Wednesday Evening Service | Business Meeting | Kevin Pestke

Wednesday Evening Service | Business Meeting | Kevin Pestke

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II what. We have done or really what God has done through us, as a church and look, at all the different ministries and, then. There's the, financial piece that. Is you, know we get lost in the numbers but the, exciting part is what have we done as a church you're reflecting back on that how many of you were here on Sunday and you got that little handout think. That went out a little booklet with, like a summary wasn't that awesome. That. Was awesome I. Kind. Of I think and that was a pastor, Vinnie to Mia yeah, all. The colors and the graphics that was really nice. Let's. Pray father we, are. Gathered, here this evening. Lord. - for. Multiple, reasons or we're here because we want to be around other believers, Lord. We're here maybe, because this is a good habit in our life or we're here because, we. Love you and we just want to hear from your word and, be around your people Lord. We're here because we want to praise. Your name we. Want to bring honor and glory to you we want to learn more about you. And, allured. In all things that we do here in our church we do it. To. Honor and to glorify you even, in an. Administrative, business meeting. Father. Be honored be glorified in. Jesus name Amen. So. This song this, first song I was thinking about this on the way here today it's, it's trust and obey, how, many of you like that word obey just kind of tweaks. To the wrong way as an adult, yeah, are you like me like I think about obey and I'm like I, tell, my kids obey. But. There's. That principle, in scripture that says that we are we're not supposed to yield, ourselves to, unrighteousness, we're supposed to yield. Ourselves. To God what. Does yielding, yourself to God look. Like or mean, it. Kind of has that sense of obey doesn't, it where, we dig. Into the word we. Find the truth we. Trust, that truth and we act on it and. That means, obedience. Well, let's let's sing this song. When, we walk with, the, Lord, in. The light of his, word, what. A glory. Don't, know. Mommy. Do his, good where. He. Abides, with, us. And. With. Bust. And. First, and, obey. -, reader. But. To trust. But. We never, came. Through. Thirty, lights on. Oh. Oh. For. The flavor. Who. Will, trust, and. But. To try. What, he says. Where he sons we, will. Trust. And, open. To, be. But. To, trust and, obey. There. Is a truth. Older. Than the, ages. There, is a prom. A things, yet, to come. There, is, more. Our. Salvation. See. There, is a lot. That. Overwhelms. The darkness. There. Is a kingdom. That. There is, freedom. The, chains that bind. Gee. Oh. To this. Who stands. Evos. He plans. He. My. There. Isn't day, I. Call. The, times. They, realize a song. The, comforts. And the know. Clums. The storm that rages. Jeez. Who speaks too. Evil. We carry. Strange. Ma. My, save. There. Is power. You're. My. My reading. There. Is blood. In. You, walk on the, waters, you, speak, to, the, sea you. Stand, in, the, fire. Beside. Me. You. Roar like a lion, you. Blood as, the, lamp you, carry, my. Heel. There, is no one like you geez. There. Is no one. I'm. Gonna view that's first, I've heard or Sun that song I like, that song. Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo. Walked on the waters, who. Spoke. To, a storm, until just to be, still, man. What phrased, it, to lord jesus those things that we look at her like this, is impossible. He, did it. A. Friend. Foresee. Jesus. Loved. My. Suit. And space. For. Me. My, say. Whoa. No. Save. Me. My son. Did. Times. My. Strength. Three. BTW. No. Saving. Her. T-brain.

Radovan. You may be seated. Thank. You Jeremy, and Heidi, what. A great selection of songs to start our evening, off. Welcome. Everyone how's everybody doing what. A, fun day this morning was seven degrees when I woke up this morning, and and and, got out the day and. When. I went home so. Find, my family it was 30. Ha. I, mean. I was like shedding, clothes you know I was like wow it's. Amazing to live in this city. Isn't it a wonderful city to live in. Amen. Today, is our our annual business meeting. Which. Makes her service a little bit different but not. Completely, different we're still gonna receive. An offering for a missionary, tonight the offering, is going to be for Gulshan Lal he's. A missionary that we've been supporting, for some, time so gentlemen if you come now we, can receive of that offering. Gulshan. He goes over, to India, Nepal, Pakistan in. Those, areas, and, he. Tries to encourage and help build up the local church there and he trains. He. Trains leaders, in those, areas, so he. He has a leadership, training facility. And at a time, well the last time he did this there, there ended up being twice as many people's the expected, to show up which, put, a pretty big strain on his finances, so we want to be able to help him in there, this. Picture right here the, former picture that you saw was. A picture of a man named Evan. And. He's. One of the leaders that, Gulshan, has been has. Been training and according. To the email that we received he has recently been, beaten. His. Son kidnapped and, he. Was robbed. Because. He was preaching the gospel of Jesus the police. Refused. To do anything. And. Refused. To register, this as persecution. Because he, is a Christian, a couple years back in 2014. The, government in India chained. And, is, much more aggressively, against, Christians, than ever before, so we, want to pray for Gulshan, and for, avid, - but we also want to receive an offering this evening to, be helping their ministries, if you don't if you want to be a help and and you don't have any money in your pocket, you can always use. Your credit card at 585, you can you can text the word give giv, e - 585 3, 3 - 2 0, 1 0 and, that'll. Allow you to. Put. Your information in, their credit. Card information and, all that kind of stuff and, select. From, the drop-down list Wednesday, offerings, will make sure that gets them so let's pray for this offering and we'll continue, our service father thank you so much for gold Shawn and his commitment to the faith his. Commitment, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ no matter where he is and, Lord, I think of abba - here and his family, and the persecution the, the legitimate, persecution. That he is facing Lord. That his own son was kidnapped that his family was beaten and the police refused, to. Be of a help or assistance in any of this so God we call. Out to you and we ask for your grace. We. Know you're a God of mercy. Lord. We know that we can commit. This family, into your hands, and you will do absolutely. What. Is right and, so, God we trust you and we acknowledge that you're a good god this evening we, pray for this family Lord, that justice would be served how, do we pray for this family that.

