Trump talks Michael Flynn, Obama admin and China with Maria Bartiromo

Trump talks Michael Flynn, Obama admin and China with Maria Bartiromo

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First, up my exclusive interview with President, Donald Trump this morning we begin with his thoughts on current of iris taking hold inside, the White House. How. Are you doing I know that kernel virus has had here as well how are you doing your team your inside team well, we're doing well it's very sad what's happened to the world and to our country, with all of the death we. Are going. To build our, economy. Back, bigger, than ever but with all of that death you could never replace what's. Taken, and it's. Very sad for a lot of families that have so. Horribly. Hid and. So unnecessary. They could have stopped it they could have stopped it in China where it came from but. Didn't. Happen that way I want to ask you about China I'll get to that but let's talk about the reopening of America right now about. Half of the states have begun this process is it, too soon there are some calls out there that they're talking about a. Relapse. In the fall is it too soon so. I want them to open when they can when they want the governors are opening, them most of them are either open. Door opening. Or considering. It I think. That we have to get back to work we have to get our country back we. Have to take it back it was artificially. Closed I, think, we're doing, incredibly. Well considering, the fact that we had the greatest economy. Mariya in history you report in every morning, the, greatest that anyone's ever seen best job numbers, best stock, market, numbers best, everything we had the best everything and in. Addition to military being, strong all of the things we've done and we, had it just one, day boom, close. It. We. Did the right thing and now we got to get back we got to bring our country back and it's going to happen and it's going to happen fast we're gonna call it a transition to greatness you're. Gonna have the third quarter, people are starting to get. Into that right now but it's going to be a transition, that's the transition quarter, we're going to do well in the fourth quarter and I think next year with all of the stimulus, all of the things we've done think, we're gonna have one of the best economic years, we've, ever had, dr. pouchy is saying a different thing he says he's worried, about spikes. Turning. Into outbreaks, he said it seems like. It, could be too soon and, that the major message he wants to convey, is. That the danger, is, if. We skip over the checkpoints, in the guidelines, to open America again then we risk the danger of multiple, outbreaks, so. Anthony is, a, good person very good person, I've. Disagreed, with him. When. I closed the border to China he, disagreed, with that and then ultimately he, agreed he said I saved hundreds. Of thousands of lives which is what happened, everybody. Disagreed, when I did that I, think. That we have to open our schools, young. People are very little. Affected, by this we. Have to get the schools open we have to get our country open, we, have to open our country, now we want to do it safely but, we also want to do it as quickly as possible we, can't keep going on like this I mean, you're going to have you're, having bedlam, already in the streets you can't you can't do this we, have to get it open I totally, disagree with him on schools and we, will have I call him embers I call him spikes and he called I notice, he used the word spike well. You might have that and we'll put it out you. Know we've learned a lot we didn't know anything about this it's a horrible disease, is. A horrible, plague I call it a plague it's a terrible thing we've. Learned a lot and we also know how to put it out but we have to open our country we have no choice you know people are dying this, way too when you report, this better than I could ever report, it but, people are reporting, their dead dying with this closure with the, shutdown, of a country where they're in, the house they're in their apartment.

They're Not allowed some people are too tough on it they're not allowed to go out they. Can't they're losing their jobs we're not gonna let it happen do you think your critics, want, you to keep it closed going, into the election yeah I do I do I think it's a it's a political. Thing in addition I. Think you're. Putting money. Business. Ahead of lives, no, no I. Think if. The, people that want. To see the right thing happened they, agree with me we have to get our country open you know it was up to some people let's keep it closed for a long, time. Okay a long time and watch the, United States go down the tubes not gonna happen never, gonna happen on my watch ask you I mean do you see long-term, damage done. The, longer, that you stay closed. Because Jay Powell said that as well that there is a long, term impact the, longer it stays closed, so, I what I do see is this I see we're losing, tremendous. Number of lives so, is the world you know the world ones of. 184. Countries it's now more. Than that, think of it but, tremendous lives, lost so that can never when you talk about damage, that can never be replaced we're going to lose over a hundred thousand, perhaps in this country now, in all fairness that's at the bottom level. Of the scale we would have lost two million we were lost more if we did it a different way but. You talking about a hundred, thousand, more a little bit less more, who knows it's. A terrible thing no so that can't be replaced, we're. Spending. Trillions. Of dollars on, all of the damage economically. Financially that, it's caused so. It it, is a terrible, thing it's, just an incredible, thing we, were sailing two, months ago we were sailing, we were going we had the best of everything that's unemployment. Situation in my lifetime especially, and now we're talking about 33, million people finally, for unemployment, even after 10 trillion dollars in stimulus that's all gonna come bankruptcies, the lives won't come back that's all going to come back it's going to come back fast now with, that we're spending. Money we're borrowing, money we're spending money all of that stuff is bad but all of that's going to work out that's going to all come back we, have a strong dollar we, have a great country the, people want to go back to work and they don't want to lose their jobs by the way so you want a strong dollar because. In the past you've said it's. A great time to have a strong dollar because, the whole world you know we're paying zero interest, rate. That's. Never happened either who were paying so low everybody wants to be in the dollar because we kept it strong I kept it strong now. From. A trade standpoint, it's tougher but, from a country standpoint. An inflation, standpoint, you don't have inflation you don't have problems, now, we have a strong, dollar and right now it's good to have a strong dollar and I, can live both ways you understand, that but, right now having a strong dollar is a great thing what's the right mix of, policies, to get us back you had a policy. Program, in 2017. And you moved the needle on economic growth that was tax cuts that was deregulation. That was turning, on the energy spigot, and it was a new trade situation, is, it the same playbook to get us back so, we're gonna have maybe, a different playbook. Stronger. Then. I would have ever said I was very. Much a pro. USA, person, I was America. First right always you've known me ever since you've known me and I was right about that strong. Borders, our, border is very strong we have some of the best numbers we've ever had southern, border the, best numbers, we've, ever had and, I. Did, and we've now built a hundred and eighty-two miles of what you know that is 182, miles will.

