Watch Live: Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke face off in first debate

Watch Live: Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke face off in first debate

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Re-election this, is volatile, I think, our best days are ahead. I want Texas, to lead this country and, getting back on the right track, together, we, will keep Texas, bright. Tonight. Senator, Ted Cruz and Congressman, Beto O'Rourke faced off in their first high stakes debate and in the past year and a half we've, been delivering, real. Results, there, are places that have been written off there are people who have been taken for granted from. Nbc5 the, Dallas Morning News and SMU. Live. From the SMU campus in, Dallas. The. First Texas, Senate debate I'm Julie fine from NBC, 5 along with gromer Jeffers from, the Dallas Morning News here, are the rules for tonight's, 60, minute debate once. A question is asked, the candidate, will have 90 seconds. To answer his. Opponent, will have 60, seconds for a response, and then, the candidate, will have another 30 seconds, for rebuttal we've asked the audience not, to applaud or react, during, the debate that is except, for now as we welcome the candidates. Republican. Incumbent Ted, Cruz. Representative. At all. And. With that gentlemen let's begin, congressman, don't work you drew the first question, so we're going to start with you because you drew the first question, you said last week representative, that you want citizenship. For dreamers today, and yet others who have applied to come to America, continue, to wait senator. Cruz has said he doesn't support a path to citizenship, for dreamers which means they could be sent back to a country they've. Never known who's. Right representative. First. Of all let me say thank you to NBC. 5 to, the Dallas Morning News to. SMU, and the people of Dallas for having us here at this debate tonight let, me thank senator Ted Cruz for, participating. In this I'm looking forward to the discussion, my, wife Amy and I were. In Booker Texas we've traveled to each one of the 254. Counties one, of the the reddest communities, in the state and we were surprised as we were going door-to-door to. Hear that the number one concern from people in that community was. The fate of dreamers there are nearly 200,000. In the, state of Texas, and the salutatorian from, Booker high school had just been deported back to his, country of origin and everyone there was, concerned, about his welfare but they're also concerned about the fact that he'd just been sent back to a country whose, language he didn't speak where he no longer had family. Connections where. If he was successful against those long odds he'd be successful, there for, that place and not here for, Texas there, is no, better people, than those, of us here in the state Republicans. And Democrats, independents, alike, the, defining border experienced. The defining immigrant experience and state to, rewrite, our immigration, laws in our, own image and to ensure that we begin by freeing, dreamers, from, the fear of deportation by. Making them US citizens, so they can contribute to their full potential, to the success not just of themselves, and their, families, but to this country the economists who've studied it have said that we will lose hundreds, of billions of dollars to the negative if we deport them we, will gain hundreds, of billions to the positive if we keep them here senator. Cruz has promised, to deport, each and every single dreamer that cannot be the way the Texas leads on this important issue senator. Cruz, well. Good evening and welcome you. Know this issue presents. A stark divide between, congressman O'Rourke, and me my, views on immigration are, simple and and I've summed them up many times in just four words, legal. Good. Illegal. Bad I think. The vast majority of Texans agree with that I think when it comes to immigration we, need to do everything humanly. Possible to secure the border that means building, a wall that, means technology. That means infrastructure. That means boots on the ground and we. Can do all of that at the same time, that, we are welcoming. And celebrating. Legal. Immigrants, there is a right way to come into this country you wait in line you, follow, the rules like my father did in 1957. When he came from Cuba he fled oppression, and he came to Texas he came seeking, freedom we, are a state and we're a nation, built by immigrants, but it's striking, that that, congressman, O'Rourke over and over and over again his focus seems to be on fighting, for illegal, immigrants, and forgetting, the millions, of Americans, you know Americans, are dreamers also, and granting.

US Citizenship. To, 12 million people who are here illegally I, think is a serious. Mistake I think congressman O'Rourke, is out of step with Texas on that representative, I'll. Tell you about being out of step with Texas, senator, Cruz has sponsored. Legislation that, would have this country build a 2,000. Mile wall 30, feet high at a cost of 30 billion dollars and that wall will not be built on the international, border between, the United States and Mexico which is a centerline of the Rio Grande it'll, be built on someone's farm someone's, ranch someone's, property someone's. Homestead, using the power of eminent domain to take their property at a time of record security. And safety on the border Senator, John Cornyn and I introduced. Legislation that. Would invest in our ports of entry with a vast majority of everyone and everything that, comes into this country first crosses knowing, who and what come in here makes us safer, it allows us to lead on the issues of immigration reform representative. Quick follow-up for you you've addressed the dreamers do you think anyone, who is undocumented, living, here should, have a path to citizenship. There. Are millions of people in this country who are working the, toughest jobs and we were in roscoe at a cotton gin with 24 jobs, every single one of them worked by someone who came to this country not, a person born in Roscoe, or nearby Sweetwater, willing. To do that work that's the story of Texas, and of this country we need to bring people out of the shadows allow them to get right by law and yes, there should be an earned path, to citizenship. The alternative, as senator, Cruz has proposed, is to deport, 11, million, people from. This country imagine, the cost, imagine, the stain on our conscience going forward for the generations, who look back at this moment representative. That's your time thank you. Senator. Cruz, this question is to you this. Month in Dallas, officer amber, Geiger shot, Ultem, John a black man in his own apartment why. Did you call, representative. Orc, and others not to jump to conclusions in, this, case when, the Texas Rangers, and the Dallas County District, Attorney says, she committed manslaughter. What. Happened to mr. John was horrific nobody. Should be in their own home and be shot and killed in their own home, it, was tragic now. The officer, as I understand, it has contended, that it was a tragic, mistake it was a case where she thought she, was in her own apartment she thought he was an intruder right. Now today I don't. Know what happened that evening congressman, O'Rourke doesn't know what happened that evening but. He immediately called, for firing the officer, that's. A mistake look we had a criminal justice system a criminal, justice system that will determine what happened that night if she violated, the law if she did that intentionally she'll, face the consequences, but, without knowing the facts before a trial before, a jury's, heard the evidence congressman. O'Rourke is ready. To, convict, her ready, to fire her and I'll. Tell you it's it's a troubling, pattern over. And over again congressman, O'Rourke, when faced with an issue about police and law enforcement he, sides against, the police so. In the United States Congress he voted against, allowing, funds, to go to body armor for sheriff's, when. It comes to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He has said he's open to abolishing, that law enforcement agency and just. This week.

Congressman. O'Rourke, described. Law, enforcement, described police officers, as. Modern-day. Jim. Crow. Let, me say something I have. Gotten to know police officers all across this state that is offensive. Just, today Fort, Worth is burying. Officer, Garrett Hall with his wife Sabrina and two kids who was shot in the head risking, his life here, today. Officer. Brian Graham, and Arlington SWAT officer who was shot in the head, he. Is here in every day police officers, risked their lives for us officer. Graham is standing, there his two kids he took a bullet in the head protecting. Us and let, me say right now I think it is offensive, to call police, officers, modern-day. Jim Crow that, is not Texas. Please. Please audience please no, applause. What. Senator Cruz said is simply, untrue, I did not call police officers, modern-day. Jim Crow and I. As, well as senator Cruz and everyone here mourn, the passing of, officer Hall in Fort. Worth my uncle, Raymond was a sheriff's deputy you know pass in fact he was the captain of the El Paso County. Jail he's the one who taught me to shoot and the, responsibility. And accountability that. Comes with owning, a gun but he also taught me what, it means to serve everyone. To be sworn to protect and, serve everyone in a community not just some, people with. The tragic, shooting, death of, both. I'm John you. Have another, unarmed, black man killed. In this country by, law enforcement now no member of law enforcement wants that to happen no member, of this community wants that to happen but we've got to do something better than what we've been doing so far if African Americans represent. 13%. Of the, population in, this country that they represent, one third of those who are shot by law enforcement we have something wrong if we have the largest prison population on, the, face of the planet and it is disproportionately comprised. Of people, of color we have something, wrong in this country Republicans, and Democrats should be able to work together with law enforcement and members, of the community for, real lasting, meaningful, criminal. Justice reform and that's your time a quick, follow-up to you senator Cruz do, you agree that police violence, against unarmed Africa, Americans, is a problem, and if so how would you fix it I believe. Everyone's rights should be protected, regardless of, your race regardless of your ethnicity but. I'll tell you something, I've. Been to too many, police. Funerals, I, was. Here in Dallas when five police officers were gunned down. Because. Of irresponsible and, hateful rhetoric I, was. At the funeral in Houston at Second Baptist Church, where deputy Goforth had been shot in the back of the head at a service station, because. Of irresponsible, and hateful rhetoric just now congressman O'Rourke, repeated, things he knows aren't true he stated for example, white police officers, are shooting unarmed. African American children The Washington Post fact-checked. That claim and conclude. Congressman, O'Rourke was wrong but, I'll tell you something that, rhetoric does damage that, rhetoric divides, us on race it inflames hatred, we should be bringing people together instead, of suggesting the police are risking, their lives to protect all of us to protect African Americans to protect Hispanics, and turning. People against the police Senate I think is profound, Lee there is why, people don't like Washington, DC you just said something that I did not say what did you not read it to me, what.

If You're not I'm not gonna I'm not gonna repeat I'm not, going to repeat the. Station. Know this this is your trick in the trade to. Confuse, and to incite based on fear and not, to speak the truth this is a very serious issue and it warrants the truth in the FAL right representative. O'Rourke this, question is for you it's about the, national anthem, protests. Polls. Show that most Americans don't, think that. NFL players should be nearly during. The national anthem even. If they believe that they have the right to to, do so. But. You have said there's nothing more American than protesting. For your rights what, do you say to people who claim that you're out of step with most Texans on this issue I, mentioned. Just a minute ago members of law enforcement are, not sworn to serve and to protect only some people they're sworn to protect and, serve everyone. In a given community those. Service, members who put their lives on the line who are serving tonight in Afghanistan, and Iraq in Syria, they, swear not to a man, to a group of people in this country but, they swore to support and, to defend the Constitution, of the United States of America the Constitution, for, all of us the, civil rights marchers, who took their lives into their hands crossing, the Edmund Pettus Bridge in, Selma, Alabama some. Beaten to within an inch of their, lives those. Who lost their lives in the deep south to the racism, of America. At the time those, Freedom Riders who had the audacity to take Greyhound, buses in the deep south using, the bathrooms, or the water fountains, of their choice knowing, full well that it would in them it would it would end up in the, Mississippi, State Penitentiary, parchment, as it did for, John Lewis they marched not just for themselves but for everyone, and when, now we have injustice, in this, country two sets of criminal, justice systems, depending, on your, race your ethnicity and, your, color that prison population, that I talked about that, is disproportionately. Comprised of people, of color too many unarmed. African-american, men, losing, their lives in this country to peacefully. Protests. That injustice. Non-violently. And to call attention to that to prick the conscience, of this, country so that those in positions, of public trust and power, will finally, do something standing. Up not just for your rights but everyone's, rights in this country there's nothing more American than that that's your time congressman.

I'm. Gonna have to ask again for the audience, to please please, refrain, from. Reacting. And applause okay we need to get through a lot of questions here. Senator. Cruz you know congressman O'Rourke gave a long soliloquy, on the civil rights movement, and I'll tell you one of the reasons that I'm a Republican is, because, civil, rights legislation. Was, passed with the overwhelming. Support of Republicans, and indeed the. Dixiecrats. Who were imposing, Jim. Crow the Dixiecrats, who were beating those protesters, were Democrats, and that's. One of the reasons I'm proud, to, be a member, of the party of Lincoln a member that stands for equal, rights for everyone regardless of, what race what ethnicity every. Human being is a creation. Of God that, our Constitution. Protects but. Nowhere, in, his answer did. He address the fact that when. You have people during the national anthem taking, a knee, refusing, to stand for the national anthem that you're disrespecting. The, millions, of veterans the millions, of soldiers, and sailors and airmen and Marines that risk, and fight and die to protect that flag and to protect our Liberty to be clear everyone. Has a right to protest you have a right to speak but. You could speak in a way that, doesn't disrespect. The flag that doesn't respect, the national anthem and I'll, tell you those civil rights protesters, would be astonished. If the protests, were manifesting. And burning the flag dr.. King that's not something, dr. King stood for he stood for justice, without disrespecting. The men and women who fight for this. You. Heard senator Cruz's answer, first of all he again tried to mislead, you by taking a peaceful protest during. The national anthem to burning a flag no one here myself, included has suggested, that anyone should be doing that he also grounded his answer in partisanship. Talking about the GOP, being, better than the Democrats listen, I could care less about either. Party, at this moment at this deeply divided highly. Polarized time, in our history this, moment, calls for all of us regardless of party or any other difference of race or sexual. Orientation how, many generations you've been here or whether you've just got here yesterday we, need to come together for, this country that we love so much and. We're, moving on here the next question for senator Cruz details. Are still being worked out but dr. Christine, Blasi Ford may testify about her allegations, of attempted sexual assault against, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is there anything you could hear from her that could make you change your vote well, absolutely, and, listen I very much hope dr. Ford comes next week and testifies, before the Judiciary, Committee I publicly. Called for her to be given an opportunity to testify I urge my colleagues, the, allegation, she's raised are serious and they deserve, to be treated with respect and, I, hope that she comes and has a full opportunity, to pretend, a. Way that is respectful but I also think judge Kavanagh deserves a full opportunity to defend himself and to let the American people listen, and come, to an assessment of what happened, we don't know right now but we need to give them a full hearing I will. Say though more broadly than this this. Issue whether it is Judge Cavanaugh whether it is Neil Gorsuch, whether it is other Supreme Court nominee, these reflects. One of the many massive, divides on, policy. And substance, and record between me and congressman O'Rourke, congressman. O'Rourke doesn't want judge Kavanaugh confirmed he said that before, these allegations, he said that after these allegations, he didn't want the ill Gorsuch confirmed, congressman. O'Rourke agrees with Hillary Clinton he. Wants liberal, judicial activists, on the court who. Will impose their, particular policy, view I have. Devoted virtually, my entire life to defending, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights I think one of the major issues the, American people had before, us in 2016. Was what vision of the court do you want and I believe Texans, want, constitutionalist. On the Supreme Court who.

Will Defend the First Amendment, will defend free speech it will defend religious, liberty religious, liberty one of the fundamental, liberties that's been under assault who. Will defend the Second Amendment and I would note the justices, that Congressman O'Rourke would insist upon like Hillary Clinton our justices. That would undermine, and effectively, write the Second Amendment out of the Constitution those are radical, views and they're not views consistent, with the overwhelming majority of Texans thank you senator that's your time representative, the. Senator has a a troubling, history of the kinds of nominees that he supported, someone like Jeff, metier to, the federal bench someone who believes in. Conversion. Therapy who's described, transgender. Children as part of Satan's plan people, like Andrew Oldham who could not say whether the landmark, school. Integration. 1954. Brown versus the Board of Education was. Correctly decided, people. Like Brent Talley who has never tried a case before. Dr.. Ford's. Allegations. Should be investigated, by the FBI .. There's, precedent for that that's the right thing to do given the gravity of the, accusations, but, the senator is right in this regard judge. Kavanagh does not meet the bar for Texas to serve on the Supreme Court in a state that is now 50th, in voter, turnout. Judge. Kavanaugh has a troubling, history on voter, rights protections, in a, state that is the epicenter, for the maternal mortality crisis, three times as deadly for African American women judge. Cavanaugh has a troubling, history in agreeing. That Roe vs. Wade is the decided, law of the, land and in. A state where you can be fired for being gay his. Support, for civil rights is in question we need a Supreme, Court justice who, will decide in favor of, people, and for, their rights that have been established by precedents, and under the Constitution and in Brent Cavanaugh we do not have that just about, your time with senator Cruz you know. It was striking he didn't dispute that, he supports, liberal activists, who, would impose the policy, he wants it's. Not a judge's job to him to impose policy, and he also didn't dispute that he wants justices, that, would undermine the Second Amendment we, talked for a moment about the case Heller versus District of Columbia it's a landmark, case that, upheld the individual, right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment I represented, Texas and 30, other states winning, a landmark, 5-4, victory upholding, your right to keep and bear arms. Congressman. O'Rourke like Hillary Clinton wants justices, who would overturn, that and let me tell you the position of the dissenters the, dissenters, and Heller said that no individual, no, American, whatsoever, has any right, to keep and bear arms whatsoever. That's a radical, position it's an extreme, position and that's what congressman O'Rourke wants to see the Supreme, Court doing writing, the Second Amendment out of the Bill of that's not true.

And. We are moving on here. I. Support, the Second Amendment. In. What way in what respect. And name one judge you've ever supported, who would actually you. May not, understand how the house and the Senate work but it's your job in the Senate to decide if you're going to support or, not support a given dollar sorry Clinton not not not endorse, Hillary Clinton that has nothing to do it does because Hillary promised. She. Would appoint, I. Fully support the second time gentlemen let's, move on here this question goes to representative, our work representative. You believe in universal, background checks, and an assault weapons ban in a very gun friendly, state a poll, from Quinnipiac University, shows. That about half of Texans, do support, stronger, gun laws well, forty five percent do, oppose, them is Texas. Ready for a senator, who, wants to rollback gun rights, like. Texas, is ready for a senator, who will defend. The Second Amendment but also ensure, that we can protect, the lives within. Our lives. Both, senator and Cruz senator, cruz and i were able, to visit with students. Who survived the shooting at santa fe high school to meet with some of those parents. There and. Students. Like bree who, argued, that we should have universal, background checks, because, it makes our communities, and our states demonstrably. Safer we know that from those states that have adopted them that, have seen a near 50%, reduction, in serious. Gun violence fewer gun, crimes committed against law enforcement fewer, boyfriends, killed by their girlfriends, girlfriends, killed by their boyfriends and it, is supported, by most, people in texas gun owners non-gun. Owners alike, republicans. And democrats and. Listening. To those who've served this country put their life on a line like the Vietnam veteran that, I met in Wichita. Falls, who said shortly, after the Parkland, shooting. Massacre there, in that school that that, young man was better armed, in that school against defenseless children, then. He was in the jungles of Vietnam when. I listened to the emergency room doctors who tell me that a handgun wound if. It is treated in time if it doesn't hit a major artery, or your heart will be able to save your life but. A weapon designed for the express purpose of killing people as, effectively. As efficiently, and as great a number as possible. The high impact high velocity, round from, an ar-15, will blow a hole the size of an orange out your back you will bleed to death before anyone, can get to and that's exactly what it was designed to do weapons, of war belong, on the battlefields, not in our schools or our churches our concerts, or our public life senator. You. Know all. Of us have been horrified, as we've seen these school shootings. Santa. Fe High School is about a half hour from my house I, was. Home that morning at 7:30 in the morning when the shooting happened I jumped in a truck and headed down there I spent. The entire time, at Santa Fe high school that entire day with students with teachers with, first responders with, parents. It. Is horrific and let me say is the father of two daughters there, is something deeply wrong that. We have these shootings there are a lot of things behind it that have nothing to do with government they have things to do with, with, things like removing God from the public square, like. Losing, the moral foundation, of, much. Of our society. Like losing the bat the binds of community. And family, but. I'll tell you that afternoon government, governor Abbott and I were in a hospital visiting with a young man who was shot there were probably a dozen other students, in that room and we asked, we said what's the answer to this and we just kept our mouth shut and listened, every. One of those dozen Santa Fe students, who had just been in that shooting they said almost word for word they said gun, controls not the answer they, said you know what if you take our guns you're not gonna make us any safer you're.

Just Gonna mean that the killers and murderers have, guns we asked but what do you do then that the number one answer I heard from the students and parents and teachers at Santa Fe is more, armed, police officers, in schools to, keep our kids safe we can make our schools safer by, having, officers, protect the senator that's your time representative. We. Had a town hall meeting in, Graham Texas, where, I met a an educator, named Holly she's been teaching for 29. Years so she understands, what goes on in schools and in the classroom, she's, also the adviser, to, the clay target, team she's probably the best marksman in that, community maybe of anyone here at this auditorium today and she. Said from her experience, in the classroom from her experience as a marksman bringing, a firearm, into, that classroom is not going to make those, children, safer listening to Rhonda Hart who, lost her daughter Kimberly, in the Santa Fe shooting she tells me bringing, weapons into those classrooms would not have saved her, daughter's life it will not make us safer thoughts and prayers senator Cruz are just not going to cut it any more the people of Texas the children of Texas deserve, action. Hold. On a second let me be very clear, more, aren't police officers, in our schools is not thoughts, and prayers I'm sorry that you don't like thoughts and prayers I will pray for anyone, in harm's way but. I'll also do something about it and my very first year in the Senate I led the way introducing, legislation that. Would have provided 300, million dollars in additional funding for school safety to, harden our schools to put metal detectors, to have more police officers and, unfortunately. Your, party, in the Senate the Democratic, Party filibustered. That legislation, because, they're only focused, politically, was trying to undermine the second Amendment rights of law-abiding. This. Question is for you senator Cruz the, last time you stood for election. Was in, sixteen you were the runner-up. In the Republican, primary for president, ran, against president, there, in New York businessman, Donald, Trump, Donald. Trump as you remembered, of July and Ted he. He, took swipes at your wife and father you. In turn called him a pathological. Liar and quite frankly there, are so many insults, between the two of you it, would take the rest of his shoulder, to go through them all but. Now now that he's president you. You, guys have become friendly, to the point where you praise them in Time magazine, how. Do you respond, to critics who say that as it relates to President, Trump you've lost your dignity. Well. There, is no doubt 2016. Was an election unlike, any others and there, were some hard shots thrown, I'll tell you my. Dad who's here tonight anyone, who knows me knows my father has been my hero every day of my life and Heidi.

And My daughters who were here as well anyone, who knows me knows heidi is my best friend in the world I think she is the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet I am blessed, from God to be married to Heidi Cruz. Now. After. The election in 2016 I faced. A choice. Donald. Trump had been elected president and, we had an opportunity an opportunity, to do something extraordinary I made. A conscious choice to. Do the job I've been elected to do which is to represent 28. Million Texans I've got a responsibility. Which is to fight for every person here and every person in this state and, so. I have worked hand in hand with the President on, substance. And we have delivered remarkable. Victories the biggest tax cut of a generation, we've seen four million new jobs created since Trump was elected and we and we cut taxes and cut regulations we're, seeing record low unemployment, Texans. Lives are better so yes I could, have chosen to. Make it about myself to be selfish and say you know what my feelings are hurt so, I'm gonna take my marbles and go home but I think that would have been not, doing the job I was elected to and every. Single day in the Senate has been my job to fight for, jobs jobs, jobs, and to fight for 28, million Texans, I've done that and if, the people of Texas reelect, me I will continue to fight each and every day for jobs and economic. For text a short-time. Representative. Or war. Farmers. And ranchers that I meet all across the state as I visit each one of the 254. Counties of Texas wonder, where their junior senator is as this president interest trade Wars and, imposes, tariffs that are going to hurt no state more than Texas, average, citizens from both, parties and independents. Alike wonder, where our junior senator is when. You have a president who may or may not have tried to collude with Russia in 2016, but to quote the conservative, columnist George Will on that stage in Helsinki, as he defended Vladimir. Putin instead of the United States of America that was collusion in action, listen, if the. President attacks, you personally, your, wife your, father how, you respond, is your business, but when the president attacks, our institutions, this country allows a foreign, power to, invade our democracy, that is our business we need a u.s. senator who will stand up to this president where we must work with him where we can but, ensure that 242.

Years Into, this audacious experiment. That we are still a nation of laws and not one of men. So. Let me say two things number one congressman O'Rourke, and invoked, farmers, and ranchers I'll tell you I'm incredibly, privileged to have the support of farmers and ranchers across the state indeed the Texas Farm Bureau has endorsed, my reelection, because I've been fighting for farmers and ranchers for six straight years and on, policy, congressman O'Rourke's position, are dramatically. Out of touch with farmers and ranchers he, supports, President, Obama's, waters, of the United States rule he's voted in favor but multiple, times, puts massive, burdens on farmers and ranchers he's, voted, in favor of the death tax keeping, it broad sucking. Farmers, and ranchers and small businesses, into it that's not good for farmers, and ranchers but but. You know where his question ended it ended on an attack on Donald Trump and the modern Democratic, Party is just consumed, with, hatred for, Donald Trump that's why congressman, O'Rourke is the only Democratic. Senate nominee in the country, to explicitly, commit, to voting, to impeach, President. Trump that is a street child that doesn't reflect us. Satire. Representative. O'Rourke you. Were you ever dressed your, 1998. DWI. Arrest numerous, times during your public career but not this question, as, the Houston Chronicle pointed, out recently a witness, said in that, accident that, you tried to lead the scene of the accident. Did. You and Cher voters be concerned about this incident yeah I I. Did not try to leave the scene of the accident though, driving. Drunk which, I did is a, terrible, mistake for which there is no excuse, or justification, or, defense, and I will not try to provide. One I can, only tell you that I was able to have a second, chance in my, life was able to start a small business with good friends in El Paso was able to meet a me on blind, date before tinder, raised. Three amazing kids with her Ulysses, Molly and Henry. Serve my community on the El Paso City, Council and represent. 750,000, people from my community in the United States Congress I've made the most that I could with, my second, chance in my opportunity, what I do, know is that. As a, white man in this country there's a privilege, that I enjoy that, many African, American men and women do. Not they. Do not have that second, chance they're forced to check that box on an employment application form, that makes it harder for them to get a job they're, ineligible for the Pell grants that would allow them to attend, SMU. Or TCU, or any institution in this, area and their, choices are, narrowed their options, are constrained. In their lives everyone, deserves. A second chance and if my, experience, can. Contribute to an understanding, that allows me to work with Republicans and Democrats alike. On real, and meaningful. Criminal. Justice reform to ensure that everyone, is able to live to, their full potential and no one's mistake, defines. Them for the rest of their lives and, that will be something good something good in in, whatever meaningful, way it is that, has come out of that, terrible decision on my part. Senator. You, know I don't intend to get into congressman O'Rourke's personal, history but, I will keep the focus on issues and substance and record and I say as a member of Congress he introduced legislation that. Would make it easier, for those, with drug convictions, to get driver's licenses I, think. That that that's a real mistake and it's part of a pattern there's, a consistent, pattern when it comes to drug use that in almost every single, instance congressman, O'Rourke supports. More of it so when he was on the El Paso City Council he's one of the leading advocates in the country for legalizing, marijuana he wrote a book about that now, legalizing.

