Try Guys Get Pregnant In Sims 4 (ft. Kelsey Dangerous)

Try Guys Get Pregnant In Sims 4 (ft. Kelsey Dangerous)

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- Ask him to make a baby. - You can't even get him to hug you. I don't think there's an option for that. Oh my gosh, you're both embarrassed now. - [Both] No! - I tried to get the forbidden fruit of Eugene and he's not having it.

- I mean, you asked him like a couple things about himself and then you immediately jumped to handcuffs. - That's how Champagne rolls. (Kelsey laughs) - We've done a lot with pregnancy here at the Try Guys, but we've never actually tried to get pregnant ourselves. Today you're going to find out where babies come from.

(Try Guys intro music) - In 2018, one girl decided to become pregnant a hundred times in the Sims and have a hundred babies. That girl is with us today. Please welcome Kelsey Impicciche. - Here we are again. - Wow, what's this? - [Keith] Look at this. What year is it?

Kelsey and I back together to play some Sims. I played once with Miles, but I tell you, we played this game maybe 10 times together. I have no idea how to play this game. - You and Miles? - No, you and I. - [Kelsey] Oh, you and me.

- Yeah, we did - I fully forget. I know that I'm gonna - You did, every time we filmed too, you'd be like, what? - I don't think I've played since the Livin' Large expansion pack. - Whoa! Sims fans, in the comments. - It's been a while.

It's been a while. - Comment if you feel him. - My Sims experience, I don't mean to brag, but it's zero. - You've never played before? - No. - (claps) First time, first time! - Never played before.

I'm a Virgin and I'm jumping right into getting pregnant. - We're going to have a good time. We're going to make it such a positive experience for you Ned. - Yeah. Thank you. Please be gentle with me. - But what are we doing today? - Oh, you're asking me? - I am.

- Today we are going to have a competition that is inspired by my 100 baby challenge where all of you will be competing to see who can get pregnant the fastest. - [Keith] Wow. - In the Sims 4. - How do we get pregnant? - So I feel like I shouldn't have to explain how to get pregnant to you. - Oh no, I know.

(Kelsey laughs) - I mean, if anything, I'm the only person that we can guarantee knows how to do stuff. - Let's put a baby inside of me. (quirky music) - My idea was that we would download you all and then we would show what the female version of you is. - So, let's bring the old Keith back in his full, wow, like Buzzfeed era, blue checkered shirt. - We should delete the other ones. - Oh, Eugene looks hot. - Cause we were just playing,

playing as you today. - But I want to be able to have sex with myself. Do you not think each of us are going to want to do this? - You know, I didn't really think about that and I think that's on me for not thinking about that. - Who you do think is going to be the father. I want it to be either me, maybe Eugene. - I really should have known.

Are you ready to see your female version? - I, yes. Make me a lady. - Give me a uterus. - Become lady. Become lady. (Keith laughs) I would never dress like that.

I would never dye my hair orange. What about previous Keith said orange highlights? - Oh shit. Oh, she hot. Oh my God.

- Dang, they did you good! - You know what male me was done dirty, but female me is looking good. - Ooh. - That's you as a woman. - Wow. I still have the same hairdo. - You do! - Cute.

- Would you like a short haircut, a medium, long, or up do? - I think long. Ooh, I like the elven braid happening. - You like the elven braid? - Yeah it's nice right? - Okay, wait, go back to that one. - This one? - That looks straight up just looks like Ariel.

(both laugh) - Actually, the face, like not super dissimilar from Maggie. Not accurate, but like if I really squint and I'm like, yeah, I can. - There you go.

- She, kind of, I mean she doesn't look spitting image to Becky, but there are Becky elements to this lady, I think. - I'm attracted to myself. - I hate to mention this, but all three of you have now compared your sim's female selves to your current partner.

- Really? Do we just see our wives in every beautiful girl. - That's the only hot person I know. If I said it looks like anyone else, then it's like, oh, I'm in trouble, so. - Here's the mom haircut.

- Yeah, you definitely look like a mom. - There you go. Dress for the job you want. - Dress for the job you want! - And let's give me some eyewear. - All right. Oh, eyewear, of course.

