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I didn't. Know I was breaking history, I didn't, know that, no other model had ever done what I did I had. No idea. Supermodel. Producer, in entrepreneur. Tyra Banks never takes no for an answer and has been transforming, the industry, since the day she arrived, what, I heard over and over and over again is, we're not taking any more black girls with over 30 versions, produced internationally. Tyra created, the top model franchise, to tackle a lack of diversity, in fashion, and entertainment as, she continues, to innovate and influence, her goals know no limits this was something that was so important, to me to show that. You. Can be physically. Beautiful and not. Fit a stereotype. I'm. Tyra, Tyrell. In banks, yeah that's when I was born ass I was, born in Inglewood, California. Mm-hmm. Inglewood. Up to no good and. A lot of times when people hear that they're like oh my gosh I thought you're from like LA or like you know like Miami, or something like that no. Inglewood. Very. Proud of Inglewood, I was born right by, the forum. That, was my stumping, grounds until. My parents got divorced I was, six years old and I, didn't, really understand, what was going on really, I just knew that we. Were gonna live in a new house or, shall I say apartment. A really tiny, apartment. So, we went from a. Three-bedroom. Two-story. Bling-bling. House in Inglewood, to. A. One-bedroom. Apartment, in. Leimert, Park in. Los, Angeles and, my brother. And I shared, the, bedroom, and my mom slept. On the floor in the, living room I think she really has always kept, to who she was and, where, she came from and, she's not the type of person that ever forgot that and. She keeps her family close, my. Dad was, a computer, consultant, and my mom was a medical, photographer which. Means that she took pictures of surgeries. In hospitals. And anatomical. Dissections, and deformities. So, I grew up in, rooms. That were as big as this room but, that's what, housed a computer, back in the day it was like a room was a computer and, on. My mom's side I was, in a hospital visiting. Her at work and. To. This day I'm not squeamish when it comes to blood because, I used to hang out with momma and, just saw everything. That you can imagine I was. Super, close to my daddy, growing, up I was daddy's. Little, girl, like there was nothing that I could do that was wrong but, then when my parents divorced. Then, I became, Mama's homegirl, like we, just like ride-or-die like, so close, her mom was not just her mom but also her mentor, and her guide through, this world and to this day we have a close odd weird, unique, super, special, relationship. I'm. A little sister my, brother is, seven. Years older, than me although, he loves me very much, he tormented, the hell out of me because. Of that I needed, to get my power back right, I felt powerless at home my brother's like, so.

I Would go to school in, elementary, school, and I, was the queen bee. And I. Don't mean like, a Beyonce, B. I mean the other bee and I. Was the leader of the girl clique, and just. Like you know I would kick girls out of my quickly we. Don't want you and I clicked this week like, awful. Until. I, grew. Three. Inches and. Lost. 30 pounds in, three, months between. The sixth and seventh, grade so. I went from being the, bully Queen B chick to. Being bullied, and, understanding. How I made, other people feel and so, I'm in this new school and went from a school of a hundred people to a school of two thousand, people and. I was the Freak, I looked. So freaky, that my school thought that there was something wrong with me medically, and told my mom that a doctor, needed. To analyze what, the issue was and I, went from Doctor to doctor to, doctor to doctor and, they. Couldn't figure out anything, there. Was actually one doctor, that told my mother that they thought I had to. Get something called Marfan, syndrome or, something like that it's kind of like giant, disease, or gigantism, because, I grew so fast and. My. Mom was like she got giant disease I photographed people they got giants disease I'm a medical photographer she ain't got giant disease one doctor was very clever he said can you send me the your family's, physical, photo, history, I want to see what you looked like growing up mom I want to see what Dad looked like growing up I want to see grandparents. So, my parents like Browns. Through all of these photos and. They. Came upon a photo of my father. Whose. Legs were like up to here he, was super, skinny and went through that super awkward phase that he forgot and it. Turns out that I was just going through this awkward. Crazy phase. And many. Years later oh yeah, I could gain some weight that, wasn't the issue I. Tried. Out for, every, single sports, team in school like everything, I got on the volleyball team I got on the basketball, team I got, on the softball. Team except. I was on the bench, and the. Coach would be like thanks. Go in there for the tip-off because I was tall so, I hit. The ball too and he go okay. Now sit your ass down, you're. A hot mess so, I was super uncoordinated, low, self-esteem, sitting. There first, day of school still, awkward me on a bench, kind, of nervous and this. One girl comes up to me and she's like hey. Laura I. Was. Like what, she's, like are you a model, and. I was like what are you talking about in my model and.

