UNO College of Business Administration - December 2020 Commencement

UNO College of Business Administration - December 2020 Commencement

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SVCAA SACHA KOPP, PH.D. Welcome! Thank you all for   joining us for this monumental online commencement  ceremony at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.   We here at UNO have been eager for this moment  to recognize and celebrate the achievements of   our graduates. We salute your talents and your  perseverance, signs of your true Maverick spirit.   Now, as members of our UNO family, we all  gather, under extraordinary circumstance,   to celebrate with you. We first begin our  ceremony with the presentation of the colors   and the singing of the National Anthem by  UNO Music Education Major, Kiara Walker.

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light  What so proudly we hailed at  the twilight’s last gleaming?  Whose broad stripes and bright  stars thru the perilous fight,  O’er the ramparts we watched  were so gallantly streaming?  And the rocket’s red glare,  the bombs bursting in air,  Gave proof through the night  that our flag was still there.  Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free   and the home of the brave? SVCAA SACHA KOPP, PH.D.  Greetings. My name is Sacha Kopp, Senior  Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UNO.  

I am pleased to welcome you to the University of  Nebraska at Omaha’s December 2020 Commencement.   Thank you for joining us, albeit virtually, today. For 112 years, UNO has served as a point of access   for excellence in higher education. We are  proud to be a premier metropolitan university;   relentlessly dedicated to our mission of being  student-centered, academically excellent,   and engaged with our community and our world. We are Mavericks – independent thinkers,   explorers, risk takers – and today we  congratulate you, our graduating students,   who embody this spirit. We are confident you  will continue to innovate, push the boundaries,  

and strive for success in whatever you do. At this time, I would like to thank our   administration, the vice chancellors who  oversee business and finance operations,   student success programs, athletics, and  community relations, our staff who help   UNO operate on campus and online, and  our faculty, whose scholarship, teaching,   and mentorship provide a world of opportunities  for our students. You have all worked tirelessly   to ensure our students have been able to continue  their academic pursuits during this uncertain   time. We would not be here today for these  graduates without your unwavering dedication.

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce UNO's  Chancellor, Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold. Dr. Gold took   on leadership of our university in May 2017, in  addition to his responsibilities while serving as   chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical  Center and chairing the board of UNMC’s principal   clinical care system partner, Nebraska Medicine. With both deep knowledge and broad experience in   higher education and health care, Dr. Gold is a  tireless advocate for advancing UNO’s metropolitan  

university mission of access, excellence  in education, and service to our community.  Please help me welcome Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold. CHANCELLOR JEFFREY P. GOLD, M.D. Thank you for joining us in this   celebration of the Class of 2020’s hard  work, dedication, and perseverance.  Graduates – we are honored to recognize  your achievements today, and to share this   transformational moment with you. In doing so, we  also recognize that these milestones are shared   by the family, friends and the loved ones who  have been alongside you throughout this journey.  

Please take this opportunity to extend a  special thanks to those mentors, supporters,   and role models – both present with you today  and in your hearts – who have helped make today   a reality. We are going to take a pause  in the ceremony, for just two minutes,   for you to hug someone in the room or send  a message of thanks to these individuals.   Feel free to share these messages on social  media and please use the hashtag (#) MavSPIRIT.   The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s mission  is to transform and to improve lives locally,   nationally and globally. Today, we also  wish to recognize the professionals   whose daily work translates that mission into  action and into impact. To the UNO faculty,   whose talent and dedication fosters a culture of  scholarship reflecting the highest standards of   quality and rigor; and to our remarkable UNO  staff, whose spirit of service creates the   supportive and caring environment in which all  of our students thrive – We thank you, so much.  

We thank you for sharing your commitment,  for sharing your passion and your talent   with each and every student each and every day,  particularly during these challenging times.  Today’s graduating class is composed of  more than 1,101 Mavericks. More than one   thousand newly minted UNO alumni who enter  the community with new knowledge and skills   and equally and maybe even more importantly the  Maverick spirit of a “can do” high energy approach   and a strong set of community values. Of those  graduating today, 281 are master’s degrees and 18   are doctoral students. Some of you are native  Nebraskans. Some of you come to UNO from across   our great country and some of you from around  the world. This class, your class, represents 28  

states and 36 countries -- with 85 international  students completing their degrees here today.   We are proud to have each of our International  candidates join the Maverick family.  One reason that we are so  proud to lead the institution   is UNO’s commitment to our military, veteran, and  dependent students, both on-campus, online, and   overseas. For 9 consecutive years in a row, The  Military Times has joined and named our university  

