Vanguards Best Performing 2018 ETFs (Top Vanguard Investments of 2018) (Vanguards Rockstar ETFs!)

Vanguards Best Performing 2018 ETFs (Top Vanguard Investments of 2018) (Vanguards Rockstar ETFs!)

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What is up YouTube, hey. What's up guys, Mike the CPA here and we are back for a very special, video thank. You so much for coming back and check it out money in life TV we are glad to have you here especially my sidekick, chipper who's coming to me what is it because in today's video we're, gonna be talking about the very best performing. Vanguard. ETFs of. 2018. These, are the best performing, ETFs, through May of this year and, I am excited, to share them with you I've got a couple ones I've shared with you before in previous videos but also some new ones as well and these, are the rockstars, I don't know if you guys knew that Vanguard, has some rock stars but these are the rock star ETFs, for Vanguard of 2018, and we're talking about that right. Now. And, as always guides a spreadsheet you're gonna see in this video is completely. Free. That's right your favorite four letter F word mine, as well it's, completely free for you to download I'm gonna link it up in the description section of this video so make sure to download it for yourself and you can review the data at any time you'd like alright, guys this, is how this is gonna work especially, if you're new to this channel welcome, what I like to do in these videos if you have not seen my previous Vanguard, videos is I'm. Gonna go over each fund one by one then. We're gonna look at the stock holdings all of, all four of them there's four in total that, we're gonna pick compare against each other so what so we can understand, what these ETFs, own and then, in the last part we're gonna actually look at the. Comparison, we're gonna compare all four together I've if, you've seen my Vanguard videos before well thank you for watching and thank you for tuning back in I've made a few tweaks to the spreadsheet you're gonna see later on in the video so make sure to stick around and check it out let, me know if you like the new format especially in the way we compare them and I got some new data here for you guys so, the first one we're talking about is VCR. No. No not the VCR, that you stick the movie into no no this is the Vanguard, consumer. Discretionary ETF. So, this is of the, top four performing, of eighteen this, is the first one now, they have research for all of these guys is, 5/8. Of 18 so we're a little bit into the month of May and as, you guys know the, performance of these investments, can change throughout the year but. I would highly bet, that at least one of these if. Not more of these will still probably be the top performing, of 2018. It, for Vanguard, in my opinion so, but we'll have to see as the year progresses VCR. This this, consumer, discretionary, ETF. So, what's got it so the yield in these things guys is very small because these are really like growth type, of ETFs, and so. You're, not gonna see much of a dividend yield from these things but growth is what you're gonna get so if you're looking for growth these are ETFs. That I would recommend, checking out, on your own time and doing your own research on one. Of the new items I've dropped in on each tab of these spreadsheets guys is the beta for each of these ETS, that's right just like a stock an ETF has a beta as well, if you do not know what beta is you're looking at me you're like what the heck is that don't worry especially for noon and investing I'm gonna link up a description, or link to what beta is down below in the description section, below this video so you can read that in your own times to get a better understanding, of it okay, so your today return I've is. 4.7, percent so far so we're, about five, months in or about little bit over four months have passed and, this thing has around a five percent rate of return this. Has been in existence for 14 years I've included, the product summary not, gonna read this to you guys so you guys can obviously read this in your own time because I want to get through this video pretty quickly, so let's go down the the pipeline here so currently.

