VA Business Planning 2022 part 2

VA Business Planning 2022 part 2

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Hey, hey, hey, guys. How are you doing today? I hope everyone is well. I still can't believe, right? I'm doing the I'm doing the the planning, the twenty twenty-two planning and I still can't believe it's it's it's been a year that I've just done the last one, right? I clearly remember, you know, I was going through what I can use from that and it's crazy what the heck is going on? And people say it's like with age, right? With age, it goes even quicker and it's freaking through. And I don't even have kids. That's the nice part, right? They don't even have kids. I don't see them grow up. I I don't realise that oh my god, they are going to this school grader level or however you call that. it's just, it's

just really clear and crazy. So, let me know how you feel about this. Holiday season is coming up and new year is coming up. Why I'm trying to

double check if we are live? Yes, I can hear myself. That's nice. Oh yeah. And I need to check the comments there. So,

where are you tuning in from, guys? Hi, Eliza. How are you? How is it going? We are planning twenty twenty-two. Isn't it? It's crazy. It's crazy. So let me share my

screen. Let's dive into this is part two guys. I will go through a little bit what we talk about. Uh what we talked about in the in the previous one. Uh but check out the

previous one. It's somewhere here in the in the community. Arizona. Shout out to the warm

Arizona. I'm live in blankets and everything possible. By freezing my feet off.

say so. Let's say so. Okay. Let me share my screen because that's not enough if only. I see the screen and then let's get going. Let's make twenty twenty-two count and let's go into the whole year with a little bit more I'm not even strategy, just with ease, right? It really I did this last year and it really made it easier, right? When you realize that when you realise that you're a thingy is working, when, you know, your system is working, when the emails are out, and you don't need to worry about basic stuff, then, it makes everything easier. I'm just waiting for my screen to see how I'm doing it but you know what? I'm not waiting for that. Yes, okay. You can see it. Fabulous. I'm not sure if

seeing the comments but hey ho. I will check back later. So business planning, business planning. Uh as usual I like to start here guys. This is your

success journey. If you follow through with all of these steps, then, you have an easier start in the whole process. If you've done the clit, then you will come up somewhere in the in the three phases. So, from knowing your superpower, you really can draw a line or or really can pick the niche to create your packages, doing something you love doing and you enjoy doing makes the difference and it creates a whole I think a wave, right? What you can write on and it helps you to build your business, find the idea, clients, and you really can eliminate most of the most of the issues. New business are

coming across. So once you know your superpower, you create a package around it, you build the infrastructure to sell that and you start generating leads, creating content which makes it easy because you know what you are doing with what you are because people usually, oh yeah, let's create content but where do I start? And if they don't feel passionate about the topic, they don't know what problems they are solving, then it's just so hard. So, we will go through that today how to create content for a whole year easily and effortlessly and basically, if you think about it, you just need, you know, twelve longer costs. So, that's really not that, not that hard, right? If you think like, oh my god, the whole year, it's a lot but it is not. So, if you haven't done so, then sign up for the for the quiz, go through from the three stages where you are at and by each stage, you will have at least three freebies with master us and downloadables and stuff like that to help you through those steps and to you to help you evolve your business quickly and and easily. And even the 5K business planning I think it's in there. Um to make

sure that you know you know your pricing. You know what you are offering. You know what you need to sell and how many packages you need to sell and what is the bare minimum you cannot. You absolutely below.

So make sure that you check everything out and you build your business on a solid foundation. But what we cover today is questions to ask yourself right? To to prep. That's what we discussed in the previous one. Content planning for the year. I'll show you how I do that and then how I do that for my clients. It will be

a little bit different because obviously there we are launching right? What we most likely will not to do. You just need easy peasy content, what you can schedule and make sure that you include sales as well. So, easy steps to create content I think in two days you can get it done and isn't that sexy? Isn't that sexy that you know, that you are good for the whole year and it doesn't matter if you don't do any anything else, you know, that content is going on. Obviously,

