WELP!!! I Said What I Said! Florence By Mills Review | Jackie Aina

WELP!!! I Said What I Said! Florence By Mills Review  | Jackie Aina

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So I am just applying, now this. Is honestly just to prevent me from getting a pimple tomorrow now I'm going to do the cunning magic, face wash because, I'm applying now. Where. The product your. Honor okay and now. Hi. Guys welcome back to my channel it's a girl, Jackie ina jk, jk jk jk jk Cheka, Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka, Cheka Cheka Cheka chi. So. Million, Bobby Brown America's. Sweetheart, even though she's not actually American she's British right stranger, things is actually my favorite show like between stranger, things and Game of Thrones even though Game of Thrones, disrespected. All of 2019, but that's a different topic for a different video anyway, I happen, to be a fan of The Young Millie Lobby Brown recently, came out and launched her own skin. Care slash, clean, beauty makeup line which, we all know as florence, by, nil. I think that it's actually a really, good thing to see someone that is so young that is just going out there and putting herself out there and putting her name on something at such a young age I mean she's a businesswoman like this is a big deal and I like the fact that she went for like the clean Beauty category which you don't really see a lot of indie, lower price category, which this brand kinda is but I'm gonna talk a little bit more about prices a little bit later we don't really see a lot of clean Beauty we don't really see a lot of like your skin but better brands that kind of target that drugstore mass-market. And that's kind of like what this brand is it's definitely, a brand. For the person who wants to be a little bit more minimal, and I'm kind of getting like the starter, pack of glossy a vibe from this brand which I'll be testing out for the first time today, I actually feel like you guys like when I do these kinds of makeup companies, that are like kind of minimal because I'm so glam and, I'm so Shazam, and, I'm so wham bam bam lilly lashes, Miami, how do you look with lipstick, concealer, about four layers of them though I think you guys are so used to a different kind of Jackie that when I'm trying something different it's almost like a spectacle, like what's what you're gonna do is you're gonna mess up she's gonna like it she's gonna love it I really. Wanted my hands on this brand because it looked like they actually had shades. For, me and that's not usually something that I expect, from new brands, let alone clean Beauty or light, glam, type, of brands they usually don't, run very dark so what I did was I bought about like half of everything and there's a combination of skin care as well as actual, makeup. Products, in this line it's a full line so far I see that Ulta, is the only retailer, that carries, this line and the, website. Which, is Florence. By mills calm, the name of the brand I do have to say I love, the branding and the packaging, I like that everything is like that soft, matte, finish, lavender, like nobody really uses lavender, like that I mean I think it's really pretty really clean it just feels like oh this looks fun simple, straightforward, and, according to the Ulta website there's 15 products in total the first product I'm going to talk about are the eye patches this, actually, was one of the products that I was the most excited about because, I love eye patches I'm a frequent lover and user of eye patches I definitely feel like if I had been a little bit younger which I do feel like this brand is trying to target. This grand for is the younger audience I definitely. Would have used this like they just seemed like really cute really fun something, that you can just throw on right I've ripped this one please it's it's already a disaster this is just like a really fast, way, to wake, up the face relax. Yourself we, need to teach the young girls about self-care, we need to teach the youth why don't I feel like this is the political campaign rally it would be for me if I were have a president girl the first thing that I'll be tackling is hyperpigmentation you can donate to that campaign, Lincoln bio these are the swimming, under, the eyes gel, patches they're 34, dwellers. Now the only thing that confuses, me about the brand the branding, obviously, Millie Bobby Brown is a young girl she's probably targeting. Other young, teens, that are in her age category, 34, thought I. Was. Like where and, whose household. Millett, rock I'm not gonna blame Millie for the prices because this is obviously, not. Her doing like, I'm sure she probably has no space well, she probably I'm sure she does it's her company but what I'm saying is she probably doesn't, understand.

What That market would look like I think that $34. For any product, in a, and that is targeting, or seeming, to target the younger teen, audience. Is a lot, of money now granted, yeah you do get sixty iPads so that's two months worth of product or no cuz you've got two eyes so that's what's up worth of product which for, the average working, woman, is decent, but I definitely. Feel, like that's really expensive for somebody who's really young and is still in school and relying. On their mama and a daddy for Davey Jake doe they feel really good and they're not sliding, around like, most eye patches do which is really annoying and they're shaped like wheels. Will, I like the way the eyes go floors make the eyes go. Okay. I done. With these they feel good, and by the way whoever, had that girl filmed that fake tutorial. Where she lives in applying products, why y'all set her up for that that's not her fault I'm, not blaming, her for that I'm gonna try this zero, chill, face miss you guys know, how, I feel about a face mist let me just read it real quick shake before you sit on that closed eyes and spritz, over face any time for an instant pick-me-up sound good oh. That's. Not good it kind of smells like rose water. Oh. That. Smells good, so. The zero chill face mist is 10 jewelers okay this might be the cheapest product on my whole roster, it is a botanical rose, and beautified nose rose that, restores, good vibes when your skin has zeroed show rose and lavender I am, a freaking. Like. I'm. A genius rose, and lavender work together to give skin a big sip, of calming, moisture with just one, spritz well I, I. Went a bit over the budget but, that's okay it's a natural skin soothe a rich and yummy nutrients, and thyme extract. Do you pronounce the th and thyme no. Ma'am. This, one dermis instantly, transforms, your skin for moody Mills two major males love this like I would actually use, this I would recommend it to friends my, mom my little sisters every generation it's not that much product compared to most faceless but this is pretty good I also did.

Not Moisturize. My skin because, I really, wanted to test out the dreamy, do, moisturizer. It is, a, nighttime. And, daytime moisturizer, not the only thing that I will say is, I don't like the fact that this doesn't have SPF, in it I think that it's especially, important. For those of you guys that are a little bit younger you probably, spend a lot more time outside, than. The average person like when people see pictures, of me when I was younger they're like why are you darker it's like because I was a kid. And, that's when you spend the most time outside, that's when you're the most active, I'm not that active as much as I was when I was younger so I feel like SPF, is even more important when you're younger right I feel like because it is a clean. Beauty line it's especially, important, to implement SPF, in those products because there aren't a lot of clean Beauty SPS out there tidbit, can we get a daytime one I know you say it's daytime or nighttime but I personally, would not use this during the day I'm only doing it now for, demonstrational. Purposes on, the website dreamy, do oh that. Smells good Trini, do is. $14. Oh that feels nice oh that feels really good this kind of gives me water, gel cream vibes but, in a tube I actually. Really, like this this feels and performs. Like a product that is a little bit more geared towards oily, skin simply because like I said that water gel feel it is not, oil slick, it's not thick it's creamy, it's more jelly it's more watery, and lightweight, like this is just gonna soak right, into my skin I put on my serums hours ago so my skin is perfectly, prep, and. This. Also smells so, bomb oh it's out of stock on the Ulta website I guess the girls are really here for Miss dreamy, doo doo wow talk, about a product I was not expecting, to like as much I almost skipped, all of the skincare and I figured people are probably gonna only really, care like the meat and potatoes is really gonna be the complexion which are about to get into but I'm really glad I tested this the key ingredients, are willow bark extract to. Help balance the skin and keep the pores happy, I don't really go to moisturizers, for pore care my serums and all that stuff do that lotus-flower blend, which, is Egyptian, and sacred lotus flowers I control oil so you don't feel dewy and not greasy first thing I detected, was exactly, that very that vitamin, b12, which is the calming, that helps hydrate and, bring out the inner glow sure, will throw in some flour I look. Pretty glowy I'll give you that before we get into the complexion I just wanna show you a close-up of how the skin looks Brennan I did do a sheet mask so I'm extra. Low E and loved by the Lord today, the next product that I have is arguably. One of the most talked about and that is the like a skin tint now this product in particular has been really excited because I love these products that I can just literally just throw my bag and go I know I don't talk about them on my channel a lot because this is able, glam. Production. I think most of you can argue you, come to my channel to see me look like a completely different person and these products don't do, that but as far as like my everyday life going to check the mail going to Trader Joe's going to separate I have. A deep, deep appreciation for, products, like these this is basically a light, skin tint or a tinted, moisturizer it's, all basically the same thing I don't see anything, that alludes. To there being SPF, I'm docking points, for that because please believe if I'm running errands and I'm wearing this out during the day I would not wear product like this at night only if I was traveling, I just need my sun protection like I've seen about sun protection so you're not getting that from this so you'd have to wear three layers of moisturizer, you'd have to wear this moisturizer, you have to wear your SPF, then you'd have to put this on and nobody wants to be that person it is $18.

