Vilnius Business College. Talking with Arnas Haridas, a master of self-discovery. EN subtitles.

Vilnius Business College. Talking with Arnas Haridas, a master of self-discovery. EN subtitles.

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Hello, VVK studio welcomes you. VVK studio is a new idea in our college, and its another way to speak about specific topic. With a person who , in his field of work,has more experience and insight.

It‘s an opportunity to reveal researched subject from a different view and enrich it. I am Ausra Kandola - media and communication teacher. To VVK studio i have invited - Arn Harid self-insight and meditation master, very warm, kind hearted, wise and with a good sense of humor person. And today with Harid we will be speaking about how to reveal and develop creativity. So Harid Hello Ausra.

Hello, what do you think is creativity and a creative person? Creativity is manifestation of energy, in truth it is where you turn your attention. It can be spontaneus expression, it can be conscious distraction towards to some result. Where you are fosusing is where your energy is flowing, Where is energy, there is a result. Yes i‘m often repeating this sentence to students.

Yes, it is very important, we may not link it to some specific result, only focusing to creativity, but in truth it is general human potential. We can say like inner strength with which he expresses it. If that inner energy relaxes, then where he will direct his attention it can appear as creativity, just spontaneously. If a person does not know, if he has that inner energy or not? Because often that creativity is that kind of stereatype that is associated with art a lot of people think that way.

But i think that there can be creative person in every field. You know if it breaks out like that then he can be creative in every field, it is not associated only with art. Everywhere he is focusing creativity is needed, not just in art. Yes If you want some kind of practical thing.

Then succes will visit and you if you will be creative Even if it is a business of somekind, that is also creativity. Yes That is not a lie. But if a person doesn’t know that he has that strenth, he has it. It is important just to reveal it .

It requires a bit of knowlege, a bit of insight of some kind, will, intent to do it. And everyone has it. And what kind of knowledge does he need? he would need knowlege about himeself ofcourse.

Not about the art of some kind, not about specific ... creative knowledge. Technical knowledge is also needed but i want to say thjat u need knowledge about yoursef, to reveal you strenth, to reveal inner potential.

Which by itself would spontaneously an naturally would manifest itself as creativity. That would be creative strenth, where you will show your attention. Is creativity related to inner freedom? Because I may think I’m free, I have that inner freedom, but in specific situation it may turn out that i don‘t have it at all. Inner freedom is an expression of energy, when you can relax.

You know in truth you are living your life where you are free. Creativity is consequence in truth of that inner freedom. And inner freedom is consequence of deep insight of who you are, what are you doing in this life and where are you going and what you want in truth it is omportant i think for every young person or every other age person to answer to these questions.

Even if you some of it cant, what you are and where you are going and where you are going it can be your desire expressed in... somekind of temporary stage not what you want know what kind of intention you have what you want to achieve is is not necessarily to look at it in philosophical way. What i want to achieve in this stage of life? What is my intention? What i want to create? What kind of maybe intention i see as a result? What can it be? With out expectation but to have a intention I will ask maybe a simple question, but i see from students. How can i know what i really want? Because sometimes people are influenced by other opinions my inner some kind of choice, frear, doubt, chaos of thouths. It looks like you are going with the flow or it happens that i decide on one thing, but it seems i really dont like it anymore. Such a question is very individual difficult to answer in general.

maybe how to say it... listen to your heart,intuition. how to hear it ? Yes maybe then there is good method to saty in silence.

when we are speaking about silence . we dont mean acustic silence but inner silence, from thoughts, especially when you cant understand which ones are mine and which ones are not oppinions, concepts, ideas. Because something can be injected Yes that success will be this and no different. And now You have to pursue your goal, but then it turns out that you are not living your life , But your moms or dads or your parents who havent realized something, and they have expectation that now you have to do that. to be in silence from all that. It is best to start from acustic silence.

Close your self from society, go to the forest, stay in nature Just dont be afraid to be by yourself that would help you hear what you really want. It really a very big problem. Yes Because for everyone of us from childhood it is installed and you dont know. Half of life comes to pass before you understand, that what you have been chasing wasnt even your desire. It is best toi check it as soon as possible.

Be silent, trust, trust in your inner silence. It means you have move away from external noise. Which implies to you you to become succesfull, become the best, become competitive, become creative. You have all that.

You need to stop to outside wanting to reach that. You need to trust that inner strenth, but you can hear it only by being silent. Go to the forest.

