Veshti in Airport - Business Class - Chennai to Dubai - Irfan's View

Veshti in Airport - Business Class - Chennai to Dubai - Irfan's View

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That's was good surprise. That was a great surprise but we don't know if it's going to end well. It will end well. So let's go see. Both we green and I thought..

They found out we were complaining about him. Guys they are rebuking us in Hindi. So broasted chicken to start with.

I should be really blessed to have to rich friend who pays all this money to help me go to Dubai. Guys we wanted to watch the match this time, we were really interested to watch IPL. and moreover iPhone has also been launched now. and there's a huge difference between the Dubai and Chennai iPhone price. The difference between here and there. The Pro model which I'm going to buy is nearly 30-35k lesser there.

So after all the calculations, I had this idea to buy that in Dubai. So I told him, Buddy I'm going to go there... Actually he was saying he was going to buy a iPhone. Then we were just talking it's costlier here and all that and one day he said he'll also come to Dubai. Back then we thought the price of the ticket up and down would be 40k per person.

Didn't I tell you 40k? -Yeah. - I told him it would be 40k -Even 40k is kind of more... So anyway we thought there's a 40k difference so if we pay that as the ticket price, we can also watch the IPL. We assumed all this and we okayed the plan and when we were going to book the tickets.. that is we're leaving this saturday evening. But we're booking the tickets very late, today's tuesday right? -Yeah. We booked it on tuesday, so as there was little time the price went up.

So it was like 1 lakh 25k for 2 people up and down. So per person it costed like 60 something. 60..62. More than 62.5 So... But the thing is.. there are other less expensive flights

like 10k lesser but those had 10-12 hours layover. Like the SriLankan flights, those flights will really be superb. But paying so much for an Air India flight.. Actually Air India isn't that bad. The worst flight is the Fly Dubai, that's the worst flight. and there's another.. Spice jet, gosh! never use that, I never liked both of those. Indigo will be pretty good but only Air India was available so we booked that.

So we're going to Dubai! So guys we're in the Airport now. and if you look at the airport it's totally empty, no one is here in the airport. I think only Dubai and Maldives are open, so there's only two places to travel. So here... something huge happened here, I'll tell you that when we go in. So guys we're inside after finishing all the immigration process.

So I told you something crazy happened, what happened was.. So told you about the tickets right and the price of the tickets, bud what was the ticket price? 1 lakh 25k. -Yeah it costed 125k totally. I thought it costed so much because I booked it just 4 days before the flight. But that wasn't really the case.

It costed us so much because by mistake I booked us the business class tickets. That's why it costed so much. But the business class is.. while going we're using the business class and while coming back it's the economy. So I was talking with him, We've booked economy now, We'll talk to them about changing it to business class, maybe it will cost us another 10k. and when we gave it to him, he was like, bro you have business class tickets, why were you standing in the line all this time? We were standing in the line all this time. -"It was embarrassing kumar"

Yeah, business class don't stand in the line, they'll come directly to the checking and show the tickets and leave. The crazy thing about that was we're talking that it is going to hard to travel in economy and we'll rather spend some more money for the business class. and when we gave the tickets to him, he said "Sir this is business class" and we were looking at each others faces. because we were standing in the line for a long time.. but that's okay. So this is my first time travelling in Air India's business class.

I've travelled once in business class in Malaysia. But now it's Air India to Dubai. I don't know how it's going to be, let's see.

I spent so much on business class tickets to travel in Air India. and that excitement when booking the tickets, he was like "Dude come on quick there's only a few" and I was also thinking "Should we spend so much on a economy.." "Okay fine we'll book it", till we reached here it was a.. That's was good surprise. That was a great surprise but we don't know if it's going to end well. It will end well.

So let's go see. We're ready with our business class tickets. Okay come on let's go, it's time. At what time? It's 16:47. -It's 5:25. It's at 5:25? They changed it? They've changed it fr om 5:05 to 5:25.

