We called the breakout, future prices & new trade ideas (2018)

We called the breakout, future prices & new trade ideas (2018)

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Good. Afternoon. It is 1259, p.m. on this. Kind. Of rainy. / sunny, day, Tuesday. The 28th. Of August. 2018. Welcome, to two crypto markets where, we are going to be going over our. Current, crypto, markets if you remember yesterday when we were talking we. Were talking about this congestion, zone consolidation. Zone that was happening, that has really been playing out actually for a number of days if we go back all the way to the. 24th, on Friday and then on Saturday. And Sunday and Monday we just had a kind. Of a, Monday. We just had a kind of a dull move and then not. Too, long after, we got done talking. To. Go on the hourly. Actually. I guess it yeah. Not too long, we. Had that nice breakout there was a lot of kind. Of push a lot of testing, to try and see if we might move lower out of this triangle but we actually had a pretty nice Drive. Higher. Out of here and that's a pretty, nice candle, the nice thing about this is that. We did not see a, lot of volume pour into trade to the counter, all we've done really is form a lot of continuation. Pattern. And, trade higher. This. Afternoon is a pretty good example of that where you. Know in the morning at. The. You. Know started the New York open excuse. Me get a little bit of our cough, we. Saw. It trade, down, from. About nine o'clock in the morning till about noon. I'm. In Central Time and we've. Since kind of buff that back up a, little, bit of a pullback it's, being bought back up we're at a 50%, retracement, in, our from. Our swing, from the, new yearly low all the way to the most recent spring high zone at 8500. That, is where we are sitting it's, a pretty nice position to be in and, you. Know it's a nice. Expansive. Move not seeing a whole lot of selling pressure right here that doesn't mean we won't get it but. If. We look on the daily here. If, we, if we look at how long. We've been in this uptrend, so. From. This swing low on the 14th, to now, we're. Coming up on two weeks of upside. Momentum and, I. Know, it doesn't feel like that because we've had we, had a long. Period of time you know really we had. Well. You could even go back you know we've pretty, much the whole month of August felt like we were trading within, that sixty. Three hundred to, sixty five hundred zone, and, you. Know that consolidation, is just really pretty good evidence of of, that. Of this move being, a nice and extensive, in fact if we zoom out even farther. You, know our, consolidation. Really. Began the. Low of the consolidation, range began all the way back in early, February. And where. The top of the range really was formed in that same month so from, February, to now we've, been in a pretty, extended. Consolidation. Zone. 203. Days that's, quite a that's. Actually one of the longer time periods, in Bitcoin. That, we've that we've been trading in a. Just. A tightening. Range here so we have we, have meta, bottom fundamentally. And technically, we have reached a low, if, you go back to the basics, of Dow Theory and. You know we come off of those the. Distribution. Period, or the and then we get into that panic phase, one. Of the evidence, of a of a, base forming, or of an accumulation, phase, is that prices, start. To flatten out they. Start to form a base and then ultimately one. Of the last things that we look for is on, the fundamental, side of the sentiment side is the, mood still bearish, and is. The news still negative and if, that is true but. We're not painting any newer lows then. Really. What that's telling us is that we've reached the. End. Of this entire. Down. Move and we're. Looking, at an expansion phase now of course that could that Bitcoin, likes to play tricks so, that could not.

Be, The case but otherwise for. Right now. Definitely. Looking at a, continued. Move, to the top side moving forward here for the rest of the year we're getting into, you. Know after, this week we get into September and, you. Know from really. About mid-september, well, from, September, 22nd. To. Really the end of the year. Traditionally. In Bitcoin over the last 10 years either. Seven, out of the last ten years or eight out of ten last years we have always had a pretty exponential. Rally going. From, really. Into the fall and extending into the early early winter so. You. Know this is this is not uncommon, to see us begin, this expansion, phase in August, actually. Really thought that we, would see this happen, well, I guess technically it did I thought I thought more, like in mid-august we. Would see a more, gradual, rise in prices but you know as we look back I guess that is true but. Certainly. This. Is we, should we should start to see some volatility come back we should start to see some volume. Come back and. You. Know if we look, back here at the short positions, using. Bit. For Nexus feed, BitFenix. Just, not very long ago all, the way back on the 22nd. So it's not very long ago last week we. Were near the all-time, highs in, the, short. Positions, for. Bitcoin. And. They're. Still pretty high and. There's. Still people hanging onto them so the higher we move in price the more of the of the people who are shortened on other exchanges, are really going to have to think. About where their positions, are at because there's, a lot of people who took shorts, and opened their shorts, within. The 6500. Range and we're. Trading at the 7000, area on Bitcoin that's probably, maybe, not enough for some of them to. Capitulate. And certainly, new traders, who, take shorts, they're gonna hang on to it forever it's. Kind of like new traders with long trades. Humans. Are naturally. We. Are. We. Have loss aversion. And so. That's, why we are able to. Hold. On to losing, trades forever because, we don't, want to lose the money and that's also, why we exit, winning trades surlis, because we don't want to lose the profits so we have lost aversion, and that's.

