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Hey. Friends, welcome back to another one of my videos this, one has it all I'm going to be giving you plenty, of whole housecleaning motivation. So, I hope you will clean along with me my house, was a huge mess but. Even, more than cleaning motivation, you're going to get to see my girls all three of them, the twins you're gonna see me cook a yummy crock pot meal as well as a Costco. Haul because, this, day was full of getting everything, done. It. Was a Saturday and, my house was a mess as you guys can see so. I woke up that morning and, was determined, to be motivated, and get a lot done I had, planned, on cleaning, my entire house doing. A whole house speed clean I wanted, to clean up the kitchen living room multiple. Bathrooms bedrooms, I, was going to be vacuuming, and mopping and, just scrubbing, things, I just, wanted to get it all done and while I was doing this I was preparing, a crock-pot. Meal, for our family, that night it was, going to be a crock-pot lasagna. We. Love lasagna, all of us do we, especially love it in the colder months we, make lasagna a lot in the fall and the winter and, since it's getting finally. Getting cooler here in Ohio we, were ready for some comfort, food so you. Guys know I love my crock-pot I hate to cook so. My crock-pot is my go-to so, we were going to try this, new lasagna, recipe we, had never tried it before so. I'm going to show you that. Crock-pot, meal at the end I also wanted, to go to Costco I had to make a trip to Costco we hadn't been there in a while and so. I figured, I would also show you what I got at, Costco and for. All of you guys who like seeing clips of my girls you're also going to get to see them as well so this video basically has, it all so stay tuned and get ready for a fun motivating. Successful. Day that I had that's, just. That's. Just love. You. Are a subscriber of mine I want to say thank you for subscribing you, are amazing, and I appreciate, each and every one of you and if, you aren't a subscriber and. You are new here thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to stop, by and watch my videos, my.

Hope Is that you will come to my channel and maybe smile. Maybe. Be a little bit happier, feel, motivated and, inspired and. Just feel connected, to me I make, videos twice a week here on my channel and my goal is just to motivate and inspire you, I make, a lot of cleaning, organization. Routine, and just mom. Life videos in general so, make sure you subscribe hit. The notification. Bell so you don't miss any of my videos and, I also want you to say hi down below in the comment section I love getting to know you guys and, I, love hearing from you so say hi. Broken. I. First. Started out by clearing, my countertops, it was just such a mess and I wanted to clear, the countertops, before I started cooking our crock-pot meal, so. I cleared everything and, then I got, moving you probably, already saw, but, I had noodles. The. Lasagna, noodles boiling, and the. Recipe, called for me browning, some Italian, sausage and some pepperoni on the stove and then, adding in some pasta, sauce so. I got that going and I've never had lasagna with Italian, sausage but, it is my husband, his. Favorite, so I thought I would try that I thought it'd be something a little different. So I got that going on the stove and then, I just had to throw everything in the crock-pot, and if you want this recipe I will have it linked down below so, you can check it out and, a little spoiler, alert, we ended up really enjoying it, but I will show you what it looked like at the end when it was all done. Yeah. After. I got the crockpot meal going then it was time to do the dishes and clean the rest of the house and if you are new here and, you want to get to know a little bit more about me I will, have a playlist card, right here at the top I will also have it linked down below so, you can check it out later and I did this because I have so many new subscribers recently. And they've been asking me questions, they, want to know more details about my life and what my story is so. I just thought it would be a little bit better if I just created a video playlist you can go and check out you know some of the videos, that aren't, just cleaning aren't just, organization. So you guys can get to know me a little bit more personal, I have, when my girls my twin girls were born their birth blog when, we found out we were pregnant just, some of those really I, guess some of my favorite videos where you guys can get to know me a little bit better so make sure you check that out. So. To clean my stove I love, this mrs., Meyers baking, soda cream cleanser. I love, it so much it's, just one of my absolute, favorite, all-time cleaning, products I use, it on my stove I'm gonna use it here on my sink in a minute and, then. When, I'm done cleaning. Both of those I shine, and kind of wipe everything up with, a mixture a, cleaning, DIY. That I mix up myself, it is 1/4, cup of rubbing alcohol a, teaspoon. Of dish soap and. Then I just add the rest of the spray bottle with water it's, a disinfectant. You can use it on your granite countertops, and I use it all over my house. If. You want more of my cleaning videos I did put, together a cleaning playlist, of some of my newest and best cleaning, videos I will have that playlist listed. Right here as well as linked, down below in, the video's description so. You can save it to your YouTube account and we can clean together whenever you want. So. I know this is an all day clean with me but obviously because I have kids I was taking many breaks throughout the day you. Know to feed the babies play, with them just, be a parent so I started, out earlier in the day and then just continued to clean all the way until it was dark and my husband was home all day so it's obviously, not like I'm just letting them do their thing, he was home taking care of them when I was cleaning in between. You. Feel your, body laughter. You come. You. Do. You know. If, you're enjoying this video I know it seems super, simple, and not that important but if you could go ahead and give me a thumbs up, that, would means so much to me it helps my, video out it helps let, YouTube know that you guys enjoyed my video and you think it's worthy to show to other people so I would appreciate it if you'd give me a thumbs up.

