UCLan Graduation: Mon 15 July 2019 – 12 noon

UCLan Graduation: Mon 15 July 2019 – 12 noon

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Ladies. And gentlemen. On. Behalf, of, the. University. Of central lancashire i, am delighted, to, warmly welcome you on. This. Special day to. This graduation. Ceremony, we. Are here to proudly celebrate. The. Achievements, of our students, and. I now call upon the vice chancellor, Liz. Bromley. To. Give. Address. Eminent. Guests, graduands. And families colleagues. And friends view clan good. Afternoon and, welcome to, this graduation, ceremony and the celebrations, that will begin for all of you today. Graduates. Well. Done you, have done it and soon. You will have a piece of paper to prove that you really, have done it, once. You get to be as old as I am you worry about forgetting things, but. Rest assured one, thing that you will never forget is this special day, it's. Special, because today we are creating. A little bit of history as this, is the first time in 39, years that. We have held our graduation, ceremonies. On campus. We. Decided, to relocate the ceremonies, to the University, when the guild halls future, was uncertain, because. Today, your. Graduation, could, not be uncertain. So. I hope that what we have done to bring graduation, home to the campus, will, ensure that you and your families, and friends have a day of celebration, to really, remember. We. All wanted to give you the best send-off, possible, because, to get to where you are today has, been a real test, of your stamina, and your determination. To succeed and, you, have demonstrated. Dedication. And commitment every. Step of the way working. Tirelessly, to. Get to this important, stage of life's journey. This. University. Your, University, is absolutely. Committed to ensuring, that all our students. Have the relevant learning knowledge, skills. And experiences. To thrive. Once, you leave the university wherever. You came from and wherever, you go to next, what. Potential. You have for your futures. David. Bowie said that tomorrow belongs to, those who see it coming, and now. It's time to think about your tomorrows, which. Will be all the brighter for, having achieved your qualification. Here at you plan I. Hope. That you have made the most of every moment of your time here, but. Don't rush through today, enjoy. Every, last minute of it share. Special, memories with your friends, from here and from home and with, your families, who've been on the journey of learning with you in. 40. Years time you. Will look back in wonder, at those photos, that, the fashions, at, the haircuts, and at, the young faces, in the pictures, and again, you will remember this very special, day. Judy. Garland who you probably better know as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz said.

Always, Be a first-rate. Version, of yourself instead, of a second-rate, version of, somebody else so. Whatever your background wherever. You've come from be, proud of who you are be. Proud of what you have achieved and, go, ahead as a first-rate, graduate, and a global citizen, so. Now we come to the bit you've all been waiting for the moment to cherish and enjoys you walk across the stage when, your name is called as a graduate, and you, leave the stage as a graduate, of the University it has. Taken a lot of hard work to get you to this point, but, don't forget you. Have also been a lot of hard work for. Those who have supported you, throughout your studies, who've, given you food and money. And the, strength to carry on to this point so. Before all the clapping starts for you let's. Have a round of applause for all those special, people who, are celebrating here with you today. Now. Don't worry all the rest of the applause is just for you and as. You get your degree and start, life as one of our alumni make. Sure to keep in touch with us as you go into your future lives because. You will always be part of the UCAN family, and for. The next half hour, be sure to clap, and cheer and, make, this a day for everybody, to remember. Congratulations. On your success. Presentation. Of graduates and, Award, holders, will. Now take place. Vice-chancellor. On behalf of the academic board I present those who have gained awards in, the lecture School of Business and Enterprise. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honors in economics, Daniel James Robinson. Korean. Sam Rayburn. Matthew. Alistair Wally. Bachelor. Of Science, with honors in economics, Joshua. James bingum. 9r. Jasmine Dom Baek Deng. Alfonso. Gilbird, Allah. David. Anthony Joyce. Bachelor. Of Science with honors in economics, with a university, prize Jude, man saw. Samuel. Threlfall. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honors in international business. Oh mer bungee. Chengqi. Dice. Up cheat. Thank. You. Samuel. Doin. One. Year UN. Horny, Lin. Lights. Off what. Nadia. La la. Lee. Unshin tone. Whooshing. Phone. Mohammed. Daniel, man. Aiden. Man. Turn, wrong. Sadhika. Patel. Adam. Patel. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honors in international business, with a university, prize and see him kablooie. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honours in marketing, management and Zara Ali. Jason. Christopher, boys. Heather. Colson. Stephen. Foster. With. A university, prize Shannon, Jade Ronco Oates. Rebecca. Warren. With. The University prize Robert, would. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honours in retail, management Elizabeth. Allen. Elliot's, Albert's Brummel. Courtney. Done well. Hannah. Moss. With. The University prize Rebecca Platts. Sara. Walton. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honours and event management. Rebecca Rajan's. Ellen. Rose boomer. Molly. Called Lee. Ryan. Hayworth. Mohammed. Sam saw Islam. With. The University price Lee James Johnson. With. A university, price, Amrit Kaur. Victoria. Hanalei, them. Alex. Lowe. Eleanor. Grace Martin. Isabel, McInnis. Lucy. Claire Morgan. Heather. Louise, Pauly. Ellie. Mae Ramsden. Ellie. Rankin. Laura. Beth chamblee. Katie. Elizabeth, Stanwix. With. The University price and a Whitaker. Nadya's. A boob. Quite. Sure of Arts with honors in international hospitality. Management's. With, a university, price Alessandra. A chica. Victoria. Jane ball. Shan. Won't cheat. One. Wing e. Jo. O qu a. Bachelor. Of Arts with honors in international tourism. Management's. Benjamin. Ainsworth. Romina. Amara Tunga. Amara. Unis buffle. Walkin, K Beasley. Petra. Bednarik. But. Sits here bed notes. Josiah. Here, and Oliver bones. Jade. Brooks. Georgia. Brown. Let's. See if Raziq. With. The University price Joanne, Lisa Hodgkinson. Leanne, Sarah Jones. Rebecca. Middleton.

