Ukážka živého obchodovania , týždeň od 31 5 2021 LIVE TRADING week from 31 5 2021

Ukážka živého obchodovania , týždeň od 31 5 2021 LIVE TRADING week from 31 5 2021

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Welcome Today is 31.5.2021 and this is the first entry into live trading this week. The time now is 16:51. But the morning before I went to work it was after six I opened the economic calendar. I use the app from on Android on the phone and there I always look at what events will be like today. In the morning I found out that it is a holiday in America and England.

That means to me that I don't trade then. We can take a look at the platform. So at seven, sorry at six. We have one hour more on the platform. When I set it up, I can see that I already have 17:52. So about the seventh on the platform, we have it somewhere, the price was here. For example, now it looks like it will go up, that the euro will strengthen. But like I said when it's the holidays, I prefer not to trade. But overall, it looks like the euro is strengthening against the dollar, the dollar is weakening against the yen, and the euro is starting to strengthen against the yen. Okay, so like I said, I'm not trading now, although I'm sorry. I see that the euro goes up nicely. Or I can change my mind and do this. I see that EURJPY is a little late. It hasn't gone like EURUSD yet.

I have 3 lots here. I will open the buy. And somewhere here as the lows were on Friday, at the same time I have the last peak here. So here' s the support. A little lower I can put a sell stop. So we have it open and I'll be watching it next time, in about three hours. So that's all for now. Today is 1.6.2021 6:05 yesterday before I went to bed I looked at the economic calendar. Today we see that it was a 3:45 result from China that turned out well. Then there will be two more results from Australia. At ten o'clock there will be two results from Europe. At 10:30 from Britain at 11:00 result from Europe and in the afternoon there will be results from Canada, America and the United Kingdom.

This means that today will be a pretty volatile day. Let's look at the platform of what it did. We see that the euro dollar is still where it was yesterday, no longer strengthening. Consolidation created. USDJPY held on at yesterday's lows. When we take this movement, it is always necessary to take a movement and see how much it has returned. It came back by about two-thirds. This is quite interesting for the entry that the dollar will strengthen. And let's see what EURJPY did. So we see that he yesterday and in the morning he was still a little stronger. If we take the time, this was sooner like China. It was 1:45. Two hours earlier than the statement from China, so the price movement was not related to this statement. We can take it that there was a big movement on Thursday, then a return not even by half. So far, it cannot break the maximum. But a triangle is made, which means that we have a horizontal line at the top and a triangle is made at the bottom. Usually then the price movement is further upwards. So we keep the EURJPY trade open. We will also open a long store on the USDJPY window.

I have set for 3 lots. You need to look at how much we have set the volume if you change the size of the positions. I will open the buy and set the sell stop under this red bottom line. I will watch it closest after nine. Now it is 1.6.2021 18:26 and when we look at the calendar we see that the results for the euro at tenth and eleventh were better than expected and they are all green. The shops I showed in the morning I did already closed in a little profit. We go to the platform and here we see that at 10:00 after a good result there was a decrease and at 11:00 after another good result there was a decrease again and only around 15:00 there was an upward movement. The euro has strengthened. If we move it away, we can see what the price has been doing since Friday, or we can take it from where the compaction was. We always have compaction when there is a balance between buyers and sellers. Then the seller prevailedand the price fell. Within a day, it dropped from the green top to the red bottom. Then there was consolidation again, returned to the green top and continued down.

It went all the way to the red bottom, but it returned the buyers to market. They gained the upper hand and the price returned above the red mean. This is called a false puncture. And usually when there is such a false breakthrough, then the price goes in the opposite direction for longer. We had a consolidation here and yesterday afternoon we went to the top red. Today we returned to the middle red and we went almost to the upper red and now we are coming back. This is quite a good setting for us to go up, that the euro will strengthen against the dollar. Only this compression may not let us go here on the left. Because of this, I will not open a trade on this window.

And when he looks at what USDJPY is doing. Here we are still only two-thirds of the return from this long move. But here we have the third reflection so it can happen that we go up. We are here for the third time at the same time the dollar is weakening against the euro, although now it has started to strengthen a bit. We have a balance today for somewhere. So we are still moving upwards. But because the dollar is weakening, I'm not going to trade up on the USDJPY either.

We look at EURJPY so we see that we are still at the top of this long move, so it looks like we could go up. So when I look at that EURUSD and EURJPY, I'm just in the middle of this compression, so I could open the buy. So I'm going to open th is fast trading panel. I have three lots set. I open the buy and down below the red line, because now I have these lines close to myself, I set the sell stop. Well, that's all for now. Now it's six o'clock 2.6. 2021. Today we have in the calendar a statement for the Australian dollar, which turned out better than expected. It was the third and then we have the seventeenth declaration for the pound.

