Wayne State University Commencement May 2018 Afternoon

Wayne State University Commencement May 2018 Afternoon

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Way, of Pi. You. My. Name is dr., Wei Zheng way and. Here's my wings day story I go. To the lab excited, every day and. Mostly, because the. Students, of Wednesday, I have, graduated. PhD. Students, three, of them I MD PhDs, yeah, amazing, they. Are always coming. Up with amazing questions. And that's the poor is that's the energy that drive us forward we. Don't give up we, are tough people in, Detroit. Good, afternoon everybody, we. Need everybody to take a seat. You. Excellence. Is never an accident, it. Is always, the result of, high intention, sincere. Effort. And. Intelligent. And execution, it, represents. The wise choice of, many alternatives. Choice. Not. Chance determines. Your. Destiny. For. 150. Years Wayne. State University. Has been a place where, we value, excellence. We're. What's really important, like, knowledge and. Community, and. Diversity. Remains, the same. And when. There's change. It's, changed, for the better. For. 150. Years we've, been proving, that hard work pays off ideas. Turn into businesses, dreams. Turn into cures the. Impossible, turns into, the amazing. We, do what's, never been done if. We fail we, adjust. And, we do it again, until. We claim victory until. We. Own it, until. We celebrated. For. 150. Years we've, been making role models, they. Set the bar high for themselves. And. Encourage others to do the same. They, don't fear the future, because. Their job, is. To shape. Maybe, our name has changed. Never, our address. Because. Were 100. Probably. Taught. Learn. From. One place. Detroit. Our. Home. Always, was always. Will. Be. And have, been born one thing in 150. Years it's. That the past is our teacher not. Our last, because. The best is go ahead. And excellence, isn't. And accident. It's, been one. Years. May have little eyes. We have grown old. We, have more, that strong. Because. For 150. Years we. Have. Always been. Boy you're strong. Good. Afternoon, everyone, and, welcome. My. Name is David, Straus Dean of Students and on, behalf of the Dean of Students office the.

Student Senate and all. Of the student organizations. Let. Me be the first to, congratulate, all, of you, gathered. Here this afternoon to. Celebrate a great milestone. Achieved. Commencement. Is an exciting, and memorable occasion. For all of us but. Also a solemn, and respectful. One. Leaving. Before the ceremony, has ended is, disruptive. And, disrespectful. To others. Graduates. And guests are expected. To remain for the entire ceremony. And. Now. Will everyone, please stand, as the, Wayne State University. Wind Symphony, calls. The ceremony, to order with, the traditional, opening. March. I. Present. To you members of the faculty. And academic, staff. I. Now. Present to you members, of the Wayne State University. Board of Governors, the, president. These. Members. Of the administration and. Honor. Thank. You please continue, to stand and gentlemen. Please remove, your hats for. Our national, anthem and, the first verse of the hymn - Wayne you. Will find the words to the university, hymn on page three of your commencement. Program, our. Soloist. This afternoon, is Catherine Connelly a vocal. Music education. Student. Catherine. Thank. You so much Catherine, great way to start the afternoon. Everyone. Please be seated I. Would. Now like to introduce our, provost. And senior vice president for, academic affairs, dr., Keith. Whitfield. Provost, Woodfield. Thank. You David good afternoon. And. Welcome. Everyone. To Ford Field for, Wayne State University's, May 28. 2002. Universities. One hundred and fiftieth, academic. Year. It's. My honor to start this afternoon ceremony, by introducing, you to. The 2018. Winter and spring. Summer graduating. Classes from, the School of Medicine, College. Of performing, and Communication. Arts. The. College of Education. The. Mikey Lich School of Business. And. The College. Of, Engineering. Will. All our graduates stand. And. Let's. Give them a round of applause please. Be. Seated. Congratulations. To all of you for reaching this day. Commencement. Is a day of celebration, for the entire University. With. Us this afternoon taking, part in this celebration are, members of the university's, academic and. Administrative, leadership. You. Will find their names in your program, but. Now I ask the deans and senior administrators, seated on the platform to. Rise and be recognized, let's. Give them a round of applause. Since. 1868. Wayne. State University, has anchored the city of Detroit as an engaged and motivated, community.

Of Scholars, Wayne. State is one of the nation's 50, largest public, universities, with, Michigan's, most diverse student population. Today. More, than 27,000. Students from, nearly every US state and many. Countries from around the world are, pursuing degrees at Wayne State. Everyone. Is earning an education at, a nationally, ranked research university, which, is strengthened, by the culture. Industry. And the, diversity, of its an urban, environment. We. Believe in the definition, of a university, as a place where, highly motivated, people of differing backgrounds and, aspirations. May, pursue both knowledge and, personal. Growth I. Know. All, of you gathered here today have been able to experience, all that this great university, has to offer you. Have grown in knowledge and developed. Your skills in, the, fields, you have chosen. You. Have made us all very proud. I. Know. That each of you went. Through a lot to get to this point but this. Moment is not only for you but also, for your families, your. Friends and all. The others who, made sacrifices so. That you could succeed, there. Is no such thing as a self-made, person, we. Are all shaped, by the influences. And examples, of everyone, around us family. Friends, faculty staff, all. Have, helped you to get to this day, they. Are all teachers and mentors in their own way, to. Stress the immeasurable importance, of these people I would. Ask all of our graduates, to rise. And, let's. Give these people a round of applause. Thank. You and please be seated. It. Is now my pleasure to, introduce to, you the. Honorable Kim Trent a member. Of our University's, Board of Governors who will bring you greetings on behalf, of the board governor. Trent. Good. Afternoon to each of you on this very special day in this, very special, year in the history of the University, on, behalf, of all of the members of the Board of Governors it, is my pleasure to welcome all the graduates, of the class of 2018. And, extend. To you our deepest. And most heartfelt, congratulations and. As, the odds of a graduate I'd. Like to say, how proud I am of her take, a moment a personal pleasure to say that and I'm. Sure she's somewhere cringing, right now but martini Ramsey congratulations. To you. This. Spring marks a return to Ford Field for. The Wayne State University, general commencement, exercises, this. Is a place that instills. Hope for. Big dreams and wonder, for the future you. Have worked hard to achieve those dreams and, you, should be proud as we all are of your accomplishments. Wayne. State University, is an outstanding, institution, and, today, you join more than a quarter of a million alumni, who call our University, their alma mater, our. Vibrant, growing campus, is a tribute, to our students. And the, one of the one wavering, faith that we have in your ability, to succeed your. Dedication, and commitment have, brought you to this moment and have, set the path for your future success I would. Like to take a moment to, introduce other, members of the Board of Governors who, are with us for today's program would. You please stand as I call your name, Governor. Michael B sweet o. And. Governor, Sandra Hughes O'Brien, who's the chair of our Board of Governors. Again. On behalf of the Board of Governors and, from each of our members of the entire Wayne, State University, community.

