Try Guys Make Sausage Without A Recipe

Try Guys Make Sausage Without A Recipe

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- It's time to see how the sausage is made. - We're finally cooking wieners today. We're doing it from scratch. This episode is going to be great. - [Eugene] Wow! Look at the bugs.

- [Zach] Oh, oh my God. - [Ned] Come on now. Give us something good. There it is.

- [Zach] Oh, We got a burst out the side. - [Ned] Come on now. Stop it. Stop it. - [Zach] Oh God. This one just bursting out the middle. - [Ned] Everything's falling apart.

- I need a hug. - Welcome to what is either going to be your favorite or least favorite episode of Without a Recipe. (exciting music) (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer music) - [Narrator] The try guys are back in the test kitchen, together again for the third episode of Without a Recipe: Holidays. Today, they're making sausages? So strap in for a lot of wiener jokes. - Need to look like dicks. They look like boobs, right? - [Ned] They don't have the best look.

They're very phallic. - Sausage is brilliant because it takes all the discarded meat that no one else wants to eat and it puts it in a fun little dick shape tube. And then we all go num-num-num. - [Narrator] The guys will have two days, one day to grind and flavor the meat and put it in a casing, which should be fun to look at. - [Keith] Oh no! I have an explosion! Shit! - (beep) Oh (beep)! Burst. - [Keith] We got a popper. We got a popper!

- Oh, we got a burst out the side. - [Ned] Oh God. - [Narrator] Then the second day to cook the sausages. Then they will present their wieners to a panel of judges. - [Eugene] I'm going to do what the formers don't know how to do. (laughing) - My name is Jimmy Wong.

I've been cooking on YouTube for 10 years, now. Just came out with a cookbook last year. I'm also an actor and a host and I eat a lot of foods.

So that makes me qualified to talk about food. - Hello everyone. I'm Rosanna Pansino. I host a very popular baking show on YouTube and also BakeTopia on HBO Max.

I have seen and eaten a lot of sausage in my day. - How many? (laughing) - Lady never tells. (laughing) - Hi, I'm Steve Samson, Chef/Owner of Rosso Blu restaurant, in downtown LA. Like baking, sausages are not something you should really seasoned by intuition. You should have a percentage of salt that you're going to use. And it's usually between two and 3% of the weight of the meat.

If you go below that, it's going to be under seasoned. If you go above that, it's going to be over seasoned. So I hope y'all weighed out your meat and your salt, and didn't just do it by eye.

- Oh, we wouldn't, we wouldn't dream of that. - So far, no mistakes. Just keep going. - Sausage scientists over here. - Level 101. - To me, a really good sausage should have some nice snap.

The way you get that is by stuffing it properly. Not over stuffing it, not under stuffing it. - Sausage? - That's a savory man's meal. I'm a savory man.

I really think I'm going to win. - I am worried about this one. I went full out in this season and this is when I think I'm actually being truly experimental. As in, I don't think most people in the world have attempted this. - We've got 45 minutes to grind our meat and flavor it up. - And we're going to bring the sausage fest.

- [Narrator] All right, bakers in 3, 2, 1. (bell rings) Grind your meat. - Oh - Oh - I'm gonna need onion of course. I'm gonna be bell pepper, of course. - I don't really eat meat anymore.

But I do eat creatures from the sea. And one of my favorite delicious creatures, even though it makes me feel bad, octopus, the sausage of the sea. I'm making Octo-dogs. I'm going to take octopus and I'm going to mince them up. And then I'm going to make my little sausages, have little legs to look like octopus. - I'm going to make a Chinese chicken sausage.

Now not just any old Chinese. I love the Northern Chinese food, the stuff from the Xi'an food. Basically Szechuan. This one's going to work, guys.

It hasn't worked so far, but this one's going to be the one. So far, the season hasn't gone great for me. I'm living in thirds. Living in third places, but every single one has felt like fourth.

Because just the judges, the way they speak to me makes me sad. Kevin Bludso did not like my Mac and cheese and he was right. It was bad. You know, I'm good at cooking sausages on the grill, never made one, but at least after it's made, I'll be able to cook it. - I am doing Curry three ways. We've got a yellow Curry with chicken sausage, a green Curry with lamb sausage, and a red Curry with pork sausage.

Each of them varying levels of spice. You ever been at a Thai restaurant and you're like, I want to taste all the curries. Now you can. Well, it's the season of Evil Eugene.

So this episode I'm using bugs. - Oh my God. I'm making bugwurst.

- Bugwurst. - Isn't that funny? I'm going to attempt to make a sausage made out of bugs because sustainability is important. `Also I want to scare the judges.

I'm going to maybe go a little more Cajun style. So Beondegi is a actually a silkworm pupae. And it's very popular in Korea. Watch me make a recipe that they use 50 years from now, after the earth is doomed and everything is just, just bugs.

They're just like, well, what are you going to do? They're like, there was this relic my grandfather told me. And that's what they're going to eat in the future because we don't take care of our planet. (upbeat music) - Today. We're going to use traditional, very traditional Italian recipe, straight up just pork sausage recipe.

Very simple, very basic. But to me, that's always the most delicious thing. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to weigh out all our ingredients. And picking the right cuts of meat is also important. A lot of times, if you use a leaner meat, you can actually add in pork fat back. Today, we're using belly, which is high in fat and shoulder, which is also high in fat.

Should be the right, like 30% fat in the sausage. - Rachel, off-camera, told me that I was crazy for trying to do three different proteins. - Well, does she know Full Throttle Ned or she not know Full Throttle Ned? - That's right. - That does sound like a lot to do though.

I got to make some rice. By the way, we don't always shoot these episodes in order. So I'm not bleeding. I was just making a gingerbread house.

Stay tuned for the finale. In this sausage there is no meat. So I'm hoping that the rice can at least balance it out and absorb whatever I'm putting in there.

