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weekly Outlook From Institutional Forex Trader  Institutional Trading Secrets 2020 Video

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evening everyone hope you had a great  weekend this will be our last uh week   weekly analysis for this year last week  was our last trading week for this quarter   i would love to wish you all merry christmas  for everyone that's celebrating it and happy   new year and hopefully 2021 would be better  than 2020 with all the mess that we're having   if you are interested in uh becoming  one of our members in this 2021 views as   we all working from home and interested in the  market and reading the market we give monthly   subscriptions from 75 a month you would have  access to our members area where we have live   sessions on wednesday thursday and friday new  york or london updating our setups and giving   our views with a lot of educational uh stuff  concerning uh the market from forex to crypto   and we'll do our analysis for more than 32 pairs  usd pairs yen pound euro indices commodities and   crypto anything that you would like us to  have look at or our opinion in the market   the same package would be covered for 25 dollars  a month with seven day free trial but without the   members area in our academy if for 2021 you're  having difficulties in finding a trading setup   that you want that's already back tested  and it's successful and you want you're   interested in learning it or you want to invest  in yourself in to know how to read the market   uh in a different view from the  retailers you can visit our academy   we have some online courses when you press  here it will direct you to our online courses learn how to read the market it's  150 one-time payment you have full   access to it anytime you want we will cover in it  structure introduction to impulse and corrective   waves what is the trend extensions advantage  of the extension strong truncations diagonals   and fibonacci measurements fibonacci measurements  as you can see is very critical in our trading in   our style of trading so you will know know exactly  how what to look for that's from elliot wave   perspective it's easier there's videos and there's  text for whoever wants or would prefer to learn   then we'll have the corrections definition of  a correction what's a flat regular all of the   elliot wave perspective uh that's for only 150  and you will be dedicated with the with a chat   that we will answer most of your questions and  all of your questions concerning elliot wave   then we have our entry setup same thing yeah but  it's like a setup that combines uh market maker   cycles with smart money uh concept uh it's a  way that i combine different strategies together   and came up with this so it's two setups that  we study and give examples with details videos   and texts liquidity grabs and the stop hunts when  they happen what when do you expect them to happen   and our the last course is our online course which  with me it's a hallmark setup it's a different way   of looking at the market uh it's totally different  from elliott wave from the smart money the way i   measure it's but you have to have understanding  of how to read the market from an elliott wave   concept for you to be able to take this course  it's way advanced uh so it's a five uh day course   uh two hours a day uh with me and uh will take  you you will you will be dedicated to a lifetime   chat in discord where will hold your hands at the  beginning with couple of uh trades and hopefully   it's not that hard but it you will you will get  the exits and the ends it's very detailed and   minimum if you are wrong in your analysis  the damage is way minimum like our entries   they're like 10 pips top 15 pip stop that's it  so that much to like to the details the entries   are gonna be on the five minute and sometimes  on the one minute analysis are always i see a   lot of people doing analysis on the 15 minute and  the 10 minute basically if you are new to this uh   to trading try to stick to uh to the four hour  and the one hour and keep in mind the higher time   frame the daily and the weekly candles how they're  closing where they're closing uh so but analysis   has to be done on the four hour and the one hour  entries that's something else that's you you have   to get a setup analysis is something and trading  is something else there's a lot of gurus outside   there that give amazing analysis and youtube stuff  but they have no idea how to trade their analysis   they're not successful in their trading but  their their analysis is like like amazing   that's what it is like analysis something and  trading something else for you to be successful   you must have both we help you in this stuff in  our community we're a very small community uh   and hopefully we will grow it in 2021 all together  now let's uh head us ahead to our analysis for   this week if you were following us we're  saying this is an uptrend and they will   keep on pushing and doing corrections pushing  doing corrections till next year till after   we see what's going on with the elections and  who's taking charge and stuff like that anyway so   this is gonna keep on pushing you want you want to  trade on any pullback take take it to the top or   you know how to trade a reversal go ahead  and trade it but that's the direction that   we're having at the time being till next  year uh uk same concept we identified this   by from down here and this by now as we said  last week we're