This, One VCR it's. Running, at about a hundred and sixty three dollars a share right now for each share, of this ETF so if you want to get in that's what your initial buying price is around right now as of, the time of this video now these are the average. Annual returns, notice. This is through the month of March 31st, and as, you can see here, it's four, for one year for one whole year from, May - May it's gone up about sixteen percent three. Years we're looking at about ten or eleven percent five. Years about fifteen percent ten. Years is about fourteen percent so what this basically means guys is that, this is you're, getting these, average, returns every single year so since, inception and, this thing has been around since 2004. Obviously, as you guys can read that and it's, got about a ten percent rate of return every. Single year and in. The past year it's been stellar of course last. Year the stock market went way up and. It's been great okay. Moving, down the line here, let's. See what this thing owns the, top ten holdings now, how can you go wrong with, a top five lineup of this so, you're looking at in the first five stocks you're looking at Amazon. What. Person, does not want to own Amazon, I know I own Amazon individually, in my portfolio it's, my best performing, stock Home. Depot, you, know Home Depot com we all need. To be able to renovate our homes fixer-upper, homes and it's, pretty hard to shop for that stuff online so I like, the fact that I host Home Depot and I, wish I personally, still owned home be Depot but I don't so, maybe I should be buying this ETF and then. Helens Comcast, that's, the next one and then, it owns Disney, and as. You can see Incredibles, 2 is coming out so it owns Disney and, Netflix. Netflix is, one, of the best stocks of this, entire year I think year, to date Netflix, individually. As a stock is already up over 60% the. Last time I checked, but, check my numbers so it owns some pretty stellar stocks let's go back to the, sheet and as you guys can see here you can read down the list now, one, of the things I've done differently, oh and, notice these, 10 stocks represent. 50%. Of the assets within this ETF so, it's pretty heavily, weighted in these 10 investments, and I've, lit owns a total of 367.

Stocks And I've, listed the top normally, I would list the top 100 holdings but going forward I'm similar to the top 50 and you. Can read them all right here and owns a bunch of large, corporate. Blue-chip, type of stocks which. I really, really like okay. So that's VCR, let's, move on to M, G K, M, G, K so, this. Is the Knicks rock star of this ETF. And this. I've actually talked about MGK, in a previous video if, you guys have might, have seen my Vanguard, Growth Fund video. It's, on the. For Vanguard, growth ETFs, that, are specifically, designed for growth there's there's, two domestic, growth funds that are for the US and there's two international growth funds as well so if you haven't seen that video here's, the thumbnail for it but I can link it up down below and you, guys can go, check that out and it talks about the, Vanguard's, funds that are specifically, designed for growth alright. MGK was one of my favorite in that video and, like. I said that the yield on these themes guys it's, it's. It's, very, small and oh, just so you guys know the fees I don't have the fees listed right here oh I guess you can see it right here in the summary see where it says expense ratio it's, point zero seventh of a percent and so, your dividends, are gonna cover the fees which I love that I love that so. This, is the beta it's a little bit more volatile at one point one not not, extremely volatile though it has. Year-to-date. Return, of five, point, one four percent and. Years. In existence is 11, years so it hasn't been around as long as some of the other ones but it's, doing pretty well, it's one of vanguards, very best ETFs, in their entire lineup, all right links own I forgot to mention guys especially if you're new to this channel on these Vanguard videos this link right here if you click it it will take you right to, the, actual fund itself if you, want to review the fund detail, so, see how it takes you right here this is where I got the majority of the information for this video it's all coming directly. From the, horse's mouth. Which. Is Vanguard the, horse is angered alright.