Bath in cold water. I give students such a task. When they have to do something alone, some new experience. And I see that it’s very difficult for them, because they, especially young people, are used to spend a lot of time with friends. They are rarely alone.

Or the oposite a person likes to be alone and its not something new. Now you say Harid to be alone. For me it‘s unusual, there is some rejection.

Should you try or not? What you should do? Well there no rejection of what you should do here. Well i am speaking from a student side. If there is no will, if you dont even have a willl, then you wont be able to do it.

We are approaching to conscious audience, there is a question which. Your questions i think are shaped from experience. Yes How those people are feeling. If someone has heard it, resonated.

Yes how should i hear myself. First there should be a desire. If you dont want to be saved, or don’t want to know more, for example. No one will do it for you. Let’s talk about those who want it.

If you don’t want to be good - go through life, You go through experience. Yes All experiences, all mistakes which we call mistakes, are just experiences. That is good. And sometime it forms a intention to know where is my strentgh? Where is my potential? How should i experience this silence? What are speaking about Harid? Good then we can help, we can ask you , it means, finding me. How, becouse teacher is necessary everywhere. Yes Like how you came to first grade , i dont want to write but maybe i want to write.

Then there is a teacher who can show you the alphabet. Yes Everywhere there is someone who can help you, with that experience which you dont have. That is skills, skills in truth. I will share experiences. When i give such a task. Go to such a meeting with myself and they need to describe how was it , what were they doing, something new after interaction.

Some part of the students who does not like this homework. But they do it only because it is homework, and later when they experience it for themselfs . They happen to write very positive reviews.

I newer have thougth that it will be like that for me, i newer have thought that i will feel calmer like this. And some kind of thought come to place, and they are saying thank you . Then what you should do in momments like that when yopu where forced to do that. Because there was homework like that. I have to do it. But it turned out positive.

That is a task . You come someplace to study something and sylently or concously you sing some kind of contract becaue in college you even sign a contract Yes and do it on paper Yes, yes That you will listen that you will accept what you will be taught. There is no coercion here. From a higher plan u said i will listen because i want to learn something. And in truth where this new experience is born it cames like a change of somekind. You step over someking of inertia of yoursef.

Where you doubt something, didnt know and are saying i dont want to go there. Yes I dont know if it is good. I have a doubt. I will worry. And you over step all that.

Then when you meet the result, new one which makes you happy you say i did it. And that is a skill, to recognize that sometime your `want to` or `dont want to`, they are fake. They are born from fear, from old inertia , from fear of change of fear to meet that change.

So now If we talk about fears, I see from students, as well as from personal experience. That often to create something, my field is writing so lets say writing is hindered by fear, doubt, have no trust in myself. And then that cretivity becomes stifed and i no longer believe that I have it. How can I help myself in that place and what should i do? Well learning is that field that you have to do it. Maybe your first essay speaking about writing creativity. It wont necesery become a Masterpiece.

but it is by writing that you acquire certain skills. You start to feel a certain taste. And then you can choose What would you want, how it should look. In other words you learn by doing ang here you can relax, no one will evaluate you. You can once again direct your attention to your inner habit to worry.

To inner habit to be anxious, to inner habit that you will be evaluated. Yes. But that is only thoughts which you believe in. Yes. This you reject and write, reject and draw.

You imagine, you can imagine that , no one will evaluate you, no one will read . You concentrate that you are doing it fo yourself and do it. Because goal is not to reach a result. Goal is to get certain skills during the process. Yes that is the goal. Very often people get confused.

And I myself was caught to such a web. When even before starting writing. I allready am thinking about result and how it will happen. Then that process becomescomplicated. And to start it is dificult and writing does not give me such a pleasure inner stress starts rising.

And also hot at this point you should direct your attention to that procces? So at this point you need concousness. Why are you doing now this action. You direct your attention more not to result. but to the prosess. Result should be trusted to life.

What is supposed to happed, will happen. Sit as if in front of blank paper and write or paint or draw something. You can return as if it‘s childhood.

When you are doing it for yourself, Yes. and then wow how nice, dad look, right? Ausra look. How it happend for me. But you need to relax.

It is creativity It not some racional work that you must do. This is creation, you need to relax. By you hands something can be writen. When you are relaxing. So it‘s really important.

To recognise in yourself someking of habit, worry, doubt be distrustful. And that is like i said to recognise yourself, Work with inner characteristics. And even with characteristics that you dont have. That is why you need to deepen in inner recognition, at which time, at which consequence.

That energy is relaxed. Which can, which we can call inner freedom. This is a key. A key for any creation.

