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We have something to tell you guys...

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Yes I'm back it's time with. What. I. Got. Do it again I gotta do it yet what. I'm. Back yeah that's right I'm back on YouTube it's been a minute, how do I do this, so shit's been kinda crazy for me for the past couple of months lots been going on a lot more than you guys even know about a lot that you guys do, know about won't get the crazy detail on that shit, but a lot. To talk about haven't been around for a minute you talk to you guys still got this thing on a bunch of terrible shit's been going on but I gotta pick myself up I gotta do it again like I said we'll deal with all actions end of the video for now enjoy this vlog let's get back into a guys let's get back into I don't know if I could do this I really don't elizabeth staring at me like a crazy high. We're gonna take a crack at it let's try it i don't know squat now let's do this. It's. You up you guys may know me as the handsome french, baguette that edits, banks this video but guys listen, to me you carefully, i only have a few seconds so basically i had to do some hacking, so. That i can't go inside bankers vlog and tell you guys an important, message guys I've been here the past two months doing nothing but eating popcorn and waiting for banks to uphold and you know I can't be sitting here any longer eating popcorn waiting, for a video because look. At me I can't be anything more popcorn I'm gonna expose I'm to take I'm okay look at this picture this used to be me two months ago look how handsome I was look how skinny I was now, I just look like a thick French baguette anyway all I want from you guys is to smack like comment and leave some good feedback because if Banksy's the good feedback he's gonna start uploading more and I can say but. Anyway. Sorry for the interruption, I'm gonna let you guys go back to the box, know. What's going on with all that, bro. I don't know I came, back you went to New York you got paid for one little figure we can't talk about right now but a secret it slip though it's, I'm.

Super, Jealous it'll make sense you guys listen. You missed me hello. Does, it feel like I know what I do it only do I miss you but everyone else misses, you a little glad you're back. Same. Shit different day baby. Baby. You got them back you got them back that's for my eyes we've been together every day. We've. Been together every day for seven every minute, of every day now when I'm proud. Not. When she's pooping, Frazier, where the you been I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks. Host. Made four times my day I just been playing computer games jerking, off full hermit mode already know. Where. You might go from here what I bought those dogs dogs are good right what do I do bro, I lost, it guys, broad. Can't do it man I can't do it do it I can't do this YouTube shit go on without me I can't do this shit man seriously. I'm having some serious anxiety. I really, can't know what I'm so afraid of I don't know what it is you guys already know but I don't do this YouTube shit unless I like doing I took December, off guys no youtubers, you already know I lost some money doing that I don't give up I'm gonna do you - what it's fun for me and for the past couple months it hasn't been fun for but I don't know have I fallen off am I done, it's my time on YouTube done I don't think so darn you know I'm not even worried about that if you guys are excited to be back to your seat job Howie, Howie likes this video can get I want us to break I want you guys to break yeah I want you guys to do more than you've ever done before I don't generally ask or really really push you guys too hard to do it I just want to see how many of you guys are still rockin with me I have fun doing this I've already have fun doing this I was the happy that I've been honestly, in like two months say what is this who sits this close not. For real though who was up here. I'm. Jumping over two hurdles with this vlog honestly, my sleeping schedule has, been. You're. Really gonna blame them you're really gonna blow in the vault she's blaming she's trying to blame you guys on almost killed us I'm done I'm quitting YouTube I'm tired, of this finished kid I sent it over basically, every aspect, of my life is no doubt, for the past two months. Oh babe. That's. Kind of fire yeah she. Said do you love me I tell only partly, I only love my bed and my mom I'm sorry 50. Duh hey we get back you know what we're. Doing over here you already know. This. Is new Drake song and I'll hook up trade some notes you're never gonna be anything like them. University. Realistic, bullshit. Exhausted. Tired. Sleepy. Boys. I. See absolutely no difference on your face. You. Like a little kid yeah what happened. Ah. She's gonna get you club soda cuz the bubbles he'll get it out I swear yes like I have a son sometimes you don't need trouble work till sunrise just, to make sure my son says. Right. There will you wear it all day. Please. Do, please do it for the vlog my. First one. The. Cheetah ones fine we're gonna get one my man how much are they, damn. Bro make it fine make it five I'll just get I got you here take 15, for my rude comment, my god. Say. For you okay. Only, if you get the monkey one Frazier, put it on. Thanks. So much my man guys, you guys ever want some of these creepy things right in front of toast this guy's selling them he's your guy got an Instagram homie. Waiting. To pick up just for you guys someone maybe something super, dull she's been ready for like a month now today. I'm gonna go pick it up we'll keep you guys guess until we get there but we're heading there now so what do it, it'll. Be right now here we are the shoe surgeon, on Melrose, guys guys, already know the shoes it's so don't you so don't the home Dom aka, surgeons. Instagrams right here he's got something special for me but wait for a minute you guys don't remember I showed you guys a pair of jeans and a pair of bands and I told you guys some shit was coming I'm gonna long overdue but here we are it's you well I think that's alligators, spear okay fire yeah, look at these ones just Pony appearance. This. Is so dope though there's some crazy shit here guys I'm what you Pete that real quick. And we'll leave it off with this one that should be a quick little you know teaser for, maybe whereby I might look like guys I want you guys to meet my homeys doll like I said Instagram, right there he is the man this place is so fucking cool akimbo I've never been in here right on Melrose guys swing, by there's some crazy shit you guys already know I love the shoes this guy is the man when it comes to custom shoes no glass guys come here.

Throw. These away. That. Is so fire, such, crazy quality, on these dudes are you jealous, look in here salt. Someone, is salty. Yo the box - man like this is crazy. So. Good, so. Good ten out of ten dude would absolutely recommend. This man what he does here is nothing short of a miracle, he's the shoe wizard, the shoe god it is the shoe surgeon make sure you got showing some crazy experience, before we dip we're gonna get a quick little tour but show you got how they do all this crazy shit I think this is so cool for a sneaker, enthusiast, like myself I feel like a kid in a candy store the shit is awesome someone is seriously salt, why don't you meet the man why don't you go say hi to or maybe. You guys to work together maybe you can hook you up with some crazy shit. Right. Right, showing the watch on the watch over. Yeah. You got to get him back here you probably gonna make a choose bro look at. So. My man how'd you get in all this where are we tell me what's here I know we're on Melrose, there and teaching. That class my shoes dirty shoes it's crazy man it's crazy bro all this up on some really cool shit dude this is done painting. Shoes and it then progressed into taking them apart building, them I never had anyone to teach me so that's why I'm teaching you so go let's go see what they're doing let's go see what they're doing I don't want them, to miss me. They wish. You know me hope, I've got some brothers that I live me. Oh. That. Is so. That's. No that's some of my, tasks keeps getting the way to frame I can't. Sighs. In the place up. My. Man seriously thank you so much thanks for having us some friends got in the way they suck I know guys, again huge thanks huge shout out these are crazy, one more time one more time convinced, walk so slow and now we're heading to hope we're. Taking you guys with us there to here they're still rockin it wasn't. That place so far your. Shoes your, shoes are insane, tired.

Homie. Yes. I'm, not gonna lie I'm. Tired. At. Whole Foods the baby girl are we getting healthy we're. Making changes most. Major you love you both. Let go off and this is not a brand oh we paid for our post Wade's trust when you move off the channel and every star character. Brought, back I know I'm so excited, are. You aged. Yo. You're both really really hmm. It's some technology, bro, come on bro, okay, yeah, yeah. Those. Are right up your alley this is not real I am the biggest night beast on YouTube this is ridiculous. Oh they're so fine discard the pants and you just made it shut up - this is a shoe surgeon, you have to make me some. In. Good spirits, today they're the same shoe size I feel good thank. You they're selfie. Yeah. That's pasty. Alyssa just get that from Whole Foods. That's. So yucky. God. He broke the postman's bill is. Serious. Kiki, the box is just extra, yo I got something for you they'll open up the box I got something in there for you I, swear to god yeah okay. You. Can have the shoelaces - okay cool extra pair of shoelaces and, bra, for. Your laptop right, yeah I'll put it on my phone. I, saw Fraser rocking funky, from the latest phone case it's got rockin this whack shit it's, it's, so wack go yard. Yo. So. Well. You just got trolled come on. All. Right guys so this is the sit-down part of the video I don't know where the vlog left off I hope you guys enjoyed it I enjoyed making, it I'm stoked to be back yes, I'm back it's time it started uploaded February 2nd, I'm gonna get into why I'm uploading on February 2nd but this is a very special date for me and I figured no better day to upload, my little comeback thing than February 2nd, I know you guys are confused right now but we'll get there I just want to take a few minutes to explain where the I've been where I'm going where I plans are what's going on banks what's, going on I'm here to tell you what's going on so I stopped posting videos, it probably the worst time anyone, could ever stop posting videos I was at the peak of my career my, career posting, YouTube videos it's funny I'm still, funny I'll always be funny but I love to the peak of what I was doing and, honestly, silently, I was killing it man like there was maybe other than rice Jake, Logan, nobody, else was putting up numbers like me silently, crushing.

