Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates

Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates

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Hello, creative weirdos welcome, to another mr. cake decorate this is a tween, room, on a budget and this. Video is sponsored by The Art Institutes. Which is awesome because we are gonna get very creative weirdo in this room as we, are on a budget, we are working with Bennett, and she, is in, her bedroom as a tween girl is but this bedroom wasn't always hers because it actually used to belong to her, older sister who, tragically. Passed away from, leukemia, so this, has been a big deal obviously for the whole family and they just haven't had the time to really, pull together this bedroom for Bennett and have, her voice be. In there as well as honoring, her older sister etc, let's meet Bennett she sent a submission video and then we went to go meet her so let's hear more from her hey. Mr. K I'm Bennett and this is my room I'm, going to need your help renovating. It because I moved in here after, my sister died and I. Still want to honor her in my room yet, still have, it being my style so I want your help making it comfortable. For me in the best way possible and, if you can come you know that would be great so, thank. You I. Think, so we just pulled up outside, of Bennett's house I'm gonna go meet her I'm nervous, I just feel I. Just. Really want this. A great, experience for her okay great let's go okay do. You have any favorite rooms that you've seen us do. Actually. A lot lies Akashi. That. One I thought was really cool and I like odisha, memories which are like two totally different styles, and has like kind of minimal, more, neutral, tones like, not crazy bright colors, you, know favorite color I like. A lot of colors okay, great. Okay Kate likes a lot of colors - yeah that. You're more than musician, you create the ear. Art yeah, called the IRS okay cool but, she really has enjoyed doing DIY. Very. Bohemian. And. She was 14 I was a creative weirdo yeah that's extremely artistic and, she, has just an amazing, person holiday, Arbor. Yeah. I, mean, literally, every, year your style might change so, we'll set you up with like a good. Footprint. In here like a better flow, about. Our leading, other friends and obviously functions. With, all the stuff that you need to do in here and then. Also, make, sure that we get some soccer, and some music. Giving. In my creative. Weirdos on three one. So. Oh my gosh, she's amazing yeah, mama is amazing, I don't. Know I just I really want to make sure that in that room we like honor, our, bure because she's obviously still, a part of the family even though she's not physically, with them anymore. And. All-consuming. Bennett, as like, an. Individual, - yeah. And you're a big sister are was a big sister you want to keep that big sister loved going and sorry. I, can't. Imagine my life without my sister, no it. Don't only makes me emotional. Thinking. About everything. That, then. It's gone through and the, family in general so I don't know this is like a very special. Project. For me personally it's, obviously, I want to make sure that Bennett little bit that Lia her mom feels like we have, our. Of our representative. As well in the room just you, know in spirit, and just yeah yeah. Yeah. Okay. So obviously this, is a very emotional, situation, I. Really, want to make sure that we honor Bennett, and give her an awesome room while also making sure to, keep arbors memory alive, in that space so, this is a tall order and we have the constraints, of our budget of $300. So we, have a ton to do we've, got to go shopping we've got to figure out the plan but first I'm gonna get in there and really just just, figure this out let's go. You. Don't even need the introduction, you are no listen. Um. It's Kate. Okay. Guys so we have a, lot, to do in here now I know Bennett's style she wants something kind of organized, clean looking a little bit of some bohemian, accents, obviously, we, have that DIY, macrame, that she started. To make so I'm gonna take a cue from that I'm gonna analyze what, we have in here already which obviously we have this bed, just right here you walk in and you see this bed feel like we should hero this bed a bit more kind, of centering.

You Want to split up the. Keyboard and, the desk and the, dresser, and all that like right now it's just feeling. Too weighted, on one, side and then the other this. Dresser. Hmm. It's gonna be tough it's really clunky it's in the way of the closet, the style of it is like a little kind of you know old, school I know she really wants a more updated organized. Clean, looking, space so. That might be the one thing that gets booted, but, definitely, we need to use the bed we're, gonna use her desk she also has a TV and her record player and everything, so entertainment, wise try. To make sure we work that into the TV not. My favorite thing to decorate around but we'll, see if we can work that in and obviously make, sure to have the music, be a whole moment, because she loves music, so we definitely have to celebrate that in here but I definitely want to make this wall, a, moment. Like I'm thinking some, sort of build thing, over, here that Joey will be great there's, also a lot of clutter in here, there's a lot of stuffed animals etc, which is a very common thing you would find in between teen, room and so we have to take all this stuff out to redo the room I'm, going to encourage Bennett to just go through some of this stuff maybe she wants to donate some of these things that we can bring back in left, stuff which always looks cleaner. And better because. That's who look she's going for so. There's a ton to do obviously this, is kind, of just a normal sized clean room with lots of stuff in it and of, course we have our budget that we have to stick to so I've. Gotta go Franco because this, isn't good to be easy guys. Joey. Joey. Everyone. I want to tell you about today's sponsor at the Art Institute you. Guys know that being creative is at the core of what we do here at mr. Kent. We, get non-stop, emails of people asking us where they can go to school and what to study to get into our field for, any of you created weirdos looking for the next step in your education, The Art Institutes, is definitely. A great choice when considering, what's hold to both explore, your creativity and, also prepare yourself for a creative, career. The, Art Institutes, has programs in key areas such as media arts culinary, interior, design gaming. Virtual, reality, technology, audio, film production, and fashion. They, have a ton of locations, throughout the United States as well as online courses. Being creative is fun was also daunting trying to take that creativity into the world and the Art Institutes is here to help you take your vision further than you could have ever dreamed possible. Check. Out art institute, CDU. Forward, slash programs, for their campus, and online offering. Here's. To a long and happy future being creative weirdos speaking. Of let's get back to designing this room jolly. Hi. Kelly, okay. Okay. Now let's talk about. The. Built in that, I want to do or like a built in sort. Of thing on. The wall so we definitely need to go to the hardware store and get like, probably. A sheet or two up I would okay. I want, to do paint on one wall we'll, just got a quart, of paint to. See budget, so that's a hardware store run willing to do so. I think that I might want to pull the, golden ticket. What. So. You're officially pulling, it already you already know it well I'm just like Matt being through in my head my golden ticket is Kate allowed to I, think we said the rule is once a year I don't. Know where we've been. Definitely. Last year but I also don't remember that well, she's allowed to pull the golden ticket once a year where she gets an extra hundred dollars okay, so one of the things we think yes so.

We Need to get I want, to get a dresser, I want to get her a little side table for her, which I'm thinking just go to the. Swedish, mega. Store for. That if I did you like a pendant Lamy be by the bed which they have some slight kits that are really, gonna expense it there for, like. Fun, details, hip, first or for like obviously, constant. DIYs she loves music, I already, ordered online. Some. Little like instruments, first, so good at their story we need like a desk chair for her we. Need like, a desk lamp we need to bring in some lighting in there okay, let's go to the thirst our first. You. Rocky, Joey. Your. Column ahoy. There. Dude, mom, aren't you small, take. Em off to meet your dreams boo all frames on sale wait this one's perfect arts wait because, I have that artwork what, I did for. Well. It's a very special artwork, you guys will see it but I already painted it because I wanted to take more, time doing it look and I, think that it would fit perfect, news here. So. I have to be careful because she. Already has a lot of those like soccer, trophies, which i think are so cool and little that gold so, the brass ring will go really well and I want to decorate with those trophies so we're looking for an, accessories. Like. It's like. Storage. Stuff we need to make this an organized, teen room fresh, pop. Those. Are cute wait for like a little like pen. And pencils, on her directly mm-hmm. Ceremony. We should give her some notebooks. Mr.kato. Soccer. Ball of yarn, what, look that we're kind of like pastel, colors we're. Doing like the sort of ball the. Soccer ball theme one dollar, they're. Just like little sleep, trays. This. Little shopping basket, here thank you, candle. Yes. For. One thrift store down, the, mold. That's. Cute great our weight do you like that little high what about this little guy. Perfect. -. 99 sure. Joey, look the. Tiniest, type are you already seeing, about. Smart phones but it's $99. Oh. Meanie, we can bargain make. It 99 cents. Okay. Okay. I love that size that we got but, now we need, to go to. The. Hardware. Store for the plywood's, do you like the whole like, building, and then we also need to stop at the Swedish. Superstore. Okay. And. That. Dresser. A side, chest. Setting. From there like that's gonna be like nice and expensive Betty.

Cool. Doing. It with doing it with living it but doing it well but doing it Wow we'll, see you guys back at her place. Okay. I don't know how to play one of these things this is Joey's, job but, guys the, cute, little instrument, that. I ordered online are, here so these are gonna go on her wall as, accents. Cuz she loves music so, now she's about options. When our friends are over they can form a band I don't know I wanted to show you guys some of the decorative stuff like look at this rug so. Cute so this is kind of like a runner rug because. Obviously we don't have the budget for a big rug but this will go in front, of her bed and be so pretty I love the colors and then. I. Got. This, duvet. Cover, which I am obsessed, with it has like these, beautiful kind of fan flowers, on it so, cute and what, else a plants, from the hardware store you guys know I love a drippy. Plant this is a beautiful little ivy, this, light kit, I think it's really cool for like a bedside, pendant. Situation, obviously we have the, one from the thrift store for the desk lamp so. We're. Good. Get in there and start we have so, much, to do Joey. Hey. Ally out loud oh. My. Gosh, you, match me. What's. Happening. Joey. We're not painting this wall yeah. We are yeah now, we are. Touch, up did you see we match yeah, I get it were inverted, I love it we're opposites, opposites, attract, blah blah blah let's focus. Okay. I. Want, to do it, looks so, much better now it cleared out that clutter so, already she had access, to her closet curtains. Of course we're, keeping the blinds the curtains are a bit yeah I'll use her desk the charity has at the best chair that we got and then above the desk I want to celebrate her level of soccer I have a DIY plan, for that it's, gonna be kind of like a whimsical take on soccer over, here, is where you're gonna really shine. No. Climate. Project pilot project, so we've got the beautiful, blue, paint color that will do on this, wall so just paint this wall this wall we don't have a budget we this whole room the ceilings are too high data, that show, me because you wanted a little bit off that show me what you're thinking okay so. Here's what I'm thinking, this is gonna be the whole bad, wall so you're gonna build up around the, three, drawer chest here and. Then, up again and do kind of like a little side table next to the bed inside.

The Thigh tea will be a u-shaped. Little nesting, stool she can remove there then, we're gonna go up up, up around, the bed making. A little shelf, there I'll finish hanging plant around here, I'll do a macrame, here, down, down down down down up again over. The two, drawer chest here. Up again here boom boom another, nesting. Stool you shape in here and this one she can pull over and use with her keyboard. Got, it. I. Can translate that you, can. So. I guess. What I'm doing as you can't guess okay, so obviously Bennett. Started that macrame, project, in her room she had that little DIY one. Which we're gonna just take a cue from that she likes macrame, she likes bohemian, accents, and give her something a little bit bigger and obviously. Bringing in some. More colors, here. And, we're. Using this really cool, natural. Stick, which. Can. Find in a backyard near, you. So. Now that you guys see kind, of where this is going we now have to not all of these together. So. Now that I've got my first, few. Loops knots done I'm gonna show you guys this. Box, knocked, so basically you take four, strands. And. You. Make a little. Kind. Of like a four over. It and then, you take your force, and you. Loop, it up and, back. Through. Like. So. Pulling. Out the. Tail and there, is your first knot and then you just kind of bring that up so now we, need to do the same thing, but reverse, it so where you made the four on one side now you're gonna do the four on the other side it's, basically just a mirror image of what you just did so. Come. Up with my force, in. Between, here, up. And around, pulling. Alright. So, I've got my first row, of, the. Box knots done so, now moving on to the second row and this is what you're gonna be doing all, the way until you're finished is, you're gonna take two. Pieces. For, your next row you're taking these two pieces out and then. You're gonna be grabbing the, four that's here, to continue the knot and go, all the way across and, then, when, you come back again for. Your third row you're, gonna take another two out do. Your row and that's gonna create this kind of, descending. Angular. Shape. To, the knots you guys don't have to watch all that go check on Joey, alright guys it's that time again. It's. Time to get serious with the power tools we're doing two big projects, I have one piece of quarter-inch, plywood and then I have one, larger.

