Video Workflow for Entrepreneurs - how to DIY videos for your small business

Video Workflow for Entrepreneurs  - how to DIY videos for your small business

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Hello. How are you this is Andrey with 80s and today. Is about video. Workflow, how, do you do be a workflow especially, if you're an entrepreneur. Solopreneur. Personal, brand or if you're basically, you. Know if you've got a small business so you're all by yourself but you want to do video content. What. Does that process. It like you know for just one video if you want to knock out one video for you yourself, your personal bring your business what. Does that look like well I'm gonna tell you about my own process, and how, that works in my world the. First thing I do when I get ready to record is this, so. I will, turn. On my light. This beautiful, beauty. Ring kind, of halo light which I will show you. At. The moment I kind of need a new tripod so, I have. This little kind, of flexible. Tripod. Which is very fun because you, know if I'm not sitting here sometimes. For fun I'll do like cooking videos in my kitchen you know when I'm cooking dinner which is super fun you know if it especially if it's a beautiful-looking, dish, I'd love to do that and I'll put it on my personal Instagram, but. You're welcome to check out at miss 80s so eight so. Any case what's cool about that little tripod is it's flexible, so whether, I choose to mount it here. On my good evening light or I take it in the kitchen and, wrap, it around so you, know kitchen, cabinetry, those, those beautiful. Hardware. Pieces for cabinets, it. Can wrap around that and that works for cooking it. Can stand alone on a desktop, if needed if I'm out and about I could stand in on a Starbucks, table, while I'm chatting, you. Know if I'm doing interview etc. Etc etc so it's a lovely very adaptable, little tripod I, do need, like I have, another tripod, that has proper, legs and everything and it you know extends. Pretty far down and it can be tabletop, or you. Know it can sit on the floor but, the top broke, so, I'm kind of upset about that and I thought, I actually have a replacement, thing right here. This. Little number, by. Joby, and, so. Yeah. So. No like, I'm so I'm. So like not great, check it hard weird all that kind of face so it it takes a lot for me to do something so if I can do it anybody can do this. Anyway. So I bought this little piece at Best Buy and, I'm still trying to figure out can it work on my tripod even though it's like the top is broken. Might, not be able to but I'm the key to this little piece anyway in case it works on a new tripod so looks. Like it works should. Work haha so. Any case so. So. I have my tripod my light set up I mic myself, up. So. I'll show you my mic. And. It works great with black clothes but this is like a. Little. Mic. And. I, will link to all this for you so that you can see it I usually, run it like my. Shirt or something and. This. Mic. Is. An insignia mic, and, it's. Specifically, made to go in your smartphone, so you can see here it says like. Insignia. And. Camera. Or. Smartphone. And you can move this little thing whether you want up to a camera or you want it for your smartphone so I've, always got it on my smartphone it does have like a little clip back here, if you wanted to clip it to something like your clothes. So. I mic up and, then. I, make. Sure my set, looks good in my, camera I always use my camera so my camera is my. Set. It's, my phone. But. It's a fantastic, video, quality like people ask me all the time what the heck I use and they're so shocked when they hear that it's my phone but these phone cameras, are getting better and better they're just gonna keep improving, their. Outstanding, like look what there look how far they've come in just three years I was looking back on some Scotland photos from like three four years ago with.