Because I don't know if the bugs will. - Going to cut some potatoes here. I don't know if I can cook a potato in a casing. So we're just going to boil them.

Do a rough chop some of these veggies, so they go through the grinder with the meats. - Because I'm doing insects. I am leaning very heavily into Cajun spices because I don't think everyone likes bugs.

- Just get these potatoes. All of my curries are basically protein, potato, and veggies. So I'm going to try to take everything that is in some of my favorite Chinese dishes, which is typically bell peppers, onions, dark meat chicken, some star anise, Szechuan peppercorns, lots and lots of flavors.

Grind them all up together. - You know, I feel really bad whenever I eat octopus because they're so smart. They're like little aliens in the ocean. But then Keith told me that they only live to be like three years old.

- Most of them, yeah. - Most of them. So the big ones you can be like, that's okay.

- [Keith] He's an old guy. - Some seafood, I think is better for sausages than others. Like shrimp and scallops tend to have a lot of binding proteins. If you tried to do squid or octopus, for instance, you could do it, but you would have to cook it first because it just won't grind.

- So I'm just not going to cook this. I mean, let's just frigging go for this, I guess. - Whoa, what? - Oh, oh, God.

Oh, God. Oh no. This is horrifying. We've got no meat coming out. But like, am I pureeing? It's spurting out. How, I put so much octopus in, but nothing's come out yet.

- You know, I've never heard of an octopus sausage. - Yeah. Guys, they're is just like sludge. Oh my God. Oh my God.

- I'm trying to make this like essentially vegetarian except for the bugs. - Theoretically, this is a meal of the future, right? - Exactly. So I'm trying to make it all animal free.

So I'm just going to balance out my meatlessness with tofu. The whole idea is to make it smell as-- taste as good as possible with the bugs included. - So you want to keep everything as cold as possible, just because the proteins that you need to bind the meat together, they work better when they're super cold. There's a lot of ways to ruin your sausage at this stage. One of them would be for instance, adding hot or room temperature ingredients to the sausage.

- A little bit of taters in here. A little bit of taters in here. A little bit of taters in here. - I do declare I think I might be (beep). - What if you switched to bacon? I know you had all those eloquent, pre-thoughts about this and why it was going to be brilliant. But what if you just didn't do that? - Well, I think I may immediately have no choice, but to abandon this.

Let's see. Oh, wow. Oh my God. Oh, this texture is not grindable. - Green. What else is green?

Cilantro, green onions? Sure! That could go in chili. What else is red? - You guys ready to see if I spice my bugs correctly? - [Ned] That's a lot of peppers. Can I taste? - I think the problem is it tastes canned, still.

Okay. Let's let's just do that. - [Narrator] 30 minutes. - What is this Keith? There's this pork? - [Keith] That's pork belly, yeah. - All right.

- [Keith] And that's chicken thighs. - [Zach] Chicken and pork, my favorite combination. - That means it's grind time. - [Ned] Grind time. - Let's grind. All right.

So I'm going to turn on my machine. I'm just going to start feeding through there. Again, try to work as quickly as possible so that the meat stays nice and cold. - Ooh, wow.

Okay. We're getting stuff. - Oh. Oh, look at you go, Keith. It's working! - Ooh, it's a dream. - There we go. Wow, look at the bugs. - [Try Guys] Whoa, Look at the bugs.

- Oh God. Look at the bugs. - [Ned] Ewwww - [Eugene] The bugs look a little bit like rabbit poop though. - Yeah! Woo! Why is it looks so crazy.

- [Steve] You want the blade part to be touching the disc. Because otherwise, if it's this way, it's just going to kind of mush the meat and not, not be a good grind. - It's like spicy tuna. - [Keith] It does look a little wild. - Is this also too tough? Is pork belly too fatty? - [Narrator] No, Zach. Your blade is on backwards. - Is the blade backwards maybe? - [Narrator] Yes.

- [Zach] Oh my God. I'm really not having a good time. I mean it counts. - [Narrator] 15 minutes. - Here we go. Now we're cooking with gas.

Okay. That's sausage number one. Moving on to green lamb. - Okay, so for my, sort of Cajun vegetable medley, I have mushrooms, jalapenos, red and yellow bell peppers, onions, garlic, celery, and tons of spices. Are they appetizing colors? I don't know, but they are colors. - Hey, we got chicken! God, I should have just started with chicken. - We have chicken thighs, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions.

Potatoes in there right now. We've got some cilantro, some ginger. Then we've got some spices here on the side that I was going to pour in, work in manually. - I've got chicken and pork toothpaste.

- [Keith] I think the pork belly is working now. - I'm feeling better. A lot of time was wasted. But I've got 10 minutes to just throw all this in a pot.

- Now, let's bring on sausage number three. Oh, this one's so red. Oh, this one's so red. - Now I'm adding my tofu. - So here's my ground meat. I'm going to throw it in the freezer while I weigh out my other ingredients.

400 grams of meat. I'll try to do it in my head. 2% salt, 2% of 2,400.

48 grams of salt, 5% wine, half a percent of fennel. Black pepper. And I'm just going to dump them in. - [Keith] So we got cumin, Szechuan peppercorn, star anise, salt. - Chinese five spice.

Sure. Why not? I don't have time for each individual spice. I'm going to do Chinese five spice. There's five of them in there.

- Cumin's going in the lamb. Paprika is going in the red one, Chipotle a chili in there. Oops. That was a little too much. - This is my Cajun rice, I made. This is as spicy, and as flavorful as you can get, away from bugs. - [Ned] You're dumping it and in there.

- [Eugene] Yeah. - Now I'm just going to start really mixing. And this is the important part. It's almost like needing a piece of dough, but it's so important when making sausage to get these proteins to stick together.

And this is what's going to help the sausage stick together in the casing so it doesn't fall apart. So it was a way to tell if it's ready, should stick to your hand when you hold it up. That's ready. Smells really good. - Here we go. It feels hilarious.