You Would take care of them Lord I pray for goal Shawn and the finances, that he needs to continue the work there help, us in some small, way to be used of you lord. Help us to give. In such a way that honors you this evening for we pray all this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen. All right just as a reminder this, Sunday, is the, first. Sunday. Of February. February. So, if you have, not been baptized, and you need to be baptized, then you are a. This, is the Sunday that we will do it I believe we have three. People signed up for that I think something like that. So if, you wanted to join that class of people we, would love to have you the best way to do, that at this point is to contact, the church 390 to 0-7 7. Seven or you. Can email, Pastor, Mike Metzger, his email, is on the back of the bulletin, he. Would love to connect with you and figure out a way to discuss. What baptism is show you through the Scriptures what that looks like and then. Be ready on Sunday. For. That last night, we. Had our chicken wing bash. Or men's night out, two. Hundred and eight men. Came to that, it's. A ridiculous, amount of chicken wings gave their life I think. It was twenty, one hundred chicken. Wings were consumed, by the by. The men that came out last night it was a I was a fantastic. Event actually, very. Encouraging. A lot of fun, testimonies. A, good, time of Prayer and in the word and and two. Hundred eight voices, coming together to sing unto the Lord very. Very. Enjoyable and. I look forward to the next time we can do that as well. Let's. See we are going to. We. Are going to be in Matthew, 28, so if you want to find your Bible, and make. Your way to Matthew, 28, we'll be there in just a minute. Before. Service. I was told that Eileen, Smith. Had. A mini-stroke. So. Do be praying for Eileen Smith, as well, you. May have seen Rob utter friend, of this church who, is going to have surgery, heart surgery, tomorrow so. You can pray for Rob utter as well. There's. Always a handful of names the Haiti team, in. The twenty I think it's 26 people are leaving tomorrow. Morning. For Haiti there's a bunch of sickness, that's kind of happening, with all that so please, do pray for them and the obstacles that come about and what all that looks like there's.

Always The, devil trying to throw his fiery darts, so we as a church need to put up that shield of faith and quench them things right so. Let's do commit that while they're on that trip that, we can we. Can ask God to bless in all that so join me in prayer as. We commit these people, into, the hands of our Lord and we ask for some healing and some guidance and direction all of these things so let's, pray together father thank you we love you Lord Jesus not. As we ought to but God we do love you and we pray that you would allow us to love you ever more god. There's, so. Much encouraging. Things going on here, Lord, this team of men. And women that are heading to Haiti tomorrow, Lord I pray that you would bring, forth the special anointing on, each one of them reveal. To them and use. Them greatly. In. Such, a profound and divine. Way Lord I pray that they would make an impact on the people of Haiti Lord. Whether it's young, or old but Lord even more than that I pray that that, you, would make an impact in their hearts and in their souls and God as they come back to Rochester, Lord. That their faith would have increased, and Lord, that increase. Would be used for your kingdom, and for the and for the growth of this church here for, God we're excited, about the. The steps of faith and the stretching, of their faith that they. Have, chosen. To do on this trip what a blessing that is gotta pray for a wanna, that's going on right now Lord, I pray for healing journey god I pray for the summit teen ministries, and lord, I pray for the Bible Institute that's taking place right now being taught Lord, all these things Lord without. You we can do absolutely nothing, so. Lord we come to you and and we ask that you would bring help. Give. The teachers whether. It's a little Cubbie teachers or whether. It's the senior high kids or whether it's the ladies in the healing sure whether it's Pastor Mike teaching, tonight, the book of Galatians got to pray that you would give your. Spirits, Lord. That there were to be an illumination, and a fresh. Wind of understanding. That would come into the souls and hearts, of. The people of our church Lord I pray for us here in the sanctuary Lord. As we open up your word that you would speak again to us as well, as we discuss the business we talk about the business of this church that God your blessings, what, about in 2018. And beyond would continue. To be a wonderful wonderful. Season, in this church got to think of Rob utter god I think of Robin Gonzales, and Jove, is on on Betty Putney lord I pray for Ann Warnock, and Jean.

Reid And peg Gray the Lord I think of Tim Sampson and Tim hey and for. Jason motley, Lord I think of Michael Stewart, and Joe, capri at miss, Bonnie Lord and of course miss Eileen Lord, all these people that are dealing with different medical. Ailments, and I know there's more I know there's plenty more as well but God we we asked that you would do a wonderful work in these people's life you. Would touch and heal them that, your grace would abound and they would be nearer to you this day because, of these, sicknesses, lord help us as a church. To. Be an encouragement to these people as well and, God we really do look unto you for your for, your guidance and direction for your healing for your touch and all this bless, us now in this service Lord help us as we open up your word would you speak a truth in to us for we pray in the name of Jesus Christ amen. All. Right Matthew. 28. Is where we are going to be did you find it yet. You'll. Find it yet. Great. Thanks. Mike. Last. Year if. Your memory serves you at all we. Did I did a short. Devotion. Message, on. Stewardship. And. I told you during that message we wanted to be good stewards of the gospel of Christ we wanted to be good stewards are the resources, that God, has given to us the facilities, and the opportunities, that we have and we've tried to set some things in motion to do just that, today, as I was, thinking. About what the message would be for tonight I thought you, know we have a we, have a business meeting so I thought man we probably should talk about what the business of the church is that. Makes sense doesn't it and, so I looked at Matthew 28, and a couple, other scriptures, and I just wanted to go through some of this and, as. Many as you have gone. Through this in your life I don't want you to be, bored here tonight but I do want us to reset. Our thinking, a little bit and be reminded. One of the purposes, of the church or, one of the main focuses, of the church so Matthew 28, and verse 18 the, Bible says and Jesus came and spake unto them saying all power, is given unto me in heaven and in earth, go.