3/4. Inch plywood first, things first we're. Doing the soccer ball I've already measured it out but basically you. Just take a straight. Edge like this drive. A little screw in there so you can keep it centered and, you just draw around, in a circle with your pencil. I'm. Just going to. Sand. Off the edges with, some sandpaper and then, Keith's, gonna somehow turn this into a soccer ball, we'll. See all, right next. Up we got that big big, bill to. Soccer. Time I. Actually am terrible, at sports so thankfully, this is a DIY, not. A sports. Game. Okay, so Joey, has cut this down and. This is going to be our, soccer. Ball artwork. For the wall now we're keeping everything kind of bohemian with the accents, because that is what then it likes what. Bennett likes then it gets for. This room especially so, rather than doing the traditional black, and white I actually, love. This woodgrain it's, so beautiful, and so very. Sort of natural, and peaceful, looking so we're gonna keep it like this. Yet. But. And. I'm. Gonna, make it into a soccer ball using. Some. Moss budget. Saving tip for you guys when, you have something with a beautiful natural wood green rather, than going and buying a can, of seen you can enhance. The, look of the wood using, some, cooking, oil. Also. We're playing with perspective. So the lines aren't totally the same size, in order to make it look like it all on the wall. This. Is like an entire. 3d. Situation. Now but, I hope she loves it what do you guys think oh my gosh, so. Cool, so. Now we just have to put some mounting hardware on the back and get it up on the wall just. Kidding, it's, an art piece now. Rolling. Around. Alright. Guys got the stools ready to go oh. Okay. Guys so I, knew. After, I met Bennett and her mom and we decided to do this room for her that I really wanted, to do a very special piece of art. Honoring. Arbor, her sister who's obviously this, used, to be her room and now Bennett's moving in so. I spent, some time at home creating, this watercolor, piece. And, basically. My, inspiration. Was. The. Two of them as sisters. About. It but um. Obviously. Bennett. Loves, music. And Arbor. Her. Name is a tree, so, that, was sort of the inspiration of. All of it and I like the idea of I don't. Think I've ever cried and talking, about it and. Obviously. The. Music, notes are, now, on the tree so it's sort of like the, idea of her. Memory living, on through, the music that Bennett gets to play in her room and. The music, notes on oh okay, oh talking. About it because I need, to get in the frame and on, the wall but that's the. Whole the, whole spiel, okay so. Vintage, frame here come. All. Right guys so I'm, pretty, much done in here I do want, to leave Bennet, some. Last little. Goodies some gifts so these are all of our mr. Kate stationery, items this little note card set they're all different inside of course they're, all painted and so on by me these. Are our puffy stickers which. Are all you do meet the moon makes an amazing pop. Socket, accessory. Just saying and then. We. Have the, note book bundle, which I'm so excited about this is new Bennet it's the first person. To get these but. I'll just show you guys inside, they're, so cute, so. We've got the creative weirdo definition. And they all say, on the, inside. Stay. Creative stay, weird stay, you gonna, bundle these back up and. Leave. Them as a surprise, for Bennet on her death I think as a little you know extra surprise, but. Guys I think we're done in here this was such, a special room, what do you guys think. As usual, we play with floorplan and we took her bag out, of the corner made it more of a moment in the middle of the room the, biggest, difference, in here obviously came from that's amazing. Built-in, which, I just think gives the room such a custom, look and guys it was inexpensive, and, Joey just needed with plywood and some screws and a drill and paint and it just gives her a place to display all her trophies, because whoa. She's. A lot of trophies props, Bennett and obviously. This bedding is bringing in some color but it's a very gentle, room, I know Bennett, wanted something, peaceful, with, bohemian, accents. And really just an organized. Look, and we've got our amazing, macrame. Now over there we took a cue from beneth DIY, and, we're just amplifying, it now kind. Of finishing. What she started, I love, the pendant light over there that's obviously such a fun way to have a bedside. Lamp and there's a little switch on the core of her to turn it off and we have the stools here as part of this built-in design so when she has her friends over she, can pull those out for extra seating and obviously. Use the one over there for, the keyboard and she's got this great closet, here with the sliding doors so we mounted, the TV in her closet which is such a much of better use of space now the TV just isn't out amongst, the room she, can close the closet when she's not watching it open it and watch it directly, from her bed the, whole music area, with.

Her Keyboard, her records are nearby I think, it just is super, inspiring, over there and obviously the feature art over, the keyboard is in. Honor of Arbor. And her memory in this room and just. Celebrating. The music that Bennett is gonna play and yes. We got her desk over here just ready for the homework because, she is a tween a growing tween and she's got a lot of homework and a lot of growing to do in this room and honoring. Her love of soccer I am obsessed, with, the small soccer ball I love how it turned out and, of course we have our thrift, store things like Hello, the, popcorn, I put her wand in, the popcorn, container I mean one of my favorite moments ever okay. Guys I think. It looks really good in here I'm so so excited for, her and her mom to see this room and I really really really hope that they love it so oh, okay. Now. Close your eyes are, gonna be you know. You've. Seen the drill, alright on the count, oh. My. Goodness. Oh my. God I, know. It's a lot to take in when you first open your eyes my, goodness, that. Was inspired. By your DIY that you started, oh yeah, I, mean obviously this isn't the same one yeah I took, inspiration from, that and then look at that do. You like that does it what is it that's so cute oh it looks like a soccer ball. No. This looks like, this looks so much better than I expected no, idea would even look like this. I. Love. Decorating with gold and thank you for being such a winner. I. Think. They're mostly, participation. We. Found, a place to put your TV where it doesn't have to be out there because to watch. So. I painted, this for you obviously but, also for, our bird for her memory right my, interpretation. Of this is that rather, than the notes being on the. Music staff. That. They're on the tree instead so it's like you're, keeping her memory alive with, your music, thank. You, so you're you don't have a story here but. We. Have these little things. Over, there too so you can. Yeah, and you can tuck it away so that it's easier to move around in here this, is so Wow. Like I've, been having like dreams, like oh my gosh what is it gonna look like and there's been so many things and this looks like so much better than any. One. Ever the mystery treatment, yeah okay. I. Did. This watercolor, art because of course obviously, we wanted to make sure that the memory of Arbor, in this room it's still their. Homework. That just started the note card set you can like decorate, with these all. The little touches I love the trophy shelf yeah and I think having the bed out open, like this just makes it more inviting. So, when your friends are over you guys hang out on the bed like having both sides to access it plus the stools plus your chair like now, you have seating or Lowe's can even be little side tables for drinks, etc you, know also we did all of this for. 400. Bucks. Got. $300. And Kate pulled the golden ticket which gave her an extra. But. I wanted to get you like the new dresser, and side table and the nice bedding. Enjoy. Thank. You so much. Fantastic. Obviously. This was a very emotional episode, for me I'm. A big sister and you. Know I just took this really, seriously. To make sure that that room was special for Benin also, honoring, our bird memory so I'm just still glad that she like didn't her mom like did everything so good. For. Kate, that was a great robe. Like. That was so cool, big, thumbs up and big, thanks to the Art Institutes, for sponsoring, today's video. Guys. Creative, weirdos Art Institutes, yeah, I made it happen. Inspiration. I post a ton of pictures and stories. And all that behind the scenes though, make, sure to follow us and subscribe too. Because we really, need, to grow or create a real family because, why not the. Sun's out we, finish, finish, we're happy so I'm, happy and, cried like five. Times we're. Gonna do something tonight it's not gonna make you cry of a nice dinner okay, guys, all right, see creative, see weird stay you. This. Is the smallest. Ever. I. Misery. To proclaim, my love of, their. Stores. Thank. You, here, you hear you that's. What are you doing this well, speak, announcements.

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You guys, I got so emotional in this video! ...Understandably considering the circumstances. Leave a comment here wishing Bennett and her fam all the love and joy going forward! I hope you all enjoyed this video! It was a special one for us to make. Love you all, my precious Creative Weirdos!!! xx, Mr. Kate

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This makes me sad of how ugly my room is.... And small!

3:56 I see that $100 bill in your pocket, wanna gimme some?

This is awesome

OMG it looked amazing!!! I feel bad for Bennett and her sister as you said I don't know what my life would be without my big sister. She's my inspiration. Love you guys!!!

I Love Your Videos And Can Not Get Enough Of You And Joey!!!!!! But I May Have To Stop Watching Your Videos Because I Stay In A Panic When You Drive, Your Hands Are Everywhere But The Starring Wheel .I Am So Afraid Y'all Are Gonna Get In A Wreck

The rug cuddle is proof that Jack could've fit on that plank with Rose in Titanic

That was such a cute room

Amazing work mr.kate❤️

I cried my eyes out when I saw that diy painting of Arbor... Wow. I love how Mr Kate puts so much emotion into her work. Joey and Kate touch people's lives. Beautiful.

I think it would be cool if u revisit Rooms you decorated and fix them up in a different style

May your love for each other stay forever strong. You have such kind hearts. The watercolor art is a highlight, very special!

Need you in the UK

At 15:50, my ocd would drive me nuts having those nesting stool desks not on directly on either side of the bed.

Great job the room look beautiful

Always looking forward to new videos

Aww what a beautiful video. Love love love the room. You're such a great team!!!

Sisterhood is so special. And you did great mr.kate

I was late to school so I could watch this

i love you guys so freaking much

this is so amazing!

Woooooow guys u are amazing as always love u

Hi can you do my room

Hey, I’m a tween with a really small room and lots of things that look messy. Any tips for storage and decor? Thanks

Oh no... one minute in and I'm already misty-eyed...

I needed a few tissues for this

kate being fate

When the video started in the 1st 2 mins of the video i was hoping that you pull out THE GOLDEN TICKET because it was such a special project AND YOU DID!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️ That instantly made my day.. It made me SOOOO so so happy. Creative weirdo with a beautiful heart!! It doesn't get better than this. And as always the room turned out so beautiful. Love you so much

Your next journals should be bullet journals! Thanks for the great video, I love Budget makeovers!

Kate, I cried with you

I’m barely into the video but has anyone else noticed 0:13

Happiness is in small things !!

This was my favorite ❤️

I am your biggest fan.... Watching you since 2.5 years... From India

You guys are true Angels! loved her room great work!

I wanna know what all those “It made me cry” comments are about

Bailey Sarian please and thanks

I got like 5 ads and watched them all because you guys deserve it

so emotional and beautiful!

Once a month not a year lol

Wow! So nice.

yay more

Tree art was just heartwarming!!

I have the exact same draws

I love being a creative weirdo because it's like your in the same room as Mr Kate and just... Just i love watching people getting there dream room

No matter how schmall the rug is, there has to be a rug cuddle (so cute)

My mom passed away when i was 3 so i know how it feels having no sister i can't even imagine having no sister

Made me cry too!!


I'm not crying, you're crying!

* eMoTiOnAL *

I want a Joey in my life

I like the intro song

Why did this make me cry too??

It looks amazing!!!!

Why does the beginning remind me of Jenna dealing with Julian’s Aries energy

Do u guys get paid by the people that's asking u for doing all this remaking of rooms? Especially the ones for the more famous ones?

The room looks amazing, I hope the family are all ok they all touched my heart ❤️ and I’m so glad that you made her new room ! Love you Kate !!❤️❤️❤️

I love your series!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so happy and I was so happy until a STUPID SLENDER MAN MOVIE TRAILER CAME UP Thanks fo ruining my life slender man..

So cute.

More respect respect for Kate ♥️♥️♥️

Switch on the cord... is too far for a bedside light. It's against the wall. You have to get un-sleepy and get up to turn it of :D

Hats offf u guys ...such a creative mind..i am dying to see ur own house

Kate you and Joey are so good people and bless you for that. I was crying throughout the whole thing cause I'm a big sister too and I can't imagine the loss of a sibling. So you both did a wonderful job and thank you for showing love and kindness


where does the camera man stay ??????


Hi I'm new here but why is the channel name mr. Kate it your a girl


by far the best room ever done by mr. kate!

I lost my Brother Tj back in 2010 in a very tragic accident. He was 18. We were best friend. You made me cry, hard, Kate. ♥️

This is so amazing!

Hold on Joey you said in the new couple video that the Golden ticket is once a month

I really wish Mr Kate could come to my room... its literally so small and it can like only fit my bed... but I don't live in the US... so that's never gonna happen

Amazing job. Luv u guys

now i have to keep it clean because of that comment

awww omg im so sorry ........ really...... just know i’m here for you if you need to talk. if you have instagram, my dms are always open.... i’m praying for your dad

Mr. Kate 3:40 in and I’m crying ❤️

Mr. Kate can you please come over to decorate my room bc it's not that me and I want change my room and if you come it will make my dream come true I like pink blue and a light purple Laurdiy stiyel

Mr. Kate How do I get mr kate to come over to my house!

im only three minutes in and im sobbing too kate

May your memories keep you strong. Lots of love from South Africa

omg I love you, you change everybody's life i love you hope you see this reply... this video was very emotional i cried too

If this offended someone im sorry but at 3:23 lowkey kate kinda sounded like miranda sings

My last name is Bennett

My husband and I need to be this artist

I'm so freaking excited that you are at Colleens house! That's 2 Queens in 1 video!!