And at 19:10, the President of the European Central Bank will speak. So we don't really have anything here anymore, which means that today the price could go in one direction for longer. There shouldn't be such big surprises, at least according to the calendar. Let's look at the platform. Yesterday I opened a trade on EURJPY long and when I get closer to it, we see that I opened it here yesterday and it actually went against me. It went from this red to this lower red. This means that the one we set up was not caught against us. There was not much missing, but fortunately it did not catch him, which means that we are now in mild plus. So my expectations yesterday were not met at all, but fortunately we had a well-established sell stop. Now I'll leave it as it is. If we get up here somewhere. I usually do it by closing two-thirds of the trade. I will cancel this counter-trade and set up SL to plus for the remaining one third. But so far we have only a small profit, we have to be at least with this red.

So we see that what we had a collapse three days ago, the price was on the same level at night. Let's look at the other windows. EURUSD, as I said, the dollar strengthens against the blue, it turned around. Now I'm waiting for us to go to this blue, we have this level. But I will not enter into this. Then we have the USDJPY, we see it as well, as I mentioned yesterday, that there is the third reflection, that it can go up. But I won't go into that. Now it's easy to tell me that I could, but I just said I wouldn't, so I didn't go.

And now we have the same thing on the other side. In fact, the price fell here for the first time, bounced off the second time, and now we are here for the third time. So I'm not going to enter here either. We will stay in this one store for now. It is better to have fewer open stores that are a bit in the green, than to have many open stores in the red. The time now is 2.6. 2021 16: 17, as we said in the economic calendar, we had nothing during the day. The Governor of the Central Bank of England will now speak in 41 minutes and the President of the European Central Bank will speak in 19:00. In the morning I said that I would leave the EURJPY trade open, but then when I looked at it I still decided that I would rather close it. Due to the fact that a trading zone was created for us for the third day and we can see here that the price has actually broken once and today it has not broken the blue one.

We were here somewhere in the morning. Here was the trade, I closed it at almost zero. And in the afternoon when the price dropped, I said to myself, when the price was just above the bottom blue, that it was a good entry to buy. So I opened it. I set the counter trade one below this red one. And now you see that I'm a little in profit, at first it went against me. Now I'm a little pluse and now the price is a little higher than we were in the morning. The lows we have here for the fourth time have kept the price and we are going up. EURUSD fell, we actually came back to the middle of that fake breakthrough. We're going back, but now I'm waiting to see what happens. If it's going to be some consolidation and we're in the middle of a red one, maybe I could step on a sell. But on the other hand, it can also be the case that we go up, under this top green. So I won't open any trade here yet.

And the USDJPY went up today, then came back in half. This I would say is a good place to enter that we will go up. I'll open a trade here now. I have three lots, I will buy and I will counter-trade below these minimums, which were, below this blue. I have set up. And now it's actually that on both EURJPY and USDJPY windows. So I speculate that yen will weaken. And if it goes against me, it will go against me in two windows. So be careful about this. Do not open on all windows again trades so that everything goes against you. And I wanted to say one more thing, that when I zoom in on it, I'll put the right button, click on the history of the shops, so here you can actually see where I closed the morning buy. And here I entered the next buy. I just won't show these pictures because it's unnecessary. You have links at the top right of that YouTube channel banner. And there is this account linked to FX Blue. You can see everything there.

Well, what is the value of the account. How much is the profit. Which trades I did. When did I do them. When he closed, so I won't give these things because I see that if I make a summary of the trading for the whole week. It will be quite long. I don't want to make hour-long videos here. Who wants to see what where and how it was closed. Feel free to look at the link and he has everything there. The time now is 3.6. 2021 six o'clock. We can see in the calendar that we had a statement from Australia at half past three, which turned out as expected. Then we will have two pound statements here at 10:30. And in the afternoon there will be four statements for the dollar.

So in the afternoon, the dollar can be volatile. We look at the platform and see that we are in profit on that EURJPY window. At first it went against us and this morning it works with us. I guess at least we should get to this blue one, but to be sure, I'll close two-thirds and secure a deal. I right-click on this line, I'll edit it. I will have a market execution, I will change the volume to two lots and I will close this down. So it changes from three lots to 1 lot. And I'll pull the SL, I'll put it in a bit of a plus. It won't take me anymore, because there has to be a minimum distance. I'll try again, so I'll leave a little in the red. And I will cancel this counter-trade. And my trade will still be on the USDJPY window. And I think I'll leave. And because of that, because we always look at the waves in which the price goes.

Looking here, there has been an upward movement from this green to this red and blue. Then the movement was a little back to the green and then there was a big move up and again a little back and up. Here you see that here we have lower minimum higher maximum lower minimum higher maximum. And here it began to spin. Suddenly the lows are lower, but the lows are lower. Again lower minimum but also lower maximum. Minimum lower maximum lower. Here we went to the side and here it turns again. Mines lower maxima higher minima lower. So according to this, we should at least go here somewhere. So if we go into trend but it can turn around again and we have new highs that will be lower than these, but we don't know that now. I'll leave it at that for now.

Yesterday, when I opened the trade, it went against me, now it's back and we're where we actually opened it. Let's look at EURUSD, here we also see maximum minimum maximum lower minimum lower maximum lower so far. If this trend were to continue, we would be going down. But there was a fake breakthrough and this could be a fake breakthrough. So I'm not going to the trade here. The closest thing to me is to look around nine o'clock, due to the fact that even though there are no statements about nine o'clock plus-minus our time, the Asian session ends and the European session begins. Then, when there are two sessions at the same time when trading in both Asia and Europe at the same time, there can be more movement without any statements. And the same goes for around two three in the afternoon, when trading in Europe and starting trading in America.