Let's Go let's go ahead and continue on let's. Move down here what about rates the returns for these things because that's what people are really interested in okay, so in, the past year it's gotten about a 19 percent rate, of return in, a, three year period it's, got about a twelve percent rate of return let me zoom in a little bit so you guys can see better five, years it's average is about fifteen percent over the last five years ten. Years return, is about eleven percent and since inception. 9.8. Nine percent so most, of these are gonna since. Inception average, about that ten percent however. The, the, one. Year the three year the five year that's all gonna differ. So, this is the, MGK. And what the heck do they own now, back, at the end of the year you guys might have remembered if you've seen my Vanguard growth ETF video this. I kept, this in here so you can kind of see that Vanguard. Regularly. Updates, their indexer, which which I should. Say how they allocate the money within this ETF because, as you guys know an index fund mirrors, and index right, an electronic. An exchange-traded, fund such as this but, then it's up to that investment, firm which event its Vanguard, in this case that. They decide how they're gonna allocate, that money within. That index, and of, what stocks get the most weight so. In there in this case as you, can see as of 1231, some of these have changed this is its number one holding, and and. Apples, been doing fantastic, this year in fact, if you guys pay attention to what's going on Apple they're actually using a lot of the new tax. Cuts from the tax, cuts and Jobs Act and they're repurchasing. More of their shares so, there their stock has really been going up quite significantly and, I, own apple, individually. And it's been doing very well. Google. Is so, when you see the word alphabet, that's, Google okay then there's two plot there's I think there's two kinds of Google shares there's Class A and Class B basically, there, might be more I'm not an expert on it but that, it owns Google and of course it owns it owns Facebook, you. Can't go around I mean Facebook has been doing great despite, all the controversy, it's, it's doing fine and then Home Depot and stocks, like that so this, is its current holdings over here guys as of 3:30 118 and but, you know these can always change okay, and they these 10 stocks represent, 40%, of this growth fund, ETFs assets, and I've. Listed the top 50 here you can compare them I've kept this in here since I already had the day that you, can compare how their stocks. And they own about 130, stocks total you, can compare how, what's. Changed, since December, 2 now if you'd like to if you really want to see what. This thing owns ok, now let's, go to vb, k vb. K is our next one guys and then, v, BK is vanguard small cap growth ETF and, another. Rock star we've we've, been taught at least i've been taught that if there's a smaller companies, there's. A larger. Chance they can grow, an increase in value faster. Than. Than larger companies like blue chips because, they have a lot of room to grow and so, naturally. I would expect, this. One to to. Outperform mg, k as far as a growth fund is concerned, and it, does and so far your date it has been so, yield is less than 1%, on a dividend, very small dividend but it pays for it's, gonna pay for your investment fees on this betas, one exactly, one so it's not it's, not an extremely volatile which I like your. Least, in my opinion year-to-date, return, it's already got a six point.

Three Nine percent, rate of return as of the making of this video and, it's. Been around for 14 years so not bad let's go down here here's the overview and. Average. Annual performance here, we are this is what you guys want, to see and as you've told me over time show, us the returns on these things okay, one year we're looking at, 17.3. 9% three, years eight and about, eight percent five years 11, and a half percent, 10, years 11 percent and since inception about, nine point three seven percent, so, all all great. Returns on these things year-over-year and, because. Remember guys this is the average annual performance and so, every year like. Over the last ten years you're getting at about an 11 percent rate of return every, single year which, is like 10 times or 11 times what, the bank will pay you so, it makes a significant. Difference over. Time and, you, building your wealth and me you and I building our wealth if. We can get higher rates to return every single year and have, our money outpacing, inflation is very very, important and so I would feel pretty comfortable putting, parking. A large amount of money over time rather. Than putting a lot of my money in a savings account I would I don't I feel like this any, of these might be a good investment alternative. To grow up your money quicker but, not worry, too much about the. Losing of money either just like this is one of the other funds that was in my Vanguard Growth ETF and. I've. So I've kept what was in there in December and here's. What's in here now as of. 3:30, 118 so it. Owns now these are smaller companies, so some of you might recognize the name some of you might not it's, alright I dug a little bit into it so Copart, inc cuz like what is that it's, actually an online salvage. Leader, in auto and insurance then it has TransUnion, which is you guys know is the credit. Reporting agency then we have the, Old Dominion freight line Inc so, if I'm. Like what does Co part Co parts pretty cool so this. If I can find it. Here's. The co parts website guys so this is the company's website itself and it.

