Tuesday Documentary, The Dracula Business

Tuesday Documentary, The Dracula Business

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Bbc4. Collections. Specially, chosen programs, from the BBC archive. After. An extraordinary, body from, the Black Sea Count. Dracula arrived. In England at Whitby, on the northeast coast the. Local people were appalled, when they examined, the ship the. Crew er disappeared, the, captain dead left, to the wheel and then. They saw the form of an immense dog which, left ashore and bounded, up the cliff towards, the churchyard at the top and of, course this, was, Bakula, I wonder. Have Count Dracula found, this Churchill as odd as I do this. Is or. At, least it all began as an, investigation. Into the weird obsession, of my great uncle but, he was the man who wrote Dracula Bram. Stoker, probably. One of the least known authors, or one of the best-known books and, not. Only into his, obsession. But apparently. As the. In creating, the greater vampire, Dracula he. Seems to struck a chord that vibrates, even more strongly today. It. Was in 1897. That Stoker, wrote Dracula but, the name has left into the 20th century to, become a household word. Today, the exploitation, is even directed to children with. The temptation, and delight, of a Count Dracula, ice-lollies. Dracula's. Secrets. Now, gently, than ever with red, blood. Red Jolly. General. A secret was. The. Dracula was oh oh yeah oh yeah he was that man in the year what did he do now, oh yeah, he used to get up it's nightfall. Then used to crawl, around and. No. Bite people in the neck to keep him alive and he had to get back in his coffin. That's right, what. A break what. Would have intended a break if. He wasn't in his coffin he did. On. A more serious and literary, level there's the Dracula Society which, invited me to dinner at Purfleet, Dracula's. English home but. Who would want to belong to such a society we've. Got no advertising it's all been word of mouth we just collected, people how many members no well. Cuz. 190 at the moment I know they're just growing, no by no means we, have I. Suppose, by a large a fair. Cross-section of ordinary humanity, we have quite a lot of actors. Writers. People, in the media we. Have a Catholic priest and. You. Know quite. A good sort when two people have one, crank well. We haven't got to know them well enough yet to be quite sure. We. Had a marvelous gentleman, who rang me up on the phone one day and one. Of the strains that a Peter Lorre voices you know do you do, you even the Dracula, society, as it years later done do you do you do ceremonies. So. I suppose you have to make that clear what do you mean by ceremony, and I said we had meetings yet I said, what do you mean why Sarah he said well well, you know. The. Imagination, boggles of course I mean he may well have become a vampire. So. Would you say that there are such things the, motto of our society, is create a queer impossibly I believe because, it is impossible. There, are people of course who have this delighting. In seeing, blood flow and in tasting word and these. People sometimes, identify, themselves with vampires. And it's unusual, they identify, themselves frequently with real-life people like Napoleon but, I think possibly with the exception of Sherlock Holmes which which cases have been known Dracula, is the only other fictional, character with, whom lunatics would be known to identify and, there was a very interesting case only last year recounted. By a quite. Or an, experienced, professional Exorcist. Who, helped. Doctors, in Scandinavian, Scandinavian. Nursing home to treat one or two patients one of whom was a young man who. Firmly believed that he was a vampire although, of course he was perfectly alive and bit people in the throat and he, needed to drink their blood to live and he even bit the exorcist before the exorcism, was and now, the strange thing about it was that this young man although, he lived in Norway had. A mother who came from Transylvania, and. I, think that here was a case of folk. Memory the. Basis of this. Belief being so strong amongst, Transylvanian, peoples. With, a stroke of brilliance, bram, stoker open, dracula here in transylvania. There, is such a place. This. Part of northern Romania was. And is the perfect, setting it. Was through, this countryside that, Jonathan Harker a young solicitor, started, his journey to Castle Dracula he.