Marijuana Is actually a question on which I think reasonable, Minds can differ I'm I've always had a libertarian, bent, myself I think it ought to be up to the states I think Colorado can decide one way I think Texas can decide another but. I'll tell you congressman O'Rourke didn't stop with marijuana he, introduced, sand he advocated, for a resolution. In the El Paso City Council, calling for a national debate on legalizing. All narcotics. That includes heroin, and fentanyl and cocaine and let me say that is not I believe a reasonable. Issue on which people can disagree and I suspect, congressman Rucker say was just calling for a debate on it well we're on a debate stage now I will tell you I think it would be a profound, mistake to. Legalize, all more narcotics and it would hurt the children of this country that would be a serious mistake senator, that's your time I agree, with representative. To. Be clear I don't want to legalize heroin. And, cocaine, and fentanyl. But. What I do want to ensure, is that, we're. In this, country most, states have decided that marijuana will be legal at some form for medicinal purposes, for recreational. Purposes or at a minimum will be decriminalized, that, we don't have another, veteran in this state prescribed, and opioid, because. The doctor. At the VA would rather prescribe, medicinal, marijuana but it's prohibited by law from doing that another. Older. Woman with fibromyalgia. Who's not able to use medicinal cannabis because it's, against the law here and another, african-american, man, because more likely than not that's who will be arrested, for possession, of marijuana to, rot behind bars, instead, of enjoying his freedom and the opportunity to contribute to the greatness of this country yes I want, to end the war on drugs and specifically, want, to end the prohibition, on marijuana and. Grover and let me point out he didn't dispute that as nine years ago as an elected, member of the El Paso, City Council, he, introduced, and advocated. For, ethically. Debating. Ending. The prohibition, on all narcotics, on everything he says he doesn't agree with that now but that was only nine years ago and I'll, tell you when it comes to this this is an issue that's personal, to me. My. Older sister Miriam. Died. Of a drug overdose. People. All across the state of Texas, 70,000, people a year, are dying of drug, overdoses, in this country we have an opioid crisis, and. I think talking about legalizing. All narcotics. I think. That is profoundly. Dangerous and. It doesn't. Represent the, interest of Texas, that's. Your time and senator Cruz you get the next question you fought for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act but Texas has the highest, rate of uninsured, people in the nation and more than a million residents, signed up through the federal marketplace this, year how, do you propose, addressing, the health care needs of Texans, I believe. Obamacare. Has hurt millions, of Texans it, was sold to the people of this country on a promise, from President Obama if you like your health insurance plan you can keep it if you like your doctor you can keep it PolitiFact. The left-leaning Organization, rated, that 2013's. Lie of the year as millions. Of Americans had, their health insurance canceled. Against their will but. The biggest reason people are unhappy with Obamacare, is it's made their premiums skyrocket. I hear from Texans all over this state I can't, afford health, insurance President. Obama promised, the average family's premiums would drop twenty-five. Hundred dollars a year in fact, they, have risen over five thousand dollars a year that when, Obamacare, was implemented. The. Most inexpensive, plan, for a 30-year old healthy, man here, in the Dallas area was. 363, dollars a year, today. In this. Zip code where all of us are right now a bronze. Plan, for a 30-year old healthy man is about three thousand, dollars a year a silver. Plan is over forty four hundred a year that's, going from three hundred and sixty three dollars to in just a few years increasing.

Over Tenfold that's, not right what do we need to do we need to lower premiums, for everyone how do we do that we can protect, pre-existing. Conditions, and even you need to understand everyone, agrees we're going to protect pre-existing, conditions. But we also need, more choices more competition, more options, so that prices, drop so, that young people coming, out SMU, are coming out of schools across this country can afford health insurance instead. Of facing the disaster, that Obamacare, has done to our health care system and that's your time senator representative. I don't. Know how you're going to repeal every single word of the Affordable Care Act and keep. Protections, for pre-existing, conditions keep. Protections, for victor who's the son of our. New friend Laura Lehman who we met Victor, has cerebral palsy has, uncontrolled. Seizures is incredibly. Expensive, medically. To, keep alive he's a medically, complex child, but his life is worth just as much as anyone else's, life in this, country I want. To make sure that we keep those pre-existing condition, protections, for Victor I want to make sure that we improve and stabilize, the Affordable, Care Act I want to make sure that never meet another young man like. Joey in Laredo twenty nine years old has. Diabetes, now has glaucoma does, not have health care and so, the one time that he did see a doctor that doctor said you will be dead before, you are the age of 14 as he gets closer to death and takes, himself to the emergency room as a suffering becomes too, great the outcomes will not be as good as they would have been otherwise if we'd invested upfront and the care will be disproportionately. More. Expensive. I want to make sure that we also expand, Medicaid this state left 100. Billion, dollars on the table that could have provided care for people in this community introduced, Medicare, as an option on the exchanges, and then get to universal, guaranteed, high quality health care for every child for, every woman for every man in this state and every state in the Union that's. Your time senator Cruz you know, it was striking the congressman O'Rourke didn't have a word to say to the millions of Texans whose premiums of skyrocket, he, talked about pre-existing, conditions, but everyone of us agrees, pre-existing.

Conditions, Must be protected and indeed when we were debating Obamacare, I introduced legislation called, the consumer freedom amendment that, would protect pre-existing. Conditions, but that the Health and Human Services Agency ran, the numbers and found the consumer freedom amendment allowing people to purchase the health insurance that you want would, reduce annual premiums about five thousand, dollars a year we've, got a lower premiums, and congressman O'Rourke has voted sixty, seven times to, keep Obamacare. He hasn't then there to fix the people that are getting hurt that are forced into part-time jobs instead, his answer is socialized. Medicine socialized. Medicine medicine. Is a mistake and it would hurt the people of Texas okay. And our next question is about trade this goes to representative, a work both of you have expressed concern over changes, in trade and tariffs and their impact, here in Texas. What, could you realistically. Do to rein in President Trump on trade why, should voters believe, that you would be more successful getting him to change course than, senator Cruz who actually has a working relationship with, him. Understand. The the impacts, of this firsthand in El Paso community. I represent, where we're raising our children a trading. Community one about out of every four jobs is connected. To us-mexico. Trade in our, community I understand, it from listening to the people of Texas unlike, the senator I've shown up to every single County in the state being, in Seminole listening. To a pecan growers who's seen the tariffs on his pecans go from seven percent to forty. Seven percent no one's buying his pecans around, the world right now and though he said these trade wars might, end these tariffs, might, come down those. Purchasers, and those other countries will find other countries. From, whom to buy his, farm will no longer be sustainable. Anymore. When. Has this country ever gone to war without allies that's precisely, what we're doing by levying two hundred billion dollars in tariffs. Against, China and alienating. The, EU and Canada and. Our traditional, trading, partners this state with. Its farming, and ranching and producing, and manufacturing. And export. Based economy, needs, a senator who will work with the president, where we can and stand. Up to him where, we must I met, with the president Secretary, of Commerce Wilbur, Ross I met with his United, States Trade, Representative. Representative. Light Heiser and this is the case that I made to them not, only does this does. This state depend, on trade and we must protect those. Trading, relationships, that we have but if we are to improve NAFTA our relationship, with Mexico specifically. Let's, ensure that those Mexican, workers also have the ability to organize to, demand higher wages which, will make the United States worker a little, bit more competitive in the draft that I've seen so far of this latest, agreement that, is. Included within it so it shows that I'm able to stand up to the president where it counts and able to work with him where it will do the most good that's, your time senator Cruz free. Trade is good for Texas it's good for Texas farmers, and ranchers it's good for Texas businesses, I have. Made the case to president Trump directly and personally dozens, of times that we should be expanding, our access, to foreign markets opening, up the Mexican energy markets is expanding our access to Canada if. You look at the EU it was interesting, that that congressman. Tobruk referenced, the EU we've actually seen real breakthroughs, in trade with the EU that the European Union is now talking about sitting down with America and looking, at zero tariffs, lowering, their tariffs, and, I thought it was interesting congressman, O'Rourke brought up pecan, farmers, because I've made the case directly to the administration that. They should work on India, to lower their tariffs, on pecans, so that we can export to India but. The difference is I've, made that case repeatedly, to the president, over, and over again I've worked hand in hand with the President on policy, wins for the people of Texas as far, as I know congressman O'Rourke has never spoken to the president other, than to publicly, call for his impeachment. That. Doesn't suggest a relationship, in the state of Texas when you are leading the. Extreme. Left wing wanting, to impeach the president and attacks the president, that that's not setting you up to have victories, for the people of Texas, representative. I'll.

Work With anyone, anytime. Anywhere and, that includes the President of the United States worked. With Republican, colleagues to expand, access to, mental, health care there were half a million veterans who put their lives on the line for this country who. By law because of the status of their discharge were unable to go into a VA and see, the psychiatrist or psychologist who, would save their lives I was, able to bury the differences, between myself, and, a Republican, colleague who had a similar proposal, we, introduced it got it passed in the house there was a similar bill passed, in the Senate signed into, law by President Trump. That's saving lives of veterans, in this state and throughout this country right now so whether it's veterans, servicemembers, farmers ranchers, Americans. I'll stand, up for everyone and work, with anyone including the president to make sure that we do better for, this country. Senator. Cruz this question, is about Texas values, you campaign, on the, fact that you, present, Texas's. Values, but. If you look at the polls. You. Day, four lower taxes, lower, rate ends in more jobs. You. Right. We have a real, rate in the state of Texas the hard left is energized. They're angry, many of them are fill them or for them or for them. You. You. Know only one of us has been to each county in Texas and would have an idea of, what Texas values and interests are. Within. Months, of being sworn to serve as your senator Ted, Cruz was not in Texas, he was in Iowa, he visited every single, one of the, 99 counties of I he went to New Hampshire he went to South Carolina he went to the Republican presidential primary states, instead. Of being here he shut down your, government for. 16, days in 2013. Because out too many people were getting too much health care in the United States of America. And in 2015. He missed one quarter, of the, votes in the United States in the United States Senate in, 2016. He missed one half of the, votes in the United States Senate you tell me who can miss half the days at work, and then be rehired, for the same job going. Forward that's not what Texans want they don't want somebody who's, captured by corporations, and political. Action committees and special, interests because that's where Ted Cruz gets, his money our campaign, is the largest grassroots, campaign this state has ever seen funded. By people and only people in every single one of the counties of Texas every single day congressman, that's your time. You, know gromer congressman O'Rourke doesn't seem to understand, that representing, Texas is, not doing. A photo op in each County in Texas with reporters, in tow but it's, actually, standing, up and fighting for the people of Texas and I can tell you in the six years I've represented Texas. I have been there on the ground in West Texas, when the explosion, happened I was on the ground with the families of the first responders, who were killed when hurricane, Harvey hit this state I was on the ground in my hometown of Houston but also in Victoria. And Rockport, and Port Aransas and Aransas Pass and, refugio, and Beaumont and Port Arthur and Orange in Nederland oh not, once not twice but three four five times on, the ground with the people of Texas when, Sutherland, Springs saw the worst church shooting in the history of this country I was on the ground representing.

Texas Is being, there for Texans but actually standing up and fighting, for Texans, not George, Soros not big liberal interest, by fighting for the, the people of technique and. The. Next question goes to representative. A work the Texas business community, overwhelmingly. Supported, the tax overhaul that you voted against last year how can you effectively represent. That important, constituency. When, you have such a fundamental. Disagreement. Generations. From now people looking back at this moment will not be able to believe that a country, twenty, one trillion, dollars in debt, with, the greatest levels of income, disparity that we've seen since the last gilded age of more than, a hundred years ago would find is its solution to the problem two, trillion, dollars in tax breaks that disproportionately, flow, to, corporations, that are already sitting on record, piles of cash and the arty wealthy in this, country a tax. Bill written, by, the lobbyists, for those very, corporations, in fact in one draft in the margins, written by those lobbyists, so that their corporate, bosses could. See the text before the senators could vote on it and in, the days before and just after senator, Cruz voted. For this massive, giveaway to. The already wealthy, he. Received more than a hundred and twenty thousand, dollars from, the political action, committees that represent, those who benefited, from these tax breaks I believe. Not in investing, in corporations. And in, special interests I believe in investing. In people, in universal. Pre-k, for every child so everyone has the same starting. Line in life, in health, care for every Texan and every Americans so they're well enough to, be their best the ability to attend Community, College or SMU. So that you can better yourself and, do better for everyone else in your life in your community and in, this country I believe in investing in broadband. Internet and the fifty percent of rural Texas that today cannot, reliably get, online I believe in investing in communities. And its people not. In corporations. Special, interests and political action committees you. Know, there is a consistency, in congressman, O'Rourke's record over, and over and over again he supports higher taxes, when, he was on the El Paso City Council he voted three times to increase property taxes, in El Paso he. Voted in favor of a quote rain, tax, which I don't even know what that is I guess attacks on rain but I'm not sure he voted in favor of a pool tax. As a member of Congress, he has voted in favor, of the death tax he voted against, the tax cut and by the way this, tax cut, has.

Cut Taxes, on Americans, all across Texas, it doubled, the child tax credit if you're a parent it doubled, it from $1,000, a child to $2,000. A child that's real money and by the way that's refundable, and you in your pocket and yet his answer, is he doesn't want to cut taxes he wants to raise your taxes, so understand, what bata O'Rourke is promising, you if he's. Elected, he will fight to raise your taxes, that is not consistent. With what the people of Texas want. Representative. Those, six, years I was on the El Paso City Council every single year we, balanced the budget we didn't see each other as Republicans, or Democrats we, saw each other as El Paso's, with a common, interest in delivering, for the taxpayers, in our committee only one of us on this stage has. Started, and run a small business had, to meet payroll, every single. Week had to go before the. Bank and try to get a loan to expand that business had to go out and hustle for, new customers and make sure that we kept, those who we already had happy, going forward, that. Required, balance in a budget and understanding. How to make ends, meet I want to make sure that again we're not given away to corporations. In special interest that's, what senator Cruz would do thanks to the, contributions, that he's received, from those political action. Committees, he's working for the clampdown and the corporations and the special interest he's not working for the people of Texas represented presentative our work we'd like to end this for both of you on a very positive note and we'd like to ask you to tell us something that you admire about your opponent. Senator. Cruz and I were both elected to the United States Congress in the same year, 2012. We both have young. Children I know how, hard he, works I know how much time he has spent away. From his, kids I know what a sacrifice, that is to his family I know that he's doing it for, one reason he wants to serve this. Country and he's trying to do as best we may have differences, of opinions, on what. Our destination, might be and how we're going to get there but. I have no question that senator. Cruz wants to do the, best for, American he does so at great sacrifice to his, family, and to his kids and so I thank you senator for your public service thank. You and you know I actually. Agree with those sentiments I would express the very same sentiments, back at congressman O'Rourke, you're right being a dad of young kids is hard I know. The sacrifice, you're putting in my girls every day when I leave for the campaign trail it's hard there, are a lot of tears in the Cruz household, I'm sure there are in the O'Rourke household - that is the single, hardest part of doing, this and let me say beyond that look, i-i-i, think congressman, O'Rourke, is passionate. He, is energetic he, believes in what he's fighting for in fact very much the same sentiments, you know last year I did three debates with Bernie Sanders and I expressed this at all three debates that Bernie Sanders, believes. In what he's fighting for he believes in socialism, now, I think what he's fighting for doesn't work but I think you are absolutely sincere like burning that, you believe in in expanding. Government in higher taxes and I commend, you for fighting. For what you believe in as you noted we disagree, on the outcome, but, you're fighting for the principles you believe in and I respect, that true.

To Form. Before. We bring. Come. On or before, we bring the debate to a close each. Candidate, will have a 90, second. 90. Seconds for a closing statement. Senator. Cruz let's start with you. In. November, there. Gonna be a lot of things on the ballot. Both. Congressman O'Rourke and I'll be on the ballot but there's gonna be a lot more than that, jobs. Will be on the ballot we've. Seen in the last two years four, million new jobs all, across this country. Paychecks. Will be on the balance we've. Seen Texas employers like American, Airlines, like, Southwest Airlines, like AT&T. Giving. Bonuses. And pay raises. Your. 401k. And your savings, will, be on the, ballot as we've. Seen the pensions, of millions of Texans going up you. Know Texas understands. A very simple formula when you cut taxes, when you simplify the tax code when you lift the burden on small businesses, it's. Good for Texas it expands, jobs it expands, opportunity. And there is a fundamental. Choice, in. This election it's a choice between we're. Seeing nationally socialists. Like, Bernie Sanders like, Alexandr occasi Cortez and indeed, congressman. Bata will work advocating for those same policies full. On socialized, medicine which by the way they, call Medicare, for all, and. Let me say to all the seniors in Texas, Medicare, you paid into it your whole life you're counting. On it for your health care what they're proposing is putting every, single person in this country including. Illegal aliens, everyone, in this country in, the Medicare, without paying for it that, would bankrupt, Medicare, there. Is a choice, for this country you know there. Are also states that implement, the kind of policies, Congressman O'Rourke's O'Rourke's supports high taxes, high regulations. Open, border states you look at California which, is hemorrhaging, population. You. Know the cost of a, one-way u-haul, from. California. To Texas is, more. Than three hundred percent, the cost the other way around, in, Texas, we understand. That, if you get government off the backs of small businesses, Texans, do well I've fought for that for six years I've. Kept my promise and I. Will always stand and fight for 28 million Texans. Let. Me again begin by thanking SMU. Nbc5. The Dallas Morning News for making, this possible tonight. Let, me thank everyone here. And everyone who's watching right now who, has invited me to your communities, who, has invited me into your home's who's invited me into, your lives into, your hopes and your dreams and, the very high expectations. That we are together setting, right, now for, this country at this deeply divided.

Highly. Polarized moment. You have reminded me that before, we are Republicans. Or Democrats or. Independents we. Are Texans, we are Americans, we are human beings and we're gonna start acting that way. President. Harry Truman. Reminded. Us that this country, was, not founded, on fear. Instead. We are founded, on courage, on, imagination. And an unstoppable, determination. To. Do the job at hand I've never heard a better description than that one for the people of Texas that I met in each one, of the. 254. Counties, we are not running against anyone, not. Running against anything we're not running against another political, party we are running for this, country, by and for each and every single one of us we are going to use the challenges, that we face being the least insured state in the country where the number one provider of mental health care services, is the County Jail system today to, a state that leads away to ensuring everyone is well enough to live to their full potential a state, where 50%, of the teachers are working a second or a third job, just to make ends meet instead, of being able to focus on those children before them we're gonna lead the way and having their backs and making sure that we don't privatize, public education, money and send, it to a private school whatever the challenge, is I know that we are up to the task and I want to thank you for, inspiring me, giving me confidence giving, me hope encouraging. Me like no time in my life I am grateful. We'd. Like to thank both of our candidates. For hosting tonight's some, 140 days to keep in mind the, last day to register to, vote in October. Night early. Voting is open from October, 22nd. To November 2nd Election Day November 6. You.

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Ted Cruz did a good job and I pray and hope he wins big and stops these dangerous democrats from destroying America!!

Hope Beto wins but as an outsider looking in he sounds too soft to win in Texas. Not sure why Democrats are so insistent on bringing butter knives to gun fights.

vote republicans this guy is a comy republicans will back Trump.

Ted Cruz claimed his father came here “legally” but he forgot to mention that Cubans are privileged of being granted political asylum as soon as they foot touch the ground..

Any company through NAFTA can import workers from Mexico,But only for 6 months the Canadiens use this process all the time.Does Orourke care about the Millions of dollars of Meth Fetanal,Herion,That is grown,trans shipped ,math labs, that is smuggeled cross the border.I guess not.

My predictions: 1. Beto will replace Ted in the Senate. 2. The Dems will win the majority in the Senate. 3. The Dems will win the majority in the House.

Cruz has a very Trump-esque approach with his character attacks and lies.

Ted Cruz is a disgusting snake oil salesman. C’mon Texas vote for Beto and your country. Surely you are ready to kick Cruz to the gutter where he belongs

I live in Texas..I can tell you that Most mexcans wants the wall ,and are against the Illegals coming and taking their Jobs..

I am not a Texan but i cant see how anyone could vote for the fake hispanic, neo Marxist Bobby Francis ORourke

Obviously cruz is the clear choice for us.

Beto!! Cruz is such a snake.

Go Cruz..

Socialists like BETO need to banned, BETO is everything WRONG with warned these snakes cannot be trusted with our liberty and constitutional values.

Sorry everyone, you can complain all you want about Cruz, but he won; that debate.

Vote red don’t take the blue pill

Oooh is red socialism? I'm excited.

If Beto pulls this off......... he will be president of the united states in the future

Beto is a commie

joseph mclennan So was Einstein. And Hawking... Helen Keller.... The guy who wrote 1984.........

Beto got destroyed

Salterino Kripperino Because Cruz was using oversimplified pandering to win over people. Beto kept hitting the limit because he was spending his time actually trying to answer things.

Fact check. O'Rouke did express outrage over injustice with regards to race. However he never said police are Jim Crow and solely responsible for shooting black people. While it is obvious that police often shoot unarmed people, there is nothing to substantiate that an alarming rate of children are shot by police. O'Rouke supports universal background checks for those who purchase fire arms but does oppose assault riffles. O'Rouke supports legalizing marijuana. He does not support legalizing narcotics but did support having a discussion about it. With regard to impeaching Trump, O'Rouke seems to support a vote to impeach him but also seems to feel a thorough investigation also needs to follow. Ted Cruz does support a tax cut but there are too many details to get a real picture over who it would benefit long term. Ted Cruz did in fact miss 25% of votes in 2015 and 50% in 2016. When either gets into office we will see the true test of what they will really do for the betterment of Texas and the country.

Beto with the race baiting straight from the start disgusting lunatic democrat

31:10--" I was able to meet my wife on a blind date before tinder"--wow! What people brag about these days !!!


Ted Cruz is a liar just like his boss, Trump.

According to ted Cruz, he's representing 28mil the biggest state of the USA, the lone star .. how embarrassing, glad I'm not a Texan.

Whether you like Cruz or not the Democrats are bad for America. Pro illegal immigrants, pro abortion (killing of the unborn) pro higher taxes. Make your choice wisely.

Yes. Maybe we should look to the experts for answers on who we should look to guide our civilization. People like Einstein. And Stephen Hawking. I'm sure they'd LOVE capitalism and not think it's destroying civilization and ultimately leading the poor into a dystopian future............. No but for serious.... Both Einstein and Hawking called out Capitalists and far right politicians as evil..... Einstein wrote a paper supporting Socialism and Hawking's last Reddit post was about wealth distribution which went with his Socialist standing.

Betos biggest donor wants war with Syria

Lion Ted knows the score. MAGA the winner

Ted Cruz will be re-elected this November.

O'Rourke is an arrogant, hot-headed putz who cares more about illegals than American citizens.

We need Beto and all others like him if we are ever going to get this country back on track. Cruz needs to go-he is not helping but rather is a dividing force in this country.

I love you Beto!!!

Beto 2020!!

Getting back on the right track? sorry loser Beto that already happened in November and getting scum like you out was part of Vote Ted Cruz in November #REDWAVE #MAGA

Ted Cruz is typical slimy deplorable lying politician

The majority of Texas want Cruz over Beto. Granted Ted is a POS but Beto's views on Immigration are wrong dead wrong. His views on law enforcement are wrong dead wrong, Electing Barry Soetoro was the worse thing we could've done. It set our country back decades and has divided us. People are saying Trump divides us no Barry divided us. I mean it's just a fact Barry Soetoro's incompetence made Jimmy Carter look like a genius.