I, Just. Pulled out my mrs., meyer's multi-surface. Spray in a current spice to wipe down my Island I love. My Island I just love having one in my kitchen and, I, also, like, how it's a different color than the rest of my cabinets, however, because, it's that off-white, color it does, get messy and dirty pretty, easily, so I try to wipe it down as frequently, as I can. No, matter where, hide, you, come asleep surprise. I believe. That when this video goes up Halloween, is next week and I love, Halloween, I just think it's so much fun it's. Even more fun now that I have kids and I just I can't wait for you guys to see what I'm dressing the girls up for. You. Guys will be a little bit surprised, but. It's. Something that I'm really excited about. I am coordinating all, of their costumes, so, if you guys want to see what I dress them up as I don't over, to my Instagram, jamie-lynns. With, an S dad journey that will also be linked down below in, the video's description and, you'll, be able to see the adorable pictures of my girls on Halloween, you, can find out what they're going to be but I want, to know from you guys if you have kids what are your kids gonna be this year if your, kids are grown let, me know what, your favorite. Costume of theirs was or. Maybe, just let me know what, your favorite costume was growing, up or maybe even as an adult let me know. Any. Of, you mamas out there with young kids do, you guys hate, balloons as much as I do we, had a party, the day before and, of course Avery gets sent home with balloons and she, loves them I hate, them and I usually will keep them around for a day or two and then I secretly, pop them and I, know that police sounds really mean but. I kind of don't feel bad I guess, it, probably doesn't, make me feel that bad because, when I pop them and throw them away she doesn't even notice. So, after, I vacuumed, my downstairs I wanted to mop and I am using the Bona hardwood, floor, cleaner, I really. Really love this hardwood, floor cleaner it does an amazing job on my hardwood floors, and you, will pretty much see me either using, this cleaner, to mop or the method, almond, wood floor cleaner and they, are both of my favorites I just I always keep both of them around and I kind of alternate, or just grab whichever. One I'm feeling, for that day I think the Bona probably. Does a little bit better of a job good. Job the method still, does a really good job but the method, cleaner, has that almond, scent which I just love it when I can smell it all over my house it just smells. Clean and fresh, and just makes me feel like my house is clean when I can smell it the. Bona doesn't really have a smell so, I don't, know I just kind of alternate, back and forth but it's a really good cleaner. So. After I was done with the downstairs I ran upstairs to start cleaning up there first, and I. Was going to start in the bathroom, because it's at the top of the stairs but then I remembered I was due to wash our, master. Bedroom sheets, so I went in there to get the, sheets started, in the washer, and dryer before, I started cleaning everything else up and I had planned on basically, speed cleaning up there I wanted, to just pick everything up declutter. Wipe, everything down not, a major big, clean or anything I just wanted to make for sure that everything was put away and wiped down I did, run to Costco before I cleaned upstairs so I will be showing you everything I got from there and I, got a lot I'll tell you that a lot of good finds, at Costco today when. I'm done cleaning I'll show you that as well as our crock-pot lasagna. And what it looks like. So. You better believe I, made, a rig come in and help me clean up her room because it was pretty messy and I don't know if you guys noticed, but she did change her clothes from earlier, she, kind of has a problem she loves to change her clothes but actually, this time I had made her clean or, change, her clothes because she. Went to Costco with me so I wanted her to change. Her clothes because the clothes she had on earlier she, was playing outside, so. I had her clean and yeah. I had her come in and help me clean up she. Was moving super, slow I had to keep making. Sure she was on task probably, raising my voice, at least a couple of times you can see her kind of playing around moving, slowly and I was pretty much able to get the entire room cleaned up in the, amount of time that she cleaned up her Barbies. So. I I, ran, out of power with, my cordless at Dyson, so I pulled out my trusty old big.

