What are the keys to creating a successful business?

What are the keys to creating a successful business?

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Hi. It's Mandy from mindset, for success in, the following interview, I'll be talking to Tim Adams from Tim, Adams specialty, coffee now I've known Tim for many years and his journey has been nothing short of a made amazing. And it's, a real, inspirational. Story so, one of the reasons I've interviewed Tim is, I, believe, he has an incredible, philosophy. Sometimes. It's it's simple, philosophy yet, it's the philosophy that I believe is truly. Important, as necessary. Ingredients, for success today, so, go and get yourself a cup of coffee and, tune. In and really listen into some of the. Words that Tim says some, of the things that he believes, and. Has helped, him on his journey so. Sit back and enjoy as, I talked to Tim Adams from, Tim Adams specialty, coffee. Good. And welcome, I'm really excited today that I have Tim Adams from Tim Adams speciality. Coffee now, Tim, you, had, the most amazing, journey, you've built an incredible. Business, I'm. Not going to tell people what you've done because that's what I'm interviewing, you for many. Years ago we work together at the beginning of your journey so, tell, me a little bit about where. You are now and what, you were doing when you first came and did a bit of coaching with, me yeah, thanks. For thanks, for interviewing me it's been it's. Been a quarter. Quite, a long a, long journey for me but we've. I've been quite fortunate over, the years to have, a good support network with. Family and friends around me so it's, made the journey a little bit easier so. At the moment I currently. Own tim'm, specialty, coffee which is a wholesale, roasting cutting, where. We distribute, to cafes, and restaurants australia-wide. We. Also have a spresso. Bar in Calandra called Lankan Lane which is probably, one. Of the best well. Known as presto bars in the country I agree that. Now. So that that's, another leg of the business I'm. Also on the board of directors for a specialty. Coffee franchise and. Consult. With a number. Of franchises within that business and then just. Training. And consultancy, sort of business where we train baristas, and educate the market on specialty, coffee more do wow. Yeah. That's kind, of where it's all led to back. Early. When I started also I had a mobile coffee theme which sort of launched me to my, own business I really, sold, that last year but I still. Certain. Pop-up. Sort of gigs on, an on, a coffee cart as well so. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Sort of diversified, a little bit but I quite. Like the, industry that I mean so I gentleman, touch. Old. Some. Way shape or form and get laid, in the, industry, so, Tim let's go back to the. Vision that you had years ago and I think when you came to work with me in those days you. In training, however you trained him perhaps you can tell us for the race, the championships. Yes, so Barista, Championships. Was was obviously where we first connected. I. Have. Just had the coffee then is that do, you remember that yeah I think, you've got the coffee van in those days it was all an amazing vision I think okay. Yeah well I think. Early. Days I was always sort. Of throwing. Myself out there and, being. In, competitions, very early. With. Not a lot of knowledge behind me I was, probably. A. Little bit unsure of whether I could actually succeed, in inverse, to competitions, which, is where I first sort of, came. To an approach to you to help me with that and get my mind in sort of it the. Mindset, where I could actually believe. In what I could do I, think, I had the ability and the and the knowledge to do it but was just a matter of connecting, what, I physically. Could do with mentally. With. Mental preparation, and that was sort of the the biggest. Help that I I needed. From from, yourself so. It. Definitely, and, then once competition, sort, of finished. I then realized that I wanted to achieve goals outside. Of Bristol competitions, so, after winning the Australian title, in 2009. I then, went on to win also. One 2009. Queensland, champion. 2010. Queensland, champion and 2013. Queensland, champion I, then, sort of realized how hard I lost actually with my strains hold back in 2009.

