WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for July 3 — Business Tax, Home Sales, Disabled Washrooms

WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for July 3 — Business Tax, Home Sales, Disabled Washrooms

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You. You. Tonight. On CBC, Vancouver, news, now. Look every business shut down this one in the corner behind you that, one forced. To close up shop how Metro Vancouver, businesses, are struggling, to keep up with sky-high property. Taxes, it's. Undignified just, to have put somewhere on the floor. Why. A lack of accessible, washrooms, is keeping, one ten-year-old, bcgirl, cooped, up inside. And. Fire. Rips, through a part of a West End apartment building. Forcing, everyone into, the street. This. Is CBC. Vancouver, news. Good. Evening closing, up shop moving. Locations, and working, longer hours, businesses. In Metro Vancouver say. They're being forced to make agonizing. Choices, because, of a quick increase, in property taxes. As tina love green reports today its payment, deadlines in Vancouver, is just, a reminder of how tough it's getting. With. Some huh dumped work seven, days a week at his barbershop, on Denman, Street some months we make just even, nothing, in profits you know he. Keeps prices low to bring in more customers, but. Still he, says high property taxes, make it difficult to turn a profit. Every. Year going up this, is the problem here dozens. Of businesses, in the area have been forced to shut down because of the high taxes, most. Notably, the chocolate, mousse on Robson closed after three decades and, today's, deadline, to pay off your property taxes, is another, reminder, of the challenges, faced by small businesses, we, are very scary maybe one day it's going to happen with us you know we, can't afford to pay rent we, can add a part to pay for the employees, a few. Blocks over this pastry, shop is also feeling the squeeze every. Single. Dollar, kind of counts, she says because of the high taxes. No, money is left to grow the business and fend off competition you, do need marketing and you need advertising and, for that sort of budget for a small business it can come it can be non-existent, if we, need to you, know budget for property. Taxes to the point that she wonders if her bakery will have a future and. It's hard because you, know you have poured. Your heart and soul into a small business and that takes up a decade of your of your life. Stan. What Vancouver. City Council, has tried, to ease the pressure in, April, they decided to shift some of the tax burden from businesses, to homeowners but, some say more, needs to be done we need to reform the archaic, assessment. System right now business owners are paying sky-high taxes, on the air above their business. And something, needs to change, municipalities. Are working with the province, to rethink, how assessments, are done and find, ways to give small businesses, and non, it's a tax break but while, that is in the works businesses. Still have to try to find a way to survive. Tina. Love Greene CBC News Vancouver.

Meanwhile. A 19, year low for home sales across, the region in June and for the first time in two years the benchmark, price for all homes, is just under a million as Leon, Young reports, experts, say we, haven't reached the bottom yet. With. Its expansive views of downtown Vancouver and. High-end, custom-built, finishes, two, years ago this East Vancouver home, would have sold in a week and it almost did this, seller had an offer and I, brought it to her she had two offers and they were both. 2.1, million offers. That were both above asking price but she turned it down now of course she's more motivated, so, she kind of regrets she didn't take that offer before 18. Months later it's listed, for less than the asking price it's, the new reality, in a market that's continuing. To slide we, saw this little glimmer of hope in May and I think everyone kind, of pinned their hopes on that and, for good reason sellers, want to get moving but now. I'm just, seeing the same old trend and heading, into summer you know I don't know what we're gonna see numbers. From the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver show, sales were down 34, percent from the 10-year average in June the, lowest, it's been since, 2000. So, a lot of factors that play but right now I think what we're seeing the most is buyers, on this side and sellers on this side having, really tough time aligning. Expectations. Sellers. Still want the prices of yesteryear, and buyers, aren't willing to pay plus, most people now want to sell first before they buy a new place when, you add up all the condos, townhomes, and houses, across Greater Vancouver for. The first time since 2017. The benchmark price has dropped below, a million, dollars, almost, a 10 percent drop from this time last year but, if you look at the figures over the last decade. We're still looking at a 92, percent increase. The, segment taking the biggest hit our luxury, humps sales are still being made at the lower end of the market we're. Not even into buyers market. Territory by, standard, definitions, for. A lot of the market so, it's weaker than it has been but they're still transactions. This is not a catastrophe yet. But. Even so this real-estate professor, says don't expect the market to pick up anytime, soon, 2018, was, a weak year, and June, 2019. Was much weaker than June 2018. So, it looks like the, beatings will continue, until morale, improves where, it will land no one knows but if you're looking to buy or sell patience. Is required. Leon, Young CBC, News Vancouver. Mayor. Sam P says no one was hurt after a Langley, officer, fired, a weapon at a Surrey home early, this morning, Langley. RCMP, responded, to reports of, an injured woman at near, 68th, Avenue, and 200th. Street that, investigation, led, them to a Seri home on 72nd. Avenue officers.