Is it writing or is it somekind of porject creation for business, it does not matter. You mentioned,it stuck for me, that you trusted characteristics that you are not. How should i know? What kind of characteristics it is that i am not? Something more about this. Well I think that one conversation is not enough. You have to work.

That is everyday work It is, we can call it introspection or self esteem or exercicing of attention. And that is not releated just to narrow process which is directed to somekind of things. Which we reach through certain process. That knowledge can expand and that is your experience. In every field of your life where you direct your attention.

That is why you need to take care. Firstly yourself, that is like inner roots. You are waiting fruits on tree branches. But inner roots, who you are? What is your characteristics? What kind of habits do you have? Which restricts you, how to see that? You need to deepen to yourself. And only taking care of creative process, it‘s technical part.

If you learning technical drawing or you are learning to put words together, writing. It wont reveal that for you. Yes.

That is technical part of creating. But an artist, creator, business man, he reaches it when he reveals that inner potential, which he puts to something. At that time he understands himself better. Where is exitement, where is worry? Where is persistence? Where is patience? Where is generosity? Where is rush, dilligence? Here are the common human qualities. Which you have.

It is inside everyone. But this potential needs to be unleashed. Learn and have the skills to use that. And then use where ever you want, if you want write, then you write. You want somewhere else direct your energy, then at some other place you will create something.

There will be a result. It is important to create, then you will be able qualitatively direct your attention. But always, it is worth to turn around, look to your characteristic. Not going to take care of only of branches and think about fruits.

Yes. If we are speaking about crearivity and some expressed result. Phenomenon created, but we need to look at how that fruit can rippen, where are the roots? Yes. Tree branches are that part. Its potential, that strenth and later the fruity rippen. This is general huma qualities.

And that is part where you will go, what you will do in life. Life will lead you towards perfection, towards revealing of this potential. And that is why people coming to somekind of process and meeting a task .

They experiance somekind of how should i say... what can they experiance like that, experience meeting of sorts, where should i get strentgh for that? Yes. Strentgh is your roots. What you will be doing in life , strentgh is your roots.

Dont forget to take care of them Not only fruits , write a good work of somekind, Yes Yes. where is roots. How to care for those roots? How to care for those roots? Variously possible. Of couse it is a job. A job about yourself, who am i? We are taking care of, if someone would ask me how to take care of in a specific way, i would say go and do somekind of attention practice so that you would recognise yourself. So that you could recognise in a moment what you are feeling.

What you are seeing. What are your feelings. What is your body. Where you are by your self in that moment with all that.

What is concern to recognise your mood. Become not reactive, but to understand what is happening what process. It is minimum requered somekind of minimum i would say psychological knowledge. And that can be only the begining. That is a job, job in general we could call self-knowledge.

And every person coming to this land. It is his most expensive goal to understand himself. Just like every outer situation, life inspire to know yourself. And if you have that kind of intention, you have heard today what i am saying. And then you will have inside a question , how should i indertstand myself better? Life for sure will send you an oppurtunity to do so. You will place all your locators and be in search of how to do it.

I am not inviting and saying to do something specific. Just have inner challange, wish to know yourself better who am i? From that place where other questions will come, where am going? What do i want in truth it is in here? Also maybe i will repeat myself but there is question from other angle. Very often from students and from adults i see. They think about myselft that they are not creative or not creatice enough.

And then somekind of idea pops up and then there is another idea . I need more knowledge for me to implement such an idea, I maybe need more experience, maybe i need some kind of talent so that i coud do it. And in truth is this true those thoughts? Does it not block road for creativity? Student is already an adult.

And he is fully responsible for what he is doing. instant, moment in his life. And in every... Everyone of us lies big creative strentgh, big potential. And everyone of us can find his own road. How to go that road.

Yes, things happen, maybe really something , something, what kind of oppinion you have You think maybe you have to reach something in that field, maybe it is not like that. But maybe you dont want that either you need to check it. But if we speak again about doubt. I want invite us exacly to that kind of doubt. Where you are not creative, have no talent .

Your talent is intended for something to do . Yes . Yes, maybe not where you mind wants. But then once again coming back to self-knowledge. Calm down and you will see if that wish is really yours and not imposed from socials. Maybe you have seen some pretty photo , somewhere on instagram , I want to be sucesfull like that, Yes.

a leader or something else . Maybe that is not for you, maybe you beleng in diferent place. Maybe life has something else prepared for you.

That why only peace, trust, not thinking about that kind stupid ideas. I am not talented, i am not creative. Can help you see what you want in reallity.