It I was killing it and it was fun it was dope and that was all good and I know it's contradicts, what I just said is I mentioned views I made a point to let you guys know I was killing it but I was about, the views I don't care about the views I don't care about the money which brings me to my next point I left right before December, like what the fuck are you doing banks you're killing it you getting all these views. December is when it shits hot that's what you're getting paid, the big bucks your, CPM goes through the roof and you're getting paid like two three sometimes four times as much money as you'd be getting paid normally and for us youtubers, were getting those kinds of views it translates, to hundreds, of thousand dollars millions, of dollars for some of us it's crazy, I know and I walked away from all that shit why cuz, I wasn't feeling it I wasn't feeling it man I'm involved in a lot of different things and I've had a long life man I'm 26 years old and YouTube, just is never gonna be my lifeline, I'm never gonna depend on YouTube for money and I'm never gonna depend on it for a small sense of success I don't give a fuck man this is you two I'm gonna treat it like YouTube it's something to have fun on it's something to express yourself on that's why I hold, myself the way that I do that's why I am, the way that I am on it I guess that's why I stopped host for two months at the worst time I could ever possibly do that simple as this I stopped having fun and will go into why exactly it, stopped being so fun for me that it justified, me walking away for two months first is something I can't really talk a lot about but it's the whack shit that mean Alyssa are dealing with right now that's really all I could say about that it's probably the dumbest wackiest thing that I've ever been a part of involved, in it's stupid. I wish, I could talk about it but I really can't so we'll leave it at that but it's been a super, drag, that was dragging me down man I definitely, decided at that point that, I had to walk away for at least a week maybe two weeks but, then in the midst of all that shit happening some other really serious, personal, shit was going on in my life something that I really haven't shared with you guys or talked to you guys a lot about and that has to do with my dad and his health I made a point to my dad's health and I think it was a thanks for 2 million video or 3 million video a few months ago I didn't share a lot about it with you guys but I told you guys he was sick he was in the hospital and stuff that was all good that he came home from that things were looking good and then all of a sudden a few weeks before Christmas, 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas, he had to go the hospital for some shade he got really really sick at the house sawed him in and then they put him right in the ICU the intensive, and, shit was not looking good got really really sick stayed really really sick he was just in a really really bad condition, I'm not gonna put the burden of all the details on you guys but it was bad being ELISA flew back home for Christmas to see him and on Christmas day he had a heart attack and, he was unconscious, and out of it and on breathing machines and basically life support the whole time I was there and unfortunately we had to fly back to deal with that other wack shit or else I would have stayed but we had to leave and, he, was flighted, to a, hospital, in Boston for an open-heart surgery, again without giving you guys too many details doctor.

Told Us he, had a 50-50, chance she lived through this surgery that's what the risk was in the surgery he had to get a heart valve replace, with all the other complications, that were going on with him he wasn't in the best condition, it wasn't exactly a stable, condition going into the surgery which adds the risk it was bad I mean this doctor, the look in his face this grim, you know just like blank look in this guy's face man I've never felt like that in my life and you guys might be asking yourself why is he emotional, why isn't he crying and stuff trust me guys it's been there's a reason why I've been posting videos in two months you know I mean there's been a lot of and, crying there's been a lot of down swinging, down down, down for me and the way I like to handle those situations is kind of just exclude myself and try to keep that to myself I'll bring you guys down I mean there's really been nothing for me to post and again it hasn't been something that's popped out in my brain and been like oh that would be fun that'd be a fun thing to do right now like it's always like no man that sounds like that, sounds like the worst thing I could possibly do is make it to birdie right now so I follow my emotion, and I haven't, been making videos and the other reason why I'm not from crying right now and all emotional, and stressed out right now is he, did it he got through that surgery my dad's good not, exactly, I'll get into that but as far as that surgery goes he's good and they opened up his chest they looked in there and they found that the infection, from his valve had actually spread to his main heart so the risk was even higher than a 50/50, was even higher than what the doctor had told us but he pulled through that and he spent more time and I see he's still in ICU right, now they, found it's. Just been a complication, after complication, there's so many things going on it's hard to keep track of and it's really really stressful and anxiety, and you know the swinging, from back and forth so the two considerations. That I'm dealing with man it's been it's been tough I haven't been okay and that's why I haven't been posting YouTube videos it's as simple as that they found some. Asses and his colon a few weeks ago which was scary to uh turned. Out that those were benign and there was no rush to do, surgery on those there trying their hardest to get him in a stable spot and then the goal is rehab, and back, home obviously, we want him back home so that's what we're working on right now and I think the swing, point, for me the transition, from really, really scared sad, down, basically, a hundred percent totally, negative and hopeful, like the transition from that to hopeful, was when he got through that surgery that was very very scary when he got through that you know a day passed in a second day pass in third four or five days in and he made it through it and it's looking good and our, hopes are high that's not to say you know there's a lot going on I don't want to get into it I don't want to I, mean I guess I'm saying this right now for two reasons one the explanation, obviously to you guys and to just so I can finally say, this is somebody and like really put it out there in words for myself, but yeah things are things, are better right now we're all very happy with where things are obviously, Ian told you have a coin flips you have your dad or not have your dad and I'm not even in Boston for that because of the other shit that's going on and like you guys like my, brain and my emotions, it's been like a crazy, game, of tug-of-war and it hasn't been a fun one it's not a fun game but yeah there's that that's why I haven't been posting didn't, want to drag all that shit into my life, on YouTube obviously I'm, gonna take the time to explain to you guys and I'm happy to tell you guys in this setting but you know the journey through all of it there's no I mean what am I gonna do get on YouTube and cry everyday look I'm not gonna do that yes I want to see that what he wants to see that shit and I don't want to do so what there's no reason to do that is why I haven't posted videos, where I'm at now in, a very positive state, of mind and a very like motivated, state of mind to make videos it's starting every day where I'm like damn that would've been great if I recorded, that and man my subs, would have loved that and dude that joke was hilarious I wish I you know what I mean like it's back to that for me and I'm so excited to, start making videos again and that's where I'm at with that I don't want this to be like one of those feel bad for me videos because it's not life happens, like things happen that's just what it is I just wanted to explain, to you guys what, the deal, was but we're back we're here February 2nd, I said earlier February 2nd was an important, day for me because, February seconds the day that I moved in with Tommy her face temper he's right there and it's also the same exact, that I got onto the hospital and for those homies, who have been around for a while you know what I'm talking about had a little dip in my life this isn't the first time I've had to go through some shit had to go through some shit before other than this last couple, months of my life was the fucking worst part of my life and I broke through that and I got out of this hospital February.

2nd So the date today hero 2nd it's an important date for me it's a very symbolic date for like new life a new positive. Very, positive change, you know I mean moving it with Tommy was one of the best things that's ever happened to me in my fucking life and getting out of that hospital, was me, getting out of the worst thing that's ever happened in my life so I don't know 3 for 3 I don't know if every second it's gonna be good guys I'm excited, cloud King just drop some merch I didn't, just drop it I'm sorry we're dropping it tomorrow Saturday, 9:00 a.m. so, the shit is fire, I wish I was wearing some right now I got a gold picture that I'm posting tomorrow morning so make sure you DoubleTap that on Instagram all that shit Klout gang she got a big year, ahead of us I'm super excited I bet I've been in the background working, and scheming, and doing my thing, YouTube shit just hasn't fit into it but we're here again and I'm back on my schedule gonna do things exactly how they were before so if you guys are excited about that I would appreciate a like I would appreciate some love I don't appreciate some feedback I want to see some tweets I want to see some ideas I want to feel how you guys feel you reading a lot of comments and I miss you guys man and I know some of you guys miss me too I can't like I gotta end the video with this corny, ass cliche. Like I love you guys thank you guys but like for real bad like I gotta say I haven't said this once in this explanation you guys by far. Maybe maybe, second, to a list of violence maybe but other than her you guys have, like carried, me through this shit man the tweets like a simple. Tweet a tweet as simple as dude please, post another video please, like I miss you like you're the only person I want to watch I fucking love you I miss and I can't tell you man I guess so, many of those tweets, everyday and this video is for you guys I'm back for you guys and we're gonna have some fun man I'm having fun you guys having fun who is that oh it's PEP boy analyst come. Here say hi sit by the vlog. He. Came in at the perfect time oh there's some merch perfect, timing that, clapping turn. Onto the back yeah that's fine you can just get a little sneak peek of it but I need to see all of it it's dropping tomorrow some, secret shit she's where Harrison letter in the room it's my family man it's my little family and I'm super, where's. Alyssa. Come on you can't put that on YouTube want to say anything to them before I wrap it up those wait. Is this just like telling them that's like, we're coming back right baby yes we're coming back. All. Right guys spin your blood banks I hope you guys enjoy the video I got nothing else to say new video coming soon we're back and here's Lundy oh. Peak. Parris, did you miss the vlogs oh you. Did. You. Spin. Your boy, oh. My. God guys, I gotta go I gotta go peace.

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Ikr if I was him I wouldn't get mad @ her

^ yeah banks & don't leave her they made it while they were dating who cares you have alissa now!

Hang in there & remember we're here for you

I feel bad for you nobody deserves this

You should start posting videos


glad you're back

Yo finally a vid

Who that fool was talking about eating nothing but popcorn needs to get smacked in the dick with a Salmon

Just saw an ad and it was ricegum's

yoooo upload moreeee son

Name of outro song?

Post on a mother fucking god damn regular schedule we love the vids you broken hand fucker

get a chocker chain like rice and put "faze" in all diamonds

Take as much time as u need we love u and are always here for u no matter what. I hope everything works out for your dad and all the BS with the barley situation

*RiceGum in a super bowl commerical LOLLOLLOLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL*

Yooooo rice gum in a super bowl commercial

I know what rice did he came out on a superbowl commercial

Glad to see you back injoyed the vlog and best wishes to you and your dad 1 love...

feb 2 was my birthday

Miss you



Welcome back dad

stay on youtube ur the best

welcome back homie, we all missed ya.

Banks your so unique and different, you totally deserve the most respect stay grinding banks

February 2nd is my birthday aswell wtf

Great Video!!

Them vintage editing footage though..

Dude its been shitty without you

best youtuber of all times, best relationship of all times

i missed our french baguette

Man banks you left and my life when down the hole and you came back right when I need your videos.

how bout them pats??

I love y’all

i loved coming home from school everyday and watching faze banks videos. happy its gonna start up again

he thickkkk

new blessings

Loved this vid so much


Anyone else take a nap?


Rug has also been killing it...But glad your back, can’t wait to see what 2018 videos you’re gonna make

Yas mtherfkkkkrrr! been waiting 4 this

This why I like bank bc he explained something and he does vlog at the same time sometimes this is why I like faze

So sorry to hear about ur father hope he gets to go home soon, but I love ur videos and I hope that u keep with ur great up loads

Banks. Hit. The. Gym

Yayayaya your back

Hes back

I’m so hype that your back bank!!!

You do what the fuck you want that’s why you one of my favorites

Finally ur back :)

where's the big ass computer video that u ordered??

7:14 I swear to god i thought that was my phone ringing lol

Yo banks I fucking love you bro like do what u want I will support whatever you put out when u do

you are so real love you brother

hope your dad gets well brother

Banks has to be one of the realest people on earth

drake is trash

Your sit downs are nice and calm and cool too

Glad your back


Your back!!!

