Valentus Business Review - Valentus home business opportunity for 2021

Valentus Business Review  -  Valentus home  business opportunity for 2021

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today we're going to talk about the valentus  business opportunity how to join the valentus   business opportunity and what the valentune's  business opportunity offers to people that want to   start their own home but sell amazing innovative  products that are changing people's lives   i'm going to leave you in the hands here  of john haranza he's our top rev and he'll   explain a little more detail what you're  getting here introduce himself and go into   the company overview a little bit and why  it's the best top opportunity to join in   2021 wait you could make more money improve your  health and have the time freedom to enjoy life   and that's because of this business model  and what i mean by that by developing   a base of people using and consuming our  products and a handful of people promoting   the exact same thing that you're promoting  you can actually create a business that will   remove yourself from the day-to-day activity it  takes to generate an income this is very special   and very unique because people that let's say  professionals real estate you know attorneys   doctors if they're really making a lot of money  their business or career completely controls them   if you're in a small business i mean you're the  first one there the last one to leave and the last   one to get paid and to run a successful business  your business completely owns you right and in   the world of you know nine to five the job you're  not getting rich you're not getting ahead in most   nine to fives you're working a second job or a  third job so once again you lose your time freedom   this business model what we have to offer can  through the leverage and through the consumption   give you a lifestyle that that very few  people can ever obtain and it's possible here   very very possible because we have people doing  it okay bottom line we know 96 percent of people   i mean they're laying awake at night they're  worrying about their health they're worrying   about their finances they're living a life a quiet  desperation they don't know what to do where to   turn how they can uh improve their overall life  and i am sorry about that but i must have i did   not expect that she is usually so quiet no um  she is usually so quiet i'm sorry about that hey   no no she's usually upstairs during this i didn't  even realize she was there she was so quiet   um anyway hey guys we're live and we're real  here right now we're live and we're real   if you have a dog at home you know what  i'm talking about they can be unpredictable   but she is adorable nevertheless okay network  marketing is this business bottle it is   literally almost 200 billion dollars 200 billion  dollars product goods and services that are   marketed this way uh through direct sales  through the network marketing the home based   business model a lot of people they are confused  they don't really understand it i want to help you   better understand what the home-based business  what network marketing home-based business is   it is huge it's growing been around for 70-plus  years but all it really is is another method of   distribution right rather than if we look at  traditional methods of distribution retail   rather than um you know a storefront or paying  actors and athletes high budget advertising or   on the online world uh you know influencers  hundreds of millions of dollars to get   people to buy your product we take that money  which incidentally folks whether it's online   paint influencers or whether it's in a store uh 50  of the cost of a product is to get you to buy it   well we take that fifty percent uh we pass it on  to you uh to through through our compensation plan   paying real people uh with real results okay uh  i touched on this already i'm just going to touch   on it again because again a lot of people think  having their own business is the way to go   although there's a lot of small business owners  that got completely blindsided over this past   year with what happened in the world uh something  that you know they could have never imagined but   let's look at a traditional business what does  it take i mean minimum of a hundred thousand   dollars uh maybe a half a million a million  uh you know in some of the top franchises   and quite frankly your opportunity is limited uh  unless you want to you know get a second outlet uh   you know personal guarantees and real estate and  employees and inventory and i mean it's daunting   it's overwhelming and it's no wonder um very few  people can do it because it's just not possible   the barriers of entry are too high well let's  compare it to network marketing to valentine's   literally for twenty dollars twenty dollars  one-time fee uh you have your own business you   have a virtual business right and you know you  think about entrepreneurs right entrepreneurs   as we think about that person taking on all  the risk and what i think network marketing   is is interpreters right meaning you have all  the control you have your own business you can   build it as big as you want all over the world  but you don't have all the stress you don't have   all the risk you don't have all the investment  that an entrepreneur has because the company   does everything for you they make the product ship  the products collect the money do the research   and