Turn $100 into $100,000 - Do THIS to Make Money Online (for new Businesses)

Turn $100 into $100,000 - Do THIS to Make Money Online (for new Businesses)

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What's up YouTube money making fam today, we're talking about how you could realistically turn $100 into over a million. No, I'm just kidding. Not a million. I'm not even gonna go there, but we're talking about how you could realistically turn a hundred dollars a month budget. If you have a hundred dollars per month to spend into over six figure by doing the strategies in this video. Now the name of the game today is automation. That's right. You want your brain to think automatically automotively you have to have an automation motivated brain in order for this to be possible.

So today we're going to talk about several systems that you need to include and start implementing right away, not only to make money online, but to turn that side hustle into a profitable online business, to start a successful online business and brand, whatever you're trying to do online. So if that's something you're trying to do, and you're pumped about go ahead and type in automation in the comments and let's get started. Now, let's start this video off with a little bit of background on the topic that I am teaching today. And let me just tell you that back in the day,

when I was in a place where I was only able to budget out a hundred dollars a month, $200 a month, max we're talking, I was bringing in an income of barely 600 to a thousand dollars a month. I was living in Thailand. Things were tight. And on top of that, I had like tens and thousands and it just seemed like a Mount, well, it was a mountain full of debt to pay off.

This is the context in which I'm speaking. So this is where I started. And within less than a year, I was able to crack that six figure, mark. And I'm gonna talk about how I did it in today's video. And so you may be asking, well, how realistically, how long does it take to go from a hundred dollars a month turning that into six figures? It just depends. So I could just say for myself that within four to five months, I had gone from making $0 a month online to cracking my first $10,000 month. Okay. So that was within four to five months, but that was me working super hard. I was able to do that back then.

I was able to work 12 hour days. I was single. I didn't have a family and things were, you know, I was, it was do or die. I had, I was in a position where I had to make this happen. And so maybe if you're working part-time, if you have a family, it might take you longer. And that's perfectly okay. But what I will say is it's very possible to start generating your first thousand dollars a month consistently quickly within the first 30 to 90 days. If it's done right, by the way, if you haven't already joined the family, I want you to smash that subscribe button and hit the notification bell because this channel is all about educating you and helping you on topics with automating business, online business, passive income, all that great stuff.

So if that's your jam, go ahead and smash that subscribe button below. All right. So the first system that we're talking about here today that is going to help automate your business and grow your business quickly is the traffic system. So the traffic system is essential. It's basically the IV, the lifeline of your business that you need to survive. It's,

what's going to drive the traffic to get eyeballs to your website, to your sales phone, into your products so that you can, you know, do more than just build up an audience, build up a brand. And so that you can actually create sales. So traffic is, is important. There's several different traffic systems out there. The most popular one for myself is obviously YouTube. So I have been leveraging the organic traffic from YouTube for the past three, three and a half, four years since I first started working online since I first started being a YouTuber back in 2018. And I, I must admit it's, you know, it's the most powerful source of traffic.

There's so many reasons to use YouTube, but that is, that was my avenue of choice. Be cuz when you sit down to select a traffic system, you have to decide between the road of free traffic and the other road of paid traffic. There's only two options here. Okay. The two of them are there's advantages and disadvantages to both. I always say to peop bull that are just getting started, always leverage free traffic first. Why? Because paid traffic, first of all, you're going to need quite a big budget to get started. You know, there's people out there that talk about, oh, test out ads with a hundred dollars test out, you know, throw in $200 there.

No realistically to get your campaign means tweaked to get your campaigns very refined and converting and getting an ROI of at least three X, you're gonna need to throw down some cash, $5,000, $6,000, $10,000. And that's just the startup capital to run ads. Okay. That, and what that means is that's just to get the, the pixel C in for Facebook ads. That's just to get the, the, the data collected. If you're trying to run YouTube ads, Instagram ads what's the, what are TikTok there's ads everywhere, right? On every type of platform there's ads.

So I would strongly suggest not going the road of paid advertising and starting with free because once you can prove that your product or service is converting with free traffic and it's converting to an audience that is coming in organically and that you are able to prove your process and your system. And you know, the, maybe it's in the form of a course, maybe it's in the form of one-on-one coaching. If you're able to prove that system first with you could, well, I don't wanna say easily, but it's much more easier than to have a budget for paid advertising. And it's much more easy to scale a product that is already proven with free organic traffic.

But that is my advice to you is to pick a traffic system first. So that could be that you dominate Pinterest. Okay. That could be that you dominate here with YouTube. That could be that you dominate with Instagram. It could be that you set up a solid affiliate program for your product.

You would set up a program for your affiliate product. You would host your, let's say it's a membership or an online course on a, a platform, right? Like teachable podium, like these, you know, Kajabi, these platforms where you can host the service and you would create an affiliate program around that. Right? And, and then that way you would have affiliates helping you promote your product.

