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VLOG - Cook With Me, Tampons & Shopping Finds!

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Hello, guys welcome, back it is Sunday I am vlogging on a Sunday it's super weird because I normally don't do this Sunday's like my pamper, routine, day so I'm actually gonna be washing my hair soon I'm doing. A math taking care of my blackheads I'd love to do that too I'm. Actually going to show you guys a brand new shampoo and conditioner, I've actually used before but it's brand new because I just bought it right I just never rebaudioside. It. At winners for such an amazing price, someone actually gifted it to me and then, it's. Funny because when my sister Jessica used to live here she washed. Her hair with it and she's like okay what's that shampoo and conditioner I was like girl you're not supposed to use my, shampoo and conditioner. Don't. Be using my expensive. Shampoo conditioner because stuff is not going to be buying that again like I'm not we're also gonna be cooking a delicious meal you guys see inside of the thumbnail, it's, a Thai curry chicken dish we're gonna make it for lunch I'm so super excited but I'm gonna show you guys a bunch of new stuff that I recently just bought that I have to show you guys because guys we're always playing huge Styles like we just okay so this. Is our conditioner, in our shampoo, caviar. Anti-aging. Infinite. Color world conditioner, and then I got caviar, anti-aging, replenishing. Moisture shampoo so. I got one of each they actually had the. Matching one to each of them but, I kind of wanted the conditioner, to have a color hold inside of it because, that's where it kind of bleached my hair and everything I don't really die the top of my hair and over here with the shampoo, I wanted, it to be moisturizing because I find that shampoo, actually, does dry all my hair a lot and then, if you see at the bottom here free, of parabens. Sulfates and synthetic, color which, is so important. That's why this thing makes your hair feel so good I'm gonna open it for you guys so you can see what it looks like it's just white on the inside there's no color and it, smells so ups oh God, oh sorry. About that let's just stick that back, in there yeah. That's right believe. Me we don't want to waste any problems over here guys. Watch yourself for each of these it was $39.99. These are normally, so expensive, if you, get so the bottles normally this skinny and only this tall and it's, like I believe it's like $30, each and it cost you like $60 in total so in total both of these were $80, $40, each and to be honest with you for a shampooing, conditioner that does this well for your hair and that's free of all the harsh things for.

Your Hair it's actually pretty affordable to be honest with you I like getting the ones with the pump as well I find, that there's smaller bottles, their nozzle you have to turn it and you have to really squeeze I kind, of find it a little bit hard I didn't really like them but I love the product, so it was so hard but, then me and my sisters saw these at winners then we're like oh my god just gonna absolutely loves. This shampoo conditioner, like, raves about it too so I'm so excited to be washing my hair with these but I definitely recommend, that you guys tried these out if you're looking for a brand, new shampoo or if you guys color hair very often, if it's damaged, you guys will notice that this will change your hair in one wash this sweater over here that I got from forever 21 because, Amy gave me a gift card for Christmas I. Got this from them it is so pretty, it's like this cardigan, I talked to be honest with you has this deep v-neck, I got it in a size small. And I got it in a size small and it's nice for the springtime when you don't want to go out in a, coat or a jacket even. Like kind of spring/summer where it's a little bit chilly has a really deep v-neck, but I just absolutely love it you guys I don't have anything like this I'm gonna do a look with this where I do jeans a black heel and then this on the top oh my god I'm so excited it's, very like casual, and lofty, sort of feel but, still very feminine because, of the v-neck and I will leave a link down below to this exact one or similar, ones that I can find okay. Then over here you guys I'm so excited about this one because I got it from H&M, and it goes off the shoulder. This one was 30 4.99, and I got it in an extra small it's the most beautiful. Beautiful like, creamy, stony, beige color you guys can see in comparison to my counter which is like a fresh fresh white but, I saw it on the mannequin and I'm like oh my god that's just so feminine, soft, and pretty and it's just screaming my name this, would also look so cute in the springtime with. A pair of wedges oh, my god a pair, of light jeans and of course with my gold necklace from German go like hello I will leave a link below to the exact one in. My description box and maybe if I find a couple of similars that you guys can also check out too okay these I have to show you guys I just recently went to winners when. I got my travel bag that I'm gonna show you guys next and. Then I found also these kind of timberland looking, shoes but, it's definitely a more feminine, look to the timberlands because I would never wear those they're just a bit too masculine, for me you, guys are in the most perfect like sand color I posted a photo of me wearing them at home 'sons and. I was like sitting on a, fur chair and I had my fur coat on actually. This, faux fur coat, that I have over here from, Topshop, which by the way I got, for $75. Instead of 150, you. Guys I saw the price tag and I actually had like a gift card with them and I'm like you know what I'm. Gonna get it forget it like I'm just gonna get it this is a piece that I'm going to use year after year I guess, to the cache and he's like it's for 75 now I'm like we're, like what I've, been looking for this jacket for the longest time I've been seeing everybody wearing it on Instagram, and I'm like where, is this jacket in Canada I can't find it so you guys I got it for $75. This, one is a size mus. Six it's just the most beautiful, beautiful. Cream faux, fur coats US size six and I will leave a link down below for you guys make.

