Under $300 Makeup/Glam Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Under $300 Makeup/Glam Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

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Welcome. We are doing another on a budget video and I'm so excited we're doing a glam room I have been wanting to do a glam room for, so long and it's perfect because GE is sponsoring today's video and we are going to be using some of their HD. Lighting. Items, in this room because lighting is so important, in a glam room hello, you gotta get snatched and contoured, and blended, to perfection so. We were working with Michelle, she's a creative weirdo, she sent in a video to us and then, we went to go meet her so let's cut to that footage hey. Guys my name's Michelle and I would love for you guys to come over and help me with my beauty room I decided to turn my old room into. A bedroom after my sister moved out I get hired to do makeup on people I also always. Wanted to start a YouTube channel but I've never done it so I hope I get the chance to get, a makeover, in my room thank you. What. Do you use this ring light for I bought it to make videos in them. Because. You want to do like a youtube channel or something I have. To. Chat about. Looks like, to start it and. So. You have a very classic. Thing, like this I could like the Alex, floors, are. Just a mistake yeah. In, an ideal world, this would be ESPYs where, he would come in and remind you you're only bland you're also felt some video just, maybe, you could start that YouTube channel. Are. You confident, that we can glam this place up. Your. Creative weirdo you know we like to do this. Lands on three one two the. Michelle. She's so sweet and I really want to give her an inspiring space let's get her feeling. Like a real beauty, guru, and inspired. And motivated to make videos in there right okay, challenge accept it but you guys know the drill three, hundred dollars DIYs, thrift, stores here I come where's Joe. Doc. I'm, mister, hey you, don't even need the introduction, you are no listen. Kate all, right, guys we have to get going on these projects, but I still got stuff to go shopping, - we've so much to do I want, to talk about what's in here first so I can just have it in mind as I'm shopping, the great thing about this room is that we already have stuff, in here we, have the big Alex, 9 tour over there we've got the two smaller ones here already, supporting, a tabletop they're, in good shape meaning they function, but. They're like smudged with makeup and stuff I really think we could like update, these and make them not look like the, typical Alex. Drawer situation. So I'm gonna talk to Joey about potentially, doing a project with, these drawer units also in, this room her parents room there's another, tall, Alex, drawer which she said we could use so, I'm thinking we could bring that in here and maybe do like a, dresser. Type situation, with the two together over there the, mirror I'm thinking maybe we put over here, because we have this offset, window, we need to do a cooler, vanity, mirror so Joey and I have already brainstormed, something. Bigger. And better with lots of bulbs, this, thing you. Know it's not, the cutest but we probably don't have it in the budget to get something. New so. I'm thinking maybe we, mount this up on the wall, just, to kind of like change it up make it look more like a bookshelf and then. In terms of design in here I really, want to make this a fun glam room something that she can like be, proud of to, put in videos right she has the camera equipment but she just hasn't done it yet so, let's make this a really unique glam, room and I think I want to go full-on, glam and do, black and white stripes on the wall because in my opinion there's. Nothing more glam than black and white stripes so that's, the plan for now maybe I'll do something with that little free. Rug, over there that's a little bit too small kinda looks like a doormat yeah let's go find Joe and go shopping. Okay. Gently. Okay. So let's, talk about the plan we. Are. Doing. His lemur on a budget it's now obviously. Michelle's lucky. She has a whole, room since, her sister moved out to make into her glam room she shares it with her mom the great thing is she already has the, Alex, drawers and. The. Table top and everything so, Joey. Is going to be very busy. After. You're finished with these Alex doors are gonna be called the Joey drawers. Oshi. Is a too-small Alexstrasza, to five drawers, and then she has one. Of the Alice, nine that's in the room and then also her mom has another Alex, nine in their bedroom, which she's willing to. Donate. To, the glam room which I think will be great because. We can that put the two nines together, and make it look kind of like a highboy dresser, but we don't want them to look like Alex, drawers anymore, so. What. About refacing. Like, the. Actual drawer make it look like a more expensive drawer, unit yeah, exactly, what. Do you think is, easy and then we can add knobs, I, already. Ordered the knobs online, and then obviously we're gonna make.

A Vanity, mirror so. We're going to thrift, store yeah let's hit up Goodwill to see what we can find by ways of you. Know decor, and, organizational. Stuff maybe some cool, like containers. Let's, go. Sit. Down. Okay. So let. Me bond. With these, tank. Tops I really. Want to find her in a chair like I mean look her. Tears it is a holding, don't, know you know who. This cream one is not bad but it's pretty rip tree here you, look more like a bench thing a little drool, well. My gosh you know what I could do this, is actually a really cute look how cute it is she has that gray fuzzy, rug that's. Just like the size like a doormat, we use that to reupholster the top. Chair. With the doorman I do. Want to do a frame above the to Alex doors put together this. Is a nice big one with the mat although you only like the green and it oh. My god that's. Perfect with this is the lamb and it has a mat oh my, gosh. Yeah. Yeah. Oh excuse. Me look, at your glam, beautiful. And you sir, who. Does your lash, extensions. Okay. So the. Goal is going to be to find. Items. Here. That can act as like makeup, display, and storage but obviously, don't cost nearly. As much as what. They normally do hello. Right. Three dollars $1.99. Yes. A glam, glam, tre oh. My, gosh you've been watching way too much drag race. Glam, a frame. With. Stillings. On it like our only real surface, area is her, the, two Alex tall drawers that we're gonna put together and make like a high boy so. Maybe, we put a lamp on top of that I feel like this is white. Cultural. Hmm. All. Right so let's check out yeah. Joey. First needs to ride the bike right, behind you. That's. My class stuff why does he not Drive. Joey. Look. It's. My nightmare okay. Well it is my dream because we can bring like the kind of grass gold of the vanity, over, to. The window side and it is $3.99. All. Right. So, happy, with those things that we got in goodwill there are some good finds it finds its gonna really make, the styling, of the room so much easier and also saved us it's always fun even trying to buy like the pre-made acrylic, things so, studio harvest or. Michels, yeah my battery's gonna die my turn this off all right I hope our stuff that we were no gosh the studio. Everything. Online, King, which, were these, beautiful I'll, just show you a little sampling. These, beautiful, brass. Vanity. Bold, rows which these are we've got two small, ones like this and then a, longer. One great, so there's gonna be one longer one at the top two side pieces the, mirror in between because, we're DIY, in this epic, vanity, mirror on, a budget and. Of. Course what. What. Are we missing that it's no vanity. Lips. Well. Lit wrong. So. These Philippe GE. Has. Given us these bolts and this. Isn't part of the budget, cuz thank you Jeannie. Okay.

So Hardware. Store, you. Want to go to light server, paint and additional. Wood and supplies, smooth, anymore and it's. Jewish, groups maybe stop at a big box store for for a panel, that I can find on the street okay great and maybe a couple more styling is plant. Plan can I do a plant maybe a plan a cart I don't think we have the budget but you can go pick one on someone's front yard. Nice. So. This color is pretty but, I so, want, to do the. Black and white stripes, so, the black is the stretch so we're painting a base of white yeah she wants to film videos and. Contrast. Looks so good on camera, all right so we got to paint this let. This dry paint. This let this dry then do the stripes yeah. All right so in the meantime we. All have to build a vanity. Refinish. The drawers, yeah. We're. Gonna melt the Shelf on that wall I gotta, do the stool I, gotta do this. Here. Oh so maybe I can get started on the wood stuff while you get this first white coat out sure, gimme, gimme gimme me, - squeaky, roller I, hate. That screw here over. While. We. Were playing each ear, over yet oh my, god alright god speed. Stops. I. Thought, I'd talk to you about this I see a little bit you. Need to stop squeaking no, I gotta talk to you. Hey. Do not. Alright, guys so you, guys know the classic, vanity, mirror. Setup. Lightbulbs, surround in the mirror that's what we're doing we're wiring the whole thing so it can be plugged in we're also going to incorporate a switch so she can turn it on and off so we're gonna make a box for it so I got our half-inch plywood I, got this very. Inexpensive, frameless. Mirror, it's, gonna go in the middle the other project we're working on is she. Has these four Aleks drawers the problem is is they don't look that good like the whole cutout thing there's no drawer pulls it just it, doesn't look very luxe. Very glam which obviously is the goal today so what we're, gonna do is we're going to reface, these, completely, two. Of them we're gonna paint a darker color two of them we're gonna paint a lighter color and once we have those new drawer fronts on we're giving these nice new crystal. Drawer, pulls that we got a line, so, I got my work cut out for me. Let's. Get working. We. Have this dirty, little stool here from, a thrift, store but, I am not worried about this dirt on the top of it because, I have. This rug here, this. Is one of those really flexible, rugs like it's not one that has like a very you know thick, hard, backing, to it it's just way too small, to be a rug in that room like it's just kind of a sad size, for a rug so, my, idea, is to use this as the new cover to give her a cute little fuzzy stool, which is super glam it's, pretty easy I'm just gonna remove the. Cushion, there screws that attach it, to the top I'm going, to use my staple gun to a pollster. This rug around the, bottom of it I might use some hot glue to tuck, in the edges since it is so thick and then I'm gonna screw it back on and la-dee-da, a budget-friendly stool, makeover. Whole, string is really easy the. Only annoying, part, is the corners, because you don't want to fold it weird and have a big bunchy corner so my trick is to just think about it like a present actually, you can kind of see the way they originally, did it see how they did that fold here, and they kind of create a nice pleat, so I'm essentially gonna mimic that I'm just gonna make sure that I tuck in this. Corner, so, that it's really nice and rounded. Around here, and then, just make sure that I'm stapling, down, that fold so it's a little bit of an origami moment, but totally, doable Oh. Optical. Illusion because it's a mirror on a table, okay. Guys we are doing some more DIY now michelle. Has this simple mirror, in her, room and I'm like let's, jazz up a little bit so my thought is using, some imitation. Silver leaf I have some, clear, drying glue, on hand and just, some little stippling. Sponges, and a nice dry brush to get off access my thought is to just kind of, Silverleaf, the border, of this mirror just giving it a little bit of, some glam obviously, we were playing with mixed metals in there because we have the, brass gold tone of the vanity. I'm. Just moving that's excess, with the sponge brush and I'm really trying to preserve all of these little shards, that I'm kind of flaking.

Off Because I really want to maximize, this one packet, of silver, leaf around the whole mirror, but I'm really. Happy with, how this. Is looking like the idea is it's sort of a glamorous, Frost, that's kind of encroaching. She, wants to be a beauty, guru on YouTube, this is gonna be her new glamorous, selfie, mirror. I'm. Excited, can't wait to see those selfies. Good. Job. Thank. You paint, job well you know this, it does really freshen, it up doesn't in here yeah it's way brighter so I'm so excited about our, black and white strikes but you're kind of like, this isn't totally, totally, white although it probably looks white on camera, every. Time I say that the third columns, where they're like huh it's, white and like. What, seems real like there's a little, blue. Bluey, gray and then, this is our black, which, is also technically, like kind of like a charcoal, almost right. Muted. Black and white here's my question. Are. We like, doing. This correctly and, mathematically. Or is it just like willy-nilly stripes. Math. That's. Just what happens in my brain. How. Why do you want the stripes to be anything like a foot, tall. Is 124. Inches so. Roughly. 10 stripes. Fewer. The tape with the white fur and then the bleeds into, the white with weight and then go over with the black so that when we take the tape off it's like perfect. Stress. Okay. Walls. Taped I'm. Funny I'm. Outside, and check out stuff okay yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna I'm good with this I'm gonna keep, taping. And painting. Thank you for establishing, in that alright I'll see a little bit okay. Okay so the other big projects we're doing is we are refacing, all, of those drawer, units, the way we're going to do that and stay on a budget is we're using just. One sheet a 4. Foot by 8 foot plywood. So the turkey as we're doing new drawer fronts you really need to make sure you're cutting in straight lines as, soon as you start cutting freehand, you're. Screwed because when. You put up drawers. On top of each other if those lines aren't straight you're, gonna notice. First off what. If it's make sure you're flying people pressure. So my wood matches, the width of the drawer unit so now I'm going to cut my individual, drawer planks, and this bad boy is going to go from bland to glam pretty, quickly. Oh my. Gosh, Alex doors you. Will not be Alex, no, more when I'm done with you you. Will be. Alexis. Haha. I don't know well we'll name him later but guys, so Joey obviously, has cut all of these drawer, fronts, for us because we are going to be transforming. These, into. New, looking, drawer. Units, so. Alexis. Can, come through I roughed. Up the top of these a little, bit and the sides with a little bit of sandpaper just so that it doesn't have that slick finish so, that the paint will stick better, I have, two colors of pain here so these smaller, ones are going to be our black. Color. Which. Is our wall stripe color it's not a true black it's actually kind of an off black and then, because. I want to just ampere, up she likes blush pink but I'm just really going glam, I want her to be really amped up in this room to do videos and so. We're going to go a step up, from blush pink and do BAM. Raspberry. Pink on here for like a nice pop, of color. Look. At that. Oh. My. Gosh how good does that look. Guys oh my. Gosh we need to take a moose light one of my favorite projects well you did such a good job guys, hello. Is Joey, just like the champion, of all the enemy champions, up the world champion. Jersey. Shore reference um I'm, so glad that we got the brass, because. Guys, this is a tip for you mirrors. Often times read as chrome right, like they're kind of silvery in tone so, it's okay to mix metals, and a glam room and go for that brass, gold tone. Light. This thing up let's talk about lighting real quick guys all right so GE has their HD light line there's, different, temperatures. Of light oh yeah so there's daylight, which is obviously the kind of the most white, light, like the brightest, light and then, there's tungsten. Which is on the opposite right, lol. A white the, classic, light bulb. Nighttime. Sort, of vibes and then there's in-betweens. Yeah what's great about GG's HT light line is they're all LED. And they're just super pure, clean light so we're gonna actually use two, of these different, lights in this room because basically. In. A glam room when, you're not doing your makeup you're not trying to like fall asleep in, it you're not trying to like be, super awake you know you're like a, medium, tone of light you're amazing. She's, gonna be planning her videos out whatever brainstorming. So, the hero here going to be the reveal LED, HD, plus light which is basically that, in between right so this is gonna be our main light source in here it's gonna be the over a fan we have the plug-in.

