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Hello. Everybody. We're, playing ultimate chicken, horse I got, a game, oh gee he's, having he's having a fun time, we got ATS he's. I, not. He's having a mute time. And. Overall it should be alright here we go opening time wait. Well. Good morning good night or good afternoon depending. Playing. Small now, you can eyes actually. Hear the game there. We go we got we got we got a three person stream here today how's it going everybody. Jay. You wanna muted I just muted so I'm gonna have to be his translator, okay so he's gonna know it's okay how's, it going it's a boy I'm, here eating some food so, I don't want to be chewing off microphone. You've, actually just doing a raccoon like role play I. Mean. I'm out of a job then because. But. Myself, I'm unemployed. I just. I can't I was your trans being translator for you was my only point, in life, but. Now I just. Have to be a squirrel. Okay. For those of you who couldn't hear what he said he said I'm, gonna talk with my mouth full, both, of those. Are the moments when I can't hear we're fine. Yeah I. Think. That time you say he's going to win the next game. Yeah. Jay you, were you were talking up that you were like, before or before you know the recording part of this thing happened you said you were gonna be talking about how you're gonna you know you've been you've been taking. It easy on me yeah, the past couple times a ka, all the time that we've been playing, I've. Been on, you guys I haven't brought my a-game because I knew it was your stream I wanted to be nice and you know let you guys have the victories but, today, it's a different day we, can make this doable guys just know. I'm gonna make an elevator I'm gonna make an elevator like this is now actually doable. That's. A good start don't, mess this up for us dude don't. Mess it up that's where y'all just like my dear y'all. Is. It too high no. Yeah. Clearly. Clearly I'm. A piece of trash well. Uh. No. Way, J. That's. Great not holding back against, ya you doing, good yeah you know. Oh. He's, already halfway done. Break. Up for once he's, already halfway done. Bringing. My a-game performance. Don't don't mock me I know. What I'm doing so when, you say a game is that sure for like awful game my. First. Letter A in Lassiter you know no. It's sort of you suck. Acronym. To fit into one letter it, is. Right. This, excuse. Me excuse. Me. Real. Quick. I. Swear. To God if you died no I didn't dude no I didn't I'm, telling you man we don't take no ELLs. And. One that's you in well. Jay. You do, it all right this, game is a great stream guys this, is a great game let. Me tell you oh oh. I thought we did a loot of ultimate. Chicken horse first off this, is my this, is my review, of this, game. You. Ever have you ever taken, a, nail. Put. It to your to your foot and then whacked it really hard that's, about what it feels like every time I play this game and that's no good. Thing, I didn't tweet the developers, yet saying that we were streaming it. Later. Fools. No. Wait. Did I pass it I'm so like, I'm, just so upset what's, happening right now I. Was. Abandoned. It's. Just, okay there you go. Well. The double comeback, points. What. Happened to him what did he do respect. He'd hear, it he respect he, made a sacrifice for us to you prolonging the game. Because. I would have won and it would have been over uh yeah I'm not gonna let a game go three turns. It's. Like smash, Oh JB three it's only for his content, that's why exactly you know screaming. He would murder us Ruth I need, to speak no I need squeeze every little bit of ad revenue I can get out of these streams yeah we have. Yes. Now I'm that's. No it's. It. Picks up a little bit there you see that that. Will that kill me oh. I, am, still in last all, right and now we're back in it yeah. It's it's there's. A reason why I'm that bad at this game, like, is there a reason er this just happened who knows who, knows. This. Box my outta box I had, to do it to him why that box thud. Just. Teleport, I could, have but you know what I'm not going to that's. Good yeah that's route for the box man but um. Let's. Hoping one of you guys are just gonna hop in it oh. No. Oh that's right we can't fall anymore I. Don't. Think that I'm on the glue one Harry. I. Think. Oh, No, Wow, Jay you made it you made some good jumps. All. Right pressures on. This. Game hates me back, Oh do we just hide oh here we go race to the finish boys. Recently. Finishing. All. Right my money's on ads because. No. No yes. I'm. So, upset about this. Oh. Yes. Let's. Push. Them off we're both stuck in this awkward situation.