My IPhone, 5. 5. S that I had back that is so tidy I still have that firm even though the screen is cracked and. Comparing. That those, photos, and video to this. Samsung. Phones video. Incomparable. So. This phone is a stands samsung, galaxy s 9 plus, and, so. I got it when I needed to great my phones and, so I all I mainly. Care I really wanted to go back into iPhone world cuz I love iPhone. Apple world however, I, was. Gonna subject myself to the experts that be and I. Said okay iPhone, X or Samsung. Galaxy, S nine plus and they, said hands. Down if the, if what matters to you is video quality and camera quality it's gonna be Samsung Galaxy S nine plus the. Very best at this time, I'm. Sure you know six months for now there's something even better that's gonna be out there but this is what I've got at the moment and I'm very happy with it so that goes on the tripod and, I turn everything on and go so. Sometimes, I attempt to do, like a five minute timer, on myself which. I love this little timer it's so handy, the. Other day my, nice. Thirty minute timer which I super love because it was simple with grace and it broke something, had to get another one but. I like this five. Minute timer it's great so. Sometimes I'll use that just to like visually, keep myself in check you, know I try not to abuse. The time here and try to be quite succinct, with what I do in terms of video, so. Now. After. Everything set up and everything's a go I go. With my topic, and sometimes, you know if it's something that I can just rattle off the top of my head without having to go through several very, succinct. And distinct, points, like. This video I can just tell you about my process it's, off the top of my head cuz I do it all the time other. Videos, I, made like need, a little cheat sheet so I'll keep like a clipboard with my pin nearby so. That I can check off the points as I'm talking through them and. I've heard different feedback, about that some people like girl you don't need that clipboard and I'm like I love clipboards. Ask. Anyone, who meets with me they will see a clipboard on hand so. So. I'll often, use a clipboard if, I have several points I need to remember, you. Know so I'm not sitting here like oh crap I, forgot, to say this you know so all. That pre-planning, happens of course before you hit go so. You. Already know your topic, you already know what you're talking about and then you turn on the camera record. Nice thing about recorded, video versus live video is if, you, mess up you can always edit it out. But. So far I think I think I've been doing pretty good like the more I do this the better I get at it. Live. Video, I, mean just kind of is what it is but it's always it always ends up fun like, it always ends up fun so I'm I'm happy either way with live or, recorded. The, issue with live, is, time. Especially, when you're interviewing someone but you didn't even if you're not interviewing someone, like I just did one for New Year's Eve and, it was all about what's your one word for 2019, and that. Was solo by myself, in my sparkling, New Year's dress and we, were chatting, with me and my friends, and everyone who timed in about. What our one word is for 2019, and what it was for 2018, all this cool stuff and even, by myself like because I was interacting, engaging so much with the people who are chiming in live like.

That Easily, went over half an hour we could have been there 45, minutes to an hour if, I let it. And. I was not trying to do that to people because you know I'm trying. To keep my videos to synced as possible, and I again as you know I can get a little a, little. Excited. So. Little. Carried away so so I try to rein it in so any case so after, the videos recorded it's done whether it was live or otherwise. But. Mainly I'm talking about these recorded, videos you recorded, a video it's finished. Then. I head over to Adobe, Premiere Pro so. I take my phone USB, it to my laptop. Copy, the file over into. The, latest video file folder that I have so I have a little system of dates I keep track of videos and the content, that's in it and I, go about preparing my video and, I, have like a 80s YouTube branding, folder where I can pull standard, elements, are always in my video like my logo, some. In screenshots that show my iPod. My, ipod, my, podcast. Which, kids show on iTunes not, an iPod like visiting do people use that anymore these days probably not. So. I have a podcast image. That shows up I have a page, that's all about how to find us on social media so. Say follow us or. Basically. A social media page and it shows. Our social media handle which is the same everywhere, little, tip for you very convenient, make your social media handle if, possible, the same everywhere that's important, when, you're naming your business or thinking about the name for your personal brand and all, of that so, make. It easy on your audience and make it easy on yourself have, one social media handle everywhere, so I've, got a image. For that and then I usually try to end up with a nice quote that kind of goes with the theme for, the video and that. Is all the end scenes and in the beginning I've got my logo Andrea, at the 80s agency, I add, that in and then anything else I want to add in it, just really is time dependent and really. What I want, my audience to see if it, adds value you know to the story if I've got the time and, I, can add, in stuff like b-roll, or imagery I'll do that and that's. What I can do with you know the limited amount of skills that I've taught myself about, Adobe Premiere, Pro which. Is not hard to do and I hope to do a quick, video about that sometime, soon too for.