She. Proceeded, to take me under her wing she, became. My best friend she was obsessed with, bottling, she. Turned into a professional, model I think 9th or 10th grade I learned. How to coordinate, from head to toe for five dollars, you. Know from thrift, shop she, taught me about beauty. Not being this like cookie cutter you know she taught me so so, much in the. Tenth grade my friend asked my mom who was the medical photographer, to take some fashion, pictures of her and, then she said and you should put about Tyra 200, because she would come off and. My mom's like my daughters on a model so, anyway we go to my mom's Hospital, after hours. And in, the studio where my mom photographs. Anatomical. Dissections, and hearts, outside. Of bodies she. Has me and my friend there in our eighth grade graduation dresses. That. Were in our closets that we pulled out and my, mom is photographing, us and my, mom is telling my friend. Amazing. Look at that fantastic. And my mom's telling me tire lift your chin a little bit not. That high just a little bit lower no no I can't see your neck okay, wait now your eyes look a little dead can you like have them sparkle Oh friend, you look amazing, yes fantastic, I, could. Not take it anymore I ran. Off the set stored, out of that studio down. The hallway into my. Mom's office, shut. The door and locked, it and I. Called my best friend Marissa and I was like I. Like. This that my friend was a surfer, girl in, terms, of talking not in terms of what she did and she, was like dude, your mom's just tripping like you're totally poor just like don't worry about her like everything's gonna be fine but. Then my mom finally, kept knocking knocking knocking and I, opened, the door and she says ty I'm sorry and, then. She said the thing that cures, everything. For me in life she said. You. Wanna go get some ice cream. And. Over. Ice cream she apologized, to me, the. Next, year I felt. Like, okay. I think, I can, try to do this modeling, thing for real my. Mom took photos of me on the back porch, of our. Apartment. Building that we lived in and with, those photos, I, decided. Okay, I'm gonna go to modeling agencies, now so, the first agency, I go to is called, Nina Blanchard. I. Go. In there I show the pictures that my mom took and they were like no, thank. You yeah. You know in the beginning when, you're younger and you're entering into the modeling industry it can be a really really rough place for young girls and especially young girls of color wipe. My tears I, went to the next agency, and then next agency, and the next agency and the next agency, and I have to tell you that. What I heard over and over and over again is, we're. Not taking any more black girls or already. Have a black girl they, had a light-skinned, black girl, done, you couldn't be there they had a dark-skinned black girl that was it so, you know things like that are things that like those knows constantly. Hearing those nose it just makes you stronger. Finally. Picked. Up wipe. Those tears and, on. My own I took, the bus from, school.

