UNBEATABLE Google Ads for Local Service Business - Step-By-Step Definitive Guide

UNBEATABLE Google Ads for Local Service Business - Step-By-Step Definitive Guide

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Today. I'm going to show you the, trade secrets, of one of Australia's, leading digital, marketing agencies, and show you exactly how we set up a Google ads campaign, for, business within the trades industry, and, exactly, why we do it the way we do my. Name is Brody Shepherd I'm one of the owners here at site setup I want, to kick things off today by, saying no other company, goes into the depth and detail in. Which we do and what you'll see in this video grab. Your notebook and pen and let's jump right in. If. You look. If, you like what you see in this video please consider liking, this video it helps us see. What people want to see and to. Engage the, questions, you. Know that you might have and that can help us produce more videos in the future click. Like subscribe comment. That's. All you, know helped us out immensely. The. Things we're going to cover in, this video is setting, up a new Google Ads account I'm not going to go and write the details for that it's. Pretty self-explanatory go. To add stock Google comm fill. Out your information and. You'll, be displayed, with a page that looks exactly. Like this we're. Going to configure Google Analytics. For accurate data and tracking, of conversion, metrics finds. Suburbs and keywords, create. Negative lists right, ads work. Out bidding strategies, sort, of discuss, a few things here and there around clip from how, we could go about getting rid of that and a couple of the other key, factors, that no one really seems to cover in videos, that I've I've seen, online. So we'll. Kick things off not. Necessarily, in Google, Ads itself. But. At iPad so. The. First thing we really want to do is work out our suburbs, so we. Really want to work out okay. Pick. An industry so we're going to do it into planning industry today just, because that's in the trades industry, it's one of the largest trades here in Australia, and I'm, pretty certain it's one of the largest trades around the world so it's probably. More topical, to. Everyone. But, it doesn't matter what industry you're in whether you're pest control, electrician. Whether. You were a painter or plus right it doesn't matter as, long as you're in the trades industry, and you're going you go back to some tasks, this. Sort, of all that matters here and infrastructure, that we do so. We want to really focus on, our. Suburbs. What, ad groups we want to target so, we. Want to work out what, ads. Are going to show and how we're going to advertise and where we're going to advertise to, so. One. Of the most important, things to work out is, your structure, and how you gonna structure it now. Most, people will go out and just create an that. Targets. You know their their main area it'll have five ads in it that's. Not how we're going to do it we're going to do it the proper way it's. The way that Google, recommends, doing it it's just so time consuming for trades industry, targeting, multiple suburbs, but. It, will produce, results, far. Beyond what, any other will, do now. That. Being said, there. Is two different ways you can do it we can do it the easy way that, works. Better for machine, learning and the, automated Google, Ads. Strategy. Or we can go about it doing the, manual way we're going to do the manual way all, along. The way if you do choose and did want to do the automated Google way I'll, cut. It off where you would change direction, and. It walkway so. We. Want to write down sort, of the categories, within your, industry so we've got hot water. Gasps. Blood, drains. We. Have a general which is district general plumbing, terms you, know plumber plumbing in all, most of the terms, give. Me so. Probably. A neat or. Volunteer. By those, sort of terms for, what emergencies, what so. These are the end groups we're going to target. Seems. Pretty simple, we. Then, need to go and, find, how. We're going to set it up so, if, you haven't used Google Analytics. Also at Google Ads before you may not be on be, aware of the structure so. What, we have is a an, account, so. At, the account level you've got your billing and credit card everything, is associated to this in billing, and. How. Things, are charged. To your account that's the master account from.

There You go. Out to what is called campaigns. So. Campaigns, are. Campaigns. Give you the ability to set. Locations. Budgets. And. Sort. Of where you, want to look. What hours you're wanting to focus on so, hours. Hours. Locations. And. Budget. Excuse. My best timing, from. There you will sign out from, a campaign, to what is called an ad group now, and groups are really important, and a. Little bit. Undervalued. Or. Overused, so. One campaign, shouldn't, have hundreds, of a groups and groups, are where your quality, score which we'll cover later he. Is ranked, by keywords. As put under these so then you've got keywords, under this, so. You. Really want to focus on these ad groups this is where your ads assets your ads asset here. And. You'll keep wanting to sit here as well. So. You. Really want to make sure that these are set up correctly but, you need to make sure that the first the ad groups are set up correctly so how. We learn to do this is. Break. It down so. We're. Targeting one, area, we're targeting Castle. Hill so. Castle. Hill is a suburb in Sydney, and, it's got. This. Is the website for the cars little spy so this is just a website we, threw together and it's, got some of the key elements that you'd want by the landing page for Google Ads so when, you're creating a landing page for Google Ads there's. A there's a few metrics that you really want to keep an eye on Google. Ads really, worked well with, offers, and offering. Value to user in, and as an incentive to get them to give you a phone call or making conversion, action. So, having. Things like our $55. Off $0, camera inspection you. Can make these up for your industry, you can use whatever you want but. We recommend, doing a little bit of research about what everyone else is doing and, either. Better or, match. It what. We have found though is if everyone. Is operating, at $55, off discount, in your budget $100. Off it actually has a negative effect. To, it if you go to much, greater than what everyone else is doing it makes you seem like you're a little bit more expensive or, you. Know you were charging too much and that's why we were able to give that thing a discount so. Try. To keep in the, range of what everyone else is doing don't go out and spend too much money so. If you want to have a big call to actually big phone numbers big, email forms, we're, not targeting email, conversions, on this page we're really focusing, on calls because ultimately, at the end of the day people convert, vehicles, so. Instead of trying to go for conversions, by forms. I've got to see a far, less. Conversion. Rate that people really pushing towards phone calls so, we've, done the big phone call but it it wobbles sort, of draw that, like, drew your eye into that collection, you. Also want to have what, it's called social proof so. Proof, in which you are local you are hydrated. A service. Worker you. Rapid-response and, your premium, service. From. Their high graphics, very. Visual, dice, sort, of a little, bit of what you do who you are your. Services that you offer and. A. Couple FAQ. With. Your call to actions at the bottom you book now fall is still there, we haven't excluded, it it's just something that isn't, be approached as heavily as the photo but you can see it's.

