We Play A Horror Game In A Real Haunted House

We Play A Horror Game In A Real Haunted House

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I. Don't. Like that sound at all. Hey. Everybody we're scared buddies and we hate horror games so, we thought why not go to an actual haunted, location, to play our horror game we're at the Winchester Mystery. House, I don't think so, real. Whispers. I don't think that's a real girls, are definitely I think scary, vibes are super, real and I can walk into a place and be like ooh this is chilling I need to be proved that this is a haunted location because, it looks like a very nice house okay, all. Right, admit one you go in you're on a nice tour a haunted. House whatever. You don't think that this will be any different than when we were playing in the studio No so there's, gonna actually be a challenge, to this we're. Both going to be in a dark room in the. Haunted house alone, and the, person who lasts longest wins we, should have like, a bet or something yeah, well why don't we just do money money. Like my - money. 50. Bucks yeah 50. Bucks, you. Gotta want to win it 50 bucks though isn't even the price of like up a game a triple-a yeah 59.99. Let's. Up the stakes I know I was saying 50s a lot now I'm going all the way 59. Yeah. Let's, go all. Right well let's. Go check out this manic lets get spooked. Hi. I'm, Kelsey hi, Kelsey, hi I'm Zack hi Zack I'm Susan and I'm going to be leading you through you're not a via known, worldwide, as, the Winchester. Mystery House come. Inside. Careful. Of the door mrs.. Winchester. Was a very, interesting, character, she, was the widow of William, Wirt Winchester, second. President, of the Winchester, Repeating rifle. She. Lost her daughter when, her daughter was only six weeks old and they had no other children, and she lost her husband, in 1881. To tuberculosis, at, the time spiritualism. Was very, very popular and. The legend. Is that she visited a Boston psychic, who, told her that her, family, was taken from her by spirits, angry, at being killed by the Winchester rifle. He. Advised, her to move west build. On a house and never, complete, it so, the story is she moved to San Jose in, 1884.

Purchased. An unfinished, eight-room farmhouse, three miles outside of, San Jose hired. A team of workmen, and work began on the house and it continued, for 38, years until, her death on September 5th. 1922. You will see unusual. Things in the house you might hear some unusual, things in the house and. You'll. See a lot of innovations. As well so, come with me. What. That's, weird. That's. Pretty weird, we're really, sure. And. If you want to go onto these stairs, Oh what. Why is this mirror here to, show that they just go to the ceiling oh my, gosh are. You this, is for real, no oh. Wow. This does kind of feel like a video game you're like opening it the dead end yeah and you'd heard thumbs on the wall stuffs right. Along here like, that. Loud yep that loud walking. By okay well. There's. A creepy doll there's, no need for that. This. Is her bedroom there, is a picture over there on the desk of her as a young woman, and a picture of her husband, on the wall she died in this room. See. This wreath this. Was a custom. During, Victorian, times it. Is made of human hair. Oh. This. Looks like a death wall this looks like a wall in a room in a horror game where death is coming yeah also looks exactly like a wall and Rainbow six siege a lot, of war damage, before we go to the basement over in this picture, is a picture of some of her workmen now, this guy right, here on the end he. Has been seen, throughout, the years by guests, and by people who work here we don't know his name so we call him the wheelbarrow man. This. Is where the wheelbarrow man is thought to have. Been seen so. That night, Friday the 13th all the lights were off inside, the house the lights were on here in the basement that. Light, there on the stairs was, turned, off though. But, we'd have to leave them on down here for safety purposes about, 2:00 in the morning one of our security, guards brought his sister down and she, came down the stairs like that sideways. And she, said I'm not afraid of ghosts I just don't want to fall the, light next to her started to come on, it was flickering on like not to make it difficult to see but trying to light up the stairs and stay. That way until she reached the bottom and her, brother and I are standing here looking at it going well that was strange, and. He. Said shouldn't the light be turned on and I thought maybe somebody loosened, the light bulb because sometimes, that's one of the things they use for paranormal, communication. Is to loosen the lightbulbs and talk, to it and see if it'll turn on went, up and checked fully.

Screwed In the, switch was turned to off I tested. It it worked so, the only time that night that light came on is when somebody said they were afraid of falling, so. Whoever, is here. Seems. To be very considerate. And polite, it's a nice a nice ghost yes. And. Then over here is. One of the spookier, areas. Oh. Oh. That's, flickering, light is oh. I, love that I love it I love it so much so, this seems like the area where literally everything scary. Has happened so, I think we're gonna come back at night I'm, play here, yeah. Yeah I guess let's go get our PC, and setup. Have. Fun good. Luck. Almost. 11 p.m., we're now gonna decide who's gonna play the game first I want you to play first I definitely want you to play first well I guess. Rock. Paper scissors rock paper scissor, shoot. Great. Weight, was lifted. Any. Seams right directly in front of where all. The apparitions have been, enough. Saw I know it's time to go it's, time to go I'm not smelling your stuff I'm, not so, cool. Enough Stalin good luck I can't even see you anymore it's so scary, do you see this there we go in there is that really where I'm going oh my god okay well. Alright. I'm. Fine I'm fine I'm fine Kelsey. Are. You ready for me to close this door okay yeah. I. Feel. Bad doing this honestly, it's really miserable. Okay let me know if anything bad happens, you let me screaming, I don't know if I will that's kind of a scary thing Oh goodbye. Oh, my. God this is getting really real guys this is getting really real. This. Is getting a little too real real. For me I guess I'm gonna. Be. Fine down. Here. Okay. So I'm plugging, in oh this. Music is fun that's, oh god it just started without me didn't, it how long is she gonna last ten, minutes, new game layers of here - I have, every layer of fear activated. Oh, that's. Not, good, that's bad, Oh. Oh. No, I'm getting out of here what. Oh. This, is already bad this is already really bad I really don't like what's already I'll, open the door any door will do any door, will do. Oh. What. You. Are oh. God, oh god oh god oh. The. Unmooring, act, 1. Oh. Thank. You man what. A nice guy. Can. I not switch that act okay, do it this is a puzzle game I need to figure things out I don't. Have the. Emotional capacity. For actual storytelling right now what if I don't make it through the tutorial, section what, if I just want to give up right now oh. I. Hate, that unhappy. Unhappy, about that situation let's go upstairs. Yeah. I take a tour take a tour let's snoop around what's.

Behind Box, number one nothing oh that's the thing let's pick that up esteem. Traveller the room has been set up as per your request the reel was delivered shortly before departure wish, you fulfilling journey respectfully. Thank. You a curse for, the room oh there's. A thing in here too okay, look. At this okay, do I put it oh look at me I'm building a thing oh I gotta watch a movie love this for me love. Watching, scary things. Happen. In. His time please, the parts of many man Oh Shakespeare, sing, it to me. Oh. Sam. Okay. Oh. Act. Is are we already on act two I don't even know, Wow, my wife I got I discovered, a thing. This. Scaredy-cat, is becoming a scaredy. Lion. Oh. It's. Like a garden. There's. Like themes Oh love. The, music, here loving. Look. It's outside, oh my gosh I'm Titanic oh look, at me I'm outside I love outside outside, the best place outside is my favorite place to be 59.99. Coming, my way fresh. Sun okay we'll just go, we're. Gonna go we're gonna go in this elevator in this enclosed space inside, a game. It's. Just in game it's just a game oh, you. See oh that's good, that's I love, darkness, oh it's. Red now in. This room please. Keep working please. Thank, you yep, yep yep you know I'm not gonna like dilly-dally. Around--, although. I should dilly-dally, around because it's the longer I'm in the game without oh. I. Hate this this is uncomfortable for me oh no, oh, no oh. No. We're. Just blowing through the rooms Oh, drip-drip got. Some keys. Here. Keep. Going down here. Oh. It's. A hammer can I got back to. Me. No no, just, want to open it and look at it. No. I'm good I'm good, thank, you thanks. I'm good though oh no, oh, no. You. Know I'm just gonna head out uh. Oh. Well. I, guess, we'll go to the DA okay I'm, trying to think about what game I'm gonna die when I win. Wow. What's most, terrifying. In this game is how many doors there are there's just so much to explore, and so. Man I'm just really lost in this game right now oh I. Think I did something right and. I'm unhappy about it. Oh. Love. This oh I'm. Happy I'm so happy to be in this room with this globes. Okay. Oh God. Hi. Okay I just OH. Oh. God. I'm lost, oh okay. Oh. Okay. That, looks like a thing I can whoo. Lights camera action achievement, unlocked who loved that for us hi, what. Are you what's up with you uh, thanks. Me oh my god I needed, that thank you so much game getting. A little bit progressively, oh. Oh. Okay. Oh oh. No. No. No, no you, know I'd rather not oh we, need a code. Are. You sure I don't, know what that is I don't. Know what that code would be to, used games maybe, thirty, dollars each, oh I, saw something on the ceiling it's zero, to eight. Who. Love that love, that they would put that on the ceiling over there zero, -. That's. Where I put all my passwords. On. The ceiling, well that worked we're in buddies. That's. Captain vanes to you mr. Hadi okay. Remember the name quartermaster. Oh I'll, have you walk the plank Oh fun. There's definitely. A man sitting at this table I, love. It love, it love it love it love oh. Okay. Okay it's just a fake. Man and. Oh. I'm. Good I'm, good. All. Right look she's. Gonna get jumpscared. And. I think she's gonna leave anything. On the ceiling that's important oh that's that's kind of a thing that's, happening. Up there that I didn't notice I think, that goes there oh here. We go okay I see some stuff I could play out here, okay. No no drop it drop it down low go. Oh. I. I, did, the thing right but I'm unhappy she's, being way, more brave, I'm. Really impressed. That. Was. Just his head falling off I'm fine. Well. I mean I don't really feel that fine, but I'm like fine you know oh my gosh I saw something through there. Cute. God oh god okay there's two new people also, on a tourney. Table, oh. That. Looks, not, good to, have on a ship, I. Don't. Ship that, just. Left or right as x marks the spot or. An arrow this, is don't go I'm gonna trust it okay. That's. Like. Almost, 20 minutes. She's. Gonna know if I don't do something. That's, also locked Oh though, there's door number, three oh my. God oh my god oh my god oh my god oh. Okay. Okay, I think, she's calling it oh, my. God my heart just feels like a thousand, miles a minute, anyway. I think I. Think. I'm gonna call it. Good. Job jeez, I think. Brady's. Like he decided it was over all the, tension just like deranged for me because I'm like I didn't realize no whole body was just like the. Whole time and they're all like. Thirteen. Oceans. Yeah that's way more than I thought, yeah. Dude I'm honoring.