In her pocket she had 100 dollars

You should do James Charles!!


Im tearing up of what mrkate diddd

This video is so cute. I can’t imagine what Bennett has gone through. Especially as a young girl

The geometric decor is the best

Could someone tell me what a tween is again

I love this bedroom


Kate, this is one of the sweetest episode I've ever watched! (I cried, lol) The artwork was gorgeous! You guys are sooo amazing! Ilyyy

kate who does your mate up its so cute :O

R.i.p arbor

I love the makeover you did! You made it so special!

You guys should have a TV show

Who else say that 100 dollar in mr Kate’s pocket at the start of the vid

the room looks amazing

Honestly I wish you guys could come to my room but I live in Dubai

Thanks so much for the info on The Art Institute. I love the art, you are so talented! What a clever idea!

Is it just me or did that girl really not seem bothered about soccer

Very touching. You both really blessed them. Bennett’s room looks really good. ❤️ Such a sweet girl and her Mom.

You should go to ross !

I have the same bedding!

The Swedish mega store

i bet Kate is good at drawing the Disney channel logo

I just wanna know why you had 100 dollars in your pocket at the start haha hope i find out...

I was virtually hugging Kate everytime she started crying

Whr dose she always cry when she hears sister Its so sad

Hi! Whoever reads this pls help me spread this message and suggest mr kate to create a harry potter bedroom for a potterhead PLEASE!

Well isn't she the sweetest tween ever. I loved her honest and subtle aww reaction. She was herself and took it all in in her own way. I LOVED this video!

I loooovve seeing this emotional part of you!

Subscribe to simply nailogical and mr. Kate

18:39 hahahah

ahh man that watercolour art

I can’t tell you how sweet Bennet is when I was diagnosed with cancer her family was so supportive and their family is so amazing I love them so much she definitely deserves this

Such an inspiring video, and I can understand how you feel. I have a twin brother so I can imagine how heartbreaking this might be. #creativeweirdo forever!

Guys... I waiting too long for your new videos. I really like you. I am so inspired by you and this is awesome.


Kate was in the princess diaries


26:37 I have the same rug in my hallway BTW I love

such an uplifting and positive change

Awesome job Mr. Kate! This one was emotional, Bennett definitely deserved this makeover, such an amazing girl!

That harry potter reference tho

I really want you to do my room next year when my house is built because my house burnt down

22:57 so satisfying

@16:40 tho

I lost my brother 5 years ago soon to be 6 years in october and he painted his room after he moved out on his own i left the room the color he painted it there was a piece of the wall where he scratched his name in it we did a reno i cut the piece out to put in my new room

Bennett is such a nice girl

Amazing Room Transformation! Love you Mr. Kate and Joey! Sending love to Bennett!

This episode made me cry too, I lost my big sister on the 6th of this month & I'm missing her so much. You guys are awesome!!

This is the reason why I love you guys!

I wish you guys could come do my room but there is absolutely no way to move anything in my room around from the way its all set up. My bed is forced to be in the corner and there is nowhere I can move it since the windows, doors, and air vents are placed.

Mr. Kate puts her head down Joey whoops sorry. Sorry I’m just trying to keep it happy

Wow. Joey is insanely good at wood working.

see the 100 bills in the beginning? ;D

Can she come to Australia and do mine , I hate my room I’m never happy with it

my older sister literally left for college today, and this video TOTALLY hit me. i feel the same way about my sister! thanks so much for doing this and being so great, mr. kate!!

Wow, Kate you have such a big and gentle heart. I love how you always think of others and can empathise people like you. You are my biggest inspiration and I honestly think everyone should aspire to be like you. I love you so much Kate xx

I hope on day I get my room decorated by Mr Kate

I was crying for her omg I can’t believe this. So special. I love it

That handshake was literally EVERYTHING! sorry but I’m stealing it.... too bad I don’t have a boyfriend.... guess it’ll have to work with me and my dog

were the same shoes the pink one

Please help me

I cried a lot during this episode. Pulling the golden ticket was a wonderful gesture and you made this room hers without forgetting her sister, which was important. The only qualm I have is that you didn't show what Arbor's (spelling?) name came from in this episode, though that may have been asked and wasn't included. Arbor can mean several different things. It can mean a singular tree, but is usually indicative of a grove of trees, or of an alcove where the sides and roof are formed by trees and climbing plants. I hope that the art was truly representative of what the name means to the family, especially since the room is meant to honor her as well as be her sister's.

I need your help my room is not good for me because I don’t have space for my homework

Why can’t they say ikea


You guys are amazing ❤️

You're amazing. Thank you for inspiring me in every way... Continue to be a blessing ❣️

Yo I have the same pendant lights

Omg the art piece you made is absolutely beautiful Kate!! You’re SO thoughtful. This room is absolutely amazing, maybe one of my new favs. They’re reactions made me cry. Poor girl having to deal with her big sisters death. I can’t even imagine having to deal with that. What an amazing thing you just did! Love you & joey & the kitties!!! ❤️❤️❤️

How can we contact u so u can come to my house???!!

will y’all decorate a broke college girl bedroom lol pls i beg. anyways lovely video & im so happy for her

thumbs up for everyone!

16:02 !!!!!

Can you put a rug over carpet?

JustJoolia! _ yes!

Can you decorate my room It needs help and so do I

I love your outfit Kate


Loved this! So sweet! Great job!

I would not be able to imagine life without my sister

Anyone else realize the 100 dollar bill in her pocket 0:15

And p.s love you guys

Do you only do California and its different for you guys if you do a fort in a back yard but if you guy do go out of California so ya

We're can I get the notebooks there so cute !! And u guys are so sweet ily guys!

His "oup" when she start crying

Lmao that's my school. I graduate in December though ❤ #AiProud

I love Mr. Kate! I wish she and Joey could come do our apartment in Brooklyn!!

My eyes were leaking for 33 minutes

So beautiful, you made me cry so emotional, that tribute

When you can’t say Ikea


I love how she just casually has a 100$ bill sticking out of her pocket 0:24

Loved it !!!

“Swedish mega store” lol they can’t say ikea

i came down here to find and end the 225 ppl that disliked this video for who knows what reason. this was such an inspiring videooooo

Could you please do my house up. I love watching your videos it would mean the world for you to do the whole house up. We are kind of poor and we cant afford to do up the house. We woukd also like a pool. I am subscribed and watch every episode.

This was a room on a budget; they didn't need a sponsorship from a scam company. Don't make excuses for poor decisions.

+Lauren F they took the sponsorship so they have more money to redo Bennet's room

Its called a square knot not a box knot

I went to middle school with Arbor. She was the kindest, most special person I have ever met. My love continues to go out to her memory and her family.

To do my room

Mr. Kate could you guys travel to Canada

Mr. Kate I luv youuu

Enjoy your new room Bennett!!! I am sure your sister would love it too! Kate and Joey you did another amazing space and I loved getting to watch

Mr. Kate I love you

Everybody should find themselves a joey

How do I get a room makeover I share a room with my 2 sisters and we have no room how can u help?

next you should do emma chamberlain's house!!!

All the love for Bennett!!

What do we have to do for you to decorate our room

Mr. Kate I wish you could do mine

Just so beautiful guys well done xxx

Mr. Kate can you do my room

this video warmed up my soul :)

Mr. Kate Isi

Does anyone know why she's called MR. Kate?I mean I know she's called kate but why the Mr?

Your boyfriend is soooo sweet! Especially at the end where he gives you a kiss and what he said after

Did the family have to pay you 4 hundred dollars

You could’ve made a cool diy dream catcher with the tambourine

Such a cute omg

i love how you make everyone so happy !!

I wish they had painted that black cord on hanging light it was a bit much and looked funny! or should have used a cord runner so u can’t see it!

OMG I got so emotional because I have a sister to

"Swedish super store"

Can u do my room I need it done I just move in

I love the montage joey does soo cute room btw!

Can anyone tell me whether that moss would be real or fake, i wanna recreate that but im not sure if it would brown or not?

I would love mr.kate to help me with my room I would love a new look and it would make me happy I love colorful colors anything girly❤

She reminds me of Marla Catherine

I need this

i don't think i've ever heard anyone refer to *ikea* as *"Swedish Mega Store"*

This is SO cute. ♡♡♡♡ Bennett you deserve this room!

Did you guys realise the $100 in Kate's pocket at the start

i lost my sis to and also my dad i been trough more bad things and i almost died when i was younger

Result appearance green trail fit technology factor surround works hang.

you are not only a creative weirdo with so much talent but a pure soul ,a better person spreading love and happiness in others u lot...inspiration u are

Bennett and her family are in my prayers and sorry for your loss Bennett

Im not crying, you are

This was beautiful! I love it

You should decorate Patrick Star's costume room, he wanted to fix it up! And we all know that you guys are perfect for the job!

You guys are so creative and I think it is so awesome that your ideas

Beautiful !

Beautiful room as always! Geez, Joey is Fine AF

I hope Bennett can love her room and honour Arbour in it she is such a sweet girl.

I love that soccer ball!she can even hang/tape pics of things or people she loves in the empty sections love you.this was so special omg

You guy should go to the dollor store they sometimes have really cool decoration stuff

Can you do my room please I hate my room it’s not what I like but I can’t afford to do my room up btw I live in Britain

I really your fan. Nice to see a beautiful video like this^_^!!!!

Who else saw that $100 bill in Kate's pocket at the start?

This defently made me cry .................. Mr Kate you guys are such and inspiration ❤️

Oh, the watercolour piece is so touching.. just beautiful

I really really want mr Kate to do my room and living room

28:02 anyone noticed the 25c sticker on the popcorn??

Did anyone notice the $

Cried more than I expected! Such a huge fan of your work, Mr Kate and Joey! You guys did an amazing job as always ❤️

Anybody else see the Cipher wheel pillow??

what thrift store dd they go to

Can someone tell me how to contact mrkate and have her redecorate my room??

Has a 100 dollar bill sticking out o her pocket in the intro

Was anybody else getting nervous when Kate was taking her hands off the steering wheel?

Do you have to live in California to get your room decorated

This is my fav video of you guys thank you for sharing with us ❤️

casually has $100 in her pocket

The mom is very strong lady ❤

I really need you to redo my room XD

I absolutely loved this room! I found it very heartfelt that you incorporated the tree and the music to represent both sisters. The painting turned out beautiful!

Kate has such a pure soul! I loved this video so darn much! I don't even know how this video can have dislikes... Some people confused the like button, huh.

Do more tween/teen videosssss. Pleaseeeeee

Lol when he smacks her butt

Ahhaahhaha “Swedish mega store”

Do people pay u to do rooms

Love this!!!

I’m not crying, you’re crying

Absolutely gorgeous room and what a beautiful painting! You guys did a fantastic job!

I love how she has a hundred dollar bill sticking out of her pocket

can you guys ever come to canada?

I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you I love you T I love you Te I love you Tes I love you Tess I love you Tessa I love you Tess I love you Tes I love you Te I love you T I love you I love yo I love y I love I lov I lo I l I

g go goo good good j good jo good job good jo good j good goo go g

I wish you could do my bedroom! I have tried to do it myself, I just can't get it right. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!

mr.kate can you do my room like bennets room?????????

I really wish you could come to my house and fix my room but I live in the Philippines.

The Swedish Superstore Is IKEA

no not the crocs!

oh myy :(

Every time I watch one of these it makes me remember how crap my room is. It’s not but clutter and every corner has something in it making the room look smaller. I suck at getting rid of things because I think I might need it sometime later on but in reality I’m never going to need it.

Now, I love Mr. Kate, all her videos, diys in the videos, room redos, etc. I love them all and I absolutely adore her and Joey, however, I used to be interested in the Art Institute and a simple Google search can show you that they're basically a massive scam. I know it's a sponsorship, and she may need the money to keep churning out these kinds of things, however, I'm kind of disappointed she would give a school like that publicity. Maybe they aren't a scam, and thousands of people are lying online, however I'm going with the mass majority and concluding that it probably is. I'm upset that she's telling her fans who genuinely want to follow her footsteps to go there.

I mean it’s inexpensive buuut.... I don’t have a mr Kate and Joey to help me

I love the room but tbh it’s not very minimalist


Mr.kate I was wondering where you get the solid color beddings??

Aww, her reaction was so cute and the room looks awesome! The tribute art was really special and such a great thing to do.❤️

kates rocking that 100 dollor bill

You should do a thing where you come back to peoples houses you have decorated and see how much it’s changed.

