Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party

Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party

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America, went insane, over the weekend that's barely an overstatement. People in their 80s who have lived in the u.s, all their lives. Said they've never seen anything like it ask an 80 year old, this was without, precedent, in the modern, era, a small group of highly, aggressive, emotionally, charged, activists. Took over our culture. They forced the entire, country, to obey their will. It all happened, so fast and with such ferocity. That virtually, no one resisted, it, people seemed bewildered. Even stunned by what was happening. Statements, of fact and opinion that were entirely, within the bounds of reasonable conversation. Just last sunday. Suddenly, a week later. Were enough to get you fired from your job and a number of people were fired. An awful lot happened this weekend. For the next hour we want to assess the aftermath. Of it all suggest what it may mean and where this country is likely to go from here. But first we want to give you a sense, of what, happened. We're going to begin tonight in minneapolis. That's where the black lives matter riots first began, almost two weeks ago. As the violence there rage some democratic, leaders in minneapolis, came to a conclusion, that didn't on the surface, anyway. Make intuitive, sense. What their city, really needs, they decided. Is less law enforcement, in fact no law enforcement. So they began to demand that minneapolis. Quote defund. The, police. Now the first thing you notice about this idea is how unpopular, with the public it is, almost, nobody. In the country, supports, it, but the activists, undeterred, kept pushing the idea, and within, days pressure mounted on the mayor of minneapolis, jacob fry, to get rid of his city's police department. This was a problem for fry fry has greater political, aspirations. And this was the last conversation, he wanted to have. So fry did his best to change the subject with a mix of manic enthusiasm. And feigned, empathy. Fries well practiced, in those areas, here is a couple of years ago. With his preferred, brand of community. Outreach. It didn't work. Then, or now. Activists, wanted, actual, answers, so mayor frye tried step two in the process. Groveling. I've been coming to grips. With my own brokenness, in this situation. My own failures. My own. It sounds like a sermon give a raise to the staffer who scripted that, but again. No dice, black lives matter to their credit, wanted a real answer to their question. It was then that jacob fry made a fatal mistake, he put himself in a position. Where he could be asked that question, directly. Here's what happened next. Yes, or no. Will you commit, to defunding, minneapolis, police, department. We don't want no mo. Police. What a remarkable. Piece of tape that is, as a big city mayor in this country, ever, been more thoroughly, humiliated, get the f out of here she screams go. Well the correct answer to that needless to say is up yours lady i'm not going anywhere. I run this city. Do you doubt that the entire, crowd would have cheered, jacob, fry, if he'd said that. People always, admire, resolve, even when they disagree, with the point of view. But that's not what jacob fry did fry slunk, away like a child caught doing something filthy. The most telling moment though came just before that when the woman in sunglasses, threatened to defeat, the mayor. In the next election. What does that tell you, it tells you that black lives matter is in fact a political, party. Maybe the strongest, political party in the united states as of tonight its members believe they can reshape, this country and so far, they're proving to be right. You can always tell which political, movements are ascendant which are headed, up, by how straightforward, their members and sympathizers. Are about what they believe. Strong people say what they think out loud they have no reason not to they're not embarrassed, of their beliefs. They think they're winning. With that in mind, watch this clip from cnn, this morning. This is the president, of the minneapolis, city council lisa bender. Bender explains, that the desire, for safety, the desire not to for example have your home invaded, by violent criminals. Is in fact a sign of racism. Do you understand, that the word dismantle, or police, free also makes some people, nervous, for instance. What if in the middle of the night. My home is broken into who do i call. Yes i mean i i hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And i know and myself, too and i know that that comes from a place of privilege, because. For those of us for whom the system is working. I think we need to step back and imagine, what it would feel like, to already live in that reality.