What's Going to happen with the. Short traders as we move hires are eventually going to get to a point of auto, liquidation. Or it's just too much pain and they will have. To convert those shorts in the long so I don't. Think we're at that point yet but, certainly for some traders they're, you, know they're going to be influencing, a pretty nice short rally going. Forward, all. Right let's look at some other. Let's. Look at aetherium real quick. Aetherium. Is certainly a laggard, here aetherium, is. For. Whatever reason, it has not responded very. Much to this. To. This new move. That we've had in Bitcoin which, is which, is ok and it sort of makes sense there's a lot of fishy things I wouldn't touch aetherium right now in fact I I had, liquidated. Etherium a, while. Ago but aetherium it's. Got a lot of issues, going on, with it it's, the platform where most of the fraudulent I SEOs are built on, it's. It's. Just it's just not a. Not. A coin I'd be touching, right now. Both. Technicals, and fundamentals, litecoin. Like, coin is in a beautiful position I think it's got a great breakout possibility. Coming up here if actually. Currently. This. 1/8, major harmonic, level is a very supportive price zone we, you. Don't see prices, crossed below, these areas, very often, and especially on the 1/8 major harmonic, this is the kind. Of the last line. Before, we would go to zero as far, as the trading ranges go, but. It's nice to see prices we kind of left. Forward in time the arc is really kind of giving us a good, idea of the direction that we're gonna go. Short-term, resistance, is above. This 45, degree angle that's that green diagonal, angle my curse, going across, litecoin. I like it as a bi I. Actually. Have resting, by orders sitting at, 63. Well. 63, and 15 cents I think is what mine is sitting at let. Me put that in here. By. The way if you have any questions, about. Anything please go ahead and throw them throw. Them into the the. Chat. Here and I will, get. To those questions right away or, either in a little bit here. Litecoin. Looking, good card. On Oh also. Looking really nice looking. At it here on the 4:00 hour we had a lot of selling. Come in right, when we hit the the, the, 10-5 zone here, but. We've sent started, to recover that quite a bit in fact if we look at it on the hourly we've. Got a little better view here. The these trend lines have been broken up pretty nicely this is that's where we've kind. Of faced our our. Resistance. Is right up there but. You. Know if we. Here. We are. This. Is pretty, nice to see this angle that we that we've crossed above here. So. We we moved above this angle we didn't really drift we didn't drift in time so the fact that we broke above this angle, is a, is a nice sign because in this, in in any of Ganz squares, so. This is the square of 144, the. Rule. The, rules are that when, Gann said when you cross an angle you will move to test the next one so the. Next angle above, is right, up here that's in the 1650.