That your inner wish will be in harmony, with whole universe , with whole life, life will lead you there. Well i wanted to be a pilot but no i am teaching people meditation, . but i am not resisting but also i didnt do anything too much. It seems effortless, that way friends there is a need to just check where you are ? Do you really want that ? Do you really need to be here? You need to look enough, vigilantly, with fresh mind , be with it, dont be afraid. Yes.

I will share often said or writen thought by students. That if they need to write of at all do something. For example study.

They have a lot of ideas , they say it chaos of thoughts. How should youg person should get along with that? Problem is very big thoughts, because whole humanity is identical with thinking. We are not potatoes. We are not what we think , we are not what we are feeling. So again i will repeat myself.

Again we need deppen knowledge about ourselfs. We need, we need to work with that . Meditate, cal down, silence, learn to use that mind how an instrument. Because your thoughts , it seems that we make them up, that i depends on us.

Yes. But in reality it doesnt depent on us, it is the same as we would say. I am curently digesting food, i want to digest food .

Or i am right now moving blood , and now i am not. Same as thoughts , they by themself, we need to meet that process, see that it is just there. That is just there happening, and we need to learn to live with that. You can watch you tgoughts. Even become identical with them , with feelings u become identical . That is question of skill .

That is attention and recognition of what is happening in my head. That is why we have intention to calm down our heads, then a way will come of how to do it. But this chaos in head in reality. It is not natural and state that we were born with. It had influence from outside, from outside some circumstances, from social, from just not knowing, from confusion.

No one have taught us not in school, not in university not anywhere do they say . What is happening in our heads and whato do with that. Yes, Yes. That is why in these times there are a lot of opurtunities how to work with your head.

In general we can say use meditation. It is not asosiated with certain religion or certain culture. It is a way to not be in thoughts, to not be in you head.

That is your nature, need to learn that need to recognice your nature. Meditation is the key which can help you. We can even narow this word. This word is unclear, practice of attention, where is your attention? Where is atention there is a result. Yes.

Atention is in unclear thought, at that moment chaos is born, disharmony is born. Person forgets himself. Engage friends in attentive practice. Speaking about atention I also ask students. Is it hard to focus and to keep focus? And practily in every group atleast half of people say that it is really hard.

My thoughts are consequences of my energy. If it is chaotic energy, which belongs from outside, from daily routine from the same screen, Yes. from diet from people sorounding you.

There are alo lot of part, factors which influence. Your energy which expresses in thoughts, expresses in emotion. Partly we should pay attention to what i just mentioned. To your life quality. Go to forest. Sit near a river.

You have to pay attention to where you feel calm with your heart. If you spend your whole day in a shoping mall. Yes. Then even i the best meditation master.

It will be chaos for me in my head, spinning everything. You just have to conciously choose what is good for you. And from that feeling will arise where you want to be? Yes. What you want to do? With who you want to connect your every day life? Where you want to spend and sacrifice time? Those are the answers, where you are spnding you life.

If it is going by your side while you live in a screen , then you will receive those consequences, then there is chaos. You are responsible for your life. Go live in forest it is enough living in a city. There should be balance of somekind. I am not saying that you should trow away everything and to leave to the forest.

You are in a college right now. Yes. And it is said i you think that you are not where you belong, are doing not what i am supposed to do.

Then they say that you should take a look around. Wise men are saying to look around at where you are, and take a look at what you are doing. It means you are where you are supposed to be and you are doing what you are supposed to do. Question is not what but how you are doing it, in what quality. Do you experience happiness or suffering.

This is where your inner strentgh lies fort you to choose. And you need knowledge for that. You need skills for that, but you have an intent. You can have today after hearing what i have to say, put that intent. Yes i want to be free, i want to be happy in my life.

What should i do so that i could enjoy? While writing i could enjoy, while studying, some kind of activitie. Cretaive activity is related, in my oppinion, with my inside, with my heart. How to hear voice of your heart? If those thoughts are spinning in your head. Bigger or smaller that chaos of thoughts. Calm your mind.

Not even becoming one with those thoughts. Insight, seeing. Practically questions that you have are all repeating. Yes from a diferent angle. I am quoting what students say.

Yes they have to not only say it but also hear it. Because it is like braided ball of threads. And you can find questions from everywhere, but there is only one question. To find the ned of thread and to pull it. And then everything will become untangled. It just to cal down, to stop believing in your chaotic thoughts and to trust your inner silence.