That's also considered a traffic system. And one that I'm personally interested in setting up for our premium program called subscribers to sales. It's our training membership, but the most important thing, and what you have to factor is you have to just master one, don't overwhelm yourself with doing all five of them at the same time, because that won't work. You will fail in the sense that you won't see results and you won't see anything advance in just one of them. Okay? Because you're not focused on one of them when your focused is scattered, so are your results.

And so if you are particularly interested in leveraging YouTube, the YouTube platform that you are watching right now to send high quality leads, high quality traffic, and build an audience fast so that you can leverage it and send it and create your online business, go ahead and download my Subscribers to Sales blueprint up here, or the first link in the description, because that is the six step blueprint that I did back in the day when I used YouTube to make my any really, really fast. All right. So the next system that we're talking about today is your email marketing system. Now this is of utmost importance because yes, traffic is the lifeline of your business. But email marketing is kind of like the heart.

It is the heartbeat of your business. One, you own the names and the emails that are in your CRM or the customer relationships management software AKA you know, your email marketing platforms such in my case, I use Kartra. Other people use ClickFunnels. There's so many different types of places to host your email marketing.

But the point is your email marketing system, you are going to be collecting leads, which is your traffic. This is a traffic source that you own, as opposed to social media, Instagram, YouTube, all of these platforms where you do not own your traffic. You know, unfortunately we're not the owner as of Facebook or YouTube or anything like that. So anything could happen to, to these platforms and our audiences, and we have to be prepared and we have to be building our email list in order to have a legitimate business that could survive on its own. If a platform were to go away or whatever the case may be, there's always different algorithm changes. And so this is very important. And for, you know, luckily this is something that I understood in the very beginning since day one of building my personal brand online and my YouTube channel. I'm like, well,

I don't know what I'm doing. But what I can do is I can put on, put a landing page on my YouTube channel in the description, give a freebie, something valuable away to people. And I can ask people to subscribe to my list in exchange for this valuable piece of information. So back when I got started, what I did was I had a five day training series. Okay. So I had a training series every day for five days, a new video would send to my email subscriber.

And so it was like a five day training series, which I promoted on my channel. And that was, that was cool because I was able to build, you know, that got me my first thousand email subscribers, 5,000, that lead magnet alone took me a very, very long way. And, and it helped me. And then at that point to make sales, cuz my, I know it only had my email marketing set up, but I also had sequences and auto responders that were nurturing these leads. And so if you're thinking like I, I'm not quite sure what an autoresponder is or I've heard about it, but I'm not really sure how it works.

I'll behind my screen right now and show you an email sequence in the online business. Let's take a look. Okay. So as an example, this blueprint right here, which you, you know, I chatted it out a couple or a little bit earlier in this video, it's our subscribers to sales blueprint, which is our main lead magnet to the, one of the tops of our funnel or the a top of our funnel in the business. And so when somebody downloads information here, they get sent this blueprint as well as several days worth of other goodies. So if you subscribe to the blueprint, you'll be receiving in a couple of days, some other goodies that we have coming your way. But just to sh you like in communications in, if we go to, this is Kartra my online business tool. This is, we go to communications and we go to sequences.

A sequence is basically where you automate emails so that they send automatically. So if we come down here to lead magnet sequence and we come over just to check out what the funnel looks like. So give me a second to get there. Basically what we have set up is once somebody opts in to the blueprint, it gets a trigger from this sequence. And then all of these emails start to send. So there's emails two, three through seven. So there's seven emails all together. And as you can see, it's just people you know, just me nurturing the leads that go through our system.

And, you know, we email them as, for example, like you can see the actual email that gets sent out, which is really fun. We also send out other freebies and goodies and things like that. Like this one says like, Hey, can you con can you confirm that you receive this? And so they get a quiz, the blueprint you can download this other P DF that I put together. So it's all kinds of stuff. So this is like nurturing and establishing in a relat a relationship with my email subscriber audience while I'm not even there, this is something that you can set up. It does take, you know, a little bit of time, of course, to put some thought into the email copy, but this is the email marketing system that we half, right.

And then, so later on, once we get to later on in this sequence is where we are inviting the people that are, that are on this list to join one of our products, which is a paid product. So that is, there's several things you can do. Like you don't have to sell anything right away with a lead magnet sequence, but it is an option. So that is essentially how it works.

And any online business builder will have this option where you can send a, create a campaign slash sequence. It just depends on which one you're using, but this is how it works. All right. So now let's talk about the next fund system in the queue. And that is a website system. Now. So many people get confused and it is a little bit confusing for sure.