Ye Therefore and, teach, all nations baptizing. Them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of, the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe. All. Things whatsoever, I, have commanded you, and lo I am with You alway even, unto the end of the world, so we see, Jesus's, is talking. To his disciples right here he's talking to the very. First. Participants, in what is going to be a worldwide. And global, church that the church really doesn't. Exist you at this point but these guys are going to go with with the power of the and the authority, of God himself, and the and the leadership and the guidance of the Holy Spirit and they're, going to be responsible, for propagating. The, gospel message of forgiveness and hope and peace and reconciliation with. God well. That's pretty exciting isn't it and so. We see that, it's. Not that people should be coming, to us but, you notice what he says in there he says I want. You to in verse 18 go. You. Know that the church is supposed to be an active. Place it's supposed to be a place where the, the the people come in here and they and they get encouraged we get encouraged, and we and we challenge each other, and we, keep each other accountable and we love each other and as we do these things it gives us a certain degree, of. Strength. And stamina that as we leave this place we're able to go into the world and do what God has called us to do which, is to represent, him. Notice. That what he says teaching, all nations, we are to do, it in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Ghost this is this is not about the, name of of. Me, it's not about the name of this church but it's about God's name, bearing. His, image, and doing, his will and his, work we want people to observe. The, things that have been, commanded. And it tells us that God, is always, going to be with us so we see in here that it's not simply the, idea. Is not simply to propagate. Some ideas, or some thoughts, that the world might be able to meditate, on but what we really want is such a drastic. In, such a powerful. Change to take place in people's lives that, they stop walking, down the path that they are currently walking down and they walk down the path of Jesus Christ see. What he's talking about is that people would observe to do his, commands. In his ways that. We would yield, ourselves, right. The. Commandments, of God are not Grievous. Things. That God's called us to do are not painful. And, hard. It's. The harsh for us to do what God has called us, to do it, should, be a joy and a pleasure for Christians to truly follow, after. The, Lord we we. Do all of this not, for our own personal gain but we do it for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to see people actually live. Out the, scripture, okay and this is kind of where the rubber meets the road if you know what I mean many people can. Understand. The, truths, that are spoken in the church house, but but, to. Live it at home, is a completely, different story isn't it I, mean. Maybe I'm the only one that's true about here, but, there's. Times that I look at this and I go yeah I can do this and then I try to implement that and it's a it's a lot more difficult isn't, it but. What that's what we're supposed to do we're supposed to be a people that that bear the image of God that follow, after that actually live out the commands, of our of. Our Lord many people. Realize. The importance, of. Prayer. Right. We. Want to be a people to pray we had a we had a meeting. Last night and we talked about prayer, and I brought up the statistic, that the, average. American. Christian, spends, five, minutes, a day in prayer, okay. Now, many of us would say oh that's that's, terrible when, we're such, you. Know we're. Missing the mark in prayer we're not doing it but the reality is many. Of us if not all of us, struggle, to truly labor when it comes to praying. Yet. It's a command. Something. God has told us we need to do isn't it something. That is, simply expected, in all, of us many people realize, the importance. Of forgiveness, a, man I love, how the Lord works sometimes well. Where I get, to teach a lesson from the Bible on forgiveness, and and what, that means and I've gotten. To stand, before people and outline, the scriptures, and show people and give them these these ways to do this and and everybody, look man pastor, Kevin that was so good appreciate, you helping me I say that's great and then probably within a week or two there, comes a situation, in my life when I have to apply that and you know and I think to myself, they.

Deserve Judgment. That. Person doesn't need to be forgiven that person needs to be chased down in a car right, and, I. And the Lord reminds me of the lesson that I just spoke, reminds. Me you. Know forgiveness, is a wonderful, thing. It's. An absolute, and amazing, thing but it's extremely, difficult, to give out isn't it it's. A command of God observe. These things is what he tells us to do do these things many. People realize the importance. And of training. Up your children the way they should go but. Boy it's a lot easier to sit them in front of a TV or, to, give them a Kindle or or an iPad, or whatever it is and just, inoculate. Them for a few hours and, and I'll pacify, them or whatever it is and everything's fine but to actually train. Mahp in the ways of the Lord. That's. Work right there it's. Not always as easy as I want that to be I remember. Having our. First. Child and thinking man what a what a blessing, this is and and, have that second and just the excitement of having these children and children are wonderful but, man they. Hard work. They. Don't tell you that people. Always say how children, are such a blessing, who, tells, people that why do they do that they. Should be telling you men, be, careful, these children, a lot of work right here, it's, not just simply you, know you're gonna snuggle, up with this child and bad and it's gonna be this wonderful experience, and you're gonna love this I mean that child is gonna get in bed he's gonna drive, that, knee right into the side he's, gonna take that whole bed you're not gonna get any sleep that whole night, it's. Gonna roll over with the worst breath in the world and knock you out I. Don't. Know what that has to do with the Bible but. Just. Let it go I'm gonna forgive my children, right yeah. Many. People realize the importance, of of helping, the fatherless, right. The. Orphans, the widows, the foster, care of this world. Many. Of us we don't do. Anything. We. See that there's there's. Children that need to be helped. We. See that there's there's. Literally. Families. That are struggling. Widows. In need. Indeed. And. We. Do so very little. Expecting. That somebody else I guess is probably taking care of it and, yet. The commands of our Lord are just so, simple right there why, aren't we doing this why aren't we observing, these things and so as we, look through the scripture we need to we need to be a people that go out and make disciples, many people realize the importance of giving our tithes and our offerings but. Boy when it comes to pulling out that checkbook, or when it comes to pulling out that credit card or the cash in your wallet or or signing. Up for the for, the regular giving online. It. Sure is easy to pull back on that thing isn't it I mean you can see you know the Bible talks about money giving, money more than it does about Heaven and Hell combined. And. Yet many of us we struggle, when it comes to resources. Giving. Our resources, to the to the benefit of the of the church that's just a reality many. People we want to be we, want to be good neighbors, but. The the reality the how, to be a good neighbor what does that actually look, like we, are to observe, all. Things whatsoever. He. Has commanded, and then he says lo I will be with you always. The reality is the things that I've just mentioned it's not a certainly, not a comprehensive. List is, it of what, the church is supposed to be doing we. Could probably raise our hands and you all could give me many many many different things that we still should. Be doing, but. It doesn't really matter what that list is so much the reality is the who that is going to be there doing the work with us for. None of these things whether it's forgiveness. Or giving. Or loving, your neighbor or or, reconciling. Or training, up your children none, of these things are truly possible unless, he walks, with us there's. No way that the Church of God this church here any other church on planet earth can accomplish the work of the Lord Jesus Christ without Jesus. Christ himself, and so, he gives us this wonderful promise, right here one, of the last things he says to his people is and lo I am with you always. Hey, don't forget I'm walking, right here. With, you now we got a big job ahead of us I'm not saying it's gonna be easy I'm, not sure it's, not always gonna be sunshine. And blue skies but I'll tell you what no matter where you go and no matter how this happens, and and what takes place I'm with, you so. Let's keep the let's do this let's let, the world know, these. Commands. And what they are see.

