now, due to this intoxication, the three become involved in a car accident that ended up killing Edd and Molly. Beaten up and unable to bear the weight of his actions, Felix decides to bury them in a forest, the St. Juana's Forest,

in hopes of hiding his mistakes entirely. As we know, though, the children wouldn't rest there eternally, since a few moments later, we observe them merge into that Rocket doll, appearing to utilize that as their medium to get their fate across to the viewer. One month and nine days later, on the 11th of June, Jack Walten goes missing.

We can observe his missing flyer littered throughout every episode. However, at this point, we're unsure of what exactly happened to him. We have our sneaking suspicion that he could be stuffed into Bon the Rabbit, but as of right now, that's merely a theory. Another month passes and Rosemary Walten's grieving over her missing husband and two children at Bon's Burgers. She was likely desperate.

Weak and open to anything, any lead that she could get on where her family might be. She hears a voice coming from backstage, mentioning that, "I know where he is, Rosie." A voice that we now know was most likely that of her eldest daughter Sophie. She hea

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