Be A close to 500, miles by, early. Next year of new wall brand-new all brand new and renovated, too but I'm not even talking about that we're, talking about over, 500. Miles of wall and. We. Have you. Have to understand I had a party totally they want open borders they want people pouring in and even, they don't mention it you notice I have all the financing, they didn't even bother, with it at the end because, I turned out to be right they didn't want to be the. Party that was opposed to having walls, and having strong, borders, but they are they want open borders they want people pouring into our country, and now, they. Look at it and they say they pour in do they have co. Vid 19, do they what's, the problem you know what problem, do they have okay and so, they want to stay away from that subject. But when you think of what we've done but, I was always America, for us make America, great again right and, basically. It's, that but, it's that, plus because, a lot. Of people fought me on China you hear what that do you hear all that honking you know what that is that's, trucks they, love that person. Well, they're not protesters their supporters, of me because. We're getting things for the truckers and all those great truckers, that are all over the country I think they're, lucky and if they're really very thankful, that I'm president frankly so when I hear the horn. Thousand. Trucks outside it's great so. What. We're doing is, what I was doing before but even more so and I'm even you. Know stronger, about in America first. China. I made, a great trade deal the ink wasn't drying when the plague came over from China but, the ink wasn't even drying they didn't tell you about it when they came here on the 15th of January, and shipped everybody's has never even a subject, that was not anything that anybody really understood, or knew about at the time but. China. I'm. Very disappointed in, China I will tell you that right now. We. Can do things in our country we. Can you know we used to make our own product, would you believe it right we, used to make our own product, we don't need. 37. Pencils, we can buy two pencils, and they, can be better but. You know we went, astray the. Whole thing we went astray I've been talking about this for 20 years probably.

It's A number one reason, I ran for, president because, I, saw that our car industry, is leaving, going to Mexico, you know Mexico, makes 30 percent of our cars games it's, not even believable, and Canada makes a lot of us just wanted cheap labor but they also wanted lacks environmental. Rules see the chief labor turned out to be very expensive because when you add what this is costing you just take a look at what's happening and when. You add what's costing by us, with. Our drugs, our pharmaceutical. Products. So. Many different, smells so, I put tariffs on China and we've, taken in tens of billions of dollars I gave, a lot of those that, money to, the farmers because they were targeted, by China and every. Other president let, joini do whatever they wanted you know we were we. Were losing anywhere, from 200, million to 500, billion dollars to, China and you think of it we rebuilt, China and I give them a lot of credit but, I don't give our past presidents, and leaders a lot of credit because they got taken to the cleaner. Leaders and worst. Of all was. The last eight years under. President Obama. And Biden for. His. Son gets a billion and a half dollars, and then there's supposed to be tough, on China it doesn't work that well it's traveled on Air Force two. Got. Him to. Hundreds. Look. It's. Impossible to do what he did if you talk to Steve Schwarzman if. You took and I asked him I said Steve is something like that possible, he said together mine, he said it's impossible, you, can't get that money he, said this guy had no experience he didn't even have a job and. He walked walked out of China with one, and a half billion. Dollars to invest for them of which he makes hundreds, of thousands, and actually millions, of dollars what. Is this so how do you get us back, when. You look at these numbers we're. Going to be going into the election with a double-digit, unemployment rate. I mean could we get below 10% by September. Unemployment. Very. Very strong again. We. Have tremendous, powers, that other people don't have, we. Have tremendous, job, capacity. And I think what's going to happen is next year it's going to be one of our best years I feel. That we will transition. In this third quarter fourth. Quarter is going to be good next year is going to be incredible. Are there industries, that you're thinking, that. Will lead us out of there that are more, poised to open, and have economic activity. Than others and what about states are there states out there that have become a model for you I know Georgia, did well Florida. As well in terms of their openings, which I've seen so far but don't forget those states none of them would have done well without what, we did in the federal government, because, we became. The ventilator. Maker. Of the world I mean we are now doing things, with ventilators, that nobody thought possible when we took over we didn't have anybody, knew what a ventilator, it was we're, making thousands, of ventilators, now all week and also.

By The way everybody's, got ventilators, we're giving them now and selling them to other countries who. Desperately need, them other countries, are calling up they, desperately, need them with, a testing, capital you see the numbers I mean you've, seen this before but. The one this is us in the blue. Look. At this over 10 million tests, we get to a place where the White House is in corporate, America where every time you go to work you just get your temperature taken you get a test is that where we're going isn't it you don't want to be doing that look we want to go back to like, you want to see a baseball game where you want to see a basketball, or football you want to walk into a stadium I went, to the Alabama LSU, game last year they had. 110,000, people in the stadium I don't want to see 25,000. People where you, have empty seats all over the place get. Back to that mr. president. Yeah. I think we're gonna have a vaccine by the end of the year we're doing very well with the vaccine and, I will tell you something I just literally, left a meeting we're, mobilizing our military, and other, forces but we're mobilizing, our military, on, the basis that we do have a vaccine you, know it's a massive job to give this vaccine our. Military, is now being mobilized, so at, the end of the year we're going to be able to give it to a lot of people very very rapidly, just. Doing something with syringes. As well so that you can have, a, plentiful. If you have enough vaccine we will have the. Tremendous, force, because assuming. We get it then. You have to distribute it and unless you're mobilized. And ready you're not going to be able to do it for a long time so, we're starting now we're of the assumption, that by the end of the year we're going to have a vaccine and, then we have to be able to give it to use it on, most. Of our population yeah, no we'll focus on elderly we're gonna focus on nursing, home and you know senior, citizen, centers, because. That's really if you look at it that is so that, is a very vulnerable group. It's a terrible, thing but, so, will it be focused, on that we're gonna go, the.