as one of the top 10 universities in the  nation for military-affiliated students. Today,   we want to recognize all of the veterans  and service members among our graduating   class and to recognize your commitment to our  freedom. I thank you so much for your service.  At UNO, we embrace our role as well as  an anchor institution in our community,   and we welcome you – all alumni, future Mavericks,  and visitors alike – to our campuses for athletic   events, concerts, lectures, and community  meetings that will hopefully return in the very   near future. I also hope that you will return as  lifelong learners, exploring the rich educational   opportunities that our university has to offer.  We are your University of Nebraska here in Omaha,   and we look forward to being part of  your lives for many generations to come.  Class of 2020, thank you for sharing this  day with us. Thank you for partnering with  

us on your educational journey. I can’t wait  to see what you will do next. Congratulations! HONORARY DEGREE  The Honorary Degree is the most prestigious honor  that is bestowed by the University of Nebraska at   Omaha. This honor is reserved for those who have  rendered extraordinary service to the university   as well as the regional and global community.  

Our recipient today, Mr. Mort Crim is being  honored with a Doctorate of Humane Letters   for his numerous contributions  made in the field of journalism.  Mr. Crim has worked as a professional speaker,  announcer, broadcaster, news reporter,   and a national correspondent. He also  started his own communications company   called Mort Crim Communications Incorporated and  has authored several books. Many of you today   would recognize his work or reference to his  work as well. If you remember Neil Armstrong’s  

landing on the moon, it was his voice on  ABC that was describing the experience.   Mr. Crim also covered President Lyndon B.  Johnson’s tours of Australia, Vietnam, and Korea.   The popular culture reference to Mr. Crim would  be Will Ferrell’s Anchorman. It’s widely known   that he is the inspiration for the main character. Mr. Crim began his college studies   first at Anderson College before transferring here  to UNO to earn a Bachelor of General Education   in Journalism. He then went to Northwestern  University for his Master’s degree in Journalism. 

Mr. Crim’s work history included creating  and hosting three daily radio programs,   which centered around his belief  that the world needs a break   from the violent and bizarre stories that tend to  dominate news media today, instead he focused on   profiling real Americans who make a difference  every day. He was an anchor for news stations in   Louisville, Philadelphia, and Chicago,  as well as ABC’s World News Tonight.   He last worked at the station in Detroit,  where he stayed for almost 20 years. 

Mr. Crim’s work earned him over a dozen Emmy  awards, a Gold World Medal for best radio   personality, and several Distinguished  Achievement Awards from universities   across the nation and around the world. For his devotion to giving a voice to the unheard,   and highlighting stories of courage and of  triumph, and for his dedication to using his   platform to update and educate the world, and  for his embodiment of what we like to call the   Maverick Spirit, the University of Nebraska at  Omaha so proudly bestows upon Mr. Mort Crim,   the degree Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris  causa, this eighteenth day of December,   two thousand and twenty, with all of  the rights and privileges thereto.  Thank you and congratulations. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure   and privilege to introduce to you the most recent  alum of our university, Mr. Crim will now make  

our commencement address. MORT CRIM Thank you, Chancellor Gold. I’m deeply appreciative of this honor   and for UNO’s courage in selecting  a journalist for this recognition.   I mean the media is just slightly less popular  these days than the coronavirus, as some have   even called us, “the enemy of the people.” So in bestowing this degree you also honor   a profession for which for all of its  flaws remains a cornerstone of democracy.  

Thomas Jefferson said if he had to choose  between newspapers or government, he would   choose the press. Well the need for a vigilant  press safeguarding our freedoms against misuse and   abuse of power has never been greater, so thank  you for acknowledging journalism’s importance.  It was 60 years ago this month that I graduated  from this campus. I came here for my senior year   under the Air Force Operation Bootstrap Program.  And although my time at UNO was short, my memories   are vivid: Mrs. Dunlap who taught speech; Mr.  Borgue in television production, lot of fun in   his classes; Paul Peterson who taught critical  writing and editing. I’m certain that the high  

academic quality that I experienced in 1961 has,  like the campus itself, only improved over time.  Now I’ve been asked to share some of what I’ve  learned during my 85 years. You know, there’s a   myth - probably first created by some old geezer  about my age - a myth that with age comes wisdom.   I’m not sure that’s true. But I am old enough  and wise enough to know that commencement  