Still Very visual, you. Do want a navigator, website, so you want your website to be able to be navigated. Through and that's. Really important, to another, sort. Of. Call. To action there so, we're really wanting people, to be able to navigate through the site that adds a lot of value in terms of your landing page experience, which Google use as a ranking. Factor for. Your ad, so. Having, navigation. Is really important people also do like to go through you'll find in your analytics, whilst running ads for people to actually navigate through, the site when they use it so. The, other thing to keep in mind is performance, so as you can see, pages. Are very quick there, is no real loading it, just, instantly happens, that's, really important, for a user to experience, such a, fast. Website because, when you're paying to traffic to come in and then the service industry it's typically expensive traffic, you, want to make sure that they're going to convert it they're not going to bounce if, they bounce you've lost money effectively so make. Sure leave the site sucks performance, as you can see use. A tool like GT, metrics, you want to get these scores right up don't. Be too concerned about the fully loaded time side, up to a free account. Use. The timings and first pay you want this first page to be under two seconds you, can see here we're close to harvest, half a second, so, you really want this score the content, will pay that's the first point at which the website is visually, available, to the user so you can visually see graphics, and, so forth that's, really important to have as long as humanly possible. Music, Google's official tool, PageSpeed. Insights. It. Could also run, through exactly. How. Fast. Your website is, 95. On a mobar. 87. On a desktop so that really comes down to the index, speed and the performance, of your. Website based, of the device you're using so. Make sure your site is fast you use those tools if your site isn't fast, pay.

Someone To get it done for you to improve the speed there's heaps of articles online on how to improve, the performance of your website in terms of the speed super. Important, it will also help your quality, score as, well for your landing page experience. Making. Sure keywords. Primary. Key words on the page are in, use on the landing page that is really important, because that's, how people engage that's, how people see that you are actually a local they really want to see that you're local, even. If your website is. Completely. Different suburb you're. Not in Castle Hill or you're targeting a pig's eye like where we live on the Sunshine Coast so good post is an area we have hundreds of suburbs within that area if. I want to turn in each and every suburb, I don't. Want to create a new website and don't want to just put Sunshine Coast because then I won't have the keyword on the page so what, we've done. Is created. A database of landing page so if whatever these query is we will create a, custom. Page for, each one so clouds rub Caloundra, the, logo changes to Caloundra and other, variables on the website have changed to come and run just to include that term on the page so that's really important, to make sure that those terms are appearing on the page content. But, contextually, and, visually. So. That's. Going to improve the quality score, and the, battle. Where. They go from there to changes, that's fine as long as that landing page is there, they. Can experience that result, is personalized, towards them. From. There we're going to go from the. Landing page and performance. Of the landing page because you really want to make sure that's set up correctly because if it's not you're not ready you're going to send a lot of traffic to a website that just isn't going to convert so make sure that your websites primed. And ready to go for. Higher, conversions. Working. Out where, you've got a target is the next thing so, we use a tool called free BAP tool calm I do. Believe it's hard to find this page if you. Go. Into their website so there's. The URL we posted in the description of the video as well but. Basically come down pick. Your address so the exact address that you'd like to target and the kilometers at which you happen to travel around so. We're going to put 15 mothers because. This is pretty. Post leasing Liam. You. Said I like Sydney, so we'd, only go right into Sydney 15 kilometers is quite the drive anyway. Three, texts. And. What this is going to do is going to put a radius around to Castle Hill and exactly where Castle Hill is and, all, the suburbs that are around Castle, Hill including, their postcodes so. You want to copy their post codes because these become a noose later when we're using, Google. With. The location targets. But. These suburbs are what's really important. So. For these suburbs we want to create an ad, sorry campaign, for each one of these so. That's. Quite time-consuming if. I look at. There's. 134. Different, suburbs now, there are going to be a lot that you don't need sentence. Like. Town centers you won't need parks. Typically. You, won't be to do research. In, your, area you'll do the research around that area - someone's in that area where you'll need to target that robot, you'll. Also see ones like south and Dorf you can typically get rid of those and just use, the primary one but, if, they have big areas we, have big areas here in the West and we. Would still include those okay just go through this layers to find them if you get at least down quite a lot by.

Just Removing ones that are West Los you'll. Find a lot that are really related to where. You are as, well you'll find universities. In there there's, a lot in there that you don't actually use so. Paste that into your text document, and we'll use that in just a second, so. Obviously. On this video I've got better to go through and create 134. Of these or, even at, least and work out what's legitimate, or not we're, going to target this the classic heel area just the one suburb, today. This video but. What you've learned in this video you'll need to replicate for, all of these suburbs that's, where it gets time-consuming, so. We're. Going to create a Castle Hill. We're. Going to create a castle, hill, campaign. So. In. This example we. Would have one, of all these for. Each one of these. And. We'll run through how to set that up so, in your new Google Apps account the include new campaign. Now. Think, what you want to target so obviously, in the service industry where after leads but, after, sales we're not selling. Products. Without selling physical goods your online goods, well. After the traffic traffic is relevant, to us it doesn't really matter. How, much traffic you get is relevant, all you need is conversions, we're not selling products I would like to integrate awareness, campaigns, or. A promotion, so we're definitely at I'm at this leads this. Won't actually change anything. To, do with your account more so the suggestions, in which we will give your account based on. The. Results in which you start to see, now. What we wanted to target, is the campaign type to the search we don't want to do a smart campaign these typically don't work in the. Service industry they, do work really well on the industries, but the service industry, is a little bit too competitive to look at that we're, not going to do video although video, is great so. The sauce on parade awareness, shopping, obviously my selling product display, marketing, is privately, very, good but for this we're going to set up search. Now. What we're after here is the. Website. Visit so. We want people to visit our website that's how we're gonna get people to call and, photo course. Your. Suburb. Think. Your phone number. This. Isn't the photo the been used on here so, you, can, either use your real phone number here or a. Mobile. Over it doesn't really matter as, long as this, stuff this correct is that I'm gonna turn any call this is our site set a phone number I'm just going to use that to. The purpose of this video. And. Obviously the website. There. The. Campaign day obviously, we said we've got a target Castle Hill. And. Now. We need to pick what. Category. We've got a time at first I'm. Gonna target the block, trades. So. Castle Hill blood drains. For. The search Network is, a. Common. Debate whether you should use the, Google search partners or the Google Display Network perform, your search campaigns, for. This little leave them on it'll. Show you how to run the report a little bit later to, see after you've worked out whether it's going to work on a lot select. Your start date typically, obvious leave it as default however if you do have a specific start, date do. Pick that if, you're going to pick right now make sure you pause it before you start, terms. Of locations, don't, select Australia. And. Just think. You got to work it out later you, really want to pick your area right, now. The. Reason for that is if you forget, and you start creating accounts, and. If. You start creating, accounts, it'll, add groups and you your keywords and your ads and it goes live you, were talking to the entire Australia you can put through a little bit of money by, making, that little mistake it I've done it before.