Range That's a that's a pretty significant. Drive, from. Here that's like a 60% gain, but you know if you look at a lot of the other altcoins. That have been catching a nice bid over. The last week or two weeks this is definitely within the realm of possibility. Cardno. Has a it's. One of my personal, favorites I have quite a bit of it I've, been adding to it on any of these dips and I. Really. Excited, for this this is a third-generation blockchain. That's got. Some really nice people behind it and it's, one of the coin base five I call, them they're the coins. That that coin base has said that they may consider listing, that's. Cardinal. Cardinal. Basic. Attention token oh. Man. Stellar lumens ZRX, there. Oh X and then, Z, cash so. That's. What we're. Looking at here this, nice break of this structure here it's. You know as it started, to trade down when it's gotten close to the saying let's found support that, is a pretty nice a pretty. Nice thing to see so I should I'm, really looking forward to prices continuing, to move higher this. 45 degree angle that we crossed above I wouldn't, anticipate us, crossing below that again that. That is a nice. Condition. To see Cardno in right now actually this pullback right here is actually a pretty, nice pullback, zone I. Actually. Probably do it on the Bitcoin pair, so it's 1457. That. Walton. Chain I, wanted. Deeper pull back on it before I entertain it, same with Nano probably. Missed the pullback or actually Nano if Nano, fails. To hold this angle, here and it starts to trade, back. Down to this 45, then, I'll be interested. In getting into this Nano all. The way down here. At. 3800. That's. Where I'd be interested in picking up nano again. 3880. Basic. Attention, token, it's. Got a very similar chart, to what, we've got going on for card on oh but. It's exhibiting, a little bit more weakness same, with stellar. Lumens. What. In the world did I draw over there. All. Right. Where. We at a. Quick, review, of what we were talking about yesterday when, we were going over bitcoins, chart. From. The. Financial. Astrology, perspective, which is actually all the way over here. There. It is. So. We have a ton of bullish, time cycles. That, that, were completed so for, those of you who have seen this before it's a review for those of you who haven't this is new. One, of the reasons that we have such a bullish bullish, bias over. The last couple weeks as we're looking at culmination. Of all these time cycles, and so, there's there's, a there's, a, retrograde. Cycle of Mars that is, ending. That it actually ended yesterday so price, moved, out of the, Mars retrograde and. Traditionally. Or, traditionally, historically, prices. Move up when, they get out of that Mars retrograde. Additionally. There are two. Very. Positive. Trying. Sun. Signs or trying aspects, here of Uranus. Trying Sun and then we've. Got a. Sand. Trying. Sun. Followed. By the Sun, moved into Virgo we have a new moon phase. There's. Just just, a lot of bullish. Cycles. That showed up all at, once. And, that. Really coincides, with the other. Indicators. That we look. At. In. Our in our market so, quick. Overview, of Bitcoin again here let's actually let's do, a little bit of looking forward so, this. Is the daily and the square of 144. We, are, right. Now we are. Beyond. This pivot, right. Up here, at 72, 48, that, is a that. Is a another. It. Actually that is a more sensitive line when we come down to it not so much when we get up to it but. 75. 60 to 75. Hundred area this is an important psychological level, this is all, so the 3/8, major harmonic, so any major, harmonic. Price level, is going, to be an area, of significant. Difficulty. To cross above, or below it they always, act as areas. Of support. And resistance and.

If. Price were to just kind of blow through this zone and, then, it would more than likely get halted, at this this, inner, pivot, at this. Is thus a - 8 to. 8 inner harmonic, any, at 8192. Price. Would get halted there and one. Of the behaviors of these harmonic levels is after a major is crossed. 75%. Of the time it goes up to the, there's a yellow line that we don't see right here, 75%. Of the time it goes up to here and then retest, the major before moving up but, if it doesn't get halted, there then, it. Moves up to this, harmonic. And almost 100% of the time on. A swift. Move, from. A break from a major it. Will reverse. To test that major and and, those are often here actually this is a pretty good example of that right here when prices, really. Just kind of shot through, this 3/8, and and, then, when, it congested. Around here it moved down to test and then ultimately actually, traded lower, so. That's what we're looking at on. The daily on our oscillator, you know we see the stochastic RSI sitting. In a