With My school uniform line to. An agency, on Sunset, Boulevard called. La models, and then. They were like, you're. Not that photogenic. However. We're. Gonna assign you to our runway division, so. I didn't care I was excited, I was happy my mom wanted to pummel them when later we talked about this but I was, happy I was signed by la models and that, was in the 11th. Grade I was 15, years old and so, I modeled after school and on weekends, and, I was, just doing my thing just, kind of like oh and, then. I decided, you know what this modeling thing is nice it's, AI but. I want it be a film and television producer. And I'm, gonna apply to colleges. To do that, and so. I and, I, wanted to do that since I was nine years old and so, I applied it every, single college, that I wanted to UCLA. USC, Loyola. Marymount all, of these different schools and got, into every, single one of them for film and television production. I decided. To go to Loyola Marymount University because, it was a small school and I was intimidated by the big campuses. Two. Weeks before my first day of class. Of, the, first, day of class at Loyola a French. Modeling, agent, went, to, the, modeling agency that I was with and, they. Said they looked at every single girl on that wall and. Selected. Only one that, they thought should, go to Paris that season, that. Girl was me. School. Was starting in two weeks in Paris Fashion. Week was starting in two weeks, and, I was like mama. What. Do I do, and. She said I have the answer. You're. Gonna do whatever you decide. I'm. Like I, don't. Know what to do mom I need your house she said you studied, the SATs, and you got into every, single college that you wanted to go to so. I'd be damned if my baby goes. To Paris and does not know what the hell is going on, so. I go to this fashion library, and I tell the librarian, I got, less than two weeks to understand, what Paris fashion is my, mama says if I don't know she's not gonna buy me a plane ticket and, my dad he's gone I don't know what the hell he is so I need my mother's money but this plane ticket, it's like Tyra made, sure that she knew the ins and outs of everything before she stepped into it so she knew what, she had to do to get to, get it done that librarians, taught me so, much. I studied, Yves saint-laurent, I've studied Karl, Lagerfeld, I studied Chanel, I studied, Dior, and really, figured out okay, what each designer wanted and what is the difference between French, Elle and French, Vogue and Marie, Claire all of these different things that made Paris, fashion different than a lay fashion to have that knowledge in your back pocket walking, into an industry that is what. Very unfamiliar, with you probably and you're new to the game. It's something that gives you a step up and I think Tyra has always done that in everything that she does my mom, gave me a really. Tough. Choice that. I had to make on my own. For. A model that is a decision that has to be made because you have you. Know especially, then you have a shelf, life I remember laying on my twin bed and, just. Thinking. About it and trying to strategize with, my 17, year old and not a hundred percent mature. Brain, but. I came to the conclusion that College. Will be there. I'm, going to give myself one. Year in Paris and one. Year to do something called being, direct, booked, if. In one year I can get, direct, bookings, and not have to do auditions I will. Continue to model, if. I, am still doing auditions after. One year I'm. Gonna be the best television, and film producer, that the world has ever seen and, that's. How I made my decision it. Was like uh but. Then enough. Paris. Meant so, much to, me because I. Did, not hear, you can't do this because you were black, that, was something I heard every, single day as a model in high school in Los Angeles but. To me I looked at Paris, like Josephine, Baker did a place. Where your own country, rejected. You constantly, because of the color of your skin and going.

To This foreign land and, them saying all trades early or trade bad luck, oh. No. Ma che but but, love you, know Matt no I just saw this stuff it was like what and. Because. Of all of that research that I did because. I knew Paris, inside. And out and those designers, and those magazines. I broke. History, the, fact that Tyra booked 25, shows her first Paris, Fashion Week is insane, I mean in the industry, it's unheard of it's crazy. For. Black models. Across. The board from her time period all the way up into mind she opened up doors that you, know just didn't exist before and, it's, not about oh I'm so amazing and yeah there's a combination of luck my look was in at that moment but. It's also that preparation. I was, doing so well so. Fast and my. Schedule, was overwhelming. You. Know your agent sends you out on ten twelve fifteen twenty, castings, a day it's not like you're burying it you're walking through the streets you're following, a map you're you, know really, trying. To make it happen but I can honestly say that I did not know, just. How well I was doing I, no I was breaking history I didn't know that, no other model had ever done what I did I had. No idea my. Agency, was so scared, that I was gonna get a big head and start acting like a diva they, kept telling me it was normal but. It backfired, because. I had a roommate and one. Day she asked me Tara what are you doing today and I was like oh I got Chanel, I've got, um Dior I've, got um come to her song and I've got Claude Montana, and did it do you want to like share a car with me because I think I'm not gonna do the metro and she was like, and. I just saw her face fall, and, that's. What made me say I think. Lying to me, like. What's going on, I remember. That roommate later telling me maybe. A week later yeah. You're all the rage and you're doing all this nobody's talking about you but she goes it's. A black girl season that's, why you're doing well you. Know what I told her so. White girl sees in every. Season so. Why aren't you doing the same thing Oh. Actually. You know what I. Didn't. Tell her that my. Subconscious, person. Told her that I wish, I had told her that. I. Remember. Doing an interview when I was a young model saying that. I want, to see a black, model, have a cosmetics, contract, and not, for the black line but, the full line it's. So weird that I remembered. The words exactly. Like, I said, them because I still watch that interview over and over.