Those Of you who are new to Adobe Premiere Pro and. You're trying to DIY, this stuff for yourself for your own business I'm happy, to share my quick little tips of what I've learned but. Yeah that's, my process so yeah so I'll edit whatever, I'm gonna do I'll do all my editing in Adobe Premiere Pro save. It and then you're gonna export. It and like it's the format I think it's. H.264. For. Whatever reason that's what works and I. Basically. You're turning into a video file an mp4, file and so. I export, it save it export, it it. Usually, takes a while so if this video is 15 minutes it may take. 25. Minutes to render out and do all of that so it takes some time so usually, in that time I'll, head, over to canva. Which I super love for, video, thumbnails, they have plenty of like pre-made, templates, I kind of made up my own little template in there and, you're basically wanting a high res JPEG, so, it's so easy to use you know like I'm not a designer so. Canva. Is just a quick quick thing you can use for things like video thumbnails, so. I'll. Go. And do, my video thumbnail there uh-huh. And I, normally, will use a picture of myself. From. The video so normally, after this video you'll see me like you you, don't see this but I'll show it I'll show you this today but, you'll see me like posing, I was. Just like pose, with, some, little prop or something you, know and just like hold it and look in the camera and. Hold. It I'll do something else you. Know. And it. Looks silly look, but, if I do that then as I'm. Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro I, can, take still shots it, makes it very easy to take high. Res still shots you. Know especially because a lot of us are doing this by ourselves somebody, thought I had editing team one time and I was like so. So. Honored, to hear that because I was like I wish. I had a team. But. It's just me so like you, know you're essentially, using the. Video to take selfies of you, but. It looks like someone else took the picture because you're. Hands-free and all that so it's awesome, so. I'll. Take a still shot like that I'll put. It in throw it in canva. Make. A little thumbnail for myself and. What. I found is that you need to make it a JPEG and often. For canva, it's - it's even as a JPEG it's to high-res, for. What, YouTube wants so what I usually normally, do is downsize. That I'll go like in paint this is so sad. I'm. Sure there's much easier efficient, way to do all this but I'm just telling you what I do right now go, in a paint editor. And take. My photo put. It down to 80% of, its original size and then, we save it as a JPEG, and that. Usually does a trick to meet the size and, all. That, pixel. Requirements. For YouTube, thumbnails, because. They wanted to be high-res but it can't be too high res and it can't be too big of a of, a file, size like I think it can't be over two megabytes, and canva. Will give you often. Especially. Do a PNG file it'll, definitely be over, two megabytes, if you're using the. YouTube, cover art not, cover art but somebody a large, kind. Of theme packages, they have so. Again, I just kind of made up my own. Youtube, thumbnail that I like just based off of simple, shapes and my logo and then. I have a consistent, style with, the, type of font I like to use and that kind of thing so that way your. Thumbnails, on your channel have a consistent, branded, look and, so. I. Do all this while that videos rendering, and then. Once. It's done rendering I will upload it. Upload. To YouTube and that takes an additional like. Another. 30 ish minutes 20. 30 minutes depending on how long your video is and then. While. It's upload so Oh step. Back. So. This. Is very important, especially for those of you who are going to upload to YouTube, the. It's. All about your metadata so, even. When you're in Adobe Premiere Pro and you're saving, your file the. File, name is even. Important, for search ability so, what I'll do while everything is rendering another thing I'll do is I'll go on YouTube, and I'll do keyword searches. You. Know because you have all this time and, all this stuff is rendering down and, our keyword, search the most perfect, title ever to use, which. There's so many tips too that I'll do like another video if you like on that later because there's so much to keyword, searching, but.