getting new clients is not that easy but at least, you know, you don't need to worry about and if you miss a week or so, then it's not like, you know, the client goes back and there is nothing for months on your, on your page, and that creates, you know, credibility and and all sorts of stuff, what we need to actually sign clients, okay? Content ideas and extras, I add a little more because there are some amazing **** VA s here who are actually already doing half of these things and then they can have a little extra. And if you feel like that you do in 3 days, you know, a really, really amazing content planning and scheduling for yourself and then you aren't just good to go. Um by planning, right? It's always, it's like, oh, I yeah, I know, I know, I need to, but why? I realize that if I'm not planned and my business energy, if you are a little bit spiritual, my business energy is power We just need to go, go, go, go, go. And my personal energy is order. So, I am the person who whenever I feel round, right? I need to clear the table, I need to start fresh, I have my boards, I have my paper and everything there, you can see, you know, for my IKEA where the kids are drawing on it. Uh my niece is is drawing on it and I'm just, you know, putting it out there and I, I feel the, the, the free, the freedom, from the free paper, right? And I can get everything out and then I'm, you know, again, back to my, back to my balance. So,

that's how I manage a procrastination over brand and all sorts of things. It's by planning. Once I know by step what I need to do daily, on a daily basis, on a weekly basis is just easier because other advice, you know, it's like, oh my god, I need to do a whole launch but basically, today, I should only focus on these two steps and nothing else, right? But we procrastinate because the the big thing is just too overwhelming. So, that's why I feel like planning is is a good option and even if you choose not to plan or not to write, create can schedule the whole thing at at once although I kind of recommend. Uh but if

you choose not to, then, you know, put into your calendar every first of the month spend four hours on creating content. You have that plan. You just need to sit down. What am I writing about? What do I need? I need one post, one email, a couple of images and you know, you are good for the for the month again make sure that you create a habit out of that and you don't need to start from scratch. So let's create a year

of content in two days and relax for the rest of the twenty twenty-two. Disclaimer, right? It's like it might not be that easy. I hope and wish for you that it is. But at the end of the day obviously we need a little bit more but once a solid content is going out I think that that makes that makes the difference. We are not creating fluffy content right? Uh we need to sell. We need people to sign up for our freebies. people to reach out

to us. We need people to raise their hands. So those are the type of content what we are, what we are creating and don't be afraid is just a couple of sentences. At the end of each at the end of each posts and emails. Reach out if you have

any questions. Uh these are the services I'm doing. Or not even. Right? I'm a virtual assistant if you need help. Reach out. Um and from your

content it should be clear anyways. Actually what you are offering, right? So even if you don do anything right now and you never never created content before even if you never went through any of these even if your business is brand new, right? Uh you will be able to put something out there. and if you're a bit SBA, then you can do it every week. You will have enough content ideas for, for every week, so grab pen and paper and then let's get going. How does that sound? I think I got I got, might fall is hanging. Somehow the mind

internet is not the best to even standing there and it's not working. But hey ho. So I will get back to you guys. Feel free to ask any questions. Uh I will get back to you and answer those questions. So last week we talked about a little bit of the preparation work right? We are left reflecting on last year. Um where do you want to be next year? Right? According to last year you I'm sure you learned a lot or if you are it's like oh it would be nice to I don't know, earn a full-time living, at the, at the end of next year, or even a little bit more, and those sorts of things really put you on a track, and once you start to reverse engineer it, it helps you to really focus on the daily activities, what actually can't, which actually can't. Uh, I've just went

through the twelve, twelve weeks year, other day and there are a couple of there are a couple of strategies like that, right? That one year might be too long and we overestimate and underestimate, right? Uh we overestimate what we can do today and we underestimate what we can do in a year but the theory is and there are other things like this. It's the 90 day, ninety day year or something like that, the other one, not not here because that's 90 days something. Um the same, right? It's like four one quarter. Handle it as it's one year. And then if you plan