You. Have all this time to make it back though like I can't do anything oh, oh. Wait, Andy no you can respond though you respond by me. All. Right okay. Yeah. Warm-up. Round, that's more like understandable. Understandable. I'll. Prove, to you that I'm the best. I'm. Gonna tweet, out that word that we're live, and stuff. Like. A bag of chips that you're just trying to open really afraid that this. Might get a ketchup OH. Why. Give. Like three of them next to each other did you shake it. Just. Like, opening, a ketchup packet and sucking the ketchup out of the package. What. Team you better not have been on Team mayo well. No. No. I was on team meal all. Right because because, cuz. Marina. Kevin and, I banned in there I am. Liking you less and less today that's you. Know it's okay, she. Lost so, it was a smart, abandonment. It. Was an investment but in Reverse what's. A reverse investment, I, see, hey. You're clever endeavors, who made the game yeah clever endeavor. Perfect. Okay. All. Right perfect tweed, has been made sorry about that, we're, back in it where we're going. What. Do you guys want let's. Go, we. Go I'm gonna go for old mansion if I can make it up there where are you guess. What I'm gonna go for, wait. I'll. Get there if you can even jump up to it you know don't struggle, yeah. Yeah I don't know well I am you. Know your part you know you're not gonna do good in the level when you can't even get to the level selection, screen, I love. The biasness so I'm gonna watch it pick him instead yeah, probably, exactly, oh. That's. The first time in ultimate. Chicken horse history you psyched it out, just the first time in the history of this game I shouldn't have got a coin no you should. Not. Even I'm cheap honey I don't think so ladies I'll jump off the cone Oh will you make this can, we build an L coz we're about to take one Oh God. L out of wood with a coin on the end I mean we're. Gonna I got to make sure we can make that jump ironically that one, plank of wood is more monetized, than half my videos. Let's. Go. Fail. Maybe. Though. That's, a tricky jump don't. Make it don't, make it, I'm. So upset now nobody, can make it I love the raccoon, walking, like, not running just a little bit of a walk. No. I grabbed that I, know. I grabbed it. Thinking. Like. Yeah. Well. It's, gonna be I'm not sure we're gonna put something interesting, there I don't know what it's gonna be oh boy, put the glue on that thing that's nothing Wow. Jay. Way no. Okay. Okay okay. I've. Given you a couple points that don't make it they. Don't give me don't give him sole up look at little walk. Like. A mom going to get like the last night. Move. Over I want it I got, their kids in school there. We go a bone. Let's. See what we're going to do. Giving. This is Tara right there. Phil. What do you don't, know really there you're. Making like a bet. That's. Think about this hey, go go destroy, that I think, if we were affecting. All. Right now there's only one block yeah yeah. Yeah it was only one block but, the chat is correct it is indeed called honey no. I'm so bad at this, why. Why. Is this happening, to him that's, okay no that's right. Shin, of ass fables, have turned, jmo, G comes back for the win, once. You put one trap though you know it's, gonna happen dude I'm gonna finally win you guys are gonna see it on stream, it's gonna happen I promise. Walk. In the level and see that happen yeah. What's. Good. Right here just, I don't even know what this even is I'll. Make it a little bit difficult it's. A wooden plank could you a military grade, climbing, thing here. We go okay. All right. Yeah. It's busy eating I have a head start no. No it's too easy except.