development they create the tools all we  do is promote and for twenty dollars you get   websites you get everything you need and your job  is simply to get it out there to get the story to   get the message to get others to look and to  learn about what this is all about now in my   in my belief folks um this is a business model  for the everyday person a person like you and i   uh it's really one of our only ways it's  one of our only ways to have a business and   to create true financial freedom and for  those people that are already successful   people that have businesses when they learn and  totally and understand this concept they're like   um traditional business make doesn't make sense  anymore right because they can see the incredible   value that can be um accomplished here without  all that overhead and risk so um what i've learned   in 32 years 32 years now having done this that all  of these companies right and or opportunities are   made up of five critical elements the company the  product the compensation plan the timing and the   training and support and if two or three of those  critical elements are missing or out of place   it doesn't matter how good you are or how hard  you work despite your best efforts you're going   to struggle now the reason i share that is this  um people either know someone who's done something   like this before maybe they've done it themselves  and maybe it didn't work out the way you thought   it was the way you hoped it would the way you  told it should and yes it could be largely due to   simply you not applying yourself it doesn't matter  how great the company the product everything is   if you're not willing to talk to somebody if  you're not willing to put forth some effort   uh not much is going to happen but if you're  putting forth the effort and working hard and it's   not happening then there may be something else at  play and what i believe it is is something that's   missing two or three of these critical elements  are missing i mean you look at me with all the   success that i've had in my life and if um you  put me in the wrong business you know you know i'm   gonna struggle i mean the success i'm having today  yes i work hard yes i'm consistent yes i'm focused   but i also have a powerful vehicle with the  five elements in place okay the name of the   company is valentine's i've mentioned it several  times already it's latin for the word prevail   uh we got our start in july of 2014 uh that  first year doing about 300 000 in sales so   you know just literally you know getting getting  some footings um 2015 3 million in sales 2016   32 million in sales uh having some great success  and like any company you have ups and downs you   have challenges and and and we dipped a little  bit in 2017 and 2018 and exploded in 2019 um   doing 88 million dollars to date nearly 250  million dollars in total sales and revenue   that our company has done and i and what what's  what i believe 2017 and 2018 really demonstrates   for valentine's is that we're a company that can  have challenges that can face adversity and we can   survive we can't we can not only survive but we  can come out of it and thrive and that's what we   have here today uh because we are on the verge  as a company i believe to absolutely explode   uh we're based out of sioux falls south dakota  we're 100 debt free and not a single dollar of   debt even the inventory that we have on hand  uh to supply to our members all over the world   uh which incidentally are in warehouses in  the philippines uh in hamburg germany uh in   the netherlands in the united kingdom of course  here in um united states and other outlets uh   to be soon opened up there's so much going on  improving that key element of infrastructure   but one of the other things i want to mention is  our sixth element because this is something in my   32 years having been involved in the industry i  believe first time i truly had the sixth element   it's it's a culture it's an energy it's a vibe  um it spawns from our owner uh dave jordan and   his wife joyce just salted the earth type people  that truly care about others and have a legacy to   leave here of of making this industry of network  marketing great again to fulfill the promise of of   what this can be and how it can change people's  lives now one of our major product categories   uh is weight loss and this is something i know  a bit about because i have uh struggled with my   weight my entire adult life and when i say that i  mean you know i've tried everything and for those   of you that struggle with weight you know exactly  what i'm talking about you think about it every   single day uh you're willing to try anything yes  i have tried everything i mean i've done the meal   replacements i've done the shakes i've done the  prescription drugs you know acupressure hypno   i've done it all and one word sums it up and that  is miserable right and and this is why i believe   you know 95 i don't know maybe it's 98  of diets simply fail because nobody can   do them right they're starving themselves  they're depriving themselves they're eating   a meal in a bag drinking a chocolate they  they're miserable and just think about this   if there was something that you were already doing  that you already loved that you were already in   the habit of that you actually enjoyed and it  helped you manage control and lose weight do   you think there would be some potential there do  you think that's something that would make sense   well that's