Democrats want illegals to become legal so they can get their vote! Remember in 1986 immigration and amnesty were given and it was supposed to fix the problem..It did not. Orourks plan won't fix anything either. He speaks of jobs Americans won't do.. He is wrong they won't work for the peanuts the illegals will work for because they have no other choice!

O'Rourke sound just like obummer !

linda cinnante Sounds like he's on the right track. I'm having a bum night so I'm just here to recommend everyone to read Einstein's thoughts on Socialism and his strict dislike for Right leaning politics. Explicitly calling them evil. If I can't win you people over... maybe Einstein can?

Cruz is a creepy guy. How he was ever voted in is puzzling.

Is it just me or does O'Rourke look like a presidential candidate?

Beto wants judges who will legislate evil liberalism from the bench. That's what the Roe v. Wade majority opinions were from start to finish.

Yikes! Soros must have sent out the directive, almost 7000 comments from almost exclusively Cruz haters since last night. The only negative thing I have to say about Ted Cruz is that it probably wasn't nice of him to agree to debate an "unarmed" man.

Immigration....They could have just asked, "Do you believe in the rule of law?" Beto: "No."

Abortions will go down, poor liberals :(. Cruz will win in a LANDSLIDE. Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Poor women. Next step: Punish all abortion "mothers" - murderers deserve live time prison/death penalty.

"Transgender children are part of Satan's plan." I"ll go along with that 100%. So is the Democrat party.

vote democrat and 401k's go down taxes go up all you have to do is look back at history unemployment numbers go up as well.. Obama could have had this growth if he wouldn't have strangled the economy with regulation.. didn't get over 2% the whole time he was in office democrats hurt working Americans

Senator Cruz won by a landslide!

Robert francis orourke is nothing but a white obamaclone. People who think he wants the best for Texas are weak minded fools. Higher taxes, higher health insurance costs, weak foreign policy, and wasting time trying to impeach Trump instead of working is what he is bringing to the table. Wake up you dolts! This guy is a step in the completely wrong direction!!

Mr Nasty.

Good ol Rafael. Clown. Not even a real Texan.

LOL . . .Cruz never HAD any dignity!

Beto is a communist!

Don Lucero explain how he is a communist then, because he isn't

keep telling yourself that!

Don Lucero nope, he's not

Democrats are CRAZY! #WalkAway

Beto is doing a terrific job and smartly debating with facts (not telling fake sob stories). Cruz, however, is making me feel sick and I can't listen to his

Vote for Beto. He will give you free stuff.

Ted Cruz is a honest and a true Conservative, He has my vote and many other Patriots will vote Cruz. We all support President Trump.

lololol< wow

"It's not a judge's job to impose policy"? Actually, judge's decide on what laws to impose and what policies are imposed. That's basically what they do. How can someone be so stupid and be an elected official? Answer: Be a RepubliCON

Lol grassroots money aka soros money

yummyunicornmeat from politifact: "But, our search suggests, very little went to Texas Democrats. We identified a single Soros contribution to a Texas candidate. Soros gave $2,700 on Dec. 1, 2017 to Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke, the El Paso congressman." LOL wow that will totally change the whole election. Meanwhile look up Ted Cruz's open secrets.

53:00 I can't believe that while Beto expressed nothing but praise for Ted when they were asked to, Ted instead used the opportunity to slyly sneak in some more talking points by calling Beto a socialist. That's how much of a snake this guy is.

He sure did< snake is right

0:58 rules 1:48 Citizenship for Dreamers (immigration) 6:30 Ted Cruz comments on Police shooting (police issues) 11:56 NFL National Anthem protest 16:12 Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations (Supreme Court) 20:32 second amendment 21:05 gun laws and mass shootings 25:57 Ted Cruz's support for Donald Trump 30:18 Beto O'Rourke DUI (drug use) 35:23 Obamacare (Healthcare) 39:23 Negotiate with Trump on tariffs (Trade) 43:33 Video cuts 45:35 comes back (Texas Values?) (how to campaign) 47:48 Tax overhaul and business community (Taxes) 51:29 what you admire about your opponent 53:18 closing statements 57:33 ending

payz hayz why does it cut

who won the debate? Like for Beto...Comment for Cruz

Ted Cruz is a sniffling Weasel.. He's a Professional Politician. Do Libertarians not exist anymore?

Cruz is an obnoxious hypocrite and fake Texan. He is as slimy as a politician can get. He does not represent Texas. Vote Cruz out.

Ted Gutless Cruz.

USA is the only terrorist in the world today.

The democrat starts out with dreamers but totally dodges the question of people waiting in line to come here legally for years. I understand the dreamer deal but you can’t give everyone citizenship or they will never stop illegally crossing the border!!! Send them back out and make them wait in line like thousands of other families are right now!!! Democrats care more about illegals than they do Americans and they hate Trump more than they love America, if they love America at all!!

O'Rourke has some creepy vains popping out of his neck!

Vote Republican!!!!! #RedWave

Lying Rafael is digusting and Trumps bootlicker. Not right for Texas.

Yep, Beto's great if you want more open borders, loss of our freedoms and to be run by the socialist playbook. What's up with Beto's strange promos anyway? He's playing with small children and acting like a child. What's he trying to say?

This debate was Cruz Vs Snooze

Beto Vs Beta.

Cruz just doesn't seem sincere, I don't think he even believes himself.


I'm Australian and I wish I could vote for Beto.

Ted wants a cop working who doesn’t know the difference between her apartment and someone else’s.

narcotics are already legal in the us... oxycontin

Beto 2020

Impressed by Mr. Beto. He should go for the presidency! There is no way the clown in office could match wits with a well spoken educated person such as this.

O'Rourke is clearly the best man for the job.

Ted Cruz should favour gun control. Everybody I know would shoot him in the face given the chance. Jesus would join the NRA if it meant he could get a headshot...

I think it was a pretty good debate, though honestly both sides got some HORRENDOUSLY leading questions. That said I do think Cruz took it on substance. O'Rourke is like listening to Bernie. Free stuff, more taxes, universal slavery, more regulation to fix regulations that fixed regulation. I think Cruz will take it. Fun game though for a poll around texas. See how many houses with us flags have Cruz signs, and how many have O'Rourke. It's very very skewed.

Cruze is a salesman

passion vs guile Lyin Ted still be lyin Ted Berto be the real deal

Ted Cruz reminds me of Eddie Munster


Watch, Beto is going to be our president in future. President Beto so smart, intelligent, caring, passionate, likable and he’s my new hero. God bless you and God bless united state of America.✌

Cruz is a cancer to the American democracy. He will say and do anything to stay in power. Even a lot of republican voters and politicians don't like him.

Cruz is another self serving Red Texas Senator.

Ted cruz killed it

Beto all the way!!! Time for slimy Ted to go down.

Beto is the type of politician that will make America a country to be proud of again. Beto owns Cruz on honesty. The change in the wind is a real breath of fresh air.

Ted Cruz is unbeeeeeearably fake

Cruz loves to use sentimental stories and mentioning God to get applause, seems fake. Beto sounded honest and intelligent.

I’m from Texas the only reason I came here is to see if they will talk about weed.

@ 9:00 Modern day Jim Crow: admit you said it Congressman Robert O'Rourke and then say why....

children who enter the us because their parents bought them are not law-breakers, they are children

Antichrist are showing up

Cruz held up very well and surprisingly won considering it was a 3v1 debate

Cruze is creepy

Mrs. O'rourke encouraged Robert to run for the Senate. And yes, she's a multi-millionaire. I admired Robert Francis Kennedy, but Beto is taking the script from that good man (and John Edwards prior to infidelity) to run for the Senate (though it looks like he's running for US President). Robert Francis O'Rourke is not genuine - Cruz isn't that much either, but who is reinventing themselves more? O'Rourke with the visits to MSM (talk shows): DeGeneres, Maher, Colbert, The Circus (they approached O'Rourke) and is funded by campaign donors $$$ while visiting those states. Grass roots my ____. Look, neither party wants to rein in or change campaign finance laws. Former President Obama could have - and Sanders wailed Clinton on the topic - but knew Dems could bring in more $$$ than Repubs. And Sanders has been as quiet as a mouse since (because he's getting paid too).

Cruz needs aliens to come and vote for him , he can’t convince 10 years old kid to his view he has a disease known as Hillarism .

Stay red Texas

Go to California Beto

Beto's another Obomber-like slick car salesman santa klaus. Disgusting.

Wonder why the thumbnail is so biased.

Ted Cruze :"I like guns and texas" *Get´s voted into senat*

I’m not American but listening to this Cruz is giving me creeps. He sounds so fake. I hope Texas will vote for this genuine Beto.

The Christian fundamentalist crowd are very enthusiastic!



The comment section here is filled with bots. Look at a few of the pro-Beto peoples pages


wait so they tell the crowd to be quiet for beto but not ted??


Lying ted really lived up to his name here.


Beto for me Texas Blue.

I hated cruise before the listening to him here unbelievable

Watching Rafael Cruz defend that cop was just disgusting

Beto sounds great, but that's about it. We don't want Texas to go blue. Our state is not perfect, but it's doing better than all those liberal areas. Stay red and I'm Hispanic .

Guns in class rooms? What could possibly go wrong?!!

Wow, that hurt to watch, Cruz sounds like a poor man's Adolf Hitler and the idiots in this audience just ate it up. The only reason someone as incompetent and smarmy as Cruz is still in the Senate is because monkeys are smarter than Texans. You morons deserve fascism.

Beto is taking from big donors like SOROS. Talk about an establishment shill #CorruptBeto

Beto sounds like an SJW. Geezus, he could write the guide book on how to virtue signal. I bet updating his facebook is a full time job. All of you other pro Beta are the EXACT same way. You all wreak of the same arrogant, morally superior attitudes that the church ladies of the past had. Now, they sound just like all of you. Virtue signal your entire life while being complete garbage, same think trash on the inside.

Cruz destroyed O'Rourke on track records.

Isn't it odd how the Dem platform always plays the race card yet when they are in power nothing is better in fact its worse. Dems real idea of Criminal Justice is one standard of dem politicians and another standard for 'everyone' else. Dems are failures, face it.

Ted Cruz is trash

When we see the camera view from the side of Ted Cruz with Beto on the far end of the stage, Beto always looks like he's ready to punch Ted.

We all want to punch Ted, but we shouldn't.

To all the out-of-state liberal commenters, Cruz won the debate, and Cruz is going to win the election. This is our state, and you can keep your noses out of it. Ruin you own states.

Cruz for sure!

Glad these comments are from leftist fools that reside outside Texas.

NBC 5 you are continuing to delete my comments. Let me guess, the censor is a Democrat.

JT Flint nobody is deleting your comments.............. You paranoid or something?

Any sane person can see right through Cruz. He's a Republican cliche. Beto on the other hand is for the people. He's articulate, genuine and honest.

Thank you Beto. Lying Ted tried

26:51 One dude in the audience knows more about Heidi I think...

Any reasonably intelligent person can see that Cruz is a shape-shifting bullshitter in this debate. Nothing but pandering, name and label dropping to gin up guilt by association, and word games that misdirect to create false impressions. Straight gaslighting. None of it is real or matches his record. The guy says whatever he needs to say to distort and obfuscate the truth to his advantage in the moment. The implication is that he thinks the voters are stupid enough to buy it. O'Rourke, at least functions like an adult, speaks honestly, and means what he says. That alone is worth giving him a shot. Doesn't matter if you're skeptical of some of his policy prescriptions..Cruz is just a con artist and a fraud. He's not in this for you. Never has been. Couldn't be more obvious.

Are you sure beto isnt a black man in a white suit? Never seen a politician be unapologetically supportive of black people on a stage this large they usually use words like "person of color" or "minority "

Beto seems to be a “Bread and Circus” type of politician that will promise free stuff to impress the masses. He also wants open borders not realizing that this is 2018 and not the 19th century when the U. S. was a growing nation that needed people to migrate here. Beto seems to have a dim view on law enforcement if he wants ICE to be disbanded and will not help fund body armor for law enforcement officers near the Texas Mexico border. The U.S. will dissolve as Ancient Rome did if open borders were to occur. BUILD THAT WALL.!! Beto mentioned something about Veterans not getting care from the VA because of the status of their discharge. As a retired U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, I know that a service member has to earn a honorable discharge. I’ve seen soldiers in the army that got kicked out and given less that honorable discharges that don’t deserve the benefits that those that performed while in uniform. As a young Texan, I was taught at an early age that someone has to work and earn to obtain what one needs and wants. Beto advocates freebies to the masses to get their votes. I’m for Ted.

NBCs main man is conveniently placed behind an American flag

If I lived in Texas, my vote would go to Cruz! He defended the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, which Democrats hate. Texas doesn't need another Commie in their ranks.

I think Texas is the Poland of the U.S. Take any Polish joke and insert Texas, and there you have it. "How many Texans does it take to vote for Ted Cruz?" Texans, "What's a 'how many'?"

this Beto guy sounds exactly like Obama, does he not have any thing to say that he has come up with? No one is original. No one is genuine any more. Its all about what has been said from the person before them. 22 trillion in dept, 95 trillion in unfunded dept, Can we really afford for more tax increases? can we really trust this gov to spend our money not only wisely but on paying off dept? I guess when the democrats win i hope they do. i hope they do take the house and senate. i really want to see them bankrupt this country and i really want to see them take the rest of what rights we have away. Then Maybe you sleeping zombies will relize its to late and you can finally sleep in the bed your building. Don't have to look very far to see whats in store. just look north east a state of IL,Chicago. Every thing that Beto, and the democrats are asking and wanting to pass is already done in Chicago.

A white Obama

Lol lot of NBC liberals in the chat. O'Rourke has some very strange opinions. I think Cruz could have held his position on issues with better arguments, but Im not a politician, maybe its just political expediency. Both of them completely flubbed why the NFL kneeling is problematic. Reality is it is a business that sells pro-America and for individuals on the teams to move against that endeavor is bad for business and should be financially liable. Nike can promote Kaepernick in order to pander to blacks and increase sales and that makes sense. Open your eyes people!

Ted Cruz did not give specifics as to how he would fix the problem concerning police violence against African Americans. Instead, he talked about attending funerals. He avoided the question.

I'm a Democrat and I kinda think ted worked him a little bit here, like if I try and put myself into the mindset of an independent Texas voter

How can anyone who is not blind, vote for Ted Cruz?

Ted says beto went to every county for a photo op. Then proceeds to say he goes to every tragic situation in texas... could that be for the photo op? Hmmmm why is ted so terrible at this?

Beto is owned by George Soros!!! I read the comments below and realized this is NBC a hugely biased and globalist owned "News" outlet which is frankly just a socialist elitist anti-America group!!! You swallowed everything Obama subverted this nation with and still cheer the bass turd on, sickening!!

In 2016, 374 people died from rifles including ar 15s. In the same year 1500 people were beaten to death, most deaths are from pistols. Getting rid of a ar 15 is like treating someone with cancer with a band add. Both candidates are horrible leaders, we need real ones who can be honest instead of pushing a agenda and this is needed from both sides. I lived in Mexico and it sucks not being able to defend yourself, armed men are free men.

Now I remember why I hated Cruz during the 2016 primaries

On tarrifs ted says he has spoken to the pres about them a lot...... how many times has he changed trumps mind? So hisb"relationship" with donny means nothing.

Beto for President!

Cruz is just horrible, slimy. How anyone, even Republicans, could vote for him is unbelievable. If he'd been Hilary's opponent instead of Trump, you'd have a woman president now.

Beto is so handsome

ALL these paid comments for BETO lol. Youtube and google at it again.

Cruz fake paused about the death of his sister?!? Weird

This debate is brazenly bias. Lying Ted got way more time and opportunities to speak. He gets the last word on almost every question. How come he gets to provide the conclusion on both his questions and Beto’s question?!!! Shame on you Texas.

I think Cruz won. I’m all for Beto (and i’m not even from US) but Cruz is better at political games and manipulating facts. Beto could have hit him harder on doner money

Ted Cruz is a Republican Hillary Clinton. Awful and insincere personality. But I agree with him and hope he wins!

There’s no debate here! Cruz, GO back To cuba!!

It thought Ted Cruz was a redneck!I thought his ancestors were the puritans!he doesn’t act like someone that has benefited from the immigration system!

39:42 That laugh

One of the many reasons things aren't getting better for middle-class and working-poor Americans: There's a candidate in Texas who changed his name from Rafael Edward Cruz to Ted Cruz to highlight his Canada roots while denying his Cuban roots. Cruz caused American tax payers $24 million in an effect to end the Affordable Care Act (AKA:Obamacare), followed by sending out a mailer in 2016 to Iowa voters with "VOTING VIOLATION" in red letters telling voters that they have to get out and vote to get a good "grade" and "score". It also states This data is not available for use for commercial purposes use is limited by law. Scores reflect participation in recent election, which was a complete lie. After seeing the mailers, Iowa’s secretary of state, Paul Pate, issued a statement condemning Cruz’s tactic. Now, Rafael Edward Cruz has been caught sending out mailers that resembles legal summons to trick confused or scared people into send him money for his 2018 Senate Campaign. But, because Cruz has an R by his name Texans voters are willing to support Cruz over O'Rourke, followed re-electing immoral Rafael Edward Cruz. Then as their suffering grow, the Republican Politicians give their base a Democrats and a specific group of people to blame and punish next election. I posted all of this to say, if you what better, vote better.

Go beto

Lyin' Ted is so disingenuous. lol

Ted is in trouble he knows it....

Beto o rourke wins

Isn't Ted Cruz Canadian?

For every Ted sign I see the're 2-3 signs that say Beto! #VoteBeto

O rourke got owned

The eye and the body language of Ted Cruz suggest that he is not telling the truth....... I am from third world country and over here style like that could be successful, but in America with your degree of education and sophistication............some people still buy this crap ?

She did not risk her life by killing that poor man. If i would shoot someone in his house, i would be arrest on the spot for first degree murder. She shoot, she face the consequences like everyone else

Cruz has a hardon for God and Jesus. Despicable

And Cruz lied for trump saying that the Russia didn't hack us

Mr O'Rourke is amazing he cares about America

i think we are all sick of creepy ted

Ted Cruz is a bad actor. He doesn't care about those kids died in school shooting.

"lying Ted Cruz" you and your best friend Trump should be ashamed to call yourselves Republicans. You talk about the party of Lincoln (The progressive)? oh how i wish Beto was running on a RED ticket right now, he would surely get my vote.

Only nine years ago!

Ted Cruz sounds, looks, really fake, I have no idea about USA. But this guy just looks and feels wrong.

Beto for Prez

God wil not stop bullets....

“What happened to him is horrific. Nobody should be in their own home” I’ll keep that in mind Zodiac

Cruz wears ostrich skin boots. Leather's disgusting. Animals, especially cows, suffer tremendously for leather production. It's not just a by-product of the meat industry. Humans are animals, and no more special than any other creature.

Ted Cruz is lying about everything he said, he's a liar like his daddy Trump

The GOP biggest tax cut was BIG for your millionaire and billionaire buddies. For us, it was not even worth two grocery shoppings at COSTCO. I would have rather given that money to the government in exchange for better healthcare and education services.

There is a reason why Trump called Cruz Lyin’ Ted,

Cruz gives off a sleazy car salesman vibe!!

Beto 4 Prez!

Interesting to see how two Hispanic politicians use their background against each other

Interesting how one is Irish and not Hispanic?

Xp0z3d Calcifer one isn't Hispanic.......... It's just a childhood nickname. But he defends Hispanic people. Cruz is Cuban but sold our his own people to support white nationalists because they're easy to manipulate... His problem now is that he is going to have to flip in an attempt to appeal to Hispanic people because his base is becoming the minority...

OMG, he is so disgusting. Whats wrong with his face? He is even more disgusting on the inside. He is not a human just some kind of a wax puppet.

Trump votes and supported Obama in 2008 Trump never in his life voted a republican

+SirNerdly and it true that Trump supported Hillary run for Congress and he supported Hillary for state department . And give Hillary a 100,000 after Benghazi and when she was stepping down . That all been fact checked

+SirNerdly actually it true Trump didn't votes for anyone in 2012 he voted and supported his long time friend Bill and he voted for Obama in 2008 it was talk about in the 2016 debate . And every news outlets fact check it except fox news .

Eric soles this is actually false.................. I'm completely against Trump but misinformation is just as bad. It's the whole reason he was elected in the first place.

- I cringed watching lyin Teds circus performance.....he’s more fake than Chinese knock off products, does he even look TEXAN? seriously doubt that goblin lookin azz can even ride a horse or shoot a gun. Sounds like a wimp too, that’s why I’m going for BETO ! The only authentic Texan on stage !

Ted Cruz lied. His father came to Canada then later moved to Texas. I like Beto more and more. He answered the questions directly. Politicians these days stopped answering debate questions. Even though, I am not living Texas, Beto win my vote. And maybe I’m naive; I would vote for Beto 2020. Cruz is nasty just like Trump.

Cruz will win no Contest

Lying ted at it again. And retardicans just eat it right up

And yet many of those Dixiecrats abandoned the Democratic Party in the 60s for the Republican Party, which continued thereafter from Nixon's southern strategy onward. There's a reason the south was once solidly Democratic and is no more. The evolution of our two-party system throughout our political history makes Cruz look like a dunce. It also makes Lincoln and TR out to be alienated from the champion of special privilege that is the Republican Party of today inasmuch as it does the context and issues of our own time.

Aussie here, what's a Dixiecrat? And was LBJ one?

I get the better feeling when listening to Beto. I agree Arthur W, Cruz has a certain fakeness that shows. He's even repeating Trump's lies. Beto seems more sincere and serious about the issues where it seems Cruz is jokingly playing at it like a game, especially that smug smile on his face. He's almost desperately trying to embarrass Beto with no effect.

Good introduction

Lying Ted

TED CRUZ,said Together we will keep Tex WHITE!

Americans on healthcare: “it’s simple just get rich and pay for it duhhhh”

America already has free healthcare and education. Its called Medicaid and financial aid. Dont let the left lie to u.

Ted owns the left.


Ted Cruz said that what happened to Mr. Botham John was horrific. Given what he said afterward, that was a rush to a conclusion on his part, since he doesn’t know what happened that night because he was not there. But if he would only show half as much passion on the death of an unarmed (African) American at the hand of police officer as he does when talking about the shooting of an (American) police officer, after all, they are all AMERICANS and deserve to live, we would have a much better environment.

first of all opioids are legal already. They are prescription drugs . Ted is so phony. and instead of answering any questions he just gives some patroitic greeting card pre written speech. Notice his passion for the death of Botham was less than passionate to say the least. he was asked a question about it and he just went back to the police smoozing.

Students said gun control is not the solution?????? What a lie!!!!

Ted Cruz mopped the floor with Robert Francis O'Rourke and O'Rourke lied twice during the debate. "...“That injustice … continues to persist today. That system of suspending somebody solely based on the color of their skin, searching that person solely based on the color of their skin, stopping that person solely based on the color of their skin, shooting that person solely based on the color of their skin, throwing the book at that person and letting them rot behind bars solely based on the color of their skin is why some have called this — I think it is an apt description — the new Jim Crow,” he said..." Video of O'Rourke "Jim Crow" comment, from his own mouth.

Ted Cruz winning

Why did it seem that Cruz had more time to talk?

lizzfrmhon because he was only giving vague premade responses made to pander to his base.


If anyone deserves to have the police called on them its Ted Cruz. Not that he has done anything criminal. But .. Just look at how creepy he is

Bernie Sanders is just like Trump; making promises he can't keep, starting fights and dividing people.

Ted Cruz mopped the floor with Robert the fake Mexican.

Raise taxes = paying bills

the moderators look like SNL characters

Blondie looks like Amy Poehler. This whole debate looks like a joke.

Cruz's sister died of a drug overdose when it was illegal and that's why we need to illegalize drugs cuz logic. Hopefully Cruz will OD next.

Beto should run for president someday. Everyone around the country already knows who he is.

Thoughts and prayers, so backwards. Cruz belongs in another generation, the last one. And I’ll add: what a hypocrite!!!

Pulled the G-d card to pander to his base.

TED Cruz: more armed police in schools. Seriously the GOP doesn’t care about people’s lives. They care about the NRA’s bottom line.

Is there a ballot in November for the most punchable face.

Beto is going to loose this election, Cruz is a horrible disgusting liar Bet he knows how to debate by following the most basic talking points It truly was like that family guy episode when Lois has to say one thing!

NINE. ELEVEN. (Wild cheering!)

The difference is that Beto uses his 90 seconds to give a well supported answer, and Cruz uses his 90 seconds to attack Beto. I see a blue wave coming for Texas

Beto’s suggested policies on economy, immigration and medical insurance are proven NOT to work. Also his personal records with the law make him even more incompetent than he already is. Out of the two, Ted Cruz is the right answer for Texas.

Ted’s delivery and pauses come across so staged and contrived. Beto is more ernest and genuine. Ted keeps trying to pull Beto down by associating him with Hilary. I’ll vote Beto!!!