Are. You are you ready to tag team euro. Dollar thirty minutes is more than I thought I, play to win I want to buy that game nine bye, buddy yes, this is actually it yep, this is it I'll be listening on the outside Hey. I. Feel. Bad doing this, be. On the other side man, so. We're having Zach pick up where I left off because, he kind of I didn't, know but, he was listening into everything I did to. Try to get a one-up on me so I'm making him start from where I was it might be an asset to him because he hasn't had to deal with like the, vibes. That's, been like leading up to this moment but it also might be hindering, him because it might get harder from here I don't actually know so. Kelsey. Was, playing this and. Now I'm playing this, if. It is a. Spooky. Atmosphere down, here I'm gonna try to forget about that it's, locked. She, set me up for failure. There. Seems to be a a guy a dead. Guy, oh it's, roped off that's. For the best Oh. Oh. Dear. Lord. All right so there's, a water leak now it, was loud, why, am I even on, this boat oh. This. Door opens, real. Slowly Oh. Oh. My, gosh. What. Oh there's. Whispers. Whole. Area who is this project Charlie can follow. Hopefully. Left. By fellow pirates is this a pirate, game to lead us to a safe harbor. What. Oh. The. Water needs to stop leaking, because, that's loud as hell Oh. Oh. Shadow. Of a person. This. Game is terrifying. And, I know this shadow is me but that other shadow is somebody else. I've. Been down here. Oh. The. Boats moving. Boats. Do that nothing. To see oh this mannequin, is not letting me through okay oh. My. Gosh. This, person, who did this dotted line on the ground was very nice but also, it. Could have been better, oh why. Is this mannequin, oh, the. Mannequin that I saw. Is, now in a different spot, shall. I approach, Oh. Don't. Approach the mannequin, if you don't have to that's just that's. Just stupid. I, love.

The Vibe of this nautical stuff but it's kind of ruining, it for me too nautical. Tattoos, okay, those never go away. Oh, there's, like a set, in a, mannequin. It. Looks like a play. And. Spin, the wheel which. Direction. Okay. Off to see oh. Just. Enjoy the ocean breeze. Hello mannequin can we talk. Wow. Oh I. Found. Something. You're. Never gonna guess it's locked I feel. Like something's happening on this boat that I'd like to be a part of oh I. Found. A secret. What. Was crouched oh. There. Are jump scares in this game. Stay low let's mark I found, a key, and. Boy. If I. Okay. Oh. Wow. Ships. On fire. Okay the world's burning, I ring. The bell that seems like something I shouldn't have done oh it's, all black completely black and. Back. I'm. Back, what'd I win. Oh. I. Found, a way. That's. A little disappointing. Cuz. Now I gotta keep playing the game, ooh, black. And white fine aesthetic. Fun. Let's. Pull, the drapes whoo I'm in like a, whole. Film, sooo yeah great no there's no color anywhere, right now oh. Ha. I don't like this. Be ready to go back it says oh. No. Okay. This whole black-and-white aesthetic, I don't know why it's freaking. Me out but it really, is Oh. See. Oh oh. I. Don't like that sound at all. There's. A map on the ground and if they think I have time for that then that is truly. A mess on, their part oh I have time for it that is a complete. Lie, oh. Oh. Okay. Mannequin. In the mirror shot, another, guy dad. I did, it I went. In the pitch-black room. Okay. Let's stop thinking about, hold. To, run. This. Might be it for your, old friend oh. Oh. I'm. Trying to run oh I'm. Trying to run. You. Know there's nothing worse than a game telling you to run. Looks. Like I. Know I. Know you killed. Her you killed her truth is, it. Was her killing me huh oh I got an achievement oh that's freaky some time kind. Of me a door, to nothing. Very. Winchester, oh wait, I opened it the wrong way. Sometimes. The sounds, change in your. Okay. I shouldn't look back in real life that was stupid, that was stupid I hate. This I hate this I hate this, Oh. A. Lemon, that's, an odd, item, to find whoa I ate, the lemon oh my. Hands are super, shaky. Do. We trust the arrows, it's raining, now how's. It raining inside that's actually, I. Don't. Know if I can do this much longer I am so, tense. It's. Not good for you whoa. There's. A noise oh. Oh. Oh. I don't like this. That's. Like it will. Hello-o, oh. Yeah. You know what I don't need to prove anything to, anyone I'm done with, doing this I'm. Done with doing this okay, let's, go get him. Then. Better, Oh. Sweets, freedom. Start. Down there so you, did really well huh, but, you didn't, beat me by, like five, minutes. Like. It, was close. Close. So, how do you feel like now that you've experienced, it the environment does change it doesn't it oh yeah. The studio environment, changes it a lot I did you look back at, all no I could not I could not bat oh okay, I shouldn't, look back in real life that was stupid, I didn't see anything did, you feel anything I had this person I, thought severe and since they should like don't look around don't. Upset anyone Oh God. Hi not, if you don't feel that no that's just mean it was just like. It. Was just so. Dark, this was incomparable, from like sitting, in my bedroom, alone with all the lights out or, even in a studio filming. Together this. Was absolutely, next level unlike. Anything I've ever done for sure yeah worse than VR oh yeah. Way worse way. Worse I thought five minutes at Freddy's VR was bad weirdly, yeah like what was weird is that like I had like such a big reaction. Worth. For those but I felt like it, was I was like so. Internalizing. And like trying to just hold, on that. Like my whole body was just clenched. And then. Oh my gosh it was it was a it was wild I always used to say that VR sucks because you can't look away and but, actually during this all I wanted, to do, the game yeah, because I didn't like it's just got, me it's just it's gonna get worse. It was weird all right so Pam money Mike I don't, have cash no one has cash that's, it. I. Will do I will accept Benbow yep. Yeah. Yeah, let's get outta here, okay, bye bye. Winchester. Mystery House, thank. You.

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I'll be honest. I was hoping that out of nowhere Ryan's voice would give us a backstory of the house.

I swear to God...when Kelsey said "Hi, I'm Kelsey" I was waiting for "and I'm single and we thought it would be funny to play the 100-baby challenge"

I took one look at the front of the house and almost screamed. The Winchester is one of my favorite haunted houses!

Oh gosh. Every time the light flickers on behind her I think I'm going to see the shadow of someone standing there.

