Turn $1.00 To $10,000/month Passively | No Job No Experience or Product Req'd

Turn $1.00 To $10,000/month Passively | No Job No Experience or Product Req'd

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You clicked on this video because most likely you're interested in turning one of these into 10,000 of these every single month passively with minimal effort. Well, you've landed on justice, the right video. And today we are going to talk about affiliate marketing as the view vehicle to take you from zero to $10,000 a month with just leveraging this dollar. We'll talk about this dollar more later in this video, but trust me, I know it works because back in the day, in the fall of 2018, I remember YouTube video. When I posted that I made my very first 10 K month.

At the time I was a solo preneur and I made over $13,000 in that month. I was on cloud nine because I had gone from zero to 10 K a month within just a matter of three to four months. And today we're going to talk about exactly how to do it, whether you have no experience, no product, if you're a beginner. So if that sounds good to you and you love affiliate marketing, let's type in affiliate marketing in the comments let's get going.

And speaking of the comments, I do read your guys's comments. That is the whole reason and motivation for today's video, because you guys have a huge demand to see an affiliate marketing video. So as you can see from the previous comments. So I do listen, I do hear it. That being said, let's talk about our three main principles today. I call it T T S and that is traffic trust and selling.

This is going to be the foundation for your affiliate marketing business and any business for that matter that you want to start and make profitable starting from zero. And if you just have $1, okay, so let's talk about this first category of traffic, where we are diving into building an audience, because one important thing that you need for your, for any business and especially for your affiliate marketing business, is that traffic. And I have to tell you guys, you know, there's no secret. I've talked about this topic several times. As a matter of fact, I just made a video about how to make multiple six figures leveraging free traffic. Okay.

And the reason I want to emphasize that point is because there's three main options. There's free traffic that you could leverage with video there's free traffic that you could leverage with not using any video or the third option is paid advertising, which we won't actually dive into today. Because number one, I'm not an expert at it. I've done it in the past,

but for a way different business model in a different niche. So I know my skills from back then are irrelevant today in this year. So I know that everything I knew back then is completely different now. So I have not dove back into the world of paid advertising, but let's talk about the free with video shortly before that first 10 K month, I was really just struggling. I had a huge funnel crisis with a bunch of credit card debt. And let me tell you, I was like, you know what? I looked at my three options of paid advertising. Nope.

That wasn't an option free advertising without video. I'm like, ah, I'm not really how that works. Then I looked at free advertising leveraging video, and I thought, Hey, you know what, let's do it. I had seen other people succeeding on YouTube. And if Tik TOK was available back then, I definitely would have started with Tik TOK as well. But I was like, let me go hard. I'm going to post every single day.

And it was not the greatest production. As a matter of fact, I was just using this little webcam right here that you see in the webcam on my old laptop, which is an old 2015 MacBook pro. But Hey, you know what? It worked. It built me in my opinion for back then a massive audience. I, I got 500, no, not 500. That's a lie. I got 5,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel within three to four months.

I think I could be wrong, but I hit a thousand subscribers pretty fast. Okay. I just went hard. I was like, I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm just going to get on YouTube and teach what I know, give tutorials and stuff like that. And so that was me because, you know, as I mentioned, I had no money to start and paid advertising was definitely a huge risk and I didn't want to get even more in debt and take out more credit cards and loans and all that. And so the point is, although I wasn't as good of a YouTuber as I am now and didn't have all this great special effects and the quality of video that I have now, it worked and that's all you need to get started. And so if you are interested in the category of free with leveraging video, I definitely highly, highly suggest that you download our Subscribers to Sales blueprint, which will be up here, go ahead and grab it right now. It's free.

It'll take you through the six steps that you need to build a YouTube channel. That'll sell for you to your affiliate products, in whatever you're trying to promote online, whatever business it is that you have. And so you can't go without talking about Tik TOK for leveraging it for your affiliate marketing business. It is dominant. It is viral.

It is a great way to get some leads, to get some eyeballs, to get some clicks to your offers. I mean, I have not spent that much time on Tik Tok I definitely want to be posting five tik toks per week minimum. That is my goal here within this next month. However, the Tik TOK videos that I have made, they've brought me a massive amount of traffic to my products and affiliate products that I have. And you know, at the making of this video, I only have around 30 videos on my Tik TOK profile. One video,

just this winning video has almost 2 million views alone. It brought me over 30,000 followers on the app. I can't make this up. I was like, oh my goodness. I had, I made like or I gained like 12,000 followers overnight. Like, I'm not kidding. It was so crazy. It was like a football game. I was.