Again, And. I'll. Never forget the, first model, to have a contract. That was not the black line for, the cosmetics, line but the full line was, Juana Olga. V the. Second model to have a cosmetics, contract, not, just the black line but, the full line was, me, so. I followed in a lot of Okaloosa footsteps, and she does not get the credit, that. She deserves, Tyra, Banks had just established herself, now as a. Power, player, in the game as a, voice as a personality, and, not just a pretty face anymore. Having. That contract, meant a lot, a lot, a lot a lot because. I, had left Paris, and I'm now in New York and between Milan Paris, New York LA modeling. All around the world and, even, though I was super successful I still kept hearing things like oh you can't do this designers, fashion show in the winter because black girls look better in summer clothes just, constantly, being told no no no no no because I was black a lot. Of my tenacity, and a lot of the, thing inside me that when somebody tells me no I'm like you watched me I would love to say oh I'm just so amazing, and I'm just so strong and I can just get up when I'm knocked down, but. My. Ride-or-die the person, that is my, rock is my, mother and she's. The person that I would call in tears. Saying. I can't do this anymore and she's like I didn't raise a quitter, oh no, you're gonna get up. Essence. Magazine reached out to my agent, when. I was living in Paris and they wanted me to be on the cover of essence, magazine and I'm like. Went. On the cover of all these fashion magazines but Essence magazine was, the magazine that was on my mom's counter. Her, bed just in, the kitchen just my entire life. Cut, to me, shooting that cover but. Still living in Paris and, then. Getting a phone call while I'm in Paris that. The. Publicist. Of John, Singleton, wants. To meet me because. She saw me on the cover of essence, and she, thinks that I would be really good to star in his next movie, you. Know it's different going into a modeling, casting and, you, know them looking, at your book and hearing a couple of words of what you have to say and just taking pictures as opposed, to going into, a. Acting. Audition, and you're reading lines and, you're memorizing, things and you're actually studying for, certain, parts and you're developing characters. And it's a whole different process I have a meeting with my mom and John Singleton, on Melrose. In Los Angeles, he, puts a script in front of me and he's, like read. Those lines, like. What do you mean read them what do you just read it he's, like read it kind of like you know like just natural like you'd be talking so. I start reading it and he reads the guys part and I read and he's like dang you're gonna I'm, like I can he's, like yeah you're really good and. I. Booked. The. Movie higher learning being. Able to transition, into, MA. From modeling to acting, it. Takes a different part of you but you know it's a cool thing to do if you can because it really, makes you have, a lot more of a of, a, voice I got, another call for another acting, job while, I was in pre-production for. Higher learning and it, was for the show The Fresh Prince of bel-air and. If. The, thing says, ex-girlfriend. Jackie Ames and. She's the ex-girlfriend, of Will, Smith's character and. She's a basketball, player. I'm like alright. I'll go to this audition I guess I'll wear like basketball. Clothes I wear like a big, like. Just, baggy, baggy, clothes, like hardly any makeup on backwards, baseball cap and I, go into the audition room I'll never forget it was NBC. Lot, whatever and I. Walk into a room and there, are all these actresses, and they all have on damn near the exact. Little. Sexy. Black dress and, black, high heels I don't. Like I. Took. It too literally. So. I go and I audition and, I do my thing and they're like can, you come back in an hour I'm. Like okay, I. Come. Back and Will. Smith is in the room. And. I. Read the lines with Will Smith and, I'm like oh god I did so bad because I was so nervous and as. I'm walking out I turn, and, we'll kind of winked, at me and in, the casting director, Monica. Was her name she like gives me like a god. And I, just like danced, like crazy out of that remember if there was a hidden camera they. Would have committed me because I looked frigging insane go into my car ya know the freshman's was down you know what it allowed us to see, that, African American models and just models period, convinced her out into other areas of the industry, I was very uncomfortable on, the set of higher learning I you. Know with modeling you're supposed to be extremely. Aware of, the camera the cameras here you work it with acting.