For The part where I died except, for the fact that you see. That that's how it works he's gonna do I was excited, man okay. Sometimes, you get ahead of yourself when you're excited and, you end up dying as a consequence, that's. Right buddy that whole. Real-life. Advice that you should definitely take any consideration I. Didn't. See that I. Didn't know everything and, it reflects, by the concept of logic that's. A minor inconvenience. Minor. Setback of wool, we. Duplicated, it we duplicate, yeah breathe, is how it's done watch this. It's. Gonna be a real jerk move oh. No. XY. Doesn't. Mean. Okay. The. Amount of downwards. Glue that we have going on right now is quite. Quite acceptable no. My. Plan would work but, it did it almost, got. It's. Gonna be okay is. It, okay. It's. Gonna be okay everybody remember that that's how he started, and that's how he finished. First, points, so. Low points there we go you died doing what you love falling down and falling, down. Into an abyss. Going. Downward. This. One alright, well, now. It. Gets interesting, how. Can you have. Okay cool how, is it black hole with honey you toilet don't. You don't know have you ever tried, to put honey on the black hole IRL, right. I. Love, how you can just slow, just. Slap, it actually, gravitational. Distortion, oh god, oh no. No. No. Yes. Scream. What. Oh well. First I'm spiteful. Let's, was pulled off stage, left, yes. That's, really sad yes, yes yes yes yes, it's gonna happen it's gonna happen today today's gonna be the day oh that's. Not great. Cated. That thing. Anything. You're thinking or eating or both, or thinking about eating. It's. Not too loud I can edit that. I'm. Sorry everybody. Let. Me it's real fast hold on. Let. Me just I just. You look very, much the same down keeping. The thing. That you're wearing I. Didn't even then. I place it I think I placed it. Know. The. Spell. The. Black hole just like messed up the era's I am, - I'm - genius for this game we've created a horrible, situation level. Oh boy. Okay, I didn't, even see it happened so fast well yes I'll blow something up. No. As. You hover a just bigger bottle, take you I'm gonna take your character, out with this thing I. Blow. Up your bomb. If. You've worked it's, not there anymore like. Inferior. Little TNT, stick okay. All. Right so this is like, no. Like this. Like. Rip some of your like cheap, fur, off oh yeah I think that's called wool wool. Is what I meant to say scientific. Science. Man. Okay. I think we've made this a little I think we've got smarter no no this is fine this is still like an okay difficulty, is. It like, I lets's peeking at me from the side of the screen though and writing a mean review on this game right now I was mad I had to say hey I got sucked to a black hole of it get rid of this oh. Dude. Only. We could blow up black holes in real life yeah right there'd be a lot of black holes in the galaxy yeah I don't like the way that we say that it sounds almost offensive, yeah black, holes. Okay. Yeah. Okay guess this is fine. Yeah. This is my life now you, just hang on there dude you're fine yeah don't, worry about me don't worry about me I'm there like how can I even get past it. Damn. Once. You can jump over an arrow like that okay. Okay okay I have a plan ready huh, that. Was my plan what, happened to Ed's oh. I. Died. Right there. Die. Oh. Okay. Okay. Nah, nah. Bro. That. Fills me with Glee that you both died I'll, just doing you guys down there, I. Hate the minut panic, moment. Three. Turns left we can blow in this something, has to go. You. I, have to finish that you know what I'm actually okay with that of. Course you are. We. Just blow up the goal, nobody. Wins, that's, what is that dude what even is that oh, I, see, what that is a free wing. I'm. So, actually. Bad at this game get, shot yep, I did it you, know you want to get, in there rats, you. Can do it oh I. Mean that was a little bit oh. No. I. Am, winning this I don't care it's not and you're not doing this who turns I'm not taking this from me Oh what. It is. I. Don't. Think we'll ever be able to beat this if I put this here no. Don't yeah you're right you. Would not be able to winning able to we'd. Have boys. Now. That's old no. That okay you know what fine one get to jump through a hoop that'll. Be a fun time okay. All. Right no. Messing around. Okay. I need to wait to that purple crate comes back oh he's good he's, good ladies and gentlemen he's good okay here we go.

