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Try Guys Extremely Stoned Trivia

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(all yelling) - [Ned] Today, we're doing weed trivia. - All right so- - Yeah! - On. (laughs) - For each right answer, you're gonna get to do some pot stuff. (all laughing) - I did too much, that's a lot. - Hello and welcome to a very exciting edition of- - [All] Try Guys Game Time! - If you guys wanna smoke some weed, everybody say yeah. - [All] Yeah! - Yay.

(upbeat music) (electronic whirring) (airplane roaring) There are three rounds, easy, medium, and hard. And the weed is gonna intensify the longer we play this game. (bright, magical music) Round one, the reward is weed soda.

Round two, the reward is smokables. Round three, the reward is edibles. - Hey, I'm Ned. I have very minimal experience with weed. Oh, you guys got snacks. - Yeah.

- But you know, we booked a babysitter for tonight, baby. So Daddy's on the loose. - Daddy's on the loose. - Daddy's on the loose. - (distorted) Daddy's on the loose. (siren blaring) - My name is Becky, and if you're my parents, please turn this video off.

(light, acapella vocalizing) - Hi, I'm Eugene. Hi, Kim and Don! (Keith chuckles) (all laughing) Naughty, naughty, naughty girl. - I'm Keith and I think weed is pretty cool. Instead of an evening cocktail, I have a few puffs of a J. - The only thing I'm worried about today is getting too high, but luckily, I have historically been really bad at this game.

(distorted) Really bad at this game. - Every time I try to lose, I do great. (upbeat music) - Okay, so the reward for round one is Cann Soda, and that soda has marijuana inside of it. What was responsible for the phrase 420? A, teenagers, B, a band, C, a movie, or D, a chemist. - Oh. - Hmm. - I read about this once.

- I kinda wanna give a shoutout to my chemistry bros. - All right, Ned, turn that mother (beeps) around. - You know, expect the unexpected.

Maybe it was the chemists. - Well, I think that answer is C. I think it could be based on the movie "Reefer Madness."

- I said D, chemist, because it seemed like the least likely, and also, 420, if it's not a date, it looks like, I don't know, symbols? - Ooh. - Keith, what you got? Turn that mother (beeps) around. - It's mother (beeps) teenagers, man.

Teens. - Why? - Because that's what teenagers do. - Well, Keith, you're (beeps) right. - Dang! (group laughs) - Gimme that weed. - [Becky] Stupid teenagers.

- Take a sip. In 1971, a group of five teenagers in California- - Hey. - Would meet in their school at 420- (Keith slurping) to get high. 420 became a code word and caught on.

- This is Keith's trivia to lose. - It truly is. But I keep getting questions right, it's gonna be harder for me to trust myself. - That's true.

- All right, let's go. Let's go, let's go. Which of these foods produce some of the same reaction in the brain as cannabis? A, peanut butter, B, chocolate, C, honey, or D, hot peppers? - I've eaten all of these in large consumptions, and I've never gotten high. - You should ask for your money back. - But... (Becky laughs)

- I'll start with Keith. Keith, what you got there? Spin it around. - Peppers. - Ooh. - I'm pretty sure that peppers, I mean, I've had peppers that have, or at least pepper powder on hot chicken that has made me feel like I went to a different plane.

So that's the only food that's ever made me feel high. - I also said D, chilies. When you're here, you're family. - (laughs) That's hilarious. - You know, I also said, D, peppers, 'cause I watched Keith eat a spicy pepper, and it kinda seems like he's high.

- Ned, what you got there, bro? - Well, you know, I thought about guessing peppers, obviously, it does things to your body, but chocolate seemed like it was more close to the feeling of being high, of you know, being kinda calm and chill. - Well, Ned, take a sip, because you're right. (all cheering) It is chocolate. - Well, well, well.

What should I do here? - You should do the big boy. - Big boy, you're right. That's a lot. - I don't know about chocolate. Chocolate makes me (beeps) thirsty, so I don't fuck with that. (laughs) - Thirsty for what? - More weed! (all laughing) (Ned slurping) - [Keith] This is outta control already.

- I eat so much chocolate and I never got high. Ned's gonna be over the moon. - Ooh. - Yeah, Ned.

- (distorted) Daddy's on the loose. (upbeat music) - Everybody say, yeah. - Yeah! - Whee! - All right. Willie Nelson used his expertise to launch his very own brand of pot. What is its name? A, Willie's Weed. - Just look

at his face. - B, Willie's Reserve. C, Willie's Stash, and D, Willie's Grass. - They all are believable. - Willie Nelson. - Don't overthink it, you know? By thinking longer about it, you're not gonna find the answer. Just go with what feels right. - I don't know.