it for only for those three months, right? Then then you actually start doing things because you cannot allow yourself to fail or to not to do it and stuff like that and then you can reflect and redo it again. So basically you are batching your goal setting, your your target, your reflection and everything in inputers But it's not like, oh, I want to earn $20000 dollars this year from my VA business, and then in December, right, you are not doing anything because oh yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine, and then in December, you are like, oh, shoot, no, I need to sell something, right? Like, most of the businesses do and most of the sales departments, right? It's like, oh, we have a one year plan and then in the last quarter, everyone is like, oh my God, we need to work, right? Uh, so it came from this point of view that really need to revisit your goals and your KPIs and those sorts of things all the time. So where do you want to be next year? Do you want to or have to work according to a new timetable, a new schedule, maybe you realise last year that I have only four hours a day to work on my VA business and which includes your marketing and stuff. Maybe you realize I have only the weekends to work or start my VA business because you still have your your full-time job or you already started earning a living out of that and you want to increase, you know, you want to add at least one or two clients. Uh or the kids are in

in the school, they are not in the school, right? Do you need some kind of change? What you do differently because it will determine, right? The the money you can earn, the marketing, the amount of marketing you can do and sorts of things. What is your income goal? do we need to raise the price? Do we need to create new packages? What packages are you offering? Uh what problem do you solve for your client and what freebies do you already have or if don't panic if you don't have one but if you have a freebie to last three one is mostly for you know the content you will be you will be creating. into a source. Things like, you know,

do you need new boundaries? Are there clients? Have you learned anything about your onboarding, about the the things, how you, how you, ask for money about your cause, you know. We have a new year, this is a, this is a new line, what you can draw and this is the new things where you can, okay, we can we can really start fresh. What have you learned from, from your existing clients, what were the most frequently asked questions, what do they praise you about, you know have you got any reviews or what made them happy Uh what task were they the the the most grateful for and stuff like that. This will not just determine your daily operation, your package as price but also you know the content, what type of content you want to put, want to put out. So this word kind of the

things what what we talked about last last time. So how I start my planning is always grabbing a calendar, right? And add everything. know it's like you know that you don't like to work on your birthdays, the kids' birthdays, you know that you usually need to do this and that before that you have holidays, you have school holidays and all sorts of things. Um I will upload somewhere. This is linked actually so you will be able to download this one or just really Google Calendar, right? Or even I think here in Convoy you can you can add something like let me see. can add

something like elements and calendar even in Excel you have you have calendar twenty twenty-two. So don't you know, don't up on. Back in the days, I used to find one, whatever, Google it. And this one is linked so I will I'm most likely, maybe, if you want. I will, I will share

this and then you can, you can actually download it. So, grab your calendar at all of the birthdays, the school holidays, the the normal holidays, right? It's like you know, when you go on holiday, when you plan going on holiday, when your husband is on holiday and you're supposed to work, right? We we all know that it's not working like that. It's like, oh my god those are the days when when you think that you can do stuff but you can't, right? Go through month by month, week by week, day by day, make sure that you have a good understanding. Uh it helps you, you know, keep keep your project focused. You will know that oh okay, these these are the days when I'm not able to work that much, maybe, you know, every Monday, you you do your content creation but you realize that, okay, in February, there will be two Mondays you know, you have something else coming up or you know that you are baking the cakes, this and that. So, it

just helps you to keep yourself organized, not just your business but yourself, be yourself too. Here, you have the UK and the US holidays, I'm not familiar with you guys in the, in the US and in other countries in the UK's pretty straightforward. But make sure that you add those days, those are also great content, content ideas, right? It's like Saint Patrick's Day, everyone loves Saint Patrick's Day, and then also, you know, think about the, those type of things, maybe if maybe if one of the days it's Saint Patrick's Day, right? It's like everyone is drunk, then, then maybe you schedule the post for another day, or maybe you send the email, the sales email that one, right? Because that counts, if you send only one a month, then make sure these are on days where people actually active, or maybe it's a good idea to send them, if they are, either at home scrolling through their emails. So think about those type of things as well. And then if you want if you want to do a weekly a weekly email, then you know just grab or draw or screenshot or whatever. something easy like this and then you can add the topics for for each day or each week and each month and then you are good to go. So how