- [Zach] Mine is wet. I'm gonna tell you what. Yeah, mine's wet. - Yours is really wet.

- Yeah, I poured just straight up kimchi juice in there. - [Narrator] Five minutes. (beep) - Well this turmeric is really working a long way for this yellow. - Can you just dump for Panko all over me? Yeah. That's good. - [Narrator] One minute left. - [Ned] I freaking did it.

- [Eugene] You got all three? - You said it was impossible. You said the I word. - [Rachel] Ned, I knew that would spur you on. - [Eugene] I honestly don't even know what I put in there. Kimchi, plum, paprika. - [Keith] You know how it was like too wet before? - Um-hum. Well, that's, that's why I'm like,

I'm just going to lean in. It's going to be Zack's wet sausage. - [Narrator] 3, 2, 1, hands off your meat. - All right. We're going to chill our sausages and then we're going to put them in casings.

(Christmas music) - [Narrator] After a little break, the guys will have 45 minutes to stuff their meat into casings of their choice. - All right. Now's the time choose whose intestine is right for us. We got piggy. We got sheepy. - [Zach] Are you not going to start with a sauce, Keith? Doesn't sauce, like, take a long time? - Yeah, but I don't know what the (beep) I'm doing.

- Yeah. Okay. So I'm going to make a sauce and I'm going to watch you figure it out. This is a honey plumb marmalade, soy sauce.

- So I'm using vegan cases because our lovely producer, Rachel, is vegetarian. She said she wants to try the bug sausage. Oh Rachel, why don't you try it now? - [Rachel] No. Rachel, come try the bugs.

Where's the spoons. But she (indistinct) - I haven't eaten meat in like 15 years. - It's not meat. - [Ned] It's not meat, it's bugs. - It's exoskeletons and juice. - [Ned] The meat of the future.

And also I'm pouring you wine, but you can only have it if you try it. - Sorry. We have a half glass. - Right? She loves it. Woo me to the future. - What does it taste like? - What does it taste like, Rachel? - I don't love it. It's pretty spicy though.

That's nice. - I flavored it. - There's, um, there's there was a crunch.

- Mm - Mm, yum. - Oh, it smells awful. - No, no guys, it's fine. - Oh, I just walked by it. It's terrible. - I wouldn't come close. - What are those? What are those? - Y'all thought bugs would be the grossest thing in this episode.

- [Ned] Most natural casings come dry packed in salt. First rinse in cool, water and soak for 15 minutes. - [Zach] Oh, wow. They really change when you soak them. - [Keith] They really do.

- This is a different texture. - We're using a natural hog casing today. The casings usually come in packed in salt. So you have to soak them and then you need to wash them by just running water through them as well.

- Well, the water is helping it really be as gross as it can. Okay, here we hecking go. They always just shove this hilarious amount up here, right? That's what it's for. - So the first thing we're going to do is our really cold farce.

Here, the important part is to make sure it's really tightly stuffed in there. So you really want it pressed in. You don't want air pockets in there.

Because any air pockets that are in there now will come out in your sausage and create bubbles, air bubbles in your sausage, which is not good. - [Zach] Whoa! - [Keith] That was air. It's a balloon right now. I didn't expect that. It does seem like I'm a cloud.

Why is it doing that? - So soak it for 15 minutes. Open one in and let warm water from faucet rinse the entire length. Oh, that is hilarious. Oh my God.

Oh my God, look at it. Oh my God. - Oh, wow. Have you ever slid your hand down intestines? I have, now. - Oh, I'm supposed to rinse out the inside.

Oh, then we gotta start over. I can't serve those cause I didn't rinse out the inside of the thing. But that's okay. We got enough. But now... - [Rachel] You can serve those. They can? What if the middle's full of poop? - [Rachel] It's not.

- What if it's full of poo-poo? Could it be full of poop? I don't want to serve that to the judges. I'm going to do what the formers don't know how to do. - Oh. (laughing) - They make babies.

- We put a little water on a sheet tray or cooking tray here. Just makes it easier to kind of lubricate the tray with water. So as it comes out, it can move around and you could form your coils. Now he's just going to be that all the way onto the extruder. If you try to do this any other way, I think you're just asking for trouble.

This is the way to do extruded sausages. You have to put the casing onto the extruder first and then you'll see why as it starts coming out, it just feeds itself. - [Ned] Oh, Keith, did this start sliding off when you were doing it? - No. - Well, mine is. - [Eugene] Oh, there it comes.

Oh, there comes. Oh that's, oh, no. That was like a straight up dukie.

- I would just go on a really, really slow setting. Especially at the beginning. If it's coming out too fast, it might overstuff, even burst. - Uh-oh, we got a proper! We got a popper! (yelling) - Oh shit! Oh, no! We got a burst out the side.

- [Keith] Oh God. - I gotta be the little Dutch boy with the finger in the dam - Oh (beep) burst. Oh no, mine burst. - [Ned] Oh no. I have an explosion, shit! (beep, beep) - We just got to keep going.

We can just circumvent it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Ah, shit. Okay. Well that's - [Keith] Oh no, stop it. Turn it off.

Turn it off. - We got a sausage. - [Keith] Hey. - All right. So I have a burster here.

I'm just going to slice it and start over. - Okay. I'm actually getting a better hang of this. If I put a lot on the nozzle, like guide it, I can fill it more evenly as I push the bugs in. - [Rachel] Are you having fun? - [Keith] Kinda. - [Zach] I'm kind of having fun.

- [Keith] It's a different kind of fun. - Yeah. Oh, we got a big break. - [Keith] Yours are some massive hogs, my bro. the legend is true, baby. - So pricking the sausage is very important.