Oh my God, keep going, touch down. And so that that video went viral. It's really incredible how it works. And so the great thing about Tik TOK is you can just start with your phone, start with your phone, create different videos in the form of tips, giving massive value. The same rule applies for giving value, whether it's Tik,

TOK, YouTube, whichever social media that you're on. And the key here is it will work for any niche. You do need a niche for Tik TOK. You do need a niche for YouTube, but it could be any niche. It could be bodybuilding. It could be any sub niche of fitness,

personal finance, yoga, meditation, cooking. Just the list goes on and on. And on the point is to just stick with one niche and dominate that and build up an audience because the more niche you are, it'll be way easier to sell your affiliate offers in the future.

I can guarantee. You that. And so that second category of traffic and remember traffic is one of the three pillars that we're talking about today, but that next category of free with no video. So meaning maybe you make websites, maybe you create an Instagram profile.

Maybe you leverage Facebook in a Facebook group, whatever it is, just pick one and go with it. Whether you're doing free with video or free with no video. The key is to just stick with one. I wasn't worried about starting on all platforms at once. I just picked YouTube. I went for it and dominated it.

And so speaking of great resources where you can learn free traffic without having to post video, I present to use Skillshare and today's video is sponsored by Skillshare. What is Skillshare? It's basically a digital library at your fingertips where you can go and learn any skill. You can sharpen a skill if you already have one, but where it relates to your affiliate marketing business and really your whole online business in general is you can go and learn something specifically that you want to improve on.

So let's say you wanted to learn about Facebook groups and how to do free and organic marketing with Facebook groups and leverage that for your business. Skillshare has several classes about Facebook groups for business. For example, this particular Facebook group class really caught my eye and I enjoyed it by a creator named Evan with startup growth, hacker and her class.

Along with her partner, they teach the basics of fundamentals of Facebook groups and everything you need to know as far as what content to post as far as the best strategies and how to use it for business. And so if that interests you, I definitely encourage you to click the link below because with the link in the description, the first 1000 people to use, it will receive a one month free trial to the Skillshare premium membership. And you don't want to miss out on that offer. Trust me, because remember there's all other types of topics in Skillshare that I guarantee you will need to get going in building your online affiliate marketing business today. So go ahead and check it out. Okay.

So we went over the first pillar, which is all about your audience and getting that traffic. Okay. We're going to go back to this topic of a dollar, and I'm going to tell you exactly what you need to do. And this is exactly what I did back in the day 2018 day, right? If that's considered back in the day. And so what this dollar will do is, is it'll allow you to get a free trial of Kartra.

Now some of you may be like what the F is. Kartra at some of you being like, oh, I've heard of Kartra. I don't really know what it is. So Kartra is what's going to help you with that second pillar in this whole equation. And that is the trust. It's going to help you with email marketing. It's going to help you with sales funnels. It's going to help you take your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

You'll need it. Trust me. And so what's a dollar you can get started with Kartra today. There's more information in the description.

Of course I am an affiliate for Kartra. So I do get a commission. If you did decide to join with my link, but there's some perks to joining with my link. I'll get to that later. But the point is with that trust factor, you're going to have to start building a list in a specific niche for your affiliate marketing business. So let's say you are in the vegan bodybuilding niche.

That's a great niche because it's a sub niche of fitness. It's even a more sub niche because it's bodybuilding within the vegan diet. Cause there's a lot of people that have no clue on how to build muscle with the vegan diet, because they think like, oh, you know, I don't have a meat source. Don't have protein, but it's still possible. I've seen people do it anyways.

So for the sake of a good example in this video, we're going to use that niche. So if I was to build an affiliate marketing business today, based on the vegan bodybuilding diet, the number one thing, and first thing I would do is I would create an opt-in. I would create a freebie, a giveaway. There's so many things that you can give away, right? You know, I've gone over this in several other videos, but the point is, let's say the most popular thing you can do is create maybe a cheat sheet.

You can create a ebook. What I did when with my niche back in 2018 was I created a five day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 day follow-up series or email follow-up series. And I called it a five day mini training, mini courses, mini trainings are absolutely great. They're really great too, as well,

because you're leveraging video video is proven in our market and industry to convert higher than anything else. And so I was just like day one. I gave an intro day two. I talked about another specific topic, day three. I talked about another specific topic and even gave homework and a task that somebody could do day fourth. And so you could use that model, let's say in the vegan muscle building diet, Nope. Vegan muscle building, but no, that's not it vegan bodybuilding niche. Sorry.

You can have the same thing. You can create an email followup sequence where day one, they receive an email it's like, thank you for up to union here's day one. Here's what you need to know about blah.

And you can talk about macros for vegans and what type of protein sources you need to have to have a good foundation for your bodybuilding or something. Day two, you can talk about workout, stays where you can talk about something. So it's like value, value, value value. And during this email sequence, maybe on the fourth and fifth day, you can start to present the affiliate offer. Okay? So all of this, it's kind of intermediate. If you're just watching this and you're like, oh, I've never done email marketing in my life. That's okay.