Well I never got pined but all well stell love you guys

weawap is thicc af

why the dislikes?

Please upload more your awesome


Glad ur back bro

Ugh I want you to come to Worcester Massachusetts

I keep rewatching this

I thought you were retiring but in glad you're back.

Teawap is hilarious

What the hell. Has your hand not fucking healed yet. Did the fat ass bouncer shatter yout hand into a trillion pieces

yo tell that bish to not leave the fridge open for so damn long come on now


Thank god your back. Been dying in the inside

I love how ur from Boston i live in Boston if I ever see you it will make my life omg but i 100% cried when i saw u posted ilysm

i missed u and alissa

When you can't put emoji's because you're on computer---> (heart emoji)

Hey man i really think you should watch this video, im sure itll help you a lot

That's my birthday

Drop your song

My grandmother had the same thing man feel for u.

Miss you a lot banks

when other people are filming rice he is funny as fuck when he films himself he try’s to hard

It is ok man vlog when you feel like it

Welcome back banks finally posted!

lets gooo banks is back!!

Yeah man I been checking your channel everyday. Glad you back bro

bllionaire banks letsgetitttt

February 2 is ma glo day

Banks I just wanted to say I have been watching I was 15 years old you made such an impact on my life and you made me want to start making YouTube videos

I’m happy Alissa was in this include her more

Missed you and Alissa!!! Best couple ever

SO GLAD YOU CAME BACK hope your are ok love from Paris

Banjs upload more

I hope your dad gets better

I am sorry to hear about your dad

Love the videos bro glad you are back!

It's been too long

Remember when this scrawny dude got thrown to the ground after trying to jumpPeople from behind. Just be honest why u left. U fucked up just admit it already

Banks-i only post when I'm in a good mood. Me-how the hell you in a bad mood for 2 months??

Hope your dad is getting better. Glad to see you back.

Where is another vid ?????

Banks upload more tea wap is thiccc

glad yo back saw rices commercial its fire

Bruh I actually took a nap tho

Feb 2 ????

Rice why you disin Evan I am short and I sit like that it is comfy like that

Im glad you're back and doing your thang ♥ im glad though that you & your dad is doing good now and i hope your dad gets back up in his two feets and everything just goes good for the both of you guys much love


uuploaaaad moreeeeee

so happy you're back!!!! we've missed you

Banks we have your back bro. Have fun do your videos.


You two are the most disgusting people ive seen from my generation you pick on and sent your horde of whinny little teenagers to harrass blue collar America I hope when Barely house Sues u have to pay out the ass. You make up a sexual assualt you try to doxx hard working Americans. You are sick and banks u are Even worse cause you came from nothing honestly I liked you as a entrainier before now after all this you disgust me I'm sad to say we are the same generation don't ever forget where u come from asshole

Aziza.S. I'll judge it on what he has done after and his own admission he is scum he makes up the story of sexual harrasment to add ask his fans to go after these people he's already in the wrong and I saw the barely footage he was never choked out he tried to blame barely house for what locals did to him for him acting like a ass. Sorry but he lucky he didn't pull that shit up here where I'm from we don't take entitled bitches bs

connor mcdonald no one knows the full story only them and barley house so if u don't know it all don't judge a book by its cover

Love u banks

Glad ur back


Glad you're back

Glad ur back plz post daily

bypass surgery isnt 50-50 chance .. my dad had QUADRUPLE bypass surgery. its 80-20 in america. it is a long recovery. hope all is well. love you man

Damn when there was that Jake Paul assistant problem he had 2 mil subs now he has 4 mil

Tea! Sick edits as always. ;) That

Am really glad that you share so honestly! You are cool bro.

https://youtu.be/rhhQS3ns6HU ACE FAMILY PREGNANCY!!!

OMY!!! THAT’S AMAZING THAT HE PULLED THROUGH THE SURGERY! Hoping for the best for your dad.

D: open heart operation?!? D:

Yay My homie is back

I’m a bro but the way you spoke to the man deserves a thumbs down. I’m a real bro cuz I give you the watch view, comment and a thumb.

Glad u r back bro!!!! MISSED YO! But as a ‘mature’ viewer, wanna highlight to u that during breakfast, the way you guys spoke to that man was rude. Really. Hope y’all at least tip him extra.

I would be happy just seeing vlogs of you and Alyssa.

aye bro i’m so glad you’re back

Keep it going man best of luck

He’s such a cool person i hope he never quits youtube

I'm extreamly sorry brother Your Balie will be 100% I got goosebumps when you said that my uncle passed away from a heart attack much love brotha no need to explain we will still be here 1day break 10day break 100day break 1000day break 10000day break WE gonna be here no stress brotha ❤

Am i the only one that pause the video and took a nap, then watch again

Why is his hand still broken after 2 months

It’s ok banks I honestly feel you with your dad and open heart surgery I’m 16 and lost my brother when he just turned 19 because he’s has two heart transplants and it’s shitty fr if you wanna actually talk about it I got you cause I know how you feel fam @icydev23

I want a allowance bcuz u my illegal father

Hope your dad gets better man, love from Norway

faze back yes go

Fuck yeah TeaWap

I'm happyyyyyyyyyyyy

niceee banks is baack


the minute Logan came u came

Back to banks

Plz upload again


All the money you make and you’re still so humble. Respect bro.

Teawap you thiccccc

FaZe Banks Is Back

Glad your back BANKS!!! We missed you!


Fuck yea I’ve been waiting for the come back!!!

You're dad is so strong going thru all that. sending positive vibes and much love to him

Wolfie VS A shoe box who wins ??

Cats ❤️❤️

Who the fuck click dislike?

Finally ily!!! Stay strong thanks for the update we missed you guys What do you think I'm going through when my favorite YouTube doesn't post for 2 months

Get Alissa in some more videos

Whats the song at 4:06

I can't really imagine. Why does these material things like shoes make them so hyped. These guys are so brain washed.

Hope ur dad gets better

All This I don’t know... shit.. is dumb, you have your crowd, your people, and you act like this crap isn’t going to happen for you. IT IS HAPPENING FOR YOU. TIME TO TAKE A NAP. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

I feel ya man shit happens and life goes by quickly.You did what any normal person would do.Lot was going on but you’re back get into the flow and we are still here.Love the kicks and happy things work out it takes time.Keep your spirit up

Subscribed =)


“CAN I GET A HOIYA” Alissa 2k18



U know right that Allisa violet is 3 weeks Pregnant.... And she doesnt even now who is the dad LOLLL


Hey Banks, I'm not on any of the other social medias...(and actually, there's been numerous times I've tried downloading and becoming a Twitter user so.i could reach out and/or send a comment to certain peeps at certain times, but I cant figure out how the dam thing works. I muat be a tad too old. .anyways, you r one of the people that had been on my mind and that I wanted to send a shout out to, letting you kno that I missed you guys and that I was hoping things were ok . Glad to see you back, I hope youtube keeps being fun for you for now. It's great to have your vibe back on the Tube. One love ♡♤◇♧☆♡

You fucking druggy

Good to have you back

All your earnings just donate them to charaty

Anyone else think Alissa was pregnant? Don't get me wrong, she doesn't look it, but I was feeling it.

Wow seriously!? you fucking lames were so mad that Banks .. Mr loose change didn't post, so as soon as he did you disliked the video... did you even watch the video at least you idiots smfh

i honestly missed this

I really hate this guys hand gestures

Grammar Guru hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Glad to have you back Banks!


Guys Alissa is 3 weeks pregnant check the holly wood fix!!

I like how no FaZe members actually post gaming videos AT All now.

I flipping love banks keep uploading man I hope you get through your hard times.

Liked for teawap



Where can I get that phone case that Faze banks had?

missed you faze, alissa is looking fine as he too!! love you guys!!

LoveIt your back take time offBro I feel u I wouldNeed a break from YouTube for a little

The faze leaders should kick banks from faze

Why would he monetise this


last year I was life flighted to the hospital and ended up having 3 open heart surgeries and 2 mechanical heart valves put in, and to top if off I ended up having 5 strokes. Things might not seem the greatest rn but theyll get better, trust me on that, :/ Good to have you back man

Yo welcome back

You & Alissa are great 2gather

Hey banks, we are here for you! Hope everything turns for the better! Prayers are out for you and your family


We rocking with you bro, always. On god

Banks is the realest dude I know on YouTube and I respect that

They all look different like drugged out lol

love you ricky !!!!!

Biggest piece of shit

“Look at his little pee pee”

lef a like if you missed faze bank

I won't give good feed back because I want you to eat more popcorn

Its been too long

We've missed you bro. Wish all the best for you n thr fam

5:40 that was kind of messed up they started laughing at what he was selling

Uh try to act like logan paul!!!

Banks u should upload more videos

When is alissa is going to start posting agin like if u agree

BANKS UPLOAD MORE!!! (ps: TeaWap is so THICCCC!!!)

Holy shit I’ve waited so long for you to come back!! I love you banks and Alissa

How the fuck you still got a case after 2.5 months lol it's a finger not a tibia

Ya banks!

Your such a nice guy hope your dad gets better

Good volg man

Ur pranks are shitttttt

Yes bkk

fortnite vid

fuck off now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ma boiiiiiiiiii iiz baaaaaaaak

I understand how you feel. My dad was put on machines so he could breathe. My dad had complication after complication and we were told to make a decision. The decision to keep him alive and have his leg amputated. Along with him going into cardiac arrest one more time he would have been brain dead. We had to make the decision to turn his life support off. It is one of the worst things I ever had to do but I am grateful I got to say goodbye and that I love him. No matter what’s going on I feel you should be with him because I know you will regret not going. Do it for yourself and to have hope, faith, and peace

Lets go

They r basically mocking ppl And he swears A LOT

you can do it banks

Keep going bro, never leaving ❤️

I need clout give me clout

Yesss He uploads (tea wap the funniest person)

She's pregnant

The Superbowl rice


TEAWAP is so T H I C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C

Back because he needs money?

Intro song plz???