Heavy Dyson, which I've had for 10 years, I hate, using this I think especially, because I'm so used to using the cordless now that's, light, lightweight and cordless. Now, that when I have to push around a heavy cord. Vacuum, it drives me crazy but, it's. A good one it's an oldie but it's a goodie and if you, guys do. Get a cordless vacuum I, would almost suggest, that you have another vacuum as well just. Because there's there would be no way on days like today that I could get all of the vacuuming, done with just the cordless vacuum. In one charge, so. I, highly, suggest that you have to vacuums, I will always have, to vacuums, because, I will always have a cordless vacuum. What. A distinct. Direction. Are you heading you. See me waiter. Lucy. I'm. Loosing ground with, every, long-distance, sound. Now. Why did. The 15. But you would be. Yeah, what I did. To, you. All, right so before we get to the meal, and, the Costco haul I quickly wanted to clean up my master bedroom and bathroom, and do. You guys see those cute boots that I have right there in my hand I just got them from Target and I'll try to find them and link them down below but. I thought they were super cute so. If you are in need of some cute booties for the fall in the winter with. A little bit of a heel a chunky. Heel you, can go check those out I just, feel like now at 33 I'll, be 34, in March I just, can't wear wear, stiletto, heel heels anymore so, the chunky, heel. That. Is in right now is amazing. Because, it's cute I can find a lot of booties or boots with the chunky heel and it's a lot more comfortable for me. So. I wanted to show this to you. Avery, made this little note with a sticker for, Mike and put it on his dresser now. Earlier today we did have a little chat, she. Has been putting stickers all over the house so we had to have a little talk about where we put stickers we put stickers on paper and people not. On walls, or anything else she, had been putting it like on light switches and the the, walls so. We had to have a little chat about that but I didn't have the heart to take this down because, I thought it was so cute. So, yay for a clean house it felt so good and I felt so accomplished, at the end of the night because I had a clean home we, had a yummy family, meal that we all enjoyed which is a win when you all enjoy it as well as, I had laundry, done and we went to Costco. I'm, gonna show you what I got at Costco today. I just made a quick trip. Addison. You want to say hi can. You say hi. You. Say hi to our friends. Do. You want to say hi. It's. Getting late so these babes, are getting fussy I got Addison, Mike is holding, Emery but, I'm gonna quickly show you guys what, I got from Costco.