Aww I love this so much!!!!

Do I see a Harry Potter thing?

10:08 soccer ball?! Me: kick it and see wat happens

Right when I saw you cry, I started tearing up

OMG, I litterly have that girls blanket wow.

So sweet

Anyone realize the 100 dollar bill in Kate’s pocket in the beginning Edit: I just saw her pull out the money... haha ya... ok bye

HOLY COW!!!!!!! Can you redo my room?? LOL

Aww she has a kitty

Cancer is so scary these kids pass away because of this horrible sickness rip and arbor is a beautiful name to

as soon as she said “my sister died” i started bawling because on october 26th last year me and my sister got into a car accident and she passed away

I met her through social media since we both have a fan page for selena and she's the sweetest ever

0:32 did anyone else notice the 100 dollar bill in Kate’s pocket


Omg, this is amazing. You guys do so well, it’s just so great that you guys are enthusiastic about it all. Great work guys.

When you cried i cried immediately

The name Arbor is beautiful! If I have another girl I may use it!

Why can't you say "ikea"?

Bennett, you and your family are in my

Don't cry, craft!

Mr. Kate plz can we get in touch I would love for my room to be transformed but I live in Wales and I live in a council rental house. I’ve got a idea of what I would like but my dad says that it’s to much work for him to do alone. It would mean a lot to me if you can do my room. All of love

Mr. Kate wow this made me cry when Kate was talking about the music tree that she made

Mr. Kate hey I have a mean teacher in my interior design class and you’re so nice I wish I had you as my interior design teacher but any advice while am in her class love you am in 10th grade and you can hmu in insta 2__mel__3 love you and thank you

Mr. Kate also how can I get u guys to decorate my room

Mr. Kate ik meee too I hope Bennett is very happy with her room and I hope she feels better soon

Bennett you are amazing and ur new room is stunning keep breaking heights! your an amazing young girl and I wish u and you family only happiness and love x

Love your vida

What even happened to her sister arbor

+the mack ike you should be ashamed of yourself.

Wish u could do mine my bedroom is a living monster of its own

Mr. Kate I love your work because of you I want to be an designer btw from one of your videos my bed is in my closet lol (p.s.) my spelling is bad

Hello I just want to know how I can communicate with you because I am a younger sister that is sharing a room with my older sister and we are redecorating our room but you will make it amazing

How do we get u to come over and i know i was about to cry.

How do you get a hold of you to decorate a room

I cried too I have two older sisters and a brother and I don’t know what life would be like without them and I wish this family the best and hope they know they’re not alone

Mr. Kate I wish you could do my room but I live in the U.K.

I hope she has lots of fun in her new room. This was so touching!!(and a total inspiration!!)!!!!!!!!!

Can you come to Pakistan pleaseeeeeee

Did anyone spot the 100 dollar bill in her pocket during the intro

0:38 there is $100 in her pocket

Why is SHE MR kate?!!?

Why is it mr kate if shes a girl?

Did anyone notice the $100 in her pocket?

I really need this......

In the intro she had $100 in her pocket l

Was I the only one who saw the ending lol

i wish u would come to Australia

I love you mr.kate!

UGHHH I literally wished for them both to decorate my room for my birthday HAHA like if u wish too HAHAHAHAHA

won't the moss get old and gross?

wait does mr Kate do these for free for people out of her own money?

please come to the uk and give someone a surprise makeover

Who wish is that thay could do ur room?

Now I'm actually wishing you guys could come overseas to Japan and redecorate my room lol, but I know that just can't happen

Ive been waiting so much! i missed u guys!

Did anyone notice the 300 dollars in her pocket In the intro

I literally just realised how Mr Kate she looks just like shenae Grimes-Beech from 90210

If you ask me my favorite color you will hear *BLACK*

would you come to aus? also can you post plans/ instructions of the built in thing

I love your channel so much

Lol my name is Kate and I am SUPER WEIRD!!! LOL


you should a tour and decorate peoples rooms all over the world

i wish you could do my room but i am in australia

I WISH U LIVED WHERE I LIVED! soon i will need a new theme!

Wow in England charity shops (thrift stores) are so much cheaper

A boy in my school past away from lueqema

Can they just have their own tv show already PLEASE

I love the room so much it’s really cute

Your sweetness and kindness really shows in this ep, i dont blame you for crying haha i almost did

Hi Mr Kate, i know you probably aren’t even reading this but I was wondering how to I get you to come to my house and how much you charge

Look at that hundred in her pocket at the beginning

She is so lucky I moved in my house 9 months ago and we never have time to decorate and make it the way I like it

Why did I cry tho???

How do you send videos to mr kate

Every time i see this i wish my room can be like that so decorated nicely

1:55 off topic but on the shelf is Lilos' roll from Lilo and Stitch...


IS SHE PREGANT!!!!!!??????

My sisters doll house: the bedroom was cluttered and she used a plastic bin as a bed so I offered to be a mr Kate and redo it. I made her a bed from scratch and made decor haha ❤️

Love Kate she’s a kind hearted person and reminds me of myself.

Niiceee. My mom is trying to put a bunk bed and a regular bed in my room. I'm 19.

Sooooo lucky! I wish my room could be renovated.

mr kate i love love love you so much

I know that this isn’t really your style but I was wondering if you could make video on ways to organize and some DIYs for a dorm room.

0:14 GIMME DAT 100

KE$HA WHO???❤️

Don’t you think it’s strange she has a hundred

1 month

I love your vidoes they are soo good i love to DIY

im sorry for your loss :(

i would honestly love to send something in, but my mom trusts no one so she would never let me. :( i might convince her by telling her that if i submit a tape, there would be like a 1/1000000 chance that i could win it :,)

I love how Joey is... he’s so cute towards Mr. Kate, you can tell that he loves her!! #CoupleGoals ❤️

Dear mr.kate, Ever since I started watching your videos I always wanted for you to do my old boring room. You crying shows you how kind hearted you are and joey is very smart and handsome. My mom is diagnosed with cancer and I’m only 11 and watching you help her like that made me ball. Love you soo much

Please work your magic and do something for Eldad Hagar at Hope for Paws. He is the founder of an organization that rescues abandoned dogs and cats. I imagine that he spends most of his time saving animals and not much time on himself. Just like with your channel, you can tell from their channel that Eldad is kind and generous and amazing. I would love to see all of you kind amazing people together doing something good for their organization or just something for Eldad himself. Great video as always!!! ❤❤❤

Agrhhhh I wish you could to my bedroom! lol your so good! :)

Haha she follows me on insta

Why do you call yourself Mr. Kate????? Just wondering.

17:27 she’s doing a friendship bracelet knot lol

I really love your channel im a big fan i would love if you decorate my room but i think it would be impossible because i live in the philipines.anyway this was very emotional video because my uncle died too but its ok and great vid as always

What’d the best way to contact you guys?


Age: tween tween is not an age it's a stage lol

Can you guys do my room??? It kinda needs help

My sympathies to Benett, my brother just passed away few days ago. I feel for her :(

I lost my younger sister in 2014. Bennett and family, you are not alone. Much love

0:37 damnn friken $100 bill in your pocket

Sooooo sweet

Do they do it for free?

Bless your souls, this makes my love for you as a channel grow so much more you never fail to suprise me on how amazing and compassionate you guys are! Thank you for giving people a reason to smile and relax someone’s space can impact their life and your giving people a hide away and I love that

I cried when Kate cried. If you’re reading this comment and you have a sister, consider yourself blessed because i grew up without one and its very lonely

0:15 she had a 100$ bill

I legit cried you guys are so good at decorating I bet it made Bennett’s day

Is she trans

I wish I could have Mr.Kate decorate my room omggg.. too bad I’m living in an apartment

That awkward moment when a tween is taller than you

why cant they say ikea

Did anyone else notice that sneaky lil 100 dollar bill peeking out of her pocket at the beginning

Aww so heartbreaking about her sister. May she Rest In Peace

Please do mine it’s really hard my room is very small and I can’t paint and i have to use command hooks

I love how you a hundred dollar bill in your pocket!XD

the waterworks started for me as soon as bennett was introduced.

lol didya see the 100$ in her pocket in the beginning of the vid

My sister wasn’t sposed to make it to her teens but she’s24 now her doctors keep saying she’s not sposed to make it

How do I get u guys to decorate my room!❤️ (I’m new)

I'm a weirdo

who else thought it was gonna turn out ugly and got shocked when they saw the final result

Hey i love ur videos soooo much ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ great video...I feel bad for her ):

where is that duvet cover frommmmm

Please do Derek Gerard

So many emotions were flowing throughout this video, I started crying with them

Who sees the 100 dollar in her pocket

Can you guys do my room

Ilysm you don't understand but I don't like your cheetah outfit but you do you girl❤

Wait can someone tell me why she calls herself MR Kate? I know that she’s a girl! So someone please explain.

OH m gosh, she and I have the same Bill Cipher pillow

Hi mr Kate my name is kale and my room at my moms house is well let’s just say really old and fallen apart so maybe if you can fix it I would love that please comment back thank you.

Mr. Kate just wondering why is it Mr.Kate but your a girl???

Mr. Kate I wish you could do my room

Hopefully when I am older I can see if y'all can do my room (may never happen) but I'm a diy girl. I Love LaurDIY, Paris, and just pops of color! If y'all did my room I would love for it to be a bit new/updated but last kinda country!!!

I live in Mississippi and I really want this room makeover but I think you guys are in California. Oh well. I’ll put my creative weirdo power to work. P.S. I want to give Bennett the biggest hug right now. She has gone through something that many people don’t go through and she has overcame it like a champ.

I LOVE THIS ROOM!!!! Can you come to my house and turn my junkyard of a room into a place where I can actually relax????

Can you do my room

NOO DON'T CRY love you Kate

Mr. Kate I rlly wish u can do my room but probably can’t bc I live in Paterson I’m so sad but at least I get too watch u design and make amazing rooms

Mr. Kate ❤️

Mr. Kate great

Mr. Kate I would love to have you come decorate my room when we move to Arkansas!!!!

Mr. Kate i wish you could help me with my look #createdweirdos

Mr. Kate I want you to do my room it’s cool but I know you can make it better #bestdecoratorever

Mr. Kate I’m sorry to ask but I would love to you to come over and decorate my room I’m 11 and my dad died when I was 7 and my room was the last place he slept and I really want you to come so thank you if you can and bye

I feel so bad for bennet and her family

My name is a tree to willow

I am crying this is so sad!!

When the cat was suddenly there

*the swedish mega-store*

Her sister passed away omg noooo

Mr Kate, do you have a DIY way to make a white french provincial photo frame look?

I'm so confused by the Mr. Kate thing...

Did anyone else wonder where her funko pop figures and mlp stuff went?

23:31 kate ur soooo pretty

I love the room!

Why she called mr Kate

My thought process while watching these videos: Oh that looks super cute I should redo my room! *looks up* Oh,I room is 10 foot by10 foot

No I am not binge watching this at three AM in the morning he he.....

I wish you guys could do my room

Rip A ❤️❤️

Haha, they left the 95c sticker on the popcorn containers/pen holder. This is such a great cause, redoing kid’s bedrooms. Go Mr. Kate!

Can you come do my room

She has the same desk as me !!!!


Is getting ur room done cost money and how much

Awww she said boobye

i also want a one bedroom but i can't have it :(

You made me cry when you started tearing

Anyone else cry? Just me? Ok.



Wonder how much this stuff costs. Because I want a room makeover lol.


I hope her big sister wil R.I.P.


I'm redoing my room...

Can you pls do Shane Dawson’s house??


Why can't you just say IKIA???

I wish you could come and do my room me and my family just moved into a new house so it’s a fresh clean slate

8:11 ghost eggg spoooooooooooooopy

"Go play your mom a song or somthing"

Did anyone else repeat when Joey said sorry for accendentliy make Kate cry

You guys are so nice and caring the things you do are really inspiring # creative weirdos!

I see these and just wish that could happen to me.

One like equals one Prayer for Bennetts sister.

Since I was in 4th grade and I’m planning on getting my AA in high school and I’m doing great. The state I live in you need 2 language credits of the same language and 4 math credit and this year I’m taking Spanish and Algebra 1 so I have 2 credits already and my senior year I’m taking college classes and in my state if you get your AA in high school the school pays for you to go to any college in our state and I’m going to the art institute of Tampa

my room next? haha

I love Bennett's story my dad actually passed away when I was only 8 years old.