Discipleship. And that's what we're talking about is going out and making disciples that's, the business of the church it's. Not simply a booklet, we reference, when we need. To complete some Bible trivia right. Discipleship. Is watching. Other. Faithful, people be successful and emulating. Them. Turn over to 2nd Timothy with, me. Second. To me right after first, Timothy, that. Helps you. Second. Timothy chapter 2. Verse 1 says thou therefore my son be strong in, the grace that is in Christ Jesus, don't you like that you know it does take a certain strength but, it's not a strength that you just have to conjure, up from within yourself I know I can do this I know I can do this what does he say the grace that is in Christ Jesus. See that's that amazing. Grace a John, Newton proclaimed. And sang about that's the that's, the grace the Paul the Apostle said is sufficient. For us, and, in every way he says and the, things that thou has heard this verse - and the things that thou has heard of me among many witnesses, the. Same commit thou. To faithful men, who shall, be able to teach others. Also, ok, and so, this is what we are to do it's not supposed to be in our own efforts it's supposed to be in the effort of God's grace and his, ability. It's, the things that we know to be biblically. True we, are to commit to faithful. Men who will, be able to teach others. Also. Notice here that we're not just supposed to. Take. This information and, cast it among anybody but. That were to look for specific, people, people. That are showing themselves to be faithful and our to invest, in those people, that are already showing themselves faithful. So that we can build them up and they can be useful for the sake of the kingdom they can grow to that next level they, can take that next step in, our. Church and in reality. There's really two ways of disciples, there's first one is is, a formal, discipleship. And in which I say. Frank I think I think you and I should get together and we should go through some things, in the scripture and Frank says okay and I meet him for. Coffee and we go through a lesson and we have six different lessons, that we go through and etc and that's how it goes and there's an impartation. Of, my knowledge, to him and so he isn't able, to increase, in knowledge, that's. Solid, the, second type. Of discipleship. Is real, a discipleship. So instead of saying hey Frank I want you to come over and do this lesson, with me I say, hey Frank I want you to come over and I want you to I want you to help me paint my house and, over. The next course of the next couple days, whatever. It is that we're doing whether it's painting a house or, or whether it's moving, somebody. From one location to the next location, we are living life together and. And. I'm showing, him how, I respond, when things don't go my way I'm. Showing him how, life is supposed to how I really how I react to my wife and how I react to my children, and everything, that's going on it's, no longer a formal, lesson on a piece of paper he. Is now and I am now we're studying, each other aren't we see. That's that's. A lot of what Jesus did it's. Really hard to find that too, many places in the scripture where Jesus sat. Down and said okay class get out your pen and paper and I'm, gonna give you I'm gonna write on the chalkboard and, what Jesus did is he simply walked through life and he. Modeled the gospel he lived the gospel he showed the divine path the right and the righteous path and they watched and they modeled, that whole thing and that's, really what we are supposed to be we were supposed to be disciples, to, each other we're supposed to, help. Each other in all of this it's not just, a formal, classroom, of knowledge, see. Many people have the the, ability, to preach, or proclaim, and many people have the ability to teach. In a classroom. But. Even, among these, preachers, and teachers there's. Not always, that many people, that. Actually live out the, Bible, and. And and, and so this is, this. Is what I said on Sunday is that, I want to narrow the gap, between, our what. We believe, biblically. And what. We do practically. Because. We have a lot of knowledge, right and we, believe a lot of the right things. From the Bible. But. We're not always doing, these things so what we want to do is we want to begin to narrow that and be able to do. What God has called us, to do in all this the Bible says in Romans 10 so then faith cometh by hearing. And hearing, by the Word of God you know what faith is faith, is simply believing what is written here and acting. Upon that, taking. The simplicity, of God's truth and saying I believe it therefore I'm going to do.

It. So. You know the Bible says you, know go into all the world and preach the gospel every, creature you, know some people say I've just not been called to do that i boy I don't see where it says if you're called go, into all the world and preach the gospel it, seems like it says go. Into all the world you know I don't, know that I feel like I'm called to train up my children in the ways of Lord it doesn't say that you need to be called it says train, up your children, yeah. You know I just don't I just don't think that I can be forgiving, it doesn't ask you to think about it just says to to, be forgiving, see. Oftentimes. We I'm. Just I'm waiting for this euphoric, feeling, from heaven, in. Which I feel overwhelmed by, something. Right and when that happens then I'll do it listen, you, know you know I went to Africa like seven years because. He said go and, I couldn't find a decent reason, not to I. Wish. I could talk myself out of giving a tithe an an offering right but, the reality is it's better to give than it is to receive, and. The more that you give the more God pours back on you, it's kind of cool. But. You, have to observe these things you have to do these things and it's a lot, of discipleship. Is is. Is, simply. Watching, this whole thing play out in other people's, lives I've. Been. Blessed. To have. A whole bunch of good godly men and women in my life for a long period of time and. As. We, often say more is caught. Than is taught isn't, it they. Didn't always sit me down and say okay here's the lesson for today what. They did is they showed me the lesson by. Living, that and. And, they weren't always perfect people and they weren't always perfect examples, but. You can learn from the good and you can learn from the bad as well James 1 says but. Be doers, of the word and, not hearers only, deceiving. Your. Own, selves. See it as the living. Of the Bible that we are commanded, to do it's not just the memorizing, it's not just, the meditating, on it but it's actually, that, we are to live this. Thing out on a daily. Basis, what's the business of the church it's to make disciples. Of our Lord Jesus Christ in all, this world and discipleship. Really is a commitment. It's a it's a path that Jesus wants, us to to, take. To walk on it's, a path of intentionality, where, we actually wake up in the morning and we choose that this day I this. Day I am going to be a follower of God's. Ways. So. That's the business of the church that's what we're trying to do is we're trying to make disciples, so when we walk out of our our bedroom, I my, spouse, my my, children my neighbors my co-workers. Whoever it may be they, look and they see. Jesus. Christ. That's. Powerful isn't it. They. See so much of a difference in me and the way I live in the way I talk in the way I choose to do this life. That. I'm able to speak a truth into their life. That. Ends up transforming. Them and. Changing. Their. Forever and ever. See. There's a there's. A, multiple there's, a multiplication, that can take place if we actually do this whole thing right. If see if you think about it literally. Every. Generation. Every. Generation must be reached with the gospel, there's. No free passes, there's. Nobody that's like well you know they get to you, know his their you know their grandparents, were Christians in the crash so this one's automatically. In no. It doesn't it doesn't work that way literally. We. Are always. One. Generation, away, Christianity. Is always, one. Generation, away from, extinction. If. The. Church. Holistically. Decides to stop making. Disciples. Within. One generation it, ceases. To exist. That's. Pretty powerful thought, isn't it and so. What. We need to do is we need to continue to make disciples. And and. I know that many of you know this but I wanted to bring, this to, bear again because it's kind of a fun. Thing to do, and. Which. Would be better let me ask you this question which. Would be better to be an evangelist. That. Wins 1000. People, to. Christ every, day. Or. To. Make one disciple, a. Year. Which. One would you choose I'm. Gonna lead a thousand, people to Christ tomorrow February. 1st of every second February 3rd 1000, 1000, 1000, so, in a year you.