we create content List all of the packages you offer, right? All of the freebies you you already have. Uh see if they are congruent with the packages, what you offer, and then what are the problems? What what you solve because that will determine, you know, the content what you are creating, right? We need to talk about the things, what people need help with, and we need to talk about the problems, what you help them solve, right? We just need 10 topics, right? If you want to have only only a one a month, then twelve topics among are just fine. If you are a pro, then you can break it down to four sub topics and I will give you examples as well. So, do nothing else, stop the, stop the video, just go through, list all of your services, your freebies and what you are offering and then, list approximately twelve topics, the problems about what you, what you, what you solve. For example, oh which one of you guys, should I think about it? Right? Um with Bella we are doing podcast management, right? So everything about podcasting, about the, the reach, about creating, about tech, what comes to, to, to podcasting. If you are a social

media manager, right? What are the things people don't think about? What are the, what are the, the platforms, what is the tech, what is the, you know, how do you create content, how do you plan your content how do you schedule your content trends, all sorts of things. You can think about and talk about, right? Just list down, don't even think about it, just list down the 12 topics, people, Um struggle with time, think about, you know, time management, people struggle with getting lost in the nitty gritty, dry done everything you can think of about that. And then go through if you had a business last year, if you were creating content last year, go through the best performing stuff you had, because why do you want to reinvent the wheel? Why do you want to, you know, make extra work. I don't even

remember what I posted three months ago. I'm not expecting any of you, remember what I posted three months ago, right? Which means our reach is **** Anyways, so we really can reuse the content, repurpose the content what we created and it if back in the days, you know, there are people they need to see seven times, I think it's even seventeen or whatever, the numbers are going up and up, right? When they need to see that, how often they need to see that. So, at the end of the day, you can reuse your content. Maybe check that if you need to rewrite it or rephrase it a little bit. Make it that green, right? It's like, oh, next week we have the whatever holiday is coming up. Make sure when the post is going out there or the email is being sent, you know, it's make sure that it is really the next week or it's still relevant or you know, it's like, oh, on Tuesday, we have Valentine's Day but yeah, this year it might not be on Tuesday, right? So, make sure that those things are, if you're grabbing old stuff, make sure, make sure that the links are still working, that the offer is still okay. Maybe you just need

to change the call to action. But with these, right? With the services, the freebies, what you talked about and with the posts what you what you already have. You are I think good to go. Yeah. You can you really

can easily grab twelve topics. And then go through months, right? If it's not enough, then go through the months, you know, what what are the themes? What are the hardships? Right? I will, I will go through that. I will give you an example with how I, you know, just met out intent in ten minutes go through the holidays, right? Each month has some kind of holiday, memorial days and memorial things. Um what people can, you know, talk about or or it's a thing. Uh things your

clients are interested in, right? Uh maybe events, what day, what day want to attend or or online events, summits, stuff like that which might be interesting for them. And then the hashtag is right, we have the #days, the kiss your dog day or whatever. I'm not even sure if that's a thing. It should be. Let's do that. June

13th is my birthday so let's make it a kiss your dog day. But you know, there are those, there are those days here, this is linked as well, so I might share with you guys the test, this one is a template, right? So you can click it, it's the whole year, from Louise M. I don't know. Um you know, give her credit for that but that's like, right, I have this business birthday. You, the, the Martin Luther Day, Martin Luther King, they get to know your customers, they and those type of things, right? If you don't have any other ideas, then, just grab one from the, from, the month, and then talk about that. tons, tons and tons

of content, right? Uh pick the the the best ones, the ones what your client would enjoy, what your client's client would enjoy, right? And and then talk about that, give them ideas, what they can actually what they can actually talk about. So, by now, you really, really, really should have twelve twelve topics and 12 ideas to talk about. But here's a pick example I really mapped it out guys when I was writing it in 10 minutes. Um If you don't have any content or proper freebie or packages, right, then just talk about these type of things, but remember, we need to sell at the end, right? If you really just send one email for the whole amount, then, then, make sure that they schedule a call, make sure that the call to action is something like, if you need any help, I offer this and this package, make it evergreen because sometimes it happens, right? That you, that you realise, oh, I need to change my is you change your links, you change your your package, and then, you know, if in November, something goes out, where the link is not working anymore, then, it's, it's not helpful. So, offer those type of things, what people might need help with. Uh, sorry, what people