Now. The target audience is a tough. One for the service industry, so people in or who show interest in, your time and location now. This is really important, because if. You're in the, Sunshine Coast like I've been Queensland, it's completely, for the state to, Sydney. Or Castle Hill, do. You want someone to be able to search for Castle, Hill or plumber and you, cover, if. No. People. Here if yes, okay, now this. Is a tough one because typically. The. Ad targeting in Australia. Is pretty poor so people. In the next suburb where log or people, eat the suburb that your exit targeting could be detected in the suburb along and they're not going to see your ad so that's, something that really put it into consideration, for, example, Carson. Hill plumbers it, says that on up here in 1000 r which is up in Queensland, and obviously ads for. Plumbers in Castle, Hill so. Some. Would say that as a waste of money but it's actually not it's keep. It on you do get good conversions, from people, outside the area there is a report you can run to verify that done so. Typically, how people. The cold call who add cold callers will get you to come over is they'll do searches around the Strand about five that, you're coming up in, their area for a different area I'll, call you so how you're not running a correctly so forth I, did. Yeah. That's a relevant look. At the report the report will show everything they won't show you that report the, report has the, conversion, data it verifies, that you, are absolutely, legitimate. Conversions. So. In your audiences, you, do want to create a observation. Audience do not select target, audience that's for remarketing. To. Search for your industry and search. Relevant. Categories, and topics in which relate. So public services. General. Contracting, remodeling, services not. Fixtures, but on a store home. Improvement, and, home. Ownership are typically the one-time pick for this industry now. Deal, wires aren't the best for this because they're people after information you're, not really wanting to advertise to people that you just after information affinity. Audience is holy God is not to that as well so. These are in, Google's way of identifying, how. It, can, help you, expand. To a bigger audience by. Programmatically. Determining. Their category, and what they fit under, these categories to whether they should fit, for them a little bit more aggressively or not so, doing. A manual campaign, this isn't so much important. As it would be for me to na automated campaign with Google's machine. Learning technologies, so we roll over that that is so important, to make sure they're in there now. I'm setting the daily budget is, tricky. Because Google can go over that daily budget by up to double or any, particular day but, average out over a thirty day period capital. End at thirty point, two days which. Is the average month. For, every calendar year so, to work that out typically. A service based business is opened. 20, days of other but so that's the. Calendar. So that's the five days in workweek times, by four so. To. Work it out let's say I have a budget of $10,000. Above and whatever your budget is will, just. Be entered in here divided. By. My. Daily budget is $500. Now. Any, day I can, spend up to $1,000. So, knowing. That am i comfortable spending $1,000. To get the convergent, or not so really. Keep that in mind if you're starting out that whatever, that budget is isn't, necessarily the absolute.

Cutoff Position, Google. Does have a variance there. Now. Bidding models is where we're going to. Sort. Of have to think about a little bit more than what we normally would so good. Will have their venule and their, automated bid strategies, so because we don't have conversion. Data right now we're, limited, so we can't going for a target, CPA because. That, relies on conversion. Data we're. Not going for a target return on advertising spent or a robust, campaign. Because we're not selling products we don't have a sort, of marginal. Return. We don't have a set dollar figure like my shop in Qatar would, maximize. Conversions maximize, clicks we can use that's wise conversions, we do need conversion. Data for as well, maximize. Conversion, value is once again for e-commerce, target. Impression share is. Both, for brand awareness such, as coca-cola which are the advertised everywhere, they can win don't use Target, or any share for, this. We're. Going to choose bendable, CPC, purely. Based on the fact that it's the, most control, if you, are looking to go to them then you'll or the automatic bid strategy. Pick, maximize, clicks it'll, learn faster. And it will grab data faster, than what that your CPC will so, you choose that if you are looking to go a what, about a bid strategy like CPI targeting, in the future, they've. Got a go manual I. Don't. Want to use the. Heads. To CPC, I don't see value in it for this industry it. Has values, at other industries but, from my reporting. And data I can't, see value with it. Now. Your ad schedule, and how you want to create ad schedules, what days you're working stiffly, more than a Friday and, obviously. Is enter your hours. I'm. From 7:00 to 6:00. So. 24-hour. Time. And. Rotation. If. You're looking to do a low edited, add, sort. Of campaign don't really want to manage it too often you don't really want to go in too often use, optimize if you, are someone that really wants to control, and have ultimate, control over, your performance, and make. Continual, tweaks to get the best performance do. Not optimize. We've. Got a pig do not optimize because as an ad agency we, like that ultimate control we like to come in and have that control know what's happening, and make improvements. Over time to, get better results, in. The future we're. Going to leave ad extensions, for right now because we'll create them later. From. Here without creating our ad groups so we do want to select a standard make sure you're not selecting dynamic and. We. Want to create this as. Southern. So. In, each area. We're, going to have two, different suburbs. So, for. This instance we're going to have a, default. Bid of 5. Dollars we don't want it to be expensive even though I know that those bids are not gonna that five dollars won't get the MFE in the modeling industry for, a Google ad split I do, know that I don't want, to. Set a bid, higher, than, the average bit so. In here what, I'm going to do is put my, blocked drain, terms so. When. I'm creating, those what I want to do is things like. Castle. Heroes lot. Phrase. I. Have. A list over to the left here which is what I'm to me. So. We, want to do two, or three different. Key, word types so you can see here you've got broad match phrase. That exact, match, there is also a third one fourth, one called abroad modified, which is what we're going to use for, this so.