If i be kelsey i'll just hang around in the outside of the ship and singing to distract myself

Kelsey running immediately into the door as she enters is literally me

Next time: MrBeast plays Five Nights at Freddy’s in the Winchester basement

13:32 the game made a loud sound and the flickering light in the background stopped flickering and stayed on for a solid 5 seconds... until the game made yet the same exact sound once again and it started flickering again... just me? Like if you noticed too

I was legit terrified for Kelsey and watched the hall and flickering light behind her more than the game play for the entire time she was down there willing nothing to show up there behind her ahhhh

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 2 “Playtest”

I keep looking behind me rn

omg loved this!!

“Have fun....good luck” : that wasn’t fucking creepy and ominous

Can we get a Morse code translator on that light In the back while she's playing?

He looks like trevor wallace

@5:06 you can clearly see the wheelbarrow Man behind older lady towards the left of the screen on the stairs

Ok i swear i saw something when Kelsey was playing I replayed it like 15 times.

Kelsey: "oh no, oh no, thanks, I'm good though" bahaha! love it

Glad I could hear her atleast

This is a weird episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved

That was great and hilarious. Thank you for what you do for your fans wow Scared buddies 4eva

A nose to challenge gavin free

skjslsj we need the scare buddies and the ghoul boys in a collab video

Who else just sat and atched the flickering light?

Kelsey is our Queen, and we love her

Kelsey is braver than I could ever possibly be... No way could I pull this off with a smile like she did hahaha. Go Kelsey!!!

Who's willing to bet Ryan and Shane dared them to do this?

One zach look at the wall it wasn't blinking.

Rose Red irl

Have you two really not heard of the Winchester house? Funny video

You should seriously do more of these

The women didn't show the door that led to no where

Game: “I believe in you.” Kelsey: “OMG I needed that! Thank you so much Game!!!” I’m deceased

Why do I ship Zach and Kelsey so hard

She soon will not be single anymore

honestly, that light only stopped when Zach looked at it so I wouldn't be surprised if he's like possesed now

I live near there. The reason why there are doors and windows leading to know where is to confuse the vengeful ghost. She thought the spirits could be confused so she basically created a maze.

The fact that Zach like turned around and then the light stopped flickering until he turned back around

Why does the back light keep flickering it’s a bit creepy lol

1:52 yes we know.

Scared Buddies playing a horror game on a real haunted house. Ghoul Boys has entered the chat

In my home city and I missed them.

25:32 pause it and look at the glass behind kelsey I swear I'm seeing at least 3 or 4 faces

It's just dew on the windows

0:22-0:27 - Okay, he's Shane and she's Ryan. Proceed.

As soon as I heard him say "Winchester" all I can think of is Sam and Dean.

Scared Buddies 4 Eva!

I just threw my phone. 15:41

I'm super excited to watch this, but I can't even watch people playing realistic-ish horror games NOT in haunted places! LOL

You guys need to watch the horror movie about the Winchester house. It’s very interesting

I live by a haunted house and yk its pretty damn scary.

Ghost : why you took my jobs?!

I know it's haunted the name is Winchester like supernatural what other logic do I need?

I always wonder why I put myself through this emotional trauma because I know I’m going to get scared.

Omg, I’m watching this and there is a severe storm outside!

Pretend I said something funny hahaha

Watched this full screen and with headphones. And was tensed until the end, couldnt imagine doing that. Props to both Kelsey and Ryan for even going down there!



Did you guys see the face at 26:23

I do this all the time. My house is haunted

Oh hellll no id rather stay in school

Ya no

HELL yes, it was driving me up a wall wondering how this game ends!! It reminds me of Ether. I wanna know the end and would play in a haunted house to find out

Sure If I get a reward

no way in hell

I would if someone paid me enough.

god no! end of conversation

Hell to the N0 nO!!!! ;P

I would be down

Yeah, but no with this game. I did not like puzzle game

Only on mondays, or for cash

Not a horror game but yes!

Hell no

Heck yeah. And if a ghost showed up, I'd be chillin with them. Paranormal stuff doesn't bother me unless they are violent.

If I can’t even play it I the day time without flinching “depending on the game” I would NEVER

No fucking way

Heck yea. I’ve never encountered a ghost which leads me to believe that ghosts don’t exist. Maybe this experience would change that ;)

No but i kinda like getting scared so yes

Heck yeah

No. Nope. No no no. Much mo eye would have to be paid for me to even consider it.

Yeah, since out of all of the gimmicky haunted houses, the Winchester house is the least haunted of any of them.

I would.. I’m not scared of anything but my brother ;-;

Can Ryan and Shane do this to?

I've been waiting for a jump scare all through the video

The way I heard it is because she built it to trick the ghost

I'd be this scared in the dark anywhere

Man, imagine if the power to the game suddenly went out. Idk about y’all, but I’d probably vamoose in about two seconds or just die right there. Especially if the game had been building up for a while.

23:49 I love that the light stays still when he looks back, but then it just starts blinking again afterward.

Should have played Outlast imo

Coba di indo.. ntr netizen komennya blg sompral


Okay but we need the Ghoul Boys with Them

Go girl !

YAS we love the awkward laughs

Who says nice ghosts dont exist?

Guys Kelsey isn’t fine

im mostly reading the comments not actually watching the video

Who saw a face behind Kelsey which is very fadey in the thumbnail

Scared buddies and Shane and Ryan are my favorites at Buzzfeed. They’re all amazing and pure

This was so cool! I like actually seeing some of the house because I watched the movie and they did copy a lot of the features pretty well! Kelsey and Zach did so good.

Honestly this is one of the coolest thing I’ve seen. You guys should do this more often even tho it could be a bad experience for you all

Zach is Shane and Kelsey is Ryan

Did anyone else see the light flicker in the background while Kelsey was playing?

I want to see a reaction video of them watching this seeing the flickering light haha

Fun fact none of the furniture in the house is actually original it was sold by one of the ancestors of the Winchester house all of it however is old furniture.

When that light kept flickering behind them I seriously thought something was gonna appear there any moment

I'm not the only one who thinks the tour lady is slightly creepily smiling like saying "I hope you get scared shitless" right? xD

Wait a minute..: is the wheel barrow man Jason?!?

You know, the reason with the weird stairs and dead end doors is because the wife believed that this would trip up the spirits and they would get confused in the house and get lost

anyone else just stare at the flashing hallway behind them to see if something shows up

Y’all look at the window at 25:57

Why is no one bringing up the light flickering while she’s playing? Literally no one.

7:42-8:02 A real mood before entering school

There is nothing like true friendship, like locking your friend in a haunted basement to play a scary video game

The word on the chalkboard was Character. I am just guessing

When he looked back the light seems to have stopped flickering..?

5:30- "'I'm not afraid of ghosts, I just don't wanna fall down the stairs.' And then the light started flickering... Trying to light up the stairs..." Me: aww! The wheelbarrow man's a polite ghost!

i want them to play a horror game at the next unsolved location

I'm watching this front of a window whilst it's raining then suddenly I see my neighbor staring straight back at me and I screamed.

I really don't like how when he looked back the light stayed on but once he looked towards the computer it started flickering again at like 24:00

anyone else notices how the light stayed on way more for her than him?

at around 15:20 she screamed and the light stayed off for a while and then stayed on without flickering-high key freaked me out

The weird placements of the flooring, wall, and stairs are because they are used to confuse the ghost.

People playing a drowning game while drowning... 2 years later. 7000 kids die because of drowning

Layer of fear is so boring

That light flickering in the background was freaking me out

Kelsey = Ryan Zach = Shane Now I want them being part of a BuzzFeed Unsolved episode.

Playing a horror game challenge against the ghoul boys in the Sallie house


59.99 would be sounding real cheap to me if I ever did that.

Okay had to pause the video about ten minutes in because no one has addressed the fact that the light down the hall behind Kelsey has been flickering since she went down there.

They should have watched the Winchester movie in the Winchester house


& the entire time, that light behind her keeps flickering. Nope. Nope. NOPE. Byaaaaaa

I'm surprised they didn't show the door that opens to a 2-story drop.

I was scared for them. Seeing that light behind and thinking someone is going to pop up behind them when the light turns off then back on

The doors leading to nothing and stairs leading to the ceiling, I was told that those were meant to confuse the ghosts that haunt her and follow her.

9:22 the lights of the game and the room Kelsey was in started flickering at the same time omg!!!

Did anyone else notice the flickering light in the background?

kelsey was like, too scared to even scream

Kelsey: I’m fine ..: Also Kelsey: *is not fine*

I was literally here the day after you guys

They totally need to play the VR in a haunted house

kinda love how at 23:50 the light was flickering then he looked back, it stopped, the continued when he looked away.

Poor Kelsey

I'm just waiting for Kian and JC to post!!

