Unboxing 15 More Reptiles! 10 New Species of Snakes, Lizards & Amphibians

Unboxing 15 More Reptiles! 10 New Species of Snakes, Lizards & Amphibians

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(energetic 8-bit music) - Ha, ha. How's it goin', bros? It's me. I'm back, with Unboxing #6. (soft chime) Okay, here we go.

There's no time to waste, it's been a while, so let's just jump into it. Stan, please mic me. Thank you, sir. Well, if you're new to the channel, this is my unboxing series, episode #6. If you'd like to watch the other five, I encourage you to do so, but you don't have to. Basically, I take in animals that people can't keep.

If you have to rehome your animal, you just go to emeraldscales.com, click the Rehome button, and it walks you through the steps to send me your animal. From there, I unbox them.

We then spend as much time as is necessary to make sure they are happy and healthy, and when they are, they get listed onto Emerald Scales, where anyone (loud thud) in the USA can actually place an order on an animal. Stan is now in the danger zone, so he's gonna go back here, and I'm gonna trust that he knows what heights are and how he does, in fact, take fall damage. And so, in the end, the goal is to make sure that every animal ultimately gets to a home that it is safe and sound in. We've taken in over 500 so far, so here is to many more! (electric tool runs) Hello? Anyone in there? (struggles) (rock music) I can't get it open.

Please, I'm just trying to continue the series. (triumphant music, crowd cheering) Mission accomplished. So, to start off, this package is coming from Joseph in Florida with three animals. So he didn't actually have a reason as to why he rehomed, which is normal, lots of people don't. I'm gonna start with this leopard gecko, because why does he look like this? I just... (sighs) We're continuing this series after a year, and we have to start with one of the ugliest leopard geckos I've ever seen.

Why is his head so big? Is he okay? His head is so big, it's like he's having trouble opening his eyes. It doesn't look like a tumor or anything, it just looks like a really chunky, meaty head. Yeah, it's just his skull. 'Cause leopard geckos can get tumors behind their eyes. It's just his skull. It's just huge.

This is the true definition of a big brain. He looks all right other than that. He's a tiny bit thin, if I want to nitpick, but ultimately, he's just straight-up ugly, and he had to ruin this video. He doesn't want to go back in the tub, but, it's probably 'cause he can see his ugliness in the reflection. This one, however, it's like when you have twins, and one happens to be 6' while the other one is 5'.

This is the nice twin. This is the 6' boy, or should I say the nine-incher, 'cause he might actually be nine inches. Anyway. I'm gonna cut that out. It actually is, though.

They look almost identical. He's got lighter spots, but this has a normal-shaped head. He's actually a nicer weight. He looks healthier overall.

He... He... She, forgive me. Is this one a she? Okay, actually, the first one's male. This one's female, so. Whatever. My twin analogy doesn't work.

I feel like I should move the sharp object. Where did they go? Why is it running? Why are you running? (woman screaming) On the bright side, the ugly one isn't so scared. Can't get it open. You guys told me about these new inventions called box cutters, so. Question is, is how do I use it to get this out? I'm gonna actually lose my finger. Pfft! I shouldn't do that. (laughs)

I'm not gonna lie. It's not a joke. I've never used a box cutter. - Ooh! (Ooh) - It cuts. It's not even a box. I forgot Stan was there for a second. I thought I was gonna look back and he was gonna be in a different dimension.

(whimsical music) We're goin' in. Whew! Hello. It's a bearded dragon. Um... Yeah.

Hmm? He smells kinda like butt. But... He looks fine. Bearded dragon.

(uptempo electronic music) Okay, moving on. Well, we started big. Now let's go small.

(electric tool runs) Perfection. - Perfect. - Oh, wait. I can just slide it.

It's sharp. That's how cavemen use their Black & Decker tools, they just, no electricity, no problems, slide them. That wasn't funny. This one's coming from Poy-a-la, Poy-u-lip? - Puyallup - It literally says, "puy all up," in Washington. Also known as WA. Hello! See, I wasn't sure what I should do for the intro for this video.

At first, I was going to use the Universal theme song 'cause it's like, "oh, a grand opening, we're back," but that would definitely get claimed by UMG. - I will personally sue your a- (loud chime) - Then I was going to do this one instead- (crescendoing THX theme) but I thought that one might just be a little bit- a little bit too loud. - Ah! - I can't get it out, they actually stuffed this thing well. (paper crinkles) - Oh. That is some green droppings. "My leopard gecko has not been eating, we took her to the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with her.

They advised us to start her on carnivore critical care and we did, but she's still not interested in bugs." In the pictures, she actually looks completely fine. Here's the thing, there's many reasons your gecko might not eat, I think I even did a video about it. Sure, if we literally try to do like an online, unlicensed veterinary clinic where we answer questions, it's possible we could figure out solutions, but some people are just ready to hand it over to someone else. I guess that's why it smells so bad, because it's just been eating powder, which is fine, it's healthy powder, it's made for emergencies.

