VLOG - Follow Me Around, Get Ready With Me & Romeo Santos Concert!

VLOG - Follow Me Around, Get Ready With Me & Romeo Santos Concert!

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My. Name is so I got up at 8 a.m. today, I haven't alarm on my phone because this. Is coming over as soon she's coming over at 9 and right now it is. Chuck, the time here. 838. So she's almost here so I'm all dressed I got up and it's so funny because the first thing I do is I get dressed I don't like first part of a makeup I get dressed first today. Is Friday I'm so, excited you guys tonight, it's Romeo Santos, a. Freak. Out every time I go to see him this is my second time now he, puts on such. An amazing concert, you guys like I love. Going to his concerts the first one I went to was at the most an amphitheater and today. It's going to be at the 8th so, I am so excited last, night I had like these little butterflies, in my stomach I, don't know I just got like super nervous and yeah. I think it's just excitement overall today it's gonna be kind of a busy day so sisters coming over at 9 and number one breakfast with my dad and then, after, I personally that's what I have a breakfast I love going to breakfast on weekends you guys it's just it's, just kind of become like a family tradition I live, at home so I go with my parents like every single weekend where Amy only gets to go with us like when she sees us or went out with her as well I'm also gonna show you guys what I'm wearing cuz I'm like living for my outfit today I pre-planned, it I had all my okay I'm gonna show you guys. So. Here is my outfit for tonight and even, have my ring here on the side that I'm gonna be wearing it just kind of gives me like a peace of mind I think again it's just like the perfectionist, and anxiety, in me like it just I don't like worrying about what. I'm gonna be wearing I love the feeling of just knowing like it's right there that's, what you're gonna wear put it on tomorrow you like it everything's great and it just makes you feel good so what was I saying I just. Had another door woman awesome I'll show you guys my outfit so right after breakfast meeting you have an appointment at 11:00 at our nail salon so we're getting our nails done so, this is the last day I'm gonna be having these red nails I actually really, enjoyed having them I'm gonna be doing like a nude color today I think, I'm gonna customize, it and mix two colors I have two, colors in mind I'm, gonna see if it works have you been going tour nails every three weeks now instead of every two weeks just saves you some money at the end of the month instead of going twice which would cost us like a hundred bucks now we go once a month so cost us 50 bucks so I'm wearing a PLT, bodysuit, it's in the color stone I think they she still had this one in stock if they, do I will link it down for you below my sister has this one on white and I'm so jealous I need a white one because it's like so basic, and I. Do have a black one now it's just on a bodysuit, it's more of a top I have from hmm, and then I'm wearing my, joggers, track pants from urban Planet I love getting joggers, from them you guys these, are men's again this is a size small the pockets just make you look so nice and curvy they're enhancing, my hip which I love so much and then, my, shoes my, new equipment.

Support, Adidas, shoes that I got from champs a lot of you guys are like where are those shoes like, please find me a link and I'm like I know I got, them at chance I found out if any. Of you guys are around that area you guys can definitely find them there I can't find a link to it and it's like sold out there, are also kids so just keep it in mind and the, kids cost me $75. So. This is the overall look you guys how cute is it I always get stressed out about like what jackets I'm gonna wear because to, me jackets are like shoes they're so awkward, for me like they are mad awkward I'm gonna be wearing this coat as, much as I can so I'm sorry if you guys see this coat like 15 million times but like let's, be real it's, like it's super cute why would you not wear this as much as you can that, is the look that I am rocking just, for the day and then, at nighttime I'm gonna be doing all black do, you sent me this picture of sugar look at this guy like what is he doing can I ask you. His. Neck is like over there and his feet oh my god you guys I can't, tell you how much I live for this dog he's so freaking cute, before the concert me name you're gonna get ready together here, and of course we're gonna take some pics so you have to take some pics thank, God amy is here today because then she can help me take my pictures since none of me directing, it myself but a girl tries her best so. Yeah so now I'm just waiting for sis to get here and then we're gonna go off to breakfast this, is my breakfast, so, I stole some of dads potatoes, cuz. I don't want to have too many my, bacon I get it soft and I also get my eggs medium, done and we're having tomatoes. In my copy of course he. Does clean house Tabasco over him, Amyas. Had for a bacon. So. Cold man huh. And so polo pig 95 years she's done it cold it, looks, horrible but. The though outline, I think. It's bad what, is an insulator. Oh it, looks like something, out of a tell you so. I think I figured out what's making me break out what. I'm. Still shivering by the fact that you're just so cute but your piece can't handle it yeah I'm bro as you were saying like look at what new products we've had the only new product, I've tried is the pixie glow tonic the toner and googled, like if anyone else was having an issue with it and there, were a couple other people who are like everyone loves this but for me it made me break out it said that they've never had to promise I just like the same story as mine like you favor never I'd upon with acne so.