In the beginning, especially when you're trying to decide, well, do I build a website or do I, I hear this thing. You know, they talk about sales funnels, which one do you need? Sales funnel, website sales funnel website. So the main difference is a website is a place where you call home online. It is the place it's like the central hub of your business and your brand. It's where all the information is. And it is where you house like things like who you are, the about the homepage. You could have different things on there,

information about your services. You can have testimonials, you can have, if it's more of a company, you can have your mission statement, your vision, team members, all kinds of stuff. So it's informative. And it tells a story about who you are, if you are the personal brand or who the company is, right. It's a place to call home.

It is important to have a website because you need a website. When you do things like apply for a business bank account or credit or a loan, or when you're filling out applications sometimes to be an affiliate of a program. There's so many different things. Sometimes that require your business website. They say, okay, well, what,

what's your business website? And then you have to put your, you know, for, in my case, it's Marisa, maryland.com. So it'll be requested, you know, quite a bit, however, it's not the most important thing. And it does not need to be the best website, especially when you're first getting started.

Now a sales funnel on the other hand is to me top priority in getting first why? Well, the first reason is because you can create a sales funnel that is like a mock website. So all of the sales funnel builders, essentially what you're doing is you're building a website, a sales funnel is a website. It has a HTTPS web address on it. You can copy and paste the website onto your, you know, your social medias and wherever else, but this sales funnel or yeah, this sales funnel is more important because this is going to allow you to actually drive traffic, collect leads and eventually make sales. So that's a difference between the two is a website is like where the home is, the information, the, you know, a place to display your projects and testimonials. And the sales funnel is,

has one objective it's to convert your viewers to a lead or it's to sell something. A sales funnel will take your viewer to a lead and take them through a nurturing and buying process in order to sell and a website. Won't if that makes sense. Now you can incorporate your sales funnels onto your website, but that's a whole nother story. That's a little bit complicated.

So I would say definitely aim to get your first funnels up there and your landing page first. And if you need to create a quick website, which is like a home and an out page, you can do that within, you know, an hour realistically, with one of these sales funnel builders and staying within the a hundred dollars per month. Although I do use Kartra in my business and I do recommend the tool Kartra is a bit complicated for a lot of new printers getting started and people that don't have a lot of technical experience with funnel and all these things online. And so there's a new awesome sales funnel builder out there and all in one business tool platform, and that's called system.io.

I will provide a link for it in the description to sign up the best part about it is it's free. Okay. It's an incredible tool, cuz it, a lot of times when these new tools come to market, I get a little skeptical. I, oh, wait a minute. Like, is it really, is it legit? Do the tools really function? And the answer is yes, these tools are credible system dot iOS. It's a complete system.

It's what it helps you with email marketing. It has sales funnel builders, website builders. You can host your courses on there. Memberships, you can have affiliates promote for you. It truly is an all in one tool.

And I wish this would've been around back when I was first getting started online one because of all the features that you have, like you don't need to figure out how to integrate different things with one another. It's all right there. How's centralized in system.io. And the other thing is the cost. The cool thing about it is with the free plan, you are able to access all the features in house up to 2000 leads before you have to upgrade to the first free plan, which is still a very economical solution. And so I highly recommend this tool. You can check it out, create a free account today. They're not sponsoring this video by the way, I just generally love the tool and I'm excited about it and wanted to share a great solution for your website system. All right.

So the next system that we're talking about here is your productivity system. This one is so important. It needs to be underlined bolded italicized. Just highlighted because productivity is everything. And this is something that I majorly lacked. There was no existence of it back when I was first getting started. And that definitely in my opinion, had an effect on my results and it slowed down the growth of what I was doing for sure.

This isn't something that I realized that I really needed until like early 2020 when I was just like, like, oh my gosh, I have no idea what's going on in my business. I have no idea what's going on with projects. I have so many tasks and I have no idea where they are if they're being completed. If I've forgotten about them. And so imagine right now you're productivity system may be a bunch of sticky notes laying around the desk, on the refrigerator.

It may be emailing yourself reminders. It may be having some appointments in Google calendar and having some tasks and to-do list written in a notebook and you might have 10 different notebooks. It's probably a mess like mine was. And that's okay because that's really all know until we learn to centralize our business and automate it in an official productivity management tool or production, not production project management tool slash productivity management tool.

My tool that I use is called Asana. And again, they're not sponsoring this video. I just love talking about Asana. It is a free tool. If you go to asana.com, you can set up a free account and you can. And even though it says 30 days of a trial, you can opt out of any of the paid plans and keep using the free trial forever, right? Until until if you ever wanna upgrade.

But I use the free plan for a very long time. There's if there's so many great features, but essentially Asana helps a see the O the overall picture. It helps you never lose sight of things that need to get done, including everything that's going on. Operationally marketing wise, product wise, service wise in your business. And on top of that, you can organize your life, your personal life in Asana as well. And that's why I use every single day of my life.