+Natalie Aguilar Thank you for your reply it is pretty hard to move on without him but things will get better.

aww I'm Soo sorry about your lost

Ahhhh! I wish I can have one of these makeovers! #creativeweirdo MR.KATE IS AMAZING

In the intro she has a hundred dollars bill in her pocket

I wish you can decorate my room! ❤️

0:39 the one hundred dollar bill in kates pocket

Very cute. I really like the bed shelf thing. The tree is very sweet

Can you do my room?

of course I start crying tooooooo!!

Does anybody realize that at 0:39 Kate has a 100 dollar bill in her pocket?

0:11 Did anyone notice the 100 dollar bill in her pocket?

Hi all you creative weirdos and the founders of it! I am no longer a tween but I am a teen and I know you normally do room transformations for tweens but I’ve been living in this house for about 3 years and I have 0 space for anything in my room which leads to a clutter and my color scheme is not pretty. I would really appreciate if y’all could come on down to North Carolina and fix up my room! I love y’all!

0:32 that 100 DOLLA BILL, like when you see it

There was a lot of love put into this design. I can see that. Beautiful room. I know Bennett will really enjoy it.


why do u call urself mr.kate

Can you do your room

Hey! I absolutely love your show!❤️ Just wanted to say my birthday is coming up and I’m saving up money for to redecorate my room and I’m going to do a video on YouTube soon for you guys to see what my room looks like! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on how much I would love seeing you guys!

Being a younger sister I could not imagine what losing my older sis would be like. What a strong and beautiful young lady. How inspiring you both are, amazing room for a darling girl. You guys made her so very happy. Love you.

i wish she could do my room

Please do my room

I was thinking of asking you to help me redecorate my room when I turn 13 but I live in Florida

Do you come to other places other than California?

In the into she’s just subtly flexing that $100 in her pocket

do Emma chamberlain

Can you make patches because my mom lets me collect patches and I wanna put them on my backpack

Lol in the beginning of the video you can see a 100 dollar bill in her front pocket

Kate- you are looking great :)

We still believe in Joey two rollers

That was so cute and you did a great job i wish i could do my room as good as that

I seriously love this

Dem dollar bills just sticking out of the pocket

I wrote a letter for Mr. Kate except I have no idea where to send it! Please help me

will you please come do my bedroom!!!?

This is so emotional for me, my sister died from an undeserved cancer too. However, she died when I was very young so I don’t remember her much.

This is such a transformation from her old room. I want to do redecorate my room too. Do you think you could help?

Can I just say you are SO. CUTE.

I would love to have my room decorated by you guys

Vary nice a sweet Grow with light in your heart and love in you soul.

The first thing that I realized is that she had $100 in her pocket

Hi my love mr Kate! I absolutely feel like this one was my favorite. Her story was so important, and special. I cried too, yikes this one was hard for me. I am a big sister too, and I lost my mom.... And I can’t tell you how important my lil sister is to me. What a beautiful story. You and Joey are two of the sweetest most talented, loving human beings. I just love you guys !

You can see the 100 dollar bill in mr.Kates pocket in the intro

I fr need you guys to come redo my boyfriend and I’s room


I wish you could do my room like omg

I love the painting. I think that it's really sweet how you incorporated the idea of Arbor and spent time actually creating a beuatiful painting.

Hi Mr. Kate i was wondering if you guys travel to other states

i feel like this one looked more like a before than an after

Omg this is so cute. I love all the ideas !!

Kate. Is there anyway you can actually go to New York to Help me????

You are so creative and ever since I was like 8 I have always wanted to be an Intirier designer and this awesome vidio gavee me one more reason to be one in the future love your videos and how you make people happy!

My brother goes to the art institute in Pittsburgh

Bennetts sister is in a better place now R.I.P

Can u do my room

You should decorate a gaming based room because you don’t that yet and a lot of people love to game and could take ideas

Mr. Kate cry

Mr. Kate I have a question the people house do not pay for you by decorating the room

Mr. Kate I wish that you can come to my apartment and decor my room I sleep with my sister we are moving house to apartment

did her sister die!? because you kept saying that u made that diy with the tree to keep her sisters memory alive....Did she die!?!?!?!

Mr. Kate I really want you to make my room better! I love your videos I hope you see this comment ❤️ I have a hard time keeping my room organized so I need your help please reply back to me when you see this❤️

We love u tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you please do me and my sisters room.btw we share a room

Mr. Kate May you please come in my room I really have a lot of mess in my room am I try to clean it up can’t really I need some decorations in here so if you can please come that would be the lightly nice so thank U thank U very much Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate hey how much is it roughly to get you guys to decorate my room ? X

i want you to do my room

What a great room! Congrats on the awesome room and best wishes to Bennett.

I hope Bennett will follow her dreams I am so sorry for her loss and I hope she pushes through the rough time

Can you please come and redo my room? I've never been good at decoration , I don't live in LA but I live in Idaho please come and decorate my room

I became a creative weirdo

Mr. Kate?

I want you to do my room but im in the ph

I share my room with my mom

Did she get lip injections

Aww you are a total romadol love u

I literally have a pair of those pink crocs that my friends bought for me as a joke hahahaha

I love this video

I loooovvvvvveeeee mr kate

Hi mrkate my name is sessalie. ever since may I’ve been evacuated from my because the lava I wish you lived on the big island because you are such an increible human being and you are my favorite YouTuber and such a inspiration to me. P.S maybe you can draw a beach or a active volcano landscape. One of your many creative weirdos .sessalie

Kate has a hundred dollar bill sticking out her pocket in the beginning

Oh my god you had me crying


Is it just me or is everyone staring at the $100 in Kate’s pocket in the beginning

Mr. Kate honestly we really need more people in the world like you and your Husband ❤ wish you could come to England one day ❤

this makes me want to redecorate my room and see how bad i fail in decorating

How do you get too a room done by you


not being rude but why exactly is her name mr. kate? shouldn’t it be mrs kate or just kate?

I’m so glad I found ur channel

I wish I got my room decorated,,,, I love Mr.Kate’s style

I’m bohemian

You should have a netflix show!

Aww! Her reaction was so cute! I love seeing how a little money can go a long way! Your so good at your jobs! I need one of these bedroom makeovers!

Play bloxurg

I wish y’all could do my room it’s so small and I get a little jealous wacthing all these transformations

I really just want to pull that $100 bill out from her pocket

wish you and your family nothing but love bennet! your room is beautiful

Love the 100 dollar Bill's in ur pocket

Your glowing Kate.. can’t wait to see a Nursery

Would you ever do a place in Chicago

The Moss Soccer ball DIY is cool except the Moss could just fall on you while your sleeping

I thought the picture was gonna be like them hugging or something but the tree thing was rlly cute

Is this free my mom was asking

My wish is you guys too decorate my room and my sister we are in the same room we are goin to move to a apartment

Hey Mr.Kate my mom has very little money and I've always wanted a beach themed room. I really would like if you could come and design my room. I have always been supportive of my mom and always wish I could help her. My mom struggles a lot with money if their is any way u could help design my room it would mean the world I'm a 6th grader and I am 11 years old my name is summer please please help me get my dream room

omg the sponsor! i attend the art institute of indianapolis and it is closing down :/ kinda sucks but i’m graduating in december! right before they close their doors. love interior design!

Is me it me or does she look like an older Bella Thorne!!!

I want them to do me and my kids room

This room is AMAZING

Do they give u the money to do it

Ik this has nothing to do with the video but I got a Supernatural TV show ad before the video and started crying. Then I continued crying all throughout the video and by the end I was having a mental breakdown.

All I saw in the beginning was the hundred dollars in her pocket

why is it mr and not ms?

**sees 100 dollar bill popping out of pocket** me:hmmm ** piches computer trying to take 100 dollar bill out of her pocket**

I donated 83 dollars to the Leukemia fund raiser!

Omg I love u soooo much and if I met u I would cry

Oh my gosh when she cried I cried

I am 11

But she is still here

I almost lost one my sisters she had nuts and she is deathly allergic to them but it was on accident

You should go to Shane Dawson’s house

My Queen!

I can’t even begin to express How much I Love your videos!!! And seeing your soft heart shine through just makes me Love You More!!! This was soooo Sweet!!! Thank You for such Inspiration and Being such loving people that share your love with others!!!

Can you come over to me?

Please do my room mine has not been fixed from 20011

How much do u guys coast (not saying I want u to do it just want to know prices)

I love the 100$ bill sticking out of your pocket in the intro

Am I the only one thought the title said 'Twin Bedroom on a Budget'.....? :3

Why is her name mr.kate

Why is her name me.kate

why is it mr instead of mrs not being mean i just dont understand

I wish you could do my room! But I don’t live in LA:(

My name is Kate too

Her house must look so nice

lol. her outfit sorta goes with the room...

Come do my room!! I just got a house!!

I see that $ in ur pocket

I cryed when kate started crying

Kate crys, i cry instantaneously

I so would want them to do my room

0:23 did you see that 100 in her pocket

Hey Mr.kate (: My name is Lisette and I share a room with my sister. We both have different styles, I also enjoy your channel. I was hoping that you can visit Chicago and try remaking our room.! It isn't big like everybody else's room but I think we can do something :3 I am 1 year older than her. I enjoy aesthetics (sunset, plants, lights, and tapestries) and I have my own art wall and it means a lot to me.. so may you consider try going to Chicago? If so thanks c: (P.s i'm a total creative weirdo.)

What happened to her??!!

I love alisha marrie

At 0:40 you could see an 100 dollar bill in her pocket

I would make the thing with the strings but uhh... I don't have trees to get a stick from.

Why is it a Mr

1....2...3........creative weirdos


Can u do my room ????

The detail with the clefs the staff and the notes were so cute on the tree! Edi:t I'm such a music nerd

My sister went to the art institute for him college

The $100 bill at the beginning

I keep crying in the middle of the video for no reason

Why is she called MR. KATE

You can find this is a backyard by you... Me: yass queen

How do we ask you to do our room ~like if you agree~ [to: mr.kate] ps please read.

my dad when to that school for cooking

Love you so much

What is tween? Sorry i speak Spanish gracias si me ayudan

Can you decorate my room

“Swedish super store” you mean ikea

You should do Coleen ballingers nursery

Ther are way more unfortunate tweens out there but this girl had pianos and other things

Mr Kate should do more with kids

I wish o have a makeovers

Mr. Kate omg this is so sad

HI have yall ever done a kitchen redecorate

Can you fix my room please

the Mack life THATS RUDE!

Why do me and my boyfriend have the same secret handshake?!?!

Mr. Kate awesome job. My fav was the

Mr. Kate o

Mr. Kate how do u send u a video to u to do other kids rooms

Felicidades querida Pareja! Seguid despertando corazones con vuestra creatividad! Un Abrazo y Adelante.

I REally want you to come to Australia Becuase me and my sisters have to share a room and even if u did we have a messy room

Okay, but why does Kate remind me of Halsey?

One hundred

wait did she call IKEA a swedish mega store

Who calls IKEA a "Swedish Mega Store"

I know I'm only 11 (and a half of corse) but I dont know of I want to be a comedian, interior designer, volleyball player, and a couple other things

Im cryinh

Awww so sweet of Kate of bringing back the moments of her sister Into the room I hope mr Kate comes and makeovers my bedroom please me Kate please

I always wanted to be like you and be an interior designer but I didn't know where do learn that. But I saw ur sponsor and quickly wrote the website down and went I go to college I will go there... HOPEFULLY! I LOVE UR VIDS! :D I GO TO COLLEGE IN ABOUT 6 YEARS! CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO ART INSTITUTES! YAYAY


I need this!! My room is super small and just a big mess. No matter how hard I try it can never look like a proper nice bedroom

In the intro you Can see $100 bill in Kates pocket

6:41 Using this comment to find my where I was in the video

FOUR MINUTES IN AND IM SOBBING! I'm so happy you're here to make this a special place for them.

Can u guys do my room?!

Can u decorate my room Lol

Ugh i wish she could decorate my room !

Casually keeps 100 dollar bill in pocket

#StrengthForBennett ♥️

I started getting so sad because I love my family and I wouldn’t want to not have my siblings by my side

U guys did a great job

Awww she deserved it and on budget great job never let yourself down and I love you bennet

So cool Happy for her

Quick question is Bennet a girl name and is she transgender

ok i have been subscribed for a while yet still dont know how to send a submition video. so if anyone can help me thank :D

Could you start like doing kids rooms in different states please

#my birthday is coming up in October 3rd im turning 14 years old lol and my room needs a big makeover the walls are ugly and the floor i never have friends over I like to have a canopy my bed is to big i like light dream purple and dream blue

Will u do my bedroom lollol

Joey is an Aries isn't he?

