UI Tippie College of Business Commencement - May 12, 2018

UI Tippie College of Business Commencement - May 12, 2018

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The. Candidates, for. The Bachelor of, Business, Administration, degree from, the Tippie College of, Business have. Gathered, to celebrate commencement, all. Over in their places these. Proceedings, are hereby called to order you. May be seated. It. Is my pleasure to, introduce the. Dean of the Tippie College of Business and, professor, of marketing dr.. Sarah Fisher, gardial. Good. Afternoon. On. Behalf, of the Tippie College of Business and, the University. Of Iowa, I welcome. All of you. Graduating. Seniors, family. Members friends, faculty. And. Staff, of the college to, this commencement. All. Of us here are proud, of our, University, and our, College and especially. Today we're proud of our graduates. This. Commencement allows, us to honor their, accomplishments. We. Come together to celebrate and, to, reflect upon an, important, milestone in the, lives of these students, the. Completion, of undergraduate. Education. Today. Many, emotions. Fill, this auditorium. For. Our graduates, these, emotions, probably, range from excitement, to. Anticipation. Of our celebration. To. Uncertainty. And apprehension. About the future for. Parents, or spouses, the. Range of emotions, probably. Include pride, and. In some cases I suspect, a profound. Sense of financial. Relief. Before. Proceeding any further I would like to introduce you to the faculty and invited. Guests joining, us today to honor our graduates as they earn, their degrees please. Stand when I introduce, you. Joining. Me on the platform today, are. John. Solo, professor. Of economics. Marc. Winkler, lecturer. In marketing. Ken. Brown the, associate, dean of undergraduate, program, and professor, of management, organizations. Nancy. Dunkel representing. Our Board of Regents. Nick. Street professor. And department executive officer. For management science. Melissa. Shivers vice. President, for student life. Steve. Lacroix. Executive. Vice president and, chief marketing. Marketing, office for, the Minnesota Vikings. Wrong. Sue assistant. Professor of management, and organizations. Heidi. De vich lecturer. And finance. Alexander. Anika, lecture. In economics, and Joyce. Berg professor, of accounting and director, of the Iowa, electronic markets. Tip-tippy. Faculty, and staff are also serving, as marshals today, and if you will stand to be recognized. Beth bellman, lecturer, in the Department of, management, and operations, organization. Sorry. Michael. Carbet Culbert, lecturer. And co-director. Of the undergraduate, program in management science, Christie. Gleeson professor. Of accounting and Henry, B tippy research, fellow.

Jennifer. Furman. Associate. Professor of instruction. And director. Of the undergraduate, program in, economics. Bob. Walker lecturer. In the John Pappajohn, entrepreneurial. And. Tom. Walsh lecture. And associate, professor of practice in, the department, of marketing Oh Tom, okay. Thank. You all for joining us today I would also like to give special thanks and, recognition to, the members of the Iowa brass, quintet, on trumpets, we, have dr. Amy Schendel, and mr.. Evan Fowler on horns. Mr., come soon Dilek. Hoon rcent on trombone. Mr.. Matthew Halbert and on, tuba professor. John Manning, all. Of, these proceedings, will, be interpreted, by Tammy silver. Now. I'd like to ask everyone to turn their attention. To the video screens, for. A special, presentation, titled. Celebrating. Iowa. I. Chose. To come to Iowa because when I came on my visit day I got an insane amount of community, from everyone I talked to I would, just welcome to me completely, open, arms that really kind of cemented, in my mind okay this is the place where I need to be when, I came and saw the campus I automatically, fell in love with it. It's. All Iowa's, all the Hawkeye community, and, just a great place to be around I don't, think I killed I oh I think Iowa chose me as. Soon as I came onto campus I try to become as involved as possible but, I was very surprised, as to how much I could continue to learn and grow through every, experience. There's. Just so much here that walking, around campus you just have all those really cool memories I remember. The first time I saw snow is here at the University of Iowa it was cold, but I, loved it me. And the people on my floor would go eat, dinner every, day and. That's the memory I remember the most because, that's where I met some of my best friends, I'm. Gonna miss being. Surrounded, by, a bunch of like-minded people I think everyone here. That's near me is very driven and very focused and has, really found the passion for what they want to do in their life here. As. A student, you have so much access there's. So much knowledge and you, can really expand your horizon, so quickly and easily this. University, has literally, made my dreams come true I remember when is our little kid I had always wanted to go to Paris, I was, able to apply for. A study abroad program I got to go through the Eiffel Tower everybody. Is a Hawkeye fan on game day and everybody. Has the same goal in mind on those Saturdays. Washing. The field with the, players and the fans it, really just kind of brings together what being a Hawkeye is all about go Hawks there you go so, you can walk down the street and say. Hi to someone who's also wearing Hawkeye gear and I'll have that for the rest of my life I. Feel. Like I'm prepared enough to begin my professional. Journey towards something that I can make an impact in it. Was it was not easy I won't lie but it, hindsight. It's one of the best things I've ever done with my life one. Can take a Hawkeye, out of Iowa, but, one can never take Iowa. Out of a Hawkeye. This. Experience, has been one of the best of my life I wouldn't, take it back for the world oh, I, don't want to leave don't, make me leave.