The thing is, this gecko is not very thin. It actually looks a little bit heavier than the ugly one that we just saw. But the only issue I see is that it's completely coated in it's own poop. Because...it...it went diarrhea, okay? I don't know how else to say it. So I'm guessing the reason this is so gross, it could be because it's sick, it could also be because it was on carnivore care.

First thing, we get it into a good enclosure, watch it for like a week, see if it wants mealworms, waxworms, [indistinct], crickets, whatever. And then if it still doesn't eat, and if it shows other signs, I can then seek out an actual vet. But, overall, it's a cute gecko.

And that's what's important. By the pictures, it looked healthy enough to ship and it looks just fine here. I don't want to put it back in this.

And, that light went out. Gosh, diggity, darn. He's just going to chill, right here. She's like, "Oh God, not again."

I'll go ahead and set these up and then I'll come back. So, one of these, I'll be honest, I'm actually pretty anxious about opening, because not all the animals were in perfect condition, but we decided to ship anyways. I think it was the best option, we'll see, but as a warm-up, let's just open this simple one. (electric tool runs) Imagine you hear that above you? It's like an earthquake, but reverse.

(uptempo electronic music) That's scary. (packing tape tears) I was thinking about it earlier, like when you Google "GoHerping," you instantly get GoHerping Unboxing. Did they use medical tape for this? That is pretty clever, they used medical-grade gauze tape to put the heat pack on, and look at how strong that is! (rattling) That is pretty big brain, I'm going to start recommending that. Thank you, Joshua.

But yeah, that one's like well, okay, it's a lot better than a lot of things I could be known as. I could have been known as the kid who pees in the woods, I'm not peeing! I could have been known as the guy that harasses minimum wage employees, I was just calling to ask where you get your reptiles from, like what breeder? - Oh, um- - Or you could go way back on my channel and I could have been the kid that swims in [indistinct] dumpsters. No notes? None of these have had notes yet. He used the medical-grade gauze tape backing as padding. Well, there's no context on this, but it's a pretty corn snake, he's actually pretty grumpy.

(lid snaps) No matter how small they are, it's always a little scary knowing you might get bit. It probably won't even feel like anything, but let's find out. Oh, he's fine. He's cute! Okay, so Joshua actually waited an insanely long time. He originally contacted us in June of 2019, which is almost two years ago.

So he just ended up waiting quite a long time, we were ready to take the snake in, but then he was like, kinda ready to ship once we paused shipments, but he didn't give a reason. He bought her December 2018, six months later asked to rehome, and then waited two years to rehome her. All right, I can't complain, because a lot of people that do that, they're going to neglect the animal while they're waiting, but he did not, so thank you, Joshua, for being a good boy.

And your snake is a good girl. Why's that sound creepy? However; she has to go back in the smelly container. She was so chill when I took her out and now she's upset again, it's temporary, I promise, everything is temporary. Okay, let's not put this off, let's do the one I'm actually unironically scared- it's hard to be serious in these videos- but this one has one, two, three, four, five, six animals in it and it has three species I've literally never gotten. We've gotten in over 500 animals, over 100 species, and yet this single box has three that I've never seen sent to us.

But I'm still using my tool. I'm being all delicate as if it hasn't just been like in a plane from New York. That's weird, their address is almost the same as mine, just in a different state. All right, let's see here. We've got a note, the first note of the video.

"Thank you so much for providing-" This is hard to read, okay. "The reason why I cannot take care of them anymore is-" I'm not a bad reader, I'm just a bad looker. "is because I am going to college out of state." So basically, he was going to college, that's probably the second most common reason people rehome, and he has his whole collection. However, his mom, according to him she left his window open in his room where the animals were and basically the room got extremely cold overnight, and nobody realized that the animals were about to basically freeze, and so this actually killed his sand boa that he was als-oh God, that oh God, okay-that he was also going to send and it almost killed his chameleon. Who, is not looking great.

I will admit. So basically, what happened with the chameleon is the sand boa just froze and died, the chameleon, he said, fell about five feet after nearly freezing to death, but it ended up kind reviving-not reviving-but not completely dying, but he said it will not open its eyes. He said it is eating, but of course it started shedding in the box. Oh boy, oh boy. So this is the first-ever chameleon.

People ask so much, "Why do you never have chameleons?" It's no particular reason, people just never send them. I don't know why, I think partially they're so sen-oh man (anxious laugh) they're such sensitive animals, that was an anxious laugh by the way, not a funny laugh. They're so sensitive that I think if you do something wrong, they kind of just die and you can't really rehome them. So finally, of course, we have a chameleon, it's a panther chameleon, it's beautiful.

