Waterless Car Wash | Business In India | Franchise Business | Go Waterless | Business Opportunity

Waterless Car Wash | Business In India | Franchise Business | Go Waterless | Business Opportunity

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Good afternoon to all the beautiful people out here. so let me say a formal welcome and hi once again. business concept. and. Hindi English. is it okay for

everybody if if I use INDIA and English language is okay for everybody, you can turn on. Video and if you can give a thumbs up for in a box, you can mention yes, yes. I don't know. okay. great fantastic. Thank you and also it would be a good because I understand.

so while we are discussing let us all of us give 100% in this conversation. So let me get started with the presentation to DPT. some details. so. and go WATERLESS as a brand. is associated as a founder of partner and as a founder partner Main. My role is

towards development and establishing franchises and also helping the the newly on boarded franchisee to get on on the wheels and get started and quickly turning them into profitable businesses So besides this also from a strategy point of view at an organization level, a lot of vertical some coffee. briefly share. and Discussing about what is this business opportunity is? Okay so the presentation screen, I believe it is visible to all just if you can give a confirmation yes, Yes it's okay. Thank you great. So

before we get into your business opportunity. or background. is all aware about this fact that. water. important. important. entity or panic or. is it.

It's like. regular customers. this important aspect. of servicing. car cleaning and washing So would this locality? especially during summer months and even otherwise also water scarcity if normal scenario and so they tend to a normal expectation. is. But

unfortunately because of water scarcity and all these issues, he was finding it really difficult to manage and meet the customer expectations, especially when it comes to the cleaning part of it because completely water availability was getting badly badly hit so customer unclean. it started similarly impacting the customer's satisfaction. Also so. ongoing business related will be.

In order to that's when he accidentally came across some of his loans who stay in abroad and started discussing this concept. just the start. sharing that in overseas. What are the unique concepts, which prevails one of the concept also includes cleaning the vehicle without using water or without wasting water. So is. is the research. background. protection. related. to the subject matter

experts. or a product. or. or product. like almost those effects tried and tested. climatic conditions. all

vehicles or surfaces. Looking at the backdrop, why it is important that we should know. that water conservation is it's it's it's something which is very very crucial now, especially and it is going to be much more critical going ahead, so it is really high time for all of us to understand and start considering this fact that even if you see about next, not not far not too far, but only hardly just in the next few decades, there would be. Absolutely no fresh water, which would be left for humans to consume situation, is that bad for these photos and photographs what you are seeing these are not exaggerated. This is the reality. people who stay in in in rural areas they are facing the maximum heat of such kind of scenarios and situations. Well, let's look

into some of the facts, according to the report released by NI. there is hardly 4% of fresh water, which is available for consumption The remaining water reserves, which are there those are not portable and these are not good for consumption for any living being. sixty crow people undergo extreme water shortage worldwide. and needless to say 1.4. 1.4000000000. Being in

India this situation is grim and back in our country. This is the number of people who like people every year due to inadequate access to safe and hygienic water and by the year 2014 90% of the population will don't will not be having any fresh water to consume. So this is the kind of situation what we are dealing with now, let's let's try and understand and see some of the numbers also basic basic maths being put here now when we're talking about water, consumption and scarcity of water a water is important and scarcity resource.

consumption. most important. water consumption, which is made by living beings water consumption, which has been made into non living beings beings. Beautiful they have. consumption. living beings.

especially like places like construction and one of the most biggest contributor Abdul one of the most biggest contributor is actually should be considered as a criminal waste is using. non living. Like cleaning cars, cleaning vehicles. Corona on an average they also do. a car wash. Actually, if you see. or at least eighty to 90%, you can consider this is drinkable and portable water your car cleaning the waste.

problem. water scarcity. Okay. So let me also share a brief video, which will explain the same thing which I've shared with you right now. Stop

washing your car with water. Do you know, according to the report of a INDIA has only 4% of fresh water available on the globe sixty people in India undergo extreme water shortage two black people die every year due to inadequate access to safe drinking water by 2040. INDIA will have no fresh water. It's alarming situation. We need to act now on ways to conserve water. Do you know?