Sells Thousands. And thousands of caudal parts and sells vehicles as well so it's pretty cool what they do and there's. TransUnion, they they're the ones that, you know saying check your credit, score for free, that's, what they do check, your credit score folks and then. The Old Dominion, freight line company well, here it is they. Are a shipping company that, ships things around the globe so pretty, cool I always, find it fascinating to. Learn about some of these companies especially. The smaller, because there's, a lot going on out there that we just don't, know about at least I feel like I don't know about so I'm always learning something every, time I make one of these videos alright. Moving on. So. Here's the top 50 holdings just like it promised you guys on all of these oh I almost forgot to mention how many stocks this thing own apparently. The fund manager whoever decides. How many investments. To choose in this fund really, likes the number of the beast. Scary. Scary, okay moving on moving on let's go to let's. Go Levesque one so if the best-performing, Vanguard. ETF, of this year the very best. Bgt, and mandu I wish I knew about this one earlier on but I just discovered, recently VGT, Vanguard, Information. Technology Fund. Beta is a little bit higher than 1%, r1 I mean your to date return it's already at a 10% rate of return your to date and we're only in May, in a one year period this thing has produced at twenty seven and a half percent rate, of return holy. After. Three years it has averaged, about 18 to 19 percent, per year after, five years twenty. Percent rate of return on average return. After. Five years of 20 percent rate of return ten-year, average of 14 percent and since inception about, 10 percent so in the last five, years this, thing has averaged about 20 percent, per year nice. Very. Nice, okay, so what, kind of companies, is this beast owned let's take a look all, right it's number one holding this Apple the then Google, followed, by Facebook, followed. By Intel, followed. By the. Number. One job, replacing. Machine the creators, of artificial. Intelligence, Bitcoin. Mining, champion, and Vidya, oh my, goodness and it even owns things, like visa and, what. In the hell is wrong with that guy he is way too excited. To be going into debt he must be buying something really, really, enjoyable, alright guys in of the top 10 holdings. 55%. Of their portfolio, is weighted in these timber investments, so they're very heavily. Weighted in technology, just like their name implies alright, now let's, go over to the part of the video where. We compare all the stocks against each other so. Let's look at the stock holdings real quick guys alright this is the part of the video where we compare this top 50 stock holdings against, each ETF, that we've shown in this video and wherever. There's green that means that the, other funds, own it as well so, as you can see these. Stocks, in green Amazon. Is very popular, apples very popular, Facebook's, very popular, Google, many. Of them owned the exact same stocks especially, especially. These three MGK. VC R and V T however. Notice, that vbk, hardly. Anything is similar why, is that because, they. Own. Very. Small companies, whereas, these guys own very, large companies, so, that's why vbk does not have any duplicates, right here but, yeah, I mean when. I look at ETFs, if you're just, a quick tip if you're trying to figure out well what's if you want to buy individual, stocks well. This is a pretty simple way to kind. Of see what. Stocks do very well and the, fact that Vanguard, the one of the largest investing, institutions, in the world, has.