Justin Bieber NickelBack Ted Cruz. Please Canada, no more.

Ted Cruz is such a dirt bag lol, but he's obviously very clever and playing to certain groups and demographics with what he's saying

gookwakjai ehhh.. That's not clever. That's just a basic Sheep manipulation move. He's Napoleon from Animal Farm.

Cruz is a creep

Cruz 2024

Fake Cruz.

Oh the passion. Beto 2018

Texans wake up and VOTE IN BETO.....Cruz is a bought politician and lies like Trump!

Ted Cruz. Wont stick up for his wife. Wont stick up for Texas. (Backdrop Trump attacking Cruz's wife followed by Cruz begging for a job from Trump)

Asked to end positively and say something praise-worthy about their opponents, O'Rourke applauds Cruz for his service to this country. He compliments him on being a hard-working dad. Period. Then O'Rourke shuts up. Cruz returns the sentiments about fatherhood only to swerve directly into an extremely political answer. Within seconds he draws a comparison, with a ridicuously rehearsed-to-sound-unplanned segue, between Bernie Sanders and O'Rourke (mentioning Sanders 3 times by name) and purposefully throws in the word "socialist" right towards the end. It is the kind of blatantly back-handed, off-putting politics that the GOP excels at over the last decade or so and is just getting so tiresome. It is not even subtle anymore. Does Cruz believe that people listening to him can't hear that kind of stuff? At 53:10 O'Rourke grabs the last word with a perfectly-timed response "True to form..." It is that short, quick, flashlight-on-the-hypocrisy response that just sealed my vote in favor of O'Rourke.

How come Ted Cruz has not address that $120,000 that he got from lobbyists I don't get $120,000 from lobbies

The liberal agenda does not reflect traditional American values. It reflects socialism and NWO. If you say it doesn't your either in denial or just plain ignorant. Wake up and pull your head out. #MAGA

+SirNerdly Ha haha.. moron.

PJ Brown Wooooooo Socialism!!!!! Good enough for Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein!!!! Good enough for me! Everybody! You don't have to be stupid. Socialism is the way to freedom and intelligence. We can work together and survive. We don't have to fight each other. We can have college and healthcare that doesn't put us into debt.

Cruz's dad took 48 years to become a citizen. He got a legal visa to attend s Texas university. The type of visa that Repuplicans are reducing. His visa ran out and then he got a green card. Bribed the cuban government for exit grant with money from a friend there. Then was granted political asylum which Cruz claims is illegal. Then he went to Canada for 8 years afyer marrying a US citizen, His dad said it took him so long to become a citizen because he was lazy or he doesnt know. Other people trying to become citizens know the system is rare and barely there to become a citizen. Cruz's dad highlights the problems with immigration and not a shining example of how the system works well.

Ted Cruz should disappear. I hope Texas comes out on voting day and shut him up permanently

Beto reminds me of Obama

Beto is just yet another politician, like Ted Cruz. Very disappointing. 10 mins in the video... Beto has found a way to convince me that I shouldn't vote for him.

Lying Ted better watch out

beto sucks cruz sucks worse

YouTube: Please add a punch icon so I can press it every time Ted opens his gob

BETO: "More taxes more taxes more taxes". Hey beto how's that working out for California? Yeah that's what I thought. Who provides most of the jobs Beto? Oh right. Corporations. Who added jobs after getting tax cuts this year? Oh right. Corporations. Even Apple (who worked against trump) credited the tax cuts for their ability to add thousands of jobs. According to the liberal Brookings institution, 83% of Americans got tax cuts. Who wants to give that money back? You?

As a New Yorker, I'm watching this race closely Texas Get Out And Vote.

Lol the crowd was COMPLETELY for Cruz, yet all of these comments are for Beto, probably from people in other states or other countries lol yall are out of touch, Go Cruz!!!! This is Texas, not California, FOH with that BS Also it makes me sick how this guy uses the name Beto to pander to Mexicans, what could be more racist than that?

+Jonathan Taylor He's been called Beto his entire life, starting with his step-father... Cruz attacked him for this in an attack ad, ”Liberal Robert wanted to fit in, so he changed his name to Beto and hid it with a grin," when in truth, Cruz is actually named Rafael, was bullied at school and changed his name to Ted 'to fit in...' The hypocrisy here is ridiculous.

+Porshia Jones the guy calling himself beto is lying for votes, smh

Jonathan Taylor Didn’t Trump call him Lying Ted? Whose lying Trump or Cruz?

Cruz is stealing money from people trying to get elected again and it's not funny! Sending fake summons letters to get money is a crime!!!! And the racist crap that he is trying to start speaking to his people about a peaceful protest that is very evil!

Ugh Ted Cruz is so irrelevant. I wish we could go back in time and his mom just swallowed him instead.

#TeamBeto all the way!!!

This was better than nothing, but none of these issues can be sufficiently discussed or debated in 3 minutes. I would really like to see a more long form debate between them where each of them can fully explain and rebut until their full opinion and reasoning is clear.

I do agree with beto about ending the drug war, especially marijuana. This should be common sense.

Why dose it look like either of them not supposed too have noses or a nose

Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster

Well done, Senator for exposing Robert Francis for the fraud he is. It was so hilarious watching Beto the criminal lying in front of all America. Senator Cruz, it will be a pleasure watching you mop the floor with the socialist once again, if Beto even shows up next time.

Supporting Ted Cruz from Arizona!

Well, that was a bit one-sided. Beto was way better than I thought he would be, usually nice guys aren't so dominant.

I think that's the dumbest answer the Ted Cruz can give with regards to marijuana because what's going to happen is people are going to move out of Texas and move in two states that do have legal marijuana which is indirectly going to Cripple his economy but I digress

So Beto held Town Halls and listened to citizens' concerns in every county for a "photo op" but only showing up when there is a disaster is something to be proud of? Cruz is a joke. And does not seem to have the capacity for much critical thought.

NRA $ Cruz?

Cruz looks like a creepy vampire. I bet that he is so lonely, that he can't even get an imaginary friend.

Talking ted,,,tell you anything you want to hear

Positive video! Always keep making good content and you will expand quick! Subscribe to our channel and then we are going to subscribe to you!

Ted Cruz is such a shill

Beto just don't understand that the dreamers speak Spanish and still connected to families in Mexico, that's why Trump don't want chain migration. O'roar is being disingenuous for stating false facts. I'm surprised Ted didn't debunk that. I don't want Texas to end up in a state where US citizens can't order at Taco Bell just because they can't speak Spanish.

Ted cruz

one word for you beto: turtleneck. you're welcome.

So many inaccuracies in the first 6 minutes, and thats the first 6 of the entire video.

Its clear that Ted is a good debator. He is able to react to time crunch omissions and generate full naratives out of whole cloth. Premiums in ACA have gone up because of red states blocking 2 things: the expansion of medicaid the the public exchanges. This is intentional. it was a good strategy assuming no one in media would call them on it. Unfortunately they are correct that the "liberal" mainstream media has the same donors the the "Fox News" republicans. Pretty clever strategy.

Love you so much from California!

39:17 Scare those Texans with the word "socialized!" It's socialism! Run for your lives! Yet, there are hundreds of socialized progrmas in place that everyone loves. How about that military? Roads? Social Security?

He told them "illegal aliens" were going to ruin their Medicare while he himself (along with the rest of the GOP) are actively trying to eliminate the program.

29:17 "nation of laws not of men" huh, bet you wouldnt use that line in an immigration debate.

14:17 I'm very tired of this misrepresentation. The Dixiecrats left the Democratic party in DROVES to become Republicans because they opposed civil rights legislation. The elderly Southern Republicans of today are former Dixiecrats.

So many inaccuracies out of Beto in the first six minutes. And thats the first 6 out of the whole video.

O'Rourke should have responded back and spoke on those low costs in insurance was junk policies.

cruz reminds me of one of the parody characters from the Deep South. racist, mumble mouth who will say anything to get elected so he can have a salary and do little to earn the money.

what do you have to say about African American men being shot by police? Cruz, too many police offices are being killed.

At the 14:00 mark that f****r ted said the dixiecrats and Democrats were the racists who were against civil rights but what he failed to say was those DIXIECRATS and Democrats were moved into the Republican party also he didn't mention the Southern Strategy.

Ted Cruz voted the most punchable face in politics.

The debate questions were slanted against ted cruz. Ted Cruz needs to be smarter and have 1 on betos home court, but there needs to be one on ted cruz homecourt.

When they were supposed to say something nice about each other, Ted got shysty and tried to get 1 last dig at Beto by aligning him to Bernie Sanders. Ted has no class and is a dirty fighter like the Joaquin Phoenix character in Gladiator.

Cruz is the only candidate that follows the constitution. Beto is another weak, left wing, Anti-2nd Ammendment that belongs in San Francisco. I think Texas will make the RIGHT decision.

Did Ted Cruz reference The Washington Post???

Isn’t he a Democrat? After the events of the past year, I will never vote for a Democrat again.

Beto is Better!

ACA didn't make rates go up, the greedy ins companies did that

Texans lives aren't better with trickle down economics and deregulation hurts residents, employees and consumers. Cruz sucks.

Excuse me, Cruz, losing god from public square? ? No religion shall be promoted by any government (fed, state, local ) he clearly doesn't understand our Constitution.

Beto reminds me inspiring speeches of former president Obama

Go Beto. I'm in Washington State and I wish we had Beto

Cruz might be the disparaging corporate shill and slime ball people in this comment section know him to be; however, he ran with a aggressive and bullet point punching debate that swiftly and concisely got his views and agenda across. Being negative doesn’t definitively win debates, but if you can do so at pivotal moments; it certainly conveys an air of strength and dominance; something Beto didn’t have.

Love Beto!!

Ted Cruz. If your father was an immigrant then your words from your mouth is disgraceful...Your father must be soso much disappointed in you in your views and words as a son of immigrant father. Respect to Beto O'Rourke from MALAYSIA.

Yeah pandering to the minority vote Beto

Yeah Beto voted Obama and his socialist plan. This will lead to a weakened Texas.

Cruz tuens everything back into "I love guns! He must be pandering Texans.. He doesnt seem like a guy who carries, hunts..

How does anyone ever believe a word cruz says? If he had to sell used cars, he'd starve.

Beto O’Rourke needs more rethoric and Cruz is an old

Why does everyone like Robert Francis so much, he has been my congressman for 6 years. Besides give great speeches he has done nothing for our District.

Beto's passion for the USA and all of the people in it brought tears to my eyes. Cruz made me cringe.

Cruz is a 100% partisan. No convictions, no spine, no ethics.

Ted wiped the floor with Beto.

Rourke should check out Steven crowders video of illegals working

Cruz has a point about Obamacare..that's the chief flaw..the premiums. The VA system is going DOWN under Trump. I go to the VA all the time.. and it is getting worse, not better.

MM this is good. Are these two good actors or is this for real, they are bringing it! 30 minutes in. I don't know who is winning.

Beto was right on the Dreamers, but I believe Cruz was right about the national anthem debate and Police issues.

Yeahhhhhh Cruz isn't right about that. The US was built around protest. He wants people to sit down and shut up. And I'm from Alabama and see racist cops all the time. We need change.

There should be no live audience in these debates. This isn't the Jerry Springer show. These issues are too important for cheering and jeering as it wastes very limited time. Having the moderators constantly chiding the audience looks unprofessional and wastes additional time. The audience is at home - speak to them.

Beto has my vote!!!

YAY Impeach Trump.. just like they were "consumed with hatred" for Obama.

If Texas doesn't bring it home with Beto, you'll deserve Ted.

"more armed police officers in schools" we never had no guns in school.. NONE of this stuff happened when I was a kid. Not even stabbings or extremes of violence. Fights and stuff, yep. But not this extreme.

What does Beto mean saying African Americans can’t get Pell Grant?

A walking atrocity

I'm so grateful that I'm a Republican..These comments below show what Low I.Q Democrats are !Amen

Beto owned that lying snake Ted Cruz

"Fighting for Religious Freedom" including the Muslims? The only religious freedom they support is "Christian Hypocrisy"

I don't feel offended by the NFL taking a knee, and I am Veteran. Unlike Ted Cruz. He ain't a vet- just like most of the draft dodgin' republikan party.

Ted cruz proved the POS that he is at the end when asked what he repectas about his apponet.

Ted Cruz 2024

I bet Ted's wife is very similar to Brett Kavanaugh's wife. Did you see his wife in the Fox interview? He wouldn't allow her to speak. He took the question when it was asked to her. She looked like she wouldn't dare speak, that what he was saying wasn't true and I have a daughter who is her own person and if he did what he did to the second lady, she would have cut it off. I think her parents should do an intervention and get her and her daughters out of that household so they will grow and have a happy life.

That closing statement! #TeamBeto Texan ready to vote BLUE!

Beto... please legalise cannabis in texas! Sincerely a normal rational human being.

they need to have Ben Shapiro on here giving the police shooting stats. Cruz is afraid to do it maybe bc he’s afraid of the optics. I’d love to hear more debate on those specifics.

I think Beto should run for President in 2020.

Betos one hair strand is bothering me

demonrats like beto are anti american. they are obamas allies on the destruction of theUSA. its time to stop these evil people who tried to unseat a duly elected President DONALD J TRUMP. this is a election of good vs EVIL. come nov vote for the rightous the republicans. and stop the corruption by the demonrat party before its to late. GOD BLESS AMERICA .AMEN.

i can,t stand this lying ,liberal leaker beto. he reminds me of shumer the evil demonrat senator who wants open borders. come nov. vote for all republicans. keep texas red get out and vote.

With regards to immigration/the dreamers...I have two words for Cruz: Calgary, Canada! You "malinche!"


Poor Robert O'Rourke. Your supporters don't show up at the booths because they have to get out of bed before 2 PM.. You will get sent packing like Wendy Davis.

cruz is just awful. go Beto go. enough of this hate machine from the republicans.

Beto seems to represent the BEST OF AMERICA. He was willing to deal with issues and choose a stance that may not be popular but IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. That takes genuine courage and America now more than ever, needs people who are willing to stand up, not cower to a bully who is destroying and betraying America from within. The battle TODAY ISN’T ABOUT REPUBLICANS VS DEMOCRATS but for THE SOUL OF AMERICA. There are many good republican voters all around the states. Sadly, the Republican Party has betrayed its voters and by remaining quiet in the face of trumpism with its neo nazi support, the incarceration of innocent children, the support and admiration of dictators, of pushing away historically established friends, they have truly abandoned all that which is good for America. So yes, brave and sensible Republicans as well as Democrats have to view this next election as the battle for America’s soul. This has long surpassed party competition and issues, this is a FIGHT FOR AMERICA.


We don't want this lying DemonRat representing our great state.

I think Beto is the candidate the US needs. He’s the kind of guy just like the late and great John McCain who’s willing to work with anyone no matter what party they belong to.

Beto is a congressman for El Paso one of the worst cities overall in Texas if he can't even run a small City how can he do anything for Texas

I wish there was a third option. This two party system is BS. George Washington feared this.

So Teddy...since you've probably heard about your white cop hero being fired and charged with manslaughter for murdering a black man in his apartment, and your SCOTUS BFF has been revealed to be a rapey frat-boy, how does that little orange mushroom taste this morning? Worried about ya bro. You don't look so good.

After the way trump treated Cruz its unbelievable to see him spending so much time sucking his D!#$ what a coward and nothing like the Texans I know.

He can't get enough of that sweet sweet orange mushroom. He can get a new wife.

Hey Cruz, if so many cops are shot, maybe we have too many guns on the streets, time to talk about background checks and gun control? Oh, I forgot the NRA is sponsoring you?

Beto has my vote!!!!! DACA needs to be protected, Cruz is wrong!!!!!

I wish Ted Cruz would get deported

Beto for Senate!!

Anybody but her

This debate is trash on both sides god dam this is what we've come to.



I'm so happy to see all the awesome comments! As a former Texan, I wish all my fellows to vote for #BETO

Hearing at lying Ted I always feel nauseated.

I think it's pretty safe to say that whoever you supported at the beginning of the debate, you still support at the end.

Hope Cruz will trust Kavenaugh to make the decisions that will have positive impact on his daughters. RIGHT. Joke.... make way for the master..... JOKE JOKE JOKe. TEXANS KNOW you are on the wrong side of history. AND on the medicare..... sucks. ... My family are leaving because they cannot afford to stay. They have made application to immigrate.

O'Rourke is a race bater, which actually means he is a total racist.

Loving Ted Cruz more and more and more every day. I aplause Ted Cruz more and more and more every day.

If you vote blue just know that you’re a disgusting trader.

Why is ted cruz like he is?

Feels like Ted Cruz has more time to answer questions than Beto in this debate...

All tax cuts went to the top 1%. Make America Hate Again..... the dream is dead. Wall Street went to China 30 yrs ago. Walmart was part of that and the rush to the cheapest labor. REALLY.... Republicans own that.

wow!!!!!!!.......the sister of Rafael Cruz era drug addict!!!!!!! that guy will fight against drug adiction in texas state if he cannot avoid it in his own family???????

Thank you Ted!!!

When asked to find something they admired in each other, Ted Cruz copied what Beto said at first, then went on to attack him by way of Bernie Sanders! That right there shows you the true difference between the two. Beto is genuine, Cruz is a lying sad sack! I’m from California, where btw people are not leaving as Cruz said, but moving here in droves! I don’t know what the heck he was talking about! But, I’m rooting for Texas to vote for Beto O’Rourke, as I believe he will fight hard to make life better for every Texan! I wish he was running in California!

Ted Cruz got b**** slapped LOL

Ted Cruz is such a DESPICABLE excuse for a "human being"! It's time that the good people of Texas throw this piece of trash out where he belongs: in the garbage. Don't fall for his tricks..don't let him play you like a fiddle..#VoteBeto4Texas


But youre right

SirNerdly the way the system was intended to work was health care cost was supposed to be distributed amongst all the people. But with less and less people paying into the system, the prices are skyrocketing for thise that remain. When we went to that system( and im not saying it was perfect) but when we moved towards that system the u.s as we know it almost ceased to exist so the health law created a base of a new mini economy where we increased demands for decent jobs and we were able to get the economy rolling again. It may of run its coarse and there may be better ways to do things now , but at the time we were in dire straights so we needed something to get the economy rolling again

The opposite........ Without it, prices skyrocket as your health declines. With it, it's stuck with whatever it is and restricts the insurance company from hiking your price.

Who is O'Rourke? Just demolished Cruz... could Texas go Blue?

Texas soon will become independent and then part of Mexico again.

Very interesting time for MSNBC to lose live coverage...Are you telling me in 2018, one of the most well known news and media outlets in the world, has not figured out how to stream live coverage without a disruption? The timing is also showing a pattern, that these 'outages' may not be an accident...I am going to get some research together and find out what is going here...

Most dumbascraps campaign way farther right of how they act when elected. Snakes!

MAGA! TRUMP! CRUZ! "Build the WALL." BTW, when is this HUUUUGE rally by President Trump for Ted Cruz in Texas happens? Thanks! :)

Stop Race Baiting Beto

Ted Cruz is the definition of the appeal to emotion logical fallacy. Dude simply cannot keep pace with Beto.

I see a dumb wave on both sides. I’m and independent idgaf about all this he said she said bs you guys do with each other. I just vote for what’s best for my wallet and my rights. I don’t know why everyone is making politics into some sort of sporting event, but millennials tend to be some of dimmer lights out there, so I tend to expect the worst from them, not that my generation is going to turn out much better.

TED CRUZ effortlessly won this debate. I'm independent and I'll vote for Ted Cruz. What he said resonates me and my friends.

Cruz is a talking turd.

Cruz destroyed this guy.

Beato got owned

bruh... Ted Cruz gotta go.

Umm... What happened to the feed??? Come on

Go back to Canada looser ted

Looking at his face, I think Cruz is going to vote for Beto!

CraZy Cruz is stupid getem out

Cruz won that one hands down!!!

Why does O’Rourke speak EXACTLY like Barack Obama? Weird. I disapprove of him. Flat out liar.

I really hope people vote for the change they want to see.

Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto Beto

Ouch Beto you did not give cruz a chance to lubricate down there.

What a genuine guy. (Beto)

Dam I love Beto he has the swag and the words to back it. Were pulling for you big time Beto and pray you go for the Big Chair soon enough! Kennedy & O'Rourke soon to come!!

"Weapons of war" if only the jews had weapons of war when the nazi's came knocking on there doors history books would be alot more different.

Stfu cruze

Beto doesn't know anything about guns lmao his whole statement was stupid.

People suggesting that Beto is just another Obama do not take into account that Obama was a corporate robot like Cruz while Beto does not take any corporate Pac money.

Vote Beto!!!!!!!!!!

#tedcruz ftw

Ted cruz all the way period.....this guy is the new Obama all sorts of false hope. Great speaker thou

Thank you TED Cruz Keep TEXAS RED

I find it highly disturbing these leftist elitists are running a con game on immigrants who don't know any better. This is race pimping pure and simple. (reference Malcom X) The leftist agenda is unfair to those who are standing in line to become citizens the right way, not handed to them by people who just want to scam people for their votes. Where were these leftist morons for the last 2 decades while the left and the right have deported people left and right. Now its all of a sudden an issue, of course it is, they have no plan for america so they just pander to the people who will blindly vote for them.

"True to form."

O'rourke had three, maybe four, solid points, the rest was illogical, platitudes, inconsistencies, anecdotes, and catch phrases. Cruz had four or five answers that were off topic, but overall was direct, prescriptive, logical, and consistent. Even the moderators raised several questions that were pretty damaging to O'Rourke's positions or representation of Texans, to which he simply denied and rarely presented a rebuttal. They really didn't have any major 'gotcha' questions for Cruz.

"Beto" is a manchild.

Ted need to be retired we need new ideas tired of the same jokes!

Texans we HAVE to vote! Beto Beto Beto! Such a powerful message he's pushing!

Cruz constantly went over time, it was so annoying. And his supporter wouldn't shut up the whole time.

The next president of the United States. Beto !!! He's Obama and JFK mixed

We are not blind, not one positive comment on Cruz? Something fishy He is only for America first and the other guy is actually defending other than? I am not buying this bs comments being negative for Cruz and good for the other guy and I don't even like Cruz, but I am listening to their policies.

Both the moderators chase Cruz off his time—every time. But they let the democrat finish without a hassle.

I think even republicans are tired of Cruz, I know I am.

I'm a registered Democrat, but Beto gave irrelevant stories about going to counties. I think he answered one direct question out of 15 (I was counting). The other 14 he gave stories about El Paso and how he's a small business owner.

The moderator did not let them argue the 2nd amendment. You CANNOT support Hillary AND the 2nd amendment at the same time.

The way Ted raises his voice at certain moments is reminiscent of how a pastor gives a sermon. It's like "hey, when I raise my voice, it means you need to believe it, whether it is true or not". It's a common way of forcing peoples' opinions to be a certain way, instead of letting them develop their own opinions naturally. Also the fake sympathy is so obvious. Whenever he bring up a tragic moment and his face scrunches up. How do people not see that he's pandering by bringing up emotional events that have NOTHING to do with the question he is answering?

Ted Cruz has absolutely no backbone. Begging for Donald Trump's support after all that he said about him and his family shows cowardice. Further, seriously what has Ted Cruz done to help Texas? How has he ever fought for Texas?

I didn’t know there was a Dumb & Dumber Three

Republicans like to talk about the Constitution and liberty until someone doesn't stand for their Chinese made magic sky cloth. Claiming that you are "disrespecting the vets" is a complete strawmanning considering all vets took an oath to protect the right to free speech. Either you're for all speech or no speech at all and Ted Cruz knows nothing about liberty.


I"m no fan of either...buuuuut says he didn't say police are the "Modern Day Jim Crow"......Wanna bet? Here's the link. Skip to 1:15

Cruz makes me sick.

Not even if the NRA offers me a million dollars will vote for a person like Rafael "ted" Cruz. Beto For Texas! I will vote for Beto for FREE!!

I wonder if Ted Cruz knows that decriminalising drugs actually results in significantly reduced drug use.

Mr. Beto Goes to Washington!

Beto Vs. Beta.

Ted Cruz has the talk, but can tell all his words mean nothing, he just likes power and would do anything to keep it. Or maybe he just got bad Botox.

Beto in the 15min mark! My brownie!

Ted Cruz sucks. Vote for Beto O' Rourke and embrace the blue wave.

LoL it’s amazing to hear Beto debate and bring up how public schools need to get better Well public schools are this countries longest running socialist program and for as long as anyone can remember public schools are terrible and the teachers make almost nothing and yet he wants to fight to make the entire country socialist Everyone always says look at Venizuela! Why? All you have to do is look at public schools Wake up open your eyes and think stop being sheep eating whatever is put in front of you without question smh

Beto is a racist.

Pete Flores (R-Texas) won in south Texas in a border town. 1st republican to hold the position in 139 years. Roll Red Wave!

So... The impression I got is that both Cruz and O'Rourke came to talk about the Congressman's point of view.