Where, Calling the police may mean, more harm is done. Hello police, our men are breaking into my home help. Shut up racist, click. That's the world lisa, bender, is calling for. How many people watching cnn this morning as they got dressed agreed with lisa bender sure that sounds reasonable, calling the police during a break-in. Definitely, qualifies, as racism. It's hard to believe, even among cnn's. Audience that very many people thought that it's so, obviously. Nuts. On the other hand it doesn't really matter at this point what the public, thinks, about anything. In the case of this idea many democratic leaders are already sold on it, here's former congressman, keith ellison on msnbc. Over the weekend keep in mind as you watch him speak, that ellison is now the chief law enforcement, officer, in minnesota, he's the attorney, general. Ellison argues here that it's wrong for police to bring guns to domestic. Violence, calls, seriously. We send out people with, guns and, and they are there to use deadly force no matter what the problem, may be. If the problem, is sexual assault we send somebody with a gun, if the problem is domestic violence we send somebody with a gun if the problem is somebody in a mental health crisis, we send somebody, with a gun. Okay we know what you're thinking that's keith ellison, kind of an unfair, example, ellison has long been a crazy person he was once attached to the nation of islam. Back then he called himself, keith hakeem. More recently, ellison, endorsed, antifa, yes that's all true. But unlike other race-baiting, extremists keith ellison may have a promising, political feature it's very easy to imagine, it, if joe biden wins keith ellison could be the attorney, general of the united states. At the very least he would be first in line to become u.s attorney for the state of minnesota, the top, federal, prosecutor, there. What would happen then. We may live to find out. Again all of this probably strikes you as wild-eyed, craziness, flat earth stuff.

Eliminate The police. Really. But things change fast look at how quickly they changed just over the weekend. Alexandria, ocasio-cortez. Who is a skilled. Trendspotter. If there ever was one, is already acting as if defund, the police, again a proposal, that no sane person, even mentioned in public, just last month. Is now, the defining, civil rights issue of our time you'd have to be a bigoted, dinosaur. A bad person to oppose it. This, is one of those moments. This right now is one of those moments, so if you're an elected official. That. For, any reason is on this call, i'm asking you to ask yourself. What are you willing to sacrifice. To make sure, that over-funded. Police departments, are defunded. So think about what you just saw alexandria. Cortez, isn't just, a member of congress she's maybe the most famous member of congress. She's also a surrogate. For joe biden so a lot is on the line here, ocasio-cortez. Didn't say that accidentally. She had a reason for saying it, why did she say that what is going on here. Well as usual the truth bears no resemblance whatsoever, to what they're telling you. Think about it for just a second, democratic. Politicians. Control. The police departments, of virtually every big city in this country. Now they're telling you they want to get rid, of those police departments. If they did, that would mean less power for themselves, so right away you know there's lying going on democrats, do not relinquish, power voluntarily. Ever period. Republicans, frequently, do, democrats, never do so that's the first thing to know something obviously, is going on here. Beneath the surface this has to be an attempt. To increase, the power of the democratic, party, because, every, policy. They push. Is, always. And in fact that's exactly what's happening here democrats, have no intention, of abolishing. The police. Listen carefully and you will hear them admit that. Instead they want to, replace. The police. Take the people who currently have batches, many of whom by the way, voted for donald trump. And swap them out for new people, people who hate, donald trump, and hate the people who voted for donald trump. That's what's actually, happening, here and it makes sense. Law enforcement, is one of the very few institutions. Remaining, in this country that the left does not yet control. Democrats, hate the police because they don't control, the police, very simple. Remember 35, years ago when democrats, were constantly, attacking, the us military. We don't hear that anymore, why is that it's very simple, the left took over the pentagon. No reason to attack people you control, which they do. And they plan to do the same thing to your local police department let's be clear, what democrats, are proposing, isn't some form of radical, libertarianism. Where the cops leave and citizens, police their own neighborhoods. No, it's the opposite, of that what they're proposing, is a power, grab. Defund, the police, is a move toward authoritarian, social control. Cloaked in the language of identity, politics. Already in the middle of a total breakdown, of law and order as we watch our cities burn.