- Yeah, all right. Yep. Yep. - You like that? - Yeah. She's got sunglasses. - She doesn't look very hot to me. Can we try out some 19 year old raver looks? - I don't exactly know that - There, the top purple one.

- This top would. - Hot. Hottie. Okay and let's let's scroll down to find some bottoms. - Okay. Do you want any makeup? - Yeah. We gotta trap these men. - Is this makeup a trap? - (laughing) No.

- Okay, speed round. Let's just see what we got. - So like, - I love wearing jackets.

- Jacket, all right. We can do a jacket. - Oh, pink denim. - Pink denim. Boom. All right. - Yeah.

- Polka dot skirt. - Polka dots! - All right. - And they're, also pink! And they're black, no they're pink, yeah they're black polka dots, looks perfect. - This one? - Wait, what's that one? - Can we like the hot, like bikini top, athleisure, like, oh, I just went, oh look at me, I went to the gym. - Oh, say less. Say less, I got you. (together) Whoa! - [Ned] There it is.

Oh, wow, she is shredded. A hot mom to be. Someone who's strong, dependable, but at the end of the day, still a little nasty. - That's what all the men are looking for, I'm sure. All right. - Yeah, look at her spin.

- (together) Woo! - [Keith] This is pretty hot. Sort of like, gothy, ravey, hottie. - She's a babe.

All right. - I'm a babe. - Are you keeping the name Zach, or are you wanting to change it up? - [Zach] Zelda. - Zelda? - All right, she's beautiful. She's perfect. She's ready for a night on the town.

- [Kelsey] All right, so let's move you into a house. - [Zach] I get my own house? - You do. - Oh, this game. If only it were that easy. - Let's get 30 minutes on the clock and the timer starts now! - Oh, I gotta take my selfie for Instagram. I just closed on the house.

- Oh my gosh, you're going to take a selfie? - Yeah! - All right. Let's do it. Oh there it is! - Oh, she's looking cute! - Cute! - And be in front of it. Yes, that's my house.

Let's send this selfie to Keith. - You're going to send, I don't think you know him yet. You can put it on your Simstagram though.

You can update your Simstagram story. - I'm sorry, my sister-gram? - Simstagram. - Oh. - Instagram but in the Sims, Simstagram.

- Of course. - Let's go, Champagne baby, yeah. Does it make her butt look good? - I think she might've focused the most on the arms, but she's still got a pretty good butt. - She's got a booty. She's bored. Well, let's get out there.

Let's go. Let's go, how do I do this? - We got a library, we got a gym, we got a nightclub, and a museum, and a park. - I think I need to go to the gym. Find someone that shares my interests. - You know what, that's a great idea! That's exactly what you should do.

Right? - Really? - I don't know. - Oh, okay. - You're the one in a relationship, I am not.

- I'm going to make a sandwich, and then I'm going to make two, I'm going to make two sandwiches and I'm going to take one to the park. I'm trying to meet a man. - Okay. - Oh my God, who did I make? Although she didn't cut her hands on the tomatoes that time, - There you go. - She cut herself two times instead of three times - There you go, progress. - Okay, so now,

now we're good. We're on our way. - It's 3 AM. - It's 3 AM, we're headed to the park.

If there's guys at the park at 3 AM, they're D-T-F. (Kelsey laughs) - So you're at the Blue Velvet now. - Who's that hot, oh my God. - Jay Huntington the third is here. - Jay Huntington the third? I'm sorry, am I about to marry into generational wealth? Let's flirt with that probably racist guy.

- Alright. You doing some boogieing? - Oh my God, look at her. How could you resist? - Okay. - Hello? Hello? Yoohoo, Keith? - Looks like Kith is trying to go cook some veggie burgers. - Why? This girl is obsessed with food. - Well, look it here.

We've got oh, a teen, nevermind. We got Don Lothario. - Don Lothario looks like a guy who could get down with Kith. - He's not Keith though. - He's not Keith, but but we gotta practice flirting.