Really. I'd like to thank my family for, supporting me. God. I. Would. Like to thank my parents thanks, for always believing in me even though I didn't, always believe in myself and. They've given me so many opportunities to, just be, myself to go out into the great you know beyond and, do things that I never thought I could do I realized, everything that they've had to give up for me to be where I am and I, appreciate everything that they've done for me thank, you to my family thank, you to the faculty and everybody, that has supported, me along the way. And. Now you know why we have the best jobs, in the world. Soft. Feet ears out here - including. My own, it. Is now my pleasure to, introduce, our. Commencement speaker, Steve. Lacroix, Steve. Lacroix serves as the executive vice president and, chief Markus. Amarka, ting officer of the Minnesota Vikings a role. In which he oversees, all aspects. Of Viking. Generated, revenues and marketing, initiatives, his. Sales and marketing, team was responsible, for ushering in a new era of, Vikings. Football in the state-of-the-art US, Bank Stadium in. 2016. His. 17, year Minnesota. Tenure, has, allowed, him to lead a variety, of additional, new, initiatives, including. The team's introduction. Of an enhanced, Norseman logo and new uniforms. In 2013. He. Also started, a year-round weekly, television and radio program, on the, Vikings Entertainment, Network, Steve. Has served on the NFL, Club business working, group comprised. Of eight Club executives, that, helped shape strategies. For implementing league and team initiatives. His. Charitable, involvement. Includes, work with the newly launched. Minnesota, Vikings foundation. Lacroix. Also serves on the Minnesota, Super Bowl host committee advisory, board and as treasurer of the Vikings Children's Fund he. Is a member of our own University. Of Iowa Marketing, Institute Ward, for, which we are very grateful. Lacroix. Earned his Bachelor, degree in, marketing, at the University of Iowa's, Tippie College of Business and, his. Master's, degree at Western Illinois University. Steve. And his wife Sue, who also holds, her Bachelor, degree in nursing from the University of Iowa have, two children Katie, and Alex. The, Lacroix family resides. In Iran oh and, I might add that Katie. Is going to be one of our graduates, today, so yeah. So. A lot of reasons, to be grateful for the Lacroix family today, Steve, I. Think. That's called a pay raise when your kid graduate from college so good. Stuff. Thank. You Dean Sarah I appreciate the, opportunity. It's. A true honor to be here today, and, hello. Fellow Hawkeye's everybody. Awake out there. Okay. Big day. I've. Been blessed to be in the business professional, sports for a long time, 27, years have. Never won a championship so, I have known championship. Rings or trophies to show off today, after. The Minneapolis miracle, in the NFL playoffs this year I was. Hoping, that I could come out with the Lombardi Trophy and, just set, it down and talk about winning. A championship but, what, I have tried to do is work, hard off the field to be a championship, leader, and. You, all have worked incredibly hard to get to this event, I'm. Sure some of you are a little surprised even to be here. No. Need to show hands or anything but you. Made it so congrats, on that and, since. I often get asked about what's a successful, leader or what makes a successful, leader I want, to share some helpful or at least hopefully. Helpful advice. On this topic my. View of leadership is quite different than it was 28 years ago when I was in hancher auditorium.

Graduating. In 1990s. So a good, leader specifically, championship, leaders come. In many forms but they, can also often. Have the same traits that, can capture from the term skull and, that's s Kol. Skull. As the skin and even translation. For cheers or good health, it's. Basically a Schlueter a toast to a good friend or admired, person or group and it's, a term often used in Minnesota. For. Those of you it may not be familiar with the Minnesota Vikings shame. On you if you're not but we'll let you slide, skull. Is an important part of our team culture school, Vikings is our Minnesota Vikings a fight, song the. Skull chin is our new fan tradition. The school line is our drumline the school service is our customer service platform, so there's. A lot of schooling going on in Minnesota, not. Sure how much is going on here and I was sitting with all you Bears fans but it sure, works for us right. Division, wrong teams that's okay as. For school leadership the, essence, school can stand for being strategic, part. Of Maitre strategic, is being decisive, making. Decisions can be a crippling process, in many organizations. The. Key is to have the confidence that you don't have to decide everything as a leader but you can decide who decides if you. Strategically build, a team that knows their work and how. Their expertise, fits in the company then, you can trust your team, believe. It or not it, is not all about you and. It took me a long time to learn that a long, time, but. Be strategic, can learn to, adapt your surroundings, everyone. You work for or with you, teach you good and bad ways to. Handle situations. The. K in school can, stand for being knowledgeable. While. Championship, leader is knowledgeable, you don't need to know all the answers just know where to find the answer, the. Higher up in the organization to go and the bigger your staff and your team gets the. Harder it is to know everything so. You will need to get comfortable with this as you grow into leaders in, your careers a. Championship. Leader. Is also knowledgeable and aware of their blind spots. Yes. We all have them so, the sooner you recognize them embrace. It and the better you'll be as a leader and work to improve, them, again. As a leader accept, that, you don't need to know everything just build a team that knows what you don't. Learn. To be a problem solver know, no matter how complicated issue is it. Always has a solution when. The Metrodome stadium. Roof literally, collapsed in 2010. During the season we, had three home games in, three, locations in, 16 days a lot. Of brain damage a lot of problems, a lot of complications, for us as a staff but we we, rallied together it, wasn't fun but we pulled it off and. Whatever, test is given to you do it to the best of your abilities, you. Will impress your supervisors, and gain their confidence. Never. Stop learning and improving yourself. When. You go to that conference or seminar push, yourself to engage you may just learn something that helps, one of those blind spots improve. Or disappear.