It's extremely bright colored. It honestly, it might be hard to tell, but that is actually alive, it's all the white stuff is just shed. This is actually my first time handling a panther chameleon as well, it's not even gripping onto me, it's so weak, but he's right about it not opening its eyes, that's so weird. It's moving its eyes though, it's like it's trying to look.

It's starting to grip on, it's very slow. It's some stressful times, I'll be honest. Okay, let's check on the others.

Gotta one, two, three-aw, you look kinda cute. Four, cool, and five. All the other animals, I can't see this one, but they actually all look okay aside from the other one. Arnold, like I said there's something wrong with his eyes, that's the chameleon, he just started shedding yesterday. He couldn't really shed in the box. If I knew it was shedding I might not have had him ship yet.

On a positive note of this box, there are two more species that I've never gotten in an unboxing or to Emerald Scales and they're amphibians, which I almost never see, and this little fire-bellied toad, you can get these things for literally just a couple dollars. I'm not gonna take him out, he didn't add any moisture to the paper towel, unless it dried up that quickly, but they're cute, I've never seen a fire-bellied toad this close. I've seen them at stores or whatever, I've seen them at expos. He looks like a disease. He looks like that disease that Gary the Snail got in SpongeBob. He looks fine though, I mean he needs some moisture, perfectly healthy looking.

"The fire-bellied toad is named Sandwich, he eats anything you put in front of him." And the other ones, what are these? Smooth-sided toads, I've heard the name, I've never actually looked at them before. Since they're toads and my hands are clean, let's pick him up. Whoa! They're so light. Have you seen these? I've never seen these before. He just projectile peed.

Did you see it? He just went, and then peed (laughs). That one's a little smaller, right? They have no names. I'm sure this seems hypocritical because, "Oh, you should research your animal days, weeks, or months before getting it." I don't know a thing about these things, I don't know how to keep them alive.

I would argue, I've had enough amphibians that it should be pretty easy but I'll check it out online and actually make sure I know what I'm doing. Crested gecko, I'll be honest, I don't feel like handling it. It's pretty though, it's very yellow. It looks like a banana but like slightly rotten. "The crested gecko is named Tortellini, it eats pangea and any insects." So we got Sandwich, Tortellini, Arnold, and one more animal.

Ooh! And this is Wilburg, I think it says, and it's a piebald, well python. So basically, a piebald means that it, as I described it, it's like a printer running out of ink. You've got a little bit of ink left and then the rest is just white. Bald pythons aren't something I'm passionate about, really, anymore, but yeah, this looks like a very pretty, very healthy (sniffs) new smell. What is the crested gecko doing? Created gecko is doing literally (gets tongue-tied) - [Unknown] Literally, literally, literally. - Literally back flips in its tub.

And the bald python is just (sniffs) why did I smell it twice? I know I smell animals sometimes, but for some reason I had the urge to smell this one twice. What? Maybe he's having a panic attack and I'm making fun of his anxiety disorder. - And you just have to say that you're fine! Thank you, Wilburg. Very cool, back in the bag-a-boo. (electronic dance music) Which one's next? This one should be nice and simple, hopefully.

This one's coming from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. So actually only a few hours, but still easier to ship it, that's cheaper as well. They printed on a massive [indistinct] sticker.

Wait, I have an idea. 'Cause you see you've always got a box cutter, but who has an electric box cutter? (packing tape tears) Oh yeah! - [Unknown] Oh yeah! (electric tool runs) Is that gonna go? Cool. I'm going to Shark Tank, I'm going to be a billionaire. - Too optimistic amount.

(cardboard tears) - Worked like a charm. That worked even better! It's like a really big handle for it. Why am I allowed to do these things? There's some hard-hitting questions. Why are there no notes? What does this say? "Love big, play hard, eat dessert, simple things, don't worry, rest," Why do you need motivational messages on your paper towels? "Morning is a new opportunity to shine, a chance to give the past a kick in the pants and the future a bear hug."

Something about having motivational messages on paper towel depresses me. Why are these in bags? Why did they put the geckos in bags, I'm confused. Did I pack this? Did I send them bags? Okay, I shipped out a lot of these boxes, this might actually be my fault.

They're both fine, I think. (gags) What's this? They gave me a drill bit, what? There's literally a drill bit in here, this is not mine. How do you accidentally put a drill bit in the box you're sending to a reptile company? What were they doing to the box? Oh! They drove holes in it.

And the bit went through, and they were like, "I don't feel like unboxing this, he just gets the drill bit." Thank you! Very cool. I can't believe I sent them bags by accident. Some people do ship leopard geckos in bags, it's probably fine it just seems kinda weird. Ah! It just ran up my arm.

I just got jump-scared by a leopard gecko of all things. It really doesn't want to be in this bag. Let me move the sharp objects, because it's going to run.