- Okay. It looks like there's nobody quite here yet, so why don't we just jump on some equipment and see who, - Just punch my anger away? - who shows up? - Let's just get a nice boxing workout in. - Let's get physical. Look! Look who it is. - Is it me? It's Geoffrey Landgraab, the husband of Nancy Landgraab.

- No. - No, that's a no? - No! - Okay, you don't want to break up a marriage? - No! - Oh look who walked in! - Eugene is here! - Eugene's here! - Fuck the Huntington. Eugene, we want the bad boy. - We're going to talk to Eugene? - Oh, look at him dancing.

Yeah, friendly introduction. Oh my God, just go for it. Go for the gold. - What a rush. Oh, Eugene! - Wait, Eugene is around! - Ooh, let's find Eugene, - Okay, wait. - Find Eugene's house. - Wait, where is Eugene? - And he likes fitness too.

- He does. Where is he? Oh my gosh, there he is! - Is that him? - That's him! - Oh, he's talking to some, argh! She looks just like Bella! - Ooh. Don Lothario is feeling flirty. - Wow. Hi. Aha, su su.

Is that his child? - No, but Brent Miller really does have some tight red pants. - Yeah, get outta here, kid. Oh my God.

- Okay. - I'm so nervous. (Kelsey laughs) - Tell an engaging story. - Oh yeah.

- Dude, look at that guys mustache. There are -- - That's Mr. Goth. - so many hot men around us. I'm overwhelmed. - That's Mortimer Goth that just walked by. - Mort, like that's - You want to go for Mortimer? He's married, but it's okay.

- Can we? Can I be a homewrecker? - Yeah, if you want. - Oh fuck, so many choices. So many choices. I would like to have sex with Eugene, - Okay. - obviously. And then I would like to have sex with Mortimer.

- Mortimer Goth. - I want a real Edward and Jacob situation here. I am the Bella. The world is my Twilight. - I'm starving and I only brought two sandwiches. - Oh wait, you could give him your sandwich.

Huh, normally you can give someone a gift. Maybe you guys have to be like a little closer. - It's okay, she's married, she's married. - Can I punch Bella? Oh, she is? - I mean, you could punch Bella if you wanted to punch Bella. - She doesn't look like it

right now. There could be only one, - All right. - athleisure lady. - Okay, what do you want to do? - Ooh, who is this handsome man? - Here's another man.

- She's doing sit ups on the ground. - Braylen Artz. - All right, let's get in the gym. Let's start talking to Eugene. - Talking to Eugene? All right. - Yeah.

- Here's the thing, in order to make sure that we're getting the finest baby juice, we need to scare away all other competition. Can we kill her? (Kelsey laughs) Is that an option? - You can yell at her. - Yeah, yell at Nancy. - Okay, great. - Get her out of here.

- Rude introduction. - Yell at her. Yell at her! All the babies for me, Nancy. I'll cut you.

One more, hit her. - All right, no one likes Nancy. This is Nancy Landgraab! - Nancy your husband was just here. - Get out of the conversation, Nancy! - Get outta here. - She's always butting in. - Oh, is he liking my gossip? Eugene loves gossip.

- Oh, there you go. - Let's get him fired up. - Fire him up. - Can we throw the table at her? - No, but we can keep fighting until you literally fight. - You're sure fighting isn't going to make Eugene see me in a negative light? - I mean, he's over there. He's not even paying attention to this.

- Maybe he'll be like, wow. She's like tough. I think she's hot. - Maybe he'll think

you're feisty. - Yeah. - Let's ask to hang out. - You wanna hang out? - Do you want to hang out? Oh yeah.

- Oh he's going away. Quick, okay what do you want to do? Do you want to keep being friendly or do you want to maybe switch into some flirty. - Let's be kinda flirty, yeah. - Okay! - Ask a risque question.

- Do you really want to do that? - The way you're asking makes me seem like it's a bad idea, but yeah. - Okay, yeah let's do it. You know what, let's do it. - Yeah. Do you ever think about a threesome with me and Nancy Landgraab? - Let's go look for myself. We've done some, we've laid some groundwork on this guy.