Extremely. Unaware. Of the camera but at the same time hit that point look here look I mean it still it was so hard for me and then. On the Fresh Prince of bel-air on. Set. I would always go, to anger. That was a comfort. For me and also I was always supposed to be pissed with will anyway, and the director kept telling you Tyra there's, so many other ways you can play this you don't have to just eat, the. First time I was ever comfortable, with acting, was when I played Eve a doll in the life-size movie, that, movie was cast there was a very famous white actress with blonde hair I'm not gonna say her name. And she. Was cast for it for some reason my managers, at the time got. Me this last-minute, audition they begged you just have to see Tyra I was like I'm not gonna do this acting thing anymore when I felt uncomfortable and, I. Was connected, to an acting coach by the name of Ivana Chubbuck and Ivana, taught me all kind, of skills and stuff and had to be funny and a lot of these Eve isms, came. From my vana that, was the first, time on a set where I was like I like, this. I. Had. Certain dreams but, certain. Ones I never had because I didn't think they were possible, so. When I was chosen to be on the cover of the, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Edition not. Just once but twice in, two years in a row I was like flabbergasted. Personally. Just from my watching it from my standpoint took her from this. High-fashion. Girl. To, now she was, seriously, in front of everyone, every household name knew Tyra Banks, I remember, the party celebrating, me and this milestone, in this cover and I'm getting interviewed, by all of these different journalists. But then a black journalist, interviewed, me and they, said what does this cover mean to you what do you think it means to our community, and I. Broke, down. At. That, moment it hit me how, big it was for. The, community how big it was for black women, being. A black woman I understand, how, we are looked in society, I understand, from a sexual standpoint. A sexuality, standpoint. Historically, all of, the challenges and the difficulties in the stereotypes. At. That moment I was like wow. Before. That cover when I'd walk in the mall or whatever with friends, thighs of different races would, kind of go they. Kind of check you out like that. After. That cover it was like dude Tyra Banks oh my god you're so hot you know so I felt like it was, to show that black women are beautiful, in general. Universally. Beautiful, and I, realized, that cover was so, much more then. I was, as, an individual. I. Got. Booked to do the Victoria's, Secret catalog, when. I was around 21, years old and I, got there and the, hairdresser did not know what to do with my hair my. Hair was a hot, mess. Adding, water where he shouldn't and heat. On top of water and, just it was a mess and I get on the set and I, saw the clients, face and I. Knew that, this was not good and, they, sent me home I was, devastated and. I. Kept, over, a year kept begging my agent to call them back i'muh agents like it's done Tyra it's done and finally. I almost like demanded, and said get me back on that set and, after.

Year I had. The opportunity again, but. I was no fool I, called. My hairdresser, Oscar James and. I said Oscar can. You be at my house at, 8:00 o'clock, because. In the morning I have to do Victoria Secret and I cannot let that hairdresser. Touch me Oscar. Came to my house washed, my hair flat. Ironed my hair and then, wrapped, it in a scarf, and. I. Went. To bed the. Next day I get in a cab I go, to the set of Victoria's Secret with a scarf, on my head right before. I open, that door I take, that scarf, off whoosh, whoosh, told. The hairdresser no I'm good, got. On that set cut, to ten years. Of a contract, with, Victoria, Secret on, the original Angels team first, black angel first black model on the cover the Victoria's Secret catalog first black model to have a contract, with them first black model to wear the diamond, bra thing first, black model to do the diamond bra twice it goes on and on and on and it, all goes back to. That night I caught, Oscar, James and says yo can. You hook me up. So. Remember I put off being a TV and film producer, for this whole modeling, thing in Paris. Well. I have still a TV and film producer, inside. So. One day I came up with this idea to do a TV, show that was like models, but maybe they live in a house like. The real world but they perform, on like a stage like that new show called American Idol, or something like that and I, pitched it to my agent and my agent said that's a dumb idea bottles are vapid, and unsympathetic characters. And nobody wants to watch that I think, the main objective, that Tyra, had in creating America's. Next Top Model was to redefine the. Definition of. Beauty, I went to my best friend mr.. Kenya Barris who. Was kind of a young writer at the time and I. Was like Kenya, I am so, tired. Of them telling me that these ideas are bad. He's. Like tie your ideas are good let. Me see what I can do two, days later I'm having, dinner, with Ken mock at the standard hotel on Sunset Boulevard giving, him my idea two