*where's the crossover we want the damm crossover*

i remember this from one of the unsolve episode

Yeeeeesssss a love my horror games on Halloween... wait... This is better!

Aaawwww I ship them so much.

"I shouldn't have looked back n real life"

I just can't stop looking at the flickering light behind Kelsey...

Shane and Ryan lead me here

Woah when she shows the picture of the guy who's been seen by guest my phone froze with the circle saying its loading circling the man's. Face. !!!

My favorite!!! Omg you guys should totally do this for every scare buddies!!!!!

the friendly ghost was probably considerate enough to protect them and not scare them lol

she handled it way better over the dude who doesn’t believe in ghosts

is anyone else hung up on the fact that this lonely widow bought an 8 room house?

My freund is a demon

Okay when the actual light flickered behind her

What game did you buy?

Me: scared of ghosts and believes in them 100% and is scared to watch this video Solution- turn down the volume on the video and turn on captions so you don’t have to hear scary noises

Cant help but watch the light in the back ground

wasnt it weird how the lights in the back were flickering but when zach looked back they stopped.

"Oh shadow of a person!" camera pans out and we see a shadow over Zach's shoulder

I had my volume all the way up and I couldn't hear a single thing Zach said while Kelsey was playing. Give a man a lapel mic, buzzfeed!

anyone else see the face in the window above Kelsey around 25 min?

The flickering light behind her while she's playing

I have had weird experiences in the mansion very unexplainable things and the staff said that stuff is normal

The only reason I like Zach is because he plays rainbow six siege

Imagine if they played outlast instead

In this episode, a Boogara and Shaniac take on what the Ghoulie Boys do on a regular basis. Good for you Kelsey! You guys should team up with Ryan and Shane!

Okay BYE!!! *slams door*

Shane and Ryan should’ve done this :/

ok but who doesnt move their hair out of the way when they put on headphones? you dont just leave your hair between your ears and the headphones, or at least i dont.


This was amazing!

Did you guys notice that when he looked back at the light it stopped flickering but as soon as he looked back it started again

We need Pewds to play this type of game



I'd 100% do it, then get freaked out and leave over the slightest sound.

Gurl definitely will do

Yes if rayan and Shane did it I'm going in too!

@Jayne Davies lol

Hells to the naw

I would die!!



BuzzFeed Multiplayer no

Only if I had 12 people next to me XD




Hmmm let me think bout' that I think I'll just pass up on that

No, I’m a scaredy cat so no.




When it cut to the view of the whole house, i was waiting for ryan's voice over then i remembered this is a different video

10:21 there are the lights of that staircase flickering in the background

Wtf at 16:48 is that somebody at the Window??? Looks like a ghost?

23:46 When he started to look around, the lights turned on When he turned around again, the lights started flickering....

Is it just me but does kesley look like Lili Rienhart!!! Or Betty cooper

At 8:37 did anyone else see the light come on and then flicker and then go off behind kelsy? And constantly throughout the video flicker

And his uncle hAd LUMBAGO

Is anyone watching the flickering light in the back of Kelsey’s face cam to make sure no human or monster in the back

Man Shane and Ryan have e really let them selves go.. I don't even recognize them.

Hey! Here's a bright idea, why don't you guys get the ghoul boys to do this, huh?

I can see the light flickering behind her and _I hate it_

Welcome to Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Poor Kelsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bravest person would be……the……camera man!

Madam:- This is where the spooky stuff happens *Scary Buddies plays horror game* Ghost:- Am I a Joke to you?

I really really like Zach

is it possible to learn this power

The stairs to nowhere and the doors with wall behind them are there becouse she has lots of spirits following her and she wanted them to lost in the house so she made the house like a labyrint she also slept in different bedroom each night

i'm not there, but my heart's beating so fast. i bet i'll die from fear if i'm doing this challenge..

This is shaniacs and bogaaras

Is it me or? Focus on 8:37/8:38 then on the light at the back you can see a small black dot appear for like 2 seconds on the screen, could be anything but just wanted to point it out

why don't you get ryan and shane in as well?

Who else was so focused on the flickering light behind them while they were playing cause that was all I was focusing on honestly!!!! Nobody just me alright...

10:32 when the story narration started the light flickering in the background totally turned off

There was a jumpscare but what scared me the most is the hungry jacks chicken nuggets ad

I want to visit that house so bad. Not because of ghosts, but b/c of the absurd architecture.

in 16:54 there is a freaking hand at the window

{\_/} (• - •) have some holy water ghosts ( >

Kelsey is a Boogara and Zach is a Shaniac. Confirmed

Who else saw the light just go on by itself!!!!! Duuuuddeeeee 8:36

*sees wreath* Tour Guide: this is made out of hair Kelsey:awww that looks like my hair!

Have *fuuuuuuuuuun* Good *luuuuuuuuuuuck*

I don't know if I could do that even for 59.99

Did anyone else think this game wasn't scary?

Paranormal communication 101...loosing the light bulb so it will flicker

hey I have an idea Kelsey ..... u should watch the anime Ghost Hunt lol I bet u'll like it

Loving Kelsey channelling her inner Jake Peralta: "Cool, cool, cool, cool..."

At least chelsey has a camera man

Am I the only person to say that she is THICC?

The light behind kelsey when she was playing the game was freaking scary.

i hate him. i want ryan and shane

please play horror games with ryan

you see when he turns around the lights stop flickering but when he turns back they start again...

Kelsey, I would, without hesitation, save you from every and any haunted house I promise! hmu pls

This reminds me of Hell House LLC movie.

Why does Zack lowkey sounds like Zach from the Try Guys?

I'd do this Might pee my pants a little, but worth

Who was just waiting and looking at the cam so a man silhouette to appear

The lights turned off when he looked back

What if the ghosts..... were actually watching them play the horror game? They’ll be like.. ‘hey that’ll be my horror stunt. Datz me’. aaaand I think they’re amazed by PCs now

ghost aren't real, demons and angels are, not ghost

Scardy-Lion! (piegon/purr noise)

Okay it might be along with the script, but that lady just gave me some creepy af vibes man

Man, so lucky! I want to go to the Winchester Mystery House so badly!

The flick flick light in the background

such a missed opportunity for an unsolved/multiplayer crossover

Glad this wasn't a live stream because I'd still be screaming about the light behind Kelsey. Anyone else get forked up about how it immediately went off at the sound of the gunshot, and then flickered????

Imagine doing that at the Sally house

Why visit such a historic and iconic house and play "LoF2"?

Well, at least they had the one person controlling the camera to be with them in the basement... We NeEd KELSEY ALiVe We HAvENt FInisHED The 100 BAby chalLenge yet!!!!

Low key getting knock off ryan and Shane vibes

Anyone notice the face looking thing in the door behind Kelsey and Zach @ 25:29?

What would you do for a Klondike bar? BuzzFeed Multiplayer:Going to a haunted house.

The game is not scary

homie i don’t even play horror games in broad daylight in my own house...

23:50 - when he looks back at the light it wasn’t flickering, but then when he went back to the game, it started.. just me?

i live in san jose and have visited the house before and let me tell the vibe is so chilling i hate it

Welcome to Hell!!! The best intro ever ('-')

When zack came out if you look in the glass there is a face


The beginning reminded me of Ryan and Shane

I would love for multiplayer to find proof of ghosts existing before Ryan. Except they won't, cus ghosts don't exist #shaneiac

Zach or Kelsey? Like= Kelsey Comment= Zach

#scaredylion rawr!!

Orb at 10:28!!! Kelsey needs to see that footage!!

I would I NEVER get scared so yeah

At least they have the camera man hehehe!...

Lol.. Its so obvious Kelsey is talking so as not to get scared... I do that too when m alone in d dark

I was sooo nervous when that light behind them was flickering when they were playing because I was so scared I would see a shadow or a figure standing in the light when it came on and then it would disappear. Like in horror movies!!

Kelsey should join the ghoul boys on an investigation

I was making waffles in the toaster and they popped out and I jumped so bad Bc of this game

I think it’s totally unfair that she just yeeted him directly into the scariest parts of the game. Like the tutorial and stuff is just time she got with no spooks.

Excuse me, why are Shane and Ryan not in here?

OK hold on in the back of her do any of you guys just see that light flickering in the background?

You guys look like symfhunny and brookab


Yes his is so extra considering she could’ve built an extra room and just never put a door on it

Mkay, I regret saying I’m not scared of anything, ima go jump off a building ;> And I DONOT enjoy you recording this ;(

Is it just me or dose the tour lady sound like a ghost and she sounds pretty shifty.

