Veterans in crisis, Jaguars and business, paid parental leave

Veterans in crisis, Jaguars and business, paid parental leave

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This. Morning the voices, of support for a new city initiative it offers relief for, some new parents, and paid leave people, have said I saw the you. Know I saw the interview who, I heard about it well, you know when's this gonna happen so people are really anxious. Mayor. And mrs. curry explaining, the reason that they want this for everyone, in the city cherry. Malotte moved to Jacksonville, the same time the Jaguars, arrived, what, this business development, expert will remember as he leaves the Jax chamber and it's. About awareness and encouraging. Those who are discouraged, experts. Offer hope to veterans, in crisis, this morning on this week in Jacksonville. Thanks. For joining us this morning we start with a somber, topic, but one that may provide some hope this, coming Friday is Florida, veterans suicide, prevention awareness, day it's an issue that may surprise you at the local, scope, of this problem I want, you to see my interview from earlier this week joining. Us this morning Dan Henry public affairs officer, at the VA and Catherine anchor who is suicide, prevention coordinator. At the US Department, of Veterans Affairs and Catherine, I know you've been in this role specifically, for at least four years what's. The level of crisis, in our area, it surprised me when I heard this well. We are having a national. Crisis, when it comes to to suicide, and locally. Recently. Within the st. Mary's catchment, area in Georgia we, have recently. Had a suicide, cluster where we've had confirmed, over, 10. Suicides. Just in that small rural rural area, and some of those have been our us veterans you know so when we talk about 10, and I think you were mentioning since the beginning of the year so were eight, or nine months in right yes. That's, a lot why well because you were saying that reflects a disproportionate. Amount compared, to the suicide rate in general in America right correct, correct, so, in, America we, have 20 veterans a day that are dying by suicide and. Unfortunately. What we do see is that when there's a suicide that the. Likelihood of another suicide occurring. Will, will happen, so, the closer you are to a victim, of suicide, the higher the likelihood of, another suicide occurring, dan I want to make sure I bring you into the conversation as well. No this region you said you're from Jacksonville, we know this region is one where we, appreciate, veterans, we want veterans after their their tours, to stay here in Jacksonville, or Northeast Florida we. Really need to be able to provide this kind of care for them no way yeah absolutely you. Know as you say Jacksonville yeah born and raised I'm a veteran Navy veteran my father was a veteran, and. Being. From here it, it. Kind of hits me on a more personal level and some other folks but VA, we. Our job our mission is to take care of our veterans this, is the largest. Healthcare. System in the country we saw over 140,000. Veterans last year we see about 6,500. Veterans, every day throughout our system so it's important to us to reach out and work with the community to let, veterans, know that no matter what situation you're, in we're, here for you yeah tell, me a little bit about what's coming up I've mentioned this Friday's Florida, veterans suicide prevention awareness. Day what does that look like what does that do to help. Our veterans sure, so, across, the entire system of North Florida South Georgia VA health system we, are having a suicide. Prevention. Awareness. Fair and with, that we create the opportunity. For veterans for veteran, loved ones and community providers, to. Come, to the VA to talk to us about the resources, that we have and what we're doing to, prevent, veterans suicide, within our area locally, you know one of the things I want to point out you see in a phone number there, at the bottom 30 or screen right now it's an 800 number plus, a number you can text to get, help. We call it the Veterans, Crisis, Line right, there but Dan. Explain to me what are people gonna get if they text that number or call that number this morning well they're gonna get some. I'm. Sorry it's. All right is this a better question, for ya that's actually a better course for because Katherine's one of people answer who actually answers yeah no. Kidding how many there are folks like you ready to pick, up the phone it's alright although we don't get those calls when they call the crisis line they go to three.