The. Olin scull can be stand for being opportunistic. The. Championship, leader takes advantage of every opportunity. They. Can walk into a room of strangers and, walk out with a new colleague business. Partner, or maybe. Lifelong, friends, it. Has happened to me on multiple occasions. When. My sales career first started. Walking. The room of strangers intimidated, me but my boss and indiana pacers just drugged me along taught me how to do it and you just dive. In and introduce yourself, and yes, small. Talk does actually work. Take. Advantage of every opportunity to, improve your personal brand, you're. The only one that can truly manage your, brand which will be an important part of your career I never. Constantly, thought about this. Really until a few years ago when my leadership coach asked me to. Directly describe. My personal, brand it, felt awkward at the time but it really hit home on its importance. Part. Of being opportunistic is, being lucky luck. Will be all around you throughout your career so. Be in a position to recognize when. It happens and take full advantage of it and. No one you can and know that you can create your own luck along, the way a great. Quote on this is luck as a matter of, preparation. Meeting opportunity, I, literally. Have that sitting on my desk and it's been there for 27 years so luck, is a matter of preparation, meeting opportunity. The. Elif's coal can stand for listening a, championship. Leader listens learns. Then. Leads. Listen. To the issue a challenge at hand learn. The various paths of solving that issue or challenge, then. Lead your team down a successful, path a, leader. Leading before, listening and learning will, not lead successfully. Learn. To read a room stop. Talking, when you see it or not listening. I'm. Not breaking my rule I hope. I'm. Almost done and we're, to make others feel comfortable, treating, everyone in a respectful manner which. Will be noticed, you. Can tell a lot about a person about how they treat the waiter receptionists as much as the owner or CEO. So. As you head in the next chapter lives and establish careers, remember championship, leaders can use skull on their journey whether. Or not you're from Minnesota, be, strategic, be. Knowledgeable, be. Opportunistic, and, remember to listen good, luck, to everyone of you Congrats. On this big step in life, go. B championship leaders and. As, a parent of one of this year's Tippy's grab graduates. I'm humbled proud and excited about, what the future holds go. Hawk eyes in Scholl, to each and every one of you thank you. Steve. Thank you for those inspiring, remarks. Skull. The. Business world in, fact the world at large needs great leaders and all, of us would benefit from keeping. In mind these, remarks, from Steve, it's. Now my pleasure to introduce today's student. Speaker Adam. Dulles, Adam. Dulles is from Coralville Iowa, and is graduating with a BBA in finance, and a BA in French during. His time at Tippie Adam was involved as a scholar, in the Hawkinson, Institute, a peer, tutor in the Frank business communication center and an ambassador, for the business student, ambassador, Organization for which he served as president this past year. Outside. Of Tippie Adam served as a senator for the University of Iowa student government and helped host speakers, such. As Kareem abdul-jabbar, and Monica, Lewinsky as a member of the University, of Iowa lecture, committee he. Was named to the president's list three times and recognized. As one of Tippy's 21, under 21 in, 2016. After. Graduation, Adam will begin his career as an analyst, at William Blair an investment. Bank in the company's San, Francisco, office. Thank. You Dean Brown for the kind remarks I'd. Also like to thank my family many of whom traveled across the country to be here today and my, twin brother who was willing to come this evening despite having walked in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences graduation. This, afternoon, thanks. Ben. It. Is an honor to speak on behalf of the graduating class as we prepare to leave our college apartments, and pursue new endeavors, having. Served as an ambassador for the Business College over the past three years I wanted, to focus on collective, TB experiences, for this speech but. My brain kept drifting the. Harder I tried to focus the, more I reminisce about studying, abroad. Classes. And student organizations helped.