in in a consolidation and   there's a total mess in the uk as we are having  the session new trend of uh the covet anyways so   let's see how this is this is gonna open but  i see it basically it will head till up there   but keep in mind that this can be an abc around  here a push to the top and continuation for the   downtrend just keep in mind that let the market  give you the direction let the market tell you   where it's going that's why a setup is critical  that's why you set up you must you must master one   setup and you know the ends and the out of it the  dxy as we said last week it's still in a downtrend   there's no intentions of it reversing we're  looking for this wave it might come this year it   might not come this year we finished trading for  this whole uh year with this supporter next year   we'll do our setups and we'll trade our  successful way of looking at the market   so for the dxy we're looking for one more push  or a reverser from here let's see and wait   euro the same concept is the reversal of the  dxy we might have we might have the following   and reverse or it can continue heading up it  all depends what you guys uh are looking for but   basically we're looking for ourselves if anyone  wants to a trade we're looking for ourselves   after breaking the stop or it can reverse from  here the pound as i said last week we were in   this cell and i suggested you guys to take  profit because we're expecting a correction   this correction could give us the following or it  can go up that's the liquidity area up here break   the liquidity area and then reverse i would not  be surprised to see the pound opening around here   or maybe lower giving us a gap there's a gap  it needs to be covered down here i will not be   surprised this is going like this without any  warning even even a gap from down uh if we were   trading i'm pretty sure my guys would have sold  the stop after the liquidity grab that happened   around here the yukat as said last week it  is the last leg and we should be in this long   if you are in there was a beautiful setup  one of the examples that we trade is sorry about that if you see right here you are in a downtrend  and there is a consolidation in this area   before new york open usually ukad is traded in  new york so if you if you saw it they went down   they grabbed the liquidity that's down here  came back up and used this uh the buyers that   were reversing because most of the trades are  looking for a reversal and then came back down   knocked their their stop losses and  the trend followers that made sure that   okay this is it we're heading down they  collected all the orders that are down here   and reversed our way of looking at the  market and entry if you can see it from here   you see this candle that formed and it was  engulfed by another candle basically you would   look at it it always get retested back again  this is smart money talking uh perspective so   when you come down when the price comes down  and retest that candle that would be your entry   and use your stop loss around these areas you  can minimize that if you go to the five minute   the same concept i'm pretty sure if you go lower  you get you can minimize it to like five pip or   seven people even ten per stop loss the more lower  time frame you go for your entry only not for your   analysis that's totally different for your entry  you look for the same setup and you take it   and there's another confirmation that we use  which is our hallmark we measure corrections and   it gives us specific details where the market  is gonna reverse with confluence with this   setup that's that's playing around here so two  setups giving you the same signal it's a high   probability trade that you can take hopefully it  was helpful if you're interested to know how to   look at the market in this way visit our academy  and our chats we have a community free chat   for tele in telegram for a new uh  we're still looking for our cell but   yes i said last week it can break the top and  it will break the top if you look at daily i'm looking around these areas if not if when we're not gonna respect these  areas will be heading till up there as i said   let the market show you and follow the big  money right so don't try to say okay let   me short let me short let me show it why you  want to short if there's no setup don't short   go go with them bye there's not top  there's no high there's no button so   so try from from a different perspective stop  thinking the same way as the retail trading all   all the all the information that that's given for  free outside there these are retail thinking right   so in this market you must have these retail  mentality that's why they feed you all these   nonsense that that's outside there that's why 92  and 94 percent of traders fail in this business   and the market needs these uh these failures  right for the successful one to make money   and i was i was i was uh i love to educate  myself most of the time i follow some of the   gurus that i really respect outside there one  of them i'm not going to give names mentioned something about uh about the success of the  market and how it works and why we need the   retail trading for every one successful trader  there is 30 retail traders that are losing money   that's the big gap that you need to to it's  like the gap ha it's a process right the   learning process you cannot move away from  it there's no course there's no guru that   will take you from one end and straight to  the other end