That's A little up there in price I looked up in Maybelline BB and CC creams, that they offer I also looked at the covergirl, and the covergirl won the penny cuz I pull the receipts there BB cream is $9.99, so I know a BB cream and essential moisturiser aren't technically the same thing but they function the exact same way if you really think about it and the Maybelline even, though full coverage foundation, is cheaper, than this it's $12, $12.99, and their BB cream is a bit nice I mean miss Flores girl. Once. You factor in the British Pound conversion, that's that's, Queen this, is $18. And you get the same amount of product as the other ones but I'm a little confused with like who are they trying to market this product to and why is it that the products don't reflect that like I feel like this kind of should have been more of a NYX products. I did pick up five shades and I must, say I'm quite impressed with, the decent. D. There's. Always room for improvement let's just start with the darkest shade why not, and before I hype it up too much I'm a swatch it before I get too excited cuz it looks pretty dark in the tube oh and this comes in 20 shades by the way which i think is pretty impressive so this is d 200. Is described as a deep with neutral undertones and this is the darkest, shade not bad at all not bad, at, all and actually, dare I say I feel like when you blend it out it gets a little darker, I know this isn't technically drugstore brand but it's giving me the prices and like I definitely feel like that's who they're trying to target so I'm just going to put it in that category most brands like this don't run very dark like I mentioned earlier you just kind, of like get in where you fit in I bought all of the dark shades so, that you'll be able to see a gradient, and a range of like okay this is like the worst-case scenario, this is the best-case scenario the, next thing that I have is deep 190. And this is described as deep with neutral undertones I appreciate. The fact that they went neutral, because if, something is too golden or something is too pink then it's a little bit harder to finesse, because this is such a lightweight product like I'm not expecting, there to be 30 40 shades like it's a sheer product and the, people that I've seen try it have said that it pretty much blends, out into, basically nothing depending on how you apply it but it's said, to be very very, very sheer there's a lot of moisture in this product it definitely, feels very creamy very hydrating. Now there's a huge gap here I definitely, feel like they would have had room for one more shade, but like I said it's a tinted moisturizer so, I'm not judging overly, harsh the next shade up is deep one-eighty, and this is described as a deep with warm undertone, and deep, 180, we have, yeah. Beep. 180 looking a little orange, just, a little orange damn even, what I blend, it out with my finger and pretty much disappears, deep 170, is the next shade up and it is described as deep, with warm and golden. Undertones, so that is deep. 170. I feel like this color got a little darker I see, it for sure definitely. Darling and then actually this TD 160, which is tan too deep with warm undertones I knew I wasn't gonna be a match for this at all not even close never ever ever would you ever not even in the winter not even if you ever kissed the face of Sun in 3 years will I ever be this life but if you double chocolate, range. You. Got four, of them that, are dark one, that's deep, personally. I'd like to see two more in the deep category, I'm gonna take a little swatch of deep 170. And see how I like her here is deep. 180, and then here, is deep 190. Which I think it's gonna have to be deep when I oh yeah oh sweet. Sweetie, that was easy so is the second, to dr. shade is my shades and yeah we need a little improvement, I personally, prefer to apply a product, with little-to-no coverage, with my good old-fashioned digits but instead of doing my fingers, I'm gonna see how, it applies with a brush on one side and then I'm gonna try Pat, it in on the other so let's just do one pump per side let's do, three. Grab the wrong damn shade I'm sorry I won't curse no more I just wish this had a little bit more a.

Little, More warmth. I'm. Just buffing this in. There's. Definitely. A little bit of coverage in there this is a little. On the hydrating. Side which, is again why I did, not want to apply this with a brush but you know what it taught us a lesson no, no. No. No. No. No. It's. The brush ditch it I just want to use a little bit less on the other half of my face and I want to blend it out do you see what I'm seeing look, at how it looks when, you swatched, it versus, how it blends out it like turn it darkened anyway let's just blend already. I kind. Of like what, this is doing with my fingers, way, more just, because it feels like my skin is taking. To it a lot better and it's, not laid, on to my skin as, much like it sheers out now I definitely saw people, that were applying. This with a sponge, this is not the kind of product that you should apply with a sponge because, it's already so light and sponges, make, it even lighter you want the product to be that light - don't worry makeup even when, applied, with fingers, even, though I feel, like it looks slightly, better than this, side I don't know man, and I feel like it looks worse, on camera, I look, really red y'all see how this look like a world map you see Russia in there so the benefits, of this product is it says it's, supposed to hydrate. The skin brighten, the skin nourish, moisturize, make your skin look smoother, this isn't smoothing, my skin at all I'm gonna put on the next one on top like the next lightest shade because I think this was a little too dark and now I'm concerned. How weird these colors are so tricky like you swatch them and they look one way and then you blend it out and you like wait a minute I could commit to this okay, so now this is deep Shh. Oh my god that's really bad it smells like foot like one no, way, okay. So now I added, that extra layer of D 180 is that helping turning, more red violet, you're turning violet look out look there's. No hope for this product there's no saving this I don't like the way that it blends I don't like the way that it looks, I thought I was gonna be able to work with colors but then you kind of blend them out they look a little, different. My skin's itching oh my skin itching oh it's happening oh oh. So. There are 20 of the sea you never concealer. I know I know, what you're I don't you're doing with that name I like, that and every touch for 16 flawless, you get a half ounce which, is the cute amount but I am hearing that this is a very, very very, minimal.

Coverage, Concealer, so fortunately, if a product is minimal coverage, then. You. May end up using more of it which can be really annoying first coat that I'm gonna use is the darkest, shade again this is in the color D, one-nine-five. I'm not sure what this applicator is called but basically these are like the metal droplets, that you can apply the product, string onto the eyes and supposed to act as like a deep up my skin's itching oh my gosh and it's supposed to act as a deep. Okay. So what I was saying is this is supposed to be a deep puffer. He. Agrees with me back there feels so cool, and, cold. Morning. And it also makes application, a lot easier as well because then it flattens out right this is D 195, I originally, bought this to kind of like act as like a contour, but then again if it's so sheer it, may not even show up I don't know we'll see I'll put that to the side and see if I can kind of make it work this is D 185. There's caffeine in these concealers which, is supposed to be good for waking, up the under eye and, it's, brightening. There's also vitamin E which is a skin soother, and it, reinforces, the skins barriers, to protect against, pollution, when, they say clean they mean clean a F so, that is the shade D 185. D, 175. Is deep with golden, neutral undertones d 185, is deep with red, undertones. And then d. 195. Is deep, with red and blue undertones, the next shade that I have is deed 165. Which is described, as. Deep. With golden undertones, and that shade, looks, like, that that's. Just. About my color here we to put down to the side the next shade up that I have is TD. Which is tan dark 155. This, is described as deep with red undertones. And she. Looks, like that huge gap in between those two but these are pretty much the only deep, dark shades in the category as we did earlier, be like a skin tint demo I'm gonna do one side with, the brush and then another side of the concealer, with my fingers bottoms up this applicator, feels really good TT 165. Seems, like a good, match so, I'm just gonna dab that in no. Swiping, I'm not swiping just pressing, that blend it out really, easily, it, has a kind of watery, but, also creamy. Consistency. I'm getting some peel, from some of these products, so I don't know if you guys see any of, what's happening here but that's not my skin i exfoliate okay, that is the product, like balling up and basically when that happens, it just leads that the products aren't compatible with each other they're not meshing, well now, that could be the products not being compatible with what, I had on before I started the video which was a serum, or it could be that they're problems, with just, being rubbed on each other now for this I I'm, going, to dab this end with a brush, so, that was it all nice with the brush yeah, dude this is balling up especially. Around my eyes this is like also lighting guys like look at this look at when I do this there's texture, not, proud my pores have been exposed and most of the time y'all tell me I don't have pores so the fact that it looks like I have pores is problematic. I feel. Like I could almost work, with this product it's the color that's giving me problems the reason why I went with 165. Is because normally when I'm wearing a no, makeup makeup look which. Is literally, this I don't, wear a highlight concealer I wear concealer that matches my skin tone so because, I like, this I'm gonna add this on, my face and see if we can fix, what, we have y'all like I'm really trying to I'm really, trying to make this work and we just keep applying and. Applying, and, applying. And getting more read and read, and read that's not helping, at all.

But I do definitely, see, a little bit more coverage and that concealer, but at this point you know like I try, to make it work, oh this feels really greasy on the skin though by the way before anybody says anything snarky. And I can't wait to erase awesome embrace hey wow. I look red. This. Is not okay. This. Isn't acceptable, I definitely, feel like the concealer, is probably gonna look a lot better as a color match, and as, a, tinted. Moisturizer product. Let's research the skin the product that I actually really, do love. And. The. Lavender smell, cheered, me up and I feel optimistic about. Making, this concealer, America's, next top skin, tint I'm not gonna apply too much just, yet, imagine, if the concealer and the skin tint are the same exact thing, joke's. On you fool this is definitely a product that applies better lighter. As opposed, to trying to build her up in the concealer, already. Looks. Better way. Better the perfect match nope cuz I'm looking at the matter and I can already see it but it looks better couldn't, put some under eye as well for, the extra coverage I, preferred this applied with the brush I feel like the brush really, allows, the product to hug that, under-eye area and, cover really, nicely the, brush kind of just takes the work out of adding that product on the finger, is sharing out the product a little bit too much and this is already a really sheer product so I don't want takeaways a little, bit of coverage that it has okay, so I just want to let you know I did take a picture of this situation, in natural lighting and it, looks way more extreme, because of my lighting, and natural lighting it looks decently. Wearable, it's not my color of choice it looks a little bit too dark it definitely, doesn't look as red as it's picking up on camera like I don't know why this product, just looks so red for it to be such light coverage, I have no clue why it's doing that I'm gonna set my face with some translucent powder because.