Came To make arrangements that accounts visit to England and was startled, as he stepped into the coach to, see the peasants crossed themselves, when they heard of his destination, he is, happily, unaware, at this stage the, Count Dracula who, appears so real is one, of the Living Dead, a vampire. Dormant. Drawing, the day the, vampire rises, from his coffin at night to, suck the blood of the living who, then become vampires themselves. Can. Any superstition. Be so unconvincing, or absurd, yet. People have believed this since, the beginning of time all over the world. Stoker. Discovered, that legends, of vampirism were especially rife, in this part of Eastern Europe ignorance. Sheer. Remoteness, belief. In undead spirits, all helped, to explain by, vampirism, seized, the imagination, yet. As, Stoker. Learned from his research many, of the reports of vampirism were, documented, by local, officials this. Was not simply a peasant, belief. Even. Today visiting. The painted monasteries in northern Romania von. Consensus, strength of ancient superstition, so deeply interwoven with, Christian, faith. The. Nun is using this curious ritual, as a form of prayer perhaps. As the frescoes on the wall suggest, to, keep the devil at bay. These. Peasants, are still deeply, religious, on Sundays, that churches, are crowded, they, take their faith seriously. The. Idea of excommunication has. Always been a threat with. The souls of those who have offended cast, into limbo and denied, the freedom, of death such. Fear would enhance any belief in the undead, when. Religion, is strong so. Is the determination. To protect yourself, against, the devil. From. The verdadera. So. Me. It. Is easy to understand, their agitation but, an epidemic, of vampirism swept. Across Eastern, Europe in the middle of the 18th century an historian. Of the time recorded. We. Are told that dead men returned, from their tombs are, heard to speak to, walk about to, injure, both men and animals whose, blood they drain finally. Causing their death nor. Can men deliver, themselves, unless, they drive, a sharp spike through, these bodies cut, off the heads tear, out the heart he.

Concluded, It, seems impossible, not, to subscribe, to the belief that these apparitions, do actually, come forth from, their graves. When. I watched this funeral in Romania, I was startled to see that the corpse was carried outside by the family, with a body exposed, for. The villagers to pay their last respects. Yeah, Rachel Akari novel create. If. By some chance the. Body should, have appeared to be sleek with blood how, easy to believe that, the man was Monday. But. Such beliefs belonged, to the distant past also, I thought until I. Spoke to one of the funeral singers a woman, called tinker whose, own father was, suspected, of being a vampire. When. She was a girl and in. Her village, when. Her father died. Why. Did the family think something was wrong. To. This her, father his. Corpse. A soft, it, was not stiff with yes. And, absurdities and. She. Said the. Villager, putting. The seeking to her the. Street cannot to take us at all the. Villagers were afraid that he might become a vampire yes. It. Is pretty startling, to hear at firsthand that, a man being staked as a vampire. But. To my mind it is obvious that wrinkles father must, have been still alive. Curiously. Is extremely, difficult to certify, death only. A few months ago in Birmingham a corpse, is being dissected for kidney transplant, when, it was discovered though the corpse was in fact alive if. We can make such mistakes, today with. All our medical knowledge just, imagine, the confusion a, hundred years ago when. People were mystified, by, states, of trance and catalepsy. In epilepsy and, if the coffins, of these people were broken into by, grave robbers or, Body, Snatchers, it, would be noticed that the bodies have moved and, sometimes. Would be blood around the mouth where the, themselves in anguish and, it was claimed that parts of the shroud or even, the bodies themselves had. Been bitten in the last desperate. Attempt. To stay alive, of. Course they could equally have been lured by rats or / insects, on, a more. Cheerful note premature, burial was so common, that it gave rise to this limerick there. Was a young man of none head were, awoke in his coffin of laid is, cosy enough he remarked and a half but, I wasn't aware I was dead. Premature. Burial was rife, in times of plague which, is understandable, because. People were terrified by the, risk of infection, and anxious to dispose of the, bodies as quickly as possible of. Course this meant that number, of people who. Might have recovered, who have perhaps only, in a drunken stupor, were thrust into the earth and woke to find themselves, incarcerated in. The darkness if, they got out and we noticed this, again could have led, to rumours. Of vampires which, would have spread like a form of mass hysteria. Bram. Stoker, knew, about the pain his, mother Charlotte was, a young, girl in countries, like oh when, the cholera, epidemic swept. Across Europe to Western Ireland my. Grandmother, Enid, Stoker, told. Me a horrifying. Family, story of, how when the cholera. Epidemic was, at its peak and the, house barricaded. Against, looters, and the last survivors, in