pretty. Overbought, condition. But, things can remain in an overbought condition, for quite a while they, can remain in an oversold condition, for a while the. Composite, index is. Is. Sitting around the 100, zone but this is a this. Is. Loops, the. Composite index is a unbounded. Oscillator. For, the most you, know it's. It's. In a good spot it's. In a bullish spot still I. Would. Expect, to see some. Resistance. At the 70, to 48, line where. We would if we were to trade that high. Well. Here here's the deal. Bitcoin. How, it likes to move out of areas of, consolidation. And and. When it gets into an expansion phase it's, it has some pretty violent moves, and. You. Know it in, technical. Analysis, when. You study, congestion. Zones and or accumulation. Zones. You. Know you can project a, price, based, on the length of that move so basically. However, long something lasts, in a in a accumulation. Zone or however long something's, been trading in a range that. That. Is ultimately, kind of tells you how high or how far, or how low, something. Will trade it's usually matched, at least in a one-to-one ratio of, the, length of time that's how much price will travel so you, know, if we're talking about. This. Entire distance, here, this. Is a from. Well. We always said 205 days. We, have pretty much like an equal. Drive. Higher and. The. Thing is, if. We look at Bitcoin I will, use this chart, for it I. Can't. Wait till we can stop talking about Bitcoin and start talking, about, other. Kryptos. Because. Once, we get that rotation of, capital. From alts into, majors then we have a cool trading market but again. If we look in the past. You. Know here's this. Is the this. Is a 2012, the summer of 2012. And. We, can see that as we get out of the summer we have an exponential, rise alright this. Pattern is pretty frequent. Okay and then we get into another summer season, this is in 2013. We. Have an X we have a nice rise and then, here's, that pattern, that we see it's, the same as that this is really the same kind of pattern that plays out almost every, year. 2014. Is kind of an anomaly, this was Mount GOx. So. That took a little while for us to want, to get back into the market, 2015. The summer of 2015, we. Had a rising market followed, by a pretty nice drive. Higher. 2016. Similar. Situation, we see these patterns show up quite a bit these we. Often see those parabolic. Moves, here's 2016. Prices. Move up boom, look at that, and. Then. 2017. Probably. Don't need to tell you what happened here but 2017. We have the summer trade followed. By, this. Activity, so this, pattern that we see from the all-time high to. The swing low of the year and all the prior swing all of the year this, shows up pretty frequently. Over. Various times. Really. On any chart but, in Bitcoin this that's a very common thing. To see so you know that and, the thing is is that if, we zoom all the way out like this yeah. It doesn't look like those pattern, are very apparent because I mean, the. Price action in the. Past is, is just. Dwarfed. By what we experienced, in 2017. But the point is is, I want you to think back to I don't think that you are trading in 20.

Let's. Say you were trading in 2014, you know this, price action here. Looks. Would, look pretty much like what we're seeing now and then, you just saw this massive rise in value, and the. Thing is is that, over. The next five, years it's. Very possible that this. Level, of Bitcoin that we see if we're. If we were just if we, were to look at this five years later this, might be just a squished on the screen as the price action is back here okay. Bitcoin. Crypto. Market in general. When. It has. A parabolic, rise it has. A parabolic, crash that's if you want to know one thing that's probably 100, cent certain in it in the market in any market is that a parabolic. Move. Is usually responded, by an equally violent. Parabolic. Move well, correct. An equally corrective, move so. Whenever. That happens. There's. Always a period of resting, and then everybody says, I swear to god bitcoins, over it's such a crap market it's a scam when. All that stuff is happening. Then. You, just get another rise and you. Know there's nothing. Indicating. That Bitcoin, will. Not experience, another. Exponential. Drive higher, as. We get closer into, December. Certainly. The. You. Know if you want to know when when pros, are, are. Going, to trade this, market, this is it's, is actually going on for a couple months, this. Entire activity. Really. Ever, since probably, March is where people. Have been accumulating. Positions. Because. Eventually after summer. Vacations, school, starts. Idiot college, kids who, have decided to. Put. Themselves in debt for music degree. Hi. They, will realize. Well. Hey maybe I'll take, out extra money and put