Trying Products That Asked To Sponsor Me (Not Sponsored)

Trying Products That Asked To Sponsor Me (Not Sponsored)

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Hello. Friends. And welcome to another video today. We're, gonna be testing products. From companies that asked to sponsor, me not sponsored, so as you guys may know many youtubers. Including myself will, from time to time make, videos that are sponsored, by a company or product, and for our part we've done five on this channel now from what I know these, youtuber, brand relationships. Can come through a variety of sources a, manager, an MCN, and in our case we source through our agent but besides those avenues, there, is also the Wild West of brand relationships. The business email where will receive random, solicitations. From companies, who want to sponsor a video, or Instagram, post provide, affiliate, links or send us some free, products. To review etc. Etc and, I'm pretty sure that a lot of youtubers, experienced, this but he just emailed me and asked me to promote their product, in exchange for twenty thousand dollars and their cryptocurrency. But, they expect will take off by spring 2019. In fact on more than one occasion we've, received reach outs that were spammed to like 30 plus youtuber, business, emails and we've also received messages. Sent to the wrong creator as well as about a thousand. Emails addressed. Hello dear, now, no shade at all to the hustle as I know a lot of these companies are just businesses, trying to get off the ground and some of their products, can be quite intriguing. Such as electric. Nail drills, sexy. Lingerie and, silicone, shampoo, brushes, amongst, many, many, many, others, that said the main reason we haven't warped with any of these cold call brands, isn't because they don't email us correctly in fact it's kind of funny when that happens it's mostly because I don't know enough about these companies, or products, to feel comfortable, promoting, them even if I do find myself sometimes. Wanting to try them so I thought it would be fun to go through my business email and to find for examples, of some interesting products, not sponsored, order them and try them out and I guess see if we should have hypothetically. Taken, the sponsorship, and/or endorsed, them alright. Let's dive right, now, Tyler, and I'd pre-vetted. These reach outs so we went through like a ton of these, emails dating, all the way back to March of this year and, we chose a few, strong candidates, I think so let's jump right into the first product, which is a Japanese. Subscription. Box so this company is called Zen pop and it appears to be a Japan, based company, that sells subscription, boxes, with Japanese, snacks and also, beauty products, inside of them so I'm pretty sure the reason that they reached out to me is because we did that three-part Japan, series earlier, this year in fact they say you do a lot of Japan, related videos, which isn't wrong and luckily, for them I'm also interested in snacks so it's a good Venn diagram, of just Japan content. Snacks, and beauty, products too so what they want is to sponsor, me to do an unboxing type. Of video on my youtube channel which is a pretty popular request, we just wouldn't want to do an unboxing that was sponsored by the company itself so it looks like on their website they actually have a few different, kinds of boxes like a candy, box ramen, and candy mixed together ramen, only beauty, and stationery. I think in general I'm leaning more towards, the snacks because we did recently, do a Japanese, beauty, products haul and in terms of the stationery I actually don't write a lot of things with a pen and paper nowadays, I live my entire life, inside of a computer so why don't we go for the combo, Japanese, ramen and sweets, mix pack just to get a little variety ah my, first instinct, was to do a one-time. Purchase just, for this video but it turns out that's sold out so instead I have to subscribe, for at least three months I guess that's seventy dollars on Japanese, snacks and noodles, so for our second, product I chose this app called the Wi-Fi, map and I will say that their subject, line really just jumped, out at me it reads Wi-Fi. Map YouTube, video with a hundred, thousand, plus views guaranteed. Now I don't know if that means that they just believe their product, is super interesting and will garner, a hundred thousand plus views or if they're just willing to buy views for. Me but either way I think it definitely deserved, an open so from what I can tell this, product, is basically like a crowd-sourced.

Of Like different wi-fi's, that you can connect to it seems to be like people sort of contributing. Their own personal, Wi-Fi to the list or if they perhaps like know the password, to a local coffee shops Wi-Fi, they might put it on the map as well now they don't really explain why they reached out to me specifically. Nor do they say exactly what, they want but it does seem like people are generally, interested, in this app as am I honestly, so I'm gonna download this app to my phone and then we get all of the rest of our haul items, we'll try this out, IRL, just wander, around and see if we can just get on people's, home, Wi-Fi, as I guess so next up is our third product which, is the sit pack so the SIP pack seems to be like a telescoping. Portable, seat but you can unfurl, and it will turn into like a little stool that you can sit on that you can use while waiting in lines or for the subway or whatever and when you're done you can just refer lit into a little soda can shaped looking thing, now they alluded, to wanting a YouTube review though they don't exactly, like, hit the nail right on the head as to why they reached out to me specifically, in fact the only thing that they say that seems to like relate, to me specifically, is that they're a Danish. Company and also that they make their sit packs right here in the happy Kingdom of Denmark which would seem like a random, factoid, to most people but I am in fact half Danish, so maybe they saw that and they were just like hey that's, a Great Dane let's send this her way they also drop a little bit of actual Danish, in the sign-off down here unfortunately. My vocabulary. Is very limited, I know how to say chicken, and beer. But either way the pandering, is working, and I want to try this thing out the only thing that's concerning, to me is that it has three out of five stars on forty six reviews some, people say that it's a great small seat that is easy to keep with you and others, say that it felt like a hard, pipe, on their butt cheeks, that doesn't sound super appealing, but I feel like we're this far in let's just give it a go so I'm going to add this to the cart and that is item number three, so for our fourth and final product. We decided to go for the Kesava, online, psychic. App so, basically with kizomba, you pay per minute to text, psychics, so it's basically the same as like a telephone, psychic, but just texting. Now they say that they specifically, wanted to work with me because they saw the I dressed, according, to my zodiac sign, for a week video and they mentioned marketing, opportunities, as well as an affiliate, link program, now I think that that connection kind of makes sense but I will say that that's pretty much the only video, we've ever done in the spiritual. Realm I guess you could say that said I am objectively. Interested, to see what an online psychic. Has to text to me so checking, out their website, the first thing that I see is like how expensive. Some of these psychics, are and they all interestingly, enough, have five out of five stars, all on over 10,000. Reviews each in fact it looks like almost everyone. Has 5 out of 5 stars, I wonder if people are scared if they like give them a bad review if like bad things will happen to them but regardless this, site seems to have a lot of stuff to pick through so I'm gonna try it out and presumably, just spend a lot of money, texting, psychics, okay so those, are our four products. So I'm gonna wait for all of the things I ordered to get here and once I have my haul we'll, check back in alright. So, it's been a few weeks well actually it's been a little more than a few weeks it's been about two months since I ordered everything but now we finally, have our haul so let's dive right in and start with the first product, that we ordered which was also the main cause of the delay the, Zen pop box so, we were gonna film this haul a while ago but this item got stuck in customs and, then lost at customs, and then subsequently, lost at the post office so is never delivered, to us we in fact had to go and find it but now we haven't and I've never let it go so we got the August, 2018.

Box Which was called the power up box which basically means that amongst the normal, savory, and sweet snacks, they included, a bunch of candies, that are flavored like Japanese, sodas, and energy drinks so we figured we would just go through and taste each one starting. With the monster, hunters food gummies, it kind of looks like a mash-up, of like a Valkyrie a Powerpuff. Girl and Jon Snow the gummies themselves, kind of like orange Mentos, these. Aren't too bad it's sort of like an interesting crossover between like Red Bull and like children's, Triaminic. Medicine, and besides, those we had to other energy drink flavored candies. Lifeguard. Is not a mere energy, drink it's a Bionic, drink one of which was kind of like a nerds rope, without the Nerds it's just like a long, erect - Laffy Taffy and it also kind of bites like a Laffy Taffy it tastes like juicy, fruit but, in like a Laffy Taffy texture, and now it's gone so it's the same as juicy fruit and, the other one of which was like a Sour Patch Kid, looking gummy in the shape of a Japanese, character, that means power go, somewhere in the top right he's like this is a an energy drink bitch now the smell, was definitely, powerful oh my god. It. Smells like a rubbing alcohol surprise. It's just for a loco but compared, to the odor the flavor was pretty tame it's more just like a sort of nondescript. Grape, gummy now though these were all energy. Drink themed or flavored, it wasn't clear if any of them actually had, any energy, properties, it says if you believe that it gives you a power it really gives you the effect. But. Since I ate all three in a row I guess we'll never know which, if any had, any actual caffeine. So. Besides those powered, up candies, we had a coke flavoured, chewy and some fruit soda, flavored, gum it's kind of like bubble tape but it looks like a band-aid as well as some vinegar chips, with a sour faced elephant, mascot, he's like it's so sour, I'm, dead some barbecue, cracker sticks, that were kind of like the savory version of Pocky it tastes a little bit like a bread stick that you've used to mop up beef, stew there's my theories of red and some sea animal shaped chocolate, cookies they're almost like oversized, like, Teddy Grahams also, what sea animal is this plant, it, does look like a clam we, then finished off our feast with one of our cups of ramen. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. All, right I think it looks ready let's fork up and try it that's amazing yeah that's really good I mean it's definitely ramen. In a cup but it's really good damn I wish I had gotten the all ramen box the hem had so that concludes our, Zen pop box I think definitely got some snacks that were kind of out there but overall I enjoyed all, of them and even if some of them like weren't my favorite flavor they were at least fun, to eat and maybe had some energy in them I guess we'll never know but in terms of whether or not I would recommend, this or even plug this I think it's impossible to ignore the whole shipping situation. Which I understand, like isn't a hundred percent the company's fault but at the same time if I'm like recommending. Things to you I would not want to wish, shipping. Issues upon you besides that there was the issue of them, not having like, the one time box option, available on their website which sort of doesn't make sense because if they are able to send you three boxes, why are they not able to send you one it's not like they're out of stock so as a consumer, I enjoyed, what I received but because of some of the logistics, I would not endorse it okay, so, our next product to try out is the Wi-Fi. Map, app so, I think the best way to try out this app is to go out into the world and see if we can't get onto some Wi-Fi, it's kind of like a scavenger hunt, but for, stealing, the Internet's, alright you've got a hundred and fifty Wi-Fi, hotspots. Near me so to test the map out I wanted to try and get on to a more exclusive Wi-Fi. That wouldn't normally be available to, me so not just like a coffee shop premier, care dental, group has Wi-Fi I wonder if this is legal it feels like a sort. Of whitespace, legislation. Wise so after walking, 0.2. Miles we, found our, target fairness, premier. Care dental, we're here for your Wi-Fi, and though it seemed like a promising, lead at first our free dental, Wi-Fi, dreams quickly crumbled. So I'm trying to find like their Wi-Fi, on my suggested, Wi-Fi, list but, I don't see it anywhere I'm gonna try and type it in manually. Says it could not find the network premier, dental 5g, enjoy do we have to go in no, we're not going in so with premier, Kara bust we moved on to more residential, pastures. To see if we couldn't get on to a home Wi-Fi, connection, it's a little more nefarious I would say though once we started pursuing, them it seemed like all of the home Wi-Fi, listings, were actually, just businesses.

Listed As homes and as we drive into like a more residential, area there are no listings. On the app so, it, seems like there aren't a lot of just like good samaritans, out there being like use my houses Wi-Fi, so a little, deflated I returned, to the businesses, hoping to find at least one working, internet, connection alright it says that the Pier one Imports Wi-Fi. Was updated, six days ago but it also says it's called free, best by Wi-Fi, and even though we actually, entered the store this time this, one didn't work either am i doing this wrong so finally. As a last ditch attempt, we tried the Macy's across the street which seemed promising because that one is called Macy's, free Wi-Fi right or amongst the boxers let's, try and be brief. Thousands. Of people turned off the video all right so on my suggested, Wi-Fi list there is a Macy's, free Wi-Fi, let's plug in and, we're. On this is exciting, oh wow. We're on may see Wi-Fi, and after opening, and loading Instagram, we confirmed, that we did indeed have, the Internet's, okay now that we have it. So. Even though I was excited the app did, finally, provide a working, connection, Macy's, free Wi-Fi wasn't. Exactly the exclusive, access I had hoped for when downloading, the app especially, since there wasn't even a password so although I think that a free Wi-Fi map, is definitely. Like a useful idea a lot of the listings, don't seem to work and that might vary from place to place but at least most of our listings, didn't work so all that said I don't think I would want to endorse, this product but to companies, out there listing. Yourselves, could be an interesting marketing, technique because I'm now aware of premier. Care dental I can't vouch for their dental services, but, no they. Don't have Wi-Fi all right so, next up is these, at pack from the happy, Kingdom of Denmark cha-da. There's. A chair in there somewhere, alright let's get into it so it kind of has like the size and shape of like ol Bluetooth, speaker, and the weight - it's pretty weighty I mean it seems pretty straightforward especially. Because we watched that video so let's just try it out let me stand up so I can sit down alright so, supposedly. It opens, like this okay. And then though it's, already happening so as I mentioned before it basically telescopes. Out and then you can lock it into place by turning the bottom bit okay that feels good now the people who left this thing a negative review on Amazon said, that it was like quite uncomfortable, so I guess we'll see how it feels on the old butt cheeks my first observation, was that it's less of a seat that you mount and more of a butt crunch oh I think I found the balance point it's kind of an interesting sensation it's more like I'm leaning against, a wall than anything else, as for the seat itself it's not incredibly, comfortable. Like deceit definitely, isn't padded, but it's not terrible. And I definitely wouldn't call it a hard, pipe but I think the only way to know for sure how, it would feel in the wild, is to go out into, that wild, and try it out so we're gonna go somewhere with a lot of lines to wait in Disneyland. In the TMO pickaxe you look a little bit like a Norse women it's Thor's hammer. Take. Me to Valhalla. So. After, my show of strength Tyler, took me to Disneyland. To sit and wait all right. Sixty-five, minute line let's, do this, and once in line it was time to set up camp. After. Actually. Sitting on the sit pack for a few minutes it didn't really get less comfortable, it's just like a human tripod. Or bike stand but there is a balance, point you have to stay at I tried. Today it, was too much now, to be fair I wasn't, sitting continuously.