speeches should be short. Socrates once made  a long speech and his friends poisoned him.   So let me take just a few minutes to talk about  something very near and dear to me: truth.  My memoir is going to be published  in February, and I’ve titled it,   “Anchored: A Journalist’s Search for Truth.”  This is not an easy search. A Martian lands on  

earth and he sees a man holding an iPhone. “What’s  that?” he asks. “Why, my friend,” the man says,   “I’m holding in my hand the device that gives me  instant access to all the accumulated knowledge   of mankind since the beginning of time.” And the  Martian replies, “What do you use it for?” And   the man says, “Oh, we send silly messages  and we exchange photos of our grandkids.”  Well, here’s the conundrum. Never  in history have we ever had such  

easy access to so much information. And never in  history has it been so difficult to find truth.   Our internet today is saturated with partisan  propaganda, extremists of various sorts   posting along with conspiracy theories, white  supremacists and other purposefully fake news.   Anyone with a Facebook, Instagram, or  Twitter account has potential access   to millions of people, no matter how bizarre,  dangerous, distorted or false their opinions.  Sadly, assaults on the mainline  press are also at historic levels.  

And my profession has to bear some of the blame  for this skepticism because television has blurred   the distinction between the opinionators who  dominate news channels and honest, objective   reporters who go about the business of uncovering  and presenting facts. Such reporters still exist.   But because news channels have fuzzied the lines  between news and commentary, the public has become   distrustful of all media. There are still solid  professional reporters and writers who respect   facts, who try to tell the truth – I know  many of these journalists personally. 

So despite the media noise, don’t ever give up  seeking truth. Today’s hodgepodge of competing   voices, we have to be our own editors,  sifting and sorting fact from fiction.   Search out the good newspapers, the fair-minded  reporters, the authentic television news programs,   the reliable bloggers. It’s worth the effort.   Because both the soul and the survival of our  democracy depend upon our commitment to facts.  We read in the Bible that truth makes us free.  That principle works for individuals and for   societies. But in addition to seeking truth,  I would urge you to make another commitment.  

Let’s just call it the Golden Rule. It  means always considering the other guy,   living as though you owed something to society  for the space you’re taking up on this planet.  Albert Einstein was asked by a student, “Why  are we here?” And he famously replied, “Why,   we are here to serve others.” When a Sunday school  teacher quoted that in class a little boy said,  

“I want to know what the others are here  for.” But Einstein had it right. It’s an old   principle dominant in every major religion  and absolutely essential to a good life.   Selfishness is bad civic policy, but  it’s even worse as a personal philosophy.  In all the interviews I’ve conducted over my  career, and there have been thousands of them,   I never met one truly happy person  who was selfish or self-centered.  So graduates, go out from this wonderful  campus and live a full, rewarding life by   always seeking the truth, and living and working  for something bigger than yourself. Thank you. ORDER OF THE TOWER The Order of the Tower   is awarded to individuals whose exemplary  service and support have advanced the mission   of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Today, we are honored to recognize both  

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Djel Ann Brown for the  contributions and support that they have   made in advancing UNO through the support of the  UNO Marion Marsh Brown Writer’s Lecture Series.  The Browns have generously donated the funds to  create the Marion Marsh Brown Writers Lecture   Series, which is an event that is hosted annually  by the UNO and by the College of Communication,   Fine Arts and Media. The Browns’ mission with  this series is to celebrate the joy of reading   by bringing well-known favorite writers to UNO.  During the event, best-selling authors deliver   a free lecture to the Omaha community  and also host a forum for UNO students,   which enables our students to directly learn  from these authors, to hear their best practices,   their recommendations, and of course to have  an opportunity for questions and answers.  Past best-selling authors have included  John Grisham, Cheryl Strayed, Lee Child,   and Nicholas Sparks, all of whom spoke to  fully packed audiences at UNO's Baxter Arena.  