Sure You guys pick this up for next winter because, you will definitely not regret it but, anyways back to my little feminine timberlands, over here so, these ones I found for $49.99, not. A bad price at all I've never seen anything so cute, like this in my life and it comes with a zipper so you don't always have to kind of do. Up the laces so I kind of just double knotted it so it doesn't come out so, you have the zipper on the side super, convenient it's plain on the side like you guys this, is such a cute shoe I'm. Gonna see if I can find you guys some similars, I don't think I can find the exact one I consider. Myself the link Queen so you know why I'm going to try, to find as a similar for you guys and these are perfect, for the springtime when it's like raining a lot so. I'm gonna be using sneakers, and I'm also gonna be using these so this is one of my favorite, like recent, purchases, when, I was out winners with my friend, I found this travel bag I've actually been looking for a really small travel, bag if I, go to New York let's say for like another two days I really don't feel like I need that big luggage that I've been bringing if, I'm going somewhere like if I'm sleeping over Ami's this is absolutely perfect because, to be honest it's getting quite expensive to take your own luggage with you they're charging like $60, now so, this one was $59.99. A really nice Bay like this to be honest with you is like $100 and over so. I was really press with the price this one is by Madison. West Los, Angeles travel, collection, so it's in this very gorgeous like black croc skin so, if you unzip, the first front area over here this is where I would keep like all my. Facial. Stuff all, my beauty products, anything. That I need to kind of pack that's a little bit more slender I would, put all those products in the front here then, this other pocket, so you have this front one and then you have one over here and then you have the main one, that you pack like all of your clothes in this, one I just realized what this is perfect for so guys if I grab my laptop and, my put it inside of here it's, absolutely. Perfect and I'll put my charger on the side I can take all my text, up with me so, this is very like business, savvy to which I absolutely love, if. I don't bring my laptop or anything this is great for like sandals, and flip-flops all your shoes in one kind of compartment, and then. Over, here this, is like the main area, where, you kind of pack all of your clothes of course and. I love how it kind of zips really nice and low over there as well. So. It kind of opened like this and you have this whole entire area for you to pack all of your clothes plus, it has a back zipper which is really important, I find, it put a lot of like tiny things inside. Of my luggage and I don't know where to put it and luggages don't come with this that's but not least but the most important part of this that made me say you know what that said I'm getting this it, has this little zipper at the bottom this little hidden sort of trolley, that you can kind of take out and roll it out I'm gonna put on the floor so I can show you guys like. Look how cute it is you guys it looks so adorable so, over here it has this little zipper this, little hidden trolley at the bottom that you can close and zip up but. What happens is you pull this out and. Voila. You, have it on wheels like guys this is absolutely perfect or, you guys can also bring it down like that and kind, of put it on the floor like this and be like boom Airport, photo what. What. What. Now I'll, also try to find a few links to something that's similar I might not be able to find the exact one but, if I find some similars for you guys I definitely would recommend something like this while, you guys are traveling just for like a weekend or something like that and another thing I love is that you guys can put this in the overhead. Bin inside the plane and you don't have to check it in as luggage, okay, by the way you guys you have to download this, song over here it is called one, love and it's a Zumba song that I found on Instagram, oh my god it is so good. Just. Have to show you guys that song because they just might go too right now when, I want to feel good feeling. A really good mood, salsa, definitely helps you do that I got on does that for me too so, make sure you guys check out that song mama.