Were Then confronted, by a man described, as distraught, who allegedly, pulled out a weapon one. Of the Langley officers, then shot a gun without injuring anyone the. Man was taken to hospital after, being apprehended, under the BC Mental, Health Act. An. Early morning apartment fire, in Vancouver's West, End sent people running into, the streets, one, woman suffered minor burns everyone, else escaped, with no injuries, it, started at the top of the four-story, complex, that built well and Nelson's streets the, cause of the fire is now under investigation. Ana. Vancouver police officer, has been charged in connection with a car crash that injured two pedestrians. Jose. Domingo was responding, to an emergency last. June when his cruiser collided, with another police, vehicle the. Incident sent two bystanders and, three, officers, to hospital, Domingo. Was charged under the motor vehicle Act with driving, without reasonable, consideration, he, is due in court next, month. The. Push to find out why be seized gas prices. Hit record highs has, run into a roadblock several. Gas companies, are refusing to share financial information, with the BC Utilities, Commission, CBC. Vancouver news at 11:00 host Dan Barret joins us live now and then, where does this leave the BECU season quest Anita they're still, working on it at least for now the BC UC says or, asked more than a dozen companies to, disclose their retail margins, which show how much money they make per liter of gas pumped from their stations Shell, Canada Husky. Energy Imperial. Oil and Sun Corps declined. Saying those, numbers are private. Husky, says in a statement we responded, to the BCU C questionnaire, however, some of the questions involve commercially, sensitive, information, which, we must keep, confidential. Only, 7-eleven, and super safe group shared, the data but they asked it be kept confidential as, well in the, worst. Case does it have any power to demand, that data well, the Commission doesn't have direct subpoena. Powers but it does have its ways less to say the, chair and CEO David Morton says he doesn't think it will come to that though he says they've handled, sensitive, things like this before we've. Never had. Parties. Refused, to hand over. Confidential. Information provided. We protect. The confidentiality, so I'm confident, that that. These intervenors will also. Do. The same once they understand, how the process, works now. If for some reason, the BC UC and the companies, can't come to some sort of deal where they hand over that information, the Commission can ask them to testify, on the record and if, they refused, it can then go to a judge, and ask, for that information to be subpoenaed, so for now we. Wait Anita okay, den barrette live for us tonight thank you a. Ten-year-olds. Port Coquitlam girl, rarely, gets to leave her home to do things most kids her age do, the, problem a lack of accessible, washrooms, as Jesse, Johnson reports fortunately. The girls 12 year old sister has been her tireless advocate. And has, a plan. Amy, Diaz's, favorite, storyteller, in the world is, her big sister, it's cake Lucy, I said I'd be good Josh thinks the girls don't, get out much for.

Amy Who has cerebral palsy most public places are off-limits. Because. Even if the washrooms, are labeled, as accessible, they're, not accessible enough. Amy. Is too big for child, size changing, table so when, she needs her diaper changed she has to be lifted from her chair and placed, on the washroom floor which. Breaks her sister's heart it's so dirty and I just say it's. Not it's undignified just, to have put, somewhere on the floor Lucy. Spent hours searching for a solution and she found one something, called changing. Places washrooms. It's amazing, the specialized, bathrooms, have adult size change, tables that raise and lower electronically. And power hoist to lift people out of their chairs the, United Kingdom has more than 1300. Changing places washrooms, Australia, has more, than 90 and dozens. Can be found in the United States but. Canada only. Has a handful and. I also feel a little mad. Because. People, are talking. About it Lucy, met recently with her MLA Mike farmwork who calls her an excellent advocate. Well, beyond, her years she's also invited, to the BC Heritage Fair in toria this weekend where, she's competing, against some of the top students, in the province will be making presentations. About, important events in Canadian history, Lucy's, preferred topic is bathroom. Accessibility. So she'll, be talking about that instead and, she's not the only one in Victoria, who's, fighting for change, Victoria. International, Airport is undergoing, a 19, million dollar expansion first, is gonna be public awareness and education and David willows whose young son has, cerebral palsy cold-called, the airport to bring up accessibility. He, thought it would take some convincing to get a $15,000. Bathroom, included, in the renovations, instead. The, Airport Authority said. Yes on the spot I was, amazed. When I reached out at first and I said hey that's a great idea we'll include, it in our expansion nearly. 600,000, British Columbians, have permanent, disabilities, many of whom would benefit, from more accessible. Toilets. Lucie, knows it's a long tough fight ahead until, the necessary, changes, are made so. She'll keep raising awareness until. Amy never, again has to worry about lying. On the floor of, a dirty public restroom and. Jesse. Johnston, CBC News Port, Coquitlam. The. Province is now taking, bids for a contractor.