Then. It sort of, I. I guess, I believed. At that point that, I, needed. Guidance in, you. Know from the. Help set up that mindset to take into, business as well, as the baristas, competition, stage and I think that's sort of subconscious, training that we sort of started doing definitely. Allowed. Me to, you. Know get those thoughts in the right place and and start to believe in myself and, achieve. But also I think the, biggest thing was visualisation. And visualizing. What. I wanted and then I need, and therefore, made it easier to achieve the, goals, that I wanted to do yeah, and and something I remember about you Timmy we were talking a long time ago athletes, always use mental visualization. And so they're highly, driven and, people and the one thing I remember at you is you're so committed, you seem to have this incredible. Belief about yourself, which is so important. And you had a vision you're. Very humble about your successes, because you you, know you did incredibly, well in the barista, championships. And what, happened next you said you you were launching, your business so what was the next step and your vision after, you, won those championships. Well, I was I was quite I didn't, want to do, things too quickly so I was very structured. In the, steps that I wanted to take and the things I wanted to achieve and, one of those things was having having. Our own business which is why we set up team Adam especially coffee in 2010. Having. An outlet to actually sell our coffee, to people so they can taste and enjoy it so that's where we had the mobile coffee event which service. You. Know everyday coffee drinkers, which, I think simple was an important. Stepping stone for me because it took it. Took the prettiness of a cafe out of it and all, you left with was, myself as a barista and also, the coffee and the customer so, there's, no there's, not a lot of you. Know there's not like if there's an atmosphere around. A coffee vents that well you have to create that atmosphere purely. Based on quality, and and, how you interacting, with customers, so. That was a great a great, way to learn about. My. Coffee in what consumers. Wanted but then also any opportunity, to talk to the customers more because there was no cafe, barriers, it, was no no there was no tables, in the road there was just me and the coffee and the customer, so I got, to connect with customers very quickly and, then therefore start to create. The, awareness. Of, what I was doing in coffee. The. Other goal was to definitely start the rosetree. That. Was on the list started, cafe was on the list which. Was. You. Know very, much a big, goal in. Multiple, Brewster, competitions, and then being able to train someone to help, educate. Another person, so be a coach so. This was a long list of stuff that I wanted to achieve, and. Yeah. I think, I look back at my lists it. Was late last year because I upgraded. My laptop, and I look back to the, list that I kind of started when I first when, I, first sort of began. Team Adams and, everything, on that list was ticked pretty quickly and, I think that's such a great example of having, a vision having goals writing, them down visualizing.

Them Focusing, and, having great belief and and now, I believe, today Tim you you go overseas, you've, got you. Work overseas, and do wonderful things with the coffee growers, tell. Us a little bit about that. Yeah. Yeah. I, guess. Once, I sort of looked. At my list and realized that I you. Know it's Eve things personally, and and and another thing was I really, wanted to sort of give back to the community, not only likely on the, Sunshine Coast but in Queensland, in Australia and, actually I kind, of try and make a difference in be as influential. As possible, to help a lot of people and and also employ a lot of people in our industry. Especially. Background. And a, part of that was to then well okay once I was once, I believed I was, achieving, that was well how can I give back more to the, communities, that help. Us. Here in Australia and. Also our networks, and that, is the, place where our coffee comes from so, we've done a lot of work in Honduras, and Brazil, over the last two to three years with our Tripoli project, which, is a, basically. A project, that I started with a number of other Roasters, we've collaborated together where. We identify, farms that need. Have. Great potential but don't have any financial that. Money. So then you, know look after their crops and see, the potential of their crops so, tripoli, is all about post-harvest. Techniques. And giving giving, money back to producers, so they can look after their harvests, before. They actually start to develop cherries, and it's very important part of the whole growing process. So. We've been donating, money back to a number of farms in Honduras and we've just recently purchased, a farm from. That from the funds of that project in Honduras, help support the. Lines of family which, is a family. Who. Own allaha, in Honduras. So. We've gone into partnership with them to help, build. A farm and create. A, training. Platform, for barristers to go and learn about coffee from. All around the world and also, to then help, the. Lancers with that general. Cash flow so buying a farm with them has enabled them to. It's. Also an existing farm so it's really producing, cherries which is also important, because. If you start a farm from scratch it takes five years to area. So therefore you're waiting almost three to four years for an income to come in so. Very, fortunate to find a block were.