We're going to use this to prick it, to let out any air. And it kind of shrink wraps a stuffing onto the meat. But most importantly, what it does is it removes air pockets from your sausage. - [Rachel] Don't forget about they tool I presented to you. - What could this possibly be for? I don't want to use this - [Rachel] You don't have to! - Cause it's I don't see how using this could be helpful. - [Narrator] Well, it looks like no one is using their sausage pricker.

- Now I've got some air situation here. That's cool. - [Narrator] How could they ignore their little prick? - [Ned] I feel like there definitely is a skill set here that requires a lot of experience that we don't have. - [Narrator] 15 Minutes to go. - [Keith] 15 minutes. - Oh, shit. I really got to do my other proteins. - I can't find the hole on this one.

Don't you hate when you're just trying to get your sausage on and you can't find the hole? - [Keith] Can't find the hole? - Oh my God. My nails came in handy for once in this (beep) season. I'm gonna get a lot of force skin on this one. Sorry guys. I'm so sorry. - [Rachel] 13 anda half minutes. - Shut up.

Don't actually shut up. You know what I mean? Like shut up. That's not enough time. - [Steve] Okay. So that's all the meat we have for this little sausage, but it came out good. So now he's tying it just to tie it off.

And now we're just gonna poke out the sausage to get rid of air holes and it kind of shrink wraps. He makes a link. He's gonna turn it towards him. And then the second one he's going to turn away. That's going to create these links. - How am I doing this one right? This one's like (beep) rocking and rolling.

You have to give it more foreskin than when you circumcise it. See like you got more, more turtleneck to play with. - So these are the ones that I'm going to serve. But these are the ones that might have poop in them. We don't think they do, but we don't know they don't. So we're going to go with this six, seven, seven that we've made.

They're mostly the same size, similar girth. Some of them are big daddies. It's just (beep) Again! It always gets to the same length. Look at all this intestine wasted. (beep) - We are again, straight to the red.

I don't have much casing left. So I'm just squeezing it all out until it turns red. Come on, give us something good. There it is. There's the red. Okay. And how much time we got left? - [Rachel] Seven minutes.

- That's not enough time to make a sauce in. How, how could I do it? - You have time then I could use a help, just washing off a casing for when I, - Yeah, yeah bro. - You know what, Keith? Can you hold my sausage? - [Keith] Un-huh. - [Zach] Yeah. My sausage tends to be a two hand experience. - [Keith] Yeah. - [Narrator] Five minutes.

- Keep grinding, keep grinding, baby. This one's going to be spicy. I can smell it from here. Oh, I'm sort of in the middle of the last two and then that'll be it. Nice. I really just need to not break it.

- So now he's braiding. What he's doing is braiding the sausage links so that we can hang them. Braiding almost like you braid your hair. If you have hair.

And we would hang it in the walk-in refrigerator and just let it dry for a couple days. Dry out the skin. - It's getting like globbed up and you're getting a lot of pressure up top and we really just got to massage that pressure out. - Just massage my sausage down.

I'll keep kind of working it up top. I'll keep my hand around the base. You focus on the tip. - [Keith] Okay. We've gotta stop.

- [Zach] Okay. - Got it. We've got a whole protruding right here. - Okay. - [Keith] Maybe it's not going to come out.

Maybe we just stop. Let's just stop. - So you think this is just two sausages and call it? I think it's three. I think it's three. So you're gonna to tie this up. - [Zach] Hey, look at that! Look at that. We got three. - [Keith] We got seven wieners a piece.

Wait, why are you cutting it? - Don't you have to? - [Keith] No. - [Zach] What? - [Keith] No. - [Zach] What? - Why would you cut it? - That's what I thought you had to do at the end. - No. it's going to pop, it's going to fall right out. - That's why, that's what I've been struggling with.

- No it's, you leave it like this. - [Zach] Really? - Haven't you ever seen the meat shop? - No! - [Keith] The wieners, they hang, then you cook them. - Oh and then you cut them. - Then you cut them.

Well, that's something I've been (beep) up a lot. - Oh, Zach. - [Narrator] One minute. - Okay. Well let's do one more real quick.

- Oh, well there's no time. Well this one here. This one's, this one's ready. - [Rachel] One minute! - No Rachel. - [Rachel] Yes! - No. Now you want to make a last sausage together?

- Yeah, man. Just pounding it and there. Just pounding my meat.

- Crank them out. Crank them out. Yeah. Yeah. I just (beep) go for it, bro. Go, go, go, go, go. - [Narrator] 30 Seconds.

- Come on, now. You got to give me something. Tie it off. Don't poke it. Don't forget about it. - Oh, no! I (beep) I got it! I got it! No, Zach, no! We're tying them off. We're tying them off.

You get a long one. You got a long boy. - [Narrator] Three.

Two. One. (bell rings) Hands off those wieners. - Yes! - [Rachel] Hands up! All right.

(upbeat music) - [Narrator] Welcome to day two in the Try Kitchen. The guys will have 30 minutes to cook their sausages and serve them to the judges before one is crowned the big Wiener. - We've got eight perfect sausages each. We crushed it yesterday. - Came out great.

And we didn't even have to use the tiny Wolverine tool. - [Rachel] I suggest you use it. - Am I going to be raking a tiny sand garden? - How? What could it be? - [Rachel] I highly suggest you use them.

- During the cook? - I guess I'll just kind of give my sausage little pokes so that it doesn't - Explode? - [Ned] explode. - Wouldn't that be cool? - [Keith] We're going to do a medium high. - [Ned] This is fun. I can see little pieces of plum. - Let's just (beep) - These sausages we made a few days ago.

You can see the colors kind of darken. This is where we want it to be when we actually cook it. These, I could grill whole like this, but I personally don't like that. I think it tends to over cook and burst the skin. So the way I'm going to cook it, basically just going to butterfly it and then open it and kind of lay it flat. - So we're going to cook them as buddies.