Willie Nelson's a man with a beard and a mustache. So maybe it's Willie's Stash. - Willie's Stash. Eugene, what you got there? - Yeah, I went with D, Grass, because you know, Willie Nelson, he's an old-school gentleman, kinda outlaw. - You know, I went with Stash, it just felt right. - I was close to going with grass, but at the last second, I went with Willie's Reserve, because a lot of people put fancy words on their weed brands.

- Willie's a country outlaw. Why would he say reserve? - Right, well, Ned and Becky? You're wrong. (disappointing music) Keith, take a sip, 'cause it's- - Whoo! - Sip, sip, sip it up.

- Wow, I was, I had D, and I was like, it's not D, it's B. It's gonna be B. (can tab popping) - The company is called Willie's Reserve, and I don't know why. - [Keith] Yeah, it should be Grass.

- Yeah, but- - It's like half of an edible. - Half of an edible. - Or an edible. Most edibles are 5- - You're gonna get high. (upbeat music)

Are you guys ready for the last question? Everybody say yeah! - [All] Yeah! - Approximately how many cannabis users are there worldwide? A, 50 million, B, 150 million, C, 500 million, D, (distorted) 750 million. - It's not legal everywhere. So you have underground weed smokers.

- Well, it's probably self-reported, too. - Yeah, it's self-reporting, and what kinda nerd- - You gotta trust the stats. - Reports to a website, that you're smoking weed? - Ned, what you got there? - 500 million.

- I also agree with Ned. - I put B, 150. - So I also went with C, because Jeopardy rules.

I didn't think it would be B, and we haven't had an A answer in awhile, (voice fading out) and we have a D, so C. - Eugene, sip sip up, because you got it right. It's 150 million. (bright Broadway-style music) - I knew it. (can tab popping)

- Almost 200 million people smoke pot worldwide, according to the 2019 Drug Report. Self-snitching. (Becky laughs) (Eugene slurping) Now the rounds are just gonna get harder and harder and harder, and the pot is gonna get (distorted) stronger and stronger and stronger.

(Kwesi laughs) (upbeat music) Is everybody ready for the quiz? Everybody say yeah! - [All] Yeah! - All right. Bizarre names are a time-honored tradition among pot growers. Which of these is not the name of an actual strain? Is it A, Sour Diesel, is it B, Cheetah Piss, is it C, Dog Farts, is it D, Super Skunk. - I only know two of those.

- Mm-hmm. - I went with the one that is not real, I think is Dog Farts. - Why? - It's not clever. The other ones were kinda clever.

- (blows raspberry) Ruff. - Whoo. All right. - Yeah, I drew a dog farting. I don't think it's a dog fart. - Okay. - Yeah, I wouldn't put it past somebody to do dog farts, but Cheetah Piss? It's hard to sell piss. (Eugene blows raspberry) - Okay. (laughs) (all laughing)

- I also went with Dog Farts. You know, Cheetah just feels kinda like sexy whereas dogs are more ordinary. - Okay, interesting, interesting. Well, I'll tell you who got it right.

Keith. - Aw, man. - You got it wrong. (all yelling) Everyone else got it right.

(all cheering) (all laughing) - Yay! - Smoke up, guys. - Yay! - All right. (light, ethereal vocalizing) (birds chirping) ♪ Once in a dream ♪ ♪ Dogs singing out to me ♪ ♪ And I can hear them ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Making the most of the towering trees ♪ ♪ And lift their song to the carrying breeze ♪ ♪ And how I wish I understood their meaning ♪ ♪ Understood their meaning ♪ ♪ Understood their meaning ♪ - Oh, that's a lot. - That's a lot. - I did too much.

That's a lot. (all laughing) - That's a lot. - Yeah, that's a lot. - That was a lot. - It seems like I have the worst position here. - [Eugene] That was an experienced move. - Like, you know, what the (beeps)? I wanna smoke a joint. (upbeat music)

In what year did an art student change the Hollywood sign to read- - [All] HollyWEED? - Yeah, buddy. (laughs) A, 1966, B, 1976, C, 1986, or D, 1996. It's a lotta sixes.

- [Rachel] How you feeling, Eugene? - Hmm? I don't feel high, hmm, I don't feel high yet. I just feel happier, but also (distorted) slower. Hmm. - I think that's high. - That's definitely high.