Country, Saying okay if you're below 50, you're healthy and strong you're. Okay go back to work elderly. Divide. Them well, we're doing that and I'm actually saying, like with the schools opened, the schools but if a teacher is 65. Or, older especially, if they have diabetes if, they have a bad heart if they have the problem we. Say relax. A longer. Period of time but, if you look there's been very little damage, done, to people that are healthy. And young. And frankly. Medium aged people but. The elderly, have been decimated, absolutely. Let me get back to getting us back to where we were Nancy Pelosi has a stimulus. Package now, we know that it is three trillion dollars. Kevin. McCarthy has been tweeting about this and apparently it includes diversity, provisions. For the marijuana business it, includes. Tax breaks for blue state donors, federal, election take over that mandates mail-in voting what. Are what is your take on proxy. Votes and mail-in voting this, is part of the, speaker's stimulus. Package, so she knows it's dead on arrival we, had a very interesting, evening. Last, night as you know in. Wisconsin. We won, very, very by a lot and this is not a primary this is an election it was a special, election we, won a House seat, supposed. To be closed we won by a lot we had a great person. Now Congressman. Tom Tiffany. In. California, special election in California we're. Just getting the numbers and it looks like we won that big and he's. Been a tremendous, candidate. Mike Garcia he, went. Out he worked anyone. And he took back a seat from the Democrats, in California. Think of that in. An area that nobody thought possible it was held by a Democrat, as you know the, Democrat who had a lot of problems, and, Mike. Went out and he won he, won that seat these are two now the press doesn't even right but, if we lost those seats it, would be headline news rough, time for Trump because. I'm running, against, sleepy, Joe Biden, but I'm also running against, the. Democrat, machine, and I'm running again and you see how bad they are with all of the things that are coming out when you look at these, releases. That are just being given to you just as message down but, I'm running against the Democrats, and I'm running against the media I'm, running, against, the radical left I'm running against some really stupid Republicans. That don't understand, how good they had it because, we have some Republican, I haven't 95, or 96, percent with the Republican, Party but, we have some people that claim. To be, publicans and they've. Gone crazy and, the reason is I've defeated them all you know they were all my opponents and they've never gotten over it guys Weaver, and Schmidt all losers, and they. Go out and they try buying commercials, and you say gee we've. Rebuilt our military, we've taken care of our vets our vets are in the best shape you've never seen anything like with the vets you know with with, choice with everything else we've done such a good job and then you add the judges, and you went protecting.

Our Second Amendment and. What do these guys are going to do support Joe, Biden and now you know cuz Joe has. Been brought way left way. Way left they've, never, gotten, over losing, to, me it wasn't supposed to happen and then I had another race, it was against crooked Hillary Clinton, and, she's never gotten over it either well, she's been tweeting, already, saying. That. We. Have to make vote-by-mail. Now. I know that there was interference in, the 2016, election, they were out to get you and they wanted to take you down there's another kind of interference, and that could be, fooling. Around with voting, machines, I mean in terms of voting by mail vote, proxies. What's your take do you want that you know she's, been tweeting about that hello voting by mail is very dangerous because people. Can grab, them people can take that proxy, sign a name they can they, can do all sorts of things especially harvesting. They go out and they say just you know let's put them all together and that's, happened, and by the way we were thinking it might happen in California we, were you, know worried about the race but, look, in California. They actually won they, voted by mail the one we just won today. We just want to vote. By mail and they, were losing because when you vote by mail you see the tally how it's going right and we, were losing, we. Were losing that issue so. We lost that issue we're, voting by mail we're, winning what, happens they, immediately set a voting booth up wasn't. Supposed to in the middle of a Democrat, area so. They could get votes but. They still didn't do it we won the race it's pretty much why would an see Pelosi come up with this three trillion dollar plan she was dead, on arrival she, knows nobody's, gonna go from wanna business in the middle of a pandemic what, more. Than anything else you wants to voter the. Way of voting change because if you did that look. They. Have had some very dishonest, things you look at, California. Look at Los Angeles where Judicial Watch settled, the case where they agreed that a million. Votes were fraudulent, a million votes in one area were. Fraudulent, and they could have done a lot more but it was almost it, was so ridiculous there was no reason to go any further they. Came to a settlement they, agreed on a million votes the. Level, of dishonesty, with Democrat, voting, is unbelievable.