For 65, minutes since there were breaks every time the line moved so, I'm not feeling, like the hard climb sensation. I just. Let. Me drag a little big behind me Satan. Although, I wonder if it may also have been more comfortable, for me because, I already have some natural, cushion, or insulation, on my behind I'm basically just sitting on my. Own money so maybe the sensation, varies, from bootie to bootie but for my part I thoroughly enjoyed, having this thing in line with me so in terms of whether or not I would endorse, this product why might I would consider, it I think that the product isn't necessarily, perfect. Yet like it seems like there are some pushes, that don't enjoy, the sensation of, this seat on their behind but I did have a lot of fun using it I like that it sort of resembles a hammer to smash things, with and I also liked having a prop with me when waiting in line and at, the end of the day you can lean on it so I'd say it's OK in my book all right so, our final product, is kizomba, the, psychic, app now I feel like it varies, person to person as to how much you believe in these sort of supernatural, things. I'm personally, on the fence I don't completely, buy into, it but I'm also kind of prone to being superstitious, and, paranoid, so I don't usually seek, out psychics, just in case they tell me something I don't want to hear now that said let's, open the app so there seem to be a few different categories I can choose from love psychics. Psychic, readings, tarot, readings. Fortune-telling. Personal. Astrology dream. Analysis, career, advisor and, psychic, mediums, so I think of all these categories I'm the most interested, in personal, astrology so let's go with that one also I don't mess with ghosts, so there's that okay so we have a few different, advisors, we can choose from now I was immediately drawn, to one psychic, in particular, Oh psychics, Safina but, she's in a reading right now but I like her because her name is almost Sofia so hoping to catch Safina after, she was done I subscribed, to her channel profile, thingy. I. Smashed, her, subscribe, button well see this is your notification, yes I hear that only happened some of the time however after. About 30 minutes of waiting she was still in a session which, means that someone has spent at least a hundred and eighty dollars, on that reading I wish I could say I was mad but I'm just happy for her so besides Safina, there are a few other psychics, online so we ended up doing sessions with two different separate, psychics, just to kind of test the waters oh, oh, it's, happening okay she's chatting to me with psychic number one at first I didn't know exactly what to say I feel like I'm speed-dating yeah I've, never done this before, which isn't a great approach when you're being charged, by the minute but once I got my bearings I asked, for a general. Astrological. Forecast, of the next year or so when would be a good or bad time to do things what's, coming up etc etc. And, after taking, down my name and birth date she began making predictions. She says I do see that next year will be a better year for you finances. Will be good and there are a lot of events coming where I'll be happy fun overall, I would say psychic, number one was generally. General, but also really nice oh that's so sweet, she says I'm an amazing person she, doesn't even know me but when I pride for more information, on what exactly in.

My Astrological. Chart was prompting, her predictions, she didn't really say anything okay, she says yes next, year will be much better sweetie, yeah I'm looking for some like more like star, reading, although she did give me some specific. Lucky numbers for the next year 7 3 11, maybe I will acquire, 3 7-eleven, franchises. Now. Our second, reading with psychic, number 2 was a little more focused, I pretty much asked, for the same general. Astrological. Forecast, and she had some more specific, time frames for me between March to June will be good for the career growth my dear watch out for some something, coming next March to June I better start thinking about that now she, also said that November, and December of, this year would be good but I guess that covers most of the next 9 months I also asked, her for some explanations. On what in the stars she was seeing exactly my dear this is the transition, period in your life oh I thought she was gonna say the transition period of like Saturn or something so she didn't really answer the question either, she did also though provide, a lucky number okay says, that 13, is going to be a good number for me which is not seven, three or eleven, but there's a three and a one involved. As well as make one kind of uncanny, recommendation. So she says so just go with the flow and try, wearing, back on Saturdays, do you mean wearing black, she says wearing. Black, Wow. It was a little bit of a professor, Trelawney, moment, but I'm not sure what she meant by wearing, black specifically. On Saturdays. Regardless. Our second, psychic, seemed a little more specific, in her recommendations. So I would say she was a bit better even though they both sort of dodged my questions, about the actual astronomy. Of the astrology. Now in terms of whether or not I would endorse, kizomba, the answer probably has to be no just, because I feel like whether or not you even believe in, psychics, is very subjective so, I wouldn't want to be like this, definitely. Works and when you're paying by the minute the bill can rack up pretty fast, however if you do like talking to psychics and you're into this kind of thing I could see how you would like this because it's kind of like tinder, but for psychics and also, both of our psychics, were very very nice so it was kind of soothing, to chat with them I feel like that's probably the sweet spot for a psychic say nice, things and, types, whoa all right so. That was my not sponsored. Haul in terms of these products, specifically, I'm pretty glad that I got to try them out because as I mentioned a, lot of these companies that blast our email do seem pretty interesting. Or peculiar, and they mostly ended up being kind of fun that said, I'm not just gonna start partnering, with a lot of these companies because, they are pretty unvetted, and if I'm gonna be promoting, something I just want to be selective. About which brands, I like let through to you guys if anything, came out of this experience maybe I'll just start buying more of these products, on my own to try out now once again I don't want to malign, sponsorships. In general, as I know there's been some controversy around, them recently I personally. Don't like making, sponsored, reviews, or full-on dedicated, videos and that's why our sponsored, plugs have been contained, to like 60-second. Segments at the beginning of our but, I also don't think there's anything outright. Wrong about doing a sponsored review as long as that person discloses it to their audience there's been rumors of like loopholes, and non-disclosed. Sponsored, reviews which I don't know a lot about but if someone is doing that I would ask them to stop because I think it undermines youtubers. In general and also violate, some level of trust between creators, and audiences, now with that said if I suddenly become, the Oprah, of sit packs in the next month you all know why just kidding but, do you want to sit back thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to trim, a that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shamash, that subscribe button here are my social media handles, and a big shout out to Raven, danger, Navy for watching, thanks, for watching Raven, danger Navy and I will see you guys a next time.

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you had a tail!

Safiya Nygaard You’re eyes are like saucers after the snack box. Definitely had caffeine.

Off-topic - 7:59 the cold-shoulder top, hair, and make-up is flawless.

It was a lot of fun! You should do a sequel one day!

8:04 bitch what eid al adha are you talki- i forgot that that was in august my family went out for that shit while i slept @ home youre lucky you dont study it as a subject @ skl I HAVE A PROJECT, QURAN MEMORIZATION AND A BUNCH OF PAPERS TO FINISH FOR ISLAMIC, but again it my fault cuz i sleep in that class

More Ramen trying

Safiya Nygaard love ya

I love your laugh

Safiya Nygaard pretty unique,just like you our bat queen

Please make this a series!!!


Safiya Nygaard where did you get your hoodie from in the chair part of the video? It’s sooo cute and spooky

Hey Sofiya, Im from Denmark!!! and i though that it would be super fun if you made a video where you tried to pronounce dansih words and stuff, or if you ate danish foods Love/Kærlig Hilsen Asta ; )

Why go for a pay per minute psychic when you can pay a flat rate and the psychic not only calls you via Skype or messenger if you're outside Australia or via landline or mobile if you reside within Australia. Best of all the entire session is recorded and you are sent the download link the same day! Thats how l work and instead of saying up front what you want to know which is considered 'leading the psychic' l do the whole reading up front then at the end ask if you have any questions which the majority of the time has already been answered.

And low and behold my DNA results just gotten more accurate and the 25% Scandinavian became Northwestern Europe.. counting in Denmark... so huh I am in fact got a bit of danish in me... so that’s nice..

Chicken and beer. It's all you need, right? :P

why does the pocket seat remind of the family guy episode where peter shouts out butt scratcher get ur butt scracher

Could you please try Lush packageless beauty products? Thank you and also lots of love for all your work.

1:37 comic sans

The ending of the Denmark-mail means like “best regards”.

Hi safiya maybe you wanna try this fire noodle makeup by Samyang X Tonymoly, this another youtuber review link, I like to see you try this product, thank you

did any one else get one of the products safiya is using for an add?

But like is the seat adjustable? Like can I make it smaller or is it just one size??

The portable seat seems good for people like me who get bad pains in their legs or back when standing. There are a few variants that are marketed for disabled people, but most are advertised for everyone in the same way that a lot of the ridiculous infomercials are actually products that help people with disabilities. I'd be really curious to see someone with chronic pain, balance problems, weak knees, etc. tackle that product.

Safiya if you are looking for a really great birth chart reading I'd recommend Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells at and on social media as scorpiomystique. She's an amazing writer and very skilled astrologist who truly ties together and explains every little detail about each part of your unique chart. Even if you don't "believe" in it, there's really helpful advice and encouragment within the birth chart reading PDF.

The ad that played before this video was for Kasamba

lol i got an ad for kasamba before the video

i got a kasamba ad before this video lmao

I have a similar hoodie to the sweater you wear in the beginning ^^ black with Patchwork Roses... But mines cropped and I can’t tell if yours is cropped or not...

I love how silly and awkward she is her dancing cracks me up.


My fat ass would’ve said yes to the snack box lol


Do this again plz with more brands

Can you test out brandless? I am super curious about them.

Honestly after seeing this I really want a sit pack. It would be brilliant for people who have POTS or other mobility disability who need to take breaks from standing in public without feeling embarrassed using one of the cane seats.

What happened to your next beat


Lol before the video even happened literally Kasamba was an ad, yes and then safya mentions

there needs to be a part 2 !



i actually got a commercial for kasamba

You should were a days worth of Halloween make up

Pls do an Ulta beauty haul

I really enjoyed this video, thanks for giving us an inside look at sponsorships!

Where did you get you black sweater with the roses? I need ittttt

I am watching this/ listening this whilst making henna cones for my orders and got scared as soon as she said my name


I got a kasamba ad on this video. Amazeballs

Hey guys! Im a small youtuber who has recently started posting frequent videos! Does anyone want to support eachother (aka subscribe to each other) I'm about to reach 100 subscribers and I would enjoy if you guys subscribed

She can't really be talking like this in real life, right?

“Maybe I’ll require three 7/11 franchises” and 9 MONTHS OH HUN MAYBE SHE MEANS YOUR GONNA BE PREGGO

Phychics are complete scams, The whole idea behind them is they try to predict likely events, "Next year will be better for you" I am sure next year is better for a lot of people, That's typically how it goes, Year after year things get better, Finances gain stability, Technology advances, There are cases like deaths in the family that will make it worse, But that is the exception not the rule.

you should film videos of the next food boxes..and if you have the same experience with the shipping

Omg the kasamba add played before the vid

That’s my dentist lol. They suck and are in a basement

I appreciate how creative you are so much. It's so refreshing.

getting on other people's wifi without permission is illegal

you should try the hoof heels like Joey Graceffa! You could make 5 outfits with them... I believe in you!!

“lets try and be BRIEF” HAHAHAHAHA

1:56 yooo love nikki reached out to them!! woah kssksk sponsored fortnite video in the same frame lmao

I feel like the psychic thing was totally a scam because both psychics just listed off the same variation of the same script, and also they set up the chat so you had to sit there and wait for them to type it up, thus racking up how much you had to pay.... I'd honestly be surprised if the "psychics" you talked to were even people and not bots.

"so i'm not feeling the hard, pipe sensation" hahahaha

Can u do an Ipsy review plzzzz love u ❤️❤️

When/why did Saf stop using her special intro song for online haul vids? Kinda miss it, it was so cheerful

I know the area that you are in in the video checking for wifi. I live near there. I didn't know we lived so close together.

The ad before this video was for Kasamba XD

yo I got a kasamba ad on this video i think they know :/

I love it how you go to Disneyland a lot

i think those psychic reading were AI chat bots.