Essentially You're looking for the best title, possible, it doesn't. Have too high of a traffic volume, so. That you can be actually searchable. And starting to get some of that passive, traffic, from either Google or YouTube because as you know YouTube's owned by Google so. You want the best title, ever that title, of your file is also going to translate into the title that you put for your actual video, so. As my videos uploading, to YouTube it's. Got the file name it has a title and then the title for the video has, that same name so you're doubling, up layering, on this metadata, here. Then. You, want. To be very descriptive in your description, about what the video is about use, some good keywords about what it's actually about. Throw. In all of your hyperlinks. So I usually do, links. To things people can download for, free I do my ebook which is like only three dollars and 49 cents, on Amazon. And. Then I have all, these links to relevant videos, about marketing, brand planning and all this stuff and then, links. To how people can find me in my website and all that kind of thing and. All. Of that takes time while this video is rendering, the, most important, thing next is your tags on your video so then I'll go through and tag and, again. This is all very. Strategic, for keyword searches, because, you want to, rank you, want your videos to rank so. Again. That's. Another video for another day however. There. Are, wonderful. Very. Great strategies, for how to get your videos to rank on YouTube one. Of the most joyful, things, about, this process is when you upload that video even. When no one's watched it yet just, because of the title, and. Probably. Also because of your channel strength at the time your. Video can rank, number. One number three number six whatever, on certain, keyword, search terms off the bat just because there's no other video out there like it but. It's in it's in a good volume space where you have a good chance of being found you, know so it's so fun to see your video ranking, already you it's. Like when nobody's watching yet, so, but. It's even more critical to go back later. And see, which, videos are ranking the highest which. Ones got the most fuse and all that which you can all sort and filter in, YouTube so that's. Like a high level of what happens. When. I upload, a video in my process for videos.

What, I also do is we share that so it'll get shared on Twitter it'll get shared on, LinkedIn. Which, is lovely because it looks like a native file when you put on LinkedIn. Sparingly. On Facebook, I moreso, have tried to to, do like native videos on Facebook which means you're uploading your video directly, to Facebook. For. Many reasons, for many algorithm, reasons Facebook just likes native, things much better. Every. Now and then on my personal, page I'll link off to a YouTube. You. To blink but that's very rare because it doesn't show up pretty I mean you get this it's, not a big nice. Square. Image of your video like you'll see on LinkedIn or like you'll see on Twitter where it automatically, plays which is great on, Facebook. It'll show up like a little bit from nail square and then. The title of your video it's, just doesn't does not I mean, they don't play fair YouTube. And Facebook that, YouTube, Facebook. Wants to keep everyone on a Facebook which you can understand and they don't have a relationship like Instagram, does because Facebook bought Instagram so. Anyway. That's how I distribute, and every now and then if it's a to. My if it's a very special video I'll usually pick a video a month to email out to my email list right. Now I typically only do an email a month I know, there's people who do it email a week, twice. A month every day I hate. Getting, lots of email which. I think a lot of people hate getting lots of email and that might be bad for a marketer to say but I don't care I try to put myself in other people's shoes so. I think, good consistent, content, you, know and it's hard enough as a business owner to do your own content so for me doing. Once a month is pretty dang good, it's. Pretty dang good right now so. There. You have it that is my video process, what happens, in, my video workflow, what. Questions do you have what's your process like. And. You, know be happy to answer any questions you might have about my process or anything I've shared with you I will, link to all the equipment, and stuff that I showed you and mention in this video I'll link to below so, that you can check it out for yourself, and. That's. It if you, liked this video you found it valuable please click the like button, to like this video go, ahead and do that and also. Subscribe. To, this channel, this is the 80s agency. We, are here to give you the very best in marketing branding a business tip so you can see iy some of this for yourselves.

Entrepreneurs. Personal, grinders solopreneurs. Alright so. Hope to have you subscribe, here and when you click Subscribe, you'll also notice a little, bill that pops up you want to make sure that you click that bell because. That bell gives you notifications. Of when these videos upload. Without. It, you often will likely miss, these videos. That's. Honest, it's true I have, found some channels that I subscribed, to and I have not seen those videos in, forever and you. Know randomly. I'll be on the homepage and scroll across and I'm like oh yeah I remember that guy I remember. He. Was cool why don't I see his stuff it's because I didn't click the little bell so, be sure if you want to keep, tabs on what happens on this channel click that little bell all right, mmm. You're fabulous. Thanks. So much for watching see you later have a great week. You.

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