Yeah, I think so too. I think that's high. - I guessed B, 19, B, 1976, because the '70s. - Oh. - Rip it all down. - I went with D, 1996, 'cause like '96 was kind of a rough year, and I think someone maybe probably wanted to bring levity to the United States. - What was happening in 1996? - I think that's- - Spice Girls.

- Yeah, they were taking over the world. - Diana got divorced. - Oh, she did. - Is that when she died? - Columbine, right? - That's dark. (light acapella music) - I think the Olympics was in Atlanta. - Oh, yeah. - Oh, yeah, you're right.

The Magnificent Seven, Keri Strug's, landed on her one leg. - I also chose 1996. It feels like something those '90s kids would get into.

- I did '76. Not the '60s, but the '70s. - The answer is '76, the answer is B. (group cheers) 1976. - That's right. - Boom. In 1976, an art student changed the Hollywood sign to read HollyWEED after the pass of the state law decriminalizing cannabis.

- I don't think I got anything. - Take a Eugene pull, bro. (tense music) (distorted) Breathe in. Yeah, hold that shit. Ooh, hold that shit. (normal voice) Yeah! Yeah, I told you, bro.

(Ned coughs) That's what it takes. (Kwesi laughing) (upbeat music) If you're ready for the third question, say yeah! - Yeah. - Yeah! - [Ned] (distorted) I'm really bad at this game.

- A New Zealand jury has the world record for the shortest jury deliberation in which they acquitted a man of cultivating cannabis. How long did they deliberate? Was it A, 4 minutes, was it B, 3 minutes, was it C, 2 minutes, was it D, 1 minute? - It's the world record? - They, yes. - They set the world record.

(Ned sighs) - I'm guessing 2. I'm tempted to guess a minute, but that just seems like just a little too short to just get it. I mean, it takes like, 10 seconds just to sit down. - Becky? - I mean, I went with the one minute. I figure they went like no.

- Interesting. - And then it was done. - [Kwesi] Eugene? - I did the one minute as well. - One minute. - I think they went

more like, nar. - Nar, nar. - I'm hoping that it's one. - One minute. - I'd like to have

a little puff of a J. - Oh no. - Huh. - It's too late to change it.

- Ned. - What? - You're wrong. - Dang. - Everyone else is right. - Yay! - Dang, I'm doing well in this round. - [Kwesi] (voice fading) The jury left to consider the verdict at 3:28 PM and returned at 3:29 PM. - Wow. - Yeah.

Ooh, that was one, that was ooh. - Oop. - How do you do that? - Oop. (upbeat music)

- What did an expert testify that marijuana had done to him after two puffs? A, made him dumber, B, turned him into a bat, C, transported him through time, or D, reduced his lung capacity. - Okay. - So experts usually get called to testify for other people. - It's definitely the man test the experts.

It's a bat. - I agree with Keith. I'm guessing the bat. - I'm not guessing a bat. I'm joking about the bat. - Why would we have included it as a question? - Okay. - If it made him dumber? - Keith, what you got? - D. - All right.

- It reduced his lung capacity. Two puffs? This man's talking lungs. - I guess A, dummy, because I think, I imagine this person's like testifying in a way where he's trying to make weed bad, and I think he would say like I'm less intelligent. - Becky, what you got? - I'm thinking the bat doesn't make sense. (all laughing) (distorted) Daddy's on the loose.

- So I'm- - I guess we'll find out. - No, I didn't write bat. I wrote A, I think dummy, because I think he was maybe like testifying in a murder trial, and he wanted to prove that somebody got a little dumber, and they- - Yeah, it wasn't a murder trial. - And they did something stupid, and that's why they- - After two puffs, huh? - Should be in trouble. Yeah, because who cares about lung capacity? Why would you testify that your lung capacity was lower? - True. - How do you even tell? - He's a lung expert. - He's an expert.

- He's an expert on lungs. - Who's that? - He waxes poetic- - What's the name? - About lungs all the time. - What's the name of a lung expert? - Thomas Jacobs. (Kwesi laughs) - I guessed the bat. - Why'd you do that, Ned? - I don't know, man. - Why? - Do you even need to ask him? - Why'd you choose the bat? - It just, it just seemed funny. (laughs)

- It seemed funny. - I was like, I was like, what? (distorted) Daddy's on the loose. - Well, Ned, take a puff, 'cause you're right. (all yelling) What the fuck? Let's go, Ned.

Yeah! - Wow. Was I right for the right reason, too? Pretty interesting fact, huh? - You lost the question. - It got transported in time.