Me Build skills and friendships, yet, these activities, did not most heavily influenced, Who I am today. Instead. It was a simple mistake I made while living with my French host family that, changed my perspective on, embracing support, and taking, initiative, today. I'd like to tell you that story. Within. A week of finishing my first year college I found myself on a flight to pull a small, town in southwestern, France well. I thought my French was spectacular before. Leaving the States I quickly, realized I had room for improvement. Over. The first few weeks I struggled, the fall dialog among my host family yah we forged a strong relationship, based, on crafting, nonverbal, communication, or in other words a lot of pointing, and, head shaking. To. Better understand French culture, I asked about daily life in each place we visited, like. Any college student I learned, how to post these questions by typing the English equivalents, into Google Translate. Somehow. I found the result put, tome could, translate to 10:1, and also. Is it possible, to that. Phrase sounded fine to me so, I rolled with it for the rest of the summer. At. The end of the study abroad program I thought back over my experience, I realized. When I asked, put tone questions, my, host family always followed through even though my questions pertain to touristy, things and spur-of-the-moment ventures. As as, if they had sense my eagerness and took initiative, for. Example we were walking along the shoreline, I inquired. But. Don't say, la louvière proxy, de la petite ela or is. It possible across the river to get to that small island over there the. Island was separated, from the sand beach by a thin flowing, current given. No clear access in sight I assumed, we had reached the conclusion, of our walk next. Thing I knew my host and I were holding our shoes high in the air wading, through knee-deep frigid. Water to reach the island. Likewise. On a different trip in the Pyrenees I inquired put, donde song plays laughs Piedmont or do. People ever sprint down this mountain. My. Host dad responded, we a to play, or yes, are you ready and took, off over the ridge, I followed. Suit and our leisurely family hike morphed into extreme, sport. Whenever. I pondered new activities, my, host family's responses, basically, communicated, the idea let's. Do it, now. Returning to Iowa I enrolled in a French grammar course as you, might guess we had a discussion on pronouns, and soon arrived at the pronoun all, my. Professor posed a simple question to the class what. Do I mean would I say put. Them it, turns. Out that, put tone does not always mean Ken Wong and or, is it possible to instead. The closest translation is, can, we. So. In the middle of a tiny classroom, with Phillips hall surrounded by 20 other students, I came to the realization, that throughout, the summer I had completely, failed in asking about French culture but, succeeded, tremendously. In making hundreds of requests, to my host family. Yes. I was embarrassed, I'd strive to be a respectful representative.

Of The University of Iowa rather, than a high maintenance guest, in. Retrospect. Though I'm appreciative, for the mistake because of the lessons learned. Aside. From don't. Use Google Translate my. Put tone realization, showed, me about community, and courage. For. The put tone or can we question to result in action, we, need to be surrounded by people who will be supportive, our. Support, systems are more than shoulders to lean on they. Also function as partners backing us as we chase our goals, yes. These mentors and friends can open doors. And a, brought her since though they contribute, to a system based on paying it forward. Others. Help them they've. Helped us we. Will pay it forward. Tibby. Has been a support system for me and I'm sure many of you would relate in times. Of needs such as days before be cab deadlines, we, relied on the advice of Frank Center tutors and level-headedness, of upo advisors when. The future induced, anxiety, the, Young Alumni Board saw glimpses of our promising, roads ahead and, finally. The Tippie community, invested, in us by, fielding last-minute questions writing. Letters of recommendation. And listening. As we endlessly, practice, interview prompts like tell, me about yourself. Put. Tol or Ken we should, be a phrase we are comfortable asking and many, students here today had the courage to pose that question whether. It was tippy senators organising a day of service or, business student ambassadors, filming tours in multiple languages to increase outreach we. As undergraduates, took. A step beyond inquiring is it, possible, to we. Drove changed, by demanding, can. We. Confronting. The unfamiliar, provides, opportunity. To expand perspectives. I will. Always remember waiting through that frigid River or running. Down the side of that mountain in the Pyrenees yet, neither of these experiences, would have happened without asking, put tone or, can, we and I, was fortunate to be surrounded by people who encouraged, that question. Even. Though we are graduating, we. Can still provide support, for one another whether. It's helping a hawkeye adjust to life in an unfamiliar city or providing, connections for dream jobs we. As alums, can keep, paying it forward as. We. Dispersed throughout the United States and even throughout the world our, Tippie connection, will remain a unique, asset and, as, we pursue these new endeavors I hope, we approach each undertaking. By prioritizing, the question, put, them or can we. Embracing. Support, and taking. Initiative, will, enable us to reach our personal, goals as well, as empower those we love, best. Of luck my friends, thank, you and congratulations, class of 2018. Thank. You Adam, teller. Says. Nice. Job. Lost. My place. At. This time we would like to recognize student, honours and achievements. Each. Year Delta Sigma Pi Awards, the scholarship, key to, the graduating, senior, with the highest grade point average, this. Year's award is, presented to Anthony yang who, is receiving. A BBA. In finance, and economics a, BS. In mathematics and. A, BA in Chinese. The. Tippie College of Business Awards. Degrees with highest distinction, to, students, in the highest two percent of the graduating, class with. High distinction, to students in the next highest three percent and with, distinction to students, in the next highest, five, percent, distinction. Is designated, by gold stars. Worn, on the Left sleeve three. Stars indicate graduation. With highest distinction, two. Stars with high distinction and one, with, distinction as I. Call out each group of students please rise and be recognized. Audience. I ask that you hold your applause until all, the students, graduating, with distinction, have, been recognized. Will. Those students, with highest distinction, please, stand. Well. Will. Those students, with high distinction, please, stand or, stay. Up, everybody. Together. With. Ours graduating, with distinction, please, stand. And. Please. Join me in congratulating, all, these students. Their. Students, will also be recognized, individually. During the presentation, of the graduates. Membership. In Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business, student can earn to. Be eligible for membership. Students. Individual, Academic, Ranking must, place them in the upper 10% of, the junior class or. The upper 10% of, the senior class. Students. Graduating, as members, of Beta Gamma Sigma wear, royal blue and gold Corden's, draped, over their shoulders with. The students, graduating, as members of Beta Gamma Sigma please. Stand. Congratulations. We. Would also like to recognize the. Students who are graduating in the Tippie College of, Business with, honors, students. Graduate with honors in their major by, achieving a 3.5, grade point average and writing, a thesis relevant.