This. Is like the Olympics but, very. Permanent. Very. Permanent. Oh. He. Wins good. How. Did he make that chips hang on. Get. The gold baby, hole. Beat him up by the way it's mmm. Yeah you, know welcome Peter give up by the way, friendly. Advice for you. Yes. Yes. In. The purple box no I rush I rush I rush at your back live I. Can't. Like, what. Oh. Yeah, the. Timing, was off yes. We. Might hate this game, good. Okay. I have to speedrun it though. I'll. Bet I'm wrong interval, hears so much time. It's. Over yes. Good. Job good job good job that's. Too bad J that you ended up in last place, yeah sorry about that J. Okay. That's fine all right. Okay. You'll. Get there one day don't worry man. We. Should go let's go I know where I want to go. J-mo. Jan10 jungle temple. It's. Like a horde divorce right now we're on other sides of the map yeah. It's. Over here boy good. Okay here come no, go to B I have food no no actually. I've, lost I've lost this one huh, go. Back to waterfall, yeah, doc so there, we go. I, was, gonna take that L but you have a good form like my goal is to try and snipe whatever block you go for no, no of course yeah, of, course. You. Look like the mouth guy was gonna be like a pac-man pellet yeah. What. Is what are we doing dude I don't know I think. What's. Our goal here I'm. Okay with this oh. Not. Jump on that that is not a platform. I'm. Just kind of winging this I don't know where the. Don't. Go down there it's dangerous I just. Need to make it more dangerous in a second it's here, he goes here he, goes, he's a pro no. Rock. Oh I. Thought the board was gonna crush you. Oh. Yes. I have a plant never mind. Fine. Deed that's fine. Mmm. But getting that I. Put a can open conveniently. Put that on this thing, uh-oh. Let's, see I gotcha I gotcha I gotcha but nothing this had, to be only one with the glue put it that's good debating. Put it like the center put. It in the center, which. Is whoever I'm going right down no. Fear no, fear. Okay. We're good I extend whatever, you do. Look. Jay, okay all right no. That's good that's, good man it happens. It. Does you know and. Frankly I make fun of you got it. How. Did I die I don't know how ya know you know it's. It's. Not important, I, want to use never mind. Okay. You, keep dying like right here so I'm gonna save your life really. No. Trap. That collapse. Oh, no. It's the angry, Scottish plans. On. Get. Down to my jump, get, down to Mitchell, oh god. No no, no no. Are. You even alive. That. Was fantastic. What, are you doing. Doing. La day what are you doing in my temple, oh. It's. A quick routine there's. A squirrel in mid tempest. Scarless, there's. A spoon man, bomb, well. She this girl squirrel. Come. Up from school. Let's. See let's put this right here Oh shucks, until it appear anywhere oh. Let. Me think about what I'm doing here oh. Oh. I. See what you're going for Jay do. You I think, I do I mean you're literally pretty. Telegraphing, one only one thing I could be doing possibly, oh oh this, could be a problem well goodbye okay okay okay, all right you, know what it was fun well. I'm. Forever being sucked into a black hole, oh. I. Thought he was gonna win oh well, that's yeah it is like on the border here yo, a minute, wait, a minute, uh, that's. Could we try this weekly. This time, and duplicate it okay, one two. Three. That's. Close this close. One. Two three go. Oh. Double. Coin okay yeah, no no, no. No. No. Don't. Block off the chance it's. All about opportunity yet, no, no. It's not it's all about me winning no. You're. Gonna get me killed, I am. Blowed. Out thank you, I'm so, afraid, damn. It. I tried. To prime it at the right time no. Black hole please don't. First. Being ripped off oh gee, that was awful. Yeah. What, is happening to your corpse right now I don't know man I gone. Oh. It's. Over X, is 1 I think has. He oh yeah. If you get out, I. Didn't. Know that. What. You. Could've hit in the pit I hate. This game Oh oh. Gee, that was well. Skits. Somebody points you go off the paper. That. Was in enraging, but alright. Alright, alright alright good. For you. Is. They only keep a track of the scores right now no, I think.