Two. And a Half Men zone as they call it so that's the size of the land where, there was cherries growing wildly, in a very, beautiful, part of the Santa, Barbara mountain even Wanderers. Where. There or it's already producing, cherries so that means that for the lines is it's instant, cash flow because they'll producing cherries come. February, March next year which. Is great so then that money will get reinvested, back into the farm and then reinvest, back into their second farm and we'll plant with. Them some, geisha varietals, which is one of the most expensive varietals, on the planet so, then that'll help. Obviously, create and generate money for that family. I'm. Sure there's a lot of people who have a vision but as we know very few people fulfill. Their dreams, and goals are, they get STAC through fear and doubt and I'm sure you've had challenges, along the way Tim, so I'm sure other. Business owners, what, would you say have been three. Of your biggest learnings. Along. The way that. Might help other people, I, think. The, learn. Will, learn to believe. In yourself a bit also. Don't. Don't fall in other people's foot I think that's like don't copy don't. Do something just because someone else has done a world but have, your vision in your goal to be what. You truly. Want and believe, in because I think that's the most important you, can give you know like for example you can give me a goal or, a vision and say, go do that timber if it's if it's not really coming from me then there's no point in trying to do it I won't achieve it so it, has to be very personal about what you want to achieve and what you believe in that's probably the biggest learning, the. Second thing is. Back. Yourself so. Once. You've made that decision then, back yourself and don't, take don't. Give up until you've you've. Exhausted all your options on, achieving, that goal, and. The. Third thing probably is be prepared for. The fail as well. Like. Sometimes. You're not gonna not. Gonna win we're not going to get there but that, doesn't mean it's it. Doesn't mean you can't try, again or try something different so sometimes you have to roll the dice a little bit you know I've definitely had a a. Cafe, that wasn't successful that. We were losing money on and that's just all the part of it but I learned from that and I've, managed. To come, out the other side and then learn, from that mistake I. Make. Mistakes and then learn from it as well and, I think that's so important, and a lot of entrepreneurs, in the mindset is all about fail fast and learn from, the failure, and I think it's the way that people define, failing. We all know that when people fairly, they doubt, in charge I'm not good enough I'm not meant to do this but as you say it all starts, with such a clear vision and your, why and yeah, we'll see in Simon Synnex video, about find your why but yeah so. You you've had the your, why your vision you've backed yourself, what. Else has been important, in your journey of success. Yeah. Having. Having, respect for other people in the industry like, in in my industry all. Talking about this as a group this morning about who, we, felt were. Influential. Like, some of the you know the top five influential. People in in in our industry, in. Queensland, and also Australia, and, so. I think I think respecting. People, who have done really, good things within the industry that you're chasing. Or you know the market you're trying to hit or or whatever it is whatever sort, of business you're running. And and, I, think. Like. Work working, towards. Gaining. Respect in the industry, so I think respects, earns it's not taken, I think I do value that statement, and I learned that from my military military. Days I do, believe there's a chain of command and and sometimes you have to wait wait, your turn oh and but, when it comes it comes you know the rewards come very thick and fast I, think you know believing in the champions of your industry is, is. Something, that I I. Would.

You. Know really like to see more of, particularly. This, day and age and. And to me that's an incredible, mindset, obviously. It's my speciality. But to have that, not. Aspiring, to be them but valuing. Some, of the things that they do because, in this world there's so much, competitive. Mindset and scarcity, that yeah, I guess it's really important, that you have that open mindset, of collaboration. And growth, rather, than yeah. Yeah. And I mean even like. One, of the Brazilian, coffee farmers, that we have a really good relationship, with he's an extremely, knowledgeable, individual, and. He one. Of his you. Know he's a qualified. Agronomist, and he's very, very clever but. One of the things that he believes in is that he should share his knowledge and share the information that he knows about coffee in, order to then help everyone. Within his industry, as well and particularly from a growing point of view so, he's getting, a. He's. Gonna be qualified, as a, basically. A coffee grower instructor. Where he'll go around the world and educate other growers on how to get, maximum. Potential, out of their coffee farms, so I think they are being being open to sharing the information when you're at the top is also more is also, very important but I just said before don't don't be. Yeah. Be humble like be don't be arrogant about your success here don't cuz I don't think that that, doesn't wash well with people and and you can put people off so very quickly if you are arrogant about it then, I I am always here to where. Possible, shared the knowledge that I have any information that I've learned I must. You, know amongst anyone who is kind of doing. The right thing and wanting to do well. And and something that I pick, up from that the time I've known you and and and Katie is the. Humbleness, and the authenticity that. You come across with I, think that's so important. And it's not something that people can, learn you have to develop it and you have to live and you're your true colors come through and I think that's really. Tell. Me Tim in your travels, and and you, know your your latest, vision. That you have in your overseas, trips what's your thing that really stands, out as a special moment for you in the times that you've helped, develop the project, and help. The locals, and being liaising with them. I. Think, the biggest thing is how lucky, we are to live in a country that we live in that you. Know visiting. Visiting. Countries where you. Know the the roads aren't the. Roads aren't great the quality of life isn't great you know we don't they don't have the, technology. That we have I'm. Very lucky but also, just, understanding it sometimes, that's okay for them to live that way and not to change who they are because they all.