Right Now we're on the way toward nails you guys our appointments at 11:00 but we're actually gonna be just on time we finished breakfast just on time. What. Color you doing to. I don't. Know I just had it didn't okay guys she always loses her phone what. He said Oh make. Sure you're not sitting on it cousin for less than you were no, no. Okay. It. Was my phone like 72, times yeah, we do. Do. The same color bananas always Jeff he. Texted me you're like but I'm gonna try something new that's. Like I'm gonna do this with me I'm like she's gonna do a nude so, the joke was that you're doing the same one yeah I, didn't want to cut my nails off today though. The. Same if. I want them like that but they never want to do it shorter not just. Want them gone get. Out go, away, get. Out of here now. Yours. Not get as dirty like what am i doing my know that they get so dirty underneath, oh I'm just like in my own digging, dirt girl just like digging dirt. I don't, are you digging dirt you know what Amy I was looking back at my old photos of my nails I'm sorry, but you were right yeah, they were bad only. One of us it's us listen to some music no sister. We, ten minutes to do my skincare routines money it's, believed that I cleansed, my children but my studies frame but. My serum, and moisturizer, and my eye cream and then my tanning means cream, no. But seriously I looked at the clock and by, the time I got out of the bathroom it, literally, was ten minutes later I'm like Amy seriously you, should is kind of annoying. Amy, I had an eight o'clock alarm, I got up I hopped out of bed I put, in my ipod I went straight to my room and I got myself all dressed stuff. I had an 8 o'clock alarm I only got out of it at 8:20, got. Into it I had to be at my house at 9:00 yeah, I got in the bathroom left, the bathroom, from, my skincare routine at 8:33, so it took me 13, minutes do my skincare routine and. Then I had to leave the house camera setting is I can't keep up like I'm just like can you please just make me look cute like I want to be able to turn on the camera and make me look you like made me, look. When I look in the mirror I know like just like you know. I'm. Eating fried chicken in his hand I wish I could eat a piece of fried chicken and, now we are off to Booster, Juice I'm.

Gonna Be getting my never much and so are you a mmm-hmm, safe to get ready leader I'm. Not I'm excited, for something okay. Very. Zen today. I'm. So good. I'm. Just contemplating my life, Amy. What are you contemplating about, can. Somebody does inject, me with some excitement, and emotion and and passion. They'd all be hyping you up that's what I'll do I wake, up high I don't know why I'm high in my blood you. Know what the matcha will help you. The. Way you say, yeah all the time, yeah. And. Then get my night hours oh god. II seriously. Get over. Should, we listen to some Romeo's, and that's before actually, I uh II forgot we were in a romance there I didn't know who's gone through erosion for the longest time like brought light fix, to ground outfit options I think that's a very good idea considering. The way you are you're. Gonna look beautiful no, matter what you choose oh I know. You. Guys I'm so happy with my nails they're like perfect and then my Pandora ring that's the close up of them it's like the perfect nude all this is going on up here amy has all her stuff in this bag over here and then. Our purses, it's. A little bit of a mess in here but that's okay. Okay. Guys so now we're all ready to go my makeup is all done my, outfit, I'm gonna show you guys right now in the mirror I'm wearing an off-the-shoulder, top here from Zappa and my jeans are from sirens, I love these jeans I actually showed them in one of my clothing hauls that I did it was in my Valentines, Day haul and then I have some first lights here also from sirens, comes this cousin everybody don't like, that bow you know. So. I'm also wearing it with my favorite, new fur jacket that I got from forever 21 now. We're gonna take a bunch of pictures because we're gonna take advantage of this sunlight that's just coming through the window so, pretty soon we're gonna pick up something to eat and then we're gonna be off to the concert, you guys my sister looks like a boss, right. Now driving, my mom's Lexus, no. Seriously, you look like b.i.g. Like. Lane that's, right, no you look Boston. You. Guys I'm not even that hungry right now, this. Is what we're eating Amy, loves her sriracha but. This is Osmos I get their special that's their so it's half chicken, on the rocks and half the Greek salad look how delicious that looks. I think, my stomach is just full of nerves and I'm just so excited so I don't even want, to eat right now. As. Excited, as me. I'm. The only one, super. Excited, well I am a true Romeo fan. Look. How beautiful. So. Names. I night. It's so gorgeous a we're. Going to stop, at Starbucks because we are super early and that. Is where we are going to watch our concert, so, beautiful. So, gorgeous. Stupid. Time. I can't. Handle that I can't handle it. Oh my, God we're gonna can't believe that can't breathe. Oh. By. The way guys we weren't able to bring in our tribe. Oh. You see. The desire to, achieve a third scenario is, 11 or so below, the necessary parties. To. Do. -. Yelling continues okay. They're. One of several people. See. This. Is in selenium. Machine. This, is see the GP, medicine. Imagine. Shoo. In its future. Okay, guys I just got home from the concert I am, so. Exhausted but, I can't tell you like my heart is so full right now like I am so, happy I had. Such. An amazing time as you guys can tell by the footage but. Honestly a huge shout out to my sister she. Filmed. Like most of my concert flourish because like I cannot I think you have to help me out but she was just just like yeah for sure I appreciate, it so much because, I was able to just fully enjoy the concert and I just I can't tell you how much fun I had you guys you know I just love the music so much I'm, super tired I have to go take off my makeup my makeup is like such, a mess right now oh my god, I just, want to thank you guys for always just showing so much love thank. You for the love that you guys showed on my photo that I post it on my IG story post so, thank you guys so much I really really truly appreciate it, it's 12:30. Right, now. No. Actually I think it's later than uh. 12. 48 it's 12:40, like I just I can't like I'm ready to knock, the hell out Romeo. Really, loves his fans you can just tell he. Put on such. A long concert, for us and it was just song after song after song and at one point he came up in the, center, some people at where I was sitting we got to see him even closer which, is just amazing I just I love him as an artist and I love him as a person and I. Just really, respect how he treats us back and I just really respect what he does so. Yeah, he's just he's, amazing and he's probably, my, favorite, person I've ever watched a concert this is my second time now so.

Yeah, I just I don't, even know how to like express how like happy I am right now and how good so. I hope you guys have fun follow me to the concert and also throughout my day thank, you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you babes next, time.

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