Every body in the comments if you sub to me I’ll sub to you

If you have Netflix you should do a Whats on my continue watching list.!

at 2:00 did you actually pass up a birkenstock sponsorship?

The sitpack might be great for people with POTS.

I love how she said: "let's go to disneyland!" like it's something you do everyday. Like, I live in italy I have to take 2 planes, 3 trains, 3 busses and 5 days to get to the nearest disneyland...

Hi Safiya !❤ I really love your channel. Can you do cooking ? If you can cook your specialty please.

I watch your bideo just because your voice is so relaxing and I love your accent!

Right off the bat one of my favorite parts of this video is the part where we can see the emails from the same company that you got all at the same time. "We ❤ your Youtube Channel Marla Catherine" "We ❤ your Youtube Channel Elle Thumann" "We ❤ your Youtube Channel Hannah Meloche" "We ❤ your Youtube Channel emma chamberlain" "We ❤ your Youtube Channel Safiya Nygaard"

got a kasamba add before this video lol

idk if they are aware but kasamba sounds exactly like the word for big trash in portuguese

"Dear sean" Boi... Jack? That Sean?

9 months???? hmMmMmmm


8:06 Eid al ADHA! OMG i didn't even know you were muslim.. cool :P

ummm, i just got a kasamba ad befor the video. not sponsored - alright. no haha im joking

The wifi map seems stupid. If theres a store with free wifi, you get wifi. you don't need the app. And on the sitpack, they should have abandoned the clean looks and put cushioning on it. When you earn 6$ a minute just chatting with people and writing stuff you wrote in a script a few days ago, i believe i should have taken a different career path.

Okay, but where can I get that shirt she's wearing with the roses?



I had a Kasamba ad before this video.......

Welp we all know what can happen in 9 months

I got a kasamba add before this video

the ad that was at the start of the video was for kasamba

I love this series you should definitely do this again it’s a very fun idea

Can you guess my zodiac sign is if you're right I will comment on you're channel or coment

I smashed your un-endorsed buttons.

4 mill views in a week whoop

Are you from Denmark???

I just went to Disneyland and I was low key looking for you while I was there. Love you

Did anyone else see the kasamba ad?

before this video i got a kasamba ad

can you please do a video with Gabbie Hanna (the Gabbie show)!!! like if you agree so she might see this!❤️

You should do a video haul of products you’ve gotten for videos that never happened (ex. the Pirates of the Caribbean eyeshadow palette and the olive green Trisha Paytas pants)

1:46 Is that Sean, as in JACKSEPTICEYE! Questions and conspiracies....

You should try blackmilkclothing, it's a really cool brand! I just saw a kasamba ad before this video and its one of the products that asked to sponsor you.

Company : Yo! We can give you 100.000+ views bro Safiya : I Got 3 million dude

I have a chair similar to that, but mine is blue and the height can be adjusted by twisting. It’s not bad.

So.… I was looking at the streamys and saw Safiya on the creator of the year nommie! (Sorry I am bad at spelling!)


I would like to point out that I own the shampoo brush you showed and it’s amazing!

please make this a series I DEMAND MORE


Ooh i would be curious if you had asked your hubby to go back in with the same self proclaimed psychic with a different email whether she would tell him the same thing and if you went in with a different email if she gave you the same numbers.

I would think the sit-pak could use a second leg. As someone who is disabled and can't stand for long I'd be curious if this would be helpful when I have to be our and about somewhere abd there isn't a sitting option.

I saw a Kasamba ad before this video

Safiya Nygaard You should make a video where you bring Candice back and try to recreate the texture of the silisponge but on something edible so you can actually eat it like you joked in that video in February 2017 which I only watched now

it’s very common to see those ‘noise machines’ in therapist/psychiatrist office door entry ways. it serves as a sound screen

no matter what I do to completely block this channel, her videos are still being recommended to me. Bitch I don't care about the stupid shit you try. What sort of lazy ass content is that. these videos are trash.

Random but if you ever decide to get rid of some old clothes you should do a giveaway on your channel because I aspire to have your style aesthetic lol

I actually started subscribing you because of your last name. After watching some of your videos, I found out that you did not live in Denmark, but I was curious to find out why you are called Nygaard. Finally, the answer came, YOU WERE DANISH (almost ..)

I knew she should've got the all ramen box...

Lol I got a kasamba ad before this video

Hey saf!! Why don't u create a full face make-up tutorial using kids make up!!

You should do a video buying Halloween costumes off wish or something. Idc if you finish the video in a couple months. I’d still watch even if it was on Christmas

“A long, erect laffy taffy”

Can You please get the turkey pants

Soooo funny!!! I love your videos

If you're ever in korea you should go to Etude House color factory, they help you find the color that best suits you and you can get personalized and customized lipsticks based on the colors you want

March to June then November/December. March: 3 June: 6 (very close to 7) then November: 11

Omg the nutcracker music in the background

I love your corset from the zodiac video!!!! Where did you get it?

Can you please try out an assortment of InkBox “tattoos”? I think that’d be an interesting video.

Your videos are fun and creative. But what really attracts me to them is the fact you are an actual person. Natural, funny, honest - not trying to pretend women are wax dolls.

This was Brilliant Safiya!!! xo's

I got a kasamba ad

Hey eyebrows (and personality) define her! She should do a “No Eyebrows” challenge where she hides her eyebrows with makeup and go out like that for a day! I really enjoy watching your videos!

The Kasamba people probably aren’t even real psychics.

I had an idea... What if Safiya did a full face of frakenstein makeup Like if you agree

Hahaha the Kasamba app was the advertisement for this video.

"Surprise its just four loko" FRESHMAN ME IS CRYING (and puking)

This may have already been stated. The "free wifi app" is very sketchy from a security stand point, because you don't know if you're actually connecting to that company's wifi network; it can lead to your data being compromised.

anyone else get an ad for the psychic app before the vid? no k

Love your videos, Soo much fun and Soo lively

Hey Safiya, can you you do a video where you dress up as the outsiders cast. Each one for each day of the week?? :)

At first I was confused when I got a random kasamba ad before this video. Then I watched it XP.

i got an ad for that psychic app lol and i noticed that the 'psychics' were typing slower than they could've, and were probably saying a lot of extra things to take up even more time-- also relevant to how they dodged Safiya's questions in general

You should do a “is it worth it HelloFresh” video!!

there was an ad for kasamba app before the video

She should hav3 some merch

For that portable seat, I would make a pillow cover that can slip on it when I'm using it. At least then it could be more comfortable.

Try the new app suggestions in the app store under your profile! I wanna see how they work!

omg birthday buddies!

I would loveee to see more of these

The dislikes are from the brands she turned down

Lmao the ad before this video was kasamba

"That's like if you smoke oregano" I'm dead

you know what's funny the kasamba ad was right before this video for me

Hey Safiya! Could you please try out this product and see if it works?? Its said that it removes hair permanently and its herbal or so but I cant get it in my country :( Its called: NEUD- Natural Hair Inhibitor for Permanent Hair Reduction You can find it on Amazon!! If any other subscribers knows of this, I would be glad for reviews!!!!

This was so interesting!!!

I ended up having my phone screen have a crack after ssSmashing that like button

I dressed like a child for a week pleaaseeee

That ramen


Colleen ballinger releases a lipstick. LipSTICK. Just throwing that out there

This video is completely watchable on 2x. Actually, I was on 2x and went to make it even faster. She is waaaaay too slow.

your channel is one of the very few beauty related that remained drama free ! it's so peaceful in here keep it that way Safiya you're doing a great job and your content is really fresh and soo entertaining

Also that wifi thing seems risky since people could probably see what you're doing when you're connected to their wifi. That's why you shouldnt use public wifi connections either.

Review the hygo shop!!!

Hey Safiya, you were featured in this video !

now i want to get totally zonked on energy candy and go steal people's wifi too

how can texting be "per minute"

I used to have the free wifi map app on my phone. it never worked. it jut gave me public wifi that everyone could get. I never got exclusive wifi

ZenPop no longer does beauty packs. I will now go sulk in the corner.

You should try ipsy

Safiya is literally one of the few YouTubers left that still put out quality content I love her sm

That Sitpack may make an excellent cosplay prop... Easy to pack for travelling to cons and for easy storage.


I find it hilarious how Kasamba can't even seem to spell their own name right... At 19:25 with the little blurb at the top of the screen they wrote it as "kassmba" which, yes is an honest mistake for one person, but if I'm posting something on my company's page or on behalf of my company... I at least spell the name right.

The psychic text looks like a bot

you should have sat on the pipe seat the whole time you were at the desk making this video to see how it felt just as a chair and what kind of mental deficient moron would pay for a psychic text reading ? (not you, but others) I found an - shall we say - interesting clothing item for you to try out, Safiya!

I'd like a sitpack. Yes.

Do you know ThredUp? I think that it's a good idea for a video for you to buy one of the rescue box...

the way she said buttcheeks made me DIE

I'm still waiting for the "Safiya Nygaard posted: WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!" notification

Clearly a sponsored plug from Premier Care Dental.

Love this video!!

Safiya's thought process: box full of japanese snacks? would not sponsor app that tells you wifi locations? would not sponsor portable T-shaped stick that makes you look like a human tripod? WOULD SPONSOR! Basically if you want your product sponsored by Safiya it must be both ridiculous and fun to use even if it is impractical. XD

You should do a Halloween makeup!!!

I love your creativity. This is such a cool video concept!

Please try sheinside!

I've shopped at ZenPop A LOT... I've probably bought about 8-10 boxes from them over 2 or so years and I've never had a problem, in fact, they're one of my nicest companies I've used (subscription box wide) I was even gifted one of their stationery boxes because I'm active on their social media

I wish she was feeling the hard pipe

Please do more of this!

I got an ad for Kasamba just now and i am watching that part... XD

Saf you need to make a video of you shopping in some place just shopping nothing else (for make up, target atc)

Good thing I've only 34 Subs.. No E-Mails. No Spam....

Kasamba was the add at the start of this video. Which is its own kind of hilarious.

Try wish costumes

I’m Danish EYYYYY (anyone?)

Why go for a pay per minute psychic when you can pay a flat rate and the psychic not only calls you via Skype or messenger if you're outside Australia or via landline or mobile if you reside within Australia. Best of all the entire session is recorded and you are sent the download link the same day! Thats how l work and instead of saying up front what you want to know which is considered 'leading the psychic' l do the whole reading up front then at the end ask if you have any questions which the majority of the time has already been answered.


10 MILLION SUBS IDEA!!!!!! -choosing a piercing

Love your videos !! Have to ask what’s the lipstick you are wearing



Safiya, pls try this:

So what’s really funny to me is that 3-7-11-13 are my go to lucky numbers.


You need wifi to get the wifi map...

Try out the Zozo suit next! It seems like such a crazy concept

There was a kasamba ad before this video started

the readings app said she will have stuff going well with her life in the next 9 months and she will transition into her life. SAF'S GONNA HAVE A BABY! HAHAHAHA

i don’t like falling asleep to silence so i always turn on safiya’s videos because she’s so boring she puts me right to sleep :)

Could you please do a Dyson AirWrap hair styler video peeez? Love you!!!

Now I want to try out Zenpop.

How can they just go to Disneyland like that? I need to safe money to go to Disney world for years.

Safiya honestly I just want to let you know that your videos brighten my day. It’s been a hard week and your video helped me have 20 minutes of distraction. So thank you very much

I'm a 22 years old french cis dude. So why the fudge did i enjoyed binge watching all your videos?

Incroyable, je vois rarement des français dans les commentaires de vidéos américaines.


I got an ad for Kasamba before I started this video

Hahaha Kasamba popped up as the ad before your video :D

The sitpack is basically peg pants by Ryan (Nigahiga)

You should do a video where you put a bunch of costume pieces into the purple app and have it choose costumes for you!

I just relized your Cancer too!

You should try some of these

No clue why this was an ad on my FB, but I thought I’d put it here


You should try one of those meal boxes

I got a Kasamba ad.....

You should buy a box from the deep dark web

Safiya! You must try this! is it for real?

got a kasamba ad for this woah

Just to make it clear, sharing your wifi with strangers it's not a good samaritan move, it's really dangerous, if someone get's inside your local area network doing an attack like a man-in-the-middle with will allow them to see even your "secure" https data. So no, don't put your home wifi in the open if you plan on using that network. However some routers allow for guest connections, that are separated from your own network, those are safe to share.

Well she doesn't exactly look like you but she kinda does :)


Any other Danes watching Safiya?

The wi-fi one...seems sooo illegal


At 2:00 you can see a starred email from Birkenstock, I'm wondering if a collaboration is coming soon!

funny as always

Did anybody notice that in most of Safiya videos she is wearing a black shirt or anything black *SOMETIMES*

man they were right over a 100,000 views 4,000,00 views yep that’s just a little bit over 100,000

omfg i fucking knew that safiya was danish, waow i'm so proud lol

You should test out all the new fenty liquid lipstick colors on you and maybe a friend with lighter skin, and darker skin. They said they worked with all skin tones, so I thought it could be like a universal lip color test or something.