(all laughing) (upbeat music) So this round, we're gonna be eating edibles. What's gonna happen? - Did we order pizza for after this? No? - Which of these THC facts is false? A, THC is not intoxicating in its raw form, B, THC is only fully legal in two countries worldwide. - Oh. - Huh. - Or C, THC becomes another cannabinoid when it degrades, or D, THC is one of 200 cannabinoids in marijuana. (Keith groans) What a mouthful, huh? - This is tough.

- Ned, what you got? - C, that it doesn't. (laughs) I guess it's the same one. - So you chose- - Yeah, I don't think it degrades into other cannabinoids. - And you're the only one on this panel with a chemist type- - Yeah, so if I'm wrong, it's super embarrassing. (Kwesi laughs) - You can still smoke when it burns down, right? I did B, only fully legal in two countries. Is that B? That's why I wrote it at the bottom.

- You think it's more or less? - I think it's less. I think it's fully legal in Canada, and fully legal in what? Amsterdam's not a country, is it? So two, yeah, I think that's it. - So that would make it true. - You shouldn't guess that one.

- Yeah, you're trying to guess the false answer. - Yeah. - Which one of these is false? - (distorted) Which one of these are false? (regular voice) So you wanna keep that? - No, I'll change that. - All right, we'll catch back. - Do them and I'll get back- - Eugene. - I did not remember the question or the answer.

I just put A. - I agree with the chemist. - Oh, yeah. - I don't think things degrade into other things like that, but I don't actually know. - And then- - I changed my mind.

I don't think it's smokable in its raw form. - Okay, hey, you guys ready for the answer? - What's the answer? - Yeah. - Give us the answer. - We've got two A's and two C's.

- You want the answer? - Give us the- - Give us the answer. - (distorted) You guys ready for the answer? - Yeah. - Yes, please. - All right, the answer is D. Here's a fun fact for that ass. At most, marijuana has around 100 cannabinoids.

- Okay, thank you. I was like, boring. That's tricky trivia for you. (upbeat music) - What is the name of the Indian milkshake whose main ingredient is marijuana? Now I'm gonna keep butchering these names. You wanna come help me out with this? A.

- Bhang. - B. - Chars. - C. - Baynaam.

- And D. - Kuthara. - Mm-hmm. - Maybe.

- [Kwesi] Thanks, Rachel. - I'm just gonna order the one I would order if I saw those listed with just names. - I'm just doing what feels good.

- Ooh, D. - Which is the word that sounds the nicest is Kuthara. - Yeah. - Same.

If that's what was on the menu, I would order Kuthara. - [Kwesi] All right, go Eugene. Where you going? - I went the other way. - Oh. - Oh.

- Bhung. - Eugene. - Why did you go in that direction? - Well, they seemed to go fancy pretty, and I went like, what delighted me the most, which is however you pronounce this word. - Got it, got it. The answer's A, mother (beeps) Eugene's right.

Bhang, this is freaking (indistinct), Eugene's right. (laughs) Oh my gosh. - Should I try a trip? - I think you should.

- I think the chips are, I wanna know if they taste good. - Bhang has been used in food and drinks (ethereal music) as early as 1000 BC, in ancient India. - Like rice crackers. - Yeah, one.

Look at that. - Whoa. - Isn't that cool? - Yeah, that's perfect. - I think this is so cool. See? - [Kwesi] I didn't know it was gonna be shaped like that. (chip crunching) (ethereal music) - [Becky] Is it good? - Oh, it's really good. (crunches) - Congratulations to this company. - It's really good.

- Potli, Potli. - You can only have one. - One. (upbeat music) - Keith, how you feeling? Your face look kinda red there. - I'm having a great time. I'm happy to be here. (ethereal music)

I'm not sure if I'm gonna win today, but I'm having a great time. - Ah, fantastic. Eugene, how you feeling? - It's just- - What's up? - Oh, don't pull it, don't pull it. - [Kwesi] You wanna cut it. - No, no, no, you don't need to get- (metallic rattling) - Ooh. - Ready.

- What the (beeps) is that? - Straight scissors? - [Ned] You wanna wear my jacket? - Those little scissors? - [Kwesi] How the (beeps) is that a scissor? - How does this happen? - [Ned] It looks like a starfish. - Pull it apart, pull it straight apart. - Oh! - What the (beeps)? - Wow. - I still don't see scissors. (all yelling) (bullhorn blaring) - Oh! - Oh, (beeps). That's black magic. - Watch the pointy, watch the pointy.