So when we come back to him, he won't think like I cheated on him in that moment. We were just friends right now. - You're just friends. You have not even flirted at all. - I need to go find Keith. Might be at the lib, maybe he'd be at the bar? I was always trying to go to the bar, the Blue Velvet.

- The Blue Velvet? - Yeah, I was always trying to go to the Blue Velvet and see what Eugene was up to. - Stop trying to talk to us, Eliza Pancakes. - She's uncomfortable? - She's a little sweaty. I think she needs a shower. Ooh, shove, here you go.

- Shove her. Here we go. It's my baby. I'm having a baby.

Get out of here, Nancy, I'm making babies today. - Oh, she's unhappy. She's got a bad experience with you. All right, wanna fight? - Fight! We're fighting, Miles. - Oh no. - No Eugene!

- He's watching the fight! - No Eugene! I didn't know. It's not what you think! - I hope you win. - Eugene, I'm fighting for your love.

Eugene, are you impressed? Do you love me? - Oh no, she won! - Okay, go upstairs and make out with Eugene. - Go upstairs and make out with Eugene? Okay, I'm gonna let her pee really fast. Ew and you smell.

I don't know how. - I smell bad? - Yeah. Yeah. - From what? - I don't know, maybe, - From what? - I don't know, you've been out all night, - Why do I stink? - In the park! - Why do I stink? Well, I think eating this tuna salad sandwich oughta help. - Wow, look at Eugene's thighs. - Oh look at Eugene's thighs.

Uh oh. - It looked very much like he just, - She asked him about, hey, wouldn't it be like totally crazy if you like handcuffed me right now? Oh, he didn't like it. - Oh, he just said he didn't like you! - No. Oh no. - Can I go to Keith's house and use his shower? - I don't know if Keith has a shower. - Let's go look.

Let's try to go to the Try Guy's house because I thought, man, I really thought. - In my defense, I didn't set up this house, all right? They were already here. But they're not, - What happened to the Try Guys? Did Buzzfeed do this? Did they delete our home? Where are we sleeping at night? - This is a new save, Keith. - We have a child. Zach is a child with three dads.

- It's dark. - You wanna start flirting? - Yeah, we just got to go right for it. - All right, - We don't have much time.

- Go right for the flirt. Oh, he was into it! - Again, hit em again. - Hit him again.

- Hit em again. - Hit him again with the flirt. - Hit em again. Just sitting, watching him dance.

Hey man, liking your moves. I love flowers. What about you? - Oh no. - [Kelsey] All right, we got to get outta here.

- We got to get him back. Self-deprecating joke. - A little self-deprecating joke. - Can I take a shower? - Yeah.

- Maybe, Eugene will join me. No? - Maybe! You want to ask? I don't think that's an option. I mean, you asked him like a couple of things about himself and then you immediately jumped to handcuffs. So I don't, you tell me that. - That's how Champagne rolls.

(Kelsey laughs) - Am I getting the furthest with Eugene? - So far, yes. He is interested. - Ask him if he's single, ask him if he's single! - Oh, okay. - He's going to hate this video. I'm doing this for you people, okay? I know your fantasy is to have a baby with Eugene. I'm showing you the blueprint.

This is how you do it. If he wasn't gay and in a long-term relationship and probably not interested in dating a fan. - You actually, - You can see how - He's smelling it, look! - He literally is reacting.

I got to go take a shower. We got to come back. - Okay. - We cannot meet me. - Do not even want to meet him? - No! He's going to have a bad first impression. - She's already talking to Eugene and Ned. - That's fine.

You got to watch out for Eugene, he's a violent man. 15 minutes to have sex, Miles? - [Miles] That's right. - I haven't even had time for a shower. - Uh oh.

- He didn't like that. - I think you just went too hard with the flirts. - Too hard? Okay, that's fine. - There was too much flirting in a row. We can come back from this. He is single. - Who's that old man? - You want to go for the old man? (Ned laughs maniacally) You want to go for Dennis Kim the elder.

- I mean maybe. - Why don't we pick one target - I need to pick a target and then deepen my connection with him, right? - Yes, yes. So who's it going to be? - You know, the mustache has kind of growing on me. I'm just saying, you know, and it was weird at first. - It would have been nice if you had met him, because then you could just invite him back to your place now, but. - Well, this is why you're here, Kelsey! - I'm trying! I tried to tell you! - I didn't listen! We got to shower.

