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Hey. There this is bunker liberty to travel and this, is my bit mony ol review now, you can see here i'm in the software. Itself the vid ammonium control. Panel and i'm, gonna walk you through how, it works and what. I think of it but, first let's. Have a look at what vit Moneo actually is so, venmo neo is a piece, of software that allows, you to get video. Testimonials. From. Your. Customers. Or, basically anyone, who is involved in your business and whom, you want to get video testimonials. For and it makes it super super, super, easy to, get those video testimonials. Because as you know if you are a business, owner and you want to get video, testimonials. From your customers, first. Of all you're gonna have to contact them ask them for it. They're gonna have all sorts of objections, oh I don't know how to make them I don't know like where to upload them etc and, you somehow have to get the file from them upload. It to your own website it's. Really complicated like most. People will not take. The time and effort, just. To give you a testimonial. So what vim ownio allows you to do it allows. You to first, of all. Ethically. Incentivize. Your customers, to, leave a video testimonial by, giving them some sort of a bonus when they do so. You can give them like, a coupon code or something like that in exchange for their. Video testimonial. And then. Inside. The software they. Can very easily make. The testimonial, for you and it walks them through the. Steps step by step so first they just enter their name and email anyway. I'm gonna show you all this life in this video how it works both. From the perspective of you. The business owner how you set it up in, the vid Moneo control panel and from, the perspective of the customer once. You have it set up how, do we actually create, that. Testimonial. For, you now. If you decide to, purchase with mony all through. This, review. Then, I have a special some. Special, bonuses, for you that, I will give you if you decide to purchase, through the link in the description, below this video that, link will take you to my review. And bonus page which is this page and on, this page you, will see first. Off a bit of a description of what the ammonia is what it does. Here's. A live demo, created. By the, Whitman your creators, that. Basically shows in three minutes like how the software works but. I will also show it in a bit more in-depth in this review later on, the. Upsells will walk through those later on but first of all here's. My exclusive. Bonuses, that, I will give to you if you decide to purchase with Moneo through. The link in, the description, below this video so the first bonus is a. High. Quality, graphics pack, for, sales and landing pages now, I know if you're, going to be recording, video.

Testimonials. From your customers, probably, those, are going to be used on some kind of a sales or landing page or at least on the page on your website that. Is a page, on. Which you want to get conversions so. What better way to get conversions on the page then to use high quality proven. To convert graphics. For that page so I've included some high quality graphics, that. You can use for, your sales and landing pages I'll show you a few examples of what they look like. So. You're here inside, the, graphics package you'll get as a bonus. For me and so, there are things like banners. That draw people's attention like, this and. These. Graphics. They come in. JPEG. As well. As PNG, as well. As PSD, which is Photoshop, files so you can open these and edit them in Photoshop, and, you can see, here this is one of them this is a Buy button that I've opened inside, Photoshop, and then you can edit it yourself you can change text, and everything, on. This, as. You can see I can. Just change the text and then make, it all your own graphics. So. That is the first bonus you're going to get if you purchase pin Moneo through my link in the description, below this video the, second bonus is a. For those who are in e-commerce. In. E-commerce video, testimonials. Can be super powerful if. You don't have. A, ecommerce. Store yet, or you're in the process of selling them one up with Shopify, in. This video I show you how you can find products, for a Shopify, store and quickly, add them very easily, so. That is my second, exclusive, bonus my, third exclusive, bonus is for. Those who are in video, marketing and you. Could even show this to your customers, if they are going to record a video testimonial. For you it is, how to overcome, objections to. Video, marketing or in general to recording, video, now, I know a lot of people they think that they, need very expensive, equipment to make good videos they. Think that they. Need to spend tons of time editing, their videos and they, think that they need to be. Super. Confident, like it like a TV presenter when, they go on video but actually none of that is true and in these three videos I, show, how, you can very easily make, any sort, of videos with, equipment that you already have. Without. Any editing, and. Without. Having to be like super, slick on camera, so that is my exclusive, bonus number three and in. Addition to that the, vendor has supplied affiliates, with some bonuses. That, anyone, can give away and I, will be giving those as well because I know other affiliates, will be doing that as well, so. In addition to me, spending quite a bit of time putting all these exclusive, bonuses together for you I am also, including. All the easy, to get bonuses, that, all the other affiliates, will be getting and giving. You as a. Bonus to vid Moe Niall so all you got to do is just click on this button on this page it, takes you to the vid Moneo sales page and there once you purchase bid manual you, will get access to my, bonuses, in, jvzoo. They will be delivered, to you automatically, so if you purchase vim oniel and you go to your purchases. In jvzoo, then click on bit mone all you will be taken to this page page that looks like this this, will be your receipt form ammonia, and it, have, your access link to VIN Moneo but as you scroll down to the very bottom of it there will be a blue bottom button that says your bonuses, from Valka if you, click that button it will take you to my, bonus, page where, you can get access to your exclusive bonuses, the. High. Quality graphics back the, video on how to find, products. And add them to your Shopify, store very quickly and, my.