- Look at that. Keith, just the second that I put mine down, it burst. - [Keith] It burst? - [Zach] because it was at a two. - I plan is I'm going to kind of get a little nice sear going in the pan.

And then I'm going to transfer it to them, to the baking tray until I reach my temp which I guess is 165. - [Eugene] I don't have to care about temperature as much. Cause mine's already - [Keith] Yeah, yours is good. - [Eugene] cooked bugs. Lay my sausage is in two. - I want them to cook probably 80 to 90% of the way on this side, the cut side.

Wow. Look at that. So good. Once I see that juice start to sizzle a little, I know it's cooked just the way I like it. - [Zach] Wow, you're going for all of them. - [Keith] Yeah.

- How long do you think these need to cook? - I don't know. Well, I was just going to do one and figure it out, but now I'm nervous. It's so weird with all this butter and seasoning and spice and garlic, I can still smell the bugs. - Oh, I can smell the curry. Oh wow.

- Yeah, some of mine are also bursting. We've lost some boys. Wow. They're really all breaking. - Uh-oh. What's happening? That one just kind of shrunk.

Oh then this one's exploding. That's cute. Oh God, it's really exploding. Oh dear God. - [Keith] Wow. They're all bursting.

- [Zach] All of them? - [Keith] Well, a lot of them, not all of them. - [Zach] You've got to burn the edges. - [Keith] Maybe.

- What's happening here? Oh, they're just, they're just vomiting their guts out. I don't know what to do. I'm used to not.

I'm used to cooking it a grill as well, Not in a skillet. Maybe that has something to do with it. Zach double bagged it. - I mean using two condoms is safer than the one. - That's what they always say. - [Narrator] 15 minutes.

(coughing) - Oh no, come on now. Stop it. Stop it. Stop. Stop, stop, stop it.

It's so spicy. - What could this thing be for? - There's no way that whatever that is, it's going to prevent them from bursting. - I'm poking them because I think it'll help them stop exploding.

- [Eugene] Wait, did your sausage explode? - [Ned] Oh yeah. - [Keith] This one's just slowly sopping out its guts. - [Zach] It looks like you're also building a hamburger. (coughing) - Oh shit.

- [Zach] Look at this with me. It doesn't look cooked. It looks burned and raw, right? - [Keith] I can't say that I'm making any progress. No, that made it worse. I was just trying to twist it back together.

Everything's falling apart! Everything's falling apart! Everything's falling apart! Stay in there. - [Zach] I'm on a one. - I don't know. Zack. I don't know. It's all going to shit.

(beep) - [Zach] I don't know, man. - [Keith] It seems so simple. - I like this steaming technique. That's smart. - I'm I'm baste, just convectioning it. - Oh, y'all you haven't lived until you smelled fried bug sausage.

- [Narrator] 10 minutes. - [Zach] We said what temperature? - [Rachel] 165 I'm at 123. - [Keith] Oh boy. - [Zach] That's not hot enough.

I guess I'm going to bake mine. I was going to make kind of a cooling sauce. Mix coconut milk with an aioli. It's at 400. - [Keith] I would go higher. - [Zach] Why? - [Keith] You don't have much time.

- [Zach] 425. - I really want to flip these, but I think their bleeping casings falling off. All right. I'm just going to let it set. - Obviously all this ground up sausage is done. Here we have sausage links served on a bed of sausage.

Sausage two ways. We all love enjoying our sausages. Some people like the snap. Some people hate it. I decided to serve a normal sausage and serve sausages inside out.

- Oh my God. It's beautiful. Look how juicy that is. It's reminds me of growing up, going to the Fest de Lunitas in Bologna with my friends. I don't think this sausage needs anything. I would probably just put a little bit of nice Tuscan olive oil. To me, that's that's a perfect sausage.

(upbeat music) - [Narrator] Five minutes to go. - Five minutes. Okay. I got to check what's going on in this oven, right?

Oh boy. - [Keith] They're cooking, though. - [Zach] They're cook-- - [Keith] Yeah. Flip them over and put them back in. - They're not going to cook. Turn the broiler on.

It's like a reverse grill. - Oh, mine burst so badly. - [Ned] This is so hard. - [Eugene] I'm concerned about my sausage's integrity. A couple of them are, have burst open a bit. - This one broke too.

I need a, I need a hug. - Just cause you're in a vulnerable moment. - [Keith] I got some, just some onions just to be a little extra savory thing instead of a sauce.

Sausages always go well with onions. - Oh wow. Two of my sausages just basically just disintegrated. So I think my challenge is getting these four middle ones really intact onto the plate because they might crumble.

- This one's 165. - [Narrator] Three minutes. - [Keith] To at least make the platter look good, Keith.

Really thought this was going to be one of the challenges--. - I apparently I will not be Octo-dogging today. Oh, they're super bursted.

Oh (beep) me. Just put me out of my misery. - [Eugene] Oh no. Oh, no. It's definitely burnt on the bottom, but I'd rather them get the illusion of sausage instead of cleaning that off. - [Zach] How many do I need to serve? I don't have five. - Yeah you do.

- [Zach] Yeah. I gotta cut this one. - One, two, three, four, five. That's better than what I got. I got a platter. - 55, 56, 65! - Oh, you know, this is going to really make a difference.

- 167! - Where's the knife? We don't have a knife. We don't have a knife? I need a (beep) knife! - Can't use those knives. - 167! - Yes! - Yes! - This isn't going to work! - [Keith] It's what we have! (frantic yelling) - I've got a pie slicer. You want a pie slicer? Do you want a pie slicer? It can't be that! Do we get it? - And the judging criteria today will be presentation, taste, creativity.

And is it a sausage? I like seasoning. I like flavor. I don't like bland. - [Steve] I'm a traditionalist. So my sausages, I don't necessarily need a lot, any kind of innovation. I like properly seasoned, properly bound sausage.