there's successful traders   experienced traders that will guide you all the  way the process faster instead of taking you   four years three years it will take your time  it depends we're not engineers we're not doctors   so choose the right guru or the right experienced  guy mentor to guide you faster with this process   the process you must pass in it there's no way  that you can escape from it it's just for you to   accept it and it was it makes sure that it will  not cost you hundred and thousands of dollars   that's the whole thing but you must pass in  this process so basically let's go back to our   to our uh analysis for a new i'm looking for  it to continue its up move i'm not we will not   be trading this up move there's no setup for us  to take for this up move there was a retest of   the structure you can take it up it depends on  your setup but for us we're not touching this   at the time being aussie we're expecting one more  push to the top before any reversal we will wait   for it we're not in a buy we're waiting for this  moves silver as i said last week this can reverse   from here and that's exactly what happened it  reversed from where we indicated it will reverse   a lot of guys were looking for this to do the  following and then take it up and it reversed   from here now what's next on any pullback  or any correction take your buy these legs   are specific to our hallmark we call them missing  legs so when this is formed the direction is that uh gold the same concept that's your  missing leg and direction is that   copper we indicated that it's the same thing  the commodities they all follow each uh   other so on any pullback take your buy keep in  mind we're reaching the end right so the end   of the year so be careful i suggest stop  trading be satisfied with what you made   you made a nice return on on your investment  that's good keep on educating yourself keep   keep on improving uh feed the brain new  information or practice and back test   your setup or your way of looking at the market  if you are successful and if you are not hit us up   there we have a lot of free stuff and with a lot  of like a community that respect each other and   we trade right successfully we have a  lot of setups that are discussed on our   daily basis hopefully we can see you  invest in your education guys uh crude oil   or west excess wti we're looking for the 50 area  for a major correction this major correction will   break this low so wait for it to finish keep in  mind they might consolidate in this area break   and reverse so i don't expect this to happen this  year but that's the direction we're looking at   uj we indicated a lot of traders were looking for  the buys do not buy on any pool these are just   misleading these are just missing less completing  something up there now this leg goes with this leg   and we should have one more down breaking the  slow before any correction something like this   and then continuation for the downtrend  this is going down till 102 maybe 100.   jj as i said that's the liquidity i was really  hoping that this would break the top before any   reversal but what i'm hearing on the news uh  this is heading down from here as as explained   most pound pairs were into correction this  correction can be shallow or it can be aggressive   the elliott wave perspective they call it uh uh  a zigzag so that's the direction crypto hopefully   you guys caught this move from last week as i  said a lot of traders were looking for this for   a triangle and continuation for the uptrend it  came down induced the sellers and as i explained   it when a triangle happens and it breaks one side  and comes back to the level of that triangle any   setup any end of a correction that happens  the opposite of that break or with that break   you buy it this is heading all the way up and  this is not stop do not sell here please do not   stop selling stop trading as a retailer picking  tops and bottoms go with the trend go with the   trend nobody's saying that's the end nobody's  saying that's the high or that's the low anyways   the same concept we're going up that's a  triangle what i expect is a break and reverse   so hopefully you know how how to trade these  if this would break the top and comes back   inside here on any correction take it down  let the price tell you the direction right   xrp we're forming another triangle around here  this can be the following and a drop the same   thing as this which i doubt it will happen and  it can this is already done and that's your   direction choose your site to choose your  educated uh trade we're here to uh to take   higher probability trades not gambling not  trading the one minute or the five minute   or the three minute uh trades and doing our  analysis on the lower time frame natural gas we said last week look for your buys this can  has a process potentially from this side to come   back down collect that liquidity and move up it  came and it's consolidating this area any break   of this sticker by this is heading up huh gu if  possible i already covered that uh michael in   the beginning you guys are are doomed so uh i  would uh don't forget to press the likes guys   and it will help our community to  grow and if you are not a subscriber   subscribe to be notified for any potential  or future uh live sessions that we we do yes i did that at the beginning michael uh if  you would like me to take or check any any trades   or any setups or any chart uh  exactly uh please post it in the chat   or in our community