Beto drink too much alcohol and drive no good

...notice how every comment below is against Ted Cruz....The Democratic party of Corruption is at work trying to deceive every person possible....Schumer decides all votes in the Senate, it would never be a first year Senator to do so, or that person will be kept off most committees. What's wrong with his neck on the right anyway

53:09 "True to form". Classic.

I see Ted has to add that Beto is a socialist, where Beto only stated positive remarks on Cruz.

Cruz is a slimeball & he is wrong in mimicking drumpf...but plug your nose and keep latino obama from lying to you and just being a turncoat once he is in power...dems never made Jorge Posada a citizen in 30 years then blame drumpf for his deportation IN VIOLATION OF SUPREME LAW OF LAND...CONGRESS PLENARY POWERS...uniform rule.... not being made dems talk immigration but what is result no different than repubs & drumpf

The latino obama wont stop until USA IS Europe...SOCIALISM DOESNT WORK...PERIOD!

Ted Cruz is the man. He got my vote.

Beto is the man!!! Go blue Texas!!

O'Rourke is a Leftist. If you want Leftism, then Texans should vote for him. He would fit very well in California. He also views people as members of groups and not individuals. Yep, a Leftist.

how many thoughts and prayers went to Cruz winning the 2016 election?


Cruz you are pathetic! I almost feel bad for you! I guess that is why Canada doesn't want anything to do with you.

I have never seen a more insincere person when i listen to Ted Cruz. He just reaks of BS. It's disgusting.

Beto and his anecdotes...

The Canadian's looking chubby these days. Is Teddy using food to try and heal his fractured soul?

Beto vs the Masturdebater

Liberals lose again!! Owww

Donald Trump called him 'Lying Ted'. He was, and still is, right.

Ted Cruz is a bald face liar

Beto is incredible.

Moist Lying ted or cool punk rock skater Beto???

Ted Cruz will win he’s got all the Christian voters on his side

Cruz was born in Canada.

At 46:30, Raphael saw his entire existence laid bare.

Go Beto!!!

Both are such "politicians". I'm so happy Trump is our President!

I was distracted by the difference between their necks

I have a question for a lot of the people in these comments. How do you know that Cruz is lying? Are you just judging by the way that he sounds or something else? Whenever Cruz talked about something, he provided evidence. When O'Rourke accused him of lying, O'Rourke didn't even provide evidence that Cruz WAS lying. A person can deny something all that they want, but that just makes it a claim not a fact. If O'Rourke wanted to highlight that he believed Cruz was lying, why would he not provide evidence of his lies?

Beto for President


ted Cruz is a liar!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a cruise Cruz. you'll be out of a job soon Texas is waking up. Vote for Beto vote for Beto

More like BETA O'Rourke...

Correlative studies show that the more guns a country has, the more shootings it has. Now, other research is showing that more guns equals more deaths. We need to base opinions on facts, not on fantasy.

God Bless Beto!.... may the voters of Texas do the right thing!

Want I come United Kingdom City

It's "Senator" asshat. That's his title, not "Republican".

BYE BYE Ted. Thanks Beto!

Ted Cruz is so weird and goofy its a wonder how he got elected in the first place.

come on ted, i hate you but i hate the other guy more. so i'm kinda for you, go teddy

Ted Cruz, You’re fired :)

Lying ted

Yeah ted talks trash about California and the truth is that he just wished his state was like California texas and Texan people hates California so much they envy because they and he knows that texas is big but the real superpower #1 economy in the nation is not texas it's california. We lead the way in almost all ways good and bad but we are the motor of the us technology wise money wise


Oh, and the band Foss sucks!

I find it funny how everyone in the comments, who probably never paid a red cent of property taxes or health insurance in Texas, think their opinions really matter here

"Audience, please settle down." 3 seconds later. "WOOOOOO"

Beto you will do great things! i genuinely have faith in your abilities

Happy Birthday Beto O'Rourke - Robert Francis O'Rourke, Sept 26, 1972, El Paso, Texas, U.S. !! :-) :-)

He prefers Beto. Don't know if you saw this but there's this cute baby picture of him with it printed on his shirt. Super adorable. Been his nickname since forever.

who won the debate? Ted Cruz

Who wants Texas to turn into California’s economy and let illegals flow into this country! Wooo! And Take away our scary rifles! What a soy boy

I thought Republicans are supposed to be a small government party, so why are they pro militarization of the police?

Just get this Morron Cruz out of the senate beto much better than this pathetic guy

Why is Cruz continuing to Polarize Law Enforcement and Citizens??

Hillary Clinton, you have got to be kidding me. Is that his strategy.

Dr King???

Ted Cruz is a fake a*******

Watching from Fl. Picked Obama for president, think O'Roarke will be as well.

I love Beto’s policies, but I wish he would speak up more about them. The American people are on our side, you have to let them know you’re fighting for them, and expose ted Cruz for the fraud that he is

Ted sounds way to arrogant. Beto actually sounds like he means it.

Cruz keeps overrunning his time, and is clearly the loser here.

Ted cruz is making it racial, NOT for texans.

One candidate chose to attack his opponents' mischaracterizations and misdirections. The other candidate chose to attack what his opponent DIDN'T say...Seriously how did Ted Cruz come into power when he can't even properly debate. Come on Texas, you're smarter than this.

Wasn't Mr. Cruz senior here in the states for decades before becoming a citizen? Texas citizens need to look into the facts about Ted's father then make a decision.

Hope Beto O'Rourke wins the election. We need Honesty and loyalty to Texas.

Cruz is such a slimeball, idk how people fall for his BS and it is so obvious he only cares about the interest about those who give him the most money. This is coming from someone who is fairly moderate and can't stand most of the democratic party either.

You Beto Vote!

I'm not a Texan, but... BETO. The man is Shock Top on draft, and Cruz is Steel Reserve in a tin foil cup.

shock top on draft....worst beer ever

If you believe in abortion, You'll never have my vote.

Can we please deport these illegal criminals, only think they can dream about is legally coming over here as they should had.

Ted cruz is just trying to protect Texas citizens and trying not to make Texas turn into Chicago Beto only want's the votes to screw us over lol

Beto is a typical Progressive of today. Pandering to illegals, politically correct, and anti-American! Just what the majority of the useful idiots on this comments section love. SMH


i do not agree with ted.... he must of been drunk when he said this. didnt he chide Cruz for lying when he brought it up??

Beto shall be a footnote and forgotten just like Wendy Davis

I cant believe ted cruz seriously just tried to use the historic republican party to prove his support of racial equality. Cheap shot that only people who dont know American history would try to use. A majority of republicans in the deep south actually voted against the civil rights act of 64 sooo

Ted Cruz just showed Beto for the fool he is

Anyone else notice Beto got 15 seconds less for his closing speech than Cruz or is it just me?

Cruz wants to make it about political party. Beto wants to make it about people.




Cruz wants to make schools into military bases.

Beto has a tense neck. Poor guy

Ted Cruz






I would vote Cruz without batting an eye. Sure Cruz tends to say negative things about Beto but they’re all relevant. Cruz has way better arguments and Betos arguments are not as good as Cruz’s. Plus I’m not going to consider anyone who believes in abortion or keeling for the anthem.

Ted Cruz looks like the second-hand car salesman who will tell you everything that he says IS SO GOOD ABOUT THIS CAR YOU ARE LOOKING AT. Beto O'Rourke has a much more TRUST-WORTHY demeanor.

no Beto doesn't and you don't know.

Cruz is one creepy dude. Texas should be embarrassed this dude represents them in any capacity.

Um... What debate did y'all watch? Beto got CRUSHED.

Did Beto say in the beginning of the video he wants Texas to leave the United States

Cruz absolutely killed it and won. Beatoff Orourke lost.

I love beto

O'Rourke destroyed this phony!

Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment Right, Pro - Law Enforcement, Pro-Lawful Immigration = Vote Cruz.

Beto is the new face of debating. Instead of focusing on Cruz and attacking him (like Cruz does to him) he focuses entirely on the issues and what we need for this country. To me, that's what we need for our country to get back on it's feet again. That's what we need to right so many wrongs. Cruz is old hat and needs to go away.

Prohibition doesn’t work

Ted actually sounds like a Texan.

I love it the people in the beginning were screaming ted at the beginning

IM confused . Is Cruz For or Against the 1st Amendment?

Peto for intellect ... Cruze for emotion, Reminds you of someone?

O'rourke is a drunk, could have killed someone. He has no business in public service, and his constant virtue signaling is pathetic.

Tick Tock, Ted. Better start brushing up your resume.

Mike Schremmer Did u see ted had 4 times more supporters there.

Beto Doesn't grasp that by lowering stagnating choking tax rates, you increase commerce and business, which is good for people, AND good for the government revenue, because Beto, we know you aren't much of an economist, but you make more money on a hot day selling lemonaide at $.50 than you do at $5. Please try to grasp that lowering taxes that are too high INCREASES GOVERNMENT REVENUE, and the numbers have proved it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Meanwhile it opens up the economy providing more opportunities for business, which means more jobs, which means more wealth for everyone. And stop acting like there is a finite amount of wealth that needs to be split up fairly. A good economy and Capitalism is good from the top to the bottom, and there is no finite amount of wealth that needs to be divided, UNLESS you live in a socialist Country that limits the financial engine of the free market, and then gives each poverty stricken component of the population it's ration. Only indoctrinated fidiots believe you have to rob the rich to provide for the poor. It is a lie.

There's no question that Beto is the more charismatic. He's more concise, preaches unity, and is objectively better looking. It's truly commendable that he toured every county in Texas and listened to the people. Cruz on the other hand comes off as petty and partisan. He is also a proven liar. All that being said, I can't support O'Rourke's policies. He's pro-infanticide, pro-sodomy, and pro-socialism. Call me a bigot, but I feel I have no other choice than to hold my nose and cast my vote for Cruz. I wish there was another conservative.

Beto Beto Beto

Dear Senator Cruz and people who want to vote for him , (I'm sorry for any mistakes in advance English is only my 3rd language and I'm a little drunk ;)) After I listened to you talk about the school shooting / gun violence I had to write a comment, that you will probably never read. Still gonna write it. I'm German, I live in and am from Berlin. Eastern Germany is one of the , if not the, least religious regions in the world. "removing God from the public square" is not the reason your gun death rate per capita is astronomically higher than ours. You do not need a God to morally know , that shooting an innocent human being is wrong. "God" and the other 999 "Gods" did not and will not protect these students/victims of gun violence in general. Laws will. You are allowed to carry a gun if you get a licence for that in Germany and like with our drivers licence ,the requirements to own a gun , are higher than yours. Which means two things, we are better drivers and have basically 16 times lesser gun deaths. Every lunatic has easy access to a gun in your country. And that is a problem and God will not help you solve that problem since God isn't the one who makes the laws. There has been and always will be people with mental issues, it is your responsability (politicians/lawmakers) to ensure that these people are not allowed to legally own guns.More guns means more deaths. Simple math. Armed police officers or teachers in school are in no way a solution , it is pathetic that as a western country you need police officers at school in general. It is pathetic that year after year (Parkland, Santa Fe , Las vegas etc. and thousands of others gunned down) you still think it has nothing to do with easy access to guns but with "removing God from the public square" Well here we are I live in a country with more than 50 % Atheists, but it is 16 times more likely that I will never be gunned down in my country than in the U.S. I also pay only 90 Euros for my healthcare a month and I'm fully covered for everyhing, and I pay only 290 Euros per semester which also includes my public transporation fees. Good to be European ;)

"thoughts and prayers for victims! May God watch over us!" I'm sick of hearing this.



If bringing guns into school will not save children, then why is the first response to a school shooting the deployment of armed men into the school.?

Cruz is right, the only thing that will stop mass shootings that target unarmed gun free zones, are armed citizens, police officers, whatever. And opinions from target shooters about gun control will not change this reality. It is also quite accurate that Cruz pointed out that the guns are not the cause of mass violence. It is culture, and in my personal opinion, drugs, including and especially the over-prescribed psychotropic drugs given to virtually every mass school shooter. Apparently adolescence needs to be medicated now, and 99% of young school shooters are medicated. Gee I wonder what happened to their natural inhibition against a very real evil. Well they have been medicated to see reality from the outside. A game.


It seems cruz is opportunist like trup he will do anything without hesitation ,he will say something and moment he will change it for his benefit , I am wondered he did not change the party since the other party looks better and have more chance to win !!!!

Beto is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I don't trust him he sounds like another globalist.

Mark my words multiculturalism will be the death of all Western Civilization.

Also if the right is fascist why is it that on all social media outlets conservatives are being banned and silenced? I still haven't seen one antifa group get banned yet and they are classified as a terrorist group.

If a illegal gets into our country and murders someone or rapes someone that is a crime that could have been avoided if they never made it across the border. I'm from South Texas the Valley to be exact and I can tell you we need more strength on our borders.

The same way how letting in thousands of Jews during the Holocaust is humanitarian even though people all around the world called them violent. I live in a Mexican neighborhood. Many of them first generation immigrants. They're all great people. You don't understand the problem. You're being manipulated by people lying to you. QAnon, Right-wing news, all of it is running the fascist ideologies. And before say "it's not fascist, the liberals are fascists" ... You're wrong. Far Right conservatives are fascists. Complete with immigrant camps and telling people not to believe facts. Check all the annotations at the bottom if you want sources to every claim. You're being brainwashed

This guy has good intentions but has spoken multiple times about how it's a bad thing that Trump is not allowing the criminal migrants in and how we need to have more humanitarian values. What's humanitarian about letting in hundreds of thousands of migrants that are violent? This guy is a globalist I've listened to multiple speeches it's very clear what he is aiming for. I don't like Cruz either but I really don't like this shill.

Also... You gotta chill with the QAnon stuff... It's an ARG. It's not real.

I am not Texan but This Beto guy is very intelligent and cruz is cruzing to attack only does not have any answer for the question he asked

36:00 Oh, please Raphael Cruz! The Affordable Care Act did not make it harder to afford insurance and not get to keep your doctor etc. The INSURANCE Companies determine what doctor you get to see. Your INSURANCE determines what CARE you get, no matter how significant your medical need is. The Affordable Care Act essentially gives the INSURANCE Companies MORE MONEY through tax credits. It's a step in the right direction, because it helps more people be able to have health insurance, however, it is a mere baby step. We need Medicare for All, so that insurance PREMUIMS and DEDUCTIBLES are no longer an issue. The cheapest insurance I've seen through the FREE MARKET of Insurance companies is about $200.00 per month with an annual deductible of about $6,000. That's 6,000 + 200(12) = $8,400 per year paying for PRIVATE INSURANCE and getting only a PERCENTAGE covered! You still have to pay copays on top of that, and the company will cover a PERCENTAGE of your care! Medicare for All would be more like paying $8,000 in taxes per year with NO COPAYS, NO DEDUCTIBLES, and FULL COVERAGE of your care.

The ONLY reason Cruz wants more guns is because the GOP is in bed with the NRA.The NRA is the one who pays for their campaigns.In Argentina for example,there are NO school shootings and never were,because the ones who use guns are qualified people who have to go through an extensive psychological test and background check.Thats why.The NRA is a cancer on the U.S.

send ted cruz to where they came from

Bravo Beto.YOU are what the U.S needs.I hope someday you run for President.

he actually should, he's like Obama but he is not a Corporatist puppet

Beto is awesome, Texas is lucky.

Hello... Alabama here... You do realize who enforced Jim Crow, right? It was the police..... That means if there's a movement... It's them doing it..... Did you not study southern history? Or any history.....? Next you're going to be offended that the Gestapo were cops too...

I hope people go out and actually vote. Likes and comments on YouTube won't be counted as ballots.

Metal detectors, more rights taken away, so we should continue being turned into a police state? VOTE or die under tyranny.

Robert Ace I know we need to keep Texas red

C'mon texans do the right thing vote Beto, get rid of douches like Cruz and his lying red faced cronies.

Wow...Texas you have a great could have a Senator that actually cares about you!! A good honest Senator..born in El Paso Texas...Vote For O'Rourke!!!!!!!

He (Cruz) did say something that he (O'Rourke) did NOT say @10:59.

I love how Cruz lies... O’Rouke never said white police he just said police

Taking a knee was the compromise that Kapernik arrived with his GI in which he (the GI) saw no disrespect... look at the interview

Cruz could have handled things a little better but I think it was about a “tie” on to the next one

Beto for president, love his demeanor, his humility and great intellect.

Everything Ted Cruz says makes me want to punch him. Everything he says is dishonest, misleading, divisive and propagandistic. He brought up religious freedom, yet people like him keep ignoring the part where it says that religion and government should remain separate. It’s sickening!

At 8.35, here's an idea, Ted: REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT...

Notice how Beto turns his dwi incident into a race issue. Gtfo. Vote Cruz

Beto was definitely playing in Ted's sandbox. One-on-one debate is Cruz's specialty.

Cruz is such an SJW. He doesn’t think it’s politically correct to kneel for the anthem.

African Americans account for 13 percent of the population but 33 percent of shooting victims (by police) we have something wrong? You're strongly pushing that the police are at fault (and certainly they are, I despise most police) but are to much of a coward to say maybe theirs a problem with black culture that they are in these situations (remember his fact included legitimate shootings)? God I hope Texas gets this one right, we don't need another fact twisting coward in washington. Good luck boys.

ted cruz is so typical and rehearsed.

Beto is Literally a socialist who wants to raise taxes ban guns and have open boarders and you fools are head over heels for this man

God bless you Ted sick of seeing these ill informed comments. Beto is funded by George Soros he is a puppet to the Democratic Party and will do nothing but try and continue what Obama did for 8 years of his failed presidency (nothing) he talks the talk yes, but at the end of the day he is NOT for you the people of this great state of Texas open your eyes. Keep Texas red

All Cruz is doing is attacking Beto instead of focusing on the questions, and talking about red vs blue, we're Americans first stop dividing us.

Hi, who should I vote for, Beto, or Cruz, why?

Thank NBC for hosting the debate between the two senate candidates. Have not checked if the same is done for Governors

"True to form" - Beto LMAO. Get rid of Cruz!

Beto is so out of touch. Not everything is about race and socialism doesn't work Beto.

Be blue Beto blue

Beto for prez

This is the United states of America not the Confederate states of a patriot for your country..wave the right flag the other is disrespectful to your country

The audience broke the rules when the non Republican began about excessive force and the reliance on uneconomical equipment such as body armour or worse still riot gas and protection of fascist sympathisers or political groups taking advantage of unsolved crime which Ted seemed to accuse him of. Maybe someone knows who Jim Crow was.

People who wave the Confederate flag disrespect the flag of the United states of America..but no one talks about that

Beto drunk while driving coward ran away from accident DUI charges

Cruz’s fake empathy demonstrates his lack of conviction and spine. What a lizard

CRUZ for the win. Beto? No thanks white Obama

We need immigrants to do jobs americans wont do? Democrat said the same thing about slaves..........Democrats clearly have and issue with law enforcement and our immigration laws it fair to just say, just say that maybe the reason more people of color are in jail is more people of color commit crimes? .........criminal justice reform is a democrat code word for soft on crime to appease the blacks who commit a far great proportion of the violent crimes in this state. ..... if an illegal alien rapes your daughter or kills your son will you own your vote for beato as you voted for your child own death if you voted democrat. They support NO ENFORCEMENT and hillary could not even say deport.


Both anchors were not prepared to host this Debate. Ted Cruz exceed the 90s, 60s and 30s rules. None of the anchors asked to have his mic cut off and informed him that he was exceeding time. Shame NBC, should've picked better journalists to host such important event.

I cannot believe that Senator Cruz used his late sister as a political punch to try and extract empathy from the crowd and animosity towards Beto. This really is a man of no morals.

Very good video! Keep on producing worthy content and you can expand really fast! Subscribe to our channel and then we shall subscribe back to you!

"Senator Cruz, your time's up."

Lol teddy mopped the floor of that liberal waste

Pull Grant only gives to non blacks?

Beto will put in policies that destroy what makes Texas great

Who has a record and who does not.

Ted Cruz looks like a greasy used car salesman who lives in his mother's basement and jerks off to dreams of being a stain on American politics. Cruz IS the poo emoji.


Cruz's face looks like a wax statue that has been left by a fire for just a little too long and begun to melt.

Ask any historian that doesn't have exceptionally partisan motivations and they will tell you that there was some definitive flip-flopping of political ideals from 1910's to 1940's that became firmly cemented in and around the Civil Rights movement in the 1950's and 60's as what is essentially the reverse of the partie's ideologies before the start of the Progressive Era. The reason for this is the horrific working conditions, poverty, and corporate trusts and abuse of power in the guilded age, and the attempts to stimulate the economy in the Great Depression. The cementation of ideals was due to (and this isn't exactly a secret) Democratic support of civil rights and vehement opposition by Republicans. I mean just compare and contrast Theodore Roosevelt and FDR. They hold a lot of similar ideals but Teddy is republican and FDR is democratic. This wasn't a coincidence people, both Roosevelts cracked down on large corporations, monopolies, and trusts

rain tax lol

yeah i am ultra conservative and i even think Beto is going to win. Trump trashed him on live TV and he's just been in his office for too long, I think people are sick of him. But who knows.


I think they both are a little misinformed

So someone kills somebody in their own home but they shouldn't be penalized for that because it was a mistake? I'm a more moderate conservative and the argument Cruz gave was extremely weak. It was HIS home! She committed manslaughter. Not only that but Cruz tried to change the story by changing the subject. Texans, make the right choice. Vote BETO!

Beto did a great job handling Cruz’s tendency to lie.


Ted Cruz sure does have a purdy mouf..

I wish I could move to Texas right now and vote as many times as I wanted against Ted Cruz


O'Rourke missed a chance when he did not push back about the Dixiecrats. He should have ask Cruz what happened to them. Which party did they join once they left the Democratic party? So Cruz is proud to be in the party that embraced these people in their fold.

That audience proves that the dumbest are often the loudest.

Ted Cruz saying he's in the pary of Lincoln is like saying Sam Darnold is in the team of Joe Namath.

My first exposure to Beto O'Rourke...this guy is very good, smart, capable, the right choice for Texas.

Texans why do you have to register one month in advance to be able to vote? I am from Denmark, and in my country any citizen receives a ballot by mail from when they are 18 years. You go to the polling station and there is a list with all the names of local voters, where you are registered with an ID-number, the same number which is on the ballot. You give the ballot the constituents at the polling station and they give you another ballot, which has the names of all the candidates and parties (as we have a multiparty-system). The constituent may or may not ask for your birthday, address, or in some cases photo-ID. Having to register one month in advance to be able to vote at the day of the election is actually a sophisticated form of voter suppression. In the U.S. there are special interest groups, mainly or exclusively Republican, who are trying to manipulate large voter groups to stay away from voting. Statistically these groups are especially young people and low-income people. These groups have a dire interest in casting a vote. The average student debt in the U.S. is more than two trillion dollars and it is devastating for the U.S. society, that millions of people are forced to pay off on a loan with high interest for sometimes a full lifetime. And the minimum wage in Texas is certainly not among the highest in the U.S. Why do you not want a high voter turnout in a vivid democracy?

Noting but crap news with all the politically motivated camera angles.

What self respecting Texan would EVER vote for a Canadian over a born and raised Texan??

Ted Cruz with the easy dub

From 2017: Yachts of Trump financial backer, Russian oligarch seen close together Mercer Cambridge Analytical both collded with Russia and backed both Trump and Cruz campaigns and hadle internet.

Cambridge Analytica worked for Mercer-backed Ted Cruz before ... Mar 21, 2018 - Cruz's supporters spent just as much money with Cambridge Analytica as ... What role Cambridge Analytica, Russia, the mainstream media's ...

How Putin's oligarchs funneled millions into GOP campaigns ... › Opinion › Commentary May 8, 2018 - New allegations about $500k in payments from a Russian oligarch ... Trump lawyer Michael Cohen got money from AT&T, firm tied to Russian oligarch .... Cambridge Analytica had worked on digital marketing for Cruz ...

I like individual freedom, I'll get more of that under Cruz, so he has my vote

Lyin Ted

BETO the man



Great debate. Hope Beto wins!

lively debate. The winner is determined by ones own political view points. Cruz is pretty much hated by everyone in the senate even those in his own party but not for reasons I see posted in these comments. They hate him because he doesn't just toe the party line and calls out republicans almost as much as he does democrats. Beto is a liberal but its unclear just how far left he leans. In this debate he seems to cater somewhat to the moderates in Texas which isn't how his voting record dictates. I think in a nutshell both candidates are going after the middle and softening their tone so as not to offend the undecided. It will be very difficult to defeat Cruz on his home court. The publicity this race garners will bring Republican voters out in mass. At that point it is a numbers game and Republicans in Texas outnumber Democrats. It is good though that the Democrats have provided a candidate that even has a chance. Discourse is very important in a constitutional republic.