Our next author that we’ll bring  to UNO will be Mr. David Baldacci.  The Marion Marsh Brown Writers Lecture  Series was created for Mr. Brown’s mom,   Marion Marsh Brown, who was a long-time teacher  of English here at UNO. Additionally, she wrote   and published 19 books, which earned her numerous  honors including the Sower Award and the Literary   Guild Award. Mr. and Mrs. Brown felt that this  event was the best way to honor Marion’s memory   and to highlight UNO in our community. Mr. Paul Brown is an attorney and a real estate  

developer. Mrs. Djel Ann Brown received both her  Bachelor’s and Master’s degree here from UNO.   She taught at OPS for seven years and then at  Metropolitan Community College for 13 years.   The Browns have made many contributions to the  Omaha community including the Omaha Home for Boys,   Lauritzen Gardens, and the Museum  of Nebraska Art just to name a few.  For these commitments and for their super  generous contributions to UNO, the Marion Marsh   Brown Writers Lecture Series, and to the Omaha  community, the University of Nebraska at Omaha   bestows upon Mr. Paul and Mrs. Djel Ann Brown  the Order of the Tower award, this eighteenth   day of December, two thousand and twenty,  with all of the rights and privileges thereto. 

Thank you and Congratulations on this honor. CHANCELLOR’S MEDAL  The Chancellor's Medal is awarded to  individuals whose outstanding service   to the University of Nebraska at Omaha  has shaped the institution’s course.   Their dedication, commitment, and exemplary  performance fuels UNO’s incredible momentum. 

Dr. Dale T. Eesley joined UNO as a faculty  member of the College of Business Administration   in the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship  in 2008. As a professor, Dr. Eesley has provided   exceptional entrepreneurial education and  opportunities, which have delivered strong results   inside and outside of the classroom while at  the same time leading to high evaluation marks   from all of his students. But this  is simply just one part of this work.  Dr. Eesley also saw a need to help students build  their entrepreneurial skills and opportunities   outside of the classroom, so he created the Center  for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising   within our College of Business Administration.  This center not only provides education and   collaboration for students, but also provides  all-important hands-on learning experiences,   faculty research, conferences, mentorships, and  advisory services to start-ups and small business   entities throughout the region. In order to make  this center successful, Dr. Eesley worked with  

the University of Nebraska Foundation and was  able to raise more than one point five million   dollars. This demonstrates that the Center for  Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising   has deepened the connections between UNO  students and the Omaha business community.  Other entrepreneurship programs that he has led  here at UNO include Stedman’s Café at Mammel Hall,   the Maverick Venture Fund, and UNO-CEO Collegiate  Entrepreneurs’ Organization, one of the largest   student organizations on campus. Again, this  is just a small snapshot of Dr. Eesley’s work.  Outside of the classroom and the programs  that he runs, Dr. Eesley has made quite  

a contribution to UNO, and of course to our  local community, and the nation that we serve.   He has received numerous honors on campus  such as the Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award,   Honors Program Faculty of the Year, and  recipient of the John Morgan Community Chair   in Entrepreneurship. He also served on Faculty  Senate, for two of the years serving as treasurer.   Dr. Eesley is an avid researcher and has  been featured in the Wall Street Journal  

and on MSNBC for his dedicated expertise.  His nominators state that his exemplary  service and his dedication both in and   outside of the classroom are deserving  factors for the 2020 UNO Chancellor’s Medal.  In recognition and in deep  appreciation of his leadership   to our organization, and for contributions,  expertise, and long-standing service to UNO,   we bestow upon Dr. Dale T. Eesley the  Chancellor’s Medal this eightieth day of December,  

two thousand and twenty, with all of  the rights and the privileges, thereto. CITATION FOR ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENT, LEE DENKER:  Hey there, Mavericks. My name is Lee Denker  and I serve as the President of the UNO   Alumni Association. On behalf of your Alumni  Association, congratulations to the Class of 2020.  

You’ve worked very hard to get to this moment  as you shift from UNO student to UNO alumni.  UNO’s first 11 graduates started the alumni  network more than a century ago. It now   numbers 115,000 alumni all around the world. Some of the special folks watching with you today   may be alumni of UNO. If so, you now  have that special connection in common.  

If you are a member of the alumni network —  meaning you attended or graduated from UNO — I’d   encourage you to hop on social media to offer  congratulations to the UNO Class of 2020. Welcome   them to the network. Whether Facebook, Twitter  or Instragam, make sure to include the hashtag   #unoalumni. I know they’d love to hear from you. The alumni association offers many programs and   activities to keep you engaged with UNO. I  hope you will stay connected and be a proud   Maverick for life. One of my favorite  programs is our alumni awards program   where we lift up and recognize those  graduates who have been difference makers.  

Let’s celebrate one such Maverick right now  with the Citation for Alumni Achievement Award.   This is the university’s oldest award.  It has been presented to 181 graduates   since 1949. Today, we recognize alumnus Tom Hagel.  And I think you’ll be inspired by his story. 