Congratulations. To each of you and our, best wishes to you for, much success ahead. Thank. You for those warm words governor, Trent. There's. A very important. Group among us today who has had a very great honor, the. Honor is the education. Of these, fine men and women, I'd. Like to introduce William. Bolts member, of the Academic, Senate and president. Of a professor. Of accounting in a, Mike helix School of Business who, will bring greetings on behalf of the faculty, professor. Volts. Thank. You Provost. Whitfield. On, behalf. Of, the more than. 1700. Faculty. Of, Wayne State University. Congratulations. As. A graduate, of Wayne State University. Your degree has the special stature. Of, having. Been earned in, a research. Intensive. University. And, a, Carnegie ranked. Community-engaged. University. The. Status, reflects. University. Faculty. Commitment. To, excellence, in teaching, to. Excellence. In a broad array of, creative. And thoughtful. Scholarship. And to. A dedication. To, meaningful. Service. To. Society. Of. The state, of Michigan's, 15. Public, university. Only. Your. Degree, awarded. Here today and, the. Degrees, awarded. The. Graduates. Of the university. Is located in. Ann Arbor and East Lansing. Share. The coveted, stature, of, being. Earned at, a, research. Intensive. University. While. The state's three, research. Intensive. Universities. Are. All fine. Institutions. Of higher learning. Your. Diploma. Alone. Makes. Absolutely. Clear to, the world that, it, was made, in Detroit. The. Responsibility. Of overseeing. The high quality, of, academic. Programs Elaine's, State University. Rests. With President, Wilson. With. Our provost, and senior, vice president. For academic affairs. Keith Whitfield. Vice. President, of research. Stephen. Lanier, and a. Host of, distinguished. Dean's and, department, chairs. Yet. The critical, ingredient. In the, creation, of, a, high quality, academic. Program. Is, the. Quality, of the faculty, I would. Like to, ask the, faculty here, today, to. Again, please rise and, give the graduates. And their families an. Opportunity. To express, their appreciation, for. A, job well, done. Thank. You I. Can't. Let this occasion, pass without. Noting. The important, role that. The talented. Student, body of Wayne State University. Plays. In, attracting, and. Retaining, this. Faculty, the. Impressive, intelligence. Of the, graduates, here today, their. Dedication, their. Hard. Work, in. Completing. A rigorous, academic. Program, are. At the heart of why. Wayne, State, faculty. Are, proud to be here a. Commencement. Ceremony. Is not. A celebration. Of, an end a, commencement. Celebrates. A beginning. We. Hope that your experience at. Wayne State. Your. Family, ties and, the.

Path Of your professional. Careers. Keep. You close, by. So. That you can play an important, part in. Michigan. And Detroit's. Exciting. Economic. Future, but, wherever your, future, lies as, your. Professional. And personal lives, unfold. This. University. Would love to hear from you our graduates. About. The important, events, in your lives both. Professional. And personal. Stay. In touch. Send. Us a note. Give. Us an email. Send. Us a tweet good. Luck and. Congratulations. Thank. You for those wonderful words professor volts. So. It is now my pleasure to. Introduce. To you Wayne. State University's, 12th president, dr.. M Roy, Wilson. Well. Good afternoon graduates. Congratulations. So. We here we are on, Ford Field on a gorgeous. May, Day. The. Class of 2018 will, forever, hold, a special place in Wayne, State's history as you. Are earning your degree in, the, university's, hundred. And fiftieth anniversary year. We. Have almost 1500. Graduates, seated. On the field awaiting, their degree conferral. We. Have an exponentially. Higher number, of moms dads. Brothers. And sisters, grandparents. Professors, advisers, best, friends, husbands, and all-round. Superfans. Gather. Here for one reason to. Celebrate your, success. In. Fact. We. Have to rent out the biggest Arena in Detroit in order to accommodate them all so. If you haven't gotten the picture yet, you're. Kind of a really big deal today. And. For good reason, you've. Worked incredibly hard to, reach this moment. Wayne. State University, has demanded your best and you deliver them you. Intellect, your curiosity. Your drive. Have carried you to this field to. This moment, when. You're poised to cross the stage and gain. Will, earn recognition, for. What you've received achieved. Maybe. While. You're here on Ford Field you can, leave a little of your good luck behind I hear. Our football team the Lions kind, of need it. But. The success, of the graduates, winery, here today wouldn't. Be complete. Without its own lineup, of supporting, players. For. Every time you have to skip a birthday party to study for an exam you met an understanding, reply, when. You need help buying textbooks they, pulled out their checkbooks. Where. Enough for your families, and your friends and, their, understanding and support, you. Probably wouldn't be here today, so, this ceremony, is as much a celebration of, their sacrifice, as it. Is your, success. You. Know I've been, involved. With many commencement. Ceremonies, in my career, but. Tomorrow morning I'm flying to Los Angeles to, watch, my. Baby girl my daughter Presley. Graduate. From college. So. To. All the parents out there believe. Me when, I say I understand. How. Big a deal this is, and, I. Share any happiness you feel to. See your sons and daughters, Rock. Walk, across the stage. Commencement. Still like a charm day filled. With traditions, more. Than perhaps any other day in your life you're, thinking about what the future might, hold. People. Often ask me what I did to prepare, for the future that. I plan to be president, of a university for instance did. I have a master, plan written, down somewhere, and my. Truthful, response to that question is, no. There. Was no grand plan the. Future is far away the. Pace of change is, extraordinarily, fast, and you. Will be presented, with many potential, opportunities. Including. Some. Surprises, that are impossible to predict, with. This in mind how. Can anyone possibly be, expected to plan for, 20 years from, now I. Think. The answer lies in being prepared and being. Able to recognize opportunities, as. They unfold, before us as, the. French scientist, Louis Pasteur famously, observed. Chance. Favors the prepared mind. We. Can't know what the future will hold but. We can prepare ourselves now, as best. As we can and that's. What you've been doing here at Wayne State. You've. Been part of a university, that is known for both its academic, rigor and its, diversity a, University. Ranked in the top eight percent worldwide. You've. Learned in the classrooms, and labs from the best faculty. Outside. The classroom, you've had experiences, that will help you be citizens and members of a larger community and that's. Given you a broader perspective than, many graduates, around. The country today can, claim. When. I look out at all of you seated here today I. See. Different motivations. Are bright to here to this point, different. Obstacles, to overcome in. Different. Aspirations, for the future, but. Each of you is, prepared, for, whatever opportunities. Or challenges.