Come on, boy! Come on, you can do it. You're running the wrong way. Okay, that one's freaking out too. We're going to do one of them. This one, it looks kinda pretty, okay, let's move on, okay. I need something to put it in.

(elevator music) The bad news is, we now have to open the second one. It's ready to go though, it's right at the opening. The double-tied the other knot but they single-tied this one, I guess they didn't care about this one as much.

Ooh! This one's pretty. Looks like Goldie. Hello! This is a pattern-less.

Why are they so similar in temperament? Why, it's so soft! It feels like velvet. I don't know what velvet feels like, but whenever someone says something's soft they say it feels like velvet, so he feels like velvet. Let me see your butt. Okay, it's a boy, thank you.

Aww. Okay, this one's calmer. It's instantly my favorite because of that.

It's super pretty, beautiful condition. The question is, why did they rehome? Or is it a mystery forever? Oh, they said this one's female, wait. Did I look wrong? No, this one's a male. "We got them from PetSmart as an impulse buy. My husband and I enjoy your YouTube videos and are very grateful your company exists."

It sounds like they just might have regretted it, impulse buy. Sorry for sending you bags, but they both arrived safe and sound. Next up, this one is a mystery, (A) because I don't know what the scientific name means, and (B) because I cannot pronounce it, so you will not know either. Let's open it. Lam-pro-piltus ge-too-la ne-gre-ta Also, all the packaging has been really good today. I have no complaints so far.

The chameleon and stuff they were definitely packed very closely together. Ultimately though, great job, everyone! Round of applause, please! (applause) Applaud-I don't care-are you on the bus? Applaud. Are you in class? Applaud.

On the toilet? Everyone in every room should be able to hear you applauding right now. Thank you. Look at this clean opening. (loud chime) My SD card filled up and I honestly have no idea what I was saying but it was probably irrelevant and unimportant, so. I don't know what this is, I think it's a snake.

Yeah, it's a snake. By the way they tied this, I feel like it could be venomous. Oh, yeah. I'm tempted to just reach my hand in. Oh, woo hoo! Okay.

Let's just do this. Oh, okay, it's a Mexican walking snake. Ah, they're quite pretty, they're jet black and...Mexican. It's a king snake.

I've never handled one of these either. This is a brand new species as well, so we got the panther chameleon, the toads, the fire-bellied, yeah, the toads, and this. It's so smooth and shiny, wow. It's quite pretty! Mexican walking snake, everyone. Okay, now it's fine. See, now that it's out of the bag, it doesn't really mind.

Sniff test (sniffing) Smells fine. And seriously, like smell your reptile. If something smells weird, there's probably something wrong. Amphibians, however, are kind of a different story. They're a little stinky sometimes.

And it's-and wait-have we gotten one of these? This might be another new species as well. (electric tool runs) All right, this one, they had fun in Word. Look at this, it's so fancy. "Hi, Alex, nice to meet you. My name is Wasabi my former person liked me a lot but she is just old and boring now." What?

Okay, the owner is old and boring. "And I still have a lot of years left in me, hopefully to spend with someone young and vibrant, and hopefully with nice, strong hands." (music stops) I don't know if we're offering the services you think we do.

It's actually interesting, there's been a handful of animals rehomed by people who are either aged, gotten old and their health is just to the point where they can no longer keep the animals. It's very bitter-sweet 'cause some people, they did all this wonderful care with the animal and they truly just, their health is not good enough, they can't get up as often, they have to, I dunno, sleep more, they maybe have their own care as a person. I don't know if this is the case with this person, sounds different, but yeah, they're literally just retiring or they know they're nearing the end of their life and they have to find the animals new homes.

Something I really never thought about it until doing Emerald Scales oh yeah, people get old too and the human, like the animal can't outlive the person. Let's see if it's friendly. Okay, I think it is. (clears throat) Yeah, I don't think we've gotten any of these. It looks, huh, it looks kinda like a sand boa slept with a corn snake, or a yellow rat snake, maybe? 'Cause it's got the stripes. Very pretty, looks like it was cared for very well.

I don't know if I would keep one, but I have a feeling there will be high demand for this dude. The great thing about the high demand animals is I can be even more picky about who it goes to. That's the final animal in Unboxing Episode 6 that arrived today. Hope you enjoyed it. It was fun, hopefully it held up to your expectations. I never know what the unboxings will quite be like, I really miss doing the unboxing videos, by far my favorite, and now, that I own a house, now that I've got time, and space, and money thanks to you watching these videos and buying my merch and supporting my page, I'll be able to do these a lot more consistently.

But that will be it. You can check out the five other unboxing videos. All right, thanks for your support, I appreciate it, [indistinct] for this video, I'm Alex. Thanks for watching! (upbeat music)

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