I'm Just hoping that this will kind of tone down the red I'm not doing this to get rid of the glow I actually like, the way it makes my skin look can I make lemonade out of lemons okay I don't drink lemonade but that's beside the point better, already. And that was my Laura Mercier translucent powder, by the way because this is a pretty neutral color so I knew just what to grab to, tone this down and also let's be real the Laura Mercier translucent loose, powder is pretty freakin awesome like, even when you wear it on its own so points, are definitely, being docked there, is a brow, Joe tint and tame brow. Joe this, comes in five colors it is 14, jewelers that's a little high in price for a brow gel I'm not gonna lie I would expect a brow gel to be like 5 bucks because I feel like it's a brow gel like, we all know we all know the tease that brow gel is just like clear mascara right like isn't it the same thing the shade that I bought was in the Shay Brown and, this. Is I think the second, darkest shade it's not the second darkest e third. Why didn't I get brown what's, going on Jacqueline. There's a black and there's a dark brown I'm not sure why I got medium, brown maybe that was a mistake it's almost like the color of my skin do you see this that that's what it looks like it actually look like a really pretty color, oh yeah. That's lightening my brows and I don't want that though, I don't want that I don't want that I don't want on. Any other day I'd be down but today I'm not down, down down down down I would actually use that color that's a really good color I've never seen a brow gel that. Caramel, color that was kind of cute dogs table that was good that was a little bit of banger. Did. You hear, that I'm. Scared, that was my foot not a fart so, don't try me now that I've set it with powder I actually really, like the way that my skin looks the skin tint or the concealer I should say can't really take too much credit because we've, put another product on to enhance it now I really hope that these cream blushes will. Save the. Show because, I love a cream blush I love a liquid blush but I really, love a cream blush she has six shades of the cheek Me Later cream blushes which are 14, boy, love I have the. Shade, stellar, Sabrina, and it's really cute I watched her video when she launched it and she, named them all after her best friends, so, cute, Oh, pigment. Okay, so, Miss Sabrina is, real pink oh I. Wouldn't, wear that pink though, Sabrina's. She's she's really cute it's a really pretty pink and then gorgeous jia jia is a, more plumbing, shade this is so my mom's kind of color this color right, here screams, my mom like this is the kind of lipstick she would wear every single day this is exactly, her I'm gonna say that one cuz I do like that one it more than I do the first one the next day that we have is real ray, Ray's, my best friend's name -, real. Ray looks a lot like gorgeous Gia a little bit more purple though just, as I thought G it's a little it's a little more peachy and subscribed on their website is dusty brows.

Beautiful. I'm going, to start with glowing. G. That, is so cute I love that I'm, telling you guys I love cream blush like I only. Had cream blush for the rest of my natural born, life I would be just fine, do you see how that adds a little do to the skin too only complaint, that I have not about this product what about the line in general is I'm so surprised to not see any highlighter. No. I feel like she really should have and could have incorporated, a product that was even like a liquid highlighter or a cream because honestly, highlighters. Are that product for the girl who is on the go and doesn't want to put a lot of effort into how she looks even though this product, is adding, glow onto the cheeks and I think it's really pretty this could fade this could wear off throughout the day and sometimes there, are days where I just want highlighter, and nothing, else and I feel like that is a product that could have really sat, well in this collection, as a whole we, could live without the peel-off mask I honestly don't even know why I bought the peel-off mask because you guys PMS, don't really do anything most of my estheticians that I've ever worked with are like Chuck the peel-off mask stood like they don't do anything. This. One is really pretty to look at I mean come on it's pink it's also spilling so let me not let me not just save your money and buy yourself and not a cute little sleeping, mask or an eye cream or a regular. Real actual, mask or sheet mask which will be way cheaper than me so I recommend, the ones from Neutrogena just, saying. The. Last product that we have are the glasses I didn't buy all the glosses because I got a budget some time I did buy three I bought the three colors that I thought I'd naturally, gravitated towards the first shape that I have is moody Mills and she said that then I'm. Sad that there's no smell there are five colors there twelve, doulas and she said that the names or the shades are like named after like how she feels so moody is a peachy, nude swatching. Fine I wasn't going to but okay. It's, not as sheer as I thought it was gonna be alright, mill the, next shade is modern. Mills this one is more, red like, a raspberry. You. Fumble the bag with a sense though I want to smell raspberry, or strawberry when, I put that on that's fine no I'll let it's like this one time and the next shape that I have is Maj, me. A la Miz pad everything of the word major I think a pad the coverage in these losses are bomb like they're glosses. I feel like you definitely get your money's worth with these now the only thing is $12, it's a little up there for a gloss if I can get the quality and the, coverage, and the, variety, and a sense and a NYX butter gloss for, like I don't know five six bucks, I mean, as well dollars, you're basically paying for like better packaging, and pretty sure your product, don't quote me though I could be wrong we're living in a NYX butter gloss world, and I'm a NYX butter gloss girl, since, we have it I'm gonna put on the shade major, Mills because, it matches my blush this, on its own has, amazing.

Color, Payoff but, this look feels and looks a little matronly, for me like I just need liner it was nice on the lips not goopy not sticky not thick it says there's vitamin E in these and shea butter I definitely feel the vitamin e vitamin e feels so good on the skin the quality, jumps out my good sister what. Did these glosses, maybe, she skipped over the skin tint but the glosses feel real good and actually the more that I rub this and the more I like it I'm doing. Okay. I can mix E so this is the final look this is Florence right now I'm. Militia bobby Shah Brown Dexter whoa what, a journey, I don't know what it is the past month, like I went from never, wiping, product off to, all of a sudden doing it and three you. Guys in 3 this is the third two, ways going on with me the. First thing that I definitely want to say now, that we're seeing more celebrity, brands, the people who watch my reviews here's, the thing guys okay I'm not a kiss you know what I'm not a kiss a SS you don't have to spell your, face will. Get the same energy as everybody else also if I'm not using a product, correctly. Like, I don't know let's say like a liquid shadow or anything else, you don't have to be a jerk about it in the comments guys like it's just makeup makeup, has been repackaged, and repurposed. In so, many ways there's nothing, here, that I'm using that has never been used before when you get in the comments, and your leg. Like that product. Relax. Scale it back a little bit I tried to educate, myself on the products as much as I could with the information that I have I did more than what I know the average consumer, doesn't do so I'm judging, it based on the knowledge that I already have from other products, obviously. I know that milli is not in the kitchen making these products herself like I'm not really judging her, I'm just talking about the brand so, putting all feelings aside about her we're just gonna talk about the brand the brand the, products, the meat and potatoes first, of all who ever had my good session on Instagram TV demonstrating, her products but wasn't actually, putting anything on your. Fire that was not a good look at any ages like that's not a good look, at all the second thing pros, is, that, it has a decent amount, of starter. Shades I think that there's definitely an obvious effort to make most people feel, included with, how they distributor the shades do I think it could be better of course some, of the shades swatched one, way and then you put them on and they apply a different way like it was a little weird other pros is like I said earlier they're filling, in that void of like a lesser, expensive, glossy, age that doesn't really, exist and if it does exist it's probably, ashy and that's why no one's talking about it so I like the fact that they are doing that and they're doing it from a clean approach that's, definitely, something that more people are interested in and more people are talking about as they should be that's right to have options the branding, is amazing, I love the chicest of the, colors I love the way everything looks it's like not, intimidating.