These Stocks in multiple. Versions of their different ETFs, gives, you a pretty clue pretty, clear indication, of, what. Stocks, might be good to buy individually, don't just something to consider not saying to do that but just something to think about all right and last but not least we. Are gonna compare, these rock stars to each other. Okay. Guys now let's go over to the final part of the spreadsheet my, favorite part is where we compare all four of these funds against each other let's go take a look right now. So. I've changed the format a little bit I was. Able to fit all of them on one tab. So, that we can compare all of them on screen and we. Have I've. Listed them all right here and I've, listed the average annual return of each one so that you can see them all on one screen all together and, you. Can see the yield the beta its etc. It's all there for you and as, you can see year-to-date. It's. Very clear that VB. Km v GP are the leaders so far year-to-date however. Over. A 10 year period though guys definitely, VG. TN. MGK. Our fantastic. Stocks. Are fantastic, ETFs I mean now. You just have to remember MGK. In, the long run might eventually overtake, vgt we'll have to wait and see this. Has been around MGK has been around for 11 years where V GT has been around for 14, years but. Solid. Solid. ETFs. I would, expect any one of these by the end of this year, to be the best-performing Vanguard. ETFs year, if I was gonna put my money on it if I was gonna put my money on which ii would probably do that i'm, gonna guess it's gonna be v GT or mg, k so. We'll see how this smaller, growth one does throughout the year but, my main, choice would probably be V GT if you're looking for solid growth I mean guys that, owns fantastic. Companies I don't see Apple going anywhere, you, know visa and Vidya these, are companies in my opinion that are here to stay Microsoft. Those, are it owns fantastic. Companies those, companies for the most part I've been reporting fantastic, earnings and they. Have provided some of the most stable solid, growth year after year after year if it. Works, within your portfolio now always remember you have to consider risk you know what type you know your age your. How much risk you're willing to take can you afford to invest, this money can you afford to lose it now, what, I've done just down. Here is I've from. Yahoo Finance, I've pulled the graphs so, that you can see, the. Different, graphs, charted, out on on, screen, so, that you don't even have to go to Yahoo Finance to do this I've done it for you guys here's, the 5-year comparison, as you, can see, VCRs. Done pretty well over the last five years and so. It's, the gray the. Gray line is VGT, VCR. Is the blue line and MGK, is the red line and of course purple is vbk, so I've. Color-coordinated. With the. Color of the tabs down here so, it's easy to see here's, the five years, the. Max comparison, so. This. The, max comparison, would be like eleven. To fourteen years in this case cuz I think 14, years is the longest, these ETFs have been around now. Notice vgt is at three hundred nine percent, return, so if, you have been. Fortunate enough to start investing, in vgt back then you would have tripled your money tripled. Whatever you put into it so ten thousand would be thirty thousand one hundred thousand, would be three hundred thousand, you guys get the idea but look, at all the other ones you would have easily made. Your. Money two and a half times what it was had, you known about these back then but, as far as I can go far, as I know I think these things have a bright future, and. Look it over a two-year, period guys vgt. Has averaged. Or, has gotten about a seventy four percent rate, of return. It's. Pretty, insane it's pretty insane so, it's doing fantastic. Alright guys I hope you really enjoyed this video I hope you got something out of it remember, this spreadsheet is free to download so, make sure to download it I'm gonna put a Dropbox, link in the description section down below, or you can look at my website money in life and you can find it there as well if you're, new to this channel I just want to say welcome thanks, for sticking through me with this video and, I hope you guys got some out of this if you want to see more videos like this let, me know by hitting the like button make sure you hit that like button and I would love to hear from you guys in the comments section so please drop a comment before you leave it'd be great to hear from you let me know what investment.

You Would be thinking about investing in of these four which, one do you think you would go with and why I would love to hear from you guys so let me know in the comment section down below make. Sure you subscribe to, my videos so that you do not miss any of my future investing, videos I'll be doing videos in the future about more, Vanguard funds fidelity. Funds. Individual. Stocks and things like that as your, as you, guys know one of the main pillars of this channel is also about taxes, because I'm a CPA in real life I've been doing taxes for seven years and I've been an investing for about four years so. In the markets consistently. Every single year so make, sure you follow my videos by hitting that subscribe button, alright, guys I really hope you got something out of this video I hope that took away some of the confusion, of what. ETFs. To be looking at in Vanguard which ones are doing well I've done the research is right here for you we'll see how the year progresses if these four stay on top for the rest of the year I'm, really curious to find out but, we will know by the end of this year and I'll probably do a video on that to see how it all panned out in the end so if I can make any improvements in the spreadsheet guys let me know but, I love you thank, you for taking time out of your day to, spend time with me here on YouTube I always appreciate, it and I, got a run but I hope you have a wonderful day, and a wonderful weekend. No matter where you're at all right peace guys. Big. Good. We stopped.

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If markets don't crash this year, the 10 year charts and returns are going to be very misleading. They will be a straight line up not reflective of the risk of loss.

Hi Michael you certainly have a fair point so thank you for pointing that out. Going forward with future investing videos I will make it a point to touch more on this. Obviously (as you know) the charts on Vanguard's website reflect the results of the bull market we have had for the past 10 years. Whenever this bull market finally does run out of steam the average annual return on these etfs is going to fall or even go into a negative territory for a period of time. An investor should always consider how much they can afford to lose and their tolerance for risk. For those who are not interested in learning investing I recommend they consult with a professional. With that being said I really like the companies these etfs own so I think if we do finally see a bear market (whenever that is) I think these etfs have the potential to bounce back after a few years if a person is a long-term investor and doesn't panic. Personally I would love to see a bear market. I love shopping for things on sale. Thanks for taking time to watch the video and leave a comment sir. I'm happy to see how well your channel is doing. Keep up the good work.