Can you make a video learning danish lol?

im unsubscribing, you take too long to upload videos, bye felicia

Girl u are the best you allways do what wee never imagine to do

Kasamba was my ad for this video lol

I liked your video because of the "brief" joke. Ahhhhhh

Ok I need help. So I’m having a baby girl in March and I’ve really been loving the name Sophia but it’s too popular for my liking I wanted something unique. Then I remembered I loved Safiya’s name. I’ve been looking online for more information and a lot of people say I need to be Arabic or Muslim to name my baby that because it’s offensive and I really don’t want to offend anyone because I’m not Arabic or Muslim but I really do love the name. Please help :(


found this in recommended feed.... subbed.gr8 vid

The SITPACK is ridiculously funny

This is so interesting

please do a video with products from vat19 some of that shit is outrageous

As a dane I'd say.... beer and chicken is all you need to know

Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn, one color for Saturn is black thus wearing black attracts Saturn energies and helps improve a damaged Saturn in ones chart, according to some people. Saturn is in Aquarius in your chart which is a good place to be for Saturn yet Saturn is retrograde at your time of birth. There are different theories about retrograde and not all of them say that retrograde is a bad thing. Wearing black on Saturday is known as an “remedy" but I don’t see why you would need to do that other than if it’s addressing the retrograde issue. It could be the house Saturn is in but I can’t know that without your time of birth and birthplace. Hope this sheds a little more light on wearing black on Saturday.

This WiFi thing would be very illegal here in Germany.

Lol, I need to test out this chair. The only place I can do this at is *~*~DISNEYLAND!!!~*~*

STREAMY AWARDS GAL You're nominated

chicken n beer are all what you need in life

an ad for that psychics app played before the video

Can you try Hanacure?

Im from Denmark

Anyone else visiting her old video bc she hasn’t uploaded yet

Tana Mongeau viewers watch this

i literally got an ad for kasamba during this


Hi Safiya,I recently buy a super funny cactus mugs from Amazon(Z-Dawn cactus mugs), you can using the keyword to finding the product,I am sure you will surprised!hahaha

I'm only subbed for the sitpack giveaway

You should snatch my wig with a wig haul of some sorts


More importantly ! What kind of Macys is that ? Never seen the inside of one look like that


I love the content she’s making it’s so different from other youtubers

Anyone else laugh at the "1000's of people turned off the video" part more then the jokes?

this video now seems much more topical considering what has been going on with the betterhelp conspiracy, have you ever been contacted by them? if so a video about it could be interesting

all i really got from this is that we're 22 days apart lol


while i was watching the physics thing i saw a promotion for it XD

Cool how you explained it! Haha

You and Tyler should do a video where you take a DNA test to see your guys backgrounds!!

I bet a lot of folks watching this go through lots of mascara. There's a place that would like your old mascara wands to help wild animals.

It's like if you smoke oregano

I love your videos!!

How funny, WiFi Map sent us an email today wanting us to do a review video. Did they also tell you "I’ve been your follower for a while and enjoy your videos!" Lol.

do videos on the other 2 boxes

Follow a James Charles tutorial.

the ad i got on this vid was for kasamba lmao

I got the Top Psychics as an ad

6:20 I've seen people use those portable 'chairs' around London and they look like they have a pole coming out their arse. No matter how practical or comfortable they are, they look way too ridiculous to use!

I sh-mashed the subscribe button.

Can you try on fendis light pink touch of fur scarf????? It’s 1000$ and looks like a giant vagina on

I got a kasamba ad before this video...

"hey thats a great dane" you're funny as hell girl

Safiya, tylers looked like JK LABAJO from the Philippines.. go check it

You should do a video based on ''the most exciting life hacks you can imagine'' video by 5 minute crafts

Safiya! I found this hillarious video about styling 5 things you hate and making them your own - I feel like it fits in with your videos and would love to see your take on it (sorry, there's no direct message) - See link - OH AND I LOVE THIS VIDEO! lol

good message. sponsorings are great, but not if *only* chosen for the money, not for the products themselves.

this is unrelated but I feel like you need this haha:

I don’t understand why Safiya is always saying things are too expensive. She obviously is making a lot. Millions of views on each of her videos. Yet you can’t afford something for a couple hundred dollars? I doubt it. Being cheap is a different story.

Hey! I’m also a cancer!

Before this video started I saw a kasamba ad.....

You can find better Japanese snacks from a store in chinatown then get them shipped over. I'm lucky to have a couple of Daiso stores in my area

Yeah that Kasamba shit is a pure scam lmao

the sitpack could also be used as a surprise sword incause anyone tries to attack you in the street

What a business kambasa has. ~100 dollar bill for less than 20 minutes of actually using their service? that's insane. AND PEOPLE USE IT???? At least with an in person psychic you're getting an experience. If anyone wants to text me for 10 dollars a minute I will be happy to tell you about all the amazing things coming your way my dear.

totally agree!

yeah, and the people are probably just bots as well D: you can get better readings for free on yahoo answers or some forum. That app is super dodgy

Safiya & Tyler, love your videos. Y'all approach many subjects with a pragmatic view which I appreciate. Love your intellectual humor, Safiya. This was an interesting video, but I do want to note, I sat through 5 seconds of a Kasamba ad before I could 'skip ad' and had another Kasamba ad sitting in the upper right-hand corner throughout your video. While you said you would not have a product sponsor you, they have somehow found another way to piggyback on your viewership. =(

yeah its probably because their name was used as a keyword so they were linked to the video that way. But it doesn't matter because everyone who watches this video can tell what a scam app it actually is

i think your "lucky numbers" are fake. these numbers are the main numbers in a faritale. just sain, and i like how you try a danish product becouse im danish xD

You almost got sponsored by Dulcelandia?! My dad works there :( you should honestly accept bc its a super small mexican owned shop.

Why is it no new videos?

im brown and if i used that seat thing and put it in my pocket, a cop would shoot me because they would think it was a gun

1-3-7 are mine too :O.....I'm scared D:


Safiya Nygaard hi, i know you probably forgot about Whitney Young but i just wanted to let you know that Mr.Scotese mentioned you in class today and i thought it was so cool

'Med venlig hilsen' means 'with best regards' Jeg er selv dansk og jeg elsker din kanal! (I'm danish myself and I love your channel!)

I was wondering if you could try some Indian Dress/Fashion/ Food Hauls ??

who wants to see safiya try on weird accessories like bags , jewelry etc.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who will add content first Garrett Watts or Safiya ?

Saf you should organise your closet!!

The Japanese box are liar !How come they can't send you a one month box because of sold out but they still can send it if you take a three months of boxes...Just see that let me understand they are just liar for selling stuff and so not honest industry...

Hey! I went on space mountain, it was really fun!

Can you test the new dyson hair product

The fact that a Kasamba ad came on before the video even started

Wow im so weird I want a sit pack and my khone is 1 percent damn it

Lmfao! “Let me stand up so I could sit down”


Thank you for being so open and honest about how the YouTube business world works!

Just wanna mention that I’m writing an intense gothic/thriller story and I named the main character Safiya after you, okay that’s all I just felt like sharing ❤️

Why not you buy first 5 products on Snapchat

You remind me of Morticia Addams (thats a good thing lol)

I immediately thought the line at Space Mountain would be the perfect place to test a prototype chair...where else do you wait in line for legit 3 hours?

This is really nice. You probably helped a lot

Wasn't sure if I wanted to click this one. But I enjoyed it. Great work Saf

You should try a thrift store roulette like Jenna Marbles did. I think you guys would make it hilarious!

This is ironic because I was shown an add for Kasamba on this video.

We wear black on Wednesdays..

I just need to tell you my cat really enjoys your videos

Love this concept! Please do another!

Wow Sofia is doing great on here

anybody else get a kasamba ad before the video? lmao

I must say though, that in terms of japanese candy boxes, zen pop offers more candy (/alternate variants such as beauty products, stationary and ramen), for a slightly lower price than eg. Candy Japan or other sites I've looked at so far

I love how the psychic app was my ad.

It's no secret that I love this woman.  So, once again, this was a superb segment.  The usual suspects: Excellent research, high-quality video, snappy but not tiresome editing, and fantastic writing.  I have discovered the secret to her success: She makes each viewer feel like she is speaking directly to you.  Personal bonus: This presentation had a lot of footage of Safiya's bare feet (no pun intended).  Thank you, my dear!



How do I ask for this to be a series tho

Hahaha I got a kasamba ad before this video

i got an ad for kasamba...

Can you mix all of your primers together!!!????? And all of your setting sprays

So like the app detects WiFi,,,just like your phone WiFi settings??? How much did you have to pay for that waste lmao

Kasamba is stupid. I'm sure it's a bunch of teens typing the scripts

14:00 never....EVER....connect to a public UNSECURED wifi....EVVVVVVVERRRR!!! Do you realize how easy it is to hack the shit out of you with that? the fuck? no no no no no no

Okay but like anywhere with free wifi lets you join anyways? I'm confused as to what the app does. Is it just supposed to tell you where there is free wifi?

i'm actually 100% Danish, er der andre danskere her? det kunne da være meget sjovt. that's Danish.

LOL, I got a Kasama ad before this.

You should try thigh high Ugg boots!!!

That wi-fi thing is a fast way to get hacked. If you aren't on your own private secure network, I wouldn't go on it at all. If at a coffee shop or something like that, still ask the staff what their WiFi network is because, there can be fake networks with a similar name. Even some legitimate Retailer wifi networks can be invasive for phishing personal info.

“This is a chair”

Psychics seem a little obsessed with prime numbers.

This video is literally of perfect 24 mins and 24 secs

like if any muslims saw that eid icon on the calendar and that ashura one

you should leave Tyler for me

eyy i'm danish, always wondered about your last name cuz it's dansih aha

It would be really cool if you tried out the personalized style bundle by iGirl!

Shoulve took the money and roastdd them

When are you going to do a kibbe makeover?!!

Hey Angel, kind girl pls help me. Pls give me a 11 dollor I beg of you. My brother suffers from a series illnesses so I need money so pls help me. My brother will be fine with the help of you. Pls rich kind girl help me. I beg of you Again. This is my bank account no 65173325858. Pls

The psychics sounded like robots

So i only came across this channel when i was watching my uni lectures on youtube, somehow the algorithm see some kind of matchy matchy between counciling and communication unit i am studying gor my degree and this channel

Safiya Nygaard i Will love a video with you and tyler trying to speak Danish


The wifi app is a bad idea tbh because in computer science classes they always told us try not to hook up to free wifi. They can hack you and also see everything you do online.

Very interesting video, I always wondered how the whole endorsement process worked.

That WiFi app will never be a thing. Hackers would be able to get into your network even easier. Talk about privacy issues.


7 3 11 she just guessed one of my passwords XD now I got to change it

That noodle thing you eat well that's going to digest in your stomach for 6 months not joking you can check it but there so good

If this isn't sponsores than why did I watch an ad for KASAAMBA the physicic app play before the video...... hmmmmmmm....... seems pretty SPONSORED

Right before the vid I got a kasamba ad

The add I saw before this video was for the psychic app!!

This could be a series ! So many strange products , so little time !

Lol I got an add for kasamba before this video

10:25 Didn't know River Song was a psychic

I got a kasamba ad on this video lmao

am i the only one that didnt get a kasamba app ad?

How did delivery go on the remaining two boxes go?

Saafiya.... Are you coming up on yer return to saturn?

"It's like smoking oregano"

She is wearing her merch when she was at Disneyland

Safiya: I am half danish Me: wait whaaa I’m half danish too finally someone who understands!

The fact that Kasamba was the opening ad for this video makes it even better and scary

Omg there was an ad for kasamba right before this video

at 15:07 swam lake music played in the background and i was struck with an intense feeling of painful rememberance bc that choreography is hard as hell to do on pointe excellent video, i am chuffed (both definitions) abt the music

Lol, I got a Kasamba ad before this

I mean.. You got 100,000+ views... ._.

i got an ad for kasamba before this video...

Hey, the WiFi map was right!!! You for sure got 100,000 views!

I do find it ironic that the YT chosen ad that preceded THIS video was for Kasamba. I am a fairly new viewer, but I do enjoy your manner and content. Keep doing "you" guys and thanks for sharing these bits of yourselves with us ☻

I bet they were typing slowly so the minute would go by faster so you would have to pay them more... well that's what I would do lmao

1:33- what is "maggage"???

safiya is a savage for exposing sponsorships for 24 mins

Told you I liked this video

Before this video I got an add from Kasamba


I'm such a LOTR nerd that I was listening to this vid while looking at something else in another tab, but as soon as she do-do-do'd the Rohan theme I recognized it immediately.

tell me why i got a kasamba ad

We are sold out of just one but of course we can send you 3!!