To Look into what, a review found to be toxic work, culture at the BC legislature, a report. Six months ago by House Speaker Daryl, Plexus made waves over allegations of, overspending, by two top, officials, but, it also included, reports from a number of former employees about, the negative culture including. The alleged firing, of several, staffers, without cause, comprehensive. Review will focus on the dynamic, between the. 330. Current, employees, in the Legislative, Assembly. Vancouver. Police are looking for a high-risk sex offender, who has failed, to return to his halfway, house, 29. Year old Jonathan Cardinal, is serving a long term supervisory. Order, after two violent, sexual assaults, in 2010. Cardinal. Is indigenous of 5 foot 8 inches, and 165. Pounds, he, has short brown hair and brown eyes he, also has a tattoo on his upper back a Canada, wide warrant is. Out for his arrest. Meanwhile. Surrey RCMP, are asking for help in identifying two. Suspects, involved in a robbery back on May 11th, police, say the two men went into a convenience, store near 120th, Street and, 82nd, Avenue one, of the men allegedly produced, a handgun and, stole several items of value from the store before taking, off in a, black four-door sedan. The. First suspect is described, as Caucasian in his 40s, with a heavy, build he, was wearing a traffic, vest and a gray underarmor, baseball, cap with sunglasses, the. Second suspect is, dark-skinned around 25, years old with the slim build he, was wearing a dark bucket, hat and a, white and blue striped, shirt, a. Planned. LNG, project, near Squamish, has moved one step closer, to breaking ground wood. Fiber LNG, now has a permit, to build its facility, one of the last key steps before construction, can start that's, already gone through three environmental. Assessments, and has the approval of the Squamish nation the. Plant would process natural, gas from northern BC for, export, to Asia wood. Fiber says it hopes to start construction, by the end of the year. Well. You'll have to wait a little bit longer if you want to enjoy beer, or a glass of wine at the beach in Vancouver, a pilot project has, been delayed the. Park board voted last year to sell beer and wine at concession, stands, at English, Bay and Kitts Beach problem. Is liquor licenses, aren't park board jurisdiction, not lies with the provincial government, which hasn't given the necessary approvals. No, date yet on when or if the, licenses, will come through. Another. Cloudy, day out there today Brett but I know you're going to say we need it we we. Need the rain, am i that formulaic, Anita come on no no I'll be honest I don't think we need the cloud it's just that rain comes, from clouds so I guess they go hand in hand but, in all fairness I'm outside right now our studios and I'm actually shocked, because there I think is the tiniest, bit of blue sky if you are in downtown go, outside right now this is the most freaked, out, free time that you're gonna be getting I'm honestly, quite shocked with that said our story is the temperatures, despite, all of this cloud cover I wanted to show you are still looking at temperatures, that are right around seasonal, so if we're looking at downtown Vancouver, at about 20 this is bang-on we are in July but of course that cloud cover can, maybe put a bit of a damper on to a few people's spirits, we, are just looking at that on the wall the radar here there isn't really anything radar, wise no rain to be expected, but cloud is gonna be still the number one story and for the next 24 hours or, so it's, gonna probably slowly.

Ramp Up it's gonna go from drizzle so then maybe some light rain and then maybe into some full-on, rain by the time we get into the end of the week and I'll tell you a little bit more on that coming up but by the time that we get to tomorrow at least daytime, high temperatures once again are gonna be at a fairly comfortable, 20, degrees so I don't think it's gonna be too bad and I'll be honest no I don't really like the cloud that much and fingers are crossed that we might get a few breaks of Sun in there but I'm, not gonna hold my breath for it Anita I was starting to think your rain, and cloud kind of guy Brent no. Not all the time just just, a nice mixture of everything alright. Thank you very much you're welcome well. Hundreds of young soccer players were treated to a morning on the pitch today with the Whitecaps and the Vancouver Police Department. This. Is the 30th annual VPD. Soccer camp it's free for kids who may not be able to afford formal, training also, give them a chance to make friends sharpen, their skills and, create positive moments, between officers, and the community, it's. Fun playing with my friends and just and you're having fun here you get to play games and. To take shots we. Play octopus, in shark attack but, super. Fun. The. Camp runs until Friday, capped off by a mini, World, Cup tournament, and, you can. Always find more details on all of our stories online just, go to, slash. BC, this, newscast is also available live, and on-demand if, you want to do that you can always download, the, CBC, jem app or you can follow CBC, Vancouver, on Facebook. And YouTube. Millennials. Are said to be the largest bloc of eligible, voters in the upcoming fall federal, election, after the break we hear their views. You. A. Pivotal. Moment in history when, Apollo 11 landed. On the moon this summer will mark 50 years since that day and ahead of its anniversary nASA has restored, the missions control, room in Houston our Eli, Glasner has more. This. Is the Johnson Space Center it is a working, Space Center with mission controls right now that are communicating, with the International, Space Station but for years, the original, Mission Control Center, responsible. For those historic, Apollo flights sat, neglected. Until now. This. Is the result the newly, restored Mission, Control Center where visitors, can stand, or, sit in the viewing lounge and watch, a series of highlights. Recreating. Some. Of the most dramatic moments of the, 1969. Moon mission. And. It's all about the details so remember, it was 1969. This, this isn't for your phone this, is of course an ashtray, these, were 3d, printed, just, so you can have the same experience. Sitting. In the chair of course without the smoke, hanging, in the air. Mission. Control many, of the original Apollo, controllers. Returned, including. Gene, Krantz, the flight director, who was working when. The, Eagle landed and Neil Armstrong, took those first steps he, talked to CBC News about, the emotion, at seeing Mission. Control come back to life this. Is a place, where. History, was made the books were written the, challenges. Were issued they. Were controlled. We move forward the accepted, risk is the price of progress and, at times we went too far too fast we, lost a crew but we picked the ball up and, continued, to run forward even stronger but.