They Need is. You. Know to be looked after from, moved. Off like anyone else but what they do with their money and how they live their lives I think it is up to them and sometimes just. Accepting, that that's how they live is okay, and. In you, know not to try and change who they are as people just, try and work with them and make sure that they have better lives for themselves and, that they are happy with what they do but. I think, just. Just. The sheer sort, of the. You know the biggest thing on it was just the sheer beauty of a country like Honduras very, special place and and. Just. The diversity of it is is amazing. Been. Able to, you. Know have, the ability, to travel, to some beautiful parts, of the world I was. Just recently in Panama and that just. Look. I think travels has so many people I've been very blessed to have done many travels, I haven't been to Honduras or, Panama but my. Experience, similar to yours is the people the, life's different, but, being very grateful, for what we have and totally respecting, their, life. And. Collaborative, mindset. Yeah. You. Know that's, great and it's I believe, that there it seems to be in the way of the new entrepreneurs. You know wanting, to give things back we've seen so much corporate, greed and lack of trust that I think this is the time in the world to shine your light be authentic. Be true have a big vision and and. I'm sure that's made a huge part of of of your success, and. I'm wondering too we, haven't mentioned your family because it's not to do with your business but I believe that there's, so many other people out there that are juggling families. And you have two children and a wife you live here how do you manage to. Juggle. All your work as. Well as having, time I'm sure you make time for your family as well - yeah it's. A really good question how do I manage it I've, well, I've got great people in my team that's.

That, Definitely, helped my, KDS, been very supportive, about what. I wanted to achieve over a number of years and she. Stood by me through that the glue in the bad times and and and I think just having a partner who kind. Of has a, very similar mindset, and and, really understands, and we've known each other since you, know high school so that's been a big, event we actually get each other really well and I think having that good. Connection, at home is obviously, has allowed me to have, that growth within the business and been able to develop the business. But. I think having children then is even, though we don't busy it's giving me more reason to create, what I need to create some I'm being. A good leader and. Role, model to my children, and and and then they can be proud of what I'm eating, and also they're. Learning that as well and learning about dads, out out the door at 5:00 a.m. most mornings, in his home you. Know as you. Know after we get home from school kind, of scenario so I'm still working very hard within the business but it's I, must. Admit it I have sort of taken. A step aside, the last sort of 12 to 18 months so Katie can learn what. She wanted to do to, be a yoga instructor, now. She's on to her level two of that and being, able to support her with that has been quite. Rewarding as, well and then and. Sort of you, know creating, opportunities. For her to fulfill, what what, she, wanted to fulfill and and. That's fantastic and I guess it's it's another sign of of total success which is every part of our life I'm I know Katie she's an amazing, lady and and I think you make such an incredible, team and that, is so much part of it all as well honoring, and helping each other and quite. Often relationships. Can get unbalanced, with, too much work and not enough play so it, sounds like you have a pretty good mix, of work, and family and I'm sure two children keeps you keep you real and down-to-earth but, is. There a particular. Philosophy, that. You live your life by Tim or a few, words of wisdom that you that, you use to you, know live your life five that, you'd like to share. Just. To. Be integral, I guess um I, think and, and, put your money where your mouth is I you, know a lot of people just talk, talk. About what they want to do and what they're going to do but don't actually get, off their ass and do it I think. I think and, so. Doing, things with, integral, values is very important. And something that I've always, tried to do and be open and honest and have transparency, with your customers, and and what you're trying to do and honesty. Is the best policy, at. The end of the day I think that's that's crucial, and don't, be greedy and. Because. It will it'll. Come back to bite ya so I think those. Things may be but as a general philosophy just. You. Know be be, happy. With, what you're doing and and do things, two. Things the right way so you know you can sleep at night and, you. Know and. Get out of bed on the right foot that's. Really yeah. That's probably hit on it I don't, have sort of many. Many things that I sort of look at it's just it's, just being. A good human yeah, and you know what it's in so many ways you know it's so obvious, but there are so few people that truly embrace it it's almost like coming back to simplicity what. Are we here for what it's, all about and remembering some fundamental. Core values, and. And, and why don't just don't you you have a lot of staff. And I know you empower, them and fantastically. What would be, I've just found this one on you now what might be a key for, other people, that have teams and staff because there's often made two challenges, in businesses, and I helped a few teams what, what would be a something. You might share about the success, that you have with having such incredible, people and great, teamwork. Well, one. Of the things that sort of I, know. I am Acadian I take two to, the whole kind, of you.