If, You told a Republican. To. Vote twice they. Get sick and even the thought of it and you. Have people that vote numerous, times what's, happening, it's crazy so now, they want to send out vote. By now who's, gonna who knows who's signing this stuff not, only should they come, and vote now. If you're senior citizen and if you this is it like in Florida there's. A great system of voting but it's a fair system and it's a very closely watched system, so. In some cases age. You're. Not feeling well you should be able to do it but. You have to go out and vote and if you don't do that it can be will, have the worst rigged, election, since Bernie. Sanders, because Bernie Sanders, has. Had a lot of bad things after, them you know it's interesting with money I'm. Glad you make that Bernie Sanders. If. Elizabeth. Warren, drops. And nobody talks about this I say it all the time because it's so basic. Elizabeth. Warren was a failed candidate, but she got a lot of the super liberal votes. You know the radical, left I call it and she. Didn't drop out of the race Super, Tuesday if. She drops out of the Russians did enough to endorse Bernie Sanders, he. Wins every state, almost. Every state against. Biden, but, she didn't and then two other people did drop out they gave the support to blood if, and. Despite, that if. She, does it because she got you know thousands, of votes, every. One of those races, were very close she. He would win almost, every, state. Bernie Sanders, and that, was the establishment, Democrats. Killing bernie sanders you know mr. president there are a lot of people today that are very, happy that you're so tough as tough as you are because there's. A statute, there's a 1947. Statute, that says Nancy, Pelosi would, yield all of, the powers of the presidency, if the. President, and vice president could, not consistent, with the law she could issue whatever executive, order she wanted fire, disfavored. Political, appointees, and in general direct the executive, branch as she pleased she's, third in line, it's. Never gonna happen we'll, keep our vice president, very healthy, and I'll stay healthy. Never, gonna happen she would be a disaster, look Nancy Pelosi, is a disaster, okay even. Doing a thing like that with her crazy, but what she wants to do is get, involved with a voting she, just got back to Washington, everybody. Said what, was so long she just got back here. So. Let's. Just see how it all works out so I think we're gonna have a great election, I'm. Getting, really good poll numbers, for, the most part they're not being, shown and I, saw Jill, Biden on television, yesterday and if, you watch him he knows nothing he knows absolutely nothing do, you think he will be the candidate, I don't. Know I just don't know I mean I'm looking normally, it's F course you know he's gonna. Be the candidate. Again. If Elizabeth Warren, pocahontas, as I affectionately call her because, her whole life was a fraud if, Elizabeth Warren. Just. Got, out before Super Tuesday it, would be burning I don't, care who it is it doesn't matter I actually would prefer Jo, I think I'd prefer Jo who knows write about those things but. A, lot. Of people wonder is he going to be the candidate but you know how will you be positioning, yourself for, the election because people. Voted for you because they trusted. Your economic, smarts they knew you could turn things around for, the economy, and business you're a business, business. President exactly, but now we've, got 33, million people filing for unemployment we've, got 20% nobody, blames me for that look unemployment. Area. Of our country we had the greatest. Position. Yourself differently going into I don't think so I'm, gonna do it again. I got to do it again I get, it once I showed it can be done and you know it I've been on your show plenty I did. It once and. I'll do it again are you thinking about, holiday. What it I. Like the idea of a payroll tax because, it's very, easy to administer and. I'd like it for both the small companies, you know etc etc and the people because. It's a double its a company Taggarts also for the people the. Worker. I'd like a payroll tax. Holiday. Yeah, cut mini cut that's one of the taxes that I want to see cut and by, the way we've already given we've given the largest, tax cut in history if.

We Weren't so strong as a country, we, wouldn't even exist right, now we. Built an incredible. Machine. It. Was a beautiful, thing to watch it was I even said. Three. Months of guys with a group of people I say can, you believe this every, single day better. Employment, numbers, better. Stock market, numbers, more jobs. The military's almost complete, now we've totally rebuilt, everything, and then one day I have to turn it off now what's gonna happen Maria we're gonna rebuild it again and. It's gonna go fast you have to give aid to the states we had mayor de Blasio on the other day he said he needs seven and a half billion dollars right now yesterday, he said he needs to be made whole what. Are you thinking in terms of aid to the states to the cities how are you gonna decide he gets water you've had a lot of states and cities that have been very badly run for a long time a lot, of them are trying to use the kovat problem. You, know that for. Making. Up what what's happened over 25 years of bad management, like. Your governor of Illinois he wants money he, wants money I know the family, he, wants money because. You, know let's, make up for 25, years and some very. Bad current, years now, there's one thing if they, spend the money that's, one thing for ovid but. They want money for 25, years of bad management it, happens, to be that virtually, without exception. They're. All in, Democrat. States, it's, very interesting, Los. Angeles wants. Money New York wants money Illinois is. We're really having a hard time they, all want money. We have Republican, managed states that are doing very well you know it's a big difference I want to I want to get to China mr. president but let me ask you this you've talked a lot about the supply chains you changed the conversation on China obviously and now we're, seeing the average American, understand, that we cannot have 70 percent of our active ingredients, in our prescription, drugs made in China but how are you going to get these companies to actually bring the supply chain back to America, are you going to do tax breaks how do you incentivize, them, to do it I could tell you hundreds, of stories of the stupidity that I've seen as, an example we, make a fighter, jet it's a certain fighter jet I won't tell you which but it happens to be the f-35. Okay it's, a great jet and, we. Make, parts for this jet all over the world we. Make them in Turkey we make them here we make them there with all because. President, Obama and others I'm, not just blaming him wanted. Thought it was a wonderful thing the, problem is if we have a problem with the country you can't make the jet if we have we, get parts from all over the place it's so crazy, we should make everything in the United, States it's, number. One it's better so yeah we're doing it because I'm changing all those policies, look, we, make f-35. Is very important the greatest jet in the world where, the main. Body of the jet is made in Turkey, and. Then it's sent here so, what happens we have a good relationship with President. Erdogan what happens if we don't with me what. Happens if we don't have are, they going to say well we're not going to give, you this so we have to now gear up and attractions that they dragged us that they weren't going to send the. Proceedings. Well, I've taken in billions, of dollars in Terezin these drug companies have to get on the ball because they're going on not only to China so, are you gonna incentives. Where they're going them to go to India, and they're going to Ireland and they're going then they all over the place say Apple said now they're gonna go to India. Did. You some production anyway they, do you. Know we gave Apple. A little bit of a break because they're competing with a company, that was a part of a trade deal that we made so it, was a little bit unfair to Apple, but, we're not allowing this anymore. You know if. We wanted to put up our own border, like other countries do to us, Apple, would build a hundred percent of their product in the United States that's the way it would work but. You, don't think you need to do anything in terms of incentivizing.