It will be 9 by the time we reach there. Guys usually the boarding passes will look nice. But this is very different, they've used a Ad from the 90's. Isn't this a 90's Ad? -Maybe the guy who printed it was a 90's kid. This is probably a work of a 80's kid. Guys I forgot to tell you something, I'm wearing Veshti today.

Wait I'll show you. Guys look at the veshti. The reason I'm wearing Veshti today is because it was my house warming function today. It was a funny thing in the morning.. I thought I could leave by 2-3 as the

flight was at 5, I booked that thinking coming here two hours prior would be fine. But they said we have to be here 5 hours prior, so I had to leave by 12 and it caused a huge scene. So that's why I came directly here, look. Why are you laughing at me? So that's why I came directly here, veshti is not a problem, I think they won't allow us only if we wear a lungi.

They won't allow lungi right? -I'm not sure. I think they'll allow it. They'll allows us but yeah today it's Veshti. We'll do something different. -We're always different.

Don't lift that up! That doesn't look good. But I'm wearing the crocs that a little odd. The dress and the crocs doesn't suit well. What to do..

They'll scream at us in another 2 minutes. -They'll call us, saying "Irfan" shall we wait. Like the school class attendance? Yeah. We'll go after they call us. They waving at us.

I'll come, I'll come, you never called us. Say my name. They are calling you, they're screaming at us for making the Vlog here. Come Irfan. Guys I'll show you when we get in. Shouldn't we run for the camera? Wait I'll run. -Run away.

Come on, come on. -Say it's time. Upload it saying we boarded in the last 5 minutes. You don't say, you don't say. Wear the face shield. Is it mandatory? -Yes it is. I lost my shield.

You left it there? It's here, it's under your shield. You have it. How is it? -It's superb.

The seater are more comfortable compared to the economy. It's bigger. -Yeah. You can lean back further. -Yeah? Where's the button? More, more, more It's not going back. Unfortunate guy. Look at mine guys, His seat isn't going back.

You're laughing for that? It didn't work for you right, jolly! Another crazy thing happened here, you know what? We're in business class and you know we never planned for business class. So they us 2 drinks. One is Masala Aam Panna Why did you do it? {\an8}It's like saying why are you making a mango juice. {\an8}I don't like juices like these, it's fine alteast if it's a mango juice.

{\an8}They've given us these juices so we don't take another one. They gave us this jal jeera. and then.. Dude what did they tell you when they gave this to you, he said it was good for digestion. He said it helps in digestion.

Even I was thinking.. should I take this.. he said take it and then should I drink it.. You drink it, have you tried jal jeera before? -No. Try it. -Why should I go there now? No just try it, we'll see if you like it. See I've tried it and I hated it.

I don't know if he'll like it or not, because I can't say he won't like it coz I don't like it. Blabber. -Shut it. Hey! it's like that small tiny things they sell for Rs.10.

Hajmola -Yeah hajmola, it's like that.. Is it really that? Try this. Get lost. -Just taste it. Have they added butter milk? Isn't it a mango juice? What does Aam Panna mean? I don't know what they're doing, they say it's Aam panna. Integrains.

It's not integrains it's ingredients. You're rolling.. Yeah dude it has mango pulp. It has Aam panna on the cover, what else do you need? Guys they've added masala and honestly this isn't any good. Why were you trying to give a brief explanation for that? Orange.. Is this even fair? You know why? because you won't ask for it again. That's why.

No one will ask for another one. And there was like 5 of them.. -They're throwing them out, take how many ever you want if you smell jal jeera you'll know, it's not at all our taste.

It's not our taste. it's not something we usually drink. Both were green and I thought..

Tell me.. They found out we were complaining about him. Guys they are rebuking us in Hindi. I'll place the phone down, I'll show you the food when it comes. Guys this is Rs.20. and this is Rs.15.

That's fine, water is always fine no matter what. Yeah the bottle looks good. We aren't just complaining... But we do have to complain when they do all these things. Guys look here. We're leaving! There's smoke...