You Ones know have I want to go ahead I think you want to I think it's, one to two right here I mean. Is it coming. Yeah good, one. Is. That he's a viewer it's alright okay yeah they're hanging out more. Competition. Yeah, you. See it as a friend I see it is yeah you can pick. The. Face when they're their name pigpig yet they cannot pick a pig. That's. How you on the thing. For. Me you weren't even on the on the selection you just take that thing I can select the right of it okay okay oh man I wonder what I'm gonna choose. Our. Selection is so great yeah yeah this is a great variety today, Oh what. Is this map Oh No well he's won right here give, the spawn of monobrow. Feces. Bathe I, really want people to get pushed off all right let me mathematically. Do this so, it would be two up so. Like right. There. Thanks. All right all right he, is on another level right had the brand like a protractor, for a second there he's, had, you bring out as a scientific calculator, to calculate, how, to screw us over bring it that that that ti-85. That's. Your oh no it's you are unfortunately, incorrect. You. Should get crushed if you stay goodbye. I gotta. Give it up to you J that was pretty good, I didn't, take into account that they hung food chains oh that's. You pick. Me okay. Well. Great the one time I do good is when everyone else does to, be fair there were like no traps oh okay. Why. First. Of all is two of them there's two of you why. Do you want to duplicate, a new one for bombs okay. Are. You ready. You. Can get the other ah we could have caused mass destruction, that's what all erase your mistakes thank you so much save your embarrassment. Well. You saved my embarrassment, I did, I will. My. Chances, of winning meets, Oh uh-huh, Oh Dora. Waiting for specs doors or expect. Doors ah fine, I'll. Respect your door for now right, well if he's getting on that one. Oh, hey. Guys. The. One trap, in the map you, magnetized. To like he was heat-seeking, alright, yeah, I'm, very attracted, to. Unsuccessful. Oh. Got. Him I, tried. To snipe you jump like under, it oh. This. Is a good one oh. Boy. And we keep looking at the bomb like we want him there's, nothing to blow up yeah we're, on the ground mean radiation and mass destruction. Mass, destruction to be fair he did die to the one trap on the map so I could understand, his desire to blow it up you should blow up all yes okay, you one trap that that sucks. Won't. Go to that one spike thing in the corner over there I think, I just placed something horrifying.

How. Do I switch to the other. Spectres. J. Is. Why you don't win, what's. Why I don't win, yeah. He doesn't. Jay-j. That's important, all don't, don't, say I will at you go. J. Mosey why, Oh God. How could you do that what did oh it was devious, as I thought. Shoot. Me I. Like. What I like when I place their last. We. Get. Pushed off. Don't. Put on this. Game sucks, this, game sucks so much, no. Oh. So. If I put this right Eve. Everybody. Will have the misfortune of dying but. This mouse do you thing everybody put this flower upside down on the bottom of one of the blocks Jay will still find a way to die to it probably. You. Should blow it up Jay watch, me. Blow. Up the flower just seems like a challenge, dude cuz I believe me. Respect. And on your mark get set go okay. Sir no. Film Oh No. All. My friends are dead. No. Not today just. Be patient just be patient and just jump on one why. It's, not dead Bobby he's. Down there dude he's down there no. No. No no no no no okay. What. Are you doing on my block oh whoa. Now. It's just an easy jump you literally cannot fail this I. Don't. Like that thing that's up there, yeah. Me neither it's being blocked by the saw which makes me a little bit a little bit sad hey, it may hit that makes me happy Oh Oh what. Just happened oh the, bomb and the teleporter, were taken, teleporter, sounds like a teleporter, yeah oh. I'm. Gonna make it an easy teleporter. Right. All, right if that flowers. There you have to go here for the car cuz. It'll go up in, which case this will be under. Hey. Wait it's not gonna follow crap here, what. What. What. You'll, never you, got outsmarted buddy oh you have a mouse don't you yeah. I was like excuse. Me the. Base when the teleporter, teleports oh. Oh. Oh, it's not a deal it's not ideal but it's a deal for getting the coin. Nobody. Okay. Kit yeah Carol let's do in the glue or in the honey. Blog. The shooter. Tonight. Oh, I. Didn't even see that thing, right there yeah. All. Right. Where. We going well, a new sponsor, welcome, cross hurt. I suppose, the name is pronounced cross. Hmm. Which. To choose hold, on wait I have to be the, guy. After. I have to do the copy pasta real fast. New. Spots are coming through watching, this stream and supporting it to spam. Some fail heralds in chat cuz it's your cue, welcome. Cross. His. Name is cross in all caps would like some like. Some put some punctuation thrown, in there. Goodbye. I, don't. Want anybody to use that how do you use note so much because. I don't. Know dude I just said, is. This a cry for help, why, you questioning, my judgment okay. Oh geez. Okay. That's dangerous, who. Did. Oh no. I love. Making him that. Yeah. You threw me off with your tail it's. Gravy, too fast. Look. At him go man he's like scrubbing the air. Hey. I. Have. A nice heavy showers, whole time and I just keep slowly Whitney, I. Can't. Get big P. I'm. Going to win this hmm, also by the way cross, DM me on uh discord, I can I can get you situated with like a friend, code stuff, the. Emmy on discord this Court is in the description. Thank you, how. Can i. I'm. To not fail. Okay. Jeff, okay. Jay you're doing this on purpose I'm, not I swear, I am actually, I, wish. I was joking, time. To not bail Oh. Get. Him flour get him you me and the flour are secretly working with each other well now it's not a secret cuz I told all of these ah. I. Knew, I was trying to get off of it before you before you mess with me careful doing. Picnic guys that's an easy coin oh. Hey. There that's my boy hey as. If on cue. Okay. Well. That's. One I just, I, don't, think I'd. Let. Some other people play why don't you. Alright, okay. All right you know what I'm I think we're we thinking here. Hey. It's already been like almost an hour like God have it's. Been we've, the. Time is fine this time you I enjoy this game for you guys, they. Said maybe for you guys you've, been counting the minutes over there there's. One stage I like it's 2p I. Think. We can like hitting like 2 more games depending. On like how fast they go. All. Right all right watch this I, realize.