it in crypto currencies, and and bless. Their hearts for, rationing, their money but. This. Is where pros. Are, going, to start trading, the market for, the next bull run this, is where we start to accumulate and as. The, accumulation process goes, and, there were just you know the the funds and other large. Well. Capitalized. Individuals. Or groups are. Slowly eating away at. The. Offers, and we. Just eventually. You. Start to hear Bitcoin, getting. Higher. Prices, and then that. Brings in all of the sheep to, ultimately, push it up and that is exactly what happens over here so. How. Far do prices, go. Looking. Forward if in. Fact we do get a continued, bull run here how how, high will they go well. That is. Kind. Of determined, by time. And price, now I don't know I mean. Here's, the. Last. Year if you would have told me that Bitcoin was gonna go in July. From, two. Thousand, dollars to. Twenty thousand. Dollars just, a. Little under from, 2 to 20 grand I would have thought you were stupid. I would have thought that was nuts and near impossible, so you. Know when I even tell myself, it's. Probably ridiculous, for it to go from six. There's seven thousand all the way up to I don't know forty, thousand, or thirty thousand, that. Seems a little unrealistic, but, consider. Consider. The price action. From. September. Or even actually just, from November, 11th, to. December. 17th. It's. It's pretty crazy so. It is not outside, the realm of possibility. Even though right now it looks like it's impossible and especially, if, you. Have been in this market for, any length of time. Then. It really seems impossible. Because if you're a new traitor and but if you've been trading Bitcoin since I. Don't. Know since it was at 9,000. Or 10,000. Or if you bought at the top and you're still in it then, you have you have balls of steel if you're still trying to make money in this market after buying the top, then. Suggesting. That going from 7,000. Where we're at now all, the way up to you. Know 40,000. Seems pretty. Impossible. But. It's, not I. Mean. You got to take out the subjective. Thoughts. That tell you that that that that is present there's no way that could happen because it just seems like so lofty of, an. Option, but. Definitely. It could and there's a lot of people say it won't because it says well all the people who bought in here you know they're burned they're not gonna want to get back in and they told all their friends or their friends know that they wasted all their money. True. But, also there's. A lot of people who. Did, not participate in this market, who. Knew. How, far it moved and they're, upset that they did not put any money in it when it had its last rise so. And. There's a lot more people that did not participate in this market than there were who did so, there.

Is A lot of room for growth here. Ever. Since December. You. Know the. Knowledge. About Kryptos and the underlying blockchain. Technology. Has become a lot, more it's. Not yet mainstream, but it's certainly, every, year it gets to be more and more and more known, so. There's going. To be a lot more, every. Year we're just gonna get a lot more volume pumped into this so this, is still like, I heard. A guy. On Fox Business say, that, getting. Out of your crypto currencies now is kind of like selling, Apple when it went down to 90 cents, I, don't. Know if it's that dramatic. But, it. Certainly. Certainly. Is is a, thing. To think about and you. Know this, is where I get in to looking, at some of these cryptocurrencies, and wondering, about you. Know they're. There. What's. What's their growth you know what is their value for something so, like. Nano I talked, about nano weeks, or you know probably when we first started doing this a couple months ago I was talking about nano and how that's one of my favorites, just. Because it's. For. Whatever reason it was it was the most it's the ugliest chart, in the entire cryptocurrency, sphere, until recently. Where even. During the short term realities all it did was sell off and I was trying you know I was like why is this happening why is nano. Continuing, to drop its this has got to be the, most manipulated. And pressured. Chart, I've ever seen and it's. A threat to, any. Transaction. Coin because it's instant, it's, fast, like. If you have a nano wallet, it's like you have your own mini blockchain, actually, so, nano. Is is a really. Unfortunate. Still. Really unknown but nano is a is a, fast. Super. Fast and free. Transaction. Coin. So I mean. It's it's, like instant, I. Know. If you've ever tried to send anything with, nano. But, it is it is instant, nano is a. Dark. Horse and. Deeper. Pull back to this 45, I definitely. Have more orders waiting I have quite. A bit of it still and holding on to it I have just been really.