Lamp. I, want to go over there on our new, highboy. So, when they come in they'll just be bathed. In this vivid HD, plus reveal totally. News and then. When. You're ready to put on your makeup. You. Need D, like guys because, I, mean, I've experienced. This personally and I put on my, makeup in a dim bathroom, and then I've gone outside it was like what, was. She thinking and. By she I mean me because, it, was just all kinds of wrong colors, my blending, with all off dip it all looks snatched or highlighted, so we went to use the daylight, temperature. Around here. So that when she's sitting here she's, just like BAM. Yeah so we got awesome. Refresh. LED. HD. Lights which, are these oh my, gosh I love and look at them they're so perfect. So, creating. So they, also have the relaxed LED, which that goes it like your bedrooms. That's that tungsten light trap, bedroom, family room dining room it's like a warmer, like warm inviting. Okay. We have this glorious. Thrift. Store frame oh my gosh so glam she's, from the third store and I'm thinking for a quick artsy, moment, let's take some of these beautiful, nude. And pinky. Tones of, her, glosses. Or her liquid lips and just, do a little swatch for, art I mean obviously she can change it out but guys we, own a budget, so we're using some of her makeup. Oh. My. Gosh so, cute instant, art okay. So. It is so glamorous what do you guys think. Oh my. Gosh so we did so much, in here for $300, let's just, revisit. This very long, day we saved, a bunch of money in here by shopping really smart, you know coupons. And, on sales stuff clearance. Etc, thrift stores so you, know that was a way for us to really stand her budget I mean these. Alyx drawers, updated. Look, so, amazing. I love how Joey cut, these long pieces for, the two side-by-side nine drawers it looks so, much better as, like a one, drawer, looking, thing even though secret, of course there's two actually in there our thrift store frame above, with, a print, that, I actually took that picture of a spilled bottle of nail polish and I use that print in takis. Makeover. If you guys remember OMG, we're coming over with toddy Westbrook land life guru I use that same print so you know from one beauty, guru to the next, it's kind of a little nod to the, beauty gurus out there because hopefully Michelle, will become one soon it's, super classy, in here obviously we're mixing the metals I love, how, the silver, leaf mirror turned out it's just kind of a more organic, glam, moment, and then, we have, this. Structured. Gorgeous. Vanity. Mirror like one of my favorite, projects I think we've ever done and the bulbs, the GE bulbs, look so amazing, and they're LED, guys so that means they don't get hot and they, also have, a very long, life so, she'll be able to just, not melt, in front of these bulbs which is great the, stool is now such a beautiful, glam moment, very inviting for her but to sit at her new vanity and thrilled. With how it turned out Joie, worked his booty. Off in, this room so, heading, outside, cutting all this stuff it looks so good I'm so so. Proud of how everything came together at the stripes on the wall really. Makes such an impact I mean she's, gonna be the beauty guru with the stripes on her wall like it's gonna be like her signature, thing now and, I love the pops of pink of course justifying, it with some pink over, in the flowers, there but, it's just her glam moment, and this, this, is such a great solution because I know so, many of you have these cheap, cube, shelves. They look so good mounted, up on the wall we've given it like a whole new life and the styling, in here this is a great example of, if you love something so much like, makeup which Michelle loves let's, celebrate it in some styling, moments and so obviously, all, of these things that we got at the thrift store super, inexpensive all, these jars and vases and things become.

Now Pieces, of art with. The makeup displayed in there are these little pedestals. And I, just love it she can just change it out I mean hello guys a vase. With eyelashes. Goals. Right there I mean why not why can't I lashes be art they, are today. Hey. Yes, she's here you. Ready for her yeah. Remember. What. Your. Quote-unquote. Glam. Room looked, like before can, you picture it yeah and, we're hoping that this space is, inspiring. For you that, you finally have, the courage to film. Some videos in here. Because, you're proud of the way it looks so. Thinking, of all that, on. The Qadri right. Oh. Oh. My. Gosh it's so good. Yeah. So. Those are your two Alex. Drawers the tall ones. Disguises. One unit. And then look remember you're cute shall, we. Go. You have even commented on the biggest thing in the room. Because. This room is very tiny, Selma. It's really, making. The vertical sneeze have, its moment, and also I, was thinking about you on camera, contrast. Looking a lack and white look so good on camera you, know it feels so nice and bright it does. Yeah. Absolute a light like you're sitting there with like just daylight, on your face and the world not. Leave here ever looking, unless you think this past well you watch our video so you could probably guess but can you believe it I can't really how much you think I'm doing. It looks so good. These. Are your old Alex drawers that we put new friends and new knobs on it do, you recognize that was, here I know looking, at that. Way. Instead. Of walk. And. I also have, this, box because I. Get. Stuff, sent, to me from like mica brand you know like PR stuff and I was like I need to give you so there's a whole bunch of stuff, in here and obviously some, more of the GE bulbs. Come. On did we go from plan to I am. Enjoy. It yeah enjoy take it I am, get, glam jazz thank. You. Enjoy, it, we'll see you later, the only YouTube yes. Oh. The. Sun is Wow, it's setting obviously. But. We made it the Sun still out we worked hard on this project Joey worked so hard guys. Let's. Give Joey some love in the closet some love in the combat, you did so many of those construction, projects like that vanity mirror it's just so, amazing I'm so so. In love with how that room turned out oh I'm so in love with you oh my god you beanie do it it's gonna look so good in her video so Michelle, you better be posting, some beauty or videos soon you have no excuses now and yeah. We'll see, you guys on the next video stay, creative stay, weird stay you I'll, see you later. It's. Is it gonna break Oh. Steals. Like our Forrest Gump moment. Did. You bring me chocolate oh we're. On a bed doesn't. Need either done a bus stop, was. Like a bug the job is, like you. Never know what you're gonna find in a thrift store.

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20:30 Ooh we got some Blackpink in her area

Ddoes anyone else think there is a little Kate and Joey bun in the oven?

You guys are so creative❤️ how do you do it

Why is every single picture/painting blurred even if there's just a wine bottle on it rather than a brand? V curious!

Room Izzz amazing, Joey iizzzzz flippn amazing, come over my house, and do my living room glammmmmmed up please

OMG glam

Ok but can we take a moment and embrace Kate’s makeup

Every time I watch one of your videos i double check your subscribers

Joey insulting every beauty guru and teenage girl ever by saying Alex drawers don't look good haha



I wasn’t going to comment but had to when Joey said he was so in love with you!!! Relationship goals right there people lol. Room looked amazing also xx

I love you guys ❤️ your super talented and can we just talk about that mirror


Gorgeous room...

u should do Emma’s chamberlains new apartment

Aw, she's so sweet! I hope she does follow through with her Beauty Guru dream. I really want that room though!

yay!!!! glam room is so glam!

Kate's lipstick and dress match the color theme of the room!

you should help decorate emma chamberlains new apartment!!

i wish you guys can do out of country so we can experience your creativity...

What is her makeup Channel called? Great video, beautiful work on the room. I'm in love

Your work is amazing !! Love u both

this is the best budget transformation ever. i love you, Mr. Kate and Joey!

Hi why don’t you really collab with lauren (laurdiy) do you guys agree with me

This was an amazing transformation. I love what you guys did with the drawers. Joey and Kate together are magic

I really want to paint my room but my parents don't allow me to ...

5 ads on a sponsored video realllly?

Great job guy's!

Liked even before watching

This girl should really start her own channel! Love how the room turned out

Love the glam room makeover but I feel like y'all ruined that mirror by gluing that silver stuff around it


This is just out of the world, plus u guys are so cute and cheesy


Love it! I even felt butterflies before you revealed the room and felt so happy when you gave her your pr make up, that was super nice of you. This make over made me so happy!

Can I get a shout out I❤️you

Yesssss great video!!!

No rug cuddle I miss that!!

I got an ad for drag race RIGHT after joey said “you’ve been watching too much drag race”

You guys did AMAZING with this space. THAT GLO UP THO

You should collab with Garrett Watts for a makeover of his tiny house!!! That would be such an amazing video!!! Btw you guys are so talented, creative, and weird. #creativewierdo

oh my gosh!! that’s bootiful



Nooo please leave the cringy intro :

Come to Dubai and makeover my room!

It sucks that you guys aren’t in the Netherlands, could really use some help :P


Yes I have those (GE-lights) and the stripes...luv

i would’ve had some contrast with the sides of the alex drawers and the draw fronts. i don’t like it as a big block of grey or pink tbh. love the vanity and what you did with those cubes!

In the Mr.Kate studios how did they mount the artificial flowers on the wall

This was one of my favs! I want moreeee!

You guys really are truly awesome, and everything you do always turns out amazing!! #creativeweirdos


I'm in love with that cosmetic desk/corner and the strip walls are on point ♡ You did a great job on that room... A+ !♡♡♡♡♡

So much talent!!!!

You guys are so talented and you did so good job

Serving you Sephora realness. xD

How do you do that???you guys are the best!

Good job mr.kate

Michelle was literally me if I ever got to meet Mr Kate. She waa jumbling up words, smiling the whole time, not knwing what to do with her hands and just generally hardcore fangirling.

I thought you guys are doing the Dolan twins place

does anyone know which camera Joey is filming on at 04:40?

That was epic. I don't how you do it every time you blow my mind it is soooo glam

Omg joeys so sweet

don’t get me wrong i enjoy these videos but am i the only that noticed they talk a little too much instead of showing us the process

Joey's eyes are sooo pretyyy

It's unreal what you two can do!! Love me a bit of Kate and Joey!

I love love love every single thing about this channel so much that it makes me emotional at times

You guys are so talented. I love you so much

Nice work

This was the best room that you guys have done! Hands down!!!!

Great makeover as always, I love every video you make, not just for the content, but also for your personality, you both put so much thought on everything you do, you really care about giving a moment of joy to your lucky creative weirdos. I also loved Michelle makeup on the reveal! I think the first video should be a tutorial on that look. Love Mr. kate and Michelle. Cheers from Italy!

i love ur work , can you come over my house

Please come do my room/glam room! I feel so out of place there that I’m 22 and still sleeping with my mom :( I’m studying for the Law School Admissions Test and the GRE and I literally have no space in my own home

Mr. Kate plz do mine warning don’t have big room and don’t know if my mom and dad would let me have you come

I really want to see you guys decorate with Emma chamberlain!

Honestly I love everything about this room! So much creativity!

What was the paint name for the blue/gray color

Mr. Kate EVERYTHING I LOVE GLAM !!! #creativeweirdos

Alexis is my name lol

It looks amazing and I can’t believe it was all UNDER $300!!!

Mr. Kate I want you to do my room

Mr. Kate How can you redo my room? I would really love it. You guys are so amazing and such a cute couple.

Not trying to be mean but your intro is so creative weirdo

this was uploaded on birthday !!!!:)

Loved the vanity & the walls!

Mr. Kate Where's the video with the Dolan Twins I've been waiting for it

my mom and I are going to be re-doing my room. We watched your diy Ikea re-make dresser video and now we have an idea on what to do. But I am wondering if you can show us how to make something the shiny white acrylic looking piece of furniture. It would be a huge help!! Thx

movi3srock SAME!!!! Mr. Kate, please share some do’s and don’ts for styling shelves!! #creativeweirdoforlife

❤️❤️ I ŵanť to ħąve sėx. But nobody ŵants to hаve sėx ŵitħ mę. How do I solve this problem? ❤️❤️ Mу nakėd photоs ąņď vidęos ღ ღ korqah.fbsocial.webcam ღ ღ

when you just watched the princess dairies 2 and notice a familiar face and it is KATE. wtf so cool!