Different Call. Centers throughout, the United States so. Then, when, that veteran, and that, responder. Are finished, with their phone call then, that. Call with the consent of the veteran gets sent down to that local area wherever it may be in the United States and then we again triage, that call, and we're able to link that veteran, with, the services, that they may need whether that be with VA or that be community, resources, so one of the things that comes to mind for me is and. You're, a veteran you know this there's. Some pride associated, with I'm. Somebody who served my country I'm a soldier. Or a sailor or a patriot, in so many different ways it's, got to be tough for. Our veterans. Or even family members to make that acknowledgement, I'm in trouble I need some help what, would you say what's the message to them on taking. That step being that courageous to, text. That number or make that phone call today I would. Say the. Number one step is let them know it's there one. Of the things we talk about a lot with in VA that we know is that 20 veterans a day commune suicide but only six of those veterans have ever had access to the V that means there's 14 veterans out there oh, for, whatever reason, whether it be the nature of their service or they. Just never reached, out or found a way to get connected to, VA don't, even know about the services or offer or the things that can help them by, having, this number and we reiterate, this number we push it out every time we put on our business cards because, we know that people veterans. Will come and see us they keep our business cards so we we, want, to have a kind, of living. Living. Connection. To them that, they can keep with them in all time and that number is that for. Veterans, a lot of veterans again it's prideful when you're in the military a lot of times you spend your entire military, saying well there's nothing wrong with me well. What we're trying to tell folks is okay we're there a, lot, of times a veteran may not reach out but the family members may notice something last, year we did a significant, amount within the community we work with. The. PBS station here and input. Public. Service announcements, on during, the the Ken Burns documentary because we knew we could we could meet reach. Veterans that way and that actually brought us some fruits we were able to connect. With several. Active-duty, military. Components. And talk to them about veteran, suicides, which really opened our eyes to, what, the. Access was for them and what they did and did not know about what was going on when our within our community certain Catharines it sounds like there's been maybe, some, improvement. Or you know that that number of how many suicides a day nationally, that's decreased, a little bit here in the last few years how. Is that being accomplished, sure sure, so the number is for, a long time was 22, veterans a, day dying, by suicide now, we realize that it's closer to approximately. 20 veterans, a day in, 2016. We released our most comprehensive, study that's ever been done on veterans, suicide, the VA did that and, we. Find that that 20 is a more accurate number and, what. We realized, as well with just some new data that's being released is that the, number of suicides veterans. Suicides, is increasing. For those who are not receiving, VA, health services, so. Those. Who are receiving healthcare services, the number is not increasing, the number of suicides, let's.

Maybe Wrap up here and I know Dan you mentioned, that the. Treatment, that's done here in our region. The. VA clinic in Jacksonville, for instance, sees. A awful. Lot of people the did, you tell me it's the busiest it's the busiest VA, in the country Clinic in the country in fact our VA, clinic, here in Jacksonville which we have three sites the primary one being in the Jefferson Street, not. Very far from these offices. We. See such, a significant, number of veterans. Here and what a lot of times you, know frankly you know people hear negative things about the VA quite. Often and when they hear those negative things they may not want to come to the VA and we actually have the ability to give people, same-day. Mental, health access if they have crises and things of that nature so, we, do have access for veterans. Directly. Right here in Jacksonville somebody needed to help today they can get it yeah I said. That was the last thing what I just gotta ask this, doesn't sound like just a job for you this is it seems you're, pretty passionate about this pre personal isn't it I am I, think. That I have the best job at the VA there's, nothing more satisfying than, being able to help. Save someone's life for, the men and women who serve, to protect ours put, their life on the line for us I Katherine. Tan thank you so much for that and want to make sure that we show you this this, phone number. One more time we've, got it on your screen for you but the Veterans Crisis, Line is 1-800, to 73, 8255. And you press one you can call you can text you can chat for, help. Important. Topic hope that makes a difference for you or someone you love here in our area all right coming up in just ahead cherry malotte on his farewell, tour almost, 25, years bringing, business, to our region, is look back and has a look into the future next. On this weekend's act. Tired. Of being a number 21. Financial, Credit Union you are a member and owner not a number, since 1935. Hard-working, families and businesses, have trusted us with our banking experience our, friendly and personal service today that are we insured by the NCUA I'm, a busy Jacksonville, mom every, morning I get up go to the gym get dressed for work check email and social media of course and then I get my son off to school while navigating rush-hour, traffic like, a fog we know your mornings are nuts but the morning show is here to help every, morning time-saver, traffic gets, you around traffic, tie-ups at breaking news alerts help keep your family safe yeah I'm a busy Jacksonville. Mom and the morning show on channel 4 makes, mornings happen. Car. Accidents, don't care about time they don't believe in nine-to-five so, neither do we, we're right here ready. To take your call any time of the day or night, 24/7. 365. There's, no good time to have an accident, so we make sure there's, no bad time to, call fair and Farah we're here now, we'll be here later in fact, we've, been here protecting you and your family day or night since, 1979. Car, accidents, never rest so neither do we. Algae. From Lake Okeechobee polluting.