To Their academic interest. Or major. Students. May also graduate, with university, honors by completing 12 semester, hours of, honors. Coursework, and undertaking. Significant. Hands-on learning experience. Including. Research study. Abroad, and internships. Students. Graduating, with honors were white cordons draped over their shoulders and will be recognized, during the presentation, of the graduates, will. Those graduating, with honors please, stand. This. Year we also recognize. Students, who undertook, multiple, hands-on, learning experiences. Through, our Tippie Rise Program and, those, students are named in the insert in your commencement, program. I'd, like to invite Vice President, shivers, to. The stage. And. Will. The candidates, for the degree Bachelor. Of Business, Administration please. Rise. Vice. President shivers, these, candidates, have completed all. The requirements for the degree, Bachelor. Of Business, Administration and. Are, recommended, to you by the faculty, and the Tippie College of, Business for, the conferring, of this degree. On. Recommendation. Of the Faculty, of the Tippie College of, Business and, by, the authority, vested in, me by the Board of Regents state, of Iowa, I confer, on. Each of you the degree, Bachelor. Of Business Administration as. Qualified. And designated. Will, the graduates please be seated. Professor. Ken Brown associate, dean of the undergraduate, program and, professor, in management, and organizations. And, professor. Joyce Berg professor. In accounting, will, now recognize the graduates, individually. Will, the marshals, please begin. To, lead the graduates, forward to be recognized. Matthew. Fritz. Coulter. Allen. Alec. Crane. Ariel. Matches. Kevin. Esposito. Jared. Late. Sarah. We trick. Caleb. Robbie. Amanda. Burrell. Lauren. Reed. Michael. De Angelis. Ellen. Nelson. Madeline. Jane brown. Jia. Lee. Kara. Keter Hagan. Shi. Jin Lynn. Cody. Fisher. Kaiyuan. Lee. Morgan. Murphy. You. Ling. Anthony. Yang. Morgan. Poppin. Adam. Delos. Brooke. Roberts. Jacob. Casey. Maya. The, seenin. John. Finan. Andrew. Peck. Matthew. Ewert. Karina. Morales. Giovanni. Miranda. Jill. Pawned the Unwin. Austin. Madam. Bryan. Lee. Casey. Arquette. James. Miceli. Jill. Riku, siq, chance. Auto. Gabrielle. Foreman. McKenna. Kinley. Jasmine. Montgomery. Cyi. Nikita. Tamala. Sidney. Wolfe. Sneha. Matter, harbor on. Madeline. Trommel's. Rochelle. Manual. Cecilia. Faber and. Marie. Madigan. Sarah. Flores. Sarah. Auskey. Sean. Boulogne. Nils. Lundgren. Taylor. Pankau. Jacob. Neff cigar. Gabrielle. Huck's, Imam. Ryan. Olberding. Kelly. Daya. Mark. McGowan. Taylor. Jalapa. Avery. Read. Hanukkah. Harvey. Jun. Jie Lin. Alexander. Gooden, cough. Do. Long. Ryan. Working, earn. Deal. On pan.