Really Happy, about this, rise so nano, is definitely. One. Of those, crypto. Currencies, that has a lot of store, value, cardano's. One, of them too but, there's plenty that are just total. Crap like. Oh. Man. We could go down the list. There's. A ton of crap or they're just they're just not going to be able to compete with their peers. Okay. Okay Ripple for example, oh yeah ripples greetings that ripple is total, is crap, it's worthless it has. Magical. Monopoly, ripple, lying around that that's, going to totally liquidate, this bat mark at some point and. It's. Probably. An, unregistered security. And. It's. Functions, with banks, is kind of moot because banks are going to develop their own. Infrastructure. So they're, they already are so ripples a dead, in the water. Neo. Neo. Is, I. Don't. Know it's like you're giving money to Communist. China if you want to participate in in neo but neo is a is a. Kind. Of dastardly evil. Ecosystem. Not, really looking at that but there's a lot of craft coins like. Curecoin. Or. Music. Coins i guess music coins not horrible but there's a there's, a lot of. Dentists. Dental. Cone is that what is this I, thought. There are some really pointless stupid, ones you, know really, coins. Fall into just. A few categories they're either a. Transaction. They're. Meant to use for transactions. They. Are a utility, so they're providing, some type of of utility. And or. Or they are a platform. So. You've got like or print you know privacy, coins transaction, coins kind of same thing so, they're either a platform, a utility, or therefore transaction, purposes if you're. A platform. That's. I think, the thing that has the most value right now. Yose. Theory. Um, Bitcoin. Those. Are, are. In card on oh those. Are platform. Based. Coins. They are building an ecosystem they're, building a. An. Environment. On the blockchain network. Things. Like litecoin, are transaction, based on what litecoins, doing anymore I still, have a whole bunch of it I really like it I think it's stupidly, cheap still but like, coin they were working, a whole lot with trying to make light coin mainstream, in fact I think it's light coin still might be the the. Crypto that has, kind. Of the first major entrance, into being mainstream, it's. Unfortunate. Early. This year that they did not get that light pay but. Oh. What. Else thinking. Shoot. Oh -. Is, a is a great one - it's it's a super-fast, transaction, but. Yeah, there's there's a basic, attention, token I, don't know if you ever downloaded their app. But. They have an app that runs off chrome but it blocks all ads and it's it's basically. Meant. To it, fixes, the advertising. Issue with. Like. Like, online content. And so. Basically. Talkin. Is one that I I, have. Quite a bit of it's it's a really, interesting project, I. Encourage. You to go look at it steam. Is another, one I actually. Have quite a bit of quite, a bit of steam as well steams. Interesting. Social network, and. You get you, get you get rewarded, in in steam or steam dollars, for you. Know. Liking. Stuff commenting. Or whenever you create, a post, or something, or write in your blog you, know if anybody wants to look, at it and like it you'll get paid in in, steam so, it's a it's a pretty interesting.

System. There steam, is also stupidly. Fast to to send money I think it's. Maybe. I, don't. Know how fast it is compared, to everything else but nanos. Like instant, where, if I were to send nano from, the. Wallet to buy Nantz, by. The time I would you know tab, over it be done steam, is super. Fast - steams. Transfer. Is is, crazy, fast. Steam. Is great. Yeah. There's just a lot of a lot of coins, that have a lot of value. And utility, that, that, are that are great and then there's, the. Rest of them are total, crap and they're, just pure speculation. Oh stellar lumens actually pretty good - the only one on the Bitcoin 5 that I don't get why that's. There it's Oh X I. I to. Be honestly I don't understand, it enough to really I guess make a big ol pinion on it but yeah. I'm not I'm not a big. You. Know pusher, on that one okay. What, are we looking at here, just looking at bitcoins, ticker. Here it actually looks like it caught a little bit more oh yeah. It's setting up for another breakout. Okay. Yeah, it's it's, uh. Looking. Like it wants to push, 7250. That. Is the most, likely area, for. It to go cardano's. Actually. Got, caught. A bid back up yeah. We may be in for a nice little Drive higher when. We were looking at the weekly, before. We signed off on. Last. Week we. Were looking for a. Condition. Where, we could create a, bullish. Pivot. By. Discounting, this this. This this low that was made was not made, on. Really. A lot, of I. Don't. Count below here, as being lower than last. Week's low because the, low that was made was was, just, kind of that. Was talking about car, down owed. Bitcoin. Yeah. Bitcoin. Last, week. We. Were wanting that Weekly to close and, create. That bullish pivot and again that bullish pivot is when you when, you see the middle. Candlestick is it. Has a has, a lower high and a lower low than the two outside that's. Exactly, what we have going on here. Looking. At this week's, candlestick. That is looking pretty, bullish. So far. Price. Price action wise the volume. It's. Tuesday, and. You. Know we are. We. May surpass. Last week's volume, if we get enough of an, interest in here but you, know we're coming off of, bullish. Divergence and, both the fast and the slow oscillators, here this regular bullish, divergence on, the weekly that, is that, is coming, into play here there's. Just a lot of price. Action things that are signaling, higher prices, as we're as we're going forward and I, think that. Definitely. Waiting. It out here, is is. A. Is, a good idea at least for me the. The danger you're gonna