Curd.. peanuts.. So guys we're in the train now. Now we left the baggage claim, actually the problem was.. I showed everything and I was waiting for him but he's showing everything so slowly. He is so damn slow with it.

I showed them everything so quickly but as he's slow he's still there. So let's wait for him. He'll come soon. I'm so happy to be in Dubai again. The food from Air India was on another level, I never excepted that.

I was a little angry after looking at those juices but the food was really good. They gave us some rice and chicken that was really good. and then the Gulab jamun was good. So if you ask me if business calls is worth it? It seems like it is. So you can definitely try the business class in Air India.

We were judgmental and angry at the start but that wasn't the case, we were wrong and Air India was really nice. Guys the slow guy is here. Dude I got caught again for that. -In what? The PCR test?

For heaven's sake I searched for it everywhere and I didn't get it. I thought you left without giving it. You know how slow you're doing everything here? What's wrong with slow? You're so god damn slow. I know that. I was looking at you and you were doing everything in slow motion and I got in the train and it left.

Yeah he left me the shameless guy. Bro! bro. How are you doing? -You still didn't stop recording? I was looking for your camera when you got in. The car is on another level. Guys we finished all the immigration process and Rasaq picked me up. It's crazy guys! We finished all the immigration process under 20-25 minutes.

We even brought our baggage and everything. and for the PCR test, there's nearly 26-27 counters and everyone there is so active. Everyone was like "Come on, come on, I'll stab you, I'll stab you" Stab you? -In the nose, I mean with the stick. So that's how everyone was and the PCR test is totally free here. But we're here to get a paid PCR test. Yeah because were nutheads, that's what we do.

We're going to the match tomorrow and they'll only allow us if we have a PCR test. Not just the PCR test there's lots more, you'll see all that in the match video. But now I'll tell you what do you need to carry when you come to Dubai in a few minutes. After I get to the room but now let's go get the PCR test done. Whatcha doing? It's very airy right? Yeah it's very airy inside. Look here.

Look here. Look here. Look here. Look here. It comes with the broasted chicken.

The fries looks quite different. That's how they make fries here, eat it. The chicken is huge.

Guys we made a lot of videos when we were here but Laffah has great shawarma, broasted chicken and fries. So we're here first after coming to Dubai. So broasted chicken to start with. I don't know what's it's named but.. It's tahina. The tahina here will be awesome.

They would have added garlic in it and it will be really tasty right? Guys I said I'll talk to you after I go to the room but I couldn't because I was tired and I didn't have any ideas for the Vlog. But we got up and got ready and we're here to eat in a place here. and I forgot to introduce you to someone important. Welcome back guys Guys it's zubeen and if you had seen the previous Dubai videos, he would have been in almost every Dubai video. He was the one who showed us around Dubai.

So again Zubeen is back with us. and we're going to do a lot more today and we're here to a new place this time. After we ate in Laffa we went to Amoor..

I remember you coming here but again you didn't post this video. Oh we had here? -No we didn't come, you went with Rasaq. I think, I'm not sure.

That one? okay! We had that sweet inside that thing n all... Guys yeah we came here, it's not the this place but it's another place and they had this stuffing inside it.. Yeah the kraft cheese and all that. and we even ate some prawns and some liver item. Isn't this where we had that wine leaf? So we ate that too here.

So we're here just for fun so I'll show you what we eat here. Yeah they freshly make this here, it's beautiful. Guys this is one of the dish here and this one's a platter. This has falafel in the middle and then eggs, brinjal, fries, mashed potato if I'm not wrong and this. Yeah that...

I don't know what that is. and If we make a hole in it, it's like a poori. Look how hot it is. It's really hot but it smells good guys. and this is a stuffed... a meat stuffed deep fried kind of a thing. But I want to eat this more because it looks so good.

Guys look Mr.Zubeen is teaching us how to eat all these. Look at that guys, he threw in everything here. That's it.

Digestion They've added lettuce in this. There's also cucumber. It's more... kind of..

It's fresh. Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!

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