A 1972 UNO graduate, Tom is  Professor of Law Emeritus   at the University of Dayton School of Law  and among the nation’s foremost experts   on the criminal justice system. He is an  example of the transformative spirit of service   that characterizes Mavericks. Tom has served  his country. He has served students. He has   served the indigent and the injured. He has  served those whose rights have been trampled,   and those who have no one else to defend them. And he has done so always with honor.  During the Vietnam War Tom fought alongside his  brother, former United States Secretary of Defense   Chuck Hagel, as a rifleman for the U.S. Army. Tom  was awarded the Bronze Star, three Purple Hearts,   the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, and  the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. 

When he returned from the war, he earned  his UNO degree, then a law degree from the   University of Nebraska College of Law, and then  a master of laws from the Temple University.  He began a longtime practice as an attorney as  a deputy public defender in Lincoln, Nebraska.   The majority of his career, though, has  been spent at the University of Dayton,   whose faculty he joined in 1982. He has  served that university faithfully for nearly   40 years, teaching and mentoring students while  becoming an expert who is regularly sought out   for media interviews. At the university, he  was named Dayton’s Professor of the Year and   he received the Dayton Alumni  Association President’s Award.  Tom is a true community servant. He  maintains a mostly pro bono private practice  

while serving as an acting judge for the Dayton  Municipal Court. He has supported many Dayton   nonprofits including serving as commander of  Dayton’s Disabled American Veterans chapter.  So today, for his outstanding  professional accomplishments,   for his extensive service to others,  and for his unwavering loyalty to UNO,   I am so proud to celebrate Tom Hagel for receiving  the Citation for Alumni Achievement award. 

You are a good Maverick, Tom. Congratulations –  and congratulations, again, to the Class of 2020! CBA DEAN MICHELLE TRAWICK, PH.D.  Hi, I’m Michelle Trawick, the Dean of the  College of Business Administration. On   behalf of the incredible faculty and staff of our  College, congratulations graduates - you did it.  You have been looking forward  to this day for many years.  It is a moment to celebrate, a moment  to cherish. It’s a true milestone. 

And though the ways in which you are  celebrating are unlike any we ever predicted,   please know that your faculty, staff,  and classmates in the College of Business   Administration are celebrating with you. During this time of year, we are encouraged   to thank those around us. So, graduates, do me  a favor, thank your professors, your advisors,   parents or grandparents, your siblings,  maybe your spouse, your partner, your kids.   It’s important to thank the people  who helped you achieve your goals.  And, for those of you who have made it to  commencement without the support of others,   I hope you are feeling a bit of extra pride today. Our College also wants to thank you,   graduates. We want to thank you for spending the  last several years with us. Whether you have been  

on campus or online, we are a better  because we’ve had you with us.  Admittedly, the last few semesters have been  difficult for all of us. But I want you to know   that the way you’ve performed, the way you  have progressed, is exactly what I would have   expected. For you to have gotten to this point,  during a pandemic, here is what I know about you:   You are hard workers. You are innovative. You  are nimble. You are resilient. You are achievers.  I want you to remember all of those things  about yourself. Everything you’ve learned  

and experienced over the time it  took you to complete your degree   here at UNO - those are the things that are  going to help you achieve your next goal.   Whether it’s your first career job, your next  big promotion, or maybe even graduate school,   all of the things you’ve learned will help you. And, as you work to progress and achieve those   next goals, remember the faculty and staff  in the College of Business Administration.  

We’re watching. Because we can’t  wait to see what you accomplish next! It is my pleasure to introduce Paige   Faber to speak on behalf of the College  of Business Administration, Class of 2020.   Paige, from Aurora, Nebraska, is the  daughter of Stacie and Brett Faber.   She has completed her Business concentration in  Marketing along with a second major in Spanish.

PAIGE FABER Members of the Board of   Regents, Chancellor Gold, Distinguished Faculty,  Esteemed Fellow Graduates, and Honored Family,   Friends, and Guests. Wow. We’re finally at the  end of what has been the longest, weirdest,   and most tumultuous year. For example, who was  terrified of their bathroom experiences because   of the toilet paper scare? How many of you have  regularly said, “Oh shoot, I forgot my mask!?”   Does anyone else feel triggered when they see an  email notification or hear the word “Zoom”? It   feels like so much has happened in 2020, and at  the same time like nothing has. You make plans,   cancel them, make new plans, then move them,  and every time we do this, the excitement and   significance of these events seem to diminish.  They dwindle to the point that they almost seem  

unimportant and insignificant, that they’re  somehow not worth celebrating anymore.  We cannot let today be one of those days.  This is one of those monumental moments in   your life that you envision when you’re a kid  and then once again when you’re in high school,   and let’s be honest with ourselves, something  that we think about every single day in college.   So we cannot let this day pass as any other  day that you simply check off on your calendar.   We need to take the time to really make a day out  of it and find the enjoyment in it. The best way   to do this is through making the most out of your  situation with your closest friends and family. 