As Much as NASA is focused on preserving its, history it's also very much looking forward into, the future talking. About plans already underway. For a new mission to, the moon a. Giant leap featuring, the first step by a woman, on the, lunar surface, in 2024. Eli Glasser CBC News Houston. Very. Interesting, will stay with us we will have more on a big shake-up, at one, of the world's largest pot, companies, which just so happens to be Canadian that, is coming up in just a few minutes. You. The. Fall federal election, is quickly approaching and this time around Millennials. Will be the largest bloc of eligible, voters it's, a powerful position especially, considering. It's the first time many of them have ever been able to go to the ballot box the. CBC's carolyn done caught up with some first time voters, to get their thoughts on the upcoming election. The. Mission of apathy is boring, is to get young people to the polls even if they know the idea of a high voter turnout for. First-time, voters is practically, a fairy tale they'll just say that they don't feel like their vote doesn't matter. Yeah. Just, just what's. Your answer to that when someone says my voice doesn't matter imagine, if, you all, actually went out and voted how. Different that good luck but according to the poll more than half of first-time voters, 56%. Say they don't know enough to cast a ballot even. Though a majority, of them, 57%. Think, the country is on the right track compared. To 43%. Of, all Canadian, voters. 21. Year old rapper Darnell, Kofi didn't know the federal parties or candidates. Until, we challenged, him to google it. Check. It out for sure that's, not to say first-time voters don't know what issues are important, to them climate. Change cost of living in school expenses taught their concerns, they, care about the environment and, I want to have a voice in my political system, a lot of the issues for me are environmental, issues especially. Being Alberta with oil and gas. LGBTQ. Issues are big for me too as well, as the immigration, issues that follow. Nationally. 8 and 10 first time voters prioritize, dealing, with climate change and, more of them are willing to pay to fix, it compared to the general population, but many still feel detached from what political parties, are saying. Age groups are completely, different and like the parties and probably. Their views are different than the people the next generation, coming up but don't mistake disenchantment. With the political system for cynicism. Because, the poll found first-time voters are more idealistic. Than the average Canadian voter, and when, they do go to the polls they tend, to vote with their hearts, Carolyn, done CBC News Calgary. There's. Been a major shake-up at the world's biggest pot company, which happens, to be Canadian as Jacqueline, Hansen reports the co-founder, and co-ceo, of canopy, growth says he, has been pushed out of the job by the Board of Directors. From. The seed of an idea to, a nearly twenty billion dollar, company. Bruce. Leighton helped canopy growth reach Heights no other cannabis, companies have in Canada but, now he's, out I love, the company I don't love this decision Linton, says he was fired as Co CEO and pushed off the company's board I'm probably not the most easy guy to get along with because you don't create twenty, billion dollar company by saying hey people what, would you like me to do today Linton. Was the face of canopy, but some analysts, say that was, it we, felt it was far more promotional, than operational. And when when the operational, time came we didn't feel it there was much there Linton. Helped land a five billion dollar investment from, Constellation. Brands a year ago the company that owns corona beer and Kim Crawford wines, but, canopy, has been burning, through cash in just last quarter, it revealed a larger, than expected loss the, surprise shake up when I was a flint inspiring, broke today canopy, and some other pot stocks fell but, by midday gained, back those losses I think.