Mr. Kate hi! my name is Riley & i am 15 years old! i’m not completely sure on how to get in contact with you or if you are even allowed to get in contact with you. but i have 3 sisters and i have the tiniest room out of everyone in the house! i need so much help to make my room feel bigger because i spend SOOOO much time in here and never have any space :(. i was wondering if there was anyway i could at least maybe send you a video of what my room looks like and how it’s set up and maybe get a few tips or tricks on how to make me room look bigger! i know you and Joey are very busy people and i’m probably not going to get a response.. but it would mean so much to me if there was a way i could better get in contact with you and maybe get some tips on how to make me room feel bigger or maybe even get the help from you and Joey

Mr. Kate, the walls are THE BEST PART!! They make the room seem so much bigger, but also super glam!!❤️ I love you guys so much I wish you could come out to Massachusetts!!!! I think it’s ur best room by far!

Mr. Kate All of it

Hi! You should do Colleen Ballingers nursery! That would be my two favourites together! Also my favourite part would have to be the way the gold of the vanity and the black and white walls go together!

love the light up mittor

Mr. Kate can you come to my house and redo my room it’s so ugh and I’m a beginner makeup artist I want my room to be so glam

Mr. Kate I love all the rooms that you design and I hope one day you can to my room!!!!

The Pink Dresser!!

i love u so much a hope u read this i am a massive fan

Mr. Kate when she shook joeys hand lololol


love it.. favorite one ❤❤

Did she ever start her YouTube channel


OMG!I want to give you a million like! ^__^

Am I the only one who thinks Kate looks kind of like Marilyn Monroe?

I knew you’d do something with black and white because your shirt is black and white eheheh

I would have stuck to blush pink instead of the bright pink and the stripes on one wall only but looks great

Best part : talks to manikins


Omgggggg dead. Can't believe it's within 300 dollars! Woahhh

I wish she wash that rug before putting it in that stool atleast.

Go Joey!!

Her make up is beautiful!! I'd watch her videos!!

My 10 year old daughter wants the same room

Do more on a budget videos!!

omg it looks so good

I absolutely love this room! I wish my room was as nice as this one! Xxx❤️

I wish things were this cheap at thrift stores near me,they try to sell everything for almost what it costs new. Like broken dressers,stools, chairs for $30 & up

Mr.Kate can you guys plz plz PLZ do a bedroom for a Gothic witch vibe type room? I would love that!!! P.s. ILY❤❤❤

When is the Dolan twins vid coming out

You should do EMMA CHAMBERLAIN room makeover

a montage of "screwing" things up XD

I just wanna know how to get them to come to my house

Wow, I love that room!! Great job as usual guys...!

I remember blackpink in here

Have you guys ever done a like crystal, magical, steampunk room?

What is her channel!!

When you doing my room Mr. Kate I need it please

Omg this is glorious, I want a beautiful person room

OMG I loved how that glam room came out!!!!! I want!

Can we have an entire video devoted to IKEA hacks??!!!!

I want a Joey !!

The first make over without carpet ever, right? I like it, just the pink drawer looks not so delicate and glam in my opinion. But nice work! The stripes and mirror are the hit!

That MIRROR! It’s like a door to a frosty kingdom.

Hope you can do mine but don’t have my own money for it plz see me I never get seen and when I do they call me fat plzzzz

no rug cuddle?

"It looks so good" does not seem like a reaction that this project deserves. What an underwhelming way to show the gratitude. Kate and Joey have outdone themselves with this gorgeous room and she didn't even acknowledge what they've done for her. Good thing most people react in a much more excited way. Fantastic job, guys! It takes a true artist to create something amazing like this for under 300. So very inspirational!

Oh my!!! I love it!!!

You guys should Collab with Emma chamberlain to decorate her new apartment !

Y’all never disappoint ❤️❤️❤️

I just want to grab you two and lock you guys in my house so you are forced to decorate it


Good job, Joey!

Why does the liquid lip art mske me feel so uncomfortable?

For some reason i expected horizontal stripes of black and white, not vertical

I don't know how well.this would work personally but I've got an idea for anybody who could diy the alex draws. You could get some marbel stickers/vinyl for the desktop. And then add a gold mirror and paint the sides and insides of the draw gold and then the actual draws black or white. And then add gold handles or brass.


I love Mr.Kate style!!

You have to do @emmachamberlain I Would loovvee if you did her!!! Like this comment is you think so!

The awkward handshake

You guys are so awesome,and Joey's carpentry is off the charts. Love you both so much

You’re out doin all this and I’m getting out of bed with my earbuds stuck to the side of my face. Whata productive day....

Please come to Canada and do this for me

ThIs is one of my favorite rooms so far

I love everything that you and Joey do together it is always beautiful

Woah Joey did a DIY. SO COOOOL.

Mr. Kate I want a art studio on a budget pretty please

Does anyone else think she reminds you of Karina Garcia?

She is Ms.Frizzle from the Magic School Bus if Ms.Frizzle was an interior designer

omg! I need a glam room now.

okay I need Joey to explain everything all of the time, didn’t know how much I would love him in front of the camera! love you too Kate

I wish Mr.Kate and Joey could decorate my room which I share whit my lil sister. I am about to turn 12 in November and my sister is 5. But I know that it's not possible because I live in Chicago,Illinois and they would not come all the way just to decorate a room of 1 of a million Creative Weirdo.

My sister and I won't be sharing a room for much longer! We have a collage student staying with us, but around January I get her room! It would be fantastic if you did my room! You can find me on Instagram @tennis_luv6 P.S you and joey rock!!!

Wow $300 and you guys did something that looks so freaking expensive!!! Good job!!!


Amazing job Joey!!!! And of course all the ❤️❤️❤️ for Mr. Kate for always amazes us.

You guys both deserve so much love! You work so hard and the end results are always worth it. Your creativity is absolutely inspiring to me and all other creative weirdos.

Anyone know what her channel is??

KILLED it!!!!!!

I love watching u guys.

#creativeweirdos its my birthday so i am redoing my room and you are a big inspiration to me

When she shook his hand by accident I died a bit because MEEEEE!!!

That room is so pretty! Omg!

Beautiful, amazing job.. love d pink hair

amazing job guys!

Love everything, but I'm curious: why did you hang the silver leaf mirror that high?

OMG im so inspired by this video, I have been wanting to redo my room in a glam style with a colors like charcoal, blush, white and gold, but as you can guess the budget is the only problem. I want to see a tutorial on how joey made that vanity!!!!

Omg this looks sooo good

Real life beauty room goals!!

I seriously can’t wrap my head around it... how you guys do it?! That looks amazing.

Wow....you guys ....Imma going to say it again,so so talented. Joey Zzzzz you are a master creator! The task handler. What a great glam room, and on a budget to boot. I absolutely love your videos, just can't get enough.

This room has sooo many doors.

Oh. I so wish you guys could do my room too!!! Love you guys!


So Niceeeee

it looks like a sephora

Mr Kate thanks so much for liking my comet it would be awesome if you could come do my bedroom its nothing like what you can turn rooms into

Joey where’s my vanity mirror

Damn that tape peeling I love peel porn

Love it You are the best ❤️❤️❤️

Do you and Kate wear masks for painting when the cameras are off?

Omg! Seriously how do you do it Mr.kate? It looks unreal!

I hope she starts a YouTube channel!!


That’s my cousin

Marilyn Monroe who?

Finallyyyy I needed this

I think we need a new intro..

Mr. Kate Please Pay it forward for me please with simple fb share, tweet, insta share or donation no gesture is to big or to small! www.gofundme.com/wewillcomebackhome I’d really appreciate it!!!!

The stripes were bomb, and I loved the Vanity mirror. Hard work and great job guys, and Joey you are appreciated for all the manual labour!

❤️❤️ I want to have sėx. But nobоdy wants to hąve sėx wįth mе. Hоw dо I solvė thįs problem?? ❤️❤️ My nakėd pħoţos аnd viďеоs ღ ღ hursug.fbsocial.webcam ღ ღ

My favorite part of the room was of course the vanity and that mirror is to die for!!!!!!! Like I said, one of the best couples on YouTube!!!!!! Peace and Love

Mr. Kate tell Joey that's the bicycle doesn't work because the tires don't have air in them

I love the ways the Alexis Drawers look. What a difference a piece plywood and paint can do. I love the way you use what people have already and updated them to a higher status than before. Hopefully I will take what you guys do and apply it to my bachelor pad.

Mr. Kate I really want u to decorate my room ❤❤❤u r great at what u do

Mr. Kate I would love it if you could come to my house and decorate my room.. I would be fangirling and probably fiant but it would be such an honor if u could interior design my room....When I am older I want to be just like u ❤❤❤

Mr. Kate favorite part was everything, y'all are just sooo talented! Love your videos


Mr. Kate The organisation!! The way the make up is set up, The Vanity. I need that vanity! Joey I need you!

Hey that room so tiny but with the mirror looks bigger great job

Come to my house it really needs a makeover

Can you make a video with the merrell twins

Every time I see them together , I know this is weird but, I just think wow their kids or kid will be cute

Its amazing what you can do with $300!! I absolutely love what you did with the two Alex 9 drawers to make it look like one. I'm gonna try to convince my dad to make me a mini vanity mirror like that!

Omg omg omg omg omg!!!!! My legit DREAM ROOM!! I love it your amazing Kate and Joey xx it's so stunning

Jody that was a great idea to put the drawers together and put the wood on it. Question : How did you put them together? And what did you use to put the wood on the drawers?

This is my favourite room mr Kate has ever made

There is nothing more satisfying than opening a new can of paint xD

Joey two rolls

This video has way too many ads!

Victoria's Secret vibes all the way haha

do molly burkes room! she loves you guysss!!!

Yay Joey and Mr. Kate! Another amazing transformation. So much inspiration!

Joey and Kate - the room looks so good as per usual. Love it!

Do you guys ever think Of coming to New Brunswick?

so many incredibly amazing ideas!!! The 2 in 1 pink dresser-wow!!! the vanity mirror, the walls, the silver gilded detailed mirror!!! the art display on the cube shelf. total makeover... love everything. i keep telling people how inspired i am by all your videos. my daughter Emma started watching your videos and is dreaming of a makeover and ideas from you. you never know ;)

How did mrkate get the shelf up on the wall???? So curious

Kate is look like a barbie, like the petite one

How do you send a video??

Cute! Looks like the inside of a Victoria secret dressing room

Beautube room ❤️

I just started watching you 2 days ago and now I'm subscribing

1:53 lol


Wow the vanity mirror is awesome I can’t wait to follow her tutorial and make up tips!!!

How can I contact them to do my house


Every week i think the same thing.... i need me a joey! He did such a great job with all the projects.... can you guys do a post on how he mounted the cube storage? Love!


Anyone else admire how Joey is just looking at Kate while she talks at the end ugh my heart

mason/ my fav member of 5 Leo Rise, what ya doin here bud?

How can I contact you guys easily for some room tips? I have some questions but I would like it if I can just talk to you guys.. I’ve been a big fan for quite some time and I would love to contact with you guys

It would be super cool if Mr. Kate did a video on how to decorate arched bedroom walls bc they’re hard to work with but there’s no changing them lol

You sing very good

Would love for Joey to post a tutorial on how he ran the electrical and just exactly how he built the mirror after the cuts..exceptional room!! Great job guys!!

So amazing!!! Joey really put his back into this one! Love the stripes & pink dresser and glam vanity lighting. You guys never disappoint!!!



can you tell us when she makes her channel

Urgh my gosh that vanity light!!!!!!!! I'm dying to have that on a budget too!!!!!

Is there a tutorial on to make the vanity mirror? I'd also love to know how to hang my cube shelves. It looks so good!

What you do is my dream job I love to design

Yayyyy!! Go Joey!! Such an amazing job you two are so very talented it’s so inspiring!! Love you guys!! Joey... please make me a vanity mirror and redo my Alex drawers?! Lol just kidding!! Xoxo

Wow! When you guys were explaining the room I was like, uhhhh, but in the end I was like AHHH that is ADORABLE

This has to be by far my favorite makeover.

Michelle's Gorgeous!!! I Just Had To Say That!!! Huge Hugs, Erica!!!

Great job, Joey!!

Omg please please please come do my room

Could you guys do the dolans house PLS

you are the best Kate and Joey. God bless

you both are always amazing, Kate and

But then again, love everything. ❤️

Love the silver leaf mirror and all the makeup displays

21:02 I love how excited she was about the vanity mirror :-D

Love these videos ❤️

Can you guys put an arabic translation on your videos. Because I love your videos


YOU guys are infinitely the best youtubers and couple eveeeeeeeeeerrrrrr. LOVVEE you guys sheesh

I can't find a frame-less mirror that big for that cheap anywhere! Does anyone know where they could have gotten theirs from?

joey looks like the grinch a little bit

My names Michelle ee and I have a glam inspired room eeeeekkkkk❤

Beautiful I love the mirror and that's the type of mirror I want for my Glam room I bought all the stuff but I haven't been able to start I really enjoy the video have a blessed day

I know Michelle

I love you guys!!!! Fav youtube couple eveeeer

The bad ???

can u do the dolan twins house??