Waiting in.line for Space Mountain while watching

I literally had and ad that was bout kasamba before this video

I got a Kasamba ad right before this. I watched the whole thing to get you that sweet ad money.

i got an ad for Kasamba lol

i just saw the Kasamba ad on this video Coincidence? I think not..

ZenPop seems like the most worth it in spite of the customs issues

fiends by saf spotted

lol the psychic app kinda types out the messages so the sessions would take longer

I want that psychic job, they make a lot of money per minute

The ad before the video was for Kasamba

*Makes Ramen*

i just got an ad from kasamba before this video


What if those specific dates point to a child maybe coming into the picture?

hello, dear!

I had an add for kasamba before this video

Zenpop has some pretty decent stationery tho

I to harass the post office until they give me my thing

Real Astrology is something very different and a very old science, just sayin. And doesn't really require "PsychicPowers.png" either...


I always tought you were part scandinavian and now i know your half Danish

Did anyone else get a kasamba ad before the video?

I swear every psychic is like “Next year will be better” like at least be original

Oh dear! I got a Kasamba ad at the start of this video! They got you after all to help them, only they used YT to do it!

Am I the only one who got the physic app ad before this video?

part 2 plz

what about a ramen and beauty box

Plize Read This i Will love to see a video with you and tyler trying to speak Danish

I am Danish

the sitpack could be really great for disabled folx!

You’re not superstitious but you are a little Stitious

What's wrong with this world? Phychic app. Phychic. App. They don't even see the clients to cold read them so it's just a series of random lines for so much money.

This is a very good business cooperation model, as long as the quality of goods is good, the price is appropriate, there will be a large market demand.

for the wifi stuff - you should have taken "Enjoy!" out of the first one - obviously that was not part of the wifi name. And you didn't use caps where there should have been for the best buy one. So yes. You were doing it wrong. LOL

You know when u going shopping and it has no seats and u sit in a long line and ur legs get tired? Well thats what always happens to me so i want that stick chair

Im from denmark

Sit pack doesn’t look horrible, just unnecessary

hmm what's a coincidence that I saw a Kasamba ad right before this video started!

Am I the only the one whom thinks that she looks so much like Laurenzside? Like daaaamn. To me they look like siblings

11:01 you look like a cat eating a string

do pinterest

I knew it! You look so danish with all the black clothes and pale skin

About the wifi app.. NEVER. EVER. Connect to someone's home network if you don't know them. Even if it doesn't have a password. Don't connect to airport networks, either. You could have ransomware uploaded to your device, have the contents of your device stolen, etc. This is extremely easy to do.

how does safiya come up with the best content?!? QUEEN!

I enjoy your videos so so much! You seem like a very authentic person. Cheers!

My cat tapped the screen and disliked the video... I disagreed...he hit me

i shouldn't even have to say this. but for those who are not that technical. NEVER CONNECT TO A WIFI CONNECTION THAT YOU DONT KNOW OR TRUST (aka a random house). AND NEVER MAKE YOUR HOME WIFI OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

How so many dislikes??!?!

Do you subcribe to your subcribers?

Im from Denmark❤️

Speaking of "Great Danes", a few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mads, the founder of a company called Danish Skin Care. I have not tried all of his products due to my froogle-ness, but I am addicted to the chapstick. Thought you might like to try out a good Danish product.

The psychics... you are talking to an bot... it is fake.

I got a hot pipe for your buttcheeks. Wahey!

Wtf did u change your intro song

Aaaaa I’m half danish too!

Use the sit pack as a hammer to shmash that like button

I kinda get this but then I don't at the same time

This is amazing and I actually loved it! I hope you keep doing this

Could you try a vidio on geocaching?

The chair looks like a giant razor

As soon as I heard about the WiFi app, all I could think of were hackers, hackers, hackers....

Pause at 2:00 and check out those 4 mistakes

The Kasamba one literally was the ad before this video

First psychic..3-7-11....2nd psychic mentioned March and Nov. ..3rd and 11th month....hmmm

This was great! Please do a series with this... I love this


I literally got a kassamba ad-

Not even kidding, there was a Kasamba commercial before your video started


I have to say... Tyler is very nice for being and waiting patiently for you and going everywhere with you together every video...

Ironically I’m eating a snack from this subscription box as I watch this. My kids insisted we get it..They love it, they were sad about the “banana candy earthquake situation” for the earthquake and the loss off the advertised snack ....

i just got an advertisement for kasamba before the video started... wack

you should do a another video like this sometime in the future!

Your birthday is 2 days before mt birthday i am dying of happines lmao

Prt 2 please!!!

Zenpop is awesome

I got and AD for Kasamba before this video! Are they targeting their ads to this video?

Plot twist: the psychics are only bots


omg that was so cute that i saw you have an islamiccalendar cause i saw the aid al adhaa on minute 8 das cuteeeee btw nice content ilyyy

Me when I saw "Via vat19"....kewl

I got an ad for the psychics app on this video

She’s not superstitious, she’s just a little stitious

I got a Kasamba ad on this video, what’s the truth

My guess for the psychic app is that they're Chinese or SEA people using westernized names and probably only getting paid a tiny wage per day. Their spelling and grammar, and how they kept using 'dear' and 'sweetie' etc is exactly the same as about 90% of the communication I've had with sellers on Aliexpress and Alibaba.

Was it just me or an ad when i watched that was about kasamba

The Japanese cookie looks like a VAGINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Wax ur fucking arms, u chimpanzee

The ad I saw before viewing this video was for Kasamba...Coincidence??

kasamba was literally my ad before this

the wifi app is sketchy. i wouldnt trust that, you shouldnt trust random wifi.

I like how the ad before this was for one of these companies

Wow, I was overly excited to find out you are Danish because same lol

I got an add for the physic app on this video XD

Hmmmm...the one time shipping is out of stock. Sounds legit to me. I went to buy a new Ford Mustang last night but they were out of stock so I had to buy three of them!


I really love this video! Thank you, I didn't even know about that Wifi app. :) Question, this video seems like you went through a LOT to test these products and determine if they would make a good match as a partner for you. Do you also go through such rigorous testing for the products you do promote?

haha the physic app was an add on this video

Thank you for this video :) It was interesting to see what sponsorship's you get e-mailed and don't share with us, because you want us to trust your opinions when it comes to sponsorship's.

I got an add for Best Psychics

Omg i thought about that me 2

Safiya Nygaard heyy

No psycho psychics ...its a suckers bet

Were you on ladyllike?

Safiya I enjoyed the 'be brief' comment, hopefully people didn't stop watching as your bf suggested.

Lew from Unbox Therapy did the Sitpack and it wasn't promising

I love how safiya doesn't just sponsor anyone who pays her and she actually cares about telling viewers the truth and doesn't sponsor something if she doesn't know much about it. She probably just lost hundreds of dollars in sponsorship money that they would have given her but it just shows how much she cares!

*thousands of people turned off the video *

Varies from bOoty to bo0oty

Safiya comes up with the best content and video ideas all the time

why are you always on south lake and at old town when I’m not

I got a ad for Kasamba before this vid...

and a bear as well...

i got a add for the physic app lol

I got a Kasamba ad on this video



I got an add for Kasamba right before this video lmao

Every time I open this video, I just get an add for kasamba. EVERY. TIME.

I got an ad for Kasamba on this video,,,, they found you

I have no shame and would really appreciate feedback on my vids so if anyone has a sec, go check out my channel and maybe subscribe if you like my music


November 10 is my birthday!

In the Pasadena area that you where at look so familiar then I realized I use to work there! Premier Dental had bought out a previous Dental that I work at. Lol!

those all were sketchy lmao. I feel sorry for Safiya

9:35 i got an ad for this before the video started wtf

When you get an ad for ‘kasamba’ before this video


Anyone else use that WiFi key app

She wears black like every day

I found it quite funny that before this video started I got a kasamba ad lol

They only thought it would be 100kviews.... Safiya got over 4 million views without the sponsor

I want a sit pack

I'm dancing and those are our spirit colors

Loll I got an ad from one of these

But is the wifi map legal....

During the victorian era, there was a product very similar to the Sitpack, used while viewing horse races etc.

Can you collaborate with Molly Burke

15:00 Did any dancers out there start subliminally marking the choreography and wonder why for a few seconds until they tuned into the music???

I literally got a kasamba ad before this video.

COLLAB WITH THE TRY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else get a kasamba ad?

i would hate to get one of those emails

You should do 3am challenges♥️

Not sponsored.

13:46 "We're amongst the boxers, let's try and be brief ha mwa mwa mwa mwa ha" "thousands of people turned of their video..." This actually made me subscribe

you are amazing, and your channel is amazing! Id love to know how this channel came to be

The moment when a Kasamba Psychic App ad played before this video

Lmao I got a kasamba ad before this

can you try to make danish videos???

The ad I got before this video was for Kasamba and I just find that kinda ironic lol

There was a kasamba ad before this vid, so it was sponsored lol

Who else got the Samba ad before or during the video?

omg im born in 15 of july sooooo shoking

AlaskanSim that’s not a coincidence. It’s all in the algorithm :)

Hi Saf! Regarding the 'Japanese stationary' which I don't have much idea what is, until I saw a video from JetPens. This is not sponsored and I'm not related to them but I suggest you go check it out. It featured Japanese stationary which most are cleverly design and others have multiple usage too. It's a good video reference.

Saf, I love you but your videos are becoming soooo boring!

The add before the vid was one of these

isn't this considered sponsored?

That is his case actually....

At the age of puberty when it was imposdible for him to hide that difference in normal eurpeon girls and elisabeth karsin....he did it save his dignity in western europe...

Okay honestly I love my gravity blanket. I don't know what brand it is exactly and they're definitely expensive, but in my opinion 100% worth it. I know that's not what this video is about but I saw it pop up and just wanted to say that I adore mine. I reccomend them to everybody.

LOL I got an ad for Kasamba before this video

Can you make a video about your cat

Not sponsored? I got an AD for the psychic app LMAO

Who else got a Kasamba ad?

Why is nobody saying that birkenstocks wanted to sponsor her and in her tattoo vid she said why isn’t Birkenstocks sponsoring me

YOU WERE BORN A DAY BEFORE ME... but different years

hey Safiya! you should try that psychic app on tylers phone with the same psychics... I wonder if theyll say the same things???

You should have clothing companies send you the free clothes, then buy the same clothes to see if the quality is different

Am I the only black girl that loves her?! None of my black friends know about saf

I got a kasamba ad in the beginning in this video.

kasamba says 9+..... I find out my 9 year old texted some hippy for an hour and it cost me 1,200 I'm gonna flip my shit.

Lol. I got a Kasamba ad right in front of this video.

WHY CURSINGGGGG my fan is now a HATER.

OMG, the physic one popped up as an ad during the video!

I'm new here... did you used to be a news anchor? You sound like like a news anchor.

4:10 - I mean... they weren't wrong. 4.4 million views. B)

PICK ME PICK ME, I want to try on strange garments via unsolicited business emails!

9:30 Lmfao

I legit got a kasamba ad before this vid

Though the psychic app was sketching, what if she meant someone would die on a Saturday. Ya know cuz you wear black to funerals

You posted this on my birthday! Thx saf!


i got a kasamba right before this video.WTF

kasamba sponsored this video i’m dead

Ashlynn P-O no they didn’t, that’s how ads work, YouTube gives videos ads that relate to the video. she also said it wasn’t sponsored...

The Sitpack is like a Fortnite noob pickaxe

Um.... has anyone else seen the tiktok advert where the person makes a star for their password that means everyone knows their password!!! Wth seriously people nowadays are so stupid!

OMG I love your commitment to the testing process of the portable seat, where you *actually* went and waited in line for real instead of just in your studio. If you haven't cancelled the Japanese box yet, will you be reviewing the other 2 boxes as well?

I got a kasamba add before this video

The WiFi one freaks me out. It’s just screams “HACKER CENTRAL” to me!

My ad for this was the kasamba ad

Other videos Instagram haul! Snapchat haul! This video *buisness email haul*

Ironically I got a Kasamba ad on this video

The add that I watched was for Physic donna

YAAAAAAASSSSSS Danmark 4evarrrrrr :3 (and yes DAnmark, and not DEnmark!)

Kan du læse dansk

I always read Safiya's name Safiya Nygaard in danish, cuz am half dane, and half Greenland, and BTW, you have fans in Denmark

Im Danish

very important

Kasamba was the ad in the beginning

The WiFi app is there to give you codes to WiFi networks that need a password, so really the Macy’s WiFi wasn’t testing the app


as this video played the add was kasamba best psychics... love u saf!