It Says more about Bruce Linton and canopy, growth and it does say about the industry and I think I think we need to separate that and I think it's a great opportunity for the industry because we do believe there are genuine companies they can grow great cannabis, that, can that, have a shot of doing it at scale at. Canopy, it's other co-ceo, marks the Kulin will take over for now but, the search is on for a new leader to keep the company at the forefront of, an industry, it helped, create, Jacquelyn. Hansen CBC News Toronto. Why. Women, are at far greater risk of being hurt seriously, in a car crash that's coming up. You. Thanks. For joining us tonight here are some of our top stories it's. Undignified just, to have put somewhere on the floor a lack. Of accessible, washrooms, is keeping a ten-year-old BC, girl with cerebral palsy inside. What, Amy DS needs her diaper changed, she is lifted, from her wheelchair and placed on the unclaimed, floor her. Family is hoping the province, will bring in more washrooms, that have changing, tables for adults. Every. Year. Everybody. Everybody. Going up closing. Up shop moving. Locations and, working, longer hours sky-high, property, taxes, are forcing, Metro Vancouver, businesses, to, make agonizing, choices, and with today being the deadline in Vancouver, to pay your taxes, it's, acting is a tough reminder. The. Fire is, early. Some. Residents lose everything after, fire tears, through part, of a West End apartment building. One, woman suffering minor burns. Turns. Out despite, modern cars, being safer, than ever women, are at a far greater risk of being seriously, hurt in a car crash as their, insults Minh explains the big reason for that is safety tests, use crash-test, dummies, modeled, after men. Tested. For. Sex, in. Automotive, research the, best way to learn how to make vehicles, safer is, to destroy, it. And. Study. The damage, done to the dummies inside. But. It turns out the dummies really, only represent, one specific. Type of driver, traditionally. We've had crash-test, dummies that are a mid-sized male, the. Male dummies, are a holdover, from the early, days of crash tests, designed in the 1970s. And have been in use since the 90s, this. Is the dummy that was, began. Development, in the year 2000, and still. Isn't finished new, dummies can take decades to develop in part because they're far more sophisticated. Than they appear, closely, mimicking, parts of the human anatomy, with dozens, of data points, this, guy has between 120. And 150. Different. Data channels, but he's still a guy and. All. These years of male, based data, collection, appears, to have had an enormous impact. On the safety outcomes of, females, and vehicles when, compared, to men a new. Study about to be released by researchers, at the University, of Virginia has, found the odds of a female sustaining, a serious, two fatal, injury in a collision are now. 73%. Higher than they are for a male there. Are a few female, dummies, but they're just scaled-down, males, which, don't really represent women. At all differences. In fat distribution differences. In muscle strength you. Have differences in bony alignment, the, pelvis is different I mean. There's just a huge, number of things that suggest that females, are not smaller males Carolyn, Roberts is one of several researchers. At the University, of Virginia trying, to pinpoint why, women, are more vulnerable in, car crashes, you, have a three point seat belt so, how does that sit on top of the breasts does, it move more easily if I lean out and now I have a more complicated chess geometry, than, a male is, that problematic we, don't know she, says there's never been a study on how breast tissue affects, seat belt placement, there, may also be other reasons, why women are, more at risk throughout. The menstrual cycle. Stiffnesses, and joint ranges of motion change, so. There could be a time during, the menstrual cycle at which a female is more, susceptible to injury. At. Least one automaker, is paying, attention, Volvo, studied, 40 years of actual crashes. And also, found women to be more at risk it's, now sharing, that data with other manufacturers. The. Intent was to make sure we design cars that are safe for everyone and of. Course there's you know there's differences in males versus females and, that comes, through and that needs to be taken into consideration when, you build the car that means paying more attention to, gender differences.

When It comes to research, and design which. Should, ultimately, improve, the safety of. Everyone. Aaron. Saltzman CBC, News Rutgers, ville Virginia, a. Live. Shot tonight of the Port of Vancouver another. Gloomy, day for the most part clouds, expected to, continue a bread is here with the full forecast next. You. Well. Things may be a bit cooler here, in BC but in Montreal, temperatures, are soaring absolutely. With the humidity when you factor it in daytime, high temperatures in the low 30s we'll, be feeling more like the low 40s over, the next couple of days as Jayla, bernstein reports emergency, and city officials are reminding people to make sure that they have a place to cool off. There's. No, question, it's a scorcher even, in a shaded park the heat is intense. People. Are being reminded to drink plenty of water and to avoid too much physical exertion, and another. Idea 8x4. Normally. She'd be hanging out at this Saint Henry pool but, its opening was delayed until, the end of summer so they're, headed for air conditioning, now we are going to the levity for attending. Activity so we are trying to fix something indoor, though, the city is not in emergency, mode yet officials, say they're prepared or we're watching. And we're. Ready to move forward if necessary, but we still need to be all vigilant. For ourselves our, families, and for, our neighbors as well the, heat wave that hit, the city last summer left 66. People dead the, province says it's always improving the tools it has to target people at risk we have a whole system where. We know where they are we, get into contact, with those people. And we make sure that they are alright we even bring them to air. Conditioned, spaces, Montreal. Is also working on bigger picture fixes to help cool the city like, reducing, heat islands by adding more green space and taking, care of the city's most vulnerable at, all times the people are most at risk are, the ones are at least able to protect themselves and so, whether it's 25, degrees or 35 degrees the, idea of breaking. Social, isolation is, always pertinent for now officials, are reminding people to be prudent and to check in on neighbors who might need help Jayla. Bernstein, CBC, News Montreal. Yeah. That, hits really close to home Montreal, was my home for eight years and, in the summertime if you live in an old building they don't have air conditioning it's a lot like Vancouver in places we just don't really have that here but that humidity, is an absolute. Killer you feel it every single day and there's just no relief from it so that's where you pull out all the fans exactly, I've even like put a cloth in the fridge to try to cool down put it over your face after nothing, seems to help it though but, we definitely don't have that problem here in Vancouver, I can assure you let's.