Okay. So let's start over here trying, to do this one-handed, with the. Almost. 14 pound baby in my hand all right so I got some of the chicken tortilla soup I've had this before I really like it and I just figured it would be something good to have on hand for times. When I can't meal prep and I just want something quick easy and healthy I got. That we. Get this these pretty much every time we go to Costco they're there the Perdue simply smart organics. Chicken. Chunks and we, all love them Avery, really really, likes them and it's good quality chicken, you know how well you have some. Chicken chunks or chicken tenders or chicken nuggets and it just doesn't taste like good, chicken yeah, well this is, really good chicken so this is a family favorite. Mike. And I both use dove body wash these. Nature, valley almond, butter biscuits, we love, these, so much Avery. Eats them a lot of times in the morning before, school but, these. Are amazing, I love them they taste so good. Some. Dishwasher. Pat soap packs we. Always get them from, Costco. Annie's macaroni, and cheese cups now, this one was a tough one for me so I'm. Sure, a lot of you moms totally, know what I'm talking. About here, but I'm sitting there looking at the Annie's, macaroni. And cheese cups and then the crafts and I'm like okay which one do I go with I know the organic, Annie's is better but, it was it was a lot, more expensive. Almost, double the price and it was just like you know you have that internal debate. It's like I know organic is better, it's. Healthier. But is, it worth the money I know, a lot of people are gonna message, and say yes it's, a belong term investment, I, I totally. Get. It but it's, just really hard so, I don't know let me know let, me know if you guys have those internal struggles, as mom's I want to feed your kids I end up going with the Annie's because, kind. Of our situation, so it's just avery ting it I don't have two or three kids eating, these so, we it takes us forever to go through a box it's 12 cups you get 12, cups and so Avery will eat this will be each. Cup is 2 meals for her so, she's basically getting 24, meals out of this so I'm like all right I'll justify, it know what I have three girls eating these a full one at a time will, I be able to justify the money I don't know but sorry if we're going on that little rant I don't know I just feel like a lot of you moms probably, understand, the struggle and you probably do, the same of going back and forth and deciding, which one to go with. Kodiak. Cakes we love these it's pancake, or waffle mix. We. We've. Been eating these for forever we, love, them they're just it's protein packed. Waffle. Pancake. Mix so I just like it because it has the added protein, the. Sunrise, and energy, bars, Avery. Loves these I love these but they're just a quick little snack or even breakfast, Nadel vitamins, which, I know a lot of people don't realize you can take prenatal vitamins if, you're not pregnant just, because I'm postpartum, I know that the prenatal has a lot of extra stuff in there that, I just want to continue taking prenatal, and I, probably will for the foreseeable future. I. Got, some wine Mike and I love the Prosecco, from. Costco. We both love champagne, that's probably my favorite drink and, I think they have a good Prosecco, and then I've never, tried this red blend by the Kirkland brand but, I we. Drink a lot of red wine in the winter and red blends are my favorite, these. Fruit and vegetable, pouches, another, go-to Avery. Is a big granola, bar and pouch girl, in the mornings before school which, works for all of us because everyone's, so busy trying, to get out of the, door so. We go through a lot of those, I got. Avery some yogurt, tubes by, Stonyfield, or buckling water I love the stuff I. Drink. A lot of water and sometimes I just need something different than just plain water and this. Is one of my favorite sparkling, water brands. We. Are a big pizza family, we love pizza. Pretty much in any form and I had this I've. Gotten this before at Costco, they had a free, sample and it was really really good it tastes way better than, what it looks like on the box I promise it's super, flavorful, a pretty good at frozen pizza and you get three pizzas in there some. Juice. Boxes that, every already got into. Skinny. Pop I eat. Skinny pop like every night I got. Some, laundry, detergent, we always get our laundry detergent, from there and. I. Got some Bona, I would, switch that over but I can't because I got a baby in my arms but, the hardwood, floor cleaner this is one of my favorites, this and the. Method. Almond. Wood floor cleaner those are the two that I go back and forth with but, I love this it was a really good deal really. Good price so I picked that up I've never gotten that from Costco, before and I don't even know if I've seen it there before and then, these are the downy UNSTOPABLES they're.

The Beads you can put in your laundry I like using them when I clean our sheets just, makes everything feel super, fresh and I'm a sucker for anything that smells good hi hey. Hey. Girls. Can. You say hi. This. Is Addison and this is Emery. I'm. Gonna go ahead and go fold laundry but. I'm gonna close this out here, because these, babies need to go to bed so I'm gonna go kind of get ready for bed myself okay, sorry about that I, still have to fold a load of laundry that I did earlier today we're gonna get these girls to bed and then I'm gonna go fold the laundry um. But I hope you guys enjoyed, this all day clean, with me let, me know if you guys are cleaning along with me also, let me know if you guys like the Costco haul I just thought it was something different I wasn't planning on adding that into this video but, I just like how it was something different than just cleaning, so let me know if you like that because I can definitely show you more grocery, hauls and other, things in my cleaning videos if you like it you could give me a thumbs up follow me on Instagram, that will be linked down below jamie-lynns. Journey. And don't, forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell, but yeah we're gonna go do laundry so stick around for that but. I will, see you guys next, time, at bedtime. So. The last thing I did was my laundry, I just sat here watched some, of my reality TV, shows caught, up and, just. Kind of relaxed, as I, finished. Doing the laundry and well. I was really. Motivated to keep going and get this laundry done because I knew at the end when I was done I was done for the day and I could finally just, relax and I was looking forward to that. But if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up don't, forget to subscribe hit. That notification bell so you get all notifications. When. My videos go live and, I. Guess. I will see you next time bye. I. Just. Wanna.

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@Jamie's Journey ty hopefully it works lol

I love that you are doing a family coordinated costume!

darling I love this type of video ... but I'd also like to see some kind of vlog ... could you make some?A kiss from Italy❤️

I’ll make one soon!

You’re welcome!


Yay another cleaning video love the motivation the girls are adorable as usual

Thank you!!