Excellent video! Please do an extensive video on Vanguard bond ETF's like this video, thanks.

I've been missing your videos you must have been on vacation I like the VGT and the MGK. I believe I was more so go with the MGK for $117 shares !!

Freddie great to hear from you. How have you been? I'm with you on MGK. I feel it is a solid investment choice. I have been off the grid a little bit this year. Dealing with a lot personal stuff at the moment, but still trying to find time to make new investing videos. Stay tuned my friend i'll start doing individual stock reviews soon. Thanks for leaving a comment. I love hearing from you. I hope life is treating you well.

Vanguard ETF's are cheap and super well managed, I really feel like I like them all, is that even wrong? lol

Well yeah, indeed I have been holding one for like 3 years now I believe and it has gotten me beautiful gains that I just don’t feel like selling rn.

Thanks Baby Investing! I feel the same way. Even in a bear market I would feel comfortable investing in these type of etfs. Vanguard very rarely disappoints.

Video Outline and Time Stamps so you can quickly jump to any topic: •Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF - 1:50 • Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF (MGK) - 6:16 • Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETF (VBK) - 10:48 • Vanguard information technology etf - 14:49 • Stock Comparisons- 16:28 • Performance Comparison of all four etfs - 17:53

Hey guys thanks so much for watching. It has been awhile since I was able to release a new investing video so I apologize for the delay. In the coming months I have created a spreadsheet that will help us analyze individual stocks so stay tuned :) Hope you are all doing well. My favorite part about investing in etfs is the amount of time it saves me from doing extensive research on dozens of stocks. I will have more fidelity etf investing videos in the future.

Which ETF would you consider investing in of these four? Please let me know in the comments below: **This is not investment advice, but simply a review of Vanguard's best performing ETFs of 2018 so far. If we encounter a bear market these things are going fall in a very similar fashion to the S&P and dow jones so just keep that in mind. High returns are not guaranteed. That being said it does produce great average annual returns every single year.**

Thanks Kimberly! For sure. You are not the first person to request this topic. If there one particular bond fund in particular you want to discuss let me know. Otherwise I'll plan to do a general over view and where I think the bond funds are headed. Thanks for watching :)

That is awesome to hear. I'm a big fan of etf investing now. Didn't used to be to be honest. Saves me a lot of time and research so I can focus on the other areas of life that I find to be more enjoyable :) Although I still own stocks as well. I find myself investing more and more in etfs.

High Value Videos as always

LOL...guess my timing was unfortunate! on 2/21/2018 twoThirds of my 2018IRA contribution was invested in VGT&MGK and since that date both dropped in value MGK is minus -$135 VGT is plus +$2.28 (TwoDollars & TwentyEightCents)

Thank You 61yrs old, started investing 2&1/2yrs jus so happened i had the funds to contribute to my ROTH in February so i did! Last Couple of Years it's been beneficial to have the 10months of additional growth...AND IT IS ONLY JUNE 3RD! the year is not even quite half over soooo LOL may God our Heavenly Dada bless YOU with everything you need and more than you'll ever need so that you'll always have something to give away ...hangtuff, walksoftly and breatheezy

Thank you Happy Teej! God bless you as well sir. Glad that helped. I gave up trying to time the market long ago. It is too hard and I do not have that kind of time or patience. I think if you a long-term investor you will do well with those etfs regardless of what happens in the market over the next two five years.