May. Come next. So. Allow me to conclude. By. Quoting one, the most admired, philosophers. Of the modern, era I speak. Of course of dr. Seuss. You're. Off to great places today. As your day your. Mountain is waiting so. Get. On your way, Thank You graduates and congratulations. Again. Thank. You for those inspiring words President, Wilson, and. Next. A, distinguished. Citizen has, been. Recognized. Of. The University, for, an honorary degree to, present this President. Wilson I. Asked. The chair of the Board of Governors Sandra. Hughes O'Brien to join me at the lectern for, the confer of the honorary degree in WA. Governor Trenton governor Michael boo sweet oh please, escort, Matthew. 17, to the lectern. Wayne, State University. Presents. A Doctor of Laws honoris, causa. To. You Matthew. J Simon, Seanie for. Your outstanding contributions, during. A 21-year. Career at Lear corporation and, for. Your tireless commitment, to, the community. You. Were born raised. And educated in, Detroit. Attending. Detroit Public Schools and earning a bachelor's, in accounting from, Wayne State in, 1985. You. Began your career at, toosh Ross and went on to hold financial, and manufacturing, positions with. Verity Kelsey Hayes in horizon. Enterprises, serving. As chief financial officer. Of Kelsey. Hayes European. Operations, in. 1996. You joined Lear a leading. Global supplier, of automotive. Seating electrical. Systems which, acquired United, Technologies, automotive. Where, you served as director of financial planning and analysis. At. Lear, you. Held a series of senior, financial roles, rising. Through the ranks before, being named president CEO. And director in. September, 2011. You. Retire from Lear in February, and are, serving as an adviser to the company through the end of 2018. During. Your six years at the helm you. Took Lear, from. The aftermath, of a bankruptcy, to. An era of record, sales a. Vocal. Supporter of the city in. 2015. You led the effort to open the ten million dollars, Lear Innovation, Center in downtown Detroit, which. Aims to develop new business opportunities. And collaboration. With local groups and students, including. Those from the Wayne State College. Of Engineering and. Mike Elite School of Business in. February. You, are honored with the 2017. Cranes news, paint use maker of the Year award. Over. The course of your career, you. Have generously, contributed your, time and expertise. To, a number, of organizations. Serving. On the boards, of groups such. As the being Youth. To the. Detroit Children's, Fund the, Michigan, Opera Theatre, the parade company, the Detroit Economic, Club business. Leaders, for Michigan in, the Wayne State University, Foundation. Governor. O'Brien as. President. Of Wayne State University. And on, behalf of the faculty, I am, pleased. To present Matthew. J Simon, Seanie for the conferral, of the degree. Thank. You President, Wilson, by. The authority, of the people of the state of Michigan, as vested. In the Wayne State University, Board of Governors we. Are proud to confer upon you, Matthew. J, Simone. Chaney the, degree of Doctor, of Laws honoris causa, and with. This hood and diploma, admit. You to all the rights privileges. And. Responsibilities. Of that degree. Congratulations. Dr.. Simoncini. Thank. You I, would. Like to thank Governor. O'Brien, and the board the rest of the Board of Governors, President. Wilson. Provost. Whitfield, faculty. And staff for this outstanding. University. For this incredibly. Prestigious, honor. At my alma mater I'd, like to also thank my beautiful. Wife Mona. Who came here with me to Wayne State, as, a student, and, my beautiful daughter Sydney, and to, my mom and dad this. One's for you thank. You very much. Congratulations. Again, doctor singing see. Now. We begin to traditional, part of the university, commencement ceremony, the. Introduction of the candidates, for degree from, the schools and colleges gathered. Here this afternoon. The. Conferring, of those degrees and the diploma March over. 4200. Students were eligible and applied for graduation. During. The 2018, winter, and spring, summer semesters, from, our 13 schools and colleges. Candidates. Present, at this afternoon's ceremony, will, now be presented for their degrees, their. Degrees will then be conferred by the president, the. Awarding, of diplomas will, follow, with. A diploma. March. From. The Graduate, School the, candidates, for the degree, of Doctor, of Philosophy from.

The Schools and colleges will be presented, by Dean amber, the. Candidates, will, please stand. Thank. You Provost Whitfield, mr.. President. Upon, the recommendation of, the Graduate faculty, and the Graduate Council of the university I have, the distinct, honor to, present these, candidates, for the, degree of Doctor, of Philosophy. The. Candidates, will please be seated. From. The Irvin D Reed Honors, College Wayne. State University, students, celebrate a wonderful tradition of academic, achievement, we. Are pleased to ask Dean, Jerry Herron of the. Irvin D Reid Honors College to acknowledge, the students who have earned, University. And departmental, honors designations. And those, who participated. In the, community, of scholars. Will. The candidates, for this honor please stand. Dean. Haran. Thank. You Provost, Whitfield, mr.. President, upon. The recommendation of the faculty, from the schools and colleges of Wayne State University. I had, the honour to acknowledge. The students who have completed the honors curriculum in, their respective departments, or the, general university, honors curriculum as listed. In the commencement program. They. Are wearing a gold collar today, and recognition, of this accomplishment I also. Would, like to acknowledge the students, who participated, in the community, a Scholars, Program. These, students, are wearing, a blue cord to indicate their having completed, the, graduation, requirements, as members, of this community. From. The School of Medicine the. Master's, degree candidates, will, be presented by associate. Dean dan waltz, will. The candidates, please stand. Dean. Waltz. Thank. You Provost Wilson, Whitfield, mr.. President. Upon. The recommendation of the Faculty, of the School of Medicine I have. The honor to present these candidates, for the degrees as listed in the commencement program. The. Candidates, will please be seated. From. The college of fine performing. And Communication Arts, the. Masters, and bachelor's. Degree candidates, will. Be presented, by Dean Matthew, Seager the, candidates, will please stand. Thank. You Provost Whitfield. Mr.. President. Upon. The recommendation, of the college of fine performing. And Communication Arts, I have. The honor to present these exceptional. Candidates, for. The degrees has, listed, in the commencement program. The. Candidates, will please be seated. From. The College of Education the. Degree of Doctor. Of Education. Masters. And bachelor's, degree candidates, will, be presented by Dean Douglas, Whitman the candidates. Will please stand. Dean. Whitman Thank. You Provost. Whitfield. Mr.. President, upon, the recommendation, of the Faculty, of the College of Education I, have, the honor to, present these, outstanding. Candidates. For, the degrees as listed in, the commencement program. The. Candidates, will please be seated. From. The Mike Ilitch School of Business the, masters, and bachelors, candidates, will, be presented by Dean, Robert, Forsyth the, candidates, will please stand. Dean. Forsyte. Mr.. President, upon the recommendation, of the Faculty, of the Mike Ilitch School, of Business I have, the distinct, honor to present these candidates, for the degrees as listed in. The commencement program. The. Candidates, will please be seated, and. From. The college of engineering the. Masters, and bachelors, candidates. Will. Be presented, by Dean Prashad patooie, the, candidates, will please stand. Dean. For Chui, Thank. You Provost Whitfield. Mr.. President, upon.