Yes your back miss you so much

Why do you wait until something serious happens to go see your dad? You should be with him all the time helping him out taking care of him

im waiting for any of the members of the house to talk about the twins.

quit youtube please

Why’s Alissa’s eyes still brown ??!

How much is rice's watch? link??

Faze banks... your girl is pregnant and she said she does not no who is the father....

Hope your dad gets well soon

Ur back let's go

Finally banks is backkkk

fuck yes. bitch is back

Banks is the realist mf doin it

i was missin the good content! thank goodness your back!!

Why do they all act fake excited a la Logan Paul

Just wanted to say stay strong Banks, I know exactly what you're going through rn cause my dad passed away from a heart attack very recently and I haven't been myself at all but I love to see that you're back making videos. You've got some of the best content on here, love ya bro

Bro you're a fucking badass

stop snorting coke bruh

Super bowl commercial

Faze Monk

the ultimate fag is back

Rice looks like a lesbian.

Rice was in newyork to film the Superbowl commercial

Yayyyyyyy he's back (p.S teawap is funny)

what the heck I been since 1 million sub's and he reached 4.2 million wow brawadis channel is dead lol


Just try not to go into a restaurant next time and pick fights with everybody and you’ll be OK

I hope your dad gets better ❤️, prayers out to him

i was here since when banks was raging at MW2

Yes i alreay know your gonna be parents

Wow dude I know how your dad feels I’m 11 and I’ve had 2 open heart surgery keep doing what your doing keep up the good work

I missed these videos

Banks with all the respect i love u but plis don't kiss on cam

I took a nap

How can you dislike this guy

Post more

teawap thicc

My boy banks still humble even with all that money best youtuber

The 4 k ppl that disliked this video , y’all some no hearted ppl. I liked it the second I heard him talk about his father! Prayers your way for a quick recovery!


Yayyyy omg banks is back he better be poppin love the blogs sm

Finally !!!

Wow great editing

Beep beep lettuce

I've missed you so much honestly, I like you so mu,h more than Logan lol but fr thank you for coming back

i don’t watch him but why does he always where something on his hand

The maturity of Banks over the years in unreal. He is like a new dude

YAY im soooo happy your backkkk !! I LOVE SEEING YOU AND ALISSAA ! my favorite freaked couple

yay your finally back!!!!! :):):):)::)

"smash the like comment"

February 2 is my birthday

Look who didn't forget about 4. Million people but missed him

wtf was with that editors note shit?? wack

Keep up the good work banks

It’s so cool I love dominic

Fuck, I would love to meet you Ricky. Hope your dad gets better dude, I truly do!

When will it be Alissa turn to come back ?

Thank god your back

Yo that Evan joke got me good

good feed back

Ayo thanks for makin this vid and yes I remember you didn’t sleep for like 3 days straight



Awww, the little sniffles in the mic

Much love to your dad

Song at 7:20?

can someone tell me how he keeps playing drake without getting copyrighted

Faze Banks my man...

My fav!


FEB 2ND IS MY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously love Alissa and Banks together ❤️❤️


Unicorntopretty11 1 u mean 4 like

So cute!

Welcome back to youtube! missed your videos! much love

Hats off for papa banks

Alyssa is 3 Weeks Pregnant

tea wap the man

banks where you been man

did banks gain weight?

You came back on MY BIRTHDAY

Came here from ComedyShortsGamer. How humble are you man? What a totally cool guy. Sending positive vibes for your dad and hope he gets well soon.

Hahaha faze is such a wanna be tough guy Douchebag sleeping with Jake's leftovers that is more brainless than you. They say your the same as the people closest to you, look at your wanna be squad.. hahahah don't know how I ended up on your retarded vlog but outta here....


what a bunch of cnts

"Please post another video"

stop using thenx's intro music ... trashcan -.-

missed u man


Well I'm a new sub I understand how it feels with having a sick parent my mom is very sick cancer she had colon cancer she has pulmanry fibrosis congestive heart failure I'll keep your dad in my prayers along with my mom and I have 4 dogs myself lol 3 chaweenie dogs and one is a Yorkie terrier cocker spaniel chaweenie mix

Please apload more we miss you and we miss alissa too love your vlogs

FAZE banks but you and the other members barley make cod videos anymore

who the fuck asks for likes b4 they do anything??? at least perform the clickbait shit b4 you ask for likes you vulture. dont drag that poor girl down with your NEG bullshit, because she's naive.... she could probably actually sell out, but you done cashed out. YOU EVEN SAID < YOURE DONE > you got disney syndrome. cant handle the handlers? that's how you got famous. they own you . PS , i lost my coin flip in boston . no more dad. keep your job cuz you'll need it son. stop fast cutting your crap explanations. lol , last time i'll hate on a faze clown, thats how you got your clout to begin with. xbox gamers or something ,.hahah who are you? ? she will leave when you need it.

you're the worst ... like , not cool at all.... you kids suck at everything but everybody still hypes and forces your content. its garbage. you're not interesting at all... even with free money , you kids have no idea how to live. pretty sad. sad that they call you "influencers" werent you a fake gamer gril at one point?? who even are you ? why are you always popping up on algorithms . SHILL!?

awww i love alissa

this guy gives me cancer.

Look this faggot. I d fuck his missus if she shuts up

Im 11 and ive been dating for 9 months

welcome back banks ❤ we missed you and love you so much ❤ we're so glad you're back ❤ continue to stay strong and positive & making vlogs for us❤ thanks for keeping us updated after so long ❤✌


Yo bro I'll send prayers for your family man cuz we're a family. Don't forget that you do have people who support you a ton. Much love homie stay humble.

He 100% hits Alissa she has bruises all over her face on sc

Much love banks

I feel like the “wack shit” with Alissa is like the suing Jake Paul stuff but idkkkkk I can’t keep up on drama so idk what happened with that

Yo that mans rice is smacked lmaoo

Alissa bregnat

Is Alissa pregnant?

I cbf to watch till the end. is this clickbait or what do they say?

Dude. All you freaking care about is views because you mention getting money from it. Unsubscribing and reporting your channel.

I actually did go to sleep and put it back on again before u even said it

Rice gum is a bitch

Vid starts at 12:33

I just found out Alissa's pregnant...

Wait I mean I think anyways...

Damn Banks! Do what you gotta do! If you need a break take a break we understand !Your pops is in our prayers

gotta respect the things you say man all we want on YouTube is to make content to have fun good that you are back FaZe banks stay strong always my dude

Ur my favorite faze person

Prayers for your dad! Glad you have Alissa !! Y’all are great together ❤️

Banks I love u keep posting more

Alissa is prego!!

Its fucked how much I and so many people love you Ricky keep it up my guy

Banks is cool


Alyssa said she was pregnet on holliwood fix

He's back on the grind

welcome back broski.

Bad things happen to good people.

Bay Area Buggs theme song!

aye post more boi

BROOOOO your vids are fireeeeeee . now i come on this platform for two pple now that ur here YAYYYYY

Did he record his audio on his phone or was he just holding it up

Love ur vlogs banks and happy ur back

Can you tell me your talent


My man ricky i watched the vid about the fight man FUCKKK that shit had me heated and it wasnt even me...I respect every decision you made i wouldve done the same you did


faze is backkkkk

Yes your YouTube days are over. You a a piece of crap

I didn't it her ricerum vs portland by drake ft Quavo and travis scott BTW PORTLAND WINS, and alissa is hotter than snake.

Dammmn u guys r such a cute coupleeeeeee

6:19 why you had to be rude to that guy my man :/ he is a survivor, he fight to get his money for the day .. :/ #rude


Fuck you


Upload more banks, ur vlogs are F ing lit

Guy Alissa violet is pregnant

Did y'all guys know that Alissa Violet is pregnant she said herself she's 3 weeks pregnant

Im so happy yall are back ily lissa and faze for ever


is alissa actually pregnant

you just earned another subscriber!! thankyou for posting!

The stripper pol in the background at the end

am i the only one that thinks banks reminds me of lil xan

Your dad's going to be okay

Hey faze banks I get it your dad is in the hospital and shit. But don't loose hope. Stay motivated. I went into the hospital back in December also for kidney failure. I thought my life was over. They were able to save the kidney with a treatment called plasmaphersis. When I got discharged and went back for my checkup 3 weeks later my kidney was back in rejection. So I had a surgery where they put a catheter in your chest so they could continue treatment. Everything's been going good since then. This is just some proof that God can pool u through anything. Just keep strong and pray

I smashed the like button do hard that my screen cracked

6:43 lmao

Is Alissa pregnant



BANKS UPLOAD MORE!!! (ps:TeaWap is so THICCCC!!!)

Damn bro, I can relate on an extremely personal level. 2015 was almost replicated of your situation with my father. I feel man.

Banks and KSI vs Logan and Jake in a tag team match?!? (Not fair tho cause if banks got mad before the fight he could probably kill 109238839290282829202937 people

Jack Wylie boi that's more than the nazi

My girl is pregnant

missed you sm

Alissa violet is 3 weeks pregnant and I think it is faze banks baby

Teawap is thicc


Upload moreeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzz love the viddddddssss

I don't hate u but I do hate rice so sry but not subscribing

Why is Faze Banks eyebrows better than mine?

Liza Koshy was putting numbers up!!! Muhc more then you

you are honestly such a great guy and youre extremely strong and smart. I know your father will get through this! He's got this! We all missed you, and are extremely happy you and Alissa are back! I love you guys! You are my favorite youtuber!!!!!! I really missed watching you guys!

Alyssa is pregnant

Banks is a terrible vlogger!

Alissa is pregnant


Rice was real professional in this vid lmao

Watch the baby come out & it's a mini Jake Paul

Alissa is pregnant omgggg!!!!!!

Yas theyre back

Quit YouTube or go kill yourself

yeah love u bank


Feb 2 is my birthday

I saw hollywood fix she said she was 3 weeks pregnant was it real?

Who tf disliked this?

video came out on my bday and im watching it 8 days later sry daddy banks

Upload moooooooreeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Just to say if someone is thinking yes Alissa IS pregnant she said it herself on a interview u can search for prof I think you have to search “Alissa Violet confess her pregnancy” soooo yeah have a great day everyone ❤️

Bruh please upload more 'clout all the way from Sydney


Strip pole in the back ?

this video is hella old

yyyaayyyyyy your back, we missed you, and hope everything gets better!!!