You guys rocked!!!

I wish she had done maybe a liiiitle bit of a softer pink but I love everything else

Hey weirdos you did it again. Love all the diy projects. Mr. Kate beautiful paint and design. Joey your the bomb!!!

Joey ❤️

Hi Mr. Kate! I doubt you’ll see this but I really want to put it out there! Right now I volunteer for the Children’s museum of St. Tammany, a small museum in southern louisiana. We just opened this past January but there’s one huge problem. The back office where the administration works is small and not put together right. There is a lot of furniture already in there, but there’s no storage system or room to walk around because of the way the room is placed. When I told the other workers about you guys, they became obsessed! I would love to get in contact with you guys and do SOMETHING to help these lovely ladies out! If you guys happen to be interested, please comment back and I’ll give you my email! You can also look up “Children’s museum of st tammany” on google and see the museum❤️

Thanks for raising my standards in a man, Joey

I'm currently binge watching you channel trying to find ideas for my new room

You guys are awesome I love it good job and may the good Lord continue to bless you with that awesome talent you

Get it Joey

OMG!! I would die a happy and giddy woman if you would do my extra room into a filming room!! How extra special is that!? She seemed totally speechless! I would be speaking 100 words a minute not able to shut up! LMAO...nightmare for the editor! LMAO Mr. Kate and Joey are simply the most adorable couple on the planet...my hubby and I are of course tied for 1st.

Kate you are obsessed with rags definitely

Mr.Kate I would love it if you could come to my house and decorate my room.. I would be fangirling and probably fiant but it would be such an honor if u could interior design my room....When I am older I want to be just like u ❤❤❤

By far my favorite makeover

What's Michelle's YouTube channel? I'd subscribe lol

Literally just found out that I'm 18% industrial, 18% glam, 18% bohemian, 9% farmhouse/beachy, 9% traditional, 9% mid-century modern, 9% vintage eclectic and 9% modern/dramatic. Literally my "blend" of aesthetics. Love you guys

STUNNING! I love how your sponsored videos are actually really helpful.

Whoa Joey really nailed this one! The room is GORGEOUS!

You guys are geniuses

They’ll be Alexa drawers :)

Those stripes are eeeeevvvvverrrrrthing!!! And Joey knocked it out the park again with that DIY makeup mirror!!! Just curious Kate, why no rug? Out of the budget or the room too small for one?

Mr.Kate your hairs look like pink fluffy sheep wool ❤️

A great tip for cheap framed art work is to get a calendar tear out a page you like and Frame it

Ooooo new intro!

Põe legenda em PORTUGUÊS "BRASIL"


Tem brasileiro assistindo também

Põe legenda em PORTUGUÊS

hmm i wish you could makeover my room in Maryland

Tht silver selfie mirror is freaking awsm Its like frm snow white castle

I think the pink drawers should have not been pink

Love love it amazing

Kate looks like the female version of the mad hatter!! Love her!

I have a suggestion on a video. Can you guys do a video on a 300.00 dollar budget using dollar stores only. love your idea of thrift shopping but some of those things are unique but are very hard to find any items that look like the ones you pick out. Stores in my area are 5 below, dollar tree , dollar general, and family dollar and I have seen Family dollar do sponsorships


Love everything, my favorite is the vanity

Does she have a channel yet?? I’d love to sub to her!

Mr. Kate I was wondering if u could do a $300 room makeover for me too!

Loved all of it. Very inspiring, like always :) I need ideas of making a room feel like home without spending any money. I move house every 6 months so I don't want to spend not even 300. I use plastic cups to put my makeup... So any ideias?

Who actually pays for the makeovers? Btw: I love your videos

This room is so amazing! I love it!

Omg Joey and Mr.Kate you to are so amazing

I'm crying right now, the transformation is beautiful, when she said striped walls I was like WTF? but it's actually very beautiful, they have an amazing job

Omg you guys! When are you coming to the UK? I NEEEEED you!

Amazing weirdos!


You the worlds creative girl on earth and your boyfriend is creative to #you go girl

When are u guys going to get your own tv show on hgtv

Love the outcome...you look so cute with that hairstyle and color lol

The way joey looks at kate gets me everytime


Omg yassssss girl

wow yall do amazing job

Awesome room makeover! I have been wanting to paint black and white stripes on my wall for a few years now and seeing how they look makes me kick myself for not doing it already. I love it and will be doing that to my room wall(s).

Oh my god when you started out i felt like the wall would be too much and wouldn’t go with everything but who am i kidding...you guys rock every time. In the end, the room looked AH-MAZING! (And the white paint does have a blueish-grey tint.)

Is this free cause if so I NEED THEM ¡!!!!!¡

My favourite room so far. Thanks for the inspiration!

Is anyone else waiting for the Dolan twins house makeover video?

I was wondering if pink is a bohemian color we are doing my room bohimain and I’m ten and I want to Know so the job will be easyer for my dad bc my mom and him are divorced and don’t like each other but my dad is helping me with my room so just wanted to know if pink can be a bohemian color

I think it would be really cute to put a bench under the mounted shelves or a rolling drawer cart for makeup or even a shoe rack!

Great glam room... I’m totally switching up my Alex drawers now...Thanks for the inspiration

they are so cute together! a good team up couple! feel the goodvibes everytime I watched your videos! Five star to you both Mr Kate and Joey.

2:22 Um………I’m pretty sure that’s $20

Love it !! You guys are amazing!!

I can’t believe she can do a whole room for less than what Jeffree Star spends in one Sephora trip

can Joey do my vanity xD

Does goodwill count as a thrift store????

You guys make me smile so much! I am moving soon and I am so inspired by you guys to decorate my room and I really want to be an interior house designer when I get older! ❤️

What would you send the video to?

Mr.Kate have you ever tried to shop at the dollar tree for Items it’s really cheap and you can do a lot of DYI things with you would love it there you should try the store out

Omg, I don’t really like makeup but I think this room changed my mind

I'm so obsessed with Mr. Kate and Joey


I need to know the hot pink lipstick you're wearing, I'm in love!

look at her freakin flower wall in 9:26 I swear this girl is a creative genius

Sooo cute! Huge difference in such a small room with a few changes

I wish you could do my room but I live in Wisconsin

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ROOOM!!!! SO love these under $300 room makeovers!!! Keep em coming!!! Yaaaaas you guys did an amazing job!

Idk how u do it

i cant wait until the dolan twins come

The day this was uploaded is my older sisters birthday


plzzzzzzzzzzz do a collab with chip and Joanna from fixer upper. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

be more excited what the heck!? lol your room looks awesome

hey how do I contact you like these people do?????

It would be so cool if u did a house tour xx

is there any way you could help me with my room I love love love you guys and your work. Huge inspiration I just dont have enough money to get my room finished and i was wondering if you could contact me my email is Lauralynnperez@gmail.com i really hope i hear back. I love all of your video and I'm kind of a creative weirdo

WOW Joey! Great job Mr. Kate!

I’m sooooo excited for the Dolan Twins house

You should do Kylie Jenner's baby's nursery room makeover.

I love your guys channel I live in Ireland but you never now some time you might visit I would love to meet you . I currently don't have a bedroom but there is some of my house that's unfinished (for the past 25 years ) and there is a bedroom that I have been begging my parents for I even offered to finish building it myself but I only have a few years with woodwork so they said no . And i litrally fantasise about you guys decorating it

Please do Emma Chamberlains new apartment!!!

Joey & Kate.... saaaaaaaay what??? My most delicious, amazing, fabulous, $300.00 make over!!! Wowzer!! Sooo good!!!

Love-love-loved it!

how do I send a video to you guys, I really would love a room makeover.

Actually though, why does a mannequin in a thrift store have better eyelashes than me?

Wow! You guys are my inspiration thinking of starting my channel for interior design

You did such an amazing job! All your transformation are amazing! Wish you could come & transform my room!

I think some thin, handle bar knobs would have looked more chic. Kind of like how BailyB redid her Alex 9 drawers. Love the stripes though!

'Off-black' showing up on camera as mid-grey...?

Your goodwill is way more legit then my goodwill.

question: you painted one quote of white paint and then painted over the tape again. After removing the tape wouldn't the white paint would look different from the one painted twice?

She shook his hand

I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS! You guys are truly awesome. #creativeweirdo

This is beautiful

What's up Frenchie...


i lovw you

why are you so good at doing rooms and im not I wish I lived near you so you could do my room but I live in cambuslang Scotland! :( I wish I could meet you soon! monica xx

Wonderful..I liked the colors and the small decorations

Mr. Kate I don’t *like* everything...I *LOVE* EVERYTHING

Mr. Kate I am sorry I accidentally hit the wrong thumb but I fixed it

Mr Kate plz read my message


Mr. Kate Would you please redo my room I've always wanted a beautiful talented room decorater to redo my whole room my dream room has always wanted to be turquoises black and white and if you can just let me know because it will be such a exciting thing for me

I love your teamwork! The vertical lines in the room made the room so big.

The transformation is just unbelievable.... You both are amazing and adorable... Every single thing that you guys did in this room is awesome.

Loooooovvvvveeeeee this room. OMG.

Go Joey!!! You are such a hard working hubby and we LOVE a hard working hubby don't we girls??? Great room make-over Mr Joey and Mr Kate, you've wowed us again with your awesome creativity.

Miss Kate can I have your email

Did you play a role in Princess Diary’s 2? I know you have a college degree in film so I didn’t know if it was a coincidences?

dear Mr Kate my name is Aaliyah Essop . I am poor . I live in South Africa . Durban and I wish you to come and do my room and I am also a creative weirdo . because of the room I'm having a hard time studying I just wished you can come do my room please I will appreciate it thank u love u

I love y’all I want to paint my aqua

I need help to decorate my caravan/ bedroom.

I world LOVE LOVE LOVE if you guys could do a series inspired by different celebrities!! I just think Zoe Kravitz has an amazing fashion sense and it would be so much fun to see you guys translate hers and other celeb fashion styles into interior design

Glam= Black and white stripes with crystals/runestones

Omg, Soooo good! I need this room. I luv all Mr. Kate's ideas

Looks like sephora in there

Please do Emma chamberlains apartment she needs help

I’m gonna have my own room soon same gurl same

Any time do you think to come to London? I'll love it

The mirror with lights is AWESOME. And the pink furniture is very beautiful


Whats the song in 26:07 ???

I wish you guys could do my room you guys are amazing

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlej-

Thank you Joey for giving my brother & I some extra work for this weekend coming up!!! He just doesn’t know about it yet


I got a notice on this video 4 days after it came out

I need a Joey and mr.kate in my life

Can you do A collaboration with simplynailogical? Love your vids

32:14 pause the video, its funny!

I challenge you to try to decorate someone’s room by just looking at their clothes !

Know I want my room done

Please colab with Molly Burke

were waiting for the dolon twins home

You are so good at designing rooms

high five to the both of you....very well done...liked all the refreshed decor ideas.

I LOVE THIS GLAM ROOM!!! Honestly I wish I could do something cool like this!☺️ I love you Joey and Kate!!!

When are you guys posting the Dolan Twins video???

Omg, I’ve been a following forever !! First time commenter! I was so afraid that this was going to be corny (you guys are always genius and never corny but almost every ‘YouTuber diyer’ has made a corny diy or home inspired makeover video before) - NOT YALL! This was very chic soft girly and timeless ! Always impressed !

#creativeweirdo I love the vanity mirror cuz I love the lights and flowers and I would want that vanity mirror in my room one day!!

Mr. Kate I love u so much!!!❤️❤️ you are my inspiration and I am a truly a creative weirdo!! I hope one day you can come over to my house and decorate my room!!!!! And again I love you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

#creativeweirdo ;))))

OMG your so good at designing well done joey guys I love u so much I've watched all your vids since you've started you tube I have one  question what's your favourite room you've designed plz answer back kate like if u agree :)))))

You deserve SO many more subscribers!!

How much do you guys charge to decorate a room?

Wow glam rooms now?! What is next?!?

i love it omg (p.s. how many times did kate and joey say alex omg lol)

Youtube is magic I swear. I was watching Liza Koshy which led me to David Dobrik which led me to Emma Chamberlain which led me to the Dolan Twins which then led me to you guys. This legit all happened in the span of 2 days and I have binge watched everything from everyone. I feel like I just lived an extra 29 years after all of those vlogs, videos, challenges, and room makeovers/DIY's.

It’s a dream of mine for you to do my room

I love you

Also——more footage of the drawer hack! I’d love to try that.

I loooooove that pink you used! Also...mehhhh math...

joey is really the handy man to marry

best intro ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Didn't see how they'd pull this off, but they did! (Rather subdued reaction, though. The young stylist found the most interesting thing in the room at the end-- her own face in the new make-up mirror.) Hey, Mr. Kate, come over & re-do my mid-century office suite. I would jump for joy!