One. Incentive, frankly, is to charge. Tax for them when they make product outside we don't have to do much for them they. Have to do for us look you. Have these companies and they build as, an example Mexico. Great. Relationship, with Mexico they've, been very nice to us they have 27,000. Of their soldiers on our border because I insisted, on it yeah but you have Mexico, they. Build a car and they send it over to the border no tax no nothing, when, we build cars we, send them to other countries if, you take Europe, European. Union it was formed for the benefit, of themselves, against us okay it was formed to hurt us if, you take the European, Union Maria it's so, sad. They. Send cars over no tax if, we want to sell a car over there it's an impossibility, I feel like we've been talking about this for three years you bet you've been opening. A. Lot. Of changes you're going to Pennsylvania Thursday. What. Is this about this is partly to see what kind of manufacturing, we can do here it's about manufacturing I, want to bring it all back and I've been look, there's, nothing good about what happened with a plank okay. Especially. The death but, the one thing is it said, Trump was right because, I was getting a lot of fight back even from people that I liked a lot in Congress, etc, and, now they're not fighting these stupid, supply chains, that are all over the world we, have a supply chain where they're made in all different parts of the world and one little piece of the world goes bad and the whole thing is messed, up I said, we shouldn't have supply. Chains we should have them all in the United States we, have the companies to do it and if we don't we can do that and. Service. Is part of our economy is getting crushed in hotels, restaurants, we need the manufacturing. Tool happens to be picking up it's all here let me turn to China mr. president, you called it an attack the other day was. It deliberate, so. A, terrible. Thing happened and you. Can look at it as a source, it, took place in a certain at, a certain point and it. Could have been put out and it, should have been put out and, we. Asked to go over and, they. Said no they. Didn't want our help and I, figured that was okay because they must know what they're doing, so it was either stupidity. Incompetence. Or it was deliberate, one or the other but, one of the things that is bad is they, stopped people leaving nobody. Could go to China you, couldn't go to Beijing, you couldn't go anywhere in China but, you could go to the rest of the world what. Was that all about four, thousand, people traveled, from China to the United States after, Koerner virus was not right, okay so, we. Took in as you know a very. Small because I put on in January, I put in and, I was criticized, by everybody, including, dr. Falchi I put, in a wall we put anniversary, law only. A small, number of people were allowed in and they were all US citizens I can't tell a US citizen you can't come back into your country and, then I put up a barrier, to Europe too because what, happened is the same people and others went to Europe Europe. Became, heavily infected Italy, a very, favorite place of yours yes Italy, Spain France, became. Very very badly, infected. Infected. It's a terrible word isn't it it, all became, a horror, show and then I closed it because I didn't want people coming.

In From Europe if you can believe it this is what happened but by doing this we actually acted, very early we did a thing we did a great thing but, it's a disaster, subject. No matter how you know knowing, what you know now and. As. You start reopening. Things and you're getting info from all of the governors and you're and you're tracking, this when, would you expect international. Travel to come back is, that a 2021. Affair. All. I can say is this as soon as possible we can't send planes over to a country that right now I mean I'm not going to mention names of countries but there's some that are very right, right, now very we talked about one just a little while ago really, badly infected. So. We, can't bring people in that we just take a while it. Take a little while but, a lot of people are going to start traveling more so in the United States and they'll be back we're gonna have it's all going to be back together and in, many ways we've, learned a lot and we're going to bring back manufacturing, that. We could never have done without this as bad, as this has been because. Now people, agree. With me a lot of people are saying Trump was right I've been talking about this for a long time I've been doing a lot about it but you know they. Become embedded, it's almost like it becomes a way of life we, have to do business, so. Much stimulus, this is about our country, it's not about the world we have to fix our country the. World we, want to be a, leader, the, leader but. I'm right. Now I'm President of the United States I'm not president of the world I say it all the time I want, to make America, great again I want to I want to do what we have you know years ago we made our own product, we. Didn't rely on everybody. In the world they have their own problems they know what happened they just wanted to do it cheaper, they wanted less global, is SID low ballasts they're people that think we have to make the world wealthy, and. Our expense I don't, even know where these people come from but. Those. Days are over and if. Nothing else over the last two months it's. Been proven to be right let me get to China because I also want to get to the unmasking, in general Flynn but I got to get to China first because secretary Pompeo so that he has strong evidence that it did come from the virology, lab we've, been reporting this every Sunday by the way from. Early on you. Also said, that you. Saw evidence can you tell us anything about the intelligence, no but, we have a lot of information, and it's. Not good but you know the worst of all whether it came from the lab or came from the bats okay it, all came from China and, they, should have stopped it they could have stopped it at that source I call it the source right.