1:19 lol Sam golbach is bae

ok ima go take a nap but I'll press play in a hour or two ;)

You come around in ksi's little brother trying to bring out that body shaming isn't right while you are here in your own vlog body shaming this poor Evan, we know you want money man, but don't shame other people. UNSUBSCRIBED

I love banks so much your such a strong person and I love your strong and chill personality ❤️ I hope all goes well with your dad love you and support you

dude..... u’re back

Rice and me eat the same

Your editor is a better memer than you

Thank u for freaking being back with the videosss we missed youuu

lmfaoo I'm watching this video at 12:46am

r u really pregnet


God bless your father

My boy banks litttttt

Faze: "that's so yucky "

I fucking respect you sm! ❤️

I watched this person interview Alissa and he said she was pregnant.Is she?

I thought you were going to say that Alissa is pregnant :o

It said that alissa is pregnant



i like jake paul and team 10 but i also like alissa violet and wish she was friends with jake and team 10 and was on team 10

Dis he just say flighted?!

What happend. To his hand

19:52 ahem aderal

Probably spelled wrong

Ask counslot to make you some supreme vans with the loose change logo

Teawap is thic

I don't like you sorry I am a Jake pauler and I watch your vids because I like people doing nothing

You’re amazing!!!!!!!!keep going ❤️

i feel bad his hand is still injured ughh

Is Alissa violet pregnant they would make the cutest baby

I love Alissa violet

its funny how banks got his hand cemented into his vlog hand anyways, barely looks any different


My boy banks keep uploading

Can do die in your dreams or nightmares?

Alissa vielot is pregnant and she told a youtuber named the Hollywood fix

Alissa said she's pregnant and she wanted to surprise banks on the Hollywood fix

teawap hella Thiccc

Not when im pooping

Honestly, best part of this video was TeaWap smacking the bag of popcorn.

my prayers for you and your family

Allisa is pregnant I heard

Why is he so rude tho to the Asian man.

Prayers for your Father...

I'm sorry I now how it feels

He back

Idont like clout gang one bit but I will pray for your dad...

He has respect for people

Why did you laugh when the guy that was selling the animal hats didn’t answer when you asked if he had an Insta? Not everyone has good hearing because he might not have heard you BTW. He might not have had an Insta. Some people don’t have enough money for a device for Insta. I think you were laugh because he didn’t answer. He might have had good hearing but just wasn’t paying attention to hear you. I’m sorry if I’m just defending the guy but please no one make fun of people with hard hearing or not having a phone or a device.

Love u bro u are number one clout

Yoooo dude Alissa is she having a boy or gurl?


February 2nd my birthday

who edits the videos?

5:58 gold digger



digging that classic Naruto music

Glad you're back Banks, missed ya♥

Fuck you faze suck logans dick because alissa does it

It’ll get better, we are here to support you don’t be down be happy we love you banks!


I love you

Your back and we are so happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

hello welcome back

The whole reason you came back is for the views and you want to roast Jake and Logan for views and that is unacceptable and yes i am a Logang Pauler so get off of YouTube cuz all u want is views and i don't feel bad for you. You guys roast Jake and Logan for views so get out of YouTube.

When he played gods plan I’m like YASS

Yo, Banks I love your videos! I have been with you sense New York!


youre so fucking dope, i have so much respect for you!!!! and i fucks with you and alissa heavely!!!! fuck it up bankssszzz

Alissa became chubby. What is she doing to herself??

Brooooo I missed his nasty ass

Banks you don't have to say sorry for being their for your dad we all should be able to understand why you love your dad.

I’m praying for you banks

Alissa its pregnant

Banks upload more please and tell Alissa to upload to

I know how u feel my dad died when I was 8 of a heart attack I know your dad hasn't died but I am just saying my dad was really close to me the day after he died he was gonna take me and my sister to florida but he couldn't because he passed by the way I am 11 now he has been gone for 3 years he died the week before Christmas .


I’m sorry to hear about your dad man, and that other shit will pass eventually, just try and focus on you and your family bro, stay up, peace banks, catch you later.

My Boyyyyy is Backkkkk

its nice to hear that lil uzi vert is banks favourite singer

Banks knows what's up

The dog part was light weight cringy

prayers to your dad lost my grandma to some stuff like that I'm happy he got to see another day and many more

Banks dont front Patriots had u fucked up also!


Congrats on the baby!

we missed you Banks! Welcome back! (heart emoji)

What happened with banks and alissa?

banks upload (tea wap is sooooo thiccccccc


did anyone else think that they were gonna say that theyre pregs

Banks could beat logan paul and jake pauls ass any day of the month. Being honest.

Swear down Alissa is a gold digger

Faze literally said pause the video because sleep is important and go to sleep and resume this and I figured I might as well cause it's 2:40 AM so yeh... Gn

Upload more vids bro

How many people can like this comment

honestly I wish you the very best banks. you’re so freakin amazing and I hope you get through all of this. I can’t wait for your upcoming videos


❤️❤️❤️ you and Alissa are my fave couple! Love your videos!

OMGGGGG!!!! Missed u guys soooooooo muchhhhhhh


i respect him so much i seriously love him and it’s my dream to go to there house meeting all my fav people would make my life 5000 x better


twapp mad funny yoo I was dead

why does alissa looks like she’s pregnant

HIS 26?!!!! I always thought he was 22 lol

Bullshit he took a break cause “he’s so busy and so damn real” He behaved like a drunk immature piece of shit and he took a break to clear the air. Just admit it bro. You act like you’re real but you’re just trying to get sympathy as a distraction. Hope you get wrecked by the verdict.


Yeah she is 3 weeks pregnant

Mia Baez no she isn’t

I am so sorry about your dad Banks

February 2nd is my birthday!

Alisa is pregnant

So much shit comes out your mouth

Pls come back banks and baby alissa violet



“Look at his little peepee.”


follow ella78210 on ig

nobody will like the comment

Probs to you banks for being real


Finally banks is back

They are endgame


You and alissa are awesome

I wish I had your dog's there adorable

They are pregnant


Thank you for 0 likes!

Rice is not cute

Faze that bar place SUE THEMM SUE THEM FOR SO MUCH MONEY they should be shut down

Yeah she's pregnant I saw it on TheHollywoodFix

unilover girl omg she was joking

Meeeeee I’m always here ❗️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m still rocking

Rice was in NY for that one super bowl commercial with iggy azalea

Hope ur dad gets better

love you and Alissa my favs always

They should call Alissa violet a REBOUND

Yes finally banks vlog

You suck

February 2nd is my birthday.

“I’ve learned a long life *im 26 years old* “

Upload More Banks

Alissa’s pregnant

What's the most common law with Asians? Identity theft

Twap is such a clown

fag boys

NFKRZ intro

Is alissa 3 weeks pregnant ? Is Banks the father? Like if u want to know

let me guess shes pregnant?

Never clicked off so fast


Do you steal Logan Paul’s content cause both you left at the same time

Congrats on the new baby but it sucks that you don’t know who’s the dad.

I'm so glad your back I'm so happy

iTs BeEN a mInUtE

The real question is “ Is Faze pregnant?”

Why is everyone so mean to rice?

7:17 lil uzi ♥

close your eyes when u kiss

Alissa is pregnant???? Like if you want to know..

CAN I GET A HOYAHHHHH I say this all the time my class hates me lol



yesssss 1000000000000X better than the Logan Paul comeback, this is the right way to come back

Your dad will hopefully be ok. I got a new heart valve, pacemaker, and a ton of other stuff at 24 and survived. Went thru cardiac arrest and coma and still made it thru.

“I’ve had a long life, 26 years.” ...... yes because 26 years is SO long longer then the fact that you are still technically a young adult, and not an actual adult, because we all know your not capable of doing that, and I KNOW I would know nothing about that, all I know is that your dumb. Just saying 26 years isn’t a LONG time, 60 years is a long time. I’m not trying to be mean because you’ve been through a lot, but I’m just saying 26 years isn’t long, and I don’t like you because of the childish things I hear about you, and I don’t judge by actions, I don’t judge at all. I just find the way you act in public stupid, I also don’t know why you do it, like I get it you do it for views and money. Again IM NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN. Also stop click bating or making it seem like something else was supposed to happen in this video.

What is that beat in the background at 13:09

Alissa you should date Logan Paul or Jake Paul


Welcome back BANK$



Alissa Violet is pregnant BECAUSE THE CAMERAS People who ask her questions about coming back and she said she’s 3 WEEKS PREGNANT

love u

12:34 is when it starts. Thank me later

so sorry for you man


ricebum stop making fun of evans

Its crazy seeing the journey you've been through Ricky. Salute for still being here and pushing through

Faze I really appreciate your type of pranks. I can tell you have real love for your team and your pranks are harmless. Thank you so much for being someone I can respect!

ѕσ нαρρу уσυ αяє вα¢к

Make a Mw2 video! Gotta throwback bruh

So happy you’re back!! Missed you and will you support no matter what you go through❤️

The clout house needs an emmy

Holy shit you’re such a faggot

She is having a baby

"Now im like a thick bagette" #Me Too

I wish they had a child she/he would be so cute :(

I laughed so hard when Alissa almost crashed

I legit took a nap




Praying for your father

It's ok Banks

I forgot to subscribe 2 months ago YouTube has been dry glad your back

Love and support you and Alissa!

i watch because if alissa

Alison has to make more vlogs

I missed youuuuuuuu

"Fuck u" if u read this...

Really short people joke

Yo Alissa became so ugly what happened

Glad you are back Mr. Banks

did you just "FIRE" ....NERD

What happened two banks song

AWW in hope yur dad gets better


damm more than 300k likes and only 5k likes, you know how much this guys loved

whats with the naruto music lol


Wen he said take a nap I really did

Who else thought Alissa was pregnant

stop saying for a minute


Finish your sleeves fam

Damn you 5 / 4 years older than Alissa

Please stop using that hype music it reminds me of wolfie


The ending was so sweet!!! I'm sick and it made me fee better!!!

She’s pregnant


shes pregnant

What’s that retro filter called at 7:15


Ugh ouuuuuuuuuu


Damn that edit is fire teawap

I am happy he made it through it. Stay safe❤( don't lose hope).