might, might be able to use, you know, even in November as well, okay? So, for example, this is what I came up with, without the hashtags and without anything, right? What happens in January everyone's new year's resolution type of thingy, right? Uh and then you can talk about, do you remember last year, how do you plan to do it differently this year? How do you want to do it and the call to action could be yeah, save time. Here, I'm a VA I. can help you with this and this, right? February is all about love and relationships. Uh you know, we might want to remind people. That they can spend more time with their loved ones. They need to plan. They need to I'm a VA I. can, you know, if

you are an admin VA maybe, you can, you can tell them, you can research this and that, or you can tell a story where you help the client to research the best restaurants and how their amazing thingy turned out, right? Or you ordered this or that for the, for the client, or, you know, even if you had the background in in office times, right? Or, yeah, yeah, you know what moment. Uh then you can you can add that that you know it was so cute how you organise this and that or you ordered the bouquet for the wife of your boss and stuff like that, right? Where they realise that oh that's a good idea or oh yeah, I might need a V 8 like last year. I, I forgot this and that, right? So, reminder, example, March, spring is coming, right? Spring cleaning in your house, in your business, reflect, plan the next quarter, right? April, Eastern, rebirth, I'm not sure when Eastern is but let's say it's in April, right? And then rebirthing and I'm sure you would be able to find you would be able to find the #which goes with goes with the month. Also when you don't really have idea then you can talk about your freebie. Or your package or review or a testimonial from a client and those sorts of give a shout out to a client. Uh and these type of things right? Uh me excited about summer right? That's what I do. Prep for the

summer right? Holiday is like coming. Kids are out of school soon. So you know hire someone to help world why you have the kids at home. Or if you are an admin VA then you know let me help you book travel or maybe normal these days but hopefully by then it will be it will be something. I miss travelling.

Um June holiday season is on. You know you can talk about the pictures, the city break, anything, travel related, plan with the kids plan for your business, you know, so survive, right? The kids are at home while your husband is at home and do all sorts of things. Uh we do need. We didn't need you

know a higher VA to to keep us really on track, right? And how amazing is that when you can just let go and business is going while some while I'm on holiday, right? Because the VA is taking care of everything. July 4th of July, Freedom, half a year went by, right? Let's summarize what we achieved. Let's see what are the goals where we are at. You know, don't panic last minute. We still have a cup of months going to to reach those goals.

August. 5 months left, right? School starts two. Next month, make sure that you know, you survive the next couple of months. Um let's make let's take some some stuff off of their shoulder. September, school time, do you have extra time? Are you getting back to normal schedule or what would you do differently next year, right? Let's just reflect on the last the the last couple of months or weeks. Um these are also every year, somehow we forget, right? It's like don't launch in January, don't launch in December. Um people are

already in November, people are already starting to buy stuff for Christmas, so that's more important than actually buying stuff for for themselves, or to build the business or things like that. So if you can somehow keep track of all of the, basically, I think last year we realized that we have only two or three months in the year to be good and would properly launch and there is nothing major going on. Other hand, right? People are saying if your offer is great and you can launch anytime, but because you are VA s, you need to sell yourself on an ongoing, on an ongoing basis, so but maybe your client needs to be reminded of the launch phases and, and dates and stuff, because in August, you already should get started preparation for launching September, school time, October, last quarter, reflect on your business, on the goals. Holiday season is

coming up or you already should as a business owner, you know, get started with with managing a new person, you know, managing the chaos and then November, December is Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Sky Bear Monday, Christmas, holiday season, New Year's planning, right? And then we are done. So feel free to get grab any of those ideas. Just write and post a long poster, a long email, or even if it's not, not long, right? Just write something and schedule and schedule. Uh if you only write 10 emails on long post, scheduling them on Facebook or wherever, right? You can use it for everything and after each poster or Email a call into action to book a free call or link or you know, website or something and you are kind of to be honest, right? Let's say it takes you 2 days, right? You sit down, you map it out, then you maybe write the first part and then you leave a couple of emails or posts for the for the end, the next day you sit down, you create images and you schedule it and then that means you are you are done and you are good to go, right? So this is the bare minimum guys. This is the bare minimum if you want to stop here and you feel like okay this is programming enough then stop here. Uh we will go

from we will go from there. Uh if you feel like you really have it on and this is easy peasy. Let's let's bring it on Agnes.