Take A look back at the morning that was had, quite some interesting, clouds going by this morning you can see them there this is now facing south, actually, this is just south. On the Camby bridge I believe and we see clouds out of all the sudden kind of going out of nowhere we see them in two directions at once and honestly, this was kind of the story of the day we really just had a lot of cloud cover blanketing, at us but as you saw me outside we had a little bit of sunshine but maybe you're asking where's that summer well if you were paying attention to that last segment there it is all in the East I wanted to show you current temperatures across the country right now in Ottawa, Montreal and, Toronto 26. 27, degrees this is 9 o'clock at night there there the Sun has already gone down or it's just about two and it is still gonna be making those nights quite quite, sweltering, hot and a lot cooler over in the West and this is pretty normal, when this type of the pattern sets up didn't, want to draw some attention to the fact that we are looking at some rain going across BC throughout, the day on Thursday this, is fairly widespread this, is gonna be making its way through the caribou this Hobson's into the Okanagan, but you're gonna notice that Vancouver, throughout this whole point we're gonna be the last to get this rain it's all traveling from the north to the south so, on Thursday just expect some cloud cover and maybe some drizzle throughout, the whole day when, it comes to Thursday night into Friday, however well that now gets to be our turn to enjoy or get some of this rain widespread. Across the Lower Mainland, this is gonna be showers largely throughout, the day and there's pretty good confidence that this will be lasting, throughout essentially, Friday evening, unfortunately. As we go a little bit farther into the weekend it's going to be looking a little unsettled, but I'll give you that forecast, tomorrow in terms of our current fire danger, rating it is still looking fairly low to moderate in the interior which is great and we are looking at improving conditions, along the south coast what, do we have in store for the next five days well, kind of like yesterday temperatures are going to be right around that 20 to 21 degree mark throughout, the next few days but as I mentioned you're gonna be seeing those showers more, so onto Friday and then into Saturday as well it's not going to be toward the end of the weekend when essentially Sunday, and Monday roll around that we should likely be starting to see more, of that sunshine which, I know we all will be rejoicing, when it comes back I don't. Think anyone will actually know maybe some people will be complaining about it there, are always some but I think the vast majority of people should probably be smiling, it and that's not too hot exactly. It's comfortable, exactly, okay and we, now know which two countries are going to be playing for the championship title. In the Women's World Cup after today's, tense matchup, between Sweden, and the Netherlands, a, scoreless. First half led, the best chance yet for Sweden unfortunately. That was turned away by a fingertip, save, by the Dutch keeper and an extra time the Netherlands, Jackie grown in got a strong, shot, off and snuck. It just inside, the post sending, her team to the final against a dominant, American squad and. Sticking. With sports because it seems like it's been a month, it's, been a month of sporting. Basketball. Fans across the country are near the breaking point I don't know if you've caught any of this today but, days into, NBA free, agency and nothing, but frustrating, silence, from Kawhi Leonard, on whether he'll stay with the Toronto Raptors and as our Gregg Ross reports today the Finals MVP was, rumored to be in Toronto for it was likely the, last meeting ahead of his decision, it's.