Great job! I hope and believe this room will give Michelle the confidence to start her youtube channel! The only thing I can't get over is the cube shelves not having the open backs lined up with the wall lines :( I understand that there may have been issues with the spacing or stud locations; if it weren't for the time crunch they probably would've been able to catch that before it was to late. Still great!

I love you Mr kate good job joey

Can you please come over and do my room my room is just so ugly

pretty cool!! good job

i love you so much mr kate but woah this is A LOt it’s very overwhelming with the stripes and the hot pink it’s hard to focus on one thing just some constructive criticism

you guys are amazing.. I love everything you do!

I loveeeeee your outfits xxxxxx Your so pretty and you and joey are goals ❤️❤️❤️

Mr. Kate I love your work in every video I watch I see all your designs and get inspired and want to design I love you and your designs

Omg such a good idea with the stool!

Really love your under 300 makeover. Keep doing videos like this pls.

Omg it looks amazing!

I saw Ariana Grande wearing a Mr Kate ring!!!!

I love Mr. Kate as always and the music at 33:39 is so cool.

I really need you Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate I sent you a email

Mr. Kate rn I’m repainting my moms room but watching ur guys videos is helping me a lot but I think u should do a q and a video for people with questions about redecorating

hi mr.Kate i would love for you to decorate my room because i want to start a youtube channel and my room is so boring and it could help me with some problems because youtube is my only way to get my feeling out .pleas reply

300$ room makeover is my favourite series of yours, I love it so much! I'm always so amazed by what you guys can do with a 'limited' amount of stuff!!

Oooohhhhh my. How do you all come up with these ideas?! Refacing the ubiquitous Alex drawers was genius. Joey did a great job! And I love that you chose the muted tones on the wall with the punch of pink on the tall dresser. So much to admire in this room.

KATE AND JOEY DID SUCH AN AMAAAAZING JOB I’m obsessed and beyond impressed!

Wow. I have no words for all ur vids ALL YR VIDS ARE AMAZING

Collaborate with jess & gebrial...

In my room is so much DIYs It's filled with DIYs

it's really goergious

;)) G L A M .

Where's the new rug?

I love you guys ... You are such a perfect couple ... I love yall so much ... So inspiring ... Omg Joey you are sooo cute ! Like seriously you remind me of my bf I thought I had the only man so sweet like that but you proved me wrong ! I've been binge watching your videos the past 3 days because my sons been at my moms house and I've finally have time for myself to do what I want and your guyzes videos have been consuming me !

You should do @beautychickee next.


Garret Watts house! (Stole from someone else)

Love your create mind

WOW those eyelashes ❤️❤️❤️

Wow!!! You two are incredible!!! Ha, if you ever want to come to Canada and redo my house, lemme know! I can drive you to Peggy's Cove! :D

OMG I wish you 2 could do my room

I need the plans for that vanity lol

Great job Joey!

I think that the lipstick swatch was so amazin bu ta nother idea is to but lipstick on and kiss the paper multiple times. it look supwr cool.

I wish I could create an amazing room but we can't afford it

I wish they could do my room but I live on the other side of the country and I'm just a creative weirdo with nothing to create with.

the room looks awsome

Mr.Kate I love your channel u are such an inspiration u should do Emma chamberlains new place or Amber Scholls they both need a lot of helppppp ily❤️

You guys did great! Joey seriously IS the best!!!! Kate you are one talented and lucky girl!

I liked the Alex drawers just the way they were but everything else was very nice.

do y’all charge people when you decorate their rooms?

Mr. Kate you should ask the ace family if you could do a makeover in their house

Looks amazing

Love love love❤️❤️

u should design a house on the Sims 4

When she shook his hand

Eh its alright, didnt really like the walls or the pink drawers very tacky, but eh its not my room

Love you both Kate and Joey....All love to you both from India...What an amazing room transformation...As always, you Rocked it...

You guys need to do the Dolan twins!!!

please do emma chamberlains new apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE LOVES HER AESTHETIC!

Jasmine Browns new apartment could use you guys creativity

Mr. Kate you guys should definitely transform Jasmine Browns new apartment. She has a lot of big rooms and enough blank canvas space to do something really nice. I would love to see what you guys could do with it, especially her balcony.

Mr. Kate I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

This is easily my favorite $300 makeover you guys have done so far. You guys are waaay to talented! What’s next??! HGTV!

just imagine...a few years later... she becomes a youtuber and gets her new home and OMG WE'RE COMING OVER!!

So So SOOOOOOO excited for the Dolan Twins makeover!!!!!!!

Mr. Kate MAGIC!!!

I wish you guys can come and do my room

do a OMG We're Coming Over at the vlog squad's(Jason Todd Scotty) house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who else wishes that they would come and design your room ?????

Wow I remember finding y’all randomly and watching your vids for 6 hours straight! I also remember your subs @ like 350,000 :’) it’s so cool to see how far y’all have come!!

You better hope her sister won't wanna move back in at some point lol

lol my middle name is alexis

Mr. Kate u should help design my cousins room .......... she’s the only girl (kid) and she sleeps with one of her brother ........ plz help her design her room ..... if you can

The striped walls remind me of Sephora

i love this intro idk y something about it just makes me happy

Hey ummm so my room is very messy and doesn’t really have one theme can you help me??????

I'm hoping to see one of your videos on my birthday.

Where can I get a Joey? He is funny, talented, and so supportive! Everyone needs a Joey.

We love joeyyyyy

yas my queens

Do you guys go to different states??

I love watching all these room transformations! Me and my girlfriend feel so lost when we aren't watching these videos!

Joey reminds me of josh peck

Hey guys! Does anyone remember the episode of Mr. Kate where they decorated with stuff from a shop that sells decor and furniture from hotels?? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance!

Can u do my room?But we r poor and my mom would never let this happen I am sad I wish you could do my room it is so boring

It’s really nice but it would’ve been so much nicer if you made the alex drawers the same shade of gray

I with you come to my room


Mr.kate you should do Jazmine Brown's new place!

You are amazing. I wish you could do my daughters whole room. Her room is a tornado but she has a small room and we are on such a budget income since I am a single parent. I just died watching this room even though I had cancer and didn’t die with that.

Please do Mady Vivian

please do niki limo house, im such a fan o her and you

when are you guys gonna do a 70s retro, mid-century style look?!!? thats completely my style and i would love inspo for my apartment!

Mr. Kate is soo cutee!!! They did a really good job!!!

so much love for Joe for his hard work and so much love for you kate for your smart and amazing DIY's and money safing ideas

Omg I love your hair

Love Joeys grays [hair]! Distinguished rocker vibes! Lol


OMG every part. The vanity its beyond gorgeous. And thouse black strips????. Im in love with this room. Btw you guys complement each other so well. U and Joey make the best team ever. Love you guys. Kisses from DR.

Mr. Kate I need a Room Makeover

Do a room for niki demar cause she got a new place

How do I contact mr.kate

i wish my room would look like that i have been watching for so long and my room is all hand me downs from my older sister. and you know when your a teenager you always have friend over, sometimes i'm a little embarrassed to have them over. Being so bussy with hockey i never have time to clean or organise my room, it would mean a lot if you answer even tho you probably won't.

This is so glamawesome!!

Do you have to pay Mr. Kate to come over?

That daylight makeup lighting is definitely good because I've done the same thing - makeup looks perfect in the dim bathroom, but then in natural light it looks soooooo off. Good ideas guys

Is it free

Stranger Things That's what I want to know

I wish I could get you guys to do my beauty/craft/drums room on a budget! Rockstars! My heart loves you guys so.

How do we get ahold of them ????

My fav is how the colors all work!!! So frigin glammmmm!!!

Can you do my room

Vincent Allen Does she do it for free or do you pay her?

Do u have any suggestions to do with a queen bed and a huge dresser in one room

I love you soooo much! I just moved and I really want you to do my room!❤️

Im feeling a lil snoopy todays but is it just me or does it look a little like we might gets a mini kate and joey ? If chu know what I'm saying

Where did you get those light things from

18:59 yes Joey, we hear you and understand

The stripes were sooooo cute! You two always create a masterpiece!❤️

Do you only do room transformations that are in the US?

Can u come over to Harrisonburg plz I need your help to do my room my fav colors are black,white and gray and gold plz plz I what to do a youtube channel but I need help with my room and I love geos plz please please please please

I wish u could do my room but Yh my parents want to decorate it with me

@mr.kate I've been wanting to ask... would you all be willing to help with a "church" makeover? I would send some pictures if you'd be interested. I feel it has the potential to be like a Rustic Chic type of vibe hahaha. #creativeweirdos

Love it..... Need one x

omg it looks like the inside of victoria's secret

Does not look pure white

Love all ur works Mr kate

Your hairstyle reminds me so much of chained to the rhytm.

This is hands down, one of my favorite videos you have done! Please help me with my office space in my new apartment ❤️


But you left that oogly ceiling fan up...

I wish you could come but I don't live in California anymore me and my family need it

Thumbs up Joey on the mirror! You both "Poshed" the room ...sensational!

I’m always so amazed at what $300 and a creative mind can produce. Great work guys!

Omg Kate is so confused by all the cameras in the car

how do u make your thumbnails for your youtube channel\

all the room was my fav... but that girl couldn't express her feelings very well..... if i was there, i would have screamed, jumped , hugged both of youmillions of times ,,,, praised every piece of that room...........i wish you guys can come to my country and do my whole house............

I love u guys im soooo obsessed i match everything in my apt nothing works the way u add so many colors and everything goes together so perfect amazes me hope to see u one day i need smth to cheer me up even by seeing u guys and cooking a meal for you

How to decorate the top of kitchen cabinets?

Hi! Love the video! What are the dimensions of the tabletop on the drawers used for the vanity?

Mr. Katie how do I get you to come to my house to doy room and dose the budget have to be 300$ or can it be more or less I just stated to watch you and I love you so much and when I get my own room I want you to do my please and thank you I'm sharing my room with my mother and then we are going to move and then I get my own room

I’m obsessed with Kate’s energy and bubbly personality

You should give the gabbie show a room makeover

Just wondering why mr ?


Mr.kate i would like to ask how do u make your thumbnails for your youtube channel

plleeaassseeee do a tutorial on the vanity mirror! i would LOVE to remake it

Hello Mr.Kate I’m a creative weirdo and I want to surprise my mom and my dad by you guys coming and doing their room we moved in a year ago and my room is the only one that has been done and there room needs some TLC my parents really deserve this if you are reading this this is my number please contact me 251-424-2840 P.S I’m 12 and this would mean a lot to them

Mr.Kate you need to do May Baby's new room!

Loved it!!!!


she has so many doors..

I should do buzzfeed

Ok so I’m watching The Princess Diaries 2 and I was watching your videos at the same time and I’m pretty dang sure you are in the movie!!!?? Am I crazy orrrrr!?????

That is beautiful. ❤

You two are amazing and so talented! The makeover is so fantastic. I wish you could come to Houston and makeover my daughter's room . She loves you and your makeovers .

apart from your work which is awesome and great ,and you both work so hard and I love all your projects!!! , I also love you guys as couple.. you guys are doing everything with respect, passion and love......it is truly awesome !!! .... your style is so cute kate...I love your pink hair ........you both are beautiful and so cute! May god bless you both with more love and success !!! love you guys !

I love the mirror!

You did awesome joey

Awesome love it. You guys are my inspiration.

Nation wide is on your side

She should do a five and below bedroom on a bugdet

Why does Only girls look at you?

The walls kinda look like a sephora shopping bag!

I want to take selfies in that room

Only thing I did not like was the pink dresser :/

Can you guys do a mid-century modern bedroom?

Does anyone else LOVE these videos, but HATE that intro song???

Anyone know the answer to my question?

Kate your hair looks like my hair today I had a braid in my hair I took it down and my hair looks wavy

Your hair looks like cotton candy!!!!! Mine is naturally that curly but i havent been able to get ut that color yet

Once you've start watching Mr. Kate's video you can't stop yourself from watching more. I really love all your videos. Wish one day I'll have the opportunity to see you and hope you'll be able to help us with our basement for my husbands' work area. I wanna make him happy and help him out but we have a 15month old baby and we are also working on our diy house renovation. I love you Mr. Kate!

Loved the video! I’m just curious why do you call your self Mr. Kate and not Mrs.?


Am I the only one that’s bothered by the fact that the light switch is in the shelf now? Yeah? Cool.

I love what y'all did

Joey omg I need a vanity mirror can I place an order


I have the exact same white lamp post thing on my desk

okay completely unrelated but just realized you’re in the princess diaries!!! omg!!!


That looks awesome!!!

Can You Please Fly To My Country Come To My House PLEASE JK IT'S TOO MUCH EFFORT I COULD ONLY WISH


Wish you would a small spaces hacks video!!

can u pls come to my house and my state to help me with my room u are amazing at what u do my room defintley needs a makeover and fix contact me on instagram if u see this u are awesome and thanks if u respond Mr. Kate u are awesome i hope u answer my comment thanks

Mr.kate..please bring on What's my asthetic!

omg im gonna need joey to make a full video on how to do a DIY a Vanity! yesss joey! omg this is the best video ever!