the village Charlotte. Saw a hand, creeping, through the skylight, took. An axe and cut it off and my. Grandmother, was not a fanciful woman, maybe. Hearing. Such stories, when he was a child, this gave Bran his first taste, for, horror. He. Was a strange mixture, output. Leigh a genial, red-bearded, giant, but, this bluff facade, concealed, a man who found her release in horror and they occult, ironically. He'd never enjoyed fame or fortune himself, but, his book has never been out of print and countless, books have been written since by other authors on the theme of Dracula. And vampirism. Somewhere. Throughout the world of this moment Dracula, is being produced on stage and as, for films have, been so many. Books are now being written about them, here. At the Lauren read press in London they are publishing the latest work on vampire films this seems to me a pretty strong, candidate. It's got nice, contrast. And colors to it also sums, up a lot of dracula, themes here, everyone. Out there how many films, have been on vampires, utopia, a couple of hundred it's. Very hard to keep accurate documentation on. This kind of thing because, they stretch into they. Stretch into the darker areas, there are the porno films, there are people's 8 millimeter versions, there are the stuff made that's, the stuff made in Mexico, and in Spain there's. A. Man, called Paul nation, who in. The last. Paul. Nishi The Hunchback of the morgue who. Seems, to have started off the entire Spanish, fantasy. Film industry, and, he regularly, plays a Wolfman involved, with fighting vampires, but.

Dracula's, The star I've just been to a convention. Of films. Fantastic. Films in Paris and, at one stage they pulled out a film and put. In a Mexican. Film Santo, versus. The treasure of Dracula, the moment the man said the word Dracula, there was the great, ripple of applause running, around the audience and they started, chatting Dracula, Dracula. But. I think the Dracula, we have in film is still that of stoke of course he's undergone modification. He's Henderson well the whole business when the opera-cloak and, Kane, and song came in really with Lugosi. And was continued, with, Christopher, Lee. The. Head of Hammer films is Michael Carreras well, that's our latest diversification. Damn when, you started. And. In a way created. The Dracula industry, 20 years ago did, you have any concept of the, sensational. Success it would be it. Would be a terrible life I said yes no. It really did it was like a dam bursting, there. Was all over the world a complete. Readiness. For that type. Of entertainment, to be revitalized and of, course coming back in color it just caused the sensation. To. What extent did the, recreation. By hammer of. Congratula. Save the british film industry. Oh I think to a large extent, not, only the Dracula films themselves but the actual spin-offs from the idea of reviving horror as. Really. I think been a great Savior for not only this camp company, but, many many other producers, have jumped on the horror bandwagon, you. Do, find, yourself that, people, are, fascinated. By the idea of horror because, they, find the present unacceptable. Well. That of course is one of the many theories I think, I subscribe, to it to a great deal I mean, there here is a adrenaline. Excitement. And. A horror titillation. Which an extra fact you don't carry with you into the street so after the experience in the cinema the. Modern horror which, now. I suppose you can call mainly, social documents, I think far, more frightening and those. Are things that you do carry into the streets with you and modern horror like Belfast, yes. Are. You proud of your industry very. But. What gets them off the streets and into the cinema is not simply the horror but the sexuality of, the vampire though, Stoker, might have been unaware of it himself the, original, novel is blatantly. Erotic, as DynaMed had realized when, he portrayed, Dracula, on television. To. Illustrate the sort. Of sexuality, of the Dracula from the decay. In the original I'd like if I may to read a passage from the original book my, son Dracula's, daughters, attacking. The hero lower. And lower I went ahead as. The lips went below the range of my mouth and chin and seemed about to fasten, on my throat and, she paused. And. I could hear the churning sound of her tongue as it licked her teeth from lips I could. Feel the hot breath on, my neck and, the, skin of my throat began to tingle as once flesh does when the hand that is to tickle it approaches, mirror mirror, I, could. Feel the soft shivering. Touch, of the lips on the super-sensitive, skin of my throat and the. Hard dense of two sharp teeth just touching, and pausing. I, closed. My eyes and a languorous, ecstasy. And waited. Waited. With, beating, heart. The. Symbolism. Of that is pretty obvious isn't it I think, it's a feeling of being totally taken, in and absorbed, in and that and the whole thing of a. Total. Absence of any responsibility. You're. Totally contained. Sexually. Mentally, spiritually by this. Lover. Really you did. You enjoy the devouring. Well. Actually quite. Frankly that isn't really my scene but I'm I. Did. You enjoy playing it, it was fun yes. I did I didn't. Take Dracula - seriously, I don't think it's I am.