Faze banks is the only guy that I can listen to everything he says and I've been waiting for this video for so long, tbh missed faze banks vlogsss, and he's also my favorite YouTube

Stfu f@g

Shut up and keep posting bitch!

When your money's low...

The teawap clip was so funny

you stop posting because you had a court order to you fuck

Why is rice dum trying to start drama

Please keep going it’s fun watching you bro

Sick vid banks

Are you a dad

Is wish he would post daily again


Who ever dislike u suck a lot. Banks steps away so stop hating on him BC he's being successful

I'm still here love u banks and alissa

What is the song call at 4.36

4:20 that is friendship goals

Alyssa is my mom

T is thiccccccc

Faze: **saying something** Alissa: CAN I GET A HOYAAAA

Let's be honest , this chick is way too hot for this guy. it's like when you watch porn with a super hot girl and some little dick whimp who can't keep it up

brooooo pleaseeeee post morreee

Alissa is not pregnant because she always says it on here and she's joking she said it on Hollywood fix for fun

You’re one of the best real youtubers out there. I’m so happy you’re making videos again. Now tell Alissa to make videos please

You trying to be spoiled with your girl, like I am with the world.

omfg paris is getting so big

Approaching 3 million views!!!!



heyyyyyy keep up the good wrk

They are literally such goals❤️

What is the song in 4.7

Praying for your family man I’m glad you’re back!

I know that the stuff in our family is not the same but mine is almost the same as yours I guess but my aunt and uncles house caught on fire and my uncle and 7 year old cousin both died and my aunt and 14 year old cousin were in the hospital for 3 months

I LOVE U!! I’ll always support you and the whole fam!!

We love you banks

I was your dad gets better

I love you faze


That iPhone mic sounding crisp tho

The video editing at the end gave me motion sickness

Don’t care about the money or views sure

I think you need to wash your clothes

Hey, for real, BANKS, we love you. Love from Springfield, back home, passing for your family. ♡♡♡♡

I'm really sorry about your dad, but very happy he's ok. Glad you're back, bro!!

what’s the VHS effect he used called

Teawap so thicc

3 mill lol

t h k b o y e

For all of you guys wondering. No, alissa isn't preggo, it was all sarcasm, clearly the one who actually is pregnant is Faze all along.

the Shoe Doctor and his sweatshop in the background...

Bruh Teawap look like a snack

Im so happy you're back!

Come to fucking Ct

i love you banks so happy you are back

By popcorn

Love u banks$$$$!

Faze you didn’t even kiss her 2:09


Alissa can u come back to YouTube

turn sound all the way up at 6:44

I luv how he keeps it real


i love you ❤️

Rice was in a super bowl comercial

Could you have Alissa maybe shout out one of my close friends who have passed away monday he was a huge fan of alissa and was always say can i get a hooyaaaaa so could alissa maybe say "Can I get a hooyaaaa for Sam" please?

it is ok to cry we are your family :)

Congrazts on the baby

feze will always be on top

Only real fans would sit down and watch Banks talk for like 15 minutes. Love ya Banks!

stop beying a !!!!!!! prik you are an ideot quite youtube you butt

Shit, banks has a YouTube? I must be out of the loop. I remember when I was 11 watching his call of duty mw2 videos. That was 8 years ago.

Love u Banks❤️

Alyssa is ugly I think Erika looks good

please do more vlogs faze banks i really enjoy them and tell alissa voilet to do more vlog also(happy face):)

i'm so happy iv'e been watching his videos all of a sudden

I love your French bulldog + your English bulldog there soooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Banks remind me of a viner with all those sound effects

Good feedback

Hey guys Watch our vlogs!!!! They’re insane and humor

Personally i still dont see the problem in using YouTube for money just for the fact people quit their other jobs and that for this

Glad you’re back Banks, much love to your Dad and the rest of your fam !! Peace The Fuck Out homie !!

She said she was 3or4 weeks pregnant

She’s pregnant she said it on one of tmc video

Teawap is so THICCCC

Yesssss love you banks

can I have the Rice goyard case

“Pony pubes”

Tfw has the same editing like Logan Paul. Almost unbearable

i understand you talking about how youre dealing with your dad so much, you explain it so well. i was the exact same when my mum passed. saved all the tears for my own time

i thought alissa was better with jake paul until he hurt her:(

Bro please make more videos I freaking love your videos. Much love and support from NYC


Alissa can do so much better than you no offense

I hope life will soon become smoother I really enjoy ur vids and u inspire me so much and I hope u can find greater motivation to keep on going i will always support you

Glad to see you back in action bruh!

She prenat

rice got paid for the super bowl ad

Im so glad yall are back you made me cry

teawap is a god

we need a ship name for Alissa and banks

Is Alissa pregnant

yes he's back baby

stop posting

At this rate you and Alissa are gonna get married IM SO FUCKING HAPPING ALISSA LEFT THAT GARBAGE I was crying OF JOY when they started dating

Alissa isn’t pregnant for you people who heard it from Hollywood fix she was joking I can’t believe people actually believed that

finally you guys are back and i love you guys. hope you get through everything !!

alissa is funny again :D

i been here for all the bad stuff and a lil bit before. love you bro keep up the good work love you man good luck.

Alissa said herself that she is 3 weeks pregnant and will be posting again in a month

Savage 22:50 XD !! Glad you're back bro

Alissa is 3weeks pregnant she said herself

Pair of useless cunts.



Lol teawap's cameo is my fave part of this vid

Favorite person ever

Love you banks

I’m 14 years old and my dad died last year cause he was a smoker and a alcoholic.


Your dad is a hero

You better treat Queen Lissa right! DON'T hurt her.

It’s time and thats why he has not uploaded in over a week

Respect bro

Clout gang

Ricegum so cutee


glad your back Banks :)

your house was just on Tosh.0 lol

I’m so sorry that all of this happened this probably means nothing but I really will pray for ur father

So glad your back bro!!

Why can’t youtubers get to the fucking point

Your blogs are so long I love it

He’s back bitcheesessssss

2:08 banks kissed Alissa's sunglasses

Missed u guys

FAZE banks my ass, u don't even play video games. Just change your name to banks cuz it's annoying

Alissa is *NOT* pregnant. If she was pregnant, she wouldn't be driving. It was a JOKE!

All im saying is banks has the number 1 clickbait game on youtube.. this is my second time on this video just because i felt i needed to saybit. lol

Don’t lose hope banks (teawhappp is soooo thicccc)

Hope his Dad is struggling right now.

fuck the barley house. KILL THEM PRICKS!!!

its time that you quit youtube

Faze If you see this please react my dad was also in the hospital he was almost dead . But he survived i believe that your dad can also get true this my dad is ok now . Sry for my bad spelling


Why did Alissa write fiancé when you were to the doctor?

Yeahhh our boy

I am pretty sure that Alissa violet and faze banks are engaged because on Alissa Snapchat story it has a paper with her name and the relationship states aka fiancé like anybody else agree with me??!


Literally I’ve never related to anything more. When he started talking about Christmas and how his dad had a heart attack I’ve never had more sympathy and empathy for anyone more , because my dad had two heart attack’s before Christmas and the doctor said that it was the worst he’d seen in a while, no bullshit. He said that he had actually had another heart attack in passed that must’ve just went unnoticed. I’m sorry about your dad banks, but really glad your back ❤️

Teawap thicccc


can someone please tell me the name of the outro song???

Sleeping is for tha weak lmao

Ricceee is so hottt

2:05 kisses glasses lol

kim jong un in the building

not being racist just for the fun (im bored)

and plz keep posting i love you and Alissa you too are goas as in real goals not fake ones like jake and the snake

even if it is the 16 i am soooooo happy you are back ?!?!?!!?

You like The Way Life Goes too? That’s my song right their, that songs fire

My grandpa passed away 3 weeks ago of cancer I’m so sry for ur loss


This was the fastest 23 min in months keep up the good work banks

I'm pretty sure everyone knows rice was on a commercial

Is Alissa pregnant she said she was on the Hollywood thing she said I am 3 week pregnant

hope your dad get a better and hope you will be ok

It's been 2 months and I am so so so happy your back

their engaged


Ive watched this like a zillion times waiting for a new videooo

We support you bro every fucking step of the way,keep it up

Watch this



You were in my dream and you kicked allissa from clout

Absolute inspiration ❤️

I just clicked on the video so I don't know what Alyssa is gonna say. Ima say she's pregant

He's back!!!!

the worst youtube channel ever. your disgusting fans will come at me. The person says the p-word and bad words werent not said disturbing. when i post this your fans going ignore bandwagon and cloutgang. congrulations with new hater idiots lol


Teawap lookin thicc

She ain’t pregnant they’re getting married

i am so sorry for your dad

Banks upload more i miss it vlogs and crazy shit

you thick lmao

Is he recording himself

When Wolfe said he’s the biggest hypebeast.... shut up rice is bi***

You a bitch

Alissa is 4 weeks pregnant

Your dad is in my prayers

Plz do more vlogs u make my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to see you back! I completely understand what you’re going through. Unfortunately my mom passed away on December 2nd, 2017 from a heart attack. Spend as much time as you can with your dad.


Alissa is Maybe pregnet

So rice why couldn’t you upload at all those places


4:02 ayyyyyyy drake god plan

I miss jalissa

Post again

When is alissa uploading

Banks I love u❤️

I hate you sooooooooo much

No videos= I cry

Omgggg Alyssa please vlog more ❤️

Praying for your family xx

Hey BOY you are NOT Black!!!

U bleeped fuck but kept jerking off in the vid

Hes been kissing a girl that probaly has dog breath cause she keeps kissing her dog

holy shit alisa is hot af

Alissa is Pregnant

what music is that at 20:27 seconds in the video

I can not afford half the stuff u have

do u have to cuss

THERES A NEW YOUTUBE!!! i heard you a few months back wanting a better youtube platform and in a week or so there will be it is called THEWEEDTUBE.COM it is not just for weedtubers but for everyone and everyone will be paid to make videos macdizzle420 and thegaystoner are doing a gofundme right now to get it up asap and they are also looking to hire web designers and anyone looking to help just watch thegaystoner's vid to find out how to help!