I feel like I dont even care when Mr. Kate vids are sponsored because things like stock photo websites and lightbulbs are so non-controversial.

Cheap and angry! *Great work!*

Mr Kate you look a little bit like Bella Thorne (No hate)

i would like to know

Come do my room please:)

i want you to be my birthday present on the 24 july

Did Michelle actually start a YouTube Chanel

You guys make dreams come true!!

The room is definitely brighter, but I think the stripes make the room look smaller. I mean since it is a glam room and not a bedroom, it looking smaller works. But I don’t think I can do stripes in my bedroom cause I want it to look bigger than it does lol. But I do want to know how ya’ll mounted the shelves on the wall?? That looks so cool!

Check out my amazon reviews

GIVING JOEY SOME LOVE!!! Raspberry drawer set could be better


"mmaatthh, that's just what happens in my brain"

Is it possible to do a very small bedroom once?

You guys need to be on HGTV i cant get enough!!!

Hi mr.kate I love your videos I really would appreciate if you could come to Raton New Mexico to make over my room and my brothers room can you please reply if you have any questions I have an Instagram account it’s pizzatoco

Why are u MR Kate why not MRS kate

I love this!!!

You are so great and such a inspiration to me and I love you so much.

Mr. Kate I'm actually in need for a room makeover my room is so boring

Mr. Kate I whis u did my room u will do it soo perfect. I'm getting Soo jealous

My names Alexis!

This room is absolutely amazing! Would you guys be able to share some tips on how to decorate a small room for two teenage girls?

*Here I am, in the middle of moving my sister out of my room, half finished, and this gave me mind blowing ideas! INSPIRED!*

Here’s joes love in the comments


i m new subscriber to your channel but already a big fan of urs,u r such a cute creative weirdo...inspirational,magically in ur work...when i first time saw ur video having no idea of what ur going to do but the way u talk i fall in love already and then ur talent ur creativity is of nxt level...u r super awsm..love u...keep inspiring like that only.lots of love

Go to dollar tree or five and below they got amazing things for the right price

Omg my name is Michelle too

hopefully you can get back to me and you dont have to spend much you can get everything from a thrift store oh yeah you comment if you want to talk to me aka my little sister is 7 and to old for her mind and i will be sharing a twin bed with her

Y is her name Mr.kate and not ms.kate or .mrs. Kate no hate just wondering

Your AMAZIMG!!!!!!!

Ughhhhh I wish Mr.Kate could help me style my dorm room! i'm a freshman this year, first year on my own and im struggling with my room design and aesthetic!

do my house

I want you to do my room Mr. Kate pls

i love you guys so much

Mr. Kate is amazing!! I've learned so much just by watching your videos. Omg! I'm always inspired but I'm always so broke at the sometime....

Better get the twins house done soon girly

My brother is moving out, so I get to remodel it and move in! My theme is bohemian/worldly, if that makes sense. Colors are blues and grays. Does that sound good?

Lol her sis is going to regret moving out ,because this makeover is amazing I'm lost in words

Emma Chamberlain needs you guys all she has in her apartment in L.A. is a blowout bed

19:00...rip headphone users

#brainstorming comes first

Oh wow!!!!! You guys did fantastic!!!!!!! ♡ love it!!!!!

Help!! I'm moving into my first apartment next month in NYC! I have no idea how to even begin shopping, and on my college budget I don't even know what I can afford. Could you make a video about styling a room with exposed brick? On a budget? I have an eclectic, muted tones, earthy kind-of aesthetic!

michelle is so pretty this is why i’m gay

Can you please do my room

Mr. Kate would you ever go to Texas?

Where are the brass light strips from!?

Joey killed that vanity!

She is so pretty and cute x

I love y'all you are awesome yaaaasssss queen

Mr. Kate yassss love you

why dont you have a vlog chanel

Omg I love your Chanel so muck

omg i just realized you are both from my favorite movie taking 5 !!! is that how you met?? i am a huge fan of you guys and i want to be a interior designer once i get older!! love you guys

She has soooooo many makeup brushes omg

I might have to try that flower wall thing!!

Wow speechless...... looks like a mini Sephora ..... amazing makeover

When are u gonna post the dolan twins house transformation??? Just wanna know

That rug looked dirty? Not the best idea.

Wow, Kate was left with the painting this time??

hi mr kate i was wondering if you can do my bedroom love you guys so much

I can’t wait for the next video

I kinda wish you'd do a separate video of how Joey made the vanity  mirror.

You guys did a great job on my sisters room! Saw it in person and it’s beautiful!!! She definitely deserved this room and I’m super happy and grateful you guys were able to do this for her. She’s such a shy girl, so for people who said she didn’t seem appreciative it’s just who she is as a person. ❤️ Her IG: @michelle_mua_ (just in case y’all want to support her when she does her YouTube ) ;)

MR KATE please do colleen Ballinger's nursery

Hi mr kate.... u have this qoute that create by yourself 'CREATE. TEACH. INSPIRE.' Can i use it for my meeting room makeover...

Hahahaha 5:02 - 5:08

Aww K wish you guys were in WA

Finish your house Please It my favorite playlist / series on YouTube It is very entertaining And it gives me ideas

Can you please do the try guys new company’s house

Who will love some murch like if you agree ♥️❤️♥️

Plees bo mor vibos i like yor vibos and yor pink her

G I can’t wait any longer for Ethan and Grayson’s Room Make over!!!!!!!

I miss your guys old intro theme song

Good job guys! This room is awesome!!!

love love love this makeup room wish that i have it too

plzzzzzzzz come to my house itsss soooo basic

Mr.kate try guys need an office makeover , they've just started their own company PLZZ DO AN EPISODE ON THEM

Hey Kate and Joey: Please check out the Royalty soaps channel because she said she has a little bit of trouble decorating her new unfortunately rental house

Can you do The Try Guy’s studio??

Please decorate The Try Guys' office ❤️

I think it would be great if you guys helped out the Try Guys with their new studio/office

Mr.kate I would love for you to come and do me and my sisters room because I have tried to do it and just can't! Also it would be a slim budget cause we lost my dad a couple years ago! So we don't have a big budget please come and help me

I have that same bike but I took off the stickers and the basket Bc I wrecked it and bent it then I broke the handle screw so I can’t ride it

The try guys need help with their new studio!!!

You should go to the try guys office and decorate it!

You should decorate the try guys new office!!!!!

Emma chamberlain needs help

Amazing! And that painting tip for getting straight lines at the wall was just mind blowing!

Mr Kate and Joey Love Love Love the glam room, Joey you did a fantastic job on those Alex drawers! And the makeup mirror, OMG! Beautiful!

Where do u buy imitation silver leaf??? I’ve been looking everywhere for it!!!

I love the #creativeweirdo squad and I love being A #creativeweirdo

It looks white but I believe you guys it has a touch of blue,gray in it

Tre chic! Beautiful glamorous makeup room

I always be like: that will look bad, with those colors, and then at the end, it’s all just glamours, beautiful, and I be like, HOW!

The whole time watching I had the Greece beautyschool dropout song in my head

Mr. Kate how do you redo do my bedroom

And the room is so beautiful

Right now at this moment I'm cleaning my room and relised how much I wish you guys would do my room!! Or my self but I don't have the money I'm only 13

I love your bad sense of humor

Hi! My name is Sydney! My friend just graduated college and is moving into a studio apartment. She always says how she doesn't know what her style is and she has a really hard time finding things that go together cohesively. She just got her first job as a special education teacher and if you are feeling nice you should do a budget video for a girl in need!!

i‘m already so excited for the episode of ethan and grayson...!!

they ran out of creative ideas

Mr. Kate please come decorate my room! I need help reach out to me please. I want to feel at home and my room is not really giving me the vibe and style that I would like please help me!!!

I hope she starts a YouTube channel and if she does someone better give me the link

Mr Kate just a suggestion you could make separate videos doing different diy’s because I’m pretty sure people including me probably want to watch more videos.

I love you guys


You should do events on a budget!! Like parties or weddings

Omg what if MrKate goes to design TheTryGuys new office!!!

I love the intro!!

I love u guys... please make a video with wengie.... she is one of my favorite youtuber....so can you make a video with her plzzzz..... I am sure you will hit 5 million subscribers. ... . Thank u

You have such an eye for detail! Would you come to Miami

Bitchhhhhhhh y’all did that! I think this is my favorite 1

You guys really do have the midas touch, everything you touch turns to amazing! Another fabulous job. My favourite parts? The elevated cube shelves, the wall stripes and that little stool. So creative! So good!

im sorry but everytime they start painting i cry inside

man i really miss your shopping vlogs!

I Have The Best Idea ever ! Hi my names Dakota , I live in new york. I have a treehouse in my backyard. The treehouse has a futon, tv, and loft. It has full electricity. Im hoping once the treehouse looks good I could record and edit my videos up there making it my "office/recording studio". The treehouse also doubles as a hang out spot for me and my friends. My amazing idea is that you should transform the treehouse giving it a full make over ! LIKE IF YOU THINK Mr. KATE SHOULD GIVE MY TREEHOUSE A MAKEOVER!

i love ur video i wish you can do my room

I’m jealous

This was fabulous! Love it!!

well done Joey

I would have DIED I can see myself now destroying my vanity trying to make it look new like this.you guys are such a blessing to so many people !

Okay this is only the third video I have watched... I have to know, why the name "MR. Kate"

I love Mr Kate and room makeovers, but nothing made me press that like button faster than the new HARRY POTTER TRAILER AD

Hi Kate

How do I send you a vid so you can do my my room

Sorry I ahven't been watching for a while

Hi Mr. Kate I would love if you come over to do my room my room is I hate it like that’s the only thing I can describe it like my bed is not nice my dresser is in process my carpet is not clean as paint all over it and it’s not nice at all and I’m like I don’t have curtains and I would love if you come over ???

How do I get you to come to my home?? And do I have to pay to you? I wanted a cute modern room


I love this so so much!!! Actually dead. Me and my brother are both growing into our teens and ya know puberty and stuff and we share a room. We r in a bit of a sticky situation cuz we need our privacy but we have a two bedroom house. We aren’t sure what to do and I need a way to fix it. Any way to get this message to mr. Kate for advice or something?

Wow u guys are so amazing

Love love love!

Love this!!!

no way its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I love u guys so much! I wish you could come to Chile and help me with my new home! Im sooo on a budget T.T but you gave me so many good ideas! Thank you so much!


watching you guys makes my inside flip! I LOVE IT! but im not old enough to get my room done because im not old enough

Joey is great! I love you both! I watch your videos for decorating and staging inspiration.

Omg yall did do allsome job i will wont to call you wen i move

heyyyy!! Alexis is my name lol:)

How you can come to my house?

do you only do these in the Us because i live in the uk so..

no such thing as too much drag race

Hey Mr. Kate! I am a 12 year old girl in San Francisco and all I want is for you to give my room a much needed makeover. I know I don’t meet the criteria to get a makeover, but I was wondering if there is a chance after seeing your amazing transformation done for Milla. Thank you for being my favorite YouTuber! Xoxo, Ella

I love this one wish my bedroom was like that

How can I get a room makeover lol

I love this

The curtains always make the room so much better!!

"You guys know the drill, $300" *Holds up a $20 bill*


I wish u could come do my siblings and my room!!

I love all of Mr. Kate's room designs I just feel like the people aren't as excited when the reveal happens it seems off or that they're not as appreciative. UGH please come to my apt. I would cry.

You need to come over to my house and re do my bedroom !# please

is she driving without her hands on the steering wheel

Mr. Kate Hi

Do you make people pay for this transformation or is this all free??

Are you still going to do Daisy’s apartment???


Love Love you Joey

Shouldn’t be mrs kate

Hi! My name is Kayleigh and I have been a creative weirdo for SO long! I don’t have any social media so I could not reach out to you on that:( The reason why I am commenting is bc recently my mom said I could redo my room. I love the bohemian/rustic/vintage/boho style. I would LOVE if you could answer me! I am your BIGGEST fan ever and watch ALL of your videos❤️ @mr.kate #creativeweirdo

I love it all but I think you should have kept the double alex drawers white but I like the black ones.

I LOVE the $300 makeovers. The results are more realistic as to what I might be able to achieve on my own and who doesn't love a bargain? Thanks for all the ideas!

Werers her bed

How do i sed a vid?

Luv ur under 300$ Pls Do more!

How do I write you so you can come decorate my room?

MR.KATE I will love and be happy if u gave me a makeover I will like white wall and like a pineapple seen please ❤️

Hi I was wondering if you can come do my room I live in Canada

#creativeweirdos I like the vanity the best

Do the people have to pay 300 or do the sponsors do it

From Alex drawers to Joey drawers. You know how to know they are Joey's drawers? Everyone wants in them! Wocka wocka wocka !

i wish you would say what paint and color you use ! :( cause i love alot of paint colors you use in your videos

Wish Mr. Kate could decorate at the ace family's house!

how did you mount it to the wall, what exactly did you buy for it and such?????