Their Decision. To allow it to escape its borders I don't, know if they made the decision, but it got out of control I think more likely it got out of control, Senator, John said, that they didn't want the. Chinese, economy to contract 20%, and the rest of the world, to contract 2%, so we were beating them very badly before, this we were beating them between, the tariffs and other things we were doing and we, were going up and they were having a very bad year they were having the worst year they've had in 56. Years. On. The street and they work well and even, beyond that and we were really doing well and that, is a theory, but here's what I know for sure they, didn't allow this, whole thing they didn't, allow, people, to go into China but, they did allow them to go out to the world including the United States, that's why Europe, is a mess that's. Why look at look at these countries Russia's, having a hard time everybody's. Absolutely look at worse for those countries do you think yeah it's for some of them some have just started the process we're getting toward the end of the process you know so. They. Downplayed, the the, disease they downplayed the virus at, the same time they're, allowing international travel. Five million people leaving Wuhan going to Italy going to the United States then they start cornering, the market on, protective, equipment even though China, is already the, largest producer. That's. Not the big thing look the big thing is they, should have never let this happen so. I make a great trade deal and now I say it. Just doesn't feel the same to me the ink was, barely dry and, the. Plague came over and it. Doesn't feel the same to me I think we AG on it they're not gonna buy the 250, billion are they they will. Buy 250. 250. Billion, they. Said somewhere. I see, they'd like to renegotiate. The deal we're. Not gonna renegotiate look. I'm. Not happy about anything, having, to do with that particular subject, right now but. Everything I said turned out to be right you go back 10 years 20 years every. I'm telling, you it's why I'm sitting here there's the beautiful Oval, Office because.

If Trade not only with China with other countries also you. Look at other countries they, charge us tariffs, to do business and we're not allowed to charge them what are you gonna do about it right now as we speak they're continuing, to steal intellectual, property, the, word is out the FBI puts the it's puts the warning out they're stealing, intellectual. Property, on science. Data on research, they want to get a Coppa 19 vaccine, before us are they gonna beat us to the code of 19. And they were never called now they're being called out all the time with me for. A long time long before they stopped, them from doing this well we could stop them they're going to try doing it I mean, you could also stop, doing business with them that's one thing look, we. Have lost a fortune dealing, with China we, have rebuilt, China they've, done a great job but. The people sitting in this seat have, allowed them to rip, us off like you've never seen before and that includes President, Obama, and Biden, sleepy. Joe he, allowed them to rip, this country, off we, spent hundreds. Of billions we gave them hundreds. Of billions of dollars a year in and year out these corporate decision, I have. A very good relationship but, I just right. Now I don't want to speak to him because. You. Know senator cotton was saying maybe we should be limiting, the amount of visas that we give to students who want to study things like there, are many things and AI there, are many things we could do we could do things we could cut off the whole relationship, now. If you did what, would happen you'd, say 500 million dollars. If. You cut off the whole relationship. Look. At what point does. It and I said this the years I said it with other countries also you. Know China is not the only country ripping, us off at. NATO, where, we defend Europe for nothing by the way essentially. Nothing I was, able to get them to pay, hundreds. Of billions. Of dollars more, you. Know my biggest fan of the world secretary. Stoltenberg. I said that's me I'm awesome actually, he's, been there a long time he said nobody's ever gotten you, know we, were paying more and more they were paying less you have to see the charge of. What, they pay so. We are defending, Europe, and then they're, taking advantage of us on trade it's. All one. Way and it was all turning, and it is all turning around and you put. Back. The money from the thrift fund they wanted to put 10%, of the thrift fund into. MSCI, index those. Companies 50. Billion, will. You go one step further and force that Chinese companies have to follow accounting, rules if they want to be listed on the new york stock. At. That very strongly but but on the thrift fund you, know it's run by the obama, appointments, right and. We said you got to do this and, we're going to find out whether or not they going to do it very soon and if they're not we're gonna replace them very quickly. You. Know we are looking at your second part of your question we're, looking at that because, chinese companies like an Alibaba any Chinese company they're listed on the New York Stock Exchange they don't have to report their earnings the way of an American company does amazing but here's the problem with that you know look I hate to say. It but let's say we do that right so what are they gonna do they're going to move their listing to London, or someplace else, you. See let's. Say you want to get tough and. You're gonna do you know everyone everyone.