The Recommendation, of the Faculty, of the College of Engineering I have, the honor to present these candidates, for the, degrees, as listed in, the commencement program. The. Candidates, will please be seated. Ladies. And gentlemen, now. The. Most solemn, moment of commencement, as the, president confers, the degrees, will. All the candidates for degrees please. Stand. Mr.. President. The. Authority to, confer each of these degrees is, vested. In the board of governors of Wayne State University. By the people, of the state of Michigan, under, the Constitution. Of the state, this. Authority, is delegated, to the president, by the board. Each. Of these degrees is granted, on the recommendation. Of the Faculty, of the University. By. The authority, vested in, me by. The Board of Directors and upon. The recommendation, of the respective, faculties, I do, hereby, confer, upon you the. Degree for which the faculties, have recommended you and I, admit you to, all the rights privileges and. Responsibilities. Of their degree, congratulations. The. Degree recipients. Will please be seated. Ladies. And gentlemen we've. Reached the moment that all of our students have worked so hard to, achieve the. Receiving, of their diplomas. The. Candidates, receiving, Doctor, of Philosophy degrees. And Doctor. Of Education degrees. We'll, process first, as one, group followed. By the doctoral, masters, and. Bachelor. Candidates, from, this afternoon's, participating. Schools and colleges, I. Call. On all, the, recipients, of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to. Please come forward, Dean. Mathur please, come forward to announce these candidates. Judith. Engels, dissertation. Advisor professor, Jennifer, Condon. Kenneth. Lewis, dissertation. Advisor professor bono Jenna. How, should she. Dissertation. Advisor professor. Elizabeth. Berger. Meno. Buzz that dissertation, advisors. Professors, Kelly, Young and Brian, McCann. Sherry, Tourmaline, dissertation. Advisor professor Katherine, McGuire. Majid. A healthy dissertation. Advisor professor Keqiang. Wafaa. Ali dissertation. Advisor professor Cheryl, Sommers. Mohammed. Al Muhajiroun. Advisor. Professor Shlomo. Savile our ski. Karam. Jean Dylan, dissertation. Advisor professor Aronson. Tail. Heather. Has dissertation. Adviser professor, Francesca. Ponies. Nadya. Nora, dissertation. Advisor professor Francesca. Ponies. Tina. O'Neal dissertation. Advisor professor susan, gable. Stephanie. Gills skull, coochie hesitation. By the professor, Cheryl Simmons. Lauren. Scott, dissertation. Advisor professor Bhushan. Erika. Thomas desert. Asia advisor professor Natan. Mccottry. I'm, at austin dissertation. Advisor professor Monica. Tracy. Agnieszka. Shepard dissertation. Adviser professor James, Martin. Syed, Ali, dissertation. Advisor professor Abhilash, Pandya. Sahar. Ansari, desert, Asia advisor professor Surendra. Geechee. Rita. D'Angelo. Dissertation. Advisor professor at National. Johnson. Adebayor. For. Dayi dissertation. Advisor professor Leslie. Morrison. Gregory. Hartman, dissertation. Advisor professor at national. A big, cone imperat, George. Dissertation. Advisor professor Harpreet, Singh. David. Osburgh, dissertation. Advisor professor vector, body. Jeff ski. Saranya. Panniers. Selvam, dissertation. Advisor professor. Sahil's. Buck puta tuna. Down. Ruin. Dissertation. Advisor professor she, hung low. Bridget, belinskiy, dissertation. Advisor professor Qingyang. Thank. You. I call. On the recipients, of the, Doctor of Education to, please come forward, Dean, Whitman please. Announce the candidates. One. Jose, Martinez, dissertation. Advisor Sandra, Gonzalez. Viviana. Marielle, de Bono said a. Dissertation. Adviser Christina. De Nicola. Marita, sweetie. Sweetie. Panda. Dissertation. Advisor built. William Hill. I. Now. Call all. Remaining, degree candidates, to. The stage for. The diploma March. And now, I would like to introduce the master's degree candidates, from the School of Medicine, and. Now. I would like to introduce the, master and bachelor degree, candidates, from the Mike Ilitch School, of Business I. Attea. Shari. Reeves. Paul. They, chew. Yolanda. Shaw. Matthew. Molasses. Never. Did Thompson. Hale. All l-arginine. Rasheed, Bowen. Jeffery. Ginter.