Comon we neeeeddd content me and tea wrap have been getting soo thicc

M2ThaK and Rice been leaking shiiiit by accident

Banks!!! What’s poppin’ bro!!!! You should smack up Jake

Banks upload more I've been waiting for A LONG TIME don't quit I've been in my room since u did not upload never went out. UPLOAD!!!!!!!

Keeping dropping vlogs please

When you said pause this and take a nap I actually did

I love how scared Jake Paul is of you even while you're injured lol. Mad respect brada.

so proud of how banks turned his life around, loosechange was a big step :')


Sorry I’m late to this video but went saw what the video was called I thought Violet was pregnant and if she was pregnant I would’ve been so hipe. But guess what....? S H E I S N O T P R E G E R S

The ending with Alissa was definitely my favourite part aha I luv u guys

Please actually post more

Low key wanted Faze to respond after Alissa was like “can a get a hoyaaa!”

Banks my mom died on Christmas day in 2017 from cancer so i feel u and im only 11 yrs old so bro love u. Push through and keep it going

Your Awesome Banks :D

I want more vidssssssss

Now upload more!!! ......Of Alissa thank you(:

Yay your back!!!

4:02 WOW they made the scene look better with the song.

Banks just upload what you want to


God bless you, Banks. I hope you feel better and stay strong, my dude


my grandma had a stroke and died the day this was uploaded so im feeling with you homie

Dude these ppl suck like relly


I Feel like shit


Aww I've missed alissa saying ' can I get a hoya'

Banks is a true leader ❤️

I miss you plz upload more

Uhhhh lies

My uncle died at 27

you had a right to stay off of youtube, what your family troubles are more important than youtube.

Can i have a hoyaaaaaaaaaa

not tryin to be mean but i don't like wolfie.

You fucking suck. Shut up for a minute and take your girls pants off

Little pee pee boy

They are married well engaged because if you saw alissa's story it shows that she is engaged

I've fuckin miss this guy

AD BLOCKER On.. AWWW wait till u hear the wolfie fat man bitching and inserting himself in the picture just like all other clout gang coz.. why the heck not?? KSI doesnt know them. theyre not even called out by KSI BWAHAHAHHA so they had to leech.. BWHAHHA AND OMG THAT OLD VLOGGER WANNABE FAZE BANKS USING JAKE FOREVERRRR HAHAHA he bitches every time awwww thats all his content. he's so salty he's banging Jakes used trash who btw proved herself TRASH in that Barley Video. CONTENTLESS TALENTLESS LEECHERS

Banks you are such an amazing son!

Last time I seen FaZe they were trick shotting on mw2. So are they like all rich now doing vlogs?

Go to onsomeshit

Thats what happened to my mom and she passed away

Why in the middle of the vid it sounds like he’s just doing a voiceover

What happened to his hand?

your just unintelligent

Every one hates you for fuking did to Logan and jake

Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz upload more I enjoy your volgs and I would like more content from you and alissa

Why do you look like discount Zane Hijazi

Why do they have a strip pole or Pole in general??????

the legend is back yes yes yes

what is this Jake Paul shit? 12 minutes to get to the point of the video.... and he lies about his numbers, as if the 'clout gang' is the only group or amount of people making money on youtube.

other than rice Jake Logan and cough cough* david

That’s just fucked up of him saying oh ‘’do u have an Instagram’’ to the poor man you’re fucked up like ...

I hope your father gets better.

Nah for real man we miss you, keep em coming, ur great

Why is his name still faze banks

Faze?banks Alyssa?violet Hotel?trivago THICC?TEAWAP

I like Jake paul so much

Upload more please

My cousin who lives in L.A. wants to join Clout Gang and I told him He’s to poor (even thought he’s a baller)

Shut the fuck up, your a you tube whore! Your getting Jakes sloppy seconds, your back on you tube cause it is the best u will ever do. You got a few dollars in your pocket and took a break. You left your dad for this shit asswipe. I'm more surprised that anyone listens to your you tube vids because this is pure shit.

What A fucking tool. Who gives a fuck about this nuttsack.

I love you keep posting

His videos are always so long haha

Hi, I am French and I would like to know what does « lit » mean when someone say something like : Oh ! That is so lit !

Please keep doing videos


Is she pregnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tweep is soooooo thiccccc

2:10 he kissed the glasses

why are popular faux-alpha youtubers so ugly, unfunny, and annoying if they weren't famous i guarantee they'd get bullied for being fucking cringey weirdos

Go subscribe to jake and logan link in bio

I MISS YOU♥️♥️♥️

I smashed that like button harder then i smashed Alissa.

For the past week i've just recently started researching this whole vlog fad going on. It started with Logan's Suicide controversy, then lead to the Alissa and Jake's break up, then i started watching Alissa's vlogs, relating to her abusive relationship with an intellectually challenged narcissistic egomaniac... and then you entered, Alissa's Knight in Shinning Armor. It was fun watching you shower her with gifts. it was fun watching you go from rags to riches! the best job in the world just fell on your lap, you can make heaven or hell out of it... some vlog ideas, (go to the zoo, buy Alissa lots of gifts, watch a scary movie, make Alissa play some VR horror games, go white water rafting) gotta spend money to make money! have fun... :OP

Anyone else liked the vid before it started?

Hope your dad feels better I know how you feel my dads dad passed away January 2

8:26 "make sure you guys shoe him some love"

Why u makin fun of ma boi evan?!

Want some more fucking ads on your vid?!?!?

your grammar is amazing

dude, how is it fucked up

you're retarded

sit down

fire shoes

Fuk sleep

Banks we miss you fuk what the haters think

Alissa will you please upload already? It's been too long girl, we miss your hoya's lmao who's with me?

Bruh am I the only one that sees they gaining weight..

i love big cock



Yaaa banks back is back 2 weeks latter where the fuck he go

Fun fact Melanie Martinez has more subs than you

great id Banks but why is there a stripper pole in the background

Dope car

Spoiler alert!! ALISSA IS PREGNANT

You just walk away from like 1.000$ banks but You right it's not all about money

luv u

welcome back


Fuck the people that aren't with him

Upload more that's what some guy said

x_x.LaysChips it on hollywood facts

There honestly the cutest couple

Katherine Gonzalez bc he is making fun of the ppl that are poor?!

Hope you and your family will all be back to gether and every one is safe

welcome backkk

I thought he was back.......

Teawap is so TICCCCC

Hi faze banks , my grandpa had cancer also and so does my aunt right now. Their are some natural remedies that are really great for them to make them not only feel better but it says it helps a lot. I’ll be happy to let you know the information.

It’s called Moringa.

Teawap is THICCCC

We’re here for you faze banks

I acc slept


Dude I love u upload more pls

22:02 Oml Alissa

I smashed the like button harder than you smashed your hand


I'm back from my name

I kind of feel what your going through my mum had multi problems heart kidney brain all sorts she was put in a coma after being to poorly had emergency surgery sadly after coming out of coma she lasted 4 days untill my beautiful mum passed away you so lucky have such a beautiful caring people around you

Brookelle and Roman Family I feel bad for you

Upload morr

Faze and Alissa are fucking goalsssssss

Great video banks

Banks I need tips on how to get more subs on youtube

OMG Taewap is so THICCCCC

it isn't really making fun of him tho

Drug is bad

By see you

We already know you are bald.

Don't stop vlogging

lit mode

I was getting sad of all the edits on Instagram of Ricky and Alissa and now Ricky has posted YAY BUT NOT ALISSA

glad youre back

Who else just skipped to the good part?

i actually took a nap lol

i hate you when your with Alissa

I swear if alisa gets pregnant she can’t take care of that baby without people swearing around it and it’s gana be spoiled and yes it’s an it

Da homies back

Faze banks.....u aite broski

I love u sm banks

*Breakes the ipad* ehm....I guess i Did breake the like button...Yeh....

Banks + Alissa = Balissa

There was a phone and that said get protection

Smash the like comment?

Omg I got such a good screen saver with the whole family at the end with the dogs

You da best youtuber in the game rn fuck the pauls

I love u and Alissa so much I have been waiting for ur uploads for so long love u bro ur the realist I already said too much but much love❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ayyy teawap

Shoe collection video !!!!! Please

Why does alissa not post on youtube

Come back

Rice is weak

im stil rocking with u banks

fucking love you banks ❤️

Alissa is pregnant. I saw it on camera. She said she’s (rn I think a month pregnant) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Hi Um where’s is the vlog we need u

Faze banks is ugly

Hang on

You banks you play fornite

Ur better then Jake

TODAY is my birthday trying to hit 150 subs

Did Banks just said Evan?

You should react to jake Paul old video called "Pranking my hot roommate " I wanna see your reaction

You legend

it’s been a min

Lamest couple

Your birthday is the day before mine

Faze banks your dope dude

Hope your dad gets through it man❤️

banks u should upload more now and i love u both [ allissa and faze] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Is Alissia preganat

the same thing basically happened to my dad except he was diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer and liver cancer. he was put into ICU right away on march 7 and then passsed away on march 11th. its almost been a year and im in 5th grade. My prayers go to your dad

Bro you do you your real fans will wait for your vids and will support you just make Shaw your family is all goods bro. keep positive Peace bro ✊


I know why he don't have much subs because he curses way to much

Teawap is so thiccccccc

"I see absolutely no difference on your face".... racist lmao

We’ve been waiting ive been checking everyday I still am u and Alissa are my favorite most inspirational youtuber that push me everyday thank u

It was the supper bowl add

I'll remember my bday as the day Banks turned his life around and got back to his grind on YT ❤️ wish the best for you

for a second I thought I accidentally unsubscribed. but then seen this - I understand your need for your break. Hope you can find greater happiness sooner or later.

Feb.2 was my bday

Pray for Banks dad


Teawap is too thickkkk

did he lose subs? wasnt he like at 7mil???

Missed u


Those were the vans adapt through out the balcony lol

yoooo my bday is on febbbb 2

Wtf happend to your hand

CAN I GET THE HOOYAH ohhhh novo sorry ...