what we have in our coffees we  have five different coffees pictured here   is our thermal roast one of our best selling  brands but what this does think about coffee   number one eighty percent of the population drinks  coffee every single day they don't just drink it   they love it they do it first thing in the morning  it's the first thing they think about uh they   enjoy it uh they can't imagine not doing it and  they're spending money on it already and they're   gonna do it the rest of their life now imagine  that very same thing you know helping you control   manage or lose your weight without being miserable  folks brilliant brilliant now if you want to   enhance your results we just recently introduced  this product called thermal perk it's a capsule   um will help you know increase your core body  temperature uh thus helping your metabolism it's   going to help with your appetite i mean for me it  just completely wipes my appetite out a phenomenal   enhancement or it can even be a standalone product  we do have several different products to help   maintain control manage your weight we have 24 7  it's a carb blocker we now have a product called   tropical blast we've got a cocoa if you're not  a coffee drinker even if you want to go down the   ketogenesis lifestyle the high protein low carbs  we have a product called keto creamer that can   help you with that as well but the coffee is our  constant another product i just want to mention   and that is ambulance we have mlm and mlmc this  is a very unique product exclusive to valentine's   brought to us by a guy named dr joseph aarons he  is a two-time nobel prize nominee for his work   this particular product has a clinical study  that's published in a peer medical journal   that study actually is comparing the product or  going head-to-head with a leading prescription   drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and it  actually outperformed it what this product will do   not just helping with your inflammation it's going  to help the way your body manages carbohydrates   and sugars uh and and the c is for people that  have actually blood sugar issues if you have an   issue right now with your blood sugars you're  going to want to take c for the for the rest   of the people uh you you want to take m right  but a phenomenal phenomenal product we have uh   about almost 30 products now and and it would  take me you know hours to go through and really   help you understand these products in detail  so i'm going to leave that up to you you can   go to you can look  at the products that interest you the most   you can do your due diligence do your research  learn about what these products are all about   next element next critical element for a company's  success is timing and this is true i think in   everything i mean real estate any business timing  is everything right to get involved in something   at the right time and what do i believe that right  time is it's you know before the whole world has   heard about it and be part of helping the world  learn about it right but here's what i can tell   you i have learned that timing is a factor of  numbers and there's only two numbers that matter   it's how many distributors are there and what's  the sales volume and the short story is if either   one of those numbers are big you've missed it from  a timing standpoint um well where are we where   are we here in valentine's we are absolutely in  what i term as a sweet spot uh and i can share   that based on research and based on numbers right  because numbers don't lie where are we right smack   in the middle of that sweet spot um you know not  just here in north america in europe just getting   started in asia and to get involved in that sweet  spot build a base so when this thing goes vertical   and everybody is wanting this you've got  a team in place to take advantage of that   compensation plan uh you know every company  tells you they have the best right most   lucrative compensation plan what i have learned  is every company has about the same money to pay   out it's somewhere in that 40 to 50 range now  know this we do pay out at the high end of that   right at 50 but the real question i think people  should be asking is who gets the money and what   do you have to do to get it and that is where i  think valentine's really excels because what we   don't have right is the hurdles and the hoops  and the structure requirements that make people   you know fill their garage up trying to  stay active or involved um you know uh   you know i always say people don't quit network  marketing because they're not making enough money   they quit network marketing because they're losing  money and folks if you can change that equation   which is what i believe we've done here you know  getting people cash flowing uh very quickly and   we're doing that through our comp plan that  50 as i mentioned earlier instead of going to   actors going to athletes going to influencers  high budget advertising campaigns that 50   is what funds our compensation plan spread  out over seven profit centers we have   uh retail um commissions uh you know 90 countries  around the world uh people can go and buy our   products online uh you can make 25 on that if  you choose to purchase one of our business packs   you can uh you can bring your profit margin  buying wholesale selling retail up to 50   we have a first order bonus okay what does this  mean let's say someone else one of your customers   uh somebody you talk to says