The time now is 3.6.2021 16:21. As we can see in the economic calendar, all the results for the pound and the dollar were better than expected. A while ago, when I was looking at eToro, without knowing the EURUSD chart, I knew that the dollar was strengthening. Here we see that the dollar will still have one statement today, but it will only be for oil. A member of the central bank will talk about the pound at 18:00. Let's go to the platform.

The trades I had open on EURJPY and USDJPY I managed to close two thirds in profit and set Stop Loss to zero for one third. You see, unfortunately, USDJPY first closed that third and then went in my direction. So I actually made a bit of a profit here, but I don't have any other profit for that third, because it fired me at SL. EURJPY is actually similar, only here I did well to close myself because it has been against me ever since. Let's look at EURUSD, the move is huge. We continue to move from yesterday, we are going in the same direction. Then we came back yesterday and today we came back and we go in the same direction again. We got exactly where we were before. So now it may be that the euro will strengthen. But we'll see. It's too late to go open the sell now that we're down like this. I have already learned that even if we go lower, it is not for me now to enter the trade downwards.

I'd rather wait, and when we're here somewhere, I'll think about going downstairs if the movement continues. USDJPY we have something similar here, we are also at the last highs. EURJPY but here I would think that it is quite a good deal, but rather against the euro. Because we have not had such a big move against the euro yet. So far, all this has kept us in the last days, these minimums. But when the euro weakens against the dollar, although it will return for a while. So it would only come back somewhere.

And then it should go down. Also, there is such a nice formation that here you have the main movement return by half and continuing that movement. So I like this EURJPY to open sell. Except this is on my second account. I have a second account, so I'll shrink it. I'll open XM. I switch to the EURJPY window and set three lots and open the sell. And I'll put a counter-trade above this green line. Well, we have an open trade. The time now is 4.6.2021 6:11. As we see in the economic calendar, there are many events today. It could be a volatile day.

When we switch to the platform, we see that our EURJPY shop went with us. We already have a nice profit, so we close two thirds. I'll adjust, market execution, change the volume from three lots to two lots and click close at the bottom. And I only have one lot left. I set up SL, it doesn't want to let me go again. So I have to put a little bit into the red. When I set myself up, it will show me €0.05. If the price goes down then I can move it to the plus. And I'll cancel the counter trade. We can look at even more windows, what happened.

So in this window, the yen strengthened. There was a very nice upward move on the USDJPY yesterday. So the dollar strengthened. And today it looks like he wants to move on. He has already gone a little further on EURUSD, so it looks like we will continue. We have already broken through these last lows. When we move it away, we can move this, so we see that we have compression here. So he could still go here, but I won't go into this anymore.

The time now is 4.6. 2021 16:40. As we see in the economic calendar. Today, the pound was better for the pound, mixed for the dollar, and worse than expected for the Canadian dollar. Let's look at the platform. So the one deal I closed the two-thirds is with me so far. So now I can move the SL where I need it. We see that we already had that return and only started to strengthen against the euro. We are now on this compression and here we have another compression. When I move it away, I see that there is another strong support. We'll see where it stops. So now we can move the SL, and I will put it above the last return of this red moving average. So I'm actually between the blue and green bottom line.

This moving average, I forgot that I have it there. There is a normal moving diameter of 10 candles at the back. I have modified this and therefore I will not open trades today because it is Friday. Profits are usually collected on Fridays. So if the price goes in one direction all week, it may happen that it returns on Friday. But this was not the case, because we have Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday and we see that actually four days went by. Only today did it start. USDJPY but this beautiful chair. It looked like we were going upstairs yesterday, but it was actually a fake breakthrough and we came back here somewhere. We'll see what it does next.

The dollar weakens against the euro. So this seems strong to me. It's just a comeback. And we'll see if we go down. But it can only be a fake break through each other and we will go up. I won't see that until Monday. I'm actually going to close this series of live trading, which I do. So we need to get to my links. I'll have YouTube, I'll have my channel. And here I have my own links. I'll turn it off. Here is the first link where you can get to my account connected via FX Blue. I'm going to see how I traded last week. When I put it here, the total profit, I see I have 7.8%. I'll get stats, statistics and I'll get it here in a week. Here I see that in the last week I had nine trades one still running and I had a profit of 0.3% of the account. If I want to see another link, I can see what I have a signal from this account. And here I actually have statistics, this was the first week of June. So I see that I have 0.27% here in June. And overall, even with last year, I have a profit of 7.67%.

Okay so this is a signal through the MQL5 page. That's what I made. Whoever wants can copy me, but must pay for it. It's a pretty high price. It's $ 30 a month. So with a small amount of capital, this is not very worthwhile. If you liked the video I like it. You can share it when you know someone who wants to improve in trading. You can give a subscription. Have a nice time and enjoy life.

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