It Looks like it's easy to use it looks like it's really fun to use and it just looks really keep sitting on my desk like I don't know there's just something about it that like makes me want to like give it to my sisters now becuase we, will just reiterate the cons one more time I've already talked about the price point I'm kind, of confused. I threw their marketing, the prices due because it's definitely more. Expensive than like a Maybelline or a covergirl but Millie Bobbie Brown is like 1516, so who else would our demographic, be I'm not sure, I just can't imagine this young girl trying to make products for someone in college because, that's just not the, vibe, and, the function. That I'm getting from each product offered, so with that said that, should be reflected in the prices so that it's available to the people that you're trying to sell the product to I get it it's a different time and, like the girls are bringing home the bacon a lot younger, they used to ten twenty thirty years ago everybody's, a youtuber, now everybody's, gonna job and a salary kids, are working younger, but like not that young the other con is that it is online only so, some of the colors you just have to kind of like try your luck and pray for the best I don't know if this is going to be in stores, let's actually check, and see oh. You. Can actually buy it in stores it. Doesn't say that it's listed, at all my local altars, but I do see, that it is in stores so I check that back you do have, the ability to go in store, there's no highlighters, like I really feel like this brand needed, a highlighter and it needed some products with SPF, there's no Sun care products no highlighters, what the, peel-off, mask is not. A product that i think that you should invest in I think peel-off masks like I said earlier are pretty pointless I did like the brow gel the brow gel surprised me it was actually pretty good the only thing is really small sometimes that can be annoying and hard to work with cuz I feel like I'm gonna break it if it's too small sometimes it gets gloopy, and like you don't get it even spread of the color but I like the color so I'm gonna test it out when I wear makeup I'm going on tonight so I'm washing off all of this glosses, fire one of the best products, in the color category was the glosses boom the products what I would take back are.

Definitely. Like a skin tint this just didn't do it for me I see, what they were trying to do but they didn't do it right the, concealer, was actually, decent I think that the concealer, had better shade options, a little, bit more coverage not much but enough I, was actually kind of curious to see if the brand was playing tricks on us and if the concealer, and the skin 10 were the same exact ingredient, cuz some thoughts like, okay is it the same exact thing sis and you're just trying to get me to buy more you're not actually putting any innovation, in either product it's the same exact thing but I did search through some of the key ingredients it's not the same ingredient so I did check that out of curiosity, I really, really liked the moisturizer, it's, amazing, it's not something, that I would buy I have a lot a lot a, lot of. Moisturizers. That apply just, like this I need to kind of like go through first I actually did really liked it I really like the smell okay, I take it back I would buy it it's. It's really, good you guys it smells so, good it has this like really sweet, rosy, it, just smells really good and my favorite, product no. Sorry. Zero chill. But. Basically. The same thing this product just did it for me I think that you can put this in your bag put the same gym bag after, you workout shows that body maybe put it on the arms - some of the products that stood out the most seem, like it's the skincare like even though I patches, were great they felt great they were comfortable, to wear I don't know how many of you guys would be invested in some of the skincare because some of these items were a little upper echelon a little more top-tier, more, expensive, everything, else was really fun to play around with not the greatest, puzzle not the words congratulations. Milli Bobby Brown I think that this is wonderful, that you're doing this I mean I just love seeing young entrepreneurs, not only be talented and like kill it in the industry but like the fact that she's a young mogul, starting a brand I would love to see more of that in the, up and coming generations, like honestly this is a big deal to see your name in a product line in all time girl, that's freaking gold so hats off to you and I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next, and the reason I was speaking of next what you gonna do is, watch the next video. You. Want to see me drag house laboratories. Another, celebrity line go. Ahead and click here. You're, here for me toe.

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SPF IN MAKE UP DON'T DO SHIT!!! you'd have to put on 3x the amount of product to even get close to what its advertised! USE UNCUT SPF WITH YOUR MAKEUP REGUARDLESS!

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I’m 14 and I haven’t left my house in a week my generation spends no time outside

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You know that it’s adults that have ushered her into this. No 15 year old wakes up and organises a skincare brand because they feel like it. Why are you, a 30 yr old adult, being so harsh and nasty making fun of her name? Poor from you


La pobre parecía una alcapurria Millie, what is you doing girl

Ouuu my sis know that JACKIEO !!!! Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie

The reason it's getting darker is oxidation which sucks when you buy a product by the "try me". If the products were made in America and not animal tested it makes a lot of sense to why the price is a little higher (especially if they are paying their workers above minimum wage) Edit: I still recognize that they are quite expensive though even with everything I said

Tu parles trop

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Jackie I’m not gona play with you with these edits

i love the way that she understands and really takes into consideration what the younger generations want and need, especially with our schedules. i’m only 14 so i find it hard to relate to the plethora of 20-some beauty youtubers so this energy is so so refreshing. thanks jackie

You have the same name as my little sister her name is Ania

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Mkay so why all the hate, I get it’s expensive but you have to remember she has her name on it so it’s expected to be a little more expensive... And maybe a product or two will not be amazing, but some where really nice!

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Jackie , Jackie, Jackie,...people don't know this...but they don't put in really enough SPF in any of the creams or foundations according to most estheticians from what I've been reading. You may want to always have a separate SPF cream. J/S.....You slay girl!!


I was *SO* confused when I skipped thru and landed on when she says *WHY DOES THIS SMELL LIKE PUMAS*

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Trying to get some education on the black community and makeup and what they go through and this channel has helped me understand a lot.. my boyfriend is black and I got kicked out by my dad because of it and was homeless for like a year or so I tried explaining how he needs to except that the world is changing and learn not to see color on people but he just got more upset with me but I’m living my best life and me and my boyfriend are still together going on 2 years we plan on having kids and getting married one day and proving my dad wrong and make him regret everything he said and if he try’s to be in my life in the future when we are successful i will say u didn’t except me then do don’t try to now and I hope u realize u were wrong and ur mind set is off badly when it come to people of all skin colors .

o YouTube me recomendou,e estou apaixonada,muito linda.

Hilarious intro. I hate products that change color after applying them

the part she said “ofc you didn’t like that product you used it white YOUR EYES OPEN” killed me

Lmao the only thing I would wear is the gloss and the blush

The powder rlly help

The camera quality tho

I think the reason why she didn’t add SPF is because when you add that then it has to go through much more paperwork since now you are claiming is supposed to help you block the sun and whatnot, and then the food and drug now has to to approve if it... the whole thing is an ordeal... I heard about it from another YouTube who is making her own skincare line


Is there anyone else who can hear the video but still just pays attention to the captions? | | ¥

i should be asleep but no i’m singing jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie ...

full. glam. PRODUCTION

Omg I love the edits

you're so funny

I found it so funny that she actually looked to check if it was daytime lmaooo

This intro was so funny

Daaamn she looked like a hot cheeto with that foundation shade... I'm not saying I'm surprised but Millie really didn't knock it out the park with this stuff!

Tinted moisturizer did you DIRTY like damn mills wyd???????!

Auntie looks like she got a chemical peel

Why does she look like a pumpkin

The intro is hilarious

Why do I love her, she literally so funny

Oh shit The bb cream looks so bad I-

Welcome to the red/orange life we w.o.c we just live for it.

the products all have essential oils in them which are pretty harmful to your skin

Face masks work on my face

I am dying at 16:40

I’m always ready for a good time coming here

You’re so funny how have I never watched your channel

“Electric chair”

Nyx Butter Gloss is that girl and then some.

Ooh k I like the brow gel/tint and the cream blush.

Why did she say Sephora like that?

27:45 that makeup belongs on a clown

This dang blush loooool

This line is for kids millie’s age so I find a review by anyone older than 16 to be redundant

So, your foot can fart?


It takes real talent to make kitty girl make up look like grown folk product. lol

hold up- did she just say "seffra" instead of "Sephora"??? I-

This video reminded me why i love Jackie. Like its been long since ive watched any youtube vids but God i love jackie so much ❤shes hilarious

Lmaooo girl I have not laughed that hard all day @ bones cracking

Lmfao the face mist got me DEAD

The montages of Jackie applying the face mist were everything

Dang gurl, dem teeth

The skincare is amazing and refreshing, but the some of the makeuppppppppph needs to skrrt on outta here

florence by mills already has more products than dragun beauty

hi everyone random but please follow my tiktok @.yasmeenboo

Forget the makeup. Why don’t you drink lemonade? It’s delicious.

the preview had me dead

I wanna watch the GOT video Jackie. Please.

“Miss Dreamy Dew Dew” - Jackie Aina, 2019

Her demographic is the rich

Being "clean" probably costs a lot too

20:17 is my fave part

This was recommended to me by YouTube and I am pleased. Subscribed ✅

PLEASE do a game of thrones video. Whether it be a get ready video or a tutorial.

Why haven’t I start following her?? She is the realist!

When she said SeFfFra I said huh


Showed up on my recommendation and I love youu

poor Jackie!

the editing on this vid is sooo amazing lmao!

23:12 baby are you down down down down down dooooown dooownnnn

Omg! I'm Brazilian! You video is Very fun! Haha It's cool!

My mama who makes 6 figures wouldn’t even spend $34 on eye patches...

I knew already that I wasn’t interested in the brand. But honestly, your videos just always get me in a good mood. You are hilarious when you are just being yourself. Love your vibes and content Jackie

Ok but product don't need residue for it to work or be notisable. So. Same with shampoo and conditioner

Oh no

I had to pause the video when the picture of Will Smith as the Jeannie saying “be careful what you wish for!” That progressively got angrier popped up because I was laughing so hard

The thumbnail had me saying “ooh” out loud. YIIIIKES

I am sooo dead with that intro lmao

Your personality has me laughing every time

Huge fa Fan of millie but this aint it sis.