This whole video is not an in-depth tutorial of every single thing. It's more high level of the entire process as a whole, because I think this is very important to you to understand the full picture. That's why as I mentioned, if you were to join Kartra for a dollar, I have a free course, like a free course on teaching you sales funnels and email marketing. And my business partner, Angelica also goes over copywriting.

It's an awesome course that teaches you how to use the tool so that you can really take your affiliate marketing business way up five figure months, 10 Cayman, and way beyond that. And so with your email subscribers, people who are opting into your list via, or for the freebie, right, whatever it is you're offering, they're going to need to opt in through a landing page. And Kartra has beautiful, already made squeeze page templates. Thank you. Page templates, everything you need to create a nice two-step funnel. It's just a basically a landing page, a thank you page and then a button on the thank you page that will go to the affiliate offer, right? So Kartra has all the templates in there.

You don't have to be a website designer. You don't have to have prior programming experience. None of that. It really simplifies everything.

And so now that you're building up a list of email subscribers, right? It's not hard. I promise you to get your first 500 email subscribers, for example, you'll want to nurture them, right? You'll want to baby them and just give them even more love. You can do that in the form of emailing them out, more tips, more hacks, more PDFs. You can share other types of content you create.

Maybe you have a blog post, you can send them updates. You can send them anything in the form of value, just so that you keep in touch with your email subscribers. And they'll become email subscribers that love and look forward to opening your emails because they know.

It's going to be fire. Okay. And you can even send out a broadcast. And when I mean broadcast broadcast, or the emails that you send out just one time, as opposed to an autoresponder, which is more like what I mentioned in the beginning, where you would set up a sequence that follows up with them automatically.

So you don't have to do this. You set it up one time, create the emails and it responds automatically. So let's say you have that five day free course. You want to give away, you can set up to where they opt in. It sends right away the first email and then 24 hours after that, the second one and fires off. And then the third 24 hours after that, et cetera,

et cetera. And so on a broadcast, for example, you could engage with them further and say, Hey, reply to this email, let me know your biggest outs and you know, whatever. And then they'll reply to you. People reply to my emails all the time and we answer back. So,

and so that is the way you fulfill the second pillar in all this is with the trust. And so we've reviewed traffic and trust check let's move on to that third. And so as we dive into selling, there's really two main ways to sell when it comes to affiliate marketing products.

And that's where the bridge page or the thank you page of your two step funnel comes into a big play. This is going to be a major role in potentially selling as soon as somebody opts in to your email list. And so when you have a two step funnel, you have the landing page, the thank you page. Oh my God, what is that? And so when it comes to selling on that, thank you page, the key is a video, right? I'm sorry.

There's no way to get around video in the world of marketing. There's just not, but there's a video that's going to be on that second page, right? Where it'll have you know, a headline, maybe a sub headline and say, thank you for opting in something below. Watch, watch what's next? What are the next steps? And so this is how I've really crushed it with affiliate marketing and how you can as well. And that video is going to explain what's next,

what to expect benefits of the product. Maybe if you can have that video, give us a direct call to action and buying the affiliate product. I wouldn't do this unless it was a low ticket product, meaning 150 $200 max, the lower, the better. So if it's under a hundred dollars, then yes, sell. If it's greater than 150 ish dollars, don't do that.

If that's the case. And typically the company that you're promoting for and the product that you're promoting that company will typically have what they call a sales video will or have their own sales page that is meant to do the selling for you. So all you would have to do is direct people to that sales video or whatever sales page, whatever it's called. So that, that could do the heavy lifting for you.

And that video will have your affiliate link and your affiliate code, so that it'll track all the sales coming from your funnel to all the clicks that you generate for them. That's for sure. And typically a good affiliate marketing program will have a cookie period of at least 60 days. Some people, if, and what cookie means is like, let's say I click on a link, that's an affiliate link to somebody else. That means that if I see the offer and decide to not buy that day, if I come back within the next 30 days or something, that person is still going to get the commission from me because I'm cookied with them, right? If that makes so that's, that's another great way is when we talk about affiliate offers, you want to make sure that the company's pretty good and they have a good affiliate program. Like cookie time length is important.

Commission structure is important. So if you're going to earn 10% on a sale, if you're going to earn 50% on a sale that all matters. I love recurring income. I love promoting products that have a recurrent new value.

And so those are the products that I go the hardest on because I love recurring income because it's predictable. It's multiple times the lifetime of a subscription of a product. And so that's personally how I choose and evaluate which products I'm going to go hard on and focus my time and effort and traffic and all that good stuff. All right. So we've gone over the three main pillars of affiliate marketing. Now I could do a tutorial specifically on each one of those, because it goes way deep and there's so much to teach and analyze in each part, but I want to make this video extra special. And I want to talk about some ways that could really help you scale and convert higher with your affiliate offers. And the first one, this thing is bonuses.