I Couldn't, afford to I think you know please we play very dangerous games a new play around with people like Dracula, I think. You can get terribly involved in the idea of Satan if you elect yourself. It. Really is a very frightening night after you know I have ready. To to. Keep an absolute balance in, one's mind because I think you can become typically. Involved in sure. Erotic. Enjoyment you really let yourself go and it can go beyond. Oblivion, and obliteration, or more that's it you see you, lose yourself. Which. Is what they're after, now. How. Spam my poor great-uncle might have been by these scenes and by. The hard professionalism. That goes into the making of this latest, style, of them powerful. Right. Excited. Like this huh cut, that like. That I'm tuned like that go. That. Is the thing I'm, gonna be on a hold of. You. Come again alive with. Your hands like this when. I say action and, when. You do, bang. Bang just. To put you in the picture the, two girls and lesbian, vampires, carrying. The exploitation. Of the original novel to, the absolute limit. Don't. Move inch, you know it's still like that all the time please. The. Latest applying on the Dracula bandwagon. Are the travel agencies, encouraged. By the Romanians, who, have just discovered the immense tourist potential and that Transylvanian. Doorstep, the, Dracula package. Tall. This. Dream was the tourists following, eager hard, on the footsteps of Stoker's, hero, young Jonathan Harker. The. Red bits of Dracula. Jackie perfumes. Just. Laps up and, when you saw the name Dracula mentioned in the tour, oh. Yes yes, because. There's so much fiction. I wanted, to see if there was any effect yes, of, course there is of course there is yes there, must be a certain event. Please. Come. On. This. Is the main entrance to the castle lying on, a sixteen. But. The fact remains the contraction is, simply a figment of Stoker's imagination. And. This is simply a Romanian castle called bran which, happens to be spookley, appropriate, however. This does not seem to diminish the appeal the ever curious Americans, blazed the trail six. Thousands, and if Dracula aficionados. The book this year and. Now the British can indulge in their fantasies, well. What do you do in England I'm. A teacher in a Grammar School, what. The school children say, when they heard you were coming I. Told the group optimist, I was visiting, Dracula, for my half term holidays, there they were rather amazed, and apprehensive. Okay so you didn't get back. The. Romanians. Now find themselves in the dilemma it. Is only recently that they've even heard of Bram Stoker's, Dracula but. They have a real one of their own. Vlad. Dracul, was born here in the old Saxon town of City Sora, in 1431. He. Became the ruler of allah kiya but, there was no such country as romania then only, the three states of the, lochia Moldavia. And Transylvania. Though. He was certainly bloodthirsty. Dracula, was no vampire. He. Was a warrior and, after one of his battles against the Turks the bells rang, out as far as the island of Rhodes to, celebrate the victory of Christendom. He, made his capital here in toga. Vista. He. Was a man of really, exceptional, cruelty, even for his own time he, was known as Vlad tepish. Which means Vlad, the Impaler, because, of his habit of impaling his enemies on sharp, pointed, stakes which, slowly split, them apart until. After several hours or even days they, died and. Seldom can death have been so welcomed after. One battle, he impaled, as many as 20,000. Of his enemies and with, the screams and the smells at a cheerful, lunch underneath. Here. In his castle, at Targoviste. When, a visitor interpretation. Of Turkish, ambassador's, failed, to, doff their turbans, in his presence he ordered that the turbans be nailed to their heads, he. Was plural but he had a certain style. Today. Romanian, children are taught that Dracula is a national, hero without. Too much stress on his. It. Is two historical, monuments, like this one at Agra Vista the today's tourists, are being taken alongside, the, children's pioneer, for nothing. To do with Bram Stoker's can track EULA at all. Yet. Stoker got the atmosphere absolutely. Right all the, books in the British Museum for, amazingly.