5:55 *me actually getting a decent score in my math test*

I notice she really doesn't mention the boys but we not going to talk about that

What's going on JACK-O-LYN hahahahah. I love you. And this review.

SPF breaks me out, so the moisturizer is perfect for me. Maybe another product has SPF and that’s why she didn’t put it in the moisturizer.

I personally like the fact that her products don’t have spf, I a red head is so very allergic to SPF which mean I can barley use any product/makeup I am definitely getting this ASAP

The editing in this video got me cracking up

I'm going to stay away from this, her skin itching

i think it’s to red for your face

She worked so hard to try and make these products work, but..Nope.

I think they’re expensive because of the “clean” ingredients

Stumbled across this video- OMGGG I laughed way too hard at this video - i freaking love her humour ahahah xox

She’s a damn child.

She went

the “what a beautiful chocolate range” had me cackling

i would try her products but they all are full of fragrance which is terrible for your skin

Trouble is us kids r broke in other words we have NO MONEY

Why are you so freakin‘ funny

How did she say Sephora!? Lmao

Millie rock

I just met you but I love your personality


i honestly thought that the “testing” her products was a joke



You are just Goallllsss on a knew level

This line of shit aka products is for 11-15 year olds as well let’s keep that in mind. So the price is too much so her team really needs to reevaluate that! I wouldn’t buy my daughter these things because I mean they have the best skin at this age unless a specific child has a specific skin problem in that case see a dermatologist lol don’t buy overpriced celebrity skin care. I wish I had my teenage skin!!

i am always the lightest shade lol but all of the foundations/tinted moisturisers are always way too yellow x

i just found ur channel! you’re my fav :)

I looked away for a second, and when i looked back again, i SWORE that was ketchup, I MEAN THATS RED ALLRIGHT

The prices in dollars are cheaper than what they are going for in the UK. The eye gel patches are £34, that's $44... I saw these in Boots and had to do a double take at the prices

At this point I'm over all of these "celeb" and "influencer" brands. Everyone ain't meant to have a brand.

I wouldn't even mind the price, but the amount of fragrance in the formula.. Not for me

Please review the Monat skin care line, ESPECIALLY the under eye smooth. Id love to send you product or help you find where to purchase some. Its actual magic.

4:54 can we get a full version?


I love u gurl ❤❤❤

This looks terrible lol. Omg. I doubt the ppl who make these products have ever seen black ppl

0:35 when my best friend is late to class 0:29 when she gets here 0:37 also me

Going to seffra!

so oilyy


The make up is a huge NO for me. Thanks Jackie

Plz make a video on ur face glowww

That glow in ur face is Bomb❤❤❤

3 seconds into the video and i subscribed asap

The thing that makes face washes foam doesn’t do anything actually for the skin, it’s just there to make it seem like it’s doing somthing

wow عربي ✌❤

I can’t even look at the comments. Y’all are just mean.

Jackye can you do a video of how you got rid of hyperpigmentation

I'm dying laughing over here...the fart noises took me out

Yea but NYX is toxic af and Millie's line is clean beauty soooo. Is saving a few bucks really worth the cancer/Alzheimer's?

me being a kid and barely being outside 15mins a week, and keeps the blinds down in my room so that i can bathe in my deep dark room

When she slapped her own face at 13:37 I lost it


Sis, the concealers are darker than the skin tints...

Jackie... you look sunburnt.

it's really hard for me to find a tinted moisturizer that doesn't peel and i haven't found one yet. yea, i won't be buying any of this makeup but i might get the face mist

imagine dragging a 13 year old who still has a lot to learn and just wants to help people with their skin. i could never


*yOu sEe rUsSiA iN tHeRe* ?

I could listen to you say $34 all day


the foundation instructions literally say to apply it with your fingers

'As a teenager you probably spend most of your time outside'

the bone cracks i haTED THAT

So glad to find out I’m not the only one struggling with the tinted moisturizer pilling up

“Millie Rock”

Seriously, not about this brand particularly, but wtf is wrong with them? Why are they doing just 5 foundations for black people? I’m a white and blonde girl so yeah, on that aspect of my life I’m privileged: I don’t face discrimination because of it. But I SWEAR I get so fing mad everytime I watch reviews from black people and they can’t find a fit because there aren’t enough foundations meant to fit them. Like, what is wrong with this companies? Is really THAT complicated to make a few foundations more so black people can actually be comfortable about their makeup? Don’t you see black people on street and notice that there are many shades of dark skin, NOT JUST FIVE? Invest a little more effort, and make people actually feel comfortable with the makeup they’re wearing, because that’s what makeup is supposed to do. If not, what’s the point?q

Thanks for the review! Im using her face wash at the moment and wondered how her other products were like.

Her line is a bit expensive because her profit goes to a cancer organization ...and you all are hunting her fir that makeup video when she has already apologized for it and cmon everyone makes mistakes.... and from a brand of a 15 year old i am really impressed

your—your honor

The youth of today spend no time outside. They should launch some vitamin d to go with that missing spf.

alright everything else aside let’s remember that mbb is like. fourteen-fifteenish. that’s freshman in high school age

Girl that skin tint is a Nope nope nope lol

Lmfaooooo why did I forget how funny you were? “In whose household Millie Rock?”


You Mr skin

Game of thrones hit me where it hurts

I'd love to see a review on GoT just going thru the seasons(quickly) or the last season and your funny comments Thatd be so dope and different maybe even a makeup look with it ???????

As a “kid” I do not mind the prices because I think kids value quality, and if brands are clean as in animal rights, and specific ingredients, especially for skin care.

The way she says "dollars" bugs me for some reason

I think it is soo expensive because it has Millie Brown’s name on it. If it didn’t it probably would be cheaper

There’s no spf because she’s British but hoping to sell big In the USA and you have to get approval from the British govt and then separate approval from the FDA to sell sunscreen products so her people were prob like “forget it let’s get that monayyyy.” Lol

damn the skin tints and the concealers sucks :((

“going to SEH-foruh”

you are so funny oh my gosh hahahaa.

It looks like Claire’s makeup...

Changed colors, became dark red, I didn't like the way it looked, made you look oily to...I'll pass

girl you look ORANGE

This isn’t going to be seen but thank you for putting subtitles on your videos. It helps those who are deaf or have hearing issues. So thank you a lot!

TinyTeacup Thank you! Yours too!

I know this has nothing to do with anything- but your profile picture is super cute!

Never have I ever seen a video of yours, will I forever stay and watch all your video’s. Yes. Yes I will!

Def not worth it, it makes her skin look worse and this type of product is designed to make you look natural and healthy...she looks like she was doing manual labour outside in summer with no suncream lol

I think the fact that in the UK the prices are the same as America but put in pounds is quite unfair. Ngl I love Millie tho

The products supposed to be more for teens barely getting introduced to makeup they don't need highlighter girl

Her prices remind me of that emma chamberlain scandal when her scrunchies were like 50$ or smth lol

You’re so beautiful! Thank you for the genuine review with authentic, constructive criticism. God bless you!

I love you for talking about sun protection, so few people on YouTube pay attention to it.

I have her skincare products and they are really good and from make up I have a blush and it’s amazing.Honestly I really like that you were honest

Thong song baby

Omg :( it made you skin literally look like LEATHER like RED RED. How ridiculous

When you sprayed the spray omfg

Literally looking like a greasy hot mess...

@Lia c It's beautiful!

@TinyTeacup lmao its James Charles making a face. I i dont remember where i got it from though it mightve been twitter

Oh my god, what is your profile picture!!!

Keep in mind that it's a teenager that owns the line, do you?

She really slapped herself tho

OMG you're so funny and entertaining! I feel like I can watch your videos for hours LOLOL

Sooo Jackie said she ain’t moisturize and ha skin looking like a nice warm honey damn bun GLAZED

Bruh what is your background. Ya look like ya in a magical forest/like fancy powder room. Like I wanna be there.

the editing every time she sprayed that mist

So entertaining watching you! I'M LOLING

you seem like u would get along good with Liza Koshy

Spoiler alert: No one uses actual toothpaste in toothpaste commercials

Almost all foundations and tinted moisturizers at Sephora and even at the drug store have SPF. If the moisturizer didn’t have SPF, the skin tint should have definitely had some. Super disappointing.

Wow all these comments attacking a literal 15 year old girl are disgusting. What were you doing at 15?

What’s with all these under-eye de-puffing products marketed to young teens? Like what kind of hard lives does this brand think kids are living, that they already have bags under their eyes at 14?

I don't know why I'm just finding you but I'm upset YouTube, c'mon! You are the only YouTuber that doesn't get on my nerves and actually makes me laugh, thank you!