Like even when I'm on vacation, this may sound crazy. I still use it because I have it systemized in a way. So I know like if I'm doing these activities on a vacation, I'm like, okay, yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna remind myself that I'm gonna go river rafting and go on a sunset cruise on the beach, but you get the point. I, I, every single day I see like what's on the lineup for today.

And it's really exciting. And now that my team has grown to there's what 6, 6, 7 of us ish, it's a lot. And they all have their own projects. They all have their own task and their own dashboards that they work on. Then they can see the progress that they've made and the tasks that they haven't completed yet that they need to reassign to themselves. And so someone once said to me, they're like, you know, Marisa, I, I want to make $30,000 in a month. Then my response to them was like, okay, cool. So like you, how's your team look, you know, do you, what,

what project management tool do you use? And their response was, oh, well, I don't have a project management management tool. I'm like, okay, wait. So how, okay. The, and it's just, it's, it's, it's not really possible to grow a business better yet. Scale a business if you don't have a tool in place. So there's like Asana, there's Trello, there's monday.com. There's click up, which click up is crazy.

They had, could you believe all? I, they had a super bowl commercial. I was like, what click up is balling like that, that they could afford a super bowl commercial. I was shocked anyway. But all of them work. All of them have the same functionalities. I just use Asana. And I love the tool.

It's worked very well for our team and will continue to use it, but I would highly highly recommend implementing your productivity from the beginning so that you know where you are going. So you have a clear roadmap of things that are getting done recurringly, and one time project and the task associated with it that go alongside the recurring things that you're doing every single day. Okay. Now let's talk about the main thing that is going to bring in the actual dollars to the business and really take you from, you know, zero to six figures within and under a year. And that is the monetization and your sales system. Of course, now this is going to be where you sell something. Okay. most likely this is going to be your product or service.

More so talking about like that, like online service based business, where you have a digital course where you offer coaching consulting, something like that. And the reason why I say that is because, you know, if you're doing an e-commerce business, it just works a little bit differently for, for that type of business model or Amazon FBA or stuff like that. So I'm specifically talking about online service based businesses. And so just to take you to the, through the flow of our monetization system, which again is hosted in cart, and it has a series of funnels and sequences and all kinds of crazy automated stuff, but it all starts again with that lead magnet I was telling you about.

So our lead magnet is like at the top of the funnel. Okay. And once people opt in, as I've shown you, before they go through the email marketing sequence and the sequence of seven emails that we have for them, and then going down the funnel, we have our pocket products. So that's called monetization builder. That is a low ticket product. That's $47. So that helps our audience. It's a, it's a mini course, basically,

and it helps our audience solve one problem, a quick win for them. And so after that, there's another email sequence that sells that low ticket item to our main program, which is our subscribers to sales membership training program, which is priced at a much higher price point is we bring the value. We bring the resources, you get access to me, you get access to my team.

You get access to a full transformational curriculum that helps you step by step, build all the components of your business. And that's the next part of the funnel is where we try to get the most sales is what that product, because that is the revenue driver of our business. And so that is how our marketing system works.

And there's so many ways to set up a marketing system. So if you're somebody who does one-on-one coaching or consulting, and it's more of a one-on-one service, and you're you charge differently, that is you can, you can have a marketing system where you just have opt in to your calendar, set up a strategy call. And then from the, from the strategy call, you try to close them on the strategy call. Okay? So that's just really your audience strategy call sale to your consulting services. There's other ones where maybe you have a membership where it's like a subscription base.

Maybe you charge $30 a a month for a subscription where they could have access to a community and there's different perks and things that they get in the membership once a month. And that could also be a funnel where you set up a freebie and then funnel people to your membership. And then it, from your membership, you can have an upsell to a higher ticket product. Like it's so much fun. Any monetization system or selling system is possible. It all depends on what you want to do and your interest. So if you have a strong interest in wanting to create a digital course, do that, and you know, it, it took me a long time to figure out all the steps involved in it. Yeah, it,

it takes a while, but you can just start and get started selling a lower ticket digital product. You can start by selling a mini course, like a pocket program like I have, which, which is something by the way that we teach in our Subscribers to Sales program, because it's a product that you can create within just a week or two and have it up and running to sell very, very quickly. Thank you so much for making it to this point in the video with me, you are amazing. Let's continue learning and growing while you're here. Check out this video coming up next, which goes even more in depth into this topic about creating your first a hundred dollars a day online. If you are starting with a minimal or no budget,

that video is coming up, right. It here, just click and I'll see you on that video. How many times have you heard somebody tell you that starting a business is just too risky and it takes a lot of upfront money.

Maybe you've also heard somebody say that the average startup.

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