i want to do this too  depending on where they join you can earn up to   200 for them joining right based on the pack that  they buy to join we have a legacy code this is   what i term is leveraged income meaning as other  people okay it's an extra hundred dollars when you   bring someone new in but when other people that  you brought in start bringing people in and the   people that they bring in and so on and so forth  on what we term as your entire legacy team on   every business pack in every career pack  um to infinity on your legacy team you can   earn a hundred point a hundred dollars uh dual  team commissions this is the residual it's the   monthly consumption up to a hundred thousand  per week uh is possible it's been done here   okay uh the dual uh team matching bonus the seven  level dual team matching bonus uh you're paid a   bonus of of up to 20 seven generations deep on the  earnings of other people which here's the hidden   message there you're motivated okay meaning your  upline the person who bring you in are motivated   for you to be successful because they get a  portion of your check what do they want you to do   they want you to make more money so in turn they  make more money right brilliant concept global   bonus car bonus um all here we just introduced  this new profit sharing pool i'm not going to get   into detail there's going to be a video coming i  believe this week helping people better understand   this but it's it's new it's addition to it didn't  take anything away from our existing comp plan   it's it's extra money for doing the activities to  build your business you can actually earn shares   and share in the overall profits of the lentus  at the end of the year okay so the question   is can i do this and again that comes back to what  i said i mean you've learned everything you need   to know in kindergarten show and tell right we  tell stories about our company about our products   about what's happened to us what's happened to  others and um think about this have you ever gone   to a good movie or eaten at a great restaurant  and told somebody about that experience i bet 100   of you are telling me yes i've done that right  and i would bet you would also agree that your   excitement towards that movie uh towards that  restaurant probably influenced someone else to go   see the movie or eat at the restaurant but you  never got paid for it right well that's where we   different if you can get excited about what i'm  sharing here if you can share that excitement   your belief about something with someone else and  um they decide to buy they decide to join you get   paid so that's what we do right you you don't  need to try to share what i've just shared with   you this is recorded you can just share this this  recording or we have we have an app called share   valentine's that you can very simply in the palm  of your hand shall share videos and and brochures   and testimony and information your job is just  like telling them about the movie or telling   about the restaurant get them excited about it and  then send them something to learn more and then of   course the key then is just following up following  up and that's where i believe the training and   support really steps in because when you say yes  uh that's when our job begins not when it ends i   mean we can only make money by helping others make  money i mean that's a brilliant brilliant concept   so um what does it take to get started well you  can stick your toe in the water try one of our   products for 59 and yes a 20 membership fee uh  to to one time if you want to do it as a member   uh we have a starter pack uh 145 little better  value gives you a little bit better value price   on the product advance pack again a little  better value again a little less per unit   what i want to really emphasize is this if you  see something here from a business standpoint   and you think this sounds really good i want to  get started we want to get you started correctly   right and i believe getting started correctly  is with the business pack or the career pack and   there's five reasons i believe that number one  is it sets a good example right because i can   tell you this every time you sit down across them  somebody they're gonna say looks really good what   did you do to get started and you don't have to  tell them right and and so you have the ability   to set the pace to set the example on how others  are going to follow so uh setting a good example   is important having some product on hand so  your products to sample to share to use uh is   important uh it gives you a better value you buy  one product it's 59 if you go with a career or a   business pack it brings it down to 36 dollars per  unit or the career pack 33 so i mean if you're   paying less for the product what that means  is you're making more right so i mean what do   you want to earn as you're out there sharing uh  demonstrates commitment i think this is important   maximizes your earnings you automatically when  joining with a business pack become a ruby in   our compensation plan and there and that makes  you go from five percent on the residual side   the dual team commission you go from let's say  you buy one box you get five percent residual   off the consumption if you join with a ruby  pack you jump to the top of the pay scale to 20   on that on that uh on on that residual side  dual team commissions you automatically start   qualification for legacy code that extra  hundred dollars you can earn