And then from where should i get get that inner silence. Yes . So i am saying that you need to look in life, what is surounding you. Be less in a screen, look at what are you eating, look at what is your daily routine.

If you are going to sleep at 2am and waking up at 10am there will be chaos. You need to chanege, you need to toke care in general human quality things, which are advantageous to your psychosomatics. To your body and mind. If you are not paying attention and you want to be creative you dont want to be chaotic you wont make it. You need to find somekind of club.

Healthcare, attentiveness, meditation, psychology, it does not matter. But you have to care of this psychosomatic so that this mechanism would work like a clock. So that you at the age of 25 would not feel old. So how can you feel young when you go out and (inaudible action) again to class. You wont feel like that newer. that is...

There will be chaos. You have to put effort, take care of health phisical body and mind. Those are the first steps, to see those habits . Which at adolescence we were implanted. That enviroment where we know, it wont give any benefits.

So why keep asking how to do that if you are not doing basics. Taking care of your daily routine, your diet. Start from that, from basics. I cant be creatice if i am living in thoughts which are full of somekind of chaotic ideas about future, worry of the future, somekind of guilt from past. I can‘t be creative, my attention, i dont even live here and now, i am not living my life.

Because i am am at all times with my attention at some where else. I worry even for the same result, i worry. There are properties, there are neuron inertion that needs to be seen.

And which needs to be changed, to do some inner changes. I want to ask more about cerativity and fear. In my opinion fear hinders creativity. I will give an example. During lecture i give students creative task , they have to write some kind of text quickly. And then they have to read it fast and evryone say, i for example comment and others hear .

And people, students dont want to read it. I have wrote it bad, off topic, somehow not creative, incoherent. So how in reallity that fear for a student is so big.

I think they are consciously understand that. What to do with that fear? That it wont become a hidrance for creativity Fear, worry. That is wide habit in our society. Inside person who havent realized himeself.

There is worry at all times. Yes. Brain are pointed to inert habit to see danger everywhere. Evoliution consequence. That is how life was developing. Mind, that inner brain firstly wants to see danger so that it could save themselfs.

Where ever you go in life, what ever situation you will meet, there is allways somekind of worry. That‘s way anywhere. In this case here we can also see that it is happening. We should learn stop being in it, face fear, to see that it is just an idea.

That no one will hurt you, no one will laugh out of you, no one, how they say, will injure you. That opinion even which you do not like it cant hurt you, it does not threat your life. You can see that worry is not real, it is a habit it is idea. And this situation is also like lesson, like new habit to see that there is no danger.

Yes. Fixation that is why would congratulate, when you can conciously recognise that as worry as little stres. Yes That someone is looking at you, public speech or public reading, that is really good. It concentrates, give a bit of strenght, you can see it and overstep. You should not give up.

I am afraid i will not go, i will not read. Yes. You need to meet it and understand that it is just usual brain activity, which she is used to look for danger.

And we are trying with our mind to point and justify. now i am worried for that. Yes. You can see generally that it is a habit to worry. When you will leave audotorium , you will start to worry about something else. To sum it up when you look why you were worried, five worries ago, you have already forgoten.

It does not matter , you go meet, you do not pay attention , to what you are feeling, hands are shaking a bit. Yes. You go read . This is where creativity reaches your part. You do not need to be afraid, you do not need to frightened.

And creativity and openness. Often we live a life, a simple routine. We are doing some things always similar.

And that new experience, openness to try something new in your life. I think it is like door for creativity to force out. But also a lot of people are like,i dont know, from that habit frozen in their routine and they do not want to. Teoretically want to but at the same time they are not doing. So how should i move that inside, i do not know, how to be open? Becaue there are people, i have heard from students, that i am not interested. I do not know, i can‘t think of logical explanation.

What could i get from that new experience? And how is that related to writing, creativity? Should be open to process . In truth that is that openness is related to trust. That what is happening is already happening. You have choosen from some higher plan to participate in some kind of creative process or learning in that creativity. You have to accept, be open to that experience, which comes at this moment. Yes.

That is inner responsobility againt yourself and maturity question. Love fro yourself question. If you are saying that i am not interested in anything, then why are you here. What are you doing here? Is it really not interesting for you? You have given up to some inert aphatetic mood. Maybe drunk too much coffe, have not eaten any breakfest.