Nathan. Did mer. Jin. Lee. Raymond. Boltron with highest distinction. Pamela. Blue. Bryce. Breen. Jennifer. Ranked. William. Dietrich. Kaylee. Noonan. Kate. Anderson. Anna. No. Sam. Andrew, Fishman. Aaron. New, owner. Dylan. Decker. Rebecca. Paris. With high distinction. Derek. Daibo. Charlie. Lynch. Richard. Foreman, egg. Kevin. Romy. Rihanna. Chickering. Shawn, Mohegan. Coal. Butler. Adam. O'Brien. Adam. Dudzinski. Alex. Leo. Ashley. Arc filled with honors and business, analytics and marketing with, distinction. Eric. Preston, Pedigo. Alejandro. Flores, with, high distinction, with, university, honors. Yan. Liu. Rachel. Aizen, ranked. Jun. You. Elizabeth. Brett knocker. Gianna. DeMarco, with honors, in accounting. And university. Honors and with, distinction. Andrew. Bolero. Maggie. Melander. Sydney. Alexander. Claire. Marshall. Bong. Jiang Chen. Tessa. Merkel. Two, unarmed. Morgenstein. Hook. Young. Alan, Cheng. Caitlyn. Spivey. Despina. Melanie, have Lobby. Lindsay. Lapointe. Charles. William, Rose. Maggie. Door. Ryan. Dunn. Jacob. Newman. Jacob. Let's here. Dominic. Peluso. Chase. Colca. Maria. Lowly. No Oh. Ciao. Chen. Brady. McGrath. Ijou. Attend. Jared. Glimmer. Yuan. Ming Chen. Nicholas. Louis. Kaylee. Cobb. Kyle. Lieber. Alexis. Angel. Joseph. Mahalik. Megan. Dubois. Diego. Del Rio alterus. Madison. Doran. Evan. Popolo. Danielle. Hirshman. Nikolas, Anderson. Matthew. Drew. Nikolas. Taylor. Zachary. Barnes. Andrew. Taylor. Benjamin. Khovrakh. One. Courageous Martin. Michelle. Bahu. Matthew. Mouser. Daisy. Arroyo. Ben. Myles. Connor. Kaufman. Carson. McGill. Katie. Lacroix. Sang-hee. John, Lee. Santino. Seminole. Tae-hun. Grace. Roar Wasser. Lucas. Leopold. Alexandra. Bar SIA. You. Fan, whoo. George. Pro cheese. Nathan. Makey. Zachary. David Cohen. Benjamin. Merge escape. Kenneth. Chandler. Boy. You and Leo. Jacob. Hudson. Matthew. D, Perry. Jessica. Hobart. Braden. Moser. Rachel. Elizabeth argh, Burnett, with, university honors. Jeremy. Marks. Sofia, de foie de. Zack. Peterson. Morgan. Marie Baron. Blake. Russ tighter. Abigail. Aldean. Kaitlin. Ruiz. Keaton. Christianson. Union. Lee. Matthew. Done. Can. You uh Jen. Ryan. Brady. Jinhwan. Blue, Nile. Table. Saru. Lead, with, University, Honors. Dwight. Bowed with, highest distinction. Jing. Yan Li. Zachary. Denny. Gin. Gee-gee. Patrick. Fitzgibbons. Ming. Jian, Li. Kelly. Schmidt. Zoe, Anne Lee. Scott. Gunther. Alex. Rice with, university, honors.

Brook. Bjorklund. Cameron. Philips. John. Finnegan. Jonathan. Pearson. Matthew. Foley. Miles. O injured. Jonathan. Finn with university honors. Zachary. Leonard. Bailey. Westfall. Matthew. Love, anger. Page. Eggers. Bennett. Marshall. We see. Alyssa. Chapman. Bigness. Das. Nicholas. Doris. Kevin. Criswell. Aaron. Blumenthal. David. Dunlavey. Tyler. Gilmore. Jacqueline. More. Haley. Dickinson. Brett. Llinois. Ryan. Finn. Gabriel. Richard. Mattias. Finsihed. Kristen. Ricker. Organelle. More. Jesse. Stein. Trevor. Donahue. Rihanna. Mr.. Joseph. Patrick Kenneth. Jeffrey. Ryan, Alex. Wrecker. Huey. Omar. Me, Roz. Felix. Caruso. Connor. New, house. Zachary. Dupree. Jack. Rose. Nicholas. Bryson. Matthew. Lee. Ryan. Bovard. Madeleine. Monk. Devon. N Furio. Stacey. McKiernan. Ryan. Coughlin. Katheryn. Rasmussen. Jake. Gervase. Molly. V pond. Andrew. Gorlitz. John. Lowe, sure. Liam. Brekkie. Carter. Nielsen. Kaylie, Dowd. Daniel. McCartan. You. Chi duan. Colton. Mentee. Vance. Muller. Emily. Phelps. Ryan. Milroy. Zachary. Parley. Rachel. Bracken. Daniel. Peterson. Krysta. Bear. Jennifer. Ding. And. I white. Janvrin. Blue. Justin. Demand. Bryan. Lehman. Bradley. Bauer, your, home you. Melissa. Ric. David. Michael's. Tyler. Daniels. Robert. Marr. Benjamin. Etheridge. Evan. More. Tape. Larson. Lauren. Fiddler. Daniel. Francis, Rocco. Janessa. From. Matthew. Pacing. Nicholas, de. Miranda. Vic. Igor. With, University, Honors, Laura. Schneider. You. Ten gang. Molly. Bill, how her, she's. June whoa. Anna. Stager da. Cow. Tongue. Ariana. Are Zetas Smith. Benjamin. Highland. ELISA. Suarez. Kill. Robert. Gill. Kenneth. Wade. Carly. O'Brien. Amanda. Plummer. Jarrod. Matthews. Gabrielle. Trabuco. Carrie. Kramer. Shelby. Sweeney. Mackenzie. Rosendahl. Melody. Schick. Alisa. Stroud. Ethan. Starred. Jill. Cofrin. Gwang, you