I'm one of those people who believe in the spiritual/supernatural etc. I actually cringed at the thought of texting for a reading. A psychic can't truly read someone without that face-to-face touch. You need to be able to see your client's aura and feel it to give them a reading. Even for those that don't believe in this kind of thing, face-to-face to get a reading to its full potential makes the most sense! The only thing I'm skeptical about psychics are those who pretend to be one for the money =_=

Lmao my mom loved the danish reference, she started laughing when you said you only knew how to say chicken and beer. Hmu if you want to learn more hahah

Yeah, regardless of your view of astrology, that wasn't even astrology. It was either bots, or extremely scripted. It makes me want to study astrology and give people sincere readings. I know it's a feelgood service usually, but nerds wanna know!! What's the point of pretending to use a divination tool, just use the damn tool. Fuckin fake witches.

that psychic app reminds me a LOT of the invisible boyfriend texting thing. vague responses and both with terrible spelling and grammar lol

I'm using that weighted blanket rn actually ! Both me and me mum have one and I 11/8 reccomend it. Very comforting

I need this series.

I got an ad for Kasamba right before this video

I'm so weirded out rn, I got a psychic ad and I was like "wtf is this shit" because I've never seen it before and I didn't even realize you picked it for the video, then halfway through I got the same ad and I was like "WTFFFFFGJshsa"

You need an “Allllright” t-shirt added to your merch.

This is the 4th video of yours I've watched, but I had to jump to subscribe when you made the sour-chips-dead-elephant joke. Seriously.

The wifi didn’t have a password, that app obviously didn’t work

wtf i got like 2 ads for kasamba before she even mentioned it

When Tyler said thousands of people stopped watching because of your pun, I scrolled down and "like"d. Take that, Tyler.

I got a kasamba ad before this video I’m startled.

I got an ad for the psychic app before he video and now I’m truly shook

0:37 there’s been a murder.... in Savannah

I had an ad from kasamba

I knew it.!!! I knew you had some danish in you

there is commercial in the middle of a video for an app she did not get sponsored by I’m confused

OMG i like grew up at that Macy’s!


I got a Kasamba ad on this video.

Lemme stand up So I can sit down

honestly i think disneyland is the only place you could take that seat thing and most people wouldnt even think about how weird it is lmaooo.

i literally just got an ad for kasamba

Great video. How about going through your junk email folder and buying what they have to sell?

I got an add for that psychic thing.

I got a kasamba ad before your video lol

lol the ad i got was for one of the companies in the video


i got a kasamba add on this video

I got an ad from one of the company’s you didn’t sponsor before the video

I got a Kabamba ad before this video

March is the 3rd month (note the 3 in the first psych lady and March from the second), the first lady said 7 and the other said June (7 is for July and June is self explanatory), the 11 and the 13 could be days of which something important may happen during this 3-4 month period of 2018. Good luck, I hope it helps.



I got a yoai porn ad

I want a sit patch!?

All hail safiya, the only reviewer we can trust

3-7-11-13 are all prime numbers. They really seem to love those :P

The Kashamba or whatever its called the psychic text thing. had an ad right before your video started lol

You should do this again!

You always have the most creative video ideas! Can’t believe I waited this long to FINALLY subscribe!

lmaooo Macy's free wifi is free to all there customers in the store. I use it when I go there.

For the sit thing you could just lean against a wal

Oh my god, that's my exact Gmail background!

Did anyone else get a Kasamba ad before the video?

First, great video, second, IMA CANCER TOO GIRL, third, your middle name is Jaffer right?

Omg the psychics were 100% bots/AI's

astrology thing is criminal! its 100% BS! Fraud from start to finish!

*sees dear Sean at the start* Me-omgggg itsss jacksepticeyeee

You seriously went to Disney just for the seat? I wish I could do that xD

Wow v cool video

Lol @ playing Tschaikowski (a russian) at the start of the chair thingy with an extra mention that this product is from denmark :D.

When you searched the WiFi’s manually you should have set a Security option and not „none“

That wifi app is stupi. On your normal search for hotspot on your phone would work better

omg i am half danish swell xoxoxox

Why did she not blur the first psychic but covered the other one??

The last app; the number 7 is luckey. Maybe you’ll get 7 million subscribers!!!

@4:49 that’s Vancouver Canada lol

I got a Kasamba ad before the video.

congrats on your new farm!!

Omg! I’m danish too! My dads danish and my mum is Mexican! I’ve tried learning danish so far so bad

If you used that seat in England, you know you’d get it kicked..

Literally got a Kasabma add

Try more of these things. So much fun watching you checking this stuff out! :)

You have the PERFECT amount of padding for a product like the Sitpack Portable Seat.

I shall eat shrek

“Surprise, it’s just 4 Loko”

i got an ad for kasamba before the vid oh shoot

Oh my god, I got a psychic add for kasamba before this video

To kasamba ad in one video i had an ad before this abt kasamba

Im really a reader if any one is interested....and I'm really legit lol

Wtf before this video I got a kasamba ad. LOL

Hello friends

That Japanese company was so sketchy. How is a one-time purchase sold out?!

I legit just got an ad from that psychic service XD

cancer squad ♋♋

13:47 lmao

i love watching your videos so much! inspiration

I got an ad before this video for the physic thing

Try special fx makeup for Halloween!

I've gotten many Japanese subscription boxes with about 10+ different brands/websites, and that one in the video was definitely not a good deal. $30 for such a small amount of things is crazy. While the better subscription boxes tend to be around $35, there are some which are way better options that provide much more items. Also in regards to shipping, boxes that arrive from Japan/Korea take at LEAST two week AFTER being shipped, to arrive at your house. Once they've shipped it, it'll take two weeks minimum. The only issue I've had with delays are when the weather is crazy, then it takes a little longer. I just had one take 10 days longer than last time because our weather has been back and forth, which imposes a problem for deliveries. My favorite boxes are YumeTwins ($35 Stationary), JapanCrate ($35 Snacks/Candy/Drink), and Bokksu ($25 Savory/Authentic Snacks).

I just got an ad for Kasamba rip

Lol she did exactly what they asked for but not sponsored. What if she actually got the money. She is smart. Wouldn’t be mad though

I love that there is a Kasamba ad at the top corner of my screen

The psychic thingy.....they all seem like robots

Could you try Kendall Jenners diet for a month and blog every day and make it a series. And also do a series of you trying diets and healthy food and hacks to be thinner and healthier

OMG!!! Comeback back to Denmark!

Med venlig hilsen Alberte

Love your videos so much

LMAO the sit pack was a ridiculous item. Mainly because you shouldn't have to find the balance and there's no cushion for the ass handi.

yeah both kasamba people are fake for sure

Harry Potter quote that Hermione says: "Now go back your rooms before you come up with another stupid plan to get us killed, or worse, EXPELLED!!!!!" I love Harry Potter and Hermione. If only they got married

I would just like to point out a possible mistake you made in the video in regards to the wifi app. That dental place had 5g wifi. And considering i work for verizon (who first released 5g) i can tell you your phone would have never even seen that wifi, since it isnt compatible. There is only 1 phone out thats compatible so far (moto z3) and thats ONLY if you have the 5g mod hooked to it.

"It's like if you smoke oregano". Was anyone else in stitches laughing over that?

Are I Bangladeshi? Pls reply :3

The silicone shampoo brush is legit! I seriously love mine!

You are beautiful

I actually have the silicon shampoo brush

I got a kasamba ads before this....

You can get the “WiFi map” on iPhone for free. It’s built into iPhone

I got a Kasamba ad when I opened this video and I was like ??? Why am I getting this ad? Then I saw the video.... LOL!

It’s a tail

It looks to tall for me

It looks like a fancy pogo stick

i got a kasamba commercial during this video

omg before the video started there was an add for the online psychic app. lol

The hell? You can buy a crazy in depth birth chart for cheaper than that

Could you maybe make a video about Denmark / you talking Danish

Hahahahahah! The sit pack kills me because I've been doing the same thing with my cane for 10 years! Lol It works best for motor pool Mondays.

I saw a Kasamba add before this... the irony!!! "Will he cheat again?" Physic Donna says yes.

I love this idea!!! Great video

I literally had an ad for Kasamba before this video

I legit got a Kasamba ad when I clicked into this video!! XD

For the longest time I kept reading the title wrong. I thought it said "trying products that asked to not sponsor me"

Looks like the Psychic app is just AIs that read key words and then give you some generated mumbo jumbo with a buncha "dear" and "sweetie" in it.

This was a brilliant concept for a video and, as a 20-year veteran reviewer, I much appreciate the honesty from the get-go about buying the products and throughout regarding testing the products! Even though I am not reviewing professionally anymore, I still get crap loads of email from all around the world ( but especially China ) asking me to review stuff they send me. Those emails are I'm using and enlightening if nothing else! LOL

I got so thrown off when she said okaayy, where was the alright :O

when will you guys be getting married?


good video, smart idea! But are you really half danish? or is it that (very annoying honestly) thing american do where they have like a grand grand grand grand grand grandpa from an european country and they think that makes them half european???

Lol I'm from Denmark

my bony ass is already afraid of the sitpack

I’m danish too

i got a kasamba ad before the video HAHA

I got an ad from kasamba- uhhh nAnI?-

yo i legit love this girl

I got a kasamba add before the video started and it was weird as hell

*"Lucky for them I'm also interested in snacks"* - Me everyday

Psychic consult app? Thats the funniest thing i've heard today it sounds beyond scammy. And the "one box is sold out thing" is totally psychological way to trick you into bigger purchase... yeah

I like how she says ‘Allrighttttt’

kasmba was the add before I watched your video........ nice vid though!

You’re videos make me homesick! I miss LA

Ummmm I got an ad for Kasamba right before this video.... I am confusion....

You still giving them a shout out tho lol

Loved this! Your content ideas are so creative & fun

Omg I got an add about Kasamba before the video started


So, instead of getting paid to sponsor them, you're sponsoring them for free at a cost to yourself....

your surname sounded north euopean so i guess that i did pretty good

The sitpack seems to be a good product for people with chronic pain and difficulties to stand up for a long time, I might try it one day! The Kasamba app is a HUGE SCAM tho.

That silicone shampoo brush you showed... I have something identical to groom my cats....

2:38 "I'm pretty sure the *_raisin_* they reached out to us is because..."

At 18:08 in the vid, the old lady in the bubble (2nd from the left) is in my German book at school lol!!

that Psychic app was the ad for me.

What lip color are you wearing

Awesome vids. Definitely subbing. Be nicer to Tyler. Jk!!

Good video! As to the psychic thing I dunno. It’s weird. Wearing black on saturdays is a wiccan/pagan thing to do for luck and for other religious reasons (I’ve researched Wicca in the past and remember that coming up in the research). It seems like they’re not actually giving you legitimate psychic help or even astrological help. Maybe they were just bad ones in the bunch?

I got a kasamba ad on this lol

lol eid ul adha

Ahhh Lifegaurd it's impossible to get that state side anymore. I got lucky and got it at a convention a few years ago. Sad to hear that it lost it's Chewy Lifesavers taste though.

The next nine months???? Are you pregnant???


Omg, I saw a kasamba ad right before this video! I'm not kidding!

My mom ordered that japanese box in September. Halloween is in 4 days.


you remind me so much of LaurenZside its weird

7.99 amin .. Wow rly.

I saw an ad for Kasamba before this video

Ok this is great information. The one thing that stood out for me is when you said companies will buy views for you! So this is really true, if you upload a sponsored video for a company, they can buy views for you. I really would like to know as this is fascinating to me!

Plz do more zodiac sign fashion video

18:3 ages 9+ interesting ..... imagine a nine year old talking to a psychic

Wait ! Next 9 months! Are u pregnant!?

1:38 just look at what is says...

He said it's like if you smoke oregano

You only got 2 free minutes with that second "psychic" based on the numbers you showed. I have a proposition for you, I could say nice "psychic" things to you as well and, for only .99 per minute, it is a much better deal for you... Free analysis example, "You will have 13 7-11's in 3 states". Of course, July 16th is free all day! First 10 Minutes are free! -Smallprint- Results are not guaranteed. 1000 minute minimum prepaid upfront. Offer ends soon. I just started watching some of your content, you are quite funny and interesting! Subscribed.

bro there was a kasamba ad on this video

Absolute genius videos. I'm not a massive "onliner" but felt it my internet duty to like and comment as I think that's how you make a living out of what you do. Fully deserved. Very funny in a quirky intelligent way. The double act vids are just as good as well. I'll be sh-mashing the subscribe button and no doubt sh-mashing the like button regularly :-) Well played!

did anyone else get 2 kasamba ads on this video

I love Safiya she is so nice i love her everybody else is acting like they like her i am the only One that love’s her

If I'm recomending things to you i would not want wish shipping issues upon you , you talk like some of those corrupted presidents like trump. Lol

I want to see a make up pallet from her with all of her frankenshadows frankenblushes frankenlipstixks and frankenfoundation / concealer / highlight/ baking / contour like if u agree :3

That seat thing is the most pointless and weird thing I’ve ever seen

if you're going to search for wifi that has a password you can't leave the security option at none bc that would be a wifi with no password

Who else got a kasomba ad at the beginning of the video

Probably more views than all of these sponsored videos if you did them

there was a kasamba add right next to your video the whole time lol

Good thing I have unlimited internet. :)

Interestingly enough, the ad I got before this video was for the kasamba psychic app thing.