How does your brain work? How does your brain work? Yes. What is your final plan? In general view and not just giving in to that mood. What i want at this moment? Because your freedom is related with your intent, what you want to reach? What you want to get? And not with your i want to and i do not, I have a mood and do not . You need to learn step over stuff like that. That is life if you are open, you heve intention, you are pure and sincere with that intent. You can easily over step those i like it, i do not like it, i am interested, i am not.

Yes, it can be not interesting. Later you look that something that was not interesting is very usefull. Yes.

Finally, it is technical part like intstrument with out which i could newer accoplish my creative idea. Even if it was extremaly boring at the time. Yes. When you meet someone, but you do not know.

You give trust to subjective restricted evaluation. Yes. You believe that you are choosing something, but in truth you are restricted, restricted and self-conscious. With your want to and do not want, i like it and i do not, interested and not. You have mentioned love for yourself.

Is creativity and self-love related? This audience needs to be told that this is directly related, directly. But what is self-love? Yes. Self-love is to answer those intentions, which are needed and can make you happy that is about freedom.

And about somekind of life quality, health Everything that we have spoken of in front. It can be called self-love. Any intention of yours.

If you are trying to accomplish it that is self-love. Then you can differ from interested or not, like it or not. That is related to creativity, creativity is related with general human characteristics spreading. Self-love is your attention directed to self knowledge. Thinking how should i spread this potential, which artist call creative potential. Creative potential.

We can see famous artists, has a lot of life experience. Yes. They overcome all those ups and downs, gained a lot of experience, which we can call good and bad, and sorow and happiness. But through that person gets to know himeself. Through that he can spread that potential. Then knowing himeself he stops worrying for fake things.

Relaxes attention from those things. Relaxes from other things that has no value. And also i will share one student saying . It is very wide opinion that creativity and suffering are really related.

She said when she is sad when she is sufering she is writing better. But is it really like this? And second part of the question. What part wouls be result of that creativity? we express something so negative, something that is unpleasant, pain. And that works, readers will relate with me and where is resposibility for creating.

Well... maybe it can look that it is creativity what are you creating at the time? From one side, maybe when you are felling sad, are in suffering. But you can through that suffering create very light certain suffering can move away some kind of metal shields. Sometimes in suffering a very light creativity is born and if you take a picture of your suffering and you put it on a paper .

Then you have to, maybe it is creativity, but no one will read it. Really simple then, you will stop creating like this. You understand that creativity like that is not interesting. Art is that kind of thing where it is hard objectively evaluate.

Yes, yes. Someone likes it, someone does not, for some maybe pipes near Neris is art. Someone maybe sufered and build a pipe. Pipe. Well it is art.

Maybe i would not be inclined to evaluate something . Yes. Maybe it is really important in what kind of satisfaction you are.

Spilled out something, maybe you can invite something, through suffering you can see that suffering does not exist. It is not real. That is question of maturity. And also i want to ask about creativity motive. Some prople create because they want to and what is forcing from inside, but for others it is conciously, unconciously understood that i create because i want to prove something for myself and others that i can or that i want to be famous. I want to write some kind of text and now after i will write it everyone will be speaking about it.

Is this where can this lead and is this creativity? You know i think that the best, what can show the best is life. Where can it lead you will see that result. Any process. You see i am viewing it from a diferent angle, you are looking from creative. Yes. That even if you do not need to create , but you are creating.

Then you should. But life will show maybe no one is interested in your creativity it does not have any popularity. You will understand. That this is not the place where you attention should be.

Or maybe not like that it should be created, you will see it yourself that you are lacking. Life brings result. And how is it with those cases when a person is, this is speaking about art, maybe he had and idea, wrote a novel and while he was alive it was not ineterestin for anyone. No one wanted to publish that book, to fulfill that project.

And said that this is somekind of nonesense or ignored. And when a person have died, a time came when society is mature and then they understand. Wow ,this is like Van Gogh painting for example.

That popularity is not always good, how should i say, method of evaluation. Is it creating good or not. Well yes. Your creativity exceeds maturity of your society. Genius are coming and people at the moment can not recognize that. Popularity ofcourse is not the only citeria, indicator.

Ohh this is art. Yes. And a lot of things we see as kithen. Very popular as fast food. What kind of food is mostly eaten probably fast food.

Cheap and And fast. and full of flavor encahncers. But because it is bought a lot we are not saying that it is good food. And sometimes it can be reverse. Those kind of principle work.

Not only with food but also with art. Harid, what would you wish for students? I would wish... In truth that what during our conversation, that message that i was caring. To know yourself better.

At this point there is creative potential, there is force to know yourself better. Which can spread out where you point your attention.

2020-12-27 14:28

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