Course, On how to overcome objections, to, video marketing and. These. Are some, of the bonuses that the the, vendor has supplied, affiliates, with. So. It's. Like a couple of plugins. Some. Video tools. I'm. Not going to walk you through all of it but you can have a look at that yourself I'll supply a link for you on, this page if you. Just click, on this then. You. Will be able to see what those bonuses, are as well so. Let's have a look at the sales, page of vid Moneo. Here. We go so the. Demonio, breakthrough. Video technology, collects, high converting, video testimonials. To create trust triple. Conversions, and drive traffic on full auto pilot. So. Here, they describe, basically. First. Of all why you need to use testimonials. Why you need, to use video testimonials. They. Say testimonials, are great for businesses, but customers, they don't really trust them anymore especially. When their written testimonials. That could be created by anyone, here, they give you an example of one. Written testimonial, and then a video, testimonial and, obviously. The video testimonial, looks a lot better so. Yeah. You can just walk through all of this yourself the, sales, page is available. Once, you click, on the link in the description, below and then click on this green button you can go through the sales page yourself, there's a few things I want to show you about bid, mone also here, is the, four things that film, oniel does for you it incentivizes, your, buyers to leave a review as I said you can give them something away for free and exchange, in review then. They can quickly record, the testimonial. With the cloud recording tech inside, the software the video will be in there will be uploaded, to that page it's super super easy for them to do it and I will show you how it works as well and. Then. As the, business owner you can review the testimonial, and then embed it anywhere, on your website and. Also. You can download and, share the video file so, you can use it in things like Facebook, ads YouTube. You. Can upload it to all your social media etc. And. One. Last thing I want to show you on the sales page I'm going to show you all of it as I said you can just go to the link in the description below and go through it yourself but, here's, the. Businesses, that they say this, really works for and why so it works for offline consultants, if you have offline. Clients, and they. Want they get some video testimonials, from their customers, on their website it will make them really really stand, out from. Other, offline clients, because you, know most like dentist, plumbers, they don't have testimonials, on their website so if you can get them for your clients, that, will be really useful it. Will be useful for e-commerce as I, said that's, why I included one of my bonuses, to be a bonus regarding, ecommerce I think this will be very useful if you have any kind of e-commerce store social. Marketers. Product. Launchers obviously, if you're going to launch your own product and you want to have video, testimonials, from your customers. And for, affiliates, so. How they suggest affiliates, use this product is by, finding people, who have already purchased, the product that you have that. You are an affiliate for and then, asking, them to create. You a video, testimonial for that product so instead, of the vendor the vendor of the products asking, for testimonial. USD Affiliate ask for the testimonial, and it will make you really stand out from other affiliates, having, those exclusive, testimonials. On your affiliate, website. Yeah. That's it so that's the sales page you. Can as as I said you can just go through it yourself, through. The link in the description, below this video so. Let's. Have a look at the software itself so here we are in the dashboard, with mony oh so. There's a few things you can do in here you can create campaigns. And that. Basically, a campaign.

Is Basically one, specific. Product or page that you want to have testimonials, for, so. In the dashboard you can see what is currently. Created. Six seven campaign six links etc and. Were trading a four percent, so. That's super useful you can you know in a quick, glance see. What. Your. Users. Are rating. Your products, and, I'm. Gonna create a new campaign right now and. Just. Show you how it works so I'm, gonna call this test, campaign a. Title. Reviewed. I. Hope. I can skip most of this let's see if I can no. I need to go out the description okay. So. You would just fill out so. Email response so what it does as well bid Moneo automatically, sends you your customer, and email once. They have made, their. Testimonial. So thanks, for. You. Can as I said you can add bonuses, so. What. This allows you to do this bonus section is over here add bonuses. So. What is allows you to do is give, your customers. And incentive. To. Review. Your product so in, this example there's, this paleo, coupon. So, this gives you 20% off, your entire purchase and, so, I can add this as a bonus. To anyone, who. Decides. To leave a review in, this campaign so. I'm gonna select that. Yeah. Select, it okay and then, save, campaign, I need, to select an image okay I will find an image to use for this then. Okay. Sure. Alright, so the campaign has been created now. I can go and view the campaign. So. It should be at the bottom yes so then they generate a link and this, link will. Be the link that you will give to your customer, where. They can go and get their review. Or, make that review so you I'm. Going to go to, this link right now myself, so, I'm gonna pretend to be the customer, now I've set it up from the perspective, of the business owner now I'm going to show you what it looks like for the customer so. Title. Of the campaign there's, an image of a temple, in Chiang Mai I added here and. Then, the description goes here, and. Then. Here, is where the, customer and enters. Their data so they can add a picture of themselves. They. Can put in their first name last. Name and their. Email. I'm. Gonna skip the picture I think that's okay. Yes. Proceed, without an image. Automatically. Fills in the date for them. Yes. And then. You can write a review so you can give anywhere. From half a star to five, stars, so. This, basically. Goes, from one to ten with five stars so you can give it like three and a half four. And a half stars. Comments. Go here, so I'll just write, some nonsense. And then. Here, is where you can go and create a video testimonial so you could upload, a YouTube video or basically, just link to a YouTube video but, the software, allows you to record. A video live. On this page obviously I can't do that now because I'm already using, my camera. To record this video so I can't show you that. Working. In the video but you, would just click on start recording it, would start recording, a, video. Using, both microphone, and camera you can also record, the screen so, yeah, basically it allows people, to with, basically. The click of a button record. A video testimonial which, is usually, quite. A complicated, process they need some kind of software to do it or. At least they would if they record it on their phone and they need to go and get the file from their phone onto their computer, etc whereas, with this it's just one click of a button record. A testimonial. Click, finish, done so, once they have done that, you. Can actually go and get. That video, inside.