Love your hair -- so silky and gorgeous color! Crock pot meal made me hungry and think of what I can serve for dinner...Thanks for letting us see your girls (I was having withdrawal) as my precious grandchildren are in Toronto. I'm probably your oldest subscriber (68), but I enjoy you & your family so much. You are a darling! Mary

Yes! I remember your story, Mary!

your channel is seriously my favorite! i’m a nanny for a 5 year old girl and 8 month old boy, so similar to your girls’ ages! and i love that you respond to basically everyone in the comments

Thank you! That truly means a lot to me! Of course! I try my best to respond to everyone’s comments bc you all take your time to comment to me

You are such a joy to watch. Family is beautiful

Thank you!!

Awesome motivation

It was such a good meal!

Love your videos! You give me so many great crock pot ideas! Happy Wednesday!

I love using my crockpot!

I'm almost early ^~^

I enjoy these types of videos!

Thanks for letting me know!’

Love the cleaning motivation ❤️❤️❤️I’m cleaning with you today

That’s awesome! Glad we can clean together!

That lasagna looks good

It was super good!

Yessss! Those balloons drive me nuts!!! I do the exact same thing!

I guess I won’t feel as bad then! Glad it’s not just me!

I’m cleaning my whole house and doing all laundry today and was looking for motivation. I can’t believe you just posted this video now and I happened to find it at the right time. Subscribed!

Jamie's Journey Thanks for your video! :)

Thanks for subscribing!

I HATE balloons. Lol I always pop them after they go to sleep. My girls are being shimmer and shine for Halloween, they are 13 months apart and love to dress like twins lol

Avery loves shimmer and shine!

I love your cleaning videos. They are so relaxing and motivating. Now I can't wait to go home and clean my house after work. The Method Wood floor cleaner is one of my favorites too. I love the smell!!!

I hope you get a lot of cleaning done!

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out. I’m currently laying on the couch. I love your videos.

Thank you ❤️

Thank you! I hope heal quickly!


Hey from Mississippi! I am new to your channel, but already feel that I know u. BECAUSE, I have basically, the same life u do. #momlife

Jamie! Keep up with the shipping hauls. I starting watching Our Tribe Of Many because of their massive shopping hauls. Then I fell in love with their family...just like I fell in love with your family.

love your cleaning videos!! you are one of my absolute favorite youtubers!

I found Bona floor cleaner (thanks to your channel!) in Costco for the first time last year around this time! We'd just redone our hardwood floors & wanted to treat them nicer than with vinegar water which WILL ruin them! So we went all out & bought Bona in bulk right away. Great deal & great product! Thanks, Jamie! :-)

Love, love, love halloween... we're going as the Addams Family this year. This was a much needed late night boost. Thanking you from across the pond. xx

All nice and clean like everytime good mom

Have you ever lost your patiense and got nernous with 3 kids? Its seems like everything always is perfect. I know its not but it seems.

Enjoyed the Ccsco hall, too!, Is that store kind of like Sam's wholesale?

Hi Jamie

What a jam packed day, you go momma!

Love your videos! So motivating. I got a bag of the perdue simply smart organic breaded chicken breast tenders for my kids to try. They look good.

We love ours!

helllo. . . you are the best. . . I really like to follow you, you always know how to motivate to make work easier. . . the girls are wonderful,

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with me!

Hello im in work and i stop every thing and 10 min to wotch your video . I love your videos they motiveiting me

Holy cheese on the lasagna! I love it!

We love our cheese!

Thanks for the motivation Jamie! I don’t know how you do it...you are AMAZING!!! Have a great rest of your day

Thank you! I hope you have a good day too!

Hi I am 8 years old and I love cleaning

Had to watch first to jump start an all day clean w/ me too. Love your channel Jamie . . . thanks for all the hard work you put into it. Your weekend is almost here.

Yay! Glad we cleaned together! Thanks for being such a supporter of my content!

I must confess i am addicted to your girlsss .I cant wait for your cleaning videos but i also love to see your sweeties growing up and Avery being a fantastic big sister

Awww thanks for enjoying my content!

Yes... I absolutely hate balloons!! I use to do the same thing!

Good! It’s not just me!

Great video as always Jamie, don’t know how u do it with working, and having twins

Thank you!

Another motivating and inspiring video

My daughter is 2 and last year I made her a rainbow costume but she absolutely hated it, but this year she seems to be excited about it! I do the same thing with balloons around my house too

That sounds like a really cool costume!

I hope they love it like we did!

Jamie's Journey forgot to say how yummy the lasagne looked too!!

You’re welcome!!

I love that idea! I bet he would look great!!