Nalani. Serena. Gina. Polsinelli. Brandon. Wallace. Rocks. On a logon. Maria. RP, no. Sireesha. Pursue. Puto pasupuleti. Shaadi. Masri. Alexis. Lim. Paul. Lafargue. Hassan. All dear. Michael. Lewis. Tariq. Navi. Ashley. Short. Shanae. Kilpatrick's. Jennifer. Malin. Miguel. Barajas. Houston. Mayor. Jordan. Her Enoch. Andre. Gordon. Arnecia. Vaughn Scott. Ashley. Levi. Serra. Da da da day. And. Really. Knee--balls. Shaker. Daniel. Winkler. Mesa. Dugan. Adapt. A is Accra. Malaya. Hussein. Gina. Sure, matera. Dixie. Rajkumar. Kaitlyn, woody. Vanessa. Ibrahim. Dane. Woody. Julian. Saker. Steven. Dubrow no. James. Glass, Brooke. Eric. Jaros. Muhammad. Bad one. Ambra. See no basket. Derek. Miller. DeSean. Dwight, Harris. Sohaib, con. Patrick. Oddish. Anne-marie. Santiago. Caitlyn, oddish. Deb. Freak chahal. Dream. Tommen. Jane. Powell. Jennifer. Deucey. Cassidy. Messner. Annie. Broker. Clare. Plaque. Christa, and fears. Chandler. Stomach. Marquita. Rutledge. Bailey. Burt whole sweat. Lauren. Das Daniels. Alexandra. Goal ki. Lee. Anne de. Grace. And booba. Dominic. Doll Oh. Sarah. Austin. Regime. Junaid. Oh. Samantha. Kappas Oh. Caitlin, Stringham. Hailey. Laird. Jessica. Jabara. Nora. Machine. Tong. Vu. Fatima. Sukar. Jenny. Tongue. Eunice. Abdullah. Christina. Sharda, hauled O'Neill uh. Dwight. Deep give, geek our. Sarah. Julio. Ben's. A naive. Josie. Turner. Carrie. Hidin, bird. Carmen. Brown. Carol. Farah. Andrew. Morse. Bradford. Nelson. Ileana. Bizarro. Jeremiah. Nathan, shields. Rebecca. Murphy. And. Now. The graduates. From the match, semester. And bachelor, degree from, the College, of Fine performing. And Communication Arts. Brian. Haven. David. Holes. Alissa. Ghoul. Jordan. Zach. Natalie. Colony. Dana. Myers. Cody. Robison. Bye, - OH Hakim. Stephanie. Are Chanel Oh. Jeremy. Capello. Erica. Ruth rubus. Angel. Richards. Ev'leen. Mark hole. James. Walker. Susan. Dials. Jason. Brown. Jacqueline. Sierra, Elliott. Richard. Blanton. Larry. Darnell, Wallace jr.. Renier. Thomas, Mapua. Christian. Tulane fountain. Brittany. Logan. Brandon. Burch. Thornton. Carter. Danielle. Claire, Simpson. Moses. Jones. Rogers. Clark. Bernice. Bonner. Javier. Guzman, merciless. Eric. Michael Smalley. Ah. Sookie. Lee Gardner. Tatiana. Maca. Bridget. Colony. Bridget, colony Crawley. Rachel. Shivani. Michael. Malice. Sandhya. Ashoka MA. Megan. Parcells. Katherine. Milani. Benjamin. Robert, Moore. David. Pearson, ski. Chantal. Woodard. Sadek. Grauman. Richard. Wilson jr.. Lauren. Abdel. Raza. Miles. McDonald. Samuel. Apple. Maggie. Jolene. Young. Daniel. James. Ruse. Wheaton. Joseph. Gary - zosky. Theresa, then, Pickering. David. Sackowitz. Asada. Hockey. Jennifer. Agarwal. Elizabeth. And. Susanna. And M the men saw. Angela. Melendez. Albert. Whoo. Kyle. Clifford. Posen. AB dommage, al sham is a. Jessica. Wildmon cats. Walter. Owen. Kyle. Sharkey. Shada. Oh honey. Audrey. Soft check. Shot. AHA found by solemn. Brandon. Kaczynski. Blake. Watson. Antonia. Lachey, McCain. Genesis. Brown. Brandon. Alvey, on right. Demetrius. Edwards. Briere. Tender. Orlando. Bullock. Ernest. Bentley. Johanna. Kopernik. Nicholas. Stockwell. Keanu. London. Sally, - al. Saleh. Ali. Christine. No Agha. Jacob. Wescott. Alicia. Johnson. Lyndon. Corrado. Johnny. Rick's. Miriam. Sudol. A, Tyler. Shorts. Christopher. Ash dos, Brandon. McCall. Brooke. Biondi. Sarah. McCall. Kiefer. Gonzales. Hassan. And Sadiq. Jack. Thomas. Russia. Al-ghazali. Thomas. My name. Page. Showalter. Alex. Michael, anise. Oski. Ryan. Rutkowski. Robert. Webb. Jennifer. Millsap. Scott. Whitehead. Ii. Grace. Crazy. Anthony. Rena. Sarah. Albury. He. Amanda. Kaliesha. Desmond. Smith. Gary. Golden. The second. Michael.