Bring back more 100 baby challenge!

Gurl, get a grip

Is it just me or there really are shadows at the end of the hallway everytime the light flickers

It's funny how the light stops flickering while Zach looks towards it. And as soon as he turns back forward it starts again.

the light only stopped flickering when he looked at it!!

Did anyone else see a light flicking in and out behind Kelsey while she played the game?

who else was just watching the flickering light in the background the whole time??

Did you guys notice that the lights behind you are flickering

Was that a face forming behind the girl around 25:00 or a bit before that?

In England

BuzzFeed Multiplayer *hell no,I’d rather get my hair snatched by my ratchet sister*...

For 59.99? Nope...To see a ghost? Yea, why not...I'm intrigue

I always thought about doing this if I had a youtuber channel

BuzzFeed Multiplayer maybe



BuzzFeed Multiplayer yes. jejwkwowo

totally,my twisted brain would love that

If there was money involved? Heck yeah!

BuzzFeed Multiplayer lol your funny

Yes if I have salt, holy water, and sage



You're so beautiful kelsey :))

dude you're so polish


Them : Playing horror games in haunted house Me : Playing -Scary- minecraft in broad daylight

on the positive sides, atleast it’s not the sally house

The light flickering from behind..

Guys you see at 9:22 the light behind kelsey is turning on not flickering and when the game light flickering, the light on the house it flicker too and you both should do it at 3am

Should have had taken shane n Ryan!!!

It’s just the light in the background kept flicking

should of played five nights at freddys


Have fuuunnn :))) Goodluuck ~ :))))

11:26 did anyone see any movement near his left hand to the left of it ?

I am the dumbest person ever because I'm watching this at night

Please make kelsey a guest in unsolved plssss


btw. i like the music during the outro nice editing.

I like the idea, but maybe you guys could play a an "irl" game, granted you won't destroy anything, haha. i feel like the tension and horror you feel will be heightened if you actually feel like you will get caught by someone. also, please, both of you, do an investigation with ryan and shane. I think i speak for all of ....most of us, that we would love to see you four together in an investigation.

They should've let Ryan play too tbh. Entertainment at its finest. (with Shane creeping behind him--)

Hey! Hey! We need Kelsey alive for the 100 baby challenge!

they have such good chemistry

just love looking at the flickering light and the short moments it turns off and stays on for a bit then back to flickering ah yes


Uhhh yah could not even watch bc of the erratic and unsteady movement of camera.. nauseous..

He is just too annoying omg

These are the people that will take over for Shane and Ryan after they are murdered by Annabelle

Also I swear someone was standing back there where the light was as flickering

I wanna do this

next they are going to have a party there

0:04 why did I thought it was Charlie Puth?

The thumps are rats in the walls...yea, I'd call that a haunting....of vermin...y'all!

Kelsey: believes in ghosts Zach: doesn't believe in ghosts sounds a bit familiar *cough* unsolved *cough*

anyone see the flickering light behind them

Please do a video with Shane and Kelsey!!

What game was that?

idk if I believe the story behind this house lol I think it’s just built to look like that to attract ppl

I could see a little bit of Chelsea coming out from Kelsey during this challenge from the 100 baby series.

_"before the world told you who you should be, do you remember who you were"_ I was not prepared for that line to emerge from the darkness

did anyone notice when Kelsey was playing the game the light behind her was flickering and turning off and on?

Put a heart rate sensor or sth, i think it will definitely make it more interesting!

Ghost are real my dad saw one

Can we please get Kelsey to go ghoul hunting the ghoul boys

If I went here I would say to the ghosts “you better not do anything to me or I’m going to somehow kill you even though your a ghost so stay off”


at 13:00 the game time and the video time are the same

BuzzFeed,you always manage to surprise me.

8:35 light flickers then stops and just turns on


I would automatically die down there if I were alone....

Should of brought Ryan and Shane.

I can’t take my eyes off the fricken background. All I can see tho is DEATH WAITING TO HAPPEN

16:57 look at the window WTF

Mr beast is like: 50k for the last person to move Them: Lat one to leave the haunted mansion while playing A HORROR game wins 59.99

After their introduction, Shane and Ryan should have done their video on the Winchester Mansion and then it goes back into them playing a game in the haunted Winchester Mansion

God Kelsey is so fucking hot!!!!

11:00 This scaredy cat is becoming a scaredy ... err... *LION!!1!*

Another universe as Shane,And Ryan

I was expecting to see a figure underneath the flickering light behind her like the movie lights out

I thyink i saw something in the flickering light at 10:10

That's ma gurl! I knew Kelsey would own this! I'm so hyped for her lol. Get that money!

You should try "outlast 2"

How come no one is talking about the orb at 10:29??

look at the door at 16:53 theres like hands

They should've played shorter, more direct horror games like some old games like vanish, PT, emily wants to play, or monstrum. I felt like this game was a bit too slow-paced for what you guys wanted to do in the video.


With friends then ofc!

My parents made me go on the tour inside the house. I loved going in the daytime but I’ll never go at night

That seems like a nice place to nap

BuzzFeed Multiplayer yeah sure lol


i love to do this

Nope nope nope nope. It would need to be like 500 dollars instead of 50

Anyone else just got an horror ad before this??

I'm going Fullscreen wish me luck!

is everybody on the buzzfeed channel gay or female??


19:11 till 19:17 you see the shadow in the back on the right side moving

9:54 the light starts to flicker than turn off

the fact she didn’t notice the light behind her was flickering for the whole time behind her

16:55 that arm in the window EXCUUUUUUUSE ME ? or am I seeing things

Sam and Colby need to come and check that place out like nowwww!!

This reminds me of buzzfeed unsolved lmao

4:39 Lmao, I love how he adds Rainbow Six Siege lol.

*i believe in you* OMG I NEEDED THAT

Does anyone else see the flickering light behind Kelsey?? ....No? Okay....

Do a worth it $1 baby vs $10000 baby with kelsey

Shane> Satan


How did they even get permission to do this in the house?


where are the spook boys

Who else realized that the light stopped flickering at 8:36

petition for Ryan and Shane to do something like this? plus got my mom into Buzzfeed Unsolveds now and even she agreed with me, Ryan is the babiest boy to ever baby, and we must protect him at all costs.

I love how no one acknowledges the flickering lights.....

Owh.... Layers of Fear 2

that big house are based on true story. a lot of demons inside..

Wow they were BY ME omg I live by thereeeee!

Anybody else notice that the light stopped flickering when Zach looked back?

Am I the only one who thought about how mind blowing this must be for the ghosts though? xD I mean I doubt they have ever seen a video game before


Scary Buddies should do a video with Shane and Ryan

16:55 a ghost hand outside of the window

No one else notice that in 16:55 there is a hand outside the window?

That’s pretty fucked up ans disrespectful

at 16:56 I think I saw something at the window at the bottom on the left side just keep looking at you can see it looks like a hand.

or 16:55

12:24 I saw something behind you... oh and I like trains

I was just saying yesterday that I wish Kelsey would be in one of these!!! Thank you, universe

Is it just me or does she look like Betty from river dale

5 nights at Freddy’s vibes

Me bragging to myself like... I know all the history I watch BuzzFeed unsolved

This was so much fun!! I want more of this!!!

Also, why is she getting scared? She's just playing a game ...and it's not VR or anything where Hess seeing the game playing out in front of her right?

She wasn't alone, she has tu cameraman with her

they should've played outlast

He was literally just like “I wonder what game I’m gonna buy with this money” ... don’t say things like that cause you don’t actually know that your gonna get the money....and he didn’t

Bro I heard a noise like a tapping sound in my room while I was watching this and I was alone in my room sooooo yeaaaaa I was like bye sis and you could guess the rest from there

okay, am I the only one that thinks when Kelsey was playing when the lights were flickering that was creepy!?

Did u see that in the window 16:54

Anyone else ignoring the game and watching the light behind them??

I got an Annabelle ad before this lmao

Why is no one talking about how it's called the WINCHESTER horror house??? I know for a fact Sam and Dean were not consulted about that.


ok why do I ship them?

19:57 I thought the mannicen was giving birth

Rainbow six siege headass

23:49 lights stop flickering when he looks back

Kelsey + zach i ship it.

YASSSSS BEST VIDEO EVEEERRR! You guys should do it agaaaaaiiinnn!

I always expect a shadow will just come out of the corridor

What happened to the end of the game though

the light turned on in the back

Out of all places they go to the Winchester house.........

*Winchester House is NOT haunted it’s all for the monies* I live down the street.