Mr Money & Life TV Man, i appreciate your concern and thank you for offering a useful, valid, and valuable solution to my personal portfolio. this Video Also Gave Me Hope by reaffirming my initial reason for investing my ROTH in these particular ETF's...i ask God our Heavenly Dada to bless YOU with go(o)d health and prosperity. in the name&authority of His only begotten Son i pray&say amen....yoyo bruh, walksoftly&breatheezy

Hi Happy Teej thanks for leaving a comment. I feel your pain. I find it very difficult to time to properly time investments. One piece of bad news and the whole market goes into a panic. To hedge my bet I try to dollar cost average my way into investments.

what is the "yield"?

Money and Life TV thank you kindly sir

Hi Philip sorry about that. The yield I refer to is the dividend yield. Many of the individual stocks owned by these etfs pay dividends. Usually you will receive a quarterly dividend payment by owning these etfs which is a nice little bonus. I always smile when I see additional cash being deposited into my brokerage account :) Its not very much, but its something. Investopedia is a great resource for learning almost any investment term. Here is the article that talks all about how dividend yields work: Hope that helps :)

Money and Life TV haha. Thanks but you misunderstood what i meant. I mean, what is the yield? I don't know what "yield" means

Hi Philip great question sir. The yield on most of these investments is around 1% or less so nothing material. It basically covers the small investment fee Vanguard charges on their etfs. The potential for growth is wear the true meat is at in these etfs. If you have any other questions you want to ask me feel free to ask . Thanks For watching :)

Agreed you also need to be careful of looking at inception to date returns on ETFs. ETFs have been around a while but many are still relatively new. For example, one of Vanguard's most popular ETFs (VOO - S&P 500 index tracker) has inception to date returns of 14.74% but that is because its inception date is 9/7/2010 so it was not around for the great recession. Most people probably identify this but can be misleading if your not careful.

I like MGK a lot. It outperforms the S&P 500 generally because its more volatile (so in bear market probably lose more too) but its a great fund for long-term investing and growth. I like that you dive into the holdings. I enjoy looking at the holdings (not just top 10) to see the makeup. It's funny I have covered Vanguard ETFs and we barely overlap but lets be real at the end of the day you can't go wrong with most Vanguard ETFs. They offer low cost funds that consist of great companies. One of my favorites for yield is VYM the Vanguard High Yield ETF. Often these type of high yield funds are too concentrated in one sector but the Vanguard fund offers a nice diversified mix with no more than 15% concentration in any sector. Happy Investing - WP

Thanks Wicked. I totally agree with you that with Vanguard (on average) your going to do pretty well just by selecting a few of their ETFs, especially MGK. As soon as I have a moment I'm going to hop over to your channel and check out some of your investing videos. Looking forward to it. :)

Vanguard have recently started over here in the UK, I wish you could do the same great job for us that you are obviously doing for your US subscribers. Good luck with a great channel.

Money and Life TV hi , the following is the link to the Vanguard UK site; as you would expect the layout looks the same ... Enjoy

Thank you PL! What does the Vanguard UK site look like? Do you have a link?

+Money and Life TV can you help me with the difference between roth ira and investigating in etfs and stock's. I'm 28 and trying to learn as much as I can. I'm currently invested in Vanguard S & P 500 and Altria. I want to invest in more etf's and set myself up for retirement later on and also want to invest in a couple more single stocks such as Johnson & Johnson Visa and Texas Instruments. Any advice or anything you can help me with would be greatly appreciated

Seven Eight hope you're doin well! i know you didn't ask me BUT MY ROTH IRA is invested mosty in ETFs, three of them being VGT, MGK and VYM, VGT is preforming best...go(o)d health and prosperity to you Seven Eight

Eminem > MGK

Hahah, good one.

what is your opinion on VOO, VO, VB?