Did it bother anyone else when Alissa never close the refrigerator

We support both of you, your amazing

Wait why are u holding a phone

u should have stayed away from youtube... u so toxic

Is that Thenx intro?

Rice would be good at Making shoes

Smash that like comment!

Teawap is so thiccccc

Jessi Shine she uploaded! quick



Thank you, i actually didn't know that! I just really miss her videos :(

Jessi Shine she doesn’t wanna upload because she’s still in jakes contract. meaning if she uploads the money partly goes to jake. she wants to upload but she can’t.. :(

Jessi Shine this

Alissas mad hottttt

Song at 7:20

Banks you and Alissa are men’t for each other

Always hated ur intro.

*thicc French baguette*

This is terrible. Adhd much

Keep it up

Man wtf with the drake song on 4:03 drake uploaded the track two weeks after :/

holy fuck can you say a whole sentence without 8 edits/ 14:55 is that like 3 edits per second?

Banks is my dad

Praying for ur dad bro

Jake Paul is gonna be sooo jellllyyyy watching them kisssss he gonna be like Alissa I want you back and Alissa gonna be like NAWWWW SHEEEEIT

He talks so much shite!!!

the only numbers i sore was 2 and 4

Late but still got that feedback


Worst faze member

“I can’t talk about it” part is about barley house hahahahah You and your girl are retarded lol.

Sorry for your dad

Is alissa pregnant?

Faze you know about your drama with Logan and Jake well when they show that photo of that cop talking to the assistant, well not going to lie the cop looks fake/edited in look at the shadow and the lighting

I'm still rocking ur vlogs r legit one of the only things that make me smile just promise u will never break up with alissa

Anyone who has Alissa as a girlfriend is one lucky dude

I fucked your thot she gave me top i guess thats my confession

Is that joji? 9:21 HAHAHAHA

Finally we’ve all been waiting for a new video :——-) yasss

When the pull out game weak asf

*i fuckin love you dude.* you're such an inspiration. you deserve everything in life, i truly do believe it. youre a great soul and prolly *the realest mf youtuber* out there. #cloutgang

Glad you’re back!!! Missed that Banks energy

@Faze banks I was a Jake pauler but when I heard he assaulted alissa I unsubscribed.

I love youuuuuuuu❤

I thought Faze live with Rice Gum

I just realised you are using your phone as a mic

Faze banks’ hand is the one thats pregnant

Your a bbbbiiittccchhhh

Rices gum is better than you big dick sucker the person who smashes computers

If you all want to skip all the vlogging and get to the point of the video go to this time stamp. 12:33

Bet there is nothing better to do then being home alone watching your favorite YouTuber with your oversized Clout merch with your dogs while eating pickles LMAO. Absolutely NOTHING your back yeeeeee.

Am I the only one who wants banks to fight Jake Paul and fkn kill him ?? Like if you agree

You are bad and suck

Please upload more

stey strong

fuck you faze banks your a bitch you suck dick your gay

fuck you banks

Fuck u for destroying rice gums computer and monitor can

You faze bank ricegum role


You suck don't do that to rice gum


Rice can see her naked also me

Fuck you bitch

Hey Ricky! This is Bryson I'm from Oklahoma this may just be made up as a stupid comment, but I would love to be the off topic FaZe gang guy I'm 9 years old and I am ur biggest fan #Ricebehilarious but I'm fun cool nice and funny I would love just to be something small in the Clout gang It's your decision but that is so much if your reading my discord is #5373 oklahomasoonersfan thanks so much please like to get to the top so the best youtuber in the world can see #CLOUTGANGALLDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for grammar btw

What the WTF bro i saw a video with ricegum when he wins Alissa has to take oF a piece of clothe bro WTF

f u what u did to ricegum

He destroyed ricegums console

Just keep posting

wtf banks why did u break rice's computer

I am so so sorry about your dad!!! Prayers to you & your family! I'm so glad you're back making videos-- I recently started watching you & I love your videos & the relationship you have with Alyssa! Once again glad you're back Stay postive!

I'm still here!!!!

I don’t know why, but you kinda remind me of Post Malone.

ohhh he stealin, he stealin Lmao

your dad is in my prayers

sorry to hear about this banks, praying for you all i know how it goes man my Mom just passed away after months in the hospital, just stay strong bro

WTF l'éditeur de banks il est français, on te voit d'ici mon gars! :)

YOu are creepy

Nice makeup fam

How silly can people be?! Alissa isn’t pregnant, it’s obviously Banks that’s preggo...

Is Fraser a British lad

There’s something bout the way he talks

Plz upload

Fuck you faze u mother fucker

This one I watched a month ago... BRO

fuckin white people letting dogs kiss them in the mouth, scust

Another Kylie Jenner lmao don’t fight me

I hope your dad feels better,Keep up the good work.

Welcome back banks

Bro I love you real talk. Your sarcastic badass FaZe Banks. And I love you Alyssa your girl complements you as you complement her! Banks keep, keppin' it real! Much love to the clout gang

This is gay Jk this is thic

He dont care about us or Alissa FAZE SUCKS!!!!

Roses Are Red I just Got clickbaited And So did You

banks u should upload more videos wiith and alissa violet

Banks please make more vids ur the only person that actually makes me laugh

Kermit mode


Yow go check out nessgod video plzzz

Pls upload more or we will be so fk sad

Fuck u faze ur fake

I’m so sorry you had to go through that

Just fucking upload

Ur baggy


Dude banks im sorry im pryin for him

all the youtubers cant get any jobs because they would fail the drug test

Nobody likes you

Is that joji?(filthyfrank) 9:21 HAHAHAHA

A long life I'm 26 years old


Wow faze rug comment on this video


Ok, I subscribed because he is going through a hard time ik what he is going through sadly we can live through it CLOUTGANG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your a good guy

CRJO 1234

Hope u die

Faze banks sucks


You're a fucking liar!

But how is his hand still injured

Lol she using plastic surgery that shit was not gonna heal

we we bag it

We missed you banks I hope things stay good for you guys all love to you and your dad.

You don’t upload on YouTube much cause your on ricegums channel

french spageeteeeh

Banks I love you

U need to make a podcast I just want to listen to ur voice it is so inspirational

banks i love your vids

Don’t ever post again

You Mather fuck

Where do you get the supreme shoes. Who custom them for you. I must know

what about ricegum moneter it was just a fucking video



Kay 4:04

Fuck fazebanks

Biggest inspiration @banks

I hope you die for breaking rice's computer and stop taking drugs

I feel really bad for you banks and AlIssa and also you and Alissa are my favourite you tubers and I get the feeling when you get into a fight and people record you it gets really annoying but I’m only 10 you should not take advice from me I have been throw really tough things like getting bullied in school and getting a sprained ankle in hockey I am a hockey player but all I just wanted to say was I hope you and Alissa get Better soon I love you guys MY FAVOURITE YOUTUBERS

At 19:13 the voice thing was really weird. But its ok. We love you so so much

So sad

Upload more please

Faze Banks= pothead

So they are together when Alissa peeing?? Lol

did you know that Alissa is pregnant

Wowww u a liyar bro

Your pregnant lol

How old is Alissa

wtach this faze adapt is putting dirt on your name:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwcE08ZquPY

U got anger issues

Paris is so happy

Teawap is thicccc

Skinny bitch with stupid whore.

I can’t tell if I should like you or hate you, I might not like you because you flash your money constantly along with rice (who I despise), but your content is good

BANKS UPLOAD MORE!!!(ps: TeaWap is so THICCCC!!!0

Your a dick to rice he needs a better friend

and hes gone again :(


I hate you faze banks!!!!!!!!!! You wrecked rice gum monitor you are on a drugs you are the worst ricegum is doing a video you wrecked his monitor you suck faze banks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Upload more !

Is this Alyssa chick the same girl all these dudes date ?

You are ugly because u broke ricegum monitor you dummy


you sound like you have a cold every day

these fools are so full of themselves, lmao banks looks and sounds like hes on coke and rice looks like hes on a xan. pathetic.

Teawap is sooooo thicc

From a cod youtuber to this shit faze is dead

Please make csgo gameplays

first time a saw a avarage gold digger! maybe she wont leave you atleast!

Junkie, liar, asshole.



Wai ar you baldai ?


$:;$:$/&/!36.):! You

I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not subscribe to your videos because You broke rice motiter ,,,,,, but I still like you

your so fucking rude to you girl treat her with more respect

Your horrible to ricefum

Says he’s coming back hasn’t uploaded in a month get a grip dude

Why did break Rice’s monitor

Upload more videos bitch


Alissa had sex with Logan paul


It was just a fucking video you cunt

Ayeeee gods plan

Bank's your the boss you are awesome please upload I love it your subscribers love it your the best clout gang for ever

I just need something to cool of a drink with I should buy some ice

I actually passed and took a nap and now im back watching it

fuck you alissa violet


I don’t like you ugly mean guy

Groom yourself you nasty bitch. And shave that shitty beard. You're not 15 anymore.

upload more plz

wait does banks like the steelers bc thats my team

Faze u gay boy that how u broke ya hand pullin Ur knob to much

You don’t edit your own videos noob

Hey bae

Alissa should come back to team ten and Ericka from team 10 should come to your team I'm just saying faze banks and Erika looks like a awesome amazing great couple

You suck faze adapt is better then you awwwwwwww

you suck

Teawap is a *T H I C C B O Y*

Big French Baguette

Liar he said that he back i unsubscribe

Fucking Asshole

So happy you’re back!!!!

With my bat

I will help you kick The Barley House ass

Pay the 13itch in penny’s, hope you’ll get another azz kicking

When TF you gunna make videos man

You have a big heart man. Keep being you.

So you don't edit your own videos?

My heart feels for you Im 39 an I just found out I have leaky valve .. Banks is the man

teewap needs ur help damnit

nice video please upload more your videos are lit i like to see Alissa in the videos to! (P.s. i'm Subscribed)

your livin in his place

hy you wanna be like tht to rice

Yessssssss your backkkkk

This is y I don't sub to da channel

Before clicking this vid who thought Alissa was pregnant..? xD I DID

Wolfies getting on my last nerve fr, he's so fucking overrated it's annoying

U best keep this sh¡t going

Your a fucking ass hole

I am sorry about your dad

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