The light stopped flickering when he looked back at 23:48

Susan: "Come inside" Me: ".... it's fun inside ITS THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE" send help

Why does this remind me of a black mirror episode “playtest”?

- - O

Watch this video for only $59.99!

That woman saying loosening a lightbulb is used for paranormal communication... Of course the lightbulb will flicker and turn off and on, when is not screwed properly, there is nothing paranormal about that

Doodles you did not pay attention and it shows

is it just me or does Kelsey sound like Lucy from despicable me?

Next play shooting game in warzone...

Rainbow six siege wall

BuzzFeed Multiplayer bish nah


yes just bring the games and snacks ;P and kelsey hehe

Never, ever, no

@Karly Edith yaa sure


heck no


hell ya

BuzzFeed Multiplayer E

@Aly so yes or no?


Heck yeah. Though not Layers of Fear 2. Maybe Fatal Frame series, F.E.A.R., or something else.

Ha no

I guess I could. Hey, the ghost was called friendly! I could make friends with it, maybe? That could take my mind off the stress of the game...?

BuzzFeed Multiplayer only if I have Shane with me

Yes I would actually but I need to bring some holy water, a bible, a Glock 19, and a friend

ive been there before it's really cool and beautiful

Hell yeah

Looks like a fallout 4 wall...

10:30, so I’m watching someone play a horror game in a haunted mansion who is also watching a horror movie?

Are the Winchesters somewhat related to Sam and Dean? Any spn fans here?

Play Alien:Isolation please

Scared buddies should play fear or dyinglight

when she said tuberculosis i had to remember the legend arthur morgan #rdr2

fake fake

I like that as soon as you hear a gunshot in the game while Kelsey is playing, the light turns off for a bit. Almost like the spirit is reliving a death by a gun

Did anyone else see the light flickering behind Kelsey as she was playing?!?!?

That lady died on my birthday

no am not doing that... I'm a scaredy cat!!! my tummy was in a knot just from watching you 2... and I was like holding my breath like it would stop the fear... lol

I’d have a weapon with me, or have a held phone, DUHHH.

Ghost aren’t real

I'd finish the whole game if it was me doing this challenge.

Kelsey is a cutiepie

I didn’t even know what to focus on. The game or the lights flickering

Who else was looking at the flashing light in the background

I also hate how when he looked back yhe light stopped flickering and we turned back to the fron it started flickering

o I would never do this, I don't want to be attached with a evil or good spirit.

I hate how when the screen went blank for her the light behind her just stopped

That light in the background tho

Wtf Kelsey why are you doing this ahhhh

Anyone else notice when he looked at the light it stayed on but when he looked away it started to flicker

I'd melt down if I were doing this.

can I go back in the basement and grab that pc lol

21:02 who else sees that behind her??? like if u do

Know I want to see them go goul hunting with Ryan and Shane

the light flickering behind her tho

16:56 theres a hand in the window

omg yessss i didn’t realize it was kelsey till i seen the beginning yessss

Just love how oblivious Kelsey is to the light flickering in the background

2:17, it plays the buzzfeed unsolved music

that flickering light behind her omg is spooky

nah i would make him come down with . me

this how white people die dont see us doing this omg this ridic

You guys should do a thing where you go into a haunted house and play a real life kinda video game and see if you can make it through without having to go out! Like your crew can jump scare you, maybe you have to solve stuff and the atmosphere would be scary! That would be so awesome!

excuse me but since when was there a titanic game? and where are jack and rose??

Well kelsey almost got traumatized for life

Sam and dean winchester want their name back

mr.beast makes 59.99 seems like a little amount money

*I bet Shane watching this would be like... probably just the wind*

let me in i'll play fornite in there 24/7

I couldn't breathe during the entire video for some reason

8:29 light flickering The light was flickering like the whole time and when Zach looked back it just stopped then it started again when he looked away

omg when he said 5999 something movews

I expected more, no wonder people make fun of buzzfeed for its total clickbait!

We need a mega collab between Kelsey, Zack, Shane, Ryan, Sam, and Colby



11:26 look behind.

No.....but if only if I go with someone I know

Yeah for 10grand, call mr beast

No 0^0

BuzzFeed Multiplayer y’all should have played outlast


Heck nah

I like to try new things so yeah I I would do but, I would have to be with someone

BuzzFeed Multiplayer heck no

NO im scared of roller coaster do u think i wont be scared of this

BuzzFeed Multiplayer also if you wanna do that you have a death wish

Yeah im up for it

No no no no no no I saw a Black Figure

13:01 did you see that bruh i stopped watching because i think i will have nightmares about that, i literally saw something over there ok bye

"The water needs to stop leaking" *~Zach 2019*

Let's take a moment to imagine how Kelsey would act in an actual horror movie

"sleep is a poor excuse...and so are you" Kelsey: Thanks, man! What a nice guy! Me: ????

Your brave as hell.

producers: let's play a horror game in a REAL HAUNTED HOUSE Ghost: am I a joke to you

The house is like in the anime called Ghost Hunt. ❤️❤️

They white guy looks like Trevor from all def digital ADD lmao

Why is none talking abt the lamp that keep flashing on and off behind them aksjdksk I was too busy looking at it wondering if I'll catch a glimpse of somebody standing under it

wasnt the guy from fbe

At 8:38 in the vid the light stops flickering in the background

I'm thinking this might turn into a new trend, playing scaring games in scary places.

I'm a little disappointed we didn't get a cameo from the Ghoul Boys, but overall this was so much fun. "There's a creepy doll. There's no need for that."

Playtest black mirror? Anyone?

I loved the Winchester movie! I've always wanted to visit the house!

Wow...years 1884, I'm not born yet~~

I watched this movie. It was hella scary dude. In the movie she made multiple rooms but it was because she was being controlled by spirits that wanted her to create the exact room they died in.

ควย what the hell

You guys should explore/stay at the queen Mary and you guys should specifically stay in room B340

camera man doesnt even get credit

Kelsey and Zach: *play horrifying video game in a dark haunted house* - this is fine

Why is the light flickering behind Kelsey?

Why am I only getting craw trailers for commercials

Guys how do I work at buzzfeed

wait wtf why were the lights flickering at the background

"I'ma beat her so hard" Proceeded to lose.

6:50 love how the light comes on in the background!!!

amy quiroz's idea but i want them to see it, play vr horror games in a haunted house

Did u tell them the light was flickering

Ok but what is the flickering lights behind Kelsey!!!!!

Is nobody noticing that flickering light at the back at 8:35 exactly when she said she was going to start

Did anyone else see the light in the back when kelsie just got in the dark room??

I’ve done a whole research project on the Winchester House and family.A little fact is that the reason why some doors lead to no where and the stairs go somewhere aswell, is because she wanted to figure out a way to trick the spirits from get to her.

They remind me so much of Shane and Ryan from buzzfeed unsolved they also went to the Winchester mystery mansion

22:13 the things behind her scared me

i clicked on this because i honestly thought he was charlie puth.

Sooooo did anyone else see the white figure moving in the glass? Happens around 16:55 and im having a tough time rationalizing this!

Nvm.... Realised it was a reflection...

While Kelsey was playing I heard not one word Zach said

y’all the light flickering in the background it’s pattern is abnormal— HOW ABOUT NOOOOOO

The light flickering behind her the whole time gave me the worst anxiety :(

the lady is scaring me

did you see how when he looked back the light was NOT FLICKERING THEN WHEN HE TURNED BACK IT STARTED FLICKERING AGAIN

She's so extroverted

When he looked back saying their are different creepy sounds, the flickering light didn’t flicker at all when he was looking at it, but when he turned back to the computer screen, it continued flickering!!

Okay but why of all the horror games would they pick layers of fear two

How does one be in a haunted mansion at the same time in a game Me:can't even close the lights without running

This scaredy cat is becoming a scaredy lion "pRPrPrRp"

Susan's voice is too calming, that scare me

Kelsey:freaking out when she entered the game Me when I'm at the mansion:not even a step foot in I'm already having a panic attack

Did anyone see the light flicker be hind Kelsey?

0:01-0:03 me when I'm at school

It's 1:08 and I'm questioning the hocus pocus witches why I'm watching this:')

I hate how at 9:12 the lights in game and out of game do the same thing


There is a movie about that house it’s so good but I forgot it’s name

“$50” “That’s a lot of money!” *mr.beast* “50,000 TO CHANDLER IF HE DOES NOTHING”


ماخذين الفكره من ابو سلو يالحيوانات يا قليلين الادب

She wanted to trick the spirits

i dont want likes

Challenge try to stay full screen the whole time

Anyone else keep looking at the flickering light waiting to see someone ?