Like Oh see. Me. We. Interrupt your regularly scheduled program for. Live. Shot of Antarctica, progressively, melting. YouTube. For only five dollars of per super chat can. Slowly work to save the icebergs. Every, one of those falling blocks of ice is alive that could have been saved, I'm curious as to how that propeller is spinning, when. There's no oh yeah. That's. Questions you don't want to know the answers to. It's. Just like some really secret, like. It's. Perpetual motion dude but, I've forced put the game now relaunching, it okay. He, wants to quit check me out in the room yeah it kicks me out as well okay disconnected, why would he do that huh. Throwing. Kicked. Me out. Having, watch your game but I can't join you. Somehow. I don't know how that works, alright I am now back online. Pig pig is in. Bam. Bam. Bam my game perfect. Let's. Go. Anyone. Old mansion. Go, no. I want, to go with. This one, this. One I won't, go to this one that's you have to be a character first buddy, you have to like, to pick a yeah. Where. You going with that sense. Where, you're bringing us. If. He, even gets to it oh oh he's. The side middle. Plan it's, gonna be me up here, this. Appears pretty good level here's. A good level. Yeah. I enjoy, this one. Tis. A good one I'd, like a hundred, percent one way on this stage. Win. Right in this in this recording, I don't know man get 75, percent technically, yeah, I fell, both his definitely, one son Oh. Perfect. That, person spiteful. That's. A spiteful, move oh wait, I'm waiting this one out oh wait. This one out me too. I'm. Going now by the way oh. Oh. Yeah. Boy I clipped my foot. How. Did. You, know you were postmortem. Oh, god. Double. Chat points. What. Just happened oh, I. Thought we duplicated something all, right. That's. Where you gonna put that el dude. Killick. Block the water from us you. I'm gonna play right here okay. That's bad idea why'd you do that it, just seems interesting, a. Little. Bit horrifying, I'll. Be down at all pigpig. Oh, I. Don't like dude I like, this and. Over, the thing why, you, actually, walked on it I'm, a flying squirrel. He's. A chicken who was anyway you're a sheep I don't know how you did that yes please back, please please, die please, die I've never cheered for you to lose in this you got the settle yes. The. Secret is to do the jump without holding sprint then once you do the jump hold inwards with this frame oh I just I didn't do that at all I just went for it yeah lucky. Everytime can't. Say that's gonna happen all the time but good. Uh. Where, we were we thinking here where are we thinking here. The. Only thing that makes this game extremely difficult is, to making it easy for yourself while simultaneously making, you're hard for everybody else so, I'll make it easier for everyone, else and then harder for myself we. Yeah. I mean that that is that that is the catch with it oh that's. Cute. It's. Cute thank, you I guess, the spring. Edition I like that yes, yes thank you very much I made it myself Oh careful, Edd's careful. That's what's that head clearance. Ah Oh. Big figures just enjoying a nice little time yes I'm. Going to win this I'm going to win this exclusively. Off of trap points. Nope. Nope. You know why because I'm gonna win this exclusively. Off of skill and determination and. Endurance. Well no no um, no. Okay, no. No I meant I was gonna say could you move the mover over here so you get rid of one of the spiked things but uh oh. Well. Whoops that, might be a problem for me interesting, not, my issue yep. Exactly, gotta go up this way. Adaptability. Adaptability. Okay now this is a little bit interesting this might be a problem okay here we go don't know where I just went Oh what, I'm. Okay don't worry about me I'm just you know why. Would I wait to God nothing. Weird here okay. This is a problem hold on cuz you can we get up there please do we get there can we stay there thank you, now we, got what. Were you going for there was the ambition, to. Win which. Was my first mistake I. Realize. Now come, on Eddie you can't do it I don't, believe in you I believe, in you that's you got this I don't Hey. I lead. I felt my lead being taken from my oh I still have it never mind it's. So close oh yeah oh and I'm sure man you're losing it fast take, this over here I. Love. The noise and making you mouse over it yeah. Clang. Clang oh dude. Whoa. Just corn figure it out, Irish, plant the, puzzle has grown larger.