We Don't, want. I'm not going to jump into this video of how each one of these works mainly, because I can speak for an hour about it so we're going to skip, over that fit out but. Enjoy. Castle, block trades can, appear for anything that is classic Hill related everything block drones related and block to later anything drains related, anything, Hills related Italy Castle related you talk about that so what by. Adding a plus before, each, keyword. Allows. You, to, rake, for anything in between any words in between. These. Words any, order. Of these words as long as all four of these words appears, in. That. Query. Or, plural. Don't worry about plural so this. Will cover no, plural this will have a block. This. Will cover he'll. It'll. Come up all, the different variants, of dispelling, with this in any order with words in this way or after, or before. After. That we will put Castle. Hills block. Rails in square brackets this. Is called exact match so the. Key. Word has to appear of the exact order. In. The exact spelling of this keyword. Plurals. Are, the. Exception, so that, that. Are effectively, the same thing so that. That. Is effectively, the same thing so don't worry about doing the variants of plural that is fine as, long as it's in this exact order so we do need to make the reversal so. That. Now, the last type, of keyword. Is the phrase. Match which is done in. Quotes. So a. Little. Block. Trades. So. This will be any order, of any of these keywords plurals. Except. It. Doesn't have, to have each. Word, we can cut this word. We. Can as long as it's in the target area so typically, you'll, have castle. Pillars it's very topical but. This it will pick up the majority of the key words here that I got included, easier exact Spanish now. Google will suggested, keywords because. The way we're setting it up is a, way. That this tool really works, that we're going to really leave it out for right now. We're. Going to save that as is. Now. Creating an ad you, need to determine where your ad settings go so for, this blocked drains. Keyword. There's, no reason to send it to the homepage we really want to send that to the dedicated, blood drains page so. We'll grab that block drains page. And. It will add it here, that's. Going to add topical relevance to the letting. Page and the experience, which I have so when I click your ad they're, gonna lay another page that is about block drains has, your phone has, castle did, it it's very topical. From. There we want to create what. Is called the title there there. You get three options, of titles and there's. More. As you, create the next ads but. What. We want to do here is student the research, so, do your search for, your your, keyword that you're doing targeting for castle, will block. Right. Now. If you're not seeing anything because of people are targeting, certain, areas, as we discussed before you, can use this tool here by. Technical SEO card, it. Is a tool that I personally, use and, find is really helpful, so you. Could actually control, where, Google thinks you are. So, as you can see here it thinks I'm intend a while Queensland, but, on this one it's, got to say you South Wales and it thinks I meet in the parts of Hills so, I've. Never seen more rather than ads based, on where it thinks I am so. We're. Going to look at the keywords there using fixed point drains classic Hills so the equipment were clogged drains Castle, Hill blocked, drains Castle Hill emergency.

Plumber Hospital, this is less topical, and as. They're. Going to actually pay more. For that position. Than, possibly this one here just because it's less topical, and you'll add quality school unless it's. Clear. Blocked drains from. $69. So, I. Don't. Personally like to shove neat words it, adds. A sort. Of negative effects. To how the user, engages people, find a less conversion, rate now. There's a few things to keep in mind here you've, got the top ads we've, got the absolute, top ads, and. Then you put the bottom ads so. You don't put the bottom ads they, get. A lot of impressions they don't seem to get a lot of clicks and the conversions, that come from those clicks are actually quite low so you really want these top two, if not top three positions, so. Top one typically. Way more expensive it's typically 30%. More expensive in this industry then, the second position, so, are. You going to get a 30%, better. Conversion. Rate before that but, so. We. Normally target, the second position and, in. The service industry people normally shop around so, people. Would normally click on the first ad make. A phone call, realize, that they can't get a price on the phone and I'll call the second company so okay. So that up call the third company as well so, typically this first ad will see a. Equal. To or worse off conversion. Rate then the second, ad so the second ad is definitely where I'd focus, on but. By. All means spend, the extra money and get that first ad if you really want to dominate you. You know suburbs, and areas have been the dominant, company. Within the area so. We've. Got the words, that we want to use what sort of New, Jersey their, descriptions. And licensed, frequent. Professional. And friendly guaranteed. Service, that, they're using really good terms for, creating, trust. And, you. Know emergency, so I'm blood drains typically, classed as an emergency, so you really wanna burden sea terms so. Don't. Do this but save some time we're. Going to copy and, paste theirs. Don't. Do that. It's. Not. A good, strategy or good look to. Be. Seen. Doing. Exactly, what sources, do it however. Saving, time here, now. What we really want to focus on is our key words that we entered at the last grade so, we entered words like follow sorry. What drains Castle, Hill now that term is very powerful so, we. Can actually enter that right here so, by using Open, bracket. Keyword. Title. Match. Castle. Hills. Who, is that, they'll. Actually over, so. What, we could do is just get. It down. We. Don't like free plate anyway so, what. This will do is we will actually. Replace, this. Sentence, here with, whatever the, user searched for so, if the user searched for I'm looking.