You Look great but there's, just one thing um. Might. Mic word go. In your spot he knows what that means but he's. Just being you, know the belly that he is no. Go. In your spot. That's. Right yeah. You. Look quite comfortable. Mama. Everybody. Is still so confused why I call you mama they cannot seem to get over it belly it's just quite. Hilarious to, me tell. Them my name is, mama, and I, am a boy give. Me a pop, good. Boy, show. Them me you can do that. See. I love you guys. Mama. This, is Mama's new luggage come. And see, look. You. Want one mama oh you. Like it oh my goodness do, you like mommy's luggage, mama mommy, loves it. Okay. You come the only one that's excited do, you guys like my brand-new case I got this at H&M, I will leave a link down below just something that's similar gets, like see-through so you can see the. Apple coming through it was like $9.99, I'm in love with it and I've always wanted a case that was tortoids you guys always I'm. Also working with a Lola today I'm so excited to show you guys they're really into making feminine, products super healthy I didn't even know this but the FDA doesn't actually require companies. To list, the, ingredients in these products, so it's Lola they're actually very honest. About all the ingredients that are inside of their products, Lola's, actually founded by women as well I mean who's gonna understand, more about what we go through than, women one thing that I was reading on about them that, I thought that was really sweet is that every time you purchase something from Lola, they actually donate, feminine care products to shelters around the u.s. stop it that was very important, I mean it makes me get a little bit emotional, and not all women have access to these products, and all, of us need them month after month so just keep that in mind you guys are also helping, people out by purchasing, these products as well they actually sent me a box of 18, of their tampons, you guys can tell by their box they're not like brightly, colored or anything like that they're actually very sleek and classic, and you can't even really tell that it's a feminine product, box there's nothing that you really have to be a little bit uncomfortable with, if you guys have this open the open says this too shall pass and, until, it does we're here for you I thought that that was so cute we're all so used to using the major brands in their products because there's not many companies, doing this that's why I thought that this was such a great idea there's, four different observances.

Light Regular. Super. And then of Super Plus there's really not much that's inside of your except for 100%, organic cotton and bpa-free, plastic which. Is the applicator, that you guys are using I've had like these feminine products kind of show inside of my purse and it's like bright yellow bright pink bright green I wouldn't mind if this was sticking out of my purse that just makes me feel super comfortable, so Lola is a subscription. Basically that you guys will sign up for you guys can cancel at any given time you guys can customize, your boxes, to have what you kind of need they, have tampons, pads wipes, they have a bunch of other stuff as well for you guys you guys can also customize, the observance, II of all the products that you guys are ordering if you guys want to try out aloe that you guys will get 40%, off your subscription, if you visit my Lola comm and use my promo code Stephanie, I'm so excited for this dish and we're gonna be making a Thai curry. Chicken. Dish, oh my god I had this dish in Toronto and ever. Since then I've just been like non-stop thinking, about it we're gonna be using some jasmine, rice and already pre-washed over here we're just going to dump or rice inside of here I do, my rice by eye so, I can't, really say how much I'm really putting inside of here and then, the end it always ends up working out but, then when I played. Up my meal of course I measure how much I'm putting inside my plate and generally. My serving, is 1 cup of rice which is about 200, calories and, I. Kind of just go by I with my water as well we're gonna stir it up and put it on cook I just got this black & decker white, one not so long ago Oh funny. Enough I think this is the right amount of water just. A little bit of olive. Oil I kind of like to use my spray you. Don't always have to put it from the bottle a little. Bit of salt just to kind of give it a little bit of flavor so that's basically done and we're just going to close it up now and let it cook I've never made this before what, I do is I kind of just find new dishes that I love when I go out and stuff like that or things that I've seen on Pinterest, and of course as you guys know I like to make my super, healthy low-calorie versions. Of these recipes you use this all the time as Portuguese oh my god and every single thing that we do this, one is pimento paste I'm just gonna put a tiny bit I just want to see a little bit of those red pepper, bits.