He Never set foot in Transylvania. Himself the. Town of mystery tur is the town of biscuits, that he wrote about if. You go there you can find the same small, type of hotel that Jonathan, Hawkeye might have stayed at. And. Incredibly. Enough across, the street and Undertaker's. It, out Stoker's, toga. Jonathan. Harker traveled by coach through, the Borgo pass it, is there and. It is almost too good to be true with, lonely, crosses, and swirling, mists. But, there, is no Castle Dracula the tourists, the. Romanians, in pursuit of hard currency have, come up with the answer and cartoony. Dracula. From, jelly tree to circumscribe. Bram Stoker and. Steel. Romanesque. The. Castle, Dracula Hotel, a mixture, of Disney India glyph with taped wolves, howling as, the tourists, are driven through the past is, to be opened hopefully in, 1977. Meanwhile. Bran, castle will do at. Least the tourists, are there and the currency is starting to flow. At. The moon there's, an innocent bewilderment, amongst, the Romanians, for. Their souvenirs, a bit behind the times feature. That other twentieth-century figure, Mickey, Mouse of, Count Dracula is, about to push him aside the, local plum brandy Dracula. Here DRA there anything way down the bottle there three. Star -. Frank. Am slightly bewildered by, this obsession with Dracula it, seems to be deeper than just amusing gimmick, the. Infatuation, with the idea of vampires. Sucking. Of blood and. Indeed perpetual, life is peculiar. But perhaps it is a part of the general resurgence. Of interest in the occult which. Is greater in Britain today than, it has been for the last few hundred years. The. Interest, is intense, one. London bookshop concentrates. Entirely, on the occult science. Fiction, and the, ramifications of, the Dracula cult. Catering. To this insatiable, appetite, for horror and, also, man's, apparent. Need to, believe in the inexplicable. I. Find. It quite extraordinary, to come into a bookshop like this and see masses. Of people all, banking, books on vampires. And Dracula. Why. Do you find the subject exciting. Fitting. Rather aggressive, perhaps. Very. Angry. And. I couldn't, do anything to him. So. I suppose, like to cut a fantasy, violence instead. I'm. Sorry I really don't get this um you're. Interested, in Dadar vampires, because her husband, left you yes I was, very annoyed about it I should. Think aware but, I couldn't, do anything to him and. The way of attacking him or hurting him in any way, so. I'd end up in prison obviously. But. Who do you is much safer to, do it this way isn't it who. Are you associated with. Not. The victims, and. You would like to, so. To speak in, in. The books. Defile. Ex-husband. Not. Too far exactly I suppose, just kill him rather nastily. Do. You think that's healthy, no. Far. More unhealthy is the current vandalism, and cemeteries, breaking, open graves are disturbing, bodies mr.. Law is the centre keeper at Highgate I asked. If there really were vampire, hunters, oh yes. Yeah, some, couple of years ago, this. Is, personal. Efferent the. Supposed. To have seen a vampire side, over and over told the headstone and then, from them we had nothing, else but vampire, hunters smashed mountains, sticking stakes through bodies and, all this nonsense.