Like Castle, Hills. Blocked. Drains plumber it's gonna have Castle Hills about drains plumber if, for whatever reason is, too low it, will use the default if. They search for block drains into Castle Hills it'll, put that keyword in it it will create higher relevance, and have, a better CTR. The. Same goes for. The. Title, so. What. They have done is fix, catacombs. Blocked roads. Fix. What drains castle hill so if, I was to. In. This instance I would have had fixed car circles blocked drains you can have it anyway so this, is a better strategy to use after. Heading to once again we're just going to steal a couple bits. Of information often. Just. A same time. Oh sure, how they fit, that in there if I thought. So. Once. You put in three headlines does, you want to create a path so you want to create that path that, relates, to where. You're setting traffic so Castle. Hills. So. This is the keyword in, the keyword so that's going to create more relevance, to, the user that's, something that these guys aren't utilizing, and what you'll find is they're all generic they're not really targeting, an area the reason this is so powerful is because when you search for a suburb and you do see that exact, match keyword, within the URL the. URL is, already that you see it everywhere you start, to see and trust that business, a little bit more so, we're going to finish that now we recommend, creating two of these at google recommends creating two of these as well before, this videos got to create the one just, because this. Is for you and drag down down down, so. Now we've got our suburb ID. Group in here now, this, is once again how. I said would. Your, breakings full of care based, on your quality score is from an ad group level so we really want to make sure that we're keeping keywords. In each ad group to, a bare minimum absolute. Bare minimum if. You stray, too, far out of this so you go. Castle. Hills lot, tap, it's. Actually different so create a new category, or. A new campaign called blocks, tap, the. Reason you don't want to do that yet here is because your, quality, score for it tap and turn so we're searching for a tap locked, up your, ads a suggesting, that you're doing trades, completely. Different things so the. Quality in which the user experiences. Is less at the scruple, passes on a less quality score for you and. In turn you actually pay more for that ad clink than someone targeting a better quality score, to, really try and break this up into very few keywords per, ad group now. In. Saying that because taps, and blocked, drains. Is very similar you, could fit that taps, under, new, a group so instead, of having some bows you have taps so. You're. Still using as we, drew, up here we're, still using the same hours, for taps we're still using the same location, for taps taps, fits within our budget so, we, can include it if it fits out any of those then. We'll discard. It you do want to keep them to, blocked up those sorry, but create. Lots of keywords. In, campaign. Levels that ad group levels. Now. From, here we want to click on the campaign. We. Want to make a few adjustments so. The. Advanced. Bid adjustment, for a phone call so, the. Phone call at extension is. This. One so you can see the phone call there it also appears. Very prominently, on a, mobile, device now you, want that phone over there if they don't have to click to your website and they're willing to make a phone call from this page you want that because that is you. Know even better for you that making that insted conversion. So, you want that bit adjustment, to, be, thirty. Or forty percent so you make that bit adjustment, twenty or thirty percent whilst, we're here you should pause the, campaign. So. We don't get our, ads going live. So. You really want that bid just with a 40% about. How we've got a gauge this in the future after about the very light will cover it and look at what our conversion, data is and if. It is above the account level average, we, will pull. It down a bit if the. Average conversion, of a call. Extension, is built low will, actually up it so, this could be a massive, number at the end as long as that average, conversion cost is lower than what, the. Account, level one averages. Terms. Of devices, this is an interesting. Simplification. That maybe most. Ad agencies. Both realize will work though or don't how to find out so, click. Fraud is one. Killer. Of a. Beast. It's a not, a great thing to come up against and in the service-based industry it's, excellent really common what, click fraud is is when let's say I belong, in Castle Hill I actually do a search for. Classical. Block drain and I don't click all these guys ads it's, costing them please adds a.

Costing. That 80 to $90 per click in this area one. Click is 80 or 90 dollars so I'm costing, their money I'm, not. Obviously going to do it so. That's, a click fraud. Horrendous. Way to do business don't, do that ever to anyone it's. Really disgusting if even. If you're searching for a business that you're looking for, click. On their organic result, don't click on the ad just it. Costs, a lot of buy it's, not a good thing to do, yes competitions, did because yes they don't get to you that. Doesn't mean you have to do it back it's just as. An, industry as a, business. Or if. I could encourage more people not to do it yeah that's, better to do everything. So. Typically. When someone does that though they're doing that often to computer it's a lot easier to do it on computer then you'll also find is people that are cold, calling agencies. That like, myself we, don't cold pool but like ourselves, looking. At a plumber. To. Sign up we would then click, on all these cool. But we're going to do that off the computer because it's significantly, faster and do off a computer, that will be off for tablet or robot, so, you'll. Find you get a lot more cold calls that. They look like genuine converges, over reports, but they're actually called course coming, from computers, so, typically, in the service-based industry I'll add a negative of, say. 50, to 80% now. I do, recommend writing your ads in, your area, if. You're in a small area you like at a bank CVD or in the main heavy, trafficked. Area probably, not a big concern if you're in a big area start. From scratch do the. Bid adjustment, out that. Way you know you're not going to get too many fluid leaks people. Do not. From. Flicks off mobile and tablets as well but it's farthest so, do, it be an adjustment down, of 50%, look. At the report about and go okay we're, getting no, conversions, or sub convenience, and the conversions, and crap you know it's. Really. Rather report, to the data becomes you get photos. As. Scheduled, obviously, we set that from 7:00 till 8:00 if you do want to go a little bit more into, depth. You just say you want to target the mornings because you really want to target wallet. Course you. Can add. Each. Day individually. And, let's say we will do, Monday, between. 7:00. And 9:00. Because. I'm trying to get jobs for myself, for the boys, we. Can then add that and then add a bit of justman of. Say 40% upwards. So we're happy to pay for 40% more, than. What up what. Went it's, we. Set out at that big ones which instances, was five dollars but, how many think 40%, more than that to. Get a call within those hours so, that's. Really powerful in this industry that Google used to have what's called accelerated, bit book bidding. Where, it would use all your budget, as soon as possible in the morning. Google. Change that so that's just standard so. They're going to try, to use your budget. Throughout the entire day as if. You account it, doesn't know when. Those. Clips you've got a cup so typically it's later in the afternoon as your account starts to get more data and become. More authoritative. In Google's eyes you'll, start to see calls come out Ross without. Towards the day, however. If you've got a load low budget, like, a really low budget of say your, conversions, are costing you $20, and your budget is $100. You. Really need to consider. Your. Hours, if, you do hours, like this and this long that. $100. It. Doesn't know where to spend it because it doesn't know when it's going it. Doesn't know how to spend that dog the. Best because. It's got such a wide, sort. Of area to have to spend it in so your typical your finally after do it gets you the course if you, do have a low budget look. At making your ads go from 7 to 11, short. Hours Google, goes okay you've only got four hours we, have to spend a lot of hours about four hours. Typically. Your conversion. Cost would be the same but, it gets to spend it in a quicker time that's. Really important, because with.