in our community chat  would love to assist you in any charts in 30 gu exactly guys exactly so basically  that's that's what it is don't forget to visit   our website and try to make if you're new to this  before putting any live going into live account   try to invest in yourself that's your key   to your success invest it's the  process that you need to pass sugar to you too michael to you  too and your family per and cacao basically what i'm looking at for this one on the higher times as you can see  i started with the higher time frame   before moving anything anywhere lower so what i'm looking at i don't see this is heading or back up at  the time being let's go lower time frame it already broke this structure  let's go lower time frame okay if price reverses from here if price you see it giving a nice engulfing  candle from where we are at the time being   on any retracement take your buy at least till  up here if not higher but if price breaks this   on any correction or any impulse to the  upside reverse it there's specific area   that you need to look at the specific extensions  that you need to look at for you to be able to   determine which side it's it's going but basically  if this from right here gives an impulse to the   upside on any pullback towards that engulfing  as explained in new card take your bye weed crb uh john welcome to our community i  saw that you were you subscribed yesterday that's okay there's there's one way to look to look at  it this is this is showing towards the downside   john so if you're looking for the buy because of this double bottom it is at the cheapest size  right there's nothing wrong with it but the   question is what do you know about this uh  stock is there are they are they new in the   market what they're doing are they getting some  kind of fda approval like the price is like my   worst case scenario if you want to invest in  it it is at this at this at the lowest right so i would most likely yours your stop  would be at zero if you are investing uh how if this gives you the following   one more down and kicks in make sure you are  in this one and if you're trading this one   not as an investment if you're trading it if this  there's an extension that you can place your fibs   and will give you a retracement same thing as  this one if this gives you that setup around here   retesting this zone there's other  confirmation but basically look for you by   approximately the same length as this one if not  higher this can reverse and do a minor correction   and continue more up at least revisiting the  structure so why not worst case scenario your stop   if this does not give that setup  this is gonna continue heading down so hopefully i answered your question john   if not do we have a telegram a free  telegram more than welcome to join uh sugar yes sir good mother welcome sir see john that's an example that i would love   to share with you concerning that that setup that  i just told you about you see this one and this   one they're familiar see how it's re testing it  there's a way to measure this one and you take   approximately this one to this one that's a  complete i call it a running correction so   that's a complete one if this gives a setup  around here for a correction this can go   up from here but basically if you took the trade  from this and your profit should be you should   start taking profit at the top here you always  pay yourself first right so what's next on sugar but that's the setup that i was talking about  so what's next for sugar if this completes   a correction to a flip extension specific fib extension this  might go up higher but if this turns out to be   an impulse the downside will break it's already  broken the downside on any correction look for   your buys you're welcome you're welcome  uh with what you mean the company with where is it i have it here oops must have taken it by mistake cannot be growth there is if you are interested   you're welcome john copy if you are interested  in investing in this there is a merger happening   with with afria and tilray if i'm not mistaken if  i pronounce it correct i will post the article so   i'm expecting on any correction around here to  look for a buy or the other company this might   shoot up as for weed this looks more a corrective  i would stay from the sector at the time being   guys it's not clear a lot of stuff dumped  so a lot of companies are shutting down   so it's a risk that you guys would be  taking that's an impulse as we usually say   if this does not turn from the zone or it does  a correction and continues going up it gives   an impulse to the downside breaking  this on any correction take it down al just let me not mix up stuff the whole airline sector is all gone so there's a friend that called me  concerning air canada stay away this can do the following right here   push the top create that uh formation  on the top here and then continue to   drive down same concepts as this one this would  be consolidating in this area for uh for a while   so you can trade between these collecting  liquidity at the top collecting liquidity   at the bottom do not trade in the middle watch  this to take it down watch down to take it up of course with a given setup thank you all and wish you all merry christmas  and happy new year whoever celebrates it   and hopefully we will see you in our chats  don't forget to press the like button and share   our small community and visit  our website take care guys

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