Did Anyone describe this vampire I was in. Well. He supposed to have described, it there's a big tall thing over in 7-foot, in no, seven foot over top of a headstone and about seven foot tall of. Course you'd only probably, seen things like this we've gone up the road and a few pints of grog and a couple of glass yard staff what. Do you think you think was all complete imagination, or stupid nonsense, I worked, it all night long all. Day long all night long I've never seen nothing so I mean I don't see why they should see something that well they've been quite a few vampire, hunters who haven't it oh yeah yeah, how many old ago welcome. Telling exactly, how many this, this time when this started this vampire, business in, the evening time there's all 100 nod people outside the gates when. The cemeteries all closed I mean this is all privately owned you see so those gates are closed that at. Four, o'clock it's a particular time and, they. Were all trying to climb over the walls and one, person, said these here horrible grating wriggling down the road all this bloody nonsense you know and. That. The police clear them all off out of it this, was all supposed. To be legislated people a hundred vampire, hunters oh yes. Ordinary. Ordinary people ordinary. People. Perhaps. But. It is an extraordinary obsession. Last. Year, in this house in stoke-on-trent, mam's, found dead in most extraordinary, circumstances. I. Asked. The coroner what these were, the. Circumstances were these it was reported, to me as. A sudden death of which the cause was unknown and. When I had the post-mortem, done the pathologist. Said. He's swallowed either. A pickled onion or a clove of garlic which, I thought was rather unusual, never. Mind these things do happen people do bolt their food and die, but. I had the advantage of, a. Very good report from a young PC and the force which went it very, and. It. Came out that. This, man believed. In vampires, and. Was frightened, of vampires, and. Took, various precautions, to stop the vampires getting at him, what. Precautions. Well. I think I'd better read a bit out the PCs report. I'll. Refer to it anyhow he. Had the room, strew. With salt and, what the PC described as a ritual fashion, he. Had a bag of salt between his legs resting. On his testicles. He, had garlic round the room and, in. Addition he had outside, on the windowsill, an. Inverted, bowl covering, human excreta and. Also. Garlic. In the middle of it our. Apparently, salt and garlic, are, vampire. Repellents, he, mix salt with his urine in various containers, also. Outside, with his excreta, apparent, salt, I'm sorry garlic, the, idea being apparently that the vampire, would be attracted. By this, magnificent. Feed of excreta, or urine and would. Then swallow, it on the principle the rat bait and be poisoned, by the garlic, to. Make assurance doubly, sure he. Put this garlic into his mouth and. Unfortunately. Choked on it and. Died, would. You say that in fact the man was mad, no. Obsessed. Perhaps, this. Man believed thoroughly, of these vampires, existed, this. Case sounds unique yet. Incredibly. There are other cases of vampirism in Britain, today as. I learned from the reverend neil smith but, i asked, if he knew of specific, instances, yes. More. Than one I mean. One tickity. Strikes me is that of a woman who showed. Me the easy marks, on her wrists. Which. Appeared, at night and. Definitely. Where the, blood had been taken. From her wrists Knight and the marks were there in the morning and there's no apparent reason why, this should have occurred, what sort of marks, well. Marks almost like that of an animal I've been Douglas. Scratching. But couldn't you done this herself. Well. Be, a married woman and there's no evidence, from her husband or otherwise that such. Things, did. It that night and she came. To you for help she came to me for help but he felt that he her blood was being sex and did you perform an exorcism or huh yes I did and, what happened and. This, he's marked kidnap her. Isn't Rivers's. Oh not. Fair longer as a matter of month, do. You have other examples when. There was physical evidence yes it was a man from South America, who, had two similar phenomena, at night and the. Blood had been set from him and marks, were on him and. He showed me here, marks, and. Again. Now see X's name disappeared they. Lakhs, of, biting. Oh yes, again, like a sort. Of strange phenomena. Like an animal. If. An animal had to you. Know. Weighs. His, burden, and detect. Him at night you don't think he just had extremely. Exciting. Sexual night somewhere. And. No no, I think. That. You. Know, he. Was intelligent. Reckoned. This was abnormal. But surely it is sane person, would regard era of vampirism.