Would Have one three. Hundred sixty five thousand, people, pretty. Amazing number of people isn't it, or. Would. It be better to simply make in the. Next year. One. Disciple. As. You. Go through the numbers it's pretty it's, pretty staggering. Of. Course in two years you've, only made two disciples and your. Competition, has, seven. Hundred and thirty thousand. People. That he's won to Christ I mean. It seems like pretty, far behind at this point right we got two verse seven hundred and thirty thousand, but. As you continue to go down what takes place here is is, one guys working with addition, one guys working with multiplication and, so. As we get into these numbers a little bit, they're. Staggering, of course but it it just gives you the idea in. In, in. Let's, say here let me look at a good number in in in. The twentieth year of this whole thing the. Person that is winning three, hundred sixty five thousand, people. Per year has, up to seven million a little over seven million has been reached that's big, number right there and the person that's making disciples, is only at a half a million still. Kind of lagging behind here. But, we're multiplying we're, not adding by. The time you get to the to, the to, the thirty four, year mark the, thirty-three year mark the, person, that has been winning, a thousand, people to, the Lord every, day is at the twelve million mark. That's. A lot of people right there of, course. The ability, to actually, win a thousand, people per day as, probably. Not realistic. That's. Those are big numbers right there the. Person who has discipled. One. Per. Year, and those. Disciples, have, discipled. One per. Year at, the. Same time, this other man has, 112, million people the. Other the disciple, the multiplication, principle is now, at eight point five, billion. People. See. What just took place. The. World was just reached. Not. By addition, not even by finding a thousand, people to win per day. But. By making. Disciples. See. That's the business of the church right there not. That we just go out and win as many people, that you possibly could win every, single day so that people don't go to hell but that we would see people reached and we'd see people grow in the Grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and those people would grow up to to keep the commands of God and they would, reach others and on and on and on and on I realize, there's some imperfections, and what I've just talked about here. But. At the same time there. Should be some inspiration, what I've talked about here too should. Be encouraging. That. The church literally can, reach. The. Entire world in, one. Generation if, we. Would simply choose to make, disciples. Of our Lord Jesus Christ, that's. What we want to do we want to be used for the Lord in this, church in 2018. And, beyond. And we are trying to position ourselves. Seems. Like gaudy numbers doesn't it eight point five billion people. How. Are we ever gonna do that and. Lo. He will be with us always won't, he, with. God is. Anything impossible is, it. Really impossible to do that I said. On Sunday we want to be a church, that plants, to, two. Churches the next five years we want to open up a community center that reaches the felt needs of our community. Whether it's addiction, recovery or family, support, or whether it's financial. Debt. Assistance, and. And strategies, and counseling, whether it's ministering. To the marginalized, for refugees. Or orphans. Or widows or whatever it may be it's, mobilizing. Teams to help the immediate needs of our community, if there was to be a natural. Disaster or some kind of tragedy we want to be ready, for all of this so, the.

Question Is will. You be a disciple, of Jesus. Will. We be disciples, of Jesus will we be people that that, submit, our knees that bow our hearts and our will to follow after the Lord Jesus Christ will we we've, got baptism, coming up on Sunday if, you've never been baptized you know what the first thing you're supposed to do is get. Baptized. Okay. If you're gonna be a disciple of Christ you got to follow the ways of Jesus get, baptized, get, involved in a life group get involved in discipleship, come to men's prayer meeting come sign up for a lady's life group I mean there's a ton of stuff we have a missions, team. That's leaving here you can start giving you can start attending regular, you can make a commitment, to say god I'm gonna read your word and as you speak I promise, I will. Follow. You, to. The best of my ability see that's the mission of the church that's the business, of the. Church now Nicole, if you'll come and join me we're gonna we are going to talk about some some. Some. Of the corporate, side of the church as well, but. The reality everything, I've just said is the, business about that we are focused. On in this. Church. Yeah. Okay. So the business meeting of is officially. Called to. Order welcome. Everyone. Do. You want to read that do you need to read the prior notes I'm, gonna read the. Notes. From the prior business meeting so the last business meeting we had was a special, business meeting that, was September 20th, 2017. So. I'm just gonna read. So. There. Were present. Pastor. Kevin, pesky the trustees the Deacons, and the members of the church pastor. Kevin called the meeting to order at 8:13, p.m.. Following, his Bible study in 1st Corinthians, 12 the old, business that was discussed minutes of the last meeting were read by Nicole Oakton a motion, was made by Bob Kaiser to accept, these minutes, seconded. By Daryl Brown the vote was unanimous to. Accept the minutes as read, pastor. Kevin new business pastor Kevin explained, that, the special business meeting, was called because our church Constitution. Calls, for a vote on the sale of any property, over, the sum of $50,000. Pastor. Then proposed the sale of the house and property. That the church owns located, at 1025. North grease Road and the, Deacons voted unanimously to, bring the sale of the property to the church there. Is a purchase offer for, the property of. $65,000. The, approximate, closing date if the Church approves the sale is November. 7, 2017. The. Reason for selling the property is that reduction for the church the, floor was open for questions and, there were none pastor. Kevin asked for a motion to sell the property at 10:25, North grease Road and it was made by Andrew, del, Duca, and seconded, by Mike West a show, of hands was asked, for.