Know Having having a team around you is that it, is a team I think getting in and being a part of that team like if everyone has their own role and I had definitely have what I need to do in my role that treating. Them as as. Equal. If. That, makes us like actually showing them that you are a leader is is probably one of the biggest things that I I, try. And do I don't sort of why. I'd be the boss when I have to but I mean I I definitely, make sure that they know I'm in the trenches with them I'm, working as hard as them, and side by side with them in if they've got any problems they can come in and and talk, to me about it but, then you, know treating him like family, is. Just. Treat him nicely and, treat him like family just because, they. Make may make a mistake me. I've always you know I make. Mistakes as well so I think you need to you, know that's why there's rubbers on the under pencils, Grayson. Yeah. You're. Right everyone, makes mistakes, living yeah so looking. After the team but yeah hiring, him it's. It's it is challenging, but then hiring, people who have, an invested, interest in the industry as well as also key yeah. But. Will definitely contribute. More. At. Origin I think that's probably what we're sort, of striving for I'm. Also having more ethically, sourced. And traded coffee with in this country a goal. To make that aware to everyone I guess. Coffee drinking. Is is a huge. In Australia, and it's not going to go away we all love our coffee, where. Do you see do you see even. More coffee shops opening, up there. Are more people that are trying, to emulate perhaps, what you do. How, do you see things moving. Ice. I do see a saturation. Point coming, with coffee shops I think that would be a point where there's too many and, potentially. There's there'll, be a lot a lot, that won't won't. Succeed based on saturation. Point, I. Think. That I think, there's enough like the education, on the coffee drinking, and, you, know the romance, and the beauty behind drinking, coffee and the flavors are there and. It does. Want a part of it probably more so people just gonna start drinking more coffee. By. The way Tim I have must ask you this one what, is your favorite, coffee. Good. Question how. Do you like drinking coffee might be better I drink, it in all sorts but I generally drink long. Black is probably one of my favorites just to experience. The true flavor of all the coffee's that you, know the taro are of the the origin that the coffee has come from really, shines through as a black coffee so, your long black for me yeah oh good, well make sure everybody when you're in Caloundra which is where i live you go down to Lamech in Lane it's an they make fantastic. Coffee and I, know out on the coast there are some cafes that stop your Tim Adams coffee and I, believe in there, it's more than Queensland, now is that right, your, coffee yeah, we've got, shops. In New South Wales Victoria. And. Yeah. Yeah. And I think the great thing to know is when you're drinking at Tim Adams coffee I love, your coffee I sit there and I feel very proud because having, known you and seen your journey for so many years, what an incredible, person. And and what a great team you and Katie, mate, with with all your other business, partners and teams and I think. We need to clone you Tim and we need to be able to take, you into other businesses. In Australia so. That Australia, can start you know standing, proud and and and being the amazing place that we are we we need many more leaders, like, you so it's, and. The. Other question I'd love to ask you someone. Asked me this the other day it's, always a challenging, one but one, piece of advice now. Might, you tell your 20. Year old self or late, teenager, I'm probably so much on your old look, you're not gonna play trigger for Australia said. Cuz. That was always my to be my one play perfect cricket professional Oh. Have. It well. Go, back and say hey look just is getting. To coffee earlier would be if I want to toast and, you know sorry that the English cricket team or the Australian, cricket team sorry I'm originally from England maybe they were taking you over there they missed out on an amazing leader but I think the coffee industry and, the Sunshine, Coast in, particular is is very honored, and very privileged. To have. You in the coffee business and, I know there, are many people just like me that love, drinking your coffee we, bought those breakfast, group the business breakfast, group that I'm into your.

Premises, The other day which was the catalyst, for this because you, know I hadn't realized, how much you'd grown and evolved, and what an, amazing, story it is so well, yeah, thank. You I mean a lot of people don't see, it, because it's always been a challenge for people that knew me when I was a burst 2 champion, so. To be able to create. A brand now, that people recognize as Team Adam especially, Coffee has been a, really, interesting sort, of journey. Because, it's, shifted, away from Tim Adams being in person to team owners being, a brand. So. It's it's quite funny when people realize, that I'm still a person and so it's. Nice to hear that you know people like yourself will see me as a person and develop that brand and where it's heading now yeah yeah and I guess just still the the. Memory it would that we know behind, the brand but you're right you want to build a brand of a business, yeah. I still think of you when I drink your coffee so, well that's great, good. Well look thanks, Tim it's, been an honor and a privilege and, I'm sure lots. Of people will get, some real gold gems from here and and what you say your philosophy, and life in in many ways is is so, simple but it's so profound because, people. Get so complicated, with, chasing. This, and beating, themselves up, not believing, in themselves is, something I see all the time and then, we've rounded, unfortunately. With an element in society, where there's a lack of trust and corporate. Greed and it. Seems to taint so many, people's. Vision so it's really. Tiring to come back and meet, someone that works from heart with, integrity with business sense and and I'm sure you've had challenges, along the way but as you, say you're getting in the trenches, with your team so that you can get down I'm sure you'd sleep the floor if you had to and and honor, and respect other people simple, but very important. And it's awesome what you're doing you're giving them a key in, overseas, as well Tim so thank, you so much for your time today and I look forward to the next chapter and, to, having going, and having a coffee soon one of yours, being, a pleasure thanks Mandy ok thanks. You.

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