Topics Covered: 2 min - Dreamers and undocumented people 7 min - Police use of violence 12 min - Athletes' protest during national anthem 16 min - Kavanaugh sexual assault hearing & allegations 21 min - Gun background checks & assault weapons ban 26 min - Cruz cooperation with Trump 30 min - O'Rourke DUI 35 min - Large # of Texans w/o health insurance 39 min - Trump's trade policy 44 min - "Texas values" 48 min - Tax policy 51 min - Something one admires about the other 53 min - Closing statements

Hey Ted Cruz! Guess who else wants to decriminalize All drugs? I'll tell you! He's a Libertarian and his name is ex governor Gary Johnson as does 71% of libertarians. So Ted Cruz are you a Libertarian or not?

+Gabtube252 Right!!! So True!!!

Ted Cruz is only a libertarian when it comes to rich people's taxes

"[Self serving] Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."

I would much rather get shot by an AR15 in a non vital spot then get shot with a .45 or .50 cal handgun.

Man, Cruz is a butt.


haryn Merida you literally banned bendy straws, stfu

I know where my vote is going, & it's not for Beto :)

Ted "The Zodiac Killer" Cruz

Beto O'Rourke is an honorable human being and American. Ted Cruz is a liar and a hack. His children will attest to that. Texas, please do the right thing and vote Cruz out of office. Mr O'Rourke is a better candidate, more honest, and a better human being.

Beto O'Rourke, you will see his true color when he's put in office. He is part of the Demonic Party

Ted Cruz saying that Beto stated that "Police is shooting unarmed african american children"... Me: Rewinding... Not finding that statment... Was it cut or is he simply in 2018 still to dump to remember that everyone can immediately fact check that statement? -____-

Enthusiasm, energy = Beto Honesty, easy and flawless speech (from heart) = Beto Attacking opponent= Ted Convincing, persuasive and non partisan speech = Beto Unifying speech= Beto Strategies to gain public Trust= Ted Leadership= Beto motivating constituents= Ted Consistency= Beto Decency (positive note towards opponent)= Beto.

Oh good, Ted Cruz is praying for us.

Cruz lost this groveling bush ohhh bush

Beto is the man. He is running circles around Cruz. Please Texas give the people a chance.

Beto ftw

terrible questions

@14:15 omg lmfao and here we see Ted Cruz knowingly appealing to uneducated voters. He knows full well that this is only half true and that all of those "Dixiecrats" were welcomed with open arms into the Republican party precisely BECAUSE of the Civil Rights act and Nixon's Southern Strategy. To say that the GOP of today is anything close to the GOP 60 years ago, let alone 160 years ago is hilarious. Ted Cruz knows this full well and is counting on his supporters being too ignorant of history to be aware of it.

Beto looks like he's gonna knock a mf out

Beto seems cool. I hate political parties too. Condescending douches on two sides blaming people.

I like Cruz now. Oh and at 42 or 43 minutes this video takes a dump in the midst of the debate.

the REAL issue here is, what party has done MORE for America in the last 2 years? The answer is simple, Trump and the republican party has done more for America in the last 2 years than the liberal democrats did in 8! FACTS don't LIE, BETO can say all he wants, he can even pretend to be Hispanic....but in the END all the smooth talking in the world doesn't add up to anything. Cruz, (though I can't stand him personally) is Republican, and he belongs to TRUMP's party, the party that is IN FACT making America a better place!!! This is WHAT the democratic party did to California: Beto wants to make Texas like California. A VOTE for BETO is NOT's just plain STUPID!!

Ted '' i was there and this is how i felt '' Cruz

Around 22:00 losing religion is a cheap argument in an overwhelmingly Christian state

Nice. Beto has been charged with 2 Felonies. And the only reason he got off is because his Daddy is a Judge. This is who you're gonna vote for? Liberals would crawl into bed with Satan himself, if they thought he would further their agenda...

But Ted, you’re for small govt yet you’re spending money on body armor... bro, you’re just a liberal with a different agenda. Yeah, that’s what republicans are.

We have a criminal justice system that has failed so many in this country. We all know why

By the way Ted, the American Dream is only there for those with money.

I like beto but I was talking to a customer I met at work her name is Sandy, Sandys from Harris county Texas and she told me "Beto is nice but he's always referencing random people" and I looked sandy in the eyes and I'm like "you're right, it's like he's a reptile that's trying to pretend to be relatable to us humans"

Vote for beto!

Ted just seems fake, if you don’t notice it....... Well we know where your vote will go. Best of Luck

Cruz makes me ashamed of being Cuban How do I register to vote in Texas? I think I missed my chance to register

The leftists are naive, stupid, hypocritical without any common sense!

If O'Rourke was more moderate or even an independent I think he'd have a much better chance. I don't believe Texas will go blue this election.

A grass-roots movement for universal health care. Go Beto! From Louisville, Kentucky

O'Rourke won this debate hands down!!!!! He cares for our immigrants. I think he is for building bridges, not building walls and keeping these people out who truly needs our help!!!!!!!!!! VOTE TED OUT!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

If you are paying attention, you will vote for O'Rourke!!!! He will be the only person who will make our lives better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nbc sucks so much.

Vote Republican if you want more jobs and less crime and keep your guns and pay lower taxes !

Defeat Beto

The footage is messed up at 44 minutes but gets better at 45. Beto is an inspiration. Watch the documentary The Best Democracy Money Can Buy to learn more about the voting system in this country and how the Koch brothers and republicans influence crosscheck and throwout votes because of similar names, absentee ballots, and caging

Never seen a better Senator than Ted Cruz. #Republican

did that mf just say “killary clintion” BOY 17:59

Ted Cruz is the biggest piece of garbage.

“Why would the people of Texas support Ted Cruz when he has accomplished nothing for them? He is another all talk, no action pol!” tweeted Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

Beto O'Rourke is a typical left-wing loon, Cruz will definitely get my vote, there's no way I'm going to let a California Democrat infect Texas

Can people stop with this "putting an armed officer" in schools? This is madness, I know the NRA is deep in your pockets but c'mon.

Basic Democrat vs Republican debate. One gives constructive answers, the other just babbles on. Please don't let dumb America win another election.

Sheet, Cruz comes off as some greasy, bush-league bible-thumping evangelist. C'mon, Cruz is representing you? Have you no dignity?

Beto 2020!!!!

Who is for Beto

Cruz > Beto !!!!!

C'mon TEXANS, do away with the 2nd amendment and start LIVING ur lives PEACEFULLY !

Thanks for posting! And Beto...thanks for running.

Cruz just seems like a nasty guy and doesn’t come across as being at all sincere.

Beto the truth

Dumbold controls cruz

Go Beto

Soooooooooooooo I guess no one knows anything about economics 101 in this comments section..........

Ted Cruz rely on a ruse He is false news What a pray gonna do? Money, money, I found all his views Plus his face is funny he might be a moose But really he a scummy excuse that make up the truth.

Two idiots...just flip the coin.

Anyone else's video glitch at 43:40?

Cruz says socialized medicine is a mistake but as a senator... what kind of insurance does he have? hmmm....

Cruz: Legal. Good. Illegal. Bad. Kenobi: Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

If cruz loses again he'll b a big loser

Beto is a dishonest lying socialist

"Legal good, illegal, bad." How did Cruz get this far in life having such a black and white view of the world? Not everything is either or. Since when do we punish children for the crimes of their parents? Trump said it best :)

Beto is for the people. Cruz is for party. #VoteBeto

As a Native texan, Beto > Cruz.

The revolution is on its way my friends


*wait a minute this is not Michael Jackson*

What's with the lost video around 42:00?

I'm not a Democrat but I just get the feeling that Beto actually cares about average Texans! I have to respect Beto's honesty in his responses. He gave answers that weren't the same political mumbo jumbo and are not particularly popular in Texas. I appreciate that - no spin! He answered the questions. Cruz answers had a lot of spin. I'm tired of that. Plus, I can't get over how Cruz let the insult to his wife and father take a back seat. That's not Texan!

Robert O'Rourke sure played identity politics to the fullest extent during this debate.


Illegal is not synonymous to bad and walls wont work idk why this is such a hard concept to grasp

This is an election about the second amendment, which according to this comment section is no longer important to Texas. I can’t vote for a candidate who refers to AR-15’s as weapons of war and it should be the same with any second amendment respecting Texan. Vote for freedom this election. Beto O’Rourke is a classic radical democrat disguised as a moderate and we can’t have him as our senator.

Betos neck vains are about to explode

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this sleazy, boring, fake "patriotism" dude, aka Ted Cruz an illegal immigrant from Canada? Please deport this fool now. ...and for the record, taking a knee has NOTHING to do with disrespecting our military, and yes, I'm a U.S. Marine.

Lyin ted using dead police as a crutch for his weak arguments

Cruz is a blob fish with no dignity. He sold his soul to Trump.

Cruz took a big fat L...

dang... beto got owned pretty hard.

here's what I don't get. if you don't care about legal immigration why not just have everyone renounce their citizenship to the federal government and just let us all be on the same page? oh right, cause you want those of us with special numbers to finance your big clunky machine.

So apparently Beto didn’t say this? I’m pretty sure that’s him

go o'Rouke

100% stand behind beto,

I don’t like either but from purely an objective standpoint Cruz is destroying Betos arguments

Beto O'Rourke full of cookie words. I vote for (TED CRUZ) is the man for the biggest lone star of Texas

TED CRUZ for the big lone star Texas!!!....GOD bless Texas.

If you have any common sense at all you’d vote for Cruz... socialism doesn’t work... don’t ruin Texas.. vote Cruz... seriously Beto didn’t even dispute upping taxes and hurting low income families more.. seriously why would you follow that. Blows my mind... if you start looking at what Beto didn’t dispute it’s a real eye opener.

Beto is young positive smart and inclusive of all people despite race he speaks truth to power whenever he speaks he’s focused and stays on point not race baiting like Cruz. Cruz is out dated racist angry and corrupted by special interest money and if he won’t defend his father and his wife that tells you everything you need to know about that demagogue he’s a race baiter and a liar. Texas needs someone new and Beto is that man not lying Ted

They should have given them time to actually rebuttal

I’m making sure I’m voting for Beto

TEXAS BEWARE!!! Every time a democRAT has taken over a state, city, or county, they have completely destroyed it. Look at California, New York, New Jersey, etc.

Lyin Canadian Born Cruz. Cant have the manhood to stand up to his own wife's abuse from his orange cheeto

Beto is truly exceptional, I’m voting blue for the first time!

Vote beto

I just realized, this video was posted on the NBC Fake News channel hahaha

Beto is a lying hypocrite that will say ANYTHING to get elected VS. Cruz who does what he says in his already established Senate record fighting for people’s rights and the rights of Texas.


Ted Cruz is a liar. He always stand behind Trump and GOP, not constitution.

Beto is more personable than Cruz but has all the wrong positions. And he is no less a politician than Cruz. Everybody pretends to be all moralistic until they get into office blah blah blah. Like O'Rourke criticizing Cruz on using eminent domain for the border wall even though he supported it when he was in El Paso. Politics sucks.

There's going to be a lot of people upset when Ted wins. Those new age Communists called Democrats, are going to cry a river of blue. Winning Winning and Winning Jobs Jobs and Jobs! God bless President Donald J Trump.

Beto, sweetie, I like you more than Ted Cruz but you need to relax those shoulders and quit being so stiff. I thought you were going to snap in half the entire time I watched this. The classic politician finger point is a classic, but for your sake I'd switch up your hand gestures.

God bless Sen. Ted Cruz . Leo Packer. Houston Texas

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Beto sucks

Cruz should lose this election just by the “say something nice about your opponent” bit.

Beto needs go california, he on move make texas mexico...a unlivable condition like california become.

Businesses are giving pay raises? Maybe a few but to say they're giving pay raises and bonuses because of Donnie Trump's tax breaks for the rich is ludicrous! Businesses have been sitting on piles of money since Obama brought us out of the recession. He's just trying to justify being a corporatist who relies on their money to fund his campaign. Whereas Beto doesn't rely on corporations to fund his campaign. It comes from PEOPLE! What a difference! Come on Texans do the right thing and don't be stupid like you did voting for Trump you idiots!

I don`t like ted cruz, but beto in some areas seem sketchy to me. I think I just won`t vote :/

crazy that Ted Cruz's father fought for Castro. smh

Cruz shut the government down and kept my family out of work for weeks in a national political battle instead of supporting the people of Texas when we needed him. True to form. Beto For Texas

100% Beto won! Cruz is a complete Lying stuttering disgrace.

Beto is like a breath of fresh air he just doesn't know how to get the idiots clapping like Ted does

Cruz just speaks using buzz words over and over i feel bad for Beto hes trying to use well thought out answers and replys but he needs to speak to people like there idiots like Ted

Beto's neck is freaking me out.

If you have a brain Beto won, but went to soft on the lying, disgusting Cruz. If you don't have a brain Cruz looked great, and smashed Beto.

Texas, your vote matters. Vote the better option, Beto!!!

Classic appeal to emotion fallacy. Even if she did die of an OD and was addicted to illegal drugs, legalizing and regulating them would likely make drugs safer. Plus, if someone is addicted, the way to make them better certainly wouldn’t be to lock them up! The very fact that drugs are criminalized leads to a lot of overdose deaths. People with substance abuse problems are afraid to come forward and seek proper treatment, since they don't want to be arrested and jailed. It also doesn't help that we often lack affordable mental health treatment, so many people self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

Ted Cruz wakes up everyday thinking he is white yet his name is Raphael and his dad is Cuban. Know your roots Ralph!

I heard this kumbaya BS in 2008. If BO falls in line and does the bidding of the dem leftists, Tejas will be shooting itself in the foot.

Beto orouke did say police are the 'new jim crow' and made several comparisons between jim crow and law you impied it as well after you called them new jim crow...ted cruz called him out and beto denies denies denies...he was caught and he knew it. My cousin was there when he said it and has it on video...

Go Ted Cruz !!!!

Keyboard warriors don't represent the working man in Texas. Enjoy the loss in November, like you enjoyed it in 2016 :] Where that blue wave tho?

All these comments for Beto but Cruz will still win... old people vote youngins don’t just talk

Beto has the Barak Obama voice cadence

Women against drunk driving lost that vote -- whoops

Bill maher loves Beto

Thank God we are divided , liberals are socialists

Beto grungy up old tired stuff that millennials no nothing about as if he's saying something new

These tired liberal arguments

Go ahead , vote out the bulldog and the crooks will flood in

They're both painfully fake

O'Rourke is great! He would win in any other state! He's in arguably the hardest state to win as a democrat. Let's hope the people of Texas understand his perspective and plans!

Beto is a class act.

I'd just like to add we've got extremely strict gun laws in the netherlands and in the past few years we got no major shootings, anywhere. We don't have police in our schools.

I pay nothing for my insurance and I love it. Thank you obama.

How can anyone believe this guy after he fought with Donald Trump and now he’s praising him. The only thing that changed, Trump became president, so now he’s kissing his butt.

Ted Cruz the gutless puppet

I challenge any conservative hating on the NFL players silently protesting and kneeling at games to watch Roseann Barr sing the National Anthem, and then tell me who was disrespecting the Nation and veterans more. For some reason she gets a pass (no pun intended), presumably because she's white.

So why do american media gather a gigantic audience to end up repeatedly telling them to shut up? Why even have a such a huge audience to begin with?


30:45 lie # ? ....did not flee the scene..said "veto" According to the police report I said beto is lying again!!! Even the left leaning Washington post gave mr. cortes ocasio beto 4 PINOCCHIOS. Case # 98-0513 Officer Richard Carrera: On 09/27/98 at aprox.0300 I was dispatched to I-10 east mile marker 2 reference to a vehicle accident. I met with the reporter and driver of American Medical Ambulance . The reporter said that while he was traveling eastbound on I-10 an they observed a green Volvo traveling the same direction at high rate of speed. After defendant/ driver struck the truck it sent the defend's vehicle across the center median and to a complete stop pointing eastbound . THE DRIVER ATTEMPTED TO LEAVE the scene, the reporter then turned on his overhead lights to warn oncoming traffic AND TO TRY TO GET DEFENDANT TO STOP... Defendant was unable to be understood due to slur speech, defendant had glossy eyes and breath smelled of alcohol. I asked defendant to get out of vehicle upon doing so he almost fell to the floor. I then decided to conduct the one leg walk and turn test,the defendant could not count in a pace manner ,the defendant tried several times and failed by totally losing his balace. At this time I place defendant behind platrol unit...... Im very curious to see how veto followers will defend him, this time. Beto was a 26 yr old man when this happened, he blew a 0.136 alcohol level. He wasn't a kid,this wasn't a teenager mistake. This guy shouldn't even be in Congress let along the US Senate. min 31:25 He said tha because of his " white privilege " he got a second chance.I don't know but I think and Beto’s father Pat Francis, who was a County Judge for El Paso at the time gave him a little help..

The leftish reminders me of venezuela. Though still many problems, Capitalism was proved its success through centuries. Time is the best method to prove which works.

I hope Beto wins!

Well True Texans don't fall for the Socialist Liberal views of Beto and have no interest turning over their Red State to blue liberals , So Ted Cruz will win cause in the end True Texans are patriotic and Love this county, love our guns and our freedom , want that wall built nice and high , Love God , Love our military and law enforcement, will take a knee to pray and not protest during our Anthem and fight all enemies foreign and domestic and not cater to them PERIOD! So Beto can go to promote that liberal crap in one of his Liberal states, That aint Texas

Beto only reply is. Cruz is lying

Who is for Beto Edit: I also hate the way Cruz gives a speech Edit: my name was a joke


Austin Kautz lmao

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Ted Cruz sucks

Ted Cruz absolutely mopped the floor with this soy boy white Obama clone lol

Why does NBC try to brush ted cruz off everytime he speaks facts?

Cruz on BEAST mode!

If we deport them maybe all those applying for working visas to be here legally might get approved

“Assault weapons” ban.... utterly moronic This guy has zero clue what he’s talking about when it comes to guns. Don’t listen to him if want to learn something.

Beto sounds like an AMAZING candidate!! Best of luck Texas.

mmm 30bil to bld a wall.... over 100bil to process illegal immigrants each year.. whats better??? Ted Cruz spoke about all Americans... Beto spoke about race...huge difference... Trump and his administration has saved America.... Trump just sign a new trade deal for farmers of America with Sth Korea Democrats destroyed America in only 8yrs.... if you want to be oppressed vote blue... You want a life vote Red


Come out and vote! Please! We need a blue wave and to get rid of slimy, corporate Republicans like Cruz.

Do people in Texas read YouTube comments? If so, vote Beto!

Beto is a fraud. Communism will not come to America, only if people like him are voted in.

I hate politics. It makes everyone worse people whilst they think they are being better people

You wanna make a difference, then do your homework before you vote. Democrats claim to be for the people only to take the lead of any social justice movement. Don't be a pawn for their cause! Marine Corps Veteran for Ted Cruz! Policy is what will keep this country free and true. Not emotional social justice warriors! I believe in waving my flag not burning it, don't care what your cause is! God Bless Texas

Cruz looks like he us struggling to hold in a fart.

Seems like it's all about perspective. The variety of these comments is insane.

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Beto, please don't talk about the 21 Trillion we have in debt when you want socialized health care..

Video cuts from 43:43 through 45:35. We missed Cruz's response to the Texas Values question...

I study forms of rhetoric and all Cruz is saying are logical fallacies He often uses a false sense of truth wich is a quick to believe fact at first but is totally false when you do further research. Example: he said the republicans supported the civil rights movement TRUE but the republicans then are the democrats now many racist democrats of the past are now republicans. He is talking about DR KING but he has never been seen supporting black people in such critical occasions. Do you think Dr king would treat police brutality the way that Cruz does. His rhetoric is full of other lies too.

Beto 2028!!!???!!!

Wait so we don't need an investigation to clear kavanough he is just clear because he is a republican but citizens must have an investigation thank good Trump seen that they needed an investigation

Beto took so many L's

Get rid of this cross (cruz) clown

Beto is very leftist liberal, he sucks

Sorry Dems, Cruz won this debate. I’m sure that Robert is a nice guy, but he’s all wrong for Texas.

Let’s Go Ted!

The justice system works if you have money if you don't have money you'll be unfairly judged as bill Cosby an African American has showed it's not about skin color it's about the money

One thing I noticed is that O’Rourke was remarkably on-time with his responses. Cruz had to be stopped numerous times, while O’Rourke suffered no remarks at all on his timing, and often stopped right on time. Pretty cool.

Everything about Ted Cruz is ridiculous

Does Beto even want to do this? He didn’t explain or provide us one plan he has for election, some questions he completely avoided, his body language looks like a this dude even real???

Remember that time Ted Cruz hated Donald Trump and now Ted Cruz is basically Donald Trumps groupie?

If Beto never becomes president I'll bash myself into a wall

Ted Cruz defending that cop is hilarious

Beto is a sexist. Look up the body-shaming comments he made about some actresses while in college.

52:35 - O'Rourke's response to Cruz trying to somehow make this about socialism is just commendable. O'Rourke says, "True to form." meaning - being or behaving as expected.

Ted Cruz is the epitome of “Washington” when people talk about spineless politicians saying whatever they need to keep power. Texas please vote Beto

O’Rourke said all those things? I just looked it up to re-confirm lol

am sorry but beto not winnign cr

Beto getting a dui alone should disqualify him. He likes liquor

i agree with beto but you have to realize that socialism will never work in america. it may work in the beginning but it will collapse. we simply don’t have the funds

we already tax the richest very high and we simply can’t anymore otherwise they will revolt and we go corrupt

Gora obama

Please Texans vote for Cruz so people don’t flee to Oklahoma for freedom and low taxes

Cruz oozes ambition and is your average politician. But you can trust him to vote for the people's rights and for the Constitution. O'Rourke is an emotional guy and has no business near the law much less crafting it. Cruz2018

He drove drunk. That's not enough for me to vote for cruz but I still don't want to vote for someone who drove drunk. That's just unacceptable to me.

Funny how Beto is a white guy who wants to be perceived as Hispanic, Beto is a Mexican nickname for Robert, and Cruz is a Hispanic who uses the first name Ted instead of Rafael, his birth name

Dang O’ Rourke had a nice compliment

Why doesn’t O’ Rourke have an accent

If Democrats changed 2 issues on their platform they would win every election. No bans on anything gun related and immigration control. That would be game over for the GOP.

The way Beto speaks reminds me of Obama. All politics aside, EVERYONE can agree Barack was a wonderful speaker. Beto will be president at some point.

Beto I believe is a rare Democrat with a high speech IQ. Hes able to articulate his points without sounding too cringy or lovey dovey. That being said almost everything he said was lip service and hot air. His ideas sound good on paper and he's able to challenge Cruz but are going to cost jobs and millions. Don't fall for it.

All Beto can do is call Cruz a liar like a middle schooler

Whoa whoa whoa Weight one died dam minute are there to moderators for this debate and did they have to go out of their way to get a woman and a black guy


Why should Dreamers be legalized when there is still a long line of millions of people on the legal migration list. Why do they get to break the laws and then get to the front of the line. So many legal immigrants did immigration the right way and some had to wait years, pay a ton of money, follow the law to get the path to citizenship. The only reason Democrats want them legalized is because they are primarily Hispanic and they hope that winning the Hispanic vote will give them a supermajority. It has nothing to do with compassion. After Dreamers are legalized, next will be the illegal immigrants and keeping the borders open, till it becomes another issue 20-30 years down the line.

Beto comes off as a white Barack Obama and not in a good way. I wonder if he watched videos of Obama speaking and copied Barack's cadence without the confidence. He lacks polish, confidence and experience with speaking/debating. He needs a few more years to work on his presentation before he will be ready for the national stage if he intends to run for president. I can see why some people are comparing him to JFK, but once again its not in a good way. He seems like the entitled, rich, white boy with powerful connections who got his antics buried and was given a political path to power very much like JFK and Ted Kennedy. I think he is an empty suit saying things he doesn't much believe in to get elected and will turn corporate Dem if he was elected. I don't understand the American obsession with drugs be it marijuana, heroin or opoids. They aren't good for any nation and 20-30 years from now, the toll from legalizing any of them will be seen. I surmise that Ted Cruz on the other hand was probably not from money but was very intelligent and hardworking and used that grit and determination to build a career for himself. Cruz is very smart and experienced but he also doesn't have much charisma. I think if you are voting on character, I would pick hardwork and grit over pampered, rich boy

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Ted for sure

It should be beta o rorke hahahahaha beta soy boy

Beto is just a white Obama, I’ll pray that Texas votes Cruz

Ted Cruz is a great patriot and a truly good man. He's a hundred times more intelligent than Beto, the "yapper". Beto is under-educated compared to Cruz, and it shows during the debate. VOTE FOR SEN CRUZ in November!!!

Cruz you better keep California OUTCHA MOUTH! you have no right to criticize my state worry that you're about to loose yours to Beto

BETO 4 President

Wow that moron is siding with the officer what a surprise

Cruz can't stay on topic.

Going to have to stay Red . Things are going good now .

Yeah ted Cruz has this in the bag. Beto your a joke nobody in Texas wants you here


This guy is an Obama impersonator.