Aww this was so emotional, I loved this and the room came out beautiful AS ALWAYS

Does any body see the 100$ in her pocket in the beginning of the video

She sounds like miranda sings while crying and talking

The sweedish store is called ikea

you are awesome

You should do Emma chamberlain

my birds just died :'( my room is just awful the paint is chipped it feels empty and also feels messy would you help me D: also looks super great gj

I wish you can do my room

mr.kate I was wondering do you charge people for the rooms when you do the buget because me and my parents (well my mom) were wondering? plz reply when you can

I live the casual $100 bill in her front pocket in the intro.

Are you married

i wish it was mine

i love the room

Hi I'm Brooklyn I love the soccer ball and I love your diys I think you should have a personal channel like just diys and stuff like that I mean if you think so like the comment if you think so to and comment on it if you think that Mr. Kate did a good job

Am I the only one that noticed the $100 in her pocket

0:37 she tries to flex with having a $100 bill in her pocket

I wish u would decorate my room too. I just moved here from india

so we're going to ignore the fact that she has a couple hundred dollar bills in her pocket in the first part of the video

Omg i couldn't live in my sister that passed room

Kate sounds like Miranda sings when she cries lol

Wow that was amazing my room is boring to I wish u can do that to my room keep up the good work

Can you come to are house by the way I'm meili

I’m a weirdo too! I love being a weirdo!

Hi mr. Kate I am Brooke Hendon I am looking to update my room and kinda make it more tumblr. I would love for you to help me turn it into a rosegold room. I live in newington ct. I love you sooo much

how do we contact you? or asking you any question?

I really want a room maker over for me and my sister, but I don’t know where to do the plan thing, I’m weird, sorry, plus I have 7 siblings, 6 brother, 1 sister, 3 of my brothers died ;/

Kate you NEED to READ TJIS COMMENT ITS URGENT My step dad bought the moon ring off your website my mom is going to email you! But it’s not good, it discolored and turned my finger green in about 8 hours! BUT I WANT YOU TO KNOWI LOVE THE RONG AND THE TIME YOU PUT INTO IT DONT LET AN EMAIL PUT DOWN YOUR FEELINGS!

One question.. who holds the camera

Age: Tween

I love your outfit

This is a quality natural stick, find in a backyard near you! - Mr Kate

Can u plz do my room and my sister has atisum and I really want u to do my room

Hi Mr. Kate I love your channel and I love being a creative weirdo in my free time and I would appreciate it if you would come here and decorate me and my sisters room we have different styles so it’s always been hard in one room I am 10 and she is 13

I cried within the first 57 seconds. And now im laughing. I LOVE MY PERIOD


What’s a tween bedroom?

I don’t want to offend anyone but I’m confused why is it Mr...... Kate why not Mrs kate?

I love y'alls handshake lol

A want a room like that

And I’m not trying to guilt you

I’m about to cry :(

Hey do you think that you can give my friend a room make over his brother died on Las Vegas shooting called 1 October and I would love to surprise him with a new room

I have that small lamp the one that has the little drips


Why does she have a 100 dollar bill in her pocket.... at the beginning.

Omg! Come do my house in Utah! I’m 30... but that’s cool,,,ya know...

I Bennent and her family lots of joy!!!!

Bennet is a cute name :)


00:16 she has a 100 in her pocket xD

I fell bad for her PLEASE ANROR HER SISTER

Oof I wish my room was this cool, I have faded blue walls, boring sheets, and a white desk. Lol.

How do you even email you guys

wtf is a tween??

I hope you can do my room

Am I the only one that cried

This was legit amazing I wish I had a bedroom like this but horse themed or art themed I love art and stuff so maybe art but this was AWESOME!

Did you get the cat from a couple in an apartment?

I’m sooo jealous of her room

Can you fix my room

Duvet covers are frickin annoying and SOOOO HARD TO WASH

0:11 that $100 bill tho

I LOVED THAT ROOM!!!! I wish I could redo my room

Can you please do my room I really need a makeover and I don’t know how to contact you

Mr.kate we love you we want to come over

I love ur channel and I don't mean to be rude but I just want to know why is it Mr. Kate and nit Mrs. Kate? I'm really, really, really sorry if that was a rude question to ask!

My twin sister past a away when we where seven

OMG you're hitting 3m soon!!

Mr. Kate sould i pop my piple ???

Hey mr.kate I also lost my sister so I can relate

Praying your family heals from this

Mr. Kate my cousin has lucamea

I wish you could do my room I’ve been trying to pull my room together for at least four years now

I hope all the best for Bennett's family and I wish all my love and support I also love you mr. Kate I love your work

Mr.Kate I don’t know how to send you a video but I would love if you do my room you are so amazing

Mr. Kate I

m Mr Mr. Mr. k Mr. ka Mr. Kat Mr. Kate Mr. Kat Mr. ka Mr. k Mr. Mr m

Heyyy Mr. kate luv u guys. .i m a big follower of you . you are stupendous & creative .

ok.... shes 14 THATS A TEEEEENNN

Pull the golden ticet every mounth

my bedroom is the babyish room ever with no space

Am i the only one who wonders what the people think when there is a cameraman in the room still? XD

I would die for her to renovate my room but she wouldn't even see this soooo.......

I bet you guys are getting jelous

Swedish mega store lol does she mean ikea

can u come do my room I leave in QLD Pittsworth Near Twoomber

I am so sorry for your loss :C

Joey is just trying to be like Kanye!

I can just imagine her house❤

You should do Emma Chamberlains new apartment living room or bedroom. She just moved in and she needs some serious help with it all..... like bad.....

I really need a room change my room is really depressing and needs a good makeover

28:00, PRICE TAG

"You can find at a backyard near you"

I lost my older sister aswell. Her son is ten years old so am I so I always feel like I have her with me. It's not fun without a sister and I love her so so so much.

Mr Kate how far do you go to do these videos?? Do you stay in California??


That’s a pretty good room makeover for just 300 dollars!!

So sad and heart warming !!! I wish that were me!! Not the whole sister thing though I love my sister!!!

Not gonna lie, I’m a bit confused after the thrift store run

I am so a creative weirdo

You 100 dollar dill is sticking out of your pocket

My room is so small y’all should come over bc uhhh I feel like Harry Potter

Y'all city folks are somthin else

Johanna do I get o hold of you bec we might be redoing my room but I also need your help like bennnets room

"natural stick"

Shouldn’t be Mrs. Kate?

The things she was picking out made me think.. "umm okay.... but mabey it will turn out nice...." Wonderful room love it and it even includes her sister❤

Did you see the hundred dollars in her pocket 0:38

I hate it when YouTubers think it is bad to cry or get emotional. These videos are real life, and on real life you need to cry every once in a while. I'm so happy for this new emotional video. What a beautiful transformation!!

Great now I’m jealous

so why is it MR KATE???

Omg this was posted on my birthday

How do I get my room done?

I’m crying eating my dinner right now

I LOVE YOUR INTRO! ❤️ #first #time #watching #you!

How much would my parents have to pay you to come to Delaware and do a bedroom on a budget for a teen and 7 year in one room???

Joey just kissing other people's cats.

My last name us Bennett

3:57 what is that in your pocket


I loved this episode, that family seems so special and amazing. I hope they have so many amazing years of joy and love.

I love how in the beginning theres just like a random $100 sticking out of her pocket, lmao

Pleaseee come to NY

I have a question why is your name mr. Kate not mrs. Kate or ms. Kate

I love this room!!

does anybody else see the $100 bill in her pocket at the begining

im still crying! such a beautiful episode! Im a big sister too!

0:42 did anybody else see the 100 in her pocket?

I loved the room the designs were awesome

Is that a 9 by 12 room

also am i the only one who gets jeaulous of this AMAZING decorations?like if your the same?!


in the beginning she has a hundred dollars in her pocket?????? huh

Did anyone else notice the 100 dollars in that woman’s pocket?

Can u huye do my room

Wait so did the girls sister pass away?

Am I the only one that was looking at the money the intire intro

Mr. Kate- I love decorating with gold so thanks for being such a winner Bennett- I think those are mostly for participation

0:39 can we just take a moment to realize that she just casually has an 100 dollar bill in her pocket lmao

I wish she did a budget in my room beacause I am having really hard time with the style of my room

Why is it Mr. late why not ms.kate or Kate

super cute

My room is getting redone

can you please do my room like omg

So sorry for Bennett

Loves it

3:18 its ok!!

The handshake killed meee

Does it cost money for Mr. Kate to do your room?

Didn't even remove the price tag from the popcorn holders. LOL

In her room that soccer ball that was in the basket next to her room if that soccer ball was a little piggy bank I Swear that used to be my brothers then xD

Anyone else see the 100 dollar bill in her pocket at the beginning of the video?

I Love that room wow im not a tween but i loved the style

Mr Kate great work

That kitty looks like my cat.... are they long lost sisters or something??

oH Oh I seE YOu , you hAvE A 100 BIllS iN uR pOckEt stIckINg oUT . DAmN maammI

I want to get my room decorated my her

OML is that my cats twin

She looks a bit like tana mongoose

Why can’t they say ikea?

you guys are amazing at your job I wish you can do my room

0:36 who saw that 100$ bill!

Why is Kate called mr Kate. Wait she’s a man? * Gasps* Illuminati confirmed

OMG anyone else notice that there is Harry Potter things on the desk....... just me ok

OMG,I started crying when I found out hr sister died...

You guys are amazing that’s so cool i’m going to try the moth soccer ball

I'm less than 2 minutes in and already crying...

Kate and Joey please do another Design vs. Design. I love you so much

Omg! this was beautiful. I love your channel. I just bought my boyfriend his own tractor trailer and you definitely gave me some ideas on how decorate for a man of course lol


Creative weirdos

That tree DIY is soso special, I got chills when you were talking about it. I hope Bennet and her family are doing okay

Can you do my Room

Oh my god this is one of the most BEST re-decorating EVER!!!

its $100 a month not a year XD

How do i contact u

Mr. Kate can you pls redo my room

My bedroom is so ugly it doesnt reflect who i am or what i like and i dont have any time to make it better and neither my parents but i keep my room as clean as i can even do i spent most of my time in my aunts house

I hope the best for Bennet I love her room u always make a great job like if any body agrees

She had a Dumbledore qoute in her wardrobe (before; of course it's happening inside your head. But why on Earth should that mean in isn't real)

My life hasn't been any where near that tragic. But would you PLEASE decorate my room. I know you won't see this but it would mean the world to me if you responded. Anything just to contact you, love you! -Ruby


Has anyone ever told you, you look like Bella Thorne???


-Warning- If you are sensitive of crying and/or you cry if someone does, Take caution before watching this. Also if you are emotional, still take caution! XOXO, Strawberry Tea!

Sooo lucky

Who knew decorating a room could be so emotional

Can she do my room lol

I don't wanna be rude but why is her name Mr. Kate when she is female

Did anyone see the 100 dollar bill in her pocket

You guys are dope I wish I could do this

Love it so much this is probably my favorite

I think you forgot to take off the price sticker off the popcorn, pencil holder

you can see a 100 bill in the girls pocket in the beginning

never thought of my eyes would got teary after watching an interior video

did anyone seethe stack of 100s in her pocket?

I need them

15:50 how does Joey understand that and remembers it? Lol

I'm having progress In my room to!!!

Can you redo my room pls

Would you guys come to Caldwell Idaho

“the Swedish mega store”

I'm so surprised of what a difference the then room and the after room have. I wish I could have my room decorated like that.

I’m new here! Are they married??

Instant sub


I wish I could get my room dine

Me wondering if they clean that stuff?


Why mr late if it’s a girl

What happened to or about arbour

Mr.kate can you do my unicorn room when i move?

Would you come to Chicago, Illinois to do my room? I want to get a new room! Would you come? If so, please reply.

Hi my name is eliseiye I wish u can diy my room because I just came back from gorge to go see my dad and now I live with my grandma so and I have asama sorry if I miss spell that but I came from the hospital that one of the reasons that I came back to Kansas so please come to my house and diy it

JEEZ GIRL I SEE A 100 dollar bill in yo pocket

You guys are really good! I am ready to do my room over soon, but I get my inspiration from you guys!

How can I contact you if I would want to

I was wondering if you could come to Florida and help me with my room

Came over from Morgan’s channel Please help this you tuber asap

I love benett's mom's shirt. It's a colourful totoro

Oh my gosh the mom in this video was wearing a Totoro shirt and I love the movie My Neighbor Totoro!!

now I wonder what they can do with my room

why is her name Mr KATE

that was stupid

I lost my sister

This is the first time I've seen this channel and I just loved the design. Especially knowing that Bennet is a Potter fan! I love that you help people out with redecorating their rooms. You definitely got a new subscriber!