A Frenzy that started, when one Raptors, fan spotted. Raptors president, Masai Ujiri and, general manager Bobby Webster inside. The Hazelton hotel, he sent out pictures, and bid of his encounter, not long after that I was able to confirm for myself that they were indeed, here having lunch I watched, as you Geryon Webster went up an elevator, here at the hotel, but what really kicked this frenzy into high gear were. Rumors that Leonard, himself, was also coming, here to meet them. Leonard. Was rumoured to be on a plane coming from aller a private, jet owned by the company that runs the Raptors it touched down in Toronto this afternoon, many, speculating. Those climbing, down the stairs included. The king of the North himself, and his uncle Dennis even. Though there was no official word as soon as the passengers, climbed into those dark SUVs, the, hunt was on a local, news station even redirected. Its traffic chopper, to the cause tracking, the vehicles live as they headed downtown and, they're getting now back on the Gardner that helped touch off a firestorm of, speculation, that Kawhi, Leonard was indeed back in town and if so why, to, negotiate, to, sign a, hopeful. Crowd gathered, outside that, luxury, hotel where, Masai Ujiri and, Bobby Webster were waiting for fans, it felt, like the confirmation, they needed I'm just here to say thank you thank. You to quiet honestly, he, inspired, the country, inspired. The city the, last couple months have been like so, so exciting, social media started lighting up with such a frenzy of fan excitement, bordering, on obsession others. Started, calling for Toronto to just chill, out a little bit, finally. The SUV's arrived, at the hotel went, into the underground parking lot and that's, where the trail went cold we. Don't know exactly what, transpired inside. The walls of this hotel here today but, for many NBA, insiders. This, frenzy, has, put the Raptors back on top when it comes to the Kawhi Leonard free agent sweepstakes, Gregg, Ross CBC. News Toronto. Fourteen, dead Russian, sailors, a top-secret. Submarine. And a government unwilling. To share the details coming up we take a look what happened. You. Hi. I'm Amy Val here's what's in your CBC, Vancouver, inbox your, favorite, summer tradition is back starting, July 5th musical. Nooners is back for its tenth year join us for free concerts, weekdays at noon all summer long and get, your tickets today to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, July 19th, to 21st at, Jericho Beach Park enjoy, a weekend, of the finest, folk and roots music from around the world for. More check us out online. 14. Russian, soldiers, who died on board a top-secret, submarine. Will be given state honors they, were killed Monday after, a mysterious, accident, in Russia's Arctic, as Chris Brown reports, Russia is refusing, to release details. Not. For the first time romantic, residents, left flowers at a memorial to, mark an accident, involving, dead submariners. Those, killed in the top-secret Russian, sub died of smoke inhalation according. To Russia's government among them some of the most decorated officers. In the nation's military including, two heroes, of Russia. Sacrificed. Their lives to eliminate, the source of the fire saved, their comrades, and the submersible, said, Defence Minister Sergei shoigu this. Is one of the few known photos, of what Russian media are reporting to be the a s12. A so-called, spy sub. Nicknamed. A lost shark, after a cartoon, horse this, Russian, TV graphic, shows it's usually carried, by a larger, vessel to its destination it's. Compartmentalized hull. Enables, it to dive deep to, the ocean floor apparently. To do things such as eavesdrop. On undersea, communication. Cables. Whatever. Caused the fire and precisely what the mission was Russia's. Leadership isn't saying the official line is that it was a research vessel on, a research mission but. This independent. Military analyst, believes since it was in very shallow water most. Likely the vessel had just been refurbished now. Defense minister Shaw already said that there was at least one civilian. Specialist on board which, would indicate that this was a test, run just outside. Of the shipyard. In a tragic coincidence the, losharik, accident, happened just days after a movie, about, Russia's, or sub disaster, opened, here the loss of the Kursk 19, years ago left 119.

Sailors, Dead in the fumbled response from authorities, including, a young Vladimir, Putin has haunted Russia's, military ever, since, Russia's. Military has, touted big plans to modernize with new missiles, ships and aircraft. But it's, also suffered, through major disasters. Losing scores of servicemen, two, plane crashes in, Syria, and, now to. A fire in a submarine in the Arctic Chris. Brown CBC, News Moscow. Canada. Is strongly condemning, the airstrike, in Libya, that killed at least 44, people and, left, more than a hundred and thirty wounded, the attack tore, through a detention center, holding, migrants, trying to cross the Mediterranean to. Europe as, the, CBC's Derek Stoffel explains it sits, next to a military, camp that's been targeted, before. They. Had come to Libya on a journey, seeking, a better life, instead. These migrants, from other parts of Africa were. Caught up in an airstrike, that destroyed, a detention center, just outside of Tripoli, from ku-ku-ku-ku, wounded, and they. Died on the road on their way running and some, people are still under the under. D block. Hundreds. Had been living in the cramped building seen here, before the attack. Now. Some, migrants, who came to Libya with so little are, scrounging, for whatever, they can take away for. The last five, years Libya. Has been embroiled in another, civil war this. Fight between the government, backed by the United Nations and, forces. Loyal to the warlord, Khalifa, Haftar who. Leads what he calls the Libyan, National, Army for. The last three months after, his forces have tried, to take, control of the capital Tripoli both. Sides blame the other for the airstrike, and it's, unclear, if the detention, center was the intended, target. Libya. Is a main departure, point for migrants. And refugees heading. To Europe about. 5,000. People are housed, detention, centers after being turned back from boats in the Mediterranean, Sea, now, the UN's. Refugee agency. Says those, migrants, should be moved away from the, front lines of the civil war we have to see a change now that has to be an immediate release, of all the detainees from these sentences and we have to make sure that no rescued, refugee, rescued, on the central Mediterranean is, taken, back to Libya, the. UN says the attack could be a war crime, and it's, now calling for a full investigation into. The airstrike, Derek, Stoffel CBC, News London. Washington. DC, is getting ready for a 4th of July celebration tomorrow. Unlike. Many before it with, a show of military, might as Allen, Morrow found out party, politics, as well on a day that's usually about a country, coming together. An armored.