and you lock   yourself in at a four to a five level matching  check depending on if you do ruby or emerald   um four to five level matching check as long as  you maintain your monthly order you're going to   maintain uh that um that level and that matching  check so with that being said we are going to   um hear from a couple people and what  their experience is we have got a brand   new diamond in our company uh out of um out of  ohio i'm a stop sharing my screen here um out of   ohio uh jamie uh jimmy i'm sorry jimmy uh jimmy  if you could come on take yourself off a mute   uh give us a little bit of your background uh what  your experience has been and why you're excited   about uh about the lentus uh if you could do that  i'm gonna remove the pin so we can get you full   screen uh jamie are you there or jimmy i mean yeah  yeah you hear me i hear you i i don't know why i   keep telling you jimmy um give us a little bit  of your background now number one congratulations   uh you're a brand new diamond in our company um  so yes absolutely absolutely but give us a little   bit of your background and uh your story all right  all right everybody everyone hear me so well right   so exciting man i don't know how to how i don't  know how to say that but i'll try to do the best   my english is a second language okay i hope  you understand and try to do the best you're   doing great um yeah so exciting thank you for  inviting me and having me here and i just got the   diamond yesterday it's a brand new very  brand new diamond okay so my background is uh   i'm part-time job and uh daddy and  have one boy and taking him taking uh   care of him right now and uh so before i  joined this a volunteer um because of my wife   because of my wife my wife she would like to lose  weight and she's looking for some new solution but   she tried other products before but it looked  like it doesn't work because she tried like a   two year almost three years on the waist  slots and one is she looking for something to   help her to lose weight like a bearing in the  uh cellulite in her life something like that   so she saw um mostly like the people on the social  media right uh paulina uh shared on the facebook   drinking magic coffee and latina uh um they work  together but my wife she know tina we we used to   do other business that together before right then  my wife she not telling me she she registered   coffee and hiding me drinking coffee almost  a month almost two months something like that   then the coffee gone then she told me can you help  me to order the product i need up some more i feel   like okay lightly is look like have more energy  and look to work for her something like that   okay but usually the tina follow up me about  this the coffee almost six months i guess   you know she started following me in april 2019  until uh october i make a decision to do that i   think about six months following up but uh because  of my wife uh drinking coffees worked for her   and i decide to join ask customer to  order proper product for her then man   when a the product come in i tried with  her about a month i lost like seven pounds   uh unbelievable seven pound look at my berry  here usually i'm not very fat but i get some   fat around i'm very you know that's so amazing  make me curious about the coffee and looking for   a research about the ingredient how what they made  and how they do and finally um for my for myself   my story is is kind of uh i i am hyper person  you know straight a lot and i couldn't sleep   as well and i like to take tylenol all  the time that's my story and you know   after i drinking coffees my hyper um and it's  a calm down and the thing is i try more product   hyphen 8 mlm uh i used to get headache like a  migraine something like that right now it's gone   no more no more easily i'm free from the china now  that's um so believe in the product so believe in   the product then i find out the composition plan  i love that structure binary structure because i   we used to do out of business uh like uh you know  tried too many different level marketing before   until uh i see that structured binary i love it  we have a seven comp uh seven-way earning right   eight-week right now you know we're so happy  i love that between a pandemic to hit that you   know we a lot of people for myself too you know  my job uh no more work over there no more work   then they cut up and i don't have to  go work like a two month three month   but luckily we have the volunteer to support to  get the pay every friday i help pay the bill man   so messing right now so the thing is i don't know  how to say more there's a five minute you give me man so the thing is i i think the power of  the follower is the key the tina follow up   me about six months and the power of the belief  in the product you know and i keep shelling and   drinking coffee use use the product 100 i am  the product of the product my wife she saw a   result she never seemed like she happy you know  she happy uh look at that uh her clothes before   she not she cannot wear anymore and right now she  go back to her other kind of size yeah that's so   amazing that's why we believe in the product and  the second thing we believe in the company you   know we believe in the company because uh we have  a great great the ceo and believe in on amanda you   know we have a lot of people success especially  you john you are very big inspiration for us   you know you you prove everything no doubt no  doubt that's why man