To Take a vote and the motion was unanimously. Accepted. Pastor. Kevin asked for a motion to close the meeting at 8:30 p.m. and, it, was made by Mark Maynard and seconded. By George grace, pastor. Kevin prayed to close the meaning. So. I'm gonna ask for a motion to. Accept the minutes as read. Can. You stand up and say your name please and. May. I have a second motion. Van, Dutton. All in favor raise your right hand. All. Opposed raise your right hand. Let. It be known that there are nobody raising. Their hand. All. Right great. Old. Business, sale of ten twenty five just, as an FYI to as, a as. This is a business meaning a first Bible Baptist Church. You, have to actually be a member to be a part of these votes so, I know that not everybody in this room is members I know there's some people from other churches I know, there's some people that are, simply not members, at this point and. That's okay that you're in here we're not asking you to leave but it doesn't allow you to have voting, privileges at. This. Time as well so the. Old businesses, with the sale of ten, twenty five that. We're still waiting on a closing date we kind of chuckled a little bit that we. Thought that was going to happen on November 7th, was it and we, are waiting, to hear back from our lawyers. Hopefully. Soon. We. Say that a lot around here hopefully, this will happen soon, it. Should be this week and, that. Is what, we say every week so that's wonderful I think, we just inherit, that's how we sell property around here always next month okay so. That's, that's coming very soon. The new business of the church can talk about that okay, so, we recently. Have. Talked to Canandaigua National Bank a, about. Refinancing. Our, the, debt that we have the mortgage that we have here we, brought this before, the Finance Committee, that we have the subcommittee, of Deacons and then, we brought up to the full set, of Deacons as well and asked. Everybody's opinion we decided. To move ahead with this what. This means is, we, are consolidating. The, loans that we have and we. Are locking in the current interest. Rates what's the current interest rate. What. It's going to so. Be four point eight four will be our new interest, rate and that would be a 20 year loan it'll. Be the interest rate will be. What. Is it reconsidered, again at ten years at the 10-year mark okay, so, what this does is. Reduce, this will actually reduce our monthly payments, as we do this by, roughly, $8,000, a month or. You. Know close to $100,000, a year if you will so. That will be finalized, in the next six to eight weeks. So that was a success, for us and kind, of freeing up some cash flow, for. Us of course we can use some of that cash flow to pay down the debt if we want to we can simply push that against principal or we can use that to do. Some maintenance or fixes around the church. Etc. Okay. Nicole. Is going to now talk. Budgets. Which, I know so, many of you have been on the. Edge of your seat. Chance. To run yes. Sir um Kevin had said to me you, know pastor, Wally every time he did this he always had. A little humor so. You need to make you know add some humor to this well some. Of us really just that's just not our gift who's not our gift so. I had solicited some friends, and this, is what I came up with so um how. Much does a polar bear weigh does. Anybody know. Enough. To break the ice. There. You go, there's. My humor. It's. In okay. So for. Those of you that might be, new I just wanted to let you know that. We here at the church are on a fiscal, year so, our fire year runs from September 1st, through August 31st. So. The. Booklets that were handed out on Sunday. Those were all based on a calendar year January. Through December but, we are on, a. Fiscal year so all the numbers that you're gonna see here today are from the September 1st, 2016.

Through, August. 31st 2017. So I wanted to let you know that the numbers are also on a cash basis, for, my fellow, finance people this is not accrual, basis all cash so the cash that came in and the, cash that went out so I just wanted to make that. Known so. I'm, gonna direct you to I think it's page 25. It's gonna be the last four. Pages of the, booklet. So, we have three main ministries, here, at the church there. Are some booklets in the back if you didn't get one on the way in Vinnie. - Mia is passing them out if you if you need one just go ahead and raise your hand real quick we. Have up in the front row here. Okay. Thank. You. Okay. So we have three main. Ministries we have F BBC which is the church. Northstar Christian, Academy which, is located in gates that is our. School, that, school is tuition based, Chris. Bosh Nick is the head of school there it is the K through 12 school. And also. Under. That umbrella of, NCAA, is we have a preschool. Program for. Three and four year olds a daycare. Aftercare, and a, school-age, summer. Program, and that's run by Beth Porteous, so all of that is under, what we're calling the NCA umbrella, and then. The sports park underneath. The sports park is field usage, and although, also any of the athletics. So if you're involved in men's basketball. Or. The volleyball or any of that that's all falling, under the, sports Park and that the. Director of the sports park is Rick Benson, so. Three main ministries. And. So. I wanted to kind of give. You an. Overview of what. The budget, process is. Was. This year, so. I sat down with. All of the ministry, leaders and kind. Of asked them to really take a good hard look at where, they thought, they, wanted their ministries, to be next year and what the vision was for their ministries, and so, they. Went. And did that and they, put together I, guess. The the, budget the financial, needs that they thought they would need to. Support. Their. Ministries, for the year and they brought that back to me I went. Through it did, some analysis, based on prior years, and I, pretty much met with each ministry, leader to, go. Through their budgets, challenge. Them a little bit you. Know. We came to an agreement. And I put all of that together and then I took that, information and, took it to Pastor, Kevin. Probably. One of the longest hour-and-a-half, meetings, that man has ever had. But. We got through it and he, made some changes had some questions and went back regurgitated.

Everything. Sent it to him he. Said okay that's a good to go let's. Do it and so, that information, was. Then sent to the, Deacon, board so we started this process in May and it. Went to the Deacons in July, so, it was time-consuming process there was a lot involved, so. We sent it to the Deacons of which, they had four weeks to. Review that information it was in detail, with all assumptions. So, they went through. Some. Of them emailed me some of them called me some of them came in asked. Questions, and I, went to the Deacon meeting, in August. Did. A quick review with him and. They. Asked some questions, and then the Deacon board approved, the, budget so on, August 16th. 2017. The, Deacon board approved. The budget so I tell you that because I just want you to know that it's not just me. Sitting in a room putting, these numbers together or pastor. Kevin but there's, a lot of time involved there's a lot of I, guess. Eyeballs, looking, at the numbers so. And. And also, throughout the year pastor. Kevin is as he's mentioned, has put together, kind. Of these deacon, subcommittees. Well there's a finance. Subcommittee, so like, he said like with the refinancing. And all of that we. Get together and, discuss, that as a group so. There really is, accountability. There's. Group. Council. So. It's not just, one. Person putting that together so, I just wanted to kind of fill you in and how, that process worked so now I'm gonna take you to that page 25, with the spreadsheets, and. At, the top you're gonna see the income line or the support line and. Then you're gonna see expenses, and you're gonna see net, income. Less. Your expenses, is the, net so that kind of how that. That. Sheet works you're gonna see the three main ministries that we talked about and. Just some things, to. Highlight on here, when we talk about FBB. See. Those. Numbers really are mainly made up of the, support of all, of you the congregation, so that's what. Makes up those numbers but, for 2016-17. We, did sell the, property. 10:43. North Korea Road for a hundred and thirty thousand, dollars and so, that.