Wants To be a tough guy look I'm the toughest guy but. What happens, is so. We say you're gonna do this and you're gonna follow the rules of the New York Stock Exchange or. Nesic, what do they do they say okay we'll move to London or we'll go to Hong Kong mr.. President let me switch gears and ask you about general Flynn and what has taken place we have breaking news today the, names of, the people who unmasked. General, Flynn have been publicized. Joe. Biden. John. Brennan, Jim. Comey, your reaction, it. Was the greatest, political. Crime in the history of our country if. I were a Democrat. Instead. Of a Republican, I. Think, everybody. Would, have been in jail a long, time ago and I'm, talking with 50 year sentences. It. Is, a disgrace what's, happened, this, is the greatest political. Scam. Hoax. In the history of our country it, is the people, should be going to jail for this stuff and hopefully. A lot of people are going to have to pay no. Other president. Should, have to go through and I'll tell you general Flynn and others are heroes. Heroes. Because, what's, happened to them they weren't after general, Flynn they, wanted him to lie about me make up a story and with, few exceptions. Nobody. Did that doing many people. Watch katie mcfarland. The other day i watched, where, she was knock-knock, FBI. You know the, FBI okay. This, was all obama this, was all, Biden. These, people, were corrupt the whole thing was corrupt, and we, caught them we. Caught them yes and what you saw just now. I watched, Biden yesterday, could barely speak he was on Good Morning America right and. He said he didn't know anything about it and now, it, just gets released right after he said that it gets released that he was one of the unmasked, erse meaning. He knew everything about it so he lied to your friend George Stephanopoulos. What. Kind of stuff wait so our audience what this means because I mean this is a serious thing they are tracking, phone calls they were tracking a phone call of I guess kiss lyac and, you're. Not. So, even, before I got elected you. Remember, the famous the two lovers right struck in Page. The. Insurance, policy, she's. Gonna win but just in case she does it we have an insurance policy that. Means that if I won they're. Gonna try and take me out that's all it means very simple it's an insurance policy so she's gonna win isn't, she darling, isn't, she gonna win I watched Chuck Todd this weekend what he did to, a beautiful, sentence made by our great Attorney General, and, he cut it in half and then he complained, that billboard. Didn't say the other half of the sentence and he said the exact same words at Chuck Todd years these, are corrupt people these are people that, shouldn't be allowed to be on television, because. You know when I say the enemy of the people that's the enemy of the people, that's corrupt, okay, that's corrupt but. This. Was a a. Terrible. Terrible thing that happened to our country it was a try they tried to overthrow. A duly, elected about, me a duly. Elected president. Of the United States they.

Tried To do an overthrow with. Fiction. By making up stories about Russia, now it's all come out that, actually they wanted Hillary, Clinton, so that one came out yesterday they. Wanted Hillary Clinton to win nobody's. Been tougher and you, could speak to Putin or anybody else nobody. Has been tougher on Russia that well, they wanted Hillary, Clinton to win general, Flynn was. Exonerated, we. All know because of the the set up notes and, now, judge. Sullivan is delaying. It so, what, do you think about this federal judge saying well I'm not going to write off on the exoneration, just yet what is it I think it's one of the most incredible. Things that I and many other people there's a lot of anger have, ever seen I just, had general, Milley and some other generals, in my office about an unrelated, topic right and. I said you guys know general. Flynn general, Milley head, of Joint, Chiefs of Staff great. Military. Person, barring he. Said I've known general Flynn for a long time sir, he's, a great man. And he's a great gentleman. This should never have happened to any star general. They. Started, the, crossfire, hurricane in July, of 2016. But, we know that they were informants. Running into your campaign. Associates, as early as January February. Of 2016. They. Would be Stefan Halper Josef myths food. Alexander. Downer. Who. Organizes. That would that come out of the CIA I, know that, Stephane hopper made a million dollars I don't know what, he made, that million dollars for money I mean they got paid a fortune, these guys got paid just. Think. Of it government. Money they, were, interviewed I never I don't know Papadopoulos, I never met even caught a page I never met this man, but, they went after Carter page because they thought he was a person, in the campaign I think he was on a committee but. I never met him but, they went after these people viciously all. Because, they wanted to hurt the President of the United States they, figure they'll, either hurt him or they'll take him out that would be the ideal call. Me is a corrupt. Person, but. Let me tell you Brennan, bed the robe and everyone, clapper, is you know not smart, guy in charge of intelligence but. But here's the thing it. Was impossible. For it to happen. Without the man that sits right in that chair in the Oval Office he, knew everything. Do, you believe, President. Obama, directed. The US intelligence agencies. To, spy on you, yes. He probably, directed. Them but if he didn't direct him he knew everything once. They see. You're. Gonna see that when the papers came I remember, the Lisa page text. To. Her lover saying.

POTUS. Wants to see everything POTUS. They're. Not talking about me I wasn't president, they're. Talking about POTUS, on, January. 5th in the Oval Office. President. Obama was there Vice. President Biden was there, clapper. Brennan. And that's. When the Logan Act came up so, should. We believe that they were looking for collusion evidence, they couldn't find the collusion evidence, there was none so, they said let's. Just use the Logan action, they, snuck, around White, House Counsel, they went to see a very, unsuspecting. General. Flynn he's a general, he's not a lawyer he. They said you don't need a lawyer, and they. Started asking him questions and, they probably brought, up the, Logan Act and they, probably scared, the hell out of him but let me tell you a little secret they. Go knock knock and as katie mcfarland. The way they knocked on the door and many other people with, muller that whole thing turned out to be a total fraud the, whole mother investigations. A fraud it, was all part of the same deal but. They what they did to general Flynn and others you know we know about general Flynn you'll find out about others, too what, they did to these people, is is. A international. Disgrace. And all, over the world they talk about it because, this is not America, and, hopefully, the, people involved are gonna pay a big price because. It should never be allowed to happen again this president, this, is toward, the end of your first term as president and, this, entire, term, has been dominated, by resistance. You've, gotten so much done tax. Legislation. I mean international things so much done and yet FBI. Takedown, effort push back on all of your Supreme Court judges a complete, drama around Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats, in Congress attacking, your call with the Ukraine leader then, an impeachment trial, over. Nothing over. Absolutely, I've, never seen anybody, to take a punch and get right back up and keep punching I mean where does this resilience, come from that you keep getting things done in the face of all of this a lot of people have asked me that question Rush, Limbaugh said I heard him the other day he said I've. Never met a man that could take this much this, much punishment and still be a great president, so, what. I've done is more, than any other president you take the first three years we've done more tax. Cuts. Regulations. We've done more than any other president ever, jeruzalem, about. That I mean Jerusalem. Just. Look at all of the things even, if, you look what would do I came, in and Iran was a powerful. Nation Iran's. A much different place right now they'd like to make a deal Iran would like to make a deal but, Iran was a very powerful place. So. Much we've done so, much and I'm so proud by the way how. About rebuilding. Our military, our military was totally depleted now we have the strongest military brand-new. Jets breath, everything. Is beautiful, all made in the USA all, of the things I've done including, taking. Care of our Second Amendment our Second Amendment was and will be if, they get in you're not going to have any second amendment they will they, will get rid of the Second Amendment well for all of those people that feel. That you know the right to bear arms is a big thing all, of these things that I've done and yet I've done it through. I've. Had to fight through walls, like, the wall that we're building on the southern border I've had to fight through walls it's not stopping though are you ready to fight for another for you it's getting much better and and we caught them in the act look they, have been caught in the act we caught him I consider. It maybe one of you know we I always say drain the swamp nobody. Knew the swamp was that deeper that that bad guys. Like call me at the FBI these were bad people you.