weeks later we are pitching this idea to networks we get multiple, yeses, the. Best offer comes, from CBS, and then, they decide to put it on a subsidiary of CBS, called UPN. It, was an overnight. Success of amazingness, however what people don't know is that. During the production of, America's. Next Top Model season, one I had, a stomachache, every, single. Day, from the stress of getting this show off, the, ground I also, was still modeling, at the same time so, we would finish a judging, at three. Or four five, o'clock in the morning I would, go to an all-night diner and. Have breakfast, same, makeup and hair and then. Go to the set of Victoria's Secret and model it was literally burning, the wick at both ends she would go shoot America's Next Top Model and, she was scheduled around and she'd go shoot a show and she'd shoot like what like I don't know like maybe two or three shows or something like that per day so. It was a lot I mean it, was a lot I was on the cover of every, magazine. New. York Times magazine did a cover story on me saying Oprah. Martha, Tyra is she then next branded, female self or something like that I mean. It was like height, of success height. Of unhappiness, and I. Said something, has to give and so I said I'm. Going, to let top model go I, pinpointed. Who I wanted to take the throne and I. Reached out to her I even brought, this supermodel into. The network and I, said this is who is going to do this and, the network was like what and. I was like I'm sorry I'm gone. Cut. To my, attorney saying Tyra. I want. To go for dinner I want, to talk and. He. Says do you understand. What you have created. He. Goes I know you're stressed we'll. Figure out how to manage this but you do not give, everything, that you have fought for to. This other woman. Just. Stick with it trust, me this. Type of success does not happen, in TV this is not normal, thank, God, he told me that I would have given my baby away there. Was so much more life in her and it's not just like this TV show that I was giving away it's my my, spirit, and and and and my my, soul I didn't create top model for to show you modeling, is difficult. And you need to smize and be fierce to learn how to sashay down a runway I created. It to expand, the definition of beauty I created, it to give girls opportunities. That never had an opportunity, we. Were the first show to, feature, a, transgender, model we, were the first show to, have. The majority of a cast. Be. Models. Of color and I, think that had a huge impact on the industry because people started to see that. You. Don't have to look one way to be a model, diversity. Was so important. To me and I'm not just talking about the color of skin, I'm, not just talking about hair color I'm not just talking about features I'm talking about diversity as a whole, this.

Was Something that was so important, to me to show that. You. Can be physically. Beautiful and not. Fit a stereotype. Back. In the day the models for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show would just walk up and down the runway all, mean and hungry looking and boring and just mmm I was. The one that was walking and smiling, and winking, and waving and doing all this kind of stuff look. At the fashion show today what, a girl's doing. Mm-hmm. The, wonderful thing about that company was they're. Not really until like age so. I was 32, or, something like that I told, them that I'm, ready to move on and they, had a contract, I know there's three five-year contract or something on the table a lot, of money but. I was like it's. Time for me to do something else and I'm gonna do a talk show and. I feel like, I'm not sure, if I should be in my bras, and panties. While. I'm telling the girls and guys about self-esteem, and, issues, and challenges and. So I walked away from that contract and, really. Focused, on my, talk show 100%. One. Of my most impactful. Shows. For. My. Talk show was, my. Kiss my fat ass episode, I was on a beach doing a photo shoot for America's, Next Top Model in a brown one-piece, swimsuit, and there. Was a paparazzi that took some pictures of me and when I came home I was on the cover of every tabloid, America's. Next top waddle Tyra shanks, and I, laughed it off in the beginning but, I'll never forget being in a grocery store and this woman was looking at the cover and she said Tyra, if you were fat, what. Am I and. I. Was like whoa and. Then, she was tearing up and I was like whoa and, so. I realized I needed to do something and so I decided, to address it so. I wrote this whole thing with my talk-show team amazing, producers, and, I. Was heading to the stage and at, the last minute I went, back into the room with my stylist and I'm like there's a swimsuit that I wore she. Goes oh it's in this bag but it has oil on it and it's just a mess I was like pull it out and she's like no no I'm like pull it out and I. Go out onstage I surprised the audience I surprised all my producers. No one knew that I was going to do that episode in the, same swimsuit that I was wearing just two weeks earlier and, the. Very last, thing I said. Was. So, impactful. And I. Came up with kiss, my, fat, ass.