Cullen. Abdul. Kareem, a Hamadan. Olivia. Danielle. Farrington. Dena. Read. Marcel. Smith. Ashley. Garner. Evany. Walker. Fatty. Tella. Alana. Meeks. Emanuel. Boulting. Michael. Lewis the, second. Georgina. Denies. Leah. Nora dead Vic I. Teondra. More. Aéreo. De la fossa. She. We Han. Ilana. Stokes. Lu. By. Hope. Lorraine. Yong. Yong. Veronica. Esta, goy. Talisha. Claxton. People's. Desiree. Hon. Jeremy. LePage. Rachel. Nicole, Smith. Elias. Taught her. Michael. Voltaggio. Lisa. Renee McCreary. April. Thompson. Syed, essa, Khalid. Nicole. Elaine jacala. Robert. Costello. Abigail. Snow. Alexis. Holmes. Hannah. Snow. Carolyn. Wróblewski. Steven. Alexander. Kyle. Watts. Sierra. Garrett. Joseph. Roll, der, Rohe. Mina Ramirez. Sean. Sliwa. Serafina. Bella tini. Courtney. Column, and. Kalia. Paige. Brooke. Jones. Kelly. Corey. Ali. Malala. Raven. Cooper. Gregory. Goers. Lane. Broker. Mohammad. Atman. Christina. Pinkney. Benjamin. Sroka. Sara. Mikulski. Bryan. McKinney. Victoria. Low. David. Petroski. Robert. Savage. Noah. Wasik. Anthony. Evans. Kevin. Salter. Kyle O'Neil. Jane. The, note. Gregory. Walker. Jeffrey. Frederick. Amanda. Psaltis. Danielle. Armstrong. Maggie, Nelson. Antoinette. Howie. Stephanie. Singer. Jeremy. Lin. Florentine. Friedrich. Samuel. Cruz, jr.. Zachary. Lagging, bird. Hameed. Sully. Joseph. Puto. Tyler. Saman. Addison. Wallace. Ali. Berry. Jordan. Clemmons. Marwan. Sayid. Andrew. Cora. Gabriela. Martinez. And. Eager. Be. Kyliyah. Alan. Jessica. Lynne Courtney. Omar. Brown. Larrin. Johnson. Kelsey. Leonard. James. Howard. Ashley. Krieger. George. Spencer. Christopher. Gottleib. Nick. Ferguson. Joseph. Gunther. Rowana. Renee levy. Francis. Walker. Kyle, Sammy. Summer. Also, me. Del. Ponte coffee. Muhammad. Bazi. To. Rep Gaytan, jr.. Ashley. Droste. Rachel. Welsh. Nasim. Sawan. Daniel. Gun Chu. Brandon. Pulver. Is. Shawn Spencer. Oliviana. McMillan. Green. Chris. Kelly. Jennifer. Battles. Large. Saporta. Hailey, Polizzi. Linda. - son. Marry. My. Killeen Maher. Paola. Cassandra, bleach ah go. Joseph. Lou. Dream. Ibrahim. Benjamin. Meso. Emily. Barber. Joshua. Shocked. Ashley. Canton. And. Roost. Eggs. Chloe. Martin. Katarina. Caston, offski. Brionna. Jones. Illya. BeYOU. Derek. Boatwright. Revant. Silva. Raj. Christina. Angelina. Kenny. Anatole. Khrushchev. Ski. Christopher. Charles Popovich. Holly. Shamburger. Michelle. Clark, read. Courtney. McIlroy. Sean. Schneider. Ellison. Bell. Sean. Stay, skull. Larry. McKinney. Danielle. Kaminsky. Mustafa. Died, her. Rafael. Johnson. Alondra. Kennedy. Tony. Moore. Tyler. Harrigan. Adriana. Velasca. Adam. Horn. Olivia. Pearson. Kevin. Born. Rachel. And Joan. Kalyan, DeNooyer. Nick. Bevan. Cara. Growth. Clause. Ian. Awal deeds. Alexis. Dominique. Rivera. Joelle. Crew check a. Mad. Own. Alexandra. LaRue. Shelby. Fandom, where. Sharda. Royster. Lena. Sabac. Alisa. DeMuth. Sandhya. Show. Joshua. Drake. Jade. Casa, de. Chartres. Nice Hogan. Madison. Bar. Felicia. Hartford. Barbra. Earlier. Ryan. Love. Delaney. People. Alexandra. McLennan. Nicole. Kovarsky. Maya. Harbor. Teresa. Miranda. Alexa. Yates. Leah. Simone. Popovich. Nathan. Maisie. Paul. Greg. Sybil. Gilmore. Nasreen. Hawk. Abby. Lampron. Gary. Kent. Michael. Seton. Jason. Alec. James. Porter. Janine. Washington. Alicia, Laura. Lucas. Waku, ski. Emily. Bommarito. Michael. Morell. Maria. Fukiyose. Anika. Okwe, go. Megan. Grandpas. Josh. To, Chile. Jessie, McAnally. Sam. Clayman. Mnemosyne. Eater Ola. Adam. Chen saharsky. Andrew. O'Brien. Bart. Pasul. Aqua jr.. Cassandra. Cronus. Cave. On, Jackson. Kelsey. Lewinsky. Sean. Becca. Julia. More. Christopher. Stein. Maria. DiMarzio. Rachel. Jones. Erica. Roux. Aaron.