Gabrielle. Mounatin. Lydia. Neil. Sanaa. Patel. Connor. Plumlee. Nathalie. Jane Purdy with. The. University price Sara Stevens. Georgia. Wilding. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honours in management, and events Jenny, Olivia Ellen Adair. Emmaclaire. Us Lee. Amelia. Emily Jane Bamba. Natalie. Jane Buchanan. I. Wish. Butler. With. A university, price, Bethany Megan Hamels. Jana. Vanessa Cola. Leanne. McCollum. Nisha. Clock. Holly. Unsworth. Rebecca. Louise Wilson. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honours in management, in hospitality, Lauren. Ensco. Brazier. Mason, Blois. Hunching. Shui. Pointy. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honours and management's in tourism Carly. And Joyce Cunningham. With. The University price Laura, Killeen. Kimberly. Charlotte Rigby. Catherine. Louise Wilkinson. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honors in international business and management or en farm. Matthew. Left Lee. With. A university, price Alexei, enrollers. Sandra. Maria's, Lewinsky. Monica. Szabo Hailey's. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honors in international finance. And accounting. Hamad. Sami, MH, Alshaya re. With. A university, prize Bernard Danuta mouska. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honors in international hospitality, management. Jacob, Conner. With. A university, prize Paulina, egg and Ryder. Gal. Li Fei Fei. Coach, in check. If. Car you wet. Lace. You young. Me. Humping. Tai. Hoi Lam. With. A university, prize when, she came. Yank. Anyway. Bachelor. Of Arts, with honours in marketing, management digital, media, David, Alistair Alistair Crichton lennon. Foundation. Degree in arts, in business, Laura, Jane Croson. Louise. Doll. Francesca. Fauna groom. Amanda. Louise Jenkins. And. Marie, Manley. Foundation. Degree in arts in spar management, Katie Barry. Garden. Samantha. Kate files. Joanne. Nicola Heywood. This. Ivana off. Foundation. Degree in arts and tourism, and event management, Georgina, Simone Dawkins. Le. Jane Harrison. Foundation. Degree in arts in business and management neem, Blundell. Tonic. A brown. Louise. Henshaw. Muhammad. Israel. Cheryl. McEvoy. Taylor. Graham your head. Ellie, or rock. Hope. Sumner. Alex. Woodruff. Diploma. In human resource, management Lindsey, Simone halt. Christopher. James McGraw. Michaela, Sampson. Vice-chancellor. That concludes, the presentation of, awards from the lankier school of business and enterprise. Vice. Chancellor now the presentations. Are completed, I call. On Stephanie. Lomas, vice. President, education. From, the Students Union of, the university, of central lancashire to. Respond, on behalf of all those awarded. Today. Vice. Chancellor, Pro. Vice Chancellors. Graduates. Academics. Moms. Dads. Grandparents. Spouses, children's. Partners. Siblings. Friends. I think, I've covered everyone there, my. Name is Stephanie Lomas and I'm vice president education. At UConn su it. Is my honor and extreme. Pleasure, to. Speak to you today on behalf of students, and to. Students. So. You did it all. The, blood sweat. Tears. Have. Finally, paid off and, now you're, here to celebrate your achievements. With your loved ones and your uclan, family, and. Whilst you'll all be sat there thinking, what. Happens now I want. You to take a moment breathe. And think. About what has happened you. Said, yes, you, heavily. Invested. And believed in yourself and, came, to you clan full. Of unrealized, potential, not. Knowing your way around and, certainly, not aware of the livesey to Vern an assault course. But. You arrived you, took, your first step into the unknown and just. Said yes the. Opportunities. Offered to, you. You've. Worked hard. Whilst. University, isn't all about the assignments, and exams we, can safely say that at times it, feels, like it those. Late-night early, mornings in the library, the. Academic, advisor meetings. The Monday 9:00 a.m. tutorials. The. Wiser sessions. Odd extension. Checking. The Turnitin, report and, the countless, hours of working towards, the end goal because. No one else was going to do it for you, you've. Worked hard for your success. You've. Made change. Whether. You were the captain of a sports team a committee. Member of a society, a volunteer. A course, rep a school. President, or whether, you just enjoyed, the experience, of university, in your own way you. Will have made change. You. Will have helped, positively. Shake someone's. University. Experience.