Hundred And thirty thousand, does set in those. Numbers. For. 2016-17. Now. This sale that, were talking about of ten twenty five, when. That happens. That. Those monies were not in the, budget so that would be upside, to what you're. Seeing for the budget numbers so. I wanted to mention that again. When we talk about North. Star Christian. Academy again it's tuition based so it's pretty much. Self-funded. With the tuition dollars, on the. School averages, anywhere from three hundred and thirty to. Three hundred and fifty students, but, can have up to four, hundred students. At the school we. Did budget three hundred and forty four students, of which, forty. Six of them were, from. Our international program, the. School has. We're. In a. Growth. With our international program, I think it's been three. Or four years now that we've done this, he. Has international students, from 12 different countries they, come in they, have host. Families, that. Will host them for the school year and. Those. Students are their, tuition. Rate I guess you would say is at. A higher, rate than the domestic students, and it's. A hundred percent paid upfront so. There is a little bit of differential, there, so. Currently we're at three hundred and thirty one students. So we're about thirteen. Less than. What we had budgeted, however. Were nine more on the international, student. Line so we're at fifty five so, that helps, I guess, to bridge. The. Gap on that. For. Sports park, we. See a slight. Decrease. From 2000 in 2016-17. From. The prior year and that, really was due to a pretty rainy summer so. We had. Some. Of the tournament's that were scheduled, got. Cancelled but for. The most part the sports park is relatively, flat. Year-on-year. So. When we talk about the expense side for. The church, in. 2016-17. Part. Of that expense number we. Paid an, additional hundred and forty seven thousand. Dollars in additional. Principal, on our, debt, which. Over, the 20 year course is gonna save us about forty five to fifty thousand. An interest. Then. Hundred and forty seven thousand, was. Made up of the. Very beginning, of the year in September, we had they. Called the new cheat le loan, is. Sixty. Eight thousand dollars, we. Paid. Paid. Off for that from. The sale of ten forty three so that one hundred and thirty fifty, percent of that or sixty five thousand, we put towards principal on her debt and then. We received, from. Members support fourteen. Thousand. Dollars. So. The. We. Had some staffing changes so, in 2017. We have a new, youth pastor, john Spargo, came on pastor. Vinnie moved to, the executive, pastor role, and then, I came on in January, and. So. While he can hunt, and fish to his heart's desire now, and. 2017-18. We. Have, our new disciple. Director Dillon. So. Those are the expenses there so for North Star. 2016-17. Was a year, of. Doing. Some teacher, wage. Adjustments. That. Really needed to be done and some roof repairs, that. We have done so. If you notice then the net line. For North Stars is a minus hundred and fourteen thousand. That. Overage. Was covered from prior years surplus so they had savings they. Knew they were gonna go over they. Use the savings to make. These adjustments. They, needed to do so, I just wanted, to make it clear that the church did not fund. That. Cash shortage, that was already in savings, and brought that over, so. When you look at it from a net standpoint, the 111,000, that is net positive, cash, for. The year so that's a great number. Historically. When I've looked back through all, of the detail. From prior years we are historically. Positive. On the cash line so that's that's. Awesome. We. Did budget a positive. 167,000. And. With all the ins and outs when, I've gone through the projections, I think, we're still going to be somewhere around 130. So. Even though we're a little Miss on the tuition I think. There's, other things that are gonna make that up for us so I think we're gonna be around 130. So. If you want to flip the page the, next two pages what, I wanted to do is kind of take those big. Revenue. Line. And expense, line and kind of break it out into the pieces so that you could see, and. A little bit more detail, what. Makes up those numbers these, are only for, the church so it doesn't include the school or the Sports Park in these numbers. So. If we look at. Tax. A general. Fund the, general fund that is your. Tithes and offerings so when you put tithes, and offerings, that's. Where it goes is in that fund and we use those monies to pay for, the operational, costs of the church. Salaries. Sunday-school. Subsidized. Some of our our outreach. Events, so, that's what, goes into that bucket.

The. Regular, missions, those. Monies come in we use that to support over. A hundred missionaries. That. We support to the tune of about, fourteen, thousand dollars a month. Designated. Missions, that. Is really an in-and-out if. You put on your envelope. Or, online that you want to give to the sioux calluses, or gelwix. Comes. In their name and goes right back out so that's just really an in-and-out so. The debt retirement, and t, GN t GN is. Stands. For this generation, now that. Was a. Recall. Campaign or, a commitment. It was a four-year commitment. That. People were giving. Which. Ended in December, of 2017. So anybody that was giving to, this t GN pastor, Kevin sent out letters. Asking. If they would be willing to redirect, those funds to. The. Loan payoff. So. It, I'm gonna talk more about the debt when, we get to the last page. The. Other designated. Is. Made up of IRA wanna North. Star Bible. Institute. And. He. Nor. Sir Christian Academy money, so that's that's. All what sits into that other. Bucket. From. The revenue standpoint so. If you want a flip to the expense, side. So. These are the main. Categories. Of expense, so. From administrative. Costs. That. Represents, for. A budget standpoint thirty-eight percent, or actual, for. The year thirty four percent of the overall total expenses, I have, done, comparatives. And research and for, a church our size it. Typically runs 49 to 51 percent so. The fact that we're at thirty four thirty eight percent means. That, our. Staff wears a lot of hats and we. Have a great volunteer base, that, helps keep these costs, down. So that's that's, great. Operation. Operational. Costs, those, are your the, building, maintenance. The, grounds, the utilities, insurance. Auto. Our, part-time cleaning staff, and right, now our, actual, is right, around two dollars and seventy cents a square foot and, when. I look at the averages. It's around $5. So. We're under that and I, guess I would say if there was anything risky, in any of this this. Is the area I would say there was risk, we. Don't spend a lot of on our maintenance our. Maintenance team Dan and team have done a fantastic job, of, keeping. Costs down but. Our buildings getting older. We. Have parking, lot, we have roof so I really, think that we need to start. Doing more preventative. And, start. Saving for some of these bigger issues. So. That's kind, of where we set, with. The maintenance the, mortgage. Payments. 2016-17. We paid out right. Around seven hundred and eighty thousand. Dollars in, the, year in principle, and interest. And again of which one. Hundred and forty seven thousand. Of that went to, additional. Principal. And. I'm going to talk more about the debt when we get to the last page. Missions. Again that's just a in and, and out. Comes. In and we turn around and send it back out and then, the other bucket is for our out outreach, events. Family. Fund Fall Festival and, we did the parenting, conference, Sunday. School so those. Events are what, set in that other bucket. So. If we flip the page page four. We're. Going to talk about some of our key, balance, sheet items. And. Again these are all as of August 31st. So. Unrestricted. Cash so that's really the monies that come in more, general, fund monies, and. Any. Monies. That we have taken in but kind of category, like we have an or star savings, account. And. So, from. The general fund standpoint. We are we. Have two hundred and sixty thousand dollars so that's sitting there what we can pay our bills, with. Each. Month so right now or, at the end of August we had two hundred and sixty thousand dollars just. To kind of give. A comparative, last August. August of 2016. We head right around 90, so. We've done a good, job of. With. With a cash flow perspective, to, get that in there, the. Restricted, money's the. Biggest piece of that is the North Star tuition. There. Is deposits. That are required so the school year starts, right, September, 1st but the deposits, come in earlier, than that so. We kind of put those monies aside once. The school year starts and that's what we use to pay the money so that's really the bulk of what that restricted, cash monies is. And. Then, our building land and equipment. This is net of depreciation, for. Any of you finance, people and that's just under fifteen million dollars so that's our land our building all of our equipment it's.