Miller. Joseph. Galva. Aladdin. Crew, pick. Hannah. Laboy to. Daniel. Aura. Ma. On Yahoo, SHhhh rosemary. Show moon. Elizabeth. Piss-poor. Both. Meet Ben saw. Austin. Sullivan. Raman. Freak car. Siobhan, mix line. Mariah. Brown. Imani. Turner. Christina. Green. Tony. Hicks. Gala. - Koo Koo Roo. BG. McGill. Leo. Sheffield. Payton. Drew Alan Julian. Tamayo. Ali. Delaney. DeAngelis. Muhammad. Malik. Shannon. McNamara. Kareem. Hamsi. Kianga. Jay. Mohr. Imams. Ahead. James. Van R is ahem. Matthew. EDA. Thomas. Bartel may. Rochelle. Austin, Jackson. Lucas. Liska. Dion. Corbin. David. Dunham. Brian. Medley, Percy. Michael. Anthony toko. Kina. Clapton. Austin. Silky. Theodore. Water. Dylan. Nelson. Sara. Elizabeth. Rebekah, young, Cara. Nimi. Austin. Smith. Brian. Iglesias. Mahat. Libertage. Mariah. Soltis. Emre. Wattage. Samantha. Adkins. Brooke. Meldrum. Sara. Nobile. Sylia. Huey. Jennifer. Lens. Andrea. Stirs, men. Megan. Ellis. Numerous. Minhas. Anthony. By tell. Darren. White field. Zach. Walter. Haley. Zernich. Christian. Sands. Gina. Giovanni. Ashley. Morgan. Jose. Alkali. Jessica. Renee, Walker. Matthew. Melenik. Marquita. Terry. Omar. Awanen. Erica. Eagle, stone, John. James jr.. Katherine. Martinez. Janelle. Steven, dance ler. Madison. Bell. Taisha. Holly. Andrea. Doherty. Lisa. Gala, day. Alexandra. Dwyer. Akitas. Depuis, la, Emily. Jones. Danielle. Dalek. Alison. Phillips. McCrea. Taylor. Kevin. Williams. Matthew. Miller. Darice. Cob. Miranda. Caruso. Reem. Nahas. Lisa. Stalking. Aya. Elsa, reef, Bridget. Polly. Zachary. Termini. Raja. Jana. Danielle. Care, well wits. Zachary. Showing. Emma. St. Louis. Donald. Kroner jr.. Miranda. Lavoy. Matthew. SEPA. Brianne. Buzzer Ellie. Charles. Strasser, jr.. Ashley. Shoe old. Andrea. Bocelli. Rosalinda. McCain. Tyler. Ran. Catherine. McDougald. Aileen. Archie. Marie. Sharma. Cherie. Thurman. SF. Ania era chala Valletta. Nicolás. Guillén, Anna mark, even. Gonzales. Maria. Schilling. Josephine. Right. Melody. Chirac, drew. Ludwig. Michaels. The phone jr. Michael. Donelson. Or michelle, donaldson. Leo. Spire steam. Candace. Coleman. Sarah. Jadhav. Bottle. El Khatib. Stephen. Potnick. Rubina. Agarwal. Samantha. Scribner. Rachel. Quell. Troy. Tansy. Sarah. New, coupe. Zara. Octor. Alexander. Manchester. Justin. That's it Reiner. Samantha. Robinson. Eli. Galloway. Victor. William. Nicholas. Go ahead. Destiny. Dunlap. Nicholas. Wooler. Han. Julie. Pannekoek. Jamie. Ferguson. Jessica. Storage. Eudora. York. Caitlin. Gerard, a, yacht. Men, do. Anna. Bussy. Carolina. McHale. Patrick. Roads. Casey. Samar. Ibrahim. Talal, Kareem. Michael. Polly. Cristiano. Chavez. DeRusha. Joshua. Verbena. Kurt. Wyngarde. Demetrius. Rogers. Antonio. Of the elbow. Alexander. Apollo Vina. Michelle. McLeod. Asan. Salem. Taylor. Searing. Garage. Sing. Megan. Kennison. Shocker. Mia. Gabrielle. Pichardo. Khalil. Iskander. William. Lovejoy. Laurie. Fourth grade. Danielle. Keys. Jacob. Shelton. Miranda. Flinch um. Nicholas. Metoo be. Derek. Arevalo. Danielle. You're so good. Jasmine. Brown. Madeline. Holsinger. Attea, Ziad. Yanni. Silvestri. Micah. Cummings. Ashley. Rose Atkins. Autumn. Booker. Sarah. Clough. Nya. Riggins. Kristina. Andre. Kaitlin. Fazio. Veronica. Weaver. Miranda. Caruso. Rachel. OB. Kimberly. Kendricks. Spencer. Grave, ooh. Now. Announcing, the College, of Education. Christian. Jacob, Johnson. Ashley. Rojas Egan. Hannah. Rothenberg. Holden. Pharaoh. Marilyn. Harris. George. Boggs, the third. Kristen. Sekolah. Jessica. Haha. Deanna. Sue, me, Basia. Shantae. Via Tinsley. Naseeb. Keuner. Tara's. Mahone. Ryan. Detlef. Tanya. Clerk. Shanae. Hunt. Ray. Turner. Taisha. Williams. Jenny's. George. Jennifer. Armstrong. Zachary. Musial. Maya. Chennault. Vincent. Linderman. Caitlin. Haney. Jacob. I Oh. Alicia. Nasir. Brent. Stein. Occur. Muhammad. Ali Sabra. HT. AK Chaudhary. Y. El alcohol. Lamont. Baker. Brittany. Christiana, Yancy. Collin. Conger. Brianna. Gore. Jenna. Roslin. Wahlstrom. Alexandra. Bernardi. Alexia. Soto. Jasmine. Lovely'. Mohammed. Al-qahtani. Dianna. Daniels. Christos. Pardalis.

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Bertucci. Towels. Hamilton, jr.. Rossik. Mustafa. Gwendolen. Morgan. Am. An alum, Donnie. Jovan. Morgan. Shadi. Drake. Ari. Shaffir, bemy Amish, AAA. Jeremy. Barnes Smith. Chiara. Cody. Abraham. Deadlock. Thermal. Shibai. Vinay. Charles. Hamilton. Justine. Volca. Dominique. Witherspoon. Sayid. Half. Sheldon. Radcliffe. Syed. Hasan Farooq. Andrew. William, Jax. Hundun. Gunner. Holmes. Evan. Clifford. Brittany. Lambert. Ali. Hussain. Peter. John, namo. Jose. Antonio. Villanueva. Concepción. Clara. Gao Qi. Use. An alto, wheel. Sabrina. Poop Pakula. Abdul. My dad my food fight you. Sal. One Corky. Patrick. Thompson. Wayne, State, University's. Strength. And passion, is exemplified. By our students, who, work long hours, in, many cases for several, years to reach, this moment today. There's. A group of graduates, among us that. Have willingly taken, on an even greater challenge and, we. Would like to acknowledge them, this afternoon. Would. The students, who are currently serving in and the. Students, who are veterans of. America's. Armed forces please, stand. We. All owe you a great debt, of gratitude for your service, let's, give them yet one more round of applause I. Would. Now like to bring your attention to, the video screens, and I, asked Dean Matthew, Seager from, the college of fine performing. And Communication Arts, to, the center lectern. Is. One of the most kind, generous, hard-working, people, you've met I'm. Really lucky to have her in my life, she, doesn't, look at look what I can do for Wayne State but more so look what Wayne State has done for me I am so grateful I need to give back type of thing she has never hoped I see, her maybe for five minutes in the morning when she's like frantically, making, her coffee she, has something in her mind that she wants to, she makes sure this not only does she get the job done. Get the job done, well in every single pot she has a hands in that way and stated there's always something that she needs to be doing her resume should probably be like seven pages she, make, sure that she is doing something before this because, she loves this school, any.

Opportunity, She gets to help them out she gets it. Eliquis. Driven, Alex. Is selfless, phenomenal. Passionate. Humble. Ambitious. I am. Alex, aru and I, am warrior, strong. Alexandra. LaRue is graduating. Today with the bachelors degree in broadcast, journalism and with, minors, in communication. Studies and public, relations. Alex. Grew up in a Mertz burg Ontario, but, always wanted, to attend Wayne, State, University. Wayne. Was close enough to home so she could visit her family but. Far enough away to have a new beginning, during. Her time at Wayne State Alex. Has been a member of lambda, PI ada Communication. Honor Society the. National Society, of collegiate scholars, the. Women's Club volleyball, team serving, as vice president and the, public relations student. Society of, America, serving. As vice president of professional, programming, Alex. Has also worked as a student assistant in the communication, department, a marketing. And communications, associate, for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and was, also part of the inaugural steam, challenge. As, a marketing, and communication, associate. She. Is a student, leader who, has taken advantage of, every opportunity to, this comber way alex. Has interned, at WDET, and, as a news writer for w d ib as, a field producer and, reporter this. Summer she will be returning to the interning, with the Detroit Sports Commission, as a marketing, and communication, associates. Following. Graduation Alex. Will be pursuing, her dream of working, in sports journalism. Alex. LaRue, is a Wayne State, warrior. I. Am. Honored, and humbled to, stand before this graduating, class today. To. The Wayne State University. Board of Governors. President. Wilson. Provost. Whitfield. Faculty. And honored. Guests thank. You to. The parents, family, members and friends who, have come to celebrate their, graduates, today thank. You, to. My family member and Friends, Joe. And Danny thanks. For always being my best friends, Mimi, my inspiration. And mom. And dad thank. You for always believing in, me supporting.