You Are seeing new moves. To prevent you, from defending, yourself, and your family in the middle of it. Just last tuesday marjorie, green who was running for congress, in georgia. Posted this ad on facebook and within two days, facebook pulled it down. I have a message, for antifa. Terrorists. Stay the hell out of northwest, georgia. You won't burn our churches, loot our businesses, or destroy. Our homes. So, facebook, has a policy, against, violence. Not the violence. Engulfing, our cities. But the. Violence. Of you, defending, your family, they create the chaos, you're not allowed to defend yourself. You are in other words and this of course the point, wholly dependent, upon them. In the future. The left envisions, the only, people who will have guns. Are people on their team, and that's exactly, what defund, the police, really means, it means a woke militia, policing, our cities enforcing, democratic, party orthodoxy. Imagine if the diversity, inclusion, department, at brown university, had the power to arrest you. Imagine, if the black lives matter rioters, had weapons, and immunity from prosecution. That's what they're talking about, partisan. Law enforcement, and partisan law enforcement, incidentally, is hardly without precedent, in fact it's the rule in the third world. This is an attempt to bring it here. What's again striking, is how few american, voters, support, this, very few. Polling from just a week ago showed that only 16 percent of americans. Favored, cutting funding to police departments. There was almost no party divide, on that question surprisingly. The numbers were virtually, the same for republicans. And democrats. The divide. Was economic. If you make more than a hundred thousand dollars a year you are more than twice as likely to think cutting the police. Was a good idea and there's no mystery there of course rich people live in safe places, they can afford their own security. Jeff bezos, doesn't need the police, he's got his own. Unfortunately, for the rest of us and it is unfortunate. Jeff bezos, and people like him are the only ones allowed to talk right now. It's hard to overstate, how vicious the crackdown, on free speech and free thought has been in the last few days. Here's the new rule and it defines everything. You are not allowed, to question, black lives matter. In any way. Full stop. That rule has been enforced without mercy. Everywhere, and not just in this country. In vancouver, a men's basketball, coach was fired, for, liking, a tweet that questioned, black lives matter. Meanwhile, a player on the la galaxy that's the professional soccer team in los angeles. Was fired, because his wife said something critical, online, not him he didn't do it, his wife. Doesn't matter. They can the player anyway. Imagine being a high school student right now, high school students who refuse to show affirmative, support for black lives matter on their instagram, accounts, were shunned by their friends. Journalists who asked too many questions, about the group were fired or silenced, again not an exaggeration. You'd think people in the media, would resent, this. Presumably, some do. But almost everybody stayed quiet about it they were too afraid and some applauded. The new york times ran an op-ed demanding, that people disown their own families, if their families, failed to support black lives matter enthusiastically. Enough. Tell your relatives tell your friends the author wrote that quote. You will not be visiting or answering phone calls until they take significant, action in supporting, black lives, through protest. Or financial, contributions. End quote. Got that sorry mom. I know you're old and alone and miss your grandchildren. But we are shunning, you, until you send more money to black lives matter. In an environment, like this we've never lived in an environment like this but you can imagine, in an environment, like this most people get the message. Very fast. And the weak ones are quick to join in just like the good little red guards they've always been underneath, it all, here's mitt romney, on the march. A way to end violence. And brutality. And to make sure that people understand. That black lives matter. Mitt just wants to make sure that americans. Understand. Get through their thick heads that black lives matter.