Smaller Budget it created a huge, difficulty. Of energy. Longer. Hours. In. Terms of locations, this is where those. And. Suburb. Postcodes. Recover hear me so we'll come in here we'll click Edit. Remove. CD because obviously volatility, City. So. You, can see that's Google, in Australia, anyway I know it's different of America in Australia typically most of our suburbs are postcodes. And that's how they know them so, we would look like this add locations, in bulk, and. A post going to include search now. It doesn't understand what this post code words which is fine we, want to scroll down this make sure that they're all New South Wales. Occasionally. You'll see one suburb is in. A different country and obviously the target that so we click for target all so. It's kind of going to add all those suburbs to that, but. If. You, can so zoomed out like this that, means that there's a suburb over here somewhere they're also going food good assistance, it was accurate, now, after everything lot, of the range was. Over. Here but. Because these suburbs are so large they go where that side of that so you can either choose. To clip these and remove them don't, this is 12,000, people in them and. To. Find your zones. A little bit better. Now. If you end up like this where there's big gaps what you can do is click on this little icon and, click, postcodes if, you zoom in on those you'll. See that it's gonna turn gray and then I can include those. This. Also works for going, out doing. Areas, in different ways as well. But. This is we've got a pretty perfect so, you could say on that. Now. Because. We have, so. Many suburbs in Australia, as so many suburbs they've the exact same thing in Australia what, you'll find is summer subject for black, town that. Might also be in Western, Australia so, associated for black town Kluber you. Don't want to appear derivative Western Australia, because we have that setting set what. You need to do is go to it excludes. Toria, and add all the. Old. Post sorry all the states. In which you're trying to target so, NCT. Worry. Lady. I. Know. Inside these on as well I also add some of the heavy hitters in, terms of fraud. India-us. A. Guided. In. The. Russia. China. There's. A couple war that I'll, go with this so, exclude, so. We don't want to target any of these areas. If. Any one of those areas searches, we won't appear now, you. Can take this to another level and you. Can. Click. On save. Edit. Again go, back in and select, this and go full. Areas. So. If, you're really pathetic about, wasted. Buddy, go. Ahead and, exclude. Big. Areas. In, a radius, of your, area, so, if you're really not willing to travel that distance. Obviously. The more you zoom in the more suburbs get revealed, obviously. Intersecting, Sydney would read. Out sort, of rent over rules or negative suburbs, overall, positive, suburbs, so in this case only one, of those suburbs would ever get seen so make, sure that you're having, read only your area. And. Then, exclude, all, those areas so that's being really pedantic, don't.

Need To do that but it is an extra thing to do I, don't recommend going, all the way out here and whatnot. Purely. Base of the fact that this map will only show you 250, different locations. If you do all of that except. This what, you'll find is that's way over 250, and it will show you nothing on the map so it's really hard to manage so. Cent now. Back to the targeted we. Can also if. You don't. Have the time to find. The most postcards, so you didn't use the tool or whatever that you can also do what's called a radial. Targeting. So. Radius. You. Think kilometers. Around. So. Once again one. Of the biggest suburbs will, be included, in this so if, that's the case and, you really don't know what that change. That to smaller, radial. Sorry. That. Was there you can also use a pin so, that's to say thick, or. Let. Do. Whatever you will live but could say so, I don't we overlap, them so I had to just, I don't. Trust to. Know everything, that Google has there's, all those gaps I don't know when that's just that map or whatnot I just like to just for the reassurance that I know that I've got everything. Covered. Terms. Of settings once. Again will turn a tube to both of these settings already. We're. Not going to do dynamic search campaigns, they don't really seem to conform, very well for. The. Service industry so we'll leave that at, locations, are set and displayed it works everything's set it here correctly. Placements. We don't need to worry about place books that's more for that's, there because the display that work was turned on we, don't need to worry about that. Demographics. I tend to leave however you can modify them later, in the future now. Based. On reports you can see different varying, data I do, actually know that females, convert, I are the males for, the plumbing I do, turned at certain age groups I've got to convert less such as 8220, force leave. It just, it's. Better to leave it and let Google, determine, the, performance, at how the performance rubs, out over a six-month period say, have, a look at this report. Work. Out whether it's costing you too much all of them and making. A judgment call from Tata dot just instinct. Audiences. We set earlier. Rubbish, all wailing up there. This. Is where we served for that flooding stuff. It's. A safe those. Save. Those at a cap, a level a lot of a great level so you can bet Easter from accurate level as well just wear it as a campaign level because then it's applied to everything below. Keywords. Obviously, we'll leave those loaded, for now. When. Google goes live it'll, show you these. As being you. Know not not, priced up enough they need to be more expensive so, what you would do is click this and come up with some prices, click. Apply to the price and that that's good to go now. In here you boss you've got negative keywords you want to add negative keywords. So. I. Recommend. Creating a faster negative, list so in negative lists, and, then you can share that negative list now, I don't have any set up and but vicinity, up because we've, got this joint. To our master, account but, what you want to include it here is things to be 2.1 or therefore, will. Appear for things like before. A. Dog. O. Credit. Chips you. Know will appear for. Electrician. Now. Because we've got the word gas in there we don't look careful on car gas prepares, a car. I've. Got a list of a column of these so, you. Go. Up you've got to go crazy and you'll typically find every. Week you'll, find new ones in there what. You can also do is go to the other pages search. For companies. In. Your area and. Add all the companies, in here now, the reason for doing that is because you, don't want to appear someone, searching for a local company if, I'm searching for pure. Plumbing, your. Ad doesn't want to show up the conversion, rates going to be horrendous and you're gonna pay a lot for it the. Best, of listing all your competition, things, like apprenticeships, things like traineeship, how to, have. To why. How, can I see. My. Buddies. But. It said. Things. Like that that you're. Likely. To be targeting people doing DIY stuff, here, here here, yeah. Yeah, you. Don't want to, rank for those words so make sure this, negative keywords something be really, put into consideration. And spent a long time in like, I said we've got 800, just.