Know The FBI you talk about general Flint the FBI said he didn't lie they. Said he didn't lie trey Gowdy on my show this weekend, said that leaking classified information, is, a 10-year felony, we. Know that some of those people did that well Comey did, and other people involved with John Brennan totally. Involved he was totally in well John Brennan was one of the architects, in my opinion. You. Look at Brennan, you look at clapper, you look at him all but, ultimately, the. President, knew everything the. President knew everything, President. Obama and Vice President Biden, they, knew everything looking at again, let. Me just tell you if I. Were in that position would. Be a whole different thing if this happened, to Obama. Instead, of to a Republican. President, that, popular. In 96 percent in the Republican, Party but it's a whole different thing if this happened to Obama. I said. It to me you, know what that everybody. Would be in jail for years already for, years it's, a disgraceful, thing but. It's. It's we. Caught. Him in the act Murray it's a beautiful, thing and every. Day we're seeing more and more information come, out we, caught him and there guys are gone they were guarding the fort call me and all these guys that were guarding the fort and once, they left it got easier and easier and now, it's like an avalanche of really. Bad call. It treason call, it whatever you want but. They tried to take down a duly, elected president. Of the United States they didn't care that 53. Million people voted. For you and wanted you in the office more than 63. Million just, so you understand that they. Got caught in the act they. Never thought that was going to happen and they got sloppy. Well, Lisa Paige would, text. And send, messages, through, service, you know one of the other things that is missing, the. DNC, server where, is it why. Is it that the FBI didn't, take it they arrested, all these people, but they didn't arrest they went in to see the.

People At DNC, right they go in to see that, you know her wonderful, campaign manager, you know all about that right, they, went in to see those people whose brother by the way was. Supposed, to be. Arrested, and, the brother never got arrested, well. Why, didn't, the. Investigation. Into the Trump campaign, they were also working on the investigation into Hillary Clinton's, emails yeah oh yeah except, it was slightly different. Of intensity. Okay, how about were they're all over by the middle of the year they called it the mid-year review, how about they walk in to see Hillary Clinton's. People five people I think and they, said you all have immunity here all have no problem, you all have immunity, and. With, all people they. Wanted to try and put them in jail and in some cases they did and those people are gonna go down as heroes you watched well Paul Manafort is now I guess spending, the rest of his term at home I don't, know cuz I'll tell you what they. Went after man afford using. You. Know the big black book on manna fort turned out to be a fraud they found that out recently the. Black book where they said he got money got cash she got all turned, out to be a fraud the, Ukraine said that all. Of these things that they did they, were setups and I have great respect for these people because look. At Rajasthan look at the horrible trip but he's gonna he's gonna be okay he's, going to be okay he got treated. He. Wasn't even on my campaign, he was years. Before he. Wasn't even on my Carter. Page is gonna sue and I wouldn't assume, it's general Flint suits and general Flynn's gonna have a heck of a case but, it's. Got a judge then. I guess doesn't like him very much but, maybe the judge doesn't like me very much, okay, maybe the judge doesn't like me very much I'll tell you what I've read legal scholars, they, can't even believe what the judge is doing to Los Angeles just said they may actually extend. The shutdown, well throughout the summer Elon, Musk is fighting back out he's doing the right thing I'm all for. Los. Angeles I think they're doing that for political reasons. Look the. Lee the less successful, we, are in opening the. Better they are probably maybe. For, an election but. I'm letting people know in many cases they're doing it just for political purpose so you think that you they, would rather see a recession. A terrible, economy joblessness. Than, have you get another today would rather see, our country fail they. Would rather see our country fail and you, know what that means because part of failure is death they. Would rather see that than, have, me get elected. I've driven them crazy I, don't know what it is you've, upended, everything and you they want their power I guess just. On this wuhan lab I just want to get your take on this because people are questioning it and I feel, like I was among the early ones looking, at this wondering, if that's, where it originated, and in, the wuhan lab didn't, we as a country give money to that lab so. As. I said, before, I got here seven and a half million dollars in 2014. And. Look. They said they were studying different things and you know things like that happen, but you know money was given by the Obama administration. Earlier. Okay. And, I, ended it you ended. It no more money going into that room on lab but I mean why would a lot of heat - they said all we're studying all sorts of stuff you saw what happened I have. A partnership. With China, when, you can't trust anything they say or don't may be hard to do it's. Ok it's ok with me may be hard to do but that's ok with me.

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