find. Yourself in if you are new to trading in general, and you and you've been suffering losses, because, you've got positions, that you bought, in at highs or they keep dropping is you're, gonna have a real temptation, to. Panic, sell in, profit. Or or, when something starts to return back. To flat. Don't. Be. Like that. You. You you I. Mean. The. It's. Hard it's hard to say that but seriously, if we if we look back in time at any. Of the, prior trading, that has happened, you. Know whenever. There's these exponential. Rises, it. Pays. To be in as early as possible I mean just just think about this for, a second so like I've, got, fifty. Five thousand, cardinal. And I think my average. On that is at well. After I put, a whole but. Chunk in when it first got to 9 nine cents, I think it's at. 13. Six. Eight or something that's my that's my I got 55,000. Card on oh and, you. Know if it moves back up to fifty cents, I've, got over 25k. Just, in card, ah no and you. Know there's there's. That. That's easier to say what if it gets up that high but. It's. Well. Within the normal price range because, think about this the all-time high in Cardinal. Was. At 140. Or 130, 130. 962. 140, and we're. Trading at a significant. Discount to that, and. Cardno. Has had a lot, of bullish, things, happen the project, is very active, they've got. More, people with a bunch of initials next, to their name working on that project than any other one I can think of. They. Are very active in Japan Japan, is probably one of the more as. Far as the population is one of the most crypto, friendly they're Cardinals. Coming out with those. Cardno. ATMs. So, there's. Man. I can't. Wait to see this thing shoot up. I'm. Pretty pumped and, it's you know it's it's easy to be excited, when you have days like this when. Prices, are returning, to to. Being, bullish because you just suffer through these, periods. Of long. Term downs, down. Moves or or Swift, down moves but you. Know. That. Markets. Play hell with your emotions, but. Yeah. Just be just be just be careful out there and. Yeah. I don't, really know what else to say about it I I, really, want to see where we where. We extend, to on, this on, this, current, drive. Because. Bitcoin is really gonna be the and. This is the that's. What everything is pegged to it's. The most important. Crypto. But if certainly.

If I if I see that that bitcoins, making a run to 75. I've. Got, some of my short-term specula, plays that are that are definitely going to I'm, going to be taking, profit, on I. Want. To keep a lot, of cash on the side for any pull backs and I. Think we'll see that first pull back happen. You. Know around that 7,500. Value area. It'd. Be, weird if, I haven't, drawn those levels, in here I need to get the calculator out but if that's, the middle. Of. That. If, this is the minor, harmonic between, this. Inner in this major, then. Right now we're sitting on. We. Are sitting on another. Inner, harmonic. Right there but it looks like looks, like it wants to just kind of, blow. Past that. Interesting. 7250. Natural, area to find a little little, resistance, and see, a little profit taking but and then I'll affect the whole market, but, tell. You what if. We go back in time. And. What. Are we in August, going into September. You. Know just, as a percentage. So. If we look at August, here. You. Know this was. 15%. Drive, in one day. We. Haven't had those in a while we haven't had those kind of rises we've had 1, 2 3 4 maybe some 8 percent, since, the since the you. Know really since we made that first all-time that, first yearly swing low in February we haven't really had some any major. Monstrous. Swing. Highs since, then. Probably. Looking. Back to. July. Where we have these two drives, up but, we haven't otherwise. Had, a. Big. Green. Candle, I think. You. Know trading view calls them cucumbers. Just. Freaking hilarious. Cucumber. Candlestick. And. So really. We're looking for one of those because those. Are the ones that I, want. To liquidate, at the top of those wait for the wait for the deeper pullback and on time and get back in but. I tell, you this. Is not a. It's. Hard to trade, Kryptos. Because. They have, such. Massive. Moves, when they do move and I'm not talking just to the downside I mean when they start to when Bitcoin starts, to trend up. Sometimes. It's best just to, turn. The screen off and walk away and see see, what happened I mean it's it's. A. It's. Hard to trade. Kryptos. They. Are like the most. Technical. Market as, far as they respond. To, so. Many levels. Very, very, accurately, but, it's. Also damn. It's got some swings. It's got some whipsaws. Anyways. Uh that's, uh that's all I'm going to go over today hopefully, tomorrow, we should have a more. Clear. Trading. Look. At things to have a few trade idea as I put in chat. Just. Looking at the Ichimoku real, quick. Really. What we want to see going forward for. Bitcoin, is. This. Daily, chart. Now. We've only gone above, the cloud on the daily, chart since the all-time high three times the, first time was was, shortly. After the all-time high that was that was in January that's, where our calendar, year high was and then. We went. Up above again in May and then, most recently in, in, late July early August we, were above the cloud all, right now the difference here is is, that we're. Coming, off of a, flatting. We've, created a flat base. Here you know we're not seeing. Any future projections, of the clouds trending. Down. You. Know there's really no momentum, further. You. Know drifting, lower we've, just kind of flattened out and so, ultimately. What. We want to see in the Ichimoku system. On the daily here is we want, to see price, above, the cloud and we, want to see the lagging strand above the cloud but also above price so if we're looking, at this.