For The public industry, and, they differ to industry industry so. That's. Really important, to make sure that you, get this absolutely perfect it, well thought about, now. When your account has been active, and live you, can actually come into this search terms you'll get a list of search terms in here you can take the ones that you don't want at over time you can build that negative list up but, we recommend, you. Know least spending time to start up for you to, save, waste and spend. Now. In the ads we do need to add some more ads so, in. Here with what I won't add it, will get approved at some point we. Want to add a responsive, search end as well so responsive, actually. We don't don't add call only ads or responsive. Display ads we're. Purely. Targeting, search was, call on the ads don't work from the service industry don't know why that is don't. Web. Creating a responsive search ad it allows Google to pick out of your, titles, descriptions, what. The best combination, of those are depended, on the, different, query, versus, search for. So. We can have a. Bunch. Of titles, as, there as an ax so set different. Titles all the way down such. As save here different, ways of driving there's have, fill, it out also. Create four different unique, descriptions, those. Four unit description that could be equal place an ad if, for example you, do want this to be displayed in the first position and only in the first position set, that the sound goes to the second. And third digits as well so. It's. Not recommended. But, as much so. You would feel, that this create. That as well. As. Well as that make sure that you'll put your keywords in there so think about the keywords that you've got write, them down somewhere else like in your notepad and, make sure that each one of those is included, at least once within, the combination, of the description of the title. As. Well as that what I create what's called extensions. So extensions. Are, what. We see here so you've got sitelink, extensions we've, got structured, data extension. So we're. Structured. Data extensions, we've got call-out, extensions, you've, got location, extensions, you've got all these different extension, types so make sure that you use those, now. Make, sure that you use a link, your Google Ads so. Your Google by business listed which is your. Research. For us this. Is the Google bar business listing so you use that. It'll. Link it to your Google Ads account the. Reason for that is when someone searches for Castle, Hills Australian's it realizes, that you're in Castle Hills you can actually get add right. In now it's seven, o'clock on a line so it dollars despite, it out there a bit you, can get that out and it is really powerful to, make sure that you do that so click, add site, look extension, and. Create. Your site like extension. Do. The same. For. Call. Extension, which we were in Boxster don't do that call. Our. Structured. Snipper, promotion. If you do have a promotion or an offer like the $0 call-out fee or whatnot and. Do, the location. Extension, so you set those up I'm not going to go over the detail but then once again I can go right. Through. The hours doing that so I won't do that now. From. Here. You. Want you've down down the. Suburb. Related, to blood drains cancer pills as keywords, now what we want to do is create another ad group. And, just call it general. Same. Goes for this but it's never said to $5 just that'll. Have to update the future now we, do want to include the. Generic. So. Now, think. About the terms before you add them dry, and clean up you don't got it right for that's a liquid that's a product, you're, not selling that you don't want people to do it themselves sinker. Blocker you don't want to target back because that's someone trying to know themselves, so. Really think about these before you add them now I. Could. Go on forever for these as well but what we're going to do is.

First. Of all copy. Ruth, glasses. Should. Have done compost. Before I'll do. That. Add your breath two. Different types. Cadell but I've brought back modifiers, the exact. Match and the phrase match keywords and, we'll save that so. Will obviously have a lot more in the big picture make. Sure that you do ad together you work two ads that, of the. Expended. Text ads which of these ads and then one of the bigger, ads that, we showed their responsive, display ads so, we would, obviously add the keywords. Modify. That to, relate less towards, a suburb. And ball towards the generic term that's. Really important, for the ad quality school so, let's get each should. Have three ads within it. Now. What, you would also do is create. So. This is pretty much it for BA trains today our mob we would do is duplicate. The, so. Once. You get this perfect, always get the first one absolutely. Perfect, all your ads you, can go as many ads as you want each one get. Them absolutely, perfect. Don't. This editing. Get, your locations, perfect, just settings perfect, to demographics. Audiences, everything. Absolutely spot-on and then, what you can do is go into all campaigns. Campaigns. Copy. Paste. That. Would duplicate, it then. What you would do is just rename, it to the next suburb so, part. Of our suburbs, list we. Would grab a prospect. Paste. That. So. We, would have effectively. 130. 131. Locked. Rates campaigns. Then. We, will have. 131. Hot water or only 31 gas, general. Lily the virgin see as. You. Can see that would be here on a thousand, different. Campaigns. It. Adds up real quick sort of really consider, the, the, intent, in which people have now. There are better, and faster ways, to create this and one, of those is. Google. As, so. Because, actually, download. Software. That you could use. The ads editor, this. Allows you to duplicate, copy paste create, off you. Create everything offline it's difficult. Ly faster when setting these up so, for. Me to set up a thousand, campaigns, each. With, two, categories. Within verb that's 2000, ad groups or with at least three ad groups in the best 3000, ads. All. Specifically. Targeting a set, area so, all those ads would then have all. Those ad groups would have, prospects. Castle, Hill all the suburbs within each category, it would, then have all the ads linking.

Exactly, To that. Suburb. Of that category. Of work. To. Create that take, something roughly a week to do about, a thousand, different campaigns, it's, a very time because, you may think to do but. It pays dividends. On your results, you, could add all the suburbs within here so. I could effectively as, a shortcut, if, you don't have the time to spend. You. Could paste them all there so. Typically. What you would do is. In. A bulk editor, like this I can do. A find/replace for, a line. Break so break in the line and then, set for, love. Grades. Space. Well. Yep, and then. Find. Replace. Back. To the first line so. Now I've added all those they've got it in front of all those keywords and now what we want to do is, find. That load break again and. At plus though. You. Would copy, them into three different types. Find. That ad group again. Put. A plus there. For. That is a plus in front of each of the. Lines. And then you want to find a space so replace that line break with a space in. Place that won't work with the space that. You would put a surplus, so, that's just created. Or. We're bored ones. Very. Similar would apply for this. So you would do closed bracket, open, bracket. Then. It away. Close. Bracket. Bracket. Find. A place or you. Would need to modify the first and last line because, the line break, did, apply for those lines I've now, got my exact match so I can paste those at the bottom of my. Good. Bunch modifiers, and. Obviously this one would be. Quotations. And, quotations. And replace, all, that. Obviously apply those to the first. Last. Now. To, be really, specific. I could then go ahead and do. Each, one of these reverse. Order as well. To. Me but more specifically, I could, divide. The, exact match and, broad match the phrase match into different ad groups as, well to, be. A bit more in depth as a few different ways you could do it now. Doing. It this way. I'll. Just apply that just to show you so that's how I recommend doing it but this way is also good now, the difference, here is, your. Ad campaign. That, normally. Has castle kill written on it can't, have castle hill reload because they're. Searching for different subjects, so, you replace, that with just, something. Jerry. This. You. Will have something. Generic as well maybe make, it more generic and a title now. Because. We do have the. Prospect. Roads we can don't copy that that. The faster way to do this is to then go. Back into here reverse, all. Those. All these ones. Do, a. Line. Replace, with. This. Replaced. So. Now. Now, we kind of have spaces, so we replace spaces, with dashes. That's just how, we've, programmed it so, you can space it out allow the rolls, now. I could copy one of these. Okay. So it's. Fully customized, the, best way to add those is to. Go. Into the keywords select. All, sorry. Just downloaded download, as CSV that'll. Give you a document, with all the final. URLs and then, you can add those, in bulk and then upload, it using the upload form, so. The. Prospect, one. You. Can't do it civilly. As well just like this so. Now that. Actual. Planning page for this keyword has got to be a prospect so obviously, I have three.