Car wash is the major cause of wasting water 150 to 200 liters of water is wasted on washing a single car. Now you could imagine the tremendous consumption of water on a car wash This is unbelievable. when saved this is enough water to quench thirst of every citizen in the country. Now the question arises. How can we

wash our car without water? The? Is simple Go WATERLESS Go WATERLESS is an eco friendly solution to clean your car without the use of water. There are no chemicals added It is completely a plant-based product and 100% environment friendly. Now you have an alternate to water. Let's go WATERLESS For more details, visit WWW.go WATERLESS.in Well, this is the brief about what I shared with you just now the backdrop and the need for having an alternative approach towards cleaning the vehicles using water and completely eliminating the rat of water, which otherwise would. Which

definitely otherwise can be used for consumption by any living being made plants, waters, animal or human beings primarily so saving water I would put that more than business. This is this is the cause which we want to which is very close to our heart. as as as a business as a partner representing the entire organization of this is something which we are urging and we are also working closely with the various government bodies to promote and sensitivity. For not wasting water in car cleaning and have alternative and innovative solutions so primarily this entire business model, I would say this is more of a disruptive innovation so as a part of disruptive innovation, what we have brought in is to completely. remove the usage

and consumption of water and alternatively without using water, have a vehicle cleaning solution, which would give far better results. because people. Don't know. corrosion Related. problem Rust Related problem regularly use every day protection Contribute to the society by becoming a franchise partner wherein over a period of time, you can proudly say that through your franchise. to your customer base through your community, which you are able to cater to how much water you are able to save in that in that specific locality and also at the same time provide a far more better and professional experience to your customer. as the car cleaning.

90%. Right so today, which is been completely handled by the local guy, mostly as I said that 90% and unorganized market so the local local who would carry a bucket of water WASH. what kind of health hazards it can create and it is. Hygienic

and unprofessional way of doing just because customer wants to say a few hundred rupees we are we are talking about being priced competitive, also from a customer point of view and also at the same time, give a very high level of professional and hygienic service to the customer. So let's try and understand that what exactly is let's go into the next step and understand this this detail about this entire model. so when we are talking about waterless car wash what exactly is happening. So this is an eco

friendly and efficient method that actually uses no water at all. so we have our own unique solution, which is developed it is it is a liquid based solution It uses high level of stupidity spray, so that means a spray which is there it is highly lubricated. And it also kind of creates a polish and surface protection in there and in the entire process of application is the solution. it

is you can see that it's a mix of. which can which can be like a cleaning agent also as a protection and and and kind of glossy agent. So all these the formulation, which is the which is our trademark formulation, which is there it actually encapsulates the dirt and dust particles. Right and it kind of creates a protective layer on the painter's surface or any surface for that matter wearable so the beauty of the solution is that it is very versatile. You can use it for

cleaning the the outer surface of the vehicle, the painted surface the inner surface whether it is door panels or seats or dashboards the the steering everything all of these the the floor of the the the floor mats the same solution is good enough for cleaning the entire vehicle inside out completely right. So you simply have to spray on the surface of of the vehicle and use the microfiber cloth to just wipe it off a while in this process happens it also the microfiber cloth ensures that all the dust particles are absorbed in that so that it does not also leave any potential to create scratches on the surface of the vehicle so potentially just the. a painter. The painter surface of the vehicle. so there are not many

advantages when we are talking about using our approach for car cleaning also, Interestingly our product is completely plant based so there are no harmful chemicals that we use. it's the eco friendly and organic product and we use nanotechnology in this entire process of making the product also so it prevents crutches and it also leaves a protective layer on the car's painted surface. So basically, this is this is our product. This is a solution which would be provided exclusively to the franchisees. Let me clarify

this product is not not at all available for retail sale anywhere India or outside INDIA. So this is a product that we have developed with our own RND and the access to this product is only available to our exclusive franchises who are there so the sale features of the of the important aspects characteristics of our product is mentioned here Saves water. There are no. It is 100% eco friendly. It's helps in saving

the environment by conserving water. It saves the car's body from rust Scratches and UV rays. Also it prevents the car shine makes your car really look spotless and save the effort and time. Also how because typically, if you see in a car wash what happens there are multiple levels of process, which is followed. So basically all in all we are talking about becoming. Channel

partner or a franchisee partner of the number one waterless car wash BRAND in India. now let me also unveil some of the other important and very interesting aspects. So when we're talking about this franchise opportunity here to the opportunity here yet actually sort of go WATERLESS car cleaning services. we are actually bringing up a lot more additional new verticals within the bigger umbrella of the WATERLESS, hence the first. The first preference would be given to all our existing franchises or who is speaking of the franchises. In fact, it is a