Either. By, helping, them make the team, making. A friend in a society, help. Better a course. Created. A big idea or, by. Simply asking them if they were okay. You've. Made someone's experience. Better and may, change. But. That. Doesn't stop here, your. Degree is the driving, license for the ride of your life, bear. With me on this metaphor, it does make sense. Sometimes. The. Car isn't what you wanted. But. It's, the car you need at the time and, is a stepping, stone towards, that Lamborghini. Sometimes. You. Might stall. But. You know how to overcome, it because, you've stalled at university, before and, sometimes. The, car might break down. But. You now have loved, ones and a huge UCLan fan to, help push you up the hill until you are running again. Continue. To say yes work. Hard, and make, change. Don't. Be scared of the direction, you drive in because. In the words of a modern-day philosopher. Rihanna. Baby. You. Got the keys now. Shut up and drive. On. Behalf of all the students here today I would. Like to give thanks to the University in, Union staff for, all of their hard work from. Estates to, educators, catering. Staff to chief executives. Potential. Is realized, with your support, because. You believe in social, mobility and widening, participation. You. Agree with us that, education is, a right not, a privilege that. All can thrive in and, finally. I'd. Like to take this opportunity to, thank the guests, to our celebration here, today. You've. Also said, yes, you've. Worked hard and made. Change. Which, is the reason you are here today because, you. Impacted, upon the lives of students, and on, behalf of the graduates, here that, will either probably. Forget to say it or will, be incapable of saying it later, thank. You, congratulations. To, each and every one of you the, Graduate class of 2019. Now. Go out and celebrate, in the way that you know best. Today. Is of course a day of great, celebration, for. Everyone here, and. We. Need to celebrate in, an, appropriate. Way. Family. And friends. That. A good photo opportunity coming, up now so. You might like to have your camera's ready, could. I ask all the graduates. As, you know our to stand. And. Take. Off your mortarboards. Which. I'm sure comes as a relief to some of you. In. A moment, I'm. Going. To ask you, to waive your. Mortarboards. And. As. Is the tradition at. Uclan. You. Must waive them as vigorously, as you can in, recognition.

Of All your hard work and your, achievements. However. Do. Keep a tight hold of your mortarboard, as, it. Is now yours. To, keep and take, home with you so. On. A count, of three I want. You to wave your mortarboard in the air and give, a hearty, cheer, then. We will all follow. With. A further three. Cheers. So. One, two, three. Hip-hip. Hey. Hey. You. Got yours of you yeah. As. We bring this ceremony, to a close, I would. Like to thank everyone, who has, been involved, in making today, such, a happy, and a, memorable occasion and, thank. You for coming and sharing, this special day with the, university. Community. The. Platform, party will now, leave, the stage and. Graduates. You, will shortly, be processing, out of the hall, a, university. Uh sure will prompt, you when. Your row is ready, and you need to stand up. Please. Make sure you, take all your belongings with you. Guests. Please, remain seated. Until the. Students, have left the hall, you, will then be guided, by the usher. And be. Able to rejoin, your graduate, in the, foster building, thank. You.

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