As If americans, didn't know that. But accusing. Your entire, country of racism, turns out to be a pretty small price for someone like mitt romney. What romney's, really worried about what all the finance, moguls, funding, this movement, are worried about. Is that someone, somewhere will ask the obvious, questions. How much have you met romney, personally, made how rich have you become. By sending jobs overseas, working-class, jobs by charging obscene. Interest rates, and by otherwise harming, poor and black communities. Economically. All. The basic crimes are economic. Mitt romney doesn't want to talk about that, at all, so he marches. And black lives matter couldn't be happier, about it the complicity. Of people like mitt romney. Gives groups like black lives matter, strength. Black lives matter is becoming more powerful by the hour and they know it. Watch this interview from saturday, in which a black lives matter activist, cheerfully, admits he may soon incinerate. People with gasoline. I'm a leader of this ftp, movement, it means a lot of things it can mean free to people. It can be for the people, it could also mean fire to property, we're hoping de blasio, and cuomo. Come out and talk to us and give the youth some direction, but if they don't, the next stop is the diamond district. And gasoline, thanks to trump is awfully cheap. The amazing, thing is not just that he said that though that's, shocking, enough. The amazing, thing is that he said it on television. Live. He wasn't worried about being arrested, he's not like you at all you're still not allowed to attend church services, or go to big weddings. Too bad you're not friends with dc mayor muriel bowser. You could do anything. Bowser just renamed a park near the white house black lives matter plaza, and nobody, criticized, her for it msnbc. Practically sent her flowers. Having a mural, black, lives matter, in huge, block, letters, across, three, blocks. Leading up to the white house as i said to you on a sunday.

Badass, Move that you that you made, the black lives matter, mural. Is a representation. Of, an expression. Of, our saying, no, but also. Identifying. And claiming. A part of our city that had been taken over by federal, forces. Mayor bowser, was buoyed and gratified. By the support she received from her friends over on msnbc. So she also had, black lives matter, painted in enormous, yellow letters on 16th, street in downtown, dc. Kind of a bold move if you think about it making a street, partisan. Imagine a big city mayor naming a major thoroughfare. Nra, avenue, or planned, parenthood. Boulevard. I think he would say something about it it's impressive. In a way. But black lives matter wasn't satisfied, by it not even close the d.c, chapter of the group released a statement attacking, mayor bowser. For not giving them complete control of the city's police department quote. This is to appease, white liberals while ignoring our demands. Black lives matter, means. Defund. The police. Got that. Black lives matter, means. Defund. The police oh so that's what black lives matter means no one really explains, that, that's their description. And now we know what intel, and pepsi, and amazon, are supporting. When they send money. Defunding, the police. Suddenly it feels like all the adults. Have gone to saint barts and turned off their cell phones. Who's running this country who's in charge anyone. Yet amazingly. Some republicans, in washington, seem as giddy as they watch the country go insane. Democrats, have gone too far this time they'll tell you we're guaranteed, to win in november. You've probably gotten text to that effect recently, from friends. It sounds good. But they're wrong. They're totally, and completely, wrong, on many levels. For one thing if you care about a country. You've got to try you have an obligation, to try your very best to protect, and defend it no matter, who. Is helped in november. That's what patriotism. Is it's not about you. It's about america. But leave aside your moral duty even as a matter of pure, politics. This is a mindless. Analysis, it's a stupid, calculation. Bad ideas. Are like cancer. When you ignore them when you pretend they're not there when you just assume those ride it out. They spread. Most people as we noted. Currently, oppose, defunding. The police, that's where the polls stand right now. But will they feel that way in three months. How about in three weeks. In an environment like this you don't know, things, move, fast, nfl commissioner roger goodell, once opposed. Mocking the americans, like kneeling. To attack the country as racist. Now goodell has announced, he's with black lives matter. We the national, football league, admit we were wrong for not listening to nfl players earlier. And encourage, all to speak out, and peacefully, protest. We the national, football league, believe. Black, lives, matter. I personally, protest, with you. So if this is so good for republicans. Explain this, why does the latest round of national polls indicate, that joe biden's, lead in this race. Is growing. And that's not a small thing if you plan to live here. If you don't want to live under, attorney, general, keith ellison. So why is it happening. Maybe it's because republicans, in washington, have decided to sit this crisis out. They haven't, bothered to explain.