As Absurd. No. I wouldn't. Think so because, I. Think, I, found that people in dealing with exorcism. It's, some more. Intelligent. People I would think who would accept, such, ideas. More. Easily than the legend isn't. Because. They would be more open-minded. Regarding. Well spirits, and forces outside themselves and. You would categorically. Say that there is in fact then, an evil, force, of energy, around. Us other. This could attack you. Or me. Hath. Not you but anyone an ordinary person in the street always, occurred to me as well I mean I'm in danger and doing exorcism, it was things will come unto me I mean. I admit this and I, believe. That there, were has his agents, and these, are the demons all around the place and. Are we all done well, neural I I. Can't. Think, that people could say, that. They are never vulnerable I think. It's dangerous idea. Because he maybe just went there saying that did something may, happen. It. Is just this dabbling, with their cult that so many people regard as dangerous. Recently. It has assumed the scale of an epidemic especially, in our cities in. The reassuring. Setting of a vicarage in Hull I spoke, to the Reverend Willis he. Is a family man with both feet firmly, on the ground but. He is seriously, worried by today's fascination. With the Ouija board, seances. And witches, coven he. Believes that this presents, the church with, a real problem, and Claire's. All over the country being Damian which was people coming to them for help because. Either. It's induced, a mental breakdown with a lot of people ending up in mental hospitals, a. Lot of people and driven. To attempted suicide, in this area at any rate and in. Other areas I know they've been several, cases of real suicide, from people and playing, around with a Ouija boards even or just consulting mediums or fortune tellers have, you yourself ever had real evidence, that makes you believe in, the devil. In. One particular case I mean these. Family. Had run up their Samaritan, service who, in turn asked. Myself, and another priest to go along and help a family who in terror out in the street we. Got the family back into the house and. After. Having talked to them sometime. One. Of the women complained, that that something was around her, a horrible. Coldness and could, I help her could I go over them pray where and I, went across the room to her and, she, began to say please please help me because it's. Around me I've. Gone all cold it's, it's, all around me please help please please. Help me please, help me and she began to struggle, with something around a throat she. Began to physically, choke and I. Read plenty, of times in fiction, of people saying, you. Know that their eyes bulged. In terror but this is the first members we saw it myself and I just came right out of a socket of bowls, like this. And. She was struggling and I, thought well is this some sort of psychological, flip. You know some hysteria, so, for a while, few. Seconds I didn't do anything but. Eventually, she got so desperate and, was, obviously choking, that, I thought I must do something and. I must assume that this is this is something evil around her and I. Went over to her and. Said. In. The name of Jesus of Nazareth I command, you to come out of her and go to a place appointed for you and. Nothing. Happened. And, for a moment I was puzzled but. Then I remember reading that. Sometimes, people, involved. In exorcisms have a big struggle so. I kept on, with. This same command on and on several, times over perhaps 10, or 15 seconds which, is quite a long time really and, and, eventually. She collapsed on the floor. We, took bless of water to and brought her round but for a quarter of an hour she wouldn't, she. Wouldn't talk about it she just couldn't talk about it she was so frightened, but. Eventually we, said well what happened and, she had just something, just completely took over me I felt, as I was being pushed out of myself and I'm, convinced. I would have died if you, hadn't begun to do something, and she said I heard your, voice in the dim distance. Praying. And, gradually. She said I tend to come back into, myself and I said what did, you actually see or feel and she said the only thing I saw was. A face. Which looked like a doll with.