WOAH WOAH WOAH 16:58 did you see that hand in the window!

Can y’all PLEASE play sally face


They have been the whole time. They addressed that earlier in the video mentioning that it's most of the time an unscrewed light bulb

That marketing tho, genius.

4:41 i can only agree to that.

No one: Kelsey: IM FINE

3:01 lol their reactions the skeptic vs the believer

if you look back once, there's no stopping it.

Rip, Arthur Morgan

Not this game tho. I want an actual Scary game to play.

Yeah this looks fun.


i would if it was a multiplayer game so i could talk to my best friend and we could be scared together

Am I the only one who saw someone was walking behind Zach before he looked back?

Lol his nose

Always everyone is complaining about going in there but what about the Camara man?

Ok but what's this 16:56 to 16:58 on the window?it's on the left corner down near to his stomach. Looks like a hand just passing by.

Have anyone noticed the lights behind Kelsey?

Look behind them near the top of the glass door after he gets out of the basement, for awhile there is a face idk if it’s edited in or not but it’s there

It's crazy how the lights stopped flickering when he looked back..

No one else notice the light in da back cut on while zhe was settin upp than flicker

Zach: Don't go near the mannequin if you don't have to. Also Zach: Hello mannequin! Can we talk?

I got scared of Kelsey's scream actually not the jump scare LOL

i actually awed at the fact the light was flickering on until the security guards sister came down the stairs-

Oe use your own Sound effects, not buzzfeed unsloved's sound effects

i think the ghost who did the light flickering at the stairs in the basement saved that girl that said she was scared of falling because maybe he died by falling somewhere and wants to protect others....

holy crap does no one else see this, 16:57 there is a LITERAL hand waving outside the window

I felt like if Zack saw the flickering as he looked back he would have tapped out sooner

24:25 What's that white thing in the background?

It would have been brilliant if they did a crossover with Unsolved without telling them :) Ryan would have been freaking out if he kept hearing their random noises whilst he was in another room trying to sleep or talk to the spirits.

Bro I would of been looking over my shoulders every 5 seconds.

How do u not keep looking behind you

My name is lily

The fact that they didn’t know the back story of Sara Winchester makes me think they don’t watch the ghoul Boys

Did anyone else see the lights flicker in the hallway behind Kelsey

oml that whole time he looked back the light didn't flicker but the whole time before and right after it had flickered. Coincidence I think not

Oh..My..God... If that were me I would Actually Die.........

I bet Shane would stay in the longest


what's more worrying is when the light stops flickering

Who was looking at the background instead of the game??

to answer why the doors lead to walls is because ms.Winchester regularly changed the house in ways so that spirits would be mislead and wont kill her...until she stopped building that is..

16:55 someone else noticed the window?

the fact that i visited the winchester house during the same time kelsey was there and i didn’t meet her makes me so sad

Anyone else checking the flickering lights behind them in the hallway to see if there was just suddenly someone standing there?

scary, i cant even stay there for so long unlike Kelsey jesus!

Is it just me or did I see Kelsey's bicep is as big as Zach's

Hell naww

Yes,...which is weird because I'm a scaredy car but I'll definitely do it.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm yea

Does anybody sometimes think their in a coma and your whole life is a dream, and your parents are trying to wake you?


buzzfeed unsolved actually told the history of this house there are doors leading to a wall to "confuse" the ghost or something i dunno just watch the video

I’m going full screen wish me luck

*squits* Is that Kelsey in a scary video? *CLICK*

Anyone else see the light flickering behind her???

16:55 the hand in the windowwww

Don’t worry it safe in the comments

Hi did anyone else see the light flicker? Like if you did

Sorry Shane and Ryan can’t come to the phone right now. Why? ‘Cause Kelsey took the wheel ☝️

I thought this video is a gameplay of video game....

They should have got Shane and Ryan to do this.

Welcome to the comments! Here we have: •Beds

who's reminded of buzzfeed unsolved?

Who else tought the girl in the tour shes ghost?

i love when he looked back the light just stayed on...and as soon as he turned back it started flickering again.

*Who already watched the winchester movie?*

i have only one question the entire video, why is that light flickering?

16:49 check the window. Is anyone else scared? Wheelbarrow man is that you?


Did you see the person in the background

Wheres Ryan and Shane?

hmmm only one like?

Arham Apka_Baap haha

Should've played outlast, way more scary than this game

Game? Horror House? Haunted Hotel? Trivago

Layers Of Fear 2? nah that game make you sleepy though, you should play VR

Act 2 on the game looks ALOT like the queen mary ship

Anyone else looking constantly at the flickering lights behind them?

8:39 thats when the game starts abslouety Unexecptable


Anybody else been thinking about supernatural this whole video?

Real ghost plays outlast

Next one: real terrorist playing CS:GO I know, i know i'm unoriginal, i didn't invent csgo.

Imagine if you died in a house then decide to haunt it and a few years down the line, two people decide to play a "Haunted" video game in your house........ what would you do? If it was me........ ID SCREAM "THE VERY REASON I WAS HAUNTING THIS HOUSE IS SO NO ONE WOULD COME HERE!!!!!!" Then id burn the house down.....

Honestly im more scared of Susan..

Now I just wanna see how long Zach and Kelsey can last in a haunted house without the video game haha

i’m so scared cause of the flickering light. like i will be looking in the back and then i see someone. i’d rather not


Dude nice catch, it wasnt her hand either

BuzzFeed Multiplayer NO! STRAIGHT UP NO!

So you telling me they didn’t watch the movie

Im getting stomach ache from anxiety watching this brb bathroom

Mannn they should’ve played Outlast! If they could. Game’s a little much lol- but it has the perfect atmosphere for something like this. Still extremely interesting though. Low-key wanna try it some time

for someone who doesn't believe in ghosts, he sure was scare

That house reminds me of the American horror story house

I hate when they don’t tell the whole story.

16:57 !! Did no one notice the white thing at the window?!

25:29 there’s a face in the reflection of the door middle window panel above her head.

Why were the lights flickering behind kelsey when she was playing the game ;,)

23:50 he looked back and the light turned on and stopped flickering, and the moment he turned back it started flickering again


8:37 omg the light behind her

how do they actually maintain the place like replacing worn-out flickering lightbulbs esp. the blockaded areas?

Rainbow Six Siege!! YES

but srs kelsey might be my favourite in the buzzfeed crew

dude whats that flickering light behind kelsey i kept looking at it most of the time XD

Hay Bro Agree 100%


11:09 Jake Peralta

Is this place an air bnb

who’s hiding in the comments? cause same

Around 10:30 I saw a small light moving from chelsea camera. I dont know if it is the game or what but ts a really small light moving around.

That Was so creepy 23:48-23:53 as Zach desided to look down the hall the light stayed on that whole time he was looking then went back to flickering

OMG around 9:46-9:50 it looked like during the flickering light down the hall a shadow figures head pears from the right at Kelsey then quickly just gone!!!!(0~o)

Imagine soviet womble had to do this

Smh triple A game without dlc

Would have been the perfect opportunity for an Unsolved crossover! Kelsey & Shane vs Ryan & Zach.

How can people have a direct opinion about something they’ve never seen?

Where's Ryan and Shane? Ow ops wrong segment sorry

Yeah and I'd probably win ngl

i think the ghost are entertained by her anyway...

When a gamer wants to challenge himself in Resident Evil 2

Nice boobs, but god what an ugly face.

Terrible game, its not even scary tf is wrong to the one who picked it

Boo Did I scare u?

Ummm am I the only one that ships Zach and Kelsey

kelsey: ryan, zach: shane. if these two teamed up with the unsolved boys, it would be the office come to life.

My friend got touched by a ghost

The scariest thing was that light flickering behind them while they were playing

Anyone else see the light flickering behind Kelsey the whole time??? No, just me, ok

She almost said myth 2:14

Where is the BUN team...?

No way that’s to scary for me


Hello no

I cant concentrate cuz of how hot kelsey is

TNH...this game isn't even scary to begin with, Its actually pretty boring. - Me, while playing this game at 2 am with all lights on.

Did u notice when Zach looked back the lights stop flickering and then when he looked back at the camera it’s started flickering again

I wouldn’t do that I get scared so easily and I save a flashing light behind her that’s so scary

16.56 there was hand behind door window,right down corner

11.26 look at the corner there was something


Uhmmmm... NOOO!

if i find a genie and he gives me 3 wishes, all of my wishes would ve kelsey hunting with my favorite ghoul boys, ryan and shane!