Vehicle On, the move a scene reminiscent, of a war zone playing, out in the heart of Washington, DC, we're, gonna have a great 4th of July in Washington, DC it'll, be like no other it'll be special. It will certainly have a trumpian, twist, forget, just the usual fireworks. Show. This. Year's event will also feature an unusual. Display, of military might, tanks. And a flyover best, fighter jets in the world and other planes too and we're. Gonna have some tanks stationed, outside got. To be pretty careful with the tanks. President, Trump will also give a speech the first president, since Nixon to. Make an address as part of the formal, celebrations. Nixon's. Though was, videotaped. Trump's. Will be live from the Lincoln Memorial in the front row Republican. Donors in specially, reserved, seats on what's normally, a nonpartisan, day, it is the birthday of the country, well. He has commandeered it, Trump dubs the event a salute, to America critics. Say it's a salute to himself it's just not, done, in. This country and it will be seen as very, out of place on, the. Grassy. Mall which. Is used basically for flying kites the. Cost, no, numbers, have been released but it's expected to far surpass, last year's budget, reportedly. Around, two million dollars anytime, you get a presidential. Visit there are inherent. Security cost back. On the mall the preparations, continue, for a fourth of July unlike. Any the country has seen best. Thing to ever happen to this nation have a man like Trump in there to get. Crooked politics, out of it and get this country back, you. Could say something about despots. And, so-called. Presidents. Who, need to show they are big, tanks. But. I won't say it because I'm being recorded. Divided. Opinions, in a divided America. Ellen. Morrow CBC, News Washington. Spider-man. Is back, on the silver screen how, does the webslinger make, out after the last blockbuster. Avengers, movie our review, is coming up after the break. You. Well. Marvel's mega, movie Avengers endgame, raked in billions of, dollars at the box office earlier, this year and since, then many things have changed in, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you. Can see the consequences. Of those changes, in the new movie spider-man, far, from home and here with a review from our very own film guy is Eli Glossner.

Everywhere. I go I see his face. Spider-man. Far from home is the first post, Avengers, end game Marvel movie, and that means spider-man. Is home but not, exactly the same the beginning of the film is much darker and hour and as a sign of how much things have changed when the commander, of shield, Falls for help well, just look at how Peter Parker, reacts Nick. Fury is calling you I, don't. Really want to talk to me at all why because, if you don't talk to him and I have to talk but I want to talk about, you. Sent Nick Fury to voicemail I gotta go you do not ghost Nick Fury so what gives well Parker, wants to put his spider life on pause, because, he's got a school trip coming up and this isn't just to a museum, around the corner but to Europe I'm talking Paris, London Venice, with his best bud Ned with his nemesis, flash and more importantly, MJ. The girl he's been crushing on so, everything, is looking up until. The giant, water monster, appears. Okay. So shooting. Webs at the towering, column, of angry, water maybe, not, the best move luckily, there's a new hero on the block meet Mysterio. The well, mysterious. Hero from a parallel, dimension he's. Tangled, with these so called elemental. Monsters, before and, is here to give Spidey pants a pep talk there's, a part. Of me that wants me to tell you just, turn. Around run away from all this and then there's another part of me that knows, what we're about to fight, what's. At stake, the, problem, with far from home is just how familiar everything. Is starting to feel the grumbly. Nick Fury the CGI, driven, battle scene there's a creeping, complacency. That assumes, our affection, but there's nowhere near, the innovation. Of the previous, films the best parts are still, the hapless, Peter Parker, trapped between caring. For his friends and family and the responsibilities. Of the hero life want. To go in on a pair, you. Mean that's it next to each other yeah. No. Okay. No. The. Special effect there is the acting, Tom Hollands, anxious. Nerves the way it hurts him to disappoint, MJ and zendaya, herself, as this woman who hides, behind sarcasm. Starting, to open up that's, what, I wanted more of and less of the superhero. Shenanigans. Luckily, what saves this spider film is the, two post-credit. Scenes the first which, might be more important, than the entire, film, that, preceded, it and that bumps this all up to three and a half stars out, of five you, like last nurse CBC News Toronto. He. Looked, and sounded so, disappointed. I thought he was gonna give it two and a half I took a little bit of a turn but I mean I'm impressed to see that he thinks, so highly of that movie I'm very, shocked. You. Can always find our news program online at CBC a /bc, Dan Burgert is here at 11 o'clock with your next local news after the national have. A good night good night.

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