No problem. Happy to help when I can.

thank you so much, I totally agree with you, you just confirm my theory;

Hi Dalira, the answer really depends on the amount of risk you want to take and your overall investment goals. All three have done fairly well in this bull market that we have had for the last 10 years now. VB and VOO have the best long-term performance records over the past 10 years. Of these investments the one with the most volatility from what I can tell is VB (the small cap etf) which makes sense. Small caps are more risky typically, but can usually drive higher returns. VB and VO have very similar performance so I would probably invest in one or the other and not both if it were me. If you are looking to invest in three different etfs you might consider one or two of these funds and select another etf or two outside of these choices to have more variety. I can't give specific investment advice over Youtube because I am not licensed, however those are my thoughts upon a quick glance. The choice is totally up to you, but I would start with figuring out what your long-term investment goals are first. Then take those goals and figure out what investments will help you achieve those goals. I have found doing this process helps bring clarity to what investments I should be looking at.

I just opened a vanguard Roth IRA today and I don’t know what to invest . Does this etfs possible to invest in Roth IRA?

Hi Ring Miester, congrats on opening the Roth, that is awesome. Yes, these etfs are available for any type of brokerage account including a Roth IRA.

Hi! I would like your advice, I just opened the Roth IRA with VG I am a beginner of investment I am not sure what to invest. I heard the market is going to crash, is it a good time to invest? Should I wait? I am planning to keep the money about 25 years in Roth so I am interested in a consistently growing number for the next 25 years. Which one is a good consideration?

Same to me I just open the Roth IRA with VG. I heard the market is about to crash. Should I invest the ETF OR INDEX FUNDS now or should I wait? Thanks

Hi Kaye, congrats on opening a Roth! Determining what to invest in really comes down to what you want to accomplish with your Roth IRA. For my wife and I we are specifically using our Roth's to follow an income strategy of investing, because we want to get tax free income in the future that keeps regenerating year after year, after year. I made a whole video regarding the strategy here: In terms of when to invest it is hard to say. The stock market is taking a beating right now due to the Federal reserve hiking interest rates. The stock lost 800 points today which is pretty significant. The market could be taking a huge downturn very soon. I have a lot set aside in cash right now, but I still invest a certain amount every month regardless. It is totally up to you on when to start investing, but for myself personally i'm just going to keep investing whether the market is up or down, but you have to do with what you are comfortable with. Both you and I are still young so we have a lot of time for the market to recover. Just don't invest money you cannot afford to lose. After the 2008 crash the stock market lost 50%. In great depression the stock market lost nearly 80% of its value, but even after those huge loses it always came back. Personally i'm welcoming a crash, because it would be a once in a life-time opportunity to load up on a lot of companies. My wife and I bought our house a few years after the real estate crash in 2008. People told us don't buy its risky. It was the best decision we ever made. The average amount of rent in our area is literally double what we pay for our mortgage and that includes taxes and insurance so we got an awesome deal. Check out my IRA video I linked above, and determine what you want to accomplish with your Roth account and retirement, and that will help you answer a lot of your questions. Hope that helps.

Thank you sir,

You are welcome Salma, thanks! Please keep in mind that higher interest rates are now affecting these etfs so they have certainly lost some value since the start of this year.

You will be investing $5,500 x 25 years = $137,500. You want to invest $5,500 every year. If you cannot afford to contribute $5,500 between now, the last 2 months of 2018 and April 15 2019, you may just as well as contribute as much as you can now. You really have no good reason to wait. Do not try to time the market, just invest the $5,500 every year as soon as you can.

Deciding on ETF vs Index fund is less important than which asset classes should you be investing in. You should consider Vanguard's S&P 500 (VFINX or VOO) or Total US Stock Market ( VTSMX or VTI) as your core or majority holding. If you can afford the $3,000 initial purchase for the index fund, you may just as well as start with the Mutual fund. If you don't want to wait until you can afford the $3,000 then go with the ETF.

"totally agree with you, you just confirm my theory;" --- what theory was that?

I noticed a mistake ,when you put all the etfs on one page it said VCR averaged 9.76 for 10 years when u put in the beginning it said its average was 14.02 percent

Aaron hows it going? Thanks for pointing out this mistake. Good catch. From time to time I either mix up the info on screen or say the wrong thing, but i'm glad you caught this. Thank you so much.

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