Just Under 15 million for, that. Ok, so now if we go to the mortgage, balance. As you could see. 2010. When, we came into this building we were just under 11 million dollars and so. At the end of 2017. 6.4. Million dollars, so. We've. Done a good job of, reducing, the, debt our. Current, is pastor Kevin said our current monthly payments are 53,000. For them for the month and with. The refinancing. It's going to reduce us by $8,000. Capital. Purchases. When. I've looked at the last three, years of, capital, purchases kind of curious as to what we typically spend on average, is 144. Thousand, dollars a year that we would spend on capital. Improvements. And that's, for all three. Ministries. 2016-17. We spent $90,000. You, can see the breakout here with the. Church was thirteen northstar 66, and the sports park 11. So. Far this year the capital purchases, that we've had. Northstars. Had their parking lot resealed, they, got a new maintenance vehicle, and, the. Daycare is getting a new playground. So capital purchases all been at the school so, far this year. It's. All I have, anybody. Have any questions. Yes. Right. So, we. Had kind of said on. Sunday, Pasteur had mentioned that over. The next three years we wanted to be down by, a million dollars that. Is an additional, hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year in, payments. To be. Made to do that. So. Obviously, fifty. Three thousand dollars a month is a lot of money that we pay to the, bank, but. We knew going into this building, that we had to pay for it right so. It wasn't a surprise it. Would be nice to reduce, that so the more that we can we. Want to aggressively. Attack that, so. That number becomes smaller. And as that number becomes smaller we have more cash flow to do the the business, of the church right. We. Don't have a. Day. Or, a year that we'd like to see it completely, gone but, sooner. Than later would be the right. Answer. In. By paying down that million, dollars in principle over three years we save it's, just under, $700,000. In interest, I mean it's huge. Good. Question. Okay. So, the next piece. Of business then is the. Deacon vote if you're new to the church are not familiar with this there. Is a ballot. That, is about to be passed out in here this, ballot, has. 18. Names on it I believe that's, a 17. 18 17, 18 names okay, these are names that have. Gone through the pastoral staff these. Are names that are. These are people men that are qualified, according to the definition, the scriptural definition, found in Titus 1 in 1st Timothy. Chapter 3, the. Way our church works is we have 24. Deacons. On duty, at all time a, deacon. Serves for, three years and then is required, to have one mandatory. Mandatory. Year, off and, and. So every year we vote 8, on an, 8 fall, off. So, this year the ballot, that you're going to get has this list of qualified. Men. And. You, need to circle, 8 names, on, this list, ok, there's, a difference between a circle and an ex do you know what it is. Right. One goes around it one crosses, it off this is this is good we have a lot of brilliant, people in the room right now ok, so, if, you don't have a pen. Frank. Probably has one that you can borrow afterwards, right I don't know we didn't I don't think we have extra pens or whatever but we. Are going to keep the business meeting open until nine o'clock so that. Those. People that are serving in Awana that, are in the nurseries, that are in the high, school that are in healing journey or Bible, Institute they. Can come. In here the rule is that these. The. Voting must be done in the. Sanctuary. Okay. So we don't distribute these people. Can't do them at home and bring them in or mail them and that. Type of thing okay. In. Order. To vote you do need to be a member and 18. Years, of age. To. Do that if you're not sure you're, a member, you, probably, aren't. Okay. And. And, and. Maybe you should talk to us about why you're not a member I mean this is the great church you should be a member of this church. Why. Aren't you we, can talk about that later maybe I'll do a message on why you should be a member of the church. Okay. Anybody, need a ballot that doesn't have a ballot. Okay. Anybody need a pen that doesn't have a pen. Okay. Looks, like we are in good.

Shape So I'm, going to ask for a motion to leave the business meeting open until, 9:00, p.m.. Bob. Kaiser, let the record know be shown that vibe Kaiser has. Approved. That and I need to ask for a second motion and we, want a second that Brian, Shay's at your hand in the air Brian. Shay all. In favor raise your, right hand. Okay. All those. Opposed. Raise. Your. Right hand. Let. The record show there, are no right, hands, raised in opposition of. This. Okay. Can. I pray okay. We're gonna pray and I know Nicole is thrilled that this meeting is over and she doesn't have to do this for another year. One. More joke this. She's got what okay ready. Be. There yeah. Why. Is the Frog so happy. Cuz. You got to eat what was bugging them. Yep. You know Janelle, can be escorted. Out now please, Tim please. Help here okay I, know he lives in there yeah Marc, Maynard is if, you haven't heard Marc Maynard is being, deployed to the Ukraine on Friday so be playing praying, for Marc and cherry and his family as well let's. Pray and although, we won't be officially, dismissed and, and finished till 9 o'clock that, we can go, on our way your kids can. Be picked up for awana and allow the workers. There to come back in here and vote. Father. Thank you so much for. Church thank, you, for. Its great history. Thank. You for all the people that have, come to the knowledge of the truth because of. Faithful. Men that have proclaimed it and faithful, members that have lived it Lord. May we continue, that. Rich heritage, may. We continue to follow after, you and to do what is pleasing in your sight and. In your eyes God would you empower us through. Thy Holy Spirit God would we make disciples, of, all. Nations of, this world for God you alone are worthy bless now we pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ay men. I'm. Glad you are here today I hope to see you soon.

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