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Memory Of success, in bringing business to our area, well. Boy they're a lot so that that's a difficult question I would tell you after a long time, almost 25, years probably. The Amazon, deal and maybe, the fidelity national. Corporate. Move here, were to the biggest things that had such an impact on our community and were so much fun to be a part of but. I would take you back to the beginning because I came here right as the Jaguars, were were. Becoming. Part of our community in fact literally, the day that the NFL announced was, the day that I got. Together it. Changed, our city, I mean, Jacksonville. Wasn't. Even a competitor, to Tampa, where I was yeah give us some perspective there, you're in Tampa, and you didn't think of Jacksonville, in the same did not in fact is we didn't if, you asked, us who our competitors, were then I wouldn't have ever listed Jacksonville, so, when I came over here to look and begin to visit with them about it I'm thinking what. An amazing, place that nobody knows about well, the NFL changed all that all of a sudden were in every newspaper on, television. All, year, long for the most part really all over the country and so, I knew by coming here during that time it would everybody would be looking, for what's going on in Jacksonville, and that's exactly what happened the, Jaguars, have played an amazing role in our success over the years so, Jerry you're stepping away from your role with Jax u.s. a partnership, tell, me what that function. Is, it's, connected, to the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce but it has a very specific role right it, is our, role our team working. With others, are responsible. For helping grow the economy of, this region attract. New businesses, to the area help, local companies and their expansion needs, and, and. Just to help grow, Jacksonville. Our area is it there's a sales component I'm going to other businesses and this is why you should, be operating, in a place like Jackson, absolutely, so when companies decide, they're going to open a new office move, or do whatever they're gonna do they begin to look across the country and now really across the world at places, they could and should do that so. We try to find out those companies that have a project, try to get on the list of consideration. And then, hopefully package. All of our assets, and resources to. Match their needs and hopefully win those jobs for, our area yeah you talked about the impact the Jaguars, had, and that coincides, with these almost 25 years that you've, been in the river city what, about the shift, to including, London because you just talked about hey now there's an international, focus has that been something that we're. Going to England. We're going across the Atlantic Ocean we're saying here's why you should be doing business in Jackson. Definitely. So so each time the Jaguars, play there we are there meeting with companies in London. In England and sometimes Ireland, in France has been part of our deal but. It's bigger than just that, although, Shotokan is a global. Business person, and wants us to think globally and we have been if you, notice some of the names and we've gotten projects, from Brazil from, China to actually, in the last couple of years from.