You. Know from. A. From. A time perspective of. When, we could see this, above price we would have to wait. 1. 2 3 4 5 6. We'd. Have to wait another week. If. We. Want it to see actually. No that's not right, yeah. Yeah we would be above the cloud over there you. Know from the present, area, the. The long, signal, on the daily, is all. The way up here. Where. The legging spend would be above the price action and ideally. It actually be above this ring high so we'd be looking at, 8500. You, would minute, you would enter that you probably get some selling pressure but otherwise. On the daily, this. Is great because we are forming, a really nice future. Break out here on the daily wouldn't. Be surprised, if, we get into another. Couple. Weeks of consolidation. Between you. Know 78, 7500. Because. We really want to see a, clearer. Picture, of the legging. Span being above the cloud and and the price action as well if, we zip it down to the four-hour on. The, four-hour we've actually got a really nice clear. Looking breakout. But. We got to be aware of how far things get away from the baseline, baseline in, the Ichimoku systems, kind of like the 50%, level and in, Fibonacci. This. Is like, think. Of price. Attached. To, the baseline, by. A string, or a rubber band and so you, know the further that you see price. Get away from the baseline it wants to snap back down, to it and. So. It can really only go so. Far before it wants to come back down and to. Get to get an idea of how far that is you really just have to look at you, know past, price, behavior, and, see you, know where was an extreme, you know move down and how far did it go before it was the base so there's like. You. Know 418. 4:28. There. Was this low here. It's. Kind of extended, 586. What's, over here. Five. Hundred. Three. Hundred so, I mean, yeah it really maybe like a five hundred dollar value area, so about as far as you want to get and right. Now we. Are. Still. Looking safe. Yeah. I mean we had a couple hundred more will be on that, 22, that's 72 fifty that be, that. Would be five hundred away from the base so that'd be the net yeah that definitely would see a pullback from there so you, know again, looking, at the tree muku it's. Nice to see us have. This bullish. Conditions. Met on the 4:00 hour but. We. Want to look at where that pullbacks really happen and that first pull back down you know where, they entries that when that finally happens is a. Return, to the see what price action does that a return to the conversion and then I also like to see where if, it does come down to the base you know this is where the pullback is this is where the support major support, is found and that's, a return to the baseline so looking. At this on the four-hour. You. Know return. To 6700. Is totally. Appropriate to for for. For, a retracement than about so, yeah. Anyways. 148. I, hope you guys had a good trade day yesterday hope your trade week is going well so far forex, lens folks oh you know what actually this is the last week we, are doing this. The. The live session, and the recorded, sessions for free they're. Going to it's going to be a paid service, after, this week. Because. We're getting into the more. Active. Season. For crypto, currencies, and so we'll be spending a little bit more time here going over some more. Trade. Signals. On. A normal basis. So. That is happening and, yeah. So for. Those of you who are for excellence customers, I will see you tomorrow morning at. 7:34. Forex markets and then for, the rest of you I will. See you again tomorrow here at one o'clock in the afternoon have. A good day everybody, bye-bye.

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