I LOVE the Vanity!!!

Dose she now have a YouTube channel.? I want to know please tell me if she does. I love the room❤️

Goodwill is really cheap right there

Mr Kate could you please come to Michigan so you can do my room I’m 14 and I feel like my room doesn’t feel like me who I am.

IT LOOK INCREDIBLE!! You guys never fail to amaze us! SO stunning as per usual!!

Hahaha I have that same bike

How do u do such amazing transformations on a $300 budget. I want to redo my room but have no idea where to start!!!!

I have been watching some of your videos, you are amazing! I love everything that you do . You guys are very talented . Thank you for the ideas .

I want Mr. Kate to makeover my room

You guys always do such a great job!!!


Mr. Kate all of it

I JUST love you guys...Joey you’re the bomb dignity. Mr. Kate you are a creative guru...

Can you come do my room? Please! (Hint: I live in South Africa. A place starts with a p.) Rina van Zyl street, 362.

Your so inspiring! I really want to be an interior designer, it seems so fun!

I am enjoying watching you two !!

I love how they can both balance each other out!!

You should try to make a bathroom or some kind of training room

The client didn’t seem overly thrilled in my opinion. Are you kidding me! Joey and Kate did an amazing makeover. That was worth a good scream, some tears and jumping up & down. I got a sixth sense that Joey was a little disappointed in her reaction. All the details, the drawers, the blood sweat n tears it took. That room is beyond fabulous! Kate and Joey, you two are my ultimate favourite designers ever. Love watching your video’s!

Im really trying not to be rude but why is she called Mr kate Can soneone plz explain im just confused. Like i said im really not trying to be rude but i juat want to know I hope its not a personal question

That is such a difference. I love you

Can you do a studio tour

I want my room done :(


I've recently started binge watching your videos. Love your dynamic, how creative and positive you both are. So refreshing! Feeling inspired to tackle some projects of my own. So happy I found your channel!

Kate looks like a Pini Pon!

Can you do my playroom

Mr Kate can you do my playroom

Your free to come redo my room

Omg it’s so pretty I wish you can do mine


Great, another beauty guru. There definitely aren’t enough on YouTube

Can you do another ON A BUDGET room with the theme of JUNGLE, NATURE, WOOD, AND FOREST :) Also, how do I apply for you guys?

Loved the black and white stripes

People have different ways of showing their appreciation depending on their personality . For me I think she is appreciative, her face lit up when she saw the room and she can't help but smile throughout the video. I think she is not that expressive compared to the rest but she's definitely grateful and happy with what they did.

Could you do a whimsical room in a budget?

I love u guys

i cringed when she tried shaking joey’s hand ://

You drive a subaru?!?! I SELL SUBARU’s in northern California! Come up and get a new one from me!!



please can y'all redo my room like this???!!!???

Nooooo they’re squishing those brushes on the shelf the fuck

you guys are so great! please do more $300 thriftstore finds room makeovers in every style, the internet is dry we need you to help us keep our style! btw your lovely dynamic lightens the heart each episode I love Joeys farm man charm and Kate your Streisand swag, we love you! Love a boho/chic mom and her four modern/anime/eclectic daughters. Blessings! Good Vibes! Good job! Bravo, encore...

Awww thank you!!

hey Mr. Kate please help me i'm trying to get through without being with my mom. I NEED you please Mr. Kate come fix my room

Omg I love this room it’s beautiful I love it so so much

Jessica Garcia oh I see you were wondering too

Mr Kate how do I contact you guys

Girl I hope you started your channel, waiting for the glam room organization video #followyourdreams -- Kate and Joey did an amazing job like always!

You two are fantastic. This is incredible!

Raspberry pink is the color of my room

Come to Canada and do my room!!!!

wow beautiful

Mr.Kate how do I contact you

Omg I just found you from a comment you left on sister James’s channel and holy crap where have you guys been all this time, I’m so excited to start watching all your videos

Every time I watch a makeover of a style I'm not too sure about I am just BLOWN away by the end result. Kate and Joey can literally do nothing wrong.

You guys are bomb!!!

Oh my gosh im obsessed !!! I need you in my life !

Who is else is obsessed that Kate has a new/different hairstyle in every episode?

You should do James Charles room or makeup room makeover

Same Kate I’m watching too much drag race as well

who else wants to know what Goodwill they go to?? mine definitely doesn't have that stuff

just WOOOOW!!!

i love how joey knows what glam is

Mr Kate, what could you do in a room with skew walls. Cus I don’t have straight walls and I find it hard to decorate when you can’t really put anything on the walls. Please help

What country does mr.kate live in?

That’s the best DIY vanity light mirror EVER!!!! Can we please get a video on it????

Do you have to pay

Mama mia

#CreativeWeirdoFam Love from India

Joey seems like a true handy man. Hes good at everything!

Joey, I love that vanity mirror. I need one

Do you guys go to New York

Omg I have the bike the lay joey road

I would love to see you do a place that is for people who don’t have nice fancy apartment or homes. Maybe someone really struggling. Living in a double wide or something less than Hollywood style.

Awww Great job Joey!!!! Does she have a channel yet?

I love the glam ☺️

Yall killed it in this room, I love,love,Love it! An i also want y'all to know how amazing y'all are! Keep working ur magic!!!

What brand of paint was that pink?

Why have Joey hold the camera in the car when there is a camera mounted in the car?

I bet your house is beautiful bcs you do such a good job at everyone elses!

I`m sorry, but I actually feel kinda sad for those Alexdrawers. It`s not your design that`s wrong but, I don`t know...I liked the original in a GLAM room better.

love the vibe on your shows and the creative DIY's. I'd love for you to come to my house but my house is in a state of it's own

I love decorating and having room like that but I’ll be sharing my room with my lazy ass sister like forever until she gets married

i want u to make my room pretty plus ur budget would be $1000 or more

I LOVE Mr. Kate, but I wish they would have left the Alex drawers the same! The awk plywood was not my moment...

You turn the room into the inside of a Sephora bag

OMG they didn't get a rug xd

Mr. Kate I Love everything, since you did it

you should go to kmart instead of thrift


Please come to canada and redo my room!!!

Seriously you two, is there anything you can’t do?! It’s all gorge’! Love everything about the room especially Joey’s mad awesome math skills with those stripes!

The rug looks dirty. You should of wash it first.

Joey I give u love

I must say...You all are naturally talented.

I would love to see industrial/eclectic on a budget!


Omg how can I get you guys to do my bedroom???

man they have a cooler goodwill then we do in yuma

Rug cuddle?

Her wall reminds me of Sephora! :) So amazing!

The hot pink was not a good choice.

love u joey

OMG! I really wish you can come over to the Philippines. I could only imagine what my room would look like if you can get your hands on it. I’m so obsessed with you guys. I watch almost all of your shows in days and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for inspiring me. Much love!!!

Thx to u after seeing ur videos i got really inspired and start to make budget that i can afford and use in good way i used to buy expensive tools and room decor that never works with me now am having better room and better tools after watching joey using them i learned so many things i thought i could never do in mini amount of budget i own u my life girl love u xoxo

michelle kinda looks like Rihanna​

Can you guys please just come and make over my entire house? ❤

Love that Glam room! What's Michelle's YouTube channel?

I wish Mr. Kate could come to my house and redo my room because I don’t know what to do with it but yeah I would literally cry if I met her she is an amazing girl and I love you Mr. Kate

I think its funny how there was something called boho pillow and kate didn't notice

Love this one

I really really want you to come to my house. You are the best designer. You are amazing

Who elses alexis got triggered when she said Alexis

Its so amazing

joey needs a channel where he shows how he actually does his projects. i want to know how to do the vanity mirror!

Come to my house

I liked learning about lightbulbs. Too bad my store has such a terrible selection


U guys r very talented

we are all looking for our joey

Kate and Joey, sooooo beautiful. Pure Dorothy Draper! woW

I have a question so do you pay for the stuff or do the people give you the money

Wow nice

God, she is beautiful! Did she start posting videos yet?

The walls look light blue on camera with a touch of gray. I don't like that pink that was used on the drawers. It looks like pepto bismol. If she likes light pink, then you should have given her that. It's too much. But it still looks great as always. You two are so good at what you do.


There's no such thing as too much drag race

sooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Hey guys just wanted to ask the question...;) KIDS?


beautiful transformation

You guys are amazing, I can't believe you changed that room under 300$ Lots of love sent your way ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I was kind of annoyed with the off black (why not black??) when you opened the can of paint but the finished look is amazing! I'm sure it was a lot of work. You guys did a fantastic job!

How did he put the shelf on the wall??

I know I'm a month late, but I just wanted to say that I love your hair❤❤❤

Good job Joey

The walls

Omg you guys should come to the UK and make over mine and my 18month old daughter bedroom because we share a room

Joey is always so sweet

Can you do my room Mr. Kate?

*”Very in inviting for her but”* *L

Mr. Kate! How about a Playroom makeover on a budget video? I'd love to see that. You and Joey inspire me to bring out my cretive weirdo!

Omg come do my livingroom!!!!...you know what my whole apartment !!!! Lol

This room has a lot of doors!!!

I’m mr Kate, I’m here I’ll help you find your style! Ugh I love the theme song!


Major score in the husband department!!

Great room!! Awesome11

Can you please do my room?

I have a REALLY small room and I don't know how to make it look nice.

I think kate and joey should have a comptition it would be fun to see joey's decorating style.

I can't believe how great you make things look for under $300!!! You BOTH are very talented!!! TFS

Mr. Kate omg my names alexis

You guys are so great together!!! Much love to Joey...very talented craftsmen! Kate, you are so amazing...love your ability to see the potential of a space. I ❤️ every one of your finished projects...What an

1:54 Meeeee =)))

This video is a huge success I think!

It's amazing what you do with the simplest of odds and ends to perfection. O I love it and you guys.

All that was missing was a small glam couch with fluffy throw pillows or a bench and a rug. Maybe a clothes rolling rack for ootd’s. Great job Kate and Joey!

I love ur intro

I really wish you had mentioned how you added the cubes to the walls.

This room is everything.

Wait do they use there own money?! Or do they have to pay them

We could be moving soon and it would be so cool if you guys decorated my room!

ummm I need a vanity mirror like that wow

I love your vids

You guys should totally do a baby room for colleen Ballinger also I love your videos so much

hi mr Kate i'm a girl and i hope maby one day you can do my room. i have 3 siblings baby/kid/teenager. #creativeweirdos

Why did she blur the pictures at goodwill

ALL the Love & labor you guys put into this! Turned out Beautiful! Great job Joey ! Doing the drawer fronts! Your worth your weight in gold! You two are adorable! Love your energy & enthusiasm! Well done!

Saw another comment like this : Colleen ballinger baby room makeover !!

Kates hair looked like Cotten candy

you couldn't do it for $300 if Joey got paid for hi labor... I need one like him for my house! LOL Great job, dude!

Love ur videos

I love th raspberry pink drawers!

those pink drawers were giving me childhood bedroom flashbacks

Amazing work! Both of you

The thing is.. black and white stripes are the colors of Sephora! And this is a glam *MAKEUP* room!

i love this room

By far one of my favorite makeovers!!

is anyone else woundering why her name is *Mr* Kate

Love it!!! Both of you did so good!

Oh my gawsh! Joey did amazeballs! Im going to turn my book worm into a smarty pants diy guy so we can have some fun. You make it looks so easy! P.s. this girl Kate I just am in Love with her too!

I thought her room looked good already at the start, but you guys took it and basically turned into a magnificent studio. Especially those renewed drawers paired with the DIY vanity mirror was a work of art!

Kate and Joey are so perfect for each other...Kate having so much ideas in just one look..and Joey having so much great skills and can easily imagine what Kate is thinking...what a great couple...


How do u get Mr.kate to do your room or help u?

can we please get a detailed tutorial on that makeup vanity mirror

I’m going to be honest this room I definitely in you top 10 Mr Kate. Absolutely beautiful!! I love that billy book case on the wall too. I want to do that right now!! Under $300 WOW! U and Joey hit the ball out the park.

Plz someone I need my room done but I dont know how to give them a video dise anyone know how?

Kate n Joey you both did a great job in her Glam room

Can you do the Bramfam nursery when they get their new home There having TWINS. I love your videos awesome ideas I hope you can do my room and my sisters one day

Love the stripes and the pink dresser. Want those. You are a beautiful and funny couple. Thanks for being a good role model especially to kids.

Love u SO MUCH

Can you please do my sisters room

Would you come to Chicago, Illinois to do my bedroom

How do you even send in a video?

Do you even clean before you put furniture


So thoughtful. :)

Hello mr kate my name is miriam and i would love u do my 19 y.r daughters room

Can you come over and redesign my room

can you stop making people feel stupid I HATE PEOPLE WHO DO THAT !!!! Poor Michelle ::(

whyyy did they have to make the chest of drawers hot pink, would’ve been so much better as a light, vintage looking pink

You need to do my room

Hey I'm from Germany and I have the same Shirt. I never saw it on anybody else. I know my English is not good and this comment doesn't make sense

omg how do i get you guys to do my house :) haha your both amazing x

You guys are soooo awesome. I love this

Who ever disliked this is just jealous that they’re not as amazing as u

Kate looks so 50s!