Your. Dashboard, as a business, owner so over here and receive testimonial. You can see some of the testimonials. That. People. Have given. And. You. Can generate. A link and that will. Allow, you to embed the, testimonial. On your, website, so for. Example let. Me see which one is. Ah. This. One comes with a video I think because it has this link so I'm, gonna go and get so, it. Allows you to. Get. This code and now. We have this test, website which, is a WordPress website I'm just gonna go test, testimonial. Create, a new post with this, code. In here in, WordPress, you can easily add HTML, code using this text. Thingy. Do I need to add this yes. I think I do. Publish. This I. Hope. I choose chose a good review, otherwise. I have another one I can show you, that. Is a bit more clear on how it works. Yes. Here we go so. This. Was not the review I just made this was one I picked already because, it had a video so, it's it the test, testimonial, is the name of the wordpress post and then here you can see what the software actually puts on the page so there's the video file. There's, not actually a video with this right now but here's where the video would play then. There's a four and a half star review. It's. The, comment they made and. The. Title, of the review I think so let's go and look at one that is a bit more. Where. Will I find that, again. Okay. So I found one with a video so this is what it would look like. So. This is the headline, this is the comment from the person, picture. And then, here's where the video would be you can play the video and this. Just this, video it's, not on YouTube it's like in the vid mo Niall software so they host the video for you as well super useful so. That is basically, how the, ammonia works both from the perspective of the business owner as well as the. Customer, so one last thing I want to show you is the, funnel what are the upsells, and what. Does the product look like so the product itself the. Front-end you can get with Moneo personal, or commercial for, either 24, or 27 dollars now personal, I would only recommend getting, that if you, are the.

Business Owner that is going to be the sole user of this, of these, testimonials if you want to be able to, use the, vid mo Newell's software. To get testimonials, for, your customers, you will need to get the commercial, version. Then. The. First upsell OTO one with mone old diamonds includes. Features for power users like more video storage ability. To create unlimited campaigns. Ability, to create unlimited, incentives. Outsources. Writes special. Handheld training for video agencies, and video bonuses, so basically, if your going to be a bit, of a power user if you expect, to be using this software a lot then, you should get the upgrade OTO one for $44. The venmo Neil Diamond, software vid, Moneo agency, OTO 2 for, $97. Allows. You to use, VIP mo neol as an. Agency, and included, on websites, of your, customers so not just can, you create the testimonials, for your customers like you would with the commercial, version but, they can actually have the software, installed, on their website. Through. Your license, so you can basically resell. The, VIP mo niall software, to your own customers, as. An, agency so. If you are working for, other businesses, as a consultant, as a digital. Marketing consultant for, example. And you would be able to sell them with Moneo as a service. From, your business, OTO. 3 for, $37. Is they - two-for-one video creator deal. So. These are 2 cloud-based video, creators, to. Bring vid Moneo testimonials, to life with graphics, in icons. Intros and more so basically, these are just video, editing. Tools cloud-based. Video editing, tools. For. Testimonials, and not sure how useful that is to be honest if, in general however you are doing some kind of video maybe, you should look at it and see, if it's something you'd be interested in, vim. On your video rank training, will, for, $19. Will, teach you how you can optimize your YouTube account for, long term traffic, and sales so basically SEO, training for YouTube I. Think. That's super useful I'm not sure how relevant it is to the product here but, if you want to do any kind of SEO on YouTube you, should have a look at 8:04. Because. I am, a firm, believer in YouTube right now it is one. Of the best ways to get free. Organic traffic today. So, have a look at audio port if that is something you'd be interested in as well okay. So that, was a very long review today so, that's it as. I said just go, and click on the link in the description, below it will take you to this page it's a bit of a summary as well, as, you. Can have a look at the demo video and. My. Exclusive. Bonuses, that, you will get if you decide to purchase by. Clicking, the green button on this page as I, said link in the description, below thank. You for watching my video, review.

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Don't buy this product. I purchased it 4 days ago with an upgrade. I can't access it - they admit the credentials don't work and can't manage to supply me with working ones. That was more than 24 hours ago and no response like, "hey we are looking into this." You can't call because the inbox of the email provided is full. The creator of the product doesn't respond by email either. Save yourself the aggrivation.

Hey Sonya, sorry to hear about that experience. I'll have a chat with one of the vendors to see if they can help you out.

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