Staring. Eyes, absolutely. Hypnotizing, me I just couldn't take my eyes. Off it and. And, then I blacked, out. Well. I. Prayed. With her prayed with the family we eventually, went. Blessed the whole house and after some time they said we, feel completely at peace now whatever, it is is gone I returned. Home and. Creeping. Upstairs, my shoes a man hasn't. Found. My, wife wide-awake sat up in bed saying oh thank, goodness you're back I said, why what's the matter, I've had the most terrible. Nightmare, of my life I said. What was the matter she said well it was only a dream but she said I felt there was something evil. In. The house attacking, myself and the children. She. Had in my dream I, met. It in the sitting room I went downstairs and met in the sitting room and got. Hold of it and smashed, in the name of the Trinity against the war and a, blue liquid came out, when. I woke up she said I was so scared. By it and I went down and prayed with all the children and. Have been, awake ever since, so. I said. Well what was it but you broke what was it you saw me. She would do something horrible evil, like like a doll. So. So. Something. However you view it happened, pass between the two houses my wife didn't know she, knew I've been called out on so in which he knew nothing of the circumstances. We've been dealing with somehow. Something, flashed between the two houses whether. It was some telepathic. Vision. Of some kind or whether, it was evil. Heating back at my family. Of. Course is it open to to, control is he you, don't think the possibly, because, and, you are a member of the church and in a way associated with the devil and with evil that you, could induce this yourself, I don't. Think so because you see that the problem was there before I was ever called in you. Know, I didn't. Go around and give, them the, idea that there could be some sort of possession that, they line up the Samaritan said please there's something in our house can you send us someone who will help what can the church and what, should the church do about the program and, I. Think. We have got to our. East early. Christian. Belief about. About, evil about. The teaching of Christ about evil after, all class gave three commands, to the church and preach, the gospel heal, the sick and cast out, evil and, we've rather neglected, the. Casting out of evil, and. We. Haven't met much of it in the last 300 years in Britain and, Western Europe, not many people have doubled in witchcraft or. Devil. Worship or even. Consulting, fortune tellers to any great number that always haven't been a few but. Suddenly in the 20th century we've got this occult, explosion, everybody doing it and. It's a social problem at. Mass from Abbey I ask Tom Petty Pierre who, is greatly, respected, as an authority, on the subject for. His explanation. Of the resurgence. Of the occult in 1974. Well. I think it's Duplin, number of courses myself, first. Of all it's. A reaction against, the old materialism. Or last century, and a. Good, deal of the modern, thinking, that. Mental. Problems. Are entirely, concerned, with in inside, oneself and this. Is you're looking for something outside. And, deeper, than merely. Materialistic. Considerations, the desperate need to believe in something in, something and. Because. The. The Christian. Churches have, got. Caught up with making noises and nothing much else, they, haven't taught what we call contempt, rated prayer, people, are looking to something, beyond themselves. That's. Another factor, so would you say the church has failed yes, I think so I think it's kept up a sort of 19, to 18th and 19th century, idea that everybody, is a Christian, and knows their stuff and it was it control. Now. And I. Think, there's a third reason and, that, is that modern, civilization. Is so utterly impersonal. And. That in the occult, groups you. Get a deeply, personal, relationship. With about 12 people and. This. Is a great value to the young but.

Why Should man want to embrace the devil and evil well, I'm not quite sure that, the occult groups are looking out for the devil or evil I remember one young man who said he'd been going into a black magic look for two years and blue Lucifer was marvelous. He. Didn't see Lucifer as anti God he just saw Lucifer something, big beyond, himself, what. Will happen in the future do you think well the devil will oh, no, the, devil never wins he. Gets occasional. Victories. But no final success. Back. In Romania where, the whole Dracula business started diz Rolla ironic, that the frescoes, on the churches, still reflect, the eternal, struggle between, Christianity. And the devil a few, months ago I did, not believe in the devil and most certainly I do not believe in vampires and I, don't think I do now but, I do realize that there's, this a yearning among, people today to believe in something as they, see the cities destroyed around, them the landscapes, God, all, in the pursuit of material gain. There's. This ache for something better and less artificial a return, to more spiritual, values, made, a, less, soulless, way of life even. If that means their cult but. This is a subject that defies, any, meet conclusion.

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