Joey is Gold!

I gys should honestly just make a room for a celeb

alex drawers are expensive!! thats what im saving up to buy to make myself a vanity! 250$ cad

The hand shake made me cringe so hard

The intro is maybe a little tiny bit cringy... :-P

Ok honestly - I didn't think I'd like the end result - but I have no clue why I even doubt you at this point. SO. GOOD. Like each project down to the lip color art was so spot-on.

"...math..." needs to be a GIF haha LOVE YOU KATE AND JOEY

My name is karlie i am 10 turning 11 in April and I'm in 5th grade. Next year I am re-doing my room for middle school. I have been a creative weirdo for a week and instantly fell in love

Omg. Joey asked “$2?” Kate says “$1.99!”

How do I submit a video?

Omg I love your youtube videos and I have subscribed and turned on notifications and Ilove art and I am a creative werido just like you and I love doing things like that.

can this be on netflix please

I feel you

I wish she could redo my room but I live in the hood I don’t want to scare her away

Crazy Good!!

I just have a question whos the camera man

So cute :D

oh my god joey joey the mirror and the drawers love love loved every thing about it

i can totally see the gray undertone of the wall painting .. :)

Those rugs are expensive i hope she asked first to use it and cut it up no hate though i love mr. Kate

Stupid ads

Go to Colleems Ballengers

Can’t stop singing your intros !

GREAT JOB! That room COULDENT have been any more fabulous

Looks perfect ❤️❤️

you are the best and your so awsome sauce i love your vids

U guys are so awesome

There is nothing more glam than black and white stripes? How sensible of you!

OMG!! One of my fav projects. Love it, love it, love it. Great job guys! Awesome!

Excellent...what a great job on this one. Guys, your hired!!!!! Love, love, love it...

You guys are the greatest!!! ❣️

This was awesome I love this

love everything ur such a grate person to do this to people

I don't get the tinfoil on the mirror thing? How is that a "frosty" look, it just looks like she crunched up tinfoil?

everything else looks awesome great job :)

30% Glam 30% Bohemian 10% Industrial 10% Quirky / Whimsical 10% Minimalist 10% Modern / Dramatic is my results.

Are they married? .. Kate & Joey?

I really wish she could do my room. It's so small and crammed a bit but I live in NY ☹

I died at the handshake part *cringe*


You should do my room, it would be such an honor to meet you and see what your creativity could do with my room. Please respond

Kate’s so cute when joey yelled “she’s here!” Lol

Kate to Roller: "You need to stop squeaking, I thought I told you about this" Joey to Kate: "You need to stop squeaking, I thought I told you about this" So cute haha

I am so jealous I want this room so badly

hey i need a room makeover i wonder if you can do it

Wait what!?

Love the drawers and the pink

I'd love to flip houses for a living... but to make money you gotta have money:P 21 and just had to move BACK in with my parents with my daughter lol. Failing. Lifes expensive. Ive got mismatched furniture, the same mattress ive had since i was 8, but dont worry.. i just bought myself new pillows for the first time in 10 years

Talk less work more

Wow that is beautiful

do mine plz

can you do mine plz

You are amazing! I love how synchronized both of you work. Greetings from Japan.

Im blown away

Hey Mr. Kate i rilly need your help on am a creative weirdo. And just recently my dad past way. I am a 13 year old Young women and life and school is hard. Plz help.


So fun! I want to be in that room and get my makeup done!

Hi Mr. Kate!! My name is paisley! I am moving into a brand new house on Monday! I am planing to do a tropical and beach themed room! Can you please respond with some ideas and stuff! If Mr. Kate responded I would be so happy! And other crazy weiroes can give me some ideas too! Thanks!!!

Do u have Instagram?

Where is her bed does she sleep on the ground?

It's like a Megan Hess illustration: Sweet ❤

I love it !!!

Love it

*Who else wants that girls YouTube channel*

Adult size// Youth medium Kid// Large 10/12

how can you be created in your place with docatred.

ME NEXT PLEASE!!!! I adore mr.Kate !!!!!

Not that I mind, but I wonder why the size and type of wood for the drawer fronts is different in painting scene and in the finished product. Did you cut and painted them beforehand, but wanted to keep the ilusion that you do everything in one day, so it would be more entertaining for us to watch? Or was it something different? Great makeover as usual.

You should have done off black on the outsides and pink on the draws but I love how it looks now

Wow, I really love this transformation. Good job guys!

Y’all transformed tf out of those Alex drawers!!!!

Y’all are the cutest couple ever omg

i have a dress exactly like her shirt in the beginning with the cheetah print, i wonder if she has the same one and just cut it, but i love this episodeee !!

I miss you so much

HI Kate, Can you help us with our Living space and our Bed-Rooms.. We live in LA and in Studio city. My Email ID is kewalchhaya@gmail.com in case you are happy to pick our project up.. :)

I want my room like that them are my colors I just need her vanity and them drawers are everything WOW.SO TALENTED

Hey Kate tip why don't you paint the lines on the little dresser you put on the wall it will make it pop out a little bit more so glamorous

That room is gorgeous

I love how Joey looks at Kate

Wow she has a lot of makeup brushes

I love you joeyyy... the both of you lol

Only the older fans don't get scared of that intro!

You guys are amazing can't stop watching your videos so I can learn few things

So cute omg

I'm in love ❤️ of this glamorous room

i miss joey two rolls!

OMGGG why does the stripe walls give me a Sephora vibe??

I'm just searching for comments about that somewhat crooked vanity mirror light DIY. XD Amazing job, by the way.

pay_pay.3 my ideas is to paint the walls white so that pops of color in bright decor will really stand out. And, if you decide to switch out the decor you wont need to worry about it now matching.

Hi me kate umm I know you will not read this but I’d u did I live in Delaware and I’m moving in two months and I have a budget can u help me ?

Mr. Kate why not paint the inside door a bold face.

Great Job as always!

I need you guys to do my Back yard

My name is Alexis

I love your videos I basically have watched all of them


Definitely this is my top fav I live the chuncky black and white lines, dresser and lightning... beautiful perfect


how do you send in a sumbition video

you are an awesome person! i just subscribed! :D

When the two ladies and tbe gentleman put their hands on top of each other, I loved the contrast of different skin tones. It looked beautiful.

My fave part is the cube shelves on the wall

i love you doing the budget ones not the normal ones


Ps I’m not a boy though

Kate you are the best i wish you could do my room I love bohemian to

your black is really grey

good job Joey!!!!!!!!!!

Effie trinket vibes

Mr. Kate My

As soon as I saw the stereotypical IKEA shelves I was like “YES, MAKE HER SPACE UNIQUE”. What a lovely result! I hope this is just the kickstart Michelle needed cause I would love to see her start that YouTube channel

It’s so pretty oh my gosh I can’t believe the price!! (But no rug??! Very surprised!!)

No wayyyy

This is my favorite Mr.Kate video. It is such an amazing room that you guys made!!!!!!!

shes so fucking annoying omg

They didn’t even shout her out

You guys remind me of Chip and Joanna Gaines Mr. Kate : Joey I can't take you anywhere. Joanna: Chip I can never take you anywhere without you getting into things. This always happens when they are both in thrift stores If you know who I'm takin about.....give a like. I love you guys so much. ☺❤

When I saw the pink I was like "honey that wont go." Then I was like "YAAS!!!!" Why would I doubt Mr .kate?!?! Like if ya agree

whys this not an actual tv show?

I know right

that was amazing joey

Goodwill must love you guys!!

i just emailed u

She reminds me a little bit of Mona Lisa


+Thea Chamberlain good idiea creative werdio


i loved the gluffy chair and the bookshelf with awsome and fun decoration

Love this! Probs one of my favs!

black white and gray vase with orange yellow red and pink flowers in it at the other side two pictures of you with a small plant next to it and in the middle you should have brush comb and in the side of the vantiny some fairy loights again and a work desk where you will have a white desk with believe in you and dream on portraits on top of your work desk for some decorations with small cut up pictures around it on your desk table you will have some book maybe a laptop or if you have 1 drawer u can put your laptop in it and some home accesories like crayorns markers pencils pens and all of that in their if there arent no drawers have the laptop in the the middle a little vase with pens pencils and color pencils with markers in the side with one orange flower and a fluffy chair and your bookbag in the boor hanger with your coat or under the desk and you should have a small shelf to put your shoes their and your clothes and everything else that cant fit it your drawer put it in closet

Mr.Kate it is all my fav


I would’ve been mad if someone did that to my alex drawers....

Awesome job !! Love it!

Hard to pick a favorite, but I love your thrift store finds.

I really just want you to decorate a house in Sims

Why is your name mr. Kate but your a girl

This is one of my faves projects you guys have done! Wonderful!!

Good to see Mr. Kate appreciate Joey by showing him the respect he deserves.

Hosanna Murph why?

I do that all the time.


Them mNicans sc@red me

So talented! I am loving your videos.

Every part is my favorite part

How do you nominate people for this

In a good way

If I was in that room I would think I am popcorn and somebody is going to eat me

so does anyone know if Michelle actually created a YouTube channel?

Hello! I am a new subscriber! I really love how you transformed the room into something glamorous with all the lights and all! I love everything about it!

That room is pretty cool

Why don't she have a bed

Poor Joey was so geeked about the vanity he made, but Kate didn't let him talk about it

This room was soo cool! I'm not a fan of stripes, but the way they popped through that cubby storage piece she put on the wall was awesome!! LOVED those crystal nobs and that vanity is every girls dream! !!

so amazing you guys, incredible!!!

How can I send a video to MrKate so they can do a room makeover for me? Plz someone tell me.

There are so many ads to get through one video.... and I would not say its 300 since most of us do not have our own personal handyman available.

They didn’t use a rug

This is my favorite under $300 and glam isn’t even my aesthetic!

that rug needed cleaning tho

I love her bubbly personality!

I think now that she has a nice place to make videos she should because her makeup is beautiful!!!

u guys didn't cuddle:(

I love your videos and I’m also a creative wear so

Hi I what to now how much I have to pay for 2 rooms

Lots of love to Joey lots of love to you!


Your love is goals.

That vanity mirror is amazing!

have you ever been to Minnesota?

that room looks so awesome mr kate is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That hairstyle suits you so so much! Love watching your makeover videos! Keep up the good work and keep them coming

I need an instruction of how they did that with the Alex drawer... :(


i ❤️ your videos

Hey has she started a YouTube channel

i love mr kate, but i think that using a blush pink wouldve looked nicer, but thats just my opinion x

I so need that vanity!! How do I submit a submission!!!

Do the people repay you guys for all the stuff you buy to go into the room???

*joey being a teacher for 30 minutes*

Under $300....WOW you guys.

I have all my lip stick and lip gloss and other naked up divided in different lap top cases

Omg such a glammmm room

I love this show they are so cool and the best


Im new to this channel so someone help me. Is Mr.Kate just what Kate refers to herself as? Or is it Mr. Kate because it's combining her and Joey together?

Cool trick Joey

I love the everything

I loveeee you guyyyysssss

So beautiful

did the girl start her channel?

omg I love this room

Wow Brave Joey best work ever and always awesome work Mr. Kate. It puts a huge smile on my face during the before and after!

Kate saying “math” is such a mood.

So glam n so cool

love all your ideas! so bad that im in argentina.... because i would love a makeover like that! but im getting inspired to decorate my new apparment!

She better start her YouTube channel...I wanna subscribe. Let me know if you guys find her channel if she does!!

Do snt she like like gabi from nicki and gabi like if u agree

Joey is so talented OMG....Mr. Kate your so inspiring

Watching this a bit late! Does anyone know if she started her channel?

Mr. Kate how do you send in a video?

Congrats on your baby

Love u both!!! u guys are talented n amazing x

OMG I hate my room and it is so boring

Mr Kate I love you

The one and only time joey left kate painting the walls

Kate and Joey! I am FLOORED! Jaw dropped, this is stunning! I am obsessed with this make over! I'm excited to take these tips to my glam room after we move! Thank you so much for sharing this and also all of your tips! Love love love this!

You did so well with the draws well done Joey

Kate and Joey are amazing! Who new a space like that could turn into a awesome glam room for a beauty guru?

The wall low key reminds me of a Sephora bag

I love the pink ❤️❤️

definitely the black and white stripes #creativeweirdos

i hate this video

I loved it! Wow, what you did with $300 is amazing! Looks fantastic!

I'm way late, but can anyone tell me where Kate's Leopard print top is from?

Beautiful and great couples

Creative weirdos

Amazing transformation! My favorite so far.

That pink chest was my favorite project

Great job!

This Glam Room turned out Absolutely PERFECT

love your vedos going to revamp my apt

Love the both of you

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