Thank you!! I appreciate the kind words!

It’s real good!

Thanks for saying hi!! I’m glad you got some motivation from me!

Yes and your vacuum lines are the best on YouTube!

Awww thanks girl! I’m glad I can help motivate you!

Ohh thanks for letting me know!

Jamie's Journey

Thanks for being here for so long! And I remember you for commenting for quite some time!

I have one! Just don’t always use it!

Thanks for watching! I actually don’t have any tips bc I have an electric stove

I really enjoy all your videos! I feel so down in the dumps sometimes especially with cleaning and chores - but you are inspiring! I always get up after your videos ready to clean. The girls are lucky to have such a wonderful mom!!

I do the same thing with balloons

My daughter is going to be a monster high doll

Bona cleans mirrors better than floors!

Good to know!

Just subscribed love your videos

Thanks for subscribing!

My 3 triplets are going to be a pumpkin, a skeleton, and a witch

My 6yr old is going to go as a zombie cheerleader. Her first year as a "scary" costume and not something cutesie!

I bet that will be a really good costume!

You have the cutest kiddos!!! I love your videos. I can't believe I am JUST NOW subscribing! You're the BEST!!

Sooo welcome!!!

Aww thanks girl!

Another amazing video❤️

Hello! I’m in Ohio too!

Hey! That’s cool!

Hey girl! Thanks for watching!

I wil!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Awww thank you so much!

Bona is awesome! I love it!

Haha, we should totally go as the Addams family one year!

Yes! Absolutely!! I promise you it’s not always easy! Remember, you are only 2 videos from my life. That’s only a few hours of my week!

Sams club is a great store to get items in bulk. Paper Towels /12 count & Toilet paper/ 24count. Big double stacks of paper plates. ( I couldn't get those this time because they had those 2 rows blocked off). Double pks.of deli turkey or ham, long block of sliced american cheese, We like to divide it into 3 or 4 blocks and freeze it in ziploc bags (take out a block at a time and thaw it out.) I saw the Skinny Pop.

It is! Just like that!

Yess! I’m so glad we could clean together!


Would be nice if you stopped. just put the music and let me enjoy cleaning. talk too much

You inspire me so much. Much love from Australia

Hi Jamie my name is Kelley and I love your channel I love watching people clean I do have a nephew and two and they do make a mess I try my best to stay motivated

Lol I liked how you picked up the cat and put kitty aside. Lmao :)

So glad stacked heels are back in style. I’m with you on the stilettos.

Hi Jamie. I got my laundry folded while watching ur vid. Yay!!! You did a good job cleaning. I have twins too, it’s a big job. One day at a time.

My kiddo absolutely loves balloons and he cries so hard when they pop and even if we're at the park and he sees remnants of a popped balloon he never owned, he is sad for the balloon.

Hello Jamie. Do you use your bona hardwood cleaner on tile too? Thank you. And I love your cleaning videos.

Hi my name is maleaha

Love your grocery hauls!!!

Thank you! I enjoy sharing them!

Hey from Portugal again :P im really like your videos they help me really and they relax me :)

Thanks for letting me know!

Please share some of your energy tips! Also how do you stay focused? I end up so distracted and not accomplishing much

I’m very limited on time so if I don’t stay focused, I won’t get things done. That’s pretty much what keeps me motivated.

I hate balloons too. A day or two and I sneak and pop them one by one until they don’t notice it lol. And I have a hard time with all these cleaning products. I want the cleaning stuff that smells really good when in reality I know I should be using the stuff that does the best job. I just love that Lysol bathroom cleaner you recommended. It does such a good job. I got the Lysol multipurpose hydrogen peroxide one and used it in my kitchen for the first time today and it’s so good. Better than the Mrs. Meyers and method for sure. I just wish it smelled like those.

It’s funny how they don’t realize it!

I LOVED this video. I’ve recently started clean with me videos on my channel as well and I’m obsessed with watching them on other channels! I just subscribed !

Thanks for subscribing!!

Wow what a day! Yes like to see your Costco haul

Why do you add a plastic bag in the pot

I don’t need them but use one from time to time! It just makes for less clean up!

Hi jamie. Im new in your channel. And i so love your videos! Thank you for inspiring me

Thanks girl! You’re welcome!

Crockpot lasagna soup is my favorite!! Sooo good especially with Italian sausage instead of beef! I just started a channel too

I love your hauls!!