- Now, how do you get it to all bind together? - You just mix it. You mix the crap out of it, basically. You want it to get to a point where it can stick to your hand. I kind of empathize with you guys.

The first time I tried to stuff sausage, it's not an easy thing to do. I'm sure you probably had a lot of blow ups and tears and all that stuff. - So everything you just said, we did none of that. - Judges. I love sausage. I love to grill sausages, especially I'm a fan of a bratwurst.

But I wanted to make something a little trickier, a little less common. I chose chicken thighs as my fattier protein to work with and sort of made the rest of the flavors modeled after Northern Chinese cuisine. So we have some Szechuan peppercorns, some star anise and a lot of ginger. And I hope you like it. Let's bring it out.

- Now these several links, are seated atop many former links which turned into a bed of sausage. - Sausage Ragu. - [Keith] Sausage Ragu. - The links look good. I'm a little concerned with, even though you made a very smart decision using chicken thigh there not being enough fat in there.

If you added some chicken skin or something, you can blanch the chicken skin and put it in. - [Keith] I put in raw chicken skin. - [Steve] Okay.

- How about that? - [Steve] Okay. I'm curious if that cilantro isn't hiding something. It seems kind of strategically placed. - Should we reveal it? - Should we. - Sure.

- Go right ahead? - [Jimmy] A little tear. Not too bad. - [Rosanna] Not too bad. - [Steve] Not too bad. Actually. He did.

It looks like he did a pretty good job stuffing it. - [Jimmy] Well, at least those, those three right there. - [Steve] Yeah.

- I'll just grab this guy right here. Ooh, I got another one. - Look at that! You won! - It kind of looks like the Ragu a little bit on the inside, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

- [Keith] Oh, he went for it, okay. - This tastes like Chinese food. - Really? - [Jimmy] Yeah. - Really? - Um-hum. - That's success.

Thank you, judges. Uh, Ned. - I think it could use a little salt. I think it could have used a little more, some kind of fat it's a little grainy.

- Definitely is crumbling, that's for sure. And that's probably not where you want to be, but the taste is good and (indistinct) said maybe a little under salted. - Yeah, it's just a little dry, little crumbly, but I'm really proud. This is cooked. This tastes good.

- Yeah. I like the creativity. I like the, you know, the mixture of flavors and colors. Obvious thing is just do a straight up pork sausage and there's nothing wrong with that.

But I think you went outside of that comfort zone and also did something, you know, with Chinese influenced by China, Northern Chinese cooking, which is interesting. - This is a great review. I'm really not used to this. This season's been rough.

Let me just say, Ro knows, but you know, it's been a lot of really, I mean, one of the episodes I fully was like this by the end of it, I felt fully beat down. So the fact that you mostly like it could have been better texturally could have had more salt. Those are both great things I can improve on and I'm really glad you liked it. So lastly, is it a sausage? - Yeah.

- Yeah. - Yeah. - [Steve] Definitely a sausage. - Right on.

- Hot dog. (cheering) - Yeah. It's good, Keith. It's got great, you're right. It's definitely a little dry. Needs more salts.

But I'm pretty happy with it. I am proud of myself. - [Jimmy] You should be.

- We're proud of you. - Yeah, good job, Keith. - I feel good! I feel good! - Yeah. - [Jimmy] Good job. - Thank you judges. - [Jimmy] Thank you chef.

- Judges, I've been a naughty little devil all season, but today I played God. Genesis. God created the earth, the ocean, Adam, Eve.

And he was like, you see all these animals eat the shit out of them. Oh, but there's some that we don't always like to put in our mouths, - Oh boy. - Until today.

And on the seventh day. - [Jimmy] Wow. - [Eugene] God created Bugwurst. - [Steve] Oh no.

- [Jimmy] Bugwurst! - [Steve] Dear God. - [Jimmy] Oh no! I see one poking out! - So I wanted to challenge myself and say, could I create sausage out of insects? What you have before you is my take on sort of a Cajun Boudin. So it's a rice sausage.

It has silkworm pupa, mixed, dried insects. It has a medley of Cajun seasoning and vegetables as well as tofu that I've treated into being sort of a sausage replacement. And outside of the insects, everything is vegetarian. So I tried using vegan casing.

- Well, Eugene, again, creativity. This is up there. I've I've never seen a sausage, I've never even heard of one. - This is very creat--.

I've never seen it in a sausage. I work with a lot of Wokawken guys and crickets are a pretty much a weekly thing and make tacos with it. They're delicious. I've never seen it made into a sausage, but I think it's important because future of food should contain things that are plentiful on earth and high in protein and nutritious. So I don't know if it's going to taste good.

(laughing) - If it tastes, it tastes edible. Maybe our great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandkids can watch this and pick up the recipe. - These are like Costco hot dogs. - Every episode has been a first for me. I have never had pigs blood. I've never had bull balls.

- [Jimmy] Blood, balls and bugs. We're on a theme. (everyone talking at once) - Happy holidays. - Oh, a little burnt on the bottom.

That's okay. That's okay. That's okay. - [Steve] It looks sort of like a Middle Eastern kabob, as well. - [Jimmy] Definitely longer than my plate. - I'm scared to look. So I'm just going to go for it. I'm not going to look at it, just go.

- [Jimmy] Falling apart. So I'm going to do my best to get as much as I can here. - It's actually kind of delicious. - [Rosanna] I love the spice.

- [Steve] It's really good. The spice is good. - Are you (beep) serious? - [Steve] It's spicy, it's hot. - You know me, I'd like spice. Texture-wise, you know, for a sausage it's really dry and crumbly, but if I don't even think about that, just. Tastes great! - You're working with like an inherent disadvantage because of your ingredients, because meat has all those proteins that are so like they're eager to bind to each other.

So I think that's where your problem is. I think you were smart to try to use a starch to bind it. - I would like it more if I didn't have to avoid the bottom half of it, because it unfortunately adds that char-grilled burntness. - I know we're kind of skipping ahead. But I'm thinking to myself, is this a sausage though? - It has casing.