We got to go back. - Okay. - And then we'll invite him over and then we'll ask him to get in bed until he says yes. - This is not how it should work in real life.

- No, this is the Sims. This is simulated life. - The Sims. - What is he? He's talking about a bed.

That's a, - I don't know what that was. Oh, wait, he just left. - No, no, no. Follow him. Chase him.

- Follow him? - Chase him! Chase him out. - Okay, we're going to chase him down. - We're going to his house.

Guys love it when you show up at their house on announced. What's he doing? - Is that true? - Yeah. - Okay.

- We gotta lean in hard. We gotta turn this. - You wanna go flirt immediately? - Yes, yes. - All right, immediate flirt. - He's got a wedding ring on. - Oh, yeah I don't know about that.

- What a homewrecker. - [Kelsey] Okay here she goes. - What a catch. - Ooh he was receptive.

- Yes! - Look at you go! - Dennis! - Oh my God. - Oh my God. Let's flirt again. - Oh my goodness. Look at Champagne go.

- Wow. - All right, invite Eugene over. - Okay, we're gonna invite him over.

- Now I'm loaded. - There he is! - He's running! - Oh he is, it's because he's angry. Oh no. - Why is he angry? - I don't know why he was. - What's happening? What is happening? - I don't know. He's embarrassed now, it's awkward. - No, Eugene! No, no, no, no, no.

It's okay. Oh no, it's all falling apart. - Oh my gosh. - I flew to close to the sun. I tried to get the forbidden fruit of Eugene and he's not having it.

- Oh! - Eugene is cock blocking me hard right now. Eugene, get outta here. Eugene, this is my chance.

- [Kelsey] He likes it! - Aw, he likes it! He's flirty! - He's flirty now too! It's a suggestive conversation. - Whoa. Whoa. - Whoa.

First kiss? - [Kelsey] Maybe embrace him? - Embrace. Embrace, just hug him. - Do a cute little hug. - Just hug him. - but like a little bit.

- Like at hug and then like when you pull out the hug and your eyes meet and you're like, oh, it's happening. It's happening. - (both) No! - [Zach] It's not going to happen.

It's not going to make it. Okay, ask him to make a baby. - You can't even get him to hug you! I don't think there's an option for that. Oh my gosh, you're both embarrassed now. - What do you mean? I'm not embarrassed.

- Well she just got rejected! - No, no, no, no, no, no. I feel good about it. It was just a misunderstanding.

- Text him. - Okay, we're texting him to come over. - Keith! Get over here. Where the (beep) are you, bro? - What do you want to do? - Deep conversation. Deep conversations.

- Okay, deep conversations, you don't care. - Deep conversation. Deep conversations. Show him I don't care. - Okay. - Flirt, flirt, flirt. - Flirt it up, okay.

- Flirt, we only have 10 minutes left. How are we going to get this guy to (beep) us? - Okay, let's go! Get your mans. - Come on, Dennis. - A sleepover sounds great. - A sleepover sounds great! - Oh my gosh. - Wow. - Oh, oh, Ooh.

Oh, you went too hard. You went too hard, he's over it. He's over it. Oh no, okay. We gotta... - There's like a sad clarinet playing.

Take off your shirt. (Both laugh) Take off your shirt? - That's not in the Sims! - I don't know. I don't know! - We need to invite over Nancy.

(Kelsey laughs) And you know what, Eugene? You're coming with me. You're going to watch me beat the shit out of Nancy. I'm not ending this a double loser. I lost a fight.

I'm not making a baby. I'm going to throw down and I'm going to avenge my lack of babiness. - We don't have a lot of time left.

We gotta convince him! - It looks like he's fine now. Let's compliment him. - Ooh, this is so stressful.

- Oh, it's first kiss, Keith! You can kiss him now. Keith and Kith. - Give me a little kiss. - The same face

kissing each other. - Oh. - How was that? - It was incredible, were you there? Were you there? - I was there. - Phew. - Oh, there you go. - Try for baby with Keith. Try for a baby with Keith!