That. Might have been a bad idea but. I'm the king of bad idea oh here. Clearly. Demonstrated, oh oh. It's Colin pig, is going right now oh. Waves. Calabar always oh, this. Is easy now oh maybe. Is. It really, hey, clearance. Scrap. Look, at him go I gave that to him cuz I wanted him to you know pass me I was, muted. Screaming. Oh. And. We missed it yeah, that's. Disappointing. Don't. Blow up my my. Saving, route this. Place, is scary, the. Wrong way this whole frickin time. That's. An actual challenge, coin. Oh, no. Jay you, died that day oh. I. Don't like this I don't like this okay I do like it's going the way that I was gonna go yeah. And that's not the way I think would we I made for myself. Oh. Wait, a minute good for you what. Oh yes. Okay. So he has to die this match you, have to die this match I don't know what you're saying if I, don't win, if he doesn't lose. It's gonna go in a sudden death again mmm-hmm, that's. Right. I just, heard the butter poppa pump, it up. Let's. Put this. Hockey. Puck thing don't, die now go here we go here we go pigpig, is already gone. Is. A little bit finicky no. No no. Yeah. Whoever. Place that saw blade I owe you my life. Thank you thank. You yes. I. Owe. You my life with, a saw, blade. Tryin, to come and I, was. So close. Let's. Just say fail jaymota most had it man, I almost had it we knew one more game I think in, a time, slot here oh great. Give. One more opportunity Jack one, more stop, in the toe. On. The base I don't even know what I'm saying. You. Know. Oh. Jeez, oh no. I'm so sorry, it's. Funny it happens to the best of us here, we go is where I want to go this is a pretty basic level yeah, good place to mess. Y'all up we're gonna go to pyramid anyway I know it okay. We'd. Like, the most odds for it. This. Is true all. Right. Speaking. He's making a very educated. Decision, here take a little bit there Oh change, the stream title not. Wrong there you go I've, never played this stage what is this you. Have played this stage you played the stage no. I have never played this stage in my life why I'm fairly I'm serious like we've, never done this in any stream a minute. Always. Actually, that's. Potentially trip oh that's, right I remember now, okay that's, right, what is this oh so. I can just oh yeah, so. Just like the only up so there are like two obstacles in this map there's like the well, well that's one what, is it. Those. Things you can just get up on he's cool oh I.