How can I get u to do this? Lol pls

Bennet seems sweet!

Swedish mega store aka my home I LUV IKEA

I want you to do this to my room I HATE my room it’s SOOOO UGLY

Was it just me or did anyone see a brown thing at 24:03

I want a room like that

Sorry for your lost

Knock off Ikea: *swedish mega store*

Hey I’m going to the Art Institute in Dallas!!!!

Can u do that too my room??

0:34 is it just me or is anybody else just staring at the 100 dollars wishing I could have it

Not sure why this was in my recommended but I'm glad it was. Bennett's room is lovely, you two are really cool and you have yourself a new subscriber

How do I get Mr Kate to redo my room?! I REALLY NEED IT !

Im not jealous because my going rectorate my room so it is a suprise

Hey mr.kate I was wondering if you would ever come to Scotland and England/ Europe

i like it but it does seem a little plain for a tween girl. to each their own though!

I LOVE HOW SHES JUST HAS A 100 dollar bill in her pocket

plz come to south africa and do my room over or just give ma advise i'm 12 years old [girl]

You sound Like Miranda sings when you cry. Not to be mean but still sad

Today my mum's friends died. That friend of my mum's had a sister that my sister knew.

Just sayin the mom looks like shes trying too hard just cuz she's on comera .-.

Did anyone else see the 100 bill in her pocket?!?

Omg! The room got so pretty! I would’ve done anything to get my room converted by you guys

Why would u dislike this

At 22:10 that’s my couch

Can you go to my ants house can You decorate my room in Canada. In 2020

did you know kate the art institute is a big scam

Mr. Kate can you please Do my room

Who is her sister?

Kate and Joey you guys are the best! You guys did an amazing job putting together this special and beautiful room. Prayers for Bennett and Her Family! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Mr. Kate oh my heart, being a mom I just couldn't imagine. I sobbed for every reason possible during this video. What a lovely young lady and wishing all her dreams come true

I cried! Can not imagine not having my sister. More inspiring videos like this and videos with people with disablites.

Can u do my room how much does it cost pleaseee

Mr. Kate hoi

I think I have such a coincidence in my life- My boyfriend is an architect and I’m an interior designer

Who else cringed when Kate kept on taking her hand of the wheel while driving

When her getting emotion about the older sister was more heartfelt that Laura Lees apology

Did anyone notice the price sticker still on the red popcorn cup at 28:02

Kate's my spirit animal ☺

Why is she called “MR” Kate ?

Am i the only one who was low key bothered by the fact that the price sticker was still in thd popcorn basket

It was emotional.

lol when you can't mention names so you just call it swedish superstore xD


Her old bed room is much nicer than mine

I wish you could do my room

She was SH0️⃣

Also when I was in 6th grade my oldest sister passed away with a rare blood disease I was the only kid not really given anything of her to remember the only thing I had was a poster me and my other sister made she got some of her ashes and my brother got a whole picture frame I don’t live with my mom anymore but I want my room to have a remembrance of her but Idk how to do that without anything if her

I would love you guys to do my room my family has been through so much this year I have lived in this house for only a year and it’s not coming together how I would like my parents are struggling in money so it’s been very hard to complete my room I wish someone with the talents that u guys have could complete it for me

this video really got to me because i lost my sister in 2015 febuary 28 due to suicide like in fact if you seach up carla jamerson on google u woiuld find her it was on the news i really love you guys thanks for making me always happy..

When Lia said that Arbor is a tree, who really really really wanted Kate to make a tree DIY? I know I did

Wealthy control extreme shoulder reveal interested tuck hunt valley.

Okay the fact that she pulled a gden ticket that was everything

Oh my God I had a breakdown when Kate started crying

Rip Arbor ❤️

I’d like cry if you transformed my room.

Do you guys charge money to do the rooms? If so, how much??

When you look at Kate then the girl, Kate looks super short. Like this if you agree

I want you to so mine

Why is her name mr. Kate?

I would love for u to do my room when I move

She's faking it

Do my room

0:35 there's just a casual 100 dollar bill in her pocket

Sponsored by ai, when most of the schools are closing...

hi how i wish you can decorate my 7 year old daughter ,im a single mom me, and my daughter are sharing a room she has her own little space that need help decorate .. please please help

When they say bye, they dont leave cuz the camera is still filming them after “they leave”

But i still love your vids

I wish I could do something like that

Who saw the hundred dollar bill in her pocket at the begging like if u saw it XD

When Kate cries I cry

Watching this made my heart feel so good and right. I, too, am a little sister just like Bennett. I cried the same time Kate did in this video. I love how our emotional vulnerability and our compassion makes us more beautiful people. What’s inside really radiates and penetrates deep into other people and I’m glad Mr. Kate chose Bennett for this makeover. Bennett, you deserve this so much. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you and your family, but stay strong and may your lives be filled with much love and happiness because I’m sure that’s what your sister wants for you guys. Sending love from the Philippines xxoo

I like the 100 dollar bill in her pocket during the intro

It’s a little strange to think people were laying down on your carpet and kissed or maybe it’s just me

Did anyone see the 100 dollar bills in her pocket


The Ai came to my school last week for everyone in our aoit academy to know where they could go so we can continue being creative weirdos

Kate, I love how you are so genuinely a good-hearted gal. This makeover episode made me cry, and I just love how it turned out. Just goes to show that art comes from a very strong emotion. You guys are such good people. ♥️

OMG. You really brought out her hobbies!it looks amazing!it was really a emotional video!love your channel!like if you agree

Soooo jelous I'm new to this channel and was wondering if you do this for free or they pay you to do it. it's such a amazing transformation wish you could do it for my room!

my mom decorated my room and repainted it she got a bunch of new decorations which I went shopping with her to see if I like them or not I picked the paint the stencil all that I did help with my room but she put all the stuff in my room reorganized it and I came home and it was all done and it was so amazing there was still some little things I had to sort out but it was amazing

You need your own show!

I saw 100 dolls in your pocket




Hey Mr. Kate!! I'm thinking about redesigning my room to a boho ocean themed room and I was just wondering if you had any tips thanks so much I love you guys

I wish you could do this for my friend and her sisters....

I love ur vids

I would love if you guys decorated my room for my 15 birthday it looks like a 12 year old bedroom lol

0:38 just casually has a 100 dollar bill in her pocket

Kates facial expression at 14:20 is hilarious

When my mom gets us a house next summer, can you do my room?? Lol

Does anyone know what store she got that comforter from. If you do please tell me

0:33 Anyone see a hundred dolla bill In her pocket. Like if you see it........

i NEED my room done u should see it XD

Do you have to pay for you to do it

I have that cover at 13:27

“ I don’t know what to say, uberljdh” sorry it was just funny And also, who noticed the 100 dollar bill in her pocket, like if you did

I love her room good job

Ok I'm definitely a wriedo but I'm not creative please do my room :)

Hey I haven't been watching you alot but me and my twin our switching rooms I want you to help us maybe you can help it would be awsome I live in texas we like diys,boho,glam we are switching becuase my older sister just went of to collage hopefully you can do it I don't have insta or Twitter or snap so I can't send a vid I have muscly I want a nice room day animal is a giraffe becuase it was my mom's fav animal it's rough with out a mom she passed away when I was i was 5 so I don't have a mom to help but you don't have to come it would really make me happy and I want some painting because my older sister loves painting she has her own galley in her dorm and there was one in her room

i wish you could do my room i would be so happy if you could

R.I.P Arber :(

The money hanging out her pocket though!

Poor Girl, i could never imagine losing my sister

I need you guys

Bennett is ugly........

Oh my goodness I looooovvvveeeeee this room!!!! I totally wish that you could do mine! Love you guys!!!!

I want the gravity falls pillow

i wish my thirt store !!!

I'm going to move in to a room and need to decorate and discluter my stuff can you help me out

Did you leave the 25¢ sticker in the red popcorn cup?

you guys my channel sucks hers is better but if you wanna see its called jose montejo slime and its gonna be thr fist video that pops up

Bennetts gonna watch this in a few years and gonna be like ,,wth did I wear"


My Grandma (that I never met) died of leukemia also a family dog that I also never met died of leukemia Edit; not asking for likes I just had a connection

This channel is amazing!!! And also may I just add that Kate, you are GORGEOUS!!!

#creative weirdo

0:33 why u carryin 100 dalla bills in yo pocket mr Kate

OMG I love your videos u are so talented! I have been trying to decorate my own room for SO LONG but I never get around to it lol

Hi my name is BriAshay and I have a little sister and we share a room I am a freshman in high school and she is in 2nd grade and I really want a older girl looking room but then again something cute for her as well I live in Knoxville Tennessee and I would really appreciate if you could come and transform our room

In the begin when you say on a budget you see a 100 dollar bill from the side view

Such a cool room.

Who els sees the 100 dallor bill in her pocket

You are so pretty xxxx

4:00 there’s money in her pocket

Ugh my bday is at the end of September. I wish Mr Kate could come renovate my room. That you'll be a DREAM come true. They probably won't be able to because I live in a different state. :(

Your intro never gets old

Swedish superstore that starts with an i and ends with an a

Hi Mr Kate I love your videos so much i have been in the same house, same room, same stuff. and my house is pretty boring already and i always try to make my room better but i cant can you please help me.

I wish you guys an come to my room it’s so small but it isn’t what me and my sister like

Omg I am a tween! Can you do my room!?

Mr.Kate will you please do my room?

Mr. Kate first do we have to provide the money for the budget Two how do I submit a video I really want you to do my room plz reply I want to know!!!!!

not trying to be rude or any thing im just saying when you started crying you kinda sounded like miranda sings again not trying to be rude

I love how you made her happy again

Sorry no one has died in my fam so I dontknowhow it feels vutimvery

Mr. Kate I am your new subscriber and I just moved far from my old house and me and my sister would love if you would come redo our new room and make it like us

Zdid anyone notice they didnt take the price sticker off of the popcorn?

At 28:00 when u find out where your fellow wizards are at

Shister shane is S

Such a beautiful transformation for a great girl! I could not imagine losing my older sister. She's literally my best forever friend

15:15 - 15:54 was so cool! I loved how you drew Kate's explanation on the wall.

kate shopping is so me

"and this ur... natural stick..."

my biggest dream is for mr kate to decorate my room


When she called me a creative weirdo, I was offended, and then I realized that part of it was true. True part: I’m a weirdo.

You guys are so amazing does it cost anything to ask you to do a room

Am I the only one that sees the $100 bill in her pocket 0:32

I love the way you decorate on budget ❤

Pls come to my house

A natural stick, where you can find at a backyard near you!

Don’t go to AI they are being shut down all over the US for fraud.

At 0:35 you can see a $100 bill sticking out of her pocket LoL

Can we just appreciate…that highlight on mr. Kate…

How do I contact u to come to my house for a makeover it is honestly very hard for me to organize because it always doesn't look good when I clean and I love your videos

At first I didn’t like the soccer ball

imagine milla was her sister

I spot a scrump :)

U just see the 100 dollar note in her pocket

I really wanted her to get the brass H behind her in the thrift shop for the little girls sister

Hey Mr.Kate I need you help getting my room nice and neatly organized I would love for you to do it. My parent are trying to do it them selves but it’s a long process. I share a room with my little sister btw

“I think they’re mostly participation” MEEEE

I love how she just has a 100 dollar bill sticking out of her pocket at 0:36

00:40 you can see a 100 dollar bill in her pocket


She had a 100 dollar bill in her pocket

You 2 are so cute.

Not trying to be disrespectful but the art institutes ripped off my brother and sister and made them pay way more than they needed to and so be careful

can you do this for me please

is this for free?

I want you to do my room

Can you come and re-decorate my room?

You should do a collab with Bratayley

Ikea start with a I need with a a

Its like this room was made for me !

I want that room

I'm so sorry about your sister Bennett

are they not allowed to say ikea?


nobody else saw the 100 in her pocket at that start. im sorry im mad broke xD

How do we get in touch with y’all

I neeeeeeeed this my room is soooo tiny and so hard to maintain

Why is her name MR.kate

*how do I sign up*

Why is is mr. Kate instead of mrs.kate?

I wish that you guy do my room but my mom and dad said when I am older because I just did it myself

Bennett is my friends last name

WOW I love this video! I wish I had a room that good! Love your channel

Not hating it being rude but why are you called MR Kate but your a girl?

this video was the best 33 minutes of my life.

i need her to decorate my room wtf


I wish u guys could’ve gave me a new roommakeover and my room is a mess

Who saw in 1:50 the Lilo stitch doll

hey hyd

Is it me or does she look like jennifer saunders???