when i look at the profile   uh all of the leaders joining themselves dr  chi kevin ford jim millen does very inspire   us make me believe and trust in everything going  to be possible that's why i confident about that   that and also we believe in us ourselves too  we believe ourselves we can do it because uh we   have more confidence because uh we used to to do  other enable marketing we have explained ourselves   the second thing uh the last one we believe in  the other people they can do to us too okay so the   power of duplication the system that you create  the company create you know tree expand three   that's amazing amazing it's really simple me i  think it's really easy for the people duplicated   and we just helped downline uh try to get  the legacy code as soon as possible qualify   very fast and help them to get paid in one  week that's a powerful the people exciting   about when they get paid right man that's the  very very very powerful and you know the thing   is before i hit the diamond you know from 2019  until now uh the last event i went to a dollar   that's that's the best reason why i make my  edition decision to to to get it because uh   a lot of things we see the a lot of leader dr  chi sivs good luck and a lot of leader there   julie paulina man we have fun just burn up and  get on fire when i come back i cannot sleep   my my my team my partner my dog  like paul you know and he's saying   they're set up to be a diamond why not me you  know that's why i make a decision to do that   and i list more nameless when i make a decision  you know it's look like we have power and we we   very energetic and and we have more more power  when confident more to talk with people we have to   work hard that's why i get some leader join us  and they very exciting about that that's why the   duplication uh legacy code qualify  is powerful that's why in last month   usually we have only 28 when 28 days right  didn't it's no matter but we can make it happen   man that's all uh john i'm so  excited i cannot say that much   thank you so much yes i'm thank you all my team  you know they are very exciting and they fire   up uh congratulations on exam become a diamond  and we have more structured emerald and that   and we're gonna try to help more people uh  successful you know health in the bottom   that's it thank you so much and everybody  thank you and we can feel your uh we can   feel your excitement uh and this dallas meeting  you're referring to that was last month i mean   literally and that that that you left there you  couldn't sleep for another reason right for being   excited versus not being able to sleep and having  to take time and you were so excited but you   you made that decision i think that's one of  the key things there is you just said i am   going to do that and here you are diamond um and  you were involved for you know a year and a half   and you just made that decision i'm going to do  this but having great experience on the product   great great story thank you um guys we're going to  go uh next to the united kingdom alicia allman um   who is a double diamond if you saw the  brochure it said black diamond on there   and uh that's just you know her intuitive uh you  know knowing where she's going right but she's   actually a double diamond with our company  um alicia are you there i am okay yeah i can   hear you are you in the uk are you in ireland i i  where are you uk but it's the northeast of the uk   okay yeah well hey um congratulations on on your  success and appreciate you coming on uh give us   a little bit of your you know journey here with  valentine's yeah so hi everyone i hope everyone   is well um my name is alicia i am 35 years old  and a mother of two children so my background   was administration so i basically worked in an  office and getting paid just above minimum wage   and the company that i worked for was a very  family-run business so there was there was lots   of people who weren't there that had children  so getting time off in the school holidays was   it was very very limited um the income that i was  bringing in just wasn't enough um my husband is   self-employed so when he doesn't work you know if  he has time off over the christmas or if we went   on holiday he didn't earn money so i just felt we  were forever chasing you know our tales catching   up on bills lending money to pay the mortgage so  for me i knew something had to change i wanted   more out of life i wanted that extra income and i  just obviously wanted you know to give me children   the best christmas and things like that that's all  that mattered to me you know i was forever putting   um you know christmas on credit cards and i ended  up getting in today so for me i knew something   had to change and a friend of mine introduced  me to network marketing and i just ran with it   so i was with a previous company for 16 months  but unfortunately that didn't work out for me   i am forever grateful for that opportunity because  it was a stepping stone into network marketing   and if i didn't take that opportunity then i  wouldn't have found valentine's so i've been   with the company it'll be three year in august um  i was able to hand my notice in with my employer   within three months of joining this business but  which was just a huge huge achievement for me   i was making more week than what i was a month  actually being employed um and it meant i got   to spend all school holidays with the children  so if anybody does have children you know