It's. Like screw, you basically big screw you and I just think it was like it, required, an applause from, every woman whatever shape whatever, size they were around. The world just a huge like, thank you and a huge applause I thought, I was gonna be so strong and it was just rallying, cry but, I ended up crying in the end I wrote. The speech I did everything not from myself but for women everywhere. But. I realized, when I teared up. It. Was for me too I think. My tears came from, years. Of being a model in being told. Not. Just you're black and you can't do this but. Your. Butt's too big your boobs are too big your booties too but you see your thighs are too thick I think, hearing my friends saying that oh they're, not beautiful and they want to do this to their bodies or that or looking at this comparing, themselves it was just all of this inside. Of me and that's, where those tears came from if. They, honestly, were. Not just from my empathy for the world but, it was from my personal, pain. Ever. Since I was 23 years old I wanted a baby so God wanted. A baby so bad and I would always tell myself in three years I'm, gonna have a baby in three years until. I hit 40, and. I'm, like okay I'm ready and, then. You do the fertility thing, and it's like has. That ship sailed and. So. I was. On a mission to, make sure that I could, have a baby and went through a serious IVF, session. After session after, session and, lots of lots. Of failure. And just pain, until. Finally, I, had. A beautiful healthy egg for. Tyra she really, wanted to be a mom and once again this just shows you just everything, that she's done in her life no is not an answer someone, recently told me that when you were a parent it's. Not that you work less if, you work smarter, you, look at your day and you say now what the hell do I really, have to do because. At this certain hour when it hits I can't. Keep working she's. Sitting there playing Legos, and playing copper. They're, amazing baby boy and still, completely. Focus on the business at hand and when she needs to take their moment she'll say you know what I can't I literally. Have to go and be a mom right now and it is the most amazing, thing in the world to come home to my precious pumpkin. Like, before. I would come home from work and then. Do emails until midnight now. 5:30. Comes and. I'm. There. The. Most important, thing to me is is creating, a legacy. Something. That outlives me that stands, for what I believe in that, stands, for expanding. The definition, of beauty that stands, for discovering. Parts of yourself that you never knew possible, and I. Have. Created something called model. Land and, I'm sitting I'll be straight honest what she said in her first I was like model. An are, you are, you kidding me and. He said wait wait wait hold on and, then she started talking, about model an and what model an was model, land is Disneyland. Meets. Modeling. Can you believe it it. Is a place, that you can go and be a model, for a, day people. Can come and experience. What, inner and outer beauty means and live, the dream version, of yourself and get discovered, in so many, different ways it's, a place where your, beauty, matters where your beauty, is celebrated. How I was the only person that could smile over the phone and you can feel the stop because. When she's presenting, this idea, to me there's. So much joy, and, so much warmth, and so much belief, and what, she is doing that, was like okay I gotta. Listen more it is something. That has never been done before and, I'm. Obsessed, with things that have never been done before but. When you're first you get all the scrapes and, all the, scratches because you're breaking ground for somebody else, but. In the end I, have. This beautiful, place that people can come and live. Their wildest, dreams and when I am no longer here, I hope. That place still stands, and can. Be the embodiment, of what I believe, and that's. That perfect is boring human, is beautiful, there's, so many different, types of beauty I want to break the beauty, box barriers, and let, so many, more people, in. That's. The legacy that I want. You.

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