As a texan I gotta go Beto

Too many people being shot? LEts aDd GuNs

A like click for Beto!!!

Politics is a sport for nerds. “The race is on, who will win?” No one cares.

Traitorous democrats have sent poison to the Ted Cruz campaign headquarters. They have attacked Rand Paul and broken his ribs. They have gunned down a congressman and shot at other congressional Republicans. Firebombed and defaced several Republican campaign offices. They have physically threatened and defamed a Republican federal judge. And are calling for more direct attacks on Republicans. We are all in terrible danger.

Beto is the besto

Cruz is a constant hypocrite all in one debate. He never actually offers any solutions, just complains all the time. Wish he had this much fight when HIS OWN party was making fun of him, his wife and his father. Ted Cruz: Clinton's this. Hilary that! Ted Cruz 5 mins later: Look these democrats are consumed with Donald Trump. Ted Cruz: you have the right to protest, just not during the anthem. Ted Cruz 5 mins later: I want to defend all forms of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ted Cruz: the liberals want to take the 2nd amendment away. Trump: We can take their guns without due process. Cruz: Fight for jobs jobs jobs & Lower taxes. Trump: The deficit has almost tripled, inflation is outpacing wage increases, companies are moving overseas, increased tariffs, handouts to farmers, spending more on military than we do on schools, healthcare and infrastructure. Stop spending! Republicans: we need to find a way to have people pay their fair share of health care costs and not go to the ER for free. Cruz 5 mins later: look people are spending too much money on health insurance. (So they give Corporations and the Rich tax cuts so they can then NOT reduce costs.) Cruz: letting people purchase the insurance they want will reduce premiums $5000/year. Every Hospital & Doctor in the US: yeah that insurance is not covered here and doesn't cover crap. End for Profit healthcare!


Ted Cruz is the biggest fool I've seen on stage. He says that the Republican Party is the part of Lincoln? That it was the party for Civil Rights activists? Are you kidding me? Everything he said was so incorrect and misrepresented. Lincoln would have NEVER supported conservatism like Cruz. And he ignores history that showed the modern Republicans were originally Conservative DEMOCRATS!

I just a truck Driver but I will vote for Beto all the way. He look like he care about Texas, Cruz doesn't.

Beto for president

Cruz snuck in a cheap shot at the end with that Bernie comparison. Not very mature.

Ted Cruz looks like Tim-Tom from venture bros

I like to eat El Paso tacos Beto all the way

Beto is just trying to spin it all in his favor so people think that liberalism is the answer. Do you want Houston to be like Detroit? Then vote Beto. Do you want TX to continue to have a surplus and not a deficit? Then elect Cruze. The only thing that Beto can throw at Cruze is he hates immigrants. Even though he is one. I’m sick of the race bating politics. Every freakin time Cruze starts a fact, Beto would say, once again I never said that. Luckily we can rewind on

So like why does Beto want to make Texas a second California? Because that is pretty much a failed state.

Except that it is not. California’s economy has been booming since they elected Jerry Brown as Governor.

Lyin’ Ted Cruz is THE most disliked person in the U.S. Senate. He is disliked by Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Men, Women, etc. That many people cannot be wrong about the man.

The only way to deny Cruz’s re-election is to vote for Beto O’Rourke. Many voters did not vote in the last Presidential Election. They voted, but they did not vote in the Presidential race. This is how we wound up with Trump. These voters did not like Hillary, but they did not vote for Trump. Those non votes helped elect Trump. I don’t support Beto O’Rourke on all issues, but I do not support Ted Cruz on any issues.

Ted Cruz is so ugly and Beto is hot ofc ill vote for Beto

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Beto is speaking from the heart and we need that ❤

BETA oRourke

The AR-15 shoots a .223 and an m4/m16 shoots a 5.56mm. The AR-15 has never been used in war.

Vote Red!! Vote Cruz!

Dude beto didn't stutter ted is scared hes bluffinnnnnng beto is a fast talker and perfect at it

I’m voting for Ted Cruz

Beto for Senate! He's got my vote and many of my college mates! Beto is for the people and that is what Texas needs!

From clear indication you can tell that lying ted is upholding his name by lying n only doing personally While Beto is focus on the issue n facts

Beto is a future president

If an AR15 is a weapon of war then that is pathetic because every military in the world is equipped with automatic weapons

Im a moderate and i get this funny feeling that cruz kinda well not kinda , but he won the debate

O'Rourke is as sharp as a bowling ball...........Texas better hope to God that he does not win.

I only wish I lived in Texas so I could vote for Beto. I truly hope that Texans are smart enough to see Ted for what he is. I honestly do not know how that man sleeps at night.

Ted Cruz does not believe humans cause global warming. He fights hard against scientists; he believes in deregulation and more pollution. He believes in huge tax cuts for corporations. He has done nothing to help teachers in Texas. He believes in Privatizing schools, which segregates the rich from the poor. He also supports having automatic assault rifles in the hands of anyone. He wants to deport all immigrants regardless of why and how long they are here.

Beto held his own against a seasoned debater like Ted Cruz. He didn't fall for Ted Cruz's Fox News style baiting tactics. Beto proved today that he is a real contender in the world of politics.

Wow, lying Ted has lived up to Trumps accusations!! This Republican has made up his mind and will vote for O'Rourke. Time to get rid of the Republican BS !!

Beto, is another Obama mentality. I absolutely would NEVER vote for him!

Beto is good at speaking and charismatic. Too bad he supports baby killing, screwing us with taxes for the benefit of illegal aliens, and trying to strip the people of their only defense against the government.

Why do the moderators let Cruz rebutle the rebutle? That was not the established rules of the debate.

Sorry Beto lovers but Cruz wiped the floor with Beto in this debate. If the election was based on the debate alone Cruz should be elected.

CarJunkie half way through and Beto just looks like an snl sketch lol

Ted Cruz is nothing more but a lying rat

Bernie just squeeze Bezos and Amazon into finally paying all of their employees a $15 dollar minimum wage! If Beto is like Bernie, then Bern Beto Bern!!!!

sorry Ted-- giving us each a thousand dollars more for each of our children still doesn't cut it. We have paid $800+ for just 12 hours/wk of child care for a month. This is on top of paying over $1000 for health care, $1600 for mortgage & assessments. I believe we need to rebalance some things. Rebalancing things does NOT include giving tax CUTs to the most wealthy people/corporations in the country. We need to TAX THEM!!!

Ted Cruz a guy that can't defend his on blood and is willing to get help from an enemy. Is a fake! It's not a real Texan!!!!


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Ted Cruz is the man!

Ted Cruz is a spineless coward. Lost any respect for the guy when Trump and his campaign attacked Cruz's wife and Cruz ended up endorsing Trump anyway. The man can't even stand by his wife!!!

Beto for President! haha, jk...... but seriously.

People may not believe this but Ted Cruz literally attacked trump, attacked his own party and did everything possible to make Trump look bad and now he asks him for help??? Come on that's just embarrassing. He is a total embarrassment to his own party and to Texas and honestly, I can't believe many people in Texas support him

"Senator Cruz do you agree that shooting unarmed African-Americans is a problem and how would you change it" "IvE BeEn To TOO MaNY FuNeRaLs"- Cruz

We will turn Red.

Republicans only care about protecting their wealth, the individual rights of their families and their religion, even if it’s at the expense of all other Americans of different ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations.

Beto is a socialist hack, the white version of Obama. Beto will win Austin and other districts. But Texas isnt stupid. Cruz will win the rest and win. Im not a huge fan of Cruz but no way will I support Beto or another Obama.

Jonathan Lopez I feel like ted is going to win by 2 perfect then the next republican after him will win by 8 perfect ted Cruze got this 100 percent.

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Teds going to win

Paris has anti police zones so the illegals can live in peace! Is that what you want?

In 2017 16 unarmed black men were killed. Over 20 cops were killed in 2017 by black men. Blacks killed over 500 whites in 2017, whites killed just over 230 blacks. We have people of color in prison because they commit more crimes, they are much more likely to commit violent crimes and they commit over half the murders in the u.s.. I don’t care what race you are, you don’t get special benefits.

I don't think Beto knows how texans think! Freedom and anti illegals!!! Yes we love our guns and are anti progressive!!! You people should be ashamed stop watching TV and look up everything possible for voting for an Obama Clone!!!

If you want to vote for Beto and invite illegal people to America you need to look up Paris Germany and Sweden then you will see why we will never want illegals!!!

Oh my god. Had Sen. Cruz a history lesson in his life? After the civil rights movement Democrats and Republicans swaped sides, because white people in the south hated the Democrates for passing a law that gives black people the same rights as white people. So stop saying that the GOP of today is Lincoln's party and that the Democrates are in any way connected to democratic southern law makers of the 40's 50's.... And no, it is not direspecting veterans, if you silently protest against police violence. It was Trump who disrespected veterans and gold star parents in his campeign who is going to endorce Cruz. Kananaugh is also problematic since he would stand by Trump no matter what. He would even helped NIxon during Watergate. He thinks the president should be a kind of absolutist leader. Additionally, this is 10/05/18 by the way, Kavanaugh had his job interview, acted agressive against senates, had the wrong temper for a Supreme Court judge, was not interested in a full investigation and was partisan in saying thre is a democrat conspiracy lead by the Clintons against him because Trump won the presidency. This is not something a Supreme Court judge should say or even have in mind. It is fascinating, tha the GOP did not find any judge that is better suited to sit on the Supreme Court..... Really!? school kids have guns in school Sen. Cruz? They said: Don't take our guns away, sow e can protect ourselves? How often was it in the jistory of the US that a mass shooting was prevented by a civilian carrying an assault rifle? And how often was it that a mass shooting was comitted because anybady can by any gun and any number and kind of amunition he/she wants? Look at Asutralia. Thay had similar problems and were able to fix it. What is preventing that from happening in the US? Gun money and the NRY who pay GOP politiciaans like Cruz to indoctrinate their voters to belive that it is reasonable for privat civil citzens to carry assault rifles.... Also: The EU and its citizens is deeply concerned to have an ally who has no clear standpoint concerning free trade, NATO, Putin and Russia. Especially in Estern Europa and Poland people and politics alike are deeply concernde that Trump would throw them under the bus. Especially the baltic states cannot defend themselves against Russia for a week. Poland in accordance with other NATO countries such as Germany, France and the UK maybe could and buy some time for NATO to consolidate its position, but the Baltic states would be occupied within days or hours if NATO and th US would not stand clearly with them. And the EU is also concerned, since Putin works intensly to undermine EU's power, that Trump might secretly let Putin go on and even help him (Indicated by his positions in trade and defense) And last but not least: There is an ideal overall tax rate for an economy. But is is not 0, it is not 10% it is not 20% it is about 30 to 45 %. Taxes pay for schools, the military, police, infrastructure, and other important things that enable economy to thrive (stability, security, educated employees, needed infrastructure, healthy employees etc.) Higher taxes (from a very low starting point) in a new suffisticated tax system for a better society is not socialism, this is a social democrat idea, that is widely shared in Europe and other developed countries. General healthcare, free education, a general public pension system and a social security system for cases of unemployment is not Stalinism, or Venezuela, it is a model practiced in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Austria, NEtherlands and other developed, successful peacful countries with high life expectancy, low crime rates and thriving economies. Furthermore these are values that are also shared by conservatives and liberals in Europa. Even right wing populists share ideas such as general health care. Nobody is debating is. It is the most efficiant health care systeme that procvides for everybody plus you have the possibility of preventive health care, which also saves money, because it prevents expensinve treatments of severe deseases.

Beto is a REAL HONEST man, thats just what they need in TEXAS!! O'Rourke is Inspiring, never lowers down to lyin' ted's jabs, put downs, and false info as bait. Beto gives complete logical answer rising ABOVE political parties, which takes brains!! He deserves to win. honestly, Its hard to even watch politicians like ted cruz anymore, with their "made up, false crowd provoking lies, and rehersed rhetoric" blatantly lies to the citizens, who deserve better!! Do not be the fool who is still mistaken, Cruz from DAY ONE has been privately funded by, and lowered ONLY RICH CORPORATION billionaires taxes, Cuts schools funding, minimum wages, cut healthcare funding, so GET THAT STRAIGHT! BETO actually COMPLETELY ANSWERS the questions, never misleads anyone, or desperately attack his opponent which is IMPRESSIVELY (non partisan). Vote for the most INTELLIGENT PERSON, BETO, he even raises the bar giving detailed ,names, places. legit facts and good ideas that our country desperately needs!! Beto like all democrats, wants to even out the gap between rich and poor. meaning the ONLY tax cuts ted was even TRYING to talk about in his little "final speech" that Beto would have would rightfully go to him and his billionaire trump club of the richest 1%, MAYBE just mAYBE 2%.... so its sad ted still raised this as an "issue" to not vote for him???!?!?? because thats a lie too hahaha

Hispanics for Cruz....

AT&T and American Airlines had layoffs lol. 53:40

Roses are red, violets are blue. Neither party cares about you


Go Beto go, Ted time is up.

1. What stands out to you as you watch the debate? What general observations can you make? What do you notice? 2. What observations can you make about Senator Cruz’s performance? Consider both substance and style. 3. What observations can you make about Congressman O'Rourke’s performance? Consider both substance and style. 4. What did you notice about the language the two candidates used? What words or phrases stood out for any reason? Why do you think the candidate(s) used this language, and what effect do you think it will have on voters? 5. After the debate: Which candidate do you think will be helped more by this debate, and why?

Beto is using his white privilege to appropriate my culture! I thought liberals hate both those things?

Neal Dikeman for Texas US Senate!!!!!

TEXAS: please DONT believe that everyone will go out and vote so you don't have to. VOTE BETO. tell your friends. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. i tell everyone and have convinced at least 5 people to vote beto. which isn't much but it's worth a vote to beto than no vote at all. your vote counts.

Ted taking this moron for a walk

I scrolled down for a solid 5 minutes and saw 1 Pro Cruz comment... YouTube censorship? We may never know

What a snake

Really great debate honestly as a conservative I think cruz won but love the opposing views on all these modern issues

Ted's claim that Republicans overwhelmingly helped pass civil rights is true, but largely because democrats at the time were a much more socially conservative group and very popular in the South. Civil rights was passed on a geographical basis, not a party one. Northern Democrats and Republicans voted largely for civil rights and southern democrats and southern Republicans (mostly democrats at that time) voted against civil rights. So taking pride for your party's actions for that time is really kind of strange- it wasnt really the parties that decided that issue.

Beto is the face of virtue signaling. Don’t trust him a bit.

Does the video glitch out around the 44:00 minute mark for anyone else?

Cruz needs to go

"hillary hillary hillary hillary hillary hillary" - Ted Cruz Did I miss anything?

This cat thinks a .223 round can make an orange sized hole. This guy has an orange for a brain

blacks are shot disproportionately and incarcerated disproportionately, but it’s simply because blacks commit more crime.(according to fbi statistics, pew research, etc.)

Beto is a lying sack of crap, he DID 100% refer to law enforcement as modern day Jim Crow. Here’s the quote: “That injustice (referring to the “radically unjust system” of law enforcement)... some have called this, I think it is an apt description, the new Jim Crow.”

Socialized medicine IS a mistake. Senator Cruz is correct! O'Rourke has no clue about economics.

Thank you Beto! We are with you people vote they have to hear our voice now before is too late.

I'm doing a debate for school and i have to support o'rourke I'm gonna kms I have to support a liberal who dances around the questions

Say what you want about Cruz, Beto got slaughtered in this debate.

You idiots supporting this Communist who wants open borders and the ending of ICE, better pray you don't get your way. They've already eaten the dogs and cats in Venezuela. Think you Leftists.

Betos a dumb jewish communist who wants to have gun control and no borders. Cruz is a dumb spic whos trumps lackey. Both are zionist jew puppets. They're just controlled opposition.

Ted cruz wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare.

You stupid or something?

GO BETO #betoforlife

Betos seems like a nice guy and all, but he keeps playing identity politics. Ted brings up legislation that Beto has support contrary to the morals he claims.

Typical Libral....

I try not to be ignorant but man republicans are idiots

Tide Pods and Snorting Condoms. Democrats are F'ing Lemmings.

Cruz is a creepy man. Trump said Cruz is the biggest liar, TRUE He talks like he is on a commercial selling a product. Beto you have my vote

Cruz just sounds disengenious

You cannot shame men for kneeling during the anthem until you have felt the fear, the loss, and the racism that have been corrupting this country for far too long

Both of these guys are painful to listen to.

So out of the many comments I read, I saw NONE against Beto. That gives me hope ...

Don't be surprised if Beto magically gets assassinated

Making schools like prisons doesn’t seem like a good idea to meee

Beto O'Rourke=Real Life Rick Grimes

A salutatorian got deported? wtf

Ted Cruz won this debate, no question. Robert O'Rourke seemed very unhinged and off-topic.

Ted: We have an opiod crisis, my sister died from overdose Also Ted: *takes money from pharmaceutical lobbyists*

Ted Cruz's body goes from chest to face, wheres the neck?

Beto is for the people, Cruz is for the system

unhealthy ted cruz


That gentleman looks and sounds like a turtle.Just an observation

Beto, please deliver from evil.

Ted Cruz is a joke

I hate Cruz! they way he talks... GO BETO!

We have an issue with disporpotion in our jails? There is more white ppl in america than African Americans. Logically whites have more of a chance to be incarcerated than minorities yet it's not the case. What are white ppl doing right that the rest of the minorities can't? EDUCATION

Cruz owned Beto. Beto is just empty platitudes

17:41 YIKES

What happened at the 43:55 mark?

Cruz: “I want to lower healthcare premiums” Beto: “Let’s crank Obamacare up to 11”

Legalize the dreamers. Don’t make them citizens. If you come here illegally you shouldn’t have the same rights as someone who did legit.

I like Beto a lot, but his performance here was a bit weak. Win the race first, then go deep into the details about social injustice dude. We need you to win first!

Cruz is speaking from his brain and we need that.

Of Cuba?

im happy to inform you, that me AND your daughter's school debt would at best somewhat drop, for record; if one rule is applied to someone, everyone refinanced. yet, even saying that, theres NO democrat who has ever proposed free tuition for dreamers. republicans and the conservative media just like to hype that up-in their anti democratic speeches, ususally containing other false information. Recommend doing your own research, dont believe every thing you hear from cruz, sadly he truly has lied. theres been evidence in facts throughout his continued tax cuts ONLY benefiting his upper billionaire 1% club, and excluding people like us!! yes i agee, its SO frustrating. Frustrating that still i see people deciding their votes based on hyped up spun lies, and i had to respond. Devils in the details, I truly hope you dig deeper and look at ALL the cons of that vote, my message is in no way to put you down in any way, so no matter what you decide, take care. namaste.

You do realize that if Obama and the Congress worked together more students would probably would have paid less in loans....but that didn’t happen because the Republican Party blocked many of his plans off so he had to use most of his executive power. I don’t agree with everything he did but I’m not gonna bash the man lol it’s not entirely his fault

you so sure ?

Authorized Mike What’s unfortunate is that my daughter who is 18 and a freshman in college, who is born in the U.S., is struggling to pay for college. More likely will be in debt after she graduates. Yet, Dreamers, who are NOT born in the U.S., get their college paid in full. How twisted is that? That is why my daughter who is of age to vote this year, will not be voting for Beto, as well. Ted Cruz all the way!

soli Sanchez very unfortunate because I can’t bring myself to vote for Cruz

That is a overstep in my opinion, baby steps I say

Beto: People > Party

Cruz nailed it!

Former Dictator Barry Soetoro screwed up with the dreamers, but the dreamers should, due to the screw up, be given residency ONLY with the opportunity to become citizens.THATS ALL.

Beto sounds like a whipped dog

54:25 - Ted Cruz: Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez

Ted talks logic.

Beto has the support of all the 18-21 year old liberal morons with no clue about the real world...just like commie flea bag Bernie

Starts cutting out at about 44:00

Beto = Obama impersonator. Same style, same empty slogans, same bad ideas, same disrespect for law enforcement.

Ted Cruz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beto looks at Ted Cruz: "True to form." Beto FTW. #VoteBeto

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Ted Cruz is a rly good orator

The audience won, they rly got on that man's nerves lol


he was harassed by a bunch of liberal domestic terrorists you mean.

All this talk about tax cuts and the left believing it doesn’t help anyone but the rich and large corporations. Anyone working can see there’s more money in your paycheck. Corporations are giving more to their employees. It benefits the entire community when “we the people” take direct responsibility for our money rather than giving it to big government to divvy out. #VoteforCruz

He's a socialist, a Leninist. Only the brainwashed and willingly clueless could want that for TX. Or those complicit with the carpetbagging Clinton machine.

Beto lost, riding on African Americans too much 2017; 31 white unarmed shot to 20 black unarmed

Ted Cruz always looks like he’s wearing a fresh Ted Cruz mask

BETO has Integrity and Intelligence. Something lacking in our government today.

Vote for BETO.

BETO talks about the issues and has solutions. He has done the foot work to speak to the people. He is for the people of Texas. And eventually all Americans as our president

Lyin' Ted did a lot more lying tonight. President Trump is right. Lyin' Ted is a liar.

Ted Cruz is taking lessons from Donald Trumpet, saying untruths to make him look better. Beto is clearly about the people of Texas. I wish he was here in Pennsylvania.

You know I was leaning Beto but as soon as he said "White Privilege" he lost my vote.

Regarding the school shooting topic around 24:00 I live in Maryland and there's a police officer stationed at my school. In what way is this "militarizing" our schools? That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. There was an attempted shooting in Maryland not so far away from me where a stationed police officer killed the perpetrator before he could harm a single student.

Lol he just called American Airlines a small business

Homie, didn’t you cause a government shutdown recently? Costing hundreds of millions???

Bye bye Beto. Can't wait for election night when we all get to see him flee from the scene of another accident as his political career crashes and burns.

I’m voting for Grandpa Munster the blood sucking vampire, who’s with me?!

Cruz is trumps puppet

obama's white brother

Beto has terrible body language and tone. Weak, weak, weak! He kept swiveling his head and body. Looks very insecure about his own presence on the stage.

Not as insecure as Cruz who had his wife insulted by Trump and like a TRUE COWARD goes crawling on hands and knees for Trump's help. VOTE BETO!

Beto OBAMA! Socialist mole.

Why do they still have live audiences? If you dont want audience bias. Then don't have a freaking audience!

Cruz won!!

Oooo… Beta is not keeping up with reality in taxes or much of anything...he wont work with President Trump.

Any gun law that goes past a background check infringing on our rights

beto is a moron.

#TrueToForm Jesus, that was so damned good. Beto vs a Beta male.

I came from Texas, we need new senator to help build new Texas!

O'rouke can become USA president: good education, excellent debate, and ...

We should just ban A.R. 15’s that have no police officers nobody guarding banks nobody guarding airport nobody guarding anything since people won’t go steal money or shoot any place else we should take our security out of every single place since it doesn’t help and the only thing that will help is banning theA.R. 15

Also if you think people will only commit Nash eating so they are 15’s which is an unbelievably stupid statement and you probably have never shot and they are 15 and I own one so I know a thing or two about them in banning that weapon isn’t going to prevent people from getting there so many already made end it is not impossible to have help come to you before you die for a day or Betting that weapon is it going to prevent mass shootings if I thought it would I would be prepared but it’s not the case

If you want the A.R. 15 band based on the damage it does there are far more rifles and handguns to do more Damage then the AR 15 and you must absolutely think shotgun should be banned

Ted Cruz is absolutely right about Heller Vs DC. Saying you support the Second Amendment is such a subjective statement whoever laughed when he said of course like that may Ted Cruz look stupid it didn’t.

Never mind Ted Cruz is talking about Heller versus DC probably going to be news to democrats

Almost all Democrats major believes are based on conspiracy series. They are such a vast conspiracy theories that so many people have to be on about pharmaceutical companies and big corporations and black people being oppressed. And arrested for things they didn’t do or things that white people dead and I know someone’s going to say it’s not a conspiracy theory it’s an unconscious bias but that is also very stupid. Just because there’s inequality doesn’t mean there’s discrimination or that that’s the reason for the inequality.

The supreme court isn’t a place where you change the law to what you want it to be. It seems only Democrats are doing that do you interpret the Constitution as it was written. That’s the job. Otherwise why not just have an oligarchy instead of a democratic republic if you guys even know what a democratic republic is close if you guys want to have the vote based on popular election so I would imagine you do not .

What are you talking about civil rights bite anybody would think black people should be oppressed? Dude nobody wants black people to be oppressed with Jim Crowe laws Democrats were literally the one who yes Jim Crowe laws haha Democratic Party is the one who formed the KKK and fought against slavery and I don’t think Democrats hate black people now. It’s not only was it not Republicans but I don’t think either side hates black people but that’s the only argument you guys have because your ideas are terrible and you just want more government power and more people dependent on the government I know there are plenty of Democrats just want to help but welfare has almost destroyed the black community and increased single motherhood that has increased crime and poverty . And I just gave $61 to charity because there’s 10% of my income and I do that like every week and I work at Pizza Hut I’m not exactly rich but I want to help people I don’t want to for some people to help other people at gunpoint . Private charities do a significantly better job in the government with helping people in need you don’t have to agree but just because you disagree doesn’t mean I rather politicians don’t want to help.