And unfortunately it looks more like a rice dish after you open it. Almost like one of those like future places where you go and it's like crack it open and see what's inside. - It's seasoned perfectly though. - Oh, it's great. - I don't know if you eyeballed it or tasted it, but it's-- - Oh, it was eyeballed and namely out of fear that the bugs would overpower.

- I don't taste the bugs at all. - I don't taste the bugs at all! - I taste the seasoning and the seasoning is good. - You chop this up enough to even make it. I can't really even see any of this is a piece of rice.

It's not a bug. So I don't think I would guess that it's bugs. And I don't know if that's good or bad because generally you want to be able to taste what you're eating.

There should be like a protagonist. You know, it should be the bugs. - Eugene seems a bit disappointed that not we're not upset about that. - But the bigger question, the bugger question, is it a sausage? - It's shaped like a sausage. You did do a casing and you did a different type. - I would almost call it more of a, like a bug loaf.

(laughing) - Kind of like a hybrid dish between a loaf and a sausage. It's close. - It is close. - I mean, - Or maybe. - Is a burger, a sandwich.

- [Steve] I'd say, yes. - It was a hot dog, a sandwich. - Let's not start this shit, okay? (laughing) - But the bigger question this season of course is, is it evil? - I think it's actually pure goodness. Like-- - Damn it! (laughing) - [Jimmy] They're so good, Eugene. They're so good. - This is the way we should be eating. - [Eugene] Good for the planet.

- [Jimmy] Think of the future. - Damn it! - Eugene, try to think of it this way. It was so bad, it was good. - [Keith] Wow. - [Ned] Ah, I guess mostly rice. So what's not to like? - Well, I'll say this is the best bugs I've ever eaten.

- Judges, I did not cook. I let the muses speak through me. So the flavor that you're about to get today, why it may even be a mystery to me. I did cook it though. It's cooked. I don't want you to think it's raw. It's cooked. I just wasn't the one that did it.

- [Steve] He really said it like it wasn't cooked. - It's cooked. I checked the temperature. I proudly present, Zach's bursting with flavor, mystery meat.

This is a pork belly and chicken sausage. We've got kimchi in there. A little bit of plum, a little bit of Panko crumbs and some other fun stuff.

The sauce is they lightly sweetened Soy Sesame Oil sauce. Okay. Here's the deal guys. I was going to make a little Octo-dogs. Okay? I was going to make an octopus sausage and then cut them to look like little mini octopus. Turns out even in death, the octopus is the mightiest creature on the planet.

And it refuses to get ground, - Well, did you cook it first? - Sure didn't. - Ah, yeah. You probably ruined your grinder. - Sure did. - Well, it's a admirable pivot, I guess. Presentation is pretty terrible. - Well, unlike the other guys.

I didn't want to hide behind presentation. I really wanted to lay it all out. And the flavor inside is so wonderful that it's just like chomping at the bit to get out. - I do think it is creative to combine meat. So it's not a single meat.

- Let's go big or go home. - Is this the same sauce here? - [Zach] You really won. - [Eugene] You won! - Very soft, like almost weirdly mushy. - [Zach] Yeah. Thank you so much.

- [Jimmy] Very mushy. - Yeah. That's the bursting with flavor part. - I will say the taste is actually quite nice. - Celery and onion. We have it almost like a tuna fish sandwich.

It's like a tuna fish sandwich in the middle. - [Rosanna] Yeah, the textures so off. - [Jimmy] How did you cook it? - I put it on the pan and then I shoved it in the oven.

- Considering, you know, the fact that you had to switch, you didn't do a terrible job. - I'll take it. - So, I love the flavors and the taste. It's the texture. - Do me a favor Ro.

Just take it, squeeze it. See what comes out. - [Rosanna] Oh, that's so gross.

Look at that. (chattering) - That was actually kind of fun. - Your original idea seemed like a lot more creative.

And obviously you had to rush. So the creativity probably down a little bit, but I think the taste is really good. - What the (beep) was creative about his shit then? - Well, he took like a whole different region of the world and turned it into a sausage and put a plumb in a kimchi into a sausage.

You've never done that. - That's true. I never have. And maybe never will. - Pretty (beep) creative. - [Rachel] Is it a sausage? - I think it's sausage. - Yeah.

- [Jimmy] This is a hundred percent a sausage. - [Rosanna] You made a sausage. I might believe you.

- [Jimmy] The tuna fish comparison is-- - This is just like tuna fish. - [Rosanna] I would believe you that it was tuna fish. - Judges. I love Thai Curry. My very first date with my wife was a little hole in the wall Thai place, and we got yellow Curry and Patsy.

It's always been a food that is near and dear to my heart. Just very cozy. So I have actually prepared for you today, Thai Curry sausage three ways. - Wow.

- I love Thai food. - So we have here for you, a yellow Curry sausage, a green Curry sausage and a red Curry sausage. - [Jimmy] Wow. Look at the colors.

- [Rosanna] Yeah, extra credit. - The main protein in yellow is chicken and green it's lamb, in red it's pork. The red is definitely a hot sausage.

Yellow is going to be a bit milder. And green, I think is just right. - I think you did a pretty good job of casing your especially the ones in the middle.

They look nice. - It is nice that we came in expecting sausages and volá - we got sausages. So go in the green machine first. - [Rosanna] Woo.

- Little heat. - [Jimmy] Little heat, yeah. - I liked the flavor. - The lime helps.

- This one looked like a perfect little sausage. It's spicier than I thought. - [Jimmy] Definitely sweating. - [Rosanna] I liked the flavor. It's just it's yes. Medium, medium high.

Medium high. - I like it. I'm like, hold up. I want you to try the yellow one next.