Can Jump on it yeah yeah he's just moving he's like a moving platform, no. I'm. Not actually messing with you like you. Can clear that Joe I. Don't. Trust I don't know. Why. Don't I do this money doesn't help any problems, oh. By. The way I should ask are you guys like around for, another hour after like. This. Mama. Tongue come at 10 uh because. I want to try and do one more game I was I wasn't sure how many people we were going to get for ultimate chicken horse let alone the third game so, I was like I'll just sort, of decide what what, we'll play once. I figure out who can stick around for the next segment. It's. All good if you can't make it you're all good okay. I might even make it for the letterhead, we're. So good at this game yes. Patience. We are dude yes, did everybody else die yeah. Okay. Pig made it. How. Do I get him a face yeah, hey, I. Like. How all the stages, have that done we mix on a penitent, bent. It's. A film oh let me get this right this game is about a verb and a horsey trying, to dodge stuff, yes. These. Pretty much Oh. You're. Not going this way what are you thinking, well the done the double flower guardian he's going for a ferris, wheel ride Oh, No. Yeah, I don't think wait yeah. Okay. I'm just going down this way, actually. If you can't advocate me I can make this jump I. Can't. I can't go there. How. Did you get out of that alive I don't know. See. Oh he's fine. Kids. Are good things. And. Then I'm just jump on it's. The, same fabulous, you know. Heals. You from taking what damage. He. Didn't fall for it oh you, guys wanted points that's what is that. Know. That, kind of guy rib eyes over. There as possible. Boy. Who. Do you. This. Is a mini golf course I didn't realize that oh yeah yeah I, thought it's design off me all that's correct. Wait wait wait does, that mean like right here you can jump unfortunately not, it'd. Be cool oh maybe, you, could, write. Because I think the golf ball is here. I. Think, it's just like a whatever. Okay. Not that not, anything but that pigpig oh that's. Right what. Fact. You know what I want to win no I don't I don't want to go boys oh oh you. Beat. You now. Okay. I thought it was gonna lift with the Sphinx's hit and I was gonna get angry oh you need glue if. You had glue you'd be able to do that. Hey. The audio is really crackly. Is that. The case I. Hope. Not oh come, on chat. Let, me know if that's true it's audio, crackly. Wait. Now just a chat I think this oh and by the way, yeah. Yeah it might just be me I'm sorry. What. Is this all, you fine yeah, I don't really know what's going on here it's, plant, Plaza leave, them alone dude somebody's, made luxury, resorts, to you know plants, have lives plants. Melt understand. They. Have citizenship, I don't know how we're gonna get through this at all why. Did we all go for the spice at once I know, that's dangerous you guys I'm not getting killed respect, to us no. I've respected it oh. This. Is like one play with fire oh yeah. No. Those are plants Phil vote da. Okay. Okay. Fires red and dangerous, plants. Are not dangerous just try talking to them I guarantee, you they, have great oh that's, dumb I am stupid. Take. The shot. Well. If I woulda made it I mean if I would have made it nobody would have won. It's big big about the window your, death benefited, all of us Oh point to. That I thank you I. Don't. Want your stupid door. Yeah. Oh it's not a coin it's, very different. The. Audio is bad for some people, denial, denial. What, I think. They instead, of saying Daniel I said denial. Oh. My. God another sponsor, what's, okay that's all that's. Our flying RL, whole. Eye open. Goodness. No. Nope. I need. To be green J how. Do you even get in there you can't get in there. What. Are you trying to do oh I. Know I know you can't I can't do that you're right oh I, see what you're going for but it's looking a little bit tough it's. No, it's not possible. And. You would have won J I would, have one. That's. Pushing. Better guys did you guys all die too over there I didn't even see Mike wall. That's, funny okay, I love. Seeing so many happy heralds in chat this. Game is making me sadistic, yeah, ah. The, right one I'm, gonna put spikes on the spike thing just. You know reinforce, bad behavior here I. Don't. Like that you could jump over this I. Mean. It rotates but uh oh. Okay. All right spike, walls problem I see now. Wait. Wait. I mean no need to show off like. That. Respect that door get, a plan guys respect, that spring to get implants, yeah. This is like I'm in the finicky.

They. Are in the middle of. Photosynthesis. You do not interrupt the plant made, photos okay okay. They, are grouchy. Right now. You. Know a couple they're like a couple on a ferris wheel next to each other I see, the process, I'm, so happy for them hold off BAM. Okay. I gotta give him this boom. Boom. Yo. Oh oh. Well. Good. Game that's my niece again good. Engine the flagpole, now yes. And, I. Like. The chicken dance. Well. Uh this. Is an interesting game indeed. Hey. Moans you know. And. Save you son, what, who would say that you did, what. I would never dude I saw, them in the chin when in any of my videos have I ever said you, suck it's not see. At. All. Feel. Bad come on out man, I. Will. Thank y'all for watching the ultimate, chicken or a section of the Sally show will, be back in like 3, to 5 minutes with with something else or potentially. Stolen - I have no idea where, we're gonna do this we're gonna discuss that in a second you for watching I'll see you I'll see you in a couple minutes here actually. I guess there.

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