All Over Europe. Just. All over the world really we have become an international, city frankly, that is one of the things I'm most excited, and, proud of to be a part of that I. Think it's important, that we not think of ourselves as just part of Florida or the southeastern, US but, in fact a world. City yeah, I know, that I'm, not going to ask you to comment, on the politics, of it but we know that Jacksonville, over the last few years and, even, more recently there's, been gun, violence, here what. Does that do for the reputation of the city when you're dealing with issues like that and does it make it harder to convince businesses. This is a great place to do business a little, bit but not as much as you might suspect and, the only reason is that companies. That are looking at cities our size or, larger, expect. Challenges. Within those cities that might include crime, and might include other things we. Do in fact have. To. Discuss. Those issues we've brought the sheriff and at times to talk about, our. Situation. Here but for the most part cities, except that, urban, areas have challenges, and that's just part of the package and only. Occasionally, has it come up as an, important where, does in your mind when you're talking with these companies where does Jacksonville, stack up as compared to some of those cities, because we we hear about Chicago, all the time and how many violent. Deaths they experience, you would think that that would be a barrier for people going to that part of the country yeah and and I don't know that it's Chicago's a big place so they're there violence as as fairly focused honestly. It it's we seldom are ever compared, in that way they. Want to know what. Our work force is about what's the cost of living and cost of doing business here, how fast can we get things done, what's, the quality of life that will let them bring the people that need to come here to start an operation so I'm. Happy to tell you that has not been a significant. Barrier only and just a few cases so, we. Really we, really focus on all the things that make this an, amazing place to live and work yeah so maybe, last thing I want you to cash the cast some vision for us what. Does it look like going forward the next five or ten or maybe another 25, years here in Jacksonville, in terms of business, development in the economy you know I think we are on a roll that's going to continue in a big way the, most important, thing I think for us is we need to continue to build the downtown, so that all, of us are proud of and excited about and have a vision of who this city is based, on starting, downtown. Because, when you go to another city that's what usually think of when you think of Atlanta you think of a downtown or Nashville, or other. Our, suburban, areas are amazing. Our regional, counties we have we, have everything, anybody. Could want to live. And work here but. Our image is often not as good as it should be with downtown so if we keep going and even, if we have another recession which at some point we're going to we've got to keep pushing right on through it and finish all these projects, were involved in that are gonna make it totally different five years seven years from now you, moved here from Tampa you've been here 25 years you just talked about you've been talking for 25 years how great it is to live here are, you moving are you retiring you going somewhere else are you you planted, yeah I'm planted, I'm here I it's. Funny you should ask that because I, started. Getting calls within, a year of moving here about going to Phoenix or a number of other cities but. When I got here and experienced. What I'm selling, I said, I'm done this is where I live we're going to retire here I'm. Gonna stay involved in the community but, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here, cherry. Malotte really has made a difference in our area, and, congratulations. To Jerry, on almost, 25 years in that role so, Jack's us a partnership named Andre, Wallace, their new president he, was leading the city's downtown, Investment. Authority. All. Right still to come Rhonda Santos and Andrew Gilliam they choose their running mates in the race for governor our political analyst, weighs in on those thick's.

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My. Proposal, which is now going through the unions was six weeks of paid leave for moms, and dads and you're really, excited about this so. When, you took it to the union's how, was the reaction did it take a long time to, convince. They're. Excited about this issue but there's so much bargaining, that happens, with the this collective, bargaining that's aside from family leave so. The reason it took so long is we had to work through many other issues that are unrelated to, parental. Leave okay. So but, when it came time for this particular, subject, was. It like a no-brainer for them or did you meet a little bit of resistance, and have to explain, what, it meant to you when this. Is one of those issues where. It. Was a no-brainer, both sides were, this may this is good for families this is good for city employees police. Families, fire families, and my. Hope is I think I said this a year ago that to, the extent that the private sector sector, can handle it that companies, will consider this and how, are you feeling about this, I'm. Excited look Molly and I have, lived this our kids our children our 13 11 and 9 years old 11, years as she's almost 12 and we. Remember, the early days sometimes, like it was yesterday you're, tired. You. Need to support each other and if. If you don't have paid leave, if. One or both parents are working that. Detracts, from the family and from the child and our first two kids, were born I was working, and so the, company I was working for at the time offered, this so I was able to stay at home for six, weeks with my newborn and it was just so valuable to, be able to bond with your kid at that time and not have to worry about you. Know either taking, vacation, or you know using and having an unpaid leave so, it really does take the stress off of you and just to have that time you'll never get it back so it's just a great you, know opportunity, it's really a new, way of thinking, it. Takes both parents, to. Support each other, and to, nurture nurture. Your children particularly. In their in the early days this first couple weeks, oh it's hard, it's hard on the mom it's hard on the mom and the dad so to be able to have both of them home if that's, available to, them it's just crucial and if you're a family that is you, know struggling, like many to to, pay, the bills every week and put food on the table and, and. You're having to make a decision about if you're gonna go to work or. In the early days of your, child's birth. Or stay. Home you're, gonna do what you have to do you're gonna go to work so this is it's. The right thing to do and. Some great family photos there thanks to the curry family all right so what happens next the mayor says city employee agreements, they've been introduced to the City Council that'll, take a few weeks the, police and fire contracts, also go to City Council of a few weeks so sometime by the end of October he believes all should be ratified this.

Week In Jacksonville Ayers each Sunday morning at this time and next week we're scheduled to have Sheriff Mike Williams, with us talking, about safety in Duval, County I get justice thanks for watching on air on channel 4, and the CW 17 and online. At news for Jax for. More. People in Northeast, Florida and, South Georgia get, their news from news for Jax than anywhere, else.

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