- [Jimmy] Okay. - Let's move on to yellow. This one is-- - Dryer. It's falling off my fork. - A little under seasoned.

Definitely evokes that flavor of the yellow Curry really well. - [Steve] Definitely getting the Curry. - It's a little dry, but the flavor is good.

A little bit of salt. I definitely, like even on the nose like that yellow Curry, like right. - I love it.

Yeah. My only complaint is the dry. - Right. - Yeah. It's this little dry,

but then I guess that's typical with chicken. I'm learning stuff. - Okay. Should we move on to move on to the red. (chattering) - You said this is the spiciest, right? - Hmm. Oh, high heat. - Oh, it's pretty hot.

- [Ned] This one spicy. - I wouldn't say it's like necessarily spicier than the green. - Yeah, I think the green actually it was spicier. Maybe it's how many chilies you end up eating with each bite.

This one actually doesn't taste like Thai food as much as the other two. The yellow Curry was the most Thai adjacent. And then the green one, I think the spice maybe overwhelmed it a little bit.

- You're saying this one tastes a little less like Thai Curry? I didn't realize when I was making it, but I accidentally put in Chipotle Chile. I was like, oh no, that's going to be different region of the world. - Yeah, no kidding. Well, I say this is definitely quite ambitious. - [Steve] Having different farces, that's what the mix, the filling is called a farce. Sausage farce. That's what--

- This is a sausage farce? - This is a sausage farce? (laughing) - Are you kidding me? - Wow! Slap me on the ass and call me a Wiener. - You're in the farce. - You're in the farce. - Wiener. - Wiener.

- Harder. (laughing) - So I think having three different farces yeah, I think that was, was a lot to take on. But I think overall, you did a really good job. - Is it a sausage? - Yes, definitely. - Yeah. - Definitely three sausages.

- It's hot. - Yeah, it's hot. - [Steve] It hits you. It hits you like midway. - [Ned] (indistinct) bell peppers. - [Rosanna] Gets you a little rosy.

- Thank you, Judges. - [Rosanna] Thank you. - Thank you. - So we have the four dishes here in front of us from the guys.

So first up we have Keith's sausage on his bed of Ragu and red onions. - I haven't won in six episodes. This would be episode seven of a not win for me. - I think overall like texturally, it was a little grainy.

It needed salt. - [Jimmy] All right. Next up we have Eugene's monstrosity, bugstrosity. - [Rosanna] So creative.

- [Jimmy] Yes, absolutely. And even if you're trying to be evil, it was very creative. - You made bugs great. - Yeah, but - I think you could win.

- But mine wasn't a sausage. - All right. Next up we have Zach's second try sausage because his octopus experiments seem to have failed.

- [Steve] I think it was kind of a fail. - [Jimmy] Yeah. - Just the flavor, the texture. - I guess I got to really try in the gingerbread episode now. - [Keith] Yeah. I mean, Zach's going to bring it so you better not pe-nis it.

- [Jimmy] Okay. - And the last up we have Ned's Triple Thai Trio. - [Steve] I think he did a really good job like it, like I said, it's the only sausage that had that snap and he was super ambitious using three different farces. - I cannot believe that thing about scrunching it up on the Oh, of course! (beep) Of course that's how it.

- It was spilling out just on its own. When I was cooking it, it made little holes. It looked the size of the pokers. - I was worried about it. I was trying to poke it real gentle.

- You knew to take that little thing and stab it while you were cooking it? - It said it on the back of the package that it was for - I thought this was Without a Recipe. Ned's got a little res with the (beep). (everyone yells) - [Keith] I just skimmed it. - You guys, we were all told to read the package. - [Zach] No.

- You make Wet ass, nasty tuna fish sausage and your coming at me because I had the (beep) intuition to think a pokey things should be used to poke something. - Oh, great intuition to read the package. - Thank you guys for today's food. It's I think overall you should be really proud of yourselves.

I didn't have one spit out moment, which I was kind of expecting. Everything was seasoned nicely. There were some nice flavors. - When it came to deciding forth through first place, It was really close. When we decided to look at what was fourth place, you know, this was a sausage that came to us, not looking great.

You know, there was a lot that was adorning it around it, trying to maybe disguise the presentation a little bit. It came with additional accoutrement. Unfortunately, Zack, your sausage came in fourth place.

Fatal dicks. - [Jimmy] Fiddle sausages, indeed. - Yo, you got me there. I thought for a second I didn't get fourth place with that delivery. That was good. - It was close. It was close.

- [Zach] I was excited. You know what? Yeah. It's okay. - So for our third place sausage, I mean all these remaining sausage we're super creative and it just came down to a couple of things that really bugged us.

Sorry, Eugene. - (beep) Wait, are you saying my bug loaf? - [Jimmy] Your bug loaf. - Didn't get last place because it wasn't evil enough? - [Jimmy] I'm sorry. - [Eugene] I'm really disappointed, man. - Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh. - This is my first chance being higher than third this season. This feels good. - Same, well, you know. - Gentlemen. We've tried all of your sausages today.

They were all delicious, but we can only have one winner. The winner of the best sausage is going to go to someone who infused with some delicious Asian flavors. - It could be either of us. - Nice wording, nice wording. (chattering) - Oh, here we go! Ned, you have the best sausage.

(cheering) Congratulations! - Thank you, Judges. - Keith, yours was a close second. - Hey, I'll take it. You know what? I feel good. I feel good.

(cross talk) - Well, congratulations Ned. You're the big wiener today But we got one more episode left. Join us next week when we're making gingerbread houses. - The most evil dish of all. (upbeat music) - [Narrator] Next week on Without a Recipe Holiday Edition. - [Rosanna] Welcome to the finale! - [Zach] It's our hardest design challenge ever.

Queer Eye's Bobby Berk is here. (screaming) - [Bobby] This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. - [Eugene] How is this a leisurely activity for families? I feel like I'm working with a bomb.

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