Oh yes. Come on, Keith! - Whoa. He is into it! - Let's do it! - It's happening! It's happening! Dennis! - Come on, Keith. Show us what you got.

Yes. Hot body boy. - Oh my God. Dennis! Dennis? (Keith snickers) - Woo, look at those hearts! Keith is fucking Kith! - Nancy, where are you? (knocks) I'm coming in, Nancy. You've been talking smack to Eugene? My would-be baby daddy? I know what you told him. You said that I wasn't good enough.

Fight. Fight, fight, fight. I would've had a baby if it wasn't for you, Nancy. We're going to win this one. - I don't know. - We've been working out.

Come on. - Nope. Wait, she won again. I think maybe if you didn't let yourself be so distracted by your hatred for Nancy Landgraab, you might have a better chance at love, but also Nancy sucks! All right, let's double check if you're pregnant. Let's see. The true reveal, is the pregnancy happening? I'm also very happy he didn't die during woohoo, cause they can, the elders. - They can?

- Yeah. You're eating for two, congratulations Keith, you are pregnant! By yourself! - I am pregnant with my own baby. That is the gold standard. Oh, look how fast I'm pregnant. So pregnant, I'm showing.

I'm showing. - Yup. You are eating for two! - We did it! - Congratulations Ned, you did it! You are now pregnant! (Ned cheering) Look at you go! - Yes! - Look at your bump! You're telling him. - Yes!

- I can't believe this. I'm baby-less. I'm 30 years old. I'm not getting any younger and I'm losing fights left and right. All right, we're going to burn the house down real quick.

- I don't know how to burn the house down, but we can flirt with her husband. - Hello, Geoffrey Landgraab, how are you? (Kelsey laughs) Fucking everybody hates me! - I think it's because he just saw you fight his wife. - Okay, go burn the house down, Kelsey.

- I can't just burn the house down. - You're the professional Sims player, go burn the house down. - I can't just burn the house down, it's like a random chance. - Should we argue about politics with Dennis? Let's just see what happens.

He's like, I'm just saying. He's a little rough around the edges. - I want to put her back in her old clothes though with the pregnancy belly.

- Oh, okay. Yeah, we can do that. - I think she's going to look like a hot mom. - There she is. - Yeah, she's working it. - Let's have makeup sex. - Okay.

- You know what? - Woohoo with Dennis. - Oh wait, is he going to die? (Kelsey screams) - No! No! No! No! No! Dennis! Dennis! Dennis! Dennis! No! - Oh no, wait, oh no! It's the grim reaper! - Ah, the grim reaper! Dennis! - You're not even married. You're not even going to get anything from him. - Wait really? - Yes! - (shouting) No! - Okay, we can't burn her house down. What if we just stay until we pee our pants and pee on her rug? - We can do that.

- Hey Nancy, love the house. Really cool. Love the decor. Be a shame if someone peed all over it. - (both) No, no, no! - [Zach] Fuck! - I'm so sorry. - Can't even pee on the, she used the toilet when we weren't looking.

- It's so hard to keep track of them. Oh my God. - Well, thanks for watching guys.

We didn't get a baby, but I'm going to stay here until I burn this house to the mother (beep) ground. - Dreams really do come true, Keith. - Wow. Kelsey, that was incredible.

What a blast. I can't believe that the Try Guys are homeless. That's a huge twist, but luckily I was able to fuck myself.

- Congratulations on starting your own channel and being independent. - Thank you! - Where can people check you out? - You can check me out on YouTube and across all social media platforms at Kelsey dangerous. YouTube dot com slash Kelsey dangerous. Also there is a video that they have all done on my channel where I let them do my Sims let's play voiceover. So I recorded some video footage and I let them do all of the voiceover for it, so if you're interested in that, go check that out on my channel, Kelsey dangerous.

- We better hope that we don't run Nancy. (Kelsey laughs) (Try Guys outro music) - Welcome back to the 100 enemy challenge. We're going to make everyone in this community (beep) hate me.

- We could do that.

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