Okay, okay, okay, okay. After death decides to leave behind ghosts as a fresh start into the beyond,

Imagine playing a horror game in a haunted house then you get jump scared. You scream Your friend screams The ghost screams

Nancy Drew is here,

When she was playing the game a light in the back round was flickering

6:42 ‘So this seems like the area where everything scary has happened’ You mean Shane hiding to scare Ryan in that corner

You guys should’ve played outlast 2 it’s way more scary and fun

Kelsey is the type of girl I'd cringe to and not want to watch the video. But she has the energy where she actually is entertaining to watch and is kind of funny. I love her so much :D

Don't Worry, They Make it out alive. *Wink Wink*

Oof there in the windchester home oof that’s a scary place she added more because her husband made guns and his evil spirits haunted her to build more more


a shaniac (Zach) and a boogara (Kelsey)!!! perfect!!

Is this an episode of Unsolved that I missed


Everybody screamin


Guys next time you need to play it on speaker, so maybe you can hear something else.

buzzfeed prepares for the inevitable splitting of their partnership with shane and ryan by making clones of shane and ryan

the house low key reminds me of American horror story... am i tweakin

When you're the new BuzzFeed Unsolved

they should of played VISAGE!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5MO12COSU0 @ Ghost Adventures....

this reminds me of that one black mirror episode

at 23:50 he looks back and that light literally stopped flickering until right after he looked back at the computer wtf??

not going to lie...that blonde girl look freaking delicious...what a snack!

This game was a piece of cake. CHILD'S PLAY!!! Try playing something like Outlast, Amnesia, Silent Hill or maybe even F.E.A.R.

Ohhh hell no that light behind her

11:26 i dont know if its a person or a ghost but something peaks around the corner on zachs left


The game actually breaks the fear of being alone in a dark creepy room because shes focus on a game instead of the real deal lol

That flickering light is so creepy to see in the background with her ong

I love how she doesn’t notice the lights flickering behind her

*The light stops flickering* 23:51 *The light flickers again* 23:53 :-O Me: "What's going on" Me: "His friend is upstairs, but does not seem to play around with him"

i went back to check on the part when zach looked back. breaking it down frame by frame, it looked as if something was obscuring vision in the hallway. there was a black obscurity for a very brief moment. anyone noticed that as well? shouldnt be a thing because it should be illuminated uniformly, not leaving out specific parts of the hallway like that.

8:37 ... the flickering light...damn

What I don’t get it cause Kelsey got 29 mins and than Zack I think is his name got 23 mins how did he win I don’t get it

Flight House he did not

BuzzFeed Multiplayer 1000 like

Hell to the no

i like kelsey

People believe that after the lady that told her ghosts were mad at her family well people believe that she also said that the spirits wanted her to build them a big house as an apology and then mrs Winchester told to builders to make dead ends so the spirits would get confused.

DID ANYONE NOTICE THE FIGURE IN THE FLICKERING LIGHT DURING KELSEY’S RUNTHROUGH?! Edit: No this is not a joke! I seriously saw a figure in the light!

I swear there’s a movie based on this house

16:18-16:27 the flickering behind her stopped and it was completely dark behind her. 16:30-16:33 there is a figure behind the flickering light that disappeared. 23:48-23:51 the light stopped flickering. Obviously, the host didn't want to scare him, or he didn't want his entertainment to end so fast.


Am I the only one who noticed whenever they scream the light stops flickering

Did you see the lights turn on behind her??????

Hecks no

love that

Horror games spooky.

I would be more afraid of the game than the house.

White people being white people

If people remember that BuzzFeed already made a video on Winchester on the video called "3 horrifying cases of ghost and demons" That was posted 2 years ago, you are a true fan

Visage in vr

I honestly wanna see Ryan and Shane play a horror game or even horror vr in the Saddie house or this haunted house like this.

Do this in complete darkness and in a isolated room that makes you have no awareness of any of your senses in the vr at a haunted place.

Did I was the only that was just paying attention at the flickering light?, thinking something will pop out from there.

ive been to winchester for a school field trip and it wasnt even scary

I keep looking over Kelsey's shoulder at the flickering light to see if there's someone behind her

"She's gonna get jumpscared" and then I get jumpscared by an ad

Lol at 23:48 literally right when he looked back it stopped flickering and then when he turned around it admittedly started flickering again


I would TOTALLY do this, and I feel like if I was in the same position as them. (downstairs, in the dark, playing a horror game) I would take my headphones off, look around and ask the wheelbarrow man something and ask it to turn on a light. That lady did say that he might be a nice ghost, and I think I would last about an hour. But you know, you never know what you would do until you are put into the situation...

lol why rainbow six siege

a foolish decision, really

Maša xD

How the f*** did you see that

nopeeeeee hahahaha

"but who's flickering the lights?"

Ryan and Shane went to this place but I don’t think they went to the basement oop that would’ve been fun to see Ryan freak tf out when the lights flickered

Wait, isn't that guy from FBE?

Awww, nice ghost are the best! My mom had a nice ghost in her old apartment. She said it was her great great aunt.

Shane and Ryan are so much better and more interesting than this

When she said "plugged in" and the light behind her turned on?

Winchester??!! DEAN?!?!

Roses are red Violets are blue I was click baited And so where you

I’m scared even walk about my house at night

Don’t worry I’m also hiding! Here have some food!

The door with the wall reminds me of Coraline

Did nobody notice the light figure in the bottom left at 11:26

I really wish they would team up with Ryan and Shane and compete with them. Honestly that is all I need.


16:54 look at the window. Just do.

No, the FRIENDLY ghost screams.

We all scream for ice cream! I had to-

Oof the aliens also scream

I will definitely try that but you just have to cover your ears for my screams

Plot twist: the game is about this house and everything about the game actually happened Also what if the unsolved bros did a video about this place and saying exactly what happened at that house and describing it actually how the game was played

Susan doesn't know the history


This is literally just Ryan and Shane...but playing video games. Kelsey is Ryan. Zach is Shane. ... sCaReD uNsOlVeD????

Roses are red Violets are blue I've seen this comment too many times This is overused

It’s the orb of life

Daniela Nope it’s possible but super hard to tell since it’s so dark and out of focus

It just seems like a guy taking out his cellphone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEcCsQBB9VA-New horror game coming out



When he turned to look at the lights it didn’t flicker and when he turned back to the computer screen it flickered

At 21:11 you can see a foggy white shadow in the back hallway where the flickering is

i literally looked at the fill in the blank word and said “it’s character” cause when she opened the book it said “build character”

I can't believe Kelsey lasted longer lol

16:55 scary as hell to at the window there is this arm

Zach and Kelsey might be the new Ryan and Shane but with video games instead JK.

Alright, so it's storming outside. And at 16:27 when Kelsey decided to scream, a really loud thunder just roared trough the air. I lost it. I really lost it

Jhenna Becker There’s a part where the light goes completely out for while and when it turns on, you can barely see someone with their arm going off screen.

YukiSenpai16 WHAT PART?!?!?!

@Ray holy smoke its like a long hair with his/her hand

Ashe Animates

Play a horror game in VR, and you will know scary!

@Planet- A l y so yes or no?

I was pretty pumped for this video. Then I realized it's from BuzzFeed and left.

when ur into the game so much and forget ur in a haunted house

I’m scared of that guys nose


Only fuckin white people

For $60???????????????

Is it me or is there a shadow person around the corner looking at her?

Winchester is awesome!!!!

i see what you guys did have on 13:13 the time matching with the time how long she is playing is pretty cool and creepy

Any notice the light in the back

can you state the minute

Omg that would be funny and scary

It's good that she/he is not alone she/he is with the................... camera guy

Kelsey: O-CO-CO-CO-COOL COOL COOL COOL COOL! Reminds me of Jake Peralta from B99 ♥

The game starts with flickering ligths as well as the lights in her background. VERY SCARY INDEED!

I was watching the light in the background and I was having a fudgin heart attack.

Kelsey is awesome

Legend has it she builds those leading to nowhere doors to confuse the angry spirits. Cool concept tho.

Wtffff??? The light flickering at 8:29 aahhaahahhaah

Niceee, my family was planning on going to visit the Winchester house and I unconsciously agreed unaware that it'll be LIKE THIS! Hah, hope they didn't really mean it '-';

I wondered why the house looked familiar specially the stair bit!! There’s a movie that’s called Winchester n I swear it had a good ending to it so doesnt that mean it’s not haunted anymore?!?! Idkidkidk

26:28 back window

did someone notice the light behind her or is it just me?

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