soon. Blake. Houston. Gohan, you. Todd. Carter. Renlund. Chou. Alison. Cortez. See. Jian, Xiu. Kamisha. Hurst. Justin. Seaford. Shedrick. Kadhi. Austin. Slade. Dillon, Johnson. Tanner. Stocks. Shannon. Kill ray. Robber. Sloth. Jessica. Harvey. Keegan. Sloane, Hannah. Hendrix. Cameron. Short. Kendall. Johnson. Alexis. Sack Laban. Rita. Guzman. Lindsay. Russell. Mercedes. Angel. John. Shaffer. Hayley. Henning. Amy. Shem, Bari with, university. Honors and, honors in, mud management. Patricia. Loons heiress. Zachary. Shepard. Aaron. Power. Richard. Waller. Sam. Morgan. Michael. John, Swanberg. Sydney. Kroshka. Ty. Lee Jong. Andy. Peterson. Giryu. Wong. Austin. Hasit Bowen. Wang with, high distinction, and University. Honors, Jared. Jagger. Xiangjian. John. Tyler. Crumb Kowski. Yoo. Jin woo. Sam. Gibson. Shuang. Woo. Michael. Grow. Wait. Yang. Shu. Michael. Carbonaro. Grant. Shriver. Michael. John vanetti jr.. Megan. Thompson. Patrick. Francis. Nathan. Timmerman. Benjamin. Russell Brando, say. You song. Matt. Peyton. Yeah. Chen Wang. Jack. Dufner. You. You. Nicholas. Chandler. You. On John. Blake. Johnson. -. Oh whoa. Chignon. Who. Nathan. Schultz. You. Sean Hong. Yeon. Jin, Yoo. Han. Wen. Zhong Yi. LAN. Wong. Renza. Chao. Michelle. Conan, Berg. Xiaochun. New. Emma. Gilliland. Iran. Shu. Anna. Kim, Han. Wen Zhang. Morgan. Kukla. Young. Joshua. Hummus, with high distinction, with. University honors and, with honors and business, analytics and information systems. Wen. Cheng Tong. Katie. Krebs. Tory. Vanetti. Zoe, Levine. Sydney. Birdie. Madeleine. Embarrass. Jodi. Vandamm. Lauren. Eastman. Jennifer. Genteel. Margaret. Rectoress.

Nicole. Robeck. Emma. Jensen. Hannah. Van, zulan. Carolyn. Ross burger. Sonny. Hampton. Lindsey. Hitler. Parker. Spall. McKenzie. Hoffman, Kennedy. Jacob. Werner. Lindsey. Marie ranked, leave. Joseph. Checotah. Hunan. Gore. Seeing. You. Dan. Zhang. Xiao. Xiao Zhang. Syria. Jean Kyra. Matthew. Hicks. Sophia. Klein though. Tyler. Zampa. Catherine. Jones. Christopher. John Fanelli. Victoria. Buerkle. Buch. Red, SAP, let's sick. Rachel. Fialka. James. Vettori. Amber. Rule, Oh. Michael. Marella. Candace. Jacobus. Dan. Fisher. Jared. Hannon. Brian. Lavery. Fang. Joke or. Nick. Grandal, fo e. Beam. Kim. Brianna. Brown. Kelly. Kranz. Meagan. Prince. Britain. Halligan, Dorf. Samantha. Radio. Or, Breanna Kelly. Haley. Bankson. Austin. -. Jay. Sutherland. Orestes, Franco. Amory. Skirt. Oh. Alex. Okay, boo. Mariza. The. Moody. Damien. Jordan. Joshua. Secord. David. Kuchar's. Megan. LaFrentz. Matthew. Hollander. Hayley. Wish, named. Paige. Shocky. Emma. Steer. Marcus. Emirati. Chloe. Sacred. With, high distinction, and, university. Honors. Denzel. Hayes. Win. Tan. Nicolas. Gray. Jonathan. Vasquez. Stephanie. Budlong. Michael. Zumba. Kenan. Ports. Samuel. Learn, health. Kevin. Moss. Tanner. Smith. Charlie. Holmgren. Hal. Noun John. Alec. Harold. Sebastian. Tan. Jacob. Hennigan. Pan. She. Linton. Hannah. Mary. VTech. Jing. Zhi Jing. Michael. Schwa. Res. Jacqueline. Jaesik. Garrett. Vaughn Walden. Jocelyn. Jacek. Nathan. Salzburg. Brandon. Flynn. Garrett. Vaughn moanin. Dale. Dostal. Ryan. Wildey. Kelly. Krzeminski. Joseph. Thomas. Taylor. Aronson. Chu. Tian Xiao. Brook, Rayleigh Selena. Thomas. Megan. Heart. Michael. Wormley. Matthew. Hubbell. Madeline. Walsh. Nate. Heron. Michael. Lerner. Austin. Green Oh with highest distinction, with, university, honors and, honors, in, accounting. Whitney. Vance. Jacob. Dargis with highest distinction. Nick. Whittaker. Eddie. Shoemaker. Maxwell. Tracy. Matthew. Morin with, highest distinction. She'll. Be strong. Jessie. Hellman, oh. We're. On she. Skylar. Kiekhaefer. Jack. Smith. Samuel. Patrick, Williams. George. Saw Cyril Michael. Hannigan. Alex. Sturm. Brianna. Birds. Jared. Wolf, Graham with distinction. Leandra. Feldman. Madeline. Walker. McKenzie, Kaplan. By. Shoshu Mellon. Madison. Hoagie. Stephanie. Swagger. Matthew. King. Kelly. Sureba. Sean. Anderson. Elizabeth. Yonathan. James. Jacoby. Yuan. Shi Zhang with. High distinction, and university. Honors and honors. In, accounting. Matthew. Bentley. Joseph. Webber. Philip. Now. Jared. Sharp. Keegan. Shaw. Dylan. Boy. Nizam. Odin sam, tsui. Dana. Lumina. Zhi, Jun