Your videos always make me motivated to clean. I watch when I need to do a little tidy up but then end up cleaning my whole house! I have recently bought a cordless hoover and its the best hoover I've ever had. I did have a corded hoover and it was a pain especially when I had to take it upstairs!! What you should do and what I do is when I'm hoovering downstairs and finished I plug it in whilst I'm tidying upstairs. Then when I done each room the hoover is charged enough for me to finish the other rooms...simples!!!! I don't think I'd go back to using a corded hoover again. The cordless is so good and there's no having to plug it in!!

Cordless vacuum are amazing!

Wow! Thank you so much! It truly means a lot to me that I can help inspire you!

Glad it’s not just me!

Today, I divided the long sliced cheese into 6 blocks. Wrapped them each in saran wrap,then placed 4 of them in gal.size ziploc bag. Kept 2 out in the fridge Have a nice weekend, Jamie!

@Jamie's Journey Thank you

Love the Costco haul. And love the family.

Love all your videos and of course we love Costco haul! Started folding laundry while I was watching so I'd say motivational and inspirational too!

Hey Jamie it's me..love watching your videos it helps me to be more motivated and I don't like to clean but I'm getting much older now so I have to be more responsible so therefore I watch your videos...love you

Loved this Costco haul thanks for the inspiration

Most adorable kids every

Awww thank you!!

Thank you!!

Thanks for the love!!

@Jamie's Journey hi Jamie yes I love watching people clean up it keeps motivated and I like to listen to music when I clean what about you

Hi Kelley!

Yay! That’s awesome! I’m glad we were able to get somethings done together!

Oh that is sad!

I use a special bona cleaner for my ceramic tile!

I cant wait to see the girls!

Why do you put a plastic bag in the cooker? Isn't it bad for your health?

Love your videos! I was in Walmart a few days ago, and was literally torn between getting Annie's mac and cheese or Kraft! Lol I went with Annie's because I only got the one little boy! But I don't mind getting Kraft sometimes either lol

Yes!! See, it’s a hard decision! Glad I’m not the only one who has that hard time deciding!

I dont have a thing against balloons but I don't have kids yet. My husband has told me that he is never allowing our kids to bring balloons into the car. I guess he already has a thing about balloons haha.

I’ve heard of people feeling that way before about balloons in the car!

Always like to see grocery hauls! You are one of my fav new cleaning channels to clean with! I also have twin girls! Charlotte and Isabelle, they turn 3 in a couple weeks. I also have two boys age 5 jesse & 12 caleb. :)

That’s cool! Having twins are the best!!

@Jamie's Journey your welcome.

Thank you!

Yay! It makes me happy that you were able to get some things done!

yessss please more hauls! household and food ones

Hi,I just want to say I love watching your videos this is my 2nd time watching your videos and I get inspired and I just enjoy watching❤️

Love your videos!! So motivating! Do you have any tips on how to keep your vacuum from having a “ dog “ smell?? No matter what I do it’s always at least slightly there. Ugh! Thanks!

I know what you’re talking about! I think it something that’s really hard to prevent! I haven’t found anything and even though it’s not ideal, it doesn’t bother me too much because I know that it’s picking up a lot of dog hair from my carpet!

Thanks for letting me know what you want to see!

It’s a bag made specifically for slow cookers

Hey Jamie new to your Channel. Can you tell me where you got that bumblebee placemat on your table?

Target! It’s the skip hop brand!

My cats always slept on the changing pad too!


Love your family costume!!! My 12 year old said he was too old for Halloween this year

I bet it was pretty hard to have your 12 year old that!

Great cleaning video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

What do you use to scrub your dishes?

Cleaning with you!!! Just found your channel and I love it! You’re so sweet and your videos are bingeworthy :) so motivating. Thank you!

A dish wand

Awww thanks girl. I’m glad you’re here and that you said hi!

I’m new! I love your videos

Thanks Kelsey!

Hi I am from Oregon

Hello! Thanks for saying hi!

Hi! New here and I love your channel, it's so motivating! I am also a mom of three and I work full time and we live in a less than 1000 square foot house. I find it so difficult to find the energy to get anything but the day to day done so thank you for sharing your life! It's awesome!

Thanks for watching Samantha!

Can't wait until I can afford a cordless vacuum. Have a old school Hoover with a bag still. At least it still works well.

I have an old school Dyson and although I still use it, it’s easier to use my cordless vacuum! I got it for Christmas last year!

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