Bonuses are a game changer for your affiliate marketing business. Why? Because there's hundreds, even thousands and tens of thousands of affiliates promoting certain types of products. That's fine. But just, I realize that what's going to set you apart from those affiliates and the, and the marketplace in general is what you have to offer on the side or extra. So somebody interested in purchasing something from your link,

what's going to push them over the edge and make them say yes. Okay. So a perfect example of that is, you know, I'm sitting here today mentioning Kartra because Kartra is my go-to choice of tool. And when people sign up for Kartra through my affiliate link, they get a bonus course.

And I offer a bonus course for free because it's a, win-win somebody buys through my link and I teach people how to use Kartra. I teach people how to use all the features so that they can make money with their online business, by leveraging sales funnels and automation and email marketing. Right? So that's the beauty of Kartra at the other thing, too, is if you want to let's say, create a mini course as a bonus for this product, then you can have that feature within Kartra as well. So let's go back to the vegan supplements or the vegan bodybuilding niche. Let's say there's a supplement, you know, a physical product that you want to promote, and you will earn lifetime commissions on that supplement.

As long as people purchase, you know, for however long they purchased for, let's say you created a free mini course about the best vegan supplements and the best supplements you need to gain weight and put on muscle. So then people would be more motivated to use the supplement month after month, year after year, because one you're saving them time and money and effort because you're teaching them how to use the supplements. So it's a win-win because you're getting recurring commissions, they're getting the supplement and everyone's making money, right? So that's, that's the whole idea. So what could you offer as a bonus?

You don't have to think too hard about it. Again, you can offer a free course. You could offer cheat sheets templates. You can offer a free Facebook group. You can offer maybe a 30 minute coaching call. If it's worth your time. There's so many cool things that you can offer, but the bonus has to compliment the affiliate product. You don't want to just offer random things that make no sense, right? So if you're in the vegan niche, you don't want to talk about how to count macros for me or something like that, because obviously a vegan is going to eat meat. So it has to really compliment the affiliate offer.

And that's how you're really going to double down on those conversions. And you won't need that much traffic. Trust me. You don't need that much traffic to have a profitable affiliate marketing business. Once you learn how many leads per day,

you need to make in order to make X amount. So let's say you need 20 leads a day to make a $50 a day or something like that. Okay. You know, you have that dialed in. So that way you have a clue. So once you start your YouTube channel, once you start your tech talk, then you can start expanding and diversifying your traffic sources.

That brings me to my next topic and how you're going to dominate in affiliate marketing. And that is incorporating a value ladder. That's the name of the game? So when I, the reason why I was able to make that 10 K month, as I mentioned to you before in this video is because not only was I promoting low ticket offers and offers that had recurring commissions, I was also promoting a high ticket offer. So a value ladder I've explained this in other videos basically is when you have a graph or weight, maybe. Yeah. When you have a graph,

this is hard. This goes up, this goes this way. Okay. So the value is this is the price right here on the Y axis in this down here is the offer. So the higher value your offer is right here, the bottom, the higher price point you could make. So this right here, typically at the corner is a free offer. Okay. And then so like a lead magnet, like a freebie, right? Then you have a lower ticket offers. So maybe supplemental pills or something like that.

And then a higher ticket offer could be a thousand dollars coaching program. It's a yearly program where you get a membership and how to do workouts that are best for being a vegan bodybuilder or something like that. But the point is I was promoting an offer that costs $2,500 in my commission was a thousand dollars. It was nice. And so all I needed to make a 10 K a month with 10 sales, as opposed needing a hundred sales too. If I was promoting just a low ticket offer to have a 10 K month. And so traffic will convert on high ticket the same way it will convert on low ticket.

So definitely pick an offer within your niche that you can also promote to add to that value ladder. That'll help you generate those higher commissions in your affiliate marketing business. And you could even create a higher ticket offers. So if you wanted to create a membership or a coaching program or something like that, where you are able to charge more because you're giving value because you are incorporating yourself into the service. So that means the value on the value ladder goes way up. So therefore the price goes up. So there's so many cool ways to do it, but definitely consider this as you're looking to scale your online business and your affiliate marketing business. All right.

It's been amazing sharing this time with you. Let's continue the fun. Let's continue learning and growing together. Why don't we hop on this next video click right here or the video that's coming up next, all about 55 websites and applications where you can generate up to $300 a day. Let's get going in top right here. See you on that next video. No, I've been told by several of my friends, several other business owners and you guys, my viewers and my subscribers that I'm really good at two things. That first thing.

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