I don't like it

LOL she has $100 Fill in her pocket

Can you go to tessa neting

Omg! You Guys Should Come Over To My House/ Room

Is this for Free

I literally just found your channel today and omg I need your help with my room ;-;

Wait is mr Kate gay cuse she’s a girl and it’s suppose to be mrs kate

0:15 the hundred dollar in her poket

the $100 in ur pocket in the beginning haha lol

mooooooom! can we do one of these? Mom: ....when you're 18 : ) oh ok

Where did you get Bennett’s bedding? I love it!!

Anyone see the $100 in her pocket

Wow, this is my first video I saw, at first I thought it wasn't gonna look all that good until I saw the room finished

this room still felt childish. like the soccer stuff and all those things felt what a child would put in their room

The before and after is one of the best parts of the video

How far do they travel to do these?

Come do my room!!

Those tears were realer then Laura Lees.

Why is your name mr.kate aren't you a girl

Anyone else realize the 100 dollar bill in her pocket at 0:11?

What I love about this room is how Kate kept in mind her sister arbor but she didn’t constantly but things in the room that are reminding her of arbor and kept it fun and happy for bennet

How do you get them to come to your room/home

Hello my name is Emerson and I am 11 I would love for you to transfer my room if you are interested you can either text me on Snapchat or Instagram my Snapchat is surfergirl644 and my instagram is emersonedixon1 it would be a dream for you to transfer my room it is just a mess

*has 100 dollar bill sticking out of pocket* She’s *on a budget*

Is that an average sized bedroom! Mines like half that size ive got no space what so ever

100 dollar bill in here pocket in the bigining

0:32. Girl you gots a hundred dollar bill sticking out of your pockets

Everyone who gets a room makeover from you guys are so lucky. My life has honestly gone down hill, we got kicked out our old house, which was really small and I had to share a room with my special needs sister, and all my other siblings were in there all the time, the room got destroyed. I know you’ll probably never see this. But I really wish somehow we could find a house in our area and you help design the bedrooms. I mean I know that I should be thankful for what I do have. But really, our family has nothing. We are currently living with my aunts family, in a two bedroom house. It isn’t fun. And it’s very stressful. And we’ve gone through so much, and everything’s just getting worse.

Y is ur name Mr Kate when ur a female like it you agree

It annoyed me that she didn’t say IKEA

Aww when she said bye bye I thought that was adorable

Mr. Kate I really wished you could do my room i wish i could change it

Mr. Kate can u do my room

Hi! I'm new and have question... why is ur name mr kate? u seem like a grl 2 me? IF UR TRANS FORGIVE ME AND FORGET I EVER ASKED U DAT u seem like a cool bean! das what i call my yt fans but sadly ur not one WAHHH

So i have been in a situation to where i am constantly in my room when i can be, im not happy with the way my room looks and feels. Thanks for reading this, my name is Anna, im 15 and i need your help.

Mr. Kate do you guys think you can come to England because me and my family are moving and I would love u guys to do my room we moved to this house because my mum loved it and wanted to move in but she died of cancer recently it was on her wish list but if u could come to England that would be amazing if u could please email my name is kelis thank u xx

We love a Harry Potter Stan!!

I hate that painting so much

Cooking oil?

These people are actually Lucky I don't even have A room and I have to sleep With my mom even tho I moved out I already made it to middle school All my wishes for my birthday was at least To get my own room I really hope someday I would get one and a new phone because mines my mom Doesn't pay for it

How can I get them to remodel my room?


If y'all ever watched American horror story season 3 Mr. Kate kinda reminded me of Misty

28:02 the sticker

U just gained a new sub:)

The fact that the Institute of Art is a sponsor is actually great. As a senior in high school and having to decide on what I want to do and with the pressure I decided to enroll in this school that's still in my state. As a child, I remember always painting cardboard boxes and decorating doll rooms. As well as watching HGTV all the time with my dad and I just found it exciting to go along with the shows. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do until I found your channel here on Youtube like 2 years ago, that's when I truly felt like I had the motivation to take this dream and go for it. Thank you, Mr. Kate, for actually getting me into this journey of truly finding what I always wanted to do and making me feel confident enough.

Dem eyebrows doe 00:59

Did anyone notice the 100 dollar bill peeking out of her pocket at the beginning?

i wish my room would get redone !! this room looks great and beautiful love it sm

Did anybody see the 100 DOLLOR BILL IN HER POCKET!!! 00:11

i literally started crying

Please make my room

Dont be rude be like Mr.Kate

How do u do a submission video??

I could never imagine living without my brother

Am I the only one that cried❤️❤️

Im sorry thats so sad

I see where she’s coming from it’s very emotional I have 3 sisters and one brother and I’m the oldest of all of them and I don’t know what I would do without them. I’m proud to be one of the 4 girls I’m proud of all my sisters it’s hard cuz they help me get through a lot .

How does Joey keep up with Kate’s hand signals?

she really milked that she liked music and soccer. im sure the words "she really likes music, so" were said like 20 times

y would we want to follow u if u dont even follow us back..... like duh


It okay to cry because it shows your feelings so we can make u happy

I cried too lol

At 27:16 theres a doll in da closet at the top

Its literally 20 seconds into the video and im sobbing

Would u do something out of the country

Is it free???

:( so sad I am so sorry that's tratic

I love these videos! How do I contact

How can I get u guys to do my room?

If I email you will You do my room plz

Why is it mr.kate not trying to be rood or disrespectful at all

Can toy plz come do my sister and It's room... We share one and its just to crazy.

Can you do mines I’m about too move im going to be a 11 on September 26 and I will love you guys to come while there’s barely any stuff there

I wish y could do my room I'm 12 and I still have dolls and I just need an update but love y'all

Omg are you ever in Oregon because I live by Mt. Hood and when my dad built the house, he made a very intense wood theme and hes a hunter so I have to keep my room wood and nature themed too but we struggle finding something that (i) a 13 year old would like and its gets so frustrating!! I really need your help! Btw I'm in love with what you do it's incredible what you can make on a budget so small! LOVE YOU LOTS! --Diana

I've heard of you guys before but hadn't seen a video until it came up as a suggested video, today. I just wanna say first off "WOW", secondly I'm also a big sister (I have a little/big brother, he's 6ft 100000inches lol and I'm 5'3 and 3/4, but I'm eldest). This made me very emotional watching it and I just thought what you did incorporating the painting was incredible and so beautiful. Subscriber gained!

0:36 I love that she has a hundred dollar bill just sticking out of her pocket.

She looks like Jeffree Star

Am I the only one who noticed the Gravity Falls pillow? I want that!

Amazing work you two. The details whilst editing are nicely done, as always.. Everything from joey's dancing to the ball roll. Each and every video is special. You presence of you both never fails to brighten up spirits and bring upon laughter, comfort, creativity, and pure joy. The love you both have for each other makes me incredibly happy as is always lovely to see. Bennett is so deserving of this. Her maturity, humility, and her gratefulness definitely brings you at awe. I am glad she was chosen for this project. Side note: totally thought the moss at 19:50 was kale.. (to maybe snack on? lol)

Uhh why can’t you do mine

Wait Mr. Kate????

This is such a kind thing for Mr. Kate to do! This probably made Bennett so happy despite what's going on in her life. This is such a nice way to remember her sister. Mr. Kate is a legend! *P.S.* If Mr. Kate feels like helping out a broke girl in college that lives in MA, please hmu! Lol

Don't cry! Have some cookies!

Did anyone else think that when she crys and talks she sounds like Miranda sings

Was that a LL Cool J snippet there

I thought the football decor would be tacky and a misrepresentation of Bennet but yet again Mr. Kate succeeds! It turned out great! Wonderful makeover and video. I wish Bennet and her family all the best!

They are like alex and laur diy or lauren

Why are u a mr your a girl

Am I the only one who saw the one hundred dollars sticking out her pocket

I love your work

Does anyone else find the transformations satistfying?

Awww I cried when Kate started to cry

I was crying watching this because my brother died at the age of 1

God Bless her and her family. Great job, Mr. Kate :)

Can you make my room plz

You should do Annie Leblanc and Haley Leblanc like if you agree

Best wishes for Bennett and her fam!!

Mr. Kate can u come redo my room

Why did she sound like Miranda Sings when she was crying?

What is her email

bro that wooden moss soccer ball is fuckkkkedddd

“The Swedish Mega Store”

you should get a arbour tree for her rom

man i really want you too do my room but it’s very small and a lot of containers and boxes and i live all the way in guam ughhhhh

she casually got a one hundred dollar bill sticking halfway out of her pocket.

Kate u made me cryyyyyy

Me: Her probs gonna have an 70$ budget Budget: 300$ Me: OKAYYYYYY NOPE NOPE

I hate when people use tween like just say teen or child!

Wow omg that is so nice great good

You are adult me

OMG can u do my room please I live in Connecticut

Can u do my room i live in texas

Mr. Kate / Mr.panpan = Mr. family lol

How can I contact Mr. Kate

wait why is she MR. again?

Hi I'm new so can anyone explain why the name is Mr.Kate thanks that will help

The soccer ball looks bad

This is my favorite video because my frothed had cancer


Who else thought that looked nothing like a soccer ball

Lol she is a griffindor!! I'm a slitherin

I love it

I wish you would give me a makeover but you probably can't because I live in Illinois

I now what it's like my dad died August 10 2018

Ayla Johnson awww poor you.

Mr.Kate!! I think it would be awesome for y'all to renovate/decorate a classroom in the LA area! I'm in the process of becoming an elementary school teacher and I'm sure you would have so many creative ideas for a classroom that teachers could get inspiration from

Super cool! I love the style. Tip: don’t overuse the word “obviously”.... you... use it a lot.

Does it bother any one else that she just had a 100 dollar bill sticking out of her pocket

Is there any way I can contact you?

Hey if u could pin this it would be awesome just like you;and also this is my second account and I subbed with this one too!

Oh my god I subscribed. You guys are amazing and Kate you’re sooo pretty

Can you do the same thing to my room

Wow I don’t think I’ve ever cried whilst listening to someone explain a diy

U have 100 dollars in your pocket

Does it say like 4.4k comments but show none?

I suck at decorating my own room,my room would take Kate forever since my room have tons of random colours are types of furniture,and because I bet she lives in the dumb USA,I live in Ireland,so fuck my life

Mr kate you are the best you tuber I which you could come to my house to decorate my room

I get jealous of your videos

I'd love to do this to my room as I want to go into interior design when I'm older. I've never properly decorated my room because we're constantly moving house. We're moving again at the end of the month and I'm hoping that I don't have to share with my mom like I am now. We can't afford the rent and hopefully we get a council house. I'm probably not the only one who knows the struggle of decorating a non permanent home.

is there a way you could fly to Spain in Spain LeL

Mr kate casually has a bunch of 100 dollar bills in her pocket we love a wealthy sister

Harry Potter and Disney hey Bennet I love you:)

She is lucky....

*Hi I'm Erica!! And I Know!! I'm Supposed To Talk About How Great, Wonderful And Totally FABOO!!! You Decorate. But, You Already Know This. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I Want To Talk About Your Sense Of Style Kate...It Is SHAMAZING!!! You're So Fun,Fresh And FIERCE!!! You Both Sleigh...In Every Way!!! Huge Hugs!!!*

Awesome u both i really love it at all

00:38 did u notice the $100 bill in her pocket

Who else skips too the end??

aww so sweet!! god bless this beautiful family and arbour watching over them!

Wow I wish you could come do my room lol

What happened to the unicorn teddy and the other teddies

Where is your gold tree cuff bracket from?

mr kate would you go to california to decorate my rooom

Mr. Kate I Wish you could do my room it’s boring and cluttered and it’s not very big either

I need to change my room it’s so boring

Omg I loved the secret hand shake with the butt spank! So cute!

Fine YouTube I’ll watch it

Hey I was wondering can you fix my room I share a room with my two siblings on bunk beds and my on space or are is my bunch and I like to jazz it up to make it so me

At the start I really want that $100 bill

“Cool natural stick you can find in a back yard near you”

Kate: starts crying Joey:....OHP

Mr. Kate: Joey look! The tiniest typewriter you ever did see! MEEEEE!!

Why Mr. Kate? Ain't It Miss. Kate


How do we get ahold of u and send u a video?

im a teen and my budget is 20 bucks. what can i do?

Love your vds

How do we ask you to come remodel our room?

This episode was by far the saddest Arbon RIP you beautiful angel

So sorry for your lost Bennet and family RIP Arbor (So sorry if I spelt her name wrong)

i feel so bad for her sister

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