I swear to goodness, your videos just bring laughter into my heart every day! :)

edits on a bean

yeah okay, but the Jackie theme song never gets old. I wanna have this as a ringtone for my future kid, if i ever wanna have one.

rich kids

She's so entertaining

Love you woman

yo i’m a pre teen and i am BREAKING OUT!! like my face has pimples all over... and i’m trying everything i could do to get rid of them!! but it doesn’t work!! do u guys have any tips??

im 12 and i discovered self care myself

If you don’t get lit to the Jackie’s in the beginning you a fake fan (jk love y’al)

The LM powder DEFFFF improved the look

It’s crazy Mils has more products than Nikita dragun

wow i just wanted to put powder on your face and balance out the red while you were trying the foundation... Ps : you're so funny and pretty ily

*squee* “did you guys here that?-“ DEAD

It actually costs more here in the UK. the skin tint is £18 which is about $24

I had the same issue with my products balling up around my eyes when used together, very nasty

This was funny as hell and informative ☺️ Subscribed:-))))

The thumbnail looks like when Ross impersonate a dinosaur

You are hilarious I love you

"That whale wh-whale whale whale...Florence make the eyes go" Lmfaoooo Jackie

Aunty jackie my love❤❤❤

You are the cutest youtuber in the WORLD!I LOVE YOU

Your skin glow humiliates me

YOU ARE SO FUNNY. “34??? In whoooose househooold Millieeee?”

I love watching your video. Instant pick me up!!!

In the uk there’s a pharmacy called boots that also sell this brand

Jackie’s videos always brighten my day lol , if I haven’t laughed or smiled in a few days these literally crack me up . I love you Jackie !

Jackie Aina in red face :( the shade looked so jummy in he swatches

Auntie Jackie you need to stop playing with our emotions and come out with your own skin line please and thank you

Cancer/Alzheimer’s????? You can’t be serious. And you want me to walk around looking like a sausage sweetie!?

Jackie Aina oh right sorry,i didn't watch the entire video,i just thought u were gonna drag millie bobby brown like everyone else and i got so bored of that and just made an assumption,my mistake

neither could I. hence why this review is for the BRAND. Not the actress

Just found your channel and I am OBSESSED

The editing and commentary has me dead, you are hilarious

Now she has Eyeshadow and mascara

You don't necessarily want spf in your skincare and makeup because often yoh sacrifice quality for the spf and its common to have allergies to spf products or sensitivity so its better to leave it out so consumers can use a sunscreen that works for them. Also spf doesn't really do anything unless it's broad spectrum and spf30 or higher so no point putting a spf 15 into a product and risking quality and the chance of people having allergic reactions.

Taking notes

Thank u for vid, will purchase glosses now!

*Tamar Braxton voice:* She tried it!!

idek who you are but after 30 seconds i love you

Okay, but to be honest... I’m in love with the concealer

These products just look super oily

Do you pronounce the “t-h” in thyme? NOOOOOOOO-oo maam! I’m crying

Her products look like they came out of a claire’s

Bruh I love milli, her products won’t be the best for everyone!!!! I LOVE her most and cream blush, so does my mom it kinda works for everyone but certain products are the best

I love Eleven I didn’t even know her real name, so happy I know about this line I’m always on the lookout for clean skincare

"Im a genius" *duh face*

That no ma’am

She’s a child. at least she’s making more money than you.

this has nothing to do with my opinions on the products

"is that spinach in my teeth?" Me: "Is that McDonald's chicken nuggets in my teeth?"

The weird thing is my mum's maiden name is Florence Mills......lool


Millie Rock sent meeee

im so happy that somebody finally tell the truth about her shitty products.

i hope millie sees this.



you know how white people put self tanner on and you can IMMEDIATELY see them getting darker? Yeah that's the skin tint did to you but in a bad way

omg the qualityyyyyy yaaasss Jackie

Can we talk about the fact Jackie has only put ONE ad in a 34 minute video? A YouTube queen.

Love the GoT shade lol it was SO BAD

“Your honor where’s the product”

Why is everyone hating! Her makeup isn’t about a life changing amazing difference, it’s about expressing natural beauty and providing good ingredients for your skin. If you can’t understand that then just don’t use it, it’s simple.

Can you try love Kenzie beauty??

I don't think she's trying to market for kids, I think that what her price points are trying to do is get kids in college to feel like they supporting a little sister's dreams or something like that by buying the makeup. idk tho


Ummm guuuurl wheres the face mask?!

while the brand so far may be a bit rough, I still appreciate that its a clean brand. Its important to know the ingredients in the products you put on your face. but again it needs improvement

ugh you don't need foundation girl your serums and your treatments took care of that! your skin is beautiful

Thanks boo!

Am i the only one that had to keep pausing cause i was laughing too much at these edits

Can you review Cleen Beauty?

@jackie aina please try the tati beauty textured neutrals palette!! You give honest reviews and I really wanna know why you think of it and hopefully I'm not the only one

yall this just sad lemme tell you baby girl she be lookin like a damn oompa loompa with thoese tints on lmfao

the only reason, why florence is popular is millie. I don't see anything special in this brand.. I mean- It's expensive and not even that good.

Emily Chowdhury literally

banana milk there are comments saying bad stuff. Also I’m not a snowflake because I’m just supporting my girl

aepmils tutorials ugm nobody said anything mean people have a right to have bad opinions about something. lmao s n o w f l a k e

im so confused by the energy in this video lmao

omg she was looking like a whole tomato

'of course you didn't like that product you used it with YOUR EYES OPEN' i cried

Who else was feeling much better when Jackie whipped this red shit off?

Her singing career 100%

I think because it is "millie bobs company" and she is a celebrity, her products are gonna be $$$ where as a general (not bad general) product that can be found in most stores have the average price of $-$$ because a celeb isn't linked to the company/brand.


I’m Millie’s biggest fan and I have every Florence product and I’m the biggest stranger things fan and Noah’s schnaps biggest fan and I’m meeting them!!!

The skin tint looks like straightup pumpkin puree on your face

Lol the red face with that skin tint looked like a bad time.

what did you expect, shes 15

“Once your factor in the British pound conversion that’s coins” that had me dead

Im so happy for millie but im interested to see this review!! Its the same thing im trying to do except with hair! Not everyone supports a young entrepreneur especially an unknown one!

The makeup is MEZZED UP

We need to be friends...stranger things and game of thrones ❤️

Looked sunburnt when she put the foundation

Can you try frilliance it is another brand by a teen but it seems to have gotten better reviews. Plus she actually helped with making the product because she understands the struggle of having acne as a teen.

Which skin tinted moisturizer would you recommend? Or BB cream?

i love this girl lmao

You looked so oily on camera.

Did you guysss hear that? I'm scaredddd

When you started singing "JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE" I swear to god I hit the subscribe button harder than I imagined

Dont like it and the price makes it worse. My face is getting oiler by the sec looking at this video.

love that J has subtitles on her videos. ❤️ Very helpful for non hearing people and people just have a tough time listening

When that tinted moisturizer said

23:22 25:51


It just kept going downhill after the tinted moisturizer

Love her but sadly her products gave me acne it's been a month going on two and my skin has not recovered

love the intro so much

“Violet you’re turning violet”!!!! I’m dying

Okay, Brazilian portuguese subtitles!


The intro

Be careful with the skincare. Theres a lot or at least a decent amount of essential oils inside the products which is not good for your skin. I know theres videos about this brand and how essential oils are bad for the skin on your face.


The products aren't even good for your skin. They are all FILLED with skin sensitizing ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

Well I mean if you can carry one product that does both why would you want to carry 2 items???

i mean damn what camera does auntie jackie use. the quality

why is it so expensive if it’s branded for KIDS

For targeting younger people shes overpriced. My teen would be babysitting just to buy products.

its because mbb is a rich white girl who doesnt know the feeling of lack of money :/

the most annoying thing about Millie's video was the 144p resolution

Is no one gonna talk about how flawless and stunning her skin looks

yal i love her.

Emily Chowdhury Claire’s must’ve stepped up their game

Ik this is random but I think the newest season of stranger things is just the same try high happened again idk I think it’s gone down hill plz drop your opinion

“Oh no you got two eyes” wtf hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahaha

@ the tinted moisturiser: I ain't mad. My skin reacts super poorly to a lot of products with SPF in them, so I'd rather be able to use the SPF I'd normally use. I do however wish there was an option WITH SPF in it, because I think that could benefit a lot of people.

The white chicks clip

when I tell you I was dying when you put on the tinted moisturizer -- I lITERALLY WAS CHOKING TO DEATH

You're funny. I'm going to subscribe... I need a good laugh these days

The "thyme" bit

5:55 me after making any passing grade :

Soon as i seen the intro i had 2 subscribe

This shit is so jam packed with fragrances my skin would look like a tomato

white people would like this product they can use their shade it’ll go a little darker and to them it’ll give them a “tan”

Dumb ass skincare product, who the hell supported this idea ,she literally looks like a cartoon , with lots of colours on


Covergirl and Maybelline are cheaper but they're not clean beauty.