What's Wrong. They haven't bothered to tell us anything, about what might be flawed, about black lives matter and they don't plan to by the way, they're too cynical. They're too fearful. They're going to pretend like it's not happening. Repeat, platitudes, read bumper stickers on the air nod solemnly. And do nothing, to protect, the country, why would voters, reward that. Democrats, by contrast who are completely, wrong. And in fact are leading us down a path, that won't end well. Are not ashamed, in the slightest, of what they believe. Day in and day out they brag about it just today they kneeled in washington, in submission, before black lives matter. We are here. To honor. George. Floyd, for those who wish to we will now, kneel, for our moment, of. Silence. Nancy pelosi. Doing something, crazy, again. Before you come for yourself with that thought keep in mind it wasn't just nancy pelosi, not by a long shot. Members of the national, guard, kneeled, too so did a group of, fbi, agents so did the prime minister, of canada, justin trudeau who just the other day was wearing blackface. Now he's with black lives matter, the police chief of webster massachusetts, went even further than that, he lay on the ground. Before them in complete, submission. And then things began to spin, completely. Out of control, not just in this country but throughout the west. As the crowd swelled, and the demand for total, ideological. Conformity, grew louder. This latest cultural revolution, became, a parody, of itself, as they always, do. In london, protesters, vandalized, the statue of abraham lincoln because what did abraham lincoln ever do for black people. In boston, a mob defaced, a monument to the first all-black, volunteer, regiment, in the civil war, because. Black people dying to end slavery sounds like white supremacy, to us. At around the same time a law professor from the universe, university, of chicago. Called for an armed, coup to overthrow, the president of the united states but that didn't get a lot of press because it didn't seem particularly, newsworthy. Under the circumstances. It was that kind of weekend. What is going on, what is this. About. Even the outlines. Are blurry, at this point but we know this, no matter what they tell you it has very little to do with black lives if only it did. If democratic, leaders, cared about saving the lives of black people and they should. They wouldn't ignore the murder of thousands of young black men in their cities every year they wouldn't put abortion, clinics in black neighborhoods. They would instead do their very best to improve, the public, schools. And to encourage, intact. Families which we know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Is central. To the life prospects, of children. They try to make black neighborhoods, as safe as their own neighborhoods. They would close the payday, lenders that had so much misery, to the lives of poor people of all colors. But they don't even consider doing any of this they don't even try.

Instead They encourage. Theft and mayhem, as if that will help it will not help. This may be a lot of things this moment we're living through but it is definitely, not about black lives and remember, that, when they come for you and at this rate they will. Anyone's, ever been subjected. To the rage of the mob knows the feeling it's like being swarmed, by hornets you cannot, think clearly. And the temptation. Is to panic. But you can't panic you've got to keep your head and tell the truth. Tell the truth if you show weakness of any kind, they will crush you, ask drew brees. By some accounts poor drew brees is on his fourth, apology, for the crime of defending, the american, flag. He decided to apologize, now they're using him as a propaganda, organ hostage, tape after hostage, tape. At a moment like this there is no, advantage, in cowardice, in being mitt romney, you think you're saving yourself. You're just empowering. The worst people, people who hate you. Before you know it you're confessing, to crimes you didn't commit don't start. Tell the truth and the truth is this is a good country. Better than any other of course we are flawed but we are trying, unlike most places and we have nothing, to be ashamed of none of us. Immigrants, know that best of all that's why they come here a million new americans, every year. They're not coming because, america, is a racist, country they're coming because it's not. That's all true. And in our clear moments we know it's true even the people claiming it's not, truth. Is a defense, no matter what they're telling you at this moment, this moment, will pass remember that all moments, do. When it does we will look back at what we just saw in horror, and disbelief. But if you're honest, now, you will keep your dignity. And ultimately, you will be very, glad about that, life is not worth living, without, it.

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