Cruz has a punchable face

Cruz won

Like you guys really are stupid you’re on NBCU so of course most these people here going to be Democrats but just the stuff you guys are saying is stupid I don’t think being a leftist or liberal or Democrat is stupid I disagree with you but your reasoning is stupid. Like just because people disagree with you on economics and it’s free markets a better way for healthcare to be made cheaper so you guys assume he’s being paid by the pharmaceutical companies it makes you look too stupid to even comprehend the other sides argument. If you have to resort to the only possible reason is they’re being bribed you are intelligent enough to understand the argument. And I would imagine most people on here think marijuana cures cancer and that’s why it’s illegal.

What has Ted Cruz done illegal or dishonest? Like I’m just reading so many comments that he’s a diss honest liar and he’s taking bribes and all this kind of stuff. What is he doing? Oh was he just a Republican and supports different policy did you? Got it. Let me try that I disagree with Democrats on abortion all Democrats want murdering babies and people to be legal.

really good debate i dont like cruz but he sure is a smart guy

I got four words too,Ted Cruz: BETO, GOOD. TED, BAD.

And if someone has a problem with that statement explain to me why Democrats don’t do a lot to stop people from coming in illegally. Plenty of conservatives have said if you haven’t committed crimes and you were born here and you are undocumented and we have virtually secure the border and people over staying on visas that they would be fine with legalizing dreamers.

If you care about people growing up here and being here illegally and breaking federal law do everything you can to stop people from coming here illegally and staying in the first place. Democrats fault. It’s that simple.

If you think Beto has a chance to win in Texas you’re delusional.

It’s the Democrats fault the dreamers are being sent back because it’s their fault they are here. They are the ones that did this they allowed something terrible for the country which is a bunch of illegal immigrants and they know they can all stay or be given citizenship so they allow the burden to be put on the Republicans to fix it why they call them racist.

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Beto O’Rourke sounds like the future President. 2024?

you probably just think he's cute

Being fired and being convicted are two different things. No one has the right to a job in which they wield power *ahem* if they cannot be trusted or deemed responsible. Was it an accident? Perhaps. But shooting an unarmed citizen in their own home, intentional or not, seems like grounds for being fired, at least from your job as a police officer which is to protect.

I agree with Cruz on Immigration. There is a way to get into this country legally. Crossing the border without permission/paperwork is illegal simple. It's illegal because the U.S population and government could be in danger from the unknown, because immigrants aren't marked citizens. And giving Dreamers instant citizenship is dangerous without having run background checks criminal records in their past country. There's a system for U.S citizen saftey which Beto is lacking.

Don't hate me for this, I'm just practicing my freedom, but Ted has my vote.

Don't California my Texas

Cruz easily wiped the floor with Socialist O'rourke. It's easy to be a darling when you are in front of your buddy and fellow Socialist Stephen Colbert. But stand in front of a real Conservative like Ted Cruz and you will be made to look like the fool that you are.

I'm not much of a Republican, even less of a Democrat. But I do have my very own copy of the Constitution. I know a little bit about world history, enough to know that Socialism is lethal. Just another version of the Monarchy, we fought to get rid of. I'll take liberty any day. For some strange reason, the idea of someone's boot on my neck doesn't appeal to me. McCarthy was right. Know your enemy.

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Beto is just riding the waves of controversial social issues to make himself look good. But at the end of the day who would do the better job. Cruz is quoting and asserting facts while Beto is making ambiguous statements. The reason USA is divided is because Democrats have made it that way!

Hold on a second, this Beto guy who has a proven track record for being a gutless wonder, wants to get into public office?? We have way too many like him already. McCarthy was right. Know your enemy.

convince me that beto o'rourke isnt engineering explained.

Why do people bash each other over parties. Regardless of who wins were gonna have to accept it.

wonder if the Democrat was given the questions a head of time like Hilary was?

Beto is sticking to the race card issue that his party is doing. All i heard from him was "white privilege" or "African americans" or "people of color" during this entire debate.


I read all of what Beto said about Jim Crow and the police. Cruz summarized what Beto said well

and...he still lost the debate by only attacking and smearing while beto talked about people and policies

Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime all over the country. Look at the homicide rates in New York by race. Not a pretty picture!

Ted Cruz is a debate champ. So he isn’t going to be made to look silly

he was...beto talked about policies and ted smeared him

This Freedom Act, which is gutting all healthcare, plus when did Lawyers know what is bestir the true peeps?

Is this the same O'Rourke with a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Is this the same thing that writes bad things about women? Yes I think so

and he doesn't take money from billionaires and he went all over texas to listen to what the people want but smearing is better than accepting he is the better candidate

Democrat Socialist Irishman Beto O'Rourke was arrested for drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and BURGLARY. Beto wants to lock-up guns and open borders. Beto also stated that he would have NOT voted for Judge Kavanaugh. SAVE TEXAS - Vote TED CRUZ

save texas from what? from healthcare and community policing ?

and ted cruz gets bribes from billionaires

I wanna a shirt for and will take picture of I am for Beto, like Willy Nelson, to send on whom Texans should voter.

Anyone else notice how O'rouke tries to time his annunciations and pauses in his speech just like Obama?

12:40 This GUN-HATING communist is going to PREACH to us about swearing an oath to the Constitution now ???

smearing is the best you can do let's wait for 2020 and let's see how far smearing can go in the long run

Okay, when Conservatives state Liberal, they make it sound like a disease when in all actuality is that Conservatism is a true disease for our future, just because they use this Liberal label (as Cruz stated he does not label, lol) he is thinking of Nazi lovers back in the 20's and 30's in Germany of Adolf, when they were doing Liberalism, o they use that stuff to twist truth around and when they say the KKK the Democrats hung with them, yes that is true but facts are, Democrats at that time is now Republipukes, and the Republikes back then is now Democrats so when you hear Republipukes use Lincoln as he was a Republican, yeah he was but he would be today a Democrat today true facts.

11:30 Going head to head!!

BETO is a far-left radical loon. Anti-Cop and Anti-Rule of Law. Pro-Illegal Alien.

and he went to every county on texas listening to the people while ted cruz was in DC getting donations from billionaires

If I wanted to hear a song Go Tell It on the Mountain, then I would but Cruz is Illegal, and so is Rubio.

Cruz is fake news

I am loving me the Beto, you Rock.

There is no way i would vote for a self ascribed socialist. There is no such thing as democratic socialism. It is either socialist or democratic, can't be both, those terms are opposing terms. No one that consistently upholds illegal stuff and goes against law enforcement should hold any political office, period. Vote for Ted Cruz!

Beto is too extreme. I'd vote for him if he was more of a moderate.

what? so...should he support healthcare only for half of texans ? should he want only half of every town and city in texas to have community policing ? should beto let only half of all felons vote ? should he make it so that only half of people are authomatically registered to vote ? what do you mean by "moderate"?

No, not 30b likes the dem says. The wall is in progress. the answer is to enforce E-verify.

Beto O'Rourke. Texas' very own soft handed, virtue signaling, "we say humankind here" Justin Trudeau. Good for you Texas.

What I got out of it was, Beto was more about what he could do for illegals, not for americans. Beto? Never trust a white man using a mexican name.

Cruz sucks hard at the Trump teat

Cruz PAC money bad -Beto no PAC money good

are you fools really going for this deceiving communist beto? he says one thing but his record is the complete opposite. he talks about white priv and black victims.. the demontards used jim crow laws to put down minorities, and now they use your pain and suffering to sucker you into their party. there using your victimization theo as a way to mentally control you guys.. i have to give it to them, they learned to control minorities with through force in the past, but now they use your feelings to control you.

For the first time ever Cruz has serious competition so he can’t just go “red good, blue bad. VOTE ME!” and he obviously hasn’t figured that out yet

Vote for Beto. He will give us pot and free stuff.

Ted Cruz won the debate, but Beto, wins at having freaky neck muscles.

Quoting WSP? Don't make the flag about the veterans. Trump is right when he called him lying Ted

He couldn't shoot himself another lie

Beto is not the right candidate for Texas. Texas is one of the best state in the nation economically speaking. It's like that for a reason, that reason isn't a political party or and ideology. That reason is our morals. The same morals that separate us from states such as California. A state in which people flee due to economic issues and lack of morals. Beto does not have the same morals as the people of Texas. He lacks those morals that keep us flourishing. Ted isn't the best person either, but he atleast wants to preserve those morals.

Another rat Democrat not thinking of the American people just wants to open borders. I don't give a crap about him and his wife he's not going to win. Willie Nelson is a pile old trash for betraying his country.

Beto more like Peta

Beto tends to use race to try to instigate the anger among the non-white Americans against the white Americans. People with common sense will think twice before they vote for him, because he is trying to divide Americans.

I read the comments and then listen to the debate and all I got to say is" Mr Cruz thank you and I pray you win, this Beto person is very untruthful and is dangerous for sure

Ted cruz avoided the police brutality question

Beto is such a joke.

Thank you Ted Cruz. We Texans love you. Texas bleeds RED always. Democrat Beto must go away. Go mess up another state. Don't mess with Texas!

Must come through the Front Door

MLK was antiWAR TED IS LYING Again

lying TED

Why is the GOP still stuck on Hillary???

Have to give it to Beto. He's got the cool name and the look and the talk, but he won't get the votes.

I haven't voted since I was 18. I'm 43 now and will definitely vote this November. FOR CRUZ

That last question was a good one to ask


Beto all the way

i came into this debate clear minded and not sure who i supported but Ted Cruz really destroyed Beto here...

All Beto is doing is angering more republicans to actually vote! Registered voters is higher than ever!

Beto's rebuttles need to be fact checked. His stats are not accurate, but his delivery makes it convincing. What else can you expect from an ivy league English lit education? He's all smoke and mirrors.

Republican here, I think Cruz ( I think he's a stand up senator) won't have the power to deport! Issue here is Dreamers should have a path to citizenship! On that note if that was too happen loop holes need to be close d at the same time. Other wise "dreamers" would never stop and there is no faith for people coming over legally!!! Stop!!! If you have a baby here it doesn't mean you are entitled to be a citizen. Just because you came here ( illigaly) doesn't mean you can stay!!;! Kids that grew up here knowing nothing else but AMERICA should stay. This will only work when this means ends!

Why does Beto sound like Napoleon Dynamite

Soros backs your Beto and that means your getting lied to again. Soro's wants America dead land we need those that have commitments to making America great and no more lies or corruption

Lets go Cruz!!

BETO is a Joto A drunk punk Real name Robert Francis O’Roarke That ain’t Mexican. He’s fronting like he’s Mexican. Putito maricon.

My great grandfather is called robert johnson he goes by beto because a nickname for Roberto is beto he was born in Mexico and speaks only Spanish not all Mexicans are brown juan's or Jose's

Seeing lots of people in the comments favoring Beto is refreshing, but God, I hope at least some of you are Texans.

I love how Ted Cruz brings up Bernie. Bernie wiped the floor with Ted's face during those debates haha

Beto your a Democrat rat.

Keep Texas Red.

Dam Beto is a weasel

Beto sounds just like obama

Teds got this. That beto guy ugh how do you people like him? The comments are all in his support but I just don't understand your support.. I'm Australian BTW so I don't have a say but from a very clear and unbiased opinion I see why Ted is very well respected.

Beto is a socialist, can't vote for an open borders liar. Cruz is a constitutional rights advocate and a real American. Easy choice.

Dont smoke crack

14:30 The Republican Party stands for equal rights for everyone, regardless what race, what ethnicity? Are you sure about that? btw Republicans and Democrats essentially switched ideologies in the 20th century. The Republicans are the Party of Trump.

This guy Beto is trying way too hard to speak like Obama. He tries to sound so empathetic & it comes off as phony. He is a far left loon in a suit.

Beto has no chance on debate against Cruz. In fact, Cruz is one of the best public speakers in the congress. I wouldn't mind seeing Cruz becoming a Supreme Court justice either.

Cruz back to Cuba.....please

Beto is a typical politician. His rhetoric reminds me of Obama's and we all know how that ended, not good. Beto is wrong for Texas. I used to live in El Paso and nobody there even knew who he was until he ran for Senator. Ted Cruz won this one.


14:00 is Ted Cruz unaware of the southern strategy? is he unaware of the whole bait and switch to 'states rights', or that there were numerous attempts by the republican party and souther democrats to preserve the poll tax?

Happy that I do not ever want to be in politics.

lying Cruz

Cruz is your wife is ugly , so said Trump, and your father Killed JFK, so said your boss, and yes are a lying wining lair

Robert ("Beto" if you want to pander to hispanics) wants to give handouts to minorities who make the most noise. Black people are jailed more even though THEY COMMIT MORE CRIMES? Give em free scholarships so they will vote for you. Illegal immigrants want to make America into Mexico? Better make them citizens so they'll vote for you. Make "Assault rifles" illegal, yeah they're already illegal by friend, automatic weapons are not available at academy.

Wow 43:40 they just cut Cruz out. Sad.

31:40, absolute crap from O’Rourke

Beto is pretty good, seems like a well read guy who wants to make Texas better. Wow

Keep the Demon Dems out of our offices vote red!!! We need those that protect Due process ,protect our borders, and will help make America great again. Stand up for our flag!! O Rourke is a wolf in sheep's clothing for the radical leftist Democrat party dividing our country. There's proof O Rourke used the Power of immanent domain to do what he accuses Cruz of, wake up folks!!. ... Our friend who worked for the border patrol, was off duty fishing with his son, and father a retired officer, all hispanic were fishing and came across illegals trying to cross, he confronted them and was shot and killed, luckily his son and father survived, this is why we need to protect our borders!

Ted Cruz will win. Mark my words.

Democrats claim the moral high ground through insults.

Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher were the two women who confronted Flake inside the elevator. Perhaps because they expressed such raw emotion, few media outlets dug into their political activism. Archila is an executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy; she had spent the previous week in Washington engaged in protests against Kavanaugh. Gallagher is a 23-year-old activist with the group who completely fabricated her heart wrenching tale of "sexual assault." The center is a left-wing group heavily funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Indeed, as of 2014, Open Society was one of the three largest donors to the group. Real victims should be outraged and these women crying wolf in order to obstruct the nomination of a judge or election of any official, for that matter, should have criminal charges filed against them.

Kavanaugh is a supreme court justice and boy does it feel great to win again! Thanks Ted Cruz for voting honestly! Can't wait to see you win in November again.

Beto will take us into the future. Cruz will take us into the past.

Dem fighting identity politics even when he is busted on a dui?! He would be a blight on Texas, indeed, for all Americans. Beto’s politics are why politics are broken.


Cruz will win. There's no contest here..


Beto > Cruz

He might not win Texas but Beto certainly won this debate.

Yes people ! Americans are Dreamers to! Alot of Demorat forgot, no citizenship get in line and get one, that wall won't cost as much as the illegal

Premium(ie..Insurance)is not on any President

Wow! I'm even more impressed with Beto O'Rourke than I am with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; and I really like her. Never flinched. Not one time. Also didn't attack Cruz personally at all. Stuck to policy and Cruz's shortcomings. Fantastic performance.

I hope Beto continues to fight for his believes in what he thinks is right and does it with the subsidence debate and doesn’t just argue with personal attacks and accusations I’m hoping to see more debates with him and Ted Cruz and for him to bring more substance I know you young people like that I’m pretty young myself 25 but that doesn’t fly for me it didn’t when Donald Trump did it to all Republicans I was discussing and said the same thing.

The reason I believe Ted Cruz was genuine this because he didn’t accuse better off buying a boat with public goods and services from money from other people from rich people from corporations he only argued ideas never contributed motives Beto never want to give a counter argument to why healthcare in a free market competition doesn’t drive down the price and create new innovations with an incentive of a profit margin which is the incentive of all businesses. So again why DIA democratic socialist when you could be a full blown socialist and abolish the profit margin for all businesses and corporations and make them public since it makes everything cheaper it doesn’t affect Innovacion it doesn’t take away incentive.

Ted Cruz was so much classier than Beto. He genuinely expressed how he believed that tote and Bernie Sanders are doing what they believe is best but he disagrees. Beto was absolutely clear throughout this entire debate that Ted Cruz doesn’t care about people just corporations and being bought until the very end he flipped entirely what he said his entire debate watch it for yourself and tell me where I’m wrong !

Beto is a disgusting person. He looks sympathetic at the end and almost guilty for what it said but Bernie Sanders well I disagree with him on almost everything has never ever a slander Ted Cruz in a debate like this. Beto is disgusting of a person and he’s going to lose for his ideas because of the immorality displayed on stage. Watch Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debate there for substance and you’ll learn a lot about what both sides believe about free market versus public systems.

I tired of the Democrat candidates always telling us how they are right there with the common person, and they are going to save us from the world, then elected it's business as usual. Mr. O'Rourke is a prime example. O'Rourke was covering our back side when he voted for a 24 cent a gallon tax on gas. The average person was struggling just to get back and fourth to work every day. Resident Obama promised us a bed of roses and did nothing that personally benefited me, what did he do for you? President Trump has accomplished more in 2 years that has helped the American voter than Obama did in 8 years. We are better off being rid of the affordable care act Obama was so proud of, now I have good insurance, really affordable.

Beto just said he thinks he’s doing what’s best for America despite the fact that this entire debate was him just saying he’s bought by corporations please tell me someone actually watch this whole video and noticed that.......

You know how hard he works better? You literally just said he missed half the days work. Because once again you’re too stupid to understand how voting in the Senate actually works or you are trying to miss lead people. So you being not intelligent enough about the job that you want or you are lying.

Again just smearing someone’s name they are bought by corporations now they have to complement each other a bit better is complement is very backhanded.

The estate tax also called the death tax because after you die if you have $5 million of wealth which can include property so like farmers or more and you wish to leave it to your family it’s money you were already taxed on and proper you’ve already been taxed on and you get taxed again.

Hate to break this to you better you don’t seem to be quite the economist or anything but corporations are the entire reason anybody has jobs Great to see you better you don’t seem to be quite the economist or anything but corporations are the entire reason anybody has jobs in anybody and our nation has booming economy and that’s were innovation comes from. You have no problem sitting on them because corporations are made up of millions of people that you can’t buy with government programs that don’t work well and consume massive amounts of money. If you think government healthcare is better why not make or private businesses public? That’s socialism so why not full-blown socialism if it works in the healthcare?

$21 trillion in debt because of our mass spending. I’m not even close to half of it is on military before someone tried to say that which is the only thing that protects your country and one of the two things the federal government was supposed have jurisdiction over. Education Social Security Medicaid Medicare those are astronomically more expensive in the military budget and it’s Democrats who want to spend more. If you raise taxes you guys will have to pay more taxes. How about the government stop spending your money for you and you spend it on what you want to spend it on!

George Soros how do you like that that Beto? You want to actually argue over policy piece of crap, now? Do you want to continue to try and Samir someone’s reputation with false allegations?

Where were you at Beto when all the hurricanes and crap happened? Probably in prison for one of the many crimes you committed the past 10 years stealing a DUI if we’re going to character assassinate let’s at least do it with facts and not speculation. There are liberals I absolutely adore and would even vote for but this too is a piece of crap.

Test exclamation of the lowering of tariffs by the EU is factual I don’t know why Beto doesn’t know about this. Not like any of the college-age students watching this debate in the comment section can even comprehend what Ted Cruz explaining they just have to pick on how he looks and that he asked fake or is a nerd or weird. Beto might be a cool guy and tall and better looking but he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about...

Look at that like I said Ted Cruz is explaining how he’s for free trade has always been it’s obvious I guess Beto just isn’t smart enough to realize what’s going on or he’s lying to people this is a well-known fact tetras knows every single thing this guy has ever said and Beto doesn’t know one of his major policies believes...

You were talking about not having trade wars but Ted Cruz is against trade wars like he’s so much more free trade than any Democrat on the face of the earth who is he arguing with? Don’t want to blow your mind dude but Ted Cruz is Donald Trump just because they are both on Republican tickets that’s not how politics works...

Ain’t no Texan going to say PeeCon...

Like the main reason I think Democrats are stupid is because of what you guys say. Ted Cruz thinks free market is a better way to have lower prices higher quality healthcare a new were innovations. Half of America agrees. You guys have no argument but he’s being paid by big Pharma. Do you see what you all sound so stupid? I can just as easily and with less of a conspiracy Siri say Democrats are trying to buy votes by using taxpayer money and leaving out crucial information like the tax rate will be 50% and they’re just trying to buy votes of people by promising them free government programs. Despite the fact that it would hurt the quality discourage Innovacion which objectively 90% i’ve healthcare innovation come from free-market not public. Or we could cut that crap out and present actual arguments because accusing the other side of Mal intent just makes it look like you’re too stupid to understand the other persons reasoning therefore could be nothing but the person being bribed

Bernie Sanders even said everyone’s taxes would be over 50% for socialize medicine lol

Can I buy my own health care that I want to buy the free market and everyone who wants socialized healthcare have it and not tax people who don’t want it? Thanks we’re aren’t going to ever have your terrible idea lol

Ted Cruz's impression of a Texan is meh.

Conservatives want to let the states decide for themselves and not force it on other people and liberals or leftist want to force everyone to live like they want.

You are not forced to check African-American you can check if you raise and there is always an I don’t wish to say... and so what if they check at Americas not racist like he piece of crap no one cares about race except Democrats historically and now lol no one reads an application it says discussed in the Sabres billions and he’s done all this he has all this experience and... oh... he’s black...... nvm.

Any high power rifle will cause a huge amount of trauma to the human body, the same as the “assault rifle.”

True to form.

Trump needs to be seen doing more campaigning for Cruz. If he lost Texas that would make or break his next election.

Ted Cruz is great

Might have to go Democrat.................

One of Hitler's operating principles.... Repeat your message constantly: "[Propagandist technique] must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success."[40][41] (Gustave Le Bon believed that messages that are affirmed and repeated are often perceived as truth and spread by means of contagion. "Man, like animals, has a natural tendency to imitation. Imitation is a necessity for him, provided always that the imitation is quite easy", wrote Le Bon.[42] In his 1881 essay "L'Homme et Societes", he wrote "It is by examples not by arguments that crowds are guided." He stressed that in order to influence, one must not be too far removed his audience nor his example unattainable by them. If it is, his influence will be nil.[43]

Beto is a white liberal. And, he bashes other white people. Beto can not and will not stand tall for Texas. You need courage for that.

Texans need to show up and vote for Ted Cruz. Beto is a Socialist. The difference is clear. Don't leave voting up to others. There is no excuse not to vote.

Texas is ALREADY on ' the right track' ... With Trd Cruz !! We do not need socialism mr. O. Vote for Ted Cruz cuz he loves The United States & our Constitution!

Ted Cruz is the only logical choice here.

Democrats are in charge of Media to the point where news is actually censored and Trump is bashed 24/7/365 although he does a super job! Democrats also treated Brett Kavanaugh horribly, so watch the Red Tsunami on 11-6!!!!

+the new dacia maybe you should reconsider about watching CNN only or MSNBC

+the new dacia unlike screaming iliterate DEMONcrats I refuse to debate with people that come unarmed with knowledge.

+Daniel Tucker the response to "he gets bribes from billionaires" is "your name is phony " you have the same debating skills as ted cruz

+the new dacia does he use a phony name like you. And maybe don't offer any throwaway $

Vote Cruz

I don’t live in Texas but please vote Beto. He’s got a way more level head on his shoulders.

Beto another Politician ! Vote for Cruz ! He will make sure the laws are followed! If you want to come to our Great Country you will come in legally! We have laws it is very simple!


Let's allow dreamers citizenship while upholding the second amendment. Let's legalize all drugs while protecting religious liberty. Let's acknowledge that healthcare is not a right (because you cannot have a right to another human being's labor) but allow a completely free market among health insurance companies so they can compete for lower prices and better service. Let's abolish tariffs. Let's allow teachers and administrators to bring their firearms to work IF THEY WANT and not force them either way. Vote libertarian in November if you really care about freedom and equality.

the only chance beto has is because ted is an establishment politician. if beto overplays his leftist cards in a state as red as texas he is screwed

Wow! just got to the part where Cruz was dubbed out. If you couldn't tell the NBC correspondents were already favoring Beto with the design of their questions, guess Cruz's answer here was to good for them to play. NBC is as bad as CNN.

And this bit about the trade wars. Since this President Trump has made great advances with the EU and also with trade with Mexico and Canada. China is being challenged to play fair, they are taking advantage of the US for decades now... USA strong.

Oh and Cruz owned him on actual common sense actions.

Looking at all of your comments reminds me how duped you folks were going into this. The Democrats are not even decent at running a state. Please do some research about California. Before you let this guy Beto smooth talk you like Obama did. Don't be fooled. Government control over education and medicine was an ambition of none other than Adolf Hitler.

ted all the way

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