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate and go  absolutely all-out for is Halloween. This year,   Halloween wasn’t going to look like a big  party with tons of friends or going out,   or even greeting trick-or-treaters. But I couldn’t  let this holiday pass by. On Halloween night, my   roommates and I got all dressed up as Scooby Doo  and the Mystery Gang and set up an entire photo   studio using three lamps and propping up a phone  on a table to capture the perfect group picture.   After our photo session, we shared a fun  Halloween-themed dinner, quickly changed   into sweatpants to be freed from our uncomfortable  costumes, and finished the night with board games.   Even though Halloween wasn’t what we hoped for or  expected, we still found a way to make it special   and turn it into a memory that we’ll be  able to look back on for years to come. 

Without a doubt, our graduation day is  tremendously more significant than Halloween,   so it’s even more important that we make the  most of this historic event in our lives.   And so, I encourage you to hold a mini ceremony  in your living room. Ask your roommate, friend,   spouse, parent, or sibling to act as  the Dean and hand you your diploma.  

Create your very own acceptance speech  and present it to your roommates or family   members. Make that walk across your living room  playing the iconic Pomp and Circumstance March.   Take every cheesy picture you can with your cap  and gown. And I know that Zoom is kind of the   public enemy right now, but consider having a Zoom  meeting or FaceTime with your friends and family   that couldn’t share this day with you and  help you celebrate and make this day special. 

I know our graduation ceremony being held  virtually isn’t what we expected or hoped for and   doesn’t necessarily seem as special as sitting  in Baxter Arena, surrounded by our friends,   family, and classmates. But not everyone has the  opportunity to attend college or even finish it.   And not everyone persevered through this  global pandemic to complete their degree,   so we are extremely fortunate  to be sitting in our homes today   receiving our diplomas that we have worked  so tirelessly for amid such chaos. So,   don’t let this day be any other day. Make this  day the most memorable day to be a Maverick. DEAN TRAWICK  Now we come to that part of the program you have  eagerly awaited – the Conferral of Degrees. Before   proceeding with the presentation of candidates,  I call your attention to one item of interest:   Students graduating with honors are so indicated  in your commencement program. In recognition   of their outstanding academic achievements, a  uniquely designed medallion will be delivered   to each student graduating  with honors with their diploma. 

Chancellor, these candidates have completed the  requirements set forth by the College of Business   Administration, the Bachelor of Science  in Business Administration. The faculty of   the College takes pleasure in recommending  them to you for the conferral of degrees. CONFERRAL OF UNDERGRADUATE  DEGREES, CHANCELLOR GOLD:  Wherever you may be today in celebration  with your families, please know that by   the authority vested in me by the Board  of Regents of the University of Nebraska,   I hereby confer upon each of you the bachelor's  degree for which you have been recommended,   with all of the rights, the privileges and  the responsibilities pertaining thereto.  On behalf of the entire University  of Nebraska at Omaha community,   our faculty, our staff, and of course our  administration, congratulations to all of you.   We hope that you have had your cap and tassel,  or maybe even made your own. But this is your   time to have your family and friends record  this magic moment of you moving your tassel.  

Please share this moment using the hashtag (#)  MavSPIRIT. Now, in keeping with a time-honored   academic tradition, you may move your tassels from  the right side to the left. Ladies and gentlemen,   I now present to you the UNO Class of 2020.  Congratulations and God speed on your journey.  At this time, we will recognize each individual  degree recipient. Please watch and listen for   your name, and when it is read alphabetically  by last name, and then celebrate your many   accomplishments with your family members,  your friends at home. Thank you so much!   SVCAA KOPP  We thank you for joining us today in this  celebration. Though our nation is in the midst of  

an unprecedented period, we wanted so very much  to recognize you today and confer your degrees.   Copies of your degrees will be delivered to you  in due course. Thank you and congratulations,   class of 2020 and remember to always do  all the good you can, for everyone you can,   whenever you can and wherever you can.  Once a Maverick, always a Maverick!

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