And I love that Safiya is very well spoken.

I haven't seen anything like this before. I actually really enjoyed the video.

Ahh, just wanna say thank you for the captions!!!!

If i was at Disneyland instead of Disneyworld in August: 16:27 **Uses FastPass+** **sees **16:47**** Me: What the hell-

Omai crate from japancrate is really great if you like ramen

I got an ad for kasamba ... It was about a girl who caught her boyfriend cheating on her

I got a Kasamba ad before this vid...

did anybody else get an ad for that psychic app before this video?

i got a kasamba add before this video...

Omg, half Danish!!!! I’m Danish and I’m really proud... i knew your name was Danish but i didn’t think you Were half Danish! Now Denmark has a youtuber to be proud of

The sit pack should have fur on the seat or a small cushion

The title is so ironic... yes I love it

How tf is this *not* sponsored

1:38 tho

Please Please Please Please try these!!!!!

How is EVERY SINGLE one of your videos THIS successful

I love the choice of music for the standing seat....Nutcracker lol

omg i am from denmark

What’s a nerds rope I’ve never heard of it

Never heard of someone looking for a long line

Safiya, I see you published this on a Sunday, was it a Saturday when you filmed? xD

15:09 it's pretty weighty!

My brother got connected to our dentist's wifi the old-fashioned way: guessing the password

Jenluvsreviews did the all Raman box and apparently it's amazing!

Please make more of these types of videos

when opening this i had a kasamba ad thats funny

I got a kasamba ad lmao

There was an ad for kasamba right before this video!

The Wi-Fi app is not safe and your are just steeling their Wi-Fi which they have to pay for

Safiya u so flaky , love ya!


I got an ad for kasamba right before this omg !!!!!!

Can you do a review on healthy meal plan boxes that are delivered to you?? I wanna know if they are legit.

Anyone else et an add for Kasamba about a cheating husband

What an awesome idea for a video! Great cointent - as always!

I think the sweet spot for sponsorship is new products from established brands. Like, I typically don't buy Olay products but I was intrigued enough by the daily facial wipes you demonstrated that I picked some up when I ran out of makeup remover wipes BAM sponsorship successful @Olay give Safiya $$

those psychic readings are frauds lol...astrology doesnt predict ur life, it reveals aspects of urself.

Im from Denmark

"I liked that it sort of looks like a hammer, to smash things with" lol

Sayfa just gave me a friend request

In her e-mail was one with Birkenstock

7-3-11 july is the 7th month, march is the 3rd month, November is the 11th month of the year. those specific months are probably gonna be really good for you

Lol I got a kasamba or whatever add before this video.

The ad for the video was for Kasamba! I was so freaked out after watching.

i had a kasamba ad in the beginning

5-10 or more dollars for ONE MINUTE of nothing

An ad for Kasamba poped up before this video Lmao!

at the beginning of the video, i got an ad from kosamba lmao

No comment from Tyler on the, "hard pipe" comment?

Legit just got a Kasamba ad when looking this video came up in my feed!

A kasamba ad ran before this video for me. *face palms*

nope can't say i've experienced this.

͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I got a kasamba add before this

Ever since watching this video I keep getting ads for kasamba

I haven’t watched the “ dressing according to my zodiac sign “ and I am a CANCER tooooooo

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, whos color is black.

Is she wearing her mercy at Disney Land before she announced it? lol

are you feeling the 'hard pipe sensation' now Mr Crabs ??


Some might say it hurt like a butt cheek on a stick


First yoytuber on youtube with no ads

kasamba was the ad at the beginning of this video lol

I'm getting that wifi app

1:04 rachel and jun spotted

Is that the Runaway Five music in the background?

The add I got before this video was for Kasamba!

I literally just got my first ever ad for ...the psychic app, on this video, Huh

I just got an ad for Kasamba psychics on this video

tel me why i got an ad for kasamba before the video

I love everything about your channel except the way you say “smash” pls stop

for the psychic hoes out there that want a free tarot reading for every day: mystic monday. That tarot is amazing. #notsponsored

0:24 oof that’s a white mustache

I wish to mAssage her big feet

Tthe Danish part of the email: Med venlig hilsen quite literally means, with kind regards I am a Dane so I should know this :P

I could’ve sworn Macy’s has free WiFi without the app, at least the ones in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, love this video though!

on the psychic app if she chose career i think it would go like this: Psy: what is your job? saf: i am i YouTuber phy: good bye

20:30 7 million subscribers? Love you ❤️❤️❤️

It was funny cause I got a kasamba ad but I know it wasn’t your fault

I have gmail! How did you change your background? I love it!!! A friend told me about clue. And it's waiting for its time. What video did they sponsor you tho?

She's literally the cutest thing I've ever seen

I had an ad for kasamba like right before the video. Anyone else have it too?

I love saf's black sweater with roses!!! wonder where she got it...

can you do the last ramen and candy box unboxing???????

I got a kasamba add on this.

1:55, hi sofiya

I got a kasamba ad before this...

What you identified as bubble tape/band-aid at 10:09 is likely a slip ment for proper disposal of the used gum. That is how Japanese gums commonly come.

You celebrate eid al -azha


lmao i got a kasamba ad before watching this.

8:40 Anajanth armor also makes you *feel* like a Valkyrie-Powerpuff girl.

"Surprise it's just 4loko!!!" omfg

hi Safiya!!! u should buy pointe shoes online

Who else got the Kasamba ad?

um just me or did the kasamba ad before this video started?

Literally the ad that came up at the beginning of the video was *FOR KASAMBA* and I screamed

Order Czech sweets. It could be really funny to see you react on it ;)

The ad for this video was kasamba lol

Ugh. That Japanese box being “sold out” for one time is completely bullshit. That is a massive red flag.

For the SitPack, is it only supposed to lock at one point, which is the end? Because I'm thinking that it seems like that from the way you were sitting(sort of like you were standing) that if you were shorter(which I am), it wouldn't work very well. You probably wouldn't be able to reach the "top" of the seat, from what I've assumed.

Is it funny how I had Kasamba as an advertisement before I watched this video

I get a kasamba add on this video lmao

Yo I'm I the only one who got a Kasamba Ad *idk if I spelled that right but whatever*

I got the kasamba ad right before this video

ᴠᴇʀy ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇꜱᴛɪɴɢ... ɪ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴜ ...ᴜ ᴅᴏ ᴠᴇʀy ᴅꜰʀɴᴛ ᴇɴᴛᴇʀᴛᴀɪɴɪɴɢ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇꜱᴛɪɴɢ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏꜱ



I got an add for psychic Donna before this video

conspiracy theory: this video is actually sponsored by SITPACK

Thank you for actually including subtitles

How does Safiya always have the best ideas

I got an ad for that psychic app before this video

but legit tho i can vouch for the weighted blankets. it used to take me 4-5 hours to go to sleep, but after my mom bought me one as my college gift i can finally sleep like a normal human being

When I first clicked on the video an add of Kasamba came up

i got a Kasamba psychic add

Im from Denmark

PLOT TWIST! its actually sponsered

anyone else get a kasamba add before/ on this video??

Oct 7, 2018 ?!?!?!?! what

It's funny you speak like a news reporter it's good though, always very informative.

omg I got a kasamba ad before this video lol

I don't know why I've never subbed before, considering I watch your videos quite regularly (they manage to appear for me without the sub, thank you algorithm?). I subbed today for the sunglasses and of course, the content. I *must* have those. Tell me more.

I got a kasamba ad before this video and I was legit so confused as to why until I saw the video lmaoo

omg the add before the video was about that psychic one!

I just got an add for the kasamba app before this video

I literally got an ad for Kasamba right before this video! lol

I got the psychic ad before this video and on the side of my screen now

The sit pad seems like an okay product, but not for $49.99! That is too expensive. Maybe $9.99 or $14.99. You should consider whether the product was worth the money!

You're videos are so awesome!!!

"The sensation varies from booty to booty. " What would I do without you saf

You were born exactly two weeks before me lol so crazy!!! I can’t believe your the same age as me you seem so much more mature and further along in life lol. (Yes that’s a compliment lol) but I loved this video and love all your content it’s always so fun and unique and interesting!!!

I just got a Kasamba ad before the video started. Conspiracy theory.

I took an Ambien about 15 minutes before watching this and bought a Zenpop box. I don't remember ordering it but the email from them says I did and it shipped today! I have no idea what I bought.

In no universe would a sane person make their private, non-business wifi accessible to strangers intentionally. It's an open request to have your machines hacked into, and/or info stolen.

I got a kasamba add before this video lmao

I got the kasamba ad before this vid

This is like Safiya shark tank

21:04 in the next 9 months hmmmmmmmmm lol

This is such great content!


i got an add for the kasamba thing for this video. like if you did too

$8 a minute to be fed vague bullshit? Yeah, I’ll pass...

TRUE 14:04 so chunky

I literally got a Kasamba ad during the video

16:18 lmao, safiya basically said to take to the norse version of heaven. me too man

bahahahahha i got an add for kasamba on this vid

I like the way you use sponsors Saf.

Weird... I got the kasamba ad right before this....

got a kasamba add before this

You’re like the realest person ever

lol when i clicked on the video the psychic app had an ad before the video

i got a kasamba ad before the video lmAo

This is so cool

The WiFi was free @ Macy’s you didn’t have to have the app

Gurl, your wifi wandering clip is straight up in the area where I used to live. I know exactly where you are, lol.

I got a ad for kasanda or how ever it’s spelt

{\__/} ( 0 0 )

im confused on what the wifi really does

guesse you worked with kasamba becuase an addadd for them showed up in this video

Dood. I got an add for Kasamba before this video!

Spotting the merch

Anyone: makes 5 min video Me: ugh that’s too long Safiya: makes 24 min video Me: it not long enough!

Please do a Wish app product review video!!

Hey, 20,000$ worth of crypto is 20,000$ worth of crypto All you gotta do is try a product? Sure why not

Kasamba was my ad for this video lol how convenient lol

i got a kasamba ad before this video smh

..the add that played for this video was for a product that was in this video... WHAAAAATTTTTT?!?!?!!!?!

I got an ad for kasamba before this, saying something about cheating... Uh.. you trying to say something about my love life, youtube? hehe

gotta love it when she says alright


OMG i am Danish

the way she says "alright" like the way she does at 7:47 makes me really happy for like no reason

I come from Denmark

omg you´re half danish i´m from Denmark and it´s fun to see some danish words in Amarica videos

I worked in a dental office. Ya, NOT! Patients do not want their info hacked. You won't find one that share's their WiFi.

Next 9 months??

Akka did u did some tik tok videos

idu what u mean by not sponsored ordered HAHAH LOL

when she said lets dive right in i accidentally heard lets die right in and i was like wtf saf what happened???

Isn't it weird that this video is of course not sponsored, but right before the video I got one of those skippable adds for Kasamba. YouTube is getting too smart, soon it will be ROBOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Okay that got dark, but it's still weird.

To be fair, you have a nice shaped ass, but it has plenty of padding for that stick...

Why did I get a Kasamba ad before this video

my birthday is July 16th!

yes ill have a chicken flavoured beer please!

Kasamba is such a shitty company. That whole ad campaign which unashamedly targeted vulnerable people? What kind of real psychic would get involved with that!?

I want this again but makeup

Just found your channel today! You have a great voice and enthusiasm! Great content. Thanks.

Can you do another video like this

Um the psychics of course are “nice” they’re making money off of you, it’s like your hair stylist as long as you’re paying her she will be nice to you. Lol

I just found you and subscribed.


At the beginning of the video, I got an ad for Kassamba. I think YouTube is stalking me again.

The seat is like the old British shooting stick.

the real tea is getting a kasamba add before this video

I think it’s a lil tiny bit sponsored

this is a sponsored advertisement

i got a kosamba ad for this video *illuminati confirmed*

My friends dad is a dentist at premier dental group


hey maybe her lucky numbers "7, 3, 11" will be her date she hits 7 mill + subs!

16:00 "Mother trucker dude! That hurt like a butt cheek on a pipe!" XD


omg i got an ad for one of the companies in the vid.


Before starting this video, I got an ad for the Kasamba app...

i did too


I legit got a kasamba ad right before the video!

I got an ad for Kasamba before this

Kasamba was a ad on the video

Have you ever had a psychic psych another psychic? It's pretty fun.