Holy crapola, the tinted moisturizer is NOT.

Ok I actually LOve you now after this video, I am subbing now

You look like you're sunburnt Like you're having an allergic reaction to shell fish Like you just completed a triathalon Lol, I'm crine

When she asked about whether you pronounce the 'th' in thyme and the 'nooooOOOOO MA'AM' came on i fuckin died lmaoooo jackie you are hilarious

Claire’s be looking really good then


That intro killed me

Out of topic, you’ve got the prettiest nose.

the line is for teens not children

Milly Rockk !I cant with aunty Jackie

I have extremely light skin so I bought the lightest skin tint and let’s just say it gives me a tan

I really appreciate your sense of humor

wasn’t her family like poor before she became an actor

Forget the makeup for a second. BUT JACKIE THIS SKIIIINNN HUNTYYYY

Too expensive who agrees? in my country its around 4000 for only eyepatches and i get is 100 for lunch ! like how will i ?

The product looks like it's melting your skin off

Omg this is making me want to wash MY face...

Millie rock

Her products are sulfate free wich means that the products don’t make foam like other soaps, that’s why it looks like that. If you look at the videos in the Florence ig she “does use the product” it looks like that too

You are the funniest ever!!!!

Hilarious. We love you Jackie. Take aways: Mist, gloss, blush, and brow. Will I buy? No.

Jackie called herself a genius and I liked the video. I mean, if she's just going to be speaking truths what else can I do?

Just so you know in the uk boots carries it too

Come on girl , she's 15 yo , she's still learning . Guys , stop hating on her pls she dont deserve this .

"Yall see Russia in there?" xD

Thats lilac

Why is it ORANGE

Dont get what her skin colour has to do anything...but ok

The fact that the moisturizer doesn't have spf is actually good! We should all aply sunscreen after moisturizing and wait 30 minutes before exposing ourselves to sun. Spf in moisturizer don't protect our skin enough!

I don't know a damn thing about making make up, but do these brands actually settle for something so not accurate to dark skin tones? Like, they're so red, or orange, do they not notice or do they just not care enough to make them actually match to woc's skin

omg that concealer is horrible, its so red ahhhh

U C Russia in THERE???

Hey I love this video but I just wanted to tell everyone how some of the products don’t have spf in them because it’s not good for the skin to sleep in spf

Every time she sings the Jackie Jackie Jackie part I find myself hyping you up and today you went in so I’m guessing somehow you heard me so thanks you

Holy shit where has your channel been all my life This is the best thing I've seen this month

I think that the problem with the tinto is that you put too much

It’s 2019 who’s outside ?


This girl has just brightened my day with her hummer

Dat shit garbage water yo.

I love her reviews!! Jackie Aina came out looking like a snack though while trying those products .. A barbecue rib with a side of baked beans type of snack. :/

Love your background

Okay I gotta be honest other than the eye patches noting else is expensive. You gotta thing this is not drugstore makeup it’s a celebrity’s makeup line it’s not going to have the same prices as stuff at Walmart.

Your editing is fiyaah! I don't wear makeup AT ALL except lipstick, but HERE for your snark and sass!

i would just like to say thank you to whoever is editing these videos, youre doing amazing sweetie!!

When at 6:29 Jackie says that she didn't moisturize her skin and in the beginning of the video you were talking about how moisturized her skin looks.....


When jackie started singing Thong

@14:46...youre simply just NOT as dark as you think....to me-you're a dark tan..

It’s a no for me, sis! Throw the whole makeup line away!

i just stumbled across this video and i love it

This video was hilarious!

Me he reído como nunca

i totally understand your points with the tinted moisturiser and the reddish-black shades but we all have to put it into consideration that she is still a minor! she is only 15! i think she is trying very hard and doing very well, even though there are definitely improvements that need to be made. the company will be improved over time and i'm sure the shade range will be expanded soon. lets all just support her through this because it actually takes a lot of courage to do something like this. By the way, I am not hating at all x This is actually a suuuper helpful review video since I will be buying a few products soon.

Bruh i love it whrn she says "duallas"

Your skin is so pretty

Everyone hating on the eyepatch prices but for 30 pairs that’s a good price because for one pair I pay £1.70

i’m the same age as her and all I wanted was a tinted moisturizer and it’s $18 like what i’d rather get a meal than that

This video could have tried to be at least a little respectful

Ohhhhhh girl that red tho!

I’m young and have hyperpigmentation pleasee run for president!!

Lmao you clearly don’t know what teenagers spend their money on these days. They drop 200 bucks on a fuckin kpop ticket sis, these products from their faves are nothing. Also, the eye patches were manufactured in South Korea.

bold of you to assume all teenagers come from the same income category


tbh i am a big fan of her but as i saw the prices it was too much, i bought the skincare that i really needed, it helped my skin a lot but the face mask is just cute looking tbh it doesn’t do much on my skin

Gets 1.5k dislikes...

SPF in moisturizer is pretty useless. You never use enough to actually provide the spf on the label.

Idk what this is .. but I know this ain't it. It tinted your skin alright.

That kinda smells like rose water...*angelical music* and lavander ....*angelical music while applying more on*

Omg people in this comment section be hating on Jackie and Millie like keep it to yourself



millisha bobisha browndexter


honestly, millie isn’t really a good person to begin with so i mean...

13:41 hahaha, i love u

damn i got the peel off mask lmao well it doesn’t do anything but i love the color smell and how it doesn’t hurt when you peel it off like other masks!!

The minimum wage of many Americans is like $7.50, $34 is like nearly 5 hours of work for a face product?? for a TWEEN??? hell no. you will have pimples. Also, unfortunately, initially I thought I was imagining it, but I rewound to the beginning and was right, this product seemed to make your skin break out in front of my eyes.


Well it’s not up to you lol. Plus dark is subjective. Dark is also a spectrum. “Tan dark” is still a dark color. I don’t know why yall think everybody gotta look like Lupita Nyongo to be considered dark

Jackie Aina tell em ! love your videos and you didn’t say anything wrong

I think you all need to remember it’s probably not her literally formulating and creating these shades herself. REMEMBER I’m critiquing the brand. I really don’t care if she’s 15 lol she is definitely old enough to take professional criticism and personally as a black woman I am constantly told to “give them credit” aka except half assed if you aren’t included. And I personally I don’t make excuses for people when dark people aren’t included anymore but if you want to that’s your thing

shut yo ass for fucking once, criticizing isn’t being fucking unprofessional

Would you shut up and learn how to handle professional critique

Who are you calling an idiot



Funniest video from Jackie I swear

Honestly do these brands know that there are black ppl with a yellow/gold undertone? Not all of us have a orange/red undertone…

Whoever edits your videos deserves an award

i was honestly shocked when she suddenly slapped her face

y’all...her makeup is completely vegan. do you know how expensive vegan makeup is? her makeup is at a fair price. she didn’t slap in whatever prices she wanted she has a team (although they could’ve gone cheaper yeah)

That’s cool and I’m happy you’re happy for her, but I don’t need vegan makeup to make me orange. I can do that for free with what I have....

so this is what jackie's videos are like.. hmm.. not for me

then why are you here in the first place

The ending had me weak

you r gourgase ( dont know how to spell that)

She was so annoyed and wanted to wipe that tinted moisturizer off so bad when her face started itching. We know Jackie don’t play about her skin lol.

I love how she says that the moisturizer should have spf50 because children are outside more often, but I’m 12 and I get about 5 seconds of vitamin D and sunlight everyday

The beginning killed me

this is fucking sulfate free. you guys are so jealous I can’t

Grow up and get the hell off my channel with this childish comment

candy marie-lou ☁️ if a 15 year old can have a skin care brand home girl can take criticism just saying

This video made me laugh and kept me smiling. I love the Energy and vibe. I love the background too

The intro lol

20:20 omg product in color of brick wall

Lmfaoo the spray

Personally, I like that the skin products have no SPF because SPF breaks soooo many people out, clean brand or not.

You look as if you got sun burn. I think ms milles is out of touch with reality


9:20 Going to seferuh.

2050 kids : thE oWnEr oF flOreNCe uSe tO aCt ??!!?

Some of the kids in my dorm have bought some face masks and stuff from the website, and I have to tell you it’s kinda crap... They bought the eye patch things and the purple peel off mask, then later they bought a nail polish. They save allllll the boxes and the receipts too

Harp Seal how

Considering it is aimed at a younger age group the tinted moisturizer looks oily and greasy. Putting that on pubescent skin is gonna make it 10 times worse I don't mind Millie but this line felt rushed. Love you Jackie xx

boots (in Brent Cross or Watford I can’t remember which one)

OML that skin stuff is so PAAAAATCHY!!!