and   has to pay for holiday clubs or chat you know  child minders um that are very very expensive   so i hit diamond rank within the space of 10  months which meant i'd qualified for our generous   car bonus and so i now get my series all paid for  by the company and i have became one of the uk   and europe's top earners which is just  life-changing and you know going from having that   monthly wage to you know in what i am now um  this opportunity you know hasn't just changed   you know my life financially you know i had  diamond double diamond rank um a year later   um i am a much happier person um having time  and financial freedom is one of the best you   know feelings in the world and anyone can do this  business um you know it is really really flexible   um and you can work this business from anywhere  and you know i have people um on my team who   um you know do this around full-time commitments  part-time commitments so time isn't an issue   and if you feel like you are not a confident  person you know don't let that put you off   either um i suffered really really bad um with  anxiety and depression and my confidence has grown   so much and it's all done with this company and  the community that i have built and you know i've   made incredible friends for life um i've spoke  on stage at corporate events um i've held my own   team events um i host um you know opportunity  calls as well so if it wasn't for this company   then i wouldn't be the person that i am today  and you know it's grown me in so many ways   and you know not just me you know the people that  have joined my community i've had people who have   paid off thousands and thousands pounds worth  of debt people leave jobs people reduce hours   and to see their success um means you know so much  to me because i've offered them this opportunity   and like me they said yes and the ram  with it and you know if you put 100 in   to this business you will get a million  percent back um it's just about being dedicated   and committed and constant consistent and  if you do all of them then you will have   huge huge success um you know this business does  really change lives and this is why these calls   are incredible to do you know so people can listen  in and hear all of the incredible success stories   so you know from going and having zero confidence  to you know having money issues struggling with   money um i'm forever grateful for this opportunity  it's just and it's not just the money it's about   the person that i'm becoming and you know i'm  just i'm just looking forward to the future   so that's just a little bit about me and i hope  you all got some value from my story and thank   you john so much for inviting me on the call  this evening well lisa thank you so much um   incredible incredible story and you know i do  want to reiterate one thing that you said and   and that just you said it again here at  the end it's who you become as a person   i mean i i mean i look at myself my world before  i got involved in network marketing was a 100   mile radius of the little town i grew up i would  not have been able to tell you where the uk was   i didn't care right um i couldn't tell you much  outside of my hundred mile radius this business   folks if you're looking at this this opens up a  world to you uh that you didn't know existed um   of personal development a network marketing is  i think a personal development program with a   paycheck right i mean it's who we become  as a person so thank you for sharing that   and just congratulations again on on your  success and um folks uh if you're wondering   on the recording of this uh this is being  live stream now on youtube and it's on my   youtube channel you can go to my youtube channel  john remsa and there's multiple recordings there   of you know presentations like this or trainings  or different things and and so go ahead and   and actually hit the um what do they call it the  notification bell so you get notified when i go   live on youtube and and for those of you that are  just looking you're looking to make that decision   here's what i can tell you procrastination is the  thief of success right recognizing something don't   wait for everything to be perfect in your life  don't wait for you know this to happen or that   to happen recognize something right where it's  at and take advantage of it right procrastination   is the thief of success most people live in what  i term as a someday world right someday they're   going to change their life someday they're going  to change that job someday they're going to get   out of reach out of you know debt or get out of  you know start saving for retirement and it just   keep kicking the can down the road and and all of  a sudden they they're it's too late right they're   out of days well um today's the day right i mean  we are only two months into a brand new year   let's make 2021 your very very best year ever  it's going to be for us it's going to be for   this company let's make it for you as well say  yes let's get going get back with the person   who put you on the call on the zoom and uh we'll  talk to you again soon also one more quick thing   to friday at this very same time i'll be doing  a fireside chat uh you can tune in and join me   again on friday we'll be um talking about how to  do this business and some uh um you know getting   some questions answered so with that everybody  have a fantastic rest of your day bye now you

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