Because I have tons of ideas. You can break it down, right? We have for each month the the topics. You can break it down for four sub categories or sub topics, right? Uh I gave this example for January. Uh you know, New Year's resolution was the idea and then what's your technique to keep you know, to keep your New Year's resolution? That's week one. Week two, your story about the most successful and least successful New Year's levels resolution. People love stories and then you can you know, you and add yeah higher VA to to help you to make sure that you can eliminate everything that that doesn't help you to keep going on, right? How would you week three? How how you can outsource and make yourself less busy, more focused on the relevant new year's resolution, right? We're selling straight you don't really need too much because you are giving them tips and tricks and whatever every end story and something to read every week. It's week

four Are you still on track, right? So you can hold them accountable if you want to. This is just an example, right? If your you are a social media manager for example and your topics are, you know, let's build trust, right? Then each week you can you can put out something like, okay, let's build trust with videos. Let's open a quick video. let's talk

to, to people, when they see you, then, you know, they know that you are a real person. That's week one, week two, week three, week four, okay. Uh, in February, let's talk about client appreciation. I've seen somewhere. We have a client

appreciation the here every week, I will send you something about about how you can appreciate your clients more, right? Give them a shout out. Big one, you talk about the this and that. So you can really break down those those main topics to four different topics and then you have everything for the week. Or you

have the twelve you have the twelve topics. That's for one week, right? And maybe you can add a tech tip every every month. Right? It's like tech tip for for January. Tech tip

for February, right? So for example, I know ladies some of you work with active campaign, learn that, cartra, whatever, right? Um buffer, all all of those comva, right? Give them one tip a month, right? This is the best things I love about this and that, right? It can be one platform and you can give 12 tips on pretty sure you can come up with that or you can actually, you know, for each month, give a best platform and then that's that's that's your topic. So, you have the main topics and then you have tech tips You can have best platforms. Uh you can have the, you know, yes, drills, your engagement tip of the month, right? And then you just need to list tech tips or 12, erase your engagement tips or 12 best platforms to use for your business or for quotes for you to use and schedule these months, right? Quote of the month. So, before that's mostly for you guys who helped with social media for example, you the email subscriber, four quotes, what they can use in their business. Do you think it's helpful, right? With people who are struggling with tech, right? So pick one from the list and then, you know, just write down 12 from those and then, you know, you have two weeks of content already, right? With the previous one and this one or you pick two because you know tech tips and you know platforms, and then you have actually from the month, three months and then 1 week is for, you know, referrals, affiliates, what we can do actually as well guys.

If you would like to some people feel like referring someone else is easier and we have 10% affiliate referral fees commissions. So, let me know if you are interested in that. You can add every month, every other month, every three months, whatever you want, you know, some affiliate things, what you really believe and I only recommend that if you really believe in that that person, that product, that platform but how nice is that to earn a little bit of money just by by posting someone or sending an email, right? Um so you can leave one week for fresh content and then and then you are you are good to go for for one month, right? How does that sound? Are you eager? Let me know. Are you eager? Eager

to do this type of things. Are you are you pumped up how easy it gets. Um because I have more ideas. you know they can they you can add something like like what they can use like the goods or the post ideas or content ideas or you can have a planner sheet, right? What they can print out with your logo so you know you are in their mind every month you send a new one some kind of printable stuff or hashtags for the month, right? What I've just researched for you, right? You can put it on on a convoy image and send it through an email or something every month. Um and can use it

for their clients, right? Uh you can schedule the posts and the emails at the beginning of the month and let them know that you know, there is a there is every month something to open my Emails and if you need more help, then, schedule a call with me and then I can schedule it for you, right? If you are a **** and I know that you are, right? You can create a freebie out of that. Uh sign up and every month, you schedule the emails, you are in scheduling mode anyway here's the landing page, you know, in Miller like to active campaign everywhere. RealChink, you can create a landing page. People sign up and then, they get every month a new, every month, a new printable or every month, a new, you know, set of goods or set of #days and those type of things and then, that's a great freebie if that makes sense in your niche for your client and so on and so forth.