Me And pushing me to, be my very best self I wouldn't, be here today without any of you and, now. To my fellow graduates. From. The Mike Ilitch School of Business the. College. Of, Education. The. College of Engineering. The. School of Medicine and of. Course the. College of fine performing. And Communication Arts. Here. We are this. Is it, we. Made it, Wayne. State is now our alma mater but. Wayne State will always, be, our home. Do. The past few years feel like a blur to anyone, else I remember. My orientation, like it was yesterday. But. Hey time. Flies when you're having fun right. Well. At Wayne State we didn't just have fun time. Flew for countless reasons. One. Being that we were always busy. We. Attended, varsity, sports games watch. Performances at, the Hill barrier bun stealth theatres. Joined, organizations, and clubs an attendance. Student org day or study abroad day, we. Are rushing to classes, working. Part or full-time. Researching. Interning. Performing. Creating. And studying. Well, into the night. Another. Reason time flew at Wayne State was. Because we are always learning. Exploring. And discovering, as. A. Student, I learned, from Emmy award-winning, journalist, the, executive, editor of The New York Times and. Professors. Who are renowned, for the research and writing as a. Marketing and communication. Student, assistant, I have. A chance to share stories about scientists. Winning prestigious, prizes, Wayne. State programs, being ranked top of the country and. Authors. And historians. Publishing. The amazing, work they've done but. The remarkable Wayne, State faculty weren't, my only teachers. You. My. Peers, have been my greatest teachers. I've. Had the privilege to sit beside some, of the most courageous. Ambitious. Resourceful. Creative. And passionate. People, I could ever imagine and I'm. Sure many of you feel the same. The. Diversity, and inclusiveness, of Wayne State the. Experiences, students, brought with them and the, cultural, richness taught. Me a lot about the outside, world. Becoming. Friends, with people from so many different cultures races. Religions. And, generations. Opened. My eyes to different perspectives. Values. And ideas. I've. Learned. From students. Custodians. Administrators. And faculty. That's. What makes Wayne State amazing. Everyone. Has something valuable to share, Wayne. State has a higher purpose, than just higher, education. The. Wayne State experience includes. Learning besides students, who are parents. Veterans. International. Work. Multiple jobs, all. Who, have sacrificed to. Earn their degree. That. Is what, I consider to be a world-class education as. A. Broadcast, journalism, student, I was, taught that my job is to share stories that are engaging. Powerful. And true. I am. Now better at sharing those stories thanks. To what I've learned at Wayne State. Wayne. State is now part of my story and it's. Part of your story. It. Will be our voices that. Create change. Sustain, piece and inspire. Others, to do the same, to. My peers in the School of Medicine, you. Will conduct life-saving. Research and, improve. People's lives. The. College of Education, you. Are going to be teaching future generations. The, skills they need more than ever, the. College of Engineering. You. Will all invent, and innovate. The, way we live our everyday lives. Cf, PCA you'll, continue, to inspire and entertain us for, the rest of our lives and. Business. Will. All probably be working for you one day. Now. Go out and show, the world how, you are, warrior. Strong. So. Thank you to, all of you the. Amazing professors, and my, fellow warriors, you. Made my time at Wayne State the, best time of my life I'm. Proud. To, be warrior, strong and, although. Wayne State is now our alma, mater, Wayne. State will always, be, our home. Thank. You Alexandra, for those wonderful, remarks and.

Now. A welcome. To the university's, new alumni, will, be extended, by Peter K Bourne, associate. Vice president for alumni affairs, an executive. Director of the Wayne State University, Alumni Association, please. Welcome mr. K born. Congratulations. Graduates. Today. You entered. Ford, Field as students. But you leave here, as so, much more, you. Leave here as shining, examples of. Success. Proof. That, Wayne State students, are not just strong, you. Are warrior. Strong. You've. Worked incredibly hard and, now we, are proud to, call you Wayne. State alumni as. Of. Today you join a community, of more than. 260,000. Alumni, around the world and, it, is a connection. That will last your lifetime, the. Alumni, Association offers. Many, ways for, you to stay involved. Volunteer. With us to support students, who are warriors just like you. Support. A project that you're passionate about on campus, and, use. The Alumni Association to build a valuable, professional. Network, but. Above all stay. In touch. Update. Us on your successes, and, share. Your stories. We. Want to hear from you because. Your story, is the. Wayne State story. This. University. And city are changing, every, day and as. Wayne State Alumni. Graduates. Of our, 150th. Anniversary. Year you. Play a pivotal role in that, progress and, I. Have a feeling, that in a hundred and fifty years people. Will look back and study, the, all. Of you on behalf. Of the Alumni Association I, congratulate. You on your accomplishments and. I, challenge, each of you to. Support Wayne State, in its, pursuit, of excellence. Together. We can ensure a, great future for your, alma mater a future. That is warriors strong. Congratulations. Again. Well. What an exciting, ceremony, and afternoon, it has been. But. It's. Time to bring this, ceremony, to an end. So. That you can celebrate the rest of this great day with your family, and friends so. First, we'll. All the PhD. Doctoral. And master's. Degree candidates, please stand. Please, join me in congratulating, these, students for their efforts and accomplishments in, successfully. Completing their, graduate, degrees. Thank. You thank you and please be seated. Now. Will all the bachelors, degree students, please stand. In. A, tradition.

Continued. In many great universities. Around the. World the. Bachelors, recipients, will now turn their tassels, from right to left which. Signifies, the completion of their undergraduate, degree, we. Congratulate. You all. Thank. You and please be seated. We. Salute, the, student, faculty and staff volu

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