Coming Through inside of the recipe, of course we're gonna be using some curry powder you guys can grab any curry powder of course we're gonna use some of our olive oil that's the one I love to use and then we have some coconut milk you guys I've never used coconut milk to do anything I think it just looks so. Cute so I got the light coconut milk this is more calorie, friendly, instead of getting the original one this is 60%, fewer, calories than. The other original ones this, is only 40 calories per, a quarter, cup so, in this entire can I actually calculated, it it's, 264. Calories so, make sure you guys go for the light ones so that you guys are not consuming, too many calories just in your coconut milk because it is a big part of this meal I'm gonna use a little bit of my liquid soy seasoning, we, have chopped onion I like to chop it into bigger bits like this because I like to see inside of this dish we're, gonna put some broccoli, and set it here we, have orange and yellow sweet peppers, we, have a ton of spinach, over here because this is going to shrink to like half or a quarter of this bowl and then, we have a ton, of cilantro. You guys I'm so excited for all these veggies and then, of course we have some chicken breast strips so it came in strips and I kind of just cut, them with my kitchen scissors so you're gonna put about a tablespoon or, a teaspoon of, olive oil. We're. Gonna put in our onions, put. In our peppers, broccoli, and, we're gonna kind of cook down all of these veggies, I'm. Gonna add just a little bit of water inside in here just to let these can, a little bit I'm gonna close this up and wait until these veggies kind of get a little bit cooked all right I'm gonna want to add in all of our spinach, I really. Want this to kind of shrink down so, I'm gonna close that up a little bit longer to let the spinach kind of steam down in the meantime I'm, going to show you how perfect, our rice turned out look. At our jasmine, rice oh and by the way this is nonstick, so this pan is absolutely, amazing there's nothing stuck there on the bottom the, right amount of water I love, just kind of doing it by eye but my general rule for you guys with rice I like to play double water of the, rice that you're putting so if you put one cup of rice I like to put two cups of water and, we're going to add in, our chicken because we want to get this kind of cooking down I'm, gonna add a little bit of garlic powder inside, of here this dish is supposed to not obviously be very very, curry but have a little bit of sweetness, and creaminess, from, the coconut, milk as well I've been thinking about this for.

Such A long time and, just the other night I'm like why don't you make a recipe on your channel since, you love it so much a, little bit of our soy sauce of. Course we haven't added any sort of salt inside of here you guys then, we're gonna put a little bit of our pimento, paste I'm just gonna put about this much I, would. Say about a tablespoon. You know what maybe just a little bit more because it was going to be it's. Gonna give a lot so it's tablespoon, and a half of this kind. Of just add as much curry powder as you want you to. Be on whew I like to do everything by eye so. I would say this is about four tablespoons, especially, because we're doing about four, to five sort, of meals now, we're gonna add in the entire, kind of can of our coconut milk. This. Is so good I've never cooked with coconut milk but this is super exciting you guys I add a little bit of water inside of here stir, all of this up again, I have this on low right now. Okay. The yellow color is coming through oh you guys how does that look it looks so good, this. Looks just, like the one that I had except, I can tell that they use the more thicker creamier. Coconut. Milk and even have coconut cream watch, yourself like be careful without coconut cream you guys before. I forget for that intense, kind, of color we're gonna add some tumeric, inside of your as well and of course tumeric, is just really, really good for you too and I'll close this up and kind of cook it down and. Then reveal what it looks like look. How beautiful, our sauce is I'm, gonna need to add a little bit of salt you can either add the regular salt or. You guys can put in a little bit more of the liquid toy or if you guys have liquid aminos last, thing we're gonna do is of course ID in our cilantro right now cilantro. Is gonna give it so much flavor, too. You, guys know how big I am on my cilantro, just have our regular plate over here and I also have a little mini bowl we're. Gonna use this mini bowl as like a mold for our rice kind, of rotate the bowl and pack it this is gonna make it keep its shape and jasmine. Rice is already like really sticky going to flip. This over and drop. Alright so that is our serving, of rice on our plate so we're gonna put our mix inside, of this bowl. Over here make. Sure you get some of that chicken, and also all of them veggies and then, of course you, want to grab, a bunch of that sauce. At the bottom, okay. Look at that you guys this is gonna give me for about like five. Meals, and it's so easy because actually, five to six like. Look how good this looks you guys it has a ton of veggies inside of it it's really low calorie you get coconut, also inside of there I'm gonna put the approximate, calories over here on this side so that you guys know how, much this meal is have to like the zoom in for you guys I love to put a little bit of that beautiful curry, sauce on top of my rice so.

This Is all meal preps for me for the rest of the week and, I almost forgot you guys you can also sprinkle some extra, fresh cilantro I have the rest that I chopped up inside this little container over here I'm gonna go and wash my hair and kind of get all pampered, up for my Sunday, evening everything that I showed you guys in this video I will leave a link down below I have left a link up to shampoo and the conditioner as, well for you guys if you guys enjoy this video don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and make sure you guys sign up for notifications to, get notified for all my brand new videos plus. If you guys are not following me on Instagram I will leave it right here it's Steph G Macedo make, sure you guys me on there you guys will see a bunch of outfits and everything that I kind of have new that's going on thank, you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next, video.

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