- [Kwesi] Oh, (beeps). - This is a fun day. - Everybody ready for the second to the last quiz? Everybody say, yeah! - [All] Yeah! ♪ Beep, beep, bop, boom ♪ ♪ Bee boo ♪ (Keith laughs) ♪ Hey, hey ♪ - After sequencing and analyzing more than 100 whole cannabis sativa genomes, oh my God, in which present-day country do researchers believe that marijuana originated about 12,000 years ago? A, China, B, India, C, Russia, D, Brazil. - Oh, they're all so big. Okay, okay, okay.

- I guessed B, India. Milkshake. - I did D, Brazil, 'cause whenever see people growing weed places, it's always somewhere that's like hot. - Eugene. - I said India. - Why's that? - I don't know.

- Okay. - But I think so. - Okay. - I think it was China. - China. - China, old. - Becky, how high are you? - I've only had two puffs.

- Because Keith's gonna smoke, 'cause Keith got it right. - Oh, wow. - Do you see what I just did? Do you see what I just did? (laughs) - [Becky] That was mean, that was mean. - [Kwesi] That was a plot twist.

That was a plot twist. - China. - All right. - Wow. Look at that.

- They're tasty. (Keith crunches) - Researchers say that the wild plant that gave the rise of today's psychoactive strain likely came from the East Asia, or present-day China. But you know what? - It's so hot. Oh my God, it's hot.

Why is it so hot? - Is this the last question? - Man, it's a close game, guys. Anybody could win 'cause there's only one more question. That's not true. (laughs) It's between Keith and Eugene. - And Ned. - And Ned. - Oh, and Ned.

- It's between everyone but me, Kwesi. It's between everyone but me. You can say it. (upbeat music) - If everybody ready for the last question, everybody say yeah - [All] Yeah! (bullhorn blaring) - Pot is short for Poly-G. - Huh? - What is it (laughs), what is (laughs). What are the meaning- - Let me see.

- What is that word? - Oh, I don't know. Potiguaya? - Potigwy. - I'm making a board for it. - Oh, that's not, it's not an answer. - That's not an answer. - Yeah, that's just the- - Okay. - How high are you, dude? - Here's a fact.

What is the literal meaning? - Is it A, the drink of grief, is it B, the fumes of spirits, is it C, the food of gods. (nibbles) Is it D, the sweetness of the air. - The air? - Of air.

- Sweetness of air? - Ooh. - Ooh. - I went with fumes, fumes of the gods- - Spirits. - Fumes of spirits. - Spirits. - Yes.

- Spirits. - Fumes of the spirits. - Same. - Whoo, why? Why, why, why? - Why not? - Ooh, okay, make sense. - Nobody gets that. - Hillary Duff.

- Other than- - All right, Ned. - I went with the drink of grief. Grief is a weird word. - Oh. - The sweetness of air. I think that's the best sell you could ever have for a product.

- Hmm. - So I think it should be that. - Ned, you're right. Boom. - What?

- It is- - What? - It's a tie? - Wow. - It's between me and Ned? - No way! (ethereal music) - I want Kwesi to think of a number and we guess it. - Zero to 420. - Price is Right rules. Whoever's closer but no over.

(tense music) - Okay, okay. (tense music) - You ready? - Yeah. - Ready now? - Yeah. - You got it. - Okay. - [Rachel] Whoever gets closest without going over. - Oh. - Yeah.

- Without going over. - That's Price is Right rules. We talked about it. (distorted) Price is Right rules. - We already- - Wait, wait. - You guys, we all heard about it.

Y'all heard the rules. - Wait, listen. - We all said it. - Guys, guys, wait, no- - Try Guys Game Time.

- No Price is Right Rules. It's just whoever's closest. - Whoever's closest. - Because you know what I wrote? - What? - You know what I wrote? - What? (ethereal singing) (all laughing) Oh, a trickery! (laughs) That's crazy! That's, oh both sides. - Watch his head.

- What was it? - What was it? - [Becky] What was the number? - What was the number? - What was the number? - It was number 1. (group yelling) (group laughing) - That's Price is Right rules. ♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah ♪ - Eugene. Yeah!

- That's statistically very hard to happen. - That's crazy. - Whoa. - Let's go. - Everybody close your eyes. - No peeking. (upbeat music) - [Rachel] Open your eyes.

(Becky gasps) - Whoa. - Oh my gosh. - Wow. - Well, I would like to share my feast with all of y'all, and Becky, you get first dibs. - (gasps) Yay! - [Keith] We'd already started eating. - This has been a game of Extreme Trivia. Smoke safe, see you later, next time. (claps)

Peace. - [All] Bye! (upbeat music) - We're just all of us here, having a good time. - Holy shit. - Just hanging out, having a good time, we're having fun in here. - Remember.

- Careful with the scissors. - Yeah.

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