Of These which is the drawing but to modify the phrase much of the exact match so I need to apply that three places so. Having. That creates, that personalized. Experience, once again which really pays dividends. In relationship. The relationship. You, have with the customer, and then you get a higher conversion rate you also get a cheaper cost per click because the quality score is higher so. You really want to keep that in mind. Now. This. Is it as good what, you'll find is. Some. Suburbs, have different, buyer intent, some suburbs, that will compel you so I'll have different ad groups some have different performance some. But filled with renters, that promise, gotta convert for so. Your. Quality. Score on average, because you've got one set of ads for all, these keywords the. Quality, score is significantly. Less now you can get the quality score by, coming. In here, I'll set all the columns that I usually use. Include. The black so, now my columns are far, more detail, now quality, score is a score from zero, to ten typically. You want a perfect, ten it's, very unlikely that you gotta get everything as a perfect tip if that's your target now. Because. We've got an one. Set of ads for so. Many different, types of keywords with so many different audiences, the. Likelihood, of that average, working. For everything is very low splitting. It up into separate. Like. Campaigns, you. Can control, that metric, and have, nearly, everything as a perfect tape because. You're targeting, exact. Keywords. To exact ads it's it's very powerful now. You. Can get a good, idea of what, is converting. Oh sorry what is causing a high and low quality score by, these three metrics so the expectancy, TR, so to click-through rate so, people, with what appealing, ads will get a higher click-through rate so, you typically you want a bit above average and. Relevance. So you want your ad to be perfectly, relatable, to what, settle search for so. You. Want high, relevance and the. Experience. There have another wedding page so including, keywords fast. Loading pages everything. Like that helps. With that Quality Score these. Other metrics are what, going to that's more of a reporting, video than a setup video but. We'll, go into those for another video so. Whether. You go this option or the other option of setting it up by campaigns, and having the thousand campaigns is. Up to you this is obviously a lot quicker and I've clearly, pumped it out already so it's. What five to do it this way, bid. The quality the results are not the same, from. There we want to go ahead and look at. The. Ford, protection so we use clip C's let's see seems, to do a really good job there, what it does is pretty much, scared. People, that, have clipped. Your ad to eight times this configurable, options, people. That are going to them or using, a VPN which, is just a. Big. Deal is becoming more popular so. I probably wouldn't block those but. There, are certain configurations. That they have it here that, you can set to stop people continuously. Clicking. Your ad cost. Anybody costing. Your business buddy now they are cheap they. Are, quite expensive in big scheme of things but you're actually quite affordable, when. You. Look at how bunch of clickers at the service-based industry. Click. Seats is pretty, easy to set up so create an account pay, your buddy, they. Will request access to, manage, you click approve it's. Pretty well done their support is. Amazing. Like they don't respond instantly. It's really good so. I, recommend. Using clicks ease if. You don't use to click fraud protection. You'll. End up with more. People clicking your ads a lot of wasted money a lot of ways of revenue you will save more than 50 dollars in the first week of running ads I can, you know it'll save you a lot of money you're highly recommended, we, are not affiliated or, partnered with them, in any way and, just highly recommend that since there are heaps of others out there that's.

Just What we personally, use. In. Terms of your. Conversions. And how conversions, are. Considered. In Google ads we need to set that up so, coming. Into tools. We. Need to set up conversions. Right here so, go to conversions. And yours. Will look exactly like mine this is a new account click plus. Now. Google, have. Detailed. Conversions. In here now I personally prefer to use Google, Analytics to. Track my, conversions, however but it is a harder. Configurable. Thing to set up, I. Think. It's more accurate, google. Census. Of five minutes very you. Know even. With what theirs is but. Phone. Calls, some. Phone calls calls. From ads using call extensions yes, we want that. Set. It up set, up a day but you want to use it as we, don't need a dollar figure when I will. Not associating dollar figures to phone calls click. Every as the cow. Click. On ten seconds, for the call egg so. You. As. Soon as the court is. Pretty. Much connected you want to, be considered, that there's a conversion now, this is really important, that you set this load give, the service industry because if. You're doing an automated campaign, and you. Set it high you're, gonna see lower conversion, so now when Google sees lower conversions, an automated campaign you. Typically, start to, drop, off and stop being. Saved online Google, wanna see conversions, if you're sending. Your conversion, goals too high you're. Pretty, much finding yourself at the arse of the long run so Senate boat. 30-day. Window is, nothing in this industry you'll find that 99.9%. Of conversions it's a ton of leads of the same day. Including. Conversions, yes and change. Your. Attribution. Models whatever fits you best, I use time decay, but. Last clickers phone. So. You can set that up you'll. Also set up a phone, call for people that on your website so. You. Don't need to sell one of each of these because we're. Using the one so it could continue then, what we do here differently, I. Think. You actually have to set this up to get to the next step so just, do the same as we just did then. What I store the code on our website so, we. Have Google Analytics installed so. You just add this code and. Your phone number so, 300. Simplifier, 306, creates, to them, so. We can add this script too. So we'll add this and this, to. Our website now, what that will actually do is. Assign, a 1-800. Number to your number so, it will find your. Number on the. Website so, we'd actually have to show that number, it. Will find that damn bar and. Replace. It with an eight one 800 number now, when you pull that what I haven't done but it still makes it to you but Google knows it. Got it's gone through Google's Network and it knows that Corner's, gone through so, it allows it to contribute. That to a conversion, so. That works really well and having. The one 300 element works equally. As well and. You can use Google Analytics to, set the bed to. That so in. Our code. We've. Got an event associated to that so. When someone clicks on call, week. Mark. That is conversion, so we do it a little differently, how about for, 98%. Of the people. Saving these up you really just want to use schools way, now. You also want to set up a website conversion. As a lead. Simply. Conversion, as. Website. Conversion. Set. For every, we. Don't need the value associated to, it. Footnote, so, what this will do is allow you to install what to get another code to, your website so you want to install, this on a set, page so. In. This instance our, conversion, page if you were to fill out this form would. Take you to a page called. Nope, -, so. We would install it on that page. This. Script that's, how it would know that, a conversion has gone through now, you can also use a click event which is what we,

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