Okay, so, this is it guys. I really do hope that you have 10000 ideas by now and they were only problem BLB is like which one to eliminate but put it out there and then go through with a fresh eye and think about your client, your offers, which one can you connect the best and the easiest to your, to your content, and then go from there. Even if you feel right now that oh I have tons of ideas, Agnes, fabulous, let me do that. I encourage you to do one set of 12 first, right? It's like the main topics or your main best performing ones or make sure that you don't forget sales and then once that's done, then, go back to the second idea to detectives, to the platforms and those type of things, right? I don't want you to end up like I did, I think two years ago or something, right? It's like, I was like, oh yes, we are doing it. I sit down, I went through the the templates are created the six month actually six emails. I was scheduling and then I go tomorrow I will continue. Guess what? I never

finished it. So that's why I'm I'm like okay sit down, do the 12 at first and then after that if you still feel encouraged and and enthusiastic and then do the next set. I don't want you to you know create only for three months and then after that nothing this is the whole year of planning So, I hope that helps. So, review last year. Think of the new Goaz,

determine what you want to sell and what are the topics you want to cover or you need to cover in order to attract your client, reuse what you already worked, on or what actually already worked in in posts or or engaged your your ideal client. Maybe you know that after someone watched this video or read this post, right? They scheduled a call or they DMed me, then use those type of things and to make sure, you know, you never know maybe next time someone sees it and two people will DM you, alright? Map out the calendar year, you know, right? You know how much time you have to work, how much time you need to work on your business, when are the days and weeks, when it's busier, when you really don't want to maybe work on your own marketing. It's enough to maintain the clients and it's enough to, to, you know, keep your head above water and then, pick the twelve topics, write down and schedule them. And if you still feel like that then add the extras and that you know and the at the extra little bits and pieces and the what's that called? And the the freebies and stuff like that right? This is it guys. If you're still unsure, then we will have a workshop next week. $39 if

you are in a circle member then it is free. The inner circle membership is $29 per month. And then we can hop on a a Zoom together and then we can review your we can review your topics and then we can start working on that, right? Scheduling and creating. But I think where most of us actually without feedback get stuck is like oh my God Agnes. Does it does it make sense? Is it congruent. Do you think it's good, right? That's what we can do on the on the workshop that we finalize reveal most likely challenge you and you know, it's like, oh, okay. Uh does it make

sense? Does it, is it congruent? What is the, what is the problem? What you solve with that and and then after that, you are just clear and you are just ready to ready to go, okay? If you need more, if you really don't have any idea and you are like, I don't know you. Then let's hop on a call and then we still have the free the free complimentary calls. So let's hop on a call and then I help you map out in 15 minutes. We can just like go from there and then you have the you have the basics on and you know sometimes one on one one on one times and one on one course are are you know more helpful. We don't need that

much time. Okay? If you have any question please feel free. Let me double check or I totally lost I think my my comments. It's frozen but I will check them out and even if you are watching, you know the replay then then feel free to ask questions and we go from there at #workshop if you are interested in the workshop and then I will send you the link.

Okay? For the $39 guys to map out your whole year, I think it good. It's good. It's good. It's good. It's helpful. It's really helpful. Um to have someone to give you feedback and to have someone to think with you and sometimes I even see that you know just speaking out loud helps a lot, right? When you are not in your head, when you have someone to give give you feedback, sometimes just saying that much that, oh, I think it's a great idea and it's like, oh, really? Yes, it is. So, let's do that, right? It helps it helps a lot. So,

feel free to reach out. Thank you very much guys. Have an amazing, amazing day. This was the workshop for December for planning your whole year. And if you are watching this later, right? You can use the exact same method for a quarter, you don't need to start it in January, right? You can start where you are at and then go from there for the whole next year or before the more next 12 months. So don't wait until until the end of the year to revisit and recreate and start creating. Okay? Thank you very

much guys. Have an amazing,

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