There’s a add for this app on this video

I got an add before this video and it was kassamba LMAO

who noticed the jewish holidays on the calendar? nope? just me? ok...

If you liked the Japan box, try Wowbox, Japan Crate, and Tokyo Treat. I tried all of those and haven’t had issues. They’ll email you if there’s any delays like recently with Hurricane Michael. They’re all good, the snacks were all awesome..the drinks were odd. The Midnight Pepsi was just Pepsi, haha. They’ve got ramen option too.

Did your boyfriend really have an affair with VictoriaXRave ???? On holidays recently in L.A

SAF add for kasamba (the weird psychic thing)played before the video and one is the top right corner of the screen...conspiracy theory? shane im waiting for a 7 part series

I’m so proud of saf... that’s it

Did anyone else notice the email asking her to try out and make a video on sex toys

I got a Kasamba ad before this video lmaoo

I literally got an ad for Kasamba right before this video... they just really want to sponsor Saf on some level

Lol who else got an ad for the psychic app? XD

A hard pipe on my buttcheeks...tru tho

I know I'm late but i got an ad for kasamba on dis video???

Kasamba was the ad before this video lmao

that wifi map is soooo risky

'hard pipe on my butt cheeks' i'm wheezing


1:46 sean? jacksepticeye?

i got a kasamba ad on this video lol

Lol the way she sniffs the candy

Literally got a kasamba ad before this video

Saf, I got an ad for the psychic app on this video

3 7 Eleven franchises

did anyone else get a kasamba ad before the video?

Those “psychics” just screamed fake to me

I recently discovered this channel,  I like the way she talks


I from Denmark Med venlig hilsen Benedikte/ Love Benedikte

I just got an advertisement for Kasamba on this video. It was hella corny.

i legit got an ad for kasamba right before you said it.

For a video idea you should like make a fake Tinder Profile then go and swipe ‘❤️’ or yes on a ton of people and see like how many people can you get to like your page but don’t say Safiya (sorry if I spelt it wrong) say like Megan or Cassandra (random names from the top of my head) so people have no clue (This is just an Idea/Request that I personally think would be a good idea) -Karley-Shay North

i got a kasamba add on this

I got a kasamba ad before this video XD

I ironically got an ad for kasamba

if you smoke oregano...

My add was for the physic app

i got a ad for the last one at the start of the video lol

If they were real psychics... wouldn't they have known in advance you wouldn't take their offer?

I just came across this channel last week when searching for makeup tutorials and so glad I did.

Funny, Kasamba was the add at the beginning of the video...

I got a video add for Kasamba before this video started

I literally got a Kasamba ad on this video....

I got an add for one of these products before this vid... -_-

Am I the only one who got a kasamba ad before this?

Pause at 1:00 and there is an email from cristine (simply nailogical)

*You literally went to Disneyland just to stand in the queues?* Lol

Safiya Nygaard there was an ad for kasamba before this video started

they dead ass went to disney.

Soo, your spam. Nah. I really like your stuff mostly tho.

I actually used honey and loved it you can really promote it again

I got a kasamba before this for the first time ever

Wonder if you are Danish. Anyway great videos. Keep on

Sorry I saw in a later video you are half danish.

For psychic 1/ 7-3-11 is my birthday


I really think that you should learn danish it could be so fun

A Shooting Stick would be a more comfortable, more practical, and longer lasting seat than a plastic Sitpak.

"It's like if you smoke oregano" hilarious! Haven't watched whole video yet, but the sitpack looks awful. I imagine that it's even worse than just standing. Only an asshole would be that lazy.

The the only Danish words you can say are kylling and Øl... like in "killing" and "all"? Illuminati confirmed! Also: "SHIPPING ISSUES UPON YOU" is now my favourite curse

Jessii Vee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure for the last app the “physics”are just robot AIs

I got a damn Kasamba ad for this video, lmao

Do more of this! LOVED the video!!

You crack me up so much!

I texted the psychic, I forgot what I was going to say to the psychic and they couldn't tell me. It was disappointing.

your awesome

"Its like trying to smoke oregano." LMAO IM CONFUSED WHY DID I LAUGH SO HARD?!!!!

The comic sans email...WHY?

Weird flex, but ok.

Should've gone to the DMV

Safiya is an actual CREATOR.. She´s so great

Your videos are really interesting

why do u have so much dislikes ? actually love ur videos

Get dressed in the dark for a week!

Safiya you are so much fun. Your peculiar brand of silliness and product reviews comforts me. If we were friends, I would tolerate this nonsense ALL THE TIME. Best XOXO

I really like your very precise enunciation. It makes for an entertaining and interesting listening experience!

I feel like an idiot... I saw the intro and thought "Huh, Nygaard... I wonder if she is Danish..." I never put 2 and 2 together

it means yours sincerly

08:05 Omg Eid ul adah! if anyone us Muslim hear and it is around Eid have A great Eid! And why do you have Eid on your calander? Ps i am not throwing hate at you I love u

WiFi app is sketchy at best and 5 out of 5 for ALL the psychics (especially with tens of thousands of reviews??) on that kasamba app? No thanks


This was os funny, you should do it again... :D :D :D

that chair thing reminds me of the peg pants

More videos like this! I loved it

I didn’t realize that chair thing was real, I thought that was just an old Nigahiga video

wow capitalism sucks

Who thinks Safiya comes up with the best & most original content ever? im a small youtuber btw hehe

Fun to know that your a dane

9:50 honey thats a placebo

capitalize the B’s in BestBuy

I watch your vids just because I love your voice.

I like the Snack Crate and Graze snack boxes. Snack Crate does a different country every month so you get to try new (and sometimes really weird) things. That can be a fun adventure to share with friends. * evil grin * Graze has a lot of stuff that's supposed to be more "healthy". I've not had anything from them I hated. LOL

I’m pretty sure 95% of larger YouTube influencers are doing undisclosed sponsorships...

did anyone else get an ad for that psychic app before the video?!

You know if you did lingerie videos you would get 3 million new subs guaranteed. Guys and especially teens subscribe to any channel with a hot girl wearing lingerie or swim suits

I wish products (Nike) would sponsor me....... they don't even have to pay me. They could just sent me running shoes and I would advertise them if they were good

Shoot now I want Ramen

Idk if anyone noticed but an ad for the psychic app legit showed up right before the video started

Both those readings were terrible - Keen is much better

I got a kasamba ad before this, strange

As soon as I saw premiere dental group I realized you were filming in Pasadena! That’s right down the street from my house. So funny!

I got an ad before this video that was for the psycic app thing or whatever it was. It had a K in its label or whatever its called (i'll look that up and edit this, maybe) EDIT:it was kasamba. and it was a K in it's icon

I got a kasamba ad before this video lmao

2 months??? You have patience

I got a Kasamba ad before this video started, and I was laughing so hard... then when I saw it in the video, more sense was made, but omg that was hilarious. Great video, laughed my ass off

You sut vlok fom Tivli

I kom fom Denmark

+Ceibhfhionn I know she is Danish but I'm learning Norwegian and chicken is kylling and beer is øl they may just translate the same do I got excited

Bella Camp I think it was Danish; her dad’s Danish (hence “Safiya Nygaard”).

I kinda want a sit pack now lol


Creepy Kasamba was the ad I saw before this vid

10:01 is amazing. i replayed about 17,892 times.

oh... your in pasadena.. O.O

They are all garbage. Olay kills animals.


Holy fuck I need a silicon shampoo brush! No kidding

OMG, so I was laughing so hard! I work as an online psychic and Kasamba was the first site that I worked for about 10 years ago... it was SO FUNNY to see your experience with the site and I wish I could say that your experience was less common. Just FYI - your were seeing all "Five Star" psychics because they are listed by default in ratings order - the one stars will be at the very end.

Monster hunter world is a videogame ps4 not valkyrie

I literally got an ad for the psychic service on this video

*seems legit*

i am also from denmark

Great video!

Could you try products that are hashtag ad on Instagram. (#ad)?

I’m only just watching this now, but I find it funny how the last app you reviewed was also an ad before the video.

Hard pipe on my butt cheeks

I stumbled across one of these vids earlier today and watch it. Now, suddenly my recommended videos section I’d shamashed with her videos. It’s not a bad thing though because she’s funny, intelligent, and cute. She kind of reminds me of a Marvelous Mrs. Masel - in a hot, smart, Jewish Girl sort of way.

Totally love this! I’m buying a sit pack for pure comedy value

I really appreciate the quality content you put out! You have such neat videos and you really are enjoyable to watch

Its November! anything good happen?

I love how she always puts captions in her videos in not only english but 11 languages. Like it takes so much effort to do so and isnt rewarded as such but she still does it..that proves her dedication❤ *subscribed*

Thank you for singing the Theme of Rohan. My heroine.

12:48 that laugh tho

And 13:53

Do snack box video❤

Anyone else get an ad for Kasamba...

Please do a part 2! *or even better make this a series please!*

Zenpop is really popular in the study social media community

Its so sour im dead

No idea how I got here, but I enjoyed this. Couldnt help but laugh at the idea of paying per minute for online readings, it's probably mostly bots doing the readings

" I like that it sort of resembles a hammer to smash things with" behold, the perfect woman!

lol the ad before the video was kassamba

How about you get some not free wifi with the map. (I’m kidding, that app is almost definitely nearly or entirely fake.)

11:23 That was such a back handed insult at Wish

17:43 I think you mean -shmash-

I'm from Denmark.

My wifi is on ther lmao

is it just me or did u see a kasamba ad on this video lol

You should make a series out of this

I'd like to earn $8 a minute. That'd be the mortgage paid off in a couple of months.

Yoooo my mom's Danish. Born and raised there

Omg im dane

I got a Kasamba ad on this...

I love that safiya doesn't pretend that utube isn't a business. She knows that you don't just go "viral" it takes a lot of work to manage a channel. She seems like such a smart business women and I admire her.

when you use it at a walking stick, lol

The sour elephant totally had butthole face

Love this so so much! I hate the YouTubers you were so real when they first started, and now only throw sponsored products on viewers! Thank you for being real!!

Lol I got a kasamba add on this vid

Im trying to find more videos to watch of safiya but I litteraly watched all her vids already

The ad before this video was for kasamba

Once I have the WiFi I stay and sit in a corner to watch shows even though it’s a Macy’s or something

I love

don't you need wifi for the app that helps you get wifi?


Oh my god I'm a cancer too!!!


My bff is danish she was named after chocolate milk

08:05 is she a muslim? 0.0 08:16 a shia muslim? 0.0 But like doesn't she have a boyfriend... I'm confused..

Most people won't list their actual home wifi as it can be used to access personal information on the computers/phones not mention ability to hack into home security systems and cameras

Omg I got a kasamba ad before this vid this girl was ranting about her boyfriend

We got the same birthday!!!

I got an ad for Kasamba before this video

Thank you for all that you do on YouTube!

But if you do like the product you will probably say i should o taken the sponsorship or say other npeople should buy it so it is a form of advertizing without payment. So it is deffinetly not very fair to you or other companies who are paying to make people advertize the product. DISCLAIMER: This was not a hate comment I am just saying what i will do weather it matters or not, thanks.

Those psychic readings definitely looked like supervised chat bots. They never answered your actual questions, and followed a similar formula. They were given different 'voices' but all the stuff they were telling you was only ever typed once and then turned into an algorithm and regurgitated at people, and made to type slow on purpose to waste your money and minutes. The higher priced psychics are only there to make the 7.99 ones look like a steal, the 6.99 is most likely always in a reading to force you up to the 7.99 one, and it doesn't seem like you were actually given a chance to rate either of them.

i got a kasamba ad. im confused but yet the coincidence

*Casually goes down the street to Disney Land*

I had a Kasamba ad before the video. Whelp.

I love you so much!!! One of the best youtubers I've seen so far in regard with reviewing. I love how thorough you are with the products and I really appreciate you going through all this trouble especially the haircut tutorial thing, cuz I would never be able to do such a thing. Love your work keep smashing it!!!!!

I wish all youtubers would go back to the days where they had to buy their own shit, instead of companies sending them stuff to promote.

did any one else get a kasamba ad?

Your videos are making my day so much less shitty.

I live in England so it blows my mind that you can just go to Disney land for a day

I love the fact that the AD I had on before this video was for Kasamba, lol. Love your videos!

20:35 7, 3 and 11 are my favourite numbers. That’s kind of odd lolol

You put a lot of work into your videos.

As a dane, I would love to see you try to learn Danish :-)

the funniest part of this was i got a add for Kasamba lol

okay so before I watched this video, I got a Kasamba ad...XD anyone else get this?

I love those sunglasses. Where did yu get them?


so funny cuz kasamba’s ad showed right before this video ajdjsjs

At exactly 2:00 at the top there is an email from Birkenstocks...

Safiya Nygaard omg I got an ad for Kasamba!

I love how she casualy goes to disney land

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