In the words of Taylor Swift, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate”.

Girl but u didnt try the liquid pink mask thingyyy u mentioned cheap sheet masks could work better than that but u didnt even try it onn how could u judgee and buy if u wont try itt

How is your face so shiny???

“U probably go outside a lot more.” Me: *That is not c o r r e c t*

Hold up y'all did she say .........sefra

The intro ahahahahaha

I've just discovered you and you are now my favorite YouTuber, sitting here crying laughing throughout the whole video❤️

Who realized they've been putting eye patches on wrong their entire lives while watching this?

Omg instantly subscribed

4:53 “is that spinach in ma teeth”

29:50 ummm is it only me or...

Your skin is so jum

Yeah how ?

Slept on Jackie...now a fave!!!LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

I know she is just a teen trying to make her own makeup products. But she did make a mistake, but NO NEED TO HATE ON HER!

You said game of thrones and I hit subscribe

you do realise she is applying it omg

When you put on the tinted moisturizer..... Girl you look like a 12 dwallaa burnt red velvet cupcake.

Your skin looks better natural than with any of that product on, like it did nothing for your skin, you had a better natural glow before any of the makeup was applied

I knew it was gonna be bad, but I didn’t think it was gonna be THAT bad

"and you dont want to be that person" *stares into the void wearing a thin layer of vaseline bc it's colder now, moisturizer with 15spf, and spf50 sunscreen on top

horrible foundation. Looks like a mask from around the face view

As having a dermatologist for a mother, I don’t recommend tinted moisturizer for sensitive skin because the pigment is going deep into your pores with the moisturizer

Who counted how many layers did she put on her face??????

Gracias por los subtítulos!

That white chicks insert

you are hilarious

The Tinted moisturizer is way to red and oxidizes too quickly ... Jackie can you see if Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide is high up on the ingredient list if any of them are then more than likely it’s the mineral that’s causing the immediate oxidation.

Red light special

Wow, you are sooooo funny. I suscribed

I like the moisturizer without spf cause I can use it at night time. This one particularly doesnt have parfum or synthetic fragrance which is a major plus. Spf isnt neccessary for me most the year, I work inside. Also I only use mineral spf. I love this moisturizer, quality formula for a great price!



I would not second guess these products if I saw them at Claires bruh... even the colour scheme lmao


You are so funny and pretty

The product is there you just cant see it.

As someone with asthma I appreciate when things come fragrance free. Anything scented triggers my asthma

Girlll I love you you soo funny keep keeping it real


What I don't like about the prices is there the same in Pounds and dollars like 30 dollars is 27 pounds

Violet you’re turning violet

Your skin is goals wow

okay but I feel its more expensive use its vegan and it doesn't have damaging chemicals at least thats what she's advertising.

oh also like Maybelline and Cover girl etc are not vegan and test on animals

I have tried the Florence concealer


“Be careful what you wish for”

Who else wants this for Christmas

the fact that she said “sEphora” and not “sephOra”

But like Jackie aina should run for president


Damn she so shiny you can see the light on her head go Jackie I see you

can we talk about how the video has two separate filters? like right after the Genie bit. it deff didnt help the foundation looking red, just saying smh

@Jackie Aina My bad for assuming but the video is two different colors. But like you said it might have been the lighting. It was off-putting is all :/ great review nonetheless.

I don’t add filters to my videos

you're funny

broo these comments got me like

Y‘all are hating on someone who reached more than you will ever reach PERIODT

Jackies skin:

“Did you guys hear that I’m scared”

I love you and I’m subscribing because your serious but also funny and seem sweet

your honor where is the product

“Your Honor”


When I wore the brow gel my eyebrow hair came off a bit when I took it off, and if your gonna say anything like “you probably washed it rough” I didn’t.

Your ears are so light from the foundation lol

you should be wearing SPF on its own, because if you expect SPF in face creams/foundations to work, you'd have to put a ton on.

i haven't found one spf broad spectrum 50+ product that worked well for my face that either didn't make me read, burn my face or burn my eyes or clogged my pores and gave me pimples

damn i wish you tried out the whole skincare line lol i want to see if that facewash lathered

i actually looked for the hyperpigmentation link in her bio

Millie's foundation looks hella oily. I wanna just smack some powder on that

Well if you found the right shade then maybe it would be better

I just want to say thank you for not targeting millie. A bunch of makeup "gurus" did when they tried her products which is so unfair.

the prices though...

i had the experience with most bb creams that they darken pretty fast when applied. also dont know the reason

WhAt A bEaUtIfUl cHoCoLaTe RaNgE!! **insert white chicks meme** legend has it I’m still dying

Can u test out frilliance make up by Fionafrills

Lmfao at the beginning...kml

“ violet you’re turning violet”

Not to be judgemental or critical, but skin tints & bb creams, cc creams actually have differences but amazing video though and I agreed with everything else you said!

I hate to say this but after you put the concealer on your cheeks over the moisturizer it looked like you were wearing a mud mask which is just terrible for the face product to not work with the concealer like whats the point of having a line where the products arent compatible and make you look worse than before you put them on

U see Russia? Me nooo but i see hydration

The skin tint was so red!!! It kept turning more red which is crazy! You made it work though! Definitely not trying out those products, but the moisturizer looked nice!

@Jackie Aina it burns my skin and my skin isn't even sensative. The product is good overall but I just don't like it

the product didn’t look or feel right, wrong shade or not you can feel when something feels nice on your skin.

Probably because if she pronounced it correctly she will get copyrighted because it is trade marked

Omg hell NO!! I came here to see a review because this line is on sale for Ulta holiday sale. You look too greasy and too red neither of what I need as I already have a strong red undertone and oily skin. Pass!

“...you probably spend a lot more time outside.” *-you’re funny-*

The tinted moisturizer

Just found you.... and I love you. Where have you been my whole life?!?!?!

youre hilarious i love it

Millie is spanish


Millie has a samsung, didn’t you see it in an ad? So it was mad blurry and since it’s clear you wouldn’t see it. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. THIS IS ONLY A THEORY.

Also I found you as I was watching makeup compilations and I was scolding through my feed and found you. You’re really funny and entertaining and that’s why I’m subscribing to you

What serum do you have on your face at the beginning of the video? I need that in my life

Just love the way you talk...go girl

You had me literally crying laughing. I love your honesty. Your skin looked better before applying the makeup.

So Sueann 76 What are you talking about lol. You’re allowed to say product names on YouTube.

Millie named it after her grandmother

"$34 ....szzbahzzhmmzahhhhh...

Pumas though

Applying the facial wash BUT THERE’S NO WATER

I love it when she says “dowllaRs” Like fr that satisfies me

Why have I never heard of Jackie before? 2 minutes in and I love her!

This is liza in the future

Omg the "OMG i look red Ahhhh" made my night

The packaging reminded me of Claire's. No hate, it's just the color that stands out to me


some of these products shouldn’t be priced as high regardless adult or kid who is buying it.

Omggg i love you, so hilarious

Nic C i mean ur like 10 sooooo, ur whole life ain’t that long

“I’m scared”

I could hear anything past your burnt orange

o my god i tryed her sufe it is so good

“Electric chair”

31:53 but there’s no sun where she lives

7:09 no need for spf in England though

it went downhill shockingly fast once that tinted moisturizer came out

Looks like u got sunburnt or something lol

In the intro she's literally making fun of her tho ...

I really want to see your everyday make up! Like the skin tint and brow gel or stuff like that! ❤️

even tho game of thrones DISRESPECTED 2019

I have seen this brand in Boots but doesn’t appeal to me, I’m more of a medium to full coverage b*tch

I was sitting just waiting for you to wipe that off your face!!! But maybe I'll try the eye patches

Dear Jackie, please create a cosmetics line!

These edits


5:25 I CANT



Jackie Aina some people don’t

you think we don’t know what sulfate-free is?

I just went to ulta and bought the eye patches and scrub and the total was $50......... my parents yelled at me......


Love the clavicle part

what is it about thinking black people are red

to be honest without setting powder you just look a bit sweaty in my opinion you look good enough to just no wear makeup

I'm from Brazil, I saw your whole video and I loved it, keep putting subtitles

Wow! You actually have 3.3M subs. I had to ask . Great going. You have very nice skin and beautiful color. I agree that cost is very expensive for youn girls.

MusicIs Life same, the editing is one of my favorite parts of jackie’s channel

Omg why am i loving you so much gal

You see Russia right there lmaooooo

Will Smith

The memes make me gofle

You’re actually hilarious


omg i was laughing that you look so red lol and when you tried to put the concealer over it. LOOOL love you!!

When u realized you had 2 eyes so it was 1 months worth of product I was LOLing

The money situation is different in my country so the eye patches are actually $49.90 dollars here ☹

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