John. Owen. Frost. Alexander. Quist. Jonah. Joe. Henderson. Just. Irish, one just, sorry pudding. Cane. Will, de Boer. Alex. Till. Jack. Saunas. Nathan. Tilka. Sager. Patel. Justin. Shults. Graysons. On. Tyler. Welter. Dylan. French. Sam. Sorensen. Daniel. Rosenberger. Shi. Jin Chuang. JD. Clough, instan, you, Shi Huang. Steve. Diaz. Jingrui. Wong. Adam. Gonzales. Yelling. Whoo. Gian, Hong. Ji. Wang. Andy. Katz. Yin. Shi. And. Footin. Berg with University Honors. Shelia, soon. Madelyn. Minsky. Caitlin. Jamie. Cassidy. Stein's. Craig. Promote. Marissa. Mayer. Caitlin, Meyer. Nupur. Inany, with university, honors. Maura. Norris. Stephanie. Dang. Marisa. Powers. The, turning of the tassel, is, a traditional, gesture by which each student signifies, passage, from degree candidate, to, graduate. Each. Of you now mark your new status by turning the tassel. Of your cap from the right side to, the left side. We, congratulate, each and every one of you. So. We need applause for our photographer. Who sat on the floor til his leg fell asleep. Graduates. Today marks, a personal, milestone, in your lives. Since. You arrived on campus each of you has, worked extremely, hard toward. The goal that you have reached today, wearing. The cap and gown, walking. Across the stage and, receiving. Your degree from the Tippie College of Business, as. You made progress toward, your degree each year you've, faced many challenges, you. Made discoveries about. Yourselves, and others and you. Grew into leaders who. Will make a difference in our communities. For. Those of you in the audience we, feel your pride in these students. But. You should also be proud of what you've done to help them accomplish their goals, your. Guidance. Understanding. Compassion. Your. Faith in their abilities, and your, love and support have. Been critical, to their success, for. What you have done to help these graduates. We. Thank you, you might want to find your parents. Let. Me share just a few thoughts as you. Graduate, today your mind is flooded with images memories. And emotions, yet. As you leave the Tippie College take. With you all those, powerful, and positive attributes. That a degree from the University, of Iowa, provides, for you the. First is pride, you. Have received. A degree from, one of America's, leading universities.

Your. Degree has not been given without, careful, consideration and. As. You enter the workplace, you. Will discover that what you have learned in Iowa, rivals. And even exceeds, what others have learned elsewhere. The. Second is a strong work ethic there. Is no substitute. For hard work. Take. The experience, the cash will come later says, Harold Greene and Jeanine. Tibbie. Students are known for, their readiness to work hard, their. Willingness to meet challenges and, their ability to overcome adversity. As. Graduates. Take, this work ethic, with you as you, enter the next stage of your life it. Will serve you well, the. Third is compassion. Today. Many of you, have reached the end of your academic journey. Eventually. You will all reach, the end of your professional, journey and when. Your professional, journey is done. Remember. That, what really matters are, the relationships. That you made, the. People that you touched and the lives that you affected. Remember. Those who have helped you and influenced you and played a role in your success, we. Hope that in the years to come you. Will remember fondly your time at the Tippie College and. Support. This institution generously. As those. Alums, who have come before you, we. Are very proud of the, Tippie College class. Of 2018. In. Addition. To being talented, academically. You have demonstrated leadership. Community. Spirit, a, global. Sense ability, you. Are indeed, ready to be citizens of the world. Graduates. As you leave today I encourage. You to remember these words from Williams, Jenning, Bryan. Destiny. Is not a matter of chance, it. Is a matter of choice it, is, not a thing to be waited for, but. A thing to, be achieved. This. Concludes, today's commencement. Ceremony, I would, ask everyone to please remain, seated for the recessional, the, platform, party party, will exit first followed, by the graduates congratulations.

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