tenfold. It is a ten in one business opportunity. the verticals in in in the form of services, which is being given by our existing franchises are already there in the form of WATERLESS car cleaning Go WATERLESS car detailing services and go sanitation. I will explain what those sanitation is in today's situation. What since last one one and a half years? What? World is going through sanitation is something you just become the need of the hour. Okay. Besides this we are also in the process of launching multiple additional verticals so seven additional verticals, which are there in the pipeline, which are in the process of getting launched soon, which would include go car insurance, go accidental Repair services go on road assistance. Go Pack drinking

water Pest Control services home cleaning services and water tank cleaning services Also. Basically, what we are talking about one single FRANCHISE he would be having access to ten different streams of income you cannot imagine how massive it can become what I am explaining to you right now is only one but the most important and biggest the starting point of it, which is the go WATERLESS car cleaning services the offshoot of that are the additional allied services that means. a customer service. customer on board. so

we are kind of. A one stop solution for that customer for anything and everything around the vehicle. Can you imagine the customer did not go anywhere? insurance or accidental repair or on assistance? or or? sanitation? services to all of these things is something which we are bringing in at the disposal for the customer. So once you have created a customer base, you can retain the customer for a lifetime by providing all of these. so as I mentioned GO is something which we have already done run in some part of the country in on the northern side and the response has been phenomenal. And this is a game something because so that means one franchisee who would be on board with us would be having access to all of these business options. Are talking

specifically about the the go WATERLESS car cleaning services so so three format is what I've explained, basically when we talk about the service you provided to customer it can a customer can opt for either one time service or a monthly subscription from a customer point of view so customer. a monthly subscription. Netflix. subscription.

All the all the city, so we give that flexibility to franchisee also to decide the price points so basically when it comes to servicing, which is to provide cleaning services to customer includes outer WASH a customer can only for out WASH or a customer can opt for outer plus inner inner WASH That means outer vehicle plus interior cleaning exterior interior. So what are the things which gets covered here as a part of exterior interior cleaning is listed down here and the third aspect is micro detailing so typically when it comes to detailing or detailing also is car detailing also is a very promising. And a budding business model if you would see a special one tier one C. there

are many customers who own premium cars now when I'm saying premium cars, these are like thirty likes and about. price point categories for the vehicles like all the German cars and and super cars also so typically these customers are very very fussy when it comes to maintaining the car in the right way and they are also not stingy when it comes to getting the right kind of treatment and services so detailing Casa ask a situation. Would be an expense for the customer now what we are differentiating here is that the detailing simulator services the customer. is giving this detailing services a doer for the customer. Okay so detailing

again, I'm not getting into the technicalities of detailing it is one step much more deeper cleaning and polishing and surface protection when it comes to that and various other. PPF for another higher level categories of surface production applications, which happens now detailing starting from a few thousands. It can go up to a few las also so what I'm trying to say is that this is also a very highly profitable vertical now how Hama differentiated we are giving it a door for the customer today there is nobody who provides detailing service and INDIA doorsteps is doing that right and also add a half the price of what customer will be paying after going to a detailing center right so. This is another offering which we do. Besides this, we also provide CAR sanitation services right as I explained that sanitation is the need of the hour the sanitation process. what we use, we have our specific solution as well as the equipment that we use for providing the car sanitation and when I'm talking about sanitization it is not only about vehicle. We also do

something which is called a commercial sanitation now, especially in the wake of the COVID scenario. There are many situations situation. This is sanitation.

A quick short video on the sanitation also. So this is go WATERLESS sanitation also right so the main differentiator the main business differentiator for us is that we are providing all of the world-class services for all the customer at doorstep so customer can relax while we work on all the important needs of the customer, especially when it comes to taking care of the vehicle completely and also additionally, providing the best sanitation of other cleaning services. Just a few glimpse of the the results of our work, what we are doing in terms of cleaning the vehicle, some of the basic cleaning of the the normal vehicles, as well as we are also catering to a lot of premium customers, which includes acres like Macy's SLK Roadster, which includes Mini Cooper, which includes BMW seven series and top of the line. We have even vehicles like Lamborghinis. So

what. This implies this implies the confidence what the customer has on the kind of product and service, which go WATERLESS can provide. the customer. GO carro Kiki. a vehicle like Lamborghini. when it comes to the price of the vehicle when a customer can trust us. So this means that our services and our product it talks for itself you see the kind of. finish, which is which

has been created by our product. The image of. Lamborghini on the left and on the right similarly, the the the look and feel on the vehicle tires also when we use our special tire cleaning applicator. Now coming to the Franchisee Park once a person or entity gets on board as a franchisee war on support as a company, which we provide depending upon the kind of franchise model, which is adopted or picked up by the inclusion we have to get started and get established in terms of providing support on branding creating awareness amongst the customer providing marketing advertising and promotion. related support products. All the consumables, which is required for the service kit and the cleaning related activities.

professional training to all the training staff, which is very very important right, a professional approach towards right from the attire. How to how to look how to represent how to talk how to carry out the entire cleaning and services we have our own front and and sales team who would help in creating the leads all the A promotion related material the lead generation process. We have our own dedicated mobile apps, no mobile apps for customers mobile apps. FRANCHISE we have explosively being made and we are announcing and for bringing the newer versions of that our own billing software as well as CRM software are also. being put in place So all of these things is something we should come from the company side as far as giving the necessary support for a franchisee to get started from day one and start generating leads as well as generating income right from day one. So I've already

briefed you about how it got started. He is Nathan Sharma, the the founder of Go WATERLESS. He's the he's the mastermind behind this entire concept of WATERLESS and we are just we are just got started and we have a lot of milestones still to get covered and achieve. The Office of

WATERLESS is there in Mumbai and the the bigger umbrella is under which the WATERLESS BRAND is registered. It is called as a revolution. We are also there in media very strongly. We are present so various. daily newspapers as

well as radio channels they have already done fairly decent coverage for us. So that's a brief about the concept. Let me also quickly run you through what are the franchisee options? So basically there are. Three FRANCHISE formats, which we have first one, we call it as 44144 stands for FRANCHISE owned operated, which is for the tier three cities so tier three cities typically maximum eight to seven to eight like maximum populations on the upper side so here at the franchising fees plus 18% GST, now what gets included here? Okay so cleaning materials service kit, which will be built as a requirement Initially there would be a starter kit, which would be provided that would be an agreement. The franchise agreement, which the usual would go through with water, is that the validity for that is 10 years after that it gets renewed. The good part is that

the revenue sharing is zero. That means 100% revenue as well as the profits stays with the franchisee that needs to be shared. Similarly, there is zero royalty, which is applicable on an ongoing basis. There is no royalty, which is required to be paid to the to the company in the initial starter kit. What you'll get. hundred liters of WATERLESS solution to 10 thousand pamphlets visiting cards two stands one sign board twenty-five. Flex Right and 1 month access to the digital marketing, what we would provide through Facebook through Instagram, Twitter or any other platforms where we would make your presence felt and help bring in the the leads using digital marketing based approach for you mobile applications Billing software CRM and training. All these

things is something that you'll get free of course. Also we'll be giving you a sanitation kit, which will include the the Fogging machine as well as sanitation. spraying liquids and and other. Stuff right, so this is about the 4441 this is for tier three cities Similarly, there is 442 that is FRANCHISE you operated, which is four tier two cities right here The The ticket sides of the price point is four plus GST right or similarly here.

Also the the basics remains the same right now when I'm talking about the two cities typically, this is it it lacks plus population for two CDs now here. You would see more or less most of the things remain the same here you would get five service kits. You will also get two standards and one canoe where you can run your own campaigns in in in societies right, you will have access to a 2 month of digital marketing support, which would be provided from the company right but privately the the basics may seem important. about the zero revenue sharing and zero loyalty. a tier two

cities would give you much more bigger access to the the potential customer. The we can be far more better, bigger and deeper as well. The third one is the vocal model that is what tier one C. okay now. Basically

this is a revenue sharing model. There is slight difference between four and four here. Also the agreement is 10 years, but however, the revenue sharing here is 6040. That means 60% total revenue, which has been made will retain will be retained by franchising and 40% to be shared with the company on an ongoing basis, There is no royalty. However,

it is applicable here. What is different is that everything cleaning material marketing Related Support service training advertising Everything else comes free of cost the franchise. The lifetime did not pay for anything besides the initial start up cost, but how about an ongoing basis 40%? happens with the company the other things more or less with respect to access or billing software CRM advertising social media. apps. all those things remains more or less the same okay so broadly. as of now we are having these three options when it comes to. adopting the

franchisee or going for or picking up the pen depending